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Ok you guys no bashing for the coupling over here aight?!

He wants me he wants me not……

Liz Parker turned around as the bells to the crash down café jingled signaling another customer she checked her watch usually no one's here at this hour uttering a frustrated sigh she pulled her hair up and clutched it with a blue hair scrunch…..

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Blue is the color

Liz purposely turned her back to ridiculous looking alien antennae's and that damned apron "oh go to hell" she felt anger surge through her like a thousand sparks a million ants crawling all over her skin but she didn't cringe ….He wants me he wants me not

Before leaving her room Liz tore down a hideously pinned and nailed image of Tess Harding behind her rooms door and threw it out the next window hope you and Max can F*ck happily ever after now…..while going down she wondered if Max would have broken up with her even if she hadn't caught them in his room with all of there clothes off…..Liz just ran down stairs and got out as fast as possible no one followed her or said anything there faces were shocked well Max was Tess continued to smirk under him and was in no hurry to cover her self when Liz showed up for their date.

She finally got down stairs opened her mouth to say the officially boring cordial greeting careful to blink away her already forming for the thousand time tears in her eyes "what can I get you?"

But she stopped and stared as the man in uniform with his back to her was staring out of the window

It that new deputy she thought….what was his name? Ficher yeah that’s the one he passed her by while walking to school she thought he had a good body, it's nothing to be ashamed of she could think bad sometimes Liz couldn't understand why every one always thought of her as little Miss goody two shoes in a pink dress. She could be bad very bad… and right now she felt absolutely wicked Scratch that she felt possessed……He wants me he wants me not

Liz thought whether she should act all cheap and slutty with her hands on her hips pull her uniform a little down maybe if that f*king Bitch Tess could then why couldn't she?…….. seemingly because its ridiculous behavior….but wait a minute Liz wondered if this was ever about Tess and Max at all?? she'd been a little on the edge for a few days now frustrated at petty tasks wanting a little more love and affection that Max the magnificent reserved for that bitch Tess!

She'd gone so far as to tell Max that they both didn't need to wait till they got married, Liz felt like such a fool for saying all that to someone like him who'd been planning on cheating with her by sleeping with that major slut Bitch! Liz frowned the handsome deputy hadn't ordered anything he was smoking though randomly giving her meaningful smiles and continued looking out the window…..he had a strange far away look to him. She wondered why the man was here at this hour especially when her parents were away to see grammy her mothers oldest sister after her grandmother we started calling her grammy……would he take advantage of her …Liz didn't mind she thought not trying to smother a smile while leaning back on the counter …looking back at him she felt startled when he kept staring at her……"Can I get you something"…..his look almost saying "sure ……if you're on the menu" He smiled a different smile now , the smile broke like thin ice over black water .Like danger ~~~~~~Blue is the color

He slowly winked, slowly shifted his own gaze, slowly bestowed upon her the corner of a smile. It was only a wink but it was sickeningly violent and completely sexy. Oh …F*ck!!!! she wanted him bad real bad….He wants me he wants me not

All those people who say Passion love drives tow people to sex its B.S. it doesn't take Passion or love it's something different hormonal lust like almost animal . she wondered what that bitch Tess and her then boyfriend had thought while indulging in their own little play…hmmmmm Liz had her own theory on Max Evans he was absolutely clue less and afraid of losing both Tess and her… un predictable and innocent eyed like a lap dog…..But deputy Ficher looked like a man who knew what he wanted and wasn't afraid to admit it all in fact Liz wondered if it should be enough to just jump on him to let him know how horny she felt to night she'd been feeling for days now but right now its heightened after seeing him a strange thought occurred to her did she feel this way before he turned up in town or after……? It doesn't matter only now she really wanted it.. first times are supposed to be special ha!…….he wants me he wants me not

she wondered if she should just go and roll the dice flip the tables on him pull down the shades on the café and lock the door but she didn't have to he swiftly threw the cigarette away turned around and went to the door and pulled the shades down as if he could actually read her mind………..Lock the door she thought he stared at her his eyes glinting under the harsh glare of lights as he turned back and locked the door……..He looked dangerous ……Liz loved it……….Blue is the color

Liz pulled hair free from the hair scrunch and let it fall over her shoulders the deputy continued to study her before finally saying the first words since he'd arrived "are you alone…… Miss Parker??"

Liz wondered what alone he were talking about the parents not being here alone or the boyfriend kind of alone and if she should take a step forward and actually ask him the question as he advanced towards her. He was on the other side of the counter his expression was delicate as he leaned down on the white Formica counter top smiling at her. "Well,…… are you?"

His voice was soft it had drawl in it….so tempting.. mmmmmm she wondered how would it feel to touch his lips with her own …she had to smile biting her lip a few days ago she would of thought it as a sissified expression , he was closer now eyeing her predominantly daring her to move at all. She hadn't answered him yet, not looking away from her he traced a pattern on her hand with a single finger…. god he felt warm couldn't he tell how hot she was getting by the second correction millisecond she couldn't understand what the hell kept him from taking her against the wall so hard that she shouldn't be ale to walk for a about a week….come on!! Fuck me already!!!! If he really could read her mind then his smile was deepening from knowledge of her arousal….Blue is the color

"that’s a nice ring" he purred fingering the ring that Max gave her after his kiss with that B*tch Tess promising never to go near her again …Bastard!! You lied if she weren't too transfixed by the deputy's stare she'd take the ring off and throw it any general direction where it couldn't be seen again.

He pulled it off gently she almost didn't feel it coming off nor did she cringe from the memory , his eyes seemed to swim now . "hmmm ….Talk to me miss Parker….tell me are you legal??" studying the ring with the other hand then throwing it away Liz gasped but only shook her head she was going to turn 17 soon in August no September what was wrong with her forgetting her own birth date right now she was too busy trying to breath under his gaze he has taken a hold of her wrist…..was she but he didn't really look all about the law no he in fact he looked the complete opposite of it….Liz needed some serious action why wasn't he doing anything ….when it occurred to her it seemed like he was playing mind games with her he was trying to scare her…..was she scared of him????? …………he wants me he wants me not

He drew himself to his full height Liz felt appalled why hadn't she noticed how tall he was all the while before this she stumbled back a little but the deputy hadn't let go of her wrist yet and held her in place…."calm down Liz I'm not going to hurt you……..hmmm….. or maybe I will" his gaze becoming even more playful..

Liz's Eyes widened as he sighed seductively gently pulling her closer making her lean over the counter Liz tried to cross her legs but the hot seeping sensation between her legs would neither lessen nor stop "Are you taken ….Liz" he said her name with a certain Lilt to it …as if on purpose .Liz swallowed she wondered ihe breathed at all his face was inches from her but his eyes were the ones that held her attention they weren't blandly multicolored just a very very dark blue color….Blue is the color

She knew he was asking her about Max and drew in a shaky breath before finally answering " No,….. we broke up"…He wants me he wants me not.

"good" His expression changed all at once with flashing eyes letting her wrist go Liz felt unsteady . she couldn't measure his agility as he pulled her over the counter by the waist she didn't even have time to utter a shocked gasp. He sat her down on his side of the counter and pushed her legs apart stepping between them sooner than Liz looked up at the deputy his mouth fastened on her sucking her voraciously hand was cradling the back of her neck as his kiss got rough by a notch making her lean back ward Liz felt like he was count dracula in disguise if his teeth were fangs she'd have been bleeding…….His other hand was roaming over her chest and stopped at the uniforms zipper pulling it down without Liz's knowledge she felt like she was being blinded and stopped trying to take in breath his mouth was so hot like a churning lava well as she tried to keep up with the battle of their tongues he pulled the uniforms zipper half way down ……and finally pulled away from their kiss ..Liz gasped and pulled in large breath vision flooded back to her like a thousand little stars , her body felt it was on fire and the improperty of having any clothes got her more frustrated. Both their foreheads were still joined in concentration after such a powerful kiss it had to have lasted for more than 2 minutes…God!! she'd never been kissed like that…….. breathless…sure kyle was a pro but the Deputy was experienced.. Max was too gentle why the hell was she thinking about Max now.!

"there now that wasn't so bad ..was it??" he asked her winking… he'd barely taken in any breath "it could get better" Liz managed to chime in between gasps of air…His eyes lit up like a neon sign in the dark…..he crouched down and further unzipped the uniform still not taking it off completely "No bra" he asked her cockily she smiled wild eyed "I forgot" his smile grew wolfish as he licked the tendrils of his teeth quickly taking a hold of both her wrists he pulled them by down her sides ..she tried to move them it hurt he had an iron grip.

Liz gulped and he looked up at her putting a finger on his lips "shhhhhhh………..just say my name"

Liz had never gotten drunk before but was sure if she ever did big time then she'd feel like this …say his name?? A thread of coherency passed by her and stopped "I don't know your name" her breath had almost gone back to normal now but she still gasped "its David" he whispered it and this time she could actually feel his breath on her it was cold and got her thinking whether he really was a vampire but didn't get a chance to enquire as his mouth latched on to her nipple and surprised her by sucking on the soft orb gently as possible….."oh fuck..she muttered under her breath wanting to twine her hands in his thick dark hair wanting nothing but to pull him closer but her arms were still held by her side unmovable she clenched and unclenched her toes then she remembered "ohhhhh…. David"

He'd fastened his sucking almost painfully but it was the good kind of pain that made her want more he pulled away deliberately the amusement shown in his eyes clearly when she uttered a protest of frustration…."shhhhhhhh" he again drew himself to his full height

She was too hot to be scared desperately needing release that could be seen by him "David ……Please" he watched her with an almost cruel smile Liz thought she might have to beg him but his expression suddenly softened as he let her wrists go and came closer crouched down gain trailing kisses along her neck shoulders he reached between the valley of her breasts and nuzzled it Liz twined her hands in his hair and tried to pull him closer he looked up and seemed to study her expression before Liz could protest again he bit down hard on the side of her right breast" Liz shrieked at him and he laughed amused at her frustration pulling her wrists down to her sides on the counter again ….Liz felt anger rising …why is he torturing me!!! "Arghhhhhhh" he chuckled at her again before leaning over her and nuzzling her ear still holding her arms away from her "your so heady ….Liz so very …heady" ,"mmmm" Liz gulped back again his voice had changed it was huskier softer without drawl but before she could say anything to him they both turned their heads hearing a knock at the door…


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If Liz could she'd shriek at the door for that some one to disappear but she couldn't since the deputy silenced her by clamping a hand over her mouth apparently he expected who ever it was to go away but the insistent knocking continued ….

His eyes hardened and his hold on her wrists got more firmer almost crushing them….the only way for Liz to actually tell he was mad was by looking into his eyes but he kept smiling at the door…almost murderously she wondered if he was going to kill who ever was at the door he certainly seemed up to it. But all in once he released her from his grip Liz almost fell off the counter her vision felt jarred and her body shook all over from the sensation of his touch…the zipper on Liz's uniform was still down but she didn't move to pull it up. She continued Staring at him speechlessly as he ran a hand through his wavy hair the only part of him that she disheveled he looked at the door again ..Liz had been holding on to the counter with one hand and her other hand was suspended by her side …she knew he was leaving …the god dammed knocking on the door continued…..Liz wondered how he would leave when it occurred to her than that they did have a back door …She looked up at him just to say that but he seemed to know she were going to speak and put finger on her lips touching her neck he then kissed her softly on her lips and then as if tasting some thing new and licking it he kissed her deeper pressing her against him and tweaked her nipple gently it hardened …. Liz swallowed as he licked his lips and trailed a finger down along her neck and then left her……. she felt Awfully giddy but he smiled that danger smile again almost promising her another night together.

Deputy fischer didn't turn around until he reached the back door when he did his eyes were twinkling and it was him this time that looked drunk …Liz realized he looked just like that when he came in here tonight "I'll see you later …..Miss Parker" he held the door smiling seductively "take a cold shower before going to bed.Liz you'll sleep easier….."the back door swung shut and she kept standing in the harsh glare of light displays with her zipper hanging open . There that knock was again disturbing her vision of the brief painfully incomplete sensual encounter that left her silently begging for more…..She pulled the zipper up almost tearing it off "ughhhhhhhhhhhhh" …"why the fuck can't someone over here F*ck without being fucking disturbed!!!" taking long strides to the door.Liz felt insanely mad here she was going to get f*cked by some higher authority and someone just swings by to stick their sorry asses in the middle of it. "Arrgghhhhhhh!!!!!" she opened the door forcibly trying to break the damn knob …Liz literally threw the door open revealing …………MARIA!!!

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welcome and thxz for your replies
and hey Maria was standing out side the door she didn't see anyhitng
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you think so thx
I've been busy writing another Pierce/Liz
hey why don't you guys go and read it search for Liz/Pierce..go on
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"Umm hi there Liz", "you all right chica?!" I thought I heard screaming"?
Liz narrowed her eyes now just why the hell was Maria here..she was surprised that she hadn't already strangled her since she's standing over there and grinning ..but Liz crossed her arms instead "Maria? What the fuck are you doing here at this hour?!"
Maria took a step back from her Liz had never uttered a profanity loud since she and Maria could remember so it must be a special occasion. "ummm Liz you poooorrrrr baby are you okay ??" did that bitch Tess say anything to you or was it Max tell me I'll give them…….
Liz softened gosh Maria cared….. but why did she show up just now…her shoulders sagged and she turned around came back in with Maria following her "what do you want Maria…I mean ..why are you here now?"
"oh I just thought with everything going on maybe I could come by and help you close up so we can have a some ice cream …and discuss ummm stuff" Maria is so damn selfish Liz thought her anger rising again here she had just practically seen her boy friend no her supposed wanna be soul mate F*king the B*tch of her night mares and Maria wanted to discuss Michael ??!..Perfect!! if that isn't enough she dropped by breaking the completely and most deliciously perfect moment of her life…..Liz pulled up a chair and sat on it with her legs crossed ……god she was still so warm and wet…Maria and her vibrator issues …..vibrator??……. That’s it!! Vibrator!!!! Why didn't she think of it before sure she bought it a long time ago but it should be around ………that’s it Maria has to leave!!!!!!!!!….
"Maria?" Her voice was surprisingly soft….
"yeah?"she asked with her hands on her hips "you should go now"
"yeah I think you should leave… go home…give your mother some company you know how alone she is.." Liz said pushing Maria to the front door.
"but Liz I told you my moms on a date with Valenti."
"oh yeah you did……umm then go find Michael go fight with him or something" if Maria didn't leave Liz thought she'd have to take desperate measures against her throwing her out side or maybe threaten her with a knife?….
"hey Lizzie?? Babe you ever heard a word I said just now??? "
Liz threw up her hands in air desperately wanting to strangle Maria "what, what did you say??"
"Relax Liz're acting of your rocker today, something wrong other than the obvious?" she asked her suspiciously handing Liz a tissue since she was covered with a film of sweat..
"I am fine I just don't want to talk now ok??? Whatever it is…I just …go Maria like I said Find Michael"
"fine Maria said grudgingly if you change your mind call me" she turned around and left Liz locked the door to the crash down …took a single breath leaning against the door's before racing up stairs and practically ran smack into the door.
"ahhhhhh" she threw the door open and burst into her room randomly checking drawers and her closet after turning the whole room upside down she came out of her closet empty handed "where the F*ck is the stupid vibrator!!!!!" she sank to the floor…………..
Next morning:
Liz hadn't slept well at night and regretted not taking the deputy's advice on taking a cold shower…..she never found the vibrator and just fell into bed tense, exausted, angry and naked since she was too hot. After millions of tosses and turns she managed to fall in little sleep that too was filled with dreams that were nothing less than NC-17 rated which involved a pair of hand cuffs and Deputy Fischer ..Hmmm she thought walking to school the name David suited him much more than Fischer she'd call him David the next time..Liz reddened if there is a next time.
But before she could actually pass the school gates someone blonde haired and blue eyed stood crossed leg wearing a mini skirt and a satisfied smirk ….Tess!!

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"well if isn't Elizabeth goody goody of the smallsville!" she smirked uncrossing her legs….
"oh hi Tess!! Liz glared at the blonde ..making sure she knew how much she'd come to hate her…."get your tramp Ass out of the way I have class I don't want to be late unlike some other people!!.
"I just want you to know that Max belongs to me now and you'll have to get laid some where else since he sleeps with me now" Tess said faking a yawn
Liz felt like she'd go out of control any second now the bitch had gone way to far for it!! "you know I always knew you were a mind warping boy friend stealing tramp!!!
Tess's eyes widened ..which Liz thought looked ridiculous expression because it made her look like a cow……you bitch you!!
"Tessy tramp ..Tessy tramp…Tessy tramp!!!!Liz chanted over and over getting looks by other students by the time she'd said it the 5th time Tess had grown far more than red her features contorted in an ugly mask of hate….
"that’s it!" Tess charged at her Liz was ready for and got out of the way before she could do any damage Tess stumbled fell back wards but only after taking Liz down with her in 5 seconds they were rolling around the ground in dirt tearing at each others clothes hair, bitch slapping each other…….
Tess: Whore!!
Liz: Slut!!
Tess: Bitch!!!
Liz: Tramp!!
Liz felt a punch on her face and raised her fist to do just the same but her aim missed the side of her face and the blow landed on her nose breaking it blood spurted out the side of it immediately ..Tess got up holding her nose "oooh that must of hurt" Liz sang she couldn't believe how good she actually felt letting some of the frustration go out. especially at Tess..but Tess was anything than slowed down
"that sit Liz Parker your dead!!" before Liz had time to duck Tess again punched the side of her face and this time Liz bled a little from her mouth the blow had landed on a wrong angle to her face and pulled a few molars lose. "Ahhhhhhhhh" Liz threw her self at Tess making unexpected to her and while they were busy rolling around trying different ways to gag each other or knock each other out half the school had made quite a circle around them cheering on as if it were a wrestling match..some one else yelled they were eager for some hot lesbian action!.
More over people were betting over Liz to beat the crap out of Tess seeing how much rage she had..Liz poked Tess in the eye as soon as the blondes hands flew up her eyes Liz punched the under side of her chin….the cheering had died down a little but Liz didn't stop and started to punch Tess randomly…She was more of a bloody mess than Liz….Liz swore under her breath as strong arms reached around her waist and pulled her away but Liz felt blind with fury she just realized that she wanted to kill Tess right now!. Sheriff Valenti was at Tess's side immediately pulling her up either way both weren't inclined on letting go..Liz struggled with the man holding her off ..when she heard a familiar voice "Alright Liz stop..enough!!" she managed to turn around enough to see Deputy Fischer holding on to her …

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At the moment she wasn't very concerned though she just wanted to wrap her hands around Tess's neck and squeeze it so hard that her head would pop off. She scrambled from his grasp even he wasn't strong enough to hold on to her she was completely wild and out of control
Since Liz and Tess would take any chance to scratch at each other they were placed in different squad cars Tess was taken to the hospital no matter how much she protested that her nose wasn't broken but Liz knew she had broken it she heard it crack…Its official now Liz thought proudly that I Liz Parker don't take shit from anyone …if she could Kick that bitch's ass than she could kick any ones else's.
"hmmmmm " deputy Fischer sighed with his feet on his desk while Liz sat in front of him soberly looking up at him time to time as he studied a file put it down on his desk and looked at her smiling "interesting day..I take it she was the reason for your break up?" he asked raising an eye brow..they were sitting with the window open which filtered bright light on the deputy's profile but his eyes remained a dark blue color …hey held her gaze shaded and hypnotic……blue is the color
"you don't know anything" he cocked his head to a side nodding, licking his lips deliberately reminding her of last night…"Jesus.." Liz hissed under her breath. she was getting hot all over again as he gave her an intoxicated look. He smiled a deeply knowing smile…"while I admire your strength ..Liz's eyes narrowed "I really do……. you’re a good fighter …but I really think you shouldn't go around breaking other peoples noses." Liz snorted "so what your going to punish me now huh?" she was feeling a little powerful today but David didn't seem to like it for his smile went beyond danger Liz shuddered under his gaze as he brought his face closer..his adam's apple shifted as he tucked a strand of stray hair behind her ear ..his voice was breathy in her ear "charming Liz is that an offer?" Liz was un able to speak he was too close just like last night oh god she needed to run out of here or other wise she'd end up throwing her self at him right here where there were several deputy's walking around and if the sheriff were to see her in David Fischer's lap he'd probably throw both of them in jail..since he already never approved of Max.
But the deputy's expression didn't change his voice became softer huskier like a whisper "I could…punish you" Liz was sure of one thing her mouth must be hanging half open ..his hand slipped under her skirt and rested on her upper thigh …you're fine she told her self just ignore the feeling don't let it make you any worse hotter ..but she was already gasping for breath as he was rubbing it at a slow agonizing pace back and forth barely using any pressure. shit shit shit shit double shit Liz thought eyes flashing like sirens the deputy brought his face even closer close enough to kiss her lips and his face rested a few millimeters in front of her ..his hand was now massaging her inner thigh Liz grabbed the under side of her seat harder never looking away from his eyes then the rubbing stopped "Boo"
"Ahh" Liz almost fell over the deputy laughed baring his teeth at her expense getting up and releasing her thigh
"grrr" Liz snarled biting her lip she would of gotten up and hit him for it but the sheriff just walked in looking entirely serious.

