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Title: Turning Points
Author: Jeremiah
Category: M/L with a bit of Z/L
Disclaimer: I am just a poor fan clinging on to lost Dreams.
Rating: Nc17
Summary: Something happens that will change things.

Part One

Liz Parker could not Remember the last time that she was truly happy. All she knew was that she hadnt felt happy in such a long time. And that had been with Max. She and Max havent been the same since Tess arrived. First it was the whole destiny crock, And Now it was finding out That tess was a Bitch after all. A murdering bitch. She killed Alex. She slept with Max. She is pregnaut with Max's child. And after tess left it felt like it was time to start healing.

And for a while it seemed to work. Max and her were talking things over and it seemed to be a whole new start. That was until she got the flashes.

The flashes of Max having Sex with Tess. On the floor of the obveservatory. Liz had felt so sick after watching those images. She left crying. Max was sick to his stomach his self, he chased Liz begging to stop, and to please let him apologise. He never mennt to show Liz those disgusting images. Images himself wish could be arranged.

Days followed. Max left messeage after messeage on Liz's answering machine. No answer. She couldnt deal with all of it. She had to go out of town for a while. To get her head back on straight. She knew that she loved Max. That wasnt even a question. it was more like some time to think about what has happened this past year. A lot of crap took place between the group. Most of it between Max and Herself.

So After a few good hours on the bus, she finally made it to her destination. This is what she needed. This is hopefully what is needed to repair the damage of her Relationship with Max.

It is mourning now.

And she is in her bed , In her hotel room. And Liz woke up to a pounding headache and feeling very sick. As Liz was about to get up, she couldnt.

Someone wouldnt let her get up, to be more percise. A arm reached over and pulled her back into his body heat. it was just then that she noticed that She wa completely naked.

And that the body next to her was Naked as well. Liz turned her head as well to see who was next to
her. She was still half asleep.

"Max...." she moaned.

No answer.

"Max, come on..." she moaned again as she statred to feel up his warm body. she noticed something deffrent.

"Max when did you get tattoos and piercings? And a goatee?" Liz then turned on her little brain.

"OH MY GOD!!!!!" Liz screamed loudly, waking up her bed buddie.

"Yo's babys me's trying to sleeps here.Buts if yous wants to go anuther round with da' man, yo's gets no fights from me's." Zan said with a smirk.

And all Liz could do was to think, what the hell has she done Now?

P.S Please I know I always say this, but feedback is crutial. Let me know, what you guys think.

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dedicated to LittleBit, Jane Lane, Lana Lane and Michaela(Welcome back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Part 2
NC 17!

Liz was in the state of pure and utter shock! Still trying to hold out for hope that she didnt do it. that it it didnt happen. But it was indeed true. She Liz Parker had sex with her ex Boyfriends Dupe.

But a mighty Fuckin Fine dupe She might add as well.

She could feel the virgins pain around the walls of her vagina. Liz couldnt think about the consequences of her actions. But she has got to admit that the Sex was pretty damn Mind blowing. She thought as a grin crawled upon her face.

But then the thoughts of Max, turned the smile to a frown. Even though a part of her is glad that she didnt share her first time with him, knowing that he shared his with the whore. But she does love him. But after last night. Things changed.

Zan was an increadble lover. Tender and loving. The memories coming back to her in full force.

Liz was beneth Zan on her bed. kissing each other like there was no end in sight. afarid of what would happen if they did stop. They didnt want to stop. The feelings were just too strong. Zan was touching Liz all over while making love to her mouth and neck. he had never been more turned on by anyone. Including Ava.

" dis so good! You's so beautful, it blows da'mans mind."Zan says softly in to Liz's ear, with a little tug at her ear lobe with his teeth.

"Oohhhh....Liz was speechless. the feelings that were running through unbelievable. She was on fire and only zan could help. Zan slowly oved down ward, opening her shirt with his soft touch, then removing her shirt,then he moved his hand towards the back, to unclip her bra. removing the barrier he wanted to see. her lucious yet creamy white mounds.

"Baby, so perfect. Zan softly whispers as he leans his head and rests it between her two breasts. just lying in between for a few minutes, inhaling the sweet and angelic flavor that was Liz. Liz on the other hand couldnt wait so she moved up his left hand and put it on her left breast.

