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Title: Trusting You
Author: Laura
E-mail: LauraElizabeth⊕
Category: Michael/Liz
Summary: OK, I got the idea from the book ‘Honor Bound’ by Sandra Brown (it was written under a pseudonym). Fabulous book, I highly recommend it. I have twisted the situation to suit the purposes of my fic.
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Rating: Will go to NC-17

Part 1

Liz Parker took in her appearance in the hall mirror as she ran to answer the knock at the door. She wasn’t expecting anyone so she smoothed her hair back and pulled open the door cautiously.

He stood there, his usual air of confidence in place.

She looked so beautiful. All he wanted to do was touch her.

“Michael!” Came her soft cry.

“Can I come in?” He asked

She held open the door for him to enter and closed the door behind him.

He watched her as her nervousness seemed to permeate the room “Look, I just want to know why you left Liz.” It had devastated him when she left. He had spent the last seven months looking for his lover and friend. “Don’t you know that I love you, that I would do anything for you?” He said, laying all of his cards on the table.

She knew she had to get him out of there. She loved him with all of her heart and when he told her he loved her she almost told him everything, but she stayed strong. “Michael, I’m sorry, but it just wasn’t meant to be.” The words tearing her apart just as they were doing the same to him. “I can’t love you, having to look over my shoulder constantly. That’s not love.”

His pride was getting the best of him, he was ready to walk out of that apartment and never look back. To escape the words of his only love, who was systematically tearing him apart.

He was just about to leave, his hand was on the door when he heard it. His eyes snapping to her in instant recognition of the sound. He ran past her, going down the hall, stopping at the open door at the end of the hall. The room was a pale blue with small clouds painted on the walls. In one corner was a rocking chair and in another corner was a crib with a tiny crying baby in it.

She panicked as he ran past her, she was right behind him as he went down the hall. She watched as his face ran through a series of emotions.

He went to the crib, looking at the little baby. “Where you ever going to tell me Liz?” His heartbreak evident in his voice. Michael didn’t even bother waiting for an answer, touching the side of the little face that looked so much like his own he reached down and pulled at the tabs on the baby’s diaper. “A baby boy.” His voice whisper soft.

He reattached the diaper and picked up the baby. Laying the baby’s head in the palm of his hand and resting the rest of the small body on his forearm. Forming a quick connection to the boy, he saw countless images of Liz. Smiling down at him, giving him baths, feeding him, and rocking him. There was no doubt that his son was loved. “You named him Michael?”

Liz’s heart broke at the sight of Michael handling their son. His voice filled with awe, even through the hurt he was obviously feeling.

Michael didn’t wait for her to answer, he brought the baby up and hugged him to his chest. Sitting down in the rocking chair, he basked in the baby smell that surrounded his son. He felt something wet as the baby tried to suckle on his shoulder. Laughing softly he stood up and motioned for Liz to sit down in the rocker. “That’s one thing I can’t do for you little man.”

Her breath caught in her throat, Michael’s huge form in the rocking chair holding onto the tiny version of himself. The usually stoic face filled with pure joy. His soft laughter shook her out of her daze. She took little Michael from his father waiting expectantly for him to turn around so she could feed him.

It was on the tip of his tongue to tell her that he had already seen her naked so it didn’t matter if he saw her feeding his son, but he rolled his eyes and turned around. Looking out the window at the busy street he made a decision “You are going to pack your things and go home with me.”



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Part 2

8 months earlier…

She was laid out in front of him, perfect in every way. His hands bringing her closer to unfasten her bra clasp.

Liz moaned as her breasts were freed from their constraints and he pulled one nipple into his mouth, teasing it with his tongue. licking a trail down to her belly button and then making his way to her clit, sucking on the sensitive nub.

Her fingers were entwined in his hair, putting more pressure on his head as the pleasure became more intense. “Michael” she screamed with her release.

Michael gently moved her fingers from his head to his hands, he moved over her to whisper in her ear. Telling her he loved her over and over as he kissed her neck. He slowly entered her, never rushing, always reveling in the first feel of her around him. He quickened the pace as her cries led him on.

Watching him move inside her was always amazing, the way his eyes met hers and held them, conveying how much he loved her. Moving her legs, she indicated to him that she wanted him to flip them over. In one practiced smooth move, he flipped them over, letting her control their love making. Slipping his hand between their bodies he caressed her lower lips causing her to gasp. They were both so close, she leaned in closer and sealed her lips to his as they both cried out in release.


Liz was walking around Michael’s apartment, trying to make some sort of order out of his mess. She knew that he was watching her, she felt his eyes tracing her from head to toe.

Michael was pretending to be asleep as he watched her walk around in a pair of his boxers and his favorite Metallica t-shirt. Even though their relationship was a secret, they managed to get time away from the group and so far no one had caught on.

He made his way out of bed and slipped on some shorts. He crept up behind her at the sink hoping to surprise her. No such luck.

