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Title: The Myth of Love

Pairing: Liz/Michael

Rating: Nc-17

Disclaimer: Roswell is not mine. I’m just borrowing it.

Summary: Michael is a painter/ photographer. Liz is special girl with a secret. They meet and fall in love. Michael doesn’t think he is good enough for her and pushes her towards his brother, Max. Years later they are brought back together by fate.


They first met each other while in the woods as children. Liz and Max were eight and Michael was nine. Phillip and Diane Evans adopted Michael when he was a baby.
Soon after, Diane found out she was pregnant with Max. It’s strange how things happen like that when a couple has tried for so many years to get pregnant as they had.

Liz was feeling a bit lonely for her cousins Maria and Kyle and best friend Alex. She had left them behind in Ireland when she came to live in the states with her Grandparents after the death of her parents.

Today, she had escaped to the outdoors to find comfort in nature. She was a special child as all her ancestors were. They all had certain gifts being descendants of the faerie folk.

She had been playing around with her powers, trying to entertain herself. She was swirling the leaves in the wind when she heard them laughing. Curious to hear voices, she practically danced as she excitedly followed the sound.

Parting the leaves hiding the waterfall that she knew was beyond, she was surprised to see two naked bottoms running to the edge and jumping into the cool waters. She covered her mouth to keep a giggle from escaping. Then watched while they dunked each other playfully.

The taller boy was tanned all over and had blonde hair. He couldn’t seem to smile without a smirk on his face. The other boy had dark brown hair with a deep rich olive skin. Both boys were very handsome.

Liz was intrigued. She hadn’t met any children since she had moved. Here was the chance she had been looking for. She jumped out of the bushes making a grand entrance.

The looks on their faces were something she would never forget. The blonde boys eyes got very large, then he smirked and looked at the other boy. The dark boy, looked very embarrassed. The blonde boys eyes immediately got serious as he noticed his brother’s distress

“Hey there! What are you doing spying on us?” He called out to her, angrily.

Liz looked perplexed. She only came out to say hello. What was his problem? She decided to ignore his unfriendly tone of voice and say something.

“ You look like you are having fun, can I join you?” She had swum there, many times just as they were now.

“What? Are you crazy? We’re naked in here! You can’t come in!” This came from the dark haired boy.

“So what. I can take my clothes of too. Then, we’ll be even.”

The blonde boy was secretly curious about how she would look but remembered his brother’s discomfort and said, “No way. You just stay where you are. Turn around tho’ so we can get out.” He was the eldest. That meant he’d have to take care of this.

Liz turned around. She didn’t really understand. Being naked wasn’t a crime. But, since they seemed upset, she would do as he asked.

“Ok, we’re decent. You can turn around.”

Liz looked at them as they stood side by side. Both boys were wearing denim cutoffs with no shirts. They were both very cute, but something in the way the blonde looked at her drew her to him. She stuck out her hand at him with a big smile.

“Hi, I’m Liz, I live back there in the woods. I’m eight. I’m going to school this fall are you?”

Michael stared at her as she introduced herself. She was so pretty. Her long brown hair hung to her waist. Her short dress was red gingham and had thin lacy straps. Her hand was so small that he was afraid to take it in his hand. She seemed smaller than eight years old. But, maybe it was because he was older.

Gulping, he stuck his hand out at her. “Of course we go to school. I’m Michael. I’m 9. This is Max, my brother, he’s 8 like you.”

Liz took Michael’s hand and gave it a hearty shake. She felt the currant that ran thru their joined hands and looked up at him surprised. Michael also, had a look of surprise on his face.

Neither had long to think about it as Max reached out and took her hand from Michael’s.

“Hi, Liz. You talk kinda funny, where are you from?”

Liz tore her eyes from Michael’s and looked over at him and smiled. He did have a great smile. And it was rude to ignore someone when they were talking to you.

“I’m from Ireland. My parents died over the summer and my Grandparents thought I should come live with them.” Liz said sadly.

“I’m sorry.” Max said.

“It’s ok. I didn’t get to see them much when they were alive. I usually stayed with my Aunt Amy and Uncle Jim and cousins, Kyle and Maria. We always had a grand time together. Especially, when my best friend Alex joined us. I’m really going to miss them. We always swam together, with or without clothes.” Liz said as she looked at Michael and smirked at him.

Then, she pulled off her dress, leaving only her red panties on, and dove into the water, leaving behind two very stunned boys.

Not to be outdone, Michael pulled off his pants and dove into the water with a yell. Max hesitated. Liz popped out of the water beside Michael. Smiling, she reached out and pushed Michael’s head under the water again feeling a small jolt at the contact.

Soon, Max couldn’t stand not to be with them. He just couldn’t stand there while Mikey had all the fun with Liz. So, he swallowed his pride, pulled off his pants and jumped in.

It was their first summer together. The ones that followed were equally as wonderful. They stopped skinny-dipping when Liz’s grandparents caught them when they were thirteen. But, they still swam together and spent every waking moment with each other. They were the best of friends.


8 years later, Liz was thinking back on those innocent days filled with laughter and fun. They had shared so much together. There were picnics at the waterfall; movies in town, and now that they were older there were sports and dances. Wherever, they went Liz was in the middle of them.

What had happened to make him so moody these days? Things were changing she knew. Some were good changes. But, she didn’t know how to stop the bad things that she felt were coming.

Her gifts of communing with animals and nature couldn’t help her with him. But, she was a part of the earth. Why couldn’t she make him see that she wanted to help him? If only she had the power to read minds like Kyle.

Michael hardly ever smiled at her lately. He seemed to find other things to do when they were supposed to be doing something together.

She knew he was stubborn; it was part of why she loved him so much. She had to do something. It had to be tonight. He would be leaving soon. He was going to college and she didn’t know how she would bear it. Sure, she would still have Max, but somehow she knew that Michael had always held a piece of her soul.

Gathering up her confidence she went to the waterfall. She watched from the trees as he painted the deep colors of the forest on the canvas before him.

“Michael, it’s so lovely!” Liz gushed as she walked toward him.

Startled when she spoke, Michael covered up the picture next to his easel and set his paintbrush aside. Hopefully, she didn’t see the beginning of the portrait he was doing of her. He began to pack up his paints.

Liz could see he was about to take off again. So, she said hurriedly, “Please don’t run off again. Michael, I was hoping we could talk.”

As she spoke, she laid her hand on his arm, feeling the familiar spark. Michael didn’t think he would ever get used to it. He used to think he was imagining it. Now, he knew that it was just a part of Liz.

It took a couple of years, but she had finally told Max and him about her faerie ancestors. It seemed like she was just telling stories at first, but then she proved it to them with a series of things. She could do lots of things, stirring the wind and calling a deer and other animal over to them. Later they helped her mix potions and helped her with some of her spells, which her cousins Kyle and Maria sent her.

They knew her, though. She was still just sweet, adventurous Liz to them.

The spark was unusual. It only seemed to happen when she touched him. Max said it never happened to him. He liked to tease Michael about it, saying that it was because Liz didn’t like him as much.

Deep down, Michael was afraid it was true. But, he really couldn’t tell Liz what he thought.

Michael looked at her. She was so very beautiful. The way her eyes were looking at him now caused his heart to feel funny. It was always like this for him. She was such a part of his soul.

He tried to be harsh as he spoke, “What do you want Liz? I was just leaving, I have to get back home to finish a project with my Dad.”

Liz nodded. “Can we sit? I won’t take long.” Pausing, she looked up at him with wistful eyes. “Why have you been avoiding me Michael? You never want to be with me anymore?”

What are you talking about? I went with you and Max to get dinner, just last night?”

“No, Michael, I mean with me- when Max can’t be there. You always find something else to do. I miss you, Michael. I miss our time together.”

Michael felt his heartstrings constrict. This was going to be so hard. How could he explain that couldn’t be alone with her? He knew that Max was in love with Liz. Max hadn’t asked him to leave her alone, but he knew he had to- ‘cause he loved her too. It was just too hard. But, Max deserved her, he didn’t.

He looked up at her and touched her face. “I’ve got things to do, Liz. It’s as simple as that.”

Liz took his hand as she said, “No, Michael, it’s not simple. You never used to do this before. You always made time for me. Why now, when I won’t get to see you much after you leave?”

He sighed, “I see it, Liz. I see what’s between you and Max. I don’t want to get in the way.” Max would owe him big time for this.

Confused, she stuttered, “M-Max? What do you mean what is between us? We have a great friendship. You know that, we all do. Right?”

