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Title: The World May End But Love Remains (part 1 of 2)
Author: Jenna Kay
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Rating: PG-13 for disturbing imagery and one or two cuss words
Keywords: UC, Polar (Mi/L), EOTW
Spoilers: End Of The World
Summary: This is about the future that Future Max goes back in time to change. All from the Polar POV based on The Polar Novel.
Disclaimer: I do not own them. I just want to borrow them for a little while. I promise to return them as good as new. Please don't try to sue me. I don't have much money. You'd be at the end of a very long line of people wanting to collect.

Author's Notes: This story was inspired by and based on the universe created by Whiteotter in The Polar Novel. You can find it at

Read it. It may be really long, but it's really good.

One more thing, I'm still working on Altered Perceptions. But it's going slow right now. In the meantime, I thought you might like to read my first foray into the world of Roswell fanfic.

Warning: Major Angst. Characters' Death. Sadness lies ahead.

14 years in the future


Chaos was all around him.

Everywhere that he looked he saw carnage. The blood of his human allies soaked into the dry desert floor; turning it red. The few that were still able to fight, did. His soldiers refused to quit until their last breaths were torn from their bloody bodies.

He couldn't believe how much blood there was.

That surprised him. He had fought this war for so long that there was very little that got to him anymore. Today the smell of bloodshed made him feel ill. It reminded him of the day that this fate started.

The day Liz Parker almost died.

The day Max Evans saved her life.

The day their lives began to change.

As the Skins' forces advanced on the once secret location of the Granolith, more and more of their army fell. They were down to less than one third of their guard. He knew that it didn't look good for them. In fact he doubted that he would make it safely back to camp to relay that news to Max. There were too many of them, and he was one of the few remaining aliens, with powers, left in the fight.

Today was not a good day to die. Not that he really had a choice in the matter.

If their forces were overcome, he knew that he would die. The only question was whether it would be before Nicholas got his child-like hands on him. If Nicholas had him, he knew that sadistic bastard would take great pleasure in torturing him for information. Not that he had anything of value left to be told. The fact that they had advanced as far as they had, told him more about reach of their knowledge than any words could.

He was already wounded. Not too bad, but it drained some of his energy. The problem was that there was nowhere to fall back to. This was it. The day it all boiled down to. The future of both his home world, and this planet he called home was going to be decided on this desert sand.

He continued firing off energy blasts in a vain attempt to hold the enemy back. For every Skin he managed to hit, three more took his place. The Skins' army seemed limitless.

In between salvos, one of the commanders under him came over to the group of boulders that he had ducked behind. He could tell that it was serious. It was sheer luck that the boy hadn't gotten himself killed along the way. He'd only had the rank for less than a day. He wouldn't have it much longer if he did foolish things like that.

Commander Jeffries was just a kid. He would have been surprised if Jeffries was any older than he'd been when he'd been when he'd fell in love with Liz. He didn't remember himself being that green, even at 16. Although he would admit to being stupid back then.

If he'd known then what he knew now, he'd have never let Liz slip away. He thought he had been strong in pushing her away. Pushing her toward Max. He thought that he'd protected her. Instead he'd broke his own heart and doomed the world to this fate.

Jeffries' voice interrupted his little trip down memory lane.

"General Guerin, Sir." He said as he saluted. "I have bad news. The Skins have pushed through the perimeter on 285 South. That battalion is a total loss."

"We're fucked." That was it. Its over. They now have the Granolith chamber surrounded. They'll keep advancing until they reach it. It was only a matter of time before the rest of the troops fell.

"Sir, what do we do? Tell me your orders." The kid looked frantic. Michael guessed that the implications of this news had finally struck him. On his face was the look of a man who realized that his life, yet alone his whole world was over. Or soon will be.

Michael had seen that look before many times on his own face. It had been a constant reminder that he'd lost Liz to Max. His bond with her had weakened over the years, but it was still there on the fringes of his mind. He was always aware just how much he had given up for love, Nasedo, and their destiny.

The only thing that had ever helped him escape his thoughts was delving into training. In the small withered part of his heart that still had feeling, he was remorseful over what he was about to do to 'help' this boy. How do you send a boy out to fight a losing battle?

