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Summary: Liz awakens from a horrible dream but finds parallels she feels she must change.
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Spoilers: End of The World (it never actually happened)

One More Time

Liz Parker sat straight up in her bed. That was such a strange and painful dream. The familiar knocks on her window made her forget about the dream for a minute. Max Evans was back to beg back into her life. After that dream, she just needed someone to talk to. Groggily, she got up to answer his incessant knocks before he woke up her parents like he had the week before.

“Max, it's kinda late.” She whispered even as she slid outside with a blanket for them to share.

“Liz, just please, talk to me.” He pleaded with her.

“Max, you just have to understand...” Liz leaned back against the brick wall, motioning for him to sit next to her. He sat beside her and took the half of the blanket she offered. “You have to be with Tess. I understand that.”

“I don't want her.”

“I know you say that. Have you even tried?” Parts of her strange dream came to her and even though she knew it was absurd, she pulled the more painful parts out to make her point. “What if... you being with her is essential? What if you need to be with her or else the world ends?”

“I don't believe that, Liz. I love you.” Max pressed, taking her hand beneath the blanket.

“I love you, too. Okay. I said it but what if... we were never meant to be. And before you say that if you weren't an alien, just let me say this. If you weren't an alien... I'd be dead now. You would probably have never looked in my direction before and quite possibly... you'd be with Tess.” Liz looked him straight in the eyes. “You know I'm right.”

“What are you saying?”

“I'm saying that my decision stands. You and I just cannot be together. Are you going to deny that you and Tess became friends over the summer?”

“Well yeah. But that's all we are... we're friends.”

“Then you and I can be just friends. I don't want to be the reason that you fail. I don't want to be the reason that this falls apart. Friendship is all I can give right now. It's just too hard.” Liz sighed and squeezed his hand.

“What's wrong?” He asked her. “You just look a little pale.”

“I had a really weird dream that I don't even want to try to decipher. Maybe later though.” She closed her eyes and leaned her head back against the wall. “We agree, then? Can you and I be friends until we figure out what our roles in the universe are?”

“As long as you stop avoiding me.” He shook his head at her smirk.


“What made you change your mind?” Max asked her cautiously. “You barely talk to me at school as it is...”

“Max, it's two o'clock in the morning. I just went back on my solemn promise never to interact with you again. We're friends and you're gonna ask me why?”

They both started laughing.

“I guess I should go. You're probably tired.” Max stood. “I'll see you at school.”

“Yeah. Night, Max.” Liz disappeared through her window as Max climbed over the edge. Liz sat on the edge of her bed and just couldn't shake the strange feelings that dream had left her with. She knew it was a dream because it started off with a Max from the future. Like that was even possible. The whole thing was just far fetched. None of it could ever even happen.

Liz fell asleep, slightly reassured that she and Max could be friends if nothing else. That part of her dream bothered her, the parts where she and Max weren't speaking to each other. That would never happen. Anyway, it was just a dream.

Part 1

Max walked into his astronomy class with a huge smile on his face. A sleepy-eyed Maria DeLuca raised an eyebrow and motioned for him to sit next to her. This had to be good. “What's with the ear-to-ear-smile that's making me want to puke?”

“She talked to me last night.” His smile grew even larger if that was possible.

“She did? Oh. She did.” Maria suddenly found herself awake. “So you're back together I gather?”

“No. We're friends.” He nodded his head up and down.

“You do realize that is the kiss of death, right?” She sighed heavily and watched a cloud cross the amber eyes of her friend. “You didn't know?”

“We were happy about this, Maria. She's been avoiding me since she got back from Florida. Liz and I agreed last night that we would be friends. I take it to mean that she misses me as much as I miss her. I'll take her friendship if that's all I can get.” He turned back to his desk and stared at the supernova on the cover of his book that he had never gotten a book cover for.

“Sorry. It's just that normally when a girl tells a guy she wants to be friends... that's when it is officially over. Now, granted that you and Liz have a rather unique relationship. Yes, this is good news... Max.” Maria waited until he looked up at her. “Don't get your hopes up and don't push her. If it happens, it'll happen naturally. But... of course, if Michael can come around... so can Liz.”

Max glared at her smirk. “You are going to gloat about that forever aren't you?”

“As long as I got him. Hell yeah!”

“Good luck. Michael's not one to get attached.” Max couldn't help but bring her down off her high horse.

“Whatever. I know this already. He tells me all the time. Now, do you think you could kill Courtney for me?” Maria tilted her head at his shaking head until he relented.

“Fine. I'll put it on my to-do list.” He groaned and got up to get to his own seat before the bell rang.


“Can you just not hang your bras on the shower rod?” Kyle Valenti pleaded with semi-new housemate, Tess Harding.

“Where do you want me to hang them? Your dryer never works.” Tess spun around and blushed when she realized that Max was at his locker a couple of lockers down and could have heard her.

“I don't care but I don't want to touch them when I'm half asleep and have no clue what they are at seven in the morning.” Kyle groaned. “And the pantyhose on the towel rack?”

“God, Kyle. Fix the dryer and I'll consider doing something about it but until then, I'll hang my... delicates wherever I damn well please.” Tess crossed her arms and stared at him. “Are we done? Is this a one-way thing? Can I complain about the incense?”

“It frees the mind. It opens you up.”

“Can the Budd-” Kyle quickly cut her off with his hand.

“I told you to watch saying that stuff in public.”

“Oh please. Hey Max.” Tess saw him whip his head around. “What do you think of Buddha?”

“I don't believe in God.” Max said quietly and turned around.

“Buddha is not a god.” Kyle mumbled.

“See. No one would even know what you're talking about.” Tess rolled her eyes. “I doubt there are many Buddhists in Roswell.”

“Why are you guys talking about Buddhists, anyway?” Max asked, pulling a few books from his locker and then replacing them, having given up on waiting for Liz.

“No reason.” Kyle silenced Tess with a glare. “But that is a good question. If you guys don't believe in God, a god, or anything... What do you believe in?”

“Never given it much thought.” Max started walking, Kyle and Tess on his heels.

“Then how do you know you don't believe in anything?” Kyle shook his head in confusion.

“I just don't. I mean, I've studied religion as a hobby but none of it means anything to me. What about you Max?” Tess pulled Kyle along to catch up with Max's long strides.

“I just don't think about it. With all that I am and am supposed to do... how can there be a god? I'm not staying that everyone else on the planet is wrong... I'm just staying that I don't. Isabel believes in God and I'm not going to tell her different...” Max sighed and turned to them. “Can we just not talk about this?”

“Where are you eating lunch?” Tess tilted her head at him.

“I was supposed to meet Liz to talk to her but she never showed... so I guess I'm going to the quad.” He shrugged.

“Okay. Let's go.” Tess had pulled him through the doors, her arm looped through his, before he could protest. Kyle rolled his eyes and hoped that no one had seen him with the two of them. Tess pulled Max to the table where Isabel and Michael were already sitting. Upon seeing Tess, Isabel and Michael immediately went quiet. “Hey guys.”

“Hey.” They chorused cautiously.


Liz strolled through the halls lost in thought. That dream had just stayed with her. It was silly really. The end of the world had been caused by she and Max making love. Like that would even happen. She was only seventeen and a junior in high school. Sure, she had thought about it but not seriously. What the hell was that dream even supposed to mean?

When she looked up, Tess was pulling Max into the quad. It stung, just a little; they were friends and Max was doing what he was supposed to. He was supposed to start seeing Tess. Now that Liz had told him that they were just friends, he could date Tess without a guilty conscience.

Slowly, she walked out to the quad and sat at the table, next to Maria, who had sat next to Michael. This placed her at the other side of the table from Max. He immediately moved to the other end of the table. “Hi. Liz.”

“Hi.” Liz managed a small smile then turned her attention to what Maria was telling her about what a heinous bastard Mr. Crulick was. Then Maria moved on to the magazine in front of her.

“I'm telling you... Freddie Prinze, Jr. can cross my border any day.” Maria was practically drooling over the full-page picture of the actor.

“I prefer older guys. David Boreanaz is just...” Isabel sighed. “Well, I wouldn't mind taking a bite of that.”

“Isabel!” Max groaned and tried to focus on his lunch, ignoring the conversation that was getting the female attention at the table, including Liz's.

“What? Like you don't drool over Christina Ricci.” She shot back.

“Just leave me out of this.” He shook his head, catching the annoyed look in Michael's eye across the table. Neither one of them wanted to be witness to this conversation.

“He just loves those doe-eyed damsels in distress.” She jabbed once more before Liz cleared her throat.

“Now, Skeet Ulrich...” Liz tilted her head at the magazine. “Now there's something to look at.”

“Oh yeah.” Maria nodded at the abs proudly portrayed on page 30. She glanced at Max and noticed the expression on his face. He apparently didn't like to think that Liz could be attracted to anyone else... even people she would never meet like the men in the magazines.

“Is that Ethan Embry?” Liz and Tess both jumped up at the same time when Maria turned the page. The two girls locked gazes for a split second, then turned away and sat back down, pretending they just hadn't both expressed interest in the same heartthrob.

Silence covered the table. Maria idly turned the page. She and Isabel picked up their perusal of the magazine over Michael's lap, which annoyed him to no end. Liz noted how Tess looked so lost on the other side of the table. For the first time, she realized how much of an outsider the girl still was.

“Tess, have you seen... 'Empire Records'? I really like him in that movie.” Liz realized that Tess had never been included in a conversation that she didn't start.

“He wasn't in that movie.” Tess turned to look in Liz's general direction.

“Yeah he was. It was under the name Ethan Randall but it was him. Let me tell you, major drugee but adorable as always.” Liz smiled at the memory of the goofy guy and the brownie scene.

“Isn't he though? I've loved 'Can't Hardly Wait'.” Tess admitted with a small smile. Isabel and Maria quieted just enough to hear the conversation. Tess scooted down towards Max to hear Liz better. “And 'White Squall'?”

“Oh My God!” They said together, laughing. “Wet shirts and muscles.”

“I think we have just entered the 'Twilight Zone'.” Maria hissed to Isabel and Michael.

“I think you're right.” Isabel agreed.

“Oh, they so could have done more flashbacks in Disturbing Behavior although... Nick Stahl and...” Liz trailed off to think of the actor's name. Then she and Tess remembered at the same time. “James Marsden!”

“He is so hot. I couldn't think of his name but Max dragged me to 'X-Men'. Have you seen it?” Tess rambled on. “Anyway, total hottie even if Cyclops is so uptight.”

“Have you ever seen 'Bella Mafia'? My mom and I watched that movie over and over. He plays this Italian guy kinda literally born into the mafia. His name is Luka and oh! It's just an awesome movie.” Liz finished, becoming aware of the stares she was getting from the others at the table. “What are you people staring at? Can we have a conversation like normal teenagers? Or is that something that we don't do anymore?”

“Chill Parker.” Michael muttered, receiving elbows in the ribs from both girls on either side of him. “Oof!”

“Geez. Anyway, like I was saying...” Liz continued to tell Tess the story of 'Bella Mafia'. Max watched in wonder at this girl he loved. She was amazing. He knew that she wanted to hate Tess. Everyone knew that. He knew her train of thought though. If he and Tess started dating, it would be better if Liz were friends with the girl. Max would have to just get it through Liz's head that he was never going to be with Tess. “And it turns out that she killed her own son. Then her mafia of women poison all the male heads of the families. It's undetectable and untraceable. They like inherit the mafia.”

“Wow. Can I borrow it?” Tess was definitely interested in the movie.

“Don't give her any ideas. Just because it worked in a movie doesn't mean it would work in real life.” Michael complained.

“I hadn't actually thought about it. Thanks Michael.” Tess nodded sincerely. Only Liz caught the teasing light in the girl's blue eyes.

“We should all get together and watch it.” Liz suggested.

“Liz...” Max caught her eye successfully that time. “I think it's time that you and I got around to that talk about us?”

“Talk?” Tess inquired. She didn't want to push anybody but they did have a destiny that they shouldn't ignore.

“It's nothing. I think Max just needs to know the ground rules where him and I are concerned. We've decided to just be friends and today's just been a little awkward, which is partly my fault.” Liz patted his hand and nodded sympathetically. “We'll talk later... during our free period.”

“Okay. So long as we actually get to talk.” Max nodded. He hadn't wanted to tell everyone like that but if Liz thought it was best, then he would go along with it.


Tess sat next to Liz in study hall. “Hi.”

“Hey.” Liz gave her a slight smile.

“Can I ask you a question?”

“Shoot.” Liz knew she had to be wary but lunch had been so much fun.

“Why are you being so nice to me?” Tess looked over the brunette next to her. “I know you don't like me. No one does...”

“Let's put it this way. If I can only have Max as a friend... I have to look out for him. You're his... destiny... and we have to become friends or else everything is just going to fall apart. I just need him in my life.” Liz sighed. She stared at her hands for a moment. “Let's just say that I realized today that I never gave you a chance.”

“Well, I did try to steal your boyfriend...” Tess trailed off with a slight smile. “Is Max really thinking of...”

“No, but he will. I really think he will. You know how hard that is for me to admit.” Liz's eyes clouded over for a moment. “That's why I tried to stay away from him and obviously that wasn't working. I can help you... if you want. No one knows him better than me.”

Tess tilted her head away, wary of Liz's intentions.

“I just mean that I've been inside his head. I know how he thinks.”

“Thanks. I don't think anyone's ever been this nice to me before.” Tess admitted.

“Hey, it just goes to show that brilliant minds think alike... and are attracted to the same kind of men.” Liz smiled, reminding them both of lunch.

“I guess so. Anyway... if Max doesn't come around... oh well. I tried.” Tess smiled back. Maybe having friends wouldn't be so bad after all.


“Max...” Liz prodded. “What exactly do we need to talk about?”

“Well. Just friends. I want to know what's acceptable, what's not.” Max sank onto a lounge couch and waited to see where she sat. Placing her bag between them, Liz sat next to him. “I don't know how it works.”

“Okay... well. We can talk, do things together, hang out...” Liz shrugged her shoulders.

“Like you and Alex.”

“Almost. I just can't be as comfortable with you as I am with him. He's not a threat to me.” She tried to explain but could see that she was losing him.

“I'm a threat?” Max's shoulders sank, dejectedly.

“No... it's just... Where Alex is a girlfriend type guy... you can't be.”

“So it's like, Maria is alright with Alex being there while she changes, she's still not close enough to me to do that...” Max nodded his head in understanding. No way could he take sitting idly by while Liz changed in front of him. “Ok. I understand.”

“Good. Answer me this. Is it weird that me and Tess could possibly be getting along now?” Liz had already endured drills from Maria and Isabel. After study hall, Liz had seen no reason why the two couldn't bond over their affections and lack thereof for certain people.

“It's odd but I'm sure everyone will get over it.” Max sighed heavily. “You aren't like... gonna try to hook us up are you?”

Liz dropped her gaze to her hands and raised her eyebrows. “Is that a problem?”


“Max, really. Forget about it. From what I can tell, she's getting kinda fed up with you as it is.” Liz shrugged. At least she didn't have to worry about them getting together. Having both as friends would be great.

“What she said at lunch about me dragging her to 'X-Men'... that's not true.” Max took her hand in his. “It's not.”


“Listen. We all went to the movies together. All of us. I didn't want to watch chick flicks. Michael and I were sick of them so I convinced the girls one by one to watch it. I didn't take her to the movies.” Max felt he couldn't press the point enough.

“It doesn't matter, Max. You and I are friends. Just friends.” Liz made no move to untangle his hand from hers. “I'm just trying to make this work. You and I cannot be together. We just can't.”

“Just don't walk away from me again. I couldn't take that.”


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Part 2

Tess let Mrs. Parker lead her back to Liz's room. It was the weekly female bonding session. Location depended on whose parents were willing to put up with four teenage girls that never stopped talking. Tess made herself at home, sprawling out on the bed with the magazine laying by the pillow.

“Hey.” Liz breezed out of the bathroom in her robe and began gathering her clothes to get dressed.

“Where is everyone?” Tess muttered, flipping through the old magazine in absolute boredom.

“Isabel's grounded.” Liz answered as she pulled on her clothes, careful to be out of view from the window. Max had been popping over at the most inopportune moments... for her. If one happened to be an undersexed, horny teenage boy, it was the perfect time to pop in.

“School's been out for an hour and twenty-two minutes. How is she already grounded?” Tess groaned.

“Max told me that she forgot to tell him to cover for her.” Liz shrugged. “So when his mom asked him where Isabel was last night... He told the truth. Their parents so do not like Grant.”

“That covers Isabel, so where's Maria?” Tess glanced up and blushed when she noted Liz's state of undress.

“I don't know. I know she's not working...” Liz stopped midway to the closet. She stood there in just her bra and panties with a look of disgust on her face.

“What?” Tess had to force herself to breathe.

“Michael's not working tonight either. She blew us off for a guy. I do not believe it.” Liz ripped a shirt off a hanger and stared at it before tossing it aside. Tess just watched her rant and toss clothes aside. “She knows that's something you just don't do. I've never done that to her. Okay, maybe once but she was already working that night.”

As Tess watched Liz, she stopped blushing. Watching Liz was beautiful. The way she moved, even while angry, was graceful. While normally Tess never had a problem with nudity, Liz being practically naked across the room was... a problem. She forced her eyes away and to the window, where Max was hopping over the balcony.

“Where are we even going? I don't know what I'm going to wear.” Liz finally stopped ranting long enough to remember they were supposed to do something.

“You have about five seconds to decide. Max is headed over.” She sat up, blue eyes wide.

“What?!” Liz began yanking on a pair of jeans, but the harder she tried to get them on, the harder it was to pull them on. “Do something. Don't let him come in.”

“What do you want me to do?”

“Something! I don't care what.” She finally managed to zip up the jeans and began the search for a blouse.

“Hey Tess.” Max called in and just as he would have gotten a view of Liz topless, he stopped. Tess had opened her blouse suddenly and flashed him. Max was so shocked that he stumbled backward and flipped over the lounge chair.

“I can't believe you just did that.” Liz pushed her arms through the sleeves before she was wracked with uncontrollable laughter.

“Me either.” Tess held her shirt closed and joined her in laughter. “Look.” She pointed to where Max was still struggling to untangle himself from the lounge chair. Liz took one look and collapsed, laughing so hard that she ceased to make sound.

Max stood up and tried to look cool. Both girls were rolling on the floor, shirts hanging open, gasping for air between fits of laughter. Liz sat up and looked at Tess. “Imagine if you hadn't worn a bra today.”

That sent them both into more fits of laughter and made Max turn bright red. He turned around and called over his shoulder. “Can the two of you put your shirts on? Please?”

Liz pulled herself together and buttoned up her shirt. “You know, Max... this is what you get for popping over unannounced.”

“I get the point. I'll call next time.” He knew he had to get his body under control fast.

“Or use the front door. That's always an option.” She countered.

“Or you could start using the shade.” He tossed right back.

“Well if someone didn't insist on just showing up whenever he felt like it, then we wouldn't have this problem.” Liz pulled her hair back, while Tess tried to straighten out her own clothes and hair. “How's Kenny?”

“Hold on. I can't talk about Betty and Veronica but you can talk about Kenny? That doesn't seem fair to me.” Max cursed himself for telling her as much as he did while they were dating.

“I'm lost. Who are Betty, Veronica and Kenny?” Tess pulled herself out onto the roof after Liz. She watched the two of them run their eyes over each other.

“Friends.” Liz raised an eyebrow at Max, daring him to elaborate. “We're going to... where are we going Tess?”

“We never decided.”

“Wherever it is we go. You want to go?” Liz asked him.

“Sure. I'm not busy.” Max righted the lounge chair just for an excuse to tear his eyes away from where they had been fixed on her chest. “What's the plan?”

“Tess?” Liz asked. “Movie? Shopping?”

“New club downtown.” Tess suggested.

“Hello. We're all seventeen.” Liz pointed out. “How are we going to get in?”

“IDs please.” Tess pulled hers out and waited for Max and Liz to retrieve theirs. She waved her hand over the driver's licenses, making them all 20. “We want in but I don't want to drink.”

“Me either.” Liz took hers back.

“I don't have much of a choice and I take it that I'm driving?” Max took his back. “Tess, I don't have a mustache.”

“Just to make you look older. We just want in.” She pressed. Tess held up her hands. “Are we going or not?”

“Tess, this says I'm from Arkansas.” Liz laughed.

“Well... it also says you're 20. Are we going or not?” She repeated her question. Liz bit her lip and exchanged a glance with Max. He shrugged.

“If Max is up to it.” Liz finally conceded.

“Hey, I'm just a driver.” Max crossed his arms.

“Then we're going.” Tess nodded triumphantly. “We do have time though.”

“Then we gotta plan our stories. If we don't have a back-up plan then we get caught. Simple as that.” Liz sat on a blanket. “Happened every time Kyle and I got caught, there was no back-up plan.”

“I'm covered. Michael will always back me up.” Max knelt beside her. Tess plopped down beside them.

“Well, the Sheriff likes to treat me like a little girl but... if I’m not there at night, he figures I'm with one of you.” She explained. “And I'm sure Kyle will take care of it if Jim asks.”

“Which leaves me. Maria probably won't back me up because she'd never approve of fake IDs. Isabel's out. Damn her and her... Grant.” Liz sighed. “Alex. I'll say I'm at Alex's.”

“Alex will never go for that and you know it.” Max chided her. “The three of us are going bowling tonight.”

“What?” The two girls stared at him like he was crazy.

“Tell them we're going bowling or playing pool.” What he said made sense. It might actually work.

“I can't believe that I am planning to deceive my parents just because I'm bored and crazy enough to listen to Tess.” Liz giggled. “Why are you going, Max? You hate to dance.”

“I can't let the two of you go alone. What kind of friend would I be?” He pretended that was the only reason. He knew what was coming next. Isabel had pulled it enough times for him to know.

“You're gonna have to put the canvas on the Jeep. I can't leave the house dressed to go dancing.” Liz exchanged a look with Tess that told her Tess would have the same problem.

“Just make sure we don't look too bulky when we leave here.” Tess sighed.

“Not a problem. I got an outfit that fits in my purse.” Liz grinned.

Max swallowed the sudden lump in his throat. This would be an interesting night. He would just have to pray that Kenny behaved himself.

Part 3

Max was having major problems keeping his eyes on the road. Tess was in the passenger seat at the moment, turned around so she could talk to Liz. Liz was in the back changing. His eyes kept creeping to the rearview mirror.

He would catch flashes of skin as she wriggled out of her jeans and blouse to change into the tiny skirt and backless blouse she had brought. At one point he was hit in the back of the head and the scrap of satin that landed on his shoulder had him frozen. He cleared this throat once, twice and no one noticed. He had to do something... so he held it up and looked it over. “Hey, I remember this one. Didn't you wear it that night we went to that movie with the bad reviews?”

“Max!” Liz reached forward and ripped it from his hand.

“Then watch where you're throwing things.” He tossed back.

“Okay, my turn.” Tess announced. “How are we going to switch?”

“If I come over here. You can slide back here and I can climb up front.” Liz pressed herself up against the back of Max's seat, gripping his shoulder for balance. Her hair fell over and brushed against his ear. The distraction caused him to swerve as she was trying to climb into the front seat.

Liz fell against Max, bracing her hands where she could. When the world had righted itself, her head was pressed to his shoulder. Max glanced at her for a second. “You ok?”

“Yeah.” Her heart, she realized was beating very rapidly. “Learn how to drive?”

Max tried desperately to ignore the fact that her breasts pressed against his arm and her hand was clenching his thigh. “Whatever.”

“Something wrong?” Liz noticed his tense expression.

“No...” He bit the inside of his cheek. “But if you don't move your hand... Kenny's getting a little happy, Liz.”

She glanced at where her hand was and realized how close she was to him. “Oh.” Liz quickly finished her trip to the passenger seat. “Sorry.”

There was complete silence for a couple of minutes. Max kept shifting in his seat, trying to alleviate the condition that Liz had caused. Liz snuck a glance or two at Max, biting her lip to keep a small grin from giving away the small amount of pleasure she was having at his situation. Tess tried her best to put her shirt on but cursed the choice at its difficulty.

Carefully, she held her blouse closed and leaned forward. “Liz, can you help me out here?”

“Um, sure.” Liz helped Tess close the laces enough so she wasn't exposing herself.

Max glanced back so he could change lanes and wished he hadn't. “Shit,” he muttered, snapping his head around to the road. It wasn't that he hadn't ever seen a pair of breasts before, or even Tess's breasts, but to see them in reality was too much.

“Did you say something, Max?” Liz didn't stop pulling the laces closed or look at him or else she would have figured it out pretty quickly.

“No.” His voice cracked but he quickly cleared his throat. His eyes met Tess's in the rearview mirror. “I didn't say anything.”

It was then Liz chose to look at Max. She watched how he kept looking in the rearview mirror and shifting uncomfortably in his seat while still attempting to drive. Tess's chest beneath her hands was heaving. Dejectedly, Liz tied the laces and sat back in her seat. Sure, for months she had fooled herself into believing that the three of them could just be friends... but a part of her still hoped and longed for Max. It was obvious he was becoming very attracted to Tess.