"Touch me. Zan touch me." Liz spoke trying to sooth the ache that she is starting to feel. Zan didnt need anymore encouragement. As he started to pich and Rub her pink and hard with desire nipple, he then moved his mouth to her right and attacked it. Sucking and pulling.

liz was about to die. she didnt know how much more she could take of this with out touching him. So she moved her hand to remove his shirt. And what she saw took her breath away.

Zan was perfectly built like his dupe. But Zan had a much harder edge. Both his sweet nipples were pierced. he had tattos on his arms, One on his well defined chest. He defined the word sexy.

The apprasal of his body didnt go unnotice by Zan. He knows what he has and is not afraid to use it. But with Liz looking at him with such want, It made Zan nearly cum right then. If not by that, but with what she was doing now was almost too much.

Liz couldnt resist. She had to see waht it would feel like. She moved her tough to his nipple and put it in her mouth. Slightly tugging at the piece of metal that was attached to it. She hope she was getting this right, but by the moans he was making, obviously she was, But she wanted to do more. So while going back to between both of his nipples, Liz slowly moved her right hand and started to rub his rock hard cock. Rubbing it up and ford, up and down. up and down.

Zan hissed." LLLLLIIIIIZZZZZ!...Oh Yes babys, baby touch me, TOUCH ME!''

Liz kept repeating the pattern over and over and over again, until Zan couldnt take it any more.

Zan looked at her eyes and made sure it was fine. She said it was. Zan ripped of her pants and pulling her wet panties and throwing them to the floor. Zan then quicklly bent his head down to her wet area was and started to lick and slurp0 with his tough, licking up all the juices that were flowing. Liz was in heaven, Not wanting him to stop.

"Zan!Zan!ZZZZAAAAANNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!" Liz screamed. Zan then slowlly entered two fingers into her wet and hot waiting pussy. Going faster and hard. then enough was enough. He torn off his pants. Not wearing boxers, Because he dosent believe in the sancuary that is called underwear. He plundge into her waiting heat. Never feeling so much passion and desire, both liz and zan became overwheled. They made love all night long, and in all kind of postions, from front to doggie style and , deffrent places too. the bed, the couch. On top of the table, tv. and On the balcony before the bed once again.

And that was were Liz Now. Zan had gotten in the shower. Liz was left alone to to think. she was confused as hell.

She dint even notice the tiny glowing hand print on her stomach.

P.S Please let me know what you guys think. Please be gentle! this was Really hard to write and I suck at NC 17. So feedback is good.
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Part 3
NC 17

Liz was just lying down on the bed. Thinking about what had taken place the past 24 hours. She lost her virginity.And it wasn't to Max. It was to his Dupe.And to tell the truth, she was confused about the way that she felt. She still did love Max with all her heart. Or it seemed. Now it seemed that someone else might have a piece of it. Zan.


Zan.Max's dupe.

When did life become so complicated? Liz thought. trying to figure what last night meant. To her surprise She really wasnt that upset when she woke up and found Zan and his naked Body next to HER naked body.Liz had to admit to herself that last night was completely amazing. The sex was really mind Blowing. It is all coming back to her now.

Zan was moving his mouth up the side of her neck. She could feel the Heat of his breath. Which cave her bodies the shivers.It felt like she was on fire. And that Zan was the only one that could make her feel better. She never wanted him to stop.If felt like she would die without his sweet and tender touch. Liz could feel zan move his down to her lower region.He had his hands on the rim of her jeans, trying to unbutton them. Zan stoped for a second and looked into her eyes.

"You want this?" Zan asked. he wanted her. Like no other woman before. He wanted to bury himself inside her and just become one. No other woman has made him feel this way before. Before it was Just sex. But liz is special. They were going to Make Love. Zan would make love to her all night long. he just hopes that she will say yes. He wouldnt know what to do if she said No.But he would respect it. She was special.

Liz craving Zan's touch.What was he just doing? Why wasn't he touching her?

