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Summary: Post Departure. Mi/L K/M The aliens get to go home.

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That’s it. It’s over. I’m tired of thinking of Max Evans. I hung on, because I remembered what we once were. I had a shred of hope because what we once had was the most beautiful thing I could ever hope for. But we have both changed…we have both “grown”. I’m sure Tess has “grown” with Max’s child and no matter how much I love him, I just don’t know if I can handle that connection that he will always have with her. I would like to be above all of that, but when I look at Max, I no longer feel the same, no matter how hard I try. It’s not only me…he’s different too. He can no longer treat me as #1 if he has a child to think about. GOD…I never dreamed this would happen…future Max never mentioned children…he is almost like a dream…telling me only what I needed to hear. Maybe it was Tess mindwarping me…God, I don’t care….I just wish I could get away.

“Lizzie, I know you would like to change schools after all that has happened to you…Alex’s death, Tess’s disappearance, and your problems with Max…but, Honey, you can’t run away from your problems. You have to face them, and deal with them, and become a stronger person.”

Yeah, Dad always sounds right…like he knows what he’s talking about. I’m sure he has his problems too, though.

So, I am still in hell…going to W Roswell, talking to all my “friends” that remind me of the failure my life has become. Why can’t Maria be serious for once? Why can’t she give me good advice instead of cracking jokes? I don’t need her humor…God, I could laugh at myself if that is what I was looking for…Hell, maybe she should just hook up with Max. I’m sure she could get over the fact he has a child with another woman. God, I sound like such a prude…but FUCK, I would’ve never been with someone I didn’t know anything about and let them get me pregnant.

Speaking of Maria…who knows what the fuck is going on with her. Listen to my language…so NOT little Lizzie…must be stress, no? So Maria fucks Michael…or they do it with each other…he stays on Earth for her…then she decides it’s all too much for her and breaks it off with him. I understand…I mean, losing your virginity is a big deal and all…then he leaves. What a fucking bastard…even if he did come back. I think he was just too scared to take the big air jetliner to Antar. Maybe he realized that if all chicks on Antar were like Isabel and Tess, he was screwed. Who knows? All I know is that sex was the apex of the relationship between Maria and Michael….she never thought they’d get any further than that. I think she wanted to be able to say “I fucked an alien, so you’d better be a damn good lay to top that!” It’s not like she hadn’t done things with other guys…oh I KNEW that her and Kyle had done a few things freshman year. Just “experiments.” I’m on a tangent…I should stop while I’m ahead.

“Hey, Max, could I talk to you?”




”Max, we’ve been trying to get back together, but I just can’t do it. We aren’t the same people. We’ve grown apart. You are searching for your CHILD, Max, and I’m not getting the type of attention and love that I want, need, or deserve. Yes, I know you love me…but, Hon, you didn’t love me enough to keep your dick in your pants. I want more. I want to be cherished, I want to make beautiful love to someone without having to worry about having flashes of them with another alien…get it? I did a lot for you and the other aliens…I sacrificed so much…and you did deserve it…after all, you saved my life. But I just need more now. Please understand.”

“Liz, I love you. You should be with me.”

“Max, sometimes love isn’t enough. You can love me and say you love me all you want…but I have to FEEL it…and I can’t feel it. The love just isn’t there anymore…no matter how much we want it to be. It’s time to move on.”

We both looked at each other with unshed tears in our eyes. It was a love I would remember forever, but it could never be again. Thank god I accepted it…beating a dead horse would only prolong our pain.

“Liz, I am going to find my son. I’m leaving Roswell. I don’t know if I will ever see you again…I will try to keep in touch. Michael and possibly Isabel will be here for you if you need anything. I’m sorry I couldn’t be what you needed, but I guess I do have a destiny that does not revolve around you.”

“Well, Isabel and Michael have their own lives too. Don’t tell me you haven’t noticed that Isabel is preoccupied with that new lawyer at you dad’s firm…and Michael, well, I won’t hold my breath for that one. He doesn’t have the best record for being there for Maria…”

“I wish I could say more, Liz. I wish I could do more….but you are right. I have to find my destiny…I wish we could go back to what we were…but I don’t feel it there any more either.”

“Good luck, Max.”

With that, I walked off….out of the life of Max Evans, and (so I thought) out of the realm of aliens.
“So Liz, how are you holding up? Still planning on becoming a microbiologist at Harvard?”

“Maria, you know I am fine. Max and I were through a long time ago…long before he impregnated Tess.”

Michael was sitting on a bar stool, listening to Maria and I talk. Maria was on the bar stool next to him with her legs over Michael’s, practically straddling him.

“Hey, Liz. You know, I could really help you completely get Max out of your system…”

“Is that a fact, Michael?”

Michael had seemed more and more human the past few months. He never used his powers, at least not in front of me…and Maria hadn’t mentioned any otherworldly experiences with him. In fact, they hadn’t really been together since he’d almost left for Antar. He had said he came back for her, and she had cried for joy when he’d told her…but nothing had progressed past that. They were simply Maria and Michael…and they didn’t really “date” anymore.

“Well, he did tell me all about his cough ENCOUNTER cough with Tess…”

“Michael, don’t you DARE tell her the story!”

“No, Maria, I’d like to hear it. He’s right…it would be therapeutic.”

“Um, well, he just mentioned that his, uh, “point of culmination” lasted an hour..”

“WHAT?!!!” both Maria and Liz exclaimed.

“Hey, we only did it once, spaceboy, and I seriously don’t remember it lasting an hour.”

“No, it didn’t, Maria, I think it has something to do with the fact that they are both aliens.”

“Well, thank you for making a girl feel so SPECIAL.”

“Hey you two, knock it off, you are supposed to care about each other…”

“Of course we do, Liz…but we have sort of cooled it off lately. I think the alien lovin’ happened because we both knew Michael was leaving…and it would be our last chance for alien/human lovin’” Maria laughed.

“You mean you two aren’t a serious couple anymore?” Liz was flabbergasted.

“Listen, Chica…you know I have dreams…dreams of being a famous rockstar…delusions of grandeur…whatever. Michael just wants to lay low. We’re still friends. In fact, I can’t imagine losing my virginity to anyone else.”

Liz was silent. Who would she have chosen to lose her virginity to? A lover, a friend? According to Maria, her and Michael were more like friends now…

“Liz, Michael and I talked about it. He’s an alien, I’m human, we’re different. We aren’t going to make the same mistake that you and Max made. We had our special moment, and that’s it.”

“Well, I’m glad you didn’t get so involved that you ended up getting hurt…”

“I would never hurt anyone, Liz. You have to know that. After all the pain I’ve been through…I would never want to do the same to anyone else. After seeing how you’ve been because of Max…I just never wanted to do that to anyone. Maria and I agreed on it.”

Liz sat on her balcony, pondering all that had transpired that day. Damn, I need a cigarette. Liz jumped over the railing of her balcony and cautiously stepped down the fire escape to the street below. She walked slowly to the nearest 24/7 convenience store down the street.

Liz walked in to the 7/11 and looked around. The light was bright and she stopped just inside the door to get her bearing.

“Hey Liz” a husky voice resonated in her mind.

“Oh, Michael, Hey….what are you doing here?”

“Just getting a snack,” he teased, holding up a bag of porkskins and a bottle of Tabasco.

“Ahh…the alien vice…porkskins and Tabasco” Liz teased.

What’s your poison?” Michael laughed

“Truthfully, Michael, I was looking for a pack of smokes…never too late to pick up a new habit.”

“Ahhh…Little Lizzie wants to become a smoker…didn’t you learn in that biology class of yours that smoking is bad for you?” Michael laughed.

“Well, Mr. Surgeon General, after all I’ve been through this past year, a smoke sounds a lot less dangerous.” Liz laughed.

Michael threw his porkskins and Tabasco down on the counter and asked for a box of Marlboro lights. The cashier eyed him before ringing up the order.

“That’ll be 5.36”

“I got it, Liz” Michael said, throwing a $20 down on the counter.


They walked out of the 7/11 and Michael dug around in the bag, handing Liz her smokes. Liz opened the pack, pressing her first cigarette into her mouth.

“Uh, Michael, I don’t suppose you asked for a pack of mat…”

Michael held up his hand and a warm glow emanated from the end of the cigarette in her mouth.

“Thanks” she mumbled as she inhaled the smoke from her first cigarette.

Michael laughed as she coughed…”Liz, never thought I’d see the day…you ok?”

“Yes, I’m ok” she coughed out. “Guess this will take some getting used to…” she trailed off.

“You headed back home?” Michael asked.

“I assumed I was…until you showed up…are you going home?”

“Yeah…” he trailed off…”You want to come?”

“Sure.” Liz walked in silence beside Michael until they got to his apartment.

“You want to come in? Smoking is allowed inside…” he grinned.

“I’m not standing out here so that all of Roswell can watch me.” She said.

Liz followed him into the house and flopped down on his couch, cigarette dangling from her mouth..

“You know, Liz, I never figured you for a smoker” Michael laughed as he fell down next to her, ashtray in hand.

“Did you make this, Michael? It’s beautiful!” Liz said as she grabbed the ashtray, rubbing her fingers along the smooth edges.

“Well, I made it from special spaceship metal, using my extraordinary powers to warp the molecules.”

“Ahh…well, I think it’s still beautiful,” Liz said as she eyed the heavy mass of metal in her hands. “What is that design?”

“Well, it’s not exactly a design…it’s words…in Antarian.”

“Wow, really? What does it say?” Liz asked.

“Well, it may look pretty, but it’s actually just the words from a song…Home by Staind.”

“I had no idea you had such appreciation for human music, Michael.” Liz laughed.

“Speaking of that…did you know Maria is talking to a producer?”

“What? You’re kidding me?! Why hasn’t she told me?”

“Well, she wasn’t sure they were really interested, and, well, she was using one of Alex’ songs…she wasn’t sure how you’d react.” Michael said slowly…

“Oh…” was all Liz could say. “I guess we have all sort of grown apart during the past few months.

“She really wanted to tell you…but we both agreed to wait until she was actually positive about everything and well, I think she’s been contemplating dropping out if the record exec wants to sign her and I think she just didn’t want to tell you that she was leaving until she was absolutely sure and…” Michael rambled…

“Wow…so she really has her shit together, huh? I’ve been freaking out over all this alien shit going on, worrying about how everyone is reacting and she has already gotten another freaking life and left me behind...” Liz was starting to get teary eyed.

“No, Liz. Listen, she didn’t want to tell you until she was sure. She and I both know what you’ve been going through. We both thought it would be better for her to wait until she was sure before she told you…”

“Oh, so you both decided to gang up against me?! Do you KNOW what I’ve been going through by MYSELF for this past year? DO YOU?! I’ve been drug through SHIT this past year to save everyone’s precious ass and you haven’t bothered to thank me...not that you even KNEW what was going on…”

“Whoa, whoa, wait…what have you been going through Liz?”

“Oh, you mean Maria shares all of THIS crap with you, but she doesn’t bother to tell you all the fucking shit I’ve sacrifices for you…all of you?” Liz cried in disbelief.
Michael grabbed her arms as they flailed while she tried to get off the couch.

“Liz, what have you…?” Michael asked, almost a whisper.

Suddenly, he was inundated with flashes…future Max, Liz crying as she realized what she had to do, watching Max with Tess, her pain at finding at what happened between Max and Tess, the calm sadness as she realized what she had with Max was truly over…

“Oh, Liz…I’m so sorry…” was all Michael could manage to get out as he pulled her into a tight embrace…”I had no idea…”

“You mean Max did not tell you and Isabel after I told him?”

Michael sat quiet for a moment…”No, he didn’t. I’m so sorry Liz. If Isabel knew, she would thank you too…God, I’m so sorry that you had to go through that alone…. and Fucking DAMN Max for not telling us…you deserved more than that…. of course, Isabel probably wouldn’t bother to thank you, she’s so caught up with her latest fuck...”

“Michael, I think I want to go home.”

“I’m sorry, Liz, I really am. Do you want me to walk you home?”

“No thanks, I…” Liz tried to be stoic, but she broke down into tears.

“God, I just wish things were different…I wish I could forget for one freaking night…”

She cried as Michael held her in his arms…”Liz, stay tonight. Tell your parents you stayed with Maria…tell them anything. I just don’t want you to leave and think you are in this by yourself. I can’t believe you’ve held this all on your shoulders by yourself…”

Liz hiccupped and held him tighter, resigning herself to his request.

“Here…” he said, as he pulled a bottle of wine out of his 7/11 sack next to his feet “we can celebrate your freedom…you don’t have to hide anything anymore...not from me anyway.”

Liz looked up, seeing the bottle of wine, looking to Michael’s face, back to the bottle of wine.

“Liz, let’s forget the fact that I’m and alien and you’re human…let’s just have a good time tonight, ok? I am so thankful to you for all you have done…let’s just forget about it all for one night…”

What Michael said made so much sense. It had been so long since she had just let go…telling Michael had somehow been more of a release than telling Maria or Max had ever been. He made her feel that what she had done was more than just right, but self-sacrificing. Simply the fact that he wanted her to forget about her troubles made her weep with relief.

“Ok, Michael, pour the first round, please…” she sighed.

Michael carefully took out two plastic Taco Bell cups…”Sorry, sweets, but all I have are plastic cups…hope you weren’t hoping for long stemmed crystal….”

Liz laughed…”Michael, I don’t care if you just share the bottle with me…glasses aren’t important.”

“A glass of fine wine for the lady” Michael laughed as he handed her the plastic cup filled with half of the bottle of wine. “Now, let’s talk about things not so serious, eh?”

Liz took a large gulp of her glass as she peered over the edge, watching Michael devour almost half of the rest in one gulp.

“Um, Michael, have you ever drank alcohol before?” Liz asked tentatively…draining at least half of her glass.

“Nope, never. I guess I saw you at the 7/11 and couldn’t resist picking up a bottle…”

“So you have never been told or discovered for yourself the reaction of alcohol on an alien?” Liz giggled, taking another huge gulp out of her glass.

“No, Liz, I don’t know what will happen to an alieurn when we drink alkie-hol” Michael hiccupped.

“Oh no” Liz said as she drained the last of her cup and laughed too loudly.

“What?” Michael slurred…

“Then we’re both gonna be drunk really soon” Liz laughed as she drained the last drop from the bottle.

“Aliens don’t get dunk, Liz” Michael slurred as he grabbed her wrist.

“Eek!” Liz squealed as she tried to wrestle her wrist from his grasp.

Michael only gripped harder, pulling her closer…”I am not dunk, I’s only havin problems with my balanks” as he toppled them both onto the couch their faces only inches apart…

Parte the Seconde

“Uh, Michael…care to remove your right hand from my left breast?”

They both looked down at Michael’s hand, then back up into each other’s eyes, suddenly both very sober.

“Uh…ye-“ Michael said as they heard a knock at the door.
Michael jumped off the couch and was to the door in two quick strides.

“Hi Michael! OH, and Liz, Hi! We didn’t expect to find both of you here—actually that is really weird—but anyway, I have something SO exciting to tell both of you!”

“Ok, Maria, spill…what is it?” Liz said as she moved over so both Maria and Kyle could set down on the couch.

“Well, you know how Jim has been singing at the local club on weekends? Well, of course my mom wanted to go see him because, you know, there’s this sort of weird thing going on between them and everything and you know, I went because I just had to see it, and well, I figured Kyle could probably use some support and all and …”

“Maria, just get to the point of the story!” Kyle grumbled, giving Michael and Liz an apologetic look.

“Ok, ok…so Jim invites me up to sing with him and I belt out my favorite Mazzy Star song and there was a RECORD PRODUCER in the audience…in freakin’ Roswell! So he comes up to me and offers me a deal…right there in front of my mom and Kyle and everybody!”

“Maria that’s great! Wow! Congratulations! That is so exciting!” Liz squealed, pulling Maria down on the couch with her. “This calls for a celebration! Michael, pour us all a glass of wine!”


“Oh, so Maria, what are you going to do about school, I mean…this is our last year…how are you going to graduate if you’re gonna be recording and touring and stuff?”

“Well I’m sure I can get a tutor and stuff…I mean, I do plan on graduating…leave it to you to worry about school, Liz.”

“Well, you know, I’m just thinking about your future…”

“I know.” The two girls hugged as Michael downed the rest of his wine.

“Well guys, I just happen to have a movie, if you want to hang out and watch…. anyone up for Reservoir Dogs?”
“ would just figure you would have a Tarantino...” Maria rolled her eyes. “But, this may be the last chance we get to spend together…I’m so glad all of you are here…should we call Isabel or something?”

“Uh, I don’t think she will be able to make it…” Kyle trailed off…”last time I saw her, she was headed towards Jesse’s house…”

“Well, she has been spending a lot of time with him…I wonder when she’ll finally break down and stop hiding it from her parents…”

“Probably never, Liz…it’s so much more “exciting” if she thinks she’s being “bad” “ Michael smirked.

The gang laughed and settled in to watch Reservoir Dogs…realizing it would be the last time in a long while that they would be together.

“Michael, I need that order NOW!” Liz yelled.

“OK, OK, I don’t have 5 arms, alien or not!” Michael spat back. Ugh, Liz could really be a pain in the ass when the restaurant got busy. He looked up and caught Kyle staring at Liz, then looked towards Michael with a questioning look. Michael shook his head and Kyle reached out and grabbed Liz’s wrist.

“Hey, girl, slow down…take a seat, relax a little” he said as he pulled her onto the chair next to him.

“I know, Kyle, I am out of control…but graduation is tomorrow, my parents are out of town leaving me in charge of the restaurant and planning the after graduation party and Maria hasn’t made it back into town yet and I think my head is literally going to explode.”

“Wow, you reminded me of Maria just then…I don’t think I’ve ever heard such a long run on sentence come out of you mouth!” Kyle teased.

“Speaking of Maria, have you heard from her lately?” Liz asked.

“She’s written quite a few times…more to the whole family, sometimes she calls me just to say hello and ask about the czechoslavakian situation…but that’s about it. I really miss her.”

“I do too…I’m so glad she’s going to get to graduate with us! The last time I saw her was when she came to your dad and Amy’s wedding…”

“Yeah, me too…” Kyle said.

The bells on the door signaled another customer entering the restaurant and Liz looked over to see some of Kyle’s jock buddies enter the restaurant.

“Hey guys!” Kyle waved them over.

“Kyle, we hear you got the football scholarship to Las Cruces, congrats man! Oh, and hey, is that hot sister of yours coming into town tonight? What I wouldn’t give for a piece of that a-----“

“Man, Stifler, do I have to kick your ass for talking about one of my sisters again?” Kyle said, shoving him roughly.

“Jesus, man, you like SLEPT with your last “sister”, so what are you fucking talking about?”

“Hey, that was an entirely different situation, so shut the hell up”

Liz noticed how protective Kyle was of Maria and laughed to herself. It wasn’t everyday that a guy had a famous stepsister who most guys drooled over her picture and who was the topic of much locker room discussion.

“So Kyle, did Maria say if she had any plans to stop touring and go to college with us?” Liz asked, hoping to change the subject…

Kyle’s eyes brightened “Oh Liz, I can’t believe she hasn’t told you yet…I thought…maybe she wants it to be a surprise…”

“What? NO, Kyle Valenti get back here and tell me what you know…NOW!” Liz demanded, grabbing the collar of his jacket and dragging him back onto his stool.

“Ok, ok…you know she’s graduating with us…so she applied for the music program at Las Cruces and was accepted! She’s gonna be there with fact, I think she’s trying to share a dorm room with you.” Kyle grinned.

Liz was shocked to say the least. She had given up Harvard to stay close to her friends…they were her family now…and although Max had headed on his quest for his spawn, Liz had tried to keep the rest of the gang together, just as future Max had asked. That was so long ago it seemed…and she had been a different person, so had Max. While she had finally accepted that what they could never be again, she had clung to that love and never allowed herself to get close to anyone else…just the gang, her family. Now that Maria was coming back, and living in her dorm—her room!—Liz was excited and happy for the first time in a long while. She felt hope, that her heart would heal and that she would find her meaning in this crazy life that she had been given.

“So, Liz, what are you majoring in? “ Maria asked as she hung up a dress in their closet.

“Well, I assumed I would go into microbiology, like I had always planned on doing…but I’m really interested in taking some tech courses too…I guess because of Alex…” Liz trailed off.

“Thank you, Liz…for discovering the truth. I’m sorry I wasn’t there for you more during that time…and that I’ve been gone for so long…no excuses…but I’m here now and we are going to have the best college years any two girls could imagine!”

Liz looked at Maria and they started giggling. “Well, we should definitely have fun…especially with you being a famous star and all and your brother being the star football player.”

“Hey, easy on the “brother” references there…Kyle and I never lived in the same house…I mean, we do care a lot about each other…but, oh hell, I can’t explain it.”

Liz eyed her best friend…hmm…interesting…Maria and Kyle…she never noticed it before, the subtle glances…well, this could be an interesting four years.

“Not to change the subject, but where is Michael today?” Maria asked.

“Well, the last thing he told me was that he had some meeting with a guy from the art museum about one of his drawings...”

“Why won’t the boy go to college? He could get into an art program like that,” Maria said snapping her fingers.

“You know Michael, ‘I just got out of school, I don’t need a piece of paper telling me I can draw. Plus, I have to be available with our fearless leader finally gets his shit together and snaps his fingers.’ He IS an alien you know, not like us.”

“Well, speaking of that, Kyle was telling me he’s been experimenting with his powers…he’s actually been able to manipulate molecules or whatever” Maria stated.

“Really? Wow, Maria, I haven’t even thought about mine…I’ve been too busy getting ready for school, trying to get into college, trying to find a job…it must be nice getting a football scholarship” Liz rolled her eyes.

“Well, Chica, I’m gonna run down to the Union and get some coffee and see if I can find any of these books for my classes…you want anything?”

“No, I’m just going to finish unpacking…and organize my desk, and read over my syllabi…”

“OK, see you later…don’t stress yourself out too bad.” Maria said giving Liz a short hug.

Liz finished putting up her clothes, organized her desk, made a list of all the books she needed for each class, and started working on her budget for this month. “UGH!” Liz pushed herself away from her desk and walked into the bathroom…a nice hot shower to ease her muscles would be perfect. Liz showered and stepped out of the bathroom with her towel turban around her head and a towel around her body. “God the airconditioning in the dorms SUCK!” she complained, as she threw her towel off and jumped on her bed, rolling over onto her side, her back facing the door, she sighed and tried to relax, pulling her towel over her legs just in case Maria got back anytime soon. She watched the birds slowly circling outside the window and drifted off to sleep.

Michael ran up the stairs of the dorm. His drawing had been accepted and would soon be on display at the Las Cruces museum…he was so excited, but he also felt as if he should warn Liz about it. He ran up to their door and knocked, not hearing anything he opened the door and went in, stopping suddenly at the vision in front of him.

It was Liz, naked, with her back to him, barely covered from the waist down, towels and sheets tangled in her legs. Her hair was slightly wet and tangled, her towel turban had fell off…Her back slowly sloped down into her small waist and rose up beautifully as it swelled into her hips…the light from the window illuminating her from behind…

“Oh, Maria, I must’ve fallen asleep, I—Oh, Michael!” Liz quickly covered herself and sat up. “MM, that was a bit embarrassing, yeah…”

“Michael, could you stop standing there with your mouth open, it’s making me uncomfortable”

“Sorry, um, something weird just happened, Liz. Get dressed, I want to show you something.”

“Ok, so you drew this several MONTHS ago? How is that possible? I don’t understand”

“I know we haven’t talked about this but do you remember the night I caught you trying to become a smoker at 7/11?”


“And I ended up with my hand on your ti—er, breast?”

“I had a flash…of this.”

“So you had a flash of me naked, didn’t tell me…drew it and and”

“And then came up to your room and saw you, just like I saw you in the flash.”

“Ok, now that I have no modesty, how is that possible?”

“Who knows, you have powers now, maybe you wanted me to see you naked” Michael smirked.

“Um, no, Michael, I think you’re just a pervert. So my naked body is going to be hanging in the Las Cruces museum now. I guess I should say congratulations?”

“We’ll discuss this later, Michael. I’m happy for you, it’s a very flattering drawing and yes, I will pose for more.” Liz wiggled her eyebrows at a shocked Michael. “I gotta go talk to Maria.”

“So you’re going to model for the art department!? Don’t you have to be NUDE to do that, Liz?” Maria asked, her mouth agap.

“Well, I figured since everyone can just go the museum and see me naked anyway, I might as well get paid for it.” Liz smiled.

“this is just too weird. What does Michael have to say about it?”