The trio stood in line outside the club for what seemed like forever. Max shoved his hands into his pockets and focused his gaze on his shoes. The amount of skin showing on both girls was just... too much. But he wasn't going to say anything; he was their friend and nothing else. He was just there to protect them. 'Yeah right, Max.' Suddenly, Liz looked through her purse. They were almost to the front of the line; how could she have forgotten? “Oh no...”

“What?” Tess asked her friend.

“I forgot to bring my money.” Liz groaned and sighed.

“I got it.” Max shrugged. “Don't worry about it. I'll get you in... just don't go expecting drinks or anything.”

Liz swatted his arm and stepped up front when the line narrowed to single file. The three finally made it to the bouncer, IDs checked, cover charge paid but the bouncer stopped Max from entering.

“Club's full.” The beefy guy shook his head.

“Come on.” Liz smiled sweetly. “He's with us.”


“Maybe... you'll let our other friend in then.” Tess closed her eyes for a second then licked her lips. The bouncer looked back to where Max had been standing to find a beautiful woman wearing very little.

“Go on ahead.” The bouncer looked Max over like he was the next meal.

Max shivered uncomfortably but hurried into the club after the girls. Tess started laughing once inside. “I can't believe that worked.”

“What did you do?” Max shuddered again.

“I made him think you were a gorgeous woman. I'd be careful if I were you. He might come in and ask for your number.” Tess giggled and pushed Liz further into the club.

“I think I'll just sit over there.” Max pulled away, seeing they were headed for the dance floor. “I can see from there.”

“Uh-huh.” Liz shook her head and winked as she turned to follow Tess.

Max stood frozen. Had she just winked at him? No, she was just messing with him. She was just messing with him, she wasn't interested. They were just friends... and she was just pretty. 'God, I have got it so bad.' He made his way to an empty table to watch over the both of them.

Tess swayed to the music trying to forget what Max's gaze had done to her in the car... or was it Liz's hands moving between her breasts that had done it? 'Don't confuse yourself, Tess. It was the way Max was watching you. He's finally coming around...' Knowing full well she had stopped trying to draw him to her, she dismissed all such thoughts.

Liz started dancing with some guy she bumped into. He was alright looking but nothing to swoon about. Her thoughts kept going back to the Jeep. She knew that Max had been trying to watch her change. She knew he had gotten slightly excited when she accidentally grabbed his leg. If he was still attracted to her... why was he watching Tess too? 'Liz, cut it out. You left him, you told him you had to be just friends. He can do what he wants. It's the way it's supposed to be.'

Max didn't know how much more of this he could take. The love of his life was out there on that dance floor, grinding and moving with some guy she didn't even know. He knew he couldn't just go over there for no reason and if he did, he'd have to dance. At this point, he wouldn't have minded dancing. Then he noticed how Liz kept pushing the guy's hands away from her butt and legs. Only once did she look at Max for assistance. It was all the notice he needed.

Shooting up out of his chair, he weeded his way through the dance floor. He spun Liz out of the groping guy's arms and into his own. They began dancing very closely. Max looked over Liz's head and dared the guy to even make a move of protest as he pressed her body possessively against his own. Liz never looked back even as the guy stormed off. “Thanks, Max.”

“No problem. It's what I'm here for.” He loosened his grip on her writhing body but she never stepped away. Reveling in her soft curves and skin in his arms, Max let himself relax. They danced for another song, never losing the intimacy of their bodies. Max knew he shouldn't when he did it but he had to.

Liz tilted her head back and met his lips in a soft kiss. They deepened it, forgetting their situation and public position. When Liz realized that she was enjoying the kiss, she also remembered that they were just supposed to be friends. Why had he kissed her if he was attracted to Tess?

They pulled apart and stopped dancing. Liz spoke first. “Where's Tess?”

Searching the floor, they found her trying to ward off two guys. Max didn't think, he just rushed forward and placed himself between Tess and her aggressors. “Problem?”

“Who are you?”

“I'm her boyfriend. Who are you?” Max glared at them menacingly.

“We're leaving now.” The guy weighed his options and his opponent and chose the less painful of the two.

“That's what I thought.” Max blew out a breath when they were gone. Then he turned to his female companions. “You feel like risking being mauled again... or do you want to leave?”

“Don't want to go home but I think I've had my fill of this place.” Liz wouldn't meet Max's eyes.

“Yeah.” Tess nodded. “Actually... I've just had my fill of the Neanderthals here.” She hoped Max would pick up on that. She couldn't believe that he had told those guys he was her boyfriend. “I still kinda want to dance.”

“You two, go ahead. I'll go find a table.” Liz started to edge away. Max caught her wrist and pulled her back. “Max, let go.”

“I can't risk leaving either of you alone. Tess wants to dance. You want to leave. You two have to decide and then we'll figure out what to do from there.” Max crossed his arms and waited for them to decide.

“If we go, we'll have to do something normal and change...” Tess complained.

“If we stay. How are you going to dance? Max won't leave either of us alone.” Liz countered.

“Dance. Come on. It's not impossible to do. I've danced with you before.” Tess pointed out. Max quirked an eyebrow up at Liz. She immediately swatted him.

“Why are all guys such pigs?” Liz scoffed.

“I didn't say anything.” Max defended himself.

“But you were thinking it.” She shrugged and turned to Tess. “You're right though, we can dance. Let's go.”

“Um...” Max started to protest but they pulled him back onto the dance floor. “What are we doing?”

“Dancing.” They told him. Max did his best to keep up with both girls but he really did hate to dance and got tired very quickly. Only once did he try to get away. Some liquored up woman had then thrown her arms around him, grinding very suggestively into his body. Liz and Tess had to come to his rescue. The woman left him alone but not before grabbing his butt.

The girls then did their best to keep him sandwiched between their dancing bodies. He swore they were trying to drive him insane. The way Liz pressed her body against his back, wrapping an arm around him, her finger curled inside his belt loop. It wasn't too hard to keep in sync with her. Tess kept one arm curled around his arm, dancing to and away from him, turning and moving, giving him glimpses of flesh all the while.

Finally, he couldn't take it anymore. He pulled Liz's hand away from his waist and then took Tess's hand and pulled both girls to the exit.

“Max, come on. We were having fun.” Liz complained but had no choice but to follow him.

“Max...” Tess whined. Once outside, he turned to them.

“When did I get to be one of the girlfriends?” He asked.

“Please.” Tess scoffed and took off the find the Jeep. Liz followed her, calling over her shoulder.

“Don't worry, Max. You aren't one of the girls... Not as long as you keep staring at Betty and Veronica and Kenny keeps getting happy about it, anyway.” Liz bit her lip at his shocked expression, fighting back laughter. Tess's jaw dropped open. It just dawned on her what the joke was.

“You had better run, Parker!” Max yelled.

“Omigod! Run!” Liz pulled Tess as they raced for the Jeep. It was comical for two young women to race down the street in heels, fleeing a young man who had already been flustered beyond belief. Fortunately, he gave up and took his time reaching the Jeep, where they had been trying to catch their breath and fend off cold night in their wisps of cloth that passed for clothes. “You did that on purpose.”

“What if I did?” Max turned his nose up. “The two of you are dependant on me to get home.”

Rolling their eyes, they climbed into the Jeep.


“We've been driving around for an hour.” Max complained. “We did a drive-thru. Big Gulps. Snicker and Tabasco. Vanilla ice cream. What's left?”

“It's still early.” Tess whined. She was resting her head on Liz's and playing with Liz's long locks.

“I don't want to go home yet. Dad likes to bond now. I think he just wants to make sure I'm not pierced and I'm clean.” Liz groaned and sipped at her drink. She was too comfortable where she was leaning on Max's arm to even think about moving.

“Pit stop.” Max announced and pulled into a Diamond Shamrock. Liz sat up and let him have his arm back. They watched as he went inside for the key and went around the back.

“What's with Max tonight?” Tess pondered aloud. “He's been acting kinda strange."

“He's horny.” Liz shrugged, remembering the kiss in the club.

“You say that like you know.” Tess smirked at Liz's blush.

“I do know. He hasn't taken his eyes off your chest all night.” She confided. “He's coming around, Tess.”

“Like it matters.” She turned to face Liz, their faces were barely inches apart. “Liz, I really don't care about that anymore. Max is a great guy but this is too much fun to push anymore.”

“He is a great guy.” Liz nodded, then tilted her head. “Would it be so bad if he were coming to like you more... that way?”

“I didn't say that. It might be nice but I'm not going to worry about it.” Blue eyes met brown.

“Thank you for saying that.”

“Liz, I don't think I could begin to understand the strength it took you to give him up for me.” Tess whispered, leaning in just a little more.

“And I don't know what's going on in your head, Tess, but I know it was hard for you to take this step back so it wouldn't be awkward.” Liz took in the pure blue that seemed to glow out of Tess's face.

“I'm not good with people, Liz. Everything I know, I read in a book. I like being your friend and a guy seems to be the key to screwing up a friendship. I don't want that to happen to us.” Tess hesitantly pressed a kiss to Liz's cheek. “Thank you.”

Just then the driver's side door opened and Max poked in his head. “Anyone else gotta go while I got the key?”

“Yeah.” Liz took the key.

“Me too.” Tess nodded.

“It's a single.” He warned.

“Girlfriend. We're close but not that close.” Tess scrunched up her face at Liz, who stuck out her tongue in response. Max started to climb in. “What do you think you're doing?”

“Getting in. It's cold out here.” He shook his head. “I'm waiting here.”

“No, you're not. It's a single, so even if we go out together, someone's going to be outside alone. We can't even see the door from here.” Liz argued. “You're coming with us.”


Tess leaned against the wall and watched her shoes. She could feel Max staring her up and down. “What?”

“Nothing.” Max shook his head and looked away. “You just... you look very nice tonight.”

“Thank you.” She managed a smile. “You look... like you.”

“Thanks, I guess.” He shrugged.

“It's a good thing, Max. I mean... or else that woman would have kept her hands to herself tonight.” They both laughed. They fell silent for a moment.

“Can I ask a question?” Max whispered and waited for her assent before continuing. “Have you dated a lot of guys? I mean, Isabel has but me and Michael...”

“No. I've hung out with them but nothing's ever happened romantically. That night in the rain... that was my first kiss.” Tess bit her lip and turned away.

Max felt bad. That was such a bad kiss. No, it was a good kiss but not the kind anyone should have for their first kiss. Not with the gasping and tongues ramming down throats and hands groping. On impulse, Max stepped forward and pressed a sweet kiss on her lips. When he pulled back, he looked her in the eye. “That was your first kiss.”

Tess felt her eyes fill with a tear or two. How could anyone be that sweet? And to someone who had tried to manipulate and force them into something they didn't want. “Thank you, Max.”


Liz waited for Max to speak. Finally he did, and he didn't disappoint. “About that kiss...”

“Forget it. It never happened.” Liz hugged herself, wishing she had brought a jacket.

“I felt something.” He pressed.

“So did I but I'd like to keep Kenny out of this.” She cracked.

“Why are you being like this?” Max crossed his arms. “You never used to be this crude?”

“You think this is crude?” She raised an eyebrow at him.

“You know what I mean.” Sighing, he leaned against the wall. “Kenny jokes, talking openly about Betty and Veronica. Why does it have to be like this?”

“I really don't know what you're talking about, Max.” Liz glanced at the bathroom door, wishing Tess would hurry up. “I'm just having fun.”

“Liz... I'm not going to forget that kiss. I'm not going to forget how you responded. You didn't push me away.”

“It wasn't supposed to happen, Max. I just don't go around kissing my friends.”

“My point exactly. You wouldn't kiss Alex but you kissed me.” Max stood up and approached her.

“What about Tess? You kissed me but you've been staring at her all night.” Liz felt the sting of tears but they shouldn't be there. She wasn't supposed to feel this way when Max followed his destiny. She was supposed to be glad and be happy for him and Tess. Tess was her friend. She wasn't supposed to go after her friend's love interest.

“Is that what this is about?” He lifted a hand to her arm like he had back in September. Liz was filled with images of the two of them in their most intimate moments. “I'm in love with you, Liz. I always have been. I can wait and be your friend but I will wait... for you.”

“No Max. Your mother...” Liz trailed off, hating to remember that day in the pod chamber.

“Told us something that was true 50 years ago. Facts change. We make our own destinies.” His words sounded so familiar. True, he had told her those five words in that old van after his escape from the FBI... there was something else about them.

“I had a dream that you told me that. 'We make our own destiny.'“ Liz whispered, lifting her eyes to his. He had a slight smile on his face as if to say, 'see.' “That was right after you made me do something that would kill you.”

Max studied the sadness in Liz's eyes. He had seen it the night that she had agreed to be friends. “That dream... it really stuck with you, didn't it?”

“It felt so real and you know I'm not superstitious. Be my friend, Max. At least until we can all say without a single doubt what is right and wrong?” Liz pleaded with him.

“Okay. Okay.” Max nodded and stepped away. They were both grateful when Tess chose that moment to emerge from the bathroom.

“I think I'm ready to crash.” Liz faked a yawn. “Oh, um, no pun intended.”

“Yeah. Ok.” Max nodded stiffly.

“I'm staying with Liz tonight. One trip for you.” Tess whispered.

“Let's go then.” Liz took off ahead of them to the Jeep. Tess followed after handing Max the key to return to the clerk. Max waited until they were both far enough away before slamming his fist into the wall.

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Part 4

Liz tossed and turned on her side of the bed. She just couldn't sleep. She hoped that she wasn't keeping Tess awake.

“Give it up. I know why I can't sleep... so...” Tess muttered. She sat up and turned to Liz. “What is your problem?”

“Nothing.” Liz lied and tried once again to get comfortable. “Nothing.”


“So why can't you sleep?” She tried to take the attention away from her. It was 3:00 in the morning and she was wide-awake.

“Well... Max kissed me.” Tess drawled out, waiting to see how her friend would react.

“He did...” Liz took a slow deep breath. Not what she was expecting. “When?”

“While you were in the bathroom.” Tess admitted. “He just kissed me. We were talking and he just did it. I didn't make him do it or anything. We were talking and then...”

“Tess, you're babbling.” Liz whispered. It stung, but no. It was not going to get to her. This is what's supposed to be happening. 'Then why did he try to get back together with you while she was in the bathroom.'

“I mean, it was barely anything. Just lips pressed together for a split second.”

“Tess, it's ok. Really. It doesn't upset me if that's what you're thinking.” She lied and hugged her blanket around her body. “Do you think he's going to finally come around? I mean, he was looking at you tonight.”

“I don't know. I don't even know if I want him to. Kyle's nice.” Tess lied. Kyle was becoming more and more like a brother. Her eyes focused in the dark room, finding the curves that revealed where Liz lay next to her.

“Yeah, Kyle's a great guy.” Liz nodded. Silence filled the room. Tess was silently cursing herself. 'Good one, if you're not after one of her ex-boyfriends, you're after the other.'


“What?” Liz cleared her head of thoughts of Max.

“Have you ever... never mind.” Tess rolled over to face the wall and forget that she had just been checking out her friend... for like the 5th time that night.

“Tess? What?”

“Nothing. Just forget it.”

Liz started to get worried, so she pressed on. “Tess. What is it? Just ask me.”

Tess shifted back onto her back and stared at the ceiling. “Do you ever look at girls?”


“Like, notice their bodies?” She took a deep breath and waited for the answer.

“Well, yeah. Like Tiff McGuy, she's got great legs. I'd die for legs like hers. And Olive Mason, she can just walk around without a bra and still not look bad.” Liz knew she was rambling. “And everyone knows that Isabel has like the perfect body.”

“But...” Tess stopped herself. It was stupid. Just stupid. She knew she wasn't gay. Guys did it for her. Max, Kyle, even Michael... if he'd clean himself up that is.

“You mean, have I ever checked out a girl?” Liz asked carefully. She had but she had never admitted it. She thought she was the only one who noticed what Max must see in Tess when he looks at her, thinking no one else was noticing. Or even realized why Michael started up with Maria... but everyone knew why Alex was (physically) attracted to Isabel. “Well... yeah.”

“Really... I thought maybe... I was...”

“Different?” Surprisingly, she was a little relieved that she wasn't the only one. “I guess it's normal... to appreciate... the human body, whichever sex. I don't think it makes you... Mind you... I look at everything from a scientific point of view.”

“Right.” Tess nodded stiffly. “Night.”


Max stumbled into the kitchen and blindly made his way to the refrigerator. He had no clue what time it was or how late it was or where everyone else was. He just wanted a glass of Tabasco orange juice to wake up.

“Where were you last night, Max?” Diane Evans asked her son.

“What?” Max turned around, surprised to find anyone was home.

“Where were you last night?” She sipped her water and waited for his answer.

“I was hanging out with Liz and Tess.” He answered slowly, finally retrieving the bottle of orange juice and a glass from the cupboard.

“Until 2?” She raised an eyebrow. Diane had always felt she could trust her son to make good decisions but last night was a first.

Max sipped at his juice and sat at the table with his mother. “I dropped them off at 12. Then I went driving.”

“City curfew is at 11, Max.” She sighed, feeling that he was lying to her. “You've never slept in your entire life and you've never come in here un-showered. What were you doing last night?”

“Mom. City curfew only applies to those 16 and younger...” Max stopped and took a breath. “I took Tess and Liz bowling, then we played pool until they kicked us out. I took them for a Big Gulp, then I took them to Liz's.” He looked her in the eye when he stopping lying to her. “I drove out to the old highway and just sat there for like an hour, then I came home.”

“The old highway?” She narrowed her eyes.

“You know... where you and Dad found us. I just needed to think... to clear my head. I didn't mean to make you worry. Really, I didn't.” Max kept their eye contact.

“So you've been 'hanging out' with Liz again?” She smirked at her son.

“Mom...” He groaned and pulled himself up from the table. “We're just friends.”

“In my experience, you can never be just friends with anyone you've dated.” She teased her son.

“Try telling her that.” He muttered, not realizing his mother had heard him.

“So you still like her?”



Maria joined the other girls at the table Monday at lunch. She caught their glares and sat up. “May I know the reason for the hostility?”

“Friday night.” Tess stirred her yogurt vigorously.

“What about Friday night?” Maria shrugged.

“We were supposed to hang out, Maria.” Isabel stabbed her fruit salad with disinterest. “I missed out but I had a legitimate excuse. I was grounded. What was yours?”

“We could have used you.” Liz muttered.

“What happened?” Maria was the only one that caught Liz's mumblings.

“Max escorted us to a club.” Liz gave her a tight smile. “Granted we did have fun but I left with a headache and Tess with confusion. He's... a guy.”

“What did he do?” Maria unpacked her lunch.

“He kissed me... which, in general, I didn't mind but...” Tess started, not sure where to begin on how much she was actually bothered by him kissing her.

“He also kissed Liz.” Isabel threw in, causing three people to choke on their lunches.

“He did?!” Maria and Tess nearly yelled.

“Um... Isabel... who told you that?” Liz wiped at her mouth with her napkin, nudging her foot against Isabel's leg with a threat to kick.

“Maybe I just misunderstood Max. Sorry.” Isabel tossed Liz a confused look.

“He didn't kiss me.” Liz shook her head and lied. Then she felt him standing behind her.

“Hey guys...” Max's voice carried over their heads. “What's up?”

“Nothing.” They all chorused with fake smiles. Max took a seat next to Isabel and unpacked his lunch.

“So Maria. You and Michael have fun, Friday night?” He asked while pouring Tabasco sauce on his lunch.

“Did you?” She countered and eyed Liz and Tess.

“Max almost became Lolito.” Liz snickered and locked eyes with Tess. “How old do you think that woman was?”

“Oh god...” He groaned.

“What happened?” Maria sat up, very interested.

“This woman... like 30 years old or something... she was all drunk.” Tess stopped and turned to Max. “She tried to get him to dance so Liz and I rescued him...”

“But before she walked off, she grabbed his butt.” Liz giggled.

“Like the two of you didn't have problems with guys grabbing you.” Max glared at them.

“Whose idea was it to go to a club?” Maria wrinkled up her nose. Max and Liz turned to Tess.

“What? Okay, my idea but you two agreed to it.” Tess defended herself. “Besides, Max, you know you liked dancing with both of us at the same time...”

“I swear...” He muttered under his breath, remembering all too well how his body was being tortured that night. Max cleared his throat. “Never again.”

“Uh-huh.” Isabel narrowed her eyes at her brother. “You and I are going to have a talk later.”


“Spill.” Isabel pulled up beside Liz in the halls. “Max told me that you guys kissed. Tess just said that he kissed her and you're lying he kissed you. What happened?”

“I don't know.” Liz sighed and pulled Isabel into an empty room. “We were dancing. He had just rescued me from the octopus man and before I knew it... we were practically making out on the dance floor. Tess doesn't know and I don't want her to.”

“Why not?” Isabel leaned on a desk.

“I was going to tell her but then she told me that he kissed her... while I was in the bathroom. When she was in the bathroom, after me mind you, he told me that he loved me.” Liz groaned. This was too hard. “I don't know what to do.”

“How do you mean?”

“I value Tess's friendship a lot. I'm afraid that if I let Max back in... it'll all just fall apart.” She looked at Isabel a moment before continuing. “I've seen the way he looks at her. I've seen how he... reacts to her. If they get together... I want to be happy for them but... he won't let go. I'm just... at a loss for knowing the right thing to do now.”

“I'm going to talk to Max and see what's going on.” Isabel stood. “Just leave it to me.”


Max turned in his chair at his desk and stared at his sister. She had walked in, sat on his bed and stared at the back of his head for 10 minutes. She hadn't said a word, just sat there, looking at him. “What?”

“I thought you were a sensitive guy.” She snarled at him. “The kind of guy I would only be too happy to find for myself... if you weren't my brother.”

“Iz...” Max tilted his head, not sure what she was talking about.

“You kissed two girls in the same night.” She threw a pillow at him. “Tess told Liz but Liz hasn't told Tess. I want to know what the hell is going on with you.”

“I told you that I kissed Liz. I don't know what's going on with her. She keeps insisting that we have to be friends but the... sexual tension is just too much sometimes for us to be just friends.” Max sighed. “Tess... I just... made things right.”

“By kissing her.” Isabel narrowed her eyes at him. “You kissed Tess to make things right and then professed your undying love to Liz.”

“Do you remember your first kiss?” Max asked her seriously. “I remember mine. It was soft and full of expectation.”

Isabel quirked an eyebrow up at her brother. “Are you sure you're my brother and not like... my sister?”

“I'm being serious.”

“Okay, yeah. I remember my first kiss. It was nice and kissing has gotten a lot better since.” Isabel tried desperately to wipe the smirk from her face.

“Right but what if one of these 'better' kisses had been your first?” He saw he was getting through to her. “Now imagine that you made the guy kiss you against his will. Now this forced-groping-tonsil-hockey-kiss was the first and possibly only kiss you've ever had.”

“Yuck.” She scrunched up her face.

“I changed that for Tess. I kissed her of my own free will and it wasn't nearly as good as the one I gave Liz but... you know what I mean?” Max stared down at his hands.

“I guess I do... but Max... What's going on in that head of yours?” Isabel pressed, hoping to find out why her normally repressed brother was making out with one girl on the dance floor of a club and then kissing a girl he used to hate in a dark alley. “Tess or Liz. I'm pretty sure you can only have one. They're both pretty confused... especially Liz.”

“I love Liz. I know that. She knows that, you know that. Tess probably even knows that.” He paused to find the right words. “What I feel for Liz goes beyond words and I know that I want her... if only she'll come to me.”


“Tess... I don't know. I know I don't love her anywhere near the way I love Liz. She's a good friend... at least, she has been these past few months. I do recognize that Tess is very pretty and maybe it's human hormones or an alien pull... but I am attracted to her.” Max waited for Isabel to yell at him for being a horny teenage boy but she was silent.

“Like how I know I love Michael... but I'm never really sure if that's platonic...” She finally whispered. “As I rule I don't check him out but I know that other girls find him very attractive... and so I seek out other guys like Grant to get my mind off of our destiny.”

“Something like that.” He nodded.

“I'm just going to say to be careful. Don't lead either of them on. Liz is about to crack and Tess is just... I don't know.” Isabel took a breath. “She's changed since we met her. I'm not her best friend anymore... Liz is. They have private jokes that I just... don't even have a clue about...” She looked her brother in the eye. “What I'm saying is this: Liz and Tess are great friends. Even closer than Liz and Maria used to be... although no one will admit it. You can't screw that up. I think they both need this.”


“Max, listen to me. You can't mess with that bond. Guys always screw up the equation. I'm fairly certain that Tess would choose Liz over you but I'm not sure about Liz... she is just so jumbled up right now.” Isabel found the clarity in Max's eyes. “She just wants to do right by you and right now... that's staying away from you in a romantic capacity. Don't push her.”

“I won't push her. I promise.” Max nodded sincerely. All this made too much sense... it couldn't be that simple and somehow... it was.

Part 5

Kyle stood in the doorway of his house and wished the ground would just swallow him up. There were four teenage girls all over his living room: his ex-girlfriend, his 'sister', his 'step-sister', and the Ice Princess. “Why are you all here?”

“It's Tess's turn to host the weekly gab-fest.” Maria smiled sweetly. “It was going to be at my house but... guess where your dad is.”

“You're stuck with us Valenti.” Isabel droned on from her place on the couch. “My brother is doing a science experiment that is stinking up the whole house.”

“Liz?” Kyle pleaded.