It was times like these that he wished he could still turn to Liz to help him think things through. He longed for the solace of her arms. Especially now. It would make this fool's errand he was about to undertake easier to bear.

"Jeffries I want you to cover me. I have to alert Max that its over." He noticed the blank look on the kid's face. "Max Evans? You know, our leader? I need to be the one to tell him. I owe him that much. We've lost. That's why I need you to draw their fire as long as you can. Do you think you can do that for me?"

It took a moment for the boy to process what was just said. When the boy looked up at him, Michael could tell that he'd read between the lines and understood what was being asked of him. He had entered this war as a boy and was about to die as a man.

Jeffries snapped to attention and saluted at him. "Yes, Sir!"

The moment Jeffries turned to face the enemies, Michael took off running to the base camp. He'd ran a good distance when he noticed that the Skins were firing at him. Foolishly, he turned around to look back.

He saw Jeffries on the ground with a bloody stump where his head should have been. He hesitated running for one split-second, to mourn the life that the younger man would never lead.

As he was running he felt a sudden blinding, burning pain in his arm and his side. The scent of burned flesh assaulted his nostrils. He didn't need to look down to see that he'd been hit. He'd seen and heard the testimony of those who survived the Skins' energy cannon, to know that it was not a pleasant sight.

His lower left arm was gone. He could feel his blood leaving a trail behind him as he struggled on. His abdomen was in agony. He realized then that he was hit worse than he'd thought.

He was going to die today.

But he refused to do that until he said goodbye to Liz.

She was the reason that he was relaying this info back to Max. Anyone else could have done this task. He just needed to see her beautiful face one more time. Despite everything that passed in the past 14 years, he still loved her.

Thoughts of Liz kept Michael going even as his body became weaker. Eventually there came a point where he couldn't carry on upright. He fell to his knees and crawled towards their camp. He soon became too weak to even do that.

He collapsed on to the ground. He had only one thought before unconsciousness claimed him.

He'd never have a chance to tell Liz he loved her. He was so sorry he ever pushed her away.


She was an island surrounded by a sea of wounded bodies.

Liz never thought the day would come when she would refer to wounded people as just bodies. She remembered that she'd tried studying medicine because she cared about people. She had wanted to help Max save the world. She didn't want him to be the only one to heal their supporters.

She was the closest thing to a doctor that they still had around there. Her training only went as far as a year and a half of medical school, before the war started. It wasn't good enough. There were so many wounded that were beyond her ability to save. A part of her wondered if it would be better not to try and prolong their lives. She'd heard talk from the soldiers that things were going all to hell.

There had been rumors and comments going around for days that the current attack would be their downfall. Normally, she didn't believe them, but it added up. There had been signs that the tide was turning against them.

She hadn't seen Max for days. That itself wasn't all that unusual during battle, but he hadn't even tried to relay a message to her to assure her. Also, she was treating more wounded the past few days than she could ever remember before. From the way she heard it, for every one she tended to, there were six that didn't make it even that far.

She'd had a bad feeling all day long. Something was about to happen and it wasn't going to be good.

She tried very hard to rationalize her feeling. She tried to tell herself that just being nearby so many of the wounded would make anyone apprehensive. It was possible that she was just being overanxious. But something inside her told her that wasn't the case.

That was why she wasn't terribly surprised when one of Max's assistants came rushing to her.

She began running in the direction he'd came from, without even knowing what was going down. It was only as they were on their way that she asked what happened. He then told her to just hurry.

The moment they reached their destination, she ran over towards Max. She saw him in the distance, slumped over something. As she moved closer, she could tell that it was a person he was bent over. She was mere feet away from them when she stopped dead in her tracks.

Her blood ran cold.

Max was leaning over Michael.

Michael was in bad shape, she could tell that even from this angle. His arm was gone. He was bleeding out of gaping holes on his side and his stomach. There was so much of his precious blood staining the ground beneath him.

She had triaged enough patients to know that there was nothing they could do. His wounds were more than even Max could heal.

Michael was going to die. Nothing could change that.

She felt like screaming and crying. She didn't expect it to hurt so much after all this time. She had long since thought that she couldn't be hurt by him again. Was she ever wrong.