“So Michael, when was the last time your dishes were washed?” Liz asked, pointing to the sink full of dirty dishes.

He shrugged “When was the last time you did them?”

Liz rolled her eyes “Michael, it’s been almost a week.”

“Hey, I rinse them off before I leave them in the sink”

“Uh-huh. I’m sure that just makes all the difference. I’ll tell you what, why don’t you clean as you go so you won’t have so much to do later?”

Leaving a trail of open mouth kisses on the back of her neck “But, there something else I’d rather be doing right now.”

“You do these dishes and I’ll go sit on the couch and wait for you.”

Michael pouted, but did as she asked. “Slave driver” He muttered.

“I heard that.” She said as she laughed.

The knock at the door caused them both to look at each other. He smiled apologetically and pointed towards his room.

Giving Liz a moment to get settled, he answered the door. ‘Fuck me’ he thought to himself. Maria was standing there trying to look cute in a short skirt and a very revealing top.

“Are you going to invite me in?” Maria asked impatiently.

“Right now isn’t a good time to argue with you.” He saw the look of hurt on her face

“Why are you such an ass?” She asked “You know, I was coming over here to forgive you and tell you that I wanted to start seeing you again.”

“No Maria.” Michael was shaking his head “I’ve told you, I’m not in love with you.”

“What is your problem Michael?” She looked around his apartment “Who are you expecting to come over?”

“No one.”

“Come on Michael. You never clean unless someone else does it, or if you are trying to impress somebody.” She took a breath “Who is she? Who is the bitch that is stealing you away from me?”

“Maria, you never had me. Please leave.” He spoke quietly, knowing that Maria was hurt and he didn’t want to upset her further. He just wanted her to go.

Maria spun on her heel, slamming the door behind her.

Liz had overheard every word and each one tore through her heart. Sliding down the wall to sit on the floor. She was hurting her best friend. She never heard Michael walk into the bedroom as her body was wracked with sobs. He picked her up and soothed her while she cried. Laying her down on his bed and covering her up.


I used to Love Roswell, now I just Love Roswell Fanfic.
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Part 3


“What do you mean no?” Michael shouted as he turned around, causing the baby to stop suckling for a moment.

Liz glared at him “I said no.”

“Why are you being so stubborn about this? Just come home.” Michael was trying his best not to raise his voice.

“Do you have any idea at how badly this would hurt everyone?” Liz’s eyes misted over.

“We knew when we started this that someone would get hurt.” Michael pointed out.

The beginning….

Junior prom was a complete bust. Michael and Maria had fought the whole time, Alex and Isabel were the only happy couple. Kyle was trying his best to lighten the atmosphere and he only managed to raise the tension. Tess was clinging to Max even though his date was Liz. Max didn’t say anything to dissuade Tess. Liz was miserable.

At the dinner she smiled in sympathy at Michael. Maria was giving him a particularly difficult time. To tell the truth Liz thought she was being a complete bitch. “Maria, let up on him.”

Maria turned her blazing eyes on her friend. “What about him Liz? He’s been a complete jerk the whole night.”

“Liz can’t you just leave everyone alone?” Tess asked, smirking at her discomfort.

Liz looked to Max to say something, but found that he seemed to find the table top quite interesting. She looked up as Maria called Michael a bastard.

Michael looked at her for a moment. “You are absolutely right, I am a bastard. But that‘s a circumstance of having to no father and you’re still a bitch.” He stormed out.

Kyle sat back “Another wonderful day in the I know an alien club.”

Liz saw that Tess had her hand on Max’s arm “Thank you for an unforgettable night.” Liz stated, pushing back her chair. Max started to stand up “Don’t bother. I don’t know what’s going on with you two, but you need to figure it out.” Liz said pointing between Tess and Max. Liz walked out of the restaurant and made her way home.

Michael was about fifty yards ahead of her “Michael wait up.” He didn’t turn around, he just stood there waiting for her to catch up. “So you left your bike at the Crashdown, right?”

“Yes.” They walked in companionable silence for awhile. Michael noticed her struggling on her heels. “Give me your shoes.” He changed them to flats.

She smiled gratefully “Thank you so much, those heels were going to kill me.”

Michael shrugged, they arrived at the Crashdown and Liz walked with him over to his motorcycle. He lifted his seat and grabbed a pack of cigarettes and a lighter.

She gasped “I didn’t know you smoked”

“Only after a particularly bad day.” He explained, cupping his hand and lighting a cigarette.

“Oh.” She wasn’t quite sure what to say.

“So, why did you leave?” Michael asked.

“Well, I got tired of watching Tess hang on Max all night.” She answered honestly.

“It’s good to know that I’m not the only one that noticed. She has something on Max, or else he wouldn’t be letting that happen.” He took a long drag “He does love you.”

“Not enough to tell me if she is truly holding something over his head. He should be able to tell me anything.” Watching him let out a smoke filled breath “You shouldn’t smoke, it’s bad for you.”