“My parents are having their anniversary tonight... so you're stuck with me all night.” Liz blew him a kiss.

“Okay. Okay.” Kyle shook his head. “I can deal with this. I'm just going to my room to meditate. You.” He pointed at Tess. “And you.” He pointed at Isabel. “No-”

“Bewitched crap in the house.” Tess mocked him. “Okay. Fine. Go commune with Buddha.”

He glared at the whole bunch before storming off to his room, muttering about females and aliens the whole way. Liz and Tess rolled their eyes after him. Isabel stretched out on the couch and craned her neck to see the book that Maria was reading. “Oh my... Maria! Where did you get that?”

“From my mom's room.” Maria stuck out her tongue. “I'm thinking of surprising Michael with a couple of new techniques.”

“Let me see.” Tess took the book away and picked a page. “Maria! This is a sex book.”

“Only the last 10 chapters. The first 5 are dedicated to kissing.” Maria reached out to take the book back. Tess hopped over Liz and into the kitchen. Isabel watched as Tess rapidly turned pages and slid her fingers over the pages.

“You're scanning, aren't you?” Isabel gasped.

“So? I do it all the time. Don't I, Liz?” Tess shrugged and kept going.

“All the time. I only wish I could do it. I'd be a brilliant scientist in nearly half the time.” Liz shrugged. She was already used to all of Tess's 'cheating'.

“Hey... maybe you could.” Isabel sat up. The wheels in her head turning. “I mean, Liz, you get flashes. Max said that once he sent you stuff from inside his head... like on purpose.”

“Flashes?” Tess finished scanning the book and stepped back into the living room.

“Yeah. That's how Max and I found the orb. When we were...” Liz ignored Maria and Isabel's smirks and continued. “Um... making out... I would see things from inside Max about the crash. After we found the orb... I would just see inside him. Once though... after he healed me, I found out he had seen inside me while dissolving the bullet. So he reversed the connection so I could see him.”

“It worked?”

“Well, yeah but Max didn't know what it was that he showed me.” Liz sighed. “So it's not reliable.”

“I happen to have more control that any of them.” Tess caught the face that Isabel sent her and sent one back. “Let's see if we can transfer what I just scanned into your brain.”


Max and Michael sat and watched the cup boil over and ruin the desk. “I think you just got an F.”

“Me too.” Max grumbled and went to clean up the desk. “What brings you by?”

“Bored. It's another girls' night.” Michael groaned. “Like they don't see each other all day.”

“Well at least they don't conspire to drive you crazy.” Max sighed and put the chemicals away and tried to shoo the horrible smell out the window.

“What makes you say that?” Michael made himself comfortable on Max's bed.

“Liz drives me crazy just walking into a room. Tess... has this pull over me that makes me want to jump her, especially when she wears that black shirt with ... the V up front.” Max looked to Michael who nodded. Many a Roswell man had fallen victim to the black V-neck. “Isabel is always telling me to leave them both alone and Maria... thinks I'm going to hurt Liz.”

“So which one are you really after?”

“According to Isabel, neither one. I can't go after Tess because she'll choose her friendship with Liz over me. I can't go after Liz because she'll choose me and shoot her friendship with Tess to Hell. Isabel says that they need each other.” Max kicked his trashcan. “I hate this.”

“You're in Hell and I don't envy you one damn bit.”


“Okay... you guys don't have to kiss for it to work... right?” Maria asked with a wary grimace.

“No. Max did it that first time just by touching me.” Liz took Tess's hands and put them on either side of her face. “Then he told me to relax and let my mind blank out. That's when he made the connection.”

Tess nodded and locked eyes with Liz. Their breathing came slow and regulated and finally at exactly the same time. Then it happened. Liz's mind was bombarded with images. It was working. She was learning what Tess had scanned in that book. After a moment, Liz was able to make out the images, clearer. Then it was over.

“Did it work?” Tess whispered, letting go of Liz's face.

“I think so... hold on. I gotta process this. Ask me something.” Liz sat up and turned to Maria, who had the book in her hands.

“Page 165.”

Liz's eyes went wide when the image popped up. She didn't know what Tess had done but in her mind it was very vivid. Max had Liz bent over at the waist, thrusting into her from behind. Thing was... Liz could almost feel it happening. “Wow. Um... Girl is bent over, guy standing behind her...”

“Yeah.” Maria nodded almost robotically. “Wow.”

“Um...” Isabel took the book from Maria and flipped through it. She grinned wickedly. “Page 243.”

The image came up. Tess was knelt between her legs, thrusting her tongue inside her. Liz started breathing fast from the sensations associated with the image.


Liz took a big drink of her soda, hoping it would cool her off somewhat. It didn't work. “Well... Someone is going down on a girl.”

“Yeah. Wow. I guess it really did work.” Isabel whispered and continued to flip through the book. “Oh. My. God. Page 321.”

Liz barely had time to register the images before the sensations took over her body. Her back arched, her eyes rolled back in her head and her breaths came out in long shudders. Wave after wave of pleasure rushed through her body.

“What's wrong with her?” Maria jumped to her feet. She turned to Tess. “What did you do to her?”

“I don't know.” Tess knelt beside Liz. “Liz?”

“Liz?” Isabel slid off the couch and reached out to touch Liz, then thought better of it. After a moment, Liz sat up and started taking deep breaths. “Liz? What happened?”

“Page 321 is a lot of fun.” Liz took a big gulp of her drink.

“Liz. What happened?” Maria pressed.

“Hold on.” Liz got up and rushed to the bathroom. She splashed cold water on her face. She barely heard the door open.

“What's your problem?” Kyle's voice made her yelp. “Sorry. Didn't mean to scare you.”

“It's ok. I'm just a little on edge right now.” Liz dried her face with a towel.

“What's going on? The girls are all standing outside waiting for you with this look that always means you guys are doing something you shouldn't.” Kyle crossed his arms. “Isabel and Tess did that bewitched crap again, didn't they?”

“Kinda.” She raised her eyebrows. “I assure you. I was a willing participant.”

“So what'd they do? Why are they so freaked out?” He was starting to panic. The girls had looked pretty upset when he walked through.

“Oh, well, tell them it's nothing they need to worry about. I'll come out when I've composed myself.” She hoped he would just leave and relay the message.

“Tell me... if they do it to me... I will be pissed.”

“No you wouldn't.” The words were out of her mouth before she could stop them.

“Why's that?” Kyle narrowed his eyes at her and waited.

Liz shifted from foot to foot and leaned on the counter before giving in. “Because I just had an orgasm without anyone actually touching me.”

“You had an--” His speech dropped off and his jaw fell open. “What exactly are you guys doing up there?”

“No. Nothing like that. Just tell them that I'm alright. I'm not hurt or anything. We'll explain it to you in a minute.” Liz had to fight to keep a smile off her face.

“I mean, because I would aid in anyway possible... having the right equipment and being ready is not a problem.” Kyle said even as she pushed him out the bathroom door. He turned to the three anxious females. “You three have some explaining to do. First of all I said no alien crap in the house. Second, can I play? Third, what did I just ask to join in?”

“Kyle. What's wrong with her?” Tess asked warily.

“Nothing. She's doing fine. She's more than fine. She's recuperating.” Kyle shook his head.

“Kyle!” They all yelled.

“Look, whatever you guys did... caused Miss Liz Parker to feel the extreme in physical gratification and I ask again. Can I play?” He watched confusion cross all their faces. He sighed then took a deep breath. “What exactly were you doing?”


“So you just have to decide and make nice until you can verbally choose.” Michael didn't take his eyes off the hockey game playing on the Evan's portable kitchen TV set. “Pick one already.”

“It's not that simple. I see Tess and I just want to kiss her like crazy, you know.”

“So do it.”

“It's not that simple, Michael. I just don't want to kiss. If you had asked me a couple of months ago.. I would have said that I wanted to...” Max trailed off.


“Fuck her.” Max finally whispered.

“Whoa. Did you just say what I thought you said?” Michael whipped his head around. “You've never used that word... like ever.” He stared at his friend. Max kept staring at the kitchen counter with a look of utter confusion on his face. “If that's what you would have said a couple of months ago... how about now?”

“I don't know. Now, she's my friend. I shouldn't see her this way but I do. I do and it scares me...”

“What about Liz?”

“That's the part that scares me. I know I love Liz. I always have. I've always envisioned that Liz and I would take that step together. When we were finally ready that our first time making love would be together.” Max turned to look at his friend. “I am so totally lost here, Michael. I don't know what to do.”

“Or who to do.” Michael commented and turned back to the TV.

“You're not helping.”


“Okay. You scanned a book about sex into your head.” Kyle pointed at Tess. “Then you transferred the information into Liz's head.” He turned to Maria and Isabel. “You two brought up page numbers to see if she knew what was on them... as a test.” Kyle ran a hand over his face. “Okay. So how does Liz having an orgasm fit into this?”

“Okay. I think I can answer that now.” Liz brushed her hair out of her face and walked into the room. “When I see the images... I also feel the processes involved, I think that causes my body to respond as if I was being touched as the subject in the pictures.”

“Wow. Tess, do me next.” Maria jumped up.


“Liz, are you really okay?” Tess whispered in the dark. The three of them were laying in the living room. Kyle was snoring so Tess figured he was asleep.

“Yeah, I'm fine... can I ask you a question?” Liz turned in her sleeping bag.

“Sure.” Tess squinted to make out Liz's form in the dark living room.

“Do you use... like mnemonic devices to help your memory?”

“Sometimes... why?”

“Because when I would see those images from that book... I would see myself as the female and someone else as the male... and sometimes female... depending on which page.” Liz had thought about it all evening. Half of her hoped that Tess had done it as a way to remember and the other half hoped it was for another reason.

“I... No. I mean, I didn't use anything like that for the book. Why? What happened? I got the feeling that you weren't telling us everything.” Tess scooted closer so she could hear Liz's soft voice.

“Did you see anything of me when we connected earlier?”

“Yes but no biggie. Just images.”

“You mean, you don't get impressions like Max does?” Liz found herself feeling bad for Tess. That was the part she loved the most about their connections. She could have lived without the images if only to hold onto the impressions. Feelings and thoughts about events in each other's life. It was truly awesome.

“I do, but I've never done a connection like that before. I sometimes get memories of my past life. I get impressions off those but really nothing else.”

“Can we try again? This time I'll be the one to project... or at least try.” Liz took a deep breath. “I think I really need you to know what it was that I felt and saw.”

Scooting closer together, Liz reached out and guided Tess's hands to her face. They repeated their actions from earlier and made the connection. It was over in an instant. “Liz?”

“Did you see? Or feel?” She felt anxious waiting for her friend's reply.

“No. Just the text that I sent to you earlier.” Tess shook her head slowly.

Liz felt oddly disappointed by that. She just nodded and snuggled into her sleeping bag to attempt sleep. “Okay, then. Night.”

“Night.” Tess whispered, closed her eyes and pulled her own bag around her shoulders. She just wished she knew what Liz was talking about. If it was anything that Tess was jealous of Max for, it was the extreme and utter closeness he shared with Liz. No one seemed to be able to touch her like he could... and vice versa... and yet no one had ever touched Tess like Liz had. Surely, that alone was something to be jealous about.

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Part 6

Liz pulled her robe around her body and moved around the bathroom. She could hear someone moving around in her room. Judging from the length of time they were in there; it wasn't her mother. Assuming it was Tess, Liz grinned and opened the bathroom door. “Hey! You know, masturbating has gotten a lot more fun since the other night at your house.”

Liz stopped short when her eyes met with Max instead of Tess. Amusement lit up his amber eyes as she pulled robe tighter around her body and sat on the bed. Liz cleared her throat and reached for the lotion by her bedside. Max cleared his throat over hers. “Now, who were you expecting to be in here?”

“Hi Max.” She glared at him. “Nice of you to call or use the door.”

“Really, I'm not here to pick on you. I just wanted to talk.” He whispered while keeping his eyes off her legs as she propped them up on the nightstand and lotion them down.

“We've already had this talk.” She sighed.

“No. Actually we haven't. Because you won't talk to me and that's what this is about.” Max locked eyes with her. When she nodded, he continued. “Now. We have fun together, but apparently only when there are like more than two people with us. We need to get past that.”


“Liz, listen. I'm not talking romantics here. We just need to feel comfortable around each other again. Can I at least be Urkel?” He pleaded with her.

She laughed, trying to picture Max in thick glasses, chest-high high waters and orthopedic shoes. “Okay, alright.”

“And will you please stop doing what you did last weekend?” He eyed her carefully.

“What did I do?” Liz bit her lip.

“You know what you did. I was trying to be serious and you just let it fly out the window.” Max took a deep breath. “I still mean what I said though. I've always thought that when I finally... made love to someone that... that someone would be you. That hasn't changed.”

“Fine.” Liz lay back on the bed and spread her legs. “Let's get this over with.”

"Liz...” Max had to reach deep down inside for control. Slowly, he reached out and grasped her knees with his hands, eyes shut. He snapped her legs together. “Stop that. It wasn't funny last week and it isn't funny now.”

“Let me get dressed.” She sat up. He didn't let go of her knees. “I'll need those to walk to the closet.”

“Couldn't you have put on underwear before doing that?” Max groaned and flopped backwards on the bed, eyes still closed.

“Please, you didn't see anything.” Liz scrambled off the bed.

“What's this you were saying about masturbating?” He mumbled. There was no way he was going to get his mind off sex now.

“That is actually none of your business.” Liz threw a sweatshirt over her head and pulled on a pair of underwear and jeans. Then she pulled her robe out from under her clothes. “I'm dressed.”

“You can't say something like that and not have me be curious.” Max sat up again to look at her. He knew she wasn't going to answer him. “I'm serious about being friends.”

“Okay. I'll stop being so...”

“Crude?” Max raised an eyebrow at her.

“That too.”


“Michael, do you get what I'm telling you?” Max stopped Michael's movement to grab a bag of chips. “She had just gotten out of the shower, all she was wearing was that damned robe. So when she spread 'em... I about lost it.”

“So she offered herself to you and you didn't take it. Pussy.” Michael grabbed the bag of chips and the Tabasco and sat in front of the TV.

“No, she was making fun of me. She knows how much that upsets me... and that's why she keeps doing it.”

“Why does it upset you, Oh Fearless One?”

“Because my first time isn't going to be pity.”


“Shut up.” Max glared at his friend and grabbed his jacket to leave the apartment. “Just because I need for it to be about love... it doesn't make me a pussy.”


“You are absolutely no help. Why do I keep coming to you with this stuff?” Max slammed the door behind him when he left.


“Okay, so why is it that every time that I think about that book, the sensations come with pictures... not pictures, like movies.” Liz sighed and sat down on Tess's bed.

"I honestly don't know what you're talking about. All I see is text and pictures.” Tess shook her head. “Maria doesn't feel that either.”

“Maybe... you know, I've always felt different after Max healed me... do you think that might have something to do with it?” Liz whispered.

“It's possible. To my knowledge it's never been done.”

“Kyle!” Liz shouted outside of the room.


Maria glanced up from her wet toenails. Isabel was still busy paining her own. “Isabel...”


“Is it just me or... have we been seeing less and less of Liz lately?”

“You're right.” Isabel nodded to her feet. “She and Tess have been hanging out a lot more lately.”

“That doesn't bother you?”

“No but it bothers you.” Isabel quirked an eyebrow up at the smaller girl. “Just tell Liz something. They don't even realize they've got this secret club going. All three of them, they just don't know what to do anymore... so they just keep to themselves.”

“Three?” Maria sat up.

“Max, Tess and Liz.” Isabel tilted her head. “Don't tell me you haven't seen what all this is about.”

“Why don't you explain it to me, oh wise one?” Max leaned in the doorway.

“Maybe I should, the three of you don't know what to do with yourselves.” Isabel stuck her tongue out at him. “You've been taking my advice?”

“Yes, yes and nothing is any clearer. I'm nice to Tess but I'm keeping my hands off. I'm... civil to Liz but she's not making it easy.” Max sagged against the doorframe.

“You can't go after a pair of friends, Max.” Maria bit her lip. “Who knew Maxwell Evans was a player?”

“I am not a player. In order to play, I'd have to be getting some. You tell Liz to keep her clothes on and she won't have to worry about me.” Max pointed a finger at Maria.

“Did she throw herself at you?” Maria couldn't help but laugh at that absurd notion.

“No. Long story, never mind. I don't feel like telling it again.” Max got to his feet and left them alone.

“Trust me. That guy has major problems... I think he just needs to get laid.” Isabel snickered.

“Shut up Iz!” He called back into the room from outside his own room.


Kyle reluctantly sat down after they told him what they were going to do. How could he say no? If what Liz was saying was true... no more dirty magazines. He'd have a head full of useful information for his fantasies. “So tell me in laymen's terms... what you're going to do.”

“Liz is going to make a connection and pass you the information.” Tess whispered.

“Have you done this before?” Kyle narrowed his eyes at her.

“I can initiate a connection with Max and Tess and I should be able to with you.” Liz turned to him with a hopeful look in her eyes.

“Should... should... I don't like that word.” He crossed his arms and waited for them to continue.

“I can't make one with Maria but I can with Tess. Since you're like me... you know...” Liz shook her head from side to side. “I think we can do this. I just want to pass you the information and we'll see if you see it like I see it.”


“Cause I've passed it back to Tess and she still doesn't see it the way that I see it. I just have to know what the deal is.”

“Fine. Do it.” Kyle nodded. “I should open myself up to new experiences. It's good for my karma. What do we do?”

“Well. I'm going to put my hands on your face.” Liz scooted closer to him. “Blank out your mind and reach out to me so you can receive. I'm going to reach out to you, sending. Got it?”

“Yeah. Let's go.” Kyle started to close his eyes but she stopped him.

“No. Lock eyes with me and take deep breaths. I'm going to match my breathing to yours and this should work. Just be open like you said. I think that's kinda important.”

Liz felt a light buzz and followed it with her mind, sending Kyle what she could. Then it was gone. Kyle coughed and scratched his head, pulling away from her grasp.

“What?” She asked.

“That's weird. I felt dizzy for a minute. I don't know if it worked.”

“Okay. Page 321.” Tess narrowed her eyes at Kyle and waited for his reaction.

“Holy...” Kyle jawed dropped open and he raced out of the room. They watched him slam the bathroom door after him.

“Well, it worked.” Tess smirked at Liz. They both stood guard outside the bathroom. When the Sheriff came home, he took one look at them and stopped what he was doing.


“Hi Sheriff.” They chorused without turning.

“Something going on?” He gestured to the door.

“Just waiting for Kyle so we can ask him something.” Liz shook her head. “We're fine, really.”

“Yeah, just waiting for him to come out.” Tess barely turned.

“Alright. If he takes too long just tell him I said to hurry up.” The sheriff shook his head and disappeared into his own room.

“Kyle?” Liz called, pressing an ear to the door. “Are you okay?”

“What the hell was that?” Kyle called out to them.

“What did you see?”

“See? No. No. No. It's what I felt.” Kyle hissed through the door. “Two chicks. It was nice but holy shit.”

Tess started snickering. Liz poked her in the side. “Do these chicks have names?”

“They can be whoever I want and that's just fine with me. Now, leave me alone.”

“That's weird. I can't change my people.” Liz whispered almost to herself.

“I don't see people. Just pictures.” Tess shook her head.

“Weird. Really, really weird.”

“Who do you see?” Tess raised an eyebrow.

“People...” Liz stalled but then caught Tess's eye. “Max...”

“Oh. I see. So that's why you've been such a bitch with him lately.”

“Have not.”

“Have too. I say just get it over with. Do it with him. It'd make both of you a lot more pleasant.” Tess shrugged.

“Tess!” Liz's mouth dropped open. “Shut up.”

“I'm being completely serious. You're torturing all of us. It's so obvious that you still like him and it's no secret that he's in love with you.”

Part 7

Max looked around at the bright lights. People were laughing and having a good time with their friends and lovers. Not Max. He could no longer enjoy carnivals. One, because of the incident last spring with Agent Pierce. Two, he was sitting on a bench between the only two women in the world that he had ever kissed, who were also the only two women in the world capable of driving him absolutely insane.

Liz sighed and picked at her caramel apple. She and Tess had sacrificed their fun to stay with Max. They were able to get him to the carnival but he wouldn't do anything. Liz knew how he was feeling. Cotton candy made her nauseous. The carousel made her dizzy and the house of mirrors scared her to death.

“Can we leave?” Max hissed. He pleaded with both girls.

“Only way to get rid of your fears is to face them.” Tess interjected. “Maybe next year we'll get you to walk up to the house of mirrors.”

“It's okay, really.” Liz wrapped an arm around his shoulders and offered him some of her apple. “It's really good. The apple is green and really sour and the caramel is almost too sweet.”

“Ooh! Can I have some?” Tess leaned over Max and took a bite. He leaned back as much as Liz would let him and watched as they tried not to make a mess. The caramel came off the apple in strings, disappearing into Tess's mouth. Her tongue whipped out and caught most of them.

He shifted rather uncomfortably between them. Then a cold drop fell on his arm. He glanced down at it. Juice from the apple had just made a sticky mess on his arm. Liz giggled. “Sorry. Tess needs a bib.”

“Dow Now.” Tess tried to talk around her mouthful. She pushed the apple towards Max. “Twai sowm.”

“Ew.” Liz made a face at her friend before they dissolved into giggles.

Max rolled his eyes and gripped Liz's hand so he could take a bite. Their eyes met as his teeth sank in. Quickly he sucked the mass of apple and caramel into his mouth, licking away the strings that threatened to make a mess of them. He watched her swallow and her eyes darken.

Liz cleared her throat. She had forgotten how dangerous it was to look into his eyes. “See, Tess. Max knows how to eat. What were you? Raised in a barn?”

Tess giggled. “No but I didn't have the benefit of being raised by humans.”

“Excuse me. Do they not have manners among the stars?” Liz stuck her nose in the air.

“Apparently not.” Tess snorted. They all stopped, frozen. Tess had a hand over her mouth.

“Did you just...” Max swallowed his apple. “Snort?”

“I think she did.” Liz bit her lip. Then they all burst out laughing. Then they couldn't stop laughing. For a minute they forgot any and all tension between them. “Okay. Now my stomach hurts.”

“I'm gonna get some chicharrones. Anyone want anything?” Max pulled himself from between them and got to his feet.

“Cotton candy.” Tess's eyes lit up. He watched Liz's face go pale at that request.

“Liz?” His concerned amber eyes searched her face.

“I'm good. I'm not actually hungry anymore.” She shrugged and held up what was left of her apple.

“Okay. I'll be right back.” He started to walk away. Tess then slapped her forehead.

“Max, scratch that. Funnel cake.” She told him. She had forgotten about Liz's aversion to the fluffy sugar treat. Max nodded and made his way to the concession stand.

“You didn't have to do that.” Liz shook her head and turned to her friend.

“Are you kidding?” Tess sat up and pretended not to know what Liz was talking about. “When I dip the cotton candy into Max's chicharrones, it'll melt. The funnel cake will hold up better against the hot sauce.”

Grinning, Liz hugged Tess. It made her feel better that her friends understood. While they waited for Max to return, they started talking about their English project and what they were going to do. Liz was explaining how she was going to use her grandmother's book when suddenly, Tess's hand touched her face.

Liz stopped talking and met Tess's eyes in question. Tess leaned in and pressed her lips against Liz's. Liz noted how Tess's lips were soft and pushed insistently at her own and then the kiss deepened by some mutual agreement. Tess's tongue felt like silk in her mouth. Liz found herself reciprocating the kiss and then it was over.

Tess pulled away from Liz. She was half afraid that what she had done would scare her and the other half afraid that she wasn't. Liz turned to sit facing the crowd. She licked her lips, barely tasting the cherry lip-gloss that Tess was wearing, still tasting the caramel that had been in both their mouths. She opened her mouth to speak, still not even sure what she was going to say when her eyes found Max. He was heading for them, arms full of junk food.

“You're gonna be proud of me. I had to stand in line outside the house of mirrors for the concession stand.” Max's smile faded a little when he noticed how subdued the girls seem to be. Liz shook her head and smiled up at him.

“That's good. Next time, I'll go. Who knows? Maybe one day we'll actually be able to go in again.” She shrugged her shoulders and took a soda from his load.

Tess scooted back on the other side of the bench and let Max have his seat back. He could feel the tension but decided against asking. Liz's smile seemed too bright and she kept touching his arm, his leg, his hair. She even fed him a couple of hot sauce soaked chicharrones. If he didn't know better, he'd swear she was flirting with him.

They actually had a lot of fun. They'd swat away Tess's attempts to dip her funnel cake into his bag of hot sauce and fried pig-product. Then Liz rested her head on his shoulder and sighed deeply. Tess winced slightly and got to her feet. “You guys look tired. I'm gonna go find the others and tell them we headed back. Meet you guys at the jeep.”

“Thanks.” Max nodded and watched her go. Then he turned to the head resting on his shoulder. “What's up with you and Tess?”

“Nothing.” Came the soft reply.

“Things seemed a little tense.” They both stood but didn't lose their close proximity as they made their way to the jeep. “Did something happen?”

“Max, shut up.” Liz sighed again, leaning on him just a little more. The lights and sounds of the crowds faded behind them the closer they got to the Jeep. He helped her up into the seat. He fought to make out her face in the dark.