"Please....Zan Please touch me. I want this." That was all Zan needed to hear. He ripped her jeans open, and slowly pulled them down. he could now for sure see the wet area. Her panties were soaking wet. And he was the one to do this. How much did he loved that. he just buried his head on the front of her panties, just smelling and feeling the want that she has for him. Liz was in heaven. And he wasnt even doing anything yet. Zan lifted her panties up and lowered his tounge to her waiting pussy.He slowly licked up and down. He used his fingers to spread it a little more and entered his tounge even more, deeper into her vagina. Which caused Liz to moan with extreme Pleasure.

"Uhhhhh Zannnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!"

Zan was getting more turned on by Liz calling out his name. it pleased to know that HE was the one doing this to HER. they were about to cross the line into becoming Lovers. And he promised himself right there that he was going to be an excellent Lover to her. zan removed her panties all together. placing small kisses along the way as he moved up. He raised her T-shirt pulling it over her head. Liz was left in Nothing but her Purple bra. Zan layed his head in between the soft and perfect mounds. Just taking in the seewt aroma that was Liz. Tenderly placing love bites on her breasts. Causing Liz's tender nipples to become Hard as a rock. Zan Moved his hand to the back and unlatched the bra. he threw it on the floor were Liz's other discarded clothes were. He was just taking in the sight.

"You are so beautful baby." Zan said in awe. He never saw a sight so lovely. He was amazed.

"Now it is your turn." Liz said in a husky tone. letting Zan know that she was almost to the edge.

"What baby?"

"I want to see you...completely. Let me undress you." Liz begged.

"Anthing you want sweets, anything you wants. zan said as his desire was showing in his voice.

Liz pulled his shirt over his head.And she was breathless. he was beautful. His chest looked like Max's, of course with the tattoos. And his nipples were pierced. Liz couldnt resist. She nipped one with her tounge. Zan let out a moan. Letting liz know to hurry up the process. Liz then removed his pants. Finding out that Zan didnt believe in the sanctuary known as underwear. His erection came flying out, landing near her wet area. Both moaning at the contact of their bodies coming in touch with each others. Zan couldnt hold anymore. He entered her slowly making sure it was not hurting Liz. They moved in perfect harmony. Liz groaning at the sensation of having someone in her. Liz clutched onto his ass as he began to pump into her a little faster.

"Liz....LIZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!!!!" Zan moaned. he never felt this good. Liz Is an increadable lover! MY LOVER! Zan thought as he continued to pump.

And Pump.


Liz contnued to squeeze his buttocks while he continue to pump away. which were now covered in sweat ,As the rest of their bodies were. Zan was such a talented lover Liz thought as she kept thinking she was going to pass out from too much pleasure.

"Zan....Zan....Oh Yes...Oh YES GOD!!!!!!!!!" Liz cried out as she felt his Hot seed pour into her. She was greedy, she wanted to have it all. She wanted all the wonders of his seed.



Both Zan and Liz collapsed from the after glow of what took place. Both Zan and Liz fell asleep in each other's arms."

Liz couldnt help but smile at the memory. that was when Liz felt a sharp pain and that was when she finally noticed the small handprint on her stomach. But the pain was becoming to much.

"ZAAAAAANNNNNNNNN!" Liz cried out. Zan was almost finished getting ready in the bathroom, when he heard her cry. It torn at his heart to know that she was in pain. He rushed over to her side.

"Baby, Whats wrong?" Zan asked.

"It hurts.." Liz said as tears were falling. The Pain was too much. zan decided to connect to het. he touched were she was holding her stomach. The flashes then came. And then he knew.

He was going to be a father. he was going to be a father. He and Liz had created a baby last night. And a part of him knew that they were young.But a part of him was estactic.He was going to have a family. For the first time he was going to have a family. He was brought out of his daydream when he heard Liz cry out.

"What is it....Zan tell me...Oh NO! Please tell me that I ....I am not...Pregnaut!" Liz screamed. her live would be over if she was. She still had school and her life to have before parenthood. And Max! What about Max?

Zan was a little hurt that she wouldnt want his baby. I guess last night was only special to me. Zan thought bitterly. Well I guess that is it. If she didnt want to know that she was, Then she was going to deal with it on her own. Zan shut down and turned back into his cold self. He just got up and was about to leave when liz called out to him.

"Were you going?" Liz asked. Not wanting to be alone at the moment.

"What does it look Like I am doing?" zan said a little cold and harsh.

