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Title: And the Kiss Shall Lead You

Category: Liz/Rath/? others

Rating: NC-17

Disclaimer: Nothing of Roswell is mine. I just like to imagine things. Thanks for letting me borrow them.

This is a first for me- so please be gentle. Constructive Critism is appreciated, but please don’t bash me. I’m really feeling strange about posting this at all. I just need to know if I can do it.

I don't do accents, so just imagine that Rath is talking his brand of street language. I know I’m gonna do some NC-17 stuff. But, wow, I don’t know what kind, yet. Some rough sex and perhaps some kinky things with some bondage or maybe a threesome here or there. It’s kinda leading me at this point so hold onto your horses!


He had been thinking about her ever since the kiss they shared at the school. She was so beautiful. He could remember everything about that kiss. Her lips were like velvet. Just for a moment his tongue had touched hers. Her tongue… just the thought had him as hard as granite.

He stood on her balcony. She was lying on her bed her eyes closed, in apparent deep thought.

He breathed deeply. He was so close to her.

Another breath. He could smell her.

Mmmmm. Her scent was enveloping his senses.

Soon, Rath thought. Just one more test. Then, very soon.

Liz opened her eyes. She felt so strange inside. She was getting so hot. She couldn’t help but slide her hands slowly over her body. She hadn’t felt this way since she and Max found the orb.

She felt her breasts. Her nipples were jutting out from her thin shirt into her hand.

She squeezed them, loving the feeling that it created in the pit of her stomach. She closed her eyes tightly. She felt something like…a hot breath against her neck. She shivered. What was happening to her, now?

Rath watched Liz from across her balcony. He closed his eyes for a moment and imagined himself touching those breasts. He opened his eyes then turned and quickly went back down the ladder to the concrete below. He would have to take this slowly. She was too intoxicating. He wanted to make sure she could handle everything he had planned for her. Getting her hot was just the beginning.

Some time later, Liz sat up; dazed Her body was on fire everywhere. She looked all around the room. She hugged her aching body, then, noticed a movement outside. Adjusting to the growing darkness, she thought she saw a familiar figure disappear over the balcony.

If it sucks, just tell me nicely and I will go away! If you want more, I have about 5 chapters completed and will be happy to keep on posting. Please let me know what you think ~ck *wink*

Edited a LOT because I keep finding things to fix!!!

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Thank you so much for giving me feed back and encouragement. I'm glad that somebody read this. I hope you like this next part! ~ck

Part 1
Next day, closing time at the Crashdown:

‘So, I had that dream again, Maria.

“Ohh, Liz the hot one with the stranger?!”

“Yeah, I just wish I could see who the man that I’m dreaming about is. He is so familiar. I just can’t place him. The strangest part is that he just stands on the balcony. I am aware of him being there, but I just see him leaving.

Well, Liz. I think you must just be having some kind of drawbacks from missing Max.

‘Well, maybe, but I really don’t think so. I just can’t put my finger on it“

“Well, Chica. At least it is a good dream. Lately, I’ve been so busy. I’m lucky to sleep much less anything else. See ya, later. Pleasant dreams!”

“Very funny! Good-bye, Maria.”

Liz locks the door behind Maria. She leans her head on the door railing for a moment. Sighs, and turns out the lights.


Upstairs, Liz begins to get ready for bed.

“I cannot stop thinking about that dream. I couldn’t concentrate all day! Man, even now, I can feel my nipples hardening and I’m getting all hot again”, Liz thinks.

Liz pauses as she puts her uniform in the laundry hamper. She looks over at her bedroom door. With a smile on her face she goes over and locks the door.

Still smiling, Liz takes off her socks and shoes. She takes the ponytail out of her hair. Falling back on the bed, she slides her hands down over her bra. She paused, feeling her nipples pressing pertly against the lacy fabric. She takes each one in between her fingers and pinches softly. A groan escapes her. Rolling slightly to her side she breathes deeply. With a deep sigh, she gets up and gathers her tank top and shorts set and heads off to the bathtub.

Liz turned on the bath water. She added her favorite vanilla bath salts in the tub and stirs it into the water. She breathes deeply, hoping the sent will calm her erratic feelings. Turning towards the mirror, Liz takes a long look at herself. She runs her fingers through her silky hair. Her gaze drops to her still pert chest. She can see the dark circles through the fabric. Incredibly, her nipples harden to the point of soreness. Liz covers her breasts with a groan. She rubs her hands up and down in an effort to relieve something, anything. She closes her eyes and her body shudders as she comes.

“Well. That has never happened before!” she says breathlessly.

Finally, she takes her bra and panties off. With one last look in the mirror, she moves quickly over to the tub. She sinks all the way under the water. As she comes up for air, Liz pulls her hair away from her face and blinks.

“I just don’t understand what is happening to me. Maybe this water should be cold. I still feel so strange! It’s like something is taking over my body.”

Ask she talks to herself, her hands move slowly from her face down the length of her body. Her hands move so that she can cup herself. She put one finger inside the velvety folds. She sighs again, uncontrollably. One finger, then another. Then, another.

“Ahhh,. Yes….. ahhhh, that is sooo good.”

Suddenly, she feels like someone is there. Her eyes flutter open and she looks around.

With her heart beating out of her chest, she calls out, “Is someone there?”

When no one answers, she smiles to herself. “Wow, I am really paranoid. I am so bad sometimes.”

Still feeling the pressure from not attaining her release, Liz allows the water to drain from the tub. Then, she pauses as she remembers reading something on the Internet once that she has always wanted to try.

She turns the bath water back on to a lukewarm temperature. Liz reaches for her bath pillow and lays it in the tub. She then, leans back and adjusts her body so the water flows directly down to play over her clit.

“Oh, yes!” Liz shudders as her body arches more fully into the torrent of water.

Finally, her release comes. “That was amazing! I have to tell Maria that it really does work!”

She gets back up to dry off. However, as the towel slides along her body, she again begins to pulse with need. Liz wipes off the mirror and gasps when she sees a spiky-haired figure behind her. As Liz wheels around, she is shocked to see that no one is there.

More that shaky, Liz takes a deep breath and tries to regain herself. She looks back in the mirror to see only herself.

“I am truly going insane” Liz laughs.

Pulling on her tank top and shorts, she walks over to her bed. She pulls the covers down and crawls in. She takes a drink of the cup of water on the bedside table. Then, hugs herself and turns over on her side still feeling the pulse in her lower regions. Suddenly, feeling very drowses. She closes her eyes tightly and tries to sleep.

As Liz falls into a deep sleep, Rath watches from the window. She is so hot. She will be ready soon.

Well, what about that one? How am I doing!?

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*bounce* I'm so excited that you guys are liking this. I hope you are all legal to be reading this, cause it about to get really good!!! I should have a new part up tonight.

Chaos Theory: this is a fic mainly about Liz and Rath, however Zan may show up at some point when Rath is a bit more comfortable in his relationship with Liz. He's still a bit worried she might go back to Max and a Max look alike would just be competition at this point. Please feel free to make suggestions, tho'. They will certainly be considered and welcomed!

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Thanks, again, for leaving feedback. Here's the next part. I hope you like it!

Part 2

It is so dark and foggy. There is a form in the mist ahead of her. She is drawn to see what it is. She calls out as she tries to get closer.

“Hello? Can you see me?”


“Where am I?”

“You are in my realm. Please sit and make yourself comfortable.”

“You sound familiar, but I can’t see you. Who are you?” Liz begins heart begins to race. She looks all around.

He doesn’t answer her so she says, “Is it you? From my dream? If so, please come out so I can see you and know who you are.”

“I will let you know when it is time. I’ve been with you for some time now. Watching over you. “

Liz felt as though hot air swept over her body and she began to breathe faster. “Why would you do that? Are you trying to frighten me?”

“Maybe, a little. But, I think you are more excited than frightened.”

Liz catches her breath sharply. “How would you know what excites me? You won’t even tell me who you are!”

Part of Liz WAS feeling excited. But, the part of Liz that was still cautious took over and began to move away.

His hand reached out and pulled her to him, before she could look up and register his face.

“You know me, but let me refresh your memory”

He took her lips in a fast and hard kiss that took her breath away.

She was all sweetness and fire. He couldn’t help himself. He held her head so she wouldn’t try and get away

Liz gasped. She tried to pull away. This kiss WAS familiar. She put her hands on his chest and tried to push him away. His other hand grabbed her breast and began squeezing it roughly. She was feeling so lightheaded. Her senses were becoming muddled. She was still so hot from touching herself before. And his kiss was intoxicating. Liz wanted to keep trying to push him away, but her traitorous body fell into his and her arm went around his waist.

“My Liz”, he said breathlessly as Liz moaned breathlessly into his mouth.

Liz barely heard him as his tongued dueled with hers. She could feel his tongue-piercing slide along the recesses of her mouth. And she groaned. She was so caught up in him; she no longer cared who he was. Her hand began to move in circles across his muscled back. He felt so wonderful.

His hands began to roam up and down her body. He moved them closer and closer to the bed in middle of the room.

Liz closed her eyes and tilted her head back as he roughly kissed her neck. He bit her earlobe and Liz gasped. His tongue snaked into her ear, eliciting more moans from Liz.

Liz was lost. The things he was doing to her felt so fantastic. His mouth caught hers again and she felt a searing pain in her tongue as he pierced her. Liz felt him transfer his tongue-ring from his tongue to hers so quickly she felt she had imagined it.

Liz felt herself begin to move against his body. One of her legs curled around his hips as she felt his hardened body press tightly into hers.

Liz felt herself being pushed onto the silken bedding of the bed. She looked up as surprise filtered across her face.


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No problem, Chaos! Did you see that I updated about the same time you posted? *big*

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Hope you guys like this. From here on out it is not for the goody-goodies! If you don't like it- don't read it!!! If you do please post me some feedback.

Hello, to Lissa and RoswellVixen03! RV03- I've been looking for a R/L fic for awhile now. Ever since I watched MTD again. Liz just seemed so nervous and giggly about the kiss. It couldn't have been as gross as she was trying to make it seem. Ya know!?

Thanks for reading my fic guys! ~ck

Part 3

Liz’s tongue flicked out to lick her parted lips. She felt the tongue-piercing touch the roof of her mouth as reality hit her.

This was Rath. What was she doing? With Rath?!

He came close to her face and whispered softly, “And now, for that little sump’in, sump’in.

Liz backed away from him to the top of the bed.

“Don’t act like you don’t want me, Liz. You have been dreaming about me for days.”

“I didn’t know it was you! Why are you here?”

You didn’t have to know it was me. Your body has been talking to mine since our kiss in the hallway of that lame-ass school. It’s me that’s been getting you all hot and bothered. Not that Maxie-boy. Me. You are mine, Liz. I made you mine. Now I’m gonna show you that you’re mine.”

“No, wait. Rath, wait. NO!”

But, Rath had already made up his mind and he pulled Liz to him. His teeth nipped at her lips until they parted and he shoved his tongue into her mouth.

Liz whimpered and tried to get away. But, she only succeeded in making Rath hold on to her tighter. She felt his hand burning a path up between her thighs. Her body, having a mind of it’s own, began to open to him. Liz felt so confused. Her mind was telling her to run away, but her body was definitely on fire for him. It was just so unreal. She didn’t feel like herself at all. I mean, it was Rath!

Rath slid his hand under Liz’s thin shorts and was pleased to find that she wasn’t wearing any underwear. He found her pussy. She was so wet. He stuck two of his large fingers into her harshly. Liz cried out but Rath was too into what he was doing to notice. Rath’s mouth found Liz’s swollen nipple thru her tank top. His teeth began to lightly bite down on her, sending her body into release. Liz cried out as she came. Rath lifted his head so he could watch her.

“Look at me, Liz. See? You like what I’m doing to you. Everyone thinks you are such a good girl. But, I know better, don’t I. You want a real man. You want me, Liz. ”

Liz opened her eyes even as she shook her head, no. Her eye’s meeting his as Rath tore Liz’s clothes from her body. He lifted his body up and began to remove his own clothes. Liz laid there in an a daze of confusion and ecstasy.

As he leaned back over Liz’s helpless form, he whispered, “So sweet, so good. You are so wet just for me. You are mine, forever. You will do as I say and go where I go. I will never let you be away from me again.”

Liz bit her lip as Rath rammed his hard cock into her small body. Liz felt as though she was being ripped apart. She screamed out in pain as he pushed thru her virgin barrier. Rath laughed, as he saw a trickle of blood seep out of Liz’s beautiful mouth. He licked it off and she screamed out, again.


Rath reached down and began to play with her clit. Liz thrashed around trying to escape the pain.

“Shhh! Easy baby, just feel. Let the pain hurt so good. Just do what Rath wants and he’ll make it all better.”

Rath slowed down his motions so Liz could adjust. Slowly, she felt herself respond to Rath’s ministrations. Her body began to press back against his. As Liz felt herself begin to relax, Rath sped up his motions .

“Ah, Rath. What are you? I think, I, I “ Rath places her legs on his shoulder as he continued to ram into her body.

“Yes, baby, don’t fight it, just feel it. Let it come.”

“ I think I’m coming. Yes, yes….ohhh, Rath!!!! ”

“That’s my little love slave. Rathy knows how to make it all better.”

Liz fell asleep in his arms as Rath stroked her hair and placed loving kisses on her forehead.

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Part 4

Liz blinked her eyes trying to realize what had just happened. Her body still feeling the tremors as she came down from her high. She sat up quickly and looked all around her room. Surprised that no one was there. Half relieved but strangely more disappointed, she took a deep breath. It had been so very real.

“Wow!” Liz sighed. “That was so intense. I can’t believe that it was Rath I have been dreaming of. Man, that was so freaky. But, totally fantastic! “

Liz began to feel a little calmer. She got up and looked out the window and felt a breeze. Liz realized that she didn’t have any clothes on.

“Ok. That’s strange. I guess I must have really been into that dream. Wow, I didn’t know I could feel like that! Ya know, if he were really here…” Liz smirked. Liz turned and began to lie back down. When she heard a deep male voice.

“If he were really here what would you do, Liz?” Rath said as he stepped out from the dark corner of the room.

“Rath! Are you really…?” Liz started.

“Yes, I’m here. And I want to know what you would do Liz.” Rath said as he walked slowly to the side of the bed.

Liz sat very still. She couldn’t take her eyes off of him. He was walked toward her wearing black leather pants and a black t-shirt. She had no idea he had so many muscles. And his face! He didn’t have as much facial hair as he did the last time she saw him. His goatee was nicely trimmed and he didn’t have all that stray hair running down his neck like the day he kissed her in the hallway at school. He looked so sexy, even though he still had the Mohawk and the piercing’s.

Piercing? Huh? Liz wondered. Liz licked her lips again and realized her tongue felt strange. Rath watched her as she flicked her tongue out again and ran it over her lips. Liz felt the tongue-ring in her mouth for the first time.

“So, it was real?” she asked.

‘What do you think?” Rath replied as walked toward her and took off his shirt. He unzipped his pants and leaned down. He placed his hand on either side of her body.

Liz felt the now familiar pulse in her body and swallowed hard. “I don’t think I want to think. I just want to feel like that again.”

“That’s my girl.” Rath said with a sneer. “This time we will make it even more interesting.”

“What do you have in mind?” Liz said warily. “I’m still new at this.”

“Babe, you are a natural. You are such a bad girl, in disguise. I’ll make sure you love it.” Rath laid Liz down, finished taking off his pants and covered her body with his. He ran his hands through her hair. It was like silk. He caught her hands with one of his and lifted them over her body. Liz arched against him trying to get closer.

Rath looked at her with a wild look in his eyes. Liz swallowed, but strangely, it didn’t make her nervous. She was surprised to find that she was impatient for what he had in store for her.

Rath grinned. Liz had never seen such a sexy, intimidating smile. Not one to be intimidated, Liz lifted her chin defiantly. She was tired of living her life for someone else, for her friends and especially Max. She was ready to grab life by the balls- no pun intended- no matter what. She wanted something new and different. This was certainly different for her.

Rath watched her intently and had never been so turned on in his life. She was so perfect for him. He could see that she was letting him know that she would give as good as she got.

Rath growled as he crushed her lips in a wild kiss. All of the passion he felt for Liz flowed into her as they connected Flashes came so fast that neither could grasp them. Rath paused and stared at Liz. That had never happened with a human before. And he’d had humans to know. Puzzled, but not deterred, he resumed his assault on her lips. Tongues dueled and piercing’s clashed.

Rath began to nibble his way down Liz’s throat. Liz’s head leaned back to give him better access.

Rath excitedly flipped her over and held her hands behind her back. Liz turned her head to the side so she could breathe. Rath sucked on the back of her neck marking her as his. He then began to loose control as he spread her legs to place himself at her heat.

Liz felt his member brush against her pussy. She groaned at the contact and automatically moved rubbing against him.

“Oh, yes, Rath, please!”

“Put your hands above your head. Don’t move them until I tell you, you can.”

“Whatever you say.” Liz moaned as she lifted her hands above her body.

Rath ran his hands up and down the length of her body. He stopped just at her ass but didn’t touch it. He was driving Liz crazy with need. Smiling, he ran his hands back up her back. Liz arched backwards trying to tell him what she wanted. Rath brought his right index finger to his mouth and licked it. Then, he began to slowly run it down the crack of Liz’s perfect ass, making sure to touch her tight asshole. He lingered there making soft circles.

Liz was so on fire, she felt as though she was going out of her mind. She was feeling such wonderful agony. She felt her thighs begin to press tightly together squeezing his member.

“Oh, Rath!”

“Soon baby.”

Rath lifted her hips to get a better view.

“Liz, tell me what you want. No, I told you not to move your hands. That is a bad girl, Liz. That is your last warning. Do not move or your will force me to punish you. Do you understand, Liz?“

“Yes, please Rath.”

“Answer me. What do you want, Liz?”

He had turned on so much. She was still surprised to hear herself say, “You, Rath. All of you! Please fuck me!”

Rath groaned, as he slipped a finger into Liz to find her so wet that it was pooling on the sheets. Rath lifted her hips to position her. He plunged into her pussy from behind in one stroke.

“Fuck, yes!” He screamed.


He couldn’t believe how fabulous she felt. Liz began to buck back against him wanting more. Rath pulled her back to his chest and began to roughly squeeze her breasts. Liz moaned, but kept her hands crossed above her head. He grabbed her head back for a kiss. Liz stuck her tongue out and licked his lips. Pleased, Rath covered her mouth greedily as his left hand traveled down her body to her clit. He began to rub vigorously. Liz moaned and began to lean forward, but Rath would not let her go.

“You are such a slut in disguise, Liz. I knew we would be perfect together.” He whispered in her ear.

Suddenly, Rath pushed her forward making sure her ass was still in the air, and brought Liz’s arms behind her back. Holding them with one hand, he held her around her waist and began pumping furiously.

Liz’s body began to convulse as she began to orgasm. Rath held tightly to her hands and used his other hand to knead her ass.

As Liz began to scream, in pleasure, Rath forced his index finger in her ass up to the knuckle.

“Yes, fuck, yes, Rath!

As Rath began to stroke his finger in and out of her he said, “Feel that Sweetness, that is where I’ll be next time. You learn so fast. Oh, yeah. Fuck, Liz I’m going to come! “

Rath pulled out of Liz and flipped her over and straddled her waist. He pumped his rod with his hand as his come shot out over Liz’s chest and face.

“You are so beautiful, Sweetness.”

Hey guys! I'm writing this note to give you a warning. Things get more intense and steamy from here. So, if you thought this last chapter was too much, don't bother reading the next one.

I should be able to post it tomorrow or Sunday eve. Hope you like! *wink* ~ck
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WARNING!!!! Heavy NC-17, BDSM. If you don't like that sort of thing or are underage, please don't read below!!!

If you still insist, read at your own risk!!!

Hope you like it! *wink*

Part 5

Liz awoke alone. She stretched luxuriously, like a sleek cat, and then hugged herself. She hopped out of bed and looked around. The sheets immediately caught Liz’s eye as she saw the evidence of their lovemaking mingled with her virgin’s blood on the sheets.

Liz gathered the sheets up and took them to wash them out in the bathroom sink. Liz smiled distractedly as she scrubbed. Her thoughts re-played over and over as she thought about her night with Rath. After they had made love, he had tenderly washed himself off of her. Then, held her and stroked her hair, until she fell asleep. Now, she wondered where he had gone, what he was doing.

Liz moved throughout her day as if in a dream. She tried to tell herself that it was wrong. Her feelings were wrong. Her mood was wrong. Her actions, especially, were wrong. She knew in her head that everything about it seemed wrong. Her body was telling her something else entirely.

She was lit like a fuse all day. She kept touching her new tongue ring, getting used to the feel of it. Careful to not let anyone see it, especially Maria. She knew Maria kept looking at her like she was crazy. The only reason she didn’t corner Liz was because they were just so busy. Except the one time Liz had broken a plate and heard Liz utter the word “Fuck”. She had never said that out loud in public before and it shocked the hell out of Maria.