It was while he was staring intently at the outline of her features that she reached out and touched his face. That touch held his full attention until she kissed him. Slow and tortuous was the way their mouths meshed and tasted each other. Max ran his hands up her arms, just needing to touch her. Her fingers tangled in his hair, not allowing him to pull away.

The sound of footsteps on gravel made them break apart. Max made his way around to the driver's seat. A few minutes later, Tess and Kyle showed up and hopped into the Jeep. Without a word to anyone or from anyone, Max started the engine and began the trip back to Roswell.

Tess watched Liz stare out into the desert the whole way. Kyle and Max made light conversation regarding sports and whatever song was on the radio. When they dropped off Liz, Tess called after her. Liz just shook her head and went inside without even looking at Tess. Once they pulled back out into the street, Max turned to Tess. “What happened?”

“Nothing.” She shook her head but Kyle caught the sad flash in her eyes.

“Spill.” Kyle pressed. “You were supposed to spend the night at Liz's. I was supposed to get a bed tonight. Why am I not getting a bed tonight?”

“Fine. I kissed... someone.” She stared straight ahead. “I think Liz got upset about it.”

“Ok... is it someone that she knows?”

“Yeah, it is. I don't even know why I kissed... this someone. I just did. I would never do something like that but I did. I liked it a little more than I should have and this someone might not even... never mind.” She shut her mouth to keep from rambling any more. “I don't know what's going to happen now.”

“Liz will get over it.” Kyle reassured her as they pulled into the Valenti driveway. He hopped out and waited for Tess but she motioned that she'd be there in a minute.

“Max?” Tess asked softly.


“She's upset. Go talk to her. She didn't want me to spend the night, which I understand but she'll be alone. Her parents are at some convention. Don't tell her that you know I kissed someone.” She whispered.

“Who did you kiss that would make her this upset?” Max stared at her hard.

“Just... it's better if you didn't know. Ok? I'll see you later.” Tess climbed out of the Jeep and went inside. He put the Jeep in drive and never really knew when he ended up behind the Crashdown. He debated with himself for five minutes before hopping out and climbing up to the balcony outside her room.

“You didn't tell them, did you?” Liz's voice startled him. She was sitting on her lounge chair.

“Tell them what?” He paused a foot away from her.

“That we kissed.” She looked up and met his eyes.

“I don't kiss and tell, Liz.”

“Good. Can you... hold me?” Her whisper propelled him to her chair and pulled her into his arms. No sooner than he was situated did she begin kissing on his neck.

“Liz?” he half asked/half groaned. It had been so long since she had been willing to touch him, much less kiss him that it immediately drove him wild. Kisses were exchanged in depth and length, touches met familiar parts of the other's anatomy. Their mild, at least by their normal standards, make-out session was ended when Max's watched beeped.

“You have to go?” She gasped against his mouth.

“Yeah, curfew.” He just didn't want to leave her mouth or her body. He wanted to stay right where he was until they completely melted into one person. Finally, he ripped himself away. “I gotta go.”

Liz watched him cross to the ladder and send her a parting glance before his head disappeared over the edge. “Max?”

“What?” His head popped back up.

“I'd appreciate it if you didn't tell anyone that we were... together tonight.” She watched his head slowly bob up and down in agreement before he disappeared out of sight again. Max climbed into the Jeep and silently cursed to himself. He shouldn't have taken advantage of her being upset.

Liz groaned. She shouldn't have done it. The only reason she had initiated closeness with Max was to take her mind off Tess's kiss... and the fact that she liked it a little too much.

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Part 8

Max slid into his desk next to Liz. She didn’t look up when he gave her his hopeful greeting. She just casually waved at him without turning. “Liz?”

“Huh?” Even her tiny little noise sounded distracted.

“Liz. I wasn’t going to push this but I think we need to talk about Saturday night.” Max picked up his pencil and began doodling on his fresh book cover. “Was it real or was it because of Tess?”

“What?” Liz spun in her desk to face him. “What are you talking about?”

“Tess told us that she kissed some guy that you liked and got upset. Was I your way of getting back at her?” His hurt amber eyes fixed on hers. She held them for a moment before looking away. She was relieved that Tess hadn’t told anything about their kiss but at the same time... it wasn’t something she felt she had to hide. “Well?”

“Max... I just... needed someone and I’m sorry. I shouldn’t continue to do this to both of us. We...” Liz trailed off, not even sure what she could say to put things in their place.

“Liz? Was it real?” He pressed, eyes searching her face when she turned to him.

“yes.” Came her small reply.

“Then why do we need to be apart?”

“Because Max...”

“Is it the making out? We can stop that if you want to. I would be happy to keep my hands to myself if you would just admit that you love me too.”

Liz blinked and then laughed. “Then what fun would that be?”

“Liz, I just want to be with you.”

“I just don’t want to upset anyone...” She nodded slowly.


“Well, yeah.” She couldn’t keep her mind from drifting back to that kiss. Who would be betrayed?

“Ok. Let’s see if we can keep this to ourselves.”

“I don’t like that. Tess is my best friend and... and... I just can’t lie to her.” Liz shook her head and turned around in her seat. Max thought a moment before he even attempted to speak again.

“She doesn’t like me.”

“She’s just fed up with you ignoring her... at least when you were ignoring her.” Her eyes lowered to her notes but the words were just scribble on the paper, not even registering with her brain.

Max swallowed thickly. So Liz had noticed his attentions toward Tess after all. Since he didn’t defend himself or deny it, Liz considered the case closed. She didn’t speak to him for the rest of the class period.


Liz took a seat next to Tess at lunch. No one else had shown up yet. They sat in silence for a few moments. Tess went first. “I'm sorry. I really don't know why I did what I did Saturday night.”

“I'm sorry for the way I... I shouldn't have...” Liz took a breath. “I got scared.”

“You? Well, I was scared you were never going to talk to me again. I had been thinking about it but I don't know why and...” Tess gave up.

“I've thought about it too. I was just surprised and confused...” Liz pursed her lips. “I still wanna be your friend.”

Letting out a relieved laugh, Tess smiled and nodded. “I was afraid you wouldn’t want to be anymore.”

“We’ll talk some more later. Okay?” Both girls nodded. Then Max sat down across from them and unpacked his lunch. “Hey.”

“Hey.” He muttered.

“What’s wrong with you?” Tess threw a napkin at him.

“I think I just failed my history mid-term.” He grumbled and snuck a glance at Liz. Liz averted her eyes to her tray of nearly inedible food. When she wouldn’t look back at him, he sighed. “Guess I didn’t get much sleep this weekend.”

“Do you want me to teach you how to scan?” She leaned forward on the table. He had to fight the urge to let out a groan. Tess was wearing that black V-neck again. “It’s not really that hard.”

“It’s not.” Liz whispered as she noticed where Max’s eyes had focused. “I mean, it’s not too hard to learn or transfer if necessary. I’m just gonna...” She grabbed her bag and stood. “I’ve gotta catch up on my Astronomy. Later guys.”

They watched her leave in silence. Finally, Tess turned to Max. “What was that all about?”


“Not nothing. Did you guys get into a fight after you dropped me off?”

“She was upset and I comforted her... I think.” Max sighed. “I don’t want to talk about it.”

“What did you do?” She pressed, ignoring the fact that their table was filling up with their friends.

“Well, she was upset that you kissed... whoever it was that you kissed and I guess she wanted to get back at you...” Max shrugged again. “Either I used her or she used me but I’m not really sure which it was and now it’s... she doesn’t want to be with me for all the same reasons...”

“How would she be getting back at me by being with you?” Tess furrowed her brow. “ I don’t even like you.”

“I know.” Isabel chimed in. Both Max and Tess stared at her and waited for her to elaborate. “Let’s just say I know Liz and I know my brother and I am just as afraid of Destiny. So let me do the talking and see if we can’t fix some of this.”


“Liz?” Isabel hissed into the back row of the library. “Are you hiding here?”


“Good. I was getting tired of looking for you.” Isabel dropped her bag and sat next to Liz. Liz was sitting with her head resting on her knees, her hair cascading over the sides of her face like a curtain. “So... Max spilled the beans about Saturday night.”

“What?” Liz wearily raised her head.

“The kissing.” The tall blonde leaned back against the bookcase. “So... you like Max?”

“Yes, I mean... I don’t know... It wasn’t like I planned to kiss Max at 9:32 Saturday night at the carnival when Tess was going to be back at any moment.” Liz groaned. “Then I made out with Max at my house after he dropped everyone off.”

Isabel just sat and waited for Liz to continue.

“It started in the Jeep when we were waiting for Tess so that we could go home. I had to kiss him. Then I told Tess that she couldn’t spend the night anymore... Then Max came back and I just... I couldn’t keep my hands off him.” Liz thought out her next sentences very carefully. “I know that Max wants to be with Tess and that they’re supposed to be together and I shouldn’t even be involved.”

“That’s a load of bull. My brother is so in deep for you. He told Tess that you guys were together Saturday night.”

“Why would he do that?”

“Because he loves you and you obviously still love him.”

“But he’s always checking out Tess.” Liz protested and thought about all the times the three of them had been hanging out and his eyes were most definitely glued to whatever skin Tess had exposed.

“And he’s always checking you out. My brother is discovering hormones. He’s in lust with Tess, not in love with her.” Isabel pointed out. “So...Tess said, in front of Max, that she didn’t like him.”

“Isabel... there’s more to this and until I can figure it out... I can’t talk about it.”

“More? As in... this kiss between Tess and someone who has remained unidentified to the rest of us?”

“Well, yeah.”

“Well... who is it?” Isabel let a grin cross her face. “Just a warning, this guy had better be worth it because my brother is the best.”

“I can’t... tell anyone yet because I don’t know what’s going on. We kissed and I liked it a lot more than I should have.” Liz groaned and buried her face in her hands. “I think I like this person.”

“So you like this person. Check it out, see if it’s worth it... just don’t let Max find out until you have your decision.”


“Max... I really don’t know what to do. Liz says she still wants to be friends. I take that as a good sign but...” Tess trailed off and plopped down on a bench in the park.

“This kiss thing... it’s in the way?” he prompted and sat next to her.

“Well, yeah. Problem is, while I don’t know why I did it, I want to do it again. This is really bizarre because I’ve never felt like this about anyone... at least not naturally.” She leaned back and pulled her knees up so she could pick at the hole on her knee.

“Let’s straighten this out. If you decide not to be with this person, what will happen?” Max wasn’t so sure he had his mind wrapped around this problem, then again... who was he to be giving advice?

“Either Liz and I will still be friends or we won’t be.”

“How’s that?”

“Complicated.” Tess whispered and began studying the ants on the far side of the sidewalk.

“Alright, then. If you decide to be with this person...” He trailed off leaving her an invitation to finish.

“Then Liz and I will probably be okay. Thing is... I don’t know why I’m feeling this way.” Tess grumbled and turned sideways, lying back on the bench, with her legs over Max’s lap. “I don’t know why I did it. It just felt right and I want to kiss... that someone again but...” She sighed. “You know, you’re sexy as hell and I don’t want you nearly as much as I want... someone.”

“Um... thanks?” Max cleared his throat. He was slightly uncomfortable with where her legs were and the way she was laying but he didn’t say anything. Unsure as to where to put his hands, he rested his elbows on the back of the bench. “Does someone have a name?”

“Not one that I can divulge without consent.”

“Okay. So Liz... she likes this guy too?” Max shifted carefully and tried not to look at her, because then he’d have to look at her breasts and the way they seemed to want to escape that black V-neck. Suddenly, Max got the strange idea that this might be about him... but surely Isabel would have mentioned something more about it when they had the discussion about him kissing friends. Wait, though, Tess already said this guy was sexier than he was. “Does she?”

“It’s complicated.” She shrugged, much to Max’s vexation. “Really, really complicated.”

“Go for it. I mean, really, who could it hurt?” Max gently nudged her legs off his to stand. Tess turned her face away from him. ‘You.’

Part 9

Kyle sat next to Liz at the counter in the Crashdown. “Hey.”

“Hey Kyle.” She smiled and went back to her homework.

“So... you talked to Tess about that thing?” He raised his eyebrows at her.

“What thing?”

“That thing that was going on with the two of you and that guy.” He prompted.

“Yeah, we talked. It probably won’t happen again and we’re still friends.” Liz nodded and pretended to go back to her homework.

“Are you sure? Tess is still kinda worked up about it. You might want to talk to her.” Kyle sat up and shrugged.

“What did she say?”

“It’s kinda what she didn’t say and who she’s not saying it to.”


Max watched Liz skirt around table after table of annoying customers to serve the tray full of food resting in her hands. Tess sat across from him with a sigh and followed his line of sight. “Has she talked to you?”

“No... I mean, we talk but not about anything important... other than you know stuff going on.” Max haltingly explained to Tess. “You?”

“I think we’ve pretty much reached the stage where we pretend that no one was interested in anyone else and so it never happened. I think it’ll eventually just go away and it’s probably for the best.” She reached over and began picking fries from his plate. He swatted at her grabby hands. “Hey, share. The Valenti men don’t cook.”

“My mother suddenly forgot that food was for tasting and not just looking good.” He pulled his plate closer to his side of the table.

“The Sheriff thinks that anything that comes in a microwave-able tray is delicious.” Tess moved around to his side of the table and succeeded in stealing a handful of fries. Max turned her wrist just right and she dropped them.

“Have you ever tasted a frittata? How about one made with frijoles?”

“Poor you. Here, take them all.” She pushed his plate towards him. Their eyes met when she looked up. Tess sat frozen as her programmed instincts took over her brain. Her heart rate picked up as did her breathing and she couldn’t stop herself from leaning in to meet Max in a kiss. Max knew it was coming and couldn’t or wouldn’t stop it.

The animal instincts surfaced within his mind and body, completely taking over. Max kissed her softly at first but then the hunger took over, he parted her lips with his tongue and gained the entrance he sought. His hands gripped her thighs, pulling her onto his lap. Why couldn’t he control himself? Yes, he wanted her. No, he shouldn’t.

Tess held his face in one hand and let the other touch him; his chest, his neck, his hair, his arms. Yes, she had always wanted this. No, she shouldn’t... but he tasted so good. He felt so good. She knew that she should pull away and walk away but she couldn’t. It wasn’t until her mind registered the sound of a glass slamming down on a tabletop. Her head snapped around and she spotted Liz storming in to the back room. His mouth was burning down the side of her neck and it took all her will power to push away from him. “Max, stop.”

Max’s wild eyes met hers. “What?”



Isabel watched her brother’s frantic movements across his room. He paced rapidly and his fingers clenched in his hair. His eyes were closed and he kept muttering to himself.

“Max, calm down.” She told him.

“I can’t.” He hissed and as one hand fell from his head, Isabel saw why he was holding on so tight to his hair; his hands were shaking.

“What happened?”

“Tess and I... we were messing around and then we were making out... in the Crashdown.” Max squeezed his eyes shut tight.

“And Liz saw...” Isabel gasped. “Why the hell did you kiss her? You said you were going to back off... both of them.”

“It wasn’t me! We were just messing around and then suddenly... something primal took over. Tess was even more upset than I was.” Max sank into his chair, one of his legs bounced up and down as the shaking shifted from his hands to his feet. “Neither one of us wanted to but... the alien took over... in both of us.”

“What are you saying? That those dreams are coming back?” She paled as the implications set in. More dreams.

“No. This is different. I’m not dreaming anymore. I’m acting on my desires to mate with Tess. I... I don’t think it has too much to do with the programming... but enough... Damn it!” Max banged his fist on the desk. “I have to talk to Liz. I have to explain.”

“Don’t upset her.”

“It’s too late for that.”


Liz stared into the mirror over the vanity in her bedroom. She kept seeing them together, hands touching, mouths devouring and nothing would take away the pain. Hurt and jealousy is what she felt. This was the confusing part. She was jealous of Max. How was that? Was this it? Was she admitting that she liked Tess in more than a friend capacity? But she still loved Max. How did that work? Could that work?

“Liz, you’re losing it.” She whispered to her reflection. Footsteps on the roof didn’t even register in her mind, neither did the window opening or the tennis shoes hitting the floor. It wasn’t until Max’s hand fell on her shoulder that she snapped back to reality.


“God, Max, you scared me.” Liz gasped and turned to face him. “Hi.”

“Hey... I... I-I just w-wanted to explain about earlier. I didn’t have any control. It wasn’t Tess’s fault either.” Max rambled and stuttered over his words, trying desperately to read the blank expression on Liz’s face. She sat there listening to him but looking as if she didn’t comprehend a single word that he was saying.

“Max, I knew this would happen. That’s why you and I can’t be together.” Liz finally spoke.

“Liz, I don’t love her. It’s alien programming. She doesn’t want this either. I want you.”

“But you want her too.” She closed her eyes against the stinging that always preceded crying. “It’s good that you guys are together. It’s the way that it’s supposed to be. We’re all friends. It’ll be fine.”

“No. It’s not supposed to be this way. I am supposed to be with you but you won’t let me. I need you to keep me centered.” Max knelt in front of her, covering her hands with his own. “I ask you to trust me. I won’t let this happen again.”

“Max just go with it. You and Tess were... meant to be. I’m not even supposed to be here.” She whispered, forcing her eyes to stay closed. Confusion mounted and compressed until her head felt like it was going to explode. “I’m not supposed to be involved with either of you.”

“Liz.” Max pulled her into his arms. “Don’t say things like that. Please.”

Liz wanted to get lost in his warm arms and forget about everything. Pretend things were simple. Pretend it wasn’t Tess’s arms she wanted around her.


Tess buried her face in her pillow and cried. Kyle sat beside her, stroking her back. She had been like this ever since coming home front the Crashdown. From what he could understand, she and Max had kissed and this time Liz saw it. He just never got why she was this upset. “Tess, what’s the big deal?”

“It wasn’t supposed to happen.” She sobbed.

“Liz has been telling you to get with Max for months and when you finally do, you spazz because she saw.” Kyle sighed and searched his brain for some words of wisdom. “Didn’t you want to kiss Max?”

“Well, yes but... the point is this will hurt Liz. Max is probably freaking out as we speak.” Tess lifted her head and cleared her face of tears. “This just puts us back to last spring when everyone hated me. I can’t live that that again. I need Liz.”

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Part 10

Liz paced the length of her room for the millionth time, trying desperately to make some sense of her jumbled up emotions. “I love Max, no doubt about that. I... really like Tess... in what appears to um... might actually become a slightly romantic capacity. She could possibly like me back because she kissed me... but then she kissed Max. Why the hell does this have to be so confusing?”

It had already been three weeks since she had willingly spoken to Tess. Max kept stopping by to talk to her, even though she didn’t really talk back to him. “No, I don’t like Tess like that but when I think about those images from that book. NO! No. I don’t. I’ll just let her know that we can still be friends because we’re good as friends and we’ll leave it like that.”

“Yeah, that’s it.” Liz stood up straight. “I should tell her that.”


Tess tried to ignore the fact that Max was down the hall at his locker, quite possibly looking for Liz... again. It seemed as if the girl was ignoring everyone lately. Kyle had tried to talk to Liz for Tess but nothing had come of it... but then Kyle didn’t know the real story. A set of footsteps stopped directly behind Tess, making her turn slightly. Liz.

“So... I’ve been thinking and... I’m not upset. I’m not. I’m just being stupid.” Liz shook her head, slightly and closed her eyes to remember her planned speech. “You and I are... friends. Good friends and dammit we are still friends. We should be hanging out and having fun and ignoring him.” She pointed down the hall to Max. “He’ll just have to learn to keep Kenny put away if he wants to get anywhere with anyone.”

“Ok.” Tess nodded stiffly. “So you aren’t mad at me?”

“Well, I was really upset that you kissed him for a while but then I just... got over it.” Liz forced a bright smile.

“But Liz, what about... you know?” Tess whispered.

“Not buts!” Liz shouted. “You and I are just friends and as such... we are going to hang out and have fun doing it. Be ready, my parents aren’t home this weekend and I am going to have fun. I mean, Tess... I like you I do but I think it would be best that we kept this strictly platonic. It’s better for everyone all around if we do. You are my best friend and as my best friend, you will have fun too. After school be ready to have some... friendly fun.”

“Yes, ma’am.” Tess nodded as Liz turned on her heel and stalked off down the hall, grabbing Max and pulling him onto a couch in the lounge.

“Ow! What?” Max asked the stern looking Liz.

“No more you. No more you tonight. If I see you... I will scream... you keep complicating things... and... and we need to keep our friendship intact.” She told him as she adjusted the straps on her bag. “We can’t have you coming in and kissing one of us all the time and confusing things. If she or I want you there, we will tell you. Got it?”

“Got it.” He nodded, eyes wide.

“Now. I’m going to be late for history. Just remember what I said.” She patted his shoulder and bounded down the hall to her class.


Tess flipped a page in her magazine, the silence was palpable. She had been there all afternoon and fun was yet to happen. She and Liz had barely spoken. Maria was off with Michael and Isabel had already made plans to teach her mother how to cook. Liz sighed from her seat at the desk. “This is not working. We need to be wild and crazy.”

“Liz, don’t get me wrong. You’re my best friend but... you can’t make fun happen. We haven’t spoken in like a month and granted that it was my fault but we can’t just... do this after just one day.” Tess pointed out.

“We... we need to go to the club and make guys drool over us. That’s it.” Liz snapped her fingers. She ran over to her closet and began pulling outfits out.

“How are we going to get there?”

“Max.” Liz answered immediately. “He’ll take us.”

“Are you sure about this? You seem... a little... on edge.” The blonde haired girl watched Liz’s rushed and angry movements carefully.

“I am so sure.” The brown hair flew around as Liz turned with a bright smile. “See. Sure. He’ll do it... and speaking of seeming out of sorts.... you... you are too quiet tonight. Maybe a night out will do you good.”


Max sat fending off the attack on him. Both his sister and his mother were cooking and making him taste everything. His mother left the room to talk on the phone in private. Isabel eyed him carefully and sat down. “Is she still ignoring you?”

“No but I’m to stay away.” Max rolled his eyes. “She said she doesn’t want me complicating things... which says to me that she’s still interested.”

“And Tess?”

“Tess and I are just... trying to stay apart.” Max shrugged, it actually did a little something to his ego that both girls wanted him.

“Did you ever figure out just what you want?” Isabel stood up and crossed the kitchen to her pots on the stove. “You can’t just play the odds until one of them chooses you.”

“I love Liz. I’ll wait forever.”

“And if Tess wants in your pants in the meantime?” Isabel raised an eyebrow at her brother. He gave a half-smile and shrugged his shoulders. “Ugh! What have you done to my brother? You are turning into such a pig. Next you’ll be telling me that you want them both at the same time.”

“Actually...” He teased her and ducked when she threw a potholder at him. Then his phone rang. He casually walked down the hall to listen to the answering machine. The second he heard Liz’s voice he picked up. “Liz?”

“Max, I knew you were home. Listen... Tess and I are going to the club and I would love it if you escort us to fend off the aggressive types.”

“Ok, when do I pick you up?” Max nodded to himself.

“Actually...” A light rapping made him look up. Liz and Tess were at his window. “We got a ride here but we need a ride to the club.”

Max hung up the phone and helped the scantily clad girls into his room. His pulse quickened at the amount skin exposed by the mere threads they were trying to pass off as dresses. “Why didn’t you just wait? I would have gone and picked you up?”

“We need you well dressed so we don’t have the problem that we did last time.” Liz said breezily as she made her way to his closet. She began searching through the racks for something she deemed decent. “Nope, nope, maybe, nope, maybe, nope, nope, nope.”

“Tess, what’s going on?” Max whispered to the girl whose breasts were straining against the fabric of her top. He tried desperately not to notice the size and shape pronounced by the taut fabric and failed miserably.

“She’s lost it, I think.” Tess shrugged and crossed her arms over her chest.

“Max, come here.” Liz ordered. She held out a pair of pants that he hadn’t worn in two years and a shirt that he knew to be at least a size too small. “Put these on.”

“What?” He shook his head. “No.”

“Come on, Max.” Liz pouted and tilted her head. She pressed the shirt up against his front. “I really love the way this shirt looks on you.”

“Can I shower first?” Max swallowed to keep from leaning down and kissing her, her hands caressed his biceps lightly, driving him crazy.

“Mmm... no time.” Liz shook her head. “We’ll turn around and let you get dressed.”

Liz stepped away and turned around, motioning for Tess to do the same. Tess couldn’t believe that all Liz had said about Max had just gone out the window when she needed him to do something for her. She glanced over at her friend and caught Liz staring in the mirror at Max’s changing reflection. More specifically, Liz was staring at Max’s brief clad butt as he squeezed into the slacks. Tess rolled her eyes. It was a sight to behold but couldn’t Liz handle the drool?


Liz led the way into the club. She was practically bouncing off the walls, which was no problem for Max but it made Tess angrier by the second. Liz kept touching Max and telling suggestive jokes. Tess planted herself at the bar as Liz dragged Max off to dance. “I am going to have a serious talk with that girl the second that I get her alone.”

“Hey there... Can I... uh... buy you a drink?” A greasy looking guy leaned on the bar next to Tess. She glanced at him for a second.

“Cherry coke.” She said flippantly. At least she’d get a free drink out of it.

“Are you sure that’s what you want?” The guy leaned in closer.

“I want a cherry coke. No alcohol.” Tess turned her cheek.