He smirked “Like you care. I was surprised when you stood up for me with Maria.”

“Of course I care, you’re the only alien I trust.”

He looked at her curiously. “Explain.”

“Isabel doesn’t like me because she thinks I stole Max away from her and Tess hates me because she thinks that I’m standing in the way of destiny .” The word destiny sounded full of sarcasm.

“What about Max?” he asked.

“I can’t trust him. He’s been acting weird for so long. I’m not even sure why I went to the prom with him.”

“Do you want to go for a ride?” He wanted to head out into the desert, but he also wanted Liz’s company.

She smiled at his offer “Can I go change clothes first?”

“Yeah, I’ll just wait down here.”

“Come on up, you can wait in the living room.” She led him upstairs. “Help yourself, there’s sodas in the refrigerator.” Liz said as she made her way to her room.

He grabbed a cherry coke and looked up to see Mr. Parker standing there “Michael, where’s Liz?”

“Oh, she went to her room to change.”

“Where are you going?”

Michael gulped “Well, I was going to give her a ride on my bike?” His statement quickly turned into a question under Jeff’s scrutiny.

“Do you have two helmets?”

“No, I was going to let Liz wear mine.”

“Come with me.” Michael was almost nervous as Jeff led him down to the garage. He knew that Jeff was a pretty calm guy, but Michael was about to take his baby girl out on a motorcycle.

Jeff walked to the corner of the garage and pulled on a tarp, revealing a motorcycle with a helmet attached to it. He released the helmet from it’s latch and tossed it to Michael. Jeff noticed Michael’s questioning glance. “Midlife crisis” he answered, thinking that would explain everything to the young man.

It did. “Mr. Parker, that bike is bad a-.” He stopped himself “That’s a really nice bike.”

Jeff hid his smile behind his hand. “I thought so too. Nancy laughed and said I looked ridiculous. Liz was to nice to say anything.” He said as he put the tarp back. “Liz goes under two conditions, you both wear a helmet and you don’t tell Nancy. I would never hear the end of it if she found out I let her go. To tell you the truth, the only reason I’m allowing her to go is because you have been a great friend to her and I trust you. Don’t make me regret that.”

“I won’t” Michael promised.

They both walked up to the apartment to find Liz looking into the kitchen for Michael, she couldn’t find him so she turned around and jumped when she saw them both standing there. “Dad, Michael was just going to take me for a ride on his bike.”

“I know, don’t stay out to late. Wear your helmet.”



Part 4


Michael got lost in the middle of his argument as he watched Liz nursing their son. He kneeled in front of her and studied his son for the second time. Pulling his small hand from where it lay on his mother’s breast to rest in his larger hand. “How old is he?”

Her breath had caught in her throat at Michael’s tender actions toward his son. “He’ll be five weeks on Friday.”

His mind was quickly running over reasons that she would hide this from him. He backed away from her and sat on the floor. “Liz, did…do you think that I might be like Hank.” The name feeling bitter on his tongue.

Her jaw dropped “No Michael, what would make you think that?”

“You left, you didn’t say anything. I love you, I would never do anything to hurt either one of you.”

“I know that Michael, I know that you are a wonderful person and I know that you love me. I … Michael, please just drop it.”

“I can’t”


The Beginning Continued…

“Check my helmet and make sure it’s secure.” Liz said

He turned towards her and fiddled with the strap at her neck, his fingers stroking her throat, savoring the feel of her pulse under his fingertips. He turned back around and mounted his bike motioning for her to join him, she placed her hand on his shoulder for leverage, letting the soft hair at the base of his neck tickle her fingers as she climbed onto the bike.

Michael steadied her on the bike, cupping her bare legs with his hands and pulling her closer. He had to stop himself from letting his hands travel up her legs, the silky skin proved almost to much to resist.

Liz’s body was reeling with the sensations caused by the contact of his warm hands to her legs. His hands stayed there for a moment longer than necessary, but Liz didn’t want it to end. She shook her head of those thoughts.

Michael bit back a groan as Liz wrapped her arms around him, pressing her front against his back.

“Are you ready?” She whispered against his neck.

Only coherent enough to nod, he started his bike and took off into the night.

Liz watched the scenery go by, there were the businesses and homes which quickly led out to the dessert. Liz looked up and saw the stars shining brightly without the competition from the city lights. Even after all of these years, she never got used to the beauty of a clear starry night.

Michael slowed down as he came to a rock formation. “Come on, I want to show you something.” He said as he jumped off of his bike. They laid down the helmets and she followed him. Hiking up the rocks proved be difficult, but Michael promised it would be worth it. The moonlight lit a path all of the way to the top.

Liz gasped at the sight before her. The rock formation was so tall that when you were at the top, it seemed like the bottom dropped out of the world. Looking straight ahead all Liz could see was the moon and the stars. “Wow Michael, this is amazing.”