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"Liz Parker! I never expected you to take part in a rolling in dirt cat fight….what the hell happened?!"
the lines on his forehead and around his eyes deepened showing his distaste especially his age Liz wondered what Maria's mother saw in him
Liz hung her head in shame for one the sheriff was right she'd never taken part in a fight and this year she'd ended up in the sheriffs office twice!! She made a mental note to kill Tess "well you know sheriff the drawl coming back in Deputy's voice as it resounded to a normal level "there kids….grow up so quickly ..always go looking for changes."
Kids? Liz thought Kids?? He thinks I'm a kid!!!??? If the sheriff wasn't here she'd jump on him and start punching him as well as she can but ….damn!! he's smiling again…. like he knows me like he sees through I that transparent? Or is he just un human She wondered what he was thinking about while sharing his look….there little exchange was meaningful for Liz he almost looked sympathetic she wondered why did he feel sorry for me a kid?!! Ohhh!!! She made a mental note to kill Tess twice…..
"your lucky Tess didn't press charges or else you would have found your self thrown in jail… her nose wasn't broken you just punched a narrow vein. Hopefully she'll be alright in a day the bleeding stopped."
"oh thank god!!" Liz yelled sarcastically at him the sheriff looked blown away and got even more critical. "if you were my daughter I'd.."
"umm I think the child's missing a fair amount of school right now standing here….just trying to help" the deputy told sheriff smiling
"I'm sorry sheriff" both men looked up at her "I shouldn't have shouted at you's just" Liz sighed telling the truth "I'm….. tired" her voice broke but it wasn't like she'd cry not in front of them anyway…but she'd been feeling a little more than angry since she found Max and Tess together anyone happy or contented made her want to kill them.
The sheriff softened "look Liz I've known you for a look while and I can tell something's off when I see it ..yesterday you forgot the strawberries on my pie….he said smiling at her….Liz felt her self smile back she thought the sheriff wasn't bad at all it was right of Amy Deluca to take interest in such a sensitive man
"so this new girl Tess Harding is bothering you and Max?" he asked scratching his chin he hadn't shaved in a day or two
Liz shrugged instead of shaking her head "were both done sheriff…..ummm I found them….. I mean Max and Tess are together now and she keeps reminding me about" it Liz added for effect.
The sheriff flashed her a knowing look "it's alright Liz happens to everyone..but you'll find the right kind of guy who appreciates you the way you should be" he said softly putting a fatherly arm around her shoulders Liz melted and a few tears escaped her eyes ..she hadn't cried finding Max and Tess doing the kinky humping ……..
"what do you say we forget everything and if you're well enough I'll drop you off to school where you belong. he said soothingly ..come on.."
"umm sheriff if you don't mind I can drop miss Parker to school I think you were busy with Rela's case….."Liz had entirely forgotten that Deputy Fischer was still in the room ..she made a face still feeling angry at him..he looked more sincere this time.
"oh yeah I'm a busy man am'nt I….. hell!" , "alright Deputy you may escort her to school "Liz I'll see you later ..the sheriff put his hat on which had been resting on the desk all this while "and don't forget the strawberries this time" he said laughing as Liz and the Deputy made there way out to a squad car


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Liz was silent through out the whole trip to school so was the deputy randomly discarding unshed tears of the past few days…
Deputy Fischer parked quite a walk away from the school ..probably to tease me again..Liz thought angrily she threw the door open and walked out without saying anything or closes the car door..
She however did expect him to follow her so quickening her pace she tried not to cry
"Liz…Wait"….."Liz!" apparently Liz thought she hadn't walked fast enough he was half a step behind her and ended the walking marathon by grabbing her arm firmly and pulling her she struggled with him but only succeeded to bump her chest onto his..this time his arms went around her waist and he pulled her closer "Let go off me!!…" he had a slight smile on her face as if studying her expression as if telling her she was fighting him useless …..what was this Liz thought a game to him!!??? she hadn't stilled her movement he leaned down and brought his face closer to her Liz tried to bend her knees and squirm out of his reach but the man was like an octopus and his lips reached her before she could start protesting he slipped his tongue between her lips inside her mouth …Liz moaned softly and let him kiss for a while and thought of withdrawing a while later but she didn't have to he pulled away himself his nose nuzzled her cheek….she stayed in his embrace half a minute before pushing him away he was surprised. But his eyes were ice cold …….and challenged her to run….."hmmmm maybe Miss Harding was right do need a little roll in the hay" he wasn't smiling
"what!! How long were you standing there ?! he smiled then not replying ..taking two steps towards her Liz backed up turned and started walking…….she knew he'd touch her again Deputy didn't disappoint he was walking along side her and trailed a finger along her arm.
"stop that" Liz muttered shivering…..amazingly he did "and don't follow me…he stopped……I hate you she added"
"no you don't" he sang
"yes I do" Liz sang continuing to walk
"No you don't" he voice was the same non pressurizing and cool but with drawl in it.
Liz bit her lip why isn't he following me did I chase him please! what was the matter with her first she hates him and now she wants him to keep following her..great Liz Parker you are going o land in the loony bin before turning 20.
She turned around finally fidgeting he smiled watching her with his hands on his hips giving her the I told you so look …..
"Hmph!'re unfair" she complained and soon as he moved from his place Liz started walking ..he would follow her….He wants me he wants me not
She turned sighing and shaking her head "you're unfair no I take that back you're cruel" she pointed a finger at him
He seemed greatly amused Liz wished could wipe it off of his face he took a few steps in her direction she almost stumbled walking back wards but kept her ground he stopped walking there was small gap between them he didn't pursue it….instead studied his hands for a while before looking at her again it was tricky "I've heard everything fair in love and war"
"its B.S" Liz retorted continuing o walk he walked in front of her and blocked her path" on the contrary see he said fascinated were neither at love nor at war…were somewhere in the middle near or wants needs passion's lust he said the last part smiling….god why did he have to bring sex in everything." And then there's you"
"me"? Liz asked skeptically
"you" he nodded "trying to hold on to something that doesn't belong to you any more."
Liz looked at him in surprise but thee only thing she could say was "I hate you Deputy Fischer"
He smiled turning away from her "you can run Liz ..but you can't hide from me" he was definitely smiling this time
Liz kept staring at his back he was looking at her school and then his watch…getting in his car Liz never moved a foot "you better go to class now …the drawl was back again…or the sheriff will have my head for having you miss another class"
He started the car backed the car up and drove away leaving Liz standing on the empty road.she licked her lips… he did taste good.
He wants me he wants me not.


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School year's going well Liz thought to hers self in Biology she might get a scholarship to Stanford, Ny after her SAT exams a chance to get out of Roswell. .Max wasn't here today he was busy tending to his bitch back in the hospital sometimes Liz thought it was the other way around more like Max was Tess's slave. it was unfair……then she thought about what the deputy had said to her earlier was she really trying that hard to hold on to Max when he didn't belong to her.
But then again if everything really was all that fair in love and war than why couldn't she hold on to Max. not that she had softened but why not………and who said he had a name tag as to whom he belonged to…out right B.S she was swearing a lot nowadays…… it felt good.
The school had been abuzz with Tess and Liz's cat fight and people were giving her strange looks even the biology teacher looked a little suspicious of her Maria came up to her at lunch time and told her that Liz was her hero and any time she needed any ass kicking she'd call Liz.. But Liz was busy in her own thoughts, day dreaming thinking where it all went wrong and at the moment what were she and the deputy doing other than illegal in state law terms she didn't really want to think of the moral flaw it flicked at them. She did have morals of course but at the moment such things were more likely going over her head. and for some strange reason she didn't care maybe that Slut was kind of a bad influence on her……indirectly but sure why not she's got it all immorality, seduction, the dirty mind to go along with tricks.and if all that wasn't enough the bitch had hooked both her ex boy friends on to her like lap dogs.
Opening time in crash down were set for an hour after she came back from school since her parents still weren't back they'd called her and asked if everything was all right.. oh yeah she'd said everything's A-ok!! despite the fact that everything was running way out of control here and everywhere else she went but Liz smiled being a bad ass did definitely have its own benefits ..and she was glad that she fought with Tess….it made her feel brave almost some what invincible…Liz was cleaning the counter when last nights encounter flashed through her mind she reddened ..not that any one was around but damn she was so horny last night ..she'd completely lost her mind and all sense of coherency but now that she'd thought about it she didn't want the deputy to be her first ..first times are special it was sweet talk of old times but now where her mind was together and she wasn't so blood thirsty since she'd let a little of her anger out Liz thought she'd had temporary lose of control a slip it wont happen again ……besides all he did was tease her.
Liz was washing a batch of fresh strawberries thinking that she'd make sure to put some on sheriff's Valenti's pie..Maria's late she thought unhappily she did feel a little guilty about talking to her the way she did last night and hoped to make It up to her……ice cream and boy talk tonight definitely she told her self….just as she lifted the strawberries out of the washer the door bell jingled "ah Maria ..finally you're don't know how much I….."
"Hello Liz.."
Liz almost dropped the bowl full of strawberries …"Deputy fischer?"
He was holding the door to the café open ..his eyes twinkling "that’s my name…" shit he's smiling again Liz thought.

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Liz watched him for a second before coming to her senses "what are you doing here?"
"Well I thought I stop by and tell you that Miss Harding has made a full recovery and has no broken bones I personally made sure of it..Liz smiled tight lipped
"oh so your getting all up close and personal with that slut now huh?" she asked crossing her arms she could act cool if he could
the Deputy smiled he'd said that deliberately "what are you hoping to get out of this"
"my my Liz you do sound heady about her…what bothers you child?"
"I'm not a child and I don’t understand why people think just because I'm walking talking without any visible damage that I might not be hurt the least bit by that tramp" her voice was shrill and she tried to uncross her arms just a little the bite Deputy took out of her side of breast last night was sore and hurt to touch it.
He raised an eyebrow and bit his lip "do you feel broken any where….. Liz"? his expression was sensuous and it was driving her crazy and made her feel like she was losing all control again did he have that sort of effect on every one? .wonderful just now she promised herself not to give it up to him and she was swooning again..
"you wouldn't know" Liz said turning around away from him if she didn't look into his eyes she'd be fine "then lets find out" he licked his lips wickedly …Where the hell is Maria?!
"what?! How?" Liz asked turning around to face him again he had gotten closer to her but Liz managed to stay in place.
"I have a doctoral degree" he said his eyes brightening Liz stared at him and tried to smother a smile
"I know I know how it sounds…..but its true" he said innocently his smile widened
"then what are you doing as a deputy?" he sighed taking one rip red strawberry out of the bowl and studying it "I didn't complete the training so……….here I am" he took a bite out of the strawberry looking at Liz her gaze faltered a little. he's doing that thing again Dammit!
"you're no good?" Liz said stubbornly ..he showed her a mock look of false hurt "why do you say that……Liz"
"because your evil!" she said narrowing her eyes at him. He stopped smiling got up threw the half eaten berry out of the way it landed on the counter…..Liz got back a little frightened he was so impulsive and dangerous to be with "am I?" he whispered eerily
"lets see" Liz shrieked as he came to her lifted her up in his arms she tried kicking her legs but she couldn't exactly fall out of his grasp .he was strong Liz thought worried too strong…..Deputy Fischer carried her into the storage room out her down and locked the door……
"Oh dear" Liz thought so much for a special first time………

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the light's were off he didn't put them on instead moved towards her..he could see pretty well in the dark..Liz on the other hand nearly fell over a crate.

Liz tried to dodge the deputy but ended up falling over another crate her apparent blindness..before Liz could actually fall she felt some one grab her by her arms and pulled her up in a standing position ….she was about to say "What did he think he was doing" but she never got the chance as Deputy Fischer crushed her lips with his own his tongue slipped in without any pressure..his body was pressed up close to her ….Liz again experienced the blinding experience of last night..not that she needed any more blinding but when he pulled away he send her into a twirl..Liz felt her self spinning and stopped and tried to keep her balance…she was hot and cold all over at the same time.gasping for breath she tried to see through the dark and miraculously managed to see his figure closing in on her…..

He spun her around again …Liz was in a daze "Strip" he ordered her curtly.when the spinning died down she did as told and removed her uniform leaving on her bra and panties.he came up behind her and gently pulled the bra strap loose it fell off and landed on the pile with her uniform.Liz tried to move but he put an arm around her waist and pulled her back to him her back leaned again his chest ..Liz tried to to get away again put he had a firm hold on her.. "Shhh…Relax…'s Alright…just tell me whyou feel anything"

"but I don’t.." the deputy put a hand over her mouth

"shh..just tell me when you do" he told her removing his hand from her mouth.

His head was now resting on her neck and his arm was still around her waist ..and her feet were about one feet apart…feel anyhting Liz though? What did he..ahhh…he paced his entire hand over her back the sensation was warming..and it burned her. the hand traced back up to her neck …"felt anything" he whispered in her ear "uhhhh no" she managed

He traced his hand over her lower back this time and one of his fingers slipped between her ass and trailed down Liz gasped in shock it caused a sizzling sensation to ignite and spread all over her body…

"felt anything yet?", "hmmm?" his hand came back up and stroked the side of her face "Liz?"


He laughed "al right"

He stroked the back of her thighs and inner thighs with his hand…Liz shuddered violently

"felt it?"

"Nnnno ..No I didn't"

"'re a tough one but don't worry"

he brought his free hand to rest on her stomach and pulled a little now she was completely pressed against him and continued to try and take in deep breaths..he lifted his other hand and stroked the length between the narrow valley of her breast it went back and forth..again igniting a burning sensation Liz felt like she needed some thing to hold on to or else she'd go screaming over the edge. He took both hands and rested them on either of her breasts he squeezed each nipple between the first two fingers of his hand…Liz moaned dropping her head against his chest cupping both breasts he trailed his hands down her body and stopped at her hips, after making Liz bend a little..he proceeded to massage the sides of her hips them it stopped Liz some where between the heat of the moment and hieghtened release wondered what happened until she felt him slip his index finger into her clit completely….his grip was lose and Liz tried to fall forward but he immediately held her back up with a slight bend removing is finger "No!" Liz yelled this time

"Yessss!! He hissed in her ear "Say yes ..Liz"…this time he whispered gently biting her earlobe "say yes ..child"

"No! Liz gasped" "shhh Yessss…never say no- to- me"…his voice had a threatening tone to it and Liz didn't want to think of what would happen if she said no again.

"yes" she finally managed he relaxed his grip and this time slipped two fingers inside of her going in and out slowly Liz moaned it felt good she was so wet and her insides were so hot..his fingers were thin slender and slid in and out her slowly making her knees bend a little more he tightened his grip on her as he glided his finger in and out a little faster "ahhhhhhh….don't stop…. please

ahhh. Deputy don't stop" Liz moaned

"I don't intent to" his voice was cool and calm …."please…"

"please what child ….faster slower? More? Please what"

"fasterrrr… ahhhh"

He immediately fastened his motion until Liz gasped one last time came with a large shudder and her knees bucked under her….he caught her with lightning speed there hands clasped together ..Liz collapsed in his arms with relief …they both slid down n the floor into a sitting position with her legs spread out in front of her.

"I hate you deputy" she said panting ..still hot from her orgasm or maybe the room was hot in itself.

Deputy Fischer laughed a little "why is"

"I hate dark rooms" she said putting her head back on his chest

"hmmm I like silk better my self" Liz and the deputy were both silent for half a minute before breaking out into laughter ..perhaps Liz thought that the brief feeling of craziness was fairly mutual between them at the moment..he brought their arms and crossed them over her waist again……….

"felt anything now?"

"yeah ..I did" Liz said closing her eyes

"me too" he added smiling


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mmmmmmm…Strawberry trifles is the best!! Maria beamed across from Liz she was making good on her promise to talk with Maria adding in a lot of ice cream of course
my personal poison..Cream caramel and pistachio supreme ..Liz smiled twirling her spoon in the strawberry trifle deluxe she'd taken the flavors out randomly really not thinking about anything else other than wanting to talk to Maria..she wasn't sure how but somehow she wanted to share a little with Maria about everything that's been going on lately…
She sighed unhappily its been 3 days since she'd seen the deputy…3 days since he made her cum in that storage room her day had gone well then she didn't even cringe on seeing Max and Tess together with a perfectly reconstructed nose obviously using her god for saken powers ..she did however feel a little twinge of jealousy when she thought Max might have used his powers to heal her …lying in bed naked ..Arrrgghhhh ..but over all she wasn't so impatient and looking for fist fights in the dirt any longer….in fact she even felt slightly silly no scratch that she felt stupid and embarrassed for sinking to Tess's level.either way the deputy seemed to be missing she hadn't seen him going to school or at the crash down ..where did he dissapear…why was she feeling bad I mean it's not as if they were married and should stick to each other till they lay down and have kinky sex.
Was he tired of her? …… Suddenly Liz felt tears in her eyes slide down over her cheeks..Maria had gotten up in the middle of eating ice cream and rushed to show her the new halter top she'd bought trying to impress Michael it was a shiny black triangle shaped top…Liz explained to her that Michael isn't much interested in clothing and that he would think she's lovely in a garbage disposable bag. Maria raised an eye brow when Liz wiped tears away….
"Liz what's wrong " her heels made a funny clop clop sound as she hurtled across over to Liz ..she buried her face in her hands and rested her head on Maria's shoulder feeling the tears coming down horribly fast "it's okay babe..let it out what ever it is I'm here for you."
"it's jus..just ………that Max left me ..he didn't even say …anything" Liz sobbed harder completely taking over Maria's soulder
"shh shhh forget him ….he's a dirt back along with that Slime blonde bitch of don't need him" Liz pulled away and wiped her tears away Max was half the reason but she'd restrained her self from telling Maria the other reason which was that Deputy Fischer since he started hitting on her or what ever mind games he was playing with her..he'd left her in the middle of it ….without saying anything…just like Max it wasn't fair……..what did everyone else like Maria or Tess or Isabelle have that their boyfriends didn't try and leave them…..the deputy wasn't her boyfriend…not her lover not yet anyway and probably will never be……………..
"I know what you need!" Maria tugged on Liz and took her upstairs she said that Liz needed a hot shower with a lot of her favorite bath gel vanilla and rose.
Your wrong Maria Liz thought undressing she needed a cold shower not a hot one she could still taste david in her mouth David Fischer she hadn't used his name in a while…….where are you David why aren't you here?? She tried to put the thought out of her head but she needed him …or maybe she just needed anyone desperately who would truly appreciate her like Max once did till that Blonde Bitch of a head showed up in Roswell
"all ready??" Liz nodded pulling her robe tighter it was royal pink ….silk….and it did remind her of him he liked silk didn't he?
Maria was right she had to stop thinking of all these things
Liz took a step in the bath tub it was lukewarm….Maria had said she needed to go home looked like the rain was going to come down hard today…Michael's going to show up through her window again to "talk" Liz sighed and turned of the tap she didn't want to talk a bath…..though it smelled lovely Liz couldn't bring her self to relax she was feeling impatient again.
Liz went down stairs still in her robe she was sure Maria must have left the half eaten tubs of ice cream out to melt..she thought she should just go and put away leftover's and the ice cream……
Maria only left one light on the Café was in dim lighting… Maria was right about one thing it had started raining hard……Liz was just going over to the fridge sniffing and rubbing her nose it was still red from crying …had she cried that hard.
The café bells jingle Liz gasped shoved the strawberry trifle on the counter it slid almost to the edge. She ran to the door and saw a tall..dark haired individual his hair was matted to the forehead and the sleeves on his arms were rolled up he was shrugging himself off …he'd run in from the rain obviously dripping wet from head to toe….he looked up at her
Liz felt a rising fever and felt a smile spread over her lips she was once again staring into the brilliant blue eyes of Deputy David Fischer…..his hair was coming over his forehead and Liz felt he looked better without gel……lightning cracked over head the café and his eyes lit up his profile was still overshadowed ..he looked more than danger …he looked dead sexy!

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sHe felt relived but relief was quickly over shadowed by anger …he could come here any time do anything to her and go as if he owned her and then not show up for days???. That didn't work for Elizabeth Parker nope….. no more mister bad guy she whipped around from his smiling face and walked straight into the kitchen to do what she was going to do before he just showed up…he'd follow her in she new any second now…there he was he seemed to know she was angry and continued to study her or rather wait for her to say something…she wouldn't say anything she decided….and closed the lid of peach delux angirly enough to be noticed his smile must have deepened but he was circling her watching her not waiting …definitely not waiting…..he didn't say anything either …great she thought shoving on a air tight lid on the hald eaten banana pie ..I amuse him!!… it cool Liz she thought play it cool…

Liz gently opened the large fridge door and put the containers inside.she ran a hand through her hair the deputy was now leaning on the fridge next to her watching he seemed surprised of her sudden change..Liz still didn't look at him..she started checking if the faucets were closed the counter was a slight mess so she picked up a rag and went at it.the deputy seemed to have had enough.. he encirled her waist with his arms she did like them but broke out of them and continued to check locks on counters and out put away any thing discarded …he again put is arms around her she broke out of it again.he smiled he was enjoying his wasn't he ?? the last time he tried and she didn't relent Deputy Fischer just roled his eyes picked her up slung her over his shoulder and went up stairs to her room… Liz didn't protest this time she just smiled over his shoulder..