“Friends, sure. But, Max sees you as more than a friend. I see how you look at him. It makes me feel like a third wheel. Besides, I like going out with other people too. It gives me a chance to get out. You know I like being with you, Liz. Don’t be like this. Don’t take it so personally.”

“Michael, your wrong about Max. I don’t feel like that about him. He’s wonderful. I love him...”

His heart aching, he got up and began to walk away. Liz jumped up and followed him. “I knew it…” Michael started.

Liz faced him and raised her hand to his chest to stop his next words, “…but just as a friend, Michael. I do have feelings for someone, but it’s not Max. “ Shyly, she smiled up at him. “It’s you. It’s you I choose. Only you, Michael.”

Michael was stunned as his mouth came open to reply. Liz didn’t give him a chance as she threw her arms around his neck. She pulled his head down and kissed him with everything she had.

Their lips sparked as their lips touched for the first time. The new sensations increased as Liz thrust her small tongue into Michaels opened mouth. She ran her hands thru his spiky hair and caressed his neck.

Michael was in turmoil. Stunned, he couldn’t believe it was happening. Liz was kissing him. It was better than in his dreams. He couldn’t help it. He had to know, even if it was just once. He could live on it for the rest of his life.

Michael groaned and wrapped his arms around her. He deepened the kiss, twirling her inexperienced tongue around his, teasing and tasting her. He backed her up and lifted her onto the large rock that they played on as children. Instinctively, her legs went around his waist. His hands ran down to her back grasping at her clothes, pulling her close.

Liz tightened her legs around his waist pulling his lower body into hers. They both moaned at the heat of the contact.

Michael forgot all about Max and his intentions. Losing all control, his hand ran up the front of her body until it closed around her small breast. Sighing, Liz leaned into him, encouraging him, as he kneaded it. As usual, she wasn’t wearing a bra to cover her small breasts. He pulled and played with the nipple thru the fabric as his mouth began to trail kisses down her neck.

“Oh, Michael. I love you so much. I just knew you loved me back!” Liz whispered and kissed his forehead.

It was enough to bring Michael back to reality. He looked up at her and took his hand away from her body as though he had been stung. She was meant for Max. He couldn’t do this to him. How was he going to fix this? He had gone too far. She couldn’t tell Max, it would kill him.

He ran his hands through his hair and did the only thing he thought he could.

“Love you? What made you think that? YOU kissed ME.” He said shouting at her.

“But, Michael, you kissed me back. You touched me.” Liz said knowingly.

“If you think every guy that touches you or kisses you back loves you, you have a lot to learn. I’m human. I won’t deny that you’ve become very pretty, Liz. I’d be a fool to turn a willing girl away, even you. I’m just a guy. You ‘re just a little girl, Liz. Go back to Max.”

Michael watched as Liz’s lower lip began to quiver. God, he loved her so much. The shock and horror he saw in her face was killing him. He was just about to confess everything when he heard a voice happily calling out to them.

“Liz…Michael! Are you back here?”

Michael immediately called out to Max. “We’re here!”

Determined to be strong, he looked at Liz and forced a smirk. “I’m not the one for you Liz. I’m no good for you. Go to Max where you belong. He’s the one you want.”

“No, Michael…” Liz began, feeling crushed and stunned to her very soul. She had been so sure.

“I’m leaving. I’m heading out next week for a summer art program in Italy. I talked to Mom and Dad about it last night. Bye, Liz” Grabbing his things he walked away, quickly.

Her feeling for him changed in that instant. He left her standing alone, trying to pick up the broken pieces of her heart. Just a simple, “Bye, Liz”, no hug or kiss on the cheek or I’ll see you before I leave. No, I’m sorry, I’m an ass and hurt you Liz. Or what she really wanted, an explanation. How could have her use her so cruelly? She thought she knew him, but she didn’t know the person that was stalking away. Who was he?

Liz watched thru her tears as Max stopped to say something to Michael. She made a decision. She didn’t ever want to see him or think about him ever again. She dried her tears and refused to shed anymore.

A smile spread across Max’s face as he turned and saw her. She watched as he began to jog lightly toward her. Smiling back, as he stopped in front of her, she pushed her hair behind her ears.

“So, you got off work early, huh?”

“Sure did. I was hoping we could all go out for pizza tonight as a send off to Michael, but he says he’s got things to do. He said we ought to go though. So, is it a date, beautiful?” Max said.

Liz looked at Max thoughtfully. He really was a great friend, always so thoughtful, not just to her, but to everyone around him. Looping her arm through his, she nodded her head. Still not quite trusting her voice.

She would get past this. He wouldn’t get her down. She would show him. “Yup, lets go.”

Max looked down at her perfect face and noticed the furrow in her brows. He frowned slightly, “Are you ok, Liz?”

Liz forced a smile that almost felt genuine. “I’m great, Max, now that you’re here.” Together they walked back to his car.

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Chapter 1.

She sang softly to herself, with just a hint of an Irish lilt to her voice. She was lost as usual, but happy. Miles and miles had passed and she was ready to find a place for the night. She knew she must have taken a wrong turn somewhere.

As she looked down on the seat beside her for a map, she heard a loud noise and felt the car swerve. Panicked, she tried to keep the car on the road. Maybe it was a good thing there was no one around. Finally, the car slowed enough to come to a stop. The front of the car was just barely off the road.

Shaken, Liz sat, still gripping the wheel of her Jag. Taking a deep breath, she leaned her head onto the wheel.

“Whoa, that was a close one.” Liz whispered to herself.

Liz leaned back up, opened the car door and stepped out of the vehicle. “What in the world happened?”

Looking at the way the car was sitting drew Liz to the front end of the car. “Good grief, the tire blew! By the Finn, I’m a lucky girl!”

Cursing herself for not fixing her spare tire from its last flat, Liz wondered what to do now. Remembering from her self-defense classes that she shouldn’t stay in her car, she gathered up her backpack, map, and purse and began to walk toward the lights ahead. They were still very far away.

She wished she could shimmer like Maria. Then, she could just think herself to the nearest town. Too bad all she got for her powers was the gift of nature. She was pretty good at spells sometimes, but she was still trying to work on that. They were still pretty hit or miss. She might accidentally, set her car on fire if she tried a spell to fix it. That really wouldn’t get her anywhere. Taking a deep breath, she refocused on walking to the next exit.

She didn’t notice the lights from the car until they passed her and screeched to a stop. Pausing, Liz wasn’t sure what to do. She knew that this might not be good. If she had more time, she would make herself invisible like Kyle had taught her last summer. But, she knew whoever was in that car had already seen her. She couldn’t risk, getting caught using magic.

The hairs on her neck and arms began to stand up, as the car got closer to her. Liz rubbed her arms, incredulously. That hadn’t happened in a long time. Not since, she last felt Mich…Him.

~It was the last day before he left for college. She knew he was there, just outside the window looking at her. She had felt him.

There was a tingle in her veins and the hair stood up on her neck and arms. She hoped and waited for him to knock on the door, her pride not allowing her to move. But he never did. As she felt him turn to go, she ran to the window trying to catch a glimpse of him. She saw the back of his blonde head as he turned the corner around the house.

Feeling defeated, she collapsed to the floor, sobbing. He wouldn’t say good-bye even now. She had been prepared to give him everything, all of her. It hurt that Michael didn’t even leave a note. It didn’t make sense.

It did help that Max had come over that evening. They spent many other evenings together after that, too. Bonding together thru the years without him, but each missing Michael in their way, like a wound that never heals properly. ~

Thinking back to that day, the car backed up until it stopped beside her. A wavy, dark blonde head poked out of the window. Liz immediately recognized him and tensed.

“Hey, ya need some help.” He said before looking up fully.

“Not from you.” Liz said harshly, and kept walking. She heard a gasp, and knew he had recognized her voice.

Stunned, Michael watched the retreating figure. It was really her. He couldn’t believe it. He quickly got out of the car. They felt the familiar spark of energy as his hand grabbed her arm and swung her around. For an instant the joy he was feeling touched his face.

As she looked up at him indignantly, the joyful look on his face was replaced by anger. “What the hell? Liz? What are you doing walking along the interstate at night like this?”

“Really, Michael. I’m hunting for the wee folk. I hear there’s a band of them that like to play tricks here. I’m hoping they will let me into their group. ‘Cause I just don’t have enough to do. What do you think I’m doing here? Honestly- see the car that you just passed? It’s me own. I blew a tire.”

Michael released her arm and ran his hand threw her hair. “Good grief, Liz you could have been killed. How did you know I was here?”

“It’s all about you still, I see. If I’d known you were anywhere in the vicinity, I wouldn’t be here.”

