Not So Happily Ever After....

Once upon a time there was a fairy named Seo who lived on planet far, far away. The fairies were mystical presences that protected the people of Antar. Seo was much envied among fairy’s because she guarded over the planet’s King. He was the only person that Seo could communicate with, but she could talk with the other fairy’s and all the animals of the planet.
(Think less fairy, and more spiritual guardian. Like in Zelda)
“Seo, where are you?”
“I am here King Zan. I am always here.”
“Let me see you.”

Seo concentrated her energy to create an outline of herself like that of an Antarian woman. Seo longed to be a real person, despite the prestige of fairy status. People got to experience life, while fairy’s where on the outside of existence.

“Seo, Vilondra is seeing Kivar in secret. I know it.”
“Does Rath know?”
“I’m not sure. If he doesn’t...... I don’t know whether to tell him or not. If I do, and Vilondra marries Kivar instead, the throne in could be in grave danger. But if I don’t tell Rath, he is my friend.....they’ll never be happy. I’m so conflicted.”

“It is not Rath you must speak with, it is Vilondra.”
“I can’t get through to her. She’s a brick wall when it comes to these things.”
“You must try. You were very close when you were young. You have drifted apart but you are still family.”

“Seo, for once just tell me what to do.”
“Zan, you know I cannot do that. It is my job to advice, not order. Besides, if you cannot take care of your own problems, how will you deal with those of the planet?”
“Vilondra and Rath cause me more grief than the Behonians ever thought of.” muttered Zan as he began to pace outside on the palace courtyard.
Seo let herself dissolve back into the atmosphere and surrounded Zan like an aura.

While Zan was sleeping Seo slipped away from him to seek Kano, Vilondra’s fairy.
“Seo what are you doing here? Is something wrong? Has something happened to Zan?”
“No, it’s just Zan is worried about Vilondra... Is it true, is she seeing Kivar?”
“I’m doing my best by Vilondra. So don’t worry about her. And tell Zan not to worry about her either. That’s my job.”

Seo, realizing she would get no where with Kano, returned to Zan .
“Seo?” stirred Zan when he felt her return.
“Yes Zan?” replied Seo, while emitting a bright light so Zan would know she was there.
“Where were you?”
“Just wandering. Why? Is something wrong?”
“No more than usual.” muttered Zan as he drifted back to sleep.
“Sweet dreams.” whispered Seo.

Night time was the worst for fairies. They couldn’t talk with their person, but they needed to watch over them incase a catastrophe happened during the night. If a battle did take place a fairy could not interfere though, they were sworn to peace. An odd fairy had tried lending energy and insight in a time of war, really that’s all they could do because they were unable to touch the ‘physical’ realm, and the fairy had been banished by Algotha.

Algotha was the source of all power on the planet.


Seo was a relatively young fairy. Zan was only the third person intrusted to her watch.

The first had been a young boy who had died before his fifth birthday. He had fallen into the well and perished. Seo had gone looking for another fairy so they could summon their human’s help but none were to be found. And when she returned he was dead.

The second was a beautiful noble woman named Shala who killed herself after her boyfriend left her.

Algotha had taken pity on Seo’s terrible luck and had honoured her by entrusting her with Zan.

The Day Before the Wedding.........

“Yes. Who are you?” asked Seo as she looked at the unfamiliar fairy who was flitting back and forth in front of her.
“Isop. I’m guardian of Kivar. He’s been acting weird lately. I’m afraid he’ll do something disgraceful and shame me for life. All my people have been perfect angels. He’ll be a black mark on all my existence.”

“What is it that Kivar going to do?”
“I don’t know. That’s just it. He’s not sharing with me. But I can sense something terrible. Oh why did he have to go and fall in love with Vilondra.”
“He loves her?” asked Seo.
“Yes, very much. Entirely too much in my opinion. It’s not right to love that much.”

“I’m glad I’m not human.” sighed Isop. “There such bothersome creatures. Falling in love and such things. What is so important about love anyway?”
“Love is everything, without it we are nothing.” whispered Seo, remembering Shala’s final words.
“Well I’m glad us fairy’s can get along without it.”
“We love our people.” pointed out Seo.

Isop shook his head at Seo. Really she was a most frivolous fairy. Didn’t deserve to be in control of Zan at all. Especially when she was so inexperienced and her first humans had such dreadful ends. But Isop was tired of trying to come up with why Algotha did what he did.

Every one has a fairy guardian. The guardians can only communicate with the person they guide.
Fairy guardians for:
Behonians are from the planet Behon. A rival of Antar’s.*

The Day of the Wedding...........

“I can’t believe you are actually making me go through with this.” seethed Vilondra as she tugged on her wedding gown. “Who does this to someone they love?”
“Vilondra, marrying Rath is the only way we can be together. If you are safely married than Zan will have no problem with us having a little something on the side.”
“You make me feel so loved.” replied Vilondra, her voice dripping with sarcasm.
“Well, I’m the only one. Zan only cares about his precious throne and Rath only cares about his career.” Kivar replied seriously.

“You know that’s not true Vilondra. Both Rath and Zan care for you very much.” inserted Kano. He wished he could communicate with Kivar directly without using Isop as a radio. He would give him a piece of his mind then.


“Rath are you sure you want to go through with this?” asked Hira timidly. Hira rarely questioned any of Rath’s decisions but after being confronted by Seo and Isop, she decided that she must try and take some action.

Hira knew that Rath was only marrying Vilondra so that Kivar couldn’t. Kivar was half Behonion and people were unsure of where his loyalties lie. She had even over heard Rath whispering to himself that he was “taking one for the team.”

Then there was a knock on his door.
“Who’s there?” asked Rath.
“Zan who?”
“Rath just let me in.”
“Zan I know what you’re going to say. And I know what I’m doing. You should be relieved.”
“I am. But....”
“And tell that meddlesome fairy of yours to stop giving Hira ideas. She’s been questioning my motives all day.”

Zan walked away from Rath’s door and sat down in the hallway.
“Seo, you were meddling?”
“I wasn’t going to but Isop was worried that Kivar might do something. I just wanted Hira to warn Rath.”
“So your only human after all.” joked Zan.
“I wish.” thought Seo.