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Deputy put her down in the middle of the bed gently she was surprised he didn't just throw her on it and jump on her..he swept his hair back definitely had ancestors who were related to count dracula some how…he looked out her window back at her "maybe you should get wet too" he said snidely
I already am Liz thought suddenly she felt angry why cant he just stop and sit down for a moment ..always looking to run somewhere………he turned around and started unbuttoning his shirt….she'd never seen any ones chest except for Max and maybe Kyle too but for some Kyle was always half naked ..Max's muscles were what someone whould call pumped but David had natural muscles like he never had to work out….he had a jagged silver necklace around his neck it fell over his was absolutely beautiful looking on him….He must have noticed her staring at him because he immediately discarded his shirt and came and sat next her on the bed ..he made a soft thud….. touched her hair ..she'd parted it in the centre letting it fall over her shoulders…he always touches her hair………"do you like it …Liz?" he was whispering but Liz didn't say anything ..Blue eyes bored into her like ice picks …"you can have it" he said coming closer she continued to stare at him… he smiled "we really have to practice our communication" taking his necklace off pushing her hair back a little he put it around her..Liz's nipples became pert the minute his chest touched her body…she shivered as he put the necklace around her it was slightly heavy but smooth she touched it and he pushed her hair off the shoulders trailing a finger down the side her cheek then her neck reaching between her breasts Liz sighed softly settling back it felt so natural..he was enjoying her reaction..Liz's legs were tucked under her he pulled her robe lose put a hand on her right breast and squeezed it a little while kissing her softly on her lips…….Liz looked back at him amazed thinking he keeps changing his style…he gave her shoulders a little push and she landed on her back he pulled her feet from under her..parting her legs he leaned over her holding her down by her hands..
"I don't like to be held down" her voice was soft….not that she'd mind just that he seemed even more controlling this way and she didn't like someone controlling her
he laughed alittle "how do you know….have you ever had sex before….. Liz hmmmmm?"
"No…I no I haven't"
He smiled "then how do you know whether you like to be held down or not?"
He nudged the side of her breast the one with the bite…
"owww don't touch it …….it hurts"
"does it?" he kissed the bite sucking it a little made Liz feel funny a little ticklish but it felt good"
"feel better?" his expression was soft he definitely didn't seem in the mood to torture her
Liz nodded as he pulled her robe open completely slowly zig zagging a warm hand all over her body it hovered over her clit "hmm I'll have to prepare you "
"uhh is this going to hurt?" she never had sex before but heard that first times hurt…
"depends….he said smiling then looked back at her grinning "let's find out"
"not that again"
he took two finger's and pushed them in through her slit into her silken wet folds. The sliding sensation felt good at first but he puushed his finger in further stretching her walls but she was tight "Liz? Child don't clench"
"uhh" Liz moved up a little "your hurting me!"
"aa aa don't move… lie back down…" he leaned over her again "don't move…don't--move--he pronounced each word distinctively his glare gave her a warning she intended to keep.
"okay" Liz muttered he smiled "good"
He went back to what he was doing and this time shoved three fingers into her Liz bit her lip..he's hurting "Oww"
"that’s right clench ..clench it's not my problem ..I'm a man Liz not a 17 year old sweaty teenager!!….. I'll rip you apart and you won't know what hit you!" he pushed her legs further apart ad continued to put in another finger pushing further into her …..Liz tried to move up a little but he seemed to know what she was doing and lifted his gaze up smiling he put his other hand on her thigh..
"you'll be fine don't worry….just a little longer" he pushed nearly half an inch more into her Liz almost screamed out loud and she'd bit her tongue and tasted blood in her mouth….
He pulled it out and licked his fingers "hmmmm you do taste good"
Liz sat up with her legs spread she felt wet enough
"I told you not to move" he said
"move" she exploded on the word move as his smile grew bringing a glint to his eye.
He reached down and undid his belt, unzipping his fly, took his cock in his hand.he tugged herforward roughly, tore the robe off of her, couldn't fill his mouth with enough of her. They fell together. He slid between her legs and entered her fully in three deep.quick thrusts.Liz cried out from the pain but he didn't stop and bit down hard on her shoulder..She was panting and he seemed to like the sound.they rocked together , his lips sucking at her breasts, lightly bitting her nipples. He moved his arms around her grabbing her back, pulling her forward to cover im, hide him under her skin, in the spaces between her fingers, in her center.fastening his motion Liz dug her fingers into his back and closed her eyes till they both came at the same time with a shudder and fell back down on the bed together
They were both panting and seperated still lying on the bed side by side…..
"I like the necklace" she said fingering it
"I thought you would" he said turning on his side..his skin was pale and un tanned ….she touched his chest he put a hand over hers and kissed it…..
"what are we doing?"
"what are we doing"?
"I could ask you the same question too"
"I don't know"
"then lets leave it at that he said taking her hand and putting it back on his chest"
"do you believe in love at first sight?"
"no but I do believe in us"
"us" he answered smiling
"there's an us?"
" there is"
He pulled her over on top of him and stroked her hair "nice shampoo"
"always use head and shoulders" Liz answered a little dazed
"do you hate me now Liz?"
"I don't know" she really didn't what did she hate him for in the first place?
"you don't"
"I do"
"no he said grinning and putting a hand over her mouth "you don't"

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yes ok!!! update I know!!!! you have any idea what time it is right nwo over here that I'm sitting and writng this just because you said so??!!!!! .......ahhhhhhh I gotta keep my fans well anyway.......

Oh yeah Liz thought I was in bed big time with a 30 plus guy who smokes and possibly drinks too...hmmm if she told Maria that she'd gone and gotten laid she'd kill her for not telling her before it …she felt quirky ..can't tell Maria she'd want to know where and especially who….she's already off about men like the deputy….
He's a strange man last night writing my diary she found she couldn't write anything about him he was so mysterious appeared and disappeared so suddenly that she didn't have time to think what he was like.but the idea of writing him in her diary some how didn't appeal to her what if someone read it and since it's already happened once with Michael she couldn't take the chance of someone finding out she the deputy would be in serious trouble.
One things for sure deputy likes to play the trouble games….it's in his eyes ~~~ Blue is the color he always seems to know what she's thinking Liz wondered how was it some sort of connection thing like with Max but the deputy's not an alien…he's a mind reader…yeah….when did he start noticing me?…a long time ago seems it just took her time to come around from the great and powerful Maximillion Evanderous …great and powerful my ⊕ss she thought smiling its almost funny how bitter she's become of him……Tess really isn't in the picture anymore…..maybe it's just about Max giving into the bitch that makes her sick……he promised her so much but it doesn't matter anymore than it did a few day's ago she's the same person with the same priorities ….dreams and a different man……hmmm man…. that sounded good she never regarded Max as a man just as a boy who's lost and clueless restless trying to make decisions for everyone just like this morning what was it when she got half fell out of bed alone trying to answer the phone that was ringing off its hook?
4:45 am yeah he called a meeting at the rock quarry…… well that’s just fitting she did eventually fall out of bed after Maria's phone after telling Maria that she didn't need a ride ..everyone's suppose to show up by 6:00 am no later they'll go to school together from there …….she knew Tess and Max would come along together and after everyone showed up making a damn big entrance like he deserves to be king…….. and she was sure Michael as much he was worried about being found out as an alien was also wary of his own friend to be woken up in the ungodly hours of the morning…Liz stopped walking she hadn't thought about it the but since Tess and Max got together they hadn't had any such meetings and it would mean that the rest of her friends would be uneasy around her …probably waiting for her to throw on another fitting cat fight//like in school ..Alex came to her and warned her about indulging herself further in trouble with the blonde not that he didn't congratulate her on the small victory but he was secretive about it…….Isabelle hadn't said anything and kept staring at her without her ice queen glare….wonder if she thought Liz was tougher than she looked
Max seemed on the other hand unable to approach her about it and kept dodging her in school halls she'd flown by him uncaring……maybe because she belonged to someone else now?? Did she belong to him or was he using her
But if had to do that he wouldn't have waiting for several days before actually sleeping with her… if he were asking her to think through before shaking hands with the devil…was he the devil? Would seem like a fitting explaination for some one like him … its difficult to classify him or what he actually wants from her
But he was definitely right about something that there's an "us" it does feel like an invisible bond that formed over night with him……she wasn't sure where there both going to take this ..or if it will work out or not but as long as it can go on
As long as they could go on together she was sure they would….it gave her a fuzzy feeling….and her stomach growled it must be 5:30 by now …just why the hell did she have to explore the collective goodness of morning walks now!!? She could have just gone with Maria…maybe she was to incoherent in her sleep. She did wake up alone the deputy had left …no sooner than she thought about it her body felt sore the feeling swept over her like a tidal wave….she didn't stop walking and smiled it as the best thing that happened to her..the rest of the world can just fuck off and die!
Passing school by which was still fairly deserted Liz heard a screech behind her she turned "think about the devil" she exploded on the word devil…..the car slowed down in front of her and Deputy Fischer pulled up next to her…….shit!

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What was she supposed to tell him he'd surely want to know where she's hurrying at a time like this …along with being her lasts nights certified lover he also happens to be a deputy……just because were sleeping together doesn't necessarily mean she could break the law……..He came out of the car his look was ice cold calculating…some things wrong Liz thought feeling frightened he's not in his usual mood today.
He stared at her for a while before coming to her lifting her up by the waist and sitting her down on the cruisers trunk….he leaned his hands on it and took his time before saying anything at all
"How do you feel…. Liz?
Liz squirmed a little under his gaze she really had to go ..they'll be waiting for her ……she'll be the last one to arrive..damn it!!
"I …..I'm fine" she told him tucking a fine of hair strand behind her ear. "you…left"
he smiled…..he was back …"I had to" it was strange his voice had become meaning full..hmmmm one of the things to write in her diary would be color full definitely a colorful man she's caught……..
"You're walking ..he rubbed his chin ……"I thought I'd made sure you couldn't get out of that bed for 24 hours maximum"
"well I guess I'm tougher than you think" she bared her teeth at him she couldn't help she felt proud of herself……
He changed expression quick cat like and came and sat next to her on the trunk "so I noticed"
Liz looked around if someone passed her by they'd have a fit thinking the deputy's trailing them as id there already not enough paranoid .….thinking just about everyone's after them like no one has anything better to do then go hunting for a bunch of Alien kids …shea right!
She was just about to get off the trunk went his arm went around her waist and held her there on the trunk his head was above her looking around ..he's going into professional mode Liz thought …..I'm dead!
He looked down at her his forehead joined hers the cruiser was brown his eyes reflected the light but it showed white in them and reminded Liz of bones…not a good thought…not good at all ……. hold wasn't very firm just strong enough to keep her on the trunk
"where are you going Liz…it's a little early for school isn't it?"
"uhhh I was just……just taking a walk before school" she said meeting his eyes he left her all at once Liz felt funny like the blood just rushed back into her….he laughed …he's serious she thought ..this is bad….no were both bad!!
"Hmm really? A walk 5:45 am alone in this neighborhood ? nice real nice"
Liz kept waiting for some accusation what was she supposed to tell him….that she had a bumper commercial packed meeting at the rock quarry in 15 minutes which from where she is at the moment will take her about half an hour to get to…that he's in her way?????!!
He turned back to her ..Liz almost fell off the trunk he looked deadly serious ..she was seriously considering running from him as far as possible…..his eyes attained a complete ice cold detachment he hadn't used gel today….if she wasn't so hell bent on running from him she'd smile. ….he looked adorable …now grinning ..which told her he regarded her story as complete B.S…this is just great ….this your fault Max!!! and that….
"Are you going to see someone…..some one special?" he came closer to her raised her chin up with a finger….
"n n n no"…."I'm just walking around"
He still didn't seem to buy the story but frowned and touched her hair smoothing it on her back……
He whispered in her ear "just so that you know Elizabeth …I don't believe you …I'm not your usual bubble brained deputy ..I think"
"Liz shook her head got off the trunk in anger how could he was none of his business where she went or didn't or for what ever reason ..she wasn't his property…who did he think he was?!
"you …you have no right to stalk me's a crime I'll have you reported…'s not your business!!!"
he smiled biting his lower lip and came forward…"no! stay there don't come any closer ..or ..or I'll.."
he was stand still like a statue …almost laughing at her …until Liz thought of moving he took a step forward "boo"
"ahh!" she turned ran like hell depended on it and didn't turn back to see if he followed her. It wasn't until she'd nearly reached the back of the school that she turned and saw him still standing there …she shuddered again as he put a finger on his lips and shook his head…run like hell she thought

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"Hi" Liz said collectively to everyone standing around in a half broken circle,…Michael shifted around uncomfortably on his feet..while Alex said hi with a goofy grin..Isabelle smiled….Maria waved she and Michael were clinging to each other obviously rode together here Max and Tess were ahead of everyone with Tess standing on a rock….riiiigggggghtttttttt !
"well Maxwell I don't know if you noticed but some people need there beauty sleeps here…so what's going on..spill it..everyones here?" Michael was scowling and gesturing around him…they were dressed but looked half asleep…….
Tess and Liz had to be the only two who were actually wide awake……Liz moved ahead of everyone surprising them…..
"Hi Tess!" Tess crossed her arms and turned to her
"nice nose job…….hope you don't need one any time soon."
"you little B.."
Max looked at both of them "Tess….Liz .I think you ….."
"oh I'm so sorry I forgot's your grand meeting isn't it…go on make your humble speech ..the local folk will now keep there mouths shut"
Liz went and stood next to Michael and Maria..Michael was smirking at her..but it seemed good natured she puffed up her chest Maria winked at her. Isabelle tried to smother a smile..and Alex seemed neutral half way sleeping….
"umm Tess just got in touch with Nacedo the other day…"
"everyone's head snapped up at the shape shifters name ..they didn't look too sleepy anymore.
"What did he say" Michael asked coming forward leaving Maria but still holding her hand.
Max took a deep breath he looked worried ………more than before
"What's wrong Max?" Isabelle had come forward too..she was wearing leather ..early morning?…yeah that’s Isabelle
Liz had had enough "Stop trying to be the center of attention Max……we're Waiting"
"yeah" Maria said coming to Liz's side…everyone stared at Alex…..waiting for him to give Max a go..who was seemingly lost at words.
"need I say anything?" Alex asked everyone .."please continue" he gestured at Max
Max finally looked up at everyone….he couldn’t bring himself to tell them….so Tess spoke up instead startling everyone by jumping off the rock "Agent Pierce is here"
There were shocked gasps from everyone…Liz stood quietly to one side ..well it had to happen sooner or later….she didn't utter a frightened gasp she just looked at everyone else and kicked the sand.
"shit!" Michael finally broke the chain of silence among them ..of course you could always expect Michael to react immediately in a situation like this.
Max held up a hand "he's in Roswell"…what does he think we are Liz thought morons? We just Heard Tess
The questions flooded like an uncontrolled class
"What how did this happen?" Isabelle looked more panicked then ever
"yeah what's Nacedo doing? I thought he was supposed to protect you guys" Alex along side Isabelle
"how long did you know?" Michael asked crossing his arms….everyone shut up and looked in Max's direction.
"I just found out Michael!" he was shouting and seemed angry that Michael would accuse him of keeping something like this from them.
"4 in the night?" Max walked up to him leveling his gaze with the taller boy whispering
"look Michael I need to you to trust me on this one"
"yeah I trust you" Michael said looking from Max to Tess.
"this is not about Tess..its…"
"sure so what are we supposed to do now Max?? he's here so that means a definite signal for us to scram!"
"We can't leave Roswell!" Maria said standing between Michael and max
"You can't but we can…. the four of us" he stated coldly
Maria glared at him stung by his statement
"He's right" Tess said coolly we all can leave besides you'll all be safer that way she said pointing to the three humans.but looking solely in Liz's direction pitifully
"Liz stormed up to her "I don’t know how long you've been spying on us Tess Harding but if you noticed any thing but Max then I'm sure you heard Topolski say were all on that Death List!!"
"Tess turned beet red ..nothing but pure hatred
"Besides Maria spoke up "they'd think it's weird you all ran off …you'll end up dead without us knowing" she added softly Michael hadn' changed demeanor but came close and hugged her
"I'm with her" Alex said pointing to Maria
"yeah we'll stay together and think of something" Isabelle's voice was shaky but she took Alex's hand and squeezed it.
"We wont panic " Max stated boldly Liz finally looked up at him with tess clinging on his side suddenly occurred to her she was alone.

posted on 31-Aug-2002 3:42:29 PM
All right so the general plan was to stick together not talk to strangers and never go to places which have boogie man myths surrounding them……everyone would go out to a common place no need to stay cooped up at home or you'll let them or him know that we all know about him being here….Michael scowled he didn't want to be with everyone he wanted to be alone with Maria..understandable …Alex and Isabelle just went along with it…Tess kept glaring at everyone one else as if it was there fault whatever was going on. Liz just stood alone at a side as everyone regarded theory as to who Pierce could be if he's here impersonating someone
"New Librarian?"
"too geeky nope"
"New Music teacher"
"Nah to original"
"How about the janitor..he definitely has those eyes"
"what kind?"
"the kind that tell you he's looking for aliens and he means business"
"that would be too low Alex"
"I got it it has to be someone who can watch us anytime anywhere not just necessarily in school so a doctor's ruled out
"Dentist?" Michael spoke up mindlessly
"I mean all doctors ruled out"
"so don't look at me like that I just took a wild guess"
"Is Pierce a guy?"
"yes he is …what the hell are you saying Alex?"
"I just meant it could be a woman we could be mislead"
"No it's a man"
"who else do we have?"
"the pharmisist..he's new"
"I think they already know we don't get sick"
"who would be around us 7-10 ?"
everyone stood testing theories Liz just kept staring out into the small river Max had tried to talk to her but she'd blown him off by saying that she wasn't in mood for his personal drama right now….this wasn't a soap opera it was there lives there talking about.
A lot of people pass through Roswell everyday " Isabelle stated
"yeah but this ones staying for a long time" Michael growled
"Whats Nacedo going to do about it?"
"He'll try to find who he is and maybe kill him" Tess stated as a matter of factly Liz could just kill the girl…..
"we'll have to keep our eyes peeled and ready for whatever" Max said coming to Tess's side.
Liz balled her fists into her hand the nails dug into her palm and would leave marks she knew.
"we don't have anything to go on"
"what about the new deputy?" Tess asked glowering at Liz.


posted on 31-Aug-2002 4:16:24 PM
"what about him?" Liz asked crossing her arms now everyone's attention had flown to Liz's direction even Max
"Don't play game's …you know what I mean?"
"No I don't what do you mean Tess and I am not the one who's playing the games" Liz couldn't believe it had she seen them together some where ..crashdown? school?
"don't try to change the subject …when you broke my nose he took off with you that’s the one I mean..Max grunted
Michael raised an eyebrow Maria was playing with her hair..Alex ad his hands on his hips trying to take another guess.Isabelle stood with her arms crossed in front of her waiting for an answer.
"He dropped you back to school didn't he?"
"How did you know" her voice was shrill no it became defensive and accusing
"Sheriff told me" she said looking at her nails
"so he dropped me to school so what?"
"you two must have talked" Max prodded gently
"No we didn't" Liz said back shortly
"oh come on so much time together and you two didn't talk?"
"No! if you must know Tess! He was too worried about you and your nose!!" Liz felt a little relived at least she didn't know the whole thing
"What about later?"
"what Late?!"
"I saw him coming out of the crash down"
"what!! You are a total Bitch no!! you are a super Bitch …now you're spying on me even if I don't have Max?!! what the hell do you want?!!"
"Liz calm down just tell us what he was doing at the crash down." Alex is supporting Tess??! How could he!!
"He came to tell me ..Tess here had recovered from her broken nose act!" .."fine?!! happy now?!"
"that's it?!" Michael looked at her skeptically
"she turned around away from them "yeah that's all"
"I don't buy that ..why would he just come to.."
"Look I don't know alright!! He didn't tell me why he just came to tell me about Tess!"
Maria came forward to Liz's side "hey cool down chica" she said putting an arm around her
"Tess you know you should be ashamed of your self making her look like a criminal….it's not like you havent done enough crime your self"
"what the Fuck is that supposed to mean?!" Tess was making that cow eyed expression again Liz sighed and raised her hand giving everyone the time out signal
"stop Maria you don't need to sink to her level"
"I think we should keep an eye on him" Alex started
"Alex is right he might be someone dangerous even if he's not Pierce"
"don't attract his attention necessarily" Max said looking over at Liz her eyes widened and her fist flew at him slapping him hard on the side of her face
"How the fuck do you know who started it Max?!" you don't know anything ….if that super bitch of yours keeps telling me my place in Roswell Liz said pointing a finger at Tess then I'll fight her to death for it understood!!?" she scraped her book bag off of the rock and started running off in the general direction of the school……
Deputy fischer passed her by in his car she had stopped running and now kept a high pace …marching to school she was to angry to pay attention to him but his expression was cold was knowing..andd telling at the same time he kept staring hard at her but drove on and didn’t stop
"That man..has serious issues" she told her self "cute but nope he wasn't stable enough to be a deadly FBI agent …….he didn't look like he had the eye for Aliens.

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Fever????..Liz wondered what kind of a nightclub is called the fever a lot probably since she never wen to too many clubs in her life her parents would kill her if they found out there still out of Roswell. The word fever made her think about blue …..Blue like Ice
Lately a lot has been reminding her of Blue and she didn't like it much…
"Lizzie hurry up Michael's probably already here!" Maria kept marching forward through the crowd of several nameless men and women in the club…had she not come here today Liz would have never known Roswell had these many people living in it. It was hard to see the buildings structure ..people were all over the place laughing, dancing, drinking ..of course there was a bar over here…not like they went to the cubs scouts meet any way no more marsh mellows for us Liz thought smiling…Maria turned heads everywhere she passed not a surprise since she was wearing that Shiny red halter top she put on the rave last time and a leather miniskirt..Liz felt like an idiot in jeans an a short orange shirt…most of the people here were wearing leather skirts or pants……
"Tess?!" Liz almost bumped into the blonde god in heaven Liz thought what the hell?! The whole club is wearing leather …but Tess was wearing a low cut red dyed shirt she even had a spiked leather collar on …Bitch!!
"where.." her voice trailed on Max was standing right behind her why hadn't she seen him because of the damn lights!!
He was wearing leather?!!!!..he never put something like that on while she was around him???…maybe because they never really went to night clubs ……..she couldn't really see Alex and Isabelle anywhere
"umm hi"..Liz answered back studying him he looked sure of him self now nothing awkward about him anymore maybe that slap really changed him in over night into understanding that she didn't belong to him anymore….. he waved at them an empty four seated table to sit at …Liz was about to go but Tess crossed her arms and mingled her arm with Max he took it without looking back at Liz and she had to follow them…..Bastard!!
is Tess really a slut Liz wondered well she cared enough about Max to lose no opportunity to be with Max and make him hers no matter what….this morning Liz saw Deputy Fischer deep in conversation with the bitch what could they have to talk about Liz thought but Tess was leaning close practically chirping in his ear while it amused him it also seemed to interest him other words it didn't look like he minded the proposition…Bastard!!!…………………………Liz tapped her fingers impatiently on the table while looking around at the still dancing around them teens…women…MEN!!!!!! There all the same she thought getting up ……………sexist…womanizing ….user ….pigs!!!!!!! uhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! She got up her chair toppled back she didn't look back at the surprised shocks Max and Tess gave her like yesterday when she slapped Max's destiny on his face….no she had kept her mind blank that day not thinking about him Tess….alien hunters…FBI…not even Deputy Fischer………she felt surprised at her own strength as she shoved aside a couple in front of her and making her way to the bar…oh yeah Liz thought I'm gonna drink big time!!!!

posted on 3-Sep-2002 11:12:33 PM
"alwayyyyyyyyssssss followwwwwwww thhhhhhhheeeeeeeeeeee yeloowwwwwwwww bricklineeeeeeeeeeeee..ahahahahaha Liz high fived the short dorky looking man sitting beside her she'd struck up a drinking match with him telling him just what she thought about men….he looked like he'd lost gambling and she'd lost either way so here they both were getting high time drunk and looks from the bar tender every time they called for a refill he gave them a half full glass and they'd go bonkers on him from threatning with punches to law suites…that’s the only time he'd curse and fill there glasses up………
"mooorrrrrrrrrre" Liz said shoving her glass at him it fell on the other side of the counter breaking
"ohhhhhhhhhhhh I broke itttttttttttt…I'm soooooooooooo baddddddddddddddddddddddd………..she began wailing about it her alcohol induced mind..couldn't possibly help her ……….Alex and a peeved looking Isabelle made their way to Liz……
"umm…Liz" he shook her shoulders a little..Liz wondered how could he was pretty strong to be as skinny as he is……that’s when she remembered her earlier statement
"youuuuuuuuu mennnnnnnnnnn arrrrrre alllllll theeeee sammmmmmmmmeeeee" she got up unsteaily Alex tried to help her but she shoved him away
"you…"sexistttttt Piggggggggggggg!!!!!!!!!!! And that blonde Bitch….no no that super bitch!!!!! Alex looked at her a little surprised confused and a little scared of her.
"umm Liz I think you…" he tried to take her arm again but she out a hand in his shirt pocket pulling it ripping it …leaving the torn pocket hanging on the shirt…she then looked around and saw Isabelle mortified…"a pieccccce offff adviceeee Iz….never …never….and I mean never..ever..ever….trust them there alll thee same I tell you just like Max but that Super Bitch!!!!! Shhhhh tell you a secret she's a SLUT!!………………….."
Isabelle nodded with a smile and pulled on alex's arm who was still staring at his pocket…..leaving Liz at the bar………..
"fine go go ……lose your self ………you'll be sorryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!! She yelled after them……
"more please!!" Liz told the Bartender……
"we're out!"
"what you lying little…….you piggggggggggg!!!!!!! she took a hold of his collar shaking him wildly…
she wasn't sure but it felt like someone was shaking her as well "Liz…Liz!! I think you should stop..she whirled around leaving the mans collar grabbing Max's neck.