“What are you doing here, then?”

“Just passing through and I don’t have time to waste talking to someone that hasn’t acknowledged me existence in 5 years.”

“Don’t be stubborn and get into the car, Liz. It’s too far to walk and it’s not safe.”

“Oh, really now. Since when do you care? Besides, no one is going to bother me. I’d just hide me-self.”

“Yeah, like you hid from me. Liz, I’ve always cared. And how do you think you would hide yourself out in the middle of nowhere? You’re lucky it was me that found you. Instead of just anyone.”

“I can take care of myself, I’ve been doing it for years. Without ye, mind yeh. Now, out of me way.”

Shaking his head, Michael reached out, grabbed her small body by the waist, and threw her over his shoulder. She kicked her legs and cursed at him, but he held tight.

She bumped her head slightly as he tossed her into the front seat of his car. Angrier than she had ever been in her life; she called him a string of names.

“…And another thing, ye big Oaf, watch what ye are doing, ye bumped my head!!!” She added.

“If you weren’t putting up such a fuss, you wouldn’t have gotten hurt. Be still, Liz and be sensible for a moment. I’ll drop you off wherever you want. Then you won’t have to worry about me again.”

“I didn’t think I’d have to think about ye this time! Just get me to the first hotel yeh see. Don’t talk to me, just drive.”

Michael sighed. He drove out onto the highway and drove 10 miles to the first exit with a hotel. Pulling under the carport, he watched helplessly, as Liz jumped out with her bags and said a quick ‘thanks for the lift” as she practically ran to the hotel office.

Michael sat for a moment and just stared at her as she checked in. It seemed so surreal to have her there with him even for a moment. It seemed impossible, but she was even more beautiful than he remembered. She had that same scent, of wild strawberries and vanilla that he loved. Even now, the car smelled sweet like her. Her hair was still very long and swung down her back. Tearing his eyes from her form as she stood at the counter, he drove home in silence.

His heart was racing. It seemed to be beating a mantra of “she’s in the same town as me; she’s in the same town as me.” Incredibly, it was true. She was really here.

It had been five long years since he had seen her. He had some success since he had left home that summer he turned 18. He went to a good school, majoring in Art and Photography. Since, then many of his photos had been published in photo journals and magazines.

Right now, he was working on a painting that should be a good seller once in print. It would be limited edition, like the others in the series he was working on.

The few critics that had been allowed to see his work in a private screening were in awe of the black haired female figure in each of the series. He was assured by his manager, Dorothy, that when they were introduced in his show, that they would be a success. At 22, he was one of her youngest, but most talented clients, she had told him.

Dorothy had also bugged him, nonstop trying to find out the inspiration for ‘such a lovely creature’, as she called her. She was also, upset when he wouldn’t consider selling the originals. Patrons, could buy his others, he couldn’t ever let these go. They were too special.

He parked his car in his driveway and walked slowly into his house. It was a quaint three bedroom one story white house with red shutters and a red roof. It was a quiet neighborhood. No one bothered him.

He tossed his keys on the side table and walked into the kitchen to get a beer, ignoring the pull he felt to go into the back room. He paced the kitchen floor as he gulped it down, quickly. When he could not longer keep himself from looking down the hall to the room that he used to paint in, he threw the beer can into the trash. Grabbing another beer and drinking as he went, he stalked to the back.

The portraits hung on one of the walls in order of the series. He paused and stared. Then, he walked up to the one he called ‘the Kiss”. His hand touched Liz’s figure in the portrait.

“Liz…” He said with a tremor. Then, he turned back toward the door and angrily threw his half empty beer can at the wall. He simply stared as the can sprayed beer all over the walls.

With a groan, he collapsed to a sitting position on the floor. H put his head in his hands and sat there, as he was lost in thoughts he could share with no one.

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Chapter 2

Once she was in her room, Liz dropped her bags and fell on the bed as she tried to get a grip on herself.

What a night. She was still shaking. She nearly had a wreck, had an immobile car, barely had enough on her credit card for this room, she didn’t think she had enough to be able to pay to have her tire fixed, and to top it all off, Michael, of all people, had picked her up off the side of the road.

Could things get any worse?

It was so annoying how many emotions she had running thru her. She thought her love for him had dimmed. She wrongly assumed that she had put him out of her mind. She had been so very wrong. There was still so much love in her for him!

She had tried to get over him. Really, she had worked so hard at it. Focusing on other things she had hung out with her friends, studied hard and been talented enough to have a job lined up after school was out in May. She was 21 years, old, after all. She was in control of her own life.

When she had realized it really was him for a moment she had wanted to open his car door and throw herself at him. Then, she remembered how it had turned out the last time she tried that. The pain wasn’t worth a repeat performance even though the kiss had been worth it she knew that for sure. There had been others that had kissed her since. But she always thought of that first kiss as the best. It was hard to settle for second best once you had had the best ever.

Now, in the safety of her room, she allowed herself to think about him. It had been so long. He looked different and sounded different. His voice had a deep husky tone to it. His skin was still tanned, as usual, but his hair was a darker blonde and it was down to his shoulders and wavy. It was so sexy! What she wouldn’t give to be able to run her hands thru it.

Liz got back up and walked into the bathroom. She splashed her face with water and dried it off with the towel and caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror.

“I look terrible!” She thought. “It figures. Haven’t seen the love of your life in 5 years and you look like something the cat dragged in and stomped on.” Liz gave a hollow laugh and walked back to the bed.

Sitting down, on the edge of the bed, she thought back to the past five years without him. They hadn’t been all bad. Max asked her out after Michael left. Liz had misgivings about it, but said yes. They tried dating for the next few months. But the awkwardness they felt when each tried to kiss or get close, made them both realize that they were meant to just be friends.

Later, they both ended up going to Harvard together after graduation. Still, they went to all the dances and games together when they didn’t have other dates. When, they acknowledged that it wasn’t going to work out, she and Max made a vow to remain the best of friends.

The first two years at Harvard seemed to drag by. They partied, studied, and went out on double dates together. Max and Liz ended up closer than friends. They became like brother and sister. Max would scowl and threaten guys that tried too much with her. Liz would give him advice on the best girls to go out with and help him dress for dates.

In the beginning of their 3rd year in college, Liz’s cousin Maria transferred to Harvard to pursue her music and theater degree. It became clear to Liz right away that Maria and Max felt things for each other. They fought their feelings that first year together. It was amusing the way they were together. They seemed content to tease and bicker with each other at first.

Liz knew how they felt from little ways they would act. Plus, she always caught them staring at each other when they didn’t think anyone was looking. Max tried to look out for Maria they way he did with Liz. But, he would get angry and complain every time she had a date with someone else.

In turn, Maria would complain about all the girls that Max dated, especially when she didn’t think were good enough for him. Soon Maria was messing with Max . She would do spells to change his shirt to one with polka dots or mismatch his socks and shoes. Or turn his hair colors. Max would always bellow and complain to get Liz to fix it. In a nutshell, they almost drove Liz nuts.

They finally, gave in to each other in the 4th year. Max had gotten furious with Maria one night when she had suggested going out with one of the more aggressive football players. He argued that she would get hurt. She argued that it was none of his business. She and Max had argued until Max finally pulled her to him and ended it with a kiss. Then, he told her that she couldn’t go out with anyone else but him because he loved her. Maria shot back at him that it had taken him long enough to tell her. Then, she had held him and shimmered with him back to her dorm for a long night of discovery.

Maria really brought Max out of his shell. It was something that not many people knew how to do. Liz had helped Max design the perfect engagement ring for Maria just last week. It was a beauty. It had a Celtic knot, with an emerald cut diamond sitting on either side. They were so happy together and so good to still include Liz in on everything they did.

It was bittersweet for Liz. At times, Max and Maria kept her mind off of Michael. At other times, she wished for him more, even if just to yell at him.

Of course, Liz went out on dates, but she never went out with one person more than a few times before she sent the guy on his way. It was simple really, she told Max. None of them had that spark.

Spark, she admitted, like Michael. Always like Michael. Of course, she never told Max about Michael. Max admitted one time that he had been jealous of Michael when they were younger. He thought that Liz liked Michael more than him. Hitting a little too close to home, Liz fervently denied it. Max simply arched his eyebrow in response.

She wondered if He had noticed the same feeling she had felt as he grabbed her arm tonight. Her heart sped up as she recalled how it felt when Michael’s hand had skimmed down her butt to get a good grip on her before wrapping around her legs. The spark he sent through her body infuriated her even as it set her body on fire.