“Why should Michael say anything about it?”

“Well, since he’s obviously seen you, um, naked , I just naturally assumed something was going on between you two…”

“NO! Nothing is going on…we’re just friends. Would it bother you if there were?”

“Thou dost protest too much milady” Maria smiled “but no, it wouldn’t bother me…Michael and I were each others firsts, we’re still friends, but I’m not attracted to him, and haven’t been for a while. Purely platonic, babe. Besides, I think he may be attracted to a certain petite brunette we know very well, if my instincts are right.”

“Whatever, Maria, we’re just friends. Purely platonic, BABE.”

“We’ll see, we’ll see…”

“Maria, calm down! You’re just singing for me, for my football game. Hell, haven’t you sang before stadiums full of people before? You DID tour America, didn’t you?” Kyle asked as he pulled himself up for his second set of pull-ups.

“I know Kyle, but it’s been a long time…I’ve been in school all semester and haven’t been practicing and…oh god, I need my Cedar Oil…NOW!”

“Ok, calm down. Sit down like this and close your eyes.” Kyle kneeled on the floor, resting back on his heels.

”What are you doing, Kyle?”

“WE are going to meditate, now close your eyes.”

“Fine, whatever.”

They sat in silence for a few moments.

“Ok, now what am I supposed to be doing here, Buddha boy?”

“Clear your mind of all thoughts. You’re supposed to be getting rid of all these negative feelings and allowing only good thoughts into your mind…”

“Ok, I can try that. I feel like I am relaxing…but shouldn’t I be in some sort of lotus position or something?” Maria asks, fidgeting.

“Just sit still” Kyle said, looking at her squirm with one eye, reaching out and grabbing her arms, pulling her back into the kneeling position.

Flash Kyle carrying her to a bed covered with rose petals and white satin sheets Flash Kyle on top of her, her hands rubbing over his hard, rounded chest in anticipation of their consummation as he looks at her with pure love and desire in his eyes Flash Kyle lifting up her hips as he slowly starts to glide….

“Oh……Kyle….” Maria whispers. Her eyes snap open and she stares open mouthed at Kyle. “Kyle, I have to go!” She jumped up and ran towards the door, stopping and looking back once before running through and slamming the door.

“Okay, that was weird…” Kyle shook his head and walked towards the back to take a shower and get suited out for the game.

Parte the Thirde

“For the land of the FREEE…and the home of the brave….PLAY BALL” Maria sang.

“Pssst…Maria, that’s BASEball.” Whispered Liz.

“Who cares, Lizzie, we’re at the Fiesta Bowl and Kyle is starting quarterback and I just DON”T CARE!!” Maria laughed as they girls went to their seats.
“Michael promised he’d be here…I hope he’s just running a little late…”
“Don’t worry, Chica, if he was in trouble, you would know. He’ll be here soon. Now, back to the discussion about the flash I had with Kyle.”
“Oh Maria, come off it…I know you and Kyle fooled around when you were younger…maybe it was just a fantasy, not a flash…”
“Liz, it was not a fantasy. First of all, he’s my brother now…Secondly, it was very vivid and it was of a place I have never been to before and it was so REAL…I FELT everything…my feelings, his feelings, his erection just about to—“
“MARIA…stop! I don’t want to hear…you’ve told me before, anyway. Listen, something similar happened to me and Michael…remember his first drawing that was put in the local museum? Well, he saw that in a flash way before he ever saw me like that!”

“Whoa…I just had assumed you and Michael had, you know, gotten together. Wait…so he had this flash BEFORE it actually happened? What if I was having a flash of something that is going to happen between Kyle and I?”

“First, Michael and I are STILL just friends, purely platonic, I promise. Next, if that does happen between you and Kyle, does it matter? It’s probably just some alien reaction or something…I wouldn’t worry about it.”

“Liz, if it’s alien related then it came from Kyle, not me.”

“Well, Max had a flash of us getting married while in Vegas…and that was only a future that never happened, will never happen. You choose your own destiny.”

“Well, I’m sure you didn’t choose to have Michael walk in on you naked” Maria giggled.

“Did I hear my name?”

“Michael!” Liz said and threw her arms around his neck. “The game is about to start.”

The game was tense. Maria, Liz and Michael were on the edge of their seats as in the last play of the fourth quarter, Kyle faked a pass and ran the ball in for the winning touchdown as the tock clicked out of time.

“WOOOOO HOOOOOOO” the crowd went wild and the gang jumped over the bleachers, racing towards Kyle. Throwing his helmet off, Kyle ran, meeting them halfway, he scooped Maria up and twirled her around laying a big fat kiss on her lips. Dropping her he turned to face Michael and Liz. As Michael slapped him on the back, shaking his hand in congratulations, Liz ran over to Maria, preventing her from falling on her ass. “Easy, don’t let that kiss weaken your knees too much” Liz whispered, with a smile. Looking at her gratefully, she returned her gaze to Kyle who was being hoisted on the shoulders of his teammates. “Maybe you should have a talk with him…”

“I’ll be going on tour at the end of the semester…the end of this week. It would just complicate things…” Maria trailed off.


“Come on guys, Kyle says there’s a big party back at the hotel, let’s go!”

Back at the Adam’s Mark, Kyle had rented the Presidential suite for the night. It was packed with teammates, cheerleaders, and just about every undergraduate at Las Cruces.

“Congrats Kyle! Have a beer on me!” “Hey, Kyle, have another beer.”

Kyle was pretty wasted by the time Liz, Maria, and Michael found him. “Oh, hey guys, what a party, eh? My scholarship will definitely be renewed for next year!”

“Whoa Kyle, who is the hottie?”

“Hey Kevin, that’s my friend Liz.”

“Not here, the blonde with the ass that won’t quit…god and that rack.”

Momentarily sobered, Kyle turned to his friend and landed a right hook to his jaw. “Don’t talk about my sister like that.” Satisfied, he turned to see Maria turn and run towards one of the bedrooms, tears streaming down her face. “What did I do?”

“Kyle, it was what you said. Are you freakin blind? UGH!” Liz ran after Maria.

“Um, Michael, what is this about?”

“You should ask Maria…when you’re sober.”

“Oh, okay…woo hoo! Have a beer Mikey!”

“Maria, calm down. He’s drunk, he’s thinking about himself, he’ll sober up tomorrow and I’m sure he’ll come to apologize to you.”

“What’s the use? I’m his sister. He said so himself. “

“Well, you are, sort of, his sister. But he does love you…and I don’t think it’s like a sister…he just hasn’t figured that out yet. Maria, it’s Kyle—he isn’t exactly the first person with all the answers.”

Maria smiled, “Thanks, Liz, I know—it’s just, I’m leaving and I want to tell him so bad, but I’m afraid it will just complicate things.”

“It’s up to you, Maria…but I have faith that everything will work out…I mean, at least you are both the same species.”

The girls giggled and headed back out to the party. “Hey, Michael, I’m going to take Maria to her hotel room.”

“I’ll come with you, there’s too many drunk jocks wandering the halls for you ladies to go alone.”

“Thanks Michael”

“Okay, Maria, we’re going to go now. You get some sleep.” Liz tucked Maria into bed and kissed her cheek. “Yeah, he’ll realize sooner or later Maria, he’d be a fool not to..”

“Thank you, Michael. Thank you both for being my friend.”


“That was really sweet of you, Michael.” “Thanks, Liz. This is your room, right?”

“Yes” Liz leaned against her door and grabbed Michael’s arm “Come in…I-I need someone to talk to.”

“Sure.” Liz led them into her room and they sat down on the bed.

“Maria told me she had flashes of her and Kyle, um, in a sexual situation…and it was somewhere she had never been…”

“Did he have them also?”

“No. In fact, she hasn’t told him about them.”

“Well, that would explain the look on her face after he kissed her.” Michael laughed.

“Yeah, it would” Liz said smiling “but it the flashes sort of reminded me of the flash you had of me…”

“Oh..yeah…” Michael said, his brow furrowed in thought.

“Michael, we’ve had a year almost of no alien action. Max is out searching for a way to find his son and Isabel is married to Jesse, and there just hasn’t been any need for powers. Do you think we will need to use them sometime in the future? Because if we do, I want you to help me learn how to use mine.”

“Well, sure Liz. What do you want to learn to do?”

“everything you can. I want to be a fighter…a soldier. If something is threatening my family…I want to be able to fight against it. “

“OK…well, let’s start out with something easy….” Michael said as he waved his hand over his clothes, changing his jeans to slacks and his tshirt into a button up and tie.

“Wow! That would really come in helpful for interviews” Liz giggled. “You should dress up more often, Michael, you look really good.” Liz said seriously.

“Thanks, now you try.”

“Well, honestly, I sorta happened upon a similar skill on my own…” Liz trailed off.

“Oh really!”

“Yeah, I was late to one of my art modeling appointments and I didn’t have time to take off my clothes and was wishing really hard that I could just wave my hands and take my clothes off…and it happened! Right in the middle of the hall…which was great, except for the fact that I didn’t know what happened to my clothes…so I ended up wearing a painters smock and someone’s pink bunny slippers back to my dorm room.” Liz looked up to see a smile on Michael’s face.

“Wow, Parker! What a way to discover your, uh gift. Wish I could’ve seen it” Michael said laughing.

“Yeah, ha ha, amusing, but I want to know how to harness this “gift” into the ability to protect myself and others, so you have to promise that you will help me.”


“Good. We’ll start tomorrow. You have all summer to teach me.” Michael sighed as he watched her lay down on the bed and pull the comforter over her. Not wanting to leave, he crawled in beside her and put his arm around her. “Mmm, thanks for staying, Michael. I’ve been feeling lonely lately…it feels good to have someone close with their arm around me…”

“Sure, no problem, Liz…” he said softly, pulling her closer, burying his face in her hair, smelling that smell that can only be described as Liz.

“So did you get Maria off on her tour?” Michael asked as he walked across the desert floor towards Liz.

“Well, it took a lot of convincing…she kept saying she wanted to wait for Kyle, she wanted to tell Kyle goodbye…but he never showed. It figures. The boy is so blind…”

“Oh, he’ll come around…I don’t know if Maria will wait that long, but he’ll come around…”

“Okay, I want to practice blowing things up again today. Give me some pointers.”

“Concentrate on that rock over there. Close your eyes, and imagine the rock exploding.” Michael closed his eyes, through out his hand, and the rock to their left exploded into bits. “See, piece of cake. You’ve been concentrating too hard, you have to clear your mind. That’s why you haven’t been able to get it the past few days.”

“Easy for you to say.” Liz closed her eyes and concentrated. Nothing.

“Parker, you have to clear your mind first then focus.”

“OKAY!” Liz closed her eyes and sighed. This isn’t as easy as he makes it look, he is such a jerk, he could at least “ACK!” Liz eyes flew open and she jumped back, almost falling over, but exploding a rock right next to Michael’s foot.

“Oh, hey, watch it, Parker! Control!”

“Well, Guerin, if you hadn’t leaned over and KISSED ME, I would’ve been more FOCUSED!”

“Hey, just had to clear your mind. I seem to remember that tactic working well on a blonde we both know well…” Michael said, laughing.

“Hmph…Maria always did say you were full of yourself.” Liz turned around and concentrated on another rock, this one slightly larger. Exploding it easily, Liz said “Okay, well, looks like I got that down pat…how about we try shields next?”

“Well, you know, I’m not really good at shields…” Michael said, picking a ladybug off the tree that Liz was leaning against. Concentrating on it intensely, a white light surrounded the ladybug and Michael explained “You have to imagine protecting something precious, you have to fill yourself with well, love, for whatever it is you are protecting, and imagine that love as a field of energy, protecting it from those who would want to hurt it.” Michael blew the ladybug off his hand, towards a spider web…it landed on the web and the spider rushed over to spin it’s web around it, but the shield dissolved the threads and the ladybug flew away, as Michael dissolved the shield.

Liz giggled.


“It’s just hard to imagine the word love coming out of your mouth…or the fact that you just admitted to loving a ladybug.” Liz doubled over laughing.

“Ok, Liz, ha ha, funny, yeah, whatever. Do you want to do this or not?”

“Okay, okay…” Liz sighed, trying to hold back her laughter…”what do you want me to form a shield around….do you expect me to show love to the spider?”

“Pick whatever you want..”

“Okay, okay, sorry, sorry…” Liz looked around for something to focus on. Small gnats swarmed around her head and she leaned back against her car, focusing. Love, god, when was the last time she felt that? A vision of Maria popped into her mind…she was tucking her in after the party at Kyle’s, a vision of Kyle, throwing his helmet in the air and running towards them, arms opened…and, a vision of her and Michael in bed together, his arm draped over her…she opened her eyes and the gnats were still swarming, no light surrounding them…”Dammit, Michael, I can’t-“

“Liz, look around us..” Michael whispered…

Liz eyes refocused to their surroundings “oh my god” she whispered. There was a soft purple glow surrounding herself and Michael.

“I feel your love, Liz” Michael whispered, hugging her to him.

“Let’s go, before someone shows up…I’m sure they’ll want to be investigating a purple glow emanating in the desert just outside of Las Cruces.”

“See you at home.”

Liz hopped in her car and Michael on his motorcycle.

“Here’s my half of the rent. I got paid today…sorry, I forgot to mention it. I’ve been too caught up with our training sessions.”

“Thanks, Michael. I don’t know how you managed your expenses before I moved in…or how you managed to live in this pig sty.”

“Hey, it wasn’t so bad…you moved in, didn’t you?”

“I had no choice…move in with you or go back home to Roswell for the summer and hang out with Isabel and Jesse. No thank you.”

“Parker, I’m hurt! I thought for sure you were just after my sexy alien body..” Michael laughed.

Throwing her inkwell at him, Michael threw up his shield, and redirected it back on her.

“AAAAh…you jackass! Ugh, I have a date tonight and now I have to take another shower!” She yelled, stomping into the bathroom.

“A date? Parker, you have a date?” Michael asked, bewildered.

“Yes! You don’t think I want to spend all my time working and blowing things up with you, do you? I DO have a social life….” Liz spat out, turning on the water.

“Oh…” was all Michael got out as his head hit the bathroom door in defeat.

The door opened and Michael snapped his head up, as Liz’ head peaked through the crack….”And Michael, my parents asked if you wanted to come too, seeing as we’re living together and all.” Liz grinned and shut the door. Michael slid down to the floor, shaking his head…that was a close call.

Liz’s parents had been much more easy going about the living arrangement than Michael had expected. They were even proud of their daughter getting a job and paying her own bills, even saving up to help pay for her education. Liz had brushed it off and instead had focused their discussion on Michael and his artwork, mentioning that a few were displayed at the local museum. Michael’s eyes had almost popped out of his head and his jaw had hit the floor when she had suggested they go look at them. Thankfully the museum was closed…but she had winked at him and squeezed his hand under the table, to let him know she was just teasing him. “Paybacks are hell” she had whispered, when their dinner arrived. He could only imagine what Mr. Parker would have done if he’d seen his nude drawings of his daughter. Michael adjusted himself, thinking about what part of his body Mr. Parker would cut off first.

“Michael, thank you for going with me tonight. It felt good to have my family with me, I almost felt normal…”Liz said as she stepped out of the bathroom in her robe, her makeup removed, and her teeth brushed.

“My pleasure, milady” Michael said as he kissed her hand and then spun her around the room. “So do you work tomorrow?”

“Nope, I’m off, how about you?”

“I don’t work on Sundays, it’s against my religion.”

“So that’s what you told them? I always wondered how you got out of that…” Liz laughed as she fell on the bed.

Michael couldn’t remember her looking more happy…or more beautiful. “So what shall we do tomorrow? I could take you out to the desert and let you practice blowing things up…of course, only if you promise not to pop the tires on my bike again…” he trailed off.

“Hey, I told you that was an accident…” Liz laughed “Oh, I heard from Maria earlier today. She’s headed for Colorado, on the last leg of her tour. She’s ending it in Las Cruces at the end of next week…”

“Well, Kyle should be happy to hear that…”

“He’s been so down lately…I don’t think he likes the fact that Maria has been linked to so many different men in the media lately…”

“Well…” Michael laughed…flopping down on the bed next to her “we told her he would come around. She’s been gone only three months…with the way he’s been moping around…you’d think it had been a year or more.”

“Well, I hope she hasn’t been blinded by the limelight…you know how Maria is…she has ADD of the heart sometimes..”

“She remembers.”

“I know.”

Liz woke up panting, sweat pouring off her body. She frantically looked around…feeling…there he was. She grabbed Michael’s shoulder, about to shake him awake…

FlashMichael behind her, rubbing her neck, trailing kisses wherever his fingers left FlashHer waving her hands, making Michael’s clothes fall to the floorFlashMichael telling her how much he loves her and that they didn’t have to do this if she wasn’t ready

“WOAH” Liz pulled her hand back as if she’d been scalded.

“Liz..” Michael stirred, putting his hand to his face to rub his eyes “Liz, is something wrong?” He reached out for her, coming in contact with her sweaty skin. His eyes opened wide. “Liz, are you okay…what happened?”
“I had a dream…we were fighting a war…no, not just me and you, all of us…fighting Kivar. We were fighting alongside Max. He was fighting for a little boy…his son? No, someone else’s son? I don’t know…Oh god Michael, do you think I’m getting visions of what’s about to happen? “ Liz stated at him with wide eyes.

“It’s possible. We haven’t heard from Max in months…but it could happen…soon.”

The phone began ringing. “Michael, don’t answer that!”

“I have to, Liz”

“No, please!”

Michael reached over and picked up the phone. “Michael….yes, yes, okay, I’ll be there in an hour. Yeah. Bye.”

“It was Max. Kivar’s in town, we’re having a meeting. I have to go.”

“No. Don’t go, please Michael? My dream scared me, I – I’m scared you won’t come back.” Liz pleased, holding Michael’s hands…”let’s leave…can’t we leave? We can just run away...we can run away to Siberia, some unpopulated place, hell, the fucking North Pole…just don’t leave. I can’t lose you, I can’t…”

“Liz...I’m second in command. The world is in jeopardy, it’s my job to help the king…I’m just a soldier. They need me and I couldn’t just walk away from them, they depend on me, destiny or not, and I will not let my friends down. Would you sit around while Kyle or Maria fought for their lives? No, I didn’t think so. I’ll be back. I promise you I won’t leave Earth, I’ll be back. It’s just a briefing anyway.” Michael got up, slipping on his shoes and heading for the door.

“Michael!” Liz ran up and grabbed his hand, placing it on her left breast, over her heart “bring this back to me.”

He felt her heart beating, he felt her beautiful breast, but he was overcome when she surrounded them in her shield…the soft purple glow of her love. “I’ll be back Liz, I promise” he said to her, moving his hand to the back of her neck and pulling her to his lips for a lusty passionate kiss. And then he was gone.

Great. Max is back. This can’t be good. “Kyle?” “Yeah, Liz, oh, wow, freaky. Um, Liz, Maria just called me. I’m flying to Denver…she’s cancelled the rest of her tour and she wants me on the next plane…and I think I’m going to tell her, I mean, she needs to know how I feel--” “Kyle, listen, I’m sure she’s okay…it’s Maria…but look, Michael got a call from Max tonight, I think some deep alien shit is about to go down…so get to Maria as soon as possible. We may need you two soon…”

“Right…okay Liz. I’ll be in touch.”
Parte the Fourthe

Kyle’s plane landed at 4:54 am. Rubbing his eyes, Kyle got off the sparsely populated plane and headed for baggage claim.

“Kyle, Kyle Valenti?” asked a man holding a white card with ‘Valenti’ printed on it.

“Yeah, that’s me.” He stumbled behind the short man to a limo parked out front. “This is us?”

“Yes sir, please don’t worry about your baggage, we have someone there to claim it. Ms De Luca wanted you to be driven to her hotel as soon as you landed.” The driver smiled.

“Yeah, well ,that sounds like Maria…”
“We’ll be there in within the hour”

He sat back into the plush leather and drifted off to sleep.

Maria paced around her hotel room. Levon had booked it, she hadn’t given it a second thought. She had arrived, thinking more about how she would be in New Mexico next weekend than noticing her surroundings. She had been deep in thought, thinking about how to approach Kyle with her latest news as she was shown to her room. She thanked the bellhop, and was starting to have an eerie feeling of déjà vu as she glanced around the suite…the green coloring was so familiar. It wasn’t until she walked into the bedroom that she gasped, her hand to her mouth, her purse on the floor…forgotten. Her bed was near French doors, a little moonlight trickled in, across the sea green carpet, onto the bed…which was turned down to reveal cream colored satin sheets and strewn with rose petals. She would have never expected this in a million years.

5:21am. Where was Kyle? His plane had arrived just before 5—hadn’t she told the driver to get him here as fast as possible?

A light knock on the door drew her out of her reverie. “Kyle” she whispered. Rushing to the door she threw it open and pulled Kyle into her arms, hugging so tight she feared she might not let go.

“Ok, Maria. You have me here…what’s the ‘big news’ you had to tell me.”

“Kyle, just come in and sit down.” Kyle followed her into the den area of the suite, noting the odd shade of green that was the floor, the wallpaper, the couch. “Well, this is certainly different,” he remarked.

“Sit down. I have some champagne for us. We’re celebrating.”

“Ok, celebrating what, Maria?” he asked, as she handed him a glass of chilled champagne. God she was breathtaking…wearing a creamy satin colored dress, her head a mess of soft curls, her lips still stained from the excitement of what must’ve been an exciting day. He looked at her, seeing Maria, but seeing the woman she had become. God, he only hoped that her news wouldn’t crush him…he imagined the worst.

“Kyle…we’ve known each other a long time, right? Yes, our parents are married, but I think of you more like one of the best friends I’ve ever had, rather than a brother. I want to tell you something…I don’t know how you’re going to take it…but God, I can’t hide it anymore, it’s killing me and I just want to get it out…I know this is weird for you, I know we haven’t really talked since I left on tour…”

“Maria, just tell me.” Kyle braced himself for the worst.

“Kyle, I want to get married” Maria whispered.

“Married! Maria, are you INSANE?! Who is he…it’s that body builder you were with on the cover of Rolling Stone, wasn’t it?” Maria’s opened her mouth “No, I know who, that damn male model from Calvin Klein, the one you posed with…what was his name—“

“Kyle I don’t think you—“

“No! It’s that piece of shit label exec that keeps trying to get you to pose nude for that magazine. Dammit, Maria! Don’t you know that they only want to use you? As your brother, I think I should have a say in who you marry, and none of the guys I’ve seen you photographed with are acceptable. None!”

Maria towered over him, her champagne glass in hand, her arms crossed, tapping her toe. “Impossible!” she fumed, grabbing his hand and leading him into the bedroom. He couldn’t help but notice the way the satin of her dress complimented her creamy white skin, the way her ankles looked so sexy in her slingbacks…her shoulders as her arms pumped back and forth as she stomped towards the bedroom…god she was sexy.

“Listen, I know you probably don’t like me butting into your personal life, Maria” he spoke as she plopped down on the bed in front of him. He continued talking, standing over her, trying desperately to get her to understand….
“Maria, I simply want what is best for you. You deserve the stars, you deserve to be treated like a goddess, and, I’m sorry I’ve never said any of this before, but you also deserve someone who wants with all your heart to give you that….” He trailed off, realizing suddenly that her hands were slowly unbuttoning his shirt.

“Maria—what are you—“

“Kyle, you really look good in this collarless shirt. I must say, your taste has improved lately, “ she laughed lightly.

“Maria, you just said ‘I want to get married’-“
“Yes, I did.”
“Then what are you – mmm, that feels—“ Maria had his shirt off, rubbing her hands down his sculpted chest.

“Yes it does” Maria said breathlessly, rubbing her fingertips delicately over his nipples.


“Kyle!” She said, teasingly.

He pulled her hands off of him and sat her down forcefully on the bed again. “You are getting married…and and, this is just too confusing…” Kyle trailed off.

“OK, I guess I wasn’t being too clear on that, Kyle…and I’m sorry—“ “You should be—“ “but, what I said came out wrong” “Well, considering you’re marrying someone tomorrow—“ “Today, hopefully—“ “Today, whatever…why did you call me? Why am I hear?” He sat down on the bed next to her, defeated. “Because, Maria, I have to be honest here…all I have done is think about you since you left. I can’t even concentrate on practice or even working out. I just think about you. I remember the orange skirt and brown shirt you were wearing when I won state…the way the colors brought out the green in your eyes…the way the sun glinted off your hair as I picked you up and swirled you around…and god, how I never told you--’’ Kyle hiccupped, holding back a sob “that seeing the smile on your face meant more to me than winning the game…that you were there for me…” Kyle put his arms around her, burying his head into her neck…smelling the scent of her skin, a mixture of jasmine and sandalwood.