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"Liz!!" Max's hand flew up to his neck releasing her hold on him by pushing her away gently
"you ……………she took a few moments to steady herself "Bastardddddddddddddddddd!!!!!!"
she tried to punch him but he ducked her blows and caught her hand before she took a swing to his nose……………"Liz! You're drunk"
"soo sueeeee meeeeeeee!!…..along with that super……BITCH!!!!!!!!!"
"Liz control your self your embarassing us!"
"Embarassingggggggggg!!!!!!!!????????? Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee????? Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..pooorrrrrrr babyyyyyyyy…alrighttttttt" she said putting a hand in his pocket and pulling it down with all her might the shirt pocket ripped and remained hanging………
"wha……..are you out of…."
"yes I'mmmmm out of myy mind!!!!!!………… you mind!!!!!!!???????"
Max shook his head as Liz giddily made her way through the crowd out side
Max was just coming back to where Alex Isabelle and Tess were sitting Maria and Michael were dancing he seemed in the mood today completely dressed in back leaving Maria dazed.
Alex and Max bump into each other holding their torn pockets
"you too?"
"don't ask…."
Liz managed to make it bumping into several people on her way but some where in her drunken haze she made it out of the club FEVER…………..she accidentally entered an alley that looked like the way to the crash down…… was dark and she really felt her vision was all blurry as if her head was spinning about it self…..oh god
She walked another three or five steps before sitting down ..since the dizziness amounted to the extreme….she closed her eyes tried to concentrate opening them back up she widened her eyes and looked around her dirty dinghy alley…empty crates.,.broken bottles definitely not her neighborhood……… nope …she got up realizing that she was going the wrong she wasn't sure which way was right turning both front end which ever they were she'd gone too far in and it was completely dark at both ends like a tunnel…..maybe the slight panicky feeling brought her a little back to coherency…….where am I????? "MAX!!!!!????…..ALEX!!!!!!!????…ISABELLE??!!!!!!!!!!…how far had she gone from club…she could still hear the music vibrating through the air…….
~~~~This is to night ..dancing free until the morning light..
together forever…cause this is tonight and
everything is gonna be alrighhhtttttttt
I in love with you
Oh yeah it's too good to be true
Oh yeah feeling so brand new oh yeah e yeah e yeah………
Liz followed the music at least she tried but all the while it felt like was either circling her self or getting further away from the club than near….
~~~You captured my heart're the key to my life
A vision of love that seems to surprise
I can't run away so attracted by you…'s so true ohhhhhh
This is tonight dancing free until the morning light
together for ever cause this is tonight
And everything is gonna be alrighhhhhhhhhtttttttttttt
I am so in love with you oh yeah it's too good to be true
Oh yeah feeling so brand new oh yeah e yeah e yeah……….
Something moved among the still shadows of the dark alley a figure??? A man???? Yeah it's a man "DAVID?!! Liz tried again but the figure kept moving towards her without answering her…she couldn't see very well but long hair came into view due to the large shadow he was forming walking briskly towards her ……….no she thought it's not him it's someone else…..Liz backed up her shoe caught something hard and upturned she fell backwards..drunk and falling is a dangerous combination makes you feel like you're falling off a cliff……….."noooo!"
But her shriek sounded slurred to her own ears…why the hell did she ever have to get drunk………the man was stadngin over her now tilting his head to a side studying her in the dark..
"hey baby…….you alone sweetheart?"
Liz burst into tears first of all it was hard to see anything but something about the man gave her off unbidden terror….his long hair fell in waves in front of her as he tried lifting her up ..Liz's mild struggles were promptly ignored by the man he laughed at her and hauled her away in a bear hug……………. Help!

andddddddd...let the phsyco drama began!!
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Oh my head…Liz thought struggling to open her eyes ….how long did she pass out for???? She wasn't sure but there as no sound of the music any where near her not even the vibration nothing just silence when she hear a clicking sound her eyes Immediately fluttered open……….. some ones hand……clicking in front of her face?? Oh no Liz thought she remembered suddenly getting drunk..unhappy…getting out of the bar…the alley and then ….shit!!…… the man
Her eyes didn't have to adjust any lighting arrangement at all …it was dim….her eyes finally cleared at first when she opened them they felt slightly clouded…but now she actually saw the man who brought her here…Tall..Broad…long blonde was shiny?? No silky and dark at the roots…his eyes were hazel …..dark looking…..she couldn't see any visible tattoos on him for the moment..he was smoking
"nice of you to…wake up…miss….????"
"I'm Ashley " he told her getting up and removing the dark brown shirt he was wearing…it looked like velvet..was she still drunk!?…looking down on her wrists she saw something that stopped her from breathing any further in the environment she were thrust in.
chains??? Steel chains?????!!!! She was bound in them from both wrists to the wire frame of bed?????
Liz let out a strangled cry..which made Ashley turn around and gaze at her unconcerned
He dropped the shirt and came crouching in front of her taking hold of a part of the chains
"what's the matter princess?"
"liz couldn't make any sounds but uttering small frightened cries as he touched her face.
"why…..?" she asked fretfully tugging at the long chains they were probably heavier than herself.
"oh reason…..I'll open them up when I'm done with you"
"what?…" Liz had a fair idea of what he meant but was afraid of thinking about it…he smiled broadly at her
"how old are Liz?"
he came closer Liz cringed as he touched her face again
"nice..very nice..are you a virgin?"
she stared at him nodding then shaking her head…..
"yes??…no..yes…what is it hmmmm" he pulled out a was long pointed…shiny..and broad Liz shuddered
"n n n no"
"al right..fine…to tell you the truth I did expect you to be….."
he came closer and Liz tried to further retreat in whatever corner she was seated at with her legs under her
he held both her hands she shook even harder he laughed at her
"don't worry..hey…it's ok….you'll be fine" Liz tried to move away from his touching but it was impossible…escape wasn't an option…..besides she was in chains for gods sake….
"I don't want to hurt you" he said holding her close
"no Liz thought he just wants to kill me or worse torture me ??????
"please don’t .." she again tugged at the chains this couldn't happen to her what was she a bad guy magnet every pervert in the world came to her why??? Maybe she had a label on her forehead….suddenly she became hysterical as he lifted her up and laid her down on the thin bed..she thrashed about with the chains…surely her wrists must be bleeding kicking about wildly it was no use she was only exhausting her self.
"baby Relax…it's ok I promise"
"no please….don't no!!!" he brought out the knife and cut her shirt in half pulling it off from both sides ..bending her knees didn't help he pulled her jeans off in half a minute..she still had her panties on he fingered the edges before pushing her legs apart and bringing the knife between them…Liz shrieked hard at him….
"honey relax…I'm not going to cut you inside"
he cut a slit through the front of her panties directly above her opening..gorging two fingers inside her which made her scream out his fingers were blunt and long….
he wasn't listening and pushed her legs even further apart pushing them up to her knees..
"Don't kick ..or I'll bite" he warned her
"oh" his head was buried between her legs he was licking her softly…it felt strange…but there was no way to stop him she couldn't really push him off or even try to…the chain didn't reach that far up.
The knife was lying next to her now if she could just……
"ahh" he went deeper inside
taking her chance Liz moved her chained hands to knife below it was a little hard to twist her hands they were tightly bound…….almost there….she managed to touch the edge of the knifes handle with her small left finger bending it the knife drew slightly closer…..concentrate…oh to concentrate when his tongue ..oh god………the middle finger caught on then the whole hand she brought it above her with both hands but the chains were heavy she nearly dropped the knife the chains rattled and he looked up at her his eyes burned into hers …he looked mad now,,
"you little bitch!" he snatched the knife away from her……she shrieked in protest….he brought it between her legs again smiling wiping his mouth…
"Let's see how wet you can really get with this inside you shall we?"
"…wait!! please stop!! No!!!"
he'd just slid the tip slightly inside before BANG! The door flew open…she hadn't noticed it before
"Ashley Brown!" he turned to look a very cool and calm looking Deputy David Fischer…she never thought she'd be this happy to see him again or maybe relived
he was holding a gun at Ashley..and his eyes glowed

posted on 18-Sep-2002 4:32:21 AM
Liz didn't say anything but felt like the blood through her legs was flowing once again she felt alive……….
"Hey Ash….you busy?" David circled Ashley who was still wielding his knife into Liz only he was looking over at the deputy furiously……..
"Who the fuck are you!" he was turning red and both Liz and David knew it wasn't because of embarrassment. she shivered but didn't make a sound she was worried it might distract Ashley into pushing the knife into her further…
"well looky here shall we?….." David answered tugging at his badge the gun was still aimed at Ashley …."can't be the sheriff he's to old…..then I guess I'm the deputy ..ain't I? The drawl had suddenly sunk back into his voice and it warmed Liz…….. she knew it was probably crazy sounded or maybe she was still drunk but right then she felt so………. proud him?!
Ashley growled at him the spark in David's eye intensified he brought the gun down a little from his face …Ashley got off of Liz holding out the knife at the Deputy they were starting their own dog and the bone game only Ashley kept stumbling over the cluttered and shabby trailer wagon……but the deputy was sure of him self he always was he didn't even blink in the dim light over head ….he was smiling a slight lift at the corners ….once again he looked dangerous to fool around with and it seemed that was just he was trying to convey to Ashley inaudibly……
"I heard you and the old man are pals…? …isn't that right Ash" Ashley grunted he didn't seem to like anyone mispronouncing his name they werent any closer to each other with their weapons drawn they maintained the same safe distance away which wasn't purposeful even to hand anything over……Liz stayed on the bed in the same position she was too transfixed by David's gaze it was as if he were looking right through to Ashley who's back was to her….his expression was serene and she thought he wanted her to stay calm without actually distracting anyone in sight of hearing distance…….it was eeirie …their silence ……….she held her breath and counted back wards from 100 slowly she wasn't very sure because her brain still felt a little bit like it were swimming but she could have sworn he gave her a small nod it went unnoticed by Ashley
"what the fuck do you know…..??????!!!!"
"I know a lot about you Ash….for example …you're a run away fugitive….remember??" he's voice had a sing song tone to it and it made Ashley worse mad……
"who the hell are you…." Ashley almost sounded kind of afraid……"just like I said I'm an innocent deputy"
"the Hell you are ones takin me alive!"
the Deputy tilted his head to a side widening his smile raising his gun a little to the left before saying mildly "fine then I'll take you dead"
the gun went off Liz shrieked as he landed on the bed his head blood spurting from his shoulder nearly falling in her lap…he'd left the knife and it had landed on the floor somewhere after the gun went off …everything happened in slow motion Ashley fell releasing the knife from his left hand it took forever for the tip to fall onto the floor and make thin high pitched clatter on the ground raising a minute loud of sparkly dust with it….silence had commenced once again in the trailer as Ashley's blood pooled on the bed sheets.

posted on 19-Sep-2002 4:54:19 AM
Liz felt the chains again before crying out "Get them off ..get them!!!!" she hit them against the bed frame she wanted the chains off and out of the bleeding trailer….the blood trailed down making a small pool. It was a nightmare drunk or not she wanted out of this now…David was by her side immediately he hadn't paused to look over at Ashley and put his gun back in it's holster before studying the chains
He found a lock only thing missing was the keys …Liz continued to get hysterical before he grabbed her wrists shaking her "Liz ..calm down!" she wouldn't calm how could she possibly someone had her chained for god know how long an eternity unless David had found her she would have been tortured to death because she had gotten a better view of the trailer it also seemed to have a whip lying close to the bed… the looks of It he planned to use it on her….he couldn't find the keys……where the hell are the damn keys "Get them off!!!!!!!"
"okay! Liz!…look here ..look at me!!….it's fine…you're safe….I'm here now….see?"
"get them off ….please….."she pleaded he looked at her sympathetically before putting the chains higher up on the frame pulling his gun back out "careful" he warned aiming the gun at her wrist Liz shrieked again as he shot at it…then the other wrist both the chains were off except for their cuffs.she put her arms around her face and sobbed after she managed to get of the bed skidding to halt in a corner and sliding down on the floor…he came to her putting a warm and on her bare back rubbing it soothingly he pulled her to him at first she protested but then relented since no other bright options looked like they were afoot at the moment. she's not sure how long they sat there but the deputy pulled away after a while going far enough to gather a clean sheet of the bed and wrapping her up since her shirt was shred to two pieces straight…."Liz we have to go to the hospital"
"No!" she couldn't go to the hospital not like this what would happen if the rest of her friends were to find out…sheriff Valenti especially since all this happened because of her getting drunk….the humiliation would be even more amass when her parents are actually called they still haven't would be a disaster for anyone to find out…
liz scrambled out of his grasp
"I'm not going over there….!!!" He looked at her disapprovingly but he was still treating the matter at hand with care as it should be taken
"Liz .he began carefully …'ve been hurt ….we need to"
"No…!! they'll call my parents and then everyone will find out!!" she didn’t care how it sounded but this whole thing couldn't leave these walls …she'd die……."I'm sorry that's not possible child ….I mean think abut it Liz look around your self now some ones gonna want to know why there's a half dead man lying in an abandoned trailer in a pool of his own blood…who shot him?"
"I don't know bout you but the sheriff would appreciate the info" Liz thought quickly maybe she could get the sheriff to keep the whole thing under wraps …If he ever forgives her for getting into trouble like this in the first place.
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He dragged her to the hospital even when she threatened to kill herself over it……the ride to the hospital less uneventful than when going back home…..she was alright……… the doctor told her…the knife only grazed her slightly from the inside bite marks were questionable and both of them exchanged glances before David told them it was Ashley …. she was given a very light sedative to help her go to sleep since they wanted to keep her in the hospital but she refused profusely and David relented……….he didn't say anything to her on the way home…..she did though ask her half way through the road worriedly "Are you angry?" she could only see the side of his face and the tight jaw expression remained only difference he shook his head….no Liz thought looking out the window wiping tears he isn't angry he's disappointed or something like that whatever it is he must not have imagined her to do something this stupid…especially getting that and flipping out in the club…..he doesn't say it but he isn't really happy about it he tied Ashley up back in the trailer and said he'd do something about him … Liz's prompting he promised not to tell anyone anything except maybe the sheriff.
She didn't really think about what she'd say to sheriff Valenti he'd have to be madder than hell about it……but Liz could have to face it if it means keeping the story from everyone else in Roswell. They turned up against the Crashdown to their dismay and un wanting Michael and Maria stood there….
"oh" Liz didn't move she felt like jelly they were going to ask what was she suppose to do now besides her not having any shirt on and having a sheet around was enough of a clue…Maria rushed over to Liz side of the car the deputy was already out and him and Michael were having some sort f glaring match because Michael wasn't getting any closer…..
"Lizzie hun you okay???Alex told me you went off like totally flipped out and drunk….we got worried when we couldn't find you anywhere so we thought you might have turned up at the crash down since you're so trashed."
Liz and David exchanged another glance and he gave her the I think we should tell them look……Liz immediately burst into tears and Michael was at his throat.
"what the hell did you do to her!" David smiled tightly before easily removing Michael's hands from his collar bfoe answering him
"Liz got kidnapped …I found her" Maria was still with Liz she'd opened the cars door and was now holding a sobbing Liz trying to listen to what the deputy was saying.he told a very shocked Michael and Maria the events after Liz ran out of the club FEVER and then about Ashley…the trailer….the fight…the shot going off…and of course taking Liz to the hospital…when Michael mentioned that they should get everyone else on this Liz raised her head enough to shout that she didn't want anyone to know the deputy shrugged Maria cooed in her ear and told her that she was with her and wouldn't let anything happen to her a few moments in to their embrace Liz fell asleep she already felt like drifting when they had gotten to the Crash down……

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Deputy Fischer left the three teenagers at the crash down with instructions as to not abandon Liz at any times for the moment she was unstable drugged and sedated….and that he would go over and talk to Sheriff Valenti it could take time since they still had Ashley to take care of….and other than that it wouldn't be easy to convince the Sheriff not to let the incident spread …not even to the parents……
Maria suggested that she'd sleep over and Michael can go…Michael said that he'd stay with both of them at the crash down. Maria refused but relented Liz said that they could use a man right now when there was no one around the house. The comment seemed to have pleased him because he didn't really sleep all night and stood over them like a guard dog. Liz woke up a couple of times scared out of her mind. He didn't come to console her himself …just walked over and shook Maria awake so that she could tend to Liz he only knew how to handle one chick and that happened to be Maria.he was though standing by her side un easily shifting his feet once he even managed a trembling hand on her shoulder…she appreciated it but saying or doing anything to show it was impossible for the moment she was a mess not that she refused to change clothes but she just couldn’t …she didn't feel like doing anything except maybe sobbing her eyes out and sleeping……the sedative it's working……..
Abandoned trailer
Edge of Roswell
2.00 AM present day
"well how are ya holding up Ash?" deputy Fischer walked in to Ashley Browns Trailer casually smirking leaning against the far wall from where a lone figure sat severely bound by steel chains to same bed he tied Liz Parker to earlier in the night…the deputy abandoned his badge on a half rotted for a while before coming to Ashley and crouching down in front of him.
Ashley growled and uttered a profanity as more blood dribbled down from his left arm…..David clucked his tongue looking at his shoulder he laughed when Ashley tried to move away from or rather towards him for some bodily harm…"oh no Ash you and I…………we're not going any where to soon"

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"Liz I don't think you're ready to go to school right now ok sit down ….you just told me you had a headache …are you even listening to me?" Maria fussed over Liz the second day when they got back to the crash down right after a meeting at the quarry whereby they've all been told to keep their eyes peeled and to be informant of any thing in particular they might find errrrr suspicious Nacedo was still "looking" for Pierce a lot of help he is Maria grumbled ….Liz had woken for the tenth time at night which is when Michael announced they were going to spent the time watching the all night best of Cloepatra 2525 marathon…..Liz snuggled in the couch bundled up in her bed covers she didn't feel too good her head was killing her …that’s what they call a hangover she thought right……she'd stopped crying for a while now only sniffing a whole box of tissue's placed in front of her where they'd be easy to reach to…compliments Michael…….he was being extra nice and kind of over protective over Liz he even shoved Tess and told her to keep her hands to herself when she tried to thump Liz for calling her a stupid cow after allegedly stepping on Liz's feet by mistake on arrival with Max as usual following her. the phone rang at 5 in the morning everyone except Isabelle showed up in their pajamas …Liz must have looked terrible no doubt because Alex gave her a hug and asked her if every thing was alright…..she just bobbed her head before everyone else turned up Michael stood in front of her like a shield with Maria by her side…..she didn't feel like walking at all they all piled up in Maria's car and came back Michael drove while Maria sat in the back with Liz her nose was running her eyes were watery and she felt like her head was going to explode any second.
Marie reached up and got a bottle of aspirin from the kitchen cupboard she took two out and handed them over to her Michael stared for a while before on over and getting her a glass of water. She sniffed sighed and cursed her self swallowing the pills and water…it hurt to drink anything…….so she snuggled back up in the couch Maria's right she couldn't go she was a total ship wreck….and Michael said that she might be coming down with something…and if they needed to take her to the hospital ?
"no you silly people don't go the hospital for fevers …she'll just need a cold bath and some chicken soup….." Maria pulled Liz's hair back and tied it Liz pulled the covers over her closer. Michael let an exaggerated breath out running hand through his hair ………..spiking more than ever. Maria sat back down
"Lizzie baby? Anything you need we're here you don't have to worry alright?"
Liz managed to nod and moved in for a hug with Maria…..her perfume made her nose twitch a little they pulled away when Michael cleared his throat.
"I was meaning to ask if women crying together is a family trait thing" Maria threw a stuffed toy at him and Liz managed a little smile……."you're a real help Michael… a real man" Liz managed she wanted him to know that she appreciated his concern Maria was too but she didn't need words to know that Liz knew she cared.…he looked embarrassed and shrugged……….typical Michael style.
"so who's going to stay with Liz when we go to school" they hadn't really thought about it would look weird if the three of them didn't show up at school Alex was already asking questions…he told Liz he tried to run after her but Michael and Maria promised to tell him when they find her to know if she were alright…….they did call him when Liz didn't know maybe when she slept…after David left…did he talk to the sheriff she didn't know she hasn't heard from him or the sheriff.