“Liz, what is up with you?!”

But, Liz just smiled and said sorry and went back to work.

Once, she had to go to the bathroom because the feel of the new tongue ring, thoughts of the night before and who put it there turned her on so badly, she had to touch herself to give herself some relief.

She couldn’t help but wonder if he would come to her tonight. What would he do? What would she do? She hadn’t felt so alive in the past year. She needed him so badly. She deserved to have some fun- to feel some pleasure after all the pain of the last year or so. She was only mildly worried about her friends and family accepting her relationship with him. She needed a change. She wanted to change. Determined, she refused to beat herself up and accept it. She wanted more- more of everything.

Later, Liz took special care dressing for bed. She took a quick, but through shower, even though she really wanted a repeat of her bath experience from the night before. But, her desire to see if Rath would come to her tonight won out.

She shaved her legs and put lotion on her whole body to make sure she was extra soft. Then she topped it all off by using her favorite Vanilla body spray on her stomach, back and legs with just a touch in her hair to mix with her favorite Strawberry scented shampoo. She put on a light touch of make-up and put on her new tank top and shorts set that she got after work.

As she turned around to walk to the bed, Liz heard a noise. A shiver of anticipation ran through her.

“He’s here!” she wondered.

Liz quickly went over to the window that led outside her balcony.

There he was. Liz felt her heart stop. He slowly turned around to face her. He took the cigarette out of his mouth and smirked.

Slowly, too slowly for Liz, he made his way toward the window. Liz automatically opened the window and stood back, so he could make his way into her room.

Once in, he stood up and threw the cigarette butt out the window.

He had on black jeans and a tan colored shirt that brought out the beginning of his new tan. God, he looked so fantastic. Liz felt the moisture beginning to pool between her thighs.

“You came.”

“Where you waiting for me like a good girl?”

“Well…” Liz stammered.

“It’s ok, baby, I know what you want” Rath said as he pushed her to the bed and fell, between her legs, stretching out on her in one quick motion.

Liz was breathless. Rath took her head in both of his hands and put his lips to hers. Gently, his teeth pulled on her bottom lip, before resuming the kiss. With a groan, Liz arched into him. Rath slid his hands down the length of her back, never breaking the kiss. His hands cupped her ass as he brought her closer to his massive erection.

“Are you wet for me, Sweetness?”

“Oh, yes, Rath, only for you!”

He reached around to touch her, “Let me see. Ah, so wet. That’s a good girl. Here let me take those off of you. That’s better. Now, let’s see how many fingers you can take. I think I saw at least three in you the other night.”

Rath plunged two fingers into Liz. As Liz, moaned and stretched her legs apart, he quickly added a third.

“Isn’t it better when Rath helps you out, Sweetness? Much better than doing it yourself, right?

“Oh, yes Rath, you are much better. Don’t stop.”

Rath pauses and looks at her. He stops the movement of his fingers. Liz groans.

“Baby, don’t tell me what to do. If you tell me what to do again, I’ll have to punish you.”

“But, Rath.”

“No. One more word and I’ll have to punish you.”

“Rath, please….”

“You heard me, baby. You asked for it”

Rath lifted the edge of Liz’s thin shirt a tore it from bottom to top so that her pert breasts were displayed for him. He lift Liz’s arm’s up over her head and with his powers, attached her arms to her headboard. Liz looked up at him with her big doe-like eyes. She watched as Rath undid his pants.

“I told you not to say anything else, Sweetness. Now, I have to punish you. Treat you like a slut. Is that what you are? I think so. I think there are doors to you we haven’t even opened yet. Isn’t that right, Sweetness?”

Rath threw his pants to the floor. Helpless, Liz began to twist and turn, unsure of what was coming. One thing was for sure; she wasn’t going to say anything until she found out.

Rath took off his shirt. Next, he took off his boxers. Talking to Liz as his did this.

“I have to teach you a lesson. You are mine, remember?”

Rath slides his body up Liz’s then he straddles her chest and grabs her chin.

“Open your mouth, slut.” With that he shoves his cock into her open mouth.

As Rath reached back to pinch Liz’s nipples, he said, “That’s right, just keep it open. Oh, yeah. Your mouth is like velvet on my cock. Suck it Liz. Oh, baby. Harder. Suck it harder.”

As Liz continued to please Rath, she couldn’t believe it. This was her punishment? Shit, he was huge. He felt so good. Liz slid her pierced tongue up and down Rath’s cock.

Rath continued to plunge in and out her virgin mouth. Virgin. If he didn’t know any better… Rath felt Liz, twirl her tongue around his cock. The piercing adding additional pleasure and he couldn’t hold out any longer.

“Liz, I’m coming, baby! You better swallow and I mean don’t you dare drop any of it!”

Not knowing what to expect, Liz almost lost it. But, she tighten her lips around Rath’s cock and took it all in.

“You done real good for the first time. Now, come here for the rest of your punishment” With that used his powers to loosen Liz’s arms from the headboard. Rath grabbed Liz under her arms and laid her face down across his lap.

I warned you earlier that this part is pretty kinky. Don’t read it if it offends you! J Hope you like!!!

Part 6

Rath caressed her ass. It was so pretty and smooth- like alabaster.

“When girls are bad they get punished, right Liz? You can answer me.”

“Yes, Rath.”

“And when little girls get punished, they get spanked. Isn’t that right, Liz? No, don’t speak.” Rath said as he continued to caress her ass. Up and down, almost to her pussy, but no. Then, back up. Liz began to writhe with need. Just when she began to think that Rath was going to finally touch her he withdrew his hand and came down on her ass with a hard slap.


“What did you say?”

“No..Noth.. Nothing, Rath.”

“That’s better. Now, tell me what you want.”

Nervously, but highly excited, Liz said breathlessly, “I want…I want you to spank me, Rath.”

“You catch on fast, little one. Now, beg for it.”

“Please, Rath, please spank me.”

Rath brings his hand down onto Liz’s ass with a painful slap. Liz bites her lips to keep from yelling out. Again, Rath slaps her ass.

“Keep beggin’, Liz.”

“Rath, please spank me. Please spank my ass.”

“Keep talking slut. Tell me.”

Rath spanked her, again and again.

“I’ve been so bad, Rath. I know I deserve it. Oh, oh, Rath. Please! More please punish me!” Liz moaned, as Rath spanked her again, and again. She had never had anyone treat her without ‘kid gloves’. It amazed her how much she was enjoying it.

She could feel her pussy begin to drip.

Then, Rath stopped and let his hand slide along the crack of her ass. He raised his hand and delivered another spank.

Rath paused to slide his fingers down to her pussy. “You are so wet, baby. I wonder- will you do anything I want?” He slips a finger inside.

“Ah! Oh, Rath!” He slips a second finger inside her pussy.

“Baby, I asked you a question. Will you do anything I want” Rath licked a finger on his other hand. He begins a slow but steady trail down the slit of Liz’s ass.

Instinctively Liz knew she could trust him. She groaned, with pleasure. “Oh, yes. Rath, yes, I’ll do it. Anything, please!”

Pleased, Rath licked his finger again and circled the cute pucker of Liz’s asshole. “Your ass is so pretty. I think I’ll just play here for a while. Let’s see if you like this.” He works his finger in her asshole. “Well, do you like it, Liz?”

“Oh, yeah, that feels so good.” Liz moans as Rath began to pump his finger in and out of her cunt and ass.

After a few minutes, Rath felt like Liz was ready for anything. She was so hot and he couldn’t wait to be inside her.

Rath kept his finger in Liz’s ass and pussy as he moved her onto the bed face down. He positioned his body behind her and removed his fingers. Slowly, he began to push his cock into her ass. Liz moaned and stiffened.

“Easy, baby. Take a deep breath. Nice and slow.”

He continued gently, until he was all the way in. Rath paused, to let her get used to him. Reaching down, he began to rub Liz’s clit. He added another finger and began to stroke her. When he felt her arching back against him he began to slowly move in and out of her ass. He then added a third finger and put them all in her pussy.

“Oh, baby you are so good and tight.” Liz began to move back against him. Wanting more and trying to tell him without words.

Fuck, Liz. You are so perfect.” Rath lost his self-control at her silent urging and began to slam into her small body.

It felt so strange, but wonderful. Rath turned Liz’s head back to his chest and kissed her. As the flashes started between them, it pushed Liz over the edge. Her body began to tremor as a strong orgasm ran through her lower regions. Rath felt her flesh pulse around his fingers and it was his undoing. He slammed into her body one last time and came inside her.

He pulled out of her and lay down. Pulling Liz, into his arms, he cradled her body as the last of the tremors left her. He stroked her long hair, kissed her neck and whispered soothing words into her ear. As he held her, Liz fell asleep, contentedly, in his arms.

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Wow! I was so intent on posting this yesterday that I didn't even notice how many new people had posted feedback! Forgive me for not noticing! Page two and even a few bumps! I'm so flattered!!!

Welcome to luvfanfic, FallinAngels, behrstars, LizParkerEvans4evax, and NZBellamari!

luvfanfic = This actually began as more of a plotless nookie session with Liz being tired of always saving everyone's collective asses and asserting her bad girl side. I'm actually a dreamer, BUT, personally Brendan Fehr is more sexy to me than Jason Behr. *wink*I think I just like his more rugged look. HIs regular look not necessarily his Rath look. It's just that his face doesn't get boring. Even tho' Jason is HOT, he just always looks the same to me. AND, big AND, it really pissed me off that we never got and Max/ Liz nookie on the show before it ended. Sure, they got married, but none of the promised nookie!

That school kiss was really memorable to me. Liz just seemed giggly and shy. Even tho' she was saying gross. Also, she didn't tell Maria about it which was strange to me and kept looking at him with curiosity. I just thought something might be there. Gotta love them bad boys. Married one myself!

I didn't mean to turn this into a book for ya! Hope that answers your questions about how I came up with the idea for this "plot".*big*

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Are you guys out there? I think I may have scared some of you off!

Thanks to luvfanfic for the pointers regarding part 3. Did Liz's POV at the beginning of part 4 help at all? This is a great learning experience. I'm just glad I can hold anyone's attention. I love the feedback. It really does help.

Here is another part for the two of you that did post feedback! ~ck


Part 7

Next morning at the Crashdown:

“Ok, Liz, spill”

“I don’t know what you are talking about, Maria”

“Chica, this it’s me. Something is going on. You’re keeping something from me.”

“Maria, you are imagining things.”

“Really. Ok. Well, why do I see a hickey on the back of your neck, then? Can you tell me that? I’ll be around when you decide to stop lying to me.”

“Maria, really, Maria!”

“Bye, Liz.”

Liz knew she had really done it this time. Maria would give her the cold shoulder until she came clean. She just didn’t think that Maria was ready to hear that Liz was with a Michael look-alike. With a sigh, Liz headed out the back door, for some air and quiet time.

She had barely gotten out the door, when she was grabbed and pulled into a kiss.

“Mmmmm, Rath. What are you doing here?”

“I had to see you, baby. Wanted to make sure you was thinkin’ about me like I was thinkin’ about you.”

“Definitely! I can’t seem to stop thinking about you!’ Liz licked her lips and reached up for another kiss. Rath pulled away teasingly. Then, lowed his head and met her lips for a kiss.

Rath’s hand found it’s way to Liz’s breast and he heard her sigh. He began trailing light feathery kisses down her neck to her chest. Lifting his head and smiling, Rath popped the first two snaps of Liz’s uniform, before Liz placed her hand over his.

“Rath, someone might come out here.” Liz said, as she nervously looked around.

“Aren’t you forgetting who’s in charge here?” Rath said as he arched an eyebrow.

“I’m sorry, Rath. It’s just…” Rath placed a finger against her lips.

“Besides, the possibly getting caught will make it more fun. Just relax”. He could see that Liz was accepting

He removed Liz’s hand and continued to open her uniform until it she was exposed to her waist. She had on a teal colored, lacy bra that he could see right through. Lowering his head he flicked her left nipple causing it to jut out against the fabric. Rising up he kissed Liz again, hard on the lips. His hands covered her breasts causing her to moan in his mouth. Liz’s tongue brushed against his tongue piercing. Rath lowered the fabric of her bra and pinched her nipples causing Liz to forget about any element of danger. He broke the kiss and lowered his head. He pulled one of her rosy nipples into his mouth as Liz arched into him. Her fingers went around his neck and into his hair to pull him closed.

Rath lightly nipped at the rosy peak, before taking her fully into his mouth. Liz could feel his tongue, with the piercing, circling around her areola. It was exquisite. Rath paused, and then took the other nipple in his mouth and bit down hard. Liz held his head to her and felt her lower regions begin to get moist. She lifted her leg and wrapped it around him, trying to get closer to him. Sensing her discomfort, Rath moved her leg and began to slide his hand upwards toward the apex of her thighs.

As Rath continued to bite, suck, and stroke Liz’s breath with one hand, the other had found it’s destination. He re-moved the lacy underwear and put it in his pocket and placed a finger between the wet folds. He slid his finger in her cunt. Liz widened her legs to give him better access.

“Ohh! Shit, Rath! That feels so good!”

“You feel good, baby. Put your hand down here and feel how wet you are.”

When Liz didn’t respond, Rath reached up to take Liz’s hand and bring it to her cunt. He took one of her fingers and placed it inside her, along with his index finger. He guided both of their fingers in and out of her pussy as he resumed his attention to her breasts. It wasn’t long before she started to come. He lifted his head and looked into her eyes as he sped up the movement of their fingers. Together they brought her to her release.

Rath kissed her and wrapped his arms around her.

“That should hold you until tonight. Be ready for me. I have a surprise for you.”

“Rath, what are you up to?”

“Like I said, it’s a surprise. Catch you later.” Rath kissed her quickly and darted around the corner and out of sight.

With a frustrated sigh, Liz snapped and adjusted her clothes, and went inside.

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Part 8

Liz could hardly wait for Rath to get there. Instead of calming her down, his visit had made her even more anxious for his arrival. The fact that he had kept her panties kept Liz turned on all day. She had been lying in bed for a good hour now and he still had not come. What could be keeping him? She felt so anxious.

She closed her eyes. Then, she heard the window to her room being raised. She opened her eyes and sat up. She watched him step through the window, cigarette in hand.


“Hey, baby, you miss me?”

“I did. I was getting worried about you. Is everything alright?”

“Fine, babe, fine. I just had a stop to make that took longer that I expected. Were you about to start without me?”

Liz blushed. The though did cross her mind.

“You are so pretty when you blush. Now, come here my little love slave.”

Liz crawled to the end of the bed and threw her arms around him. Rath took her lips in a deep kiss. He pulled her on his lap and hugged her tight.

“That’s my little girl. Now, about your surprise.... I moved just outside of Roswell. For good.”

Liz screamed with joy. “Oh Rath, were are you staying? Can I come to see you?”

“Of course. You are the reason I am here. I got us an apartment, Sweets. I love you Liz. You are going to live with me all the time now.”

“Rath, I want to be with you too. This is so new to me and things are moving so fast. But, I love you. I know I do. You are all I can think about. When I’m with you I don’t feel empty inside anymore. I’m eighteen now. No one can tell me what to do!”

“Except me, right baby”

“Only you, Rath. I love the way you make me feel. I love making love with you….”

Rath smirked and held her close. “You love being bad with me.”

“Yeah, I love being bad, especially with you!” Liz grinned.

“I have a surprise for you, too.”

“What baby?”

Liz lifted her shirt over her head to reveal a leather sports top. Her finger pointed to her belly button complete with her new belly button ring.

“You like?”

“Come here and let me show you!” Rath growled, took Liz in his arms and together they fell to the bed.

Rath leaned up and gently kissed her new jewelry. “Does it hurt?”

“A little, but it’s worth it if it turns you on.” Rath laid his hand over the area. Liz felt a slight warming as Rath healed the tender area.

Liz smiled and kissed Rath on the nose. “My hero, thank you.”

“Anything for you. It’s damn sexy on you. I was hoping you would get one eventually, we'll have to get you a tattoo, also. You gotta have more tattoos and piercings, babe.”

“Well, I love my tongue ring. It makes me feel so sexy. I love it even more because you gave it to me. I can’t stop touching it and swirling it around in my mouth. It’s such a turn on. Can I have your name tattooed on my ass?” Liz smirked.

“Of course. Baby, you are turning me on. Not that I was ever off. You keep me revved up, baby. And listening to you talk about touching and swirling is making me crazy!”

“Let’s see what we can do about it, then.” Liz said deviously.

Liz was quick as she moved on top of Rath and straddled him. Her mound purposely brushed his erection and he took a deep breath. Liz began to move back and forth on it, loving the feel of him.

Rath growled again, and pulled her to him. He covered her mouth and kissed her hard. His hands went to her new leather top.

“I like this. You should always be in leather. Do you have panties to match?”

“Why don’t you find out for yourself?”

“Nah, why don’t you strip for me? You are so beautiful, Baby, take your clothes off for me.”

Liz slowly got off the bed. She faced Rath and put her fingers in the waistband of her shorts. Rath sat up and moved closer to the edge of the bed. He took off his shirt and leaned back to watch Liz. Liz paused, leaned in and kissed Rath's nipple with the nipple ring in it. Pulling on it slightly with her teeth.

“I had to do that. You are so sexy!”

“Ok, sweets, get to stripping.” Rath chuckled.

Liz again put her fingers in her waistband. Slowly, she pulled them over her hips. She did indeed have on leather boy-cut underwear. Rath loved it. She was so perfect for him.

Liz rubbed her body with her hands loving the feel of the leather against her breasts. She moved her hands into her hair, lifted it up and let the silky tresses fall about her body. She cupped her breasts and hugged them together. Moving downwards she slide her fingers into the waistband of her leather waistband. Looking up at Rath, Liz smirked. He had his eyes glued to her as she slowly slid her them down to her ankles and stepped out of them. She then reached up and pulled her top over her head and dropped it on the floor.

Rath grabbed her and flung her to the bed. As he stood up and removed his clothes, he said, “You are every man’s wet dream! Are you ready to be fucked, Liz?”

“Yes, please!” She moaned as she took in his muscular chest and hard body.

Rath kneeled down and parted her legs. Her hips bucked automatically as he breathed hot air across her clit. He put a finger on each side of her pussy and stretched it wide. Liz was breathless. Rath held her pussy open with two fingers and lowered his mouth on her. Liz arched up into him as he swirled his tongue inside of her. She tasted so sweet, like vanilla and strawberries.

Rath began to loose himself in everything about her; her smell, her taste, and her cries of pleasure coming from her throat. He wondered how he got so lucky. She was so responsive. Her body began to convulse as she came. She shouted his name over and over. He had never loved anyone before and he never would again. He plunged his cock into her soaked pussy and only pumped a few more strokes before they came together.

I hope those of you that were looking for them to move in together will be excited to read this chapter and the next. ~ck

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Part 9

After they had sated each other with her bodies, Rath and Liz talked about how to go about moving in together. It was amazing to Liz how he compromised with her, pointing out facts and suggesting ways of handling her parents and friends. He valued her opinion and seemed to instinctually know how to make her feel worthwhile and important.

Some time later, Rath helped Liz with her bags as they stepped out the window. She really didn’t need a lot. Just some clothes and personal stuff, including her journal and some things Grandma Claudia left her. Rath could buy her anything she needed later. He explained to her about the money a friend of his had left him and odd jobs he had gotten to be able to save quite a bit of money. Liz could get a job as a waitress somewhere, if her parents fired her for leaving. She would finish school as normal and she would have her scholarship to go to Harvard. Rath had already bought Liz her own car, a sweet little red Corvette convertible, so she could drive to school.

They decided that no one was going believe that Liz knew what she was doing by being with him and moving in with him. So, Liz wrote her parents and Maria a letter. Maybe in time they could get her parents and friends to listen to her side. For now, Liz was following her heart and it was leading her to Rath.

Liz watched as Rath put her bags into the trunk of the sports car. She wrapped her arms around him and hugged him tight. She knew she was doing the right thing. It was time to start living her life for herself.

They got in the car and drove to their new home 13 miles from Roswell to Dexter, NM.

Later that evening:

Liz was surprised by Rath’s attention to detail. The apartment had two bedrooms. Both rooms had nice oak furniture. The decorating was sparse, but Rath told Liz that he wanted her to decorate it however she wanted.

Liz was also touched to see that it had a small office for her to study in. In the office, he had a new desk with a brand new computer for Liz. It also had a bookshelf with a new Webster’s dictionary on top of it.

“I love it! You’ve thought of everything,”

“ I love you, sweetness. I want you to be happy. Now, let’s talk about the rules.”

Rath took Liz in his hands and led her to the brown leather couch. Rath sat Liz down on the couch. He looked at her and explained the “house rules”.

Rule 1: Liz could only wear approved lingerie or nothing at all when she was at the house.
Rule 2: Out of the house, in public, she could only wear short-sleeved shirts or tank tops and skirts. In the winter, she could wear pants, but they had to be tight pants with second skin tops. And never, ever was she to wear undergarments under any of her clothes without Rath’s permission.