She didn’t have anything to say to him during the 10-minute drive to the hotel. She was having trouble trying to get her body back under control. Afraid that she would say the wrong thing, she found that she couldn’t say anything at all. Why didn’t she say anything to him? Just to hear his voice again. He didn’t say anything to her either. Of course, it didn’t matter that she had told him not to. Since when had he ever listened to her before?

Suddenly feeling very tired, Liz crawled in the bed and turned out the light. In the darkness, she pictured his face, smirking at her as he used to do. Closing her eyes tightly against the memory, somehow, she managed to fall asleep. Dreaming, as always, about him and the one magical moment when she thought she was loved.

Michael grumpily called the hotel the next morning. But, the manager said Liz had already checked out. The manager did divulge that the young lady had gotten a taxi to the service station where her car was and proceeded to give Michael the name of the station.

He didn’t know what he was doing. The previous night had been one of the longest of his life. The excitement of seeing her and the grief of knowing she hated him was almost more than he could bear. He had been afraid to say anything to her last night for fear that he would make her angrier. Now, he was wishing he had said something, anything to her so he could have heard her voice again. Just hearing that beautiful lilt again that he heard often in his dreams- he had almost forgotten exactly how wonderful it sounded.

He shook his head lightly trying to clear it. Liz’s safety came first, though. He would check on her and make sure her car was fixed. Then, he’d make sure she got back on the road to wherever she was going.

As he drove to the station, he thought about Max and his parents. Relations with his them had been strained because of Michael’s refusal to come home for visits. He hadn’t come home for the summer or for Christmas in the last five years. But, he did call his parents as often as he could.

Max, and his parents had all come to see him at his first show last fall. It had been an emotional meeting for them all. They talked and laughed and made comments about how long his hair was. Later, they went for a bite to eat. Max tried to tell to him about Liz, but Michael stopped him. Max persisted, but stopped when Michael got up to walk out of the door. The looks on their parent’s face caused Max to relent. He talked Michael into coming back and spending time with them especially, since they could only stay that one night. He promised he wouldn’t talk about Liz anymore.

Michael went back to the table. Things were strained for a moment until Max brought up some funny stories about his new friend, Maria. He drew Michael and his parents into the conversation until things were as lighthearted as they were before he brought up Liz.

It had been since Christmas since had talked to Max and his parents. The last Max had gotten out that Liz was a photographer as well. She was making strides in photography and had a job waiting for her at the paper in Boston when she graduated next year. Before, Michael could hang up on him.

He was so nervous about seeing her again. He pulled into the station. Looking into the rearview mirror to check his reflection in a moment of vanity, he frowned. He wasn’t happy with the way he looked today, but he had looked worse.

Michael parked by Liz’s car and got out to find her. He looked around the small station and was surprised when he didn’t see anyone. Noticing some movement from the far side of the station, he walked over.

‘Oh, hey George. Was there a lady here? She has long dark hair…”

“Oh, yeah! She was gorgeous! Had the cutest Irish voice.” George gushed.

“That’s the one. Her name is Liz. She’s the one that had the tire blowout. Would you tell me where she is?”

“She left man.”

“What? Where did she go?”

“Not sure. I told her how much it would be to fix her car and she just said thanks and left. I figure she went into town or something.”

“Thanks, George. If you hear from her, give me a call, man.”

“Sure thing.”

Michael got back into his car. He leaned his head on the steering wheel. Where the hell could she be now? Groaning, he lifted his head to think of where to look next he headed his car blindly towards town.

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Chapter 3

Liz was hot, tired and in a really bad mood. She had no money and couldn’t seem to get anyone she knew to call her back. With barely change to buy a cup of coffee and a newspaper; her tension hadn’t gotten any better. Now, she was sitting in a booth at the local diner, looking through the paper, trying to get a grip on her mood. She felt like a teeter-totter. Part of her wanted to run to Michael and the other part was intensely angry with him.

Dreams had kept her from getting a good night’s sleep. When she dreamed she couldn’t keep “Him” out of her thoughts. There “He” would tell her the things she wanted to hear. Their last day together would play over and over again with different endings. Happier one. As always, leaving Liz feeling lost and alone.

She flipped to the hometown pages and noticed an ad that could solve her present problem. It simply said ‘Cash paid daily for live models’.

Liz paused and thought. It didn’t say dancing. Maybe this was on the up and up. She really needed the cash. Her car was worse that she thought. It wasn’t just a tire, but a broken axle that needed fixed. She didn’t have any money to be able to pay for the repairs.

She knew that if she pressured him and tried to make him feel guilty, ‘He’ might give her the money she needed. Max had told her about his success with his photos and art. She had recently seen for herself that he was becoming well known. There had been a write up in their local paper just last week about his new show opening. She thought he could afford to loan her the money.

Liz had always craved any news Max could tell her about Him. It embarrassed her now, the way she always seemed to lap any info up. But, her pride just wouldn’t let her hunt him up to ask him for money. She’d try anything else until she could get a hold of Max, Maria or her Grandparents.

Pulling out her cell phone, she began to dial the number from the advertisement in the paper. Nothing.

“Great. It’s dead. I guess it can get worse.” Looking back down at the article she noticed the address.

“Umm. Excuse me, but, isn’t this close by?” She asked the nearest waitress.

“Closer than you think. It’s just upstairs.”

“Perfect! Thank you so much.” She carefully counted out her money and laid it down on the table. Looking up at the waitress shyly she said, “Sorry, it’s such a lame tip. I don’t have much money.”

The kind waitress smiled at her, “Don’t you worry about it, Sweetie. I understand.” The waitress patted her on her arm and thought, ‘What a pretty, sweet thing.’

She motioned to the back exit. “You just head on upstairs back there. Dorothy and Mac will take good care of you.”

Liz began to turn, but asked hesitantly “Do you mind telling me what kind of place it is?”

The waitress smiled knowingly, “It’s an art school, honey. Nothing to worry about.”

Liz breathed a sigh of relief. “Oh, thanks, thanks a lot.”

“Sweetie, you come back for lunch. It’s on me.”

Liz beamed at her, “Oh, thank you! That is such a nice thing to do. I promise I’ll pay you back!” Liz practically threw herself at the waitress, grabbing her in a big bear hug.

The waitress accepted the hug from Liz, while managing to balance her tray of dirty plates. “There, there. It’s nothing much. You just go on, now. I’ll be here when you get back.”

“I will. Thanks, again.”

Liz bolted out the door and up the back steps to the studio clutching the advertisement. Hesitating at the sign that read: Dorothy and Mac Angel’s Art Studio.

Opening the door before she could change her mind, she took a deep breath and walked up to the receptionist.

“Hello, I’m here to inquire about the modeling position. What can you tell me about it?” Liz said in her most professional voice.

The receptionist looked at her quizzically before responding. “What is your name, please?”

“Liz Parker. But, could you please tell me about the job?”

The receptionist looked her up and down then, smiled and said, “Actually, I’m not sure what they are looking for this week. I’ll get Mac to see you. Just ask him about it. My name is Serena. Just have a seat and I’ll tell him you’re here.

Serena walked to the back office and knocked on the door. “Mac, I have someone here that I think you will be interested in.”

“Come in.”

Serena opened the door, walked, and shut the door behind her. “Mac! You aren’t going to believe this!”

Amused, Mac looked up at her, “What am I not going to believe this time?”

“Oh, Mac. I’m serious this time. You have to see this lady. She’s got such an interesting face. There’s something familiar about her I can’t quite place, but Mac, she’s so lovely, well, just exactly what you’ve been looking for!” Serena said in a rush.

“Well, I don’t know… ” Mac said, pretending to think. He like to give people a hard time, especially Serena. But, he had to hand it to her. She had a great eye for interesting people.

Completely fed up with him and knowing that he was messing with her, once again, Serena pulled Mac up from his desk. She pulled him toward the door.

Mac pulled out of her grip and straightened his hat. He pulled the door open and followed her out towards the front desk.

Liz looked up and noticed the man following Serena towards her. A cowboy. Now that was a surprise. Her potential boss was wearing jeans with a silver belt buckle, a tan shirt with two pockets, and a Stetson hat. It was like being thrown back in time, and then he smiled. It was the kind of smile that took over a person’s face. It reminded her of the actor Dennis Quaid.

Right now, the Dennis Quaid look alike was looking her up and down. Smiling the whole time, he stood with his legs apart and his arms folded. He was rocking back and forth looking pleased, but she didn’t know why.

Serena noticed the uncomfortable look that Liz was getting on her face and she nudged Mac in the arm.

