Title: No Time Left
Couple: A/L
Rating: Not sure yet
Summary: Well if you know me at all you know I hate writting these so I am not going to
Note: This fic takes place after the first season.

Sometimes I wonder why God would allow these aliens to have entered our lives in the first place. I mean why would he want to torture us so badly? What have I done to deserve this. First they breeze in and change everything. Max saves Liz's life leading to them falling in love, Maria and Michael's relationship and my falling head over heels for a girl that would rather go to the mall then on a date with me. And not to mention Kyles little thing for Tess. That's how it was, at least until the summer started.

"I can't believe this!" Liz screamed at the top of her lungs. "Here I though Max and I had a chance but no, he is supposed to be with that blond bimbo." Liz laid her head back on her pillow and cried. All Maria and Alex could do was watch her.

"Liz honey it will be okay. He still loves only you," Maria said.

"Don't you get it Maria? No matter if we love each other or not I cannot be with him! I can't stand in the way of destiny. I'll just get trampled!"

Alex reached over and pulled her into a hug. Liz welcomed his arms and cried into his shirt. Maria seeing her friends having such a sweet moment joined the hug.

"Man, look how pathetic we are," Maria laughed causing Alex and Liz to laugh too.

"Yes we are," Alex smiled.

"I say we go out, have a great time and forget about all our alien related troubles," Maria suggested.

"I really don't feel like going out tonight Maria," Liz said as she let go of the both of them.

"Me either," Alex sighed.

"Well I need to go out. I can't think of all of this anymore. I need a breather. I might just go do some charaoke"

"Have fun," Alex said as Maria left the room.

"She doesn't let anything get her down does she,"Liz laughed.

"Nope" Alex looked at Liz's face. She looked so warn out. "Liz why don't you get some sleep"

"Okay, but will you stay with me until I fall asleep?" Liz asked praying tha the wold. She didn't want to be alone.

"Of course"

Liz slipped under the covers and laid her head on Alex's chest. In no time at all she was asleep.

Alex held onto Liz tighly. She had been through way too much. He hated Max for making her the shell of a person she was now. He looked down at her sleep ing form and just then noticed how incredibly beautiful she was. 'Whoa, did I just say Liz was incredibly beautiful?' alex thought to himself. Then it hit him like a ton of bricks, he had feelings for Liz.

Now he was scared shitless. How could he like Liz in that way? With his mind swarming, ALex gently got up out of the bed. He laif Liz's head down on her pillow and with one last look he left.

Alex couldn't be in the same room as Liz right now. His emotions were swarming and he needed to get out. What did this mean? What should he do about it? He had no clue what he would do, but he knew he couldn't hold these feelings in for long.


Liz rolled over, expecting to be in the same warm arms she fell asleep in,but to her surprise, no one was there. Of course she shouldn't be so amazed that he wasn't still there. She knew he would have to go home sometime.

Liz hopped out of bed. She got dressed quickly. She had to work today. It sucked that most of her summer would be spent working, but she had to admit the money was worth it. She put on her dorky alien outfit and headed downstairs.

Maria did not have to work today, so she was all alone with the new waitress and Michael who was busy cooking on the stove.

For some reason Liz felt happy. She knew she shouldn't be happy, because of the entire destiny Max thing, but she was truely happy.

Maria awoke to banging at her front door. "Hang on a minute!" Maria screamed. "This better be damn important!" Maria swung open the door and there stood Alex. He was slightly shaking and he looked as if he had seen a ghost.

"Alex are you alright?" Maria asked in concern.

"I..I'm not sure. I need to talk to you now," Alex stepped inside and pulled Maria into her bedroom.

"Okay Alex you better spill and it better be goo," Maria said as she made herself comfortable on the bed.

"I...I think I might. SHIT how do I say this?"

"Just say it," Maria prompted.

"I think I like Liz," ALex said quickly.

"Uh..DUH, we both like Liz. How is this new news?" Maria asked confused.

"No Maria, I LIKE Liz."

Maria's mouth dropped. "You mean LIKE like?"


Maria jumped off the bed. "How long?"

"I just...I am not sure. I just sort of realized it last night. Shit! What do I do now?" Alex asked. He was a nervous wreck. Falling for Liz was the last thing he had wanted to happen. She was supposed to just be his friend.