Liz nodded and blushed profusely at his “rules”. “Yes, Rath. I’ll be good.”

“That’s my girl. I want you ready for me at all times. Can you handle that?”

“No problem, I’m always ready for you.”

“That’s my sexy sweet thing. Now come here I want to give you something.”

Liz scooted close to Rath. He lifted her shirt over her head and removed her bra. He laid his palm over the side of her right breast. Liz felt a tingle and looked down. When Rath lifted his hand Liz gasped.

“It is so beautiful! I love it!” Liz threw her arms around his neck and planted little kisses all over his face.

“Thank you, thank you! I’m gonna go look thru my things to find something to show if off.”

Rath smacked her butt and laughed as she hopped off the couch and practically ran to the bathroom mirror to take a better look. “If you don’t have anything, then we’ll buy something Sweetness. I want to take you out tonight to celebrate our new love palace! We can put all your stuff away later.”

“I’ll be ready in a minute.”

Liz gazed at her new tattoo in the mirror. It was a gorgeous purple swirl symbol with Rath’s name through it. She was truly marked as his now. It made her feel special, owned. Liz felt a shiver of desire run through her at the thought of Rath owning her. He really did. She still had her own mind, but Rath had cast a spell on her body and her heart.

Liz found a black and silver, silk halter-top that hung very low in the front with tiny strings that tied around her neck. Maria had talked her into it when she found it on sale. Liz was dating Max at the time and thought she’d wear it at the next Rave. My, how things change.

She went into the bathroom to dress so she could look in the mirror at the tattoo. She put the halter on and smiled. The cut of the halter barely went over her nipples, so the swirl with Rath’s name was showing proudly. Liz quickly removed her pants and underwear and added a black leather skirt and leather wrap sandals. She brushed her hair and added some heavy make-up.

Liz stepped out of the bathroom to find Rath waiting for her. Liz’s felt her tongue threatening to hang out of her mouth and swallowed hard.

Rath was dressed in his black leather pants with a short sleeved, lightweight black sweater with his black leather jacket swung over his shoulder. That was tempting enough, but Rath had made some changes. He now had his spiked hair all over, almost like Michaels used to be. And he had shaved the rest of his beard leaving a goatee and shorter side burns. Liz licked her lips and walked over to him. She touched his arm and slid it around his back and down to his ass as she walked around him.

Rath grabbed her, pulled her into a hard kiss, and then moved away from her.

“Stand back, sweets. I wanna look at you some more. Good. Now turn around slowly.”

Rath open a small jewelry case and took out a silver slave bracelet. He placed it on Liz’s left arm and cupped her cheek with his hand. Next, he took three silver hoops and hooked them into Liz’s left ear with his powers. In her right ear his added a silver cross and another hoop earring. He touched her purple colored tattoo and touched Liz’s lips and they became the same color. He ran his hands thru her hair and subtle purple highlights appeared in the strands.

“Now, you are ready. You look so hot, Liz. It’s going to be kicking to show you off.” Rath pulled Liz close and ran both his hands up her skirt to cup her ass and pull her to his hard cock. Liz arched into him with a sigh.

“Ready, sweetness?”


“Let’s go. I have another surprise waiting for you at the club.”

“You are spoiling me, honey.”

“That’s my job, Liz. I love you.”

“I love you back, Rath.”

Their eye shining with love as they walked out and closed the door.

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Because I'm a nice person, I'll go ahead and post another part even tho' I didn't get JACK SQUAT on the feedback. I won't be back until Monday due to personal computer problems.

This fic isn't going over a well over here like it is on the other boards. I'm thinking about not keeping this updated here.

If there is anyone out there that wants me to keep posting this here. You need to let me know. I've had a great response on Bordello, so I will continue it there.

Thanks for your time and attention! ~ck

Part 10

Liz had never been to a club like this before. If she thought the rave she went to in Roswell was wild, this one was Sodom and Gomorrah.

Liz felt a chill of excitement run down the length of her body as Rath held on to her upper arm to guide her through the thick crowds. Bodies were all over the place in every imaginable position some dancing, some drinking, and even some screwing in the corners.

Rath was headed toward a short, pink haired girl in the far booth. Liz tried to make out her face in the strange lights. As they got closer, it registered to Liz who it was and she squealed. Ava stood up as the got to the booth. Liz grabbed her and pulled her into a tight hug.

“Glad to see this Thug hasn’t taken all the cornball out of ya!” Ava laughed as she hugged Liz back.

“Where have you been, Ava? I was hoping to see you again.”

“I’ve been here and there. But, mostly here in Dexter. I wanted to be close in case you needed me. I’ve kept an eye on ya.”

“That is so sweet, Ava.”

“Aww, Liz I ain’t sweet.”

“Yes, you are. I’m glad you care about me. I care about you too. I hope you’ll be around our place a lot. Has Rath shown it to you?”

“Yeah, it’s great. Better than mine.” A waitress came over and took their drink order.

“Come on Liz, and dance with me.”

Rath pull Liz out into the crowded dance floor. He pulled her close to him with both hands on her ass. They swayed in the crowd looking into each other’s eyes and occasionally kissing, as bodies bumped into them. They decided after a couple of dances to go back to the table and get a drink.

Ava was waiting for them. “Good timing. They are slow tonight. The drinks just got here.”

It wasn’t until Liz finished her drink that she thought about the two aliens drinking.

“How is it that you can drink alcohol? The others couldn’t handle it. Or at least Max couldn’t and the others were too afraid to try it.”

“It’s never seemed to bother any of us. Maybe it was just the pansy “king”. Ava said with a sly smile.

Liz laughed, “You are probably right! Rath is certainly not a pansy of any kind.”

With the alcohol making her brave, Liz ran her hand down the front of Rath’s shirt. Her finger traveled over his hard chest until they settled in his lap and laid her hand over his bulge.

Rath arched an eyebrow at her. He ordered another round of drinks and pulled Liz out to the dance floor. This time Liz cupped his tight ass as they moved on the dance floor.

Rath ran his hands up and down her sides, lightly caressing the sides of her breasts. Someone behind Liz grabbed her ass, and she jumped closer into Rath’s arms. Rath put his hands back over Liz’s ass to protect it from other hands. Her skirt was so short he was able to touch the hem.

Bunching the hem of her skirt in his hands, Rath fingers were lightly grazing Liz’s bare cheeks just beneath the fabric. She raised her head off his chest and looked at him with passion filled brown eyes. Rath’s mouth closed over hers for a wild kiss. Rath’s hand lifted up the back of Liz’s skirt and covered her bare ass with his hands.

When the music ended, Rath led Liz back to their table. They chatted with Ava as they drank their drinks and ordered another round. Ava laughed as Liz and Rath joked. Then, feeling brave she laid her hand on Liz’s knee and rubbed sofly. Liz had drunk a considerable amount of liquor. This was certainly more than she was used to drinking. She wavered lightly as Rath moved out to the dance floor again. This time Ava followed.

Rath pulled Liz into his arms and she nuzzled into his chest as he wrapped his arms around her. Ava stood behind Liz and wrapped her small arms around her. Liz was now sandwiched in between Ava and Rath. They all swayed together to the punk music. Rath took one of Ava’s hands and led it down Liz’s body. Knowing what Rath was urging her to do, Ava’s hand continued down around Liz’s ass and under her skirt. She touched Liz’s bare ass and rubbed small circles on it.

Liz turned her head back and smiled at Ava, encouraging her. Ava’s hand slipped down Liz’s cheek and in between her legs. Liz’s leg’s faltered as Ava stroked her wet flesh from behind. Rath held her to him tighter so she wouldn’t fall. Slowly, Ava moved her finger to Liz’s hole. Liz’s arched her back and spread her legs giving Ava greater access. Encouraged, Ava slipped her finger into Liz and began to move it in and out of her body. Ava leaned forward and placed soft kisses on Liz’s exposed back. Liz moaned and leaned her head back. Ava suckled on the side of Liz’s neck as she added another finger.

Rath kept one arm securely around Liz. He leaned forward and discreetly moved Liz’s loose halter to one side revealing her breast with a pert nipple straining forward. He immediately covered it with his mouth, causing Liz to groan. Ava reached around and put her hand under Liz’s shirt to caress her other breast. Rath raised his head and looked at Ava.

“She is so fucking soft. I ain’t never felt anything so soft.” Ava said.

Rath kissed Ava’s lips and smiled. Then, he continued to lave Liz’s nipple. Alternating between biting and sucking it. Liz’s body tensed up as Ava’s hand left her breast and moved between Liz and Rath. The back of her small hand rubbed against Rath as she place her finger on Liz’s clit. Liz was going crazy with need. She laid her head back against Ava’s shoulder and turned her head. Ava turned and looked at Liz. She lowered her lips to Liz’s for a soft kiss. At that moment, Liz began to come and the kiss became frenzied. Liz bucked her hips and finally orgasmed.

Rath practically carried a limp Liz back to their table. Ava sat on Liz’s other side and laid her hand in Liz’s lap covering her mound. Liz looked at her and smiled as Ava kissed her again. Ava slipped her tongue into Liz’s soft mouth. Their tongues dueled as Rath watched the two of them. Liz began to trail kisses down Ava’s neck to the top of her breasts.

Liz looked up at Ava. Ava nodded. Liz took her hand and lowered Ava’s top to expose one of her milky white breasts. She ran her fingers over the nipple causing it to harden. Liz lowered her head and put her mouth over Ava’s nipple. She pulled it softly with her lips. Ava held Liz’s head to her chest as she sucked and bit on her nipple. Liz looked back up and smiled at Ava again.

Then, she looked at Rath. He had his cock out of his pants and was rubbing it up and down with his hand. Liz couldn’t resist. Leaving Ava, she moved over to Rath and straddled his lap. She lowered her pussy to his cock and took him into her body. Rath grabbed her hips and rocked her back and forth on him.

“Lizzz.” He hissed. Liz took his head in both hands and kissed him hard.

Ava moved over to sit closer to them. She rubbed Liz’s back and cupped her ass. Rath moved his hand down to Ava’s mound. She wriggled so he could lift up the hem of her skirt. Then, he plunged two fingers into her, causing her to moan.

Liz began to bounce up and down, as her muscles tighten around Rath’s cock. Ava worked her finger into Liz’s ass and pumped in and out. Liz, Rath, and Ava all came together in one rush.

Liz wrapped her arms around Rath’s neck and held him. Rath pulled Ava’s skirt back down and pulled her into a side hug.

Ava followed Rath and Liz in her car back to their apartment. Rath carried a sleeping Liz into the bedroom and laid her in the middle of the king-sized bed. He motioned to Ava to lie down beside her to the right. Rath took the left side of Liz. She immediately curled up beside him, as Ava turned to spoon her from behind. Together they slept.

I'll be looking for your feedback!!! ~ck *wink*

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Well, Cool! there are some folks reading this story on this board! I'm not a feedback whore or anything, but I totally understand why writers need it. You've just gotta know if anyone wants to read your story. I've got it on 4 boards right now and all of them are in a different place. I didn't want to post it here if everyone was reading it somewhere else. But, as long as I get one person, I"ll respect that enough to keep posting.
Thanks a bunch! I really appreciate the response!

Here is the next part!

Part 11

Ava woke first. The light was coming thru the window in a perfect halo over Liz’s head. Ava sighed as she took in the sight of her. She leaned up and took a strand of Liz’s hair and twirled it as she thought.

She really hadn’t intended to get involved with Liz. But, now that she had, she knew she hadn’t had enough of her. She was so beautiful and soft and womanly. Ava ran a hand down Liz’s chest, making a circle over one of her nipples. Her hand worked it way over Liz’s trim tummy down to the apex of her thighs.
Liz moved slightly, but to Ava’s advantage. As her legs parted slightly, Ava ran a finger down Liz’s slitty. She licked her finger and slowly pushed it into Liz. Ava looked over to where Rath was lying. He was awake and watching her intently. Ave reached over to him and stroked his hard shaft with her free hand. Rath closed his eyes for a moment. Then, he leaned up to watch what Ava was doing to Liz. Ava added another finger to her friend’s pussy. As Liz began to move against Ava fingers, she began to wake.

Liz thought she was dreaming. Whatever was happening to her felt so wonderful. She didn’t want to open her eyes, but she had to know if it was a dream. She looked down and was surprised to see Ava lower her head. Liz’s body bucked as though it had a mind of it’s own. That girl really knew how to use her mouth. She felt manly hands begin to rub over her breasts, gently kneading them. She turned her head to smile at Rath and whispered “Morning” to him. He smiled as she turned her head back and closed her eyes.

Liz’s emotions were out of control. Everyone had fantasies. Never in her wildest imagination had she ever thought about actually living out her fantasies. She felt so sexy and free.

Liz came hard into Ava’s mouth. With Liz’s sweet juices still on her mouth, Ava slide up along Liz’s body until she was covering her. Liz pulled Ava’s mouth to hers, tasting herself on the small girl’s lips.

Rath ran his hand down Ava’s back, over her ass, and stuck his finger into her pussy. Ava moaned into Liz’s mouth. Rath kneeled behind Ava between Ava and Liz’s legs. With his other hand he slapped Ava on the ass. Ava lowered her body so she could access Liz’s breast. She began to suckle them each in turn as Rath continued to sporadically spank her. She felt him add another finger inside her, then, lean down to lick her asshole.

Ava reached a hand down to add a finger inside Liz.

Rath felt Ava tense. He felt her cunt pulse around his finger. She called out Liz’s name as she came. Rath moved away from Ava and moved her to Liz’s side. He added a finger inside Liz to join Ava’s.

Not wanting to wait anymore, Rath removed their fingers form Liz. He plunged his straining cock into her in one stroke. Liz pulled Ava to her and began to suck on her nipples. Liz reached around and plunged two fingers into Ava’s wet pussy.

“Ah, Liz, that feels so good.”

“My Lizzie learns fast, don’t she”?

“Fuck, yes!” Ava came as Liz bit down on one of her sore nipples. “Shit, Liz! You are so good at that.”

Ava raised and gave Liz a quick kiss on the lips. She lowered her mouth to Liz’s clit and began to stroke it with her tongue simultaneously stroking Liz’s clit and Rath dick.

It was too much for Liz and Rath. Liz’s body began to jerk and she grabbed her nipples.

Rath called out “Fuck! Yes! Come with me, sweetness!”

And she did.
Hope you liked it! ~ck

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Welcome TobascoLiz I'm honored to have you reading my story! I won't tell all my secrets, but some of what you want is coming up soon.

Transitional part!

Part 12

Ava left soon after, to get to her job at the bar where they were at the night before. Rath and Liz lay together for a long time after, touching and caressing each other. Whispering words of love and kissing. They couldn’t keep their hands off one another.

Rath gave Liz another tattoo. This one was a small butterfly on her right shoulder. Liz had Rath give himself a matching tattoo of the swirl symbol, but with Liz’s name.

Reluctantly, they rose to go to the bathroom and to find something to eat. They spent the day putting Liz’s things away and arranging the apartment the way Liz wanted it. He even agreed to go shopping with Liz for pillows, curtains, and such that would make their place more comfy.

Liz loved being with Rath. He opened doors for her when they were shopping. He held her hand and occasionally kissed her knuckles. He was always touching on her.

He took her to his favorite leather store and bought her more outfits, including her own jacket. They even had a leather thong bikini swimsuit that Rath just insisted on. He also found her a jeweled collar.

When they came back they put away their purchases. Then, Liz laid her body on top of Rath as they napped together on the couch.

Rath had Liz dress for the evening in her new red leather halter-top and matching skirt. He took her to dinner at the local Mexican restaurant. They bought a bottle of wine on the way home and made love before going to sleep.

In the morning, Liz called her parents. They were glad she was ok, but they were angry to say the least. They ranted and raved, but Liz wouldn’t tell them were she was. Only that she was with Rath and that she was happy. She told them she would call them once in awhile, but they had to stop yelling at her and accept her relationship with him or they would never see her again. That said they calmed down a bit and began to ask questions about her future.

She assured them that she would finish school and go to college. When they asked to talk to Rath, he agreed. They begged him to bring Liz back. He said he wouldn’t do that. That he loved Liz and would be the one to take care of her. He told them that he only wanted the best for Liz and that he was it. He told them that he was supportive of Liz’s dreams and would make sure she still graduated with honors and that he would move with her when she went to Harvard.

Liz smiled at Rath as he hung up the phone.

“That was brave of you! I can’t believe you talked to them.”

“Anything for you, baby. I know how they feel. I wouldn’t want you to leave me either. They miss you and are scared for you.”

“Still, you didn’t have to. I love you even more for it.” Liz gave Rath a passionate kiss and hugged him tight.

Liz puttered around the house trying to organize it. She had Rath go to the grocery store for her while she made the place pretty. She thought about the conversation with her parents. She loved them, but she loved Rath too. Giving him up was not an option ever. Being with him was a new experience every day. Blushing as she thought about her actions with Ava, she knew that he had more in store for her. Surprisingly, she knew that she would do whatever he wanted and the very thought excited her. She was not the same little Liz Parker. Or maybe she was and was just getting to know herself.

Liz felt a wave of love surround her soul. It startled her, knowing that it came from an outside source and not her. She walked to the door and opened it. She looked out and saw Rath coming up the stairs. As he came to the door with his arms loaded with groceries, she looked at him and smiled.

“I felt you coming.”


“Just what I said, I felt you coming. I knew you were out here.”

Rath put the groceries down and put his arms around her. “Well, Liz we are bonded now. Antarians can feel each other’s presence once they have mated. I am a little surprised, due to the fact that you are human. But, you are special, my Liz, because you were healed by one of us. Time will tell if you have other gifts. I’m not sure whether or not you’ll be able speak telepathically or anything like most bonded couples can. Does it bother you?”

“Not at all! It is really cool. Especially, when I felt how much you love me and how glad you were to be home. That is what is special, Rath. The way you feel about me. You still want me to pursue my dreams and such and yet, you keep me close to you, in your heart. I feel like I have come home.”

“You have, Liz. Damn-it, I’m going to miss you when you go to school on Monday.” Rath kissed her lips and forehead and pulled her close.

Pulling back slightly, Liz looked up at him. “The hot sex or me!” she said as she smiled deviously.

He chuckled, “You, baby, the hot sex is a perk.”

“Well, speaking of “perks” we’ll have hot sex tonight, cause tomorrow night I’ll have to finish studying for school, so we won’t be able to do anything. What do you have planned for me tonight, Sexy?”

“Just you wait, Sweetness!” With that he kissed her lips quickly and went to grab a beer from the fridge and hopped on the couch. Liz went to the bedroom to rest up for the night.

Rath sighed contentedly, as he made plans for his evening with Liz.

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Belladina the answer to your question is in part 14, I think. I'm glad you are liking this. Hope ya'll enjoy this next part! See you on Tuesday. Have a safe Labor Day! ~ck

Part 13

Rath laid out the clothes he wanted Liz to wear for the evening. He looked over at her. She looked so sweet lying in their bed. He hated to wake her but knew that they needed to get going.

Rath caresses her exposed breast then kissed Liz on her neck. Liz groaned, stretched like a cat and turned her head. Rath took her lips in a fiery kiss. Liz wrapped her arms around him.

“Time to get up, Sweetness.”

“ Are you sure you want to leave, Rath. We could have our own party right here.” She said as she grabbed his tight ass and pulled him close.

“Tempting, baby. But, this will be that last night we can go out until next weekend. We’ll have to stay home on the weekdays until you get out of school. ‘

“You’re right. You just feel so good.”

Rath moved his hand down Liz’s body and cupped her mound. Liz groaned.

“You are making getting up very hard.”

“You are making me hard.”

“Rath! Yes, right there. Shit, yeah!” Liz moaned as Rath fingered her clit.

Suddenly, Rath stopped and stood up.

“Come on, baby get dressed.”

“You’re stopping!?”

“Just wanted to get your motor running. I’ve got a lot planned tonight and I need you to be hot for it.

“When am I ever not hot for you, Rath?”

“Trust me, baby. Now, get up before I have to turn you over my knee.”

“Promises, promises.”


“Ok, I’m up, I’m getting dressed.”

Liz dressed in the clothes that Rath laid out for her. She was in her new dark purple skirt with a thin lavender halter that hugged her body. The neckline plunged down to her navel. It showed off both of her beautiful tattoos and a hint of her belly ring. Liz felt so sexy looking in the mirror that she couldn’t help but run her hands down her body. Liz’s nipples strained against the fabric that clung to her body and she could see the dark circles of her areolas thru the fabric.

“You look just as hot as I knew you would”

“Who knew that you had such great fashion sense? You look pretty hot yourself.”

“Thanks, babe. Let’s go!” She added her armband and they left.

All the way to the club, Rath stayed true to his word and kept Liz’s motor running. He stroked Liz’s pussy. Sometimes he put his fingers inside and would bring her to the edge only to stop. He was driving her insane. She needed to come so badly.

As they walked to the club, Liz secretly wondered if people thought she was walking funny. She could feel the thickness of her clit as her thighs rubbed together as she walked.