"Zan....please." liz askd wanting to know what was wrong.

"Liz, you were goods an all's but you nutin but easy pussy." Zan said as his accent returned. Liz was shocked. And hurt. that was all it was about? Zan nearly cried to see the look on her face. But if she didnt want to be pregnaut with the Reject's baby, she can be on her own. He turned back one time to look at Liz, and knowing she was pregnaut with his child. Zan turned and left. Leaving liz alone and betrayed.

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Part 4

Liz was lost. How did her life get to be so out of control? She had always been the perfect one. The one were her Friends would come to, Looking for advice. But in a course of Twenty Four hours, all that seemed to change. She gave something so personal, something that she thought she only give to Max, She gave it to a man that was looking for nothing but an easy lay. The tears start to flow down Liz's cheek. Now she is pretty sure that she is pregnaut too. She wasnt 100 percent sure, it was just a feeling that she had. Call it a mother's feeling. Which brought Liz to think, Did Zan Know? It would sorta make it better if he didnt. That would mean that she lost her virginty to a heartless bastard, that would turn his back on a innocent child. Liz knew that if she was indeed pregnaut, her parents would be so disapointed in her. All the dreams that they had for her would change. But That wouldnt convince her to give her baby away or have an abortion. She was already in love with her baby. Liz would make sure that he or she would be loved and taken care of. Now all she had to do was to let the people that she holds dear know that Perfect Liz Parker wasnt so Perfect anymore. There was a knock on the window that brought Liz out of her Pitty party. It almost made her wish she wasnt there.

It was Max. The Love of her life. Her soulmate. Or so she thought. he was the one person that she was afraid the most of telling her secret. He looked like a sad little boy that just lost his best friend. Liz moved slowly to the window and opened it up.

"Max." Liz said in almost a whisper.

"Liz.You're alright." Max said as tears were starting to form in his eyes. How he missed her. When Liz was gone, even though It was just for a night, It felt like an eternity. Max knew that he hurt her deeply. but that was the past. he was going to make it up to her. he was going to show her all the love that he has for her. He lost sight of it for a while. but the thought of permantly loosing her, it showed him how much she meant to him. Liz was his dreamgirl. She was his everything to him. He hasnt shown it for a while. But he has learned his lesson. he was going to make sure that Liz knows how much she means to him. How Much he Loves Her.

"Max, What are you doing here?" Liz asked.

"I just wanted to see you. To make sure you are alright."

"Max , Yeah I Am."

"Look Liz, I have to say something t you, and I need you to not say anything until I am finished." Max said looking into Liz's eyes, letting her know how important this is. Liz just nodded her answer.

"I Know You left after the flash that you Recieved from me. About Me and Tess. There are no word on this planet that are enough to tell you How very sorry I am for that. you have to believe Me that I would not intentionally hurt you like that. And I know that is hard to believe after what happened this year. After I did nothing but hurt you. I betrayed your faith in me. In our love. I mean I didnt believe in you when you told me about what you thought happened to Alex. I mean he was Your best friend! and I was nothing but a total Jackass to you! And dont let me get started on what happened at prom.It makes me sick to know that you saw me Kiss that thing." Max said as tears were freely coming down as he recalled all the hurt that he caused. Trying to make Liz understand and Hopefully forgive him.

"Max." Liz started to say as her own tears were falling. he looked so crushed and angry at himself for all the hurt that he caused.

"Please Liz, I am Not done. I still have to apologise for man handling you. I mean when I think about how I grabbed you at school. I mean I cant believe that. I mean what kind of man does that make me? Just enough proof that shows how I am not even a king. I am truly ashamed for it. And I am truly sorry for sleeping...With sleeping with Tess. I Always thought you would be my first. I Know I can say, I thought I was alone, That I thought You slept with Kyle. But I am not. I was weak. It was my own doing and I am so sorry for it. Just knowing that I touched her like that..I ...I mean I get sick! Hoping that it was Just one huge Mindwarp. But it is not. I Just hope you know. that when ever you give me the honor of being with you, I mean dont get me wrong I am not trying to assume anything, but if we do, It would be my First Time Making Love. I just had sex with Tess. I mean I hope you Know I will not give up on that future of where we are together. With us married and with child." Max said with sorta half grin.