“Liz Parker, this is Mac Angel. He usually has better manners that to stare at someone, but there are times that he forgets that even tho’ he had a barn in his yard growing up, his mamma didn’t raise him in it.”

Mac accepted Serena’s chastising remarks with a chuckle. He tipped his hat and introduced himself, again.

“Hello, Ms. Parker, Mac Angel at your service. What can I do for you?”

Liz relaxed at the cheerful greeting and stuck out her hand. Mac took it in a hearty shake. “It’s a pleasure, Mr. Angel. And if you’ll be calling me Liz it’ll be making me feel more at home. I’m here about the job in the paper. Would you mind telling me about it?”

“Please, Liz, call me Mac. The only one that calls me Mr. Angel is my lawyer. I try not to talk to him. You know, Serena, you were right. I’ve been standing here trying to figure it out. You do look familiar. Have we ever met before?

“No, I think I’d remember meeting someone like you.”

“That’s just what’s been bugging me. I know I’d remember a beautiful creature like yourself if I’d ever met ya. Dorothy will know. Got a mind like a sponge, the woman does. Why don’t you follow me back to my office and we can get acquainted. Can Serena get you somethin’ to drink?”

“Yes, please, if wouldn’t mind, I’d love a soft drink.”

He nodded to Serena, but she was already on her way to get the drink “Follow me.”

Liz liked the look of the office. It wasn’t very modern, but it was neat as a pin. She had a feeling Serena had a lot to do with that.

Mac pointed to a cushy chair that a tired and grateful Liz practically fell into.

“Now, Mac, about the job. Exactly is it you are looking for?”

“Well, Liz, I’m looking for someone that looks like you.”

“What exactly are you meaning by that?”

“You have an interesting face, Liz. It’s beautiful, of course, but it’s got depth. I know it sounds kinda crazy, but just hear me out. I’m looking for someone willing to come in and pose for the artists. We are a small city, but we have several students here that like to enrich their skills with classes and such. We offer live models when we can.”

“That sounds very interesting. But, I’ve never modeled before…”

“Don’t fret, it’s not like modeling in New York or some Hollywood thing. Ya just basically have to sit or stand in some kind of pose so folks can paint ya. Whadda ya say?”

“It sounds like something I can do.” Liz said with a laugh. “The ad said that I’d be paid daily. Honestly, I’m a bit short on cash and could really use it.”

“That’s right. I’ll pay daily, with a check for the accountants, you know. It’s cleaner for the bookkeeping.”

“Oh, ok. Well, how much and when can I start?”

Mac told her the amount. “We have a class coming at 8pm tonight if you’d like to start right away.”

“Yes! I mean that would be great. I’ll be here.”

“Just one other thing. It’s not a prerequisite for the job but sometimes we get models willing to pose nude. It’s purely for the art. It will only be the artists in the room. Except for Serena, of course, she’ll have to be in the room with you for legal issues. You don’t have to tell me anything now. You can make up your mind once you see how things go. What you have on will do for tonight. I know it’s a lot to take in. But, I had to ask.”

“I understand. I’ll have to think about it. I’ve never done anything like that before.”

“No obligation. We’ll see you at 8pm.”

“Thanks, again Mac. I appreciate it.”

Liz stood and shook Mac’s hand again just as Serena opened the door with Liz’s beverage.

“Are you done? That was fast.”

“Well, Serena, you were right. She was perfect. I had to hire her before she changed her mind.” Liz and Serena laughed.

“I don’t see anyone else knocking on me door just now. Not that I have a door exactly. But, you know what I mean.” Liz said all flustered.

Mac just laughed. “Charming, absolutely charming. That’s what you are. The look, the voice, everything. The artist’s are going to be so excited to have someone like you to paint. It was great meeting you.” Mac again tipped his hat and winked.

Liz smiled as she took her drink from Serena and followed her out.

“Is he always like that?”

“Yup. If you think he’s a character, wait ‘til you meet his wife, Dorothy. They are something when they get together.”

“I liked him. Have you ever modeled for them before, Serena? You are beautiful, you know.”

Serena laughed and blushed. “Thanks. Actually, I was told I didn’t have enough ‘depth’. I did fill in one day when they really needed someone. I had a crick in my neck for a week afterwards.”

“Well, I’m not sure what to expect, but I guess I’ll see you at eight.”

“I’m really glad, Liz. I’ll see you later.”

Liz took her lunch from the diner to go and went for a walk in the park she found down the road. She thought about her new job and tried calling her friends again. They could be anywhere though. During the summers, Max and Maria were going to make as many out of town mini-vacations as they could. Her Grandparents were in Ireland this summer visiting old friends and relatives.

It ended up being a wonderful day. The sun was shining and the town was friendly. Liz was compelled to take out her camera and shot a couple of rolls of the locals. There were mothers strolling with their babies, businessmen and women on their breaks, and people running and walking their dogs.

The kind waitress from the diner let Liz sit in her section when it got dark. Liz spent her time reading a book that she had in her bag. She’d been meaning to read it for a long time and figured this was the time.

When 7:30 came, Liz waved at the waitress and headed upstairs. Serena greeted her with a smile and introduce her to several of the artists that had already assembled. They talked to her excitedly and seemed happy with her.

Mac seated Liz on a stool in front of the class. He explained a few things about what he would be looking for and told them to begin.

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Part 4

He ran up the steps, late again. He had looked for Liz for the better part of the day. He had just missed her at the diner twice. Then, it was as though she had disappeared. Finally, giving up for the moment, he had headed back to his house. The idea for a new picture had been burning in his head since he had seen her. He would just sketch it and then go to his class.

The simple sketch turned into a rather elaborate portrait. He couldn’t seem to stop. Time got away from him before he knew it and here he was running into his own class, late. He knew Mac would get the class started for him, though. But, he hated setting a bad example for his students.

Pulling the door to the classroom opened, he tripped on his own feet trying to get in quietly. A few heads turned in his direction. Some of the people that actually knew him and were brave enough, chuckled. He shook a few hands as he headed down front. As he looked up, his mind seemed to sputter and stall.

There she was.

He could only stare at her. Michael didn’t know what to do. Then it happened. She looked up.

Liz had been posing for about 20 minutes when there was some noise in the back. A few heads turned around and some of people began to murmur. Liz tried to concentrate on staying in her pose, but as she heard footsteps coming closer to her, curiosity got the better of her. Slowly she lifted her head.

Her heart caught violently in her throat. It was Him. What was she going to do? She had to sit here. Why was he looking at her like that? Not knowing how to react, she very slowly slid off the stool and rose shakily.

Michael hesitantly walked over, feeling as though he was in a dream. His feelings for her had caught him off guard, not expecting her there in a part of his world. Without thinking, he reached out and tucked a stray piece of hair behind her ear, in a gentle gesture.

“Michael.” Liz said, breathlessly.

Michael looked at her for a moment “Liz.” He said with a slight catch in his voice.

Quickly coming back to reality, he spoke, “Liz, what are you doing here?” Trying to pull himself together he spoke more harshly than he meant.

“I’m working, if you must know.” Liz recovered.


“Yes, Mac hired me as a model. I needed money to pay for me car.”

“Liz, we’re old friends. I can try and get the money you need for the repairs.”

“No way. I’ll not be taking anything from the likes of you. Now, Mac is paying me good money to pose and you are in the way.” With that she poked him in the chest and sat back down on the stool.

Michael realized in that moment that all eyes were on them. Not wanting to cause a further scene, he turned to the group and spoke.

“Well settle this later.” He whispered.

Then to the group he said, “I’m sorry for the interruption. Please, continue.” Then, he stalked to his place at the far side of the room.

Michael sat on a stool in front of an easel. Not staring at her was going to be a problem. Since he had never had the opportunity to draw her in person before, he decided to take the opportunity. Always before, he had drawn her from memory. Looking intently at her, he began to draw. His brow furrowed, as he concentrated on getting every detail of her on paper. This chance might not come again.

Liz watched him retreat and sit down at the easel. Breathing deeply trying to gather her emotions. Sitting back down on the stool, she folded her hands in her lap gripping them tightly together.

She was trying not to look at him. It seemed every time she took a peek at him, he was frowning at her. Curiosity was killing her. Why was he drawing her? She knew that he drew things the way he saw them. How would he see her?

She knew how she saw him. He still was still so handsome. He needed a shave and a trim, but even that just seemed to make him more perfect to her. Right down to the chalk print on his black jeans.

Class seemed to take forever. Finally, a timer went off and Michael stood up.

“By now, you should have you basic drawing of our model. I hope each of you will take the time to thank our model, Liz. Please begin to pack up at this time and I’ll see you next week.” Michael spent a few moments talking and answering questions of the younger artists.