“Just checking.” He ordered her drink and when she wasn’t looking, slipped a little something into her drink. Casually he swirled the drink around before handing it to her. “Sweet drink for a sweet lady.”

“Thanks.” Tess turned around and pulled four sugar packets from the little jar and poured them all in, stirring vigorously before tasting it. She rolled it around her tongue, tasting something odd but playing it off to too much syrup.

He raised his eyebrows at the sugar quirk and hoped it wouldn’t react to what he put in her drink. “Do you come here often?”

“Once in a blue moon...” Tess shook her head as a fuzzy feeling took over.

Max spun Liz out and brought her back to dip her carefully, as not to make her pop out of her dress. He held her close so he could talk in her ear. “You look really great tonight.”

“Thanks, you don’t look so bad yourself.” She smiled even though he couldn’t see it. As Tess came into view, Liz saw her friend talking to some guy at the bar. A wave of jealousy swept over her as she watched the two talk and laugh. Her eyes narrowed and she started in their direction.

“Where are you going?” Max grabbed her hand and followed her to the bar.

“Just checking on Tess.” Liz shook her head and kept on going.

Tess saw Max and Liz walk in her direction, fingers linked. She turned away and tried to contain her anger. The guy kept trying to get her to go off somewhere but she kept refusing and suggesting they stay put and talk some more because he was a really funny guy.

“Hey Tess.” Max slid into the seat next to her.

“Hey Max.” She took a sip of her drink and set it down. “So Jerry, what were you saying about construction?”

“It’s nothing really—“ Jerry started to reply, eyeing Max carefully.

“Mind if I have a drink?” Max asked Tess.

“Sure.” Tess nodded and didn’t catch Jerry shaking his head and cursing to himself. Max took a big gulp of her cherry coke and immediately began feeling strange.

“Tess, what are you drinking?” He asked.

“It’s just cherry coke with a ton of sugar. I think the syrup may be turning.” She shrugged.

“Give me a drink.” Liz reached for the glass and took a sip to wet her dry throat. Jerry cursed under his breath again. She shook her head slightly at the fuzzy feeling developing in her head. The foursome chatted for a little while, long enough for each of them to drink their way through two drinks each.

Tess kept eyeing Max and Liz’s linked hands and the drugs brought out her aggressive side. She could throw herself all over Jerry but Liz probably wouldn’t notice. She could start coming on to Max but Liz would get mad. Finally She turned to Liz. “Can we talk?”

“About what?” Liz nearly shouted, the music suddenly seemed too loud for any sort of discussion to take place.

“I just need to talk to you, hold on.” Tess turned to Jerry. “Thank you for the drinks. It was really nice talking to you.”

Liz narrowed her eyes at Jerry until he was gone. The guy had given up on getting Tess alone. “What is it Tess?”

“Max? Can you like go dance and let us talk? I think those girls over there are looking at you.” Tess shooed him off, which he did with a little reluctance. But a couple of women smiled at him. He was pleased to find they looked to be slightly older than he was supposed to be. A slight swagger filled his gait as he went over lean on a railing beside the dance floor. “Liz, I think that we really need to talk about us.”

“Doesn’t Max’s butt look great in those pants?” Liz never took her eyes off Max.

“Liz, I’m serious. I’m very slowly getting used to the idea myself. I mean, I did kiss you.” Tess went on, hoping that if she talked long enough, Liz would give up and listen.

“And that shirt really makes his muscles pop out when he moves.” Liz prattled on as if she hadn’t heard a word that Tess had just said.

“I kissed you because I wanted to. I had wanted to for a while... and I don’t know if that makes me gay or what but... we need to get this out in the open.” Tess scooted closer to Liz, still talking, still trying to get through to her friend. “I know you thought about it too because you said that we need to keep things platonic. Liz!”

“Max just has a squeezable butt... have you ever seen him without his shirt?” Liz kept her focus on Max, hearing what Tess was saying but not responding to it. Tess glared at Liz then turned to scan the club. Liz kept talking but Tess tuned her out and closed her eyes to focus.

Goofily, Max smiled at the women, heading bobbing slightly with an arrogant air. The rohypnol had taken its effect on his already inflated ego and suddenly Max thought he was the shit. He barely looked up when a couple of guys leaned on the railing on either side of him. “Hey baby.”

Max blinked and turned very slowly. Had that guy just called him, ‘baby.’ “Um... hey...”

“What do you say you and me go back to my place?” The guy leered at him. Staring him up and down like Max was his next meal.

“No thanks.” Max shook his head and pushed himself away from the railing. The other guy put his hand on his arm.

“Come on... we just want to talk.”

“Hey, man, I ain’t into that.” Max pulled away and stalked off. He became aware of many pairs of male eyes on him. What the hell was going on? He started back to the bar where he left the girls, nervously glancing around at the guys looking him over.

Liz stopped talking about Max once she realized that Tess was no longer talking to her. She turned and Tess was sitting there with her eyes closed. The fuzziness in her head increased suddenly. “Look Tess, it’s not like I don’t like you. I do. I kissed you back... Tess?”

Tess continued to concentrate on the illusion she had over the men surrounding Max. She barely heard a word that Liz said.

“I’m serious. I mean... I think about that book we scanned a lot and many, many times, you are my partner in those images.” Liz went on with her explanation. “I do want to know where this is headed... this you and me but... I can’t. I just don’t want to see myself that way.”

Tess squinted her eyes shut and worked a little on the image surrounding Max. Shorter skirt, more leg, little more boobs...

“I mean... if I were like that... I would but I don’t think I am because I like Max. Max is just... sexy and... you are too... which is really, really weird for me to admit but...” Liz glanced up and blinked. Max was walking towards her but at the same time, a very beautiful, voluptuous woman in very little clothing made her way over as well. “I do find you attractive and all but...” Liz blinked again. The closer that Max got the stronger the image of the woman got around him. “Tess, are you listening to me?”

“Guys... I’m panicking.” Max hissed. “There are guys staring at me everywhere. I just got propositioned.”

“What are you talking about?” Liz shook her head. What the heck did she drink?

“I’m gonna go to the bathroom and then we are out of here.” He whispered and tried to get to the men’s room. As he was passing through the entrance, someone grabbed his butt. Max yelped and leapt through the doorway.

“I have got to be on crack because I just saw some man grab Max’s butt.” Liz muttered. She turned back to Tess. “If you aren’t going to listen to me, I’ll just go.” Just then, Max made a beeline for the bar. “Hold on. I thought you were going to the bathroom.”

“I was.” Max’s eyes were wide as he pressed his back against the bar. “I went in there and all the guys kept staring at me... like... like... I don’t know and I stepped up to the line for the urinal and this guy kept staring at my chest. I felt... dirty and like violated... are you guys sure this isn’t like really a gay bar or something?”

“Are you drunk?” Liz stared at him hard.

“I’m leaving. I’ll piss in the alley if I have to.” Max took off through the crowds to the exit.

“I am leaving. If you’re just going to sit there and ignore me... then I’ll go and you won’t ever have to worry about speaking to me again.” Liz huffed and found a shorter route to the exit. Max had gotten caught in a throng of dancing guys. Liz pushed through the exit and waited for Max to come out. Tess suddenly realized that no one was talking to her anymore and her eyes snapped open. Liz was long gone. She vaguely remembered hearing something about her leaving and so she took off to the exit, barely remembering that she had put a mind warp on many of the guys in the club.

Max had almost made it to door when he felt a hand on his arm. He turned after seeing Tess go through the door. It clicked shut after her. Max turned to face the guy that had clutched his arm. Glaring, he yanked his arm back and made for the door once again. Just as he had the door open, someone grabbed his butt, hard. The guy that had him suddenly blinked and his jaw dropped open. “It’s a guy.”

In his hurry to get away, Max tripped over the doorstop and found himself sprawled out in the alley after having knocked both Tess and Liz to the ground on top of each other. Liz grumbled noisily as she struggled to sit up. She shoved Tess off her and crossed the alley to sit on a box. “This was like the worst idea ever.”

“It was your idea.” Tess shot back as she got on her own two feet. Max stood up and stumbled behind a broken refrigerator to pee, not caring anymore where he was.

“What the hell is that supposed to mean?” Liz snapped her head up.

“What the hell is with you?” Tess groaned and stomped her foot. “I just want to be with you. Okay? You happy? I said it. I want to be with you. Like the way you’re with Max.”

“I’m not with Max.” Liz shot out. “I want that too but... I don’t know how that works or anything. I kept trying to tell you and you weren’t listening to me.”

“Because I was pissed. You didn’t want to listen to a word that I had to say. You kept ogling Max!” Tess screamed. Max chose that moment to emerge from his impromptu urinal. His fly undone and belt unbuckled.

“I have a question... if guys come on to me... does that make me gay?” Before anyone could answer him, he passed out on the spot. Max sank to the ground and fell on a pile of cardboard.

“Well, he’s either drunk or out of his mind.” Liz pointed and then shook her head. “I am... not sober... that’s for sure.”

“Me either.” Tess nodded and sank to the ground next to Max’s prone body.

“Who do we call?” Liz belched and pulled her phone from her purse.

“It’s late.” Tess commented. “The Sheriff would kill me and Kyle would tell him.”

“Isabel’s with her mom and she can’t get away.” Liz played with her bottom lip. Her mind was just so fuzzy. “Alex is... I can’t remember but he’s doing something.”

“Maria?” the blonde suggested.

“She’s on foot. Her mom took the Jetta out of town... but her boyfriend has a bike and he can get his butt over here to help us with him.” Liz pointed to Max as she stumbled over to sit on the other side of him.


Maria grumbled as she climbed off the motorcycle and went into the alley behind the club followed by Michael. She spotted her friends immediately. “You all have some serious butt-kissing to do.”

“I’m sorry.” Liz shrugged.

“Don’t tell me, you’re all drunk.” Maria glared and paced in front of the trio.

“That’s just it. None of us had any alcohol.” Tess waved a hand around. “But... the first cherry coke I had was... it tasted funny... hehe... my hand looks kinda weird.”

“Yeah, it does.” Liz giggled as she waved her own hand around.

“So why is Maxwell passed out?” Michael raised an eyebrow.

“I dunno.” Liz’s eyes got wide. “He just went to pee and then he came back and plfft!”

“Plfft! That’s all?” Maria’s nostrils flared and she stomped her foot. “Amy DeLuca leaves for the entire night with the Jetta. My one uninterrupted night with Michael and you three just had to screw it up. Get your drunk asses to the Jeep now.”

“Genius.” Tess nodded mocking Maria’s orders. “Thing is... we can’t carry him.” She pointed to Max, poking him in the stomach.

“He hasn’t moved since he fell.” Liz nodded.

“Come on, Maxwell.” Michael knelt and pulled his friend into a sitting position. “Come on. You ruined my night with Maria and you will pay for that.”

“Five more minutes, Ma.” Max mumbled, head rolling around on his shoulders.

“Max, cut the shit. Your ass is grass.” Michael slapped him in the face a couple of times.

“I’m up!” Max’s eyes opened and took a moment to focus on his surroundings. “Where am I?”

“In an alley, genius.”

“Ok. How are we going to get you all home?” Maria crossed her arms. “Bike only holds one other person.”

“Easy. You drive the Jeep and I follow on the bike.” Michael glared at his friends. “You all owe me big.”

Michael half carried, half walked Max to the Jeep and deposited him in the passenger seat. While he helped Liz and Tess into the back, he shook his head at their outfits. “Geez, hear of clothes?”

“Max, girlfriend. I’m going to kick your ass.” Maria poked him in the side before starting up the Jeep.

“Maria, if you ever wear these Kleenexes your friends are wearing outside of my apartment... I’ll kill you.” Michael waved them off as he went to retrieve his bike. Once he was behind them, Maria threw the Jeep into gear and started to the Crashdown.

“What the hell were you thinking?” Maria shouted over the wind whipping around the open top of the Jeep. “I mean, drinking in a bar, going to a bar, going to a bar dressed like that.”

Liz and Tess stared at each other across the back of the Jeep in silence. They mulled over each other’s words while Maria continued her rant.

“My mom is gone and Michael and I... we were getting somewhere tonight. He gave me a ride on his motorcycle. Do you know what it’s like to be a horny teenage girl and to get a ride on a motorcycle? Huh?” Maria smacked Max upside the head.

“Ow.” He clutched his aching head.

“That’s just the beginning girlfriend.” Maria shot at him. “Michael and I were going to spend the entire night together and just when things were getting interesting you guys had to call... did I mention that I rode a motorcycle? ...”

Liz leaned forward a bit to talk to Tess in a low whisper. “I’m sorry I’ve been such a bitch. I’m just so confused...”

“I know, me too.” Tess nodded and leaned forward as well. A single headlight fell on them even as Maria’s rant continued. Tess reached out and brushed Liz’s hair behind her ear and kissed her cheek. “We’ll talk more later?”

“Yeah.” Liz nodded with a slight smile and returned the kiss to Tess’s cheek.

On the other side of the single headlight, Michael shook his head. He thought that Liz and Tess were a little too close to be talking to Maria. He could always use a little leverage on Liz. Plans formulated in his head as he watched the two girls whisper and fix each other’s hair.

By the time they reached the Crashdown, Maria was livid. “I am not driving any further. You all can just stay here.”

“Maria...” Max whined.

“No. Michael, let’s go.” She hopped onto the bike behind Michael and they roared off down the road to Michael’s apartment.

Liz clumsily climbed out of the Jeep and unlocked the front door and ushered her friends inside before relocking the door. Max stumbled over to a booth and then fell in. Liz and Tess made for the back door and before they could push it open, Max was snoring. Tess nudged Liz. “Should we leave him there?”

“Do you want to carry him up the stairs?” Liz quirked an eyebrow up at her friend. Shaking their heads, they slowly climbed up the stairs on hands and knees. “You have a cute butt.”

“Do I?” Tess craned her head back to check out her own butt. “I can’t see.”

“I can and it’s... cute.” Liz nodded and returned her eyes to the stairs in front of her. They ended up crawling all the way to Liz’s room and onto the bed before collapsing in giggles. “That was hard work.”

“Uh-huh.” Tess kicked off her shoes and hugged the pillow beneath her head. She closed her eyes for a moment. She could feel Liz looking at her.

“Tess, I’m sorry for being such a bitch. I—I wasn’t trying to hurt you. I was just confused.” Liz rolled onto her side to face her friend. “I think I did want to kiss you and when I saw you kissing Max... I got jealous... of him.”

“Yeah, that’s what I feel when I see you holding his hand... and tonight... the way you talked about him... I think I wanted you to talk about me like that.” Tess scooted closer and brushed Liz’s soft hair out of her face.

“Can... Can I kiss you?” Liz didn’t wait for an answer. She moved in quickly and pressed her lips to Tess’s. Two pairs of soft lips pressed against each other, each demanding more from the other. Tess opened her mouth over Liz’s and licked at her lips. Liz’s lips parted under the pressure of Tess’s tongue, allowing her access to her mouth and tongue.

Their kiss swiftly grew passionate. Their idle hands reached for the other’s body and pulled it closer. Breasts pressed to breasts, smooth stomach to smooth stomach, legs brushed against legs. Fingers soon found their way into silken locks and onto soft skin. Desperate for air, they broke their mouths apart but kept the close proximity.

Their mouths returned to each other with more fire. Tongues lashed and teeth scraped. Hands found their way to soft flesh barely contained by their flimsy tops. Liz tilted her head to the side as Tess’s mouth moved down to her neck, sucking and biting gently. The make-out session went on for what seemed like hours or maybe minutes or days. Finally they slowed down. They exchanged softer kisses, hugging each other tight until finally, they both passed out.


Saturday morning found Michael opening the front doors of the Crashdown and finding Max asleep in his booth. Unable to resist, Michael kicked the booth seat, startling Max into a sitting position. A sugar packet had stuck itself to his cheek and the imprint of the vinyl seat pressed into his forehead. Michael burst out laughing at the sight and kept on to get the restaurant ready for the morning crowd.

Max blinked against the sun and looked around. The ketchup bottle had a yellow substance in it and the mustard had red fluid inside. He groaned at the banging noises that Michael made. “Hey, take it easy.”

“No.” Michael shook his head. “So, do you remember anything about last night?”

“Um...” Max’s head hurt and he was drawing a complete blank. “I went out with Tess and Liz... right?”

“Yeah, anything else?”


“Then we’ll tell you later.”


Liz woke to find her face pressed against the softest pillow. Shaking her head slightly, the pillow was warm... As her eyes focused, her pillow wasn’t a pillow. She had been sleeping on Tess’s boobs. “Oh God...”

“Mmff.” Tess mumbled at the loss of warmth to her front side.

Liz hurriedly got out of bed and made for the shower. She couldn’t remember much after ignoring Tess for most of the night. What had happened that they had gone to bed together? Liz snapped the water on and began removing her small garments. Her reflection caught her eye. Was that a hickey?

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Part 11

Tess sat up and put a hand to her head. Looking around, she found herself in Liz’s room. Her addled brain couldn’t remember anything past taking a sip of a cherry coke at that bar. That guy had been annoying. The door opened, admitting a staggering Max into the room. His fly was undone but she made no move to tell him. “Hey.”

“What? You don’t have to shout.” Max mumbled and found his way to the bed while clutching his head.

“I didn’t. Can you remember anything?” Tess asked softly, scooting next to where he sat. “I can’t.”

“I remember taking a drink of your coke and that’s it.” He shook his head slowly. “How about Liz?”

“I haven’t seen her yet. When I woke up the water was already running.” She shrugged. “Surely, she’ll remember what we don’t.”

“Michael knows something but he won’t say.” Max sighed and lay back on the bed.

“Why not?”

“He wants to torture me, that’s why.”

Liz stood in the doorway and watched her potential lovers. Had she just thought that? Including Tess in that? Shaking her head she reached over and snapped the water off and wrapped her robe tighter around her body. She stepped into the room and pulled the towel from her head. “Morning guys.”

“Morning.” Tess nodded stiffly.

“Hey.” Max lifted his hand without turning.

“Shower’s all yours Tess.” Liz moved to sit on the bed next to Max’s head.

“Ok... where’s my bag?” Tess ran her eyes over the room.

“You left it in the bathroom.” Liz pointed and waited for Tess to go inside before turning to Max. “Do you remember what happened last night?”

“You mean, you don’t?” Max’s eyes widened. “Why don’t we remember? I can’t, Tess can’t... what’s the last thing you remember?”

“I was pissing Tess off.” Liz whispered.

“Ok. I remember taking a drink of Tess’s coke after we danced.”

“Yeah, I remember that... and talking to that guy that Tess was talking to. Then you went off to... I forget what and Tess and I were talking but I started ignoring her... thus pissing her off.” Liz sighed heavily. “This I don’t remember.” Liz brushed her hair away from her neck. “I don’t know how I got this or who gave it to me.”

Max leaned over and brushed his hand over it, making it disappear. “There.”

“Thanks.” Liz whispered and lay down beside him, sliding her legs across the bed, careful to keep her robe closed. At the thought of the hickey, she wanted something more. She had to test herself. What would turn her on more? Max or Tess? “Max... can you talk to me?”

“About what?” He whispered.

“You said you always pictured yourself making love to me for the first time.” Liz whispered even softer. “I want to know how you see it.”

“Ok.” Max swallowed thickly and turned on his side to face her. “I’ve had several different fantasies about that.”

“Tell them all to me.” Liz pleaded softly with him. He nodded to her and leaned over her a bit. Liz closed her eyes and listened to him talk.

“A lot of them take place in here. I see you lying in bed asleep. I climb in the window and I wake you with kisses. Sometimes you’re waiting for me and we meet in the middle of the room and then fall back on the bed. Sometimes you come to me in my room. You climb through the window and wake me up, telling me you love me and want me to make love to you. Others I open the window and there you are.” Max barely even noticed that with every word he spoke that his face drifted near to hers.

“I need more detail, Max.” Liz whispered of his romantic fantasies.

“I can’t describe those, Liz. I just feel them.”

“Tell me more.” She breathed out. “Tell me some of the other fantasies. I know you don’t think of me as all flowers and poems.”

“You’re right. I don’t.” He let his nose touch her neck and, surprised when she didn’t push him away, he nuzzled her neck. “There’s one where you’re working late and I let myself into the Crashdown. I watch you, you’re bent over one of the tables, cleaning it off. I can’t resist. I sneak up behind you and pull you against me. I kiss your neck and open your uniform. I see your reflection in that mirror. I touch the girls...” Max let his hand hover over her body, not quite touching her heaving chest but near enough to feel the heat of her body. “And your smooth stomach and then I slide my hand inside your panties. Your skin is so hot and so soft. I pull you tight up against me so you can feel Kenny... so you can feel how much I want you.”

“Keeping going, Max.” Liz got lost in the mental sensations. She couldn’t remember why she had him tell her these things in the first place.

“My fingers touch your... your snatch and you press against me. I look in the mirror and your eyes are closed until I take my fingers between your legs. I rub your clit and you moan.” Max let his hover over her mound, wanting so very much to part her robe and touch her as he was describing to her. “Then I slide my fingers inside you and you call my name. You’re so wet that I think I might cum on the spot. So I take my hand away, you whimper, and I lick my fingers clean of your juices. You taste so sweet and I want more but Kenny’s so hard that I can’t take it anymore.”

“Max.” His name was but a whisper on her lips.

“I bend you over the table you just cleaned and pull off your uniform. I run a hand through your soft hair, then I take off your bra. The straps slide down your arms and I keep going. I rip off your panties and touch your tight ass. I take Kenny out and... I...” Max found himself losing control. His hips had found their way close to her body. His hand was slowly losing the battle not to touch her. He buried his nose in her wet hair and inhaled her scent, which only served to bring him closer to the brink. “I let him touch your ass cheeks before I take him and slide him inside your tight... wet... pussy. I kiss your back as I hold completely still inside you. You burn me you’re so hot.”


“My hands take hold of Betty and Veronica and draw you back against me. You gasp out my name and your arms wrap backwards around my neck. I squeeze the girls before I slide my hands down to your hips. I start thrusting in and out as much as I can with us like this.” Max flicked his tongue out and licked her neck. “I look at the mirror against and the girls are bouncing up and down whenever I move inside you. Your antennae bob up and down.”

Liz could feel Max’s hand come to rest on her mound. He started pressing his fingers into her insistently through the thick robe. She parted her legs a little and his fingers slipped lower, cupping her fully.

“You scream my name over and over and I keep pounding into you so hard that I can hear our skin smacking together.” Max couldn’t help himself. He had worked them both up so much that he began grinding his crotch against her hip as his fingers tried to get inside her through her robe. “All I can is your reflection. Betty and Veronica are all hard and pointy and bouncing all around. And those stupid antennae still bob up and down. You feel so good all around me. I can’t contain myself anymore. You scream my name one last time before I put you back facedown on the table. I slam into you over and over, the table keeps moving across the floor but I’m almost there.”

“Max!” Liz cried out as she suddenly dredged up an image from that infernal book and matching it to Max taking her from behind. Her orgasm floated through her. Her legs squeezed his hand between her legs. Her hand clutched onto his shirt for dear life as she rode it out. Once it was over, she pulled Max on top of her and kissed his lips hard. Kenny pressed into her and she wanted him to do so much more.

Max could only take her lead and helped himself out of his shirt, her hands were already flicking open his fly, which he realized was still unzipped. She pushed his briefs down over his massive erection. Her fingers danced over his heated flesh in contemplation. His hands untied her robe and gently pushed the folds apart, slowly exposing her beautiful flesh to his eyes. Suddenly, Max’s conscience spoke to him. “Liz... do you really want to do this?”

“Yes, Max. Please.” Liz wanted him so bad that it hurt. “I want you to.”

Nodding, Max pulled out his wallet and retrieved the condom from its pocket. He pushed himself off of Liz and kicked off his shoes, stepping out of his pants and briefs. Liz shrugged her arms out of her robe and watched him slide the condom down his thick shaft. Finally, he lay on top of her. “I love you, Liz.”

“I love you, too, Max.” Liz kissed his lips softly then urgently. He had stoked up a fire inside of her that only he could put out. Max lined himself up with her slick opening and pushed in slowly, inch by inch. When he came to her hymen, he hesitated. Both he and Liz took a deep breath as he pushed through the ring of muscle. A stinging ran wildfire through her veins and died just as quickly. Liz watched Max’s face. At last, Liz realized that he was waiting for her to say it was alright. “I’m ok.”

“You’re sure?” He whispered softly.

“Yes. I need you to move.” Liz moved her hips against his and sighed deeply when he pulled out and thrust in again. “Ooh, Max.”

Max’s blood roared in his head as he finally allowed himself to take in the sensations of being inside her. His cock throbbed as he pushed in and out of her tight wet walls. Every moan and groan that she emitted drove him insane. He could feel the sweat building up on both of their bodies. He heard his name on her lips as she cried out. He tasted the skin on her throat. He inhaled her scent. Opening his eyes, he saw her lips parted, tongue snaking out to lick them, her eyelids drooped.

Liz slid her arms around him, grip tightening as he continued to take her closer to oblivion. Her hips met each and every one of his thrusts into her. She could feel his fingers digging into her hips as he guided their movements. She could hear his grunts as their chests met on the upstroke. She opened her eyes a little as gazed down at the seemingly endless rows of muscles down his back.