Liz just broke into tears. He had said everything that she wanted him to say. It gives her hpe that She could get a future with him. It made her love him more. He made a mistake with Tess. But she made a mistake with Zan. Not her baby, But she just wished Max was the father. The thought making Liz remember that she had something to tell. Max just looked at liz, wanting to comfort her with every fiber in his body. But not , Not knowing of what she wanted, as he was to speak up, Liz beat him to the punch.

"I have something to tell you. Max and It is not easy." Liz was scared as hell. hoping that he will be understanding. But knowing how she had reacted knowing that He slept with Tess, probably not.

"What is it, baby?" Max couldnt help but move his hand to wipe the tears from her face.

"I am pregnaut. I am pregnaut with Zan's baby."

AN: I hope you enjoy. Zan will be coming back into the picture But not for a while. Please feedback is my drug and I am in withdraw!

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Part 5

Max didn't know what to do. He was in complete shock. Was this how Liz felt when he told her about him and Tess? Was She having trouble breathing? After Liz's little annoucement, Max went numb. he just couldnt feel. Or He didnt want to. His entire world was crashing around him. Max couldnt even look at Liz. It was just to painful, He was about to say something that he knew that he was going to regret. A Part of Max knew that he had no right in feeling this way. He shouldnt felt like he was. But Just Try telling that to his heart. He had sex with someone else, and then expected Liz to forgive on a drop of the hat. Max knew he should do the same But He dosent know if he could. There were so many conflicting Emotions running through him. From Anger to hurt but then to confusion. Confusion to the part of what she said. To who the father was.

I am Pregnaut. I am Pregnaut with Zan's child."

She was Pregnaut by Zan? As Like Zan his dupe? The one that was suppose to be dead? Lonnie and Rath bragged about killing him, back in New York.

"You slept with Zan, As Like My Dupe?" Max asked finally speaking since Liz dropped her little secret. Liz was caught of guard. This was the first time that Max had said anything to her since she told him the truth. This was the moment of truth. Liz couldnt go back even if she wanted to.

"Yes." Liz said in a whisper, Max wasn't quite sure he heard her, but he did.

"How is that possible? I thought he was dead?" Max asked, Trying hard to keep the anger out of his voice.

"I Really wasn't in my Right mind at the time Max." Liz replied as best as she could without trying to rub it in his face. Was this how he felt when he told her about Tess?

"So you were drunk? And that Bastard took advantage of you!" Max was completely outraged that someone would dare take advantage of his sweet Angel?

"He was also drunk as well, Max." Liz said as she tried to defend Zan as well. Even as much as she hates him, She couldn't let Max think it was Just one way.

"Oh! So It is alright! You were both drunk, so that makes it all ok!" Max said as his anger was getting the better of him. The tone of his voice also caused Liz to get a little angry herself.

"NO! I dint not say that! Dont put words into my mouth! I was trying to explain what happened, I know you re angry and hurt, But please try and remember that I was in the same boat not to long ago!" Liz said defending herself. Max had no right to act like this. He did after all the same thing.

"I Know, And I am truly sorry about that!...So tell me was this a way to get back at me?" Max asked sarcastically. Liz was completelty appalled, The next thing she new was that she slapped him across the face.

"You Bastard! How dare you judge me! I would never to that! I would never be a spetty and trashy. Unlike you!"

"What do you mean?" Max asked.

"Remember, When you thought that I slept with Kyle? Now Did you get back at me when you slept with that BITCH!" Liz said as she caught Max off guard.


"You heard me!" Liz shouted.

Max couldn't deny it. It was half true. Yes he felt like Tess was the only one that he could trust and that she was the only one that he could trust. But he couldnt help to think that he did do it to get back at her for sleeping with Kyle. Or so he thought.

"I Guess Your Right." Max said defeted. he couldnt help the wave of guilt that was crashing around him. He wanted nothing more than to start over with Liz and be a family. But he has got to own up to his mistakes. So as much as he is hurting, He loves Liz more. And he had to tell her te truth. as well tell it to himself.