People did stare at them as they walked into the club. But, only because she and Rath made such a striking couple. She was looking sexy, but sweet and he looked formidable, as he frowned at anyone that looked too closely at Liz.

Ava was working and waved to them as they came in. Liz blew her a kiss as they walked to the table Rath had reserved for them. It was in a private corner in the back of the club. Ava came over to their table and leaned in to give Liz a light kiss on the lips.

“I can’t stay ‘cause I’m on the clock. I just wanted to say ‘hi’.”

“You can say ‘Hi’ better than that, can’t you”?

With that Ava cupped Liz’s chin and kissed her hard on the lips. Her tongue slipped into Liz’s mouth and explored the sweet recesses. Their tongue rings clashed. Ava put her other hand on Liz’s breast and rubbed the tight nipple poking thru the silky fabric.

She stood back up and smiled. Liz was trying to catch her breath, as Ava gave a wave of her hand and said see you later.

Rath ordered some drinks and pulled close. He kissed Liz’s neck and she smiled at him.

After their second round of drinks and a lot of intimate touching from Rath, Liz was feeling really great. Rath pulled her out of the booth and on to the dance floor. It was just as crowded as the night before.

Rath held Liz and kissed and touched her as they danced keeping her incredibly turned on. Some of the braver dancers rubbed up against Liz. Rath allowed one of the prettier women to touch Liz’s pussy as he kissed her. He encouraged one of his guy friends to rub and pinch her nipples while sucking on her neck. During the third song, he let another friend finger her ass while his girlfriend sucked on her tits.

By the fourth dance, Liz was so turned on she could hardly see straight. People were touching and kissing her. She was getting so frustrated because Rath wouldn’t let her come. She was so wet her juices were beginning to drip down the inside of her thighs.

Gone was the patient, good girl Liz. She began to beg Rath to fuck her there on the dance floor. He would just grin at her and kiss her again.

When Rath saw that Liz was good and dizzy with need, he carried her off the dance floor. They went back to their table and drank a couple of more beers. Rath kissed each hickey that had been put there during the evening. His hands played with her while they drank. He just kept touching her tits, squeezing her nipples, rubbing her clit and fingering her.

Finally, he spoke, “Baby, are you ready to cme?”

“God, Rath, yes, please.”

“Come with me.” Rath pulled her up out of the booth. Together they walked thru the double doors in the back. He took out a key and opened a door at the end of the hall.

Inside was a room. It was complete with a king sized bed and side table. There was what looked to Liz like a fireman’s pole and some kind of strange chair hanging from the ceiling. There were some chairs against the wall. Decorating the walls were all kinds of toys. There were whips, handcuffs, and shelves filled with dildos, plugs, and all kinds of other paraphernalia Liz didn’t recognize.

Rath led her past a large bathroom to the king sized bed and laid her down on it and took off her skirt.

Liz looked at Rath with wonder in her eyes as he went down on her.

Rath paused between licks to ask, “Do you remember your promise, Liz?”

Liz nodded her head quickly, so was so close.

“Tell me.”

“I’ll do whatever you want. I promise. I’ll be a good girl.”

“That’s good Liz. Can you still do that? Will you be a good girl and do what I say?”

Liz shivered with excitement as Rath pulled on her clit with his lips.

“Yes, Rath. I’ll be good. I’ll do whatever you want. Please! Rath, please! I have to cum!”

Rath paused and removed the rest of her clothes. He brought her hands up together and handcuffed her to posts on the bed. He ran his hands down the length of her body and squeezed her thighs together. Rath then got one of the small vibrators and turned it on. Rath put two fingers inside Liz and touched the small tip of the vibrator to Liz’s clit.

“Rath, yes! Fuck! Yes, oh shit! Yeah, Rath that feels so good.”

Rath paused just before Liz could come. Groaning, Liz tried to move her body into his. She tossed her head side to side and bucked her pelvis. Rath quickly motioned to the dark figure standing in the shadows by the wall. The stranger took off his clothes and kneeled down to take Rath’s place finger fucking Liz. Rath then, took off his clothes, and took the strangers place. Then, Rath positioned his cock at her entrance.

“Baby, I want you to meet someone.”

Liz slowly opened her eyes. She was still on fire and so close to release.

“Remember your promise. Baby, this is Zan. He’s going to help me punish you for not being patient. And right now, you’re going to give him a blowjob while I fuck you.”

The name sounded familiar to Liz, but she was too far gone to think straight. She felt Rath’s cock enter her body as Zan straddled her chest and placed his cock at her mouth.

“Take me in your mouth, bitch.” Liz nodded and opened her mouth to take in his cock.

“That’s right, slut, suck it good.”

Rath began to pound into Liz furiously. Liz started coming the moment he was inside her.

The moans coming from Liz’s mouth were driving Zan wild. He began to pump in and out of Liz’s mouth. Liz kept up with the movement taking him deep into her throat.

“I’m cumming! Don’t loose a drop now. Ahh, yes. Fuck that cock with your mouth, Bitch! Drink it all down. That’s a good girl. Yeah, you little bitch, yeah. Your mouth is so fucking sweet.”

Zan moved to Liz’s side. He leaned down and took one of her nipples in his mouth. Rath ran his hand down Zan’s back. Zan looked at him, then moved back as Rath flipped Liz over on her stomach, causing her arms to twist painfully in the handcuffs. He pulled her up on all fours and plunged back into her.

Zan moved to lie underneath Liz and began to kiss her mouth. He pulled on her nipples and pinched them eliciting moans from her.

“Oh, yes…” Liz then wrapped her small hand around Zan’s cock and began to stroke it. Zan moaned into her mouth.

Rath paused and reached for the lubricant on the side table. He squeezed some of it on Liz’s small puckered asshole, and then pushed his finger into her. He pumped in and out of her ass for a minute, and then added another finger.

Liz was bucking back against him wildly. Rath pushed her down on top of Zan and pulled out of her pussy. Zan quickly took his place inside her from his position underneath her and began to pump his cock in and out of Liz’s cunt.

“God, Rath, she is so tight”.

“Isn’t she man? She is just so fucking perfect! And she’s mine! Isn’t that right, sweetness?”

Liz moaned, “Yes, Rath, yours! Oh…!”

Rath moved his fingers in and out of Liz matching Zan’s movements. When he felt like she was ready, he removed his fingers and replaced them with his cock.

Liz gasped at the feeling of two cocks in her at once. Shit! She couldn’t believe how good they felt. She’d probably be embarrassed later, but right now, she was just so fucking turned on! She felt her ass muscles begin to flex and she began to buck back at Rath. Zan slowed his movements to match Liz and Rath’s. Together they move in sync.

Soon, Liz’s ass and pussy contracted to allow her to have the biggest orgasm of her life. Her reaction caused Zan to come as he pulled out of her. Shooting some of his cum on himself and her belly. Rath also pulled out of her and came on her ass.

Rath waved away his juices from Liz’s backside. Zan waved away his own juices from her and himself and kissed Liz on the mouth. Rath removed her hand from the cuffs, pulled her off of Zan and held her tight.

“You were so fucking good baby. Did you like it?”

“It was amazing, Rath!”

“You are amazing, Sweetness.”

Liz turned into Rath’s embrace. She felt Zan kiss her on the back of her neck and spoon her from behind.

“I second that, Angel.” Zan said as he nuzzled her from behind.

Liz laid her hand on his thigh and pulled him closer. Sandwiched between them, they all fell into a deep sleep.

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Two parts! *bounce*

Part 14

Liz awoke early feeling very secured snuggled between Rath and Zan. She blushed profusely when she remembered her actions from the night before. Rath was spooning her from behind and she was spooning Zan. She hugged him close and kissed his muscled back. He stirred and stretched. Then, turned to face her. He pulled her head to him and placed a kiss on her lips.

“Morning, little one. Thank you for letting me spends time with you. You are one special lady. I wished I had met you first. I’ve gotta get goin’. I hope I get to see you again sometime.”

Liz couldn’t help but blush as she remembered the night before. She watched as Zan rose and put on his clothes. What a great ass and ….wait!

Zan! Now, she remembered why his name was familiar. He was supposed to be dead. It was strange how much he looked like Max, but not. She would have to ask Rath about him. He leaned down one more time and stroked her cheek with the back of his hand. Then, he blew her a kiss and left the room.

“See you later, Angel.”

Liz smiled as she snuggled her face into Rath’s chest and wiggled. Rath opened one eye and then another. Liz felt him harden against her thigh. He leaned up on one arm, smiled, and looked down at her.

“Good morning. Did you sleep ok? How do you feel?” Rath twirled her hair with his fingers.

“Mmm, yes, I slept great! And I feel great. How did you sleep?”

‘I always sleeps good when I’m with you, baby.” Rath reached up and kissed her lips, then down again to kiss one pert nipple. “I love you.” He said as he leaned down and kissed her navel. He swirled his tongue around her belly ring and pulled on it lightly with his lips.

He raised his head back up and looked at Liz when he felt her hands in his hair. He covered her body with his and made love to her slowly and sweetly as the sun began to shine in the window.

Much later, they dressed and went back to their apartment. As they drove home, Liz asked Rath about Zan. According to Rath, Ava had been forced by Lonnie to mind warp him into helping her kill Zan. Once the deed was done, Ava went back and found Zan struggling to live in an alley. Ava helped him heal himself and explained that Lonnie was making them go to Roswell to see Max and the gang. She told him where to meet her as soon as she could get away from Lonnie.

Zan had stayed at their place in the sewer after they left. He still needed to rest after using so much of his power to heal himself. Even with Ava’s help he was drained.

When Ava stayed behind in Roswell, while Rath went with the others back to NY. Later, she met Zan in Dexter and they both got jobs at the Paradise Club. They were living together about a block away from Rath and Liz. Rath contacted Ava when he found out that Lonnie had run off with Nicolas after the summit fell through. He soon joined them in Dexter. Zan had been very forgiving to them both and had been happy to see him.

When they got home, Liz did her homework and studied while Rath watched TV. She stopped every now and then to give him hugs and kisses. He did the same, coming up behind her every so often kissing, hugging, and running his hands thru her hair. They couldn’t go very long without touching each other in some way.

Liz was apprehensive about seeing the gang at school the next day. Rath promised to drive her to school and pick her up for her first week back. Partly, because he knew she needed him and partly because he knew that it would be hard for them to spend their few days apart. He wanted to be with her every second he could.

They dressed and got into bed. Liz turned into Rath’s arms.

“I love you so much. Hold me tight, Rath.”

“Don’t worry baby. I’m not letting you go.”

He stroked her hair. Thought about how she had changed his life in such a short time. She lived up to every fantasy he ever had about her, even the non-sexual ones. Still, he was surprised at how quickly she had become his life.


Liz dressed for school the next day in a navy blue shirt with a denim skirt. But, of course, no underclothes. Rath brushed her hair and took the streaks out of it for her, promising he would put them back later. Her friends and family would need time to get used to the new Liz Parker as it was.

They drove to the school in silence. Giving each other soft looks and smiles, they held each other’s hands.

Liz noticed Maria’s Jetta parked in front of the school. She looked over and saw her friend waiting by a tree for her. Liz took a deep breath, leaned over and kissed Rath. He caressed her cheek and kissed the tip of her nose.

“Yo, don’t take any of their shit, Sweetness!”

Liz smiled and got out of the car. She turned back and leaned thru the window.

“I love you.”

“I love you right back, Sweetness. Call my cell if you need me. That’s why we have ‘em.

Liz smiled at him, then feeling determined, walked towards Maria. They talked as they walked together into the school.

Rath glared as he saw Max following from a distance behind her.

Rath thought to himself. “There is no way in hell, I am going back home to leave her to fend for herself.” He parked the car a discreet distance away and waited to make his next move.

Part 15

“Ok, so he’s virtually Michael, so I understand that part of the attraction. But, Liz I don’t get that YOU are attracted to him. Have you ever felt that way about Michael?”

Liz knew this would come up. She prepared for this first day of questions like she prepared for an exam. Think of all the possible questions and study all the answers.

“Maria, I’ve always thought Michael was attractive, but it was always Max for me. At least it was then. And now? Now, I can’t think of anyone but Rath.”

“That is just soooo, well, I don’t know what it is, but it’s gonna take some getting used to. Are you sure you aren’t just trying to get back at Max or something?”

“No, Maria. Look. When I gave up Max because of Future Max, I thought I was going to be alone for the rest of my life. I didn’t think I would survive. Much less ever be happy again. But, I did survive. It was for the best. And I’m happy now, Maria. Rath did that for me.”

“I’m glad he’s doing something right, chica, but are you really sure you can trust him?”

“Totally. I’ve had flashes from his past, Maria. He’s had a hard life, and he comes across as a total bad ass. But, I’ve seen him. The real him and I love that person. And I know for a fact he loves me back.”

“Wow. Well, I guess we’ll just have to see. I can’t say I’m totally ok, but I love you. You’re the only best friend I have left.”

“Thanks, Maria. You’re the best. Maybe you could meet him again soon. If you spent some time with him you would like him.”

“Well, if I can put up with Michael, I guess I could put up with his twin. But, only for you!”

“Thanks. Trust me Maria. I know what I’m doing.”

Arm in arm, Max watched as they walked off to their first class together. He couldn’t believe it, but he had heard it with his own ears. It was true. Liz was with Michael’s dupe. Stunned, he turned and walked down the hall to his class with them.

Max watched Liz as she listened to the teacher and took notes. She had smiled briefly at him when he came into the room. She didn’t look at him again after that. But, Max found that he couldn’t take her eyes off him. He kept waiting for some kind of response or look or feeling from her. He was disappointed. She seemed to have forgotten he was even in the room.

He had to get her attention. He got Maria’s attention and passed her a note. She slipped it secretly to Liz. Liz paused from her work and recognized the writing on the note that spelled her name.

Hesitantly, she opened the note. She still cared about him- as a friend. Not only was he was her first love, but he had been the total focus of her life for a long time. Sure, he was with Tess now, like he should be. But, she also knew it would hurt him to know that she was with Rath.

“Liz, we really need to talk. Eraser room, after class?” It said.

Liz thought carefully. She wrote on the note and passed it back.

“Talk, Sure. But, meet me under the bleachers instead.” Max felt his heart sink a bit more. He was really hoping to get her more to himself. At least she didn’t turn him down.

He looked up and noticed that Liz was looking at him. He smiled weakly and nodded to her. She smiled back and went back to her notes.

When the classes ended, they walked out to the bleacher together in silence.

They looked at each other nervously. Max broke the silence.

“So, Rath, huh? I’m having a lot of trouble believing it, Liz.”

“I didn’t want to hurt you, Max.”

“Why, Liz? Why couldn’t you just come back to me? I love you so much.”

“Max, there will always be a piece of me that loves you. Things just got to be such a mess. It’s part my fault, but there is just no going back. You were destined to be with Tess. We can’t fight fate.”

“But, Liz…”

“Max, please listen to me. I know it’s hard to hear. But, I love him. I’m happy for the first time in a long time. He puts me first, Max. Not that it was your entire fault, but that was something that you could never do. I know about your responsibilities and I accept them. I just hope you can learn to be happy for me and accept that I’m with Rath now. I’m where I need to be.”

“I can’t do that. I’m sorry. Especially not with him.”

“I’m sorry you feel that way, Max. I should go.”

Max reached out and grabbed her arm. “Don’t Liz. Don’t go. Come back to me. I know things have been hard, but I know you can love me again. Just give me a chance.”

Liz began to get angry, “Don’t you mean “another chance”, Max? I’m out of chances for you Max. I’m sorry. It’s not gong to happen. Ever. The end. Just stay away from me until you can accept it.”

Liz tried to remove her hand and walk away. But Max grabbed both of her arms and held onto her. “No, Liz I’ll never accept it. I won’t let you go back to him.”

Max quickly took her head in his hands and kissed her. He shoved his tongue in her mouth as Liz tried to get away. Max saw flashes of Rath and Liz together, as he held on to her. He felt the love they had for each other. Saw the passion. He tensed and looked up at her incredulously.

“Liz?” Liz stopped moving. Then, her breath caught in her throat.

She looked around and then at Max and said, “He’s here.”

He seemed to come out of nowhere.

Max felt himself being ripped away from Liz and landing on his butt a few feet away. He looked up and saw Rath begin to come towards him like a raging bull. He could almost see the smoke coming out of his ears.

Liz tried to pull Rath back away from him, “Rath, it’s ok. He’s not going to bother me anymore. He knows how we feel about each other now.”

Rath looked back at her. “He ain’t got no business touching yous like that, Sweetness. Look at what he did to your arm. Do you see what you done to her, Roswell?”

Max looked up and saw the bruises he had put on Liz’s arms.

“Liz, I’m so sorry. Really. I just couldn’t believe it. I didn’t mean to hurt you.”

“I’m ok, Max. I didn’t mean to hurt you either. Do you believe it now?”

“I have to. I saw it. You won, Rath.” He said dejectedly.

“It’s not about winning, Roswell. It’s about loving.”

Max dropped his head into his hands. Rath pulled Liz to his side and put an arm around her.

“We are outta here. If you touch her like that again, I’ll kill you.” Liz pulled away from Rath and walked up to Max as he slowly stood up.

“Be happy, Max. I am. I’ll see you around.” Liz walked back to Rath and stepped into his embrace.

Together they walked away. Max watched them as they went over to one of the tables used for lunch. Liz sat in Rath’s lap and cupped his cheek as she spoke to him. He closed his eyes as saw her lean down and give Rath a passionate kiss.

Painfully, he turned and walked back into the school.

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Here are the next two parts. I've almost caught everyone up. I'll see you Monday! ~ck

Part 16

“It was so hard, Maria. Seeing those flashes of them! I’ll never forget it. And Maria, she has a tongue ring.”

Maria put her hand on his shoulder and squeezed. There wasn’t a lot she could say to him. She felt so bad for him. Nothing would make this better for him except time. Liz was her own person, though. Part of her was glad that Liz was reasserting herself. She jus wished it hadn’t been this extreme.

She saw Michael coming toward them. Her eyes looked him up and down and she unconsciously licked her lips. Michael noticed and raised his eyebrow at her. She couldn’t fault Liz for falling for Rath though. If he was had the stamina and imagination that Michael did…whew!

The sooner Max went on with his life the better.

After school, Maria walked with Liz to her car. Together they waited for Rath and Michael to show up.

Rath walked up about the same time that his dupe did. They eyed each other warily.

Liz watched them both to gage their reactions. Satisfied, she decided to re-introduce them to break the ice.

‘I know you guys have both sorta met each other before, but this is kinda different. I hope you can both get along. Rath this is Michael. Michael this is Rath. Maria- this is Rath.”

Michael and Rath stared for a moment longer. Then, slowly, Rath held out his hand to Michael. Michael smirked and shook Rath’s hand. Maria clapped her hands and made a little jump.

‘Yeah, now that the stand off is over, I’m Maria. Nice to meet you, again. So, are you taking good care of my friend here?”

“You bet I am. She’s a special lady.” She was a bit too bubbly for him. But, he couldn’t help but like her. She seemed to accept him, even if it was for Liz’s sake.

“You don’t have to tell me. Known it for years.” Maria grinned.

‘Well, babe, we have to get moving. See you later.” Rath began to lead Liz away.

“Bye, Rath, bye, Liz. Call me later. Michael, say bye.”

As Maria nudged Michael out of his silence he spoke, “Yeah, later man. Liz.”

Liz sighed as she wrapped her arm around Rath. “Well, that went better than expected.”

Rath looked down and kissed her on the tip of the nose. “I’m glad for your sake, sweets. Now, how about’s some food. I’m starved.”

“Sounds great! What sounds good to you?”


“Seriously, Rath. Food? What food?”

“Well, babe I was serious. But, if you insist filling your stomach, I could go for some burgers. How about we check in with your folks?”

“Too soon. Give them another week or two. I’ll keep calling them. Checking in. It’s just too soon.”

They got into the car and Rath leaned over. “Whatever. Just wants ya to be happy.”

He gave her a hard kiss, while exploring her soul. He saw Liz as a little girl, then in various situations growing up, with Max, future Max and then he found what he was looking for. Him. Rath. He was overwhelmed by her feelings for him. He groaned as the kiss deepened. He felt her presence in his mind. Startled, he broke the kiss and looked up at her.

“How did ya do that?”


“I felt ya. In here.” Rath pointed to his head. “How did ya get in there?”

“You felt that!? I was just focusing. I thought I saw something, but you stopped too soon. Can we try it again?” Liz said excitedly.

Rath grinned. “Let’s get home and we’ll try whatever you wants.”

They stopped for some burgers to go, then, drove home in silence with Liz’s head on his shoulder. Once, inside, she quickly put her things away and dragged him to the bed. Leaving the burgers on the counter.

She smiled wickedly and pushed him back.

“I believe you said ‘whatever you wants’, right?”

“Liz….” Liz crawled on top of him and straddled his increasingly hardened shaft. She popped the top button of his jeans opened and wiggled them down to his ankles. He kicked them off. Rath didn’t wear underwear so Liz had easy access as she took him in her mouth.