Liz stretched and talked to a few of the artists that thanked her for allowing them to draw her. She had but one thing in mind. Michael’s picture of her. Heading for his easel, she took a deep breath.

Looking over his shoulder, Michael caught Liz’s figure headed toward his painting. That was something she didn’t need to see. He panicked as his heart caught in his throat.

She was almost there when she felt someone grabbing her arm. The spark she felt was a dead give away as to who was grabbing her.

“Let me go.” She said as she looked up at him. Just in time to catch a bit of the panic in his eyes. “What is it? Why don’t you want me to see it? Did you put a mustache on my lip or something?” Liz laughed nervously.

Michael tried to think of an answer she would accept. He didn’t think that she would appreciate the fact that he had drawn her without that cute little t-shirt she had on. Oh no, he had let his emotions get away from him.

Several times she had looked at him when he was drawing. There was something in her eyes. He had seen it many times growing up, but it had been awhile seen they’d been practically face-to-face. He could always imagine that she loved him when he saw that look. If Liz saw that picture, she might misinterpret it.

“I don’t like anyone to see my work without permission.”

“Fine, can I have your permission?”


“No. Just like that. No. Well, listen up. If it’s of me, I have as much right to see it as you do. So get out of the way.”

Liz moved so quickly, that Michael didn’t expect it. Dashing around him, she gazed at the picture. Immediately, her cheeks flushed.

“Now, Liz. I know what you’re thinking…” Trying to stand in front of it, he couldn’t look at her.

“No, you don’t. Michael, it’s the most beautiful thing anyone has ever done. You really have a great imagination, if that’s how you see me. Wow. I’m stunned. Surprised really…”

Michael was getting more embarrassed with every word. He interrupted her as soon as he could get a word in. He rolled his eyes at her and tried to be sarcastic.

“Oh, really, Liz. You know you’re beautiful. I only drew you like you are- “

“Minus the shirt that is.” Liz smirked

“Right. The shirt. Sorry about that Liz. It’s…creative license.” Michael stammered. He straightened his shoulders trying to gain control back.

“Creative license? Is that what you call it.”

“Yeah. Creative license. It was nothing personal Liz. You are the model of the day. I was just drawing a model.”

“Why were you here anyway. Surely, you don’t need more lessons.”

“Nah, I actually teach some classes.”

“That’s really great, Michael.”

“Thanks.” Michael looked at her warily. “I looked for you today. I wanted to make sure you were ok. Where are you staying tonight?”

“I’m not sure, really. I was hoping I could talk Mac into giving me an advance so I could get a hotel room.”

No, no, no, Michael’s heart screamed. He had to have her closer than that. Not stuck in some hotel. He tried to reply to her as casually as he could.

“That’s ok, Liz. I’ve got room at my place. You should come home with me.”

Panic broke out on Liz’s face. The heart in her chest was beating for joy at the thought of spending the night in the same house as Michael. Her mind was screaming in fear. Mind over heart was a real problem for her. She couldn’t be in the same house with him.

“No….I… no Michael. Not a good idea. I’ll talk to Mac.”

“Well, Mac left when he saw I was here. He isn’t usually here this late, but he knows I get caught up in my work. Mac stays until I can get here. I’m not usually so late. Don’t worry about anything, Liz. I promise, I’ll stay out of your way. I have a lot of work to do. I have a show coming up. There are a couple of pieces I have to finish before then.”

“Well, if you are sure there won’t be a problem…” Did she really just agree? Her heart won out again. It was going to be sorry she just knew it…

“Of course it’s ok. Anyway, Max would kill me if I didn’t look out for you while you were here.”

“Aye, Max would, wouldn’t he?” Liz said as she smiled thinking of her protective friend.

Smiling sadly, Michael nodded. “Yeah, he would.”

Taking her elbow and leading her towards his car, he thought, “I would if you were mine.”

“This is just for tonight Michael.”

“Sure. We’ll see what happens tomorrow.”

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Chapter 5

They were both silent and deep in thought during the drive to Michael’s house. Both contemplating how the evening would go. Michael drove up the driveway to his little house.

On the drive there he had been wondering what had gotten into him to invite her- no, let’s be honest- he had practically begged her to stay the night. Maybe he was just a glutton for punishment. Even now on the way to his house, he felt dizzy just from the scent of her surrounding him in the car.

He couldn’t quite believe he was taking her to his house. Each hour he could spare from his painting had been spent meticulously arranging, planting, and painting. Determined to turn his house into Liz’s dream home from her childhood. Realistically, he knew that she would never live there- she had Max. But he just had to have things around him that reminded him of her. It was something he felt compelled to do. It just couldn’t be explained.

Pondering on what to say to her now, he turned to look at her. “Well, we’re here. I’ll get your bags.”

Liz had been thinking of how she should act around him. She was tired of being angry all the time. Making the best of things was her new focus. By doing that she would try and just be herself. This wasn’t her whole future after all. She was just here for the night. Nothing to get uptight about. Right?

Wrong! He was driving her crazy. Did he have to be so completely gorgeous? And smell so great? How was she going to focus with him so, so, close?

Michael pulled her sharply out of her daze with his words. Liz looked at the house. Then she leaned forward with interest. It was a small white house with red shutters. There was a roomy front porch with two red rocking chairs and a large wood box. The front yard had a huge weeping willow tree. Even in the dark, she was immediately charmed. She got out of the car and followed him to the door.

“Michael, just charming it is! And look at the flowers- I just love white roses. You’ve really worked hard. I can’t wait to see it in the morning.” She knew she was gushing, but she couldn’t help it. It was such a surprise to see how perfect it was.

Michael fumbled with the keys, nervously at her words. It was so important to him that she approve of his home. He didn’t realize he was shaking until he tried to do something menial, like put the key in the door lock.

“Thanks.” He said simply.

It would be a mistake to say anything more. He couldn’t tell her how he had planted each white rose bush just for her. Or that he knew she wanted a front porch with rocking chairs like her Grandparents. Or that he remembered she like a white house with red trim. Subconsciously or consciously he had tailor made this house to her every childish whim.

‘I’ve always liked houses like this. They just seem so cozy.”

“I know.” Michael muttered under his breath.

“What did you say, Michael?”

Michael straightened up and finally unlocked the door. “Nothing, just, Thanks. Hey listen, Liz, I’ve got a couple of house rules.”

“Ok.” Liz frowned.

“Nothing major. You can make yourself at home, except for the back bedroom.”

“Why, what’s in there? Ohhh, I know. That’s where you hide all the dead bodies.”

Michael deadpanned. “Very funny.”

‘Really, Michael, what’s in there that you’re not wantin’ me to be seeing.” Liz looked up at him puzzled.

Michael got what he hoped was a mean look on his face. “Just don’t go in there, Liz I mean it.”

She put her hands up in mock horror and looked at him warily. “Ok. If it means that much to you I won’t. Rule 1: No going into Bluebeard’s closet. I get it.” She lifted an eyebrow at him and smirked. “Ok, anything else?”

“No, that’s it really. Anything else is fair game.”

“Good to know. So can we go in now?”

“Oh, yeah. Right.” With that he pushed the door opened and lead her inside.

Michael set the bags in the middle of the floor and turned on the lights. Then, hesitantly he turned to look at her. There was an expression on her face that he couldn’t read.

“Home sweet home. I know its not much, but it suits me.”

Liz looked up at him with eyes full of emotion. “Oh, Michael.” She began to walk around the living room. She paused in front of the paintings that she knew he had painted. Then, walked around the furniture occasionally touching or picking something up.

Michael held his breath as he watched her. She was the missing piece. This was what his house needed. Her. Just her.

Tears caught in her throat. His house was perfect. It was what she had always dreamed of living in. Here he was living in her dream house without her in it. It made her sad inside to think of ever leaving.

Liz tried to get control of herself, then looked up at him with a sad smile. “It’s perfect.”

Michael stared at her. She had a glow about her that he wished he could capture. Instead he cleared his throat and said, “You’ll stay in my room. I don’t have sheets for the spare room yet. I never have company. So, I thought I had time. I’ll stay on the couch. I’ll just change the sheets real quick.”

“Really, Michael let me stay on the couch. Don’t be goin’ ta any more trouble for me than yeh have to. It just being for one night, yeh know.” Trying to lighten the mood, she winked at him as she added. “At least I hope it’s just for one night.”

Man, she was so cute when she did that. It made him think of happier times. Times when they could laugh and joke together. He smirked at her for old times sake and chuckled.