“Kyle” it was almost a breath “Kyle, I said I want to get married. I guess I should’ve been more specific. I want to get married to YOU, Buddha boy” she spoke softly, gently running her hands through his hair, pushing the longer pieces behind his ear. He stopped nuzzling her neck and brought his head up abruptly “WHAT!? I don’t understand, you never even—WHAT?!” She laughed and pulled his ear near her mouth…”I love you, Kyle” throwing her arms around his neck and pulling his ear lobe in for a short lived kiss.

“WOO HOO!” Kyle screamed out savagely, picking her up, throwing her over his shoulder and heading into the den to grab the champagne. “Kyle, put me DOWN” she said, laughing and beating on his back at the same time. He sat her down gently and shoved the bottle of champagne into her hands “Hold this.” She complied, as he scooped her into his arms to carry her back into the bedroom, gently laying her down on the bed. “That’s a beautiful dress, Maria. You are a vision in it…but I wish that it would disappear right now” he said, smiling, as he kicked off his shoes and sat down to pull off his socks, then turning to focus his attention more on the object of his desire. “Kyle, please, I want—“ she breathed helplessly as he swooped down to claim her mouth in a slow, lingering kiss. He ran his hands over the smooth satin, wondering if he could wait just a few more moments, when the material vanished under his hands and a totally nude, and blindingly beautiful Maria de Luca laid out before him. Oh, god, Maria you’re—how did I do tha—“ Kyle tried to talk as she pulled him towards her mouth and slid another hand down his chest to his waistband to open the button on his slacks. “Wish I had the same problem” Maria giggled into his mouth as she slowly lowered his zipper. Stepping back, Kyle pulled own his slacks and boxers in one swift move, leaving him before her in all his naked glory. “Kyle Valenti, what are you doing just standing there? Get over here right now and make love to me! Lord knows we’ve waited long enough!” Kyle smiled wider, “I was just looking at you—all of you. God you’re beautiful” he sang, slowly crawling onto the bed with her, kissing slowly up each leg to her thighs. Reaching up, he caressed both breasts with each hand, slowly drawing them down her body to her hips. Kneading them, he pushed her up further on the bed so that both of them were on the bed completely, eye to eye. Placing feather light kisses on her eyelids and cheeks, he whispered “I love you, Maria” and pulled her tightly to him, crushing their anticipating bodies together in a fierce hug “and I’m afraid I don’t want to share you with anyone…” he smiled. She looked up at him, a smile mirroring his own…”well, it’s a good thing…since I told Levon I am finished with touring and that I want to spend more quality time with the people I love.” He sighed, rubbing his hands again down the length of her body. She pushed him up with her hands on his chest “is this what you want, Kyle? Because, God, I’ve wanted you for so long, I’ve loved you for so long, I just---“ “Shhh…it’s okay sweetheart, I’m sorry…I should’ve done this a long time ago” he said, trailing kisses down her neck, to her peaked nipple, nipping at it. “Oh, Kyle---don’t make us wait any longer, please?” Kyle looked at her lovingly, bent down for another taste of her lips, and pulled her hips up his bare thighs, making it easier for him to slowly slide into her slippery folds. “Finally” she whispered as his painfully hard erection slid into her, heightening the feeling that had been in the pit of her stomach since she’d had the flash. He slowly slid in and out, pressing himself against her clit, massaging it with the smooth, hard skin. He bent down and gave her a slow, passionate kiss as she came hard for the first time in ages, crying out his name as her walls clamped down on him again and again. He stilled as she stopped moaning, slowing his pace down even slower than before, until she began moving her hips on her own, willing him onto the second round. Putting his hands under her, he lifted her up into a sitting position over his member and she willingly impaled herself on him, again and again, until they both cried out together and fell onto the bed, spent, to sleep.

10:42, the phone is ringing. Kyle willed his hand to move towards the ringing apparatus next to the clock “Hello?” “Kyle, this is Liz. You need to get back to Las Cruces, as soon as possible. It’s an emergency….bring Maria…click” “Sure thing Liz, righty-oh. Dependable Kyle, on his way…” he mouthed groggily, his voice still hoarse. Looking over, he noticed His Beauty sleeping peacefully, her head on a creamy satin pillow, crowned by a row of her shiny flaxen curls. “Well, Las Cruces can wait for a while” he smiled, as he began trailing kisses down the neck of the woman he loved more than life itself…and who he planned on spending the rest of his life making happy…

Part 5

Liz walked outside, she had been pacing since Michael had left and had to get out to get some air. The wind was blowing and she walked into it, letting it pick her hair up off the back of her neck. It was chilly, and immediately dried the sweat she didn’t realize was there. Worried. She was worried about Michael. She knew Max’s return couldn’t be good, and she knew that that dream had been more than just a dream. God, where was he? Things had changed so much just over the past year. She no longer felt like the young innocent Liz Parker…she no longer looked like young sweet Liz Parker she thought as she rubbed her arms to stay warm, realizing for maybe the first time how her weightlifting, kickboxing, and firearm classes were paying off. She smiled to herself, ‘whatever shit you have in store for me, I’m ready now Kivar,” “Wouldn’t Michael be surprised to know I’ve been training to be a real-life Sarah Connor…” she said thoughtfully, kicking the toe of her shoe at a rock buried beneath the dirt, then jumped down onto the street….straining to hear Michael’s motorcycle against the roar of the wind.

Michael pulled over to the 7/11 down the road from their apartment to fill up his tank. Being an alien didn’t help with the engine if it was out of gas…God, he had to get back to Liz soon, he didn’t know when Max would call him back and he had so many things he wanted to say to her. He felt like kicking himself for waiting so long…he had had plenty of chances and now he was worried he would be taking off on a spaceship before he had the opportunity to tell her how much he needed her.

He saw her before she heard him. Her head was tilted up, looking at the stars and the wind was lifting her hair away from her face and neck, God she was a vision. She turned and saw him, as he slowed his motorcycle to a hault, inches from the toes of her sneakers. She barely let him get off the bike before throwing her arms around him “Oh, Michael!” she said, crushing him to her, burying her head in his shoulder. “Please, don’t tell me what has happened, not yet…not before I tell you how I feel, God, I should’ve done this sooner…” she said, reaching up to pull his lips to hers. “I want you to know in your heart, Michael that I love you and that I want to be with you for all the things you are to me, and how much I care about you…all alieness aside.” It might be cold outside, but Liz’s skin was hot and it was sending electricity through Michael’s entire body. God he loved her. Scooping her up, Michael smiled “We’d better take this inside…if they neighbors wake up and see a purple light shining through their window, they’re gonna be curious,” Michael smiled down at her as he carried her across the courtyard. “Purple li—oh!” Liz gasped as she opened her eyes completely, focusing on the air around them. Liz giggled, “well, I hope THAT doesn’t happen everytime I kiss you” she said between kisses, “because we would have a hard time explaining it to everyone.” Sitting her down, just inside the door, Michael turned around to make sure no one was watching, then closed the door, locking it. Liz’s fingers were already unbuttoning the his shirt as he turned back around. “Liz, I have so much to tell you…but first, I want you to know how much I love you.” He cupped her ass, pulling her up to his waist and she wrapped her legs around it. Heading towards the bedroom, he whispered in her ear “I love you” “I know” she whispered back. “And I don’t think I can control myself any longer,” he whispered, running his tongue along her ear. “Me either” she almost giggled, waving her hand over them their clothes completely disappeared as he carried her through the bedroom. “Aren’t you inventive” Michael laughed, sitting down on the bed with her in his lap. She could feel that he was ready and her body responded by releasing even more lubrication to her lips. “Mmm…Michael” she said, rubbing herself on the head of his erection, mixing his precum with hers, “I need you in me now…complete me” she moaned. “Lizzzz”, Michael groaned, “I don’t want to hurt you…” “We can worry about that later” she whispered, impaling herself on his smooth shaft. “Oh God Liz” he cried, as he felt himself break through her barrier, gripping her ass tighter. She let him slowly help her raise and lower herself as she grimaced from the pain. Releasing one hand from her cheek, he brought it around to her abdomen, healing her with his blue light. “Thank you” she whispered, kissing his lips again, exploring them with her tongue. With the pain gone, Liz put her hands to his shoulders and shoved him down onto the bed. Rubbing her hands down his chest, Liz began setting a new pace. There was a need in her so intense, that she had been blocking it out for a long time, and now she was able to ease the ache. She needed Michael, and she needed him inside her, touching her, loving her, filling up the ache of her desire. Michael watched in awe as his goddess rode him frantically, almost surpassing his own need to have her. Her breasts moved up and down on her chest, peaking out from behind her long dark hair, as she rode him up and down, begging to be touched, licked, suckled. Groaning, he reached up from her hips, running his hands through her hair, and swinging it behind her shoulders to get a better look. Trailing his fingers down from her neck, he slowly began massaging her breasts, tweaking her nipple, she let out a whimper “oh God Michael” she breathed, moaning louder. Feeling her contractions around him, he sat up suddenly, taking a breast in his mouth and sucking, pumping up into her harder and faster until she cried out his name as she climaxed “Michael!” Slowing their pace, Michael leaned back on the bed, pulling Liz with him as she continued to climax, letting her lay on him, kissing her face, eyelids and hair. Slowly he rolled them both over, staying inside the heaven between her legs. Kissing her lips he whispered “I love you” before slowly stroking her again in and out. Whimpering, Liz ran her hands down his back to his hard, round cheeks and gripped them, demanding he move faster, harder, and met him with her hips blow for blow. With each thrust, Michael tried to envelop himself completely in her, to be wrapped up in side her and never leave. As their paced quickened, her moans bringing him closer and closer to release, her walls contracting around him tighter and tighter as her own wave of orgasm swept through her yet again, she cried out his name and clamped down on him, sending him over the edge. He collapsed on top of her, completely spent. Still whimpering, Liz turned her head to his ear and whispered “I love you, Michael” as she stroked his back lightly. She smiled, realizing for the first time that she felt whole. Noticing the first rays of light spreading out across the room, mixing with the warm purple glow Liz had subconsciously surrounded their bodies with. Smiling with contentment that only comes after lovemaking, Liz looked over at the clock. 5:49 Only three hours of lovemaking, she thought, smiling…hmm…hopefully she wouldn’t need to walk anywhere anytime soon, especially with the body of an alien god draped over her. She would let Michael rest, God only knew what had happened at his meeting with Max. They had just reveled in the most beautiful day of their lives, the alien agenda could wait.

Part 6

Michael awoke to the sun pouring through the room, directly into his eyes. Realizing he was still on top of Liz, he began to get aroused, until the phone rang. “What!?” he snapped. “Max—yeah, tonight is as good as any—Kyle? Ok, I’ll have Liz call him. No! Max, can we not get into this discussion again? I won’t lie to her…yes, yes I do. Fine, see you tonight.” “Liz, Liz, honey, wake up sweetheart, “ Michael said tenderly, raining kisses on her closed eyelids. “mmm…I could get used to waking up like that” she purred. “I hate ruin your morning, but you need to get on the phone with Kyle. Tell him to get here as soon as he can, I’ll explain later.”

“Ok, so Kivar wants Isabel. Why? What the hell is so special about Isabel? I mean, he has Tess, he has her and Max’s son, what does he need Isabel for?” “From what Max told me last night, he wants to trade Tess and their son for Isabel. I think it’s all a ruse. For some reason the council is not recognizing their son as rightful heir, so he wants Isabel so he can impregnate her with the heir….then there’s some sort of prophecy about an alien halfbreed or something…they thought that the offspring of Max and Tess would be the chosen one, but he’s five now and he isn’t showing signs of the royal seal. It’s complicated. Max can tell us more tonight.”

“You mean you are allowing me to go? I thought for sure you would want me to stay here with Maria and Kyle…” Liz rolled her eyes.

“Baby, you know I would never give you orders….besides, Max specifically asked Kyle to come, there is something he needs to tell him.”

“Well, that doesn’t sound good. I mean, with you actually meeting Kivar face to face, wouldn’t it be risky to have Kyle there? Maria is going to flip out.”

“Max needs to discuss something with him. Right now plans are sketchy as it is. All of this information came through Tess…she’s been contacting Max a little over a week now.”

“Really” Liz said slowly. “I am confused. Why would Kivar use Tess as a go-between?”

“He obviously thinks Max is still in love with her…and as inconceivable as that may be…I don’t know…” Michael searched in Liz’s eyes, hoping not to see pain “the way he talked about her last night…it was almost like he had not only forgiven her, but trusted her.” Liz stared at him for a moment “There’s something that Max is not telling us. I’m going tonight, I have too many questions.”

“He actually asked about us last night…he knows we’ve been living together. I didn’t lie to him, especially not after your declaration before I even left…”

“How did he react?”

“He took it really well, actually! He smiled, clapped me on the back, and shook my hand. Weird, huh? He did ask me when he called earlier not to let you come with me tonight, to tell you that it was nothing…I think he was trying to protect you.”

“Protect me? UGH! God, he tried the same shit when I was investigating Alex’s murder, trying that ordering me around “I’m the King” bullshit. You guys need me, you always have!”

“I know, Liz, I know! You don’t have to tell ME that. I need you badly right now…” he said stroking her hair out of her face and kissing her first softly, then more demandingly.

“Shit, Kyle and Maria land in half an hour…we have to go to the airport—can we save this for later?”
“Sure” he said sullenly, standing up suddenly and pulling his shirt over his very obvious erection and reaching for his jacket, “if you can wait, I can wait.”

“Oh, Liz, it’s like a dream!” crooned Maria. “You would never believe how fabulous last night was, I had fantasized about Kyle before, but nothing prepared me for what it was like! Last time I saw him naked we were like 14, Oh! How the years can do wonders to the physique of a man!”

“and 6 years of nonstop football training” Liz muttered.

“What? Oh, Liz, and the way he knew just where to—“

“Maria, I am glad that you and Kyle have both shared your feelings and consummated your relationship. I really am happy for you, but something is going on czechoslavakian-related and it doesn’t sound good…I had a nightmare last night too…” Liz finished, her voice a whisper.

“Ok, look, I’m just happy and I don’t think anything—even anything alien related is going to be able to drag me down from this high…but I can focus. I’m sure Michael is filling Kyle in on the situation…so let me have it.”

“There is an intergalactic meeting tonight. Kivar will be there. He wants Isabel in exchange for Tess and Max’s son. We don’t know why, exactly. Max requested Kyle to be there, but he didn’t elaborate on why. I guess we will all find out tonight.”

“Right, well what kind of deal is that? Why would we want the lying, murdering whore? So, he should be paying US to take her. Oh, right, Max’s son. Did Max ever find out why Kivar wanted him in the first place? “

“There’s some sort of prophecy, Maria…Michael couldn’t remember it exactly. We will settle all the questions when we talk to Max later.”

“Speaking of Michael, Chica, you MUST fill me in on what is going on between you two, and don’t pretend like I am blind. I swear you two are both glowing.”


“Yeah, sort of a soft purple glow, but then I’ve always been able to see auras…” Maria trailed off.

Well, Liz thought to herself, I guess EVERYONE is going to know now.


Liz, Michael, Maria, and Kyle slowly walked up to the pod chamber. “Max?” Michael called out, “we’re here”. Max illuminated the inside of the cave. Liz noted Max’s appearance. He had definitely aged over the past year. She had to suppress the thought of comparing him to Grizzly Adams, as they had more serious matters to deal with.

“Well, I didn’t expect a reunion of the whole gang, but this will have to do. Kyle, I’m glad you can make it. Let me begin by saying that I have been contacted by Tess several times over the past few months. Her connection to me began slowly, with just a few flashes of feelings and visions at first, pieces of a puzzle for me to try to put together. At first I resented them, but they became worse….her feelings of shame, followed by confusion and pain, it took me many months to realize she was sending me all she could…they had almost killed her, just like they killed Alex, through repeated mind rapings. They beat her too, what they couldn’t get out of her mind, they tried to beat it out of her. So, for any of you who still think she deserved punishment for what she did here, believe me, she got more than simply “justice” at the hands of Kivar. After she gave birth, they threw her in prison. That was when the mindraping and infinite beatings began. They were trying to get information out of her about us and where we live, what the extent of our powers, even knowledge of our human families and who we loved. Everyday they would probe and prod her until she was almost dead then leave her to heal herself as much as she could before the next round began. She set up a deal with Kivar—her and my son for Isabel. Before any of you protest, yes, she knows that none of us would trade her for Isabel. And yes, she doesn’t trust Kivar. She is sacrificing herself to allow me the chance to connect with my son. If I can do that, I can pinpoint his location wherever he may be in the universe. Her ability to connect to me and the love of her son is the only thing that has kept her alive.”

“Why do you trust her, Max?” Liz asked “Why now? How do you know she’s not just trying to save her ass again after screwing up?”

“Yo, Max…why am I here again?” Kyle asked.

“Tess wants you here. This may be the last chance that any of you see her alive…and I think she wants to apologize to you especially.”


“Max, what about Isabel?”

“Isabel is in Roswell with Jesse. I told her not to venture anywhere near the pod chamber. She doesn’t want to leave him, but -- My son is 5 years old now…Tess is five years older. She has been planning this for years, trying to reserve her strength and her mind so she could complete the mission. She has friends within the royal family on our side. I have—she has connected me with your mother, Michael. If we survive this meeting, a ship will arrive within the hour to take us all to Antar, to a remote area of the North Pole, which is where you and your family are from. Sorry I didn’t tell you this yesterday, but I was trying to keep everything as simple as possible.”

“Max how dare you! How dare you keep information like that from Michael!” Liz screamed.

“I did it for his own protection, we can’t have too many emotions flying when we go up against Kivar…”

“Max, you don’t need—“

“Let me answer this one, Michael.” Liz said, turning from her lover to the king. “Max, we do not need you to protect us from our emotions. Wars are won not by orders given by a leader, but by the inspiration in the hearts of the people who follow that leader. You will fight for your son. I will fight to defend what I love and my friends and family. Michael will now be fighting not only because he is needed as a soldier, but because he has family behind him, who believe in him and have never even met him…well, not in this lifetime anyway. Do you want soldiers, Max? Mindless men following your commands, or do you want warriors, willing to put their hearts and souls into every battle?”

“When did you learn how to throw a shield, Liz?” Max asked, focusing on the purple glow behind her that enveloped her friends, confused.

“Michael taught me, and I have a few other tricks up my sleeve, so STOP PISSING ME OFF!” She yelled, letting a smile touch her lips.

“Well, I won’t underestimate any of you again. I’m sorry, I’ve just been on my own for a long time now, with nothing but short calls from Isabel and my connections to Tess…” he trailed off. “Okay troops, Kivar arrives at 10, be ready to kick some ass.”

The group stood around the pod chamber, quietly awaiting the arrival of Kivar. “Liz…psst…Liz” Kyle hissed “What?” “I think I’m going to need you to teach me how to do all of that…if we make it out of here….” “We will, Kyle. And I will…but why the sudden acceptance of your alieness?” “I don’t know, call it an otherworldly hunch, but I’ve got a bad feeling about this…

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Part 6

Michael awoke to the sun pouring through the room, directly into his eyes. Realizing he was still on top of Liz, he began to get aroused, until the phone rang. “What!?” he snapped. “Max—yeah, tonight is as good as any—Kyle? Ok, I’ll have Liz call him. No! Max, can we not get into this discussion again? I won’t lie to her…yes, yes I do. Fine, see you tonight.” “Liz, Liz, honey, wake up sweetheart, “ Michael said tenderly, raining kisses on her closed eyelids. “mmm…I could get used to waking up like that” she purred. “I hate ruin your morning, but you need to get on the phone with Kyle. Tell him to get here as soon as he can, I’ll explain later.”

“Ok, so Kivar wants Isabel. Why? What the hell is so special about Isabel? I mean, he has Tess, he has her and Max’s son, what does he need Isabel for?” “From what Max told me last night, he wants to trade Tess and their son for Isabel. I think it’s all a ruse. For some reason the council is not recognizing their son as rightful heir, so he wants Isabel so he can impregnate her with the heir….then there’s some sort of prophecy about an alien halfbreed or something…they thought that the offspring of Max and Tess would be the chosen one, but he’s five now and he isn’t showing signs of the royal seal. It’s complicated. Max can tell us more tonight.”

“You mean you are allowing me to go? I thought for sure you would want me to stay here with Maria and Kyle…” Liz rolled her eyes.

“Baby, you know I would never give you orders….besides, Max specifically asked Kyle to come, there is something he needs to tell him.”

“Well, that doesn’t sound good. I mean, with you actually meeting Kivar face to face, wouldn’t it be risky to have Kyle there? Maria is going to flip out.”

“Max needs to discuss something with him. Right now plans are sketchy as it is. All of this information came through Tess…she’s been contacting Max a little over a week now.”

“Really” Liz said slowly. “I am confused. Why would Kivar use Tess as a go-between?”

“He obviously thinks Max is still in love with her…and as inconceivable as that may be…I don’t know…” Michael searched in Liz’s eyes, hoping not to see pain “the way he talked about her last night…it was almost like he had not only forgiven her, but trusted her.” Liz stared at him for a moment “There’s something that Max is not telling us. I’m going tonight, I have too many questions.”

“He actually asked about us last night…he knows we’ve been living together. I didn’t lie to him, especially not after your declaration before I even left…”

“How did he react?”

“He took it really well, actually! He smiled, clapped me on the back, and shook my hand. Weird, huh? He did ask me when he called earlier not to let you come with me tonight, to tell you that it was nothing…I think he was trying to protect you.”

“Protect me? UGH! God, he tried the same shit when I was investigating Alex’s murder, trying that ordering me around “I’m the King” bullshit. You guys need me, you always have!”

“I know, Liz, I know! You don’t have to tell ME that. I need you badly right now…” he said stroking her hair out of her face and kissing her first softly, then more demandingly.

“Shit, Kyle and Maria land in half an hour…we have to go to the airport—can we save this for later?”
“Sure” he said sullenly, standing up suddenly and pulling his shirt over his very obvious erection and reaching for his jacket, “if you can wait, I can wait.”

“Oh, Liz, it’s like a dream!” crooned Maria. “You would never believe how fabulous last night was, I had fantasized about Kyle before, but nothing prepared me for what it was like! Last time I saw him naked we were like 14, Oh! How the years can do wonders to the physique of a man!”

“and 6 years of nonstop football training” Liz muttered.

“What? Oh, Liz, and the way he knew just where to—“

“Maria, I am glad that you and Kyle have both shared your feelings and consummated your relationship. I really am happy for you, but something is going on czechoslavakian-related and it doesn’t sound good…I had a nightmare last night too…” Liz finished, her voice a whisper.

“Ok, look, I’m just happy and I don’t think anything—even anything alien related is going to be able to drag me down from this high…but I can focus. I’m sure Michael is filling Kyle in on the situation…so let me have it.”

“There is an intergalactic meeting tonight. Kivar will be there. He wants Isabel in exchange for Tess and Max’s son. We don’t know why, exactly. Max requested Kyle to be there, but he didn’t elaborate on why. I guess we will all find out tonight.”

“Right, well what kind of deal is that? Why would we want the lying, murdering whore? So, he should be paying US to take her. Oh, right, Max’s son. Did Max ever find out why Kivar wanted him in the first place? “

“There’s some sort of prophecy, Maria…Michael couldn’t remember it exactly. We will settle all the questions when we talk to Max later.”

“Speaking of Michael, Chica, you MUST fill me in on what is going on between you two, and don’t pretend like I am blind. I swear you two are both glowing.”


“Yeah, sort of a soft purple glow, but then I’ve always been able to see auras…” Maria trailed off.

Well, Liz thought to herself, I guess EVERYONE is going to know now.


Liz, Michael, Maria, and Kyle slowly walked up to the pod chamber. “Max?” Michael called out, “we’re here”. Max illuminated the inside of the cave. Liz noted Max’s appearance. He had definitely aged over the past year. She had to suppress the thought of comparing him to Grizzly Adams, as they had more serious matters to deal with.