“Oh, yeah, Liz!” Rath growled. Liz suckled and licked him, occasionally scraping her teeth against his cock. Driving him insane with pleasure. All too soon, he knew he was close to cumming.

He pulled her up his length and stared in her eyes a moment before pulling her head to him and taking her lips with his. He immediately felt Liz probing around in his mind. He chuckled softly in awe. His Liz. She didn’t waste any time. She had to investigate.

Liz felt Rath lift his hips up to her and slip within her depths. They immediately felt their connection deepen. If she had to explain it to someone, she would say that it felt like floating, like an astronaut in space. Slow motion. Ironic since she was currently with another species.

She focused more closely to the images he was projecting to her. She saw him coming out of his pod, feeling all the confusion. She saw his group huddled around each other trying to stay warm, their first meeting with their protector. She watched him as he grew to the tough, capable man she now knew. She saw Lonnie push Zan into the street. Felt his sorrow as he felt himself speed up the truck without knowing why, his pain as he thought he had killed his brother. She saw him see her picture in Max’s room, the kiss at the school that started it all and finally she saw herself with Rath. She felt how deeply he loved her and how much he loved her and wanted what was best for her.

“I love you so much, Sweetness.”

Liz answered back. “I love you, Rath.” Then, she realized they had not stopped kissing. There was no way that they said that out loud.

She felt Rath speed up as he came. She felt herself begin to cum with him.

Puzzled, opened her eyes and broke the kiss. Concentrating, she reached out to him with her mind.

“Can you hear me?” Then, she opened her eyes as she heard him answer in her head.

“Yeah babe, I can.” Then she saw him wink at her. Her eyes got wide and she felt herself begin to smile. He smiled back and sent his thoughts back to her.

“I wondered if we would be able to do this.”

“How is this possible?”

“We is connected. We mate for life. This is normal on Antar.”

“Right, on Antar. This is earth. I’m an… earthling.” Liz got up feeling a mixture of excitement and agitation. She began walking back and forth. She felt the connection dim with the lack of contact and she reached out for him with her mind frantically.


“Don’t worry, babe. This thing is here to stay. But, it’ll always be stronger, more intense when we’s touching. Especially, when we’re fucking.” He said in his mind as he wiggled his eyebrows at her.

From his place on the bed, Rath reached out his hand and extended his fingers to Liz. She touched her fingertips to his and felt the connection deepen. Liz smiled at him.

Then, she spoke out loud, “This is so cool.”

“I’m glad you likes it.”

“Of course, I do. It makes me feel even closer to you.”

“I’ll have to watch my secrets extra close from now on.”

Liz laughed and punched him softly, “Silly Rath, no secrets.”

“Secrets as in surprises for my baby.”

“What’d ya have in mind, sexy!”

“Wouldn’t you like to know.”

“Rath, come on.” Liz smirked at him deviously. Then, with a pounce she leaped on top of him and began to tickle him.

Rath began to howl with laughter. He felt so free. So loved. No one had ever made him laugh or felt comfortable with him enough to tease him. Until now. Until her. She was everything he needed.

He flipped her over and pinned her to the bed. Slowly, he took her arms in one hand and lifted them up over her head. They gazed into each other’s eyes. Passion flared. But, Rath wasn’t finished with her. With his other hand he began his counter attack.

“Raaath! “ Liz squealed with laughter as Rath tickled each of her armpits, then her stomach. “Stop, please, your killin’ me!”

Rath stopped and pulled her close to him in a tight embrace.

“Baby, you are so good for me. If my games are ever too much for yas or you don’t want to play or if I’m hurtin’ yas, just tell me.”

“Rath, what are you talkin’ about. I’m ok. You have never hurt me.”

“I’m just sayin’, if, sweets. I‘ll, ya know, back off. Give yous some time.”

“Don’t you dare! I’ll let you know if I’ve had enough. Don’t you know that I’d have said something if it was too fast. I’m loving this. I’m loving the way you love me. It is so intense. You’ve opened up a whole new world for me. Don’t you know that? Haven’t you seen how free and loved you make me feel?”

Sheepishly, and a bit embarrassed Rath said quietly, “Sure, babe. I just had to say it out loud. I had ta make sure.”

Liz knew he wasn’t used to opening up to anyone. She smiled and kissed him hard on the lips, “You are so incredible. There’s only one thing I’d like to request.”


“More! I want more.”

“You gots it babe!” And he gave her more.

Part 17

The week seemed to drag by for Liz. Soon, it was finally Friday. Only history to go and she was finally thru for the day. She was glad that she only had a couple of weeks left of school. The only thing that seemed to go by fast was the time she spent at home with Rath.

It always amazed her how much energy he had. Just last night, he decided she needed a break from studying. She got hot just thinking about how he had leaned her back on their new table and pushed her thong aside to fuck her. It was hard and fast, but so erotic. He felt so deep as he put her legs over his shoulders and thrust in and out of her.

Smiling to herself, she sent a wave of desire to Rath thru their connection. She felt him return it to her. The wave of lust nearly knocked her out of her chair as she gasped out loud. Heads turned around and looked at her. Blushing, she slid down in her chair and tried to focus on her notes.

Max watched her. He recognized the look of desire that swept across her face. He groaned inwardly. She looked so beautiful. Her cheeks we flushed and her eyes were dilated in a way that made them look even more doe-like.

What went wrong? Why couldn’t she be looking like that because of him? He was having such a hard time getting over her.

Maria noticed Liz’s looks and smiled at Michael. He smirked back.

Finally, the bell rang. Maria grabbed Liz by the arm before she could make it out the door. Together they went out and began to walk down the hall with Michael lagging behind.

“Hey, Chica. Do you and Rath have plans for the weekend?”

“We’re probably going to go to the Paradise club. It’s really cool.”

“Wow, I heard that place, was like, dangerous.”

“I guess it could be. But, nobody ever bothers me with Rath around.”

“Think we could meet you there?”

“Well…sure, but it’s really wild. I mean REALLY wild. You’ll pretty much see everything there. I don’t know if you would like it.”

“If you can go there, I can go there”

“Umm…ok, but don’t say I didn’t warn you. I’ve changed a lot, Maria. I’m a lot more open than I used to be. I like the new me. I just hope that you won’t freak out after you see what goes on there. I don’t want to shock you too bad.”

“Liz, I realize you are so sweet and innocent anymore. I mean you are with Rath.” Maria said jokingly to Liz.

Liz smiled, “It’s just that he’s really introduced me to new things and new ideas. I’m not ashamed about it or anything. I just hope you’ll still talk to me after you get a first hand view of the new me.”

“Liz, I’ve heard all about that club. I’m sure I’ll be fine.”

“Ok, but don’t come by yourself.”

“I won’t, Liz. I’ll drag Space boy with me. I’m sure we’ll have a blast.”

Ok, then. We’ll meet you there at 9pm. Make sure Michael fixes your ID’s. I’ll introduce you to some of my new friends. I think Michael will especially want to meet them.”

Liz and Maria walked to the Jetta and waited for Michael to catch up. Maria filled him in. At first, he balked. He didn’t think Maria or Liz for that matter should be in a place like that.

“Oh really, Space Boy. Well, what if I just went without you. Or, I’ll bet Kyle would love to go with me.”

“Hell, no. You aren’t going anywhere without me. If you have to go, I’ll take you. But, I don’t’ think you are ready for that scene. Right, Liz”

Liz laughed and threw up her hands and said, “Don’t get me in the middle of this. I’ve already warned her. But, if it does get to be too much for you, there is a place you can sneak off to in the back.” She winked at Maria. Maria’s eyes got big, as she looked a Michael.

“Ok, I’m in. Just give me directions.” Liz laughed and told Michael how to get there.

Rath pulled up right on time. He nodded his head at Michael as Liz walked over to the driver’s side of the car.

“Hi, baby. Michael and Maria are going to meet up with us tonight at the club.”

Rath frowned, “Liz, I don’t knows if that’s a good idea.”

“I’ve already warned them about it. Don’t worry. I think they will be fine.”

“If you says so, Sweetness. I trust ya.” Liz grinned and gave him a deep kiss. Maria came up behind here and cleared her throat to get her attention.

“Guys, hello, people still here!”

“Yah. So’s?” Rath said as he continued to nibble on Liz.

“O-kay, then. We’ll see ya there.”

They parted as couples and drove home.

Later that night, Liz began to get ready for the club. She wore a burgundy slip dress with spaghetti straps. She added her black leather jacket and black boots. She wore her hair up in a clip and pulled some strands of hair around her face. She was thinking about some highlights in the strands to match the dress as she smoothed the strands with her fingertips. Suddenly, burgundy streaks appeared.

“Raaaaath, honey, come here please!”

Rath jumped up from his seat and ran into the bathroom where Liz was standing with a smile on her face that was somewhere between shock and delight.

“I did this. Me. I changed the color myself. Look.”


“That’s all you can say. Cool. I have just demonstrated powers. This is fantastic.”

“I know, baby. I just expected it is all. We talked about this.”

“Talked, yah. But, I really didn’t expect anything. I like it.”

“Your hair looks hot. You look hot.” Rath grabbed her and pulled her into his arms for a hug.

She looked up and him and swatted at his chest. “No, silly alien, I mean I like having powers. I wonder what else I can do.”

“We could test is sometime, if ya want. Right now, we gotta get movin’.”

“Ok. Yeah, I want to work on them. I’ll also need a microscope and some test strips and supplies. I want to see how much this has changed me. I want to be prepared.’

Pleased Rath ran his hands down to her ass and squeezed. “That’s my scientist. Let’s go babe. We’re gonna be late.”

“Yes, sir.” Liz saluted and turned to the door.

“Hmmm. I like that. Call me sir tonight.”


‘Call me, Sir, tonight. We’ll play a game and have lots of fun. You’ll like it, sweets.” Rath said as he cuddled her close. “Haven’t you had fun so far?”

“That sounds interesting.” Liz said looking up at him sideways with her big doe eyes.

“Just do what I say and call me Sir and I promise you’ll have a great time!”

In response, Liz licked Rath chin running her tongue over the earring in it. She landed on his lips and pushed her tongue into his mouth.

“I guess you like that idea, huh? Does it get you hot, baby?” He kissed her deeply. Their tongues dueled together. “Do you like me to tell you what to do?”

Rath lifted up the back of her dress and ran his hand down around her ass to her pussy.

Putting a finger inside her he whispered, “So wet for me baby? You’ll have to wait a little bit longer. For now, I want you to come to the car. I’ll let you suck me off on the way there.”

“Yes, Sir.” Liz said with a husky voice.

“That’s my, Princess.”
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Sorry, 'bout that~ I really meant to post 18 yesterday. Oh, well! Life was exciting yesterday and I forgot! My brother and his wife are expecting twins. Yesterday, we found out that they are having one of each!

Please, pray for them, though. They are healthy but are going to be really small- they are only 9 ounces right now, but the little boy has 2 club feet that they are gonna have to fix when he is born. No surgery, but he'll have to wear one of those braces for awhile.

All in all, we are extremely excited! My brother was really jonesing for a boy! My sis-in-law really wanted a girl. This will probably be it for them. It took them 2 yrs and lots of meds to get these. I'm so giddy! I'm gonna be a Double-Aunt!

Here's more story!!!

Part 18

Maria and Michael were standing at the entrance. Michael was arguing with the doorman to let them in.

“Oh, there they are, Michael.”

They watched as Rath got out of the car and went to open the door for Liz.

“You could take a few notes, Spaceboy.” Maria said as she slapped him on the arm.

Michael just rolled his eyes. And went back to arguing with the doorman.

Liz hugged Maria when she saw her. Maria was dressed in a green sequined halter top that swayed down low. She had a darker green suede skirt to match.

“Maria, you look great!”

“So do you Chica. Wow, is that a tattoo? I love the symbol.”

“Thanks, I’ve got two tattoos, actually.” She said as she turned around to give them a view of the butterfly on her shoulder.

“They are so gorgeous. It’s hard to believe that I’m checking out tattoos on you Liz. I really like them, tho. They are sooo…I guess you. Tasteful or something.”

“She tasty all right.” Rath growled with a lustful grin on his face.

Feeling a bit odd, Michael tried changing the subject. “Ok, dude. How are we going to get in? I’ve been trying to get in for the last 15 minutes and this loser won’t budge.”

“Ya just hafta know how to talk to them, Duke. Watch me.” Rath stepped up to the doorman. He raised his fist in a threat. Laughing, the doorman hit his fist against Rath’s.

“Rath, my man. Where ya been all week?”

“Here and there, dude. How’s the party tonight?”

“It’s kickin’, dude. Wish I didn’t have to work so I could hang in there.”

“Tough break, maybe next week. These guys are with me.”

“Well, why didn’t you say so? Come on in.” He opened the door and ushered the four of them in.

“Wow! I have never been in a place so crowded. This is so cool.”

“You just stick with me, Maria, like we talked about.”

“Sure, Spaceboy. Who else would I want to stick with?” She brought his head down into a kiss.

“Come on, there’s folks here ya needs to meet.”

Rath lead them to a private, seemingly dark booth in the corner of the club.

Maria and Michael noticed the two dark figures kissing in the booth where Rath was leading them. They both gasped when they stopped their make-out session and looked over at them. The girl waved and Liz said, hello.

Zan got up and leaned over the table to pull Liz into a very hot welcome kiss. ”Hello, Angel.”

“Uhhh, Liz, is that…” Maria couldn’t believe who the stranger was; much less that Liz kissed him back.

“Zan, Ava, I’d like you to meet some friends of mine. This is Michael and Maria. Ava, I think you remember them.”

Ave stuck out her hand to Maria. “Course I does. How ya doin’?”

Michael piped up full of questions. “What are you doing here? Have you been here all this time? How is it you are alive? Nicolas isn’t here is he.”

“Sit down and I’ll tell ya all about it.” Zan said as he took a puff from his rolled smoke.

Zan proceeded to fill Michael and Maria in on his story since the truck incident.

“Wow. It’s just terrible.” Maria said.

“Yeah, that’s rough, man.”

“It’s nothin’ now. I’m better that ever. Especially since we have the 3 hottest babes at this table.”

“You got that right, Duke.” Rath said to Zan as they hit their fists together. “Right, now, I’m getting mine out on the dance floor.”

Liz smiled as he picked her up from the booth and carried her out to the dance floor. She slid down his body as he let her down to the ground. Her skirt came up and almost exposed the flesh on her backside.

Rath drew her close to him and cupped her ass under the skirt. Liz leaned into him for a long deep kiss. They danced a couple of dances before heading back to their table to order drinks.

Zan and Michael were in a deep discussion over their shared love for Snapple and Ava was giving Maria tips on how to streak her hair. Liz was glad that they all seemed to be getting along so great. They ordered their drinks and sat down next to each other. Liz joined the conversation with Ava and Maria when they asked her about the burgundy streaks in her hair. She excitedly, explained to them how she had done them herself this time as they drank their drinks.

They had several rounds of drinks and had a great time laughing and talking together. Maria and Michael even got out on the dance floor, once he figured out that every one was pretty much just standing in place, swaying. There was also the added benefit of groping Maria in a public place. Michael noticed she didn’t put up any fuss and seemed to enjoy it.

While Michael and Maria were dancing, Ava came up to Liz and cupped her face.

“I didn’t get a proper hello.”

“My mistake.” Liz pressed her lips to Ava’s and allowed her mouth to open slightly so Ava’s tongue could touch hers. They lost track of time and almost forgot where they were. Suddenly, Rath grabbed Liz and pulled him to his lap, while Zan grabbed Ava.

“It’s making me hot watching ya, Sweets. Yous need to be kissing me.”

“Yes, Sir.” Rath took her lips in a hard kiss. He slid one of the straps off Liz’s shoulder and ran his fingertips underneath the fabric in front to graze her breasts.

Liz moaned and pulled his head closed. The fabric dipped down further as Rath moved his hand lower to pinch a pink nipple in his fingers as he kissed her.

Maria and Michael chose that moment to walk back to the table. They both just sat down and stared as Rath rolled the tight nub between his fingers. Zan reached over and ran his hand down Liz’s thigh. Then, returned his focus to Ava, kissing her senseless.

Maria cleared her throat and tried to say jokingly, “Excuse me. Maybe you two need that room you were telling me about earlier.” She chuckled to try and ease some of her discomfort. She punched Michael as he continued to stare at the nipple in Rath’s fingers.

Rath and Liz came up for air. Rath continued to caress and pull on Liz’s nipple. Liz sighed and snuggled into Rath’s arms still feeling the effects of the kiss.

“Don’t be embarrassed Maria. It feels wonderful.”

“Liz, you are really drunk.”

“Yep! So are you, Maria.” She reached out her hand and ran it down Maria’s arm. Rath watched as Maria unconsciously licked her lower lip.

“She is so beautiful, isn’t she? Does she make you want to touch her, Doll Face?” Rath said with his eyebrow raised.

Maria stammered, “What?! No. I’m mean, yes, she’s beautiful, but of course, not.”

“You can you know, she’ll let you if I tell her to.” Rath leaned down and kissed Liz’s nose. “She’ll do whatever I tell her to. Right, baby?” Liz just nodded.

“Really.” Michael sat up straighter in his chair, then leaned closer.

“Down boy. He didn’t say you.” Maria said through her teeth.

Michael looked at her curiously and said, “Why don’t you do it baby. I want to see you touch her.”

Interested, but afraid to say so, Maria chose to utter an indignant, “Michael!”

“Come on doll face you know you want to.” As he spoke, Rath lowered one side of Liz’s dress to expose one white globe. He pulled on the nipple and twisted it. Liz looked over at Maria and licked her lips.

“Please, Maria, I want you to.” She said softly.

At her words, Maria hesitantly reached out her hand, and then just as quickly withdrew it.

“Here, let me help.” With approval in his eyes, Rath allowed Michael to place Maria’s hand over Liz’s breast.

Michael helped her caress it as Liz’s head leaned back against Rath’s chest. She made an audible sigh to encourage their explorations. Maria now needed no help to touch her best friend. She pulled and twisted Liz’s tit as Michael pulled Maria onto his lap and scooted closer to Rath and Liz.

Michael ran his hands up Maria’s waist until they landed on her pert breasts. Slowly, he kneaded them as she played with Liz.

Liz moaned as she took Maria’s arm and pulled her closer. She placed Maria’s head in her hands and kissed her lightly on the lips. Pausing to look in Maria’s eyes then, satisfied that she’d found what she was looking for, she kissed her again.

Liz’s pushed her tongue into Maria’s mouth. She ran her hands down the front of Maria’s chest until her hands were covering her tits. Liz squeezed them gently then, broke the kiss.

Still leaning in for the kiss, Maria fell forward slightly and caught herself. She looked up at Liz and grinned. “I think I need another drink.”

Liz giggled and wrapped her arms around Rath as Michael pulled Maria back into a deep kiss.

Michael groaned as he kissed Maria. She broke the kiss, took some quick gulps of her beer and grabbed Liz and Ava to escort her to the bathroom.

“That was the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen.” Michael said to Rath.

“You think that, you hadn’t seen much. You ought to join us sometime.”

“Stop kiddin’ me.” Then he saw Rath raise his eyebrow and recognized the serious look on his twin’s face. He chuckled as his gaze followed Liz’s form. “No, shit?”

“If Liz says its ok, s’okay with me. I think she’d like two Rath’s with her. Just know I’m the Rath in charge.”

“Maybe, she’d see it as having two Michaels. Don’t look at me like that, I’m just kidding.” He paused, thoughtfully, “Nah, I doubt Maria would ever go for it.”

“So. Don’t tell her. Then, again, she might just surprise you.”

“Well, she sure as hell did tonight. Still don’t think she would tho’.”

“Whatever. But, let’s test the waters so to speak. That was just the beginning.”

He leaned toward Michael and together they made a plan.

Part 19

The bathroom was surprisingly tasteful, exceedingly clean and spacious. It had lots of mirrors, a couple of cubicle like areas with reclining couches with little tables next to them containing pop up tissues. The three ladies huddled around the mirror checking their faces.

Ava looked at Maria and said cheekily, “So, how’d you like your Liz exploration, Maria?”

Maria blushed. Liz put her arm around her shoulders and hugged her.

“Please don’t be embarrassed, Maria. You are still my best bud, we just know each other a little better now.”

“Maybe it’s all the liquor talking, but I’m not embarrassed about what I did.”

‘What’s the red face then, Doll?” Ava said.

“Well, actually, I was just thinking of how great you felt.” Maria looked at Liz boldly in the eyes.

Ava smiled and agreed. “She sure does.” With that Ava leaned over and found Liz’s nipple thru the soft silk dress. She gazed into Liz’s eyes as she twisted and pulled softly. Liz smiled and leaned over to Ava for a deep kiss.

Maria watched the two girls with interest. Slowly, Maria put her hand up to Liz’s other breast. She rubbed the peak against her hand and felt it harden in response. She heard Liz groan in Ava’s mouth.