"Man, wow, this is nuts. My bestfriend likes my other bestfriend. Htis is just classic you know. Why didn't I see this coming?" Maria babbled.

"Maria you are not helping me with my problem here!" Alex yelled. He was getting frustrated. He knew he would have to face Liz again soon. They were best friends.

"I am not sure whatyou should do. I mean of course you have to tell her"

"Tell her? How the hell do I do that? I'll jsut go up t o her and say gues what! I like you! No way that is not gonna happen!"

"Alex you have to!"

"I can't not now."

"Fine but you better do it soon. You know how bad I am at keeping secrets!"


Part 3

Alex walked into school with butterflies in his stomach. He couldn't help but want to run right back out of the doors he just came through. He would have to face Liz and that was something he wasn't ready to do. What if she could see right through him? What if she could tell how he felt just by looking in his eyes? ALex didn't get anymore time ot think, because Maria was headign his way.

"Hey my little lovesick puppy," Maria said as she rubbed his head.

"Shut up PLEASE," Alex whinned. He wasn't going to be able to survive.

"I can't stop, this is too mcuh fun. Oh look Alex here comes your dream girl now," Maria laughed. Liz was walking right to them.

"Hey guys," Liz said as she reached her friends.

"HI" Maria said trying not to laugh at the horrified look on Alex's face. She knew that Alex must be afraid taht she would let the secret slip.

"Hey" Alex said trying to keep eye contact with the floor.

"So, what's going on tonight?" Liz asked. "Is it movie night at my house?"

"Yes," Alex said still trying to not look at her.

"Yeah it is, but you know, I can't come. I have this...thing ot do tonight," Maria explained. She really had nothing ot do tonight, but she wanted to give Alex some time alone with Liz.

Alex looked at Maria with pure hatred. She knew that he wasn't ready to be alone with Liz yet so why was she setting them up to be. He wanted to smack Maria upside the head.

"What thing?" Liz asked.

"Oh well...uh..Michael and I are going out, for once," Maria siad quickly. She hoped Liz bought that excuse.

"That's nice," Liz said. She turned to Alex who had his head up looking at Maria. "I guess it's just you and me buddy"

For the first time, he looked Liz in the eye. He practically melted when he did. "Yeah...I...um..I guess."

"If you don't want to come tonight, we can cancel," Liz said disapointed.

"NO! I mean no, I want to come."

"Okay then I'll see you at 7:00, bye guys," liz wlaked away and heaed fo rher first class.

Alex reached over and shoved Maria.

"HEY! What was that for?"

"Oh what was that for," Alex mocked. "You know what that was for. I can't bleieve you did that. You are horrible!"

"No, I am just giving you time alone with your sweet heart," Maria said as she walked off to her new class.


"You'll love me for this!"

ALex walked off to his first class. THis was going to be a long day.


Part 4

Liz sat on her bed trying to think of what was wrong with her. She was incredibly nervous that Alex was coming over for some reason. It wasn’t like they didn’t do this all the time, Alex always came over to watch movies. But this time it felt different. Liz had realized that in the last few days, she had been feeling more and more nervous around Alex. She hoped that he hadn’t sensed it. She wasn’t quite sure why, but she knew that she was attracted to him. Of course that made things harder for her to act like everything was normal. She knew that she couldn’t ever tell Alex about her feelings because that would put a strain on their friendship, and she needed him right now. She would be happy with just being friends. The only problem would be that she would have to hide her feelings.

Liz got up and went to her closet. She needed to figure out what to wear tonight. Normally she would just wear here pajamas to their little video watching marathon, but now she wasn’t so sure if that was a good idea. Normally if she liked a guy, she would dress up, but how could she do that without Alex knowing something was up? He knew he all too well. Liz decided on wearing a light pink tank top and jeans. That way, she wouldn’t be in her pajamas but she also wouldn’t be too dressed up.

Once she was dressed, Liz sat back down on her bed, a minute later she was up and pacing the floor. She couldn’t stay still she was just too damn nervous. She needed a distraction. She needed to talk to Maria. Liz grabbed the phone and dialed her number.