They sat down together each lost in there own thoughts. “So, now you’ve seen my special place, where’s yours?”

“You’ll think I’m silly.”
“Liz, my special place is a rock. I won’t think yours is silly.”

“Every room in my Grandma Claudia’s house.”

“Why every room?” He was genuinely curious. He’d never had any grandparents.

“We would always start in her bedroom, I’d pick out whatever I wanted to wear and we’d play dress up. She would take me to her bathroom and do my make-up. We would have elaborate tea parties.” Liz smiled to herself “My mother about died when she caught my grandma letting me play with the Limoges.”



“Oh.” He nodded in understanding.

“The thing was that while I was in that house, I was important, I was beautiful, and I was loved. I never doubted that inside those walls. Out here, I’m just little Lizzie Parker, mousy, and forgettable.”

Michael leaned back on his hands. “You are important, you are beautiful, and you are loved.”

Liz looked at her hands “How could you think that? It seems like Max is leaving me for a cheap imitation of Barbie.”

“Would it really matter if he did?”

“No, I guess not.” She said letting out a chuckle.

“He isn’t worth it if you are doubting yourself.” He took a deep breath and looked up to the stars “That’s why I walked out on Maria tonight.”

They both sat there lost in their own thoughts, staring at the beauty around them.

The hours passed by quickly. The sun made it’s appearance known quickly with shots of pink, lavender, yellow, and blue. Liz turned to Michael “Thank you.”

“Anytime.“ He smiled and stood up, holding out his hand to help her up. Their hands met as she stood. Michael and Liz both felt electricity run through them.

“My parents are going to freak.” Liz stated as they climbed down.


“Don’t be, it was worth it.”



Part 5


Michael’s emotions were swinging between frustration and awe. Liz was finished feeding their son and she had just changed him and laid him down. Then she turned on him. “Let’s go in the living room to finish this.”

“You have to leave Michael.” Liz said as soon as they stepped into the living room.

“Only if you two are coming with me.” Michael was adamant. She was going to go home with him and that was that.

“Michael, no one can know. It’s the only way.” She knew that if she didn’t get him out of there soon that she would run into his arms and tell him everything, and that couldn’t happen. “Please just go.”

“N-” Michael was cut off by the front door opening.

Michael’s eyes switched to the man entering the apartment.

“You sorry son of a bitch.” Michael bit out as he jumped across the room.


Three months after prom…

Liz looked down and double checked her outfit before knocking on Michael’s door. He had invited her over to watch movies and she felt a nervous fluttering in her belly. She was falling for him, but she didn’t know how Michael felt. Michael was completely oblivious that women found him attractive. He was gorgeous, tall, and built. He turned heads wherever he went.

He opened the door, smiling at her. She was really beautiful. Her hair falling straight, just the way he liked it. She never noticed all of the stares that she received from guys. Michael had grown to depend on the friendship that they had developed. She was always willing to listen to him and give her input on whatever he was thinking.

His smile caused her heartbeat to quicken. “Hi.”

“Come in.” He said, resisting the temptation to lean down and kiss her.

“Thank you.” She said, walking into his apartment.

“I bought some ice cream and stuff for banana splits.”

“Alright, do you want me to make some?” Liz asked, admiring the way his shirt formed to his chest and arms.

“Sure” Michael watched Liz make her way into the kitchen. He followed her in there and he almost fell over when he saw her bend over to get the whipped cream out of the refrigerator, and her skirt rode up her legs. He tried to stop himself from thinking about how sexy she was, as she carried the supplies to the counter, he couldn’t help but walk up behind her.

Liz turned to ask Michael how much ice cream he wanted, but she found him towering over her.

She turned to face him and he couldn’t hold back, he lowered his lips to hers, tasting her lips. She whimpered and slid her arms around his neck. Michael wrapped his arms around her, pulling her closer. He ran his tongue along the line of her lips and she opened to him. Michael thought that he had died and gone to heaven. He finally broke the kiss and they were both breathing heavily as they laid their foreheads together.

Liz began to wonder if he thought that he had made a mistake, but he hadn’t let go of he yet, so she decided to find out. Pressing her lips to his, kissing him slowly and his grip on her tightened as he deepened the kiss.

They made the ice cream together, between kisses, and ended up on the couch with their ice cream between them, the movie completely forgotten as they talked.

Liz blushed as his eyes raked over her, when a sobering thought came to mind “You do realize that if anyone ever found out that they would get hurt.”

Michael sighed “I know, but I’m not willing to let you go.”

She smiled “Me either.”



Part 6

Liz screamed as Michael went flying across the room.

Michael lifted Alex up by his neck and cut off his windpipe “You asshole, how long have you known?”

Alex was shocked to say the least, he had no idea how Michael had found Liz, and he knew he was in deep shit when he saw Michael coming towards him.

Liz pulled on Michael’s arm “He can’t breathe Michael, let him go.”