Ava pulled out of the kiss and watched Maria. Liz leaned over and quickly pushed her hand inside Maria’s halter-top. She pulled the fabric to one side to expose a creamy white breast. The pink nipple and rosy areola reminded Ava of strawberries and cream.

Liz leaned down and took the tip of Maria’s nipple into her lips. She sucked softly, as Maria moaned and put her hands on Liz’s head. Liz’s arm reached out for Ava’s hand. She guided it under her skirt to her moist pussy.

Maria’s head was spinning. When did things get so out of control? It was insane. But, she could understand now the rush Liz must be feeling. It was good to be bad. She felt Liz’s hand moving up the inside of the thigh. Her legs began to get weak. Her heart was racing. This was going to happen unless she put a stop to it. Did she want to stop? No. She really didn’t.

It just seemed like things had come full circle. She remembered back to the slumber parties she and Liz had growing up. Sharing the innocent exploration of teens. A couple of times they had practiced kissing, without tongue, of course. They had rubbed against each other’s bodies. Feeling the tingles they were creating in each other, talking about how they would kiss boys and if they would let them touch them when they got older. They had been so young, so innocent.

This was not like kissing boys. There was a sweetness and softness to it. Maria broke out of the kiss and stared at Liz. She watched Liz’s face as Ava played with her clit. She moved them over to the chaise and lay down on her back. She pulled Liz on top of her and Ava changed her hand position to finger Liz from behind.

Liz moved her hand to push Maria’s skirt up. She moved her thong to one side and ran a finger up to Maria’s pussy. Maria arched up into Liz’s hand. Liz slipped a finger inside to find her friend already soaked.

“Maria, you look so beautiful. You are so wet for me.” She leaned down and touched her tongue to Maria’s pouty, lips, licking them until they parted. Maria’s tongue flicked out to duel with Liz’s.

In between licks, Maria gasped, “Oh, Liz. I’m close please don’t stop. Yes, that feels so good!”

Liz shuddered as Ava stopped her movements. She walked around to Maria and Liz looked up in surprise. “Wha…” Liz began.

“I just wanted to be the one to warm you up. I think, you have more in store for you. Let’s just take care of Maria now.”

Liz smiled as Ave leaned her head down to kiss Maria. Her hand went behind Maria’s neck and untied her halter. She pulled the top down and raised her head.

She smiled at Maria and said, “Gorgeous. Yous like strawberries-n-cream. All pink and pretty. I’s like pink. You’s so beautiful.” She leaned down and took a hard nipple in her teeth and bit lightly, causing Maria to moan.

Liz moved slowly down the length of Maria’s body. She lowered her head to her pink clit flicked her tongue over it then, sucked. Maria began to come.

“Lizzzzzzz, don’t stop! Oh, man! Ava harder! Yeeeesssssss!” Maria screamed as she came.

Ava chuckled. ”I knew she’d be a screamer.”

Liz looked up and grinned. “That’s our Maria.”

Ava and Liz caressed Maria for several more minutes. Then, they helped Maria pull herself back together. Giving each other a kiss and a hug, they went back to find the guys.

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Glad you all enjoyed the last part! HOld on to your horses! The ride is going to be wild! ~ck

Part 20

Michael was enjoying his talk with Rath and Zan, but was beginning to feel anxious. The girls had been gone awhile.

“Where do you suppose they are? It’s been awhile.”

“Are you kidding? We got them all revved up. They’s probably just taking care of it. We’ll see them when they come out.” Zan stated.

“In there? In the bathroom? To…Oh.” Michael watched as Liz, Maria, and Ava came out of the bathroom and walked towards them. Ava and Maria were holding hands and Liz had her arm around Maria’s shoulders. They were giggling.

Maria looked like……no…yes, she looked exactly like she did after she came. Michael was stunned. His mouth hung open as they walked towards the table. Maria caught his look and blushed profusely. Michael looked over at Liz and grinned in approval. This was going better than he had expected. They all began to drink the new drinks that the guys had ordered for them.

Rath looked at Maria, touched her face and said, “Doll face, you smell all girly. Liz, baby, did you get what you needed in there?” Rath asked pulling her close.

Liz took a sip of her drink, which, just happened to be called a Buttery Nipple then, pouted. “No, Sir. Maria did, but Ava just teased me.”

“I gots her all worked up for ya.”

Rath pulled Liz tighter and ran a hand up her leg to her pussy. Liz closed her eyes and leaned into him as he felt around. Trembling, she watched as he brought his wet fingers to his nose and breathed deeply before sucking the juice off them.

“You smell sweet and spicy, baby. You taste good, too.”

“Mmmmm, Rath. Please, help me.”

“Why don’t we lets my double take a turn. That’s cool with you, right, sweets?” Liz nodded. “Beg me for it. Tell me how much you want it.”

“Yes, Rath, please, let Michael touch me.”

Michael gulped hard and looked at Maria. She could see how turned on he was. She appreciated the fact that he looked to her for approval. Normally insecure, she and Michael had reached new heights in their relationship. She knew that Liz wouldn’t take him away from her. She kissed the side of his neck and whispered, “I love you. Go for it!” into his ear.

Michael looked into her face. “You know what you’re saying?”

Maria kissed his nose and confirmed. “Go for it Michael. I know what I’m saying.”

“I love you, Maria.”

“I know. Have fun!” Michael kissed her deeply then turned to watch Liz.

Rath was settling Liz’s head on his lap as he laid her down beside him in the booth out of sight of the crowd. Anxious, Michael sat next to her, pushed her legs up and peeled back the bottom of her dress to get a better look. Rath peeled the top of her dress down to expose her pert nipples and to play with them.

Liz was grinding her hips into the booth. “Please, Michael. Rath please let him touch me. I need to come so bad.”

Michael began a trail up her leg to her slit. She looked so beautiful to him. She was all flushed which added a rosy hue to her skin. He touched her pussy cautiously. He saw Rath pull on her nipples with both hands and the situation almost caused him to come on the spot.

“Does that make you feel hot, Baby? Does it feel good?”

“Oh, yes, Sir, that feels so good. Please, may I have more?”

“Only if you are good, Liz. Are you my good girl, Liz?”

“Yes, Rath, Sir, I’ll be good. Oh, shit, YES. Shit, Michael you’re driving me crazy. That feels so good!” She said as Michael ran a finger up and down her wet slit.

“Beg for it, Sweetness.”

“Please, don’t tease. Please, Michael, put your finger inside me.”

Michael complied by pushing two fingers into her at once and pumped them hard into her. “Is that what you want, Liz?”

“Yes! Oh, yes! Like that!” He continued for a minute, and then looked at her passion-filled eyes.

“What if I just stopped, Liz? He pulled his fingers out and looked at Liz.

Liz gasped, “Oh, please, don’t stop! Please put them back in! Please, Michael! Rath, baby, please, help me. I’m begging you!”

Rath leaned down to her face. “I’ll help you, Sweetness. Will you do what I want, Liz?”

“Yes, Rath, anything! You know I will!”

Rath pulled Liz up and put her across his lap and crushed her to his chest. He looked at his twin, winked and said, “Come on.”

Michael followed Rath as he quickly, carried Liz into the back room while Zan and Ava pulled Maria out on the dance floor.

Rath laid Liz on the bed. Michael watched as Rath played gently with Liz’s body as he whispered tenderly in her ear. Rath took one of the nipple clamps from a shelf on the wall and placed them on Liz’s tits. She jumped in surprise. He pulled on them roughly causing her nipples to jut out. Then, he motioned Michael over to her.

Michael ran his hand up Liz’s leg until he met with her moist heat. He spread her thighs and held them back with his hands.

“Liz, you are so beautiful. I’ve just got to taste you.” Michael leaned his head and licked her clit. “Mmmm, little girl, you taste so sweet.”

Michael licked again, then put his tongue in her pussy. His tongue began to move around inside her. Liz bucked her hips at the delicious contact. She moaned and called out for Rath.

Rath knelt by her side on the bed and took her hand. He kissed the knuckles tenderly. She opened her eyes and looked at him. She pulled him down to her and put her arms around his neck and kissed him. Her hand reached down and opened his pants. He moaned as her small hand curled around his erect member.

Rath deepened the kiss, and then began trailing kisses down her neck. He removed one of the nipple clamps and attached his mouth to one of the elongated nipples. His other hand was playing and pulling on the other still clamped nipple.

Michael lapped up Liz’s juices as he thought about her. It was unbelievable to him that he was here with her. He had desired her ever since he had read her diary. Reading her secret thoughts made him feel like he knew her. Maria, he loved her, really, he did. Every guy has his list though and Liz had been on his ever since then. Having an actual chance, now, that was something else. He was going to take this chance.

He thought back to some of the fantasy’s she had written about. At the time there were some of Max, but that was history now. Still, they had been interesting. Remembering one especially, he thought, that one- yeah, he wanted to try that with her.

“I wanna do her against the wall.” Michael said breathlessly as he lifted his head.

“Whateva, man, but I get to help.”


“Liz, baby, com’ere.” Rath pulled Liz up to his chest and kissed her deeply. He walked backwards with her until his back was against the wall. He roughly turned Liz to face Michael. Rath grabbed her chin and angled her face to look up at his twin.

“Tell him what you want baby. Tell him you want him to fuck you against the Rathy wall. Tell him you want to be used. Beg for it.” Rath rasped.

Liz groaned as Rath other hand ran over her tits and down to her pussy. She reached out for Michael and said, “Please, Michael, fuck me! I can’t think of anything I want more than being used between you and Rath.“

Michael kept walking toward her until her hand rested against his chest. He had never seen anything so amazing. Never in his wildest dreams had he ever imagined Liz like this. She was so incredibly sexy. He looked her up and down. Her dress was up around her waist. The top was hanging down, exposing her creamy breasts. The look on her face was pure sex as she was grinding her body against Rath’s hand. Michael took her face in his hand.

Liz leaned in his hand as she moaned, “Please, I want you to fuck me against the wall. Against Rath.” She paused and looked up in his eyes. “Michael…you know I want it, know I want you.”

That did him in. He lost all his inhibitions at that point. Groaning, he brought his head down to hers. He kissed her as he finished pulling his pants of and threw them across the room. Michael rubbed her clit a couple of times and plunged a finger into her sheath replacing Rath’s.

She was so wet. He knew she was ready, but couldn’t help wanting to tease her a bit. He added another finger. Then, felt her moan as she wrapped her arms around his neck.

Rath pushed them back a bit so he could put his arms under her legs and lift her up. He held her legs open to Michael to give him better access.

Liz couldn’t stand the wait any more. She reached down and guided Michael’s thick cock to her pussy. Michael sighed as she took him inside her in one stroke. She felt so warm and tight. He wrapped his arm under one of her legs, allowing Rath to circle an arm around her waist for better leverage. He began to move in and out of her cunt.

Rath whispered in Liz’s ear. “You are such a hot fuck, baby. So, sexy Liz. I love you so much. You have got me so turned on I can hardly wait for my turn.”

‘Mmmm, Rath talk to me some more, please. I love it! Oh, Michael, that feels so good. You are so thick, just like my Rath. More, please, more!”

Michael sped up his movements at her urging. It was taking everything he had not to lose it. He couldn’t, not yet. He had to have more of her. He pulled out of her and picked her up. He took her over to the bed and put her on all fours.

He got behind her and plunged back into her pussy with a groan, “Fuck, Liz!”

Rath chuckled and followed them to the bed. “You like my Lizzy, don’t ya Mikey? A pretty little cunt isn’t she.” Rath laid down across the bed and ran his hand down the side of Liz’s face. She looked up at him and licked her lips. “She’s all mine, don’t you forget it. But, I knows how to share. Does you?”

Michael looked up at him confused, “What? What are you talkin’ about, man?”

“I’m talking about your girlie- Dollface.” Liz smiled as Rath continued to stare at her as he spoke.


“Wanted to see if you would share sometime. She and Liz seemed to get along good. She might have to come over some.”

“No, why now! Dude…we’ll talk about it later, when I can think!” Michael spat out breathlessly.

Liz gave him a sideways smile and pulled Rath’s face toward her. “Less talking, more fucking, Rath.”

“That’s my baby.” Rath grinned and positioned himself so his cock was at her mouth. He leaned back on his elbows as Liz sucked his long thick, cock into her mouth. He made noises under his breath as she worked him.

Michael could hear the little slurping noises Liz was making on Rath’s dick. He knew he couldn’t hold out much longer. He reached down and fingered Liz’s clit. She arched her back and began to pant harder as she paused in her ministrations with Rath.

“Yesss! Oh, yes! Harder, Michael! Yes, Yessssss!” Liz’s hand wrapped around Rath’s cock, as she laid her head in his lap as she came.

Michael thrust into her one last time as he came with a yell. Liz felt his cock pump warm liquid into her body, as he collapsed on her. He stayed semi-hard inside her as he pulled her down to the side with him. He wrapped his arms around her and hugged her tight. Enjoying the feel of her. Not ready to give her up, just yet.

They’re not done yet!!!

Ok, folks. If you keep reading, some of you are going to get an education! Hope this next part is as sexy as I’m trying to make it, without being too tacky! Enjoy ~ck

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Welcome Roslover2! Hmmm, where DO I get my ideas? I'll never kiss and tell!!! *wink*

Here’s the next section of the nookie-fest. Hope you like! Don’t forget that it’s a bit extreme. I hope it’s sexy enough for ya. *big* ~ck
Part 21

Liz lifted her head and smiled at Rath. “I love you”, they whispered, almost at the same time.

He slid down to her and ran his hand down the front of her body. He flicked her clit with his finger, keeping her hot. He kissed down the length of her body until he was at her pussy.

He licked at some the juices that had collected there, tasting the combination of Liz and Michael. He swirled his tongue around Michael’s cock as it was inside of Liz. Liz felt Michael stiffen his body behind her, but he didn’t say a word. Rath lifted Liz’s knee up a bit and began to tongue her clit, occasionally licking Michael’s cock in the process.

He stayed there a while until he felt Michael begin to harden and move inside Liz again. Then, made his way back up her body. He kissed her hard. His tongue dueled with hers in her mouth. He pinched and pulled on her tits.

Rath paused to rub his dick with some of the oils from the side table. “You are gonna get the ride of your life baby.” Then, he positioned his body and rubbed his cock against her clit.

Liz watched him in shock as she realized what he was doing. She gasped as she felt him push his cock inside her body along with Michaels’. Liz and Michael moaned at the same time.

“Oh my…Gah…two Rath’s! Fuck, Rath… oh, shit, that feels incredible!” Liz said with another moan and leaned back into Michael’s chest as Rath let them both get accustomed to the feel.

Michael growled, “Damn, man! Fuck!”

Liz was beside herself. She never dreamed that what she was feeling was even possible.
Rath was moving slowly in and out of her rubbing against Michael’s cock, as they both stretched her cunt wide. Her pussy began to contract as it hugged them both.

Michael hugged Liz tight as he began to move with in and out matching Rath’s movements. He felt Rath move his leg over his to get a better angle. Liz was right. The sensations of Rath’s cock sliding against him while inside Liz was incredible. Everything was so unbelievably smooth. It was amazing.

Rath grunted and groaned as he picked up the tempo. He ran his hands up and down Liz’s body chanting, “That’s my little love slave...Fuck our cocks! You are so fucking, sexy, Liz…I love you so much…Yes, that’s my pretty little girl…can’t…wait…Lizzzz!”

Liz began to shout that she was coming. Michael actually felt Rath’s cock as his dupe came. That was all Michael could take as he came along with Rath inside Liz.

Exhausted and panting they both, held onto Liz, until their breathing became more regulated. They were all tangled up in a mass of arms and legs and body parts.

Liz began to giggle. She couldn’t help it. It was so great.

Rath stared at her. She held up her hand trying to get a hold of herself.

“I’m sorry. Oh. My. God. It’s just. Wow. Never in my wildest fantasies did I ever imagine that! Wow. I mean- it’s was just so incredible.” Liz kissed Rath.

“You had me worried about you for a minute there, Sweetness. I thought we drove you over the edge.”

“Well, you sort of did, but in a good way. Michael, are you ok? You are way too quiet back there.”

“Umm. Yeah, I’m…I think I’m ok. I’m still trying to figure out how that happened. Shit, Liz! That was fantastic!”

“It was, wasn’t it? I’m glad you were there to share it with us.”

Michael furrowed his brows thoughtfully, “Thanks, I think! Is it proper to say thanks, after something like that?

I’m not sure, but it works for me!” Liz turned to him and pushed him on his back. She climbed on top of him and ran her hand thru his wavy hair. “You are so sexy. Don’t feel bad about this, ok. I know you. As soon as you leave your brain will start and you’ll be thinking you shouldn’t have done this.”


“I’m serious. Don’t do it. This was fabulous. Just keep it special. I hope we can do this again some time.”

Michael smiled and ran his hand thru her hair and played with the strands, “Exactly like this time?” he teased.

“Or something like it.” Liz smirked. Then, she leaned her head down to kiss him.

Rath cleared his throat. Liz laughed and looked over at him. “Jealous, much?”

“When it comes to you, always.” He growled and pulled her across Michael, over to him.

Michael got up and began to dress. He looked at Liz and Rath. “I’ve got to go check on Maria. See ya.”

“Bye, Michael. Just one more.” Liz said as she got up on her knees and crawled over to the edge of the bed. She pulled Michael down for another kiss. Minutes later, when the kiss ended, he nodded his head at Rath and left.

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I mislabled the last post as 22 instead of 21. This is the real 22! Sorry about any confusion I might have caused!

I'm glad you liked that part! I'll see you again on Friday!
There are still 4-5 parts left! On to more Rath! ~ck

Part 22

He found Maria in the very capable hands of Ava and Zan. He could tell there had been a lot of touching, but no lines had been crossed. Lines. Hadn’t he just crossed some himself? Deep in thought, he felt someone tap on his shoulder.

“Hello! Michael? Are you in there?” Maria said with an impish smile.

She was so gorgeous. “Hey.”

“Hey, yourself. Have a good time?”

“Maria, I don’t think we should talk about it.” He tried to look the other way, feeling self-conscious.

She pulled his chin down to her lever. “You always say that. But, sure, not now anyway. Right now, you’ve got to take care of me. I’m on the verge…(kiss) of something (kiss)…and I want you to be involved in it.”

Maria kissed him long and hard rubbing her body against his. “These folks have been driving me crazy, and if you have anything left in there for me. I need it.”

Amazingly, he could feel himself hardening, “God, Maria. I’m always up for you.”

“Thank goodness, they didn’t use all of you up. Now, get me back to your place. Hurry, Space boy!”

Together they waved to Zan and Ava, and left for home.

Rath and Liz lay on the bed. They were still touching each other lazily, when they heard a knock on the door.

“Go away!” Rath yelled.

He heard a squeaky voice come back saying, “Make me you big lug!”

Liz giggled at Ava’s tone and yelled for her to “come in”.

Ava and Zan walked in and plopped down to sit on the side of the bed with Rath and Liz. Liz was still naked and draped over Rath’s body. She was strangely comfortable with her lovers in the same room. They had shared so much together in such a short time. She felt like they were a part of her family.

They told her about Michael and Maria leaving and how cool they thought Maria was. Zan couldn’t help but share with Rath how he’d like to ‘do’ her.

As they talked about their plans for the next day, Zan was casually running his hand over Liz’s hip occasionally drifting over her ass. Ava was holding Liz’s hand, playing with her fingers. Rath was placing gentle kisses on her neck or forehead. Liz was nuzzling his chest and hugging him tight with her free arm.

She felt so loved and cherished.

They decided to meet at Rath and Liz’s house the next night for dinner and drinks. Zan helped Liz up off the bed by pulling her into his arms for a wild kiss. He pulled and played with her nipples, kissing her until Rath pulled them apart.

“Mine.” He growled.

Zan smirked at him and strode out of the room. Ava kissed her gently on the lips and followed him.

Rath and Liz dressed and went home to sleep in their big new bed.

The next day Liz dutifully called her parents. They were calmer this time, but still pleaded with her to come home. Liz sighed, as she explained again, why she wouldn’t.

Liz and Rath spent the day shopping then went for a late afternoon movie. They picked up some take-out for four and went home to get ready for Zan and Ava to come by.

When the doorbell rang, Liz answered it in some of her new lingerie. Rath had picked out a red lacy push up bra with a matching boy cut, red lace thong. He insisted on getting her the matching robe and red feathery lounge slippers.

She was surprised to see just Zan at the door.

“What happened to Ava?”

Zan paused for a moment. His tongue seemed to be stuck in his throat. “Wow. Liz you look so luscious!” He leaned in to kiss her when Rath walked over to the door and raised an eyebrow.

Zan stopped mid way and leaned back to look at Rath. He shook his head and smiled. “Where’s Ava, Zan?”

“She gots called over to Michael and Maria’s. Figured I’d come on over here without her.”

Liz smiled, “Wow, Michael and Maria, huh? I’m glad you came anyway. Come on in.”