"See I told you! How dare you judge me. I am sorry Max, I Know I hurt you and I didnt want that , And I know that you didnt mean to hurt me as well. But I am not going to keep on apologising." Liz said as she looked Max right in the eye. The both of them were silent, as they spoke with their eyes. Both realising how truly the pain and hurt was between them. But they could also feel the love that they still had. But as much as they want to get back they once had. They need some time to figure out were to go from were.

"I am sorry Liz. I know that I keep saying that, And I keep hurting you. But I want you to know that I am not going to give up on you..on Us again! I love you Liz Parker, and we will have a future someday. But I need to fix myself. I seemed to lose myself. I seemed to lose who I was, and I want to get him back. I want to be the Max that you fell in love with. I let my alien side almost ruin my human side.. But I am working on that. I want to be someone who you would be proud of." Max said as he promised the only love that he would ever love.

As Max made his heartfelt speech full of love, Liz couldnt help that she is seeing her Max again. Maybe it wasnt too late for them. But she couldnt dwell on that now. She was going to be a mother in a few months. She had to start thinking about her child now. That was her future now.


Zan wa son the Street corner, about to make his move. He was back In New York. He swore to himself that he would never be back here. To never return to the place that had caused him so many bad memories. But after he got that message the day he left Liz in vegas. he had to come back to take care of it.


Liz and His baby. The one that they made from their night of increadable love making. Or so he thought, But for Liz It was a completely diffrent story. Which pained Zan. Zan had truly thought it was a chance for him to start over. To finally have someone to love. But It wasnt meant to be. So he left Liz alone. Alone to figure out that she was pregnaut. Zan wasn't to proud of himself for what he had done. He wants to be a part of his child's life, But knew that maybe it was better off. Zan continued to walk when he was brought out of his thoughts when he bumped into some one else.

"What the..." Zan didnt get to finish that sentence. As the world went black.

"Goodbye Our precious King."

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This Part is Rated R for Adult themes.

Part 6

Liz trying to get her order to her customer. They have been waiting for the last twenty minutes for just a simple order. Liz didnt know what was wrong with her. All day she seemed to be out of it. It was like that she knew either something happened or something was about to happen. It has been with her since Max left last night and It only got worse today. Maria had asked what was wrong, but Liz just blew it off as stress. As liz was getting to go get the order Max came through the front doors. It took his breath away to see Liz. It still amazed Max Just how much it does. And even though Liz was pregunaut with His dupes baby, Max stilled loved Liz, and he knew that they would be together. Max made his way to his usual table to watch Liz, like he used to do. Liz turned and gave him a smile.

"Hey Max."

"Hey, Liz how are you feeling?"

"I am fine." Liz said trying to keep the feeling of worry out of her voice. She didnt want to worry anyone if it turned out to be completely nothing. But Max didnt believe her.

"You want to tell me the truth, I know something is up. Now please Liz tell me what is wrong. I dont want there to be any more secrets between us." Max said pleading for Liz to trust him. Trust him to help her.

"Max, I just have this feeling that something is going to happen. Something bad." Liz said finally expressing her concern.

"Like what?" Max was concerned now. when ever Liz had a feeling, It usually came true. Max had learned that the hard way. He was never going to second guess her feelings again.

"I Don't Know...I just....I get this feeling that someone is going to die." Liz said cryptically.


Zan didnt know were he was. All he knew was that he was in a dark place. And he has been here for the past couple of hours. Zan dosent know how he got here, all he knows is that his head is killing him. Whoever wanted him here sure wanted him badly enough. And he has a feeling that it had to do with one of their enemies.

"Well , the King has woken up. About damn time." A voice brought Zan out of his thoughts. Zan was shocked as hell as he was looking at.

"How....How are you...." Zan was speechless about what to say to the person.

"Now is that anyway to talk to your wife?" Tess says with a smirk on her face.

"You are no wife of mine! I must of been a total dumbass to choose you as my wife in our past life, but not here!" Zan said digusted at the tought of being married to such an evil rodent.

"That was not what you were saying while we were in bed, In fact I remembered you loved having me as a lover in our past life. I remember all the times we made love, The way Zan's hands were all over Ava's. In fact if I concentrate hard enough, I can still feel his thrusts into my body." Tess said with a smile. It just made Zan want to throw up.

"Please..I am going to be sick. Plus I had better." Zan said with a smirk.

"You mean little Lizzie Parker?" Tess said with a bit of an attitude.