“Hello?” a voice said

“Hi Ms. Deluca, is Maria there?” Liz asked.

“Sorry honey, she’s out. Do you want to leave her a messege or something?” she asked.

“Uh, no thanks,” Liz said and hung up the phone. Great, just great, now what would she do until Alex got there?

“Don’t you have anything in here that isn’t so….you?” Maria asked as she rummaged through Alex’s closet.

“Well the problem with that would be that I AM me so the answer would be no,” Alex laughed. Maria had been over at his house since school got out and she was officially driving him crazy. She had decided that he needed to wear the perfect outfit tonight to Liz’s and that she had to pick it out.

Alex was nervous, well nervous wasn’t the right word, terrified was. He wasn’t sure if he was ready to be alone with Liz yet. It just seemed to soon. When he had spoken to her at school it was really strange and uncomfortable. No when would be spending hours alone with her in her bedroom watching movies? The thought alone scared the shit out of him.

“Alex honey, you need to go shopping. I mean seriously you have nothing here,” Maria said poking her head out of the closet and seeing Alex staring off into space. “Uh…are you okay?”

“Yeah, uh what’s up?” Alex asked.

“Well this was all I could find,” Maria said holding a pair of Khakis and a blue shirt

Alex grabbed the clothes and went into the bathroom. Moments later he came out again. “They don’t fit. The pants are too big,” Alex explained. He was angry.

“Okay well all we have to do is go to the store and buy something,” Maria smiled and grabbed her purse.

“NO!” Alex yelled. “That’s enough. I am not going shopping and I am not going to Liz’s house,” Alex yelled as he ran for the phone. He quickly dialed.

“Hello?” Liz said into the phone.

“Uh hi Liz, this is Alex. I can’t come over tonight. My dad wants me to do something with him. We’ll have to do it another time.”

“Oh, okay, “Liz said. “I’ll talk to you later then.”




Alex hung up the phone and let out a deep breath. That’s when he was smack in his head. “OUCH!”

“You bastard! I take all this time to help you and when there is a tiny problem you freak out and cancel the entire thing? You suck!” Maria yelled.

“I wasn’t ready!” Alex explained.

“You’ll never do it Alex. If you don’t go for it now, you’ll think of it as a lost cause,” Maria yelled. “I can’t believe this!”

“Well this is hard for me Maria! What if she doesn’t feel the same way for me? What if she finds out how I feel and then doesn’t want to be near me anymore? Should I really take that chance?” Alex asked.

“Yes you should!” Maria yelled.

“Maria, I…I need to be alone,”

“Fine, but just remember what you gave up tonight. An entire night alone with the girl you like. But you threw it all away,” Maria said as she walked out the door.

Liz layed in bed staring at the ceiling. She couldn’t believe that tonight she would have to sit home all alone after everything that she had done to make tonight work out good. She had gone out and rented three movies. She hadn’t seen them so she wasn’t sure if they were good or not, but that wasn’t the point. She had wanted to spend time with Alex. It didn’t seem fair that the only time she would have to spend alone with Alex, his parents would want to do something with him. They were never home so it made sense that if they were they would want to spend time with him, but why did it have to be tonight of all nights?

Liz pulled back her covers and pulled then over her body. If she wasn’t gong to see Alex tonight she may as well get some sleep. She laid her head down on her pillow and drifted to sleep.

Alex couldn’t stay inside. He was too upset with himself. Maria was right. He regretted not going over to Liz’s house tonight. He had missed the chance to spend time with her and he hated himself for it. Now he was in the park at 11:00 at night feeling sorry for himself. He sat down on a bench and just stared out into the night. He wished that Liz was there with him to share this. He wanted her to be close to him all the time, but was afraid of that too.

Suddenly Alex stood up. He needed to talk to Liz. He needed to see her even if it was for a short time. He needed to stop being so afraid to talk to a girl. Yes, he had been turned down many times in the past, but he had to do this anyways. His feelings wouldn’t change and going on like he just wanted her as a friend because that wasn’t what he wanted. Alex started to walk to Liz’s house.


I tired so hard
And got so far
But in the end
It doesn't even matter
I had to fall
To lose it all
But in the end
It doesn't even matter
LINKIN PARK (In the End)