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"I'll stay you go" Maria said recitingly to Michael while clearing up the table it was cluttered with crumpled balls of wads of tissues used by Liz and she was still using them …..
Michael raised both his hands above his head singing as if Maria said the stupidest thing ever
"what?" Maria stopped with large balled up wads of tissues on her hands Michael continued to stare at her as if he expected her to get a clue to what he was trying to tell her.
"what?!!" Maria sounded shrill and a little note of embarrassment could be detected in her tone of voice she narrowed her eyes and waited while Michael chuckled knowingly and said it like a presenter on national television.
"and the prize winning question on today's jeopardy is……….do I want the Pulitzer prize?"
Maria stared at him suspiciously for a while before clapping her hands together ..seems she'd guessed his riddle "right it would look too weird if you showed up and I didn't since I'm Liz's best friends …there gonna know got it! She waved a hand …good say Michael besides one wouldn't expect to find you at school."
"potato head" Michael said after Michael she was gathering her things to go to home before school since she was wearing Liz's clothes after getting back from the rave.
"pea brain!"
"make up freak!"
"fluffy bunny!" Maria squealed and ran out of the crash down with a piece of pie wrapped in a tissue as Michael picked up a utensil to throw at her "fluffy bunny?!!"
Earlier that night
Trailer of Ashley Brown
Deputy David Fischer circled the muscled bound figure in the center of the trailer slapping the whip lightly in the palm of his hand…Ashley grew quiet after a few hundred curses and promises to kill him he'd lost a lot of blood but could still be saved if he made it to the hospital ……but he was here to make sure that that just didn't happen…………..he sat down near him and trailed the long snake like whip marks on his arm up to his shoulder Ashley hissed as the bloody finger further up traced marks on his back down his back up to his neck he was out of options to even try and squirm out of the deputies reach but he showed courage and David laughed at it…it didn't fail to amuse him that the man thought he could still escape him somehow……how old is he? 28? Yeah that’s it………
"does that hurt Ash?" he got in level with Ashley's ear and whispered in it soothingly wiping the blood on his finger on his hair….worshipping it…..
"you're insane man…he uttered between small gasps of breath …your crazy"
"hahaha…… Ash wrong answer…..he flexed his fingers out ward in front of Ashley…….he frowned before continuing leisurely …on a more personal note you see I'm not the one who's insane Ash" he got even closer to Ashley so that he could see directly into his eyes they were hazel…a little hazy and scared………
he grinned a full grin at Ashley waggling his brows together knowingly
"I'm not the one who lets see who was she…16 years old…..long hair….blue eyes ….. Sarah? That’s right Sarah Renauld……remember her Ash? He pulled out a picture of a young attractive girl smiling near some clearing Ashley stiffened as he brought the picture closer to his face …the one you threw down the stairs 15 times before raping her over dozen times …hmmmm he paused making a show of remembering she tried to escape with several broken bones but seems you had a back plan and stabbed her in the back while she pulled her self to the phone crawling on the floor……now that!" he said slapping the file back down on the dusty table "is what they call insane Ashley….that is crazy …..
"what the fuck do you want from me?!" He was definitely scared now …good responsive is good ….he'll give exactly what he wishes for right after he gets what he wants…he wants him to break….
"me? He immediately abandoned the file and walked over to him sitting down beside him putting his head against he side of his head putting his arm around him he pulled him close by the swollen flesh overrun by several welts…..and cigarette burn marks……….
"I want to know you Ashley I want to be like you to be exactly you….I want you to feel what does other girls felt……tell me something …he twisted Ahsley's face so he was facing David "I want to know ..were you going to mark her…"
"Ashley let loose another gasp he was getting more drowsy David smiled again and slapped him awake…."who…."
"Liz!…remember? the child you nearly cut open the one who was in chains here before you he said it taughtingly …I hope you remember her because I needed to ask you how good she was for you…. Come on….Ashley slowly nodded nearly out of focus….
"you were going to mark her?! The fake surprise in his voice was summarily ruled by Ashley as a cue for something ad coming….
"here's the thing Ashley you can't mark her…you know why?"
"get the fuck away from me….ahhhhh! he kept a hand on his back and squeezed which in turn produced more blood that slithered down his back. On the ground "well I'll tell you anyway he said pulling him back by the head…."you can't mark her and make her yours because she's already marked ……..Ashley looked up with wide eyes David almost let loose another laugh but instead continued nodding his head patting ashley's shoulder "she's mine"
"my Liz….did you touch her everywhere?" Ashley followed David's movement as he went back to the table careful not to step in the pool of blood around him…….he picked up his gun checked the bullets and pulled out a silencer ……..
he turned to look at Ashley he hadn't answered looking at him drowsily "look man aren't you taking this a little too personally?"
David snorted it is personal …….he raised the gun which now had a silencer attached to head "I only licked her nothing else I swear!"
"good that’s all I need to know" he raised the gun lazily smiling languidly……"nooooo! Stop!! Wait you're fucking crazy…!"
"the mind is a terrible thing to waste" he raised the gun slightly up to the side……"I'm sorry!!! I'm sorry …he was crying now…..he broke ….
He shook his head with fake sympathy his eyes glittered as he watched both the gun's muzzle and Ashley writhing to get free……..he stared for a while before Ashley brought his attention back to David and the gun………"ok ok!! She your's I'm sorry!" he pulled the trigger and watched with a serene smile as Ashley's skull broke open when the bullet pierced through his brain falling back with a rattle of chains the entire left portion of his head splattered on the floor …David Fischer was still aiming the gun…….."She is mine"

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Michael poked his head out of the kitchen while eating a french fries he just made them and hoped Liz wold smell them or at least feel a little hungry 2 hours into Maria left he didn't really know how to act around her…not that she was complaining she was sitting quietly bundled up on the couch with her eyes closed. She wasn't snoring he couldn't tell if she was asleep …..women snore too….softly he'd read in one of Maria's prized novelty magazines for the mature…..that women snoring if definitely one step in seduction…..but he'd better try not to think about it while Liz was around …….he never liked her in the beginning she made them out with their secret ….. because Max saved her fell in love with her…and now he's with Tess…he didn't like Tess either though he slowly unnoticeably warmed up to Liz parker…Tess is bitchy…the only rave under her puny thick skull plays all the time is Destiny……she kept trying to get Isabelle and him closer together which he thought was completely stupid because he and Isabelle were already close….but not the way Tess wants them to be ..they can't other than awkward it's just not possible they don't click like a couple Isabelle cared for him and he cared for her …it was as simple as that…he hated complicated business something that couldn't be untangled with giving himself unwanted head aches…not that the last few days haven't enough troubled him….with Max's character becoming completely lose …..Pierce showing up Nacedo being so useless to them….he was forced to keep his mouth shut or else other than shoving Max along with that small Bitch of his he'd end up calling them both whores……….and now this mess with Liz happened …..he took a bottle of tobasco sauce then put it down again he really didn't feel like eating Liz could of gotten herself killed other than that not that half of it wasn't her fault she was drunk and everything…but…something occurred to him what if Liz wasn't drunk and either way went to home alone or with Maria would she have been safe then ….come on the bastard was waiting for her in the shadows he could of grabbed her and taken her away drunk or not and her cries for help would of have been smothered either by himself or the loud music.other than that he could of have taken Maria too…shit! He'd have to stay with them(Maria Liz) all the time now……simply because it was a bad idea to be without a man by there side……..Liz appreciated him more now which he in turn doubly appreciated…but telling her was hard he could talk to Maria because they could fight….laugh..cry all in one at any time…or just plain shove each other….it was easy to be himself around her but it was difficult with Liz he wasn't sure how to talk to her especially about this …….or maybe he shouldn't he did feel kind of bad for her …it must have had been very scary for her…….just one thing he didn't have an answer too if she was hauled off to a far away place how the hell did the deputy find her?

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Liz was still sitting closed eyed on the couch when the phone rang after the fifth ring Michael came out of the kichen awkwardly lifting it up and answering him..."well there's a first time for goes nothing"
he didn't say hello but he'd recognise the voice anywhere .... it's Alex....Shit!
he says hello surprised and for a second Michael thought he doesnt recognise him...but he did because he wanted to know why he was at the crash down at this hour.........standard school time Michael countered that je could ask him the same thing .......Alex shrugged it aside and said he wanted to talk to Liz...Michael glnced over at her she had opebned her eyes sure...but she was looking at the window without moving she definitely did not look like she could actually hold on while alking to anyone......she'd break down besides she didn't want anyone to know did she he resunded in a gaurded voice to Alex that she wasn't there.......mistake....alex just blew of fhim by saying that he'd seen Maria come in but Liz was no where at school and he knew she was right there to just hand the phone to ehr or else he'd come along and buy him a punch he'd remember for life......Michael was about to slam the phone shut but saw Liz standing in in front of him she looked at him and the phone swallowing heavily......she wied her nose with the sleeve of her long night shirt tucking a strand of her hair behind her ear she looked up at Micahel sort of expactantly.....he warns her it's alex .......she puts her hands on her hips twisting her jaw breathing inwardly.....she wants to talk to him ...shit! he handed the phone over to her but she kept staring at the phone and him he raised hs hands and let her know she can talk and he was leaving the room so he did.......why didn't she just announce it on th radio already michael's just crazy or maybe he's just jealous of her letting alex know she is going to tell him because he's within an inch of the door's side where he can see her sliding down to the floor the reciever to her ear she broke down again......and now Alex would come along leaving everything for his freind. she's lef the phone and it's fallen on the floor with a small sartled him he's been standing there for such along time listening to her half bawl and talk words which might as well not be audible to the caller... ....she's crying again harder this time the phones still on the floor....Alex is coming over...shit!....Michael went over and sat next to ehr without touching her at all......damn she's crying even harder the sobs were shaking her small body with strength he worried she didn;t really doesn't he got next to her and pulled on her shoulders enough to make her look at him before saying an uneasy "it's ok" bam !!! the dams exploded again and she buried her head in his chest sobs wracking her body in his arms he didn't know he was jolding her tight but he was......and he was quiet...........some tiem later her sobs lessened...maria and Micahel didn' tell her that Maria was giving her sleeping pills instead of aspirin....she needed them...not sleeping... constantly crying is bad....well it can;t be good he tought looking her face her eyes were puffed up badly.....and her lips were drying he was sure they were split......Michael got up and lfted Liz up with him in one go a feat whihc is ompossible for a normal human being he's put her on the couch so hat she doesn't get up....besides he'd have to run the cafe for the moment.......his hand swept over her forehead was boiling hot.....she's got a fever .....shit!
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ahhh I'm glad none of my fans left....anyways guy's I need do you want a happy ending if so there will be a sequel...if not then the ending will be darned wager up what will it be huh.....?!
ho ha ha ha aha ....oh man I gotta a stop doing that
oh and keep reading or else.....................
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ahhh I'm glad none of my fans left....anyways guy's I need do you want a happy ending if so there will be a sequel...if not then the ending will be darned wager up what will it be huh.....?!
ho ha ha ha aha ....oh man I gotta a stop doing that
oh and keep reading or else.....................
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Alex hung up the pay phone just out side west Roswell high he got more than a little worried about Liz when Max and Tess finally got together....but he asn't sure he should tell her what to do just then because she had had this whole concept of them being soulmates and now things turned so....wierd so he let her believe what she wanted to believe think how she does figure it out and get on with her life whihc is a long way in the making and she is a wonderful girl who deserves much better than take away boyfriends like Max or Kyle well alrgiht kyle was better than him in retrospect while he had the muscles he also had the moves and the loyalty to go along with it...not that he's perfect....but Max outright betrayed and berated her innocence like someone wouldn't do with something priority less on a sale.But today morning he observed a little more than the obvious problem marring her face he almost asked out loud "who died?"
she was so quiet and unlike the last time when she kept her spirits high even after having lost her vision of a soul mate for bugged him and he kept staring at her more than listening to what was relayed by Nacedo the guys half a century old killer all this time before Pierce turned up he's been making sure no one notices novelties about Roswell displaying themselves than why the heck can't he do something as simple as finding agent Pierce........he wasn't worried for the moment about Pierce Isabelle has been though not that she keeps conversation established on the cause but she's just so faraway these days and keeps wanting his attention since 'the destiny talk'. started and she had the strange implied illicit dreams the object of whos concern was Michael....right the 'solo- rock- artist' and she deterred him when he talked about being worried about Liz he did understand Isabelle's problem with that she wanted to talk about us nothing fervor just taking it slow with the relationship didn't exactly mean that they had to act like low key friends. he agreed but Liz's sullen face couldn't get out of his mind...he's known her forever and to know that she was trying to hide something from him now...was well damaging to the heart after all he did have a big one....which solely meant he could both give immensely and take whatever is thrown at first when Michael answered the phone he surprised him self by not really being so surprised at all...he suspected her not to be alone for some reason.....her eyes spoke volumes when he hugged her at the first she just kept quiet and listening to him tell her that they both knew how long they ha been friends and how they've divided their happiness and sorrows amongst themselves of course including Maria....and how he's always been there for her and will continue to do so later too....and finally the ground breaking statement that no matter what happens she could always come running back to him ...and he'd take care of her.....all that said...and notably a quarter to half of it done.......she laughed at the other end then proceeded to cry...which confirmed his fears about something being awfully wrong more than Max being with Tess in fact they weren't at all in the picture........something had happened after the club FEVER....he didn't know what and from the tone of her crying it sounded beyond worse.....he slung his bag over his shoulder and started walking out the same school gate he'd come through.............
"hey ........ whitman!"
Alex turned back around at the sound of the his name....Kyle Valenti........what did he actually want now not like he was complaining but Kyle has been civil to him since half the term in school this year not that he didn't give him the geek factor anymore he did it but in a very less dis respective way...........
"hi Kyle"
"we need to talk ASAP and I mean now......he pulled Alex out of hearing and visible distance of everyone else who'd be formidable enough to ruin Kyles reputation......."what the hell is going on dad's mad as hell and he's totally off ..something to do with Liz...what happened to her where is she?!"
Kyle looked confused unhappy and impatient....Alex sighed "well you know about Max..." Kyle raised a hand giving him a disgusted look "I already know about Tess and him...but thats not why my dads what the fuck is going on? she ok" Alex knew he liked Tess Harding and tried hard to score with her but once again Max Evans took away his chance.....
Sheriff Valenti being angry on Liz's behalf what could it mean looks like two were up for the confused trials "no she's not alright...........look I don't know what happened ?"
"of course you do he shoved Alex a little "you and Blondie girl hang out with her all the time ..come on spit it out!"
Alex had an idea that Kyle would pound info out of him whether or not he talked so he decided to just tell him what he knew about them all going to he club and the phone conversation with Liz...Kyle announced that he would be going with him then to let him grab his jacket.......right so Alex checked his watch and said he'd meet him out side the school Kyle went off in the general direction of the gym and just as he thought he wouldn't turn up.....
"don't spread the word or ....."
"yeah ok...come on I old her I'd be there"
they started walking but both turned around at a familiar voice "got room for three?"
Alex smiled fully "isabelle?"
"lets go and see Liz " she told him passing them both by talking the lead walking.......Kyle and Alex shared glances but gave each other an agreeable stare before following Isabelle to the crash down
were coming Liz hold on.

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earlier in the night
Ashley Browns trailer
the deputy pulled kicked the deads man arm lightly not that he's alive he can actually feel people around himself breath. and Ashley was as good as decomposing at his feet...........he surveyed his damage calculating the time it would take the others to get here smoking a cigarette did help he wasn't exactly wary of the smell of blood ........blood's just what it is a fluid with red color nothing much he would of touched it but didn'twant to ruin the uniform... he does however go over and stare at Ashley he's been on the lose for what? 2 years and 7 kills later has now commenced to his own death by a bullet point blanck to the head....of course none of them will know who actually shot one needs to....a dead man is a dead man in a grave nothing much more than a wieght of bones snewed together to give shape to a very live manequin.....................he likes his hair it dyed no doubt it's turning dark at th the roots but he does like the care he's given them.......

Liz:"are you angry?" David shook his head
he never really thought about it like that but maybe he was and he tries to remember just what it was a moment of heat?.....when he pulled the trigger licking his lips was he anticipated with the motivation?.......could be he tells him self flicking the cigarette lightly the charred remains sprinkle about Ashleys mouth he reaches over and blows them off him fingering his hair careful not to touch the bloodied part.....but there was blood and lots of it along with some of his brain leaking at the he leaves the hair and settles down back on his heels studying the ragged and bloodied shoulder he wonders if the blood will cover of his victims the same one Sarah was covered with her own blood left lying straight on the bed with her arms crossed over her wasn't ritualistic...and Ashley's no cultist David thought ot himself touching the right hand it has a tatoo on it a small one it's a spider? no a snake and it's black it has a cross through's then he notices the piercing ....a small ring on the nipple he pulled on it a little he'd like to have it removed and maybe keep it as a souvenier...he did slain a runaway pedophile...a child killer all his victims were between 15 to 18 he even drove one of them crazy before killing her.....2 months......"it's the end Ash.....nothing stays forever not even you...." he put a hand over his eyes their open in horror and shock the dead can see sometimes he doesn't remember who told him ....but his memory is sharp he doesn't forget any face he sees then he must of come to the realization himself . he whispers in his ears "nice hair.....I like it....but you have to go now....."he closes Ashleys eyes
Deputy fischer gets up smiling 'see you under 6 inches of dirt soon Ash.
he pulls out little object of affection his cell phone hitting a small no a nothing no '0' "get me line 4"
"Mathis I have a little mess for you to clean up here...bring them along too" he says looking around the trailer......"your dead Ash.....theres no need to worry Liz he's gone"

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David smiled unfeeling when he saw the sheriff scowling at the deputy something he sent the poor guy to find out seems such excitement is extremely rare in a small town like this not surprising at all to him. He was sitting at is desk at 8 in the morning after tying up a few lose ends and informing the sheriff of tragedy that struck Liz slightly reconstructing it…not very difficult to do……the sheriff does trust him he knew how to worm his way into someone good or bad …….. he really did like the sheriff he's a family man the kind of guy Liz Parker could actually trust……..his smile deepened when did he notice her?…..maybe it was when they passed each other by the first time at her school the look they shared it made them a potential 'us' she noticed it too he could tell…he can give her these dreams ….. they have been connected in a strange way that doesn't really bother him because he gets to be closer to her than anyone else he knows her inner most thoughts feelings desires……oh but she is quiet desirable in her self ………she's isn't alone right now and not at school either ..her friends are with her he went to her school not really to see if she's there just to see her friends are leaving one after the other not surprising ….not surprising at all…….what's this? Kyle Valenti? …..oh dear Liz….child that’s a mistake…your old flame coming along like that….besides he put up a whole new story on Liz's behalf which only the sheriff knows ….her wrists have evidence enough to prove his story….he let the sheriff know that Liz Parker after getting drunk from a late night club stumbled home and cut her wrists in attempt to salvage for her lost love well stolen love…yes Miss Harding is quite a sight no wonder it makes his little princess so unhappy ……the sheriff was appalled at the news so alarmed he demanded that David tell him which hospital she was taken too and started babbling about the child having lost her mind and the what was she thinking short and briefs……he kept silent glancing a this watch ….useful things they are …she keeps waking up he knows she will because whether or not she knew enough about Ashley brown he did imprint a formidable amount of terror in her to let her know he's as insane as he is…..but he's not crazy ..crazy is when you can't think he had his men dig information on Ashley like fire….hard core information that probably shook them a little too and had them pray that he would really kill Ashley off……..the man has quiet a record teenaged arson… alleged murder…..and then there were his kills the girls………Liz would have been his 8th victim the police department in the city gave a comprehensive account of the girl held in captivity by him for 2 months she was the only one in the 7 girls who was dark haired just like Liz small…young…and pretty…it seems he likes to destroy everything pretty whatever the point behind that philosophy is Ashley brown took it to grave with him and David helped him get there not that he regretted it no it was enjoyable he could of sworn he heard the 'crack' when it came…..and hoped that Ashley doesn't rest in piece for all its' worth the only thing he's sorry about is not getting to the child before Ashley started the deranged ritual of his ….it really put off Liz and him …she's too scared to think right now he can't feel her much right now if only she knew there was worse to be scared of then and yet………he chuckled slightly "oh no child…we can't have Kyle telling the sheriff can we? I'll have to do something about it wont I?" he would maybe he'd get to touch Liz's hair again….

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LIz was sitting at the cafe early school time Michael was busy getting ready for customers scowling it was nice of him to take over for a while besides her parents will be here in a few days one week turned into two and two into three sometimes she felt they relly didn't care about what happened to her or if she was alive or dead they only called once before the last two weeks she did feel a little better when Alex called her and told her that he was coming over to know just exactly was going on....she forgot to think about how to tell him ...what would she say or maybe she should let Michael do the talking if he can that is...not that him and Maria arent doing enough but just that she felt that if she kept everything inside of her teh feeling of being trapped would amount to madness and if anyhting she didn't want to land in the looney bin .....Liz woke up after 2 hours later feeling extremely cold wherin Michael had dumped her into an ice bath with all her clothes on as much as startled she was it was also cute Michael looked so embarassed like he were trying to hide sonething he was blushing wihtout turning red said that they had better not tell Maria about it not like she was naked or anyhting but he still repeated himself....Liz changed into clean dry clothes on her own wiht a heavy head but her fever had vanished....she nodded.....and wondered if the sheriff knew and if David told him everything including her drinking in the club...he hasn't come around yet knowing sheriff Valenti he should be here ready to throw her in jail....she shuddered and hoped Ashley was in jail now she really did......he'd make sure of it she just knew.........the customers are here the usual morning crowd Michaels up front great she was just going to get up and follow up to do some waitressing when she remembered him tellin her not to do anyhting just rest so she did standing near the kitchen counter. other then the doorbell jangling the signal for incomming customers was the radio it started up with a buzz of the dj representing himself and of course the main music's that song again she knew she'd heard it before...and it was scary....was it when she was in Ashley's trailer because seemingly she's forgotten anything and everyhting she knew about anyhitng at all before it......