“Come on. I’ll show you the rest.” He picked up her bags and walked down the hall to his bedroom.

Liz watched as he dropped the bags on a small sofa against the window. Again, her heart caught in her throat. In the middle of the room stood a large iron post bed. For a coverlet, Michael had a quilt that her Grandma Claudia had made. There were swags of matching material hanging on the canopy posts and there were rag rugs on the floor, also a gift from her Grandma.

Liz laid her hand on Michael’s shoulder to get his attention. “Michael, it’s just wonderful. I can’t believe what a great job you’ve done.”

“Thanks, Liz. I’m glad you like it. Sorry, it’s such a mess.” He began gathering up clothes that he hadn’t made time to put away.

“It’s ok, Michael. No trouble, right. By the Finn, would you just relax.” Liz pulled the clothes out of Michael’s arms and they dropped to the floor.

Michael just stared at her unsure of what to do now. The security of picking up had been taken away. He stuck his hands in his pockets and strode out of the room. He stopped at the doorway and bumped right into Liz.

“Michael…” Liz began, before he unexpectedly turned around and bumped right into her.

Liz threw her hands up to catch herself. The ended up clutching Michael’s chest as his arms went around her to steady her.

Michael’s heart thudded wildly in his chest as he realized where Liz’s hands were and that he was holding her closely. It began to affect his body immediately. But, he couldn’t let go. Staring into her eyes, he unconsciously began to lower his face to hers.

Liz swallowed hard. She had waited so long to be right where she was- in Michael’s arms. He felt so wonderful. His chest was as hard as granite. Her eyes got widen with surprise as she realized that his face was lowering towards hers. Oh, yes, please, she thought.

Michael caught himself before he kissed her. Instead he gave her a quick squeeze and said, “It’s really great to see you again. Please, make yourself at home.”

Standing uncomfortably while waiting for a reaction, he was unsure of what to do know. Her face seemed stoic. Hoping he didn’t offend her or make her angry he searched his brain for something else to do. Maybe he should offer her something, yeah, that was it.

“Liz, can I get you something to drink or are you hungry?”

Liz tried not to let the acute disappointment she was feeling show on her face. Looking up at him, she put on a smile and said, “Sure, what do you have?”

Michael looked at her sheepishly, “Well, let me check out the kitchen. I’m not really good at keeping things in stock.”

“No, problem. I’m sure we can whip something up.”

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I should be able to post on Friday. They are moving me around still at work. It's hard to find time to write and post like I used to. Thanks for bumping me and wanting to hear more about this story!

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Thank you so much to all of you who have been asking for updates on this story. I hope you enjoy this next part! ~ck

Chapter 6:

Liz followed Michael to the kitchen. It too was perfect. There were vanilla candles in every available space, tapered ones, pillars, and votives. The cabinets were a light oak that surrounded the kitchen.

It was exactly what she wanted someday. Liz swallowed and put on a smile and looked at Michael who seemed to be waiting pensively. “Very impressive, Michael. Who is your decorator?”

Relieved, Michael relaxed. “No one but me. I knew what I wanted when I saw it.”

“Really. Well, I’m surprised.” Liz grinned.

“Yep. I’m just full of surprises.” Michael raised an eyebrow cockily and grinned. “Now, let ‘s see what surprises are in the cabinet.”

“Good idea.”

Peering into the opened cabinet, Michael began pulling out edible items for Liz’s review. Liz found her favorite brand of hot chocolate and some peanut butter crackers to her liking. She and Michael sat at his table and began to munch on the crackers while the water heated for the chocolate.

There was silence as they both struggled with what to say.

“So..” Liz and Michael said at the same time.

Again at the same time, “You first.”

Liz placed her hand on top of Michael’s before he spoke again and said, “I should leave. This is too awkward isn’t it?”

“NO! I mean, no, Liz. I’m really happy you’re here. It’s time we saw each other again. Friends shouldn’t avoid each other.”

“Right. We’re…friends. I agree. Totally.” Liz stammered.

“Good.” Michael stated and wondered where to go from here. The pot of water on the stove began to whistle and he quickly jumped to his feet, grateful for something to do.

Liz rose and took a coffee mug off the shelf. She poured the chocolate packet into each cup and handed them one by one to Michael. Michael filled the first cup and sat it on the counter. As Liz stirred the chocolate, Michael watched her for a moment. It amazed him that such simple act could make him want her so much. When she looked up at him and smiled, he was embarrassed to have been caught staring at her. He rushed to pour the water into the second cup and splashed some of the hot water on his hand. Cursing he sat the pot down and went to the sink to run cool water over his sore hand.

Liz was instantly by his side, her eyes filled with concern. “Oh, Michael! Let me see.”

Michael wasn’t quick enough to move his hand away and she was soon drying it with a towel and murmuring soft words over the wound. He felt the relief in his hand the instant she touched him. He wasn’t sure if it was her simple touch or the words that she was saying. Her concern for him touched him and he couldn’t stop watching her.

Liz kissed his hand and put it against her cheek. “There all better, now.”

Michael couldn’t move. Her kiss stunned him and his hand against her cheek felt better that any magic word. His head unconsciously leaned down to the top of hers.

Liz felt the kiss he placed on the top of her head, all the way down to her toes. She looked up at him quickly wanting to catch his face.

Michael hoped he had kept his face guarded. Her sweetness and kindness was almost his undoing. And the soft look in her eyes just now, made him want to scoop her up and carry her to his bed. Instead he kept everything in check, as he knew she would want him to and said simply, “Thank you, Liz. It’s better now.”

Liz couldn’t let go of his hand or stop looking at him. His eyes were drawing her to him. She rose up on her toes before she could stop herself. Then, she wobbled a bit.

Michael removed his hand from Liz’s grasp and grabbed her shoulders to steady her, still staring into her eyes this time with concern. “Are you ok?”

Liz broke eye contact with him for a moment to nod her head. “I just still get weak when I do a bit of healing. I’ll be fine.”

“Well, at least sit down and sip on some of this.” He led her to the table and sat her in the chair. He sat the cocoa down next to her.

“Michael, I really can’t drink this right now. I’m sorry. I think I just really need to go to bed. I hate to ask you but will you help me?”

“Of course.” Michael helped Liz up. But, when she took her first step, she faltered again.

“Oh, no you don’t. You’re not getting hurt on my watch.” With that he scooped her up into his arms. He felt Liz’s arms go around his neck. Not able to resist, he snuck a peek at her. She was looking at him with that soft expression again. She was killing him. Groaning to himself he tried to focus on getting them down the hall in one piece.

The trip down the hall was like a dream to Liz. Being in his arms in any way shape of form was an absolute pleasure. She could feel his arms holding her tight against his chest. And his chest. If it looked anything like it felt…no, she had to stop that. She was just driving herself crazy. He was just helping her out. But, by the Finn, he smelled so heavenly and…he was driving her crazy!

Michael lifted her up to get a better hold on her. She wasn’t heavy at all, but he wanted to make sure he had a good hold on her. He couldn’t risk hurting her, especially when she was so weak because of helping him.

~Oh, my! ~ Liz thought as Michael’s hand moved until it was touching her backside. His hand was only there for a moment and Liz felt its loss.

~Man, she is so soft. Wait. What am I doing? ~ Michael thought as he tried to remove his hand from her pert backside without making a big deal of it. ~Just asking for trouble there. ~

Liz was trying to figure out what she could do. Her heart was totally taking over her mind. Her heart was racing. Soon he was going to place her in that big bed of his and then leave her there.

Michael rounded the corner into his bedroom. He couldn’t believe he was getting to carry Liz off to his bed, just like in his dreams. Then, he would have to leave of all things. Maybe he could sit in the chair with her for a while. Just to make sure she was ok. Now, that she was here, he couldn’t stand the thought of not being in the same room with her.

Michael pulled the covers down with one hand and laid her carefully on the bed. As he was taking off her shoes, she just said the first thing that came to her and hoped for the best.

“Stay with me, Michael. Don’t leave.”

Michael froze. It was magic to his ears to hear her say that. But, how could he? Slowly, he straightened up and looked at her. “What do you mean, Liz?”

Liz panicked. He looked pained. Did he really not want to be here?

“You don’t have to if you really don’t want to. I just didn’t want to be alone. I was hoping that for the sake of our friendship you would just hold me until I felt better. It helps to have another person’s energy around me when I’m weak. It’s just that I need you and I don’t want to be alone.”

“Ok, Liz. If you need me, you know I’ll help you.” He watched as Liz scooted over to make room for him on the bed. Michael took off his shoes and socks. Then, paused before taking of his shirt.