Michael turned to face Liz “What in the hell is going on Liz.” He said as he dropped Alex to the ground. Pointing to Alex “I can assume that Alex has known where you were at?”

Alex was still rubbing his throat “Yes.”

Michael’s nostrils flared “Since when?”

Alex sighed and sat down on the couch “Six months.”

Liz spoke up “Michael, I told him not to say anything.”

Michael scratched at his eyebrow and ran his hand over his mouth thinking to himself. “OK, so how did you find her Alex?” Hoping that he wouldn’t say that Liz had contacted him.

“Internet.” Alex’s one word explanation said it all.

“OK, so you found her. You could have said something to me. You knew I was looking for her.” Michael was having trouble processing the fact that Alex had kept this from him.

Alex motioned to Liz “Again, Liz begged me not to.”

Michael’s anger quickly took over and his mind came up with a half assed plan to get her to go back to Roswell. “I’ll tell you what, I’m giving you until tomorrow morning. At that time, either you both go with me or I’m taking my son.” He looked pointedly at Liz.

“You wouldn’t.” Came her shocked reply

“Don’t try me Liz. Just think about it, you can’t possibly be equipped to raise a child that is half alien. He will have questions that only I can answer.” He reasoned.

Liz shook her head “You don’t understand.”

“Make me understand.” He implored, disgusted with himself for not being able to stay angry with her for more than a minute.

Alex stood up “Look, I’ll be back in a little while. I’ll give you some privacy.”

Liz nodded her appreciation as Alex left them alone. “I..umm..this is hard to put into words.” She stepped closer to Michael “Will you connect with me?”

Michael stepped closer to her, inhaling her scent. “Come here.” He said as he took her hand and pulled her to the couch. He moved to cup her face, but got side tracked as she leaned into his touch. He ran his fingers through her hair, noticing that it had gotten longer. Unable to stop himself he brushed his lips over hers. He had missed this so much that he couldn’t break himself away from the kiss.

The flashes came quickly, Tess walking circles around Liz. Talking to her and placing her hand on Liz’s belly. Threatening the baby and Michael. Liz’s anguish. Packing everything of importance and leaving.

Michael tore his lips from hers “You should have told me Liz, I could have taken care of it.” He was through being upset with her, he loved her to much “She can’t do anything to hurt me.”

Liz’s eyes shined with tears “Michael, she was raised with Nasedo. We both know what he is capable of.” She threw her arms around him, shaking with sobs “Oh God, I’ve been so scared.”

Michael pulled her closer “It’s ok baby, I’ll take care of everything.”


I used to Love Roswell, now I just Love Roswell Fanfic.

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Part 7

Liz ended up falling asleep in Michael’s lap, he carried her to her room and laid her down. She wouldn’t let go of him, so he laid down with her, kissing her everywhere he could reach. His hands wandered over her body, taking in the differences carrying his child had made. Her belly was rounder and he smiled as he ran his hand over it, trying to imagine her heavy with child. He wasn’t quite able to picture it.

Parting her shirt a little more, he ran his hand over her breast, seeing and feeling the differences he wondered how he didn’t notice it first thing.

He heard a tiny cry coming from the next room over, he disentangled himself from Liz and went to check on little Michael. Michael’s eyes got wide as he entered the room, how could something so cute smell like that, he wondered to himself. He was tempted to throw in the towel and call Liz, but decided against it. “Ok Michael, I need you to work with me here.”

Ten minutes, two diapers, and a half a box of wipes later, Michael felt quite proud of himself. Michael tried laying the baby back down, but the baby cried. “What do you want little man?” Michael asked connecting with him. “Oh, you want your momma. Let’s go.”

He brought the baby into Liz’s room and laid him between them.

Liz woke up to Michael talking baby talk.

“That’s right and daddy’s going to make that mean old lady go away, yes he is. And then you and your mommy are going to come live with daddy.”

Liz couldn’t help it, she started laughing. Michael was the last person she would have thought of to talk to a baby like that.

Michael turned a blank face to Liz “What?”

“Nothing, you just keep on doing what you are doing, he likes it.”

“He does?”

“Yep, he’s not crying and you’re the first man that he has let hold him without crying.”

“I am?” Michael switched his gaze to the baby “Of course I am.” then switched his gaze back to Liz “Wait a minute, what other men have been holding my son?”

“Alex and my uncle” She said shifting closer to her guys.

“That’s how I found you.”


“Your aunt. She said she knew you didn’t want me to know, but she thought I deserved to know.”

“I can’t believe you came all of the way to Florida to find me.”

She had no idea just how far he would go, he thought to himself. His mind shifted to how he was going to deal with Tess. “How did Tess find out?”

“You know how she can mind warp?” Michael nodded “Well, apparently she can change memories too. She went to change some of my memories and ran across me finding out about the baby and then she found out about you.”

“It still doesn’t explain why she would threaten you like that.”