"How the hell did you know?" Zan said wanting to know how she did know, and to try and keep tess from hurting Liz and his baby.

"I have my ways, You should know that by now! Now if you dont want anything to happen to your Liz or child...Yes I know she is pregnaut, so you will do what I say or else." Tess said with a smirk knowing that a threat towards his child and Liz will make Zan do anything.

"DONT DARE SPEAK THEIR NAMES BITCH!" Zan yelled. He was not going to tolerate anyone harming his family. Especially not trash like Tess.

"I will say what ever I want to. Now listen up." Tess said with venom in her voice. She was not going to let anyone get in her way.

"What do you want me to do?" Zan would do what ever it took to keep his family safe.

"Good boy. Now was that too hard?" Tess said smugly. Knowing that would piss him off.

"Just tell me!" Zan said barely containing his anger.

"Fine..Your going to Make Love to me."

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PART 7- Rating R for violence.

"Has Everything fallen into place, Yet." Kivar asked. He was starting to get inpatent. Zan and his lousy pathetic losers were still alive. And Kivar couldn't let that continue. They still believed that the all mighty king will Return and save them. Not a chance in hell as Kivar is concerned. Kivar was now in his sitting quarters with his loyal sidekick Nicholas. He was getting to update the whole mess that was on Earth.

"It is coming along smoothly. I swear If they could see how stupid thier precious Zan is, They would of taken the throne away from him, Instead of honoring that lousy ass." Nicholas said with a smirk. he could not stand Zan. Zan was pure good. That made Nicholas sick.

"So what is Tess up to now?" Kivar couldnt help but wonder what his mistress is up to now. Tess was quite a woman, Stupid at times and a total slut. But she serves her purpose.

"She is about to start pPlan B." Nicholas said wih a smirk as so Kivar. Both couldnt wait to see what happens after the little suprise that is coming thier way.

"Let's make a tost. To the end of the precious Royal Four." Kivar said as he raised his glass. To an even more gloating Nicholas.


"How are you feeling Liz?" Max asked with concern. Lately it seemed that Liz would be getting these mixture of feelings. Some not always good.

"Better. I seem to be able to go a day with out feeling something is about to go wrong. It is a nice change. So how are you?" Liz replied. Max was being a total sweetheart through out this whole ordeal. Something that she didnt think was possible. Here she was pregnaut with his dupe's baby and he is making sure that she is feeling alright. It seems that her Max was back. And not the pompous ass that was him this past year. Which brought a smile to Liz's face. She couldnt help but to fall even in more love with him, If that was even possible.

"How's the baby? Any mourning sickness. Any cravings." Max asked with a slight smirk. he loves to get a Reaction out of her.

"Not Really, I just need a Lot of tabassco. It is actually pretty good." Liz replied.

"That is what I have been telling you for years." Max said back.

"What can I say, I need to test it my self. I cant always take a King's word for it." Liz said joking around.

"That is Just nice. Nice to know that I am apppreciated." Max said feigning hurt.

"Aww poor baby, need a kiss to to make the boo boo alll better." Liz sarcastcally replied.

"I am always up for a kiss." Max said huskly. Not even noticing it. Not a total suprise. Kissing and Liz were two things that always got max worked up.

"Show me were and I will kiss it."


"That is what I said." Liz answered back. She was having a little fun with this little tete a tete they have ging on here.

"How about here....." Max didnt get to finish as he crumpled to the ground.

"MAX!!!!!!!!!!!!" Liz screamed as she went to catch him. That was when she noticed the blood coming from behind. max was shot. Some one shot Max, Liz was too panicked to worry about who, But to try and save Max. But she too didnt have time, as she felt to the ground. The cafe was full of people. But no one was helping the star crossed lovers that were laying on the ground in blood. None noticing that a grinning Zan was standing through the door way. With a silencer in his hand.

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Part 8

The funeral was hard. The tears were coming no stop. The day that No one thought would come did come. Diane and Phillip were completely wracked with Grief. For today was the day they had to say Goodbye to thier little boy. The little boy that meant so much to them was gone. Isabel was frozen. She didnt cry or move. She just stood there looking at were her brother was being put to rest. She and Max were always close. Close as brother and sister can be. Max was the one constant thing in her life and Now He was gone. How was she suppose to carry on with out him? Sure she had Michael and Jesse. But that is not the same. Now thier is just her. Isabel knew that her parents were also going through the same thing. But the only diffrence is that they are only mourning a Part of him. The human side to Max Evans. They didnt know that there was so much to him then that. They didnt know the truth about none of them, So how can they fully morn him?