“Well, I didn’t expect a reunion of the whole gang, but this will have to do. Kyle, I’m glad you can make it. Let me begin by saying that I have been contacted by Tess several times over the past few months. Her connection to me began slowly, with just a few flashes of feelings and visions at first, pieces of a puzzle for me to try to put together. At first I resented them, but they became worse….her feelings of shame, followed by confusion and pain, it took me many months to realize she was sending me all she could…they had almost killed her, just like they killed Alex, through repeated mind rapings. They beat her too, what they couldn’t get out of her mind, they tried to beat it out of her. So, for any of you who still think she deserved punishment for what she did here, believe me, she got more than simply “justice” at the hands of Kivar. After she gave birth, they threw her in prison. That was when the mindraping and infinite beatings began. They were trying to get information out of her about us and where we live, what the extent of our powers, even knowledge of our human families and who we loved. Everyday they would probe and prod her until she was almost dead then leave her to heal herself as much as she could before the next round began. She set up a deal with Kivar—her and my son for Isabel. Before any of you protest, yes, she knows that none of us would trade her for Isabel. And yes, she doesn’t trust Kivar. She is sacrificing herself to allow me the chance to connect with my son. If I can do that, I can pinpoint his location wherever he may be in the universe. Her ability to connect to me and the love of her son is the only thing that has kept her alive.”

“Why do you trust her, Max?” Liz asked “Why now? How do you know she’s not just trying to save her ass again after screwing up?”

“Yo, Max…why am I here again?” Kyle asked.

“Tess wants you here. This may be the last chance that any of you see her alive…and I think she wants to apologize to you especially.”


“Max, what about Isabel?”

“Isabel is in Roswell with Jesse. I told her not to venture anywhere near the pod chamber. She doesn’t want to leave him, but -- My son is 5 years old now…Tess is five years older. She has been planning this for years, trying to reserve her strength and her mind so she could complete the mission. She has friends within the royal family on our side. I have—she has connected me with your mother, Michael. If we survive this meeting, a ship will arrive within the hour to take us all to Antar, to a remote area of the North Pole, which is where you and your family are from. Sorry I didn’t tell you this yesterday, but I was trying to keep everything as simple as possible.”

“Max how dare you! How dare you keep information like that from Michael!” Liz screamed.

“I did it for his own protection, we can’t have too many emotions flying when we go up against Kivar…”

“Max, you don’t need—“

“Let me answer this one, Michael.” Liz said, turning from her lover to the king. “Max, we do not need you to protect us from our emotions. Wars are won not by orders given by a leader, but by the inspiration in the hearts of the people who follow that leader. You will fight for your son. I will fight to defend what I love and my friends and family. Michael will now be fighting not only because he is needed as a soldier, but because he has family behind him, who believe in him and have never even met him…well, not in this lifetime anyway. Do you want soldiers, Max? Mindless men following your commands, or do you want warriors, willing to put their hearts and souls into every battle?”

“When did you learn how to throw a shield, Liz?” Max asked, focusing on the purple glow behind her that enveloped her friends, confused.

“Michael taught me, and I have a few other tricks up my sleeve, so STOP PISSING ME OFF!” She yelled, letting a smile touch her lips.

“Well, I won’t underestimate any of you again. I’m sorry, I’ve just been on my own for a long time now, with nothing but short calls from Isabel and my connections to Tess…” he trailed off. “Okay troops, Kivar arrives at 10, be ready to kick some ass.”

The group stood around the pod chamber, quietly awaiting the arrival of Kivar. “Liz…psst…Liz” Kyle hissed “What?” “I think I’m going to need you to teach me how to do all of that…if we make it out of here….” “We will, Kyle. And I will…but why the sudden acceptance of your alieness?” “I don’t know, call it an otherworldly hunch, but I’ve got a bad feeling about this…”

Part 7

Liz sat on the cold stone floor, watching everyone. Michael and Max were having a heated discussion, probably Michael letting off more steam about the fact that member (s?) of his family were headed for earth. Kyle and Maria were both kneeling on the floor, meditating? No, from the look on Kyle’s face, I think they may be trying for a connection. So Tess is coming back…hmm…for some reason Liz didn’t find herself worried. Maybe now Liz would get answers to the cryptic things Ava had told her years ago. Hmm…that was, of course, assuming she—and Tess—survived the “meeting.”

“Okay, Liz, Maria, we want you out of sight. I know you want to be here, but at least get near something you could hide behind if things were to heat up…no questions, ladies. “

Liz and Maria looked at each other. Sure, why not. The headed towards the entrance of the cave, and leaned back against a rock. “So, I guess they are going to be sexist about this?” Maria said, obviously annoyed. “No, I think it has more to do with the fact that you are completely human and could be hurt the easiest. They think I have enough strength to keep watch over you, but not to help them…so, yeah, it is sexist.” “I think I will be able to observe what is happening better from here anyway.”

Suddenly, a light began to glow from the center of the chamber. Max, Michael and Kyle looked through it to make sure the girls were safely on the other side. Suddenly a man appeared, dressed in long black robes…from her vantage point, he reminded Maria of Maleficent from Sleeping beauty. “ King Zan, Ava told me that you would be expecting me…but I don’t see my love, Vilandra…you wouldn’t be planning to trick me, now would you?” “No” Max said cautiously, “I want to see my son first.” “Your son, what about Ava?” Kivar asked menacingly as another glow to his right turned out to be Tess, trapped by some sort of bubble shaped force field. “Max” she mouthed. From behind them, Liz caught her breath. Max had been right, Tess had been badly beaten…she could see the huge welts ripped across the entire length of her body, through her clothing, exposing huge gashes of flesh, some—the fresh ones—dripping with blood. She looked passed Tess at Max…..he looked visibly shaken.

“Tess—Kivar I want them both…that was the deal, now show me my son” Max ordered.

Their negotiations faded into the background as Liz turned to Maria. “Maria, listen. I’m going to try to free Tess, STAY HERE!” Maria caught Liz’s arm “Why would you want to help HER?!” “Maria, don’t question me. No one else here has been to Antar. In a few hours, a ship will be coming to take all willing to Antar. Now, I don’t know about you, but whether or not she’s risking her life to save us, if we have her, we at least have something to barter with. MOVE” Liz slipped quietly along the back of the cave, trying to get far enough around to make eye contact with Tess. Michael watched her, praying she didn’t try anything foolish. Realizing her intentions, he spoke, trying to draw Kivar’s attention. “How do we know it isn’t you trying to trick us, Kivar? You’ve tried to so many times before?” Kyle spotted Liz, and motioned to Tess. “Well, young soldier, I thought you were only good at taking orders…maybe this human side of yourself has more—what’s the human term—balls?” Kivar laughed.
“Enough of this talk, we’re wasting time—I want Vilandra.” Well, you’re not going to get her!” Max stated throwing up his field, signaling Michael to attack. Liz roared, racing towards Tess as Kivar was distracted by Michael’s blast. Using her own force field and attack energy, she punctured then burst through the bubble containing Tess. Grabbing her as she crumpled, Liz dragged her back to where Maria was waiting. Seeing what had occurred, Kivar laughed as another light began to glow. Michael stopped his attack as he saw the small light turn into a young boy. “Isn’t this what you really want? Ha ha ha…you won’t get him. Take the filthy whore, it matters not to me if we kill her now or later. She is useless to us.” The little boy looked around the cave at each of the three men as Kivar laid his hands on his shoulders. He knew one of them was his father, but wasn’t quite sure who it was. He felt the “father” connection to two of them, which confused him. “Daddy?” the little boy asked, looking at each of them. Mommy had told them he had to imprint, that it was his only shot, so he chose the man that he felt the strongest pull towards. Max was trying futilely to make a connection with his son, to leave the imprint so that he could find him. “Yes, daddy, what are you going to do now? When you’re ready to negotiate, have Vilandra send for me next time. I won’t make the same mistake again.” With that, he disappeared.

“Kyle!” Tess whispered, reaching out towards the emptiness.

“Kyle!” Liz yelled, “Tess wants you over here NOW!” A hand on her arm stopped her.

“No, Liz, Kyle, my son.” She said, looking to Maria apologetically. “Kyle!” Liz yelled again, trying to snap him out of his daze. Max was to Tess in less than a second, taking Liz’s place, cradling her head. “Tess” he whispered, trying to decide where to begin healing. “I’m sorry, Max” she smiled sadly “but I have a secret to tell…” she whispered, passing out.

Maria was at Kyle’s side, snapping her fingers in front of his eyes…which were glazed over. “Hey, Kyle, Buddha Boy, snap out of it!” Sighing, she grabbed both sides of his head and began nibbling on his lips. “Maria” he sighed”…I don’t know what just happened. I think—I think I was hit!” “LIZ! Get over here, something is wrong with Kyle.” Liz ran over, inspecting Kyle for damage. “Nothing is wrong with you, Kyle. You’re just tripping out from your first alien battle.” “Liz, something happened to my mind, I swear to God!” “Well, you’re still breathing and yelling, so I think you’ll survive…” Liz rolled her eyes. “Max, get over here and check out Kyle’s brain. He thinks Kivar fried it.” Max put his jacket under Tess’s head. He was almost spent from healing her, and there was still so much more that needed to be done, but that could wait. “Ok Kyle, I’m going to connect with you, look at my eyes and relax.” Max put his hand on Kyle’s forehead and formed a connection. Frowning, he pulled his hand away. “Kyle, you are fine, but for some reason my son chose to imprint on you instead of me.”

“Okay, we don’t have time to discuss the implications of this. I have to go to Roswell and speak with Isabel. I have to ask her to go with me to Antar when the ship arrives. She has to be brought into this now. Kyle, sorry man, but you are now the only person in the universe who can lead me to my son. I don’t know if the imprint can be switched to me, but we won’t be able to do it on earth. Next, Michael…I would like you to be my second. I ask you not as a king, but as a friend, to help me. It is ultimately your decision.”

“Damn! If it wasn’t for Tess, I wouldn’t have came. Damn, she’s like my freaking sister, when she’s not out killing people—and NO, not a sister like YOU, Maria—I guess I really have no choice here, unless I want to go around with the image of this little boy in my head.” Kyle laughed “I can see him learning how to play football…Tess taught him how to play football!” he said excitedly.

“So you’re in?” “I’m in” Kyle said, looking towards Maria “and I want you to come with me” “But, Kyle, I, what will I do—I’m fully human, is that even possible?”

“Of course it’s possible…” said a voice at the entrance of the cave, “I don’t sign people if they can’t become intergalactic, should the opportunity arise. “

“Levon?!” Maria cried incredulously...”What—Who—how?”

“So Levon is what you’re calling yourself in the music industry, eh?” Max said, shaking hands with the man who had once tried to talk him into become a star in Hollywood.

“Hey, we all work with what we got, MAX.”

“What about all the talk about never leaving Earth?”

“Well, let’s just say I snuck a sample of Maria’s singing off planet and Maria, honey, you’re a wealthy intergalactic superstar” Levon laughed.

“Whoa…this is too much information to handle…wait…I’m loved all over the UNIVERSE?! “

“Congratulations, baby!” Kyle said giving her a kiss. “Looks like you won’t have to worry about what to do while we’re there.”

“yes, and I believe the ship has arrived. They have stopped on the far side of the moon and are ready to teleport those who wish to come…”

“My mother is here?” Michael asked timidly.

“Ah…yes, Valoria is aboard, as well as Ginea, Cinna, Venicia, and Veronica…your sisters.”

Michael smiled and looked at Liz. “You know I’m coming, Michael.”

“Well all of you better go pack. Imagine your heading to a deserted island and can only bring essentials. Max, we need to get Tess on board, but you need to go find Isabel.”


“Kyle, what are we going to tell our parents? Mom, Dad, Kyle and I are in love and we’re heading off on a spaceship into outer space to fight an intergalactic war? I don’t think that will blow over well.”

“Well, I suggest we leave out the parts about a war…but should keep it as close to the truth as possible. Dad already knows about the aliens, I think he may have filled in Amy on a few bits of info other than what we told her about Tess. “

“Let’s just tell them that I am going on an intergalactic tour and your coming along to make sure I don’t get into any trouble. That is less threatening that mentioning marriage and wars..”

“Marriage? You still plan on marrying me? I don’t think there will be a religious man within miles of our spaceship” Kyle laughed softly. “But I’m sure that we could work around that, if you will have me” he said, slowly pulling a white box out of his pocket. “I sorta had Michael help me with this” he said handing it to her. “It’s amazing what manipulating molecules can do….I did it myself” Kyle said proudly. Opening the box, Maria squealed “Oh Kyle it’s perfect!” she said, throwing her arms around his neck. It was a green princess cut stone, surrounded by cabochon set swirls of freshwater pearl, steaming out like a sunburst or splash and running down the sides of the cool silvery metal. “It reminds me of that room, your eyes, that dress you were wearing, the moment I knew my life had changed forever…” “Kyle, it is the most beautiful, unique ring I have ever seen, thank you” she curled herself up next to him as close as possible in their current surroundings. “No matter where our lives take us, I want to be with you, always.” She kissed him and put her head to his shoulder.

“So, thought about what you’re going to tell your parents, Liz? Are you sure you even want to go…I mean, what about your dreams—becoming a molecular biologist, going to Harvard—I don’t want to keep you from your dreams…”

Liz stopped packing and looked stared into his eyes as she walked over to the bed and straddled him. “Michael, that dream was forgotten a long time ago. That was the dream of a different Liz in a different time. What I want now, molecular biology can’t teach me. What I need now, Harvard can’t offer. “ she answered, placing his hands on her sides. “I’ve been training for a war, Michael. Training to defend what is mine…” she said softly, placing a poignant kisses all over his face. “I need to go, I need to see what it is that is calling me up…and I will follow you wherever you go because you need me, like I need you.”

“I love you, Liz” he whispered, eyes closed, then smiled “let’s celebrate our last night on earth…who knows when we’ll get the next chance to do this…” he said, pressing his lips into hers like it would be his last time to kiss her, to love her like this.

“Or me to do this…” she smiled into her lips as their clothes once again disappeared…”make love to me again, Michael, please..”

He shifted so that she was no longer on top of him and laid her out on the bed in front of him, gazing from her feet to her head. He couldn’t possibly paint a lovelier picture…he doubted he would be able to capture the love and desire in her eyes, which he was sure was mirrored in his own. “My warrior…” he whispered, kneeling between her legs and rubbing his hands up and down her thighs, leaning over to kiss her stomach, inching towards the hair that led to the part of her body that ached with a fire that only he could put out. Slowly he slid his hand towards her folds, finding them already wet, he bent his head to taste…”Lizzz” he let his voice reverberate against her, making her only want more...”please don’t tease me, Michael, she begged then cried out as he ran his tongue along the inner rim of her folds then up to her throbbing bundle of nerves. Moaning, Liz struggled to sit up…she was so ready, and she knew she would come quick…”No, Michael, I want to worship you…” she breathed, rubbing her hands down his abdomen to his rigid erection, rubbing her palm over the tip, spreading the pre-cum around before taking it entirely into her hand. Slowly rubbing, she trailed kisses first over his nipples then down to his navel, sliding her tongue over it, feeling and tasting. Hearing his soft moan, Liz swooped down and took his head into her mouth, rubbing her tongue over the tip then down the sides, reveling in it’s smoothness and it’s size as she began bobbing her head. “Ah!” Michael cried out “God Liz, I love you” as his hands became entangled in her hair and his hips began to raise to meet her. She felt him grow larger in her mouth, his skin stretch tighter, before she was ripped away by his arms as he drew her mouth up for a deep kiss. Quickly recovering, she lowered herself onto him and began to ride and then to rock as he touched that place deep inside her that cried out for him…”Oh Michael, oh…” she cried, as her contractions increased, as she felt him coming closer and closer to completion, she arched her back, thrusting her breasts into his face, as he swooped down to take a nipple in his mouth she orgasmic, almost screaming out “Michael!” and surrounding him with either more lubricant, urging him to take control, driving harder and faster as he laid her back against the sheets and began massaging her breasts, watching as she continued to orgasm and moan and write, her hands curling around on the sheets beneath her. Her eyes suddenly snapped open, staring at him determined, and her hands moved to his arms, pulling him down on top of her, she licked his ear and said “you’re coming with me” as she wrapped her legs around his thighs and used her feet to push her hips up to meet him again and again, while assaulting his mouth with searing kisses. “Ah, Liz, Ohhhhh” he yelled, finally shooting his seed into her again and again with each of her contractions and collapsing on top of her, then lifting his head to place kisses on her nose, cheek, and eyelids, then letting his head fall to her neck, whispering “Liz Parker, I love you” before falling asleep. Liz eyelids fluttered and she turned her head to place a kisses on his neck and cheek. “Oh no you don’t, Guerin, we have to leave” bucking him off despite his protests and heading towards the bathroom…”Oh, and you might want to take a shower too” she said as she turned and flipped her head over her shoulder, swaying her hips as she walked into the bathroom, leaning over to turn the water on in the shower. “Aren’t you going to join me” she asked, before smiling seductively and disappearing behind the shower curtain. Michael blinked, still seeing the image of her bare ass as she walked into the shower, shook his head then catapulted off the bed towards the shower. He didn’t have to be asked twice.

It’s been three hours, Michael...they will leave without us if you don’t hurry, Liz said, running a comb through her wet hair.

“Hey, it’s hard to decide what you want to take with you when you don’t know if you’ll ever come back.” He said, rubbing his Staind ashtray.

Seeing what was in his hand, Liz came over and put her hand over his...”Michael, you get to go home…and I’m coming with you. You couldn’t force me to leave you.”

“Liz, it’s so hard to imagine me with a family…realizing that I’m going to meet them in less than an hour, that’s just—Wow—overwhelming” he said, leaning against he dresser. “And, never would I have expected that someone that I felt this way about would be coming with me….Liz, I want you to be there when I meet them. It won’t just be me meeting my family, but us meeting our family and them meeting not only their son, but their son and the other part of his soul. I won’t let you leave me, Liz, because I know how you feel…I can feel it, and I know you can feel me too—without flashes or connections or any of these alien related—“

“Michael, I know. It’s there…like second nature, not a force but a feeling….like the other piece of myself.” They looked at each other and smiled. Michael threw the ashtray into his bag…he had to have presents for his sisters, didn’t he? He scratched his head…surely Antarian women couldn’t be THAT different from human females…


“So they really do that ‘beam me aboard’ shit?” Kyle asked, half jokingly, half seriously. “Because, you know, I don’t know how I feel being teleported…”

“Relax, Kyle. I’ve already been up to the ship with Tess…she’s in a recuperation chamber. Michael’s mother is trying to heal what’s left of her mind…”

“So, Max…could you enlighten me on this um, fatherhood imprinting thing. You’re the one that had sex with her…how is he mine?”

“I think I can explain…” said Liz, pulling Michael along behind her as she approached the group. “It isn’t possible for hybrids to have offspring, is it?” she asked, staring at Max.

“No, it isn’t.” Max agreed.

“Whoa, then who went sperm spelunking on the boys?” he asked, motioning towards his crotch.

“Tess and I believe it was Nasedo, who had originally made the deal with Kivar long ago. Kivar never was a stickler for details…he believes Kyle II, your son, is the heir to the throne. Somehow he hasn’t managed to get into his brain to discover the truth…at least not yet. That is why we have to leave now—to rescue him before Kivar either finds out or decides on plan B.”

“Plan B, what’s plan B?” Isabel asked, arriving with a handsome man in tow. Max met her half way and embraced her in a hug, as the rest of the group also took their turns greeting Isabel and her husband, Jesse.

“Well, Kivar’s plan B involves producing his own heir…by killing Kyle II and impregnating you. That is another reason we need you for this mission.” Max added, cautiously.

“and we’re not going to let that happen!” Jesse said, defiantly.

“Glad you decided to come along, Jesse. Now that you know about us, you may be able to help us work around Antarian law, so that I can claim the throne again…or maybe head up my secret services?” Max asked with a knowing smile.

“Sorry, Jesse…I had to tell him that you used to work for the CIA.” Isabel smiled. “He trusts you, though.”

Suddenly a golden glow formed around them. Michael took Liz’s hand and squeezed…he was about to meet his family…then they would be heading home.

As the soft glow faded, everyone stood still, still dazed by their first teleportation and wondering what to expect to see on their first spaceship. As everyone’s eyes focused, a voice piped up amongst the group…

“Guys…” Maria trailed off…”I’m getting major creepy déjà vu here…isn’t this—isn’t this the bridge on the USS Enterprise?” she asked, bewildered.

A soft giggle was heard to the left. “I told you they would recognize it” Venicia giggled.

I still say we could’ve gone with the Millennium Falcon” huffed Veronica, “Then I could’ve spent my sharp shooting when we passed through the Promethean asteroid belt,” she frowned. “I KNOW Michael would do it with me” she complained, sticking her tongue out at Venicia, so that her mother couldn’t see and grabbing Michael’s left arm.

Liz grinned.

Not to be outdone, Venicia ran to him and grabbed his other arm, “But I want to show him my drawings, he likes to draw…” she said, pulling him towards her.

“It was your stupid idea to put us on this ship and in these dippy white robes…” Veronica spat back.

“All right girls, stop arguing. Veronica, stop whining. Your brother doesn’t remember you yet, and you’re making a horrible display of yourself” she chastised, “Do you want him to think you are so ill-mannered?” Throwing a wink at Liz, she stepped in front of Michael “My son” she said, pulling Michael into an embrace and kissing his forehead, “it has been so long since I’ve seen you, there is so much I would like to tell you, there is so much I’d like to know about your life on earth… Is this your mate?” she asked softly, gazing at Liz, “she is lovely.”

“Um, yes, this is Liz. Oh, and that’s Kyle and Maria…”

“I’m sorry, let me introduce myself to your friends…I am Valoria, high priestess of the North Pole region of Antar. This is Cinna, Michael’s oldest sister, she is being prepared to take my place as high priestess. Veronica and Venicia are Michael’s youngest sisters…they are twins, and very competitive, if you didn’t notice” she said, smiling. “We weren’t sent on this mission to retrieve the King of Antar, his sister, and you, my son. If it had not been for the snippets of communication that we received from Tess, we would not have known that the time had come…”

Still grasping Michael’s hand, she turned to Isabel. “Isabel, I’m so sorry, my dear, that your mother couldn’t be here to greet you as well. As I’ve told Max, the risk was too great to free her from Kivar so soon…she has to stay imprisoned in the palace until her necessity as a spy is no longer needed. We will free her soon. I’m sure Max has filled you in on most of your past…”

Michael, you have not yet remembered yours either. We have set up special sleeping chambers for your relaxation and memory retrieval while you sleep. When you wake, you will remember your past. These chambers have been prepared for years to aid in your return to Antar. Your mother and I hoped that by keeping your past hidden from you until you were old enough to come back and free us from the reign of Kivar by taking back your throne. We will discuss this mission more after your memory retrieval. Tess’s mind retrieval will most likely be finished by the time you awaken. We’ve never had to mend one so horribly abused, but I think she will recover most of her abilities. “

Now, Kyle, you are the father of the boy that Kivar has kidnapped. We need you to use his imprint to find him. You will also have a chamber designed to help you connect to that imprint. Luckily, Max has rowanized your oraclean abilities will make the process much smoother and faster than if you’d been fully human.”

“Whoa—hold on a minute…’rowanized’, ‘oraclean abilities’, you’re gonna have to fill me in on what those are…” Kyle said, noticeably agitated.

“On Antar, Kyle, it is illegal for an Antarian to bring back someone from the brink of death. Helios, our God, has a time and place for everyone and everything…using your abilities to bring one back is, in essence, playing God. When someone IS brought back, they are rowanized. They become an Oracle. They can see the ancient past, see the future, and have traditionally been used as advisors to the kings of the five planets. Traditionally, only Helios deigns who will be an Oracle and all others—those who make the Oracle by using their healing powers, and those who become an Oracle…are put to death immediately. Many times, however, an unnaturally occurring Oracle can escape detection, mainly because they are able to close their minds off to mindwarps and dreamwalks. That is how Kivar came so close to the royal family…his visions allowed him to advise the king wisely on several matters of state and the royal examiners could find nothing sinister in his mind…as he had it closed off. You will all learn about this in your dreams tonight. Those of you who aren’t Antarian or an Oracle will still be filled in on all pertinent information,” she finished, with an emphasis at both Maria and Liz.

“Mother, Liz is an Oracle also. Did Max not tell you he saved her life?” Michael questioned.

“I didn’t think it was important at the time…I don’t think Tess remembered either.” Max stated slowly.

Liz wrapped her arms around Michael’s waist, pressing her cheek against his back…attempting to digest the information.

“Well, Oracles can close their minds. I’m not surprised I didn’t notice it...I—“ Valoria said…glancing suddenly at Cinna, who returned her mother’s somewhat shocked expression. “…when the oracle wakens—you don’t think it means—“ Cinna began to ask. “I do not know, Cinna. Let’s not confuse them more. Let them sleep and absorb all of this information. Maybe we can all put our heads together afterwards…” she trailed off. “You must all be worn out from the events of the day. I suggest you go to your chambers. I will show you the way.”