“I don’t know, she kept on saying that I had messed up the four square, that now you would never go back to Antar. You have to know that I wouldn’t hold you back. If you have to go, you can go.”

“I won’t leave, this is my home.” He took a deep breath “As for the four square, I wasn’t going to be with Isabel anyway. Did you ever find out what Tess was holding over Max’s head?”

Liz shook her head “I don’t think so, she might have had a chance to change something in my memories, but I doubt it.”

“I would leave you two here while I take care of Tess, but I don’t want to chance it. I’m going to have to call Isabel, you two are coming home with me.”

“Are you crazy? Isabel would never help me after she finds out I’ve been with you this whole time.”

Michael tipped her head up to face him “She already knows.”



I used to Love Roswell, now I just Love Roswell Fanfic.
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Part 8

Liz sat up “What do you mean she already knows? Did you tell her?”

Michael scratched his eyebrow “Not exactly, she decided to take a stroll into my dream and saw us together before I could kick her out.”

“Oh no. What did she say?”

“Well, she came over and asked if I was fantasizing or dreaming about something that had happened.”

“Is she upset?”

Michael shook his head “She surprised me. At first she didn’t say anything, but after awhile she told me that she was happy for us.” Michael started playing with the baby as he talked “She tried dream walking you, that’s how I ended up at your aunts house.”

“Oh. I’m still not sure what we can do against Tess.”

“You let me worry about that.”

They heard the front door open.

“Liz, Michael, are you guys here?”

“Back here.” Liz called.

Alex walked in and smiled “I’m glad to see that you guys have kissed and made up.”

Liz coughed “I wouldn’t go that far.”

Alex sat on the edge of the bed “Let me see that baby.”

Liz looked at Michael as she handed little Michael to Alex “Watch this.”

The baby seemed to be fine for a minute, but then he started to kick his legs and wave his arms and started to cry.

Liz laughed as she took the baby back from Alex “I don’t know why you do that to yourself.”

“One of these days, he won’t cry anymore. You’ll see.”

Michael laughed as he took his son from Liz.

“I can’t believe it! He isn’t crying.” Alex was shocked.

Liz shrugged “Michael is the only one that can hold Michael without him crying.” She wrinkled her eyebrows. “We’re going to have to do something about that.”

“What?” Michael asked.

“His name is Michael, we need to figure out how to distinguish between the two of you.”

Alex spoke up “How about Junior.”

Michael shook his head “No, I don’t think so.”

Liz thought for a moment. “How about MJ for Michael Junior.”

Michael nodded slowly “I like it.”

Alex agreed to call Isabel and after about twenty minutes he was able to calm her down enough to agree to meet them at the airport the following morning.

Liz made arrangements with her aunt and uncle to find someone to take over the lease on her apartment.

Liz’s parents, who had come to visit her quite often during this time, were surprised that Michael had found her. They had pleaded Michael’s case with Liz, saying that Michael deserved to know, but Liz made them promise not to say anything, she couldn’t let Michael know.

Michael was having the time of his life. MJ would connect with him and Michael would connect back. “Liz, does he ever do this to you?”

“What?” She called from the kitchen.


“Yeah, sometimes.” She finished packing up the kitchen and walked into the living room. “Most of this stuff is going to stay here. My Uncle is going to send us the baby’s furniture and then sell the rest of this.” She said motioning to the rest of the room.

Michael held MJ with one arm and pulled Liz to him with the other “I missed so much. What was it like, you know, when you were pregnant?”

They talked well into the night and finally got ready to go to bed.

Liz snuggled into the bed and laid her head on Michael’s shoulder and fell asleep.


The following morning, after making sure that they had gathered everything they would need Michael, Liz, MJ, & Alex made their way to the airport.

Isabel was waiting when they got off of the plane and practically knocked everyone down in her haste to see Liz and MJ. “You come here little man, Aunt Isabel wants to see you.” Isabel took charge, she made Michael go get the bags and she made Alex stay by her side “You had better be glad I’m holding a baby. I should kick your butt for keeping this from me.” She scolded Alex. Isabel quickly turned her attention to MJ.

“Alex, it looks like she’s found another guy.” Liz told him.

“Yeah” Alex nodded, pretending to be saddened.

Michael gathered all of their luggage onto a dolly and headed back, seeing the way Isabel was holding his son and talking to Liz.

Liz had been so worried about how Isabel would react, but Isabel had surprised her, telling her that Michael was just as much her brother as Max was.

“Besides, anyone with eyes could see that Max was treating you badly.” Isabel got quiet for a moment. “Max is with Tess now. It’s weird, Max is like a stranger. I don’t understand it.” Isabel shook her head and Alex wrapped his arm around her waist.

“Is everyone ready?” Michael asked

They all headed out to the car and towards Michael’s apartment.