Michael was completely torn. He felt that he let His King down. What kind of second in command was he? he couldnt protect his King from being killed. Talk about being a complete and utterly failure. No wonder that they all got killed in thier last life as well.He was no second in command. he was just someone that let people that he supposdly loved die. The tears were flowing down Michael Guerin's face as he realised that he had no one other to blame then himself for Max's Death. As he continued his own self hatred Maria put her hand on his and to let him know that she was here. But she too had to confort her best friend. Liz was a complete and utter Mess. Maria didnt know what she do If she was forced to watch Michael die like that. To be talking and goofing around and then all of a sudden to lose it. All In a second.

Liz watching the service by the tree. She couldnt be by anyone. Not Right now. Not when she had to watch people say goodbye to Max. She couldnt let people in on what needs to be a private moment between her and Max. A part of Liz couldnt believe that Max was Really Dead. They had always thought that they would be together forever. Sure things got complicated and rocky. They made thier share of mistakes But what couple is perfect? before this tragedy struck. Liz was sure that she and Max were finding thier way back to each other's arms. The way Max still loved her after finding out that she slept with zan and then got pregnaut. Max was hurt beyond belief but he came through. He was there for her, And her baby. Maybe it was guilt , Max couldnt find his own child that he created with someone else, But Liz didnt care. She was just happy for the attention and the help.

As the service is coming to a close, She notices Maria turning her head to see her. Liz couldnt even give her a nod. She was too lost in her grief to even care. As the others were slowly making thier way to her Liz was still watching Max's coffin being lowered into the ground, a lump was slowly making it's way up her throat.

"Hey chica, We are headed for the Evan's now. How about you come with Michael and me?" Maria asked her Best Friend. They all lost someone, But it was diffrent for Liz. She and Max were soulmates. Now all Liz has are memories.

"No thanks. I will meet you there. I just need a little more time." Liz said flatly. The joy in her voice is gone.

"No problem. I Love You Chica. And I know Max did too." Maria said to her friend. It broke her heart to know that Once again as Max and Liz weree on the verge of hapiness It got taken away again. It pissed Maria off to know that those two got a shitty deal.

"Thank you Maria." Liz said as she hugged her friend. Liz appreciated Maria's concern But now she needed to be here alone with Max.

As Maria and Michael left with the others Isabel walked up to Liz.

"Liz?" Isabel said with emotion in her voice.

"Yes, Isabel." Liz said back.

"Thank you."

"For what?" Liz was curioused to why Isabel was thanking her.

"For loving him. For loving him completely. I know that he hurt you and you hurted him. But I knew that you two loved each other and I also knew that you two would work it out. I just want to say Thank you for making him be happy. The happiest I ever saw him was when he was with you. So Thank you." isabel got out while the tears were starting to fall. Liz hugged isabel to try and give her the comfort that she needed.

"You Know he told me that when you guys were having that fight last year over you going to school. He was proud of you. He was proud that his little sister, that is what he called you. Even though you are older. He stilled considered you his little sister, well anyway he told me that he was proud to be your brother. That you were the best ssiter could any guy ask for." Liz said as a way to comfort Isabel. The two of them were never that close but Max was slowly bring them together when thay need each other.

"Thank you Liz! I needed that. So are you Ready to go over to my parents?" Isabel asked.

"No. I need to say....To s...say ggoodbye." Liz barely got out. Isabel knew that Liz needed a moment alone so she gave Liz one last hug and left. leaving Liz lone . Liz slowly made her way to his grave.

"Max." Liz said solemly. She heard footsteps coming behind her. Liz turned her head to come face to face to who was behind her.

"They are completely devasted." Liz said.

"It has to be done Liz. I hate it as much as you do, But it has to be done."

"I Know. I Know. Is everything Ready?"

"We are leaving tonight." Max said as He took hold of Liz's hand and lead her out of the cementary.

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