As she watched the gang trail into the hallway, Cinna watched the young woman with her brother closely…”Malorie…” she whispered.

Kyle and Maria, you will be sleeping in this chamber. Maria, please make sure Kyle is comfortable and that these electrodes are placed on each temple. You may sleep next to him, as we will only be scanning his mind for information.

Isabel, Jesse, your rooms are over here. Sorry, Jesse, but Isabel must be alone in her room while the memory of her former life is retrieved. I have made up this room for you and Liz…although, now that I find Liz is an oracle…I will need to have an oracle simulation chamber prepared for her. Max, Tess is waiting for you in there, as you know. We shouldn’t need you until all of the simulations have run. Yours has been rerouted to her room…go to her now.”

Pausing before the last door on the hallway, Valoria looked at her son. “This is your room, my son. In here you will find all the answers to your past, and you will remember us. But not only us, you will remember the painful moments too, the battles, the loves you lost…” she glanced at Liz almost imperceptibly before continuing “..and even the events leading up to you death. I feel for you right now my son. The next few days will be the toughest to endure. I love you.” Kissing him, she moved on down the hall leaving them alone for a brief moment.
“I will be back in a moment”

“Liz, I don’t think you are supposed to be in here—“

“I don’t care. I will be there…for you and for me.” She kissed him on the lips briefly, before following Valoria.

“Liz, let me discuss the background of the Orclean Order with you as Veronica prepares her room for you. I’m sure she won’t mind giving up her room for a while to her brother’s mate.” As Veronica and Venicia left the room, rolling their eyes, Valoria continued, “So, have you been able to see the past or the future, my dear?”

“Yes. I had a dream--Michael and Max fighting Kivar over Kyle’s son…”

“Is that all?”

“I think I may have given Michael a future vision…he used it in one of his paintings…” she trailed off, beginning to blush.

“It is possible. Oracles can help others see glimpses of their own past or future…”

“Valoria, thank you for talking to me, but I’m really worn out from the battle with Kivar.”

“Of course, dear. Tess told us how you selflessly rescued her. Surely you would’ve made a brave warrior on Antar,” she said smiling, “now off with you to bed. Oh, do you need me to show you the way to Veronica’s room?”

“No, I wanted to get a good look at the ship…I’ll find it myself. Thank you, anyway.” She said hurrying off in the direction she had come.

Tapping lightly on his door, Liz tried to will Michael to open it. “I know you can’t be asleep yet, Michael. Too many things have happened today…”

The door opened suddenly and Michael pulled her into his room and into his arms. “I didn’t want to do this without you. This room is kind of institutional, and lonely.”

“You’ve just grown accustomed to having me to warm your feet,” she teased, kissing him softly.

“Well, let’s do this,” he said, laying down on the bed, pulling her on top of him. She closed her eyes as the lights dimmed and heard the voice of Valoria begin speaking before drifting off to sleep: “I am you mother, Michael, high priestess of the Pole region of Antar, commonly referred to as the North Pole. Antar has several different races of people living on its surface. Some, like us, migrated from different species on other planets. You, my son, belong to the Polar race, different from native Antarians only in that we have the recessive gene that is capable of producing natural oracles. This gene normally produces only female offspring, making you unique, and therefore, alliances with other races (those capable of producing male offspring) vital to our existence. Our race has been known throughout history to produce the religious leaders of Antar, whereas King Jareth, Max’s father, produced the more political leaders. As a male, you signified a new beginning for our relationship with the ruling house of Antar…”

As they slept, Liz and Michael dreamed of their lives on Antar.

Part 9

“What can a girl possibly teach me about fighting?” a young Rath whined. “Just because she’s the daughter of King what’s his name, doesn’t mean she can fight!”

“Rath..” his mother said patiently, “you are my only son. King Rediman only has two daughters…and he is from a warrior kingdom. They would naturally be taught how to fight. Besides, everyone expects that his lack of sons will cause Helios to choose from another race. It is naturally assumed that you, the only son of a normally female race would be the chosen one. “

“So I get to take lessons from this girl?” Rath emphasized.

“Yes….and don’t looks so upset about it…Zan will be learning this technique too. Actually, I rather thought King Jareth would have the two betrothed by now…an alliance with King Rediman would put us that much closer to achieving interplanetary peace..”

“Maybe he wanted to see if this girl is even good-looking…I bet she wears war paint.” Rath laughed.

“Rath, please be pleasant. I’m sure you three will become the best of friends,” she said, smiling.

It had been three weeks since the petite girl had show up at his castle. He and Zan had joked that they could easily slice her in two with a mere butter knife…of course, that had been before they had begun practicing. They had not yet managed to best her, even using some of the rare moves that Hodan had taught them. She was quick and her aim was deadly. Michael watched her, trying to imitate the smooth strokes she was making with her rapier. She made it look easy. She was built well for fighting too…she did not have the huge cumbersome breasts like Cinna or the ample ass like Vilandra, that would impede her from charging gracefully into battle. Nope, no protruding members to be hacked off there.

Zan had been enamored with her since she arrived. Granted, it was his first female encounter, besides Michael’s eldest sister (too old) and youngest sisters (too young) were just not the right age. He had tried his hardest to get her to notice him as more than just a pupil. They were the same age, weren’t they? And hadn’t father mentioned that they might be promised to each other in the future? He finally caught her off guard, flinging her rapier out of her hand then stealing a kiss. “That, is what you get when you lose,” he laughed. Incensed, Michael interrupted “can we please get back to business?” He felt a little protective of her, but realized she could take care of herself when her left leg extended, knocking his royal highness on his ass. Laughing, she said, “and that’s what you get when YOU lose.”

Michael laughed. It wasn’t often when Zan got his come-uppance…especially from a girl. “Malorie,” he said, getting back to business, “you promised to show us how to use our powers, I think we understand the use of weapons now.”

“Ok, but I gotta go to my Tara class…your mother did promise my father that I would learn how to act like a girl, er lady.” She said, rolling her eyes in exasperation.

“So are they going to teach you how to grow breasts?” Zan asked, trying to settle the score.

“Well, if Helios answers my prayers, I’ll never have to worry about those,” she replied, turning abruptly and stalking off.

The day of reckoning arrived sooner than anticipated. Their god, Helios, would soon be choosing a warrior. Infused with the power of the god, this warrior was said to be invincible—able to call on the power of the elements to aid in the defeat of his enemies. Although Helios could choose whomever he valued the most, to defend the cosmos. Everyone assumed that Michael would be chosen. Throughout the generations, King Rediman’s line had produced all the chosen warriors, but because the King’s wife, a cousin to Valoria, had only produced female heirs, Michael was thought to be the heir apparent.

Dressed in his finest, a young, 16 year old Rath made his way to the ballroom of the North castle. King Jareth had already proclaimed that after the ceremony, he would announce the betrothal of his daughter, Vilandra, to the new chosen one and name Rath second in command over his armies. Rath wasn’t thrilled at the idea.

“Hey Chosen One” Malorie laughed, meeting up with him as they headed towards the ballroom.

“I’m not in the mood, Mal”

“Hey, being promised to someone in marriage sucks. I was told I may be betrothed to Max tonight…ewww…” she laughed.

“Well, then we’ll be related…you know, anyone but Vilandra. I mean, the girl cares more about her fingernails than about the lives of her people.”

“Well, you do have to marry royalty….just like I will someday. It’s all for the good of the people.”

“Hell, I know that…it’s just, why can’t she be more like YOU…like to do stuff outdoors like YOU…”

“Well, first of all, she’s not descended from a long line of warriors, and secondly, she’s an Antarian…they work at manipulation, not warfare.”

“Yeah, I’m sure you could kick her ass well before she even thought about mindwarping or dreamwalking you…” he trailed off, smiling. “So do you think you will be happy with Zan?”

“What more could a girl want…married to the kind of the universe, having all the wonderful things money can buy…” she trailed off, biting her lip.

Rath laughed out loud…”I can’t see you being happy with any of that” he said, pointing at her warrior uniform. “You will always be a warrior. I think I might die of shock if you were to ever wear a dress.” Watching her stalk off, he wondered if she would even wear a dress to her own wedding…

Inside the ballroom, everyone was talking. Rath spotted Vilandra, over by the back corner looking bored. Zan was speaking to King Jareth and King Rediman was nearby, standing by his daughter protectively.

“Rath,” his mother greeted him at the door, “come meet Glenda, my cousin and Zan and Vilandra’s mother.” Rath groaned.

As he made pleasantries with Glenda, Rath noticed Malorie sneak out onto the balcony, followed by Zan. He was going to be damned if he was going to let them get out of this social gathering without him. Excusing himself, he made his way outside…stopping suddenly when he saw Zan and Mal locked passionately in an embrace. As an unfamiliar feeling crept up inside him, he lifted his toe, turning. Hearing a gasp, he turned and saw a stunned Zan and a teary eyed Malorie. She looked at Zan, glanced at Rath, and as her tears began to fall, jumped over the railing and disappeared.

“Malorie! Malorie!” Rath yelled, as he ran to the edge of the balcony, seeing her disappear between the far bushes, towards the beach. “What happened Zan? ZAN, what happened?”

“My God that girl is beautiful” he said, his eyes still glazed over.

“Yeah, I know, I know, you have a hard on for Mal, now what happened?”

“Ava” Zan whispered.

“Ava, who’s Ava? What happened to MAL?”

“Oh, Rath, I don’t know—she just—Oh God, Rath, we had the same vision…”

“Vision? You don’t have visions with someone unless, unless she’s—“

“An oracle. She’s a natural oracle…oh, God and her sister, Ava—I” Zan spurted. Rath was over the balcony and gone before Zan could complete his sentence. “Rath! Rath! It’s the reckoning, what the hell are you doing?” Damn, he thought….what am I going to tell your mother?

“Mal…” Rath approached her, speaking softly, sitting down next to her as they faced the ocean, watching the tide roll in…

“Rath, I’m, I’m—“

“An oracle. I know, Zan told me.”

“That means I won’t be able to marry—not a king anyway…”

“Did you really want to have to wear dresses and worry about your fingernails anyway?” Rath asked.

“No, not really” she almost laughed, but was still worried.

“So, Zan will now be promised to your sister, instead? Am I right?”

“Yes” she hiccupped.

“Well, I’ll still be here, I promise.”

“But you’ll be in Kevandaria soon, at the palace…they will marry you to Vilandra and then what will happen to me?” she cried.

“Hey, I may be bethrothed to a silly girl, but I’m still to be general over the whole army. You’re a warrior princess…I’m sure we’ll cross paths” he joked. Looking over to her, to see if his jokes were having their intended effect, he saw her eyes glaze over. Suddenly she started convulsing violently.

“Mal! Mal! What’s wrong?!”

Minutes later, the ballroom doors burst open with Rath carrying Malorie in his arms. “Get my mother over here NOW!” he screamed at the butler.

“What’s happening?” “What’s going on?” faceless voices mused.

“Rath! Where have—oh, Helios, what is happening!?” Valoria cried, seeing the small girl with a faraway look in her eyes, her body twitching.
“Give her the serum, Mom”

“But it’s for the cho-“

“Give it to HER”

“Oh my Helios, he’s chosen a female? This has never happened before—Glenda! Get the serum, quick, oh I hope we are in time.” Watching as Glenda gently administered the serum, Valoria heard her son’s voice in her ear “Mom…she’s an oracle too…”

Days later, Malorie had recovered. Rath was there waiting for her to wake

“Mal…no, don’t try to speak just yet. Yes, your father announced that Ava would be offered to Zan in marriage now that you had been chosen for higher purposes. Now that you have stolen my title” he smiled “I am immediately being deployed to Kavandaria to learn my role as general of the King’s army. I promise, I will see you as often as I can. I have to go now…” and he kissed her forehead…seeing her for the last time he would have for at least a year.

Malorie spent the next few months trying to adjust to her new status. Being a warrior princess was nothing compared to being Helios’ chosen. When word got out that Mal had been the chosen…and that she was an oracle…she attained a semi-deity status. Not only had Helios chosen her to be his oracle, but his chosen warrior. What did this mean? Who was this ‘Malorie’, daughter of Rediman, the warrior king of Loran. Why did the gods favor her, why did Helios breathe not only his omnipotent breath but also his war cry into one person…and a woman at that? Malorie struggled with the same questions. She sometimes thought that it would’ve been better if she had just married Zan and become Queen of Antar. She envied her sister that she didn’t have to concern herself with anything but looking pretty and smiling. No, Rath was right. She would not have been content being kept, being a figurehead. No, she wanted to be at the head of the battle, wind ripping through her hair, defying anyone who dared to hurt her family or those she loved. What about Rath…could he not have done the same? No, not when the crowned heads of Antar deigned to make him another figurehead. In the end, she had to acknowledge that Helios decision to make her his chosen had been the wisest. She made up her mind to leave the North Pole…she wanted to travel, get away from all the looks, glances, and whispers directed at her by the elite at court. Valoria gave her her blessing, making her promise to stay in touch and arrive immediately if she should need her assistance. Malorie promised and set off on her own journey of self-discovery.

Several months later, she received her first connection from Valoria. Zan and Ava were getting married and she could not find her son, Rath, the best man. Sighing at being called to render her services at such a ‘catastrophic’ event, Malorie simply put in a few calls to some mutual buddies and quickly tracked down Rath.

“Get off you lazy bum, pilgrim” she laughed, kicking at him awake, as he lay almost buck naked on a filthy mattress. His room at the ‘Inn’ was barely livable and stunk like it hadn’t been cleaned in days. “Ugh, how can you live like this?”

“It’s actually quite nice for a soldier, asshole. I am leading them across the desert to fight the roving bands of bandits spreading out from the West.”

“So I hear…” she trailed off…”I also hear that you have an infamous number of lovers in every village from here back to Kevandaria” she laughed, nudging him again with her boot.

“Well, I hear that the chosen one has been spotted all over Antar and even on Loran, a dark toned long haired beauty sparking fear in the hearts of all men who dare to try to win her heart.”

“Ha! There haven’t been any men—do they really say that about me?” she asked, feeling even more lonely than she had since she had discovered her fate. “No one wants a woman who could show them a vision of their own death...”she trailed off.

“I’m sorry, Mal. I didn’t mean to upset you. What are you doing here?”

“By orders of the high priestess of the North, I have been ordered to escort you to the wedding of the King of Antar. Since, you are, of course, the best man.”

“Ugh…and you’re going to do it, aren’t you?” he asked, hoping she would have pity on him. “You know I hate social gatherings…”

“I have to go too! I actually think it was a trick by your mother to make sure that both of us attend. Come on, we have to leave now…and you may want to wash that lipstick off your neck before we leave” she added, laughing.

“Mal, why are you landing in the jungle?” Rath asked, worriedly.

“You know they have the shields up—this is a historic event—there could be assassins everywhere. No ships allowed inside Kevandarian airspace.”

“You mean we have to walk through the jungle to get to a wedding I don’t even want to attend?!”

“Chill out, Rath. It will be fun.”

“If you say so.”

They had walked for days, it seemed like. They had had a few close encounters with fire hogs, but Mal had quickly nudged them off the path with a quick bolt of energy. Rath noted that her aim had gotten better, her energy release more measured. She had definitely been practicing.

“Soo…how long until we get there?”

“We’ve only been walking a few hours, Rath. I think you’ve grown too accustomed to the landrovers that King Jareth has been so kind as to offer his troops.”

“It isn’t just the walking…there are guerillas all over the place too.”

“Oh, don’t be afraid of any silly gorillas, Rath.”

“I believe he said GUERillas, dollface” a low voice said as a phaser pistol rested on her neck, pointing at her head.

Rath was dumbstruck. Before he could formulate any coherent thought about how they were going to get out of this predicament, Mal grabbed the pistol. Dropping down for a quick sweep, she soon had the man on his back, the pistol molding into a fullblown anti-matter rifle, pressing into his neck. “Well, it looks like you pissed her off” a voice snickered from behind Rath.

“Hey, Guilermo! I haven’t seen you since the predicament you had on Realing….I see you recovered.” She laughed, reaching her hand down to the man to haul him to his feet.

“And who is your friend, doll?”

“I would like everyone to meet Rath Everville, General to King Jareth, soon to be King Zan.”

“Wow, the general in the flesh!” Guilermo laughed, causing a wave of laughter to fall around Rath as men stepped through the bushes and swung down from the trees. He reached out his hand and Rath took it, smiling.

“Our Mal is rubbing elbows with the elite now, is it?”

“Quit giving us a hard time, Guy.” Mal laughed.

“Well, you must join us in our celebration tonight. Your king is getting married to the beautiful Ava and soon peace will descend on all our planets.”

“Well—we are actually expec-“

“We’d love to, Guy” Mal said, whispering to Rath “do you really want to hang out at Zan’s bachelor party tonight? Every woman you’ve been with in the past few months will be there…as well as Vilandra…”

“Thanks for having us, Guilermo—can I call you Guy? Great!”

Rath watched as Malorie joked with the guerillas, slapping some of them on the back, fake punching others. One passed a jug of what Rath only assumed was an illegal form of alcohol to her and she took a long gulp. Someone walked by and put their hat on her head, another passing her a cigar. She laughed, saying no thanks. Seeing Rath across the clearing she waved him over. “Don’t just sit there, enjoy yourself, Rath! God knows we deserve it considering what’s in store for us tomorrow!” Smiling in agreement he picked up the jug and began to drink.

Hours later, he was laughing and talking with the guys. They were really the most entertaining group of men he’d ever been around. They had camaraderie, they had passion, hell, they definitely knew how to party. And now, with Malorie strumming a guitar and singing a silly song she’d just written in her drunken haze, Rath felt that life just couldn’t get much better than this. Seeing one of the guerillas, the young one—Joze?—put his arm around Malorie, Rath immediately rose, filled with anger and jealousy? Before he made it over to them to have it out with that Joze character, he promptly fell flat on his face, passing out. Mal watched and smiled.

“And do you, Zan, take Ava…” Rath zoned out. His head was still spinning and he really didn’t care to hear the particulars. He was there, right? That’s all that mattered. He snuck a glance at Mal. She was in her uniform...The Chosen One. She looked bored…and perhaps, sad? He would ask her to dance at the reception and find out what was wrong. It better not have anything to do with that Joze character or he’d have to go back through that damn jungle and hunt him down and kick his ass.

At the reception, Rath made his rounds. Avoiding most of the females whom he’d already had a sampling of, he spotted Vilandra looking his way. Damn! Now he’d have to dance with her. Escorting her onto the dance floor, he zoned out as she began chattering, “Oh don’t you think Ava’s dress is fabulous?! Oh and she looks so beautifu…”

Zan noticed Malorie against the wall, alone. “Hey, I’m going to detach your sister from the wall, ok love?” Zan asked, kissing his new bride softly. “Don’t let her just stand there! Poor Mal…” Ava said, sighing.

Rath noticed that Malorie was on the dance floor. Leading Vilandra in a beeline for his destination, Rath looked at Zan asking, “May I cut in?”

“So what were you and Zan discussing?” Michael asked tentatively.

“Ah…just reminiscing. He actually thanked me for the vision I gave him of Ava. He said he has been in love with her ever since.”

“What a dick!” Rath spat out.

“He didn’t mean it to hurt my feelings, Rath…I guess, he’s just being The King—diplomatic. At least he got me away from the wall.”

“I bet you wish you were back in the jungle with the guerillas.”

“Actually, anywhere other than here would be great. I hope I don’t have to come back anytime soon…”

“Actually, King Jareth was mentioning that he was planning on having an engagement party for me and Vilandra in a few months….after he relinquishes his crown and Zan accedes the throne.”

“Ugh…do I have to go to that? I really don’t think I will enjoy another of these—“

“Hey, it’s my engagement party. I want you to come. Don’t make me threaten to have Zan command your presence,” he laughed.

“Okay, I’ll be there…but only because you asked me. I think—I think I’m going to go now. Too many inquisitive looks tends to make me nauseous. Besides, Courtney is giving you the eyes. I believe she is the only one here whom you haven’t had a piece of, other than Vilandra, your intended.” She rolled her eyes.

“Take care of yourself then, Mal. Don’t forget your promise.”

“I won’t” she called over her shoulder.

He watched her back as she left. Wondering if she was going to change back into her fatigues as soon as she left the ballroom…they suited her more. ‘Where did that thought come from?’ he asked himself….”I almost sounded like Vilandra.” Shaking his head, he caught Courtney’s eye and looked towards the balcony. If she didn’t get the hint, that was her loss.

Valoria watched her son watch Malorie leave the king’s reception. If King Jareth hadn’t first suggested that Princess Mal form an alliance with his son, she would have chose her as her son’s mate. If King Jareth hadn’t convinced her that Rath’s marriage to Vilandra would bring about the balance needed in the kingdom, she would’ve urged Rath towards the Chosen One. Valoria shook her head, looking down, wondering when she had first stopped listening to herself and started listening to King Jareth. Already her intuitions were telling her that evil was afoot right under the king’s nose. Turning her head, she glanced at Kivar, the King’s advisor, as he spoke to Vilandra, making her laugh. ;and I wonder who is behind it’ she asked herself, narrowing her eyes.

Part 10

The coronation ceremony was beautiful. Despite the fact that she had sworn she would not come, Mal had arrived, by command of the king. Zan was going to name her as his advisor. She was proud that he had chosen her, but wondered how Kivar, King Jareth’s advisor would feel being casted aside. Oh, well, he would adjust…after all, Zan was only the figurehead until Jareth died, Kivar would still advise in matters of war and politics. Malorie almost felt a pang of jealousy as she watched her sister kneel to accept her crown, her silver robes flowing, a smile on her face, Zan smiling at her with love in her eyes. She noticed the twinkle in his Rath’s eyes, as she was anointed chief advisor…he had teased her about her new uniform—which included a ceremonial hat with a large do-do bird plume. She tried not to laugh and scowled at him instead. Jerk. Just wait until the ceremonial sword knights him as general…with just a little nudge I could nick his ear or accidentally cut off a strand of his hair. Heh heh heh…he looked at her, noticed the smile, and his eyes widened as he realized what she was thinking. Just let her try he thought. They would be deployed into battle together soon enough.

“So, where are they sending us for ‘initiation’” she said, dryly.

“Well, I believe they are sending us to the front of a small skirmish between Antar and a rebel skin faction. A small group of them, really….I think King Jareth will be with us, to show us the finer points of leading a group of fighters. It’s all on land too…no huge warships or air battle. This will be quite different from the small bands I’ve lead through Antar on ‘cleaning’ duty.”

“Rath, neither of us has done much more than fight a handful of roving savages. They are unorganized and have primitive weapons. You did little more than march around in a uniform. I—I don’t know if I can kill anyone…” Malorie finished with a whisper.

“It’s just a small battle, Mal. You probably won’t even be called in to fight. You are the King’s advisor in this, not Helios’ champion. Ok?”

“How about you? How do you feel about it?”

“I see this group as a threat to the peace that King Jareth, and King Zan are trying to create. They don’t agree with some of the amendments to our interplanetary treaty…and they are striking out by killing. I don’t believe in killing…but I will do so if it prevents the killing of innocent skins or Antarians or my family.”

“Sometimes I wonder why Helios chose me. I know, I know…I come from a race of warriors, but that doesn’t mean I’m bloodthirsty.”

“Hey, General! Ready to go? There’s a transport with our name on it leaving in about 5 minutes. Councilor, this transport will rendezvous with our head defense ship in a little under an hour. Kivar will be there to show you the ropes and fill you in on the situation.”

“Thank you King Jareth. Bye Rath.”

He hugged her and whispered ‘you’ll be fine’ in her ear. She smiled. Thirty minutes later her transport was docking with the ship. Stepping out, she was confused that no one was there to greet her. Slightly annoyed, she headed to what looked like was the bridge only to find mass chaos. Grabbing the first lieutenant that ran by his collar, she asked “What the hell is going on?”

“I don’t have time—Oh, Councilor, thank Helios you are here. There’s been an explosion on the ground…we can’t connect to the ground troops to find out how many men are down, who’s been hit, and Kivar has disappeared! What do we do?!”

“Quick, do a heatscan on the ground. That should give us a general idea of how many total people are down there. Now, fill me in on how many skins were down there and how many troops we have…”

“Heat scan is reporting at least 300 people on the ground. There were 500 skins and about 500 Antarian troops….This rebel group of skins did not have access to any bombs, I don’t have any clue what could’ve caused the explosion…unless…”

“What lieutenant? I don’t have time for you to sit there and gawk at me, I need the information and I need it now!”