Their connection had lain dormant all this time. Always there, but mostly forgotten. A part of her had sensed that this was happening. This was why she had a sense of foreboding the whole day long.

Max looked up at her. Tears stained his cheeks. There was an agony in his eyes that was reciprocated in her own. This was his brother lying in front of him. Liz had never seen him so broken before. He needed her.

She took a deep breath and tried to put her feelings for Michael aside. It would do no good if she fell apart on the outside like she felt on the inside. She had to be strong. She reached out and placed her hand on Max's shoulder to give him a small measure of comfort. She just wished there was someone to comfort her.

She watched in amazement as Michael opened his eyes and looked at Max and her. She felt his gaze linger on hers. That was when she knew that she still loved him. What was startling to discover was that he still felt the same way.

Michael looked directly at Max when he spoke, "Our 285 South is gone. We're surrounded on all sides. There's no lucky escape this time, Maxwell. It's over."

Max looked shattered by this news. She knew that deep down that he believed that they would emerge victorious. Its what had fueled him for so long.

"What do we do now?" he asked.

"Max, you need to use the Granolith. Serena told me about her and Liz's time travel project. You have to prevent this from happening."

"But how? Travel to when? Liz?" He turned towards her and looked to her for answers.

She couldn't believe that Michael knew about her time project. She'd never told him. Only she, Serena, and Max ever knew. Since Serena died, it was a secret between her and Max.

Then the biggest surprise of the day occurred, she heard Michael's voice in her head once again. She thought her being with Max had obliterated the bond between them. She never thought that it would occur again.

'Serena told me about it just before she died. You've got to send Max back. It's the only way.'

'Michael, I can hear you again... How is this possible? I thought that it... That we... Never mind what I thought. We can't send Max back. I don't know if it will work. He could die if even one of the calculations are wrong.'

'He's gonna die today anyway, Parker. We all will. At least this way we still have a chance. None of this has to happen at all.'

'You're right. This is all we can do. But how far back does he have to go? A month? A year? How do we know? Maybe we should let him stop himself from saving my life. That's when this all began.'

'Don't ever say that!! That was the one day that went right. I only wish I had been the one to do that instead of him. You changed my life.'

'Oh Michael.'
Her heart melted as she realized that some loves never die out. 'So when then?'

'Liz, I think you need to stop you and him from happening. We both made errors in judgment THAT night. That was when things started to turn. Marrying him only made it worse.'

'I can't believe my boyfriend wants me to stop my husband from marrying me. This is crazy!'

'I know Liz. As I was coming back to you, I thought it through. This was all I thought about. You've got to trust me this time, Liz. Believe in me... Liz... Did you realize you called me your boyfriend?'

Their mental conversation occurred in the blink of an eye. It felt like they'd been talking forever. She'd forgotten what it was like to be the focus of Michael Guerin's attention. Time would stop. And he always managed to surprise her. This time he even managed to throw something she said to him a long time ago, back at her 14 years later.

Max's voice interrupted her connection with Michael.

"Liz, what do you think we should do?"

She looked at Michael. He nodded imperceptibly at her silent question. His eyes pleaded with her to have faith in him.

"I think we should try it. There's not much choice. We have to stop this where it began. Max, you have to go back and prevent what happened the night of the Gomez concert."

Max's eyes shot up to meet her own. "You're not saying what I think you're saying. You can't be serious."

"I am, Max. We put our needs ahead of the needs of the group. We can't afford to be so selfish the next time around. We choose our own destiny, but we can't fight fate. This was the destiny we chose. Look where we ended up, Max."

While Max thought that over, she focused her attention on Michael. He was horribly pale. Each breath that he took was a great labor for him. It would be over for him soon. He knew it. She knew it. Even Max realized that it was inevitable.

She could still hear Michael in her mind. The connection was still there but it was faint and weakening. She had to let him know how she felt. It may have been too little too late, but he had to know.

'I'm sorry, Liz.'

'I'm sorry, Michael.'

She looked him in the eye and smiled through her tears.

'I have to tell you something Liz...'

'Michael, don't.'

She saw him look at her for a long moment before his eyes settled on Max.

"You're my family." Liz met his eyes briefly once more. He then closed his eyes and said his final words. "I love you..." His breath trailed off with that last word. His body relaxed.