Zan walked in and grabbed her up in his arms. He spun her around and kissed her while he sat her back down on the ground. He ran his hands up and down her body.

Rath scowled jealously as he pulled Zan away from Liz, “Duke, that’s my bitch yous touching.”

Zan looked up puzzled. “What’s your deal, Man?”

Rath looked at Liz. “She’s mine and you need to get that.”

“I know she’s yours. What’s the big deal anyways, we always shared before.”

“Baby, I needs ya to go in the bedroom. I’ll come and get ya when we’s finished talkin’.”

Rath kissed her lightly on the nose and scooted her towards the bedroom. Liz looked back, then went inside the room and closed the door.

“Now, Duke, let’s just get it straight who runs this show. Liz is mine, we’s forever, if ya know what I mean. You’s acting like you are taking over and that ain’t happening.”

“You got it wrong, man. I knows she’s yours. Straight up man, I was just giving her a hello.”

“Just wanted to make sure you knew how things were. Yous can give her hellos and stuff when I say. Just respect that we have a relationship.”

“No problem. We’s cool?” He stuck his fist out to Rath.

“Yah, we’s cool.” Rath smirked at him and touched his fist to Zan’s. “I s’pose that I ws jumpin’ to conclusions. I can’t let her go. She’s a part of me. I guess you look too much like the dupe she used to be with and I didn’t like how you was lookin’ at her. I didn’t want her to ever look at you like that.”

“It’s cool, man. She’s really sumpthin’. I’m happy with Ava. We’s getting’ along real good now that Lonnie ain’t around.”

Rath slapped him on the back. “That’s great, man. Let’s go see what Liz is up to. She’s probably worried.”

Rath was surprised to find Liz dozing on the bed with a smile on her face. Touched, he sat down beside her. She sat up, startled.

“Rath, are you ok?” She reached out her hand to touch his face.

Rath took her hand and kissed the palm, “Of course, Sweetness. We just talked, some. Set some ground rules.”

“About me?”

‘Yeah. I gots a jealous side when it comes to you.”

“Really, I never noticed.” Liz said with her tongue in her cheek. He growled and tackled her back on the bed.

Staring down at her, his expression softened. “I love you.”

“Oh, Rath, I love you, back.”

Zan chuckled from the doorway. “She’s got you pussy whipped! Never thought I’d see the day. Amazin’.”

Liz frowned and looked over Rath’s shoulder at Zan, “Pipe down, back there. He’s got me whipped, too. We’ve got a great relationship. You’re just jealous.”

“Yeah, I guess I am.” Zan said soberly.

Liz stared at him, then, looked back at Rath and kissed him on the nose. “Dinner, anyone?”

“Sounds great, babe.”

“Ok, you sexy men, lets get you fed.”

They had a companionable meal together. Zan and Rath took turns teasing Liz while laughing and joking together.

Rath was so content. He had never felt like this before when he was with his 4 square. Now, with Liz, he felt like he truly had a family. It hit him that he would probably go crazy if he ever lost her.

Liz caught Rath staring at her with a look on his face she hadn’t seen before. Concerned, she reached out to him with her mind probing for the answer.

Rath felt her enter his mind and smiled at her and sent her his thoughts, “I’m ok, Babe. Just feeling glad that you are here.”

“Rath, what was that look you just gave me? You looked panicked or something. It scared me.”

Rath leaned over and took her hand and sent her a wave of love. He reached out and rubbed her stomach, then her thighs. “I’m just don’t want to ever lose you. I think I’d go crazy without ya.”

She thought back to him,“Oh, Baby, I would too. I just love you so much.”

She reached out to him taking his head in her hands. Slowly, she nibbled on his lips before taking them in a slow kiss. Her tongue swirled around his.

For a moment the world stopped and there was only the two of them, and their love for each other. It was one of those perfect moments in time that everyone lives for, hopes for. The kind that most wait their whole life for.

The chuckle in the seat across from them brought them back. They stopped kissing and leaned their foreheads against each other.

“I think yous forgot I was still here! Should I leave?”

Rath lifted his head and smirked. “Nah, Man. It’s playtime!” He winked at Liz and scooped her up.

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Thanks for the bump! Well, I was gonna end it after this part, but I got some special requests on another board, so I'm gonna write a few more. I've got up part 27 done. Then, that should be it.

I've written another story. I hope you guys will check it out. I don't think I'm done writing smut, but this one is called The Myth of Love. It's a lot more tame. But, it will be NC-17. I'm posting the prologue today.

See you Wednesday for more of this story!

Part 23

He carried Liz to their bedroom. And tossed her on it, causing her small body to bounce.
Liz began to giggle and looked up. Rath and Zan were both standing at the foot of the bed staring at her as they began to slowly unbutton their shirts. Wow, she thought, what a view!

Rath waved a hand an all the candles around the room lit up. Liz licked her lips as she watched both men removed their shirts and toss them behind them. She got up on her knees and watched as they undressed for her.

“Your turn, Sweetness.”

Smiling, Liz moved the lacy red straps from her shoulders. She pulled her arms out slowly and unhooked the bra. Reaching back, she unhooked the back allowing the bra to drop away from her body. Liz ran her hands up her stomach and over her breasts softly causing them to nip. She then rolled the tiny peaks in between her fingers and looked up.

Both guys paused for a moment. It was a moment too long for Liz.

“Oh, Boys. The pants. They should be coming off.” With that Liz snapped her fingers.

Rath and Zan came out of their stupor and looked at each other in disbelief. Then, at the same time they lunged towards Liz. They grabbed and began tickling her. Liz laughed and giggled until she got the hiccups.

“Please, Rath! Nooo! Zan, ahhh! No, (hiccup) really! You’re killin’ (hiccup, hiccup) me here, Ahhhh!

She didn’t know who touched her first. By the third touch, she knew it was deliberate- a caress here, a pinch in the right spot there.

Then, as if on cue, Zan and Rath pushed Liz back and each took a taut nipple into their mouths. Liz arched and groaned as a final hiccup escaped. Rath made a chuckle sound, but didn’t miss a beat in his actions.

Somehow, her lacy underwear was being ripped off her. Rath and Zan each simultaneously each held back one of her legs and added a finger to her cunt. Liz moaned and arched on the bed.

She began running her fingers thru their hair and whispering to them. “Oh, that feels so good. Oh, yeah. Yes, right there!”

Rath got up after a moment and allowed Zan to continue his ministrations on Liz. He sauntered over to the ‘sex drawer’ and chose some of the items he had recently purchased. He walked back and lay them on a towel on the side table along with some vanilla scented oil and lubricant.

He looked over at Liz and found her watching him with interest. He smiled at her. She smiled back and reached out for him. Zan paused as he felt Liz’s distraction.

‘I love you, Liz.’ Rath said to her in his mind.

Liz pulled him down for a kiss as she thought back to him that she loved him too. She felt Zan move down her body and she moaned as he kissed her clit. Rath snuggled her close and whispered his love to her in her ear as Zan pleasured her.

Zan felt the rush of Liz’s sweet juices as she came with a soft cry. He still couldn’t get over how wonderful she tasted. He continued to lick her until he felt her reach down for his face and pull him up to her. The three of them cuddled for a moment as Liz’s body calmed down.

Rath was the first to move. He sat up and faced Liz as he ran a hand down her leg. Pulled her up and whispered in her ear. Liz smiled and turned to Zan. Zan cocked his head to one side and raised an eyebrow. She surprised him when she straddled him and ran her hand down his chest. Rath stood to the side so Zan couldn’t see what he was doing.

Liz began to place small wet kisses on his neck and made her way down his body to the waistband of his pants. She struggled to pull the leather pant off his body as he arched his hips. Rath reached out and helped her.

When, the pants were over his hips, his massive organ sprang free. Liz caught it in her hands and pulled it to her mouth in one motion, as Rath pulled Zan’s pants down the rest of the way.

Zan groaned as Liz’s mouth hummed softly over his cock. The vibrations sent tremors through his body. He felt her small tongue flick over the sensitive skin. He closed his eyes and concentrated on the sensations she was sending him.

Rath put a bit of the lubricant on to Liz’s finger. She ran it over Zan’s puckered hole while taking him deeply into her throat at the same. Zan’s eyes popped open in surprise. He felt her tiny finger begin to penetrate his ass.

He spread his legs further to accommodate her actions, as Rath sat beside him on the bed. Rath ran his hand down Zan’s chest to his stomach and down further to wrap his hand around the base of Zan’s large cock. He held it for Liz as she continued to suck.

This allowed Liz move around and accommodate herself between Zan’s legs. She didn’t miss a beat as began to stroke Zan’s muscled thigh. At the touch of her hand, Zan thought he was going to lose control. Her touch was so light and feathery on his skin.

Zan arched slightly as he felt Liz add another finger. He felt himself relax as she began to move her fingers in and out in a steady pace. She stopped sucking his cock as she concentrated on his asshole.

Liz watched as Rath began to stroke Zan’s cock. She felt herself get wet as she realized how amazing it looked to see Rath’s large hand pump up and down.

Rath smelled her female scent and looked up at her and smiled wickedly. He took a finger from his free hand reach down and it up her cunt roughly. He pumped in a few times, eliciting a moan from Liz. Then, he pulled out deliberately and touched her mouth softly with his finger coating her lips with her own juices. Taking him off guard she sucked his finger into her mouth.

Rath groaned loudly causing Zan to look up at them. Pulling his finger out of her mouth caused an audible pop, as she gazed at him. He reached over to the table and picked up what appeared to be a string with 4 beads spaced out on it. Through their thoughts he instructed Liz on how to use it. Then, waited.

Liz took her fingers out of Zan’s hole and began to pop in each of the small balls. Zan body shivered with each small thrust into his body. Liz left enough of the string out to be able to pull them out when the time came.

Liz wiped off her fingers and straddled Zan’s body facing away from him. She sucked in her breath as Rath helped her put Zan’s massive tool into her body. She began to rock back and forth on him as Rath knelt between Zan’s legs.

Rath leaned forward to kiss his princess on the mouth. She returned the kiss with fervor. Their tongue rings clashed as they each dueled. He lowered his head to suck on one of her pert breasts. He took a nipple into his teeth and bit down.

“Rath!!!! Yes! “ Liz yelled in pain. She ran her hands through Rath’s hair and pulled him closer to her as she continued to ride Zan.

Zan held Liz’s waist in his hands, periodically rubbing them up and down her body. He felt a wet tongue touch his cock and realized that it was Rath. He felt Liz squirm and felt her body begin to squeeze him in response.

Rath ran his tongue up Liz’s clit and sucked on it. Then, he went down again to Zan’s cock as Liz pulled off of him slightly.

Zan began to moan and breathe louder. “Oh, yes. Shit, man! Yes, yes! That feels fucking great!”

Rath knew they were both close. He took up the string that was attached to Zan and waited.

Liz was beside herself as Rath ran his tongue up and down her clit.

“Oh, yes, Rath I’m coming. Yes, harder Zan, yes!” Liz’s body began to shudder as Zan growled that he was coming too. As they both came, Rath slowly pulled the balls out of Zan’s hole one at a time in an upward motion so that they rubbed against his sweet spot to prolong his orgasm.

Zan yelled at the sensations they were sending thru his body as he came. When she was sure he had stopped cumming, Liz pulled off of him and leaned down to take him into her mouth again. Rath looked over at her and ran his tongue across his lips. Then, he touched his tongue to the other side of Zan’s cock and helped Liz as she licked him clean. Liz flicked her tongue out and it crossed with Rath’s causing all three to moan.

Rath picked Liz up and laid her face down on top of Zan. He entered her in one stroke as Zan captured her scream in a kiss. She began to buck against Rath, as he pumped hard in and out of her body.

“That’s my baby. Shit, you are so wet and tight for me.” Rath said.

Zan reached up to her and took her nipples in his fingers. He pulled and pinched them as Liz’s clit rubbed against his semi-hard cock. Rath spread her legs wide across Zan and put his hands on Zan’s thighs for better leverage.

Liz felt Zan get rock hard again beneath her. She felt him moan as he kissed her. Rath stiffened behind her as he came with a yell.

“Fuck yes! Oh yeah! Fuck yes, Sweetness!”

She kept rubbing her clit against Zan’s cock and he moaned below her. She squeezed her cunt against Rath’s cock and came with a jolt. Her sweet moans causing Zan to come beneath her for a second time.

Some time later, Zan slipped out of the house leaving a sleeping Liz lying across of Rath’s chest. A single sheet covered them at the waist. Rath ran his hand thru her long dark tresses.

Life had never been so good for him. He couldn’t believe how much she loved him. It was obvious that he was into freaky things. But, she just accepted it and him with style and grace. Now, as she was sleeping he watched her. Her chin was turned toward him and her lips were forming an attractive pout. Anything she wanted from him, he would give to her.

She was so beautiful inside and out. She was his. How could a man get anymore lucky?

He watched as her eyelids fluttered open. When she saw him watching her she smiled.

“Marry me, someday, Liz Parker. Make me a promise.” His voice cracking with all the emotions he was feeling.

Surprised, Liz rose up and placed her hands on his chest. Her mind searched his and saw honesty, hopes and dreams. The life he imagined for them was so beautiful. He wanted her there for all of them. She smiled a slow smile, beaming at him.

“That’s easy. I promise! I promise, someday, I’ll marry you!” She leaned forward and sealed it with a kiss.

Hope you liked! See you Wednesday! ~ck

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Part 24

The next few days at school seemed to drag by. Liz and Rath tried to make the most of their time together. Liz still had exams coming up soon, so a lot of her time was spent studying. Still, she and Rath found time to revel only in each other. They not only made love, but Rath helped her develop her powers.

There had one highlight on Tuesday. Liz got a note to meet Michael in the eraser room. When she got there, he was exactly waiting for her. As soon as he saw her he began to unbutton her blouse.

“I just need a taste of you again.” He whispered seductively.

“Is this ok with Maria?” She watched him nod his head. Then she made a mental check with Rath for his ok. When it was received, she looked up at Michael and said, “Well, then. As long as it’s just a taste.” Liz said licking her lips.

“Come here.” He growled and pulled her to him as he pulled her shirt down around her shoulders and trapped her arms in her shirt.

Michael began to nibble down the side of her neck. His hand came up to knead her breast. Liz moaned as she moved her hands around to cup his ass.

Liz was surprised to feel a soft caress at the back of her neck. She turned her hand in surprise to see Maria. Maria turned Liz’s face toward her as she kissed her softly on the mouth.

“This is turning me on so much. I want to see you and Michael together.” Liz was surprised and searched her friend’s face. Seeing her seriousness, Liz pulled away from Michael. She took her shirt off completely and removed her bra. Leaning forward, she unbuttoned Michael’s pants and pulled them off. Pushing him back onto the bench, Liz bent down to take him into her mouth.

Maria kissed Michael as Liz feasted on his cock, and then trailed kisses down his body until she was licking his cock beside Liz. Michael groaned at the havoc they were creating on his body. He couldn’t help but groan in desire as he ran his hands thru their hair.

After a few minutes, Liz got up and lifted her skirt above her waist. Maria didn’t miss a beat as she leaned over to taste Liz’s sweetness. She licked her whole pussy and pushed her tongue in to Liz’s cunt, as Michael leaned over Maria and took Liz’s pert nipple in his mouth.

“Oh, yeah. Right there, Maria, oh, yes Yes, Michael bite it!” Liz moaned.

Knowing her boyfriend was ready to burst, Maria got up and pulled Liz towards Michael. Liz straddled his lap and impaled herself on his hard cock causing them both to groan at the contact. Maria sat behind Liz on Michaels lap as he helped Liz bounce up and down. Maria’s hand alternately played with Liz’s clit and breasts eliciting moans from her.

Liz reached around for Maria’s arm and pulled her friend from behind her, off Michael’s lap. As Maria’s stood next to her Liz pushed her tube top down around her waist and pulled on her friend’s nipples. Then, Liz leaned over and took one of the pink nipples into her mouth. She pulled and tugged on it with her teeth as Maria moaned and hugged Liz’s head to her.

“Oh, yeah! Yes, that feels so good. Michael, please! Please, touch me.”

Michael reached under Maria’s skirt and began to finger her. As he pushed a finger into her, she began to moan. Turned on by the moans of her new lovers, Liz sucked harder on Maria’s breast. Michael added another finger to Maria’s pussy and began to rub it like he knew she liked it. Maria began to come immediately trying hard not to make too much noise.

Michael started to make noises himself as he began to pump into Liz harder. Liz said that she was coming. Then, Maria pulled Liz’s face up to her and kissed her. Michael made one last grunt as he pushed into Liz. He pulled Maria and Liz to his chest and cradled them kissing them.

“That was fantastic! Maria exclaimed as she helped Liz off Michael. They all began to clean up and dress.

“You’re right. I think we missed the last bell, so we all need to leave separately to go to class.”

“We’ll be ok. Let’s hurry.” They all kissed each other passionately as they left the eraser room one by one.

Since, she and Rath had made the promise of a future together, they felt even closer than before. They opened up to each other about all the likes and dislikes (of which there was very few) sexual preferences and all there latest sexual activities. Everything seemed clearer, more real, about their future together. Children were even discussed.

They decided they wanted at least two children once they decided to tone down their current lifestyle. Liz had always dreamed of having a May wedding, so they tentatively set a date for May after Liz graduated from Harvard.

Rath created a special promise ring, just for Liz. It had amethyst stones shaped like the swirl symbol in their matching tattoos. He presented it to her Wednesday after school because he just couldn’t wait to show it to her. Liz cried and called Maria over to show it to her.

Maria suggested she, Michael, Liz and Rath all get together for dinner that night. It was a school night, but all agreed they needed to celebrate. Rath and Liz went on home to get their place suitable for guests.

Rath allowed Liz to wear her favorite short beige skirt with a thong and an eggshell colored tank top, but he didn’t want her to wear a bra. Rath wore his trademark black pants with a black t-shirt.

Michael and Maria came over at the agreed upon 6:30 time. They brought Senior Chow’s with them and set up a picnic on the living room floor. They all had a great time laughing and talking about future plans. All of them even felt comfortable enough with each other to talk about their Tuesday activities.

Then the fun began.

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What????? No feedback? Where are you guys?

Part 25

Rath could hardly take his eyes off his Sweetness. He had caught Michael as well as Maria looking at her often as well. Liz had a sparkle to her tonight. Happiness was evident on her face.

But, she was also looking damn hot. Her eggshell colored tank top did nothing to hide the outline of her dark areolas and her nipples were in a constant state of arousal. This was due to Rath, of course. Whenever he could, he would graze over the top of them to keep them that way. A couple of times during their talk, he would blatantly pull and caress them. Still, he didn’t know how much more he could take before he pounced on her and had a taste of them.

It started out harmlessly. Liz tried to use her chopsticks and accidentally flipped some rice on Maria. Maria instinctively picked it up and tossed it at Liz. A gleam entered Liz’s eye as she leaned over and dumped rice in Maria’s hair. It was all out war at that point. Maria stood up and made a lunge for Liz. But, Liz escaped her clutches. Then, both girls were giggling as they ran around the apartment.

As Liz made her way back to their picnic, Maria reached down and grabbed the first thing she could. She caught the back of Liz’s tank top and managed to pull her to a stop. Twirling around to try and get out of her clutches, Liz ran smack into the barbeque chicken that Maria was dangling in front of her.

Liz screeched and tackled Maria. They began trying to tickle each other- each trying to escape and tickle each other at the same time. Rath and Michael just looked at each other amused

Called out to them, jokingly, “Girls, girls! Behave.”

Maria and Liz stopped wrestling and looked at each other. They got up slowly and walked back to the living room picnic. As they appeared to sit down, Rath caught a look that Maria passed to Liz. Still, he was too slow as he tried to block the rice as it was dumped down his shirt. Michael shared a similar fate.

Rath growled and pulled Liz down on top of him. Giggling wildly, she gave a mock scream and fell on his chest. Michael lunged toward Maria and gleefully, tossed the rest of the rice on her chest and tickled her.

Rath began a different tactic. “You have something here. (He paused to lick some barbeque sauce off Liz’s face) And here. (He nibbled rice off her shoulder) Is there any down here?” Then taking his chance, he pulled her tank top down and sucked some rice from between her breasts. ”Umm, even better with Liz on it.”

Liz pulled his head down to her lips and kissed him.

Michael stopped Maria from squirming as he licked some rice off her cheek and caught her mouth into a kiss. Then, he pulled her up and brushed her off. Hearing soft moans, they both looked over to see a half naked Liz and watched with interest as Rath sucked a pert nipple into his mouth. Liz kissed Rath again as he quickly pulled her to her feet.

“I think we need to continue this in the bedroom.” Rath said as he quirked an eyebrow at Michael. “You can join us if you share.”

Liz lazed her head on Rath’s chest and reached down to fondle him. Gazing at Maria, she licked her lips and smiled. Maria felt a shiver of excitement go down her spine as she waited for Michael to answer.

Michael hesitated. Noticing the look, Liz gave Maria set his blood on fire. Still, he didn’t want to do anything to make Maria upset. He felt a hand on his arm. Looking down, he saw Maria looking at him, waiting.