“The king and the general, they were headed to the battle front…the only thing that could’ve caused that explosion is their transport crashing, ma’am.”

“Hand me your phaser. Get the transport beam powered up--NOW LIEUTENANT! I want you to send me to the exact site of the crash”

Frantically pushing keys, Lieutenant Rowan saluted, “Your transport to the surface of the planet is ready.”

“Good, open all links to the ship. I’m going in to rescue all that I can. Be ready for a jump to warp on my mark and that all transport beams are ready.”

Watching Councilor Malorie power up her phaser and fade in the golden beam of light in the transport chamber, Lieutenant Rowan looked up, “May Helios help her.”

Malorie arrived on the surface to the sickening smell of smoke and charred flesh. She fired at a few skins and ran towards the fire. ‘Please let the king and Rath be alive’ she said, clutching the medallion under her shirt—the one that symbolized that she was Helios’ chosen one. “Thank Helios!” she breathed, spotting the blue uniform that signified the commanding general’s rank. Running to him, she knelt down next to him, whispering “what happened” as she realized the body he had been kneeling over was the king.
“The transport’s controls had been tampered with. By the time we realized it, the gravity of the planet already had us in tow. I—I managed to save myself, but the king, he is gone…”

Suddenly, a new wave of rebels began to descend upon the camp. Phaser blasts surrounded them. Rath fired at a few and tried to stand, but fell back to the ground as his leg gave away beneath him. Instinctively, Malorie put her hand to his leg and mended it instantaneously. “Grab the king, we’re not leaving him here.”

Struggling to stand with the weight of the king, Rath followed Malorie to a nearby cave. Falling to her knees she screamed into her communicator. “Rowan, beam aboard all living Antarians now. We’re outnumbered. There’s going to be a bloodbath down here.”

“But Kivar said their forces were small—“

“Kivar is missing. I’m in charge now. Don’t question my authority again.”

Malorie looked outside at the battle that was ensuing outside. Their troops began to glow, then disappeared. Good. There were tons of wounded still lying on the sand. Damn. “They have us surrounded, Mal. You saved all of the troops still standing….let’s go.”

“No, I can’t just let them rot on the beach!” she growled. “They have families—“ Standing, she let out a primal growl, running out of the cave she was immediately surrounded by several skins, all waving their phasers and swords at her. Michael felt something in the air change. The sky grew dark as clouds rolled in, his hair stood up on the back of his neck. The wind picked up speed and he looked at Mal.

The air seemed to crackle around her, her hair whipped her face, and she felt anger—rage like she had never felt before in her life. Screaming, she put up her hand, barely noticing the sparks that flew off of it, building her energy, she shot it out, at the enemy, releasing the all the pain she had ever known.

One blast was all it took. Rath blinked and every one of the skins had disappeared, nothing was left of them but floating bits of skin floating in the wind. He saw her crumple and ran to her side, shoving the body of the dead king out of the way. Picking her up, he grabbed her wrist and shouted “Rowan, beam us up. And beam up all the remaining bodies into the morgue. All the skins have been incinerated.”

Malorie woke up in sick bay, a bit dazed. As the reality of what had happened sat in, she curled herself into a ball. So that was how the power of Helios worked. She had heard the thoughts of all the skins as they had died. Someone had been feeding them lies…she would make it her job to find out who.

“Zan, your father has been dead for months. You are now the king, not just the figurehead. You are now calling the shots. I say we go in and annihilate all the skins on the planet Ursa.”

“Rath, easy…we can’t just do that. Yes, I am hurt that my father is gone. Yes, it tears me up to see my mother still crying every day…but I cannot let myself get carried away with emotion…”

“What about Mal? What does she say? Has she found any new leads?”

“She’s been having talks with the leaders of Ursa. They still want to handle the issue with the rebels by themselves. They aren’t allowing any more Antarian troops inside their atmosphere.”

“So, is she coming back anytime soon?” Rath asked. “I haven’t seen her since the inauguration ceremony…when you assumed complete control..”

“Ava actually requested her presence in the castle today…something about missing her sister. I’m thinking of giving her some time off since things have been peaceful.”

Hearing laughter from the door, Rath and Zan saw the two women come through the door, their arms around each other.

“So you’ve made a full recovery?” Rath asked, looking at Mal from head to toe. He had almost thought she was gone after she crumpled to the ground after killing the skins…she had been completely drained of energy. She had been disoriented at the inauguration.

“I’m fine, Rath. And Zan, as your advisor, I have several things to report.”

“That’s my cue to leave” Ava laughed, turning to leave, but not before Zan twirled her around and gave her a kiss.

“Report away Grand Councilor…”

“All is calm on Ursa. The king believes that no more rebel strikes will occur…towards his people or our ambassadors on the planet. There has still not been any signs of Kivar. I have my suspicions about him, but no concrete evidence against him. Also, as chief advisor, I think it is time for a royal ball. We need something to cheer the people up, general good news in the kingdom..” she trailed off.

“Mal, what so I have to celebrate?” Zan asked, eyeing her suspiciously.

Rath groaned. (Please don’t say Rath’s engagement to Vilandra, Please don’t say Rath’s engagement to Vilandra)

“Your son.” Malorie winked at Rath and smiled at Zan.

“Son? What are you— AVA!” Zan jumped the conference table, running out the door.

Malorie and Rath laughed. “How long have you known?” Rath asked.

“The moment she called me. I just have a sixth sense for these kind of things…and she is my sister.”

“Sister, I keep forgetting you’re a girl, Mal.”

“Well, Vilandra is a girl…you’d better be happy THAT issue didn’t come up.”

“Oh, so you would’ve suggested Zan announce our engagement?”

“No. I wouldn’t…I still advise against it. Your marriage to Vilandra would not be beneficial to our current situation. You do have ties to the skins, but not enough to affect the radical rebels who were against the ideas of King Jareth and now Zan. Zan would be much wiser to ally himself directly with a skin leader…maybe marry King Randolph’s son to Vilandra. If a marriage alliance is what he believes to be the most politically beneficial…” she trailed off.

“You’ve really done your homework on this haven’t you?”

“What do you think I’ve been doing these past six months? Not sitting on my ass getting soft” she teased, reaching for his midsection to pinch him.

“Hey, you’re just doing it because you don’t want to see me married to that inane babbling brat.”

Mal laughed, “Well, at least I’m not part of the faction of radicals that believe YOU should be on the throne. I can’t believe anyone would think you would make a good king…much less WANT the job.”

“What!? I’m a prince of the North Pole, baby! I could handle it.”

“You’re a prince of a religious race, Rath, not a political leader. It’s not even in your genes to sit on your ass and call the shots from afar. You’d have to be in the big middle of everything and your advisor would go crazy trying to keep you from being assassinated. “

“Aw, know you missed me,” he said laughing.

“Of course I did. Now leave me alone so I can fill out these reports before Zan announces the birth of his son and I’m dragged out to another social gathering.”

“Maybe this time you can wear a dress” Rath snickered, leaving her to finish her reports.

“You know I just may do that, asshole!” she yelled after him.


Zan had announced later that evening that a ball to end all balls would be held at the end of the week, keeping the reason a secret from everyone but those who already knew. He wanted plenty of time to organize the event and invite all his family and friends, as well as royalty from the interplanetary alliance. Valoria and her daughters had arrived as soon as they received the invitation. Rath had shown them to their rooms and disappeared immediately thereafter, leaving them to wander around the castle. Asking their maidservant where they could find the Grand Councilor, Valoria and her girls had left to find her room.

Valoria knocked and rushed into her room, a swoosh of skirts and girlish chatter. “Malorie, darling, what are you wearing to the ball? I’m not exactly sure what to wear to the announcement of a birth…”

Looking up from where her head had been laying on her desk, Mal quickly wiped her tears away and put a smile on her face. “How did you know, Valoria?”

“I’m not dense, girl.” Valoria winked.

“Girls, stop prowling around Malorie’s room. Why don’t you girls go see if you can find a suitable dress for Malorie in your trunks. With a few small alterations, I’m sure it will fit.”

“Oh mother, what a great idea. It will be so fun to do a makeover on Mal…I’ve never seen her in a dress!” the girls gushed, shoving each other out of the way as they headed for the door.

“Now dear, tell me what is wrong.”

“Valoria, I’m just tired. So many things have happened over the course of the past two years….I went from being a princess to a small race of warriors on a lonely planet to realizing I’m an oracle, the chose, councilor/advisor to the king…I’ve killed, I’ve sacrificed, and I’ve done my job, and –“

“And your wondering what it would feel like to just be that unknown warrior princess again? To not have the burden of so many people on your shoulders?”

“Yes” she said softly.

“Well, my girls and I will fix you up. Tonight, instead of being Malorie, Grand Councilor to the King, chosen warrior of Helios, you can just be Princess Incognito.”

Veronica and Venicia rushed in, each carrying a dress. “This is my new masquerade dress, it will be perfect.” “No, she doesn’t want to dress up like a peacock, Veronica. She’ll want something simple. Mal, I have this dress…it never really fit right…”

“Thanks girls.”

Ava walked in suddenly and scanned the room. “Mal, I was just going to ask if you were going in uniform—do you have shoes? What are you going to do with your hair? Oooh…it would look so good in this updo I saw in the new Cosmos” she rambled on.

“Thank you guys, everyone…I don’t know what to say…”

“We’ll remind you how to act like a woman!” Venicia clapped her hands together. “Do you think you can walk in these heels?”

“I’m sure it’s just like riding a starcycle, Vennie” she said, standing, immediately tripping and toppling to the floor.

Ava and Veronica each grabbed a hand and hauled her to her feet, steadying her.

“I guess I’d better start practicing.” she smiled, she hadn’t felt like a girl in a long time…tonight would be the first night she would get to appear in public as a woman. Stricken with that thought, she felt the butterflies in her stomach take flight.

“Ugh” Rath groaned. Another damn ball. As far as he was concerned, they could just never have another one again and he would be able to live his life in peace. Women in flouncy dresses, Vilandra whining in his ear, Zan and Ava basking in the glow of their pregnancy, all the gossip. He let out a long slow breath as he straightened his tie and pulled his hair off his collar and headed towards the doors. A flash of white out on the veranda caught his eye and he stopped, taking a few steps backwards. A woman was leaning over the balcony, a white dress clinging to her curves, a thin, transparent scarf blowing behind her…Rath looked her up and down. Her hair, piled on her head loosely, fell down her back, one tendril—an escapee—fell all the way down…to the shapely swell of her hips. Her head snapped up suddenly and she breathed the air coming through the sweet tulip trees. Rath heard a groan escape from his mouth and quickly turned and ran to the ballroom doors. He didn’t want to be caught spying. She had to be royalty…he’d caught the medallion on her neck, but wasn’t sure where it was from. Zan would know. He would introduce him. What were friends for?

Rath was amazed at the number of people at the party. He scanned the room for a familiar face. Zan, yes, that was the man to talk to. Walking past the dance floor he noticed the woman in white. She was dancing with the King of Ursa and he was laughing at something she had said. She had to be royalty, Zan would know her name. Damn! Why hadn’t he paid more attention when he’d been introduced to court years ago?

“We were so happy when we found out, weren’t we honey?” Zan asked, addressing a group of officials from Ursa.

Hmm…maybe he shouldn’t ask just yet…not if she was dancing with the King of Ursa. He scanned the crowd for her and spotted her talking to a familiar group of guerillas. Guerillas? Mal must’ve invited them. She’d get a kick out of it to find out they had actually shown up. Speaking of Mal, where was she? He scanned the room for her uniform and plumed hat…nope, no sign of her anywhere.

“Yes, we’re expecting him to be born next year during the summer…” Rath let their voices drain out. They would be talking about the baby forever. Standing taller he spotted Guilermo and made his way across the room. Maybe he could tell him who the lady in white was.

“Hey, Guilermo! Glad to see you made it! Have you spoken to Mal? She’d be so excited to know you are here.”

“Rath! I’m having a great time. This king of yours really knows how to throw a party. Mal’s been around. I think she’s off dancing with one of the guys.”

“Mal dancing? Ha, that would be funny to see.” Spotting the lady in white on the dance floor again, he noticed she was dancing with Joze. Perfect.

“Hey, Guilermo, who is the lovely creature Joze dancing with?”

Guilermo swallowed his glass of wine and clapped Rath on the back. “You are funny, man, really funny.”

Confused, Michael saw Joze and the lady slip out the side door onto the veranda. He followed.

Peeking around the corner of the exit, he saw them, talking in hushed whispers in the shadows…he crept a little closer—behind that potted plant, perfect—to listen.

“Oh, Joze. Thank you. Queen Ava is headed this way…she’s trying to introduce me to the Duke of Millner...she thinks we’ll hit it off. There’s no way in hell—“

“Joze, Joze I know I saw you come out here with—“

“Please, please, Joze, head her off” Mal whispered, running towards the entrance on the other side of the Veranda “I owe one” she said, turning around and running precisely into a broad chest.

“Mal..” Rath breathed, looking her up and down, eyes wide.


“MALORIE! Where are you I want you to meet—“

Malorie grabbed Rath’s hand and dragged him in through the opposite door, looking frantically around for a place to hide. Pulling him behind a tapestry they held their breaths.

“I KNOW I just saw her go through this door, Joze.”

“No, it wasn’t the lady Malorie, it was Nepherine from Ursa.”

“It was NOT Nepherine. I fixed her hair myself and I KNOW my sister when I see her.”

Malorie let out her breath slowly. “That was close.”

Rath was still a bit dazed. He didn’t expect the woman he’d been following all night was his best friend…and God, she smelled—he breathed in—she smelled like…he wasn’t good at this. She smelled sweet and he suddenly felt the urge to see if she tasted sweet too.

“Rath, get me out of here, please? ” He watched as she peeked around the corner of the tapestry, her brow furrowed. He grabbed her hand and pulled her to the door. He didn’t have to be asked twice to leave the ball or be alone with her. Laughing, they made their escape.

“Mmm.. Rath, you make the best turkey cranberry sandwiches” she moaned…”I’ve missed these.”

Trying not to get too excited over the fact that the most beautiful woman in the universe was eating his sandwiches, the fact that she was also his best friend, and, god, how could’ve he have not noticed before how sexy she was? Control, don’t want to scare her.

She finished her sandwich and shoved the plate away from her hip. Sitting on the table made her eye level…so he just leaned against the opposite wall, staring at her.

“Why are you so quiet? I said I wanted to get away from everyone else…that doesn’t mean I don’t want to talk,” she said, reaching for the sticks holding her hair up.

“Sure, talk. Um, what do you want to talk about?” he asked, reaching for her plate just as her hair tumbled down, grazing his hand. He stopped just to feel it. She shook her head, letting her hair settle, noticing that he was so close. He smelled good…a bit of cologne, a bit of man. Suddenly his hands were on either side of her hips and his face was inches from hers, just staring into her eyes intently. Suddenly she felt dizzy, her mouth was open, her lips were dry…must wet them with her tongue—
He crushed his lips against hers, putting his hands on the velvety soft skin on her back, crushing her to him. Her mouth felt amazing as she stoked his tongue and nibbled on his lip. Groaning, he slid his hands down to her hips and pulled her flush against him. “Rath” she breathed, as he slid his tongue down her neck, her hand all over him, her legs locking around his waist. Suddenly he stopped and stepped back, looking at her lustily. He held his hand in front of himself. “I can’t do this. I shouldn’t do this. You’re—I’m going to be engaged to Vilandra…you’re an oracle and the chosen warrior, you’re practically a goddess…I—I’m just…a problem.” He turned and walked out of the kitchen…leaving Malorie speechless. She sat there a moment, trying to figure what had just happened. She wanted him, he wanted her…where was the problem? She could talk Zan out of the betrothal for sure, check. So what if I’m an oracle and the chosen one…it’s generally assumed that neither will mate or produce offspring, but she was both, dammit, and wasn’t she able to change laws? Dammit…he wasn’t getting away that easily.

Rath finished taking off his shirt and sat down on his bed, only wearing his trousers. What have I done? She will never forgive me. What was I thinking? I can’t have her…I have to marry the king’s sister… A banging on his door roused him and he walked slowly towards it, opening it slowly. It flew back towards his face and a very upset Malorie stormed in, hair flying wildly behind her. She began her assault with her finger in his chest…making him stumble back to his bed and sit promptly when his knees hit it.

“I don’t know what the hell is wrong with you. What was your excuse, oh yeah…’I’m a problem.’ And how would that be? “ she stopped her pacing and ranting momentarily to look at him, waiting for an answer. He almost smiled, but thought better of it. “Oh, you’re a problem…a big pain in my ASS, but did that stop me from falling in love with you? NO! But then no one gives a damn about—what did you call me? A goddess…yeah, ‘practically a goddess’—well, for your information, jackass, ‘goddesses’ have feelings too. I know that most people would rather walk on hot coals that pause long enough to realize that I have feelings, I have desires, I want things, I need things…but no one usually cares about those!”

“I’m spoken for...I WAS thinking about your feelings, how are you going to feel when Zan announces my engagement to his sister? Or do you think he will actually listen to you about that?”

“He knows my feelings on the matter. I talked to him about them days ago. I’m a freakin’ enigma, so the rules for one thing or the other don’t apply to me. Zan agreed.”

“I’m sure he knew better than to disagree..” Rath trailed off, now fully smiling.

“HE at least understands that I have feelings. He would never walk away from my feelings.”

“Well, I must admit, I’ve never had a goddess yelling at me, cussing at me, and pointing her fingers at me before in my bedroom.”

Mal snorted and put her hands on her hips, tapping her foot.

“Well, tell me—how does a goddess feel?” he said, still smirking, still in shock that she was in his room…practically ready to kick his ass for walking away.

He thought she was just pissed at being rejected. Damn if that didn’t piss her off more. She grinned seductively and grabbed his hand, placing it over her breast. whispering “she feels like this” making her clothes disappear. He groaned as his fingers touched the satin of her dress just briefly before it melted away to the softness of her breast…she let her love pour out to him as well as her desire. He threw himself at her, kissing her mouth throat neck—his need for her so great that it could only equal her own. He fell softly, slowly, with her in his arms, to the bed…wanting to bury himself inside of her--forever.


Mal had never before felt so attractive—loved—needed—wanted. The feel of his rock hard chest against her own was incredible and she had to rub her hands across him. He was so well built, a warrior, a god. He was licking her neck and trailing his tongue down to her breasts and back up again, teasing her. Taking the initiative, she removed the rest of his clothes with a wave of her hand. Pulling herself up into a half sitting position, she reached for him, stroking him, enticing him to fill the aching void throbbing between her legs with one hand while grabbing his firm ass with the other, pulling . He stopped his advance towards her just to touch her lightly where she ached…she was slick and ready for him…she cried in frustration, begging him with a throaty “Rath…” to complete her. She had never ached for anything so immensely with her body, heart and soul. Her hands all over him, her throaty voice crying his name, he was unable to control himself any longer. Grabbing her ass, he pulled her from the bed onto his lap, he thrust into her as she skewered herself on his hot hard , knowing he would soon explode with his own desire too soon. With only a few hard thrusts, they both came simultaneously, crying each other’s names out in a passionate explosion as he tightened his grip on her ass and she bit into his shoulder. Rocking her gently in his arms as she rode out her orgasm, he felt himself hardening again. She began to slide torturously slow up and down him again, her nipples hardening as she let them glide up and down his chest, reveling in the exquisite torture she was causing them. Slowly, taking his time, Rath lowered her back onto the sheets, caressing and kissing her softly, enjoying the taste of her. He lit the candles next to the bed to see her, letting his breath out in a soft sigh as he was able to see just how beautiful she was. He resumed kissing her as she began wrapping her legs around his own, urging him to continue to move inside of her. She trailed her hands over the rippling muscles in his back, his round, firm ass, pulling him into her deeper. She threw her head back, arching up into him as he attacked her neck and collarbone with more opened mouth kisses. Her contractions continued, building slowly as she climaxed over and over again as Rath loved her body. “I love you, Mal…I always have” he whispered lovingly into her ear. “I have always loved you, too, Rath…” replied, locking eyes with him as he spilled his seed into her.

After what seemed like hours later, he pulled himself up on his elbows too look at her. He softly brushed a few strands of her hair off of her forehead and kissed her. Carefully extracting himself from her, he rolled her onto her side and pulled her up against him, spooning, and fell asleep.

Part 12

Rath awoke hours later, to the sound of someone banging on his door.

“Rath! RATH!!”

“Yeah, I’m coming, I’m coming,” he muttered, squinting his eyes against the morning sun as he sat up. Pulling on the first pair of pants he found, he opened the door.

“Rath, we’re having a meeting in 10 minutes. Something’s come up—find Mal, I need everyone to be there.”

“Sure, Zan. What’s up?” he asked, attempting to block the view to his bed.

“Vilandra is missing,” he simply stated then left.

Shrugging his shoulders, he turned to wake Mal, only to stop suddenly, feeling disoriented. She was laying on her side, sheets wrapped around her legs, hair streaming behind her head—a vision—but as he traced the line of her body, the sun streaming in the window seemed to get brighter, obliterating everything in the room but her, shining too bright from the window behind her. “Déjà vu” he whispered, shaking his head.

“I’m glad you all could come on such short notice,” Zan began, addressing his Commander General, Chief Advisor, and several other cabinet members. “Vilandra has been missing since late last night. We think she has been kidnapped.”

“Zan, are you sure she didn’t just take off on a speeder to be alone…you know how flighty she is—“ Mal began.

Holding up his hand to silence her, he continued, “She was spotted by Antarian guerillas in the company of Kivar—yes, he has been spotted alive—and several leaders of the rebel skin faction. We believe he kidnapped her and plans to hold her for ransom, hopefully, or to start an interplanetary war between Antar and Ursa. Mal, I need you to go to Ursa. Tell the king that Vilandra has been kidnapped.”

“He will not believe you. Vilandra is notorious for running away when she doesn’t get her way. He will think she was upset at the attention you were getting. He’ll never believe—“

“Tell him that we are afraid her honor will be taken from her against her will and that her intended, Rath, will not stand for it. Tell him that they had planned to announce their engagement.”

“I can’t lie—“ Mal began.

“No! Absolutely not. You aren’t having our councilor spew a bald-faced lie to the King of Ursa!” Rath yelled.

“He doesn’t know that she knows anything other than that. She knows only what I’ve told her, she will do as I say.”

“How is it going to look when she gets married to me?!” Rath spat.

“Married—to you? What the hell has been going on?!” Zan yelled back. “You can’t marry an oracle. The chosen warrior cannot get married. NO! You can’t marry her…there are too many reasons, too many laws against it.”

“Yes, I am all of those things. There is no law pertaining to me. I can marry Rath if I want to.”

“You are my Chief Advisor—you are not above the law. You will go to Ursa and you will tell him what I have told you. That’s an order. As for whether or not you can marry, will discuss it when Vilandra is safely back in the castle.”

Tearing up, Mal replied, “Yes, sir!” before exiting the conference room as fast as she could, before they fell.

“You can’t treat her like that, Zan,” Rath said, more calmly than he had been before. “She may be required to follow your orders by law, but, as her friend, I would have expected you to have more concern for her feelings.”

“I can’t rule the planetary alliance on the emotions of all of my people!” Zan shouted.

“No, you can’t…but using lies to advance your political gains won’t make you a good ruler either,” he said slowly, hoping his words were sinking in. He turned to go, hoping to catch up with Mal before she left on her transport to Ursa.

“Go put on your uniform, Rath. You will be in charge of the reconnaissance mission to bring Vilandra back,” Zan said, through his teeth.

“And I guess that’s an order, right old friend?” Rath replied as he closed the door.

Rath ran as fast as he could, hoping to catch her. He spotted her in the docking bay, her uniform catching his eye. She was going.

“Mal! Mal!” he yelled, catching up to her, out of breath. He crushed her to him, kissing her passionately, not caring that her crew were aligned next to the ship, their eyes bulging. “Hurry home” he whispered, slipping his royal medallion into her hand “for luck.” She smiled an slipped it into her pocket, glancing around to see if any of her crew noticed.
Kissing his cheek she said “I love you” and walked into her ship.

“Mal, I told him nothing would ever keep me away from you!” Rath shouted, not caring who heard or saw how much in love he was with this woman, “I love you!” Noticing the half smiles on the faces of her crew, he asked “What?” and laughed as he walked back towards the interior of the castle, an almost imperceptible skip in his step.