Their movement became frenzied as they both neared that edge that was so enticing. Just a little harder, a little faster and little deeper and they would be there, falling into oblivion. Max reached between their bodies and ran his thumb around her clit. “Max!”

Liz’s voice echoed through his ears as he pounded his way home through her fluttering and tightening walls. His release swept though his body, ending where he poured out deep within her body. “Liz!!”

Panting and kissing, Max and Liz made their way back to earth. Max rested his head inside the hollow of her neck and stroked the breasts he had so recklessly ignored during their lovemaking. Liz’s hands ran over his shoulders. Finding her voice, she broke the silence. “If I had known that it would be like that... I would have suggested we do this sooner.”

Max chuckled and breathed in her scent. “I know what you mean. How did we live without knowing this?”

Liz opened her mouth to say something but Michael’s voice reached their ears. “Liz! You got customers waiting!”

“Oh my god... I have to work.” Her eyes popped open. “I don’t have time for another shower.”

“Liz, calm down.” Max pulled out of her and removed the condom, tossing it in her trashcan. He then ran a hand over her body, evaporating their mingled sweat, drying her hair and cleaning her of the loss of her innocence. “There, get dressed.”

She jumped off the bed, wincing slightly at the soreness in her legs. She yanked on a pair of underwear and pulled a sports bra over her head. She threw on her uniform and slipped on a pair of sandals. “Max. Thank you.” She leaned down to kiss him passionately for a moment before forcing herself to pull away. “I will call you later.”

Max watched her rush out the door and then he stood up to gather his clothes to use her shower. Then it hit him. Tess had gone into the shower before he and Liz had begun teasing each other. He covered his dick and gently pushed open the door, meaning to apologize for them forgetting that she was in there. Empty. Tess’s bag was gone as was the girl herself. A note was taped to the mirror. “I didn’t want to interrupt you guys so I just took off through the window. Congratulations.”


Liz couldn’t keep the smile off her face as she waited tables. She felt positively radiant and she was almost sure she was glowing... literally. Even Michael’s occasional gripes about a ruined night couldn’t bring her down. After a few hours, both she and Michael got a break. Rarely anyone came into the Crashdown between 10 and 12.

“So, busy night, Parker.” Michael commented as he sat next to her at the counter.

“Was it?” Liz shook her head. She didn’t remember much.

“You guys got drunk.” He stated and took a big swallow of her coke.

“We did? Maybe that’s why I don’t remember anything.”

“Oh you don’t?” Michael smirked. It was time for revenge. “Then you don’t remember making out with Tess in the back of the Jeep when we took you home?”

“What?” Liz’s eyes went wide.

“Oh yeah. The two of you were all over each other.” Michael nodded. “I was a satisfied customer watching the show the two of you put on. But really Liz, I didn’t think you were like that.”

“Oh my god.” Liz covered her mouth with her hand. Her thoughts raced. So she had gotten that hickey from Tess. “Michael, you aren’t going to tell Max are you?”

“I thought I might. He might get a kick out of it.” He shrugged, that damned smirk still on his face as he watched Liz falling for his story hook, line and sinker.

“Michael, you don’t understand. Max wouldn’t ever understand.” Liz clutched onto his arm. “You cannot tell Max.”

Michael blinked but went along with it. “Try me. Maybe I would understand.”

“Okay but you cannot tell anyone.” She pleaded and began whispering what she thought was going on. “Tess and I have been like... attracted to each other for a long time now. I don’t even know what to do about it. She kissed me first and her tongue was just so soft and she tasted so good but then I freaked. I made out with Max... twice. Then when she kissed Max I got upset. I got jealous so I was pissed at them both. Last night... I don’t know exactly what happened but I woke up with a hickey and I was using her boobs as a pillow. Michael... what am I going to do? I made out with Tess last night and then I... Max and I made love this morning. What am I going to do?”

Michael whistled and blinked. “Whoa.” He couldn’t back out now. This was too good. He thought he had just been messing with her but he was closer to the truth than he could ever imagine. What would he do if he were Max? He knew Max loved Liz. He knew that Max wanted to fuck Tess. If he were Max, he’d want them both. Michael suggested something that would come out as a favor to his oldest and best friend. “Why not keep them both?”

“What?” Liz’s jaw dropped open.

“Come on Liz. If you’re open to lesbian relationships and you and Max are already doing the wild thing... just go with it. Keep them both.” Michael shifted in his seat. The idea turned him on. ‘Wonder if Isabel and Maria would do that?’ “Look. You like Tess, Max likes Tess, Max loves you, you love Max, and Tess is obviously into both of you. Just go for it.”

Liz sat there stunned as Michael got up and went back to work. Then to her own shock, she started thinking it over.


Tess beat at her pillow. It wasn’t fair. It wasn’t fair. She hadn’t been out of the room 10 minutes and they had started going at it. Tess couldn’t remember how long she stood there in the doorway and listened to Max seducing Liz before his hand had gone between her legs. Tess wanted to be that robe so much. It was at that point that she had snuck out the bathroom window. As she was shutting it behind her, she heard Liz’s cry of passion.

“God!” She shouted and attacked the pillow again. Fists flying. They had just forgotten she was there. She didn’t know who to be mad at. Max for being with Liz first... or Liz for being with Max first. “I hate my life!”

“Tess, are you okay?” The Sheriff poked his head into the room.

“I’m fine. I’m just really, really mad at my pillow!” She accentuated each word with a punch to the pillow.

“Okay, just checking.” He stole back out of the room, afraid of whatever it was that had gotten Tess so worked up that Kyle wouldn’t even look at the door as he passed.

“Isabel. I’ll go talk to Isabel. She knows all sorts of things about a lot of things.” Tess stammered and yanked on her jacket to head out the door. “And she should know what I’m talking about. She doesn’t want fucking destiny to get in the way of her life. That’s it. I’ll just go talk to Isabel.”

Part 12

Liz was going crazy. Customers were being rude, Michael kept shrugging and smirking at her, and thoughts of two very special people kept running through her head. Max and Tess had been the object of her attention for nearly a year and she didn’t ever think she would have to choose between them, nor did she ever think she would need them so much. The second that her shift was over, she turned her order pad over to Maria, telling her the tips were hers and she went to clock out.

“Liz! I have a bone to pick with you!” Maria called over her shoulder, still pissed about her interrupted Michael night.

“Maria, you can yell at me all you want later but I have to go.” Liz opted for not changing and just grabbed her purse to leave.

“AWHOO! Go Parker!” Michael called out from the stove. “You go get ‘em.”

“Shut up, Michael!” Liz shouted back and turned to Maria. “I’m serious. Take my tables and my tips. I have to go.”


Isabel stared at Tess. The shorter blond girl had come over, obviously upset at something, and taken up residence on one side of Isabel’s bed. She hadn’t said a word in two hours. “Tess, come on. What is it?”

“Why would you invest yourself in something that you knew would never work out?” Tess whispered. Isabel’s eyes widened and waited for her to keep talking. “I mean, putting yourself into something you just knew would never happen.”

“Is this about Max?”

“Yes.” Tess sniffed and rubbed at her eyes. “And Liz.”

“Does this have something to do with why he didn’t come home last night and why he was practically singing when he came home this morning?” The taller blonde pressed on as she took a seat next to her friend.

“Yes.” Tess’s face crumpled up and a few tears escaped her eyes. “But it’s not what you think... least not until this morning.”



Max answered the door and immediately drew Liz into a deep, passionate kiss, oblivious to the fact his mother had also gone to answer the door and that she was smiling as she retreated back into the kitchen. Max was so deliriously happy that Liz had opted to come over instead of call after her shift. Liz had melted the instant his tongue had probed her lips for entrance and all thought had flown right out of her head. Where looking into his eyes made her lost, kissing him turned her to goop. The need for air pulled them apart. Max looked her over hungrily. “Let’s go to my room.”

Liz could only nod in response and follow him back to his bedroom, pausing only for a quick wave to Mrs. Evans. Once inside his room, Max attacked her mouth again and let his hands wander where he hadn’t let them when he had answered the door. Just as he was easing them over to the bed, they were broken apart by a sharp rapping. Max held his hand up in a promise to continue after the door situation was settled. Liz sat on his bed and quickly fixed her lips, running a finger around the edge to repair any smudges. Max took a deep breath and opened the door to find his mother. “Max, honey... Would you or Liz like something to eat or drink?”

“Mom, we’re fine.” Max shook his head and tried to act like he wasn’t rushing her out of the room.

“Dad’s not coming home for lunch today and I was heading into town to pick something up. The girls just wanted pizza... is that okay with you?” Diane reached up and fixed his hair where it was standing on end on top of his head.

“Yeah, pizza’s fine. No onions, please.” Max made a face that made his mom laugh and kiss his cheek, making him turn bright red and change the subject. “Girls?”

“Tess is here with Isabel.” Diane answered and shifted her purse on her shoulder. “I’ll be right back. Be good.”

“We will.” Max rolled his eyes and groaned when the door had shut behind her. Liz flopped back on the bed. She had recovered from being enthralled with Max’s greeting and was thinking about the task at hand. Tess. She was going to tell Max about Tess, more specifically what was going on between she and Tess. “Sorry about my mom.”

“It’s okay.” Liz sighed and shifted his pillow under her head. “It’s just that I came here for a reason.”

“Oh yeah?” He teased and crawled onto the bed, just barely nudging her knees apart to lay his body between them. “Have I ever told you what a turn on your uniform is?”

“Max, I’m serious. I need to talk to you about something.” She didn’t make any move to push him away, he felt so good and that relaxed her.

“What?” He stopped playing and looked into her eyes. A myriad of emotions flitted through his eyes. “Is this about this morning?”

“Well, yeah... and last night. I was talking to Michael this morning and... I found out some things. Nothing necessarily new, just stuff I didn’t know happened.” Liz gently pushed him back into a sitting position so that she could tell him what she needed to say. She just wished she knew beforehand how he would react so she would know how to go about this. His hands ran up and down her legs, distracting her. She opened her mouth to speak and a sharp tapping reached their ears. A look to the window revealed an amused Michael standing outside the room, leaning in the open window.

“I’m not interrupting anything, am I?” He smirked at Liz.

“Not yet.” Max tossed a pillow at his friend.

“Did you tell him yet?” Michael directed his question to the flustered girl practically straddling his best friend.

“Michael! Shut up! God, you think I could do this without interruptions. It’s hard enough as it is. Leave!” Liz hissed at him.

“Tell me what?” Max turned his attention back to his girlfriend. “Liz?”

“Michael has to leave first.” She crossed her arms.

“Michael.” Max gestured for the taller boy to vacate the room.


“I’m just so confused.” Tess whispered and barely looked up when the door opened.

“Isabel, Max said no onions, what do you want instead.” Diane took in the scene in the room once more. Tess was in exactly the same position, curled up on Isabel’s bed and Isabel was kneeling beside her.

“Okay, Mom.” Isabel turned and rolled her eyes back in her head to think. “Pineapple. Max likes pineapple, it should be fine.”

“How about Liz? Does she like it?” Diane’s question got Tess’s attention.

“She’s here?” Isabel rose to her feet.

“She just came over, she’s in Max’s room.”

“Um, yeah. She’s fine with it.” Tess nodded and sat up.

“Alright, then, girls I’m leaving.” Diane flashed them a smile.

“Bye Mom.”

“Bye Mrs. Evans.” Tess waved and turned to Isabel with a pitiful look. “Can you talk to her?”

“About what? You haven’t really told me anything.” Isabel protested.

“Please, come with me. I’m just... I don’t know if I can talk to them, not by myself.” Tess hissed and tried to word her next question carefully. “I was in Liz’s bathroom when they... you know.”

“While you were in the bathroom?” Isabel’s jaw dropped open. “That pig.”

Before Tess could stop her, Isabel was storming her way into Max’s room where Liz was screaming at Michael to leave. “Dammit Michael! I should have never told you anything. Leave before I get mad.”

“And you’re not mad now?” Michael snorted. “Just trust me Max, you’re gonna love this.”

“Shut up!” Liz screamed at him.

“Why don’t you just tell him already?”

“Tell me what?” Max tried to butt in once again, unsuccessful.

“That I’m in love with Tess!” Liz finally screamed out in frustration. It was then when the entire room fell into silence that Liz realized that Isabel and Tess had arrived. Shock was plainly written on their faces. Slowly turning, she saw Michael’s jaw on the floor. Even he hadn’t thought she would have said it like that. When she met Max’s eyes, she felt nauseous. His face was blank but she had only seen the look in his eyes once before and that had been a dream.

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Part 13

Michael was the first one to speak. “My gay-dar totally missed that one.” He patted Max on the back, winked at Tess and then hopped out the window.

Isabel’s mouth finally closed and mixture of emotions floated across her face. First bewilderment, then confusion and then anger. She couldn’t even speak she was so mad. Glaring at the contents of the room, she stormed out slamming the door behind her.

Liz watched Max’s face carefully. He kept staring between Liz and Tess like he was about to throw up. The hurt that shone from his eyes cut directly into Liz’s heart. She tried to think of something to say but he beat her to it. “But I thought... this morning we... we made love and... We made love and now you’re telling me you’re gay?” Before Liz could say no, he pressed ahead. “Wait. That hickey... was it me or was it her?”

“Hickey?” Tess’s eyes widened. She still didn’t remember anything about the night before and this turn of events was incredibly shocking.

“Max... well, yeah... I mean... Tess did give me the hick--” Liz couldn’t explain because then Max was cutting her off again.

“So what? This morning was what? Pity?” The more he thought about it the more he thought he was going to actually be physically sick.

“No, Max. No. Last night with Tess... I wasn’t even thinking about you--”

“You weren’t thinking about me? No shit! Obviously.” He reached deep down for control that was desperately slipping away by the second. He just couldn’t believe that this was happening to him.

“Well, I mean I wasn’t thinking... I mean I don’t remember. I was drunk or something.” Liz pleaded with Max to listen to her but he was too far gone to even comprehend that she was trying to tell him something.

“So you decide you’re in love after some drunken episode that she...” Max pointed to Tess without even looking at her. He was too angry and confused to take his eyes off Liz. “Made happen. You know she’s capable of it. She’s messing with you to get to me.”

“No! It’s not like that!” Liz screamed at him but it didn’t faze him one bit.

“You know it is! You’re not gay. We made love and I know you enjoyed it.”

“Yes I did.” Liz tried to calm down and look him in the eye so he knew she was telling the truth. “I did. Max, you have to listen to me.”

“Michael knew?” Max glanced at the window that had recently been occupied by his best friend. “How did Michael know and I didn’t?”

“He saw us last night.” Liz dropped her gaze from his eyes to his shoes, biting her lip. It was a lost cause. Max was just no going to listen to her.

“Saw us?” Tess snapped herself out of being an observer. She couldn’t remember anything and how she had given Liz a hickey with Michael as a witness.

“Making out in the Jeep.” Liz answered her.

“So. Tess last night, me this morning, Tess again now. Tomorrow, what? Me again? What the hell is going on? Am I just sex to you?” Max couldn’t wrap his mind around the situation. It just wasn’t making any sense to him.

“Max, no. That’s not what I’m saying. Listen to me.” She approached him and he backed away. “I’m trying to explain here that it’s not exactly the way it sounds and you won’t let me.”

“So how exactly is this?” Tess stepped forward. “What’s going on? What is this?”

“I don’t want to hear this and I’m leaving.” Max stormed out of the room and slammed the door. Tess and Liz stood there staring at each other in silence. Thirty seconds later, Max stormed back in. “This is my room. Get out.”


Tess watched Liz stand with her forehead pressed to Max’s door for two minutes, the tears flowing continually from her closed lids. Slowly, the shorter girl reached out to touch Liz. “Liz, what’s going on?”

“Everything is messed up. This was not supposed to happen.” Liz sniffed and squeezed her eyes shut tight when Max’s mood music floated through the door. “Damn Michael.”

“Did you mean what you said?” Tess’s whisper made Liz open her eyes and turn to the beautiful blonde. Her slow nod was all Tess needed to wrap her arms around the crying girl. “Thank you.”

“I can’t lose him, Tess.” Liz’s voice was small and dry. This had gone so horribly wrong that she didn’t know if it could be fixed. She buried her face in the soft blonde curls of her female love. “I have to make him understand.”

“Liz... what is it?” Tess ran her fingers through Liz’s hair, hoping to soothe the distraught girl.

“I wanted to talk to him first... before I told you.” Liz pulled away. She wanted Tess to have space in case she disgusted her. “I was going to tell him that I wasn’t choosing you over him.” She saw the light fade out of Tess’s eyes and wanted to cry again. “I... wanted to find a way to choose you both.”

“What?!” Isabel cried from where she stood at the end of the hallway. “Liz. You and I need to have a talk. Now.”


Max wanted to kick himself. Here Liz and Tess had become good friends right under his nose and he had just accepted it. He went along with it. He had encouraged it at one point or another. He had been right smack in the middle of this and never knew it was happening.

This morning was a mistake, he thought. Liz was just letting him have his dream come true before telling him the truth. That certainly made sense now. Maybe... the thought stuck in his head and wouldn’t let go. What if Liz wasn’t sure? What if making love to him had confirmed it for her?

“What the hell is wrong with you?” Michael reappeared on Max’s windowsill.

“What the hell do you think is wrong?” Max muttered from where he sat on his bed, staring at the door. “The woman I gave my virginity to this morning decided that she’s gay after only... seven hours.”

“Oh no...” Michael brought a hand to his mouth. “She didn’t tell you.”

“Tell me what?” Max snapped his head around.

“Well, I was actually expecting to walk into an orgy about now.” Michael shrugged his shoulders. “From what Liz told me, she wasn’t going to pick one over the other.”

“What?” Max could feel the frustration building. He might actually pop soon if someone didn’t start making sense.

“Dude... Liz swings both ways.”

Those four words sank into Max’s brain slower than molasses. He heard them. He knew what they meant but they just sat there doing nothing.

“Do I gotta spell it out for you? Liz is giving you the opportunity to invite Tess into your twisted little relationship. I mean... I’ve said you were a lucky undeserving dog before but this... I really envy this. Two totally hot chicks willingly to get it on with you.” Michael stared at his stunned friend for a moment and then rolled his eyes. “You gotta be kidding me. You are a sensitive guy... but no guy on this planet would turn this down.”

“Michael... you had better not be shitting me because I will wipe that smirk off your face with your own ass.” Max growled. His fragile ego could not take it if Michael was only messing with him.

“She told me herself earlier. You can thank me later for giving her the idea to tell you. She wasn’t going to but I figure that if I can get my best friend laid twice in one whack... it oughta be worth something later. Just doing my part to see those Penthouse fantasies come true.”


“You told Michael before you told anyone else?” Isabel’s jaw dropped. “Why would you do that?”

“He was... he already knew. He saw us making out... and Max had seen the hickey... I just. I’m so lost.” Liz held her hands to her forehead and leaned against Tess.

“Are you okay with this?” Isabel asked Tess. The girl had been oddly quiet the whole time.

“It actually makes sense... the three of us. It would solve some problems. Max and I and our... instinctual mating rituals that keep popping up. Liz and Max’s... whole staring into the soul, burn me with your stare thing. Liz and I with our... unavoidable thing... what ever this is.” Tess pressed a kiss to the top of Liz’s head. “I could do it.”

“My brother may want both of you but I’m betting he’s too much of a prude to do this.” Isabel shook her head. Oddly enough, the idea didn’t disgust her. It did make her wonder... Grant wouldn’t understand but... Would Michael and Alex be into something like that?

“I guess we’ll never know.” Liz felt the tears come again. There was no way that Max would talk to her again, much less give her a chance to explain. The three girls lay across Isabel’s bed discussing this twisted turn of events. Tess stroked Liz’s hair. Liz kept her hands over her forehead and eyes to keep out the light hurting her eyes, her head rested on Tess’s shoulder. Isabel examined her nails as she remembered a little from that sex book Maria had brought to them one day.

“You know... page 321 would really work for you guys.” Isabel whispered and then all three were snickering. Then laughing, faces turned bright red, sides felt as if they might split. All the tension in the room lifted until the door opened.

“What’s so funny?”

Part 14

"Max..." Isabel sat up and the other two girls turned to see him as well. He looked much calmer than he had when the two girls were in his room before. By the way he was fidgeting, Isabel knew he had something to say.

"Can I talk to you?" Max asked, directing his question at Liz.

"Yeah." She nodded and got up to follow him back to his room. His whole demeanor had changed, she noted by the time his door had shut behind hem.

"I just need to hear you say it. I was a jerk before and I didn't listen to you. Tell me." He shoved his hands into his pockets. "Michael told me but..."

"I..." Liz started and had to clear her throat from all the crying and talking and laughing. "It was Michael's idea and I can't help but hope it could work for us. Max, you know I love you." She pleaded with him, not wanting to scare him away by approaching him. "It's just that I know Tess and I have been becoming closer and to my knowledge... we've kissed once. According to Michael and the evidence of this morning, we made out last night. What I mean to say is... I can't deny that I feel something for her... something strong."

"And the other?" He prompted her.

"Tess said she doesn't have any problem with it but I don't know about you. The three of us could work something out... if you're okay with it, that is." Liz watched him carefully.

Max cleared his throat awkwardly and leaned on his desk. She hadn't said it but she had inferred it enough. Thinking of those two beautiful women kissing and groping was a definite turn on. Max didn't want to assume anything, he didn't even know if he liked the idea yet. "So, Tess and I would... what? Share you?"

"Well, I guess, same goes for you. We'd share you, too." He blinked, suddenly. "You and I would share her. It's a win-win-win situation.... I hope... Max?"

"So we are three couples?" He was afraid his voice would give away his thoughts.

"One threesome. We don't have to do anything altogether at first but... I couldn't stand to lose either of you."

"Liz... I..." Max didn't know how to phrase what he had to say. "I love you. I want to be with you and maybe occasionally Tess could be present but I don't know about me and her... at all."

"I thought you were attracted to her." Liz furrowed her brow. "After I saw the two of you in the Crashdown... I assume it goes both ways..."

"Liz. I don't love Tess. I love you. What you saw was... alien instinct." Max lowered his eyes. "I couldn't stop myself... I don't want to do that to you. But yes... I find her attractive. I'm programmed to."

"I don't see your problem. She's beautiful and she's a great kisser and probably a good lover. But this is what I'm talking about. If we do this together, you can fulfill your destiny and still have me too. You and I can be together, love each other without excluding her and vice versa." Liz stared up at him. "She and I have mutual feelings, just like you and I do. If you and she feel for each other, it'll make everything that much better."

"Liz, I see how you think that would work..." He trailed off.

"But you're open to this?" Liz approached him slowly, the light coming back into her eyes.

"You do know what this is, right?" Max asked carefully. It was a dream of his, sure, who didn't dream of bearing witness to girl on girl activity. He just didn't see himself joining in.

"Yes... I do."

"You do know what you're asking of me, right?" Their eyes locked.

"Yes." She nodded, her eyes never leaving his.

"Ok. We can try it but if it doesn't work... where will that leave us?" Max saw the clouds float over her eyes but before she could say anything they heard a door open.

"Kids! Pizza's here!" Mrs. Evans' voice rang through the house.


Isabel and Tess helped themselves to the pizza, all the while staring at the hallway. Diane glanced at them and then in the same direction. "Where are Max and Liz?"

"In Max's room... um... Mom." Isabel turned to her mother. "They broke up while you were gone and I think they've just decided to work through it. Just... don't say anything when they come out.... either way."

"What happened?" Diane blinked at her daughter. The kiss she had witnessed, along with Max's hair in his room had given no indication that they had broken up. They had just gotten back together.

"It's something between the two of them." Tess answered quickly. "They're probably working through it now."

"We did." All heads shot up to see Max and Liz, holding hands in the doorway. Max opened his mouth and spoke again. "Don't worry about it. It's all fine."

"We're going to prom." Liz shot Tess a smile and raised an eyebrow. What Liz meant by 'we' was Max was taking both girls to the prom.

"Prom's not for another five weeks." Isabel shook her head. "I mean, I've already got my dress but I don't know who I'm going with yet."

"We're planning ahead." Max nodded stiffly and took a seat at the table. Liz sat next to him. He slid his hand into her lap only to find another hand there. He shot a look at Tess, who shrugged and took a bite of her pizza. They had a lot to talk about.


Max sat transfixed at the sight before him. He and Tess had resigned themselves to the fact that they'd have to share. If this was part of it, Max could deal. Liz's shirt had half come off during her make out session with Tess. He couldn't help but be turned on. Tess massaged Liz's breast with one hand and the other was tangled in her hair. Her little pink lips were parted, letting out little gasps as Liz's mouth sucked at her neck. He didn't think they had seen him until Liz held out her hand to him.

Slowly, he made his way into the room. "Hey guys, hope I'm not interrupting anything."

"No but you can make it more interesting." Liz murmured. "Think you can handle it?"

Slowly, Max sat on the other side of Liz, kissing her gently. Closing his eyes, he let his hands wander; one met Tess's in Liz's long dark tresses and the other laid claim to her other breast. He gasped into Liz's mouth when he felt Tess's tongue on his hand. Her tongue flicked over Liz's breasts, licking at his fingers in the process.