Michael was gone.

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Title: The World May End But Love Remains (part 2 of 2)
Author: Jenna Kay
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Disclaimer: They're not mine. Got it? Good *happy*


The end of the world was because of her. All because she tried to turn her back on Michael. She may have been only following his lead, but that was no excuse. She had willingly turned her back on love.

It seemed fitting that she would die here. For love.

The only thing she had to live for was the memory of Michael and his love. She knew he would have wanted her to try and save herself. But she was too much like him. She couldn't run from this. There was nowhere left to go. She had to stay and try and give honor and meaning to his sacrifice.

It was a bitter sense of irony that brought her and Max into the Granolith chamber. Her husband was about to go back in time to stop this war from happening. He believed that he was going back to make her fall out of love with him.

He didn't realize that wasn't the problem.

He had to help her to not surrender to him. Or fall for him in the first place. So that she would not forsake her one true love. She couldn't allow herself to do onto Michael like he did to her. Liz only hoped that her younger self could read between the lines of what was going to happen to her in the past.

She looked up at her husband of so many years, and tried to remember the girl she'd once been. The girl that Max had fallen so hard for. The girl who pined away for Michael.

There was no time to mourn the loss of that Liz. Not now. If Max was successful, not ever.

"Max, you have to go through with this."

"I don't know if I can. How can I do that to you?"

"You have to. For Michael. For Isabel. For our worlds, Max. I know how hard this is. This may not be the easy decision, but it's the right one. We all need you to be 'our fearless leader' one more time."

A bittersweet smile danced across his face. "I haven't heard that phrase in a long time... Is and Michael deserved a better life than this..."

"We all did. That's why you've got to go back. This isn't how it's supposed to end." She had to believe that this is not how it's going to end. She had to have another chance. She couldn't let Michael die like that.

"My God, Liz. What the hell am I gonna say to convince her? I only slightly remember what you and Serena were saying about too much knowledge can change the future. How much is too much?"

"Max, listen to me. I'm sure you'll do fine. You always do. But I guess that you shouldn't mention any details about the war. Just tell her... I mean me... whatever... Just tell her that Tess left because we went against the destiny. That without her, your powers weren't as strong enough against the skins. Um... You should let her know that Michael and Isabel were killed. That that's how serious it is. Please, above all, don't tell me... I mean her... I mean me, about the life we lived. We can't let her go through life knowing what could have been."

"I know Liz, I know."

After all the years she'd been married to him, she knew how he would react. She knew that if the younger Liz asked him, he would crumple. Once they were together the night of the Gomez concert, he could never refuse her anything. She knew he chased Tess away because he knew that she didn't get along with her. It was easier for him to be with her without Tess's interference.

"You have to think of this like an operation. You have to wield the scalpel precisely, surgically. Amputate our love for the good of trillions. So we never visit this desert of blood again."

"Surgically." He repeated automatically. He was distracted. Most likely lost deep in his own thoughts and memories.

From a distance, the sounds of war were advancing on them. The barrages were louder now. Clearly audible from even within the Granolith chamber. They didn't have much time.

As resilient as their personal guard were, they were no match for the Skins' forces. It was only a matter of time before they fell. Then the Granolith would be theirs.

And she would die. Nothing will change that. Even if Max was successful in changing the past, her life, as she knew it, was over.

Would her timeline continue long enough for her to experience death? If she did, what would happen to her? Would she get to experience an afterlife? Would she be reunited with Michael? Or would she and the world she knew just disappear?

She was well aware of the risks involved with this operation. More so than Max was. There were so many things that could go wrong. So much was left to chance.

But there was no other choice.

She only hoped that the girl she had been would be strong enough to do this. That that Liz would be stronger than she herself had been. She prayed that the other Liz would be able to resist Max and stay true to Michael. She hoped that she was strong enough to bear the weight of this possible future.

She couldn't help being frightened. She was only human after all.

"Liz, you're scared. I've never seen you like this. I can't leave you here to die. Not all alone against the enemy."

Even now it startled her how he was able to read her. Not her mind. Their bonding had given him the empathic ability to feel her emotions. And her, his. It wasn't as strong as what she shared with Michael. But they were just as real.

