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Ok, this is a challenge issued by DMartinez. Therefore I hope this fic is up to par. This is for you D. Thank you for everything. Also, I would like to thank Nikki. I wonder how you get any work done. Lol. A ma merveilleuse amie fran├žaise Tania. Merci pour tout.

Title: Not sure yet
Category: Mi/L
Rating: Will go to NC-17

1. AU A) Michael and Max are brothers (adopted)
B) Isabel and Tess. you can do what you want with them but anyway
C) Liz is new to town. She and Alex are pen pals.
D) Again do what you want with Maria and Kyle, I don't care.
2. New school year, seniors. Liz is trying to fit in but guess what? She's a magnet for the Roswellian guys.
3. Michael and Max will both go after her.
4. Someone must wear glasses 100/30:20/30 vision. I'll explain that if you need me to. Preferably Liz but Michael's good too.
5. Person wearing the glasses gets walked in on in the shower by one of the other characters.
6. Of course Michael gets the girl.
Part of challenge added by me:
7. Max and Isabel are not related in any way fashion or form in this fic.

Liz Parker pulled her backpack over her shoulder and searched the parking lot for Alex’s car. She was new to Roswell and was hoping that he would show up quickly, that way she wouldn’t stand there at the bus stop looking like a total looser.

Alex pulled into a parking place and spotted Liz, recognizing her immediately from the picture that she had last sent him. His breath caught in his throat, her picture didn’t do her justice. Her hair floated over her shoulders and midway down her back. Her dark eyes were hidden behind a pair of wire rimmed glasses, giving her a studious look. He finally collected himself and got out of the car to join her “Liz” he called out.

Relief flooded through her as she saw Alex coming towards her. She was worried that he had forgotten her. Alex had been her pen pal for the last nine years. Although she had never met him, she felt very close to him through their letters. He was her one constant when her father’s military career caused her to be dragged from country to country. “Hi Alex”

Alex walked up to her and gave her a light hug. “Did you have a nice flight?”

“Three flights Alex. Frankfurt to JFK, JFK to DFW, and DFW to Roswell.” She ran her hand through her hair. “I’m sorry Alex, I need some sleep.”

Alex shrugged off her apology. “Jetlag?” He asked, picking up her two suitcases.

She smiled at him “You know it.”


Alex helped her get settled in her temporary room, she was staying in their guest bedroom until her father managed to finish tying up all of the paperwork for his retirement. She looked around the room “No phone line? What about internet?” She asked as she pulled out her laptop, that was her only connection to her friends, they were scattered all over the world.

“Sorry, I guess you’ll have to use the computer in my room.” He watched her face fall.

“Oh, ok.” Liz was beginning to hate it here already, but she didn’t want Alex to know it, so she turned her head and unpacked the rest of her backpack.

Alex rested his hand on her shoulder “I’ll tell you what, I’ve got a friend who might be able to run the line into here. Let me go call him.”

She turned and smiled at him “Thank you, I’d hate to keep you up in your room at all hours of the night while I talk to my friends.”

He nodded and headed to grab the cordless phone. He dialed the number to his best friend “Michael, I need a favor.”


Michael had borrowed a few things from his uncle who happened to be a contractor and headed over to Alex’s. He remembered Alex saying something about a pen pal of his coming to stay for awhile and wondered if this was the reason he had been called over.

He rang the doorbell and waited impatiently. Michael had never been known for his patience. Alex had never asked a favor of him before, so he knew it must be important. He and Alex had an unusual friendship, Michael had helped Alex out when some bullies were picking on him in the fifth grade, they had discovered that they had a mutual love of music. Alex loved to play guitar and Michael was fixated with the drum set that sat in the corner of Alex’s room.


Alex had asked Liz to get the door and now she was standing there staring at a totally gorgeous guy, deep brown eyes, full lips. It took her a moment to collect herself “You must be Michael.”

Michael nodded dumbly, thinking he couldn’t believe Alex was so lucky. He followed her up the stairs appreciating the view her cut offs gave him.

Liz could feel his stare ‘Oh my G-d, did I sit on something?.

Alex walked into the hallway and saw the way Michael was looking at Liz and he knew that he wouldn’t have a chance with her. “Michael, see if you can’t run my line into Liz’s room.”

Michael switched his gaze to Alex and thought for a minute trying to remember what Alex said. “Alright, she‘s in the room next to yours right?” Alex nodded and Michael set to work.

Liz sat back enjoying the view of Michael bending over and working on installing the phone line for her. “Beau cul” The French words slipped passed her lips without her thinking.

Michael glanced at her from his spot on the floor “Say what?”

Alex couldn’t help it, he laughed, hearing Liz tell Michael he had a nice ass caught him by surprise. “She said you..” he stopped at the glare Liz gave him. “She said you’re a nice guy.”

Michael scowled, he’d never had anyone call him nice. Everybody thought he was an ass, except Alex, but that was different. Alex was the only person that knew what he really thought and he could count on Alex keeping to himself.

Once Michael was finished, she gave him a hug. “Thank you so much”

He wasn’t used to hugs, so it took him a minute to react and put his arms around her. “No problem.” He couldn’t believe how amazing she felt in his arms.

The trio headed downstairs and Alex offered for Michael to have dinner with them, Michael knew this would include Alex’s parents so he declined.

Alex turned to Liz as soon as the door closed behind Michael “Don’t even think about it. Your father would go ballistic.”

His words burst Liz’s bubble “What do you mean?”

Alex shook his head “Michael is a great guy, but Liz, he gets into a lot of trouble.” he realized that it sounded like he was badmouthing his friend “Look, trouble just has a way of finding him. I’m not saying anything bad about Michael, but we both know that you don’t need to be in any more trouble either.”