Michael opened the door to his apartment and motioned for Liz and Isabel to enter first. Both of them stopped short

“Michael!” Liz shouted

Michael quickly pushed Liz and the baby behind him. Alex instinctively did the same to Isabel.

Much to their surprise they found Tess and Max sitting on Michael’s couch.

Tess shook her head and clicked her tongue “Liz, I told you to take the baby and go away.”


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Part 9

Isabel pushed Alex from in front of her and stood beside him, shooting him a glare. “Why does it even matter Tess? She isn’t with Max, you should be happy.”

Tess stood up, nervous at the sense of unity in the group. She could feel Max struggling against her mind control. She knew that she could defeat one of them easily, but if they were to stand together against her, she didn’t have a chance. “Of course it matters, all four of us are supposed to be together. Max is easy to control, so trusting.” A sadistic smile passed her lips as she ruffled his hair “Right now, his brain is so fried it would take a miracle to fix him.”

Isabel let out a muffled sob, Alex put his arm around her shoulder. “Stay focused Is.”

Tess continued her rant “And of course, getting you to agree Isabel is a piece of cake. As soon as you found out that your precious brother was going, you’d be right there. Now Michael is the difficult one, he trusts no one, which poses a problem.” She glanced over at Michael and saw how he was holding Liz’s hand behind his back “He never let’s anybody in, I’ve tried I don’t know how many times. I helped him fine tune his powers, I tried to be there for him, but he never opened up enough for me to do anything with him. Now thanks to Liz and her brat he’ll never go back to Antar and the four square will be incomplete.

Michael squeezed Liz’s hand before issuing a harsh command “Alex, take Liz and MJ and get out of here.”

Alex debated leaving Isabel to deal with this, but Isabel pushed him towards Liz “Get them out of here.”

Tess was so lost in her rant that she never noticed the hand signals and pointed looks exchanged between Michael and Isabel.

Michael walked towards Tess and turned her so she faced away from Max. “Let’s just get a few things straight here.” His voice deceptively calm before he started yelling “That is my son.” The last word said with enough force to cause her to falter.

She stepped back from him and in a moment of pure terror, she let her control over Max’s mind slip. His next words causing her to lose all control she had over Max.

“That is MY family! You dared to threaten Liz and my son!” He looked down at her thinking how easy it would be to break her neck, simple really. His only concern was her powers, could she overtake him, he questioned himself. “Like we would go anywhere with you. Look what you have done to Max. I don’t know how we let it get this far, but rest assured, it’s over. You have no claim to us. You are nothing to us, you are neither our family or our friend.”

While Michael was confronting Tess, Isabel was trying to reach Max, he just sat there staring at her. As soon as Michael started yelling, Isabel saw a spark in Max’s eyes. “Can you help us? Come on Max, we need you.” she implored.

Max’s sluggish mind was trying to understand what Isabel was saying, he heard her say she needed his help. He started to work, trying to repair the damage to his mind. Stray thoughts whispered through his mind. Hearing the anger in Michael’s voice caused him to try harder.

Isabel almost cried out in relief when Max held out his arm for her to help him off of the couch. Isabel looked at Michael over Tess’ head and nodded that they were ready.

Michael shifted, turning around so that Tess was facing the three of them. Michael’s right hand shot out throwing a blast at her.

Tess shook it off “You always did have a problem with your powers. Did you honestly think that you could defeat me?”

Isabel stepped up to stand next to Michael, putting her hand on his shoulder and giving Michael her energy “Try it again Michael.” Her words softly spoken, but with pure venom as she looked at Tess.

Max’s hand came up and clasped Michael’s other shoulder, he wasn’t able to give him much, but he would help out in any way he could.

Michael was startled for a moment before turning his attention back to Tess.

Tess was doing her best to get into their minds, but each attempt only brought her to the wall they had each put up in their own defense. Tess underestimated the power of the three as they stood against her. That was her biggest mistake. She felt fire shooting through her as Michael delivered a deadly blast.


Outside Alex had to physically restrain Liz as she heard Michael shouting. “This wasn’t supposed to happen.” she told him as she allowed him to hold her.

“I know.” He held her tight, feeling MJ moving his feet and arms against him. They both glanced up at the bright flash of light. They waited a minute, debating whether or not they should go into the apartment. After the second flash Alex ran in, making Liz stay just outside the apartment door as he went inside to check it out. He saw Michael, Isabel, and Max standing in front of a pile of dust, Michael’s hand was still held out in front of him and Isabel and Max had their hands on his shoulder.

Alex ran up to them and pulled Isabel into his arms, she collapsed against him crying.

Max turned to Michael, trying to piece together some of his memories. It was to much, he stumbled to the couch to get some sleep so he could finish healing himself.

Michael called out to Liz and she was in his arms within a matter of seconds. He lifted MJ up into one arm and crushed Liz against him. Holding her tight. She talked him into laying down as she took MJ from him and watched as he weaved into the bedroom. He fell asleep quickly.