Liz felt her breath catch as she watched. When he stopped, she said“ Get comfortable Michael. Don’t mind me.” With that Liz pulled off her long pants under the covers and threw them on the floor. Next she reached under her shirt and pulled off her bra. Then, she settled into the covers and looked at Michael.

Michael gulped as he watched Liz’s articles of clothing being removed and tossed to the floor. He could feel his body responding to it. Good thing the light was dim.

“I think I’ll just keep mine on.”

“Don’t be ridiculous, Michael. Look, I’ll help.” As Liz leaned over and touched the hem of Michael’s shirt, she felt light headed again and had to lay back.

“Liz!” Michael sat down on the bed and leaned over her touching her face. “Are you ok?”

Liz caught herself from leaning her cheek into his hand. “Oh. A bit woozy still. I’ll be fine. Just dinna argue with me. Get comfortable, please. For me. I won’t be able to relax if I think you are uncomfortable.”

Michael smiled at her as he caressed her cheek. “Ok. Just don’t try and get up anymore. You are giving me a heart attack here.” Michael quickly removed his shirt, then unbuttoned his pants and began to slide them off his long legs. He paused for a moment and noticed Liz watching him. He turned nervously and took them off the rest of the way.

~Darn~ Liz thought when she saw him turn away from her. Then, re-thought it when Michael turned his back to her. He was wearing jockey shorts. The kind that is form fitting and goes down the thighs. ~What a great as…Stop it. Can’t think like that, Liz. ~ Then the rest of her thoughts went out of her head as she felt Michael’s body cause the bed to shift.

Michael laid down beside her and put his arms above his head. ~Can’t do any harm up there, he thought. ~

Liz turned toward Michael and wrapped her arms around his waist. She felt Michael stiffen slightly.

“Are you ok with this, Michael? I just need your energy. It’s important.”

“Ok, Liz, whatever you need.”

“I need you to wrap your arms around me, Michael. You also need to relax.”

Relax?! Michael’s mind screamed. Yeah, right. He was supposed to relax with the love of his life beside him asking me to hold her. He slowly lowered his arms until they were resting around her shoulders. The sparks their contact usually set off had dimmed at the prolonged touch. But, his body hummed and tingled with excitement as he felt her arms on his bare skin.

It was going to be a long night.

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Hi there again! It's Tuesday! Hope this next part makes you happy, guys. I thought it was too soon, but its funny how sometimes these characters just do what they want and write themselves! Have fun! ~ck

Chapter 7

Liz woke during the night. She could hardly believe she had actually slept. Or maybe she could. She felt more content than she had ever felt in her life. Michael was still holding her tightly. His leg was laying over hers and his hand was cupping her breast. Liz reveled in the feel. She could almost believe that he loved her in that moment. She laid her hand over his and made a decision. She had to try again.

Nestling back into Michael, he stirred. She heard him murmur, “My Liz, sweet, Liz” into her hair. Liz could hardly believe it. Surely, he wouldn’t be saying her name and calling her ‘My Liz or Sweet Liz” in his sleep unless he cared for her.

She had to take the chance before she started thinking clearly. When Michael stirred again Liz took it. Quickly, she turned in his arms facing him. She felt him put his arms back around her, pulling her close to his side and then relax. His fingers on the arm under her curled around her ass until they were cupping her to him possessively. Liz lifted up her hand and slowly lowered it to run her hand over the expanse of his chest. She could feel his automatic intake breath on her forehead. So far, so good, she thought.

Slowly, she ran her hand down to the band on Michael’s shorts. She paused nervously. Could she really take things this far? How could she not, she thought. Here she was in bed, being caressed by the love of her life. She had to try.

Slipping her hand under the band, she moved slowly, so not to wake Michael, yet. Finally, she found what she was looking for. She circled her hand around him and began to run her hand up and down the of his length cock.

He felt so wonderful- all velvet and strength. Not being able to help herself, she sighed then leaned up to place kisses on his navel. She heard Michael moan involuntarily and suck in his breath. He had always been such a deep sleeper. Liz stopped her ministrations to sit up a bit more and pull the covers down to his hips.

Then, she pulled the top of his shorts down until he was revealed to her completely. The moon coming thru the window created the perfect light for the night. He was so beautiful. She stared at him for a moment. Wanting to be as close to him as she could for the moment, she took off her own clothes. Then, she lowered her head to take him into her mouth.

Michael squirmed in his sleep. He was having the greatest dream. Something kept trying to waken him but he just couldn’t leave the dream yet. Liz was making love to him in his bed. It was his greatest fantasy come true. Even if it was just a dream, he couldn’t leave it yet. He thread his hands in her silky long hair and breathed out her name.

Liz thought she would come right there when she felt Michael put his hands in her hair. Then, she heard him sigh her name again and she knew she was doing the right thing. She stopped to look up at him and heard him beg her not to stop. She didn’t want to disappoint so she continued suckling on him.

Michael felt breathless when he felt her stop. “Don’t stop, Liz…that feels so good.”

Liz had to pause at his next words. “I love you, Liz. Only you. I know I’m not good enough for you, but please…just love me back.”

Liz sat up and lay naked on top of him fully. Kissing his lips, she answered him back with passion.

“Oh, Michael. I love you, too. I’ve been waiting forever to hear you say that. I’ll always love you. You’ll always be the best person for me. I want you so much, Michael. I want to give myself to you. Please say that you want me too! ” Then, hearing him give a breathless ‘Yes, I want you too.” she carefully lowered herself onto his erection.

He felt like he was floating. The feeling and sensations were so very real. When, he felt the heat of Liz’s body on him, his eyes came open. He was shocked to his toes to find a naked Liz on top of him, lowering herself on top of his manhood.

“Oh, Liz. What are you…Oh…Liz?” Michael didn’t have time to react before she was fully on him. At once, he felt himself break thru her barrier and heard the sharp intake of Liz’s breath. Good grief, she was a virgin. What had they done?!

“Liz…why? Oh, Liz…” Michael could only lie back as Liz began to move on top of him. He took a deep breath and realized that he either couldn’t or wouldn’t stop what was happening. He wanted it. He didn’t know why she was doing this, but questions could be answered later. It was done now. Focusing on her was more important than anything. There was no way he was going to ruin her first time for her.

Michael placed his hands on her sides and guided her hips as she moved over him. Letting her have her way for now, he closed his eyes and forced himself to gain control over his body. After a moment, he reached out to her. His hands began to slowly move over her body. He caressed her waist and ran his hands up her chest paying special attention to her breasts and then down her arms. He brought her hand to his mouth and kissed the palm of her hand.

Soon, it was more that he could take. He pulled her down to his chest and kissed her as he flipped her onto her back.

Liz was in heaven. It hurt at first, but once Michael began to touch her, she couldn’t believe the sensations that were happening in her body. When he kissed her palm, it was the sweetest thing he had ever done for her so far. Now, he was on top and kissing her. She felt anxious for more and began to move her hips against his.

Michael stopped her hips with his hands. “Slow down, sweet. I want this to be good for you and I’m about to lose it. Just give me a minute.” He moved his hand to her face and touched his forehead to hers as he concentrated.

Then, slowly, he began to move inside of her again. The feeling was better that any dream ever. He wondered now, how he could have mistaken her for a dream earlier. He couldn’t have dreamed anything this good ever. He wanted to memorize every moment. Lowering his head he kissed her lips again. Then, he trailed kisses down her neck and to her chest.

Angling his body, he managed to take one of her nipples into his mouth as his hand caressed the other one then he switched. Liz arched at the pleasure he was bringing her. She began to breath harder and couldn’t contain the soft moans escaping her throat. The feeling was amazing. It was finally happening for her. She was with Michael. She began to chant his name as she felt something building deep within her abdomen.

“Michael…yes, please. Oh, yes. That feels so wonderful! Oh, Michael, me love. Michael…please!”

Liz shuddered as she came. Michael felt her tight walls close around him and couldn’t wait anymore.

He came inside her calling out her name. “Liizz!”

Staying inside of her, he pulled her close. His heart was beating in time with hers. Liz sighed as she nestled her head into his neck.

“Michael, I…”

He stroked her hair as he said, “Shhh, Liz. Let me just savor this. Let’s talk in the morning. I’m not quite sure of what just happened here. But, let’s talk about it tomorrow.”

Sighing Liz placed mesmerizing little kisses up and down his neck. “If that’s what you want. But, I was kinda hoping we could do that again.”

Michael groaned when he felt her hips grind against him. “Lizzzzz….”

See you next Tuesday! Hee, hee, hee! ~ck

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