The Night I laid my eyes on you.......................
felt everything around me moves
got nervous when you look my way..........
but you knew all the words to say
then your love makes it alrgiht again..........
me I want it don't you know
my love I want you so.................................
sugar you make my soul complete
rapture tastes so sweet................................

Liz shook even harder the she had heard the song in Ashley's trailer it was soft then...but know the trance sounded deafeaning to her ears and scared her the song did have a very ominous feel to it was telling you something ...she was alone and it was a dark place to be in........ Liz backed up against the counter there were several knives laid out they had shinning clean blades "uhhh...Michael" she didn't feel
to good....maybe she's still having the hangover

I'm mesmerized in everyway...........
you keep me in a state of daze
your kisses make my skin feel weak.............
always nothing in your heat
and I fly like a bird in the wind................
I fly like a I'm gliding through heaven
me I want it don't you know
my love I want you so.................................
sugar you make my soul complete
rapture tastes so sweet................................

it wasn't so much the song and the words that reminded her of last night she was about to run out into the front to Michael and tell him to stop the song from playing or that she'd start screaming her mind felt ready to explode and the song brought the dark alley back in view ....god she was hullucinating brought back ashleys face and his hair"Michael!?...." the music was too loud like the club. when the colors finally cleared from her eyes she was staring at the back door held open by someone tall with short dark hair and piercing blue eyes......David

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"hi" he wasn't completely inside the door but Liz felt a rush by and grabbed a long kitchen knifeoff the counter poiting it at him he looked worried shocked and unhappy........but he still kept standing there calmly with a blank smile on his face and an eyebrow knitted in severe confusion.
"Liz?! what are you....."
"stay there!......she backed away further with the knife still in her hand her hair got lose and fell over the side of her face like a curtain.....his look became longing and impassioned he looked like was holding him self at the door his eyes studied the back drop and the knife then came back to her as he sighed softly giving her a silently dissapproving look.
"just don't move ...don't get close.......she was started to sob.....don't ....don't ....touch......(gulp) the knife was becomming heavier and she felt herself her own mind.......he ground his jaw and continued to keep his distance from her......"he.... he did this me......" the tears had yet again started to fall she couldn't stop it ....she didn't even feel embarassed ............
"Liz...child?.......that's not the way to go about're hurting your self" it's when he took a step forward she abandoned the knife falling to the ground sobbing harder...what was the matter with her David just saved her life ...why was she pointing knifes at him...he's not Ashley she felt the knife being put a side more like skittered aside on the kitchen tiles...then she felt his arms around her and the feeling of falling in her head lessened as he tighened his embrace when she struggeld a little she wasn't sure why she just hated him...for not turning up sooner? probably but she stopped fighting and turned to him burying her face in his chest clutching at his uniform tightly........ he rocked her gently pulling her hair back his hands were indeed large one of them was resting on the back of her head and the other around her back..."he's gone's ones going to hurt you again Liz...I promise"
she shook and shivered in his arms at the mention of Ashley ...but he didn't use his name atleast.......
"I hate you" she said hitting him with a weak fist.....he didn't laugh thankgod
"I know" I was soft
"he's going hell for this"
however silly it sounded he still responded in affirmative to the smallest of her fears........
"I'll never forgive"
"ok" he was still rocking her soundly on his knees rubbing her back slowly she felt even worse after saying that to him but Liz really didn't couldn't think of anything else for the moment .
"why didn't you come sooner ?!" she tried loudly she wanted him to be like he was normally maybe it would make her feel a little better.......
"shhhhh your hurting you're throat .......go to sleep" he was whispering now
"I don't want to sleep"
"you're tired...." he tried gently
"I don't want to!" her throat hurt worse
"ok...anything you say child"
"I want you to stay this" he
he didn't say anything but buried his head in her hair "ok I'll stay then"
she felt slightly contented iwth his answer...her head was still killing her but she'd stoped crying finally and continued to sniff her nose was still running though....he got her up even though she protested David sat her down somewhere more suitable then a cold floor giving her a tissue she wiped her nose sitting up straight while he smoothed her hair back as it proceeded to cover her face and then squeeze her knee.........
"feeling alright?"he asked looking into her eyes
she shook her head he nodded smiling got up and sat next to her pulling her closer she let her head fall on his shoulder......
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Michael turned up in the kitchen while she was stil dependant on David's shoulder
"what are you doing here" he muttered closing the door and crossing his arms.....they didn't pulled away from each other Liz felt too exausted too.
"hi Michael" he said breathily
"Guerin" he snapped back
"exuse me?"
"Michael Guerin"
the smile playing on David's face lightnened hardening tightly before responding "Right Mr Guerin"
"what are you doing here?"Michael looked irritated and on full gaurd again because he kept staring at David's arm around Liz.........
"you already asked me that" his earlier smile returned he was unbothered aout Michael intruding upon them like this...and it made Michael worse unhappy........
"then answer it!"
David looked at him least surprised by his out burst Liz stared at both of them silently She didn't know why but in some way Michael and Daivd were very much alike they were standoffish and at overtly protective but the thing that differed them from each other was thier tolerence Michael had none while David was quick to hide his visible dislikes. as long as he had too or could manage to........he pulled his heavily comforting arm away from her why did he do that Liz thoguht almost starting to cry again she felt so good with him close to her and worse she couldn't even hate Michael for it...........he was just trying to care for her......."what I came to announce summarily concerns Liz since she really needs it his voice deepened the Sheriff will not intrude upon her personal business at any times but this is his town Mr Guerin Whos resident Liz happens to be so he wll not sit there and watch her go to the deeper end of hell.....he put his hat back on ..........just so that you know he wants her to get ...professional help which you ...can't give her his eyes didn't dart and stayed on Michael .....he shifted on his feet and Liz hoped he wasn't embarassed or hurt ...he has a thick skin and hides emotions under anger but she really hoped from the inside that he wasn't hurt when David mentioned that he couldn't help her all that much.....but why can't Michael give David a chance he's really ok not like he was going to bite her or anything.....he was trying hard to fit ...and that melted her...he must'n have slept at all going form the trailer to the hospital to the sheriff and now early morning back to her ...she did give him a lot of trouble not to mention put his life in danger...not like Ashley wasn;t armed he just didn't have a chance to hurt David and she was glad he didn't ... ....he went through all that for her and he's not even getting any credit for it since no one actually knows about all the trouble sheriff wold have gone through sending Ashley away where ever he belonged which was definitely not Roswell..oh god it was so bad and so wrong and she felt so trapped again.....Liz started sobbing while Michael and DAvid glared at each other one cry form her and both dropped thier gazes turning to Liz Michael looked back at David cahllengingly and he took it witha smile going forward taking Liz in his arms again...he didn't tell her to quiet down and it was better this way she cried louder this time Michael jsut stood thier for a while awkwardly before leanign against the far wall muttering curses.......
she stopped after a while he was still holding her and her breathing and gotten back to normal she felt peaceful for the first time since last night ...Liz didn't really want to break the moment...but she had to say it.
"I'm sorry" she said it softly when Michael had left hearing a ring outside the kitchen
"what did you say?"
"I'm sorry!"
"what!?...what in the world for are you sorry child?"
"I'm a big girl" she smacked him lightly on the chest he caught her wrist gently and chuckled "alright ...tell me what your talking about Liz"
she started talking all at once without a pause about how he could have gotten hurt and that she put him in so much trouble .......when hse finished he ookde dazed and smiled widely "Liz....thats my job ...remember??" he put her hand on his badge raising both eyebrows she started crying again "oh dear look I made you cry again I'm sorry"
"don't be sorry!! I'm sorry!!" she hit him
"ok ok apologies exchanged and accepted....happy?"
"no" it sounded funny with a blocked nose and a head ache but he didn't laugh this time and just nodded breathing deeply silence had once again commenced in the room.......he pulled up straight brigning her closer his lips lingered near her jawline before he took her face turned it bringing it closer to his eyes "you're alright" he kept looking into ehr eyes as if confirming what he said .........then jsut let her go he got up seperating himself from her brushing himself off taking his hat it was on the counter ... he noddedtake care of your self ....Liz.....waht did that mean was he leaving? where?
he turned waiting she swallowed a lump in her throat that had been there from the time he got here until she'd said she hadn't known she thought it at all but she said it because it was all she could say to him except thanking him "I love you" his eyes brightened or he raised his lids she hadn't known how thick his lashes were or how they made contact with the lower half of his eye ...she waited until the door he was standing behind opened slowly to reveal Alex Kyle and Isabelle looking worried ......... "oh great the three musketeers" Michael sneered from behind them.....
"oh boy " Dvid went back next to Liz and sat many people had she told already?

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"oh boy " Dvid went back next to Liz and sat many people had she told already?
"so is anyone going to just say what the hell is going on?" Kyle was sitting on his heels infront of Liz touching her hand ...her free hand since the other one was held up on Deputy........Michael resumed his slouch on the far wall and Isabe;;e sat down on a chair ext to Liz uncomfortably Alex had a knowing look on his face........the reason kyle just burst into hyseterics as soon as he came was because of Deputy Fischer being present in the vicnityand Michael Guerin knowing the where abouts of the ominous situation......."why the hell are you here?" he said looking up from Liz ignoring Michaels sneer from a far
David smiled tight lipped with overshadowed blue glint in his eyes ..... which forced Kyle to get up and take a few steps back ...he crossed his arms as everyone was settled and the room fell silent waiting for some one to start explaining what exactly was going on.Isabelle glared at Kyle...he was a deputy for gods sake could he atleast not disrespect that they didn't really need anymore attention attracting trouble that mistakes been already made with sherrif Valenti.....
David glanced at Liz biting his lower lip.."I thought you didn't want anyone to know" he was whispering out of earing range to everyone else...Liz didn't reply and lowered her eyes burying her self into his chest further.....she hadn't thought about it like that.......but she could see enough of the room to know Alex was shifting on his feet watching them she couldn't really see Isabelle but Kyle was glaring at David he was ignoring it well but raised his head at Michael looking solemn he disengaged himself from Liz an inch Michael stood staring a while before coming to some sort of silent agreement with David he nodded comming forward taking Liz from David and replacing him holding Liz .......she felt the sobs comming back but undrestood why Davi did it....besides it would ook too strange if she clung to him in front of others untimely........Michael fit her well as David only he was more bulk than solid but Liz clung to him any way because she kept getting dizzier.........
Isabelle touched Liz arm swiftly "are you ok? Alex called and he said......" she let it trail as Kyle lifted his hands up frustrated a little red faced "well!?! what does someone have to do over here to get some answers"
Michael brought his face to ehr level while still holding her "ummm you wanna say or...."
Liz shook her head when the tears resumed thier flow Michael glanced back at David ....he seemed to know t was going to happen let them know he'd give the details since he was there when it happened most of the time....the group exchanged looks and David gave one to Kyle which suggested that he better sit down ....he did on the tiles next to Liz and Michael....David gave Liz one look and she burst out crying others tried to comfort her especially Alex he practically pried her away from Michael hugging her telling her everything would be alright ichael and the Deputy exchanged unhappy looks yet another time ....before he continued regardless of Liz crying ........Isabelle strained to listen to him becuase she was sitting reight behind a bawling red nosed made her feel bad but they still needed to know what had happened or other wise no one would be able to support her the way she needs to be supported.


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David started from the beginning since Kyle had no idea what he was talking about while everyone else waited patiently for him to break the real bad news ,.....Michael explained for Liz's sake about all of them meeting up at a new club in town FEVER and as he progressed to Liz getting drunk Liz cursed herself non stop as Kyle stared hard at her.....Deputy Ficsher cut in on explaining that she was Kidnapped by a crazed pedophile hauled off far a deseted end of Roswell where he rolled on about how he got to her in time before he could acutally get to do more than the perpetual touchy feely ritual......Liz shivered violently in Michaels arms he wasn't sure whether to acually hold her tightly she was so weak for the moment he worried she'd break in two if he even put the littlest pressure on her.
after all the hard parts including the trip to the hospital was explained everyone fell silent for a few mintues before Kyle once again broke the silence by exploding "no offence but I think this is Evans fault!"
Michael blinked at Kyle ...gritting his teeth this was no time to bring Max in between......
"it might be Kyle but we're not talking about my brother now" Isabelle stood up and came to Liz "you should be worried about Liz" she spoke pointedly looking in Kyle's direction she knew Max was being a jerk was true but this was just not the time to bring it up especially considering the effect it wold have on the dark haired girl who practically just lost her guts last night what was he..... deaf!?.
"ok ok lets all calm down here...we don't need any more panic" The deputy said silencing the rising argument between the teenagers......"you call this panic?" Kyle asked getting up now David was definitely glaring at him he glared back until Alex interrupted the uncalled for match "so where is the SOB now?!"
Liz was a little surprised about teh change in his voice as far as she's known Alex whihc was her whole life he's never sounded so angered before ....everyone else fell silent David and Kyle pried thier eyes form each other."he's been sen tot central jail where he belongs"
"so whats my dad beating up the shack about this morning?" He turned back to Kyle
"Liz doesn't want anyone else to know" he said it soflty hoping that kyle would understand the tenderness of the situation and actually calm down a little...
"you mean...."
"not even the parents"
"Fuck" he said softly sitting back down.....
"considering you dad's a man of law it's a little hard to do and not spread the word to their daughter"
Isabelle sat next Michael with a hand on his back "Michael and Maria were the only one's to find out when it happened?"
David sighed looking at Liz "yes.....involuntarily they were right here when we got back from the hospital"
Isabelle looked tearfully over to Alex trying to say they shoudl have gone after her last night there was so much going on and they just didn't think that somehting like this could ever happen here in Roswell.......he nodded swallowing looking back at Liz....."we're here now"
"yeah Isabelle said joining in "all of us are"
"this is can we not let the parents know!? she nearly got killed !!" don't you think they'd want to know??! ...Liz?!" she cried harder the tremors of last nights memories passed through her and shook her body.....
"kyle?" he turned back to look at the deputy he sounded eerily calm "can you step out for a second something we have to talk about" Michael quirked an eye brow between the deputy and Kyle "like what?" Kyle snapped his shudder was noticeable for who ever actually noticed it....Daivd smiled a small smile this time making a muscle in his jaw tick as well putting the hat back on he stepped out not waiting for anyone ....Kyle stared around for a moment "I'll be back" he went after the deputy who was making his way to his cruiser


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"what do you want?" Kyle asked keeping his distance form the Deputy who had his back to Kyle
"oh nothing...... my dear boy....." David grinned turning to him he shuddered again not that he gave priority to any authority figure as to this day except his own father well who he ocassionally blew off on some or the other account becuase he knew the old man could take it ......but this guy was an exception he was the farthest down on the scale of chill scale factor...he tried not to look him in the eye but the man was relentless he wouldn't let some one look away from him......"then why'd you call me out....I'm not the best candidate for a outdoor date you know?"
Deputy Fischer snorted coming closer to Kyle putting a hand on his shoulder..whoa...way wierder !...."we never got a chance to talk since I joined"
"look if you have like serious problems or something then you should go and talk to a phyciatrist"
he smiled wryly at kyle "how well do you know Liz Parker?"
"well enough .......she was my girl before Evans came along"
"yes yes Max Evans he said removing his hand "busy young man isn't he?...espeicially with the edition of Miss Harding to his life"
"how do you know all this?" Kyle asked suspiciously
"you like her....." kyle stayed silent how the hell would he know his like and dislike who the hell does he think he is ....what a jack off!
"what's the next best thing you like next to girls kyle"
"lets see ....getting drunk.......his is off record isn't it?"
"well I might be a deputy but I don't usually go on rounds stopping cat fights in high schools" he tipped his hat up quircking another smile....
"Tess is quite the spectackle isn't she?".he asked examining the far landscape
her again ...crap! ................ "so the freak's boning the girl of my dreams big deal I haven't started reading shakespear yet!"...
"well thats not my point then is it?" Kyle reaised both eye brows at the deputy why the heck can't the guy stop talking in circles already he doesn't have time for this.......
"hmm hmm tell me Kyle why do you call Max Evans a freak?"
"becuase I think too"
David snorted again "surely there has to be another reason than Liz Parker you find him offensive............"
"offensive oh no you mean other than he made my girl friend break up with me and go to him and that he's now leisurely spending his evening humping another girl I finally managed to like ....ummm it's pretty much it...besides I never thought about it like that"
"yeah ....what does this has to do with anything at all ...and why are you so interested in Evans?"
"I'm not interested in him Kyle........but I do believe you when you say that Max is responsible for Liz Parkers predicament"
Kyle quirked an eyebrow "you think so?"
David nodded "in a emotional way ...besides you and I know that Liz Parker isn't the drinker kind."
Kyle stayed quiet considering what the deputy just said....Liz definitely doesn't to takers trophy far as kyle knew her
"so what are we doing here Fischer he asked propping himself up on the cruisers trunk the deputy was trying to get friendly just enough to let him open up he got it but didn't dig it because he was always more than wary of people who try to worm there way's into his heart ....not that he was admitting anything but the guy had a strange way of making his point which was still yet to be mentioned even more disturbing he was taking it ewasy and relaxing talking to the guy......damn he really wished he were drunk right now.


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Intelligent and perky but outright silly and unhappy this boy of sheriff Valenti's he's proud of him no doubt he thought but he still thinks the boy's in need of some serious tuning ....and he like Tess Harding of course how wouldn't he ...likable style the girl has with a body to go with it.......and she still doesn't fall in Valenti Jr's Lap sad ...very sad...but it's good too he gets to have more fun which he was still planning ...yes he had a surprise planned for Miss Harding and he has watched her for a few nights while she slept he didn't expect her to be a deep sleeper ...he smiled widely pulling his cruiser away from the crash down she even snores ......he took small steps first he watched her through the window ..she didn't know....she was snoring away like any normal teenage girl .......but he knew who she was .........certainly nothing within normal....the next night he played with her front door lock...nothing .......he even got in and took a few steps inside the exquisitely neat decor ..nothing ........he advanced every night until he got to her bedroom and conveniently copied her key and made one for himself as he came closer to the small lean figure on the bed under soft fluffy covers he left and returned immediately the next night this time sat on the edge of her bed staring with David-esque curiosity.... it's almost wondrous accounting for her guarded ness how she didn't wake up when he was as close as kissing her on the lips stayed beyond him.....he did too ...kiss her....she tasted good but nothing like Liz he was surprised he hadn't bit her lips and drawn blood from them he'd like to see her lips bleed not that they weren't enough red........and it aroused him a little too her turning to her side arching her neck ...she shivered when he trailed a finger along the neck line....but she never woke up was as if he'd cast some sort of spell on the girl she didn't bat an eye....he smiled again at the possibility of her knowing all this about him coming to her at night watching her touching her wanting to hurt her for hurting Liz for some reason his anger is still un avenged he still ahs some virus in his system that some how the whole always led the back to Max Evans and him back to Tess Harding and now she probably keeps her mouth shut after that night no wonder she keeps her distance from him unlike the first time he met her she was quiet a slink of a show.
he'd like to bite her neck someday.......but for now he had a feeling that she and Max Evans will soon find out about Liz's condition not surprising since she can't even hold her self together without letting lose no few than hundred tears.....he can still feel her feelings and it was giving him a head ache he type that leaves some kind of residue as if someone had been crying forever ..."stop child....I have to do my job" not that he can't follow up work with headaches sure he could but her feelings were like an overflowing river and the excess kept trying to drown him........he just hoped her friends would help her recover from this little set back she and him both suffered.......she'd have to he'll make her......tonight

Liz was trying to sleep it didn't help


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Michael Isabelle Alex looked up at a very unhappy Kyle valenti...well he should be because aparently if Liz had her way which she still has he woldn't know about her getting kidnapped at all and now she didn't want her parents to knwow about it was crazy impossible why when he got a his leg plastered after a match he could hardly think of keeping the injury a secret dad whipped up a storm....maybe waht Liz is afraid of bieng accused....this is all Evans fault the saying that "he'd get him if it took him a thousand years" didn't seem so whacked at all he would show Max Evans exactly how he likes to play hard ball under the sun..............just wait .......freak!
He wasn't lying when he told deputy Fischer his reason for disliking Max Evans why shouldn't he.....both girls who indvidually should have fallen for him and stayed with him...f course not that he would have been seeing TEss if he were with Liz ....not to rule out the possibillity of being attracted to her hadn't left the corner of his mind...Liz is soulful...Tess is.......she's......the scintillating sensation to his blood....the satisfaction he's been looking for immediately after turning 13.....hitting puberty along with him Michael Guerin the retard and Max Evans weren't much behind him but never upto his level he was glad to remember.but he left all of those thaughts behind when he heard Liz sobbing even Tess.........she sounds so.....sad...Dammit!! if he could get his hands on the pervert he'd do a little more than pulverise him.....the deputy left out what Ashley did to her.....they all just assumed the worse immediately besides he said he was a little late in finding her..........what a jack's his job to get to her before it's too late......he'd left Kyle outside the crashdown bewildered and unnerved he was just relaying in lay terms that he didn't think his dad would appreciate Kyle knowing about all this or getting involved anyhow ....and if Liz didn't want anyone ot know then Kyle better play the game without losing momentum.he got angry then and took his luck at thinking of taking a swing at the guy who did he think he was one tells Kyle Valenti what to do no one!....what a jack off!!....he shrugged the burned image of the deputy in his head telling him to do exactly as he said amd went next to Liz tkaing her into a tight embrace because he just realised he was afraid of losing her more than anyhting else..............