Mal checked her controls…everything was in order. She had contacted Ursa, informing them of her estimated time of arrival and given a brief description to the King of her reason for coming. The king had always been formidable, but now he teased her at what a ravishing beauty she was. Yes, last night had been amazing she smiled to herself. Suddenly, the king of Ursa was yelling over the communicator at her. “Grand Councilor, why is one of your warships nearing Ursa’s atmosphere with its weapons systems fully armed? We have completely agreed with all of your requests. I am outraged that you would invade out airspace. Call your ships back immediately!”

“Your Highness, I have not been told of any ships deployed to Ursa. Please, let me contact King Zan to find out what is going on…” Frantically she began trying to contact someone, anyone at the castle to discover what was going on. “Dammit, where is everyone!?” She whirled around, knocking her hat off, “Lt Rowan, get me the King immediately!”
Picking up her hat and smoothing her jacket, she felt a lump in her pocket. She pulled out Rath’s medallion and held it in her palm. She slipped it over her neck, her body rocked with energy as the medallion hit the skin on her chest.

FlashRath discovering the bloody bodies of Zan and Ava in their bedchamber. He slowly walking over and touching them…a vision of their intense pain and suffering momentarily passing through his head… his growl of rage as he ran down the corridor, and his shock as he stopped in the foyer to see Vilandra struggling with Nicholas, one of Kivar’s henchmen. “Let her go!” Rath yelled, drawing his light sword. Nicholas laughed, grabbing Vilandra, pushing his phaser to her temple. “Why would I do that? Then you’d just run me through with your sword.”
“I’m sorry, Rath, really I am. I was coming back home to let everyone know I was okay…I just went for a ride with Kivar…”
“Do you not know what has happened?” Rath asked incredulously. “Zan, your brother, and Ava are dead. I just left their chamber. I have no doubt it was Nicholas here who mindraped them.”
Nicholas just laughed and said “put down your sword, Rath, or I will do the same to the pretty princess,” placing his hand on the top of her head.

Slowly, Rath lowered his sword.

“Kick it out of the way now. That’s a good boy” he laughed. “Poor, poor, Rath…why don’t you join your king?” he said, firing his phaser at the now defenseless Rath.
Rath slumped to the ground.

“No!” shrieked Vilandra. “How could you do that?”

“Kivar ordered me to…but I’m to save you…” he trailed off, gripping her more tightly so that she could not get to Rath to heal him. “Thanks to you, we had access to the castle and I was able to kill your brother, your sister-in-law and her unborn heir, and even your pretty boyfriend here.”

“No…” Vilandra groaned, crumpling to the floor as she watched Rath struggling to take a breath, fighting his imminent death. Unable to contain her guilt, the knowledge that she had caused her families’ death, Vilandra threw up her force field and grabbed Rath’s discarded sword, falling onto it on just the right place so that it pierced her chest. Rath reached towards her and fell back, exhaling his last breath.

Malorie gasped, grabbing onto the control panel in front of her. Oh, damn Helios, her lover, Rath, her Rath, was dead.

“Grand Councilor, I command that you cease and desist! Your fighter plane is preparing to fire on us! Are you trying to start an intergalactic war?!” cried the king.

“Kivar” Mal whispered. “Lt Rowan, set a course for the fighter ship. I want warp speed.”

“GC, you’re too close…we can’t slow up in time to prevent crashing into it instead of docking.”

“Do as I say, Lt Rowan,” she said, removing both medallions and handing them to him. “I want you to take these, as well as the rest of the crew, including yourself, to the North Pole. Give them to Valoria.”

“And you, Commander?” Rowan asked, tentatively.

“Set a course for the head of the ship, I want to disable the offense system with this transport. Set the beam coordinates for bridge of the fighter. I’m going in.”

“Good luck, Commander,” he said, as he and the rest of the crew beamed off the ship. Mal stepped inside the teleportation chamber and wiped the only tear that she let escape off her cheek. Powering up her phaser, her lips drew into a thin line and she said “here I come Kivar, I hope you’re ready.”

On the bridge of the ship, she had only 60 seconds until her transport crashed into the bow. She reached out, trying to sense Kivar. Funny, she couldn’t sense him at all. Running down the main hall, she checked every room she passed. Oddly, no one stopped her…it was almost if they were in a daze. Reaching out to the next person she passed, she realized that he had been mindraped…they were all mindless robots. That bastard. Seeing someone enter the teleportation room, she ran after her. “Stop!” she yelled, aiming her phaser gun at the skin in front of her.

“Ahh, Kivar, the chosen one has arrived,” the woman purred “should we be frightened?”

Kivar turned his chair around and looked at Mal thoughtfully. “Do you think you can stop me? Vilandra is in love with me…we will get married, and I will be the ruler of the universe…is that so bad? I’ll let you be my advisor me,” he laughed.

“Oh, then you didn’t know that Vilandra killed herself when she found out her brother and his wife were dead?”

“What!?” Kivar rose, turning towards the teleportation chamber. Mal drew her phaser to stop him, but the female in the room tackled her from behind, sending the gun sliding across the floor. Kivar stepped into the chamber. Mal scrambled to grab her gun, but the female skin grabbed it instead, pointing it in her face. At that exact moment, Mel’s ship crashed into the helm, knocking the woman off of her. She grabbed the gun and ran to the teleportation chamber, banging her hands against the glass as the figure of Kivar began to disappear. “NO!” she screamed, turning around to face the group of skins that had entered the chamber, led by the female she had fought just moments earlier. They all held their pistols up, pointing them at her face.

“Now” the female lead said. Her troops pulled their triggers sending hundreds of shots at Mal.

“NO!” she screamed again, electricity crackling around her as she focused her anger and rage, letting it explode around her.

“Valoria, I can’t get a lock on her—the shipped just disappeared off the radar!”

“Lt Rowan, find that ship!” Valoria screamed at him. Sinking into her chair she let out a would Rath forgive her?

Liz’s eyes snapped open…she felt herself sobbing before she registered that the wail in her ears was coming from her own mouth. Wiping away the tears, she looked at Michael, shaking him, “Rath! Rath! Wake up!”

“His flashback isn’t yet complete,” a voice from the door interrupted her.

Looking up, Liz examined the woman. “Valoria,” she stated.

“Mal?” Valoria replied.

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“Thank you all for meeting with me in my quarters. I hope that now all of you have some sort of inkling to who you were in your former lives. What was not revealed to you in the dreams you had last night will slowly come to you in the days that follow. You will remember these things like they are your own memories. I believe that everyone now agrees that we should formulate a plan in our attempts to get back the heir, so I will now introduce you to Marek, my husband.”

Michael looked at Liz, his eyes wide. In his dream, he’d never seen a glimpse of his father, not once. Liz looked back at him, a smile on her face. She knew he was excited and anticipating seeing his father for the first time.

A screen dropped from the ceiling and the image of a man appeared. The man scanned the room with his eyes, stopping when he saw Michael.

“Michael, my son, I’m sorry I could not be there in person to greet you—I have not seen you in so long...” His eyes glowed with pride. “…and Max. Max, do you prefer I call you Max or would you like Zan on King Zan…maybe King Max?” His eyes almost glimmered with a bit of humor.

“Max is fine, sir,” he said, smiling.

“Well, Max, Michael, you will be glad to know that I’ve been leading the alliance against Kivar since he came to power. We’ve had a few successful battles, overtaking his stronghold on the Queen’s home planet and also on Ursa. I would like to discuss our strategy now that you have returned. Max, you will obviously wish to reclaim the throne. The only problem with going in right away to stake your claim is that it could cause Kivar to kill the heir in rage. We must go about this matter more delicately. I would like to ask both of you, Max and Michael to join me on Ursa to help negotiate further strikes against Kivar’s regime and to smuggle the heir out of his grasp unharmed.”

“Sir, I don’t mean to interrupt…” Marek looked to Kyle “…but as the biological father, I want to be a part of this. Besides, at certain times I can feel him…I have to find him.”

“Of course…?”

“Kyle, I’m sorry. My name is Kyle.”

“Kyle, you can’t go without me…what am I going to do? I can’t just let you go off by yourself and not know if you’re never going to come back to me or—“

“You must be Maria,” Marek smiled. “My wife filled me in on the small army that my son and Max had brought with them. Anyone who wishes to come to Ursa may come.”

“Maria, I can’t let you come. This is a war. You can’t be in the middle.”

“Maria, you, Tess, Isabel and Liz will stay with Valoria. Liz, before you protest, I need you there to protect them. Tess—“ he almost let the tears fall, “Tess will not be able to assist us with this battle. She is in too delicate a condition after all the mindraping.”

Unable to argue the matter, Liz sat back in her seat. She had been on the edge of it, ready to scream that she was part of this…part of them and deserved to her chance at Kivar for what he had done to them—to her. She looked over to Michael.

“Liz, I want you with me…but Max is right. Last time Kivar had us all in one place and wiped us out easily. You would be a distraction…as would any of you. We need to concentrate.”

Marek broke the silence “Now that we decided who goes where, I’d like to let you know you’ll be at the North Pole within five minutes. Men, I will need you to depart immediately for Ursa. Veronica, love, set Kyle up with a basic training sequence and everyone gets a combat tactics sequence. I will see you shortly.” And then the screen faded.

Maria rushed over to Kyle and threw her arms around his neck. “Please come back to me, Kyle. Please don’t let all of this take you…”

“Don’t worry, Maria. The training sequence will have me fighting as well as Liz in just a few minutes. You saw the Matrix, I’m sure it works something like that.”

“How will you find your son?”

“I get glimpses of him…” he trailed off, his eyes had a faraway look in them and he smiled. “His name is Jareth and he wants me to teach him how to throw a spiral.”

Maria smiled in spite of herself. “Well, maybe with these teleconference things I won’t feel so far away from you…” she lowered her voice and whispered into his ear.

“Well, I think I might be able to arrange that,” he said, grinning devilishly.

Maria smiled as he followed Veronica back to his chamber and then reverted her gaze towards Valoria, who was already leading Isabel, Tess, and Jesse into teleportation room, following.

Max cupped Tess’ face gently. “Honey, I wish you could be with us.”

“I know, Max, but I wouldn’t be able to help. Just remember that I love you—all the mindraping and mindwarping in the universe couldn’t make me forget that.”

“I love you,” he whispered, kissing her tenderly, as though he were afraid she might break…or that he might break down.

“Tess, Valoria wants us to teleport within the next five minutes,” Isabel took her hand, dragging her away from Max. “Jesse and I will take good care of her, Max. We won’t let her be hurt.”

“I know, Iz” he said, hugging her. “Make sure Jesse studies the Antarian law books at the Pole. We may need everything we can get…”

“He’s been rubbing his hands together just waiting to get his hands on them. Don’t worry, Max, we’ll have all the grounds covered.”

“Thanks Iz.”

Max watched them head off towards the tchamber, followed shortly by Maria. He looked around, finally noticing what was missing. Michael and Liz were still talking.

Michael was proud. His dad was smart, sensible, and like a warrior. Where had he come from? Was he part of King Jareth’s army? He was leading the resistance against Kivar.

Michael looked at Liz. She looked lost. His chest hurt suddenly, realizing that they would soon be separating and he could possibly never see her again. NO! He wouldn’t think that. This was their second chance, right? The chance to get it right. He pulled her into his arms.

“Liz, love, I will be back soon, I promise.”

“How do you know, Michael? How do you know it won’t be years?” she tried to hold back her tears. Damn. It felt like everything was happening all over again.

“I’ll be back.” Liz quieted, then looked up at him. “I know you’ll be back, Michael…but I just have a sick feeling in my stomach that something is going to happen.”

“We’re going to kill him this time. I won’t lose you again.”

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Liz was so bored. The North Pole was the most beautiful place she had ever seen. The white walls of the castle jutted out of the blue rolling hills of Antarian blue grass and the green/red jungles beyond that. One side of it faced the Red Sea and a trail of flowers led from the West exit, down the black sand to the edge.

Liz and Maria had been all over the North Pole. Initially they had been amazed at the immense beauty of their surroundings, the servants who greeted them like royalty, the nice Poles they had met, but the newness had worn off as soon as they got the first report from Ursa. While laying on the beach, listening to the sea wobbling against the sand, Venicia had rushed down to the beach, tears pouring out of her eyes. Marek had sustained injuries in the last battle. Michael had taken over commanding the front lines while Max had hung back at the command center.

For the past few weeks they had not gotten far in their quest. They had contacted young Jareth several times through Kyle, but ran into problems either in pinpointing his exact location or locating him without Kivar around.

Liz had first been angry. Angry that she wasn’t there to help. Angry that it was taking so long…angry that Michael was not there in her bed when she woke up in the mornings. She had tried practicing her powers, but it wasn’t fun without someone there to practice with. Isabel was too caught up with Jesse and his quest to dethrone Kivar by law. Maria didn’t have any powers…she had managed to coerce Veronica into practicing with her, but Venicia was always close behind and they always ended up fighting and Liz would have to break it up.

Finally Levon arrived one afternoon with a smile on his face and a skip in his step.

“Maria, baby! You simply must go to the dressmaker and have the whip you up something extraordinary.”

“Levon, what are you talking about? Where are we going?”

“Well, YOU, my dear, are to perform for the King of Orion.”

“King of Orion?” She and Liz looked at each other, both wondering if they’d missed something.

“Yes, well, I believe his son, Larek, had developed a crush on the poor shapeshifter we had impersonating you on several tours of the planetary alliance…”

Maria’s eyes widened and Liz stifled a giggle.

“We will be beamed aboard the concert ship in 3 hours. You ladies better begin getting ready NOW” he winked at them.

“Oh my God, Liz. I’ve never played before ALIENS before. What am I gonna do? How do I act? How—“

“Just be yourself, Maria. They are, after all, coming to see YOU perform.”

“I’m going to be SO nervous—“ her eyes widened “—you ARE coming with me, aren’t you? I can’t go up there all by myself, Liz!”

“Of course I’m coming. Let’s go find you that dress.”

“So Maria has a concert tonight?” Michael almost smirked. He was too tired and needed a shower. Liz noticed.

“Yes, she’s performing for King Orion, per the suggestion of LAREK.”

“Brody? Whoa, that’s just too weird.”

“How’s the fighting coming along?”

“As well as can be expected. It’s hard to get any headway unless we reveal ourselves and each time we do that it puts us in danger of being discovered or killed by Kivar. If we could just get him isolated and assassinate him—“ he sighed.

“I know it’s hard. I miss you every minute of the day…and I’m actually finding myself BORED. Bored on an alien planet. I guess I just feel useless. I want to be helping.”

“You are helping, Liz. Max is so worried about Tess, I don’t think we could have any part of his attention if he didn’t have you there to protect her. It’s really been rough here without any of you…”

“I know, Michael. Sometimes I catch myself thinking about my parents…and what would happen if I died…they would never know what really happened, they’d be heartbroken. I guess I should’ve told them the truth…I guess I just never expected all of this to be so complicated. I thought you’d just have to waltz up to the committee say ‘here I am’ and it would be over with.”


“—and you look so tired and worn out, Michael. It’s been forever since I’ve seen you smile or held you in my arms…”

“I want you here with me too, Liz. The thought of you is the only thing that has kept me going when the nights have been cold, the ground has been hard, and all of our rescue missions continue to fail.”

Liz felt selfish. “You’ll find him, Michael, and then you’ll be able to go in and kill him.”

“I just hope he doesn’t find out we’re here and kill the heir…our presence here on Antar threatens him.”

“I love you, Michael. Maria’s here, I think she’d like to talk to Kyle.”

“I love you too, Liz. Kyle’s right here.”

Liz motioned Maria forward and then excused herself from her room to let Maria have her privacy.

“Hi, baby.” Maria noticed how tired Kyle looked. “Hi Kyle. I guess you heard I have a gig tonight?”

“Yeah, and what’s this Larek dude doing calling my fiancée to sing for him? Did Brody have a thing for you?”

Maria managed to laugh. “Kyle, you are so silly. Here you are fighting a war and you’re worried about someone taking me away from you. No one will ever win my heart. You have it.”

Kyle smiled for the first time in a long time. “So is Michael just left, you wanna have cybersex, oh love of my life?”

“Are you sure Buddha will approve?” Maria smiled.

“Oh, I don’t know about Buddha, but from what Marek tells me, that Helios is a pretty cool god…” Kyle wiggled his eyebrows.

“Already converted to another religion?! Ye of little faith!”

“Hey, crazy things happen in this galaxy. I personally believe that Helios is really this galaxy’s form of Buddha, so I really haven’t renounced my faith..”

“I see how you work…” Maria looked around the room “…now which article of clothing would you like me to remove first?”

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Maria was in a gold satin gown. Her forehead had a thick sheen of sweat on it.

“Liz, I haven’t even gone onstage! Look at me. Oh, I wish Kyle was here! DAMN!”

“Kyle said he would watch you from their camp. In fact, he’s making ALL the troops watch just so he can brag that you’re his.”

“Liz! Now I know even MORE people are going to be watching me…more ALIENS, that is. What if one doesn’t like me and tries to mindwarp me or something? What if they screw up my mind so bad I walk off the edge of the stage, trip, fall on some dignitary, break my leg—“

“Maria, I think powers are illegal at concerts, kindof like guns where we come from? Got it? You’re gonna be fine!”

Levon came running off the stage. “You’re on, Baby! Break a leg!”

Maria groaned. She hated that phrase right now.

Liz watched from backstage as Maria belted out one tune after another. She sounded amazing and Liz was sure that she would have never had the courage to stand up in front of so many aliens and sing like that. She found a new respect for Maria. After her final encore, she ran off stage and grabbed Liz’s hand, running past her. “Come on, Liz, if aliens are anything like humans, we’ve got to get to my dressing room FAST before they swarm backstage for autographs.”

Liz laughed and let Maria pull her along behind her. Unfortunately, aliens WERE just like humans and Maria was bombarded by screaming fans just down the hall from her room. She laughed and smiled and signed everyone’s autograph. Levon finally came and waved a few of them away, pushing Maria towards her dressing room. Liz followed and they finally arrived to her door. “Whew, I didn’t think we were gonna make it through that one! I’ve never—“

“Miss Mawia, will you please sign my autograph?”

Maria looked behind her. A little one had gotten through the entaglement of feet.

“Of course I will! And what’s your name?” she said, squatting down to eye level and putting his pad on her knee.

Liz made a small sound and put her hand on Maria’s shoulder.

“It’s Jaweth” he said, shyly.

“Okay Jareth…” she said slowly, as she wrote it out.

“I think you are vewy beautiful, Mawia. Your hair reminds me of my mommy.’

Warmed by the sweet words, Maria looked up and directly into his eyes for the first time and gasped, dropping the pad. Those blue eyes looked very familiar…she had just looked at them through a teleconferencer not more than 3 hours ago.

Maria looked at Liz and Liz shook her head. “Jareth, would you like some ice cream?” Liz asked, motioning for Maria to go into her room.

“Ice cweam! I love ice cweam. Well, I’ve really never had any but Mommy says it’s the best thing on earth! Do you have some?”

“Maria always keeps ice cream in her dressing room!” Liz said, matter-of-factly. Thank God for Maria’s vices—and she had laughed when Maria had told her she’d brought ice cream to Antar.

Maria fussed about the kitchenette. “Damn! I can’t remember where I put it—oh there it is!” she triumphantly held up the NASA ice cream pouch. Liz was staring at her, biting her lip.

“Maria, you brought NASA ice cream?” Liz looked at the pouch disdainfully. Oh well, powers had their various uses. She waved her hand over the pouch, turning the three pouches into bowls of real ice cream. She tasted the vanilla and smiled, smugly sliding a bowl over to Maria.
“Thanks Liz!” he looked down at his bowl…”Do you mind if I change mine to stwawbewwy?”

Liz looked at him for a moment then replied, “not at all go ahead!”

She and Maria looked at each other as he waved his spoon over his ice cream, turning it pink. Maria smiled. “That’s my favorite too!”

He looked at hers and it changed to strawberry also. He had an amazing amount of control over his powers for such a young age.

“Mommy taught me how to do stuff. I watched Kibar do it too. He doesn’t know I can do anything though. I’m not supposed to get powers until I turn 7, but I have them all already. That’s how I sneaked past Ambwosia. She’s my nanny,” he finished, licking his spoon, but missing the smear of pink above his lip. Liz looked at Maria and noticed the adoring glance she was giving Jareth, knowing it was also probably the same expression on her own face.

Suddenly Levon burst through the door, holding his head and panting.

“Maria, Liz, get him out of here. Get to the transport chamber. Kivar is on board the ship, responding to the call by the kid’s nanny.”

Liz and Maria looked from him to each other several times. Kivar? THE Kivar? Here?

“Don’t you girls just sit there! The life of that boy is your hands, now GO!”

Maria bent down and picked up Jareth. “Sorry, honey, but we’re going to have to run,” and they were out the door.

“Don’t wait up for me, transfer as soon as you get to the room, you don’t have much time…I’ll try to hold him off here…”

Liz and Maria bolted down the passage. Damn, which one was the teleport chamber?

“The left hallway, Liz” Maria directed, as she passed her.

“How did you know?”

“Jareth’s connected to me. He’s leading me to the far teleport chamber. Kivar has the other’s guarded.”

Liz looked at Jareth, his head peaking over Maria’s shoulder. He smiled at her. She smiled back, sending him a ‘thank you’ telepathically.

I know you are going to help me get back to my daddy and mommy.
They rounded the corner into the teleport chamber. Maria and Jareth stood in the first transporter while Liz fired up the system. In one leap she was in her chamber and in a flash, they were back to the North Pole.

Liz jumped out of her transport and began giving orders to the crew. “Shut down all transporters in the castle. Kivar’s hot on our heels and we can’t have him transporting here with our defenses down. Maria, take Jareth to the Great Hall. I’m going to contact Isabel and Jesse and Valoria. Get as many guards inside as possible. Call all of them in from the valley and jungle. Put the boats on full alert. I want the shields up within the next two minutes. Get those guards in NOW!”

The crew were unused to being commanded by anyone other than Marek or even Rath…but this girl was letting them fly left and right. No one even noticed that they didn’t hesitate to carry them out immediately.

Liz was on full alert. She had never felt like this. Her skin began to tingle. Maybe she was just getting an adrenalin rush. She ran to the Great Hall, arriving just in time to hear Maria finishing up with what was going on. She looked at Valoria.

“I’ve gathered all the troops, shut down transporters, and ordered them to raise the shields. Unless you have anything else in mind, I’d like to proceed with informing Marek of our current position.”

Valoria smiled. “Well, I see that Helios wasn’t too intent upon losing our Mal. Liz, as long as you’re here, you will always have command during a crisis. Proceed.”

Liz smiled, silently thanking her. “Computer, contact Marek immediately.”

A screen descended from the ceiling, revealing Marek. “Liz?”

“Marek, inform Max, Michael and Kyle that we have Jareth. We are currently at the North Pole on full alert. Kivar is still on Maria’s concert ship. I disabled the transport system as we teleported, but was unable to completely demolish it. They should have it up and running again within the next 20 minutes. You must send someone out immediately.”

Without hesitation, Marek turned around and sent the information to Max, Michael, and Kyle. He contacted his closest ally to the concert barge and had them tractor it into their war vessel. Turning back to Liz, he gave her an Antarian salute and stated “We will be there within the hour.”

The screen blackened and Liz turned to face everyone. “I don’t know if we will be under attack. From what I remember of Kivar, he will not wage a full on attack until he’s spoken with the council…he wouldn’t want to jeaopordize his position as ruler of Antar. He may try to sneak in. Valoria, I hope you trust all of your people.”

“I trust all of them. They are loyal to the royal four. Besides, most of them now know who you are and would not dare seek vengeance from Helios. We are safe.”

“We have no proof I have any unusual powers. I haven’t thrown lightening since I’ve been here.”

“You also haven’t feared for you life.”

Everyone sat quietly in the Great Hall. There was a noticeable hum, reminding them that the shields were up. Jareth whispered to Maria and she smiled and nodded. Two bowls of strawberry ice cream spun into existence in front of the two of them. Maria looked at Liz and shrugged. Liz smiled and nodded. She was doing a good job distracting him. Or was it the other way around? Her smile turned to a grin.

The silence was broken by a hiss.

A low voice swept across the Great Hall, “Well, well, well, I see that we’re all here…” suddenly a woman with long god hair appeared from behind a column, an arm around her neck, the hand touching her ear.

Liz’s stomach lurched at the sight of him. “Kivar” she said, to no one in particular.

“Oh, someone finally recognizes me” he stated smugly.

“MOM!” Isabel screamed, recognizing his prisoner.

“Isabel, dear, you look lovely” a tear slid down her cheek. “I’m sorry everyone, but he came through the shields using my amulet and me as a hostage.”