Alex led Isabel out of the apartment after making sure that Liz was going to be alright. He promised to take Isabel to his house and let her rest.


Max woke up, startled at his surroundings. Glancing back and forth as he struggled to piece his thoughts together. He laid back down and started the slow process of healing. Two exhausting hours later he fell into a slumber as he remembered Isabel, Alex, Michael, and Liz walking in with a baby. He wrinkled his forehead as he fell back asleep.

Four hours later, after a restful sleep and getting back most of his memory Max walked into the kitchen and saw Liz cooing to a baby in an infant carrier. “Liz.”

She looked up startled “Hi, how are you feeling?” she asked.

“I’d be feeling a lot better if you would help me understand all of this.” He sat down across from her at the table.

Liz turned the carrier to face Max “Max, this is MJ.” she paused “Michael Junior.”


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Part 10

Max was confused “Is…is he yours?” he asked. As Liz nodded her head, he felt like his heart was being squeezed in a vise, but he knew, from the memories that he had put together that he had no right to be upset. “May I see him?”

Liz agreed and handed over MJ. As soon as MJ was in Max’s arms he started crying.

Michael jumped out of bed at the sound of MJ’s cries and was in the kitchen in a matter of seconds. He shot Max a dirty look as he took MJ from him.

Max started to feel uncomfortable “Well, I think I had better go.” he said softly. He turned around quickly and left the apartment.

He drove his Jeep home and went up to his room, thirty minutes later Isabel walked into his room and sat down on the bed. “So, now you know.” she told him

Max looked at her sideways “Yeah, I’m shocked, but it’s no less than what I deserve.”

Isabel looked at him questioningly “What do you mean?”

“I slept with Tess.” Watching as he noticed her face registered shock.

“You did it of your own free will?” She asked incredulously.

“Yeah. I’m not proud of it, but I had to explore that avenue.”

Isabel was horrified “When Max?’

“Before prom.”

“You ass.” She stormed out of his room and went into her own.

He followed her “So what exactly is the difference between me and Michael. You seem just fine with him and Liz.”

Isabel couldn’t help herself, she had to let it out. “Maybe because Liz isn’t a psychotic bitch. Do you even understand what happened? Tess threatened Michael, Liz, and MJ. She would have hurt them.”

Max collapsed into a chair, thinking over everything.

Isabel left him with his thoughts and picked up Alex on her way to Michael’s.

***MJ’s first birthday***

Liz was amazed at Michael. For such an impatient person, Michael had an amazing amount of patience for her and their son. He took out time every day to spend with both of them.

Liz shook her head as the doorbell rang. She made her way through their new two bedroom apartment and let in their guests.

Isabel and Alex walked into the apartment. Isabel went straight to MJ to play with him and left Alex standing holding a mountain of presents. His eyes peeked over the top of the presents looking for a place to set them down. Liz led him to the kitchen counter and helped him arrange them. “So, I take it Isabel dragged you shopping?”

Alex wiped his forehead and pretended to be out of breath “Have you ever been shopping with her?” he asked.

Liz smiled “Yeah. Once.” indicating that she had learned her lesson then. They both laughed and gave each other a hug.

“So, when is Michael going to be here?”

“He went to go pick up some ice cream. Did he tell you about the cake he made?” Liz asked as she lifted the top off of the cake container revealing a cake with just about every Disney character imaginable on it.

“That’s cool, how did he do that?” He paused for a moment “Never mind, that was a stupid question.” Alex admired the handiwork of his alien friend.

The two friends turned at Isabel’s laughter. “So, how long do you think it’ll be before she decides she’s ready for one of her own?” Liz asked

Alex shrugged “Why have one of our own when we can come borrow MJ whenever we want?” he asked giving Liz a smile.

Liz rolled her eyes and looked towards the door where Michael was coming in with the ice cream and a few more presents that he had picked up.

Alex smiled “Who would have thought that Michael Guerin would be such a great dad?”

Liz smiled proudly “I did. He’s a great person.” she yelped as Michael purposely placed the tub of ice cream against her neck.

Max finally walked in, dragging a reluctant Maria behind him, immediately going to MJ to visit with him for awhile. Maria and Max had started to go out as friends and it had slowly worked into a little more, but as of this point they were taking their relationship very slowly.

MJ had finally started to warm up to the people in their circle of friends. Max and Michael had worked at rebuilding their friendship.

Maria still had some reservations about Liz due to the fact that Liz had lied to her for so long, but Max had made her promise to put her harsh feelings aside and enjoy the day. She saw how happy Liz was and she felt her anger slip away. They had been best friends for so long. It wasn’t like she still had feelings towards Michael. She tentatively walked towards Liz and enveloped her in a hug.

Liz’s eyes went wide, she and Maria had barely spoken since she had come back to Roswell with MJ. She was relieved that Maria seemed to have forgiven her.

Everyone else was glad to see that finally the group was complete again.

The End.

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