I'm bacK!!!!!
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Liz was alone in her bedroom downsatirs while the others were arguing down stairs with the bells ringin off it's hook on the door ...the topic of thier disjointed hapless party? of course Liz she didn't know what they were discussing and she didn't want to know...she felt like she didn't care anymore...not like it mattered much anymore anyway......Liz tossed and turned on the bed starting immediately afterKyle put her to bed upsatirs on her bed ....before muttering curses under his breath about everything being Max's fault ......she didnt bat an eye or think about ti...Max was out of her system for good...the only person she kept thinking about was David Fischer............he saved her life last night nto Max ....he loved her for what she was...not Max....he was so self involved in his personal teen drama ...his life....and Tess...Liz uttered a angry cry and pummeled her bed with strength her wrists didn't really have at all.......she hated TEss and hoped something horrible happened to her...she wished she Tess Harding was kidnapped by Ashley Brown instead of herself.......Liz close dher eyes and made a real non existant wish to whomever would be listening to her cry and shriek her anguish other then the walls and the air between them....she knew they couldn't hear her down stairs ...they were to loud on hier own account....KYle had every right to be angry at Max Evans.......she crawled on her bed slowly over to her window her abdomen cramping with each bend of her knee earning none cries too familliar.......she put her hand on the window closing her eyes "I can't do this alone David"
how do I feel
how does it feel
to treat me like you do
when you lay your hands upon me
as though you who you are
I found I was mistaken
I thought I heard your words
tell me how does it feel
to treat me like you do
those who came before me
lived through avocatoin
the there past turned into relation
and they turn away no more
what I saw that was so hard
I say what I need to say
but I'm quite sure that you'll tell me
just how I should feel today

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sorry you guys I can't post the next part until a few days because all my phones have been disconnected due to my dads owerflowing mobile phone bill they saw it fit to dissable o\all our house phones including the I will post don't worry soon

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Alright! enough Time out!" Michael yelled at them to calm down they were already in over there heads with this situation bad enough her parents weren't here Max still didn't know and he knew they'd come around asking why we all suddenly dissapeared and landed in the cafe at the same time wasn't as if they could put a sheet over Liz and yell "look she's not there!" and here they were arguign about whether to spend the whole day and night here or not?...Liz was alone obviously but Kyle the great insisted one person wasn't enough that she needed all of a wierd way Michael agreed with him as much as he hated him ......he and Maria would still be here he decided but what about the rest of them it would seem to wierd....but wait he thought who'd know no one was goign to check out a bunch of teenagers loughing around a drab cafe .....but then again some people who mattered might be taking notes on thier behalf. and besides if they had to keep this thing from getting out of hand they'll all ahve to handle it carefully and keep Liz sane for the next few days before her parents show up......
"And what does the great houdini suggest?" Sneered Kyle at Michael he whirled around to face him "Not playing your game becuase your here Valenti so watch it"
"or what?" he lead on , Isabelle rose away from her troubled thoughts and stepped between the lessoning gap between Michael and Kyle she threw her hands in the air disgustedly
"What's the matter with you two!...this is not about you or you!! (she pointed fingers at both of them) Liz got violated becuase of all of us and your'e still comparing the calibre of your stupidity!?"
Alex had been motionless for a long time and now got up next to Isabelle "Point to be noted" he muttered at Kyle and Michael standing on either side of a very worked up Isabelle...Michael and Kyle shifted on thier feet nervously until Isabelel ground her teeth and cleared her throat "Well?!"
a moment of silence was followed by two distinctive small but genuine "Sorry"
Isabelle sighed and looked back at Alex for some reason she felt exausted Alex put a reasurring arm around her annuoncing "we're all staying here for tonight" Michael and Kyle exchanged estranged looks....."crap!"
Deputy Fischer watched candidly from the hood of his car as the Harding girl walked by few moments a ver confused and worried looking Max Evans left her out here where it was dangerous not that it mattered wether she was indoors he would still like to see her lips bleed.........he slipped back in the drivers seat and continued to smile to himself "tonight Miss Harding .you'll wont my"
Max drew a sharp break infront of the crash down something was wrnog his friends were missing including Liz well he noticed her absence today and the rest of the crew started filing out of school like it were half day...why did they leave he saw Alex talking to someone on the pay phone and snuck around to see him talking secretly to Kyle ..Kyle shoving him..Alex calming him and then they walked off together ...he stood there contemplating what had come over them something was seriously off and he turned to see Isabelle giving him a harsh look and running off after Kyle Valenti and Alex whitman ..has she lost her mind???? but he found Maria in his Arithmancy class and asked her where Liz was .Maria just glared at him the entire class stared on as she continued to get red with bloating anger refusing to let the words out ..any words out at all for that matter and later in the hall when he follwed her inquiring about her strange behaivior he recieved a slap ..not a slap a punch to the cheek where Liz had consequently slapped him tha t day by the quarry. Every ones lost it he decided or he'd fallen into some sort of dimention where things were.....wierd....but his reason for showing up at the crash down was really because he knew she was here ..Liz . he didn't tell Tess or rather let her find out that he could still feel her like they were connected the connection didn't break off with thier break up of their relashionship. Some thing was wrong with her she seemd scared...he'd been getting such feelings since the last night when they went to thay silly new club Tess loved so much..FEVER yeah thats started a while after Liz left him handling a torn pocket.....and now it was getting worse he couldn't really think about anthing else ...he wasn't genious numer uno 1 but he was bright enough to figure out after all these years that the gan picthed in to something .....a bad happenening why else would Alex the wanderer look so pale talking ont the pay phone why would Kyle want to talk to geek mystery Alex whitman and why walk together unless it had something to do with him..most of all why was Liz not at school smoething was terribly wrong....

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"What ?! I didn't call for the party alright?! Michael banged a bottle of rasberry jam on the counter where as Maria continued to glare at him with puffy nostrils she strolled in the cafe immediately after school to find the entire gang in the kitchen and looked around balnkly for a while then got straight to work straightening tables out washing a few dirty dishes pulling out her mothers freshly baked pie and making a few snacks unknown to Michael....She continued to chastise him for breaking the promise they both gave Liz.....She hasn't even gone and seen Liz yet Michael thought angrily what does she know?!....
"Do you mind?! she yelled at him since he was standing over the toaster which convineintly had her toasts set in he moved away with a grunt "ohnestly Michael I can't trust you with any of my friends can I..even if there near border full insanity ! she fussed fumed and checked rechecked bottles f sugar salt pepper the expresso machine and kept roaming around trying to earase any trace of dirt from the kitchen floor or table. Michael leaned against a wall and crossed one leg over the other. he studied her all worked up , I'm-the-only-one-who-knows-what-I'm-doing-attitude it really pissed him off and made her look cute...
sexy cute....well both chewing her lips a little sucking them rubbing the back of her neck..he knew exactly what was bothering her, she looked up at him with shimmering eyes so he uncrossed his legs with a small sigh and walked to her pulling her into a tight embrace "they came on thier own" he confessed quietly she sniffed with her head buried in his shoulder "late, ....."
"hmm... Michael really hadn't understood the word he puled away from her "Late?"
She turned away wiping the tears away composing her self on the counter se looked angelic under the glare of flourecsence, after a moment of silence and clearing her throat vehemently she recited "we were late to help Liz"
it was his turn to look away from her "don't you think I know that?.....been thinking about it since the geek called"
Maria stopped from running a hand through her short cherry blonde hair curling it more than ever "Don't call him that!" Michael snorted at her response to defend Alex Whitman ... "when did he call?" she asked grudgingly Michael didn't answer he was still feeling jealous after all he's done whatever it was . it still wasn't enough for her.....
"Michael!....he turnde dand glared at her without responding at all "What's your stupid problem now!?"
he'd had enough "My problem?! my problem is miss De Luca that since this surfaced you've been acting like the only person who cares at all about Liz is you!, I care !! alright?! I'm not all high up on bieng an alien prodigy! I do care even if she wasn't my best friends girl friend anymore !!.... because she's a person and nothing like this should happen to anyone!..I'd care if it happened to Isabelle! I care if it happens to her!!" Michaels voice had been defeaning and he made sure he was looking Maria in he eye so she got the message he was trying to give her, he watched unflinching as she stood by her stony expression if looks could kill Marai sent him one that would sent him to grave double quick but before she could say anthign the kitchen door opened and Kyle peeked in un ashamed of himself on intruding on thier argument like this..."Are you two done or not ?....when does someone get a bite here"


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Wishmaster : Blood marathon
Michael stared unhappily at the gapings section in the kicthen door which convineitnly fit in Kyle Valenti's head "Keep your Buddha ⊕ss in front of E.S.P.N and mind your own brawn!"
Maria was fed up with him and didn't really know what to do so she just smacked him on the shoulder as hard as she could he loked at her startled and annoyed. "What the hell was that for?!" he asked rubbing his shoulder" She sighed in frustration getting all hyped up again moving around uselessly without accomplishing anyhting in the kitchen "for procastinating!" Kyle suddenly held up a hand he didn't want the light of their bickering in his eyes or disturb his ears as if thier wasn't enough prattle already "Tell me when you have something eligable fo me" the door closed and Micahel and Maria were alone again a second went by they both paused
"As far as he's concerned I wouldn't give my ⊕ss his eligicity, but tell me Michael since when did you become so brilliant enough to pull everyone here except you know who" Maria crossed her arms leaning on the counter contentedly waiting for him to answer her question. Michael frowned and increadibly forgot about losing his temper a moment ago...."well gee Maria when you can say I'm the fluffy bunny of your dreams you should automatically assume me to the role of the peace maker shouldn't you?"

she eyed him much more warily than critically for a long time till she came to him and pinched him on the same arm he smacked him he pulled his arm back and yelled at her hard enough to startle birds on the roof "now what is it?!"
"you're not the fluffly bunny in my dreams if you should now! that usually comes for my nightmare zone of dreams"
Micael made a face and stomped out of the kicthen but not before saying with a smile"dumb blonde"
when the door had sufficiently closed enough to let Maria knwo he really wasn't anywhere too close to the door to hear her she sang "Fluffy bunny" and got back to work getting a snack ready for eveyone including Michael and her self.

I appoligize for the short length of this installment but 'll be back with more...have to make it gruesome enough for TEss
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"I need to see Liz...." Maria shook her head "what for?'
"I just want to see her, thats all" he couldn't shake of the feeling that something was wrong with this picture Max was standing awkwardly in the kitchen with a red faced Maria De Luca near threatning him with homicide.
"She doesn't want to see you" Maria tried
"Maria come on just let me see her I want to make sure she's ok" Maria's eyes were wide Max cringed seeing furious tears in them she looked about ready to choke him "You Bastard!!!"
"Maria!" Michael ran out throught the kitchen door worried somehitng had happened to her he did notice Max but went around him behind Maria and pulled her up close to himself, her slender body was shaking with anger as large tears spilled down the sides of her cheeks "HOW COULD YOU SAY THAT AFTER F#CKING THAT BITCH!!! YOU DON"T CARE ABOUT HER IT'S ALL YOUR FAULT!!!!"
Michael held on tight to her other wise she would have been pummeling Max right now on the tiles "Maria calm down!! Liz doesn't want anyone to know remember!"
Maria quietened down and went past a very shocked looking max and proceeded to close windows and the kitchen door. Michael shoved his hands deep into his pockets and looked at Max unsure "uhh you better sit down or something"
"Michael ...what happened? where's Liz?" his voice was tight with anxiety and he was scared of asking if Liz was ok but he did he had to know
"Is...she ok?"
Michael looked at him blankly first then he leaned against the far wall with the expression he usually showed in a situation when he thought Max was worthy of some blame...he did it then . What he feared worse just a shake of his head. telling him she wasn't alright at all.
"what happened?" he pleaded Michael didn't say anyhting but Maria came forward grabbed his collar "maria....." Michael warned
"Don't worry Mike I'm not gonna strip him of his divine power as an alien I'm just telling his what's happened" Michael shrugged and kept himself to the wall
"You knwo what Max ? I don't think you like hearing anyhting complex so I'll explain it in simple to you , you're x-girlfriend who you cheated on with that Bitch Tess got drunk in that forsaken club FEVER and because you still didn't appreciate how she was taking it she went and got drunk on your account not to mention she also got kidnapped by a sonofabitch pervert who slaughters girls as a hobby!"
she was shaking him back and forth Michael finally pulled her away from him "Ok...Maria I thinks it's enough...just...let it sink in"
Later In The Night:
she was running her head feeling heavy and her heart half way up her throat Liz could hear footsteps the thumping was getting closer and more rapid she looked behind herself she was again back in a dark alley only this alley looked like it was never ending "LEAVE ME ALONE!!!" her legs felt cold and were turning to cement it was getting harder to run ....she hadn't known how fast she had been running she sent a garbage can rolling over the ground her head felt like it was about to explode she felt herself cry it was terrifying where was she ?!....the dark alley never ended no matter what direction she took the running foot steps followed her all the way "MICHAEL!!....oh god oh god god god ...she stopped running suddenly there was no where to go ..... she made a quick turn and hid behind some crates and tred not to breath at all. her hair was all about her face and she pulled it back fiercely listening for any foot steps her feet were indeed dead cold for some reason she hadn't noticed it was raining icy drops of water fell over her already severely trembling form.....
"Liz?! sounded familiar she got up .....some one was trying to find her?....."David?!"
"Liz!! where are you?'
"Here!...I'm here!" she got up and out of her hiding placeshe ran smack into something hard and cool as well. she jerked back from impact and felt herself falling back ward in slow motion until strong arms grasped her and steadied her in place she tried to pull free violently "LIZ!!...It's me !!" she stopped and looked up into piercing blue eyes she took a few seconds to steady her breathing then collapsed in his arms "David!!......oh have to help me someones..." she looked behind him "someones following me...." his hair was matted to his forehead blue eyes brighter then ever he squeezed her shoulders warmth flooded through her "No ones here Liz....he's gone...I made wake up.....your dreaming" he shook her gently
Liz looked at him confused "Dreaming?..." he nodded smiling and bent down to give her a kiss on the forehead she felt warmer "wake up....I have a surprise for you..Liz"
Liz's eyes snapped open in bed she was shivering head to toe in cold sweat the she kicked off the sheets and sat up ..still in bed....lights out....her bed room her bed..she was safe...he was right...she was dreaming..just dreaming....her eyes went to her bedside clock it was gleaming green and showed 1 in the night ...."it's late....she whispered to herself till she realized her throat felt raw and dried enough to feel like cotton ... she needed water and there wasn't any by the side of her bed so she decided to get some ....she did remember she had been dreaming just now but something about David had been strange ...different....or maybe it just seemed vague...but ...for some reason she thought infact she could have sworn he had been wearing a suit in her dream instead of his uniform...
Earlier In The Day:
Max sat with his head in his hands it was horrible nothing anyone said could make it feel any better well worse actually for one Isabelle was much more harsher on his case than Maria and Michael together, Alex hadn't said anyhitng to him but then again he wont even look at him anymore...kyle was the first one to corner him and settle a punch without warning, apparently everyone was there and they all already knew ..... thats why they all left school so quickly he wasn't sure what hurt worse bieng left out or being completely left out...he felt heavy sitting on her bed just staring at her frail sleeping form , kyle wouldn't hear about it but surprisingly Maria led him upstairs to Liz's room and left but not before saying "now sit there and feel guilty" he did, with all his heart and suddenly it was as if he felt nothing else no other thoughts disturbed him than the present situation it was pretty much still a situation and no one was suppose to know , not even Liz's parents....once again he felt sorry for himself about being left out of it everyone else knew for god's sakes Sherrif Valenti and Kyle of all people knew!. They didn't even think of telling him ?! just ebcause he and Liz werent together anymore didn't mean he didn't care for her , he still did if only someone would understand not that it was time to discuss his personal hell but it was alll there wasn't it? whether he liked it or not he was still abound by some sort of destiny he only remembered bits and pieces of ignoring it wholly wasn't much use either because he was what he was and still is he's an alien with a sister and a friend who have no clue where to find there past, nothing..after looking around for years all they did new was get into trouble and that too with the FBI and now the special unit was after them ..closing in...he wasn't about to admit it but he was scared and he had been ever since they found out about Topolski ever since they found out that surveilence device in Michaels appartment about Nacedo about Tess and worst yet Pierce he was some where in Roswell and yet search after search told Nacedo nothing about who Pierce was or where he's hiding spying on them for that matter. Tess has been trying to make him less 'tense' not that they've been in bed constantly but never the less she's stuck by his side and knew what was bothering him.....
maybe he was bieng a too obvious by saying that he didn't want Liz getting hurt in all this ..she already was and there was nothing he could do to heal was a twisted kind of logic to drive Liz away through Tess only now he was learning more and more about Tess and getting attached to was wrong he should have said somehting to Liz but it just happened the day Liz turned up at his room dressed for thier date he'd forgotten and Tess had come over was wrong..she was sitting close explaingni a few things Nacedo said and he'd mentioned to her that she was looking good that night and well..things had escalated from looks to touches then .....more advanced things happened he hand't even dreamed he'd do with Tess was sow rong when Liz turned up while they were in bed or maybe he would have told her about t and had a less unsatisfactory or unneccesarily more unhappy break up with her but at least no one accuse him of double timing her would they...... he was still sitting at the edge of Liz's bed when Michael poked his head in and said he'd better leave TEss was downstairs and they weren't willing to tell her anything about Liz and Michael advised coldly that he'd better not do anything stupid to just home and sulk no use of beating himself over it because he wasn't making anything better ..."Just go home and listen to music or something.." he finnished as Max got up from the bed barely able to keep himself from touching Liz...."I...Michael...I never...." he couldn't get the words out he thought he'd collapse on the floor of her room it wasn't fair any time he tried to do something right it blew up in his face it wasn't fair at all he kept staring at her the covers were tucked under her chin she looked pale and weak....he didn't ask any gruesome details of her ordeal and prayed no one would tell him ..... "Tess is downstairs......."Michael reminded
max turned away and headed for the stairs for the back door Maria was giving out an order when she came back Michael came downstairs and grabbed his shoulder looking him in the eye "Don't come around for a few days....she's really not good Max...I don't know if you care or not but ....if you hurt her ...." his warning trailed and Max quickly left out the back door to where Tess was waiting for him ..he didn't feel like keeping a brave front and he definitely didn't feel like hiding things so he told her to go home and not bother him for the rest of the day...he had things to think about.....she was faced and unhappy ....he didn't give a damn......"You know what Tess.... you were lousy in bed"
"you'll be sorry Max" she tells him through clenched fists "yeah" he said he knew ....
Later In The Night:
Liz got downstairs carefully her brain was still feeling flogged was she still having a hang over?..... she swore for the hundreth time to god she'd never even think of drinking something which made her remotely drunk....she'd slept through the entire day not surprisingly but her body still ached in certain places and reminded her again why she were feeling that way , her eyes stung as she put the cool glass of water to her lips "you're ok Liz....just forget....oh...forget plz forget"
she walked around the cafe cautiously listening for something resembling some sort of movement for a moment she was afraid that she'd be alone but when she went over to her parents bedroom Alex Isabelle were lying side by side, Michael and Maria were on the couch then she remembered hitting her foot on something firm on the floor of her room she practically ran to see...Kyle lying on his side by her bed the tears she'd been holding were suddenly let out ...all of them stayed for her....she clamped a hand over her mouth and staggered downstairs before her sobs could get any louder.But something that didn't made sense to her they were all here then why was she crying what was wrong with her ?...why couldn't she stop.....Liz pulled out a chair and sat down putting her head down on the table ...everyone was here......except........him...get a grip on your self she tried he can't come running to you everytime you get into trouble..........not his fault any way.....Liz squeezed her eyes shut and opened them back up and wondered if Max knew ?.....he had to....she never saw him....she hadn't seen him for a while wasn't really true....but it felt that way...she felt a million miles away from everything's when it hit her every single thing in her life had gone wrong for the past few days...was this the price she paid for trying to forget Max Evans....the price for sleeping with a man half way older than her....maybe god was punishing her...that had to be other way....besides she thought if she were good there was no reason something bad should happen to her was there?.... finally her head felt like wasn't spinning to hard the dim lightning didn't bother her anymore and she felt quite awake so she got up from the chair taking the jug with her planning to put it back in the fridge where it belonged when she heard the door swing open "oh" the slippery glass jug's handle slid from her clenched fingers and fell from her hands landing on the floor with a startling crash hundereds of shrads of thick and thin pieces of sharp crystal flew in every direction she surprised her self with her feet falling on a piece of glass itself and embedding it self not to far....she gasped as the lights came on and Deputy David Fischer came into view.....he noticed her fidget and the falling tears looking down at her self she realised her self to be seeing blood ....her own blood
"jesus, Liz" he uttered and came to her quickly he sat down and raised her left foot by her ankle joint "Just relax" he assured her
Liz grimaced as he pulled out the thin shrad of glass Liz had put a shaky hand on his shoulder to keep from falling down.he got up and lifted her up in his arms taking her into a spare room they never used it had an old couch a broken t.v set a couple of contianers , hangers...just like a regular attic...he put her down and pressed a dry rag to the under side of her feet..."Ok?.."
she didn't have to heart to shake her head so she nodded painfully at him not that he seemed convinced at all.he sighed then looking at her "there here?"
"Everyone's here" Liz replied in a sqeaky voice her throat wasn't much help where she wanted to say things to him and again hear something in return from him. David frowned "you were asleep"
"I woke up" she said impatiently he sat down on the couch next to her a little far from her lying down ,leaning his head on the arm of it he closed his eyes, Liz looked over at him cautiously , the silence wasn't very defeaning and there wasn't much need to say anthing...he was here now... every one was here...but she wanted to hear something or otherwise she'd never be ok was important..."David?...." she waited he didn't say anything or show any sign of having heard her at all she felt like getting desperate her heart thudding painfully in her chest she came closer to him "David?..."
"I heard you the first time Liz.......I heard"
she nodded to herself "Are you ok?" she asked him louder, now he opened his eyes to stare at her his eyes were blood shot .. tired...he closed his eyes putting a hand over them and shook his head slowly Liz bit her lip "I'm ok David..really...(sigh) plz don't worry"maybe he was having a headache.
he kept his eyes covered "I wasn't there in time"
Liz felt an immediate pang of guilt she'd told him that hadn't she?
"what David are you.."
"I didn't stop him before he hurt you"
"it wasn't your fault"
"you could have died" he said slowly
"But I didn't saved me"
"David.....plz....just.....don't do this now..I ....I waited for you...more than..anyone else"
His eyes flew open and he sat up..."I have a surprise for you" he murmured she stared at him isn't that what he'd said to her in her dream she wondered if he knew anything about what she dreamt about but he was oblivious to it and was already out of the room back where he got in from she followed relentlessly there was a small box on the counter of the cafe she looked on as he came to her he put the box back on the counter lifter her up by the waist and put her down on the counter pushing her hair back he opened to the box she still couldn't see what was inside it...... "I thought you'll like it" he said pulling out a furry white small....."a bunny?" she asked not bieng able to keep the slightest hint of surprise from her voice he crinkled a smile"thats a nice name" she held out her hands a little wide eyed he handed over the small white rabbit to her she looked at it amazed the softness was over whelming she rubbed her cheek against it rubbing his floppy long ears , it sniffed her hands. She loved it ! and for the moment there wasn't anything wrong. Even though her head hurt like crazy and she was sore she still giggled when the small white rabbit twiched his nose he felt so soft and warm to touch, "I like it" she told a staring David he was observing her reaction bemused with unmistakable twinkling eyes, both elbows on the counter and knuckles to cheeks she went to him reached on tip toes however bruised her foot might be and gave him a kiss on the lips pulling away he pulled her back to him and deepened there kiss ....until there was a large snap and lights flooded there visions.
"What the hell do you think you're doing ?!" they both looked back shocked to see Michael and Maria staring at them with equally horrified looks ..... oh dear....
Liz was too worried to see bunny slip out of her hands it was then she realized she'd decided to call the
rabbit 'bunny' the panic level in her brain had risen to the amount of passing out she was wishing the earth would swallow her rather then having to see the looks on Maria and Michael's face even though they were bed raggled someone couldn't miss the perfect 'o' of Maria's mouth and the steely eyed expression Michael was casting over David ...fight....she thought, there going to fight , oh was bound to happen sooner or later...but why now?! all in all the 4 of them were speechless...
"Liz?...what... he....." Maria started , pointing a finger at David and before anyone could stop her she went directly face to face with the deputy "you're Ass is going to jail!!how could you!! You rapist!" she began to hit him as Liz stared helplessly deputy grabbed Maria's wrist and stopped her random punching and smacks Michael pulled her away from him "Maria ...Get behind me" he growled" she didn't need telling twice. David snickered
after a moments silence Liz had a feeling some martial arts tryout was going to wage and closed her eyes but Michael only asked "How long has this been going on" shock was no longer a word to describe the feeling Liz felt even David looked surprised to the hilt....
"uh..." Liz wasn't sure who he was asking....David looked unable to answer he was staring over at Liz she gave him her best I-think-we-should-tell-them look he sighed and dragged himself to the counter something white and furry scurried out of the way and Liz reached down to scoop up her new pet...before Michael or Maria could enquire she told them who gave it to her Maria pulled Liz by her side to sit by her every once in a while shooting daggers at the deputy Liz wanted to crawl under a rock apparently Maria still hadn't let the news that she and the deputy were involved sink in like Michael did.
David cleared his throat and Liz opened her mouth to say something but she didn't know how to start or for that matter what to tell she got up much to Maria's disliking and went to sit next to David detemined not to let him get grinded alone by her friends they were both in the relashionship and both responsible for it . Liz looked over at David for help indeed he started "we've been together for a few ..weeks" Liz dreaded it but looked over at Maria's expression and if possible she'd gone much paler Liz forced herself to look back at David Michael looked nuetral so she grasped David's hand even though Maria gasped puposely . It was as if Michael were her dad and they were spoiled teenagers caught in trouble, though she imagined her parents would do more than just 'talk' to them about if they ever found out
"Was this before Max or.."
"Michael!.." Maria warned
"I'm just asking a question" Michael resoned
it was Liz's turn to clear her throat as bnoth Michael and Maria glared at each other "It happened after Max...we werent know?....just sort of happened" she tried her best to explain it which frankly was useless becuase she didn't know how to explain what happened between David and her Liz looked at ehr side to see David staring at her with a very unreadable expression on his face she wanted to touch it but stroked her rabbit instead..
"Unintentionally?" Maria broke in as if it were the most foul thing she'd hear "You mean he raped you?!"
Michael, Liz: Maria!! shut up!
she looked wide eyed but saw the expression on David's face which had become dangerously seductive and closed her mouth. his eyes twinkled with mischieve and Liz wanted to smack him but restrained herself. it would have been funny if the situation hadn't been so serious. Then Michael's question fell on them knocking them speechless yet another time
"so are you two serious about this? do you love each other?"

