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Ttile: Not as they Seem, Appearances trilogy part one
Author: TDD
Email: iruleall⊕
Authors Note: Below
Couples: Currently: Z/A S/R and K/L
Summary: Read the prologue, it's one big one.
Disclaimer: Hear no evil, see no evil, be no evil. I own nothing.


"She was called Avandria. Empress of Raya, and said to be the most beautiful the worlds have ever seen. Her lands were the strongest, her people the most loyal. Always kindhearted and brave, it was no suprise that she was prophitized to be with Zan."

"Zan was the ruler of Antar. Young for his position, he did make mistakes, but it was his loyalty to his people and kindness of his heart that earned him a place into his people's hearts."

"Avandria, Ava, for short, arrived later, along with her best friend Serenity, who was herself, the exact opposite of her name. Also with them was her young brother Kieran, or Kie."

"The tales tell that for the three couples, it was love for first site. But the real story, which I Serena, will tell you is the truth. Who I am, you might find out later."

Part One

"You see along with Zan came Rath, his second in command, who believed that men should do the ruling of a planet, it was not a woman's place to do so. So the fact that Ava was an Emperess of her planet, and her second in command Sere, they were set off on the wrong foot from the start."

"Along with Rath was Zan's twin sister Vilondra, or Lonny. Deffinition said she was as beautiful as Ava, but with Ava's kind voice, and kinder heart, and Lonny's known description of being an Ice Princess, she fell behind. This made Lonny angry, who was jealous for a few reasons of the others."

"But things wouldn't have gone well even without Rath and Lonny's insecurities, for Sere and Kie had it in for them as well. Sere could be described as an Amazon. She was very much for female rule, as they already did more work in life with Child Bearing, why shouldn't they rule as well? She had a fiesty and stubborn temper, and would make quite a match for Rath."

"Kie had heard about Lonny long before he actually met her. Having friends come back as Icicles after meeting the famous Ice Princess, he was determined not to be undermined by her as so many others had before him."

"I know, your wondering about Zan and Ava. Well that's a tale in itself, one that will be continued later on in this tale, because it's a long one. You see, I know all this because I am Serena, my father was Zan, and my mother was Ava. But remember, every rumor starts with a fact, keep that in mind as you think about Tess. Oh, my mother would want be to tell you this: "Appearances can be decieving."

"From the moment the two groups met, nothing went right. Rath and Sere were glaring at eachother, to say the least. you could tell only the factor that their ruler was there was keeping them from killing eachother, if looks could kill, both would be dust."

"Lonny and Kie were just well, Lonny and Kie. Lonny was using her well known 'Bow down to me you worthless person.' look, and Kie was refusing to bow down to it, giving her a look right back."

"The situation Zan and Ava were in could be described as either the best, or the worst. They weren't talking, or showing any emotion at all. You could only tell what they were thinking by what they said in their eyes, and only one person could do that, Zan for Ava, and Ava for Zan."

"It was awhile before anyone said anything at all, and when it was, it was a very strained conversation/ For all others what was going on was just another prearranged marriage. It didn't matter to Rath at all that the Rayians had the best military fleet known. The planet, although ruled and run by woman, was feared by many."

"Raya was a great Ally to have in war, but Zan and Ava had a prearranged marriage since the day they were born. The Elders of the Granolith had prophesized the end of the upcoming war coming from these two in the future, and so it was said that the two were thriced. Meaning, destined, fated and prophisized to be together. The Ganolith had a lot in store for these six, they would live, they would die, they would cry, they would celebrate, but they would become friends, and eventually become a family. It was a long while before Lonny and Ava began talking, which only happened because of the long story I'll tell later of Lonny overhearing Ava defending her to someone. By this, they became friend. After awhile it was always Ava, Sere and Lonny, and once in awhile Kie, because Zan and Rath had still not accepted him."

"It wasn't long after this that Lonny began spending less and less time with Rath and Zan, and they did notice. To the shock of many, Lonny spent mist of her time with either Ava or as it became over the months, Kie."

"About 6 to 8 months after the Rayians began living at the castle, Rath and Sere were fighting about whatever it was at the moment, when Rath just grabbed Sere and kissed her, telling her it was just so she would shut up, before heading off to the muddy training fields."

"Right around then people starting noticing that Lonny spent quite a lot of time with Kie, it was revealed about a month later that they had been seeing eachother in private."

"Now it was only Zan and Ava apart, they rarely ever spoke to each other, and were rarely seen in public together, which was rare because now that their friends were dating, they were often in the same place, at the same time. People began to worry about Ava and Zan not being together, or well, that's how it appeared."


Snitches of part 2

"You know one day we're going to get caught."

"I'll get revenge."

"Zan, your so tame."

"Did I say you were tame? If this is you revenge remind me to be bad more often."

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