Before much else could happen, a phone rang. Groaning, Tess extricated herself from the tangle to pull her cell phone out of her purse hanging on Liz's chair. "Hello? ... Soon... Geez, alright... I will, I promise." Groaning and whimpering in the same breath, she turned to Liz and Max. "Sheriff wants me home, now. Bye guys."

“See you tomorrow." Liz called after her as she grabbed her purse and hurried out the door. "Max?"

"Mmm?" He murmured with his nose buried in her hair.

"I liked that." She blushed a deep red and turned to bury her face in his chest. "I liked it a lot."

"Yeah... umm... I liked it too." Max whispered, kissing the top of her head.

"Okay, so you're comfortable with this... how far do you think you're ready to go?" Liz asked softly, pulling him to lie back with her.

"I'm not sure." He answered honestly.

"Okay. I'm just asking. Tess and I still have some things to work through." She touched his face lightly. "Are you really okay with taking both of us to prom?"

"Are you kidding? Two dates?" Max grinned. "I will be the envy of every guy within fifty miles."

"Is that all guys think about when they see two girls?" Liz swatted his arm.

"Um... yeah." He conceded and pulled her onto his lap. "You want to know another fantasy?"

"I don't know. Look where your last one got us." She gently pushed him back onto the bed.

"I'm just saying. I'm not expecting any fantasy fulfillment while I know your father is downstairs." He leaned up to kiss her. "You know those times that you told me to just get it over with?"

"Oh, you considered it, did you?" Liz pushed him down again, this time following him with a deep kiss and murmured, "me too."

Max groaned and pulled away. "I was just going to stop by..."

"So was Tess." Liz laughed and leaned in again. "I think I must have that effect on people."

"You sure do." Their lips met for a second before he pushed himself off the bed. "I wish I could stay but, I'm actually quite late for work now." He kissed her forehead. "See you at school tomorrow."

"Yeah, see ya." Liz sat there and watched him leave out the window. This had to be a good sign. That had gone well, right? Right. Everything was going to be okay.

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Part 15

Liz flipped through rack after rack of dresses but nothing shouted out at her. Tess had found a beautiful dress that fit her tiny body and accentuated her every curve. "I give up. I'm not going."

"No." Tess shook her head. "We will find you a dress. Maybe something in a wine color... with a built in bra... maybe a little sheer."

Liz stopped Tess's rant. "We're going to prom, not starring in a porno."

"Says who?" Tess laughed at her and dragged her out of the store. "Let's go to another store. "I wonder how Max is doing in the tux department."

"He's with Michael, so who knows." Liz snorted and followed her out. "This is hopeless. I'll just... go naked."

"Ok." Tess nodded appraisingly. "Good plan."

"You're not going to talk me into a dress?" Liz scoffed.

"I do believe my job is to talk you out of a dress." Tess smiled slyly. At Liz's head toss of consideration, she sighed. "You know, we could always make your dress."

"It's too much trouble." Liz sighed again. "Besides, it'll just end up in a heap on the floor of the hotel anyway."

"You can count on that." Tess rapidly agreed. "How many heart attacks do you think Max will have when he finally sees both of us naked?"

"I'm thinking a major coronary." Liz entered the next store and stared around at all the beaded, sequined, sheer, and expensive gowns. "Next store?"

"No. We'll look in here." Tess scoffed at her. "Who knew you'd be such a poop at shopping?"

"I am not a poop." Liz protested half-heartedly.

"Ladies, can I help you?" A saleswoman walked up.

"Yes, she," Tess pointed to Liz, "needs a prom dress. Preferably one with easy access."

Liz gasped at Tess and swatted her. The saleswoman just bit her lip and gestured for them to follow her. "Ladies, I think I have some dresses that will meet your approval."


Michael chomped on a bag of chips and leaned on a wall while he watched Max getting fitted for his tux. "How far did you get with them?"

"You know that Liz and I..." Max made a motion with his hand without dropping his arm from the position the tailor had put it in. "And we've done it a couple of other times since... you know..."

"Because you're horndogs." Michael raised an eyebrow. "And Tess?"

"We've... mostly made out with Liz and occasionally kissed but it's just because we want Liz more than each other." Max spit out rapidly. "We're supposed to get together tonight while Liz is working to... work on our relations."

"Liz know about it?" Michael queried with a smirk.

Max rolled his eyes and sighed. "She's the one that's making us do it." Max closed his eyes for a second and took a deep breath. "I would rather not but she says we need to but Tess and I have talked about it. We know that if we start, making out without Liz, we'll get going pretty fast, you know?"

"No. I don't." Michael shook his head, smirk still in place. "You'll have to explain it to me."

"Fine." Max glared. "With this instinctual thing we have, if we start making out in say... my room, where we won't get caught, it's not going to end with making out. It's going to end in... naked bodies and sweaty sheets."

"Oh yeah?" Michael turned his eyes into his bag of chips. "So you're getting lucky tonight."

"Michael... can we stop... talking about this?" Max clenched his jaw.

"How far have they gotten?"

"Dammit, Michael." Max bit the inside of his lip to keep from groaning. "They've... progressed... to... shirtless stuff... maybe some under... below... underneath... you know... stuff but I haven't been there for that."

"You think they've had sex yet?" Michael shoved some chips into his mouth.

"I don't... I..." Max stammered and nearly got himself stuck with a pin.

"Hold still." The tailor muttered. "You move, you bleed."

"Sorry." Max whispered. "Michael. Can you just leave?"

"Ok." Michael stood up off the wall he was leaning on.

"Hey, where are you going?"

"You told me to leave." Michael shrugged.

"Not until after you get your tux."

"Shit." Michael groaned. "Maria has it in her head that we're going to be some kind of super couple at the prom. I'm not going."

"You're going." Max insisted. "If you don't go, she'll never speak to you again." Michael just shrugged. "She'll never clean your apartment again." Another shrug. "She'll never let you in her pants."

"Damn." Michael cursed and leaned against the wall. "You've finally made a good point."


Liz stared at her reflection; it was perfect. "I think I'm in love."

"Me, too." Tess stared in wonder at her girlfriend. "Max is going to die when he sees you."

"Speaking of... are you guys on for tonight?" Liz turned a sly look on the blonde.

"We're meeting and we're planning but not promising much." Tess kept her eyes away from Liz's.

"Tess, I won't get jealous." Liz reassured her. "The whole point of this is so you two are comfortable with each other. I know you two keep saying you don't want each other but evidence to the contrary. I could state several incidences that tell me the truth."

"Yeah, I know. I just can't help but feel guilty. I know that you and Max are sleeping together and with you and me... being together..." Tess whispered softly.

"Why does it bother you to be with him? You're with me fine and you keep saying you don't mind sharing me..." Liz turned to unzip her dress and change back into her street clothes.

"It's just different." Tess sighed and got ready to explain.


Max pulled his shirt over his head and stepped out to where Michael was being uncooperative with the tailor. "Michael, it only hurts if you don't stay still."

"Says you." Michael glared at the little man tugging and pinning on the jacket. He turned his gaze back on his friend. "So... what's your plan for Tess?"

"I'm going to let her set the pace. I don't know what I'm doing." Max shrugged.

"You know, I'd kill just to get them both in the same place and you're squibbling over whether you can do one at a time." Michael scoffed and turned to glare at the old man again.

Part 16

Tess helped Liz out of her dress with a sigh. "It's like this." She sighed again. "If Max and I start kissing, it will quickly progress... I just, when I kiss him, I want to do more. Need to do more but it's not what I want. Make sense?"

Liz shook her head with a slight smirk. "Not a single syllable."

"It's like you and me. I kiss you because that's what I really want to do. I crave your lips on mine. When I kiss Max, my body wants him inside me, it's not what I consciously want though. I don't crave him, I need him." Tess stopped talking to shut her blue eyes. "Instinctually, I have to be with him."

"What are you saying?" Liz whispered. "That you don't want Max at all?"

"No. Max is gorgeous, there is a definite physical attraction, slight intellectual one but who cares about that. When I'm alone with Max, I can't think about you because all I can think about is getting pregnant with his baby." Tess said bluntly. "It's not something that I should be thinking about at all. It's this biological drive and I have to try to fight it."

Liz bit back a smirk. "This is why I wanted to try this." Tess's head snapped up suddenly. "Why don't you go with the feeling... but use a condom?"


"Michael, it's not that I don't want Tess. I do. She's beautiful and she's my mate but..." Max trailed off, not sure what he was saying anymore.

"Is this the pity thing again?" Michael groaned and yanked on his jeans. He was ready to get out of the tux shop. "Grow some balls, dude."

"I don't love her." Max finally spat out.

“This is the pity thing." Michael pulled on his shoes and stood to face Max. "When Liz was giving you the cold shoulder and messing with your head, you said you didn't want pity sex. This is the same thing all over again. You don't want raw sex. You are the most sensitive guy I know but please grow some balls. Think of it this way. Liz wants you to have sex with Tess."

"It's not that simple. I don't feel that way for Tess. I--"

Michael cut him off. "You lust for her, you don't love her." He mimicked. "Blah, blah, blah. Just do it. Do it for Liz or whatever else gets you going. I did not mention this whole thing to Liz if I didn't think you would have to seriously thank me in the end. So... go... go live every man's dream. Have sex with not one but two sexy women, go have them both at the same time. Trust me, Maxwell, when I say that you will thank me when those balls come in."


Max sat on the edge of his bed, his hands on his knees, sneaking glances at Tess every now and again. She let out a sigh. "Are you sure we're alone?"

"Yeah. My parents are in Clovis and Isabel is at Alex's." Max nodded. After a moment, he let out a growl of frustration. "Why is this so hard? We do just fine when Liz is here."

"That's the point." Tess whispered.

"I mean, we could do this before but what's different now?" Max shoved himself to his feet.

"Now we have Liz." She answered him.

"Right." Max clasped his hands together. "Tess, be honest. How far are you willing to go tonight?"

"I don't have control of that, Max."

"Neither do I."

"I guess we could just go with it. I told Liz about the instincts and she said to go with it." She told him, then stood herself. "I guess the least we could do is kiss."

"Yeah." He agreed and slowly bent his head down to hers. He let his lips brush softly over hers, lightly putting pressure. A weight seemed to lift from his shoulders and he could almost feel the instinct take control.

Tess opened her mouth to him, her hands reached for him hesitantly. She also felt the stress leave her body to be replaced by the need to be with Max. She leaned into him, grateful when his hands pulled her to him before her knees buckled. Slowly, she guided him backward to sit on the bed.


Maria groaned. The Crashdown was dead. Liz and Michael were arguing over something in the kitchen.

"No, Michael. You can't hang the spatula there. When Jose comes in later, he'll burn his hand." Liz grabbed a potholder to move the spatula to another hook.

"That's the point. The guy is a jerk off. He left my apron on the grill last week." Michael moved the spatula back.

"Guys. Stop please." Maria groaned. "Come sit with me, there's no one out here, all the condiments are full, tables are clean. There's nothing to do."

"I know where Liz wants to be." Michael snorted and brushed past the brunette to sit at the counter next to Maria. "In an alien sandwich."

Liz's jaw dropped and she rushed over to smack him. "Say that louder, Michael. I don't think my aunt in Florida heard you."

"You hear this? She didn't deny it." Michael raised an eyebrow at Maria.

"Babe, how in the world?" Maria scoffed. "I mean, you used to hate Tess and now you... you... you're wanting to jump into bed with not only her but your boyfriend."

Liz didn't answer her, she just went around the counter to fix herself a drink. "I hope they're doing okay. They're reluctant to be with each other. I just hope that it's not too weird for them."


Max rolled over, pulling Tess on top of him, so that he could work at getting her panties off. His large hands grazed the skin on her back as they kissed. The satin slid down her legs with the little extra push he gave them with his powers. He cupped her ass and caressed her slowly until he could guide her legs apart to pull her tight against him.

The only thing separating the two hot bodies were the thin boxers Max wore. Tess pulled away from Max just barely enough so that she could reach into his nightstand to pull out a condom. "Lucky guess, huh?"

"You're gonna talk now?" He asked her, rolling them back over so he had her pinned beneath him.


"Are you sure you don't mind them being alone together?" Maria asked skeptically. "I mean if Michael was off mating with Isabel, I would not be so laid back about it."

"They are not mating." Liz shook her head. "They are getting comfortable with each other so that it's not awkward for us later. As much as I like the attention, it's a little overwhelming and they could stand to direct some of that to each other..."


Max's hand shook as he struggled to put the condom on. He felt like a junky. He just needed to be inside her and then he would be fine. Just needed to get the damn condom on and then he could be there. Tess finally rolled it onto his erection and then pulled him on top of her.

He slid into her warmth slowly and heard her hiss as he pushed through her hymen. He gasped at the feel of her and braced himself for total loss of control.

Tess let out her own gasp and clung to him tightly, only needing more. When he started moving, she threw her head back against the pillow with silent cries.


"You should just go over there and all three of you can have a happy party. Do whatever it is that you do..." Michael motioned with his hand.

"Wouldn't you like to know." Liz took a drink of her soda and then realized that they were actually waiting for her to elaborate. "Geez. You guys. You are both so nosy."

"You owe us. Big time." Maria shook her head at her friend. "I'm curious as hell. I am not afraid to admit that. Besides, that tissue you were wearing at that club. I'm sure your mother would find that interesting."

"You've got to be kidding me." Liz's jaw dropped as her mind worked furiously. "You can't do it because you have one just like it in your closet. Hmm?"

"Right..." Maria relented. "Come on."

"No. If you want to hear about fun, go find some. I'm going to call over there and see what's up." She hopped off her stool and made for the phone.


Max ran a hand over his face and closed his eyes. "Why is this weird?"

"I don't know. Was it weird after you and Liz?" Tess asked softly, sheets pulled up over her chest.

"There was no time for it to be weird. We did it and then she had to go to work." Max shrugged his shoulders slightly, pulling the sheet more securely over his hip. Just then the phone rang. He had to reach over her to answer it. "Hello?"

"Hey Max, is Tess there?"

"Gee, make me feel special." He joked with her.

"I was just checking. How are you guys getting along?"

"Fine. We're fine."

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Part 17

Liz stroked Tess’s hair back away from her face. “I mean, we both really felt weird about it. Has he talked to you about it?”

“Not really.” Liz shook her head. “I think he’s embarrassed.”

“I am too. One minute we were just deciding to try kissing and the next we’re having sex. Not exactly the way I would have planned it.” Tess looked up at Liz from where her head lay in her girlfriend’s lap. “I’m sorry.”

“Sorry? Why?” Liz furrowed her brow.

“This will just make things awkward between all of us. And Prom is going to be a disaster.” Tess pouted and shut her eyes.

“No. I don’t think it will.” Liz shook her head and bent to kiss Tess’s lips. “How do you feel today?”

“Ok, I guess, maybe a little sore.” She shifted her legs slightly. “He’s… really powerful.”

“Yeah. He is.” The brunette agreed with a laugh. When Tess didn’t join her, she stopped. “Hey… what’s wrong?”

“I just… I don’t want to be with him again unless you’re there.” Tess whispered. “I don’t want things to get out of hand again.”

“Okay. Okay.” Liz nodded. “We’ll talk to him about it.”

“It’s not like he hurt me but I know that it upset him that…”

“He lost control. I know.” She smiled at her girlfriend. “You really okay?”

“Yeah.” Tess nodded. “Just hold me.”


Max sat at the counter and waited for the commercial so that Michael would be paying attention to him. Michael stood up with his bowl and watched the playback, when the first flicker of a commercial appeared; he headed into the kitchen for a refill. “So you got laid. What’s the problem?”

“That I got laid.” Max shook his head. “It wasn’t what I had planned. We were just going to talk and then it was over and… I didn’t feel right about it.”

“What didn’t feel right?” Michael poured himself another bowl of cereal and Tabasco.

“That she was this outlet for what ever it is that takes over when we’re together.” Max ran a hand through his hair. “She’s at Liz’s right now, probably telling her everything and…”

“And what? They’re probably comparing notes.” Michael snorted. “That or making out.”


Liz gasped when Tess’s fingers stole into her pants to cup her heat. “Hey, I thought you just wanted me to hold you.”

“You complaining?” The blond barely moved her mouth away from Liz’s neck to answer.

"No…" Liz relaxed slightly and laid back to allow Tess to undo the clasp on her pants. The blonde's fingers returned to Liz's heat, stroking lightly at first before using more pressure. Just as she felt the pressure build, Tess extracted her hand and reached for the hem of her shirt. Soon both girls were topless and exploring each other freely. Fair skin against olive as they pressed against each other, clutching tighter. Liz took over, nudging Tess onto her back as she worked at getting the girl's shorts off. Only slightly more dressed, Liz leaned over her girlfriend and pressed her mouth against the other girl's neck. Her fingertips trailed around Tess's breasts, massaging lightly before she scraped her nails against her pink nipples. Tess clutched onto the comforter beneath her and tried to keep her moans low.

She took her time loving Tess's little body. Burned a trail from her neck to one aching nipple, sucked and then laved her tongue heavily against the pebbled skin. Bracing one hand on the bed, Liz let the other slide down from the nipple it had been playing with to the small panties that covered Tess's womanhood. Breathy gasps mixed with the low moans and Liz knew she should keep going. Her fingers slid through the blond pubic hairs and between her folds, sliding around the wet opening before returning upward to focus on her clit. She stroked from the top of Tess's opening to the tip of the writhing girl's clit, where she pressed harder with each upward stroke.

Tess released the comforter and held onto her head, it felt like it was going to pop right off. Her back arched into Liz's mouth; her hips into Liz's hand. Max had made her feel this good and Tess had mistakenly believed that was it. Liz's finger slid inside her wet passage while her thumb continued to stroke at her hard little nub, the nail scraping ever so often on the down stroke. Another finger joined the one entering her body and her thighs began to shake. Liz put more pressure into her strokes and more suction on the nipple in her mouth.

"Faster." Tess gasped out. "Please, Liz, faster."

Liz's thumb worked in a tight circle around the hard little nub and worked her fingers faster in and out of her tight passage. Just when she thought her arm was going to fall off, Tess stuffed her hand in her mouth and bit down. Her thin body shook and quivered beneath Liz. Aching, Liz sat up and stared at Tess's sated body. She nearly yelped when she felt a mouth on her shoulder. She had been so focused on Tess that she never noticed that Max had arrived.

"That was the sexiest thing I ever saw." Max whispered in her ear.

"My goodness… that was amazing." Tess whispered, healing the bite mark on her hand. She watched, lust factor rising high, as Max lifted Liz's hand to his mouth and sucked Tess's taste off each coated finger. She watched Liz close her eyes and bite back a moan. Weak but still aroused, she propped herself up on her elbows. "Can I watch you?"

Blindly, Liz nodded as Max cupped her breasts from behind, flicking his thumbs over her distended nipples. Her sex throbbing, she rocked her hips backward against him, needing him to give more. Max's hand slid into the open front of Liz's jeans. Her mouth opened in a silent gasp when he cupped her soaked sex. "Max… Max…" she panted. "I need you."

Quickly, he extracted his hand and turned Liz so that he lay between her thighs. They worked together to get his shirt off and onto the bed next to them. Tess watched, fascinated as they kissed hungrily and sensuously. Just as Liz was pushing Max's jeans over her hips, Tess flicked her gaze to the door. The handle turned slowly. Her eyes widened.

Max focused on tasting every inch of Liz's mouth. His hands caressed her arms where he could reach them, as he had propped himself up on his elbows.

"What the hell is going on in here?" That voice. "Get your hands off my daughter."

Max immediately reached for his shirt and covered Liz. This was beyond bad. This was horrible. He was a dead man. When he jumped to his feet, he placed himself between the bed and Mr. Parker. He held his hands out in surrender. "Mr. Parker."

Liz clutched Max's shirt to her chest and watched in horror as her father stared down Max. Tess! A quick glance to the other side of the bed found it empty.

"Get out of my house." Mr. Parker growled. Before he could say another word, Liz (in her own shirt) stepped in front of Max. She thrust Max his shirt and faced her father. "You are no longer welcome in my house."

"Daddy, don't." Oblivious to the fact that both their jeans were still open, they stood together. Liz pleaded, "Daddy." Tears stung at her eyes. If she let Max leave while her father was still like this, everything would be ruined. "Don't, please."

"I will not have this punk disrespecting me in my own house." Jeff seemed to lose some steam after looking at how distraught his daughter was.

"Then it's not just him. It's us and we're sorry." She found Max's hand with hers. "It won't happen again. I promise. We promise."

Jeff seemed to waver. He looked long and hard at the fear in both their eyes. "Get out of my house, Max." His voice sounded so tired. He winced when Max zipped up his pants before he stepped from behind Liz. He stood rooted to the floor until he heard the door close downstairs. He met his daughter's eyes wearily. "I don't want him here anymore. Not in the room, the apartment… I don't even want him hanging around during your shift."

"Daddy, don't do that." Liz pleaded. "This is as much my fault as it is his. Daddy… I love him."

"I don't want him here."

"God! Dad!" She shouted. "You can't stop me from seeing him."

"Watch me."

"No!" Liz shouted again.

"What in the world is all the shouting about?" Nancy stood in the hallway and took in Liz's rumpled shirt and open jeans. "Dear God."

"We taught you better." Jeff said simply. "Don't let a punk like him take what little innocence you've got left."

"Too late." Liz regretted the words as soon as they were out of her mouth. Her mother's hand went to her mouth. Jeff shut his eyes.

His voice was devoid of emotion when he finally found his tongue. "We just don't want that punk to ruin your life."

"That's not your decision. Max is my boyfriend. He's taking me to prom. That is final. Keep him from coming around but it won't stop me from going to him." Liz turned around and marched into the bathroom. She slammed the door behind her. Tess was waiting, her clothes rumbled but in place. They wrapped their arms around each other and listened to the muffled voices of Liz's parents as they discussed what they were going to do about the situation.

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Part 18

"I'm sorry about you guys getting caught." Tess sighed heavily from where she was reclining in Max's chair with her feet up on the bed, just touching their feet.

"Yeah… how did you manage to hide so quickly?" Max propped himself up on his elbows to look at her.

"I panicked and warped him just long enough to get into the bathroom with my clothes." She shot them an apologetic glance. "Old habits are hard to break."

"It's good that you did. I can't imagine what he would have done if he had seen you naked on the bed as well." Liz settled herself on the bed and took a deep cleansing breath. "Mom is working on him. Hopefully by this weekend he'll be better. I am going to prom."

"We will." Max nodded firmly and lay back down to put an arm around his girlfriend.

"Well, I have to go. The Sheriff has been real big on family dinners lately." Tess stood up and grabbed her jacket. "I will see you both tomorrow." Tess leaned over them to give Liz a deep kiss and to kiss Max on the forehead. "Bye."

"Bye." They chorused and just lay together in her absence. After a bit, Liz turned her face to look at her boyfriend. "I love you."

Startled, Max shifted so that he could face her comfortably. "I love you, too… but what's the deal?"

"I was just thinking… you could have and probably wanted to run away a long time ago but you're still here." Happily, she sighed and turned her face into his neck. "My parents didn't call yours, did they?"

"Mom and Dad have been around much these past few days."

"Oh?" The interested question reached his ears followed by her hands on his body. "Are they here now?"

"Well… no." Then those hands were working at his zipper. He couldn't stop the gasp from coming out of his mouth when her hand touched him. "Liz…" Her hot mouth on his throat and her little hand in his pants had him hard and thrusting into her hand in no time; all control gone out the window. "Liz…" His hands clenched at her shirt, at his pillow. "God, what are you doing to me?"

"Is it bothering you?"

"God… no. Oh shit, don't stop." Max slipped his hand under her shirt to feel her skin as his hips bucked faster into her hand. He drank hungrily from her lips when they were offered to him at last. Then he was gasping into her mouth, pulling at her flesh as he emptied his seed onto her hand. They lay still for a long while. "Wow. That was great but I would have rather been inside you."

"I know, but I have to go home in a few minutes and it wouldn’t have helped my case if I walked into the house smelling like sex and Max." She bit her lip. "However tempting that may be."

"Are we still all three going to prom?" Max waved his hand over her hands to clean them up before he took them in his hands.

"I think my mother thinks it's safest if the three of us go together. She seems to think that Tess's presence will keep us from disappearing to some seedy motel on the outskirts of town." Liz had to let out a laugh. "Little does Mom know, Tess will be in on the disappearance and the, um, wild sex there to occur."

"It's not a seedy motel but… I've checked it out. I paid for the week just to reserve it. Thick walls. No one notices anything…" Max kissed her palms and then nodded for her to get out of his bed. "Leave. Now. Or else risk being ravaged."


"Max, can I call you right back?" Liz breathed into the phone. Quickly she hung up with him and rejoined her call to Tess. "Hold on." She hit the flash button, dialed Max's number, and then clicked back over. "Tess?"

"Still here."


"Max? Good." Liz adjusted her body on her bed. "So, people, what's going on?"

"Nothing much. Just wanted to hear the voice of a pretty lady." Max murmured. "What were you ladies talking about?"

"Your hot little ass." Tess teased and was rewarded with his choking on the line.

"Careful, sweetie, he's not used to being ogled yet." Liz had to laugh. "So, Max…"

"What?" He managed to recover and waited for Liz to ask her question.

"Have any fantasies lately?"

"Maybe." He cleared his throat and shifted on his bed. His mind had been full of fantasies since the day Liz's dad had burst into the room.

