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Author: Nehal
Title: Goth
Summary: Witches and witchcraft- AU.
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Isabel stared into nothing and everything in his eyes. Unable to move, she could only watch as the stranger circled around a pile of ashes, a smirk playing against his lips.

“So, how long have you known?” A soft whisper, a voice so warm it invaded her senses and repulsed them, making her feel-

Isabel frowned when she realised that he made her feel like Michael did.

“Who are you?”

“First answer my question” Eyes, a deep, rich melancholic hazel looked into hers, and instantly she was gone. Lost in his hypnotic gaze.

“I have known my entire life” Her voice was flat, her mind empty. The man merely smiled, his eyes never once leaving hers.

“How long is that?”

“Two hundred years”

“You have lived that long?”


“Are you a witch?”


A pause. A momentary break in concentration; Isabel felt her mind loosen from an imagined trap before meshing itself further into it.

“Are there others?”


“How many?”

“Two. Liz and Maria”

Another pause. The stranger stared at her a moment before running a hand through his hair.

“Tell Michael Max has arrived”

An implosion of silver and pink startled her before she fell to the ground.

Liz raised an eyebrow as Michael suddenly materialised by the prom entrance. Luckily no one had seen- not that the impossibly gorgeous warlock now approaching her cared of course. Anyone who saw was executed- it was the reason why he existed. To kill anyone who threatened them-

She smiled as he entwined his hand with hers.

“Where did you go? I was waiting-“ She kissed his cheek and then his brow and neck- for some reason she had this urge to devour him. To kiss every inch of his body and then make him beg to taste his blood-

Instinctively she snarled.

“Somewhere more important than a prom” He snapped, eyes flashing dangerously for a moment before cooling into they’re usual detached calm. “Maria needs a friend” He added almost as an after-thought.

The sexual haze that seemed to drown Liz’s senses in hot blazing need suddenly vanished, and she instantly took a step back. Everything was so confusing, so-


“Maria needs a friend. Talk to her, I need to find Isabel”

With that he suddenly vanished, leaving Liz frowning in the corner of the room.

She had never felt that disorientated under one of Michael’s spells before.