“Maria, do you want to be shared?” Not wanting to sway her one way or the other. He tried to remain stoic. His body was doing all the talking for him. Hard as a rock, he fought to remain calm.

Maria, who would always know him best, smiled at him and reached up to kiss him. “Yeah, I do, Space boy. I want two Michael’s inside of me at the same time.”

Grinning, Michael picked her up and headed off to the bedroom following behind Liz and Rath.

Once in the bedroom, Rath quickly got everyone situated. With a quick look in Michael’s eyes for an ok, he pulled Maria from his arms and laid her down on the bed as he took her warm lips in a deep kiss. Then, rising up, he motioned to Michael to get Maria warmed up. Rath sat Liz to the side of the room and gave her a loving kiss.

Michael practically dove onto Maria. She flushed with excitement and was unconsciously posed in such a way that had her skirt rising up in the back. She had on a black thong that was just peeking at him, taunting him from underneath her skirt. One part of her ass was visible, as she lay with one leg slightly elevated.

Maria couldn’t seem to stop wiggling. She was on fire with anticipation. Finally, Michael was there on top of her. He kissed her deeply and she felt as though she would pass out from the heat of it.

Taking the top of her shirt off slowly, Michael kissed every inch as it was exposed. She lifted her legs up to push her body into his still clothed cock. He groaned and ran a hand down her thigh.

Rath was ready to get in on the action. He leaned over on the bed and took off Maria’s shoes. Slowly, he massaged her feet with one hand as he caressed a smooth leg with the other hand. Lowering his mouth, he captured her smaller toes in his mouth and began to suckle lightly. He pressed his tongue in between her toes rubbing his tongue ring over the tips.

Maria was going crazy. She loved having her feet touched and kissed. Having somewhat of a foot fetish for years, as evidenced by all the shoes, stockings and socks in her possession. Arching her back and moaning into Michael’s mouth, she couldn’t be feeling better. Or so she thought.

Michael moved to one side and began to lave his tongue on her nipples. Hands seemed to be everywhere on her body. Smaller hands joined larger ones, as they caressed her stomach and legs. Rath took both of her feet and put as many toes as he could into his mouth. This combined effort had Maria screeching.

“Shit! Please…Fuck! Please! I need something inside me, please! Fuck, that feels so good!”

“Do you want just anything inside of you or something specific, Dollface?” Rath paused in his attention to her toes with a devious chuckle.

Maria felt she was going crazy, “Oh, Shit, don’t stop! Anything, something, please! Oh, shit, yes!”

Rath stopped for a moment and picked up Liz. He placed her between Maria’s legs. Grinning at Liz and kissing her forehead he placed one of Liz’s small feet at Maria’s pussy. Remembering her thong and skirt, he paused long enough to remove them, then placed Liz’s small feet at the entrance to Maria’s heat. Showing Liz briefly what he meant for her to do then went back to Maria’s feet.

Liz was hesitant at first. It seemed bizarre to her what Rath wanted her to do to Maria. But, he was more experienced in these things that she was. Trust wasn’t even a question for her.

Slowly, she began to stroke Maria with her foot. Encouraged when Maria arched and moaned, she took the next step. She wiggled her toe into Maria’s pussy. Maria instantly began to hump back. Liz positioned herself for better entry and pulled Maria’s pussy open with her fingers. As she stroked the sides of her friend’s pussy, She continued to play with it with her toes. Suddenly, Maria began to convulse with an orgasm as she felt Liz pinch her clit.

Liz pulled away and stood by the side of the bed as Michael took her place stroking Maria. Rath moved up to lap up her juices licking and sucking Michael’s fingers in the process.

Michael was kind of stunned when he felt his cock harden even more when Rath took one of Michael’s fingers out of Maria and sucked her juices off of it. Startled, he looked up at Rath and stared. Rath just stared back knowingly before placing Michael’s finger back inside Maria’s. Joining his fingers with Maria, he began to talk to her.

“Fuck our finger’s Doll face. That’s right lift that pretty cunny up. Yeah, baby that ‘s the way grind it hard. Are you ready to be fucked, Doll face?”

“Yes, please!”

“Talk to us, Dolly, tells us how much you want it.”

“Please, Rath! I need a hard cock in me so badly. Michael, please, fuck me!”

“That’s right Doll. You want it so bad. Just like the little slut you are. Don’t worry, we’re gonna fuck the shit out of you. First, I need you to suck our cocks, right Michael. How does that pink mouth feel around your cock, that’s what I need to know?”

“It feels damn great, brother. Nothing else like it.” Michael kissed her on her forehead as he moved over to pull her up.

Rath could hardly wait for those pouty lips to take him in. He smiled at Liz sitting on the side of the bed before taking off his pants and looking back at Maria, “Come on, bitch, up you go. Start sucking.”

Maria got up on her knees and went down on Rath first as Liz helped Michael take off his pants. Liz caressed Michael’s hard cock and gave it a kiss before sending him back to Maria.

Rath moaned as Maria’s mouth closed around his cock. “Fuck, Doll, that feel so good. A little harder. That’s it. Shit, you’ve got a mouth on you.” He moved Maria’s hair back so he could watch.

When Michael was naked, he came back and kneeled on the bed next to Rath. Maria, stopped sucking on Rath long enough to lick Michael from balls to tip, causing him to groan as she stopped abruptly and went back to Rath.

Liz maneuvered herself behind Maria’s backside. Small fingers caressed and stroked Maria’s back as Liz felt the soft skin on her back and ass.

Maria pulled on Michael and Rath’s cocks causing them to turn inward together with their hips touching. She touched the tips of their cocks together, causing them to growl as she licked them both at the same time.

Wanting more of her, Rath pulled out of her grasp and positioned himself behind her. Continuing to suck and stroke Michael, she gasped as Rath drove into her pussy from behind. Liz immediately wrapped his arms around him from behind and rubbed his chest and stomach.

“You like that, slut? You like having two big dicks in you at once?”

Maria could only moan her yes, as Michael began to pump in and out of her mouth.

Michael began to slow down. “Maria, you’ve got to stop. I’m gonna cum.” He pulled out of her and leaned down to kiss her as Rath pounded her from behind. Looking up at Rath, he motioned for him to change positions. Liz moved back as Rath pulled out of Maria’s pussy and walked to stand in front of her.

As Maria took him in her mouth, Michael entered her from behind. Motioning to Liz, Rath put his hand out.

“Come here Sweetness and help her out.” Liz took his hand and climbed up on the bed on all fours like her friend. She began to lick the underside of Rath’s balls, while Maria sucked on the tip of his cock. They took turns sucking and licking him, occasionally, twirling their tongues together around him and kissing each other.

Not wanting to miss out on anything, Michael noticed Liz’s ass up in the air. Seeing her cunt glistening with moisture in the candlelight, he grabbed Maria’s ass with one hand and stuck two fingers in Liz roughly with the other. Liz groaned, then began to move against his fingers.

Maria began to breath more heavily, as the delightful feel of Michael’s dick caused her clit to twitch. She screamed when she came as Liz took over pleasuring Rath. Michael stated that he was coming and began to move harder in Maria. Rath pulled Maria back up by the chin and led her mouth back up to his cock and pushed her in next to Liz.

“Suck it hard, you sweet little bitch. I’m going to come in your fucking mouth. Catch all of it. Do you hear me?”

Liz lifted up and began to kiss Michael as Maria took the pounding in her mouth from Rath.

Yelling, Rath grabbed Maria’s hair painfully and said, “Shit, yes, that’s it Doll. Swallow it all. Fuck, that’s good.”

Maria looked up at him and licked her lips. Rath caressed her cheek and leaned down to kiss her on the mouth. He could taste himself on her as their tongues played. He pulled Maria on top of him and lay down.

Liz looked at him with her big brown eyes and sighed. She was still be played with by Michael. Suddenly, he stopped and lay her down against Rath and Maria’s tangled bodies. Spreading her legs for greater access, he took her clit in his teeth biting slightly. Liz moaned and arched her back. Maria snaked her arm down and pinched hard on Liz’s elongated nipple.

When Michael put his tongue in her cunt she began to feel herself get more aroused. He began lapping at her clit and flicking it with his tongue. The motion pushed Liz over the edge as she came.

They moved up by Rath and Maria and cuddled together as they rested for a moment.

Round 2 was coming up!

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I got back from vacation and my whole world got crazy in a hurry!

I found out I'm pregnant! I'm so excited I can hardly stand myself! Now, we are contemplating how to tell everyone and buy everything we need and if we should sell the Hubs' Prelude (He's not exactly happy about that one!) So many decisions!

I'll be back tomorrow with part 26! I haven't forgotten everyone.

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Whew! Life has really been something lately! I feel like aliens have taken over my body! We found out not too long ago that I'm having TWINS! So, things have been a bit more hectic that usual. I'm having to spend some extra time with the Hubs, so he doesn't go insane, and we've gotten to the task of actually telling friends and family now.

So, hopefully I can get back to work on my favorite pastime. Roswell stuff!

AS Rath would say "Here's yous go!

Part 26

Liz was the first to move. She hadn’t gotten as much action the first time and was determined to join in more now. Just thinking about him got her wet with excitement. Reaching down she found what she was looking for. The part she had been missing before: a hard cock.

Rath felt her small fingers tickle his side as they feathered down his side. Sucking in his breath as small hands closed around his manhood, his cock came to attention instantly. He turned his head toward her as she rose up for a kiss.

Maria was still half laying across Rath’s chest. So Liz was careful not to disturb her as she crawled on top of her Rath. Lowering herself over him, she guided his cock into her pussy.

Ever so slowly she began to ride him, enjoying the feel of his thickness in her. The gentle rocking she eventually shook Maria and Michael awake. As they remembered where they were, they gravitated towards each other.

Michael reached out across Liz and Rath and kissed Maria. They both then focused their attention on Liz. Michael caressed her body and rubbed on her clit while Maria went behind them and licked Rath’s balls and cock as Liz bounced up and down.

Soon, she came in a frenzy caused by the combined touches.

Liz kissed Michael and Maria quickly then, stopped at Rath. She gave him a nice long kiss.

“I’m going to go and take a long hot bath. You guys have fun. Baby, come and join me when you’re done.” Liz kissed him again, smiled lovingly and gave a slight wave as she left for the joining bathroom.

Rath watched her as she departed. His thoughts centered on her.

Michael and Maria glanced at him unsure of what to do next. Suddenly, Rath looked at Maria and pulled her to him.

“I didn’t get enough of your sweet pussy before.” He pulled her over his body and had her straddling him as she smiled at him. Pulling her up high on his chest, he took a nipple into his mouth. Then, he reached around to feel her pussy from behind. But, he felt Michael’s hand already there.

Growling, as he alternated between the attentions he gave her breast and talking. “You are so sweet…so wet…are you ready…gonna fuck you… now.”

Michael removed his hand as Rath pushed Maria down on his cock. While helping her move on top of him, Rath squeezed her ass.

Michael was amazed that he found this so exciting. He never thought he would let anyone else touch Maria. She was so special to him, yet here they were. Having Liz was another wonder. Since reading her diary, she had always held a fascination for him.

Maria had his heart completely, but there was something about Liz- a unique quality that had men like Kyle, Max, Zan, Rath and himself lusting after her and dreaming of her. Even knowing this side of her, she still did and would always exude a grace and spirit that impressed him.

Catching himself in thought, he noticed Rath staring at him strangely and watched as his dupe pulled out of Maria.

“Are you here or what?”

“Ya, man I’m here.”

“Then, do ya wanna help or something?” Rath smirked.

Michael smirked back and said, “Yeah, what’s next?”

“She’s pretty worked up now, we need to show her just what she can do. Get up on all fours Doll. You’re ready for anything now, aren’t ya?”

“Yes, please hurry! My pussy is throbbing. It needs to be filled!”

Michael helped Maria get into position. Rath squeezed some lubricant from the side table and began to rub it on Maria’s ass. Michael quirked an eyebrow at him.

“That’s virgin territory, man. I get to do that first.”

“No problem, duke, figured on that. I’m just gonna stretch her out some, to gets her used to yous”

Rath worked a finger into Maria’s tight hole. She arched and moaned at the intrusion. As she relaxed, he began to move in and out insider her. He motioned to Michael to get an object off the side table for him.

Maria heard the buzz as she adjusted to the new sensations Rath was creating for her. Michael added to the sensations when he sat next to her and added two fingers to her pussy. The building that was inside of her was becoming intense as she began to moan and arch back at their ministrations.

Rath circled her asshole with the vibrator as he worked one, then two fingers in her. Then he retrieved a medium sized dildo, slicked it up and began to work it into Maria’s hole.

Maria cried out even as she pushed back onto the object. “Yes, shit! Keep it coming!”

The guys kissed her ass, clit and breasts at their respective areas and continued playing with her until they couldn’t wait to be inside her any longer. Just when she thought they were going to drive her insane with pleasure, Michael motioned for Rath to change places with him.

Rath lifted Maria up briefly, with the dildo still in position, and lay down under her. She helped Rath into her tight cunt as Michael continued to work the dildo. She moaned at the feeling of fullness.

“Oh yes, that’s incredible! Shit! That feels good.” Maria cried.

As he pumped in and out of Maria, Rath also thought of Liz. He decided to check on her and opened a mental link to look in on her. Discovering that she was in the bathtub, he began to picture what was happening to share it with her.

Liz mentally heard Rath and could visualize what was happening in the bedroom. It made her feel excited and she fingers took on a mind of its own as she began to play with her clit. Rath talked to her with his mind, keeping her involved.

Rath kept the link between Liz and he open as he returned his attention to Maria. At this moment, Michael slowly pulled the dildo out of Maria. Rath took this opportunity to move in and out of her more quickly.

Michael took more of the lubricant and rubbed it on his cock. He called out to Rath to stop moving and slipped in Maria’s asshole easily. Moving slowly at first, he and Rath began to match each other’s movements, bringing Maria quickly to an orgasm.

“Yessssss! Michael! Oh, fuck, yes! That feels so good. Rath, yes!”

Rath felt her pussy pulsating around him and began to come. Still linked with Liz, she also began to come.

Michael continued to fuck Maria’s ass, as Rath left her pussy. Rath kissed Maria and pulled on her nipples. Maria instinctively began to flex her ass muscles causing Michael’s own release. He yelled her name as he came.

Rath slipped into he bathroom without a sound. Liz was dozing peacefully in the cooling water. He leaned down and kissed her softly on the lips. Her eyes fluttered opened and she smiled dreamily. He helped her drain the water and stand her up. Toweling her off, she ran her hands thru his hair.

“Thank you.”

“What for, Sweetness?”

“For including me. For thinking of me and searching me out. All of it.”

Rath wrapped her in the towel and lifted her up into his arms. “Yous are always with me. In everything I do. I’s not leaving yous out of a single thing. I’m what Mikey-boy would call “whipped”.”

Liz laughed and touched her forehead to his. “Right. I’m so sure.” Then, she looked at him and added cheekily, “I’m sure we could work that out, though.”

Rath chuckled as he laughed and tossed her on their bed. “That’s my Sweetness.”

He tucked her in and went to take a shower. When he came back, he nestled in next to her and they slept together, content.

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I am soooo sorry! My pregnant brains are just toasted. I could have sworn that I posted this ages ago! I just can't apologize enough! Here ya go The conclusion. I hope you like it.

Part 27

The next day at school, Liz was called to the office. The principal asked her to take a new student on a tour of the school. Liz thought it was peculiar that someone would be transferring two weeks before school ended for the summer. But, she agreed.

Liz felt the shock down to her toes as he introduced her to Serena Thomas. She felt a moment of panic as she looked at the girl in front of her. She was slender and shapely with shoulder length, strawberry blonde hair and large brown eyes. She was a couple inches taller than Liz and was wearing black leather pants a black sequined shirt and black leather boots.

Thoughts of Future Max came hurtling back to her. Was this ‘The’ Serena? It had to be. This was too much of a coincidence.

“Uh, Liz?” The Principal stammered.

Liz realized that he was waiting for her to say something. She didn’t know what to say.

“Hi, I’m Liz Parker.”

“Hey, Liz, I’m Serena. Nice to meet you.” Serena held out her hand to shake Liz’s.

Liz stared at her hand then smiled and shook her hand. She felt a slight spark as she shook Serena’s hand.

Liz remembered that Future Max had said she and Serena had been friends and that Serena had helped her modify the granolith. She felt a strange warmth tingle in her hand and run up her arm.

Liz smiled bigger and welcomed Serena. “I’m glad you’re here. I just know were are going to be friends.”

Serena looked into Liz’s eyes. She felt the spark as Liz took her hand. This was who she had been looking for. Liz was special, too. She smiled back at Liz, knowingly as she let go of Liz’s hand. “I think you’re right Liz Parker. I think we are going to be very good friends.”

Liz looked at the principal and said, “Thanks, I’ve got it from here. “

Liz draped her arm around Serena’s shoulders as she led her away. “I have some friends that I think you are going to want to meet.”

And she led Serena to her locker to a waiting Michael, Maria, Max, Isabel and Kyle.

Liz watched as Max and Serena talked. She had a feeling about those two. Max had never opened up to anyone so quickly. Serena really had a way with him. And her story helped a lot, too. They had all talked a lot in the week that they had known each other.

Serena explained to the group how she had lived in New Mexico many years ago. She had been in a car accident in the desert when she was 6 years old and a man had healed her leaving a silver handprint on her chest. Her mother who had escaped the accident with minimal injuries, became frightened when her daughter’s skin had begun to crackle with green energy a couple of years later. She pulled Serena out of school and they moved to Tucson, AZ.

Mrs. Thomas was afraid someone would notice that her daughter had glowing arms so, she home schooled her daughter until Serena learned to control her powers. Serena’s mother was a biologist and had helped her learn all she could about how she was special.

Serena had an interest in biology like her mother and Liz. She had helped her mother and studied and documented the changes to her body. Now, they were back in Roswell, because Serena dreamed of an older man that was dressed in leather with long hair. He seemed to talk to her in her dreams and told her she needed to be in Roswell. She said he looked like Max but older and sadder.

When she and her mother heard of the silver handprints on the children at the hospital in Phoenix, they became intrigued. Combined with the healings and the dreams Serena knew it was more than just a strong feeling that she was needed in Roswell. It didn’t take long to convince her mother to bring her back.

Once in Roswell, she had felt drawn to the school and convinced her mother to enroll her so she could meet others like her. When she and Liz shook hands, each knew that they were alike, somehow. It was as though their brains sent out a message as soon as their hands touched. They knew in that instant that they could trust each other completely.

Liz watched as her new friend laid her hand on top of Max’s as he said something to her to make her laugh. She saw the twinkle in Max’s eye that she hadn’t seen in a long time, as he caught her looking at them. He smiled at her briefly and returned his attention to Serena.

Liz felt a peace she had not felt in a long time. She looked around at her friends, studying them. She thought back on the journey that had led all of them to this moment. Sighing she opened the book of Robert Frost that had been her friend, Alex’s when she was hit with a series of images in a flash.

~ Alex was standing in a large hall dressed in white with an ethereal glow about him. He smiled and directed her attention to the people in the middle of the room.

Liz saw herself and Rath dancing in a large hall decorated with flowers. She was wearing a long sage green dress and had baby’s breath in her long, silky hair. Her stomach was protruding slightly from the green gauzy material. Rath looked incredible in a dark navy blue suit, he still had his piercing’s of course. She noticed that she and Rath both had on silver wedding rings as he kissed her hand. ~

~She watched as they looked up and saw Kyle coming toward them. He was dressed in a tux, holding a beautiful little blonde girl with large brown eyes. She was the spitting image of her mother walking beside them. Isabel had her arm looped thru Kyle’s, gazing at both of them with pride, wearing a long sage green dress similar to Liz’s. ~

~ Max, also, in a tux, walked forward gazing with a loving smile at his new wife Serena who was looking beautiful wearing a champagne colored wedding dress, smiled back at him. ~

~She then noticed, Michael, in a tux, and Maria, also in a long green dress, were arguing in a corner. A small boy with spiky blonde hair ran over to them with a piece of cake in his hand. They both stopped arguing and a look of pride took over on their faces and they smiled down at him, as he talked excitedly to them. ~
End flash

In that moment, she knew that Alex was trying to say something to her. Despite the pain of loosing him, things appeared to be working out for the best. Maybe Future Max didn’t ruin her life after all. She was happy and she had Rath. It looked like Kyle and Isabel were going to be getting closer. Not to mention Maria and Michael’s relationship.

Contentment and love flowed through her. She lifted up her head as she felt Rath’s presence. It had all started for her with a kiss. That kiss had led her down her own path directly to Rath. Her heart swelled as she thought of the silver wedding rings and her belly rounded with child from her vision. That was the life she needed. She would have it. She returned a wave of love as she watched him walk toward her. As he approached, he handed her a bouquet of wild daisies. It was perfect.

Everything was as it should be and it was good.

~ The End? ~