"Give us a clue." Tess flopped onto her stomach and braced herself for some depraved vision of her lovers together.

"Max… come on. I really want to know." Liz coaxed him. "How about if we promise to make you feel really good Saturday night?"

"That's pretty much a given, no matter what happens." He chuckled to himself.

"There's… nothing specific?"


"Come on, Max. Tell us."

"I had a dream that um… the two of you were… both… going down on me." He cleared his throat and waited.

"With or without our dresses?" Tess asked, thinking about the image he had created.

"Um… without?" Max had to adjust himself slightly as they seemed to think it over.

"Well, it's not much fun for us." Tess snorted.

"I don't know. Seems tempting." Liz sighed. "Have you no clue how sexy he gets when he's out of control?"

"Well, I wouldn't exactly know." Tess scoffed. "You're the only one who's ever given me an orgasm."

"What?" Max sat bolt upright. "I thought you… when we."


"But Liz did."

"Right. You were there."

"Uh-oh. I think you bruised his ego." Liz cleared her throat.

"We'll see about that." Max muttered under his breath.

"Oh my, was that a threat or a promise?" Liz had to laugh.


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the funny part is I have Prom Night written out but it's the Prom itself that I need to work on. bear with me please.

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Part 19

Max nodded to Mr. Parker as he waited for the girls in the break room. Mr. Parker snorted and kept on going. Obviously, the decision to allow Liz to attend the prom had not been agreed upon by both her parents. He shifted the corsage boxes while he waited… and waited. Finally, Mrs. Parker started down the stairs. "Sorry, Max. They'll be right down. We were just having a chat… and my, don't you look handsome."

"Thanks, Mrs. Parker." Max nodded and straightened himself out. His head jerked up when he heard the giggles. Tess came down the stairs first. Light blue dress that fit like second skin. Liz followed a moment later in a burgundy dress that clung just enough to show her figure off. "Wow."

"You don't look horrible either." Tess took her corsage from his slack hand and slid it over her wrist. "Nice color."

"Yeah, um, Isabel helped me." Max murmured and reached out to place Liz's corsage on her wrist. "You look amazing."

"Yeah, thanks. You look… hot." Liz whispered despite the fact her mother was out of earshot.

"I… can't wait until later." He breathed out.

"Me either." Tess broke in then leaned in to whisper in Max's ear. "I know what she's wearing underneath that dress… or maybe it's what she's not wearing." Max nearly choked on the oxygen he breathed. "Let's go. I want to see the limo."

"Wait!" Mrs. Parker chased after them as they started to leave. "I need pictures."


Streamers and balloons littered the ceiling of the dance hall. Liz pulled them immediately into the line for pictures. They received odd looks from many people but no one commented. It wasn't really so unusual. It happened sometimes, dateless friend tagged along with her best friend and her date. Max received some ribbing from some of the other guys though. Vulgar comments at the punch bowl, which he wisely ignored. Low whistles and insinuations he just shrugged at. Through all the crude nonsense lay the truth and there was no way he could admit to that.

Max barely looked up when Michael came to stand beside him during one of the many trips to the bathroom the girls took. Michael groaned and tugged at the collar of his tux. "I look like an idiot."

"You look like every guy here… but you could have combed your hair." Max took a moment to ponder the miracle of gravity and static as it applied to Michael's head.

"I had to make a stand somewhere. Maria has me dressed up like a Ken doll." The fair-haired rebel bitched and moaned for another five minutes until he suddenly stopped. "I hope you ate your Wheaties this morning."

"What?" Max furrowed his brown in utter confusion.

"For later." Michael jerked his head in the direction of the group of girls emerging from the bathroom.

"Are you kidding?" He couldn't stop that grin from sweeping across his face. "I was leaving to pick up some protection and take the Jeep to the hotel and my dad stops me. He tells me that he was my age once, that he's spoken to Jeff Parker and then he handed me a longer than necessary strip of condoms." His eyes shifted for a moment to the girls and back to his friend. "Even if I have an amazing night… there's no way I could use all the condoms he handed me."

"You going to share the wealth then?"

"Forget it." Max took a sip of his punch. "I'm not taking any chances and I am not running out in the middle of the night to buy condoms."

"Like Maria will let me anyway. She's been such a bitch lately." Michael straightened his jacket. "Time to go make nice."

"With an attitude like that, I'd sleep with you too." Max muttered and followed. His feet hurt, he was getting tired and the only thing that was keeping him going was the promise of what the night would bring after the prom. "How horrible is it that all I want tonight is sex?"

"It's not horrible, it's normal." Michael deadpanned and turned to his friend to continue in the same tone. "Look on the bright side, you love at least one of them. That's gotta put your overly sensitive being at ease."

"Yeah." Max licked his lips as his gaze settled on Liz's figure.


Max allowed his head to roll back. He hated public gatherings. He wasn't much of a dancer and Liz and Tess had been giggling all night. The hand in his lap made his head snap up and scoot closer to the table. Liz laughed with Tess and then turned to him. "You okay?"

"Yeah. I'm fine." He nodded quickly.

"Good. We're getting pretty tired and we'll go soon." Liz assured him with a smile and a brisk rub to his thigh. "We'll just hear the announcements and then we'll go."

"Whatever." Max nodded eagerly, which made Tess burst out laughing.

"Right. Acting like you don't care." The blond scoffed playfully. "Like you're not plotting what you're going to do with us."

"I'm not… I'm imagining what I'm going to see." Max corrected her and then nuzzled Liz's neck a moment before removing her hand from his thigh. "Having fun?"

"You bet." She kissed his lips before turning back to Tess to await the announcement of prom king and queen.


Max held open the door as they filed into the room, gushing about what people wore and the like. Tess made a face suddenly and turned to Liz. "Did you see what Mel was wearing?"

"Oh, I know. It was so ugly." Liz gasped and turned in time to see Max fall face first into the bed. "Max?"

"Hnh." Came the muffled response.

"I think he was bored." Tess laughed and kicked her shoes into the corner where her bag lay.

"Poor thing. I guess he's tired. He was quiet on the ride over." Liz nodded and reached back for the zipper on her dress. "I guess we'll leave him out of tonight's activities."

"I'm up." Max's head shot up, his eyes red and weary.

"No, no. Take a nap. We'll entertain ourselves." Liz shook her head at him then shot a smile at Tess. The other girl had already shed her dress and hung it in the hotel closet. "What do you think?"

"I think we should help him take that nap. Then we shouldn't have to worry about him for a while." Tess winked at Max and saw the relief cross his face. "How're you hanging?"

"Hanging, last I checked." He managed and rolled over to watch them strip out of what little they were wearing.

"Well, um, if you want us to make good on that. You're going to have to strip." Liz licked her lips and pouted at him. "As sexy as you look in that tux, I want it off."

Hurriedly, Max struggled to rid himself of the confining garments, remembering to pull out the strip of condoms and keep them nearby. Every time he looked up, they were touching each other and kissing like he was sure they had been dying to do all night. By the time his clothes landed on the floor, his penis throbbed between his legs. Any fatigue he had been experiencing due to the mind-numbing prom activities was gone the instant they turned to look at him from under heavy eyelids. Liz approached first, climbing onto the bed, straddling one of his legs just moments before her mouth covered his.

All thoughts flew from his head when her skin against his registered. Soft breasts against his chest and small hands running through his hair, stroking down his back. Gentle curves beneath his hands. Tess's hand tugged on his leg to get his attention. He could barely turn his head to her to see what she wanted and after a few addled moments, he scooted to the edge of the bed as instructed. When he turned his gaze back on Liz, she pushed him back on the bed. He propped himself up on his elbows and waited to see what they were up to. Once he realized that Tess was kneeling on the floor next to his knee and Liz seemed to be studying him, his groin tightened painfully. That phone call a few days before.

Liz slid down the bed and onto the floor. She opened her mouth over Max's erection but didn't allow her lips to touch his ever-hardening member, her warm breath caressed his heated flesh and elicited a groan from deep within his body. Her wet mouth made contact with his inner thigh, laving the soft skin with her tongue just inches from where he no doubt thought she should be. Cool skin met his and she knew Tess was beside her mimicking her movements on Max's other thigh.

Max lost the battle to stay propped up on his elbows and fell back on the bed, his back arching and hips bucking, straining for release in the silken strands of hair that enveloped his thick shaft. It took all his restraint no to reach down and jerk at his rigid flesh until he exploded. Hips bucked again and then his hands tangled in blond curls and chocolate tresses, trying to guide ever so slightly to where he needed their hot mouths the most

A pair of breasts constantly brushed each knee and those mouths just wouldn't come near enough to his raging cock. Oh, the absolutely exquisite torture. Back arched again, thrusting into the cool air and sweat-drenched tresses. He needed one of them to take him in her mouth and soon. He could feel his brain cells dying from the torment they inflicted.

His grip on their hair tightened and they finally made the move to his thick shaft, their tongues swirled up and down and around his thick cock, meeting each other's every so often in their endeavor. Max chanced a look down and immediately lost it when he took in the sight of both light and dark heads bobbing at his groin, their little pink tongues bathing his straining cock and tenderly, tasting each other every time they met. His shouts ripped from this throat without any coherency.

Both girls lapped at the spurts of cum as his hips rose off the bed in completion. Max managed to scoot from under the girls as he quickly realized they were finished with him for the moment and had moved onto each other. Their mouths ground together as Tess nudged Liz back onto the bed. Max watched as one of Tess's hands disappeared between their heaving bodied and then Liz's responding jerk when those nimble fingers had no doubt found their target.

Liz arched beneath the blond, her hips circling, pressing against the hand working between her thighs. She sucked in a deep breath when Tess released her mouth to begin the task of sucking on her neck and chest. Liz turned her head and was met with Max's hungry gaze following Tess's progress over her body. She saw how his eyes darkened when one dark nipple disappeared into the pink mouth. She opened her mouth to invite him over but instead a long moan emerged as her eyes fluttered closed to completely absorb the very exact rhythm that Tess had found. Flailing, her hand shot out to grab his ankle and pull him closer. Her nails dug into his flesh the higher Tess sent her. A shiver ran through her body when the cool air hit the hot nipple where Tess's amazing mouth had been.

Tess slid lower on her girlfriend's body, dying to taste her slick heat. Spreading Liz's legs wider, she shifted to get a better angle without stopping her motions with her hand. When she touched her tongue to the throbbing clit, Liz arched her back and then Tess saw it. Liz was riding it and riding it but she wasn't going over. She glanced up in time to see that Max had gotten the hint. When his tongue touched an erect nipple, Tess pressed her tongue hard against Liz's clit, undulating against the hardened bud until the pressure was too much and Liz started crying out. Then when Max slipped a hand down, one of his fingers joined Tess's. Liz's body stiffened and choked off her cries.

"God." Liz murmured as she came down. "I am totally out of commission for now."

"It's okay." Tess whispered against her stomach. "I believe that Max has a promise to fulfill."

"Yeah. I do." Max nodded and then kissed Liz's forehead. "Rest up and keep your hands to yourself."

"I was joking." Tess tried to shy off the bed but Max caught her.

"I don't think so." He pulled her to lie between he and Liz. "I always made good on promises if I can and I definitely can on this one."

Their mouths met gently at first and then quickly grew in intensity just like all the times before. Max ripped his mouth away and paused to gather his senses. This was about making her feel good, not about matting. When his mouth returned to her body, it returned to her neck and quickly slipped down to her aching breasts. He teased one nipple relentlessly before moving on to the other nipple. Immediately, he took notice of the difference from the other time they had been together. Her hands wound through his hair, trying to keep him right where he was.

Never had Max been so gentle and… loving with her body. He trailed kisses up and down Tess's open thighs and then nuzzled her coarse blond curls over her center. The fact that Liz was watching turned her on even more. Max tentatively lapped at the moisture that gathered on her curls and tender folds. Licked her from bottom to top and couldn't help but catch the shiver when his tongue passed over her clit. That tiny bundle of nerves had hardened and reached out to him, demanding more of his attention.

One handed reached down between his legs to jerk at his condom-wrapped erection before returning his attention to the challenge at hand. Making Tess Harding orgasm. Liz had orders to stay away and allow him to do this. She could not help in any way.

Max slid his finger inside Tess's tight opening and listened to every whimper and gasp as he pumped slow and forcefully. He added another finger before bending to tongue that hard little nub. Her back arched and her hands clawed at the sheets.

When her cries reached a fever pitch, Max rose up and knelt on the bed, sitting on his feet. His erection strained toward the beauty in front of him with trembling thighs wide open. His fingers slid out and he thumbed her clit as he yanked her lower body onto his lap. "Uh! Max…"

Not one to keep a lady waiting, he stroked his thumb over her little hard bud just as he filed her. "Max!"

Thrusting hard, yet evenly, he worked at keeping his rhythm with both hips and hand. Tess's body arched in front of him, her hands reaching over her head for something to grasp, hold onto or use for leverage as she tried to take him in deeper. Her cries grew urgent and higher, something he had only heard her do with Liz. "Ah! Uh. Unh! Max! Max! God! Max!"

Then her tight little body clenched every muscle that surrounded him. The sudden tightening made him go rigidly still, pressing his fingers extra hard against her clit. Their bodies trembled and shivered in the throes of orgasm. When they came down, Liz was all over both of them with kisses and caresses. She wedged herself between them to kiss them both fully on the lips.

Max caught her body to keep her from crushing Tess. "Sweetie, you're going to have to wait a bit."

"Yeah for me too." Tess stroked at her face and neck, barely having the strength to kiss Liz back.

"We have all night." Liz nodded and lay beside Tess while Max managed to get to his feet to dispose of his condom. She felt his weight when he lay behind her. "Well, I like this."

"Oh, so you like being in the middle, huh?" Max buried his face in her neck.


"We'll see what we can do about that… later." Tess murmured.


Liz sank onto Max's erection. His chest hard against her back, his hands gripped her hips tightly as he fought for control. She leaned forward to find a good angle and found Tess's breasts at her mouth level. Eagerly, she took a pale hard nipple into her mouth. Tess's and Max's hands pinched and squeezed at her breasts before his hips began their steady rocking.

Max guided Liz's legs farther apart as he drove between them and then he felt Tess's feet against his feet. He looked to see Tess spread beneath Liz. Then he watched as Tess shifted to the side, to catch Max's rhythm against Liz's hip, grinding herself into her girlfriend's hip to find some release as they kissed wildly.

One of Liz's hands found the mattress beneath Tess and the other slipped between them to massage where Tess needed it the most. Their mouths crashed together, heat rising as Max's grunts reached their ears, mingling with their gasps and cries.

Max continued to slam into Liz from behind, finding a quicker pace as both her and Tess's cries grew sharper. Finally he felt his end coming. He slipped his arms through Liz's and drew her back, hands clutching her breasts and pulling her tight against his chest as he thrust almost violently. The sudden change in angle sent Liz flying over the edge. Tess's cry was next as Liz's hand convulsively pressed against her mound. Then Max went tumbling after them, hips bucking until he was drained.

Max somehow managed to pull away before collapsing on the bed beside them. All three of them were panting for breath. "Okay… I think that's my limit. As much as I hate to do it, I'm cutting myself off."

Liz and Tess laughed a little before Liz rolled off of Tess. "Nice choice of words but I think we're all in agreement at this point."

"God, I am going to miss this." Tess rolled onto her side to rest her head on Liz's chest. "Just lying here with you."

"Yeah. At least we took advantage of our night." Liz sighed. "Tomorrow it gets a little harder but we're not thinking about that. Now, we are sleeping."

"Agreed." Max nodded, barely gathering his strength to dispose of his condom. A wave of his hand and the lights went out.

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Part 20

Max awakened with a mass of hair in his face. Groaning, he just reached out and pulled the body closer. As he came to his senses, he could feel the body squirming and giggling. Prying his eyes open, a blond cloud rested in his face and Liz lay smiling just beyond Tess. She reached over and touched his cheek. "Morning, Sleepyhead."

"What time is it?" Max mumbled and turned his head away to yawn. He was definitely going to have to brush his teeth before he gave any kisses.

"Around six." Tess answered with a sigh. "I was supposed to be home around three hours ago."

"Really. I didn't think to ask about curfews." Max released her and rolled onto his back, morning erection tenting the sheet.

"We weren't really caring about curfews." Liz snuggled up to Tess and sighed contently. "I could not care to get out of this bed."

"But you do." Tess whispered to her.

"You're right. I do." Liz reached her hand over to rub Max's chest. "Max isn't a morning person."

"Yes, I am." Max protested and shut his eyes when her hand slid down his body and under the sheet.

"Well, only the part in my hand. Everything else is really grouchy in the morning." Liz kept her eyes on Max's face as she stroked him to full erection.

"Is that so?" Tess kissed down the side of Liz's neck as her hand slid over to join Liz's in teasing Max. Watching them makeout beside him and having them jerking him off, soon the sheet and his stomach were glued together with his cum.

He didn't even move when he felt the bed shifting. Liz kissed his forehead. "We're going to take a shower. Rest up."


An hour and a half later, they had pulled up to the Sheriff's house. Tess climbed out and motioned for them to get going. No reason for them to get in trouble with her. She snuck into the house through her bedroom window but the Sheriff was sitting on the bed waiting for her. "You're late."

"Morning." She offered him a smile.

"Where were you, Tess?" Sheriff Valenti rubbed at his eyes and then crossed his arms. "At least Kyle called me to make up a lie about where he'd be. Where were you?"

"With Max and Liz." He gave her a look but she lifted her hands. "Ask them. I was with them all night."

"You're grounded." He rose and opened the door. "I know you're still not used to living here but I need you to respect my authority. I know Kyle was in a hotel room with a girl last night but he called to tell me he'd be sleeping at Alex's. I realize that it was Prom but I do worry. I won't have you traipsing around town when I have no clue if you were kidnapped or lying dead in an alley somewhere."

"I'm sorry. It won't happen again." She furrowed her brow when she felt the sting of tears in her eyes. She couldn't pinpoint why until she saw the look in his face just before he shut the door. She had disappointed him and it hurt.


Max's goodbye kiss had lasted a good deal longer than either of them had planned. A sudden knocking on the hood broke them apart. Expecting a shotgun in his face, Max slowly turning and was relieved to see Mrs. Parker standing outside the Jeep. Gently, he kissed Liz's forehead. "Bye. Love you."

"I love you, Max Evans." She kissed his mouth softly and gathered her dress to go inside. When she hopped out of the Jeep, her mother whispered something to her and then Liz ran inside the restaurant and Nancy climbed into the Jeep.

"Morning, Mrs. Parker." He managed, suddenly he wasn't so glad that she was the one to greet them this morning.

"Morning Max." She responded with great calmness. "Do you love my daughter?"

"More than anything." The answer came with absolutely no hesitation and apparently that surprised her. "To tell you the truth… I'm more scared of you than Mr. Parker for that very reason."

"Really?" She cleared her throat and waited for an explanation.

"I know Mr. Parker hates me and I know why. You are on our side, for the moment, and I appreciate that but I also know you reserve the right to change your mind. That all depends on how I treat Liz." He took a deep breath. "I just want you to know that Liz didn't lie when she said Tess would be with us the whole night. She was. I dropped her off and came straight here."

"And I appreciate that. Treat our Lizzie well, Max. I'm trusting her to you only as long as you make her happy. I'm supporting the two of you because I think that you are sincere in your feelings but… I asked you that because I want to know if it's worth the tension between Liz and her father if you're not willing to stick around." She studied his face with her pale blue eyes as he thought it over.

"I am so… invested in this," he paused to gather his thoughts, "that I will make sure that Mr. Parker has no right to deny us or her, especially her. I know that I can't deny her anything and I'm only her boyfriend."

"Good boy." She nodded and climbed out of the jeep.


Max hopped in his window and then stretched out on his bed. He rolled over to pluck the remaining string of condoms out of his pocket to deposit in his nightstand, and then back to shut his eyes. He groaned when he heard his name. "Go away."

"Max." Isabel crept into his room, clad in her pjs but they didn’t look like she had slept in them. "Max."

"What?" He groaned out loud.

"Mom is bouncing off the walls. Go take a shower, make some noise, let her know you're in the house and then come down for breakfast. Hurry before she decides she's going to experiment with breakfast. She's ready to strangle Dad." Isabel patted his back and rushed from the room, easing the door shut.

Grudgingly, he got up to gather clothes for his second shower that morning. He slammed drawers shut, stomped his feet, shut his door hard enough to be heard. He sang in the shower and then trudged down for breakfast. The table was quiet. His father's eye was twitching in that way when he was stressed for no good reason and in trouble for it. Isabel was unusually silent.

"Morning." Max yawned and made to sit at the table.

Isabel shot up out of her chair. "I'm done. I have to get ready for church."

Max cursed inwardly. It was a trap. Isabel's mass didn't start for three hours. Mr. Evans kept his eyes on his plate as he talked. "I trust your evening was uneventful."

"Yeah, pretty much. Prom. People were crowned. Can't say I knew either of them." Max reached to pour himself a glass of juice.

"I don't approve of you staying out all night like that, Max." Diane whisked a bowl of eggs until even a French chef might say they were too fluffy. "I don't approve of you drinking, or spending the night with your girlfriend or…" She couldn't even form words, so she poured the mess into a pan. "Making me worry all night."

"I told Dad." Max shut his eyes at his father's throat clearing. He was on his own on this one. "But I should have told you."

"Yes, you should have." She bit out.

"If it makes you feel any better, I was with Tess and Liz all night. I'm sorry you worried." Max tried to appease her foul mood but it didn't look like anything was working. He stayed still until she dumped eggs on three plates on the table. "Mom."

"You're too young to be having sex, drinking and lying to me." She tossed the pan in the sink and returned to the table.

Max stopped her and took her hands in his, making her look at him. "I should have made sure you knew where I was. I was with Tess and Liz all night. I swear it. I don't even drink." When she made that 'mom' noise in her throat, he tugged on her hands. "I really don't drink… ever. Mom." Finally she looked at him. "I'm sorry you worried but I don't drink."

She sank into her chair and turned to stare out the window after Max released her hands. Philip cleared his throat. "I trust Max had a safe evening, away from bad influences."

"Yes sir."

They ate in silence for a few long moments before Diane pushed her plate away. "Don't ever do that to me again, Max."

"I promise."

"Ok. The discussion is closed then." She stood and cleared her plate from the table.

"I'll clean up breakfast, Mom." Max offered and winced when she just nodded and left to get ready for church herself.

"Sorry, son." Philip picked up his napkin. "But in my defense, this went on all night, starting at midnight. There's not much I could do, other than assure her that we raised you right."

"Thanks, Dad." He picked up his own place at the table. "I'm not in the habit of lying to the two of you." He winced inwardly at his words. There was only two things he didn't tell them but not telling was different than lying, right?

"I appreciate it." Philip rose from the table. "Hurry up with the table. She's going to want you in church today."

Max hung his head as his father made his exit.

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[center]Part 21[/center]

"I've never been grounded before." Tess huffed and threw her tray down on the table. Liz sighed and sat next to her while they waited for Max. "No phone, no TV, no stereo and no going out unless it's with him."

"Sucks, huh." Liz nodded and then her face lit up when a shadow fell over them. Turning, she smiled up at her boyfriend. "Hey there, gorgeous."

"Hey yourself." Max bent to kiss her as he set down his tray. "What is up with my two favorite ladies?"

"Valenti grounded me." Tess sighed and accepted the reassuring hand that he placed on her shoulder from around Liz. "No fun stuff for me."

"My dad was severely pissed, and even more so when he found out my mother had given me permission to be home in the morning." Liz leaned on Max and took Tess's hand under the table. "I don't know what you told my mom but she backed me up when he came down on me."

"Just explained that I would do anything for you." Max sighed contently. "And I do. I went to church for you."

"Oh, you did?" Liz turned her face to him. "What happened?"

"I told Dad that I'd probably be gone 'til dawn and he okayed it but I forgot to let my mom in on the plan. She was upset, convinced that I had been out drinking or something." He shook his head, dismissing the subject. "How long are you grounded?"

"A month." Tess groaned. "It's not fair. I'm going to be stuck masturbating for a month and the two of you will go at it like bunnies."

"But thanks to our favorite book, it'll be interesting." Liz told her.

"It's not the same." The blonde pouted.

"I'm feeling rather optimistic about this." Max cleared his throat. "So long as not so many people know, I'm okay with it. Here I thought this would mean trouble."

"My ideas are always great." Liz bit his shoulder, making him yelp. "But yeah, maybe if I can develop the mind-linking thing, I'll be able to do other things."

"Cool. We will have to work on that… when my probation is up." Tess winced and pushed away her tray. "That looks like puke run over."

"Yeah." Liz pushed hers away. She and her girlfriend watched in amazement as Max proceeded to eat his and then pick from theirs. "Ew."

"I am hungry. Don't know if you noticed but being your boyfriend takes up huge amount of energy. I have to recharge when I can." Max received two swats and continued to eat. "I'm in too good a mood."

"Enjoy it. We don't seem to have many of those." Liz sighed.

"We'll be prepared for anything as long as we stick together. The three of us…" Max thought about it. "Five of us…" And again. "Eight of us."

"Nice of you to include the humans." Tess nodded and sipped her drink. "What could possibly happen now? Our enemies will come to earth, attempt to take over and it's up to us to save it? This is life… not a cheesy TV show…. Right?"