“That’s right, and either you give me the heir, or I’ll kill her!”

Isabel cried out in frustration. “Vilandra, love, why don’t you go get that bratty nephew of yours and you can have your mother.”

“No, Isabel. Don’t do any such thing.”

“Well, Miss Mal is it? I thought you looked familiar. If I’d known they’d regrown you, I would have concocted a special demise for you, for frying my entire ship.”

Liz suddenly felt the air around her crackle. She sighed. So she DID inherit everything from Mal. She tried to group that power, but not before Jesse darted forward, knocking Kivar to the ground. Glenda ran into her daughter’s arms. Fuming, Kivar jumped up, sending a bolt of fire straight for Jesse.

Maria held on tightly to Jareth. His eyes got large as the glow in Kivar’s hand shot towards Jesse. He felt a disturbance and looked to his left as Liz raised her own hand and fired a bolt of electricity at Kivar’s bolt, knocking it off course.

Kivar’s head whipped around and his eyes rested on her. “This should be fun. Let’s change the stakes” he grabbed Jesse and put his palm to his head. His palm began to glow and Jesse shrieked in pain. Isabel screamed “NO!”

Liz narrowed her eyes, the electricity snapping around her—Oh no! If it went on like this, she’d incinerate everyone! She knew the feeling, she knew it. She quickly fired at Kivar, not aiming. It hit him in the leg, the only area not covered by Jesse’s body.

Kivar pushed Jesse’s now limp form off of him as he screamed in pain. “You’ll pay for that.”

Valoria fired at him.

“Val, get Isabel, Jesse, and Tess out of here. He wants Jareth. Get them away before he tries to use them again.”

Liz suddenly felt very tired. She wasn’t supposed to feel tired, was she? What was happening? She felt her breath quickening as her eyes kept unfocusing. She heard Maria yell her name in the distance, very slowly. She saw Kivar shoot another of his stupid fireballs at her. She did the only thing she could think of at a time when she thought she was going to die—she thought of Michael and her love for him. Her purple shield went up simultaneously, protecting her as well as Maria and Jareth. She looked over at them. Maria looked helpless, but Jareth was reaching for her he was saying something

Give me your gift.

And she reached for him and the last of her energy passed from her through a bolt of blue into Jareth’s outstretched fingers and she was surrounded in darkness.

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Liz looked around her. She was on the steps of the North Pole, wasn’t she? No, the steps of Mount Olympus? She was confused. Where was she?

“Malorie?” A woman with red hair flowing down her back called.

Liz looked around. “No, Liz.”

The woman smiled. “You are both.”

“You look familiar, almost like Val—“

“She is a descendant of mine. But you, you are my chosen daughter.” She hugged Liz and Liz felt warmth spreading all over her body.

“Who are you?”

“I’m the wife of Helios, Serena” she said, smiling. “After some of my scolding, he finally chose a girl as his champion—Mal. Mal was good, very good, but as a champion, she would never get a chance to grow old with a family. That just isn’t the way of the champion. When you came to us after your final battle, you were cussing up a storm, getting in Helios face, pointing, stamping—ahh…he didn’t know what to do, so he sent you to me. I was very proud of you, but I felt that I had denied you a chance for true happiness, forcing Helios to champion you. Are you remembering any of this?”

Liz was still shocked at the “Serena” reference, remembering Future Max. “I don’t think so…”

“Well, I made a deal with you. I gave you another chance, but this time, I put my seal on you and gave you MY gift.”

“The shield…the shield I get whenever I feel intense feelings, like love.”

“Yes, your aura is your shield. It saved you tonight, as well as your friends.”

“Maria, Jareth—“

“They are just fine. I think Jareth made more ice cream for your friend. He is very taken with her.”

Liz smiled then her brows furrowed, “What happened to them?”

“Well, I believe my husband came to his senses and decided you had championed too long, so he passed the gift onto his next champion, little Jareth.”

“and Kivar?”

“Ah, Jareth immediately turned from you and fired. Incinerated immediately. All gone” she rubbed her hands together and pulled them apart, emphasizing her point.

“Why am I here? Am I d-de—“

“No, you’re just in the dream plane. You haven’t learned to dream walk yet, or you could find this information yourself. When your gift transferred to Jareth you lost a lot of your backup energy, you’re just resting. When you wake up, your friends will be there to greet you—all of them.”

Liz felt overwhelmed. She grabbed Serena and hugged her fiercely.

“Don’t act like you won’t ever see me again, now that you know me, all you need to do is find me in your dreams.”

Liz pulled back and looked at her, smiling. “May I go to them now? I think I know how to wake up.”

“Certainly. But Liz, one more thing I must request of you.”

“Yes.” Liz was afraid of what that might be…

“Tess’s health is failing. Her mind won’t last much longer…”

Liz gasped “What—“

“Her memories can be saved, at least the ones she wishes to remember…there is a way.”

“Anything, what can I do?”

“Find Ava.”

And with that, Liz woke up.

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Michael couldn’t believe it. He had raced home only to find Kivar dead, Jareth safe, and Liz unconscious. It was all over just like that. There was nothing to keep Max from reclaiming the throne, and they were all still alive. He continued to pace around Liz’s room, hoping she would wakeup soon. Finally, they could reclaim their positions and live without the burdens of saving their planet and people. Liz groaned and Michael rushed to her side.

“Liz! Liz, are you okay?”

“Michael—“ she sat up quickly, pulling him into a hug “I’ve missed you! How is everyone?”

“We’re all happy to be alive and that you are alive. Glenda has already returned to her castle to prepare for the coronation ceremony for Max and Tess. Jesse managed to work the legal system into accepting reborn royal hybrids back into their previous positions.” Michael smirked.


“She’s getting worse. Max is worried and has been rushing the coronation to have them proclaimed king and queen and officially married…he knows he’s going to lose her.”

Liz jumped off the bed with a strength and determination that surprised Michael. “Liz, you can’t go anywhere, you just fought Kivar, you need to finally rest. We’ve all been wound up. We can relax now.”

“Relax? Max isn’t on the throne yet, Michael. And how well do you think he’s going to present himself without Tess? Do you think he can rule? You know how sensitive he is. Would you be able to go on without me?”

“No! Liz, that’s not what I’m talking about. What’s all this sudden interest in Max and his well-being? Do you think—are you--?”

“Don’t even—are you that dense? Dammit, Michael!” and she brushed past him out into the hall.

“Where are you going?”


“What? You can’t go, we’re all going to be sworn in as second in command—Max even wants to give you back your old position—“

“I don’t WANT my old position, Michael. I’m Liz, not Mal, not some hybrid version of an alien and human. I don’t want to BE Mal, I want to be Liz.” She stopped, wondering how she was going to find Ava.

“So you’re leaving?” Michael was quiet, she was leaving him.

“I’m going to Earth. I miss my parents. I have to find—“

“Are you coming back?”

She winced. He wasn’t going to offer to go with her…”Eventually, I have to—“

“So you’re leaving ME. I’m sorry I went off to fight without you. I’m sorry that you were stuck here by yourself, forced to defend everyone alone. I’m sorry that I haven’t been by your side—“

“I can’t stay, it’s important that I find—“

“That you find your family. I understand.” He looked away, he couldn’t make her stay away from her family.

“I’m taking the CS201-9. It’s the fastest, I—I have to go.” She left him standing there, her eyes welling up, wondering if he would ever be Michael again…HER Michael, she missed him. She missed being just Liz Parker. She stopped by her room to grab a few things to take with her.

Michael stood there in the hall for a long time, wondering how he went from being at war, to being in the arms of the woman he loved, to having nothing.

“Michael, there you are. I believe your father wishes to speak to you in his chamber.”

“Thanks, Mom.” It wasn’t hard calling her Mom, and he thought he saw her smile when he did. He was glad that he had his family now and that nothing stood in his way to becoming the Second in Command….but his thoughts trailed to Liz and he felt a stab of pain. If he could only—

“Michael, come in, I’d like to have a father son chat with you.”

“Uh, sure.”

“Where’s Liz?”

“She, she, ah left. She’s going to Earth, I—“

“Well, I’m glad to see that she has not forgotten who she is. Sit down, Michael. Now, I’d like to ask what your plans are now that Kivar is gone.”

“Well, I assumed that the council would be swearing everyone back into office, crowning Max, just getting things back to the way they were, I guess.”

“And you?”

“Well, Rath becomes the King’s Second, right?”

“Is that what you want?”

“What do you mean?”

“Is that what you want to do with your life?”

“Well, isn’t that what I was created for, to come back, save the planet, etc?”

“Well, you came back, you saved the planet from Kivar, what now?”

“I guess, whatever my duties are as second—“

“I assumed as much. Michael, have you ever wondered while you are all addressed by your human names?”

“No, I just assumed you were trying to make it easier for us to adjust.”

“Well, that is in part true, but it also goes back to why we mixed you with human DNA and put you on Earth. We wanted you to have different experiences, we wanted you to have a different background, so that you could make different decisions. We thought that with two lifetimes of experiences that you would be able to make wiser choices when you came back to Antar.”

“So that we wouldn’t make the same mistakes…”

“That, yes, but also because we wanted you to have a choice. Let me tell you a story, maybe it will help explain. Many years ago, there was a young prince, heir to the throne. He was a lot like you. He was very closed off, he had an iron will, and above all, he was stubborn. This prince was spoiled and often causing all sorts of problems for his father, the king because he resented the fact that he had to follow so many rules and that so many things were expected of him. One day the prince was on one of the many pilgrimages his father forced him to take. He decided to escape from his royal escort and took off into the jungle to find an adventure. His horse bolted after being spooked by a wildebeast, throwing him and breaking his ankle. The prince laughed to himself and waited, thinking the royal guard would have him hunted down soon enough. Night fell and it got cold. His ankle was swelling larger and larger and he tried calling out with his mind for his younger brother, a great healer, but it was impossible to communicate when he didn’t know where he was at. He fell asleep and dreamed of a beautiful girl who asked him who he was and what he was doing in her jungle. He told her he had sprained his ankle and was unable to walk. She offered to take care of him if he promised not to hurt her and he agreed. When he awoke the next morning, he found himself in a bed surrounded by what walls. In a chair in the corner was the girl from his dream. She immediately rushed over to him and offered him food and asked if his ankle felt better. When he sat up, he realized his ankle had been healed. Not wanting to leave her, he told her it still hurt a bit. She brought him food and kept him company. It was love at first sight. When his father came to get him, he told him he wanted to marry her and would have no one else. His father argued with him, and that was when he discovered that she was one of the Northman of the Polar region, and not only that, but their priestess. His father forbid him to marry her and he would not relent. His father stripped him of his title and he still did not relent, telling him that he did not want to be a ruler of a people that would not condone his marriage to the woman he loved. He could not rule a people if he was unhappy. So he let his father leave, taking with him his title. The prince did not care. His brother would be a fine king, he was more suited to a life in politics anyway. The young priestess married him one week later. I haven’t regretted my decision son, only when you and young Zan were murdered. I thought I could’ve done something to prevent it if I hadn’t turned my back on my father and on my people…but I tried to make up for it by helping Valoria with the hybridization.” Marek stopped speaking, his eyes tearing up for a moment.

“Dad...” Michael leaned forward in his chair, putting his hand on his father’s, which was resting on his knee.

“Michael, I wasn’t there when Rath made mistakes—I tried to stay out of it. I never thought there was a serious threat by Kivar.”

“You didn’t—“

“No. I did. But I’m not going to let YOU make a mistake, Michael. You’re just letting these events unfold, you’ve come back to Antar and saved our people. You owe them no more than that. You’ve fulfilled your end of the bargain. What are you going to do with your life? What does MICHAEL want.”

Michael set back and thought about what his father was trying to get him to realize. What did he want? What did he want to do with his life? To not repeat the mistakes he made in the past?

“Liz. I want Liz. I want to be with my family, I want her—damn the coronation, the council—I have to stop her, Dad! She’s going to Earth! She was trying to tell me what you just—“Michael was running for the door when his father yelled “Michael! Wait! I have a better suggestion. Let’s head to King Max’s castle. I’ve got a plan.”

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Liz checked her controls. Everything was running smoothly, she should be within position to beam down to the pod chamber in a couple of minutes. She grabbed her bag and the small teleconferencer that Kyle had asked her to give to Jim and Amy. He wanted to tell them that they were staying for the coronation ceremony. She gripped the amulet that Tess had given her. Tess had known where she was going and why. Liz’s fingers had been itching to connect to it to see what memories Tess had stored in it for Ava, but she knew it was an invasion of her sister’s privacy. Ava would tell her if she wanted to know. Hopefully the beacon on the amulet would help her find Ava quickly so that she could take her to Antar before Tess died. She began to feel anxious. She would have to talk to her parents first. They had to know the whole story about her and Max, and now Michael—Michael. She narrowed her eyes. What a complete jerk! Ugh. She couldn’t believe he pulled that crap back on Antar. She truly was going to tell him about Serena and her mission, but he had started that jealousy crap about Max and then went on to say that he actually WANTED his old position back…hadn’t he learned anything? She’d only remembered being Mal, and she had no desire to bring that role to life again. She was Liz Parker, and Liz liked it just fine on Earth, although there were a few places on Antar she wouldn’t mind visiting again…She stepped forward into the transporter and was immediately transported to the pod chamber.

Michael paced the room. What were they doing in Kivar’s quarters anyway?
“Dad, what are we doing here? The longer we wait, the further Liz gets from ME.”

“A-ha. I knew I could find it again.”

Suddenly a space between them began to glow and a shaft of light dropped down from it.

“Kivar’s wormhole. I found out about it through Glenda. I used it once before to go to Earth…”

“What did you do?”

“I’m not proud of myself, but I didn’t have time to do anything but kill the man who was making my son’s life a living hell.”

“YOU killed Hank?”

“Yes. I couldn’t let him hurt you anymore.”

“Thank you. So where and when will this take me?”

“Well, I can beam you right into Liz’s parents house and you will be exactly 2 days ahead of her.”


“And Michael, you might want to go by the Valenti’s also. It think they would like to see Maria and Kyle’s wedding. Liz’s ship would take to long.”

“Sure, Dad. I’ll send you their coordinates after I talk to them.”

“Oh, and Michael, we—Valoria and I—have already made plans to meet you on Earth in two weeks. I believe the date is right? Your anniversary?”

Michael smiled and nodded. “Cinna?”

“No, actually young Jareth picked up on it. He’s a strong one.”

Michael stepped into the wormhole and disappeared.

Liz rubbed her eyes, blinking. She was crouched on the floor of the pod chamber with her bag at her side. She was having trouble adjusting her eyes.

“Hi, Liz.”

Liz knew she had to be hallucinating because there Michael stood with one of those damn smirks on his face. She rubbed her eyes again.

“Nope, still here.”

“How--? How the hell did you get here before ME?”

“Dad had a wormhole.”

“Oh, nice of him to inform ME about it.”

“Well, you took off in such a hurry…”

“Why are you here, Michael? I don’t have a lot of time to waste sitting here shooting the breeze with you. I have to talk to my parents.”

“I’ve already spoken to them, they know everything.”

“EVERYTHING? You told them everything?” Michael nodded. “And they took it well?”

“They actually seemed pretty relieved about it. Finally the pieces of the puzzle fell into place, I guess.”

Liz couldn’t believe he’d spoken to them. They always did like him. “Well, I still have to go by Jim and Amy’s to give them—“

“I’ve already spoken to them. They left in the wormhole yesterday to help Maria and Kyle with their wedding plans.”

“Oh I see. Well, now that you’ve taken care of everything, I guess all I have to do is find Ava and—“

“She’s staying with your parents.”

Liz eyes widened. “How did you find her so soon?”

Michael smirked yet again. Dammit she hated it when he did that. “She was actually drawn back to Roswell. I guess she sensed something was coming…”

“So are you here to throw me over your shoulder and take me back to Antar so I can be sworn into office?” she asked, narrowing her eyes.

He stepped forward and grabbed her left hand. “No, actually, I reserved a small spot in the park for celebrating our anniversary this weekend.” He wrapped his forefinger around her ring finger and she felt a warmth spreading out underneath his touch. She looked down as he let it go and gasped when she saw the ring. “This is Grandma Claudia’s, how did you—“

“I was hoping that you’d agree become Liz Guerin, you’re mother thought the ring might help me out a bit.”

“You ASKED my parents first? That’s really very noble of you Michael…”

“Traditional. I prefer traditional.” He smiled. “So will you marry me, Liz Parker? Because, there’s nothing in the universe I’d rather do than spend the rest of my life with you, on any and every planet, doing whatever makes us happy.”

Liz felt her face getting hotter and her eyes began to swim “Of course, I’ll marry you.” She leaned in his arms and tilted her head back to stare up into his eyes. It was the first opportunity he had in a long time to kiss her and he took it immediately. He pulled back, teasingly and added “I know exactly where we’re going on our honeymoon, too.”

“And where is that?”

“Oh, I spent some time on the beach by the castle and had this amazing flash involving you and I naked rolling in the sand…”

“Well, there wasn’t much else to do while you were gone but fantasize…”

He laughed and then grabbed and kissed her again, wanting to savor her taste, this moment, and everything that was Liz Parker—no Liz Guerin, for the rest of his life. She groaned as he let her see exactly what he wanted to do with her on that sandy beach and deepened the kiss. Not wanting to waste any time, she morphed the pod chamber into something a little more comfortable and shoved Michael back onto her bed.
“Liz Parker’s bedroom…isn’t this kind of kinky?”

“Are you complaining?”

“No, I’ve fantasized many nights about doing this on this very bed”

She pulled his shirt over his head and began nipping at his nipples. He sat up, capturing her mouth and dissolving the top of her uniform as he greedily kneaded her breasts and rubbed himself against her already moist juncture. Not enjoying the teasing, she removed the rest of their clothing with a bat of her eyelashes, imagining them disappearing into nothingness. She cried out at the sensation of feeling flesh against flesh and Michael stopped suckling her breasts long enough to moan in unison before he wrapped his arms around her and searched out her lips with his own. Carefully he changed positions with her, preparing to enter her. She closed her eyes in anticipation but he touched her eyelids and she opened them. “No, keep them open,” he instructed, gently. She nodded, keeping her gaze focused on his eyes, staring deeply into them…into the soul of the man she was going to spend the rest of her life loving. As he drove into her, her lips parted and she moaned, never taking her eyes off of him and he savored the emotions he saw swimming in her eyes and the feeling of being inside her. He felt himself drowning in those eyes and saw the same feeling in her eyes. They struggled to keep them open, to stay focused, as they slowly met again and again, the slow pace sweetly agonizing. The heightening of the sensations they were feeling built slowly up unto a frenzy until they could no longer keep their rhythm and they crashed into each other again and again—him wanting to get lost inside her folds and her wanting to envelop him completely. She bit her lip and cried out as her orgasm overtook her, never taking her eyes away from his, he screamed her name and fell against her, whispering “I love you” over and over again. Had anyone driven by that stretch of desert, they would see a smokey purple hue emanating from the horizon.

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She continued to rearrange her hair. Why was she so nervous? Oh, yes, the wedding, him, yes, that was why. She stared down at Tess’s amulet. She still had not put it on…she just didn’t think she could do it. “I guess I’m just selfish and vain” she told herself. She wanted him to be attracted to her, who she was, what she had done in her life, this life and the bit of one she remembered from her past. She peeked through the window of the conference room and saw Michael talking to someone. The butterflies in her stomach increased their frenzy. “Are you ready?” Maria asked her. “Yes, I guess it’s now or never.”

She walked towards them, and watched Maria and Kyle walk down the aisle together. Realizing it was his cue, Max turned around to grab her arm and stopped, his mouth hanging open. She rubbed the amulet in her hand and then knew what she had to do.

“I think Tess wanted you to have this—it’s her memories, her favorite memories of you.”

Max didn’t register what she had said. He was too busy staring at the ghostlike vision in front of him. He whispered “A-Ava” suddenly and tried to recompose himself.

“Yes, Max. It’s nice to finally meet you…” she noticed how much he looked like Zan, a softer version, more gentle, not as guarded with his emotions. “You look a lot like Zan, but I can see the differences in your eyes.” She smiled at him shyly.

Max finally saw her: the long blonde hair, the braid around her temples, the dress, he humor in her eyes, the vibrant color on her cheeks. “I—We didn’t know any of the dupes had survived.”

“I’m the only one,” she replied, looking down our the grown, frowning.

“Uh, I hate to break this up, but you’re supposed to be escorting her down the aisle, Max”

“Oh, sorry, Michael.” Max offered his arm and she smiled and took it.

Liz looked up at her father. “What happened, Dad? What did Max do?”

“He turned white and ran out of the church, Liz.”

“WHAT?!” she screamed, trying to peak around the corner.

“I’m just kidding, they spoke to each other and now he’s escorting her down the aisle with a big goofy grin on his face.”

Liz smiled, smugly. Well, her plan had worked. She had tried to plan a course of action with Michael the past month to get those two together. Tess had died on the day Michael proposed. Max had been heartbroken and had locked himself in his chamber for two weeks, only coming out for Maria’s and Kyle’s wedding. Ava did not return to Antar for the ceremony, she felt it was too soon to “invade.” He had at first refused to come back to Earth for Liz and Michael’s wedding, but Michael had talked him into it. Then it had taken Liz forever to convince Ava to be a bridesmaid. But they had gotten them both here, shoved them together, and decided to let fate or destiny or whatever run it’s course.

Liz was now walking down the aisle on the arm of her father, looking at all the happy faces of the guests, waving at Veronica and Venicia who had helped her with her dress and then letting her eyes wander to Kyle and Maria who smiling at her, at Max and Ava, who only had eyes for each other, and finally into the glowing eyes of her soon to be husband, who could tell her more with those eyes than his lips could utter with words. She smiled at him and took his arm and the next thing she knew, he was kissing her and they were married.

After the ceremony, they spoke to their guests, trying hurriedly to leave…honeymoon honeymoon honeymoon. Max, Kyle, Ava, and Maria stood by the cake, talking and laughing.
“Guys, we’re going to try to sneak out early, please don’t be offended.”

“If I recall, correctly, Maria and Kyle didn’t even bother to talk to their guests…” Max said, joking.

“We had some unfinished business…” Kyle trailed off, winking at his wife.

Liz noticed Max was wearing Tess’ amulet. So Ava had decided to be Ava, instead of merging with Tess’ essence. She was glad.

Ava leaned over to Maria and put her hand on Maria’s stomach and whispered in here ear “I think Tess would want you to have this.” Maria’s eyes widened, then softened. “Thank you” she mouthed and then called out “Jareth.” Jareth bounded over to her and threw his arms around her. “Mawia, I don’t want cake, I want ice cwean.” Liz and Maria laughed. “You can have some, sweetie, just make sure no one sees you.” He pulled back and smiled at her. “Beth said you’d let me!” and ran off to get a plate.

“Beth?” Kyle asked, looking from Maria to Liz.

“Don’t look at me” Liz said.

“Jareth, get back over here. Who’s Beth?”

“Duh—my sister” he said, pointing at Maria’s midsection and ran back towards the plates.

“Ava, did you—“ Maria began.

“No! I only gave you memories of Jareth, I had no clue!” she giggled, hugging Maria.

“Well, now I that I have memories of Jareth’s birth, I should at least know what to expect.”

Kyle was beside himself. He was going to have a little girl. Of course they would name her Elizabeth. He suddenly yelled “I’m going to have a little girl!” and began skipping around the table the cake was sitting on. Everyone laughed. Max looked at Ava, amazed that she would be so generous and kind. She had even given him Tess’ amulet-essence instead of joining it with her own. He touched her arm, feeling warmth emanate from it that spread all the way up his arm to his heart.
“Ava, would you like to accompany me to Antar? I have to get back soon—kingly duties—and I know you haven’t yet seen it…”

“I’d love to, Max. I’ve been dreaming of the moment I could return home.” Her arm tingled where he touched her, giving her hope that a love like she never experienced before was just beginning.

Liz looked at the smiling faces on everyone, even Jareth who showed up with a paper bowl of strawberry ice cream and then looked at her husband. He smiled at her, pulled her into a hug and whispered “wormhole to the beach opening up in 5 minutes, conference room three” and then kissed her cheek (giving her another flash of them at the beach and a glimpse of Kyle skipping around the table, Jareth hugging Maria) and then walked over to his father. She smiled, so he was ready to start a family she mused, slipping away from their group unnoticed. They wouldn’t mind when they realized she was gone. They knew where she was headed. And she knew they would have to resurface eventually, she could smell another wedding in the air.