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Maria snorted "Is that a trick question?" Maria asked uncannily interrupting the tense moment Michael stared at her and Liz looked over David....he opened his mouth and again closed it.... but managed a word out of earshot "Be careful" he warned
"I'll be very careful" she accepted and stopped fidgetting with her hands "ummm....Michael Maria I knwo this all comes as a shock to you but were involved.
"Tell me soemthing that isn't obvious" Michael sneered good naturedly Liz gave him a small smile before continuing "I, we....I mean...after Max things happened so....quickly I lost track of's not something me and DAvid talked over about we just did something I know we both wanted to's not strange I....feel better about myself and he makes me feel like I'm deservant of something good like I'm worth loving's not something I could really explain if I had the right words in my mind whiihc isn't easy and if it were my teenage harmones....I don't know but I can say that I love him ....Michael looked surmised and Liz gave him a big smile....she turned to watch David he looked flattered and silently congratualted her on the way she spoke ....she herself felt like she were adult.
everyone was now looking at Deputy Fischer for an answer he sat up and put an arm around Liz , Maria let out a gasp again and was promptly ignored he looked like he was thinking hard.
"I'm not usre how to say this...but I wont be putting our relashion ship wrong if I say that I care for Liz Parker's not like I sleep aropund with teenage girls...Liz and I we....jsut happened that....snap!......before Liz (he paused pulling away from her) got kidnapped it just made me feel so inadequate.....
"why" Michael asked calmly "does it count" maria said unhappily
"becuase I just felt like if I had made it sooner maybe it would have saved her the damage.....I knwo how much she's hurting right' as if were connected somehow " Liz, Michael and Maria stiffened...but David seemed not to notice at all and continued "I've never dreamed of my ideal women ....btu the first time I saw was as if she knew she had been hurt with Max....she knew exactly how things had gone bad...but she didn't feel sorry for herself , when I looked in to her eyes I saw a woman who was willing to live and grow no matter what it took no matter who didn't care for her ...something not all women are capable of ....I saw someone so mature and filled with such untapped passion it rediates from her.......her body her soul and she's never been touched like that her innocence felt flawless even now ..." he looked right at Liz "you're my reason among all reasons to be here, and if caring for and tring any way possible to drive away her demons , wanting to be with her all times is love than yes I can say or rather I will sayi'm in love with Liz Parker"
Maria was glaring at Michael something about her looked jealous Michael squirmed it was as if Maria were saying "Why couldn't you be like him?" Michael definitely seemd impressed whihc in terms of Micahels world was not an easy task he considered David's word.......
"We hold meaning to each other"
Liz wiped away her tears and took his hand she hadn't expressed nearly as much as he had but she had a feeling he knew how she felt and they didn't need any words to explain what each others affection meant to them....he felt drained and layed her head on his shoulder contently.
"Is no one suppose to know about this either Liz?." Maria asked

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"Is no one suppose to know about this either Liz?." Maria asked
"unless you plan on having the Sherrif haul my in jail any time soon...." David trailed on with a silly smile and Maria chewed her botom lip glaring at him
"I don't think we CAN tell anyone about this.." Michael started then ended it with "it's not really appropriate "
"Appropriate?!!" Maria sqealed at the top of her lungs and had to be once more calmed down by Michael Liz shrank bank "no no Michael this is IN Appropriate!! them...THEY can they..!!(pointing at Liz and David)...Ewwww...oh god now I'm thinking about them together..mercy!..ughhh...I think I'm gonna spew"
"Maria get a hold of your self and stop doing that your're making me nervous...."
Maria looked at him with ridiculously large eyes "What do you mean ..can't you see it!!!???what are you blind?!!...she shook Michael his head bobbing a little before he shoved at her gently "Hellllooooooooo she's barely 18! and he's trying to to play commando with her!!......." Maria stopped and looked over at DAvid his sly grin deepened and she grimaced wrinkling her nose Liz made a mental note of killing both Maria and David.....Michael looked around uncomfortably then wrenched a ready to rumble Maria by his side in a sitting position with a vice like grip "STILL" he ordered her she pouted her lips in response but settled back with him..
"you do know where this is headed don't you? " Michael asked silencing even non existance disturbances in the cafe David sighed looking like he needed sleep and lots of it "I know's just that unfortunately we didn't think about that before we started it" Liz nodded her head slightly in agreement she was feeling sick then , dizzy she just prayed that she wasn't near throwing up any time soon...she let him do the talking it was mch easier that way, and there was nothing to be guilty about as long as he was voicing her opinions well enough upto the mark.
"So you have virtually no idea of what both of you are going do when things ...... " he hesitated
"Get wild and out of control?..." Maria supplied
"Actually I was thinking of a more polite approach" Michael said squirming under the hooded gazes from David and Liz they were fumbling thoughts that werent visible to them till Michael touched a nerve and mentioned them....
"It's not like he's talking morally " Maria said surprisingly softly to both of them "but I don't think if you're parents find out they'll really be happy"
"They wont understand " Liz mouthed unhappily her eyes filling up bunny got reduced to a blur of white fuzz before her eyes, it was a sad fact but things just always had a way not to work for her it wasn't really fair...and it was just the way life treated her usually she stiffled sniffs and tears by burying her head in his arm he drew his arm around her protectively before speaking carefully selecting his words
"I don't see why two people can't just be attracted to each other sanely and keep it under wraps till the issue becomes acceptable to his or hers superiors and peers....don't you think its kind of unfair?"
"well it is if you don't count the extremeness of fooling around then and now some place it's notecable to other people before the relashion ship actually gets a chance to have been accepted my friends of family" David supplied a silly smile again and seemed to be impressed by Maria's choice of words.
"Alright! " Micahel said sighing loudly "'s what I think since were the only one's to know about this, just keep it quiet we don't need to give the others a heart attack..since there's already so much..." Michael looked over at Liz , guilty gazes followed his direction adn for a moment she realzed having forgotten that she had almost gotten killed last night........ "To hide" David finished for him
A short but uncomfortable silence followed the reminder and Maria spoke up for the sake of changing the subtect to something equally important"
"And just for sake of sanity don't sneak around us or anything..Ewww she shuddered as is imagining them together right in front of her ....David looked up at Maria curiously
"It's nothing personal deputy" she said getting up "But I like to hold on to something that I know I'll be able to let go if I had too...but seeing Liz and you.." she trailed on DAvid and Liz exchanged glances
"By the way Deputy...I think you had better leave I have a friend to take care of"
"We" Michael countered
"What I think someone just woke up upstairs..and if you must know they arent exactly exempted from comming down stairs anytime she sighed dramaticly oh I don't know maybe feeling like a drink of water"
David looked hurt suddenly , it was a genuinely hurt look she'd never seen before Liz made a mental not of killing Maria twice , he smiled then at her and much to Maria's horror kissed Liz right there infront of a stupefied Michael and Maria making the exchange of affection between them slightly indecent by winking at Maria, Michael coughed and David kissed Liz again there faces only inches apart feelings that no one was around them flooded waves through Liz's body she caressed his jaw and watched him leave in the next moment saying he'd see them around....but before he got to the door Liz ran to the door after him "wait..."
"Liz go sit down you're not well ...I'll see you later"
"When" Liz sounded panicked
"Soon.........when Liz didn't show any signs of going back he continued ..." hang in there your friends are here for you remember?"
"David..don't mind Maria plz...she just...."Liz paused trying to find suitable sentences but didn't have to he spoke for her
"doesn't trust men.?..go on go back to bed....and take care of that foot" she glanced down at the cut on the underside of her foot then looked up to see he'd dissapeared into the night somewhere an engine started and tires rolled away she heard Maria callling her to come back and that she'd get a cold....Liz sighed unhappily and wished she could just slid donw agains the door, but she walked back wincing at the slight pain the cut from the broken jug caused her.
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It wasn't until she sat down on the stool at the first counter alone while Michael and Maria sauntered in the back making desicions or rather indicisions from what bits and pieces she could catch but now that her head was slightly cleaerd and she'd set bunny before helself wathchign the innocent creature chewing on carrot stick?...sure looked like it....she hasn't said a word Maria and Michael were still arguing low tempoed and concerned that she isn't talking as much yet....they weren't exactly expecting much improvement which was fine with Liz because she wanted tot ake her time now think about things she'd been putting off think about how connnected or rather disconnected she was with herself and others including her parents , a little time to feel wounded.....because she really was...she wasn't as damn optimistic as everyone assumes Liz Parker to be least she wasn't feeling upto it for the moment. so many things had happend that made it a worth while toll on her and she was sagging with it's wieght. Before Michael and Maria iterrupted David and her she realized they could have talked more and not shared yet with anyone about there feelings except with each other....she was a little dissapointed that she and David had to say I love so non privately and that was only to explain to her friends how far gone they were with each other. She felt hot tears in her eyes again because she wanted them to say 'I love you' to each other....I'm such a sucker for hard luck....god help me.... Michael and Maria still muttering and having a late night snack jsut the tow of them at the back table they knew better than to bother Liz but continued rambling oblivious to there voices rising above whispers and words reaching Liz....
"you think they had se-..
"ow! what the hell?..
'I don't think we should mention the 's' word around her for a while Michael..seriously'
'sigh...whats wrong with her..'
'I dunno...she was talking a while ago"

Liz smiled slowly with her back to them they were what she'd assume the most ridiculously sweet and hopelessly cute couple would be only what Maria or Michael didn't understand was that she spoke then because she had to in order to relieve some of her tension of addmittance that she had been intimate with a man that was over her age and mature since she was a willing partner in thier relashion ship she didn't want her friends getting the wrong idea about him coercing her into anything.Bunny hopped to the edge of the counter and Liz retrieved him before he could jump of of it and hurt himself holding him close she got up with several parts of her acheing she bit the inside of her cheek and walked past Maria catching her eye and watching her suspiciously wondering whatever happened to the person who woke up up stairs.
She stopped and felt sure her expression was any thing but angry
"Maria...I'm fine, I appreciate you guys supporting me like this but just don't...judge...and don't expect to understand how I feel because you can't and I don't hate you for it...just stop fussing over me and let me breath is that ok with you?"
Maria nodded guiltily burying her self into eating , Micahel blushed as Liz came over and gave him akiss on the cheek.
"Thank you Michael for taking this so well and I really appriciate it"
Michael cleared his throat slightly "ummm sure...anytime...get well soon" he said softly trying not to meet her eyes she nodded at him and Maria tucking her curls back Liz smiled at her sadly
"you're probably right , I just get hit too hard in the head sometimes...I'll give as much space to you as I can ok babe?"
the table on which Michael and Maria were stiing vibrated a little and a low scowl from Michael could be heard "Right Space boy?" Maria asked glaringly "err right a whole gallon of it" he agreed Liz nodded and went upstairs deciding to sit on her roof....

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When she did make into her room she found Kyle still sleeping on the floor it was nice of him to be so concerned about her like this he's always been no doubt but she just hoped she wasn't too late too say sorry to him, she had to because of the way she treated him when he tried to point out Max Evans was trouble she didn't even deserve his hugs for how she'd been putting off talking to him everytime he tried to come up to her his face would crumple when he'd see Max by her side she felt repulsed every time he'd repeat the same story of her bieng in danger because of Max Evans he always sounded so full of jealousy atleast thats what she assumed it was then because she had stopped seeing Kyle and Sheriff Valenti is already on to Max...not her...because she wasn't a part of him any longer but here's what was really killing her the fact that they were still connected, she knew they were because she felt Max close by while she was sleeping she knew he was close and he even raised a hand to touch her but the touch never came and she was relieved it didn't touch her or she would have lost it and cried rape.She just hoped he hadn't tried to tune in to see what ahd happened to her with Ashley it would be to much to bear she might end up handing him to the special unit on her own.It sounded drastic but it was true she was down having Max Evans fuck around with her life she needed to move forward and make something better for herself to have a direction , faith and self reliance she'd even forgotten that being with max evans interfered with her plans of self making and she had felt inescapable sense of fear that she'd be bound to his lifestyle, not that she was free of it but atleast now she wouldn't have the urge to wrap her self around his finger or take each breath and step with him the feeling of being controlled without actually being coerced had been overwhelming in these past few months she'd tried to hard to be perfect and desirable it and wrecked it her security net completely she wanted to be free of such thoughts the only way to that was writing them down in her diary she put down bunny by kyles side, went up stairs to the roof , thankful there weren't to many stars in the sky becuase she didn't have the heart to look at them for now .

sorry this is sooo short
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Liz went of to retrieve her diary from behind the brick she'd put it in the wall so that no more incidents of a lost diary could be heard of again.she flicked open a pen lying by a long stick of candle she had a little trouble lighting but she did it with practised ease...even when she felt tired....she opened it a new page and started to write without really hearing herself think.........
'I've never known how my life got so complicated I did everything I could to keep away from such head aches my life was what I'd planned it would be .....smooth....residually smooth with occasional trouble, trouble that didn't come close to the FBI or conpiracies...nothing life threatning but still for the sake of thrill for the sake of young love and my first really real love infact I made an exception I put my worries just aside but didn't thrown them out of my mind......just aside and thought if maybe we concentrated hard enough if we gave each of liberating importance that we could forget about problems in a word I tried to ignore such feelings...of impending doom...though I knew there would be a time I would be thinking that there no way back or no easy route home once I've come this far, the truth of the matter is that that's exactly what I've been afraid of staying close to home wasnt a problem until now......and even when I want to come back to my old self I can't....I know the truth hurts only when you realize that it the actual truth itself has always been there and you've seen it comming but you never got out of harms really does and I'm sure Max knew what he was doing when he gave me one of those love me worship me but stay away from me kind of stance .....I guess the real insecurity I had was not being good enough for someone like him I just had to make him belong to me anyway I could....but now it just doesn't feel like it matters or maybe I'm just confusing things and I shouldn't be writing this now, I know I meant all those things I said to Max I know I meant whatever I said to David too....but for some reason the feeling of wanting to belong to someone isn't persistant anymore maybe because David just said that I did belong to him....I relieved me somehow and I didn't want him to really say aymore was more than enough for me........I'm glad they all came around can't really balme them for not being there in the first place how could they?...I shut myself up....I wouldn't share how I felt with Alex or Maria...Isabelle was immediately out of the question but I feel an undeniable amount of respect for her they've been openly accusing Max of my problems and she didn't even flinch well not exactly unsister like but she was being so tolerant even in my haze I noticed ehr concern for me for the first time she dind't act like she hated me or didn't trust me because it wasn't about it was about me.....then there's Kyle...sleeping on my floor looking so.....

I turned away from her diary startled, both moon light and candle flames helped her to decide it was kyle standing on her roof with his hair in a disarray shrugging himself awake with something small, furry and white in his hands ...bunny "is he yours?"
Liz put down her diary hiding it from his view and held out her hands to take bunny away from him, he put his hands in his pockets and swayed a little as Liz nuzzled the furry animal close to her.
"I never saw him before, not that I know of but when did he get here?"
Liz stared there were frown lines marring his forehead she took a step back and turned to sit "uh..Michael gave it to me" she bit her lip not really wanting to Lie to Kyle he took bunny from her and held it close to his eye "Guerin?!......your kidding right?"
Liz just stared back at him "He isn't that bad Kyle" she said it with a little too much emotion Kyle just shrugged at her rubbing the back of his neck "Can I sit?" he sounded sleepy and Liz patted a place not to far away from her, he sat down close enough though handing her bunny it snuffled into her hand Liz smiled......
KYle took in a deep breath "So....? and looked expectantly at Liz she looked up at the stars....only the moon ..."So.." she repeated she didn't feel like talking but really wanted him to know that his concern for her was appreciated........
"Liz I know you've probbaly heard heard this from a long list of people who are currently also in our fridge with thier feet up, but you if you need anything at all I'm here...soooooo...the only thing you have to do other than not doing anything is...just say it...."
he smiled broadly because it brought a smile on Liz's face ...Just say it ...Liz thought ...she could do that...."Kyle...I'm're so....I'm sorry" she'd been beating around the bush of what to tlak about with Kyle but I'm sorry seemd fine infact it was precisely what she wanted to say to him....
He quirced an eyebrow "for what?"
"For letting you go"
Kyle shook his head and stood up standing next to the railing "I've gotten over that...not that anyone has to know...but yeah I pretty much got my issues in check"
Liz bit her lip "I didn't explain myself" she paused getting up "you need that"
He sighed and sat on the railing holding on to both sides looking at her for an answer.....
"I thought Max and I were soul know after...he saved me " she hoped he didn't catch the real meaning of her words.
"yeah after he saved you....I know you got shot....and I also know he did something to make you better but I don't know what and I'm not going to try and explain it to myself....but he did something wierd to you that much I get and after it you both were all lovey dovey and hidey do....."
Liz swallowed "I thought we'll be together for the rest of our lives....that I'd finally accomplished the most important dream of my life...Kyle it was amazing...and I forgot people around me...I forgot you..."
Kyle snorted "with any luck you to will still be together"
" it's over now"...he looked back at her seriously
"Nah,...I mean come on Max Evans is like the king of freaks ..he's go these Fuck me Eyelashes and you'd think every girl would go dombers over him...."
"I don't think so much's happened...I can't really...think of him the same way again" he studied her sitting next to her "Kyle...I just want you to know that I never intended to hurt you anyway....I'm glad that you were the one looking out for me...I want you to know that I still want to be friends
He shrugged " you know I'm always open"
she nodded back at him
"so ummm...wannna go inside I just remembered why I was feeling drafty"