The following day Michael decided that he would go over and visit with Alex, telling himself that it had nothing to do with seeing Liz.

On the way out of his house Michael stopped and looked into his brother’s room. As usual Max was working out. “You better watch out Maxwell, you keep that up and your neck will take over your head” He laughed as Max strained to do another chin up. “Isabel quit givin’ it up to you?”

Max lowered himself from the chin up bar and wiped his hands on a towel “Fuck you Michael, you’re just jealous.” He knew he should have felt bad for stealing Isabel right out from underneath Michael’s nose, but she had that body that just wouldn’t quit. The truth of the matter was that he had dumped Isabel. She was way to dominating.

“No, not jealous. I’ve got my sights set on somebody else.”

“To bad, Isabel’s a free woman. I dumped her.” He waited for a reaction out of Michael, but as usual, he didn’t get one.

Michael just shrugged and walked off, secretly hoping that Max wouldn’t go after Liz.


Liz had stayed up all night chatting with her friends on the net. She felt a lot better about being away from them. She finally fell asleep just as the sun was rising.

Alex hated waking her up, but every Sunday was family night and they had to eat dinner together. He wanted to give her a chance to get ready. He knocked on her door “Liz”.

She grumbled in protest and reached for her glasses, she couldn’t see a thing without them. “What?”

He was slightly taken aback by the tone of her voice. “Wake up, you have a couple of hours before dinner.”

“Alright, alright. I’m getting up.” She finally said grabbing her make up bag and a robe.


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Part 2

Alex welcomed Michael into his house, and they went upstairs to visit. Alex was rummaging around for a movie that he wanted Michael to see, while Michael searched for his missing drum sticks. “Found them” Michael held up the drum sticks triumphantly at the same time Alex said “Got it”. Alex put the tape in to rewind and Michael motioned that he was going to the bathroom. Alex waved him off without thinking.

Michael stepped into the bathroom and stopped short at the sight in front of him. Liz was rinsing out her hair. Her neck was arched back leaning her hair into the spray. Curls of steam swirled around the bathroom creating little clouds of steam. He was transfixed. His eyes traced her from the top of her head to where her calves disappeared behind the tub.

Liz was rinsing the last bit of cherry scented conditioner from her hair when she felt a breeze across her arms and stomach, her eyes snapped open and her gaze shifted to the door. She couldn’t help the scream that escaped her lips. She didn’t have her glasses on so all she saw was a blurry figure standing in the doorway through the clear plastic of the shower curtain. “Shit! Get the hell out of here!” She was mortified. She was self conscious about her body as it was and here was some guy staring at her.

Liz grabbed her flower shaped soap and launched it toward the figure, hitting him squarely on his arm.

Michael snapped out of his haze at the stinging pain on his arm, he quickly left the bathroom, heading back into Alex’s room. He abruptly announced to Alex that he was leaving and made a quick exit, leaving a confused Alex staring after him.

Liz dressed hurriedly, yanking on her skirt as she pulled it up her legs. She put her shirt and her glasses on and ran to her room. She just wanted to crawl underneath the covers and die of embarrassment.


Dinner was awkward to say the least. Liz wondered at first if it was Alex, but if it was he sure was doing a great job of hiding it. Alex’s dad didn’t even get home until right before dinner so that ruled him out. Liz gave up and just kept her eyes averted all through dinner.


Liz waited in the school office for them to get her schedule together when Michael passed by her with a teacher following closely behind him “Mr. Guerin, I just don’t understand it. Your brother is such a nice boy.”

Michael crossed his arms in front of his chest “Only one problem with that Mrs. Powers.” He said as he stopped and stared her in the eye “I’m not my brother.”

Liz watched Michael and as his shirt lifted up revealing a rose shaped bruise, she let out a startled gasp.

Michael turned his head towards her and grimaced. Here he was trying to impress Liz and she just saw him get griped out by one of his teachers.

Liz’s embarrassment tripled at the expression he gave her. ’Am I that ugly’ she thought to herself. She leaned forward pretending to search through her backpack, letting her hair cover her face.

Michael saw the way she looked away from him and he was sure that he had messed up. Alex had told him how smart Liz was and Michael assumed that meant that she played by the rules too. He had never played by the rules and what people thought of him had never bothered him until now, when Liz turned away from him.


Liz received her schedule and frowned at the level of French she had been assigned, she walked up to the secretary that looked like she was about to pull her hair out. “Excuse me, I’m sorry to bother you, but I’m way more advanced than French two.”

The secretary took a moment to look over her transcripts “It says here that you’ve only taken one year of French.”

“I know what it says, the simple fact of the matter is that I lived there as a child and I really don’t feel like wasting my time or the French teacher’s time.”

The secretary just shot her a look and Liz stared at her for a moment “Encule” Liz felt slightly better after muttering the French explicative and finally turned and walked away from her.

Michael watched her walk out of the office doing her best to hide her frustration.


Liz walked down the empty hallway, she had missed the tardy bell during her argument with the secretary and she wandered down the hall trying to find room number 139.

She finally located the room and knocked tentatively and waited for the teacher to let her in the room. She glanced at her schedule again, computer programming, Mrs. Nunez. The woman that opened the door was about as wide as she was tall. Liz immediately thought of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory and Violet, the little girl that got so big around that she had to be rolled out of the room. Liz bit back her laughter and suddenly became nervous as she noticed that every eye in the classroom was trained on her.

Liz hated this part of changing schools, the uncertainty of meeting new people. Making friends and trying to decide who’s being genuine or not. It was so stressful and Liz was determined to make a good impression and have a good time her senior year.


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