Title: The Workout Begins (sequel to GYM BUDDIES)
Dislcaimer: I don't own any of them

Kyle dropped his gym bag as he walked into the living room. Max had gone straight to the kitchen to grab waters for all four of them. Michael took a seat in the first chair he found and Alex chose to stand.

Once Max came back into the room, Kyle follow. He handed each man their water and all of them gulped it down quickly. The men had worked up quite a thirst doing their daily push ups.

“Damn, I need a shower,” Max mumbled as he took in his appearance. He was covered in sweat. He looked over at Alex and gave him a look that didn’t go unnoticed by the rest of the room.

Alex just stared back at Max. Was Max offering Alex a chance to go with him to the shower? Alex wasn’t sure, so he wasn’t going to say a word. He watched as Max got up and walked towards the bathroom. ‘Damn’ Alex though. It wasn’t an invitation.

“So are you coming Alex or not?” Max asked as he stopped right outside the bathroom door.

Alex’s breath caught in his throat. He stumbled as he made his way over to Max. Hell yeah he was coming.

Alex and Max entered the bathroom and soon after shut the door. Leaving Kyle and Michael to just imagine what they were doing in there. Not that it took too much of an imagination.

“So uh…you wanna to use the hot tub? It’s out back. It really helps to relax the muscles after such a long work out,” Kyle said .

“Uh sure,” Michael said standing up. ‘Wait a minute I don’t have any you know…swim trunks.”

“Don’t worry you don’t have to have any,” Kyle smiled as he led Michael out to the hot tub.

Alex stood there leaning on the sink as he watched Max remove his shirt. The man was ripped. His stomach was full of sweaty bulging muscles. When Max turned around to turn on the shower, Alex could see the small tattoo of a dragon on Max’s left shoulder. For some reason, tattoos seemed to turn Alex on even more.

Max turned around and smiled at the lust he found in the mans eyes. He pulled Alex close and put his Alex’s hand on his pants zipper. Alex slowly unzipped Max’s pants for him allowing Max to step out of them. Now Max stood before him in only his boxers. He was a sight to see.

“I think you need to get your clothes off too if you want to get in the shower,” Max smiled as he reached over an pulled the shirt off his back. He waisted no time and went straight for Alex’s pants and boxers too. “Now that is better.” Max got down on his knees in front of Alex. “I think there is something I want to do before we get in. Is that okay?” Max asked innocently. All Alex could do was shake his head yes.

Max grabbed Alex’s already hard dick and plunged it into his mouth. He quickly bobbed up and down trying his hardest to get the boy close to exploding.

He could tell by Alex’s moans that he was close. Max pulled away. “Now you’re ready”

Michael moaned as Kyle sucked his hard cock. He couldn’t stand it anymore. They hadn’t even reached the hot tub yet and they couldn’t stay off each other. They were now laid out on the concrete that surrounded the hot tub. It hurt like hell to lay on, but Michael didn’t care as long as Kyle didn’t stop what he was doing.

Kyle pulled his mouth away. “Let’s get in,” Kyle said motioning to the hot tub. Kyle walked over and slid into the tub laying his head back against the side. He looked so sexy that Michael couldn’t resist getting in.

Michael swam over to Kyle and shoved his now wet body against Kyle’s. They were both soaking wet and wanted each other bad. Michael grabbed Kyle’s head as slammed his lips against his. He needed Kyle’s mouth on his and hard. They kissed each other with hard passion so much so that it seemed their mouths would bleed at any moment.

Kyle shoved his tongue into Michael’s mouth. Michael groaned as Kyle grabbed him under the water. With jerking motions, Kyle began to please him with his hand. In return, Michael grabbed Kyle and did the same thing. Both men were now panting and moaning loudly with pleasure.

“Fuck yeah,” Michael moaned as Kyle speed up the pace. “Come on Kyle harder!”

Kyle slammed his hands up and down Michael’s shaft. Michael had in returned quickened the pace as well and Kyle could feel that he was ready to explode. “Michael!”

Michael knew Kyle was close and he was as well. Michael put his head under the water and grabbed Kyle in his mouth. He knew he didn’t have long so he started moving up and down faster and faster.

Above water Kyle was groaning loudly. He couldn’t help it. Michael always knew how to please him. Kyle couldn’t take it anymore. He and Michael exploded at the same time.

Michael came back up to the surface out of breath. His chest heaved up and down as he gasped for air.

“Thanks” Kyle smirked.

“No problem”


There are two more short stories in thei little series and I'll post them if you want

I tired so hard
And got so far
But in the end
It doesn't even matter
I had to fall
To lose it all
But in the end
It doesn't even matter
LINKIN PARK (In the End)