"You've got to go. If you're successful, then I won't die. Not alone. Not with the enemy at the door. You got to think of Isabel and Michael. Do it for them. Do it for all of us."

She could tell that he was swayed by her words. It was the right thing to do. The alien part of him, which made him their leader, accepted this fact. He was willing to do this. But the human side, her husband, wasn't as willing to leave her and do this alone.

Nearby outside, there was a loud explosion. The walls shook. The ground trembled. A shower of dust and some pebbles rained down on them from the top of the chamber.

The Skins had advanced further than they anticipated. It sounded like they were right outside. They only had minutes left. If even that.

It was time. Destiny awaits.

She looked into Max's eyes, trying to draw her strength from him. She could see his love for her in them. He needed her so much. It was still scary how much he did, at times.

"I won't leave you."

"No, no, no. Max, you have to."

"If I'm successful, if I can do this, you and I won't exist. Not as we do now."

"Max, if you don't do this, we're gonna die. Everyone will. Max, you have to do this. You have to try it."

If he doesn't do this, Michael will still be dead. His last efforts will be for nothing. She couldn't let that happen. If she could live all these years without Michael, then surely Max could live without her. Silently, Liz urged Max to go though with it.

"I'll never see you again... Thank you."

"For what?"

"For every kiss, every smile."

Max always knew how to say the most romantic things. That hadn't changed during the past 14 years. As always, she knew he needed her to respond in kind. He still needed reassurance that this was the right thing to do.

"Max, I don't have any regrets."

It was the truth. Sort of. At least part of it.

She couldn't help but remember how she and Michael used to try to keep the lies as close to the truth as possible. She'd meant it.

She didn't regret the years spent with Max, he'd needed her. She regretted the fact that she'd hurt Michael. That her jealousy and cowardice made her act impulsively. Recklessly.

She didn't bother to find out for sure how far Michael had gone with Courtney. She used all her energy to shut him out of her mind from the moment he'd started kissing and caressing Courtney. Then she did the most hurtful thing she could think of.

Max came to her room bearing tickets to see Gomez. She'd refused. Then he tried to connect with her by kissing. She could clearly remember how badly she wanted to escape her feelings. To disassociate herself from the pain of loving Michael.

Sleeping with Max had been her most selfish and self-serving act, in her entire life. All she wanted was for something to be about her. Not finding out about the enemy. Not sheltering her from danger. She didn't want to be reminded about the whole alien thing. She'd wanted to forget. She just wanted to be touched. To be held and loved. Like any other woman.

It had been nice. Sweet, even. with the exception of some slight glowing caused by Max, there was nothing overly alien about it. The ground didn't tremble. There was no electromagnetic pulse this time.

The only thing that changed was that the flashes intensified. Her telepathic link to Michael was severed. Later Michael confronted her. It was horrible.

It was her betrayal that caused them all to die. She was the one who turned her back on love.

She stayed with Max. The longer she was with him, the more attached to him she became. She grew to love him. But he never managed to touch her heart the way Michael did. And she never let Max know how much Michael meant to her.

Her heart beat for Michael. Despite it all, they'd been linked in some strange way. Although he hadn't been hers for a long time, every thump of her heart was because of him. Even in death, a part of him was still with her.

She silently watched her husband use the crystals to activate the Granolith. Then Liz noticed the tears on her cheeks. She wasn't sure who she was crying for. Michael, Max, Isabel, herself? Perhaps her tears were for all of them and everything else too.

From inside the Granolith, Max reached out his hand to her one last time. She reached out to him. Hoping in her heart that he'd succeed. So Michael could live again.

There was a blinding flash from the Granolith. The ground shook violently. She screamed out to Max, the pain terrible in her head. She looked up to the Granolith.

Max was gone.

She heard the sound of people invading the outer area. The Skins had breached their last line of defense. All they needed to do was open the pod chamber's door. It was all almost over.

There was one last thing she needed to do.

Quickly she went by the back of one of the upper pods, reached in, and pulled out the device that Serena had developed. It was an explosive device, which when coupled with the power of the Granolith, had more than the explosive power of over a thousand nuclear bombs. A crude and inelegant weapon that would obliterate the Granolith.

It had been her and Serena's secret last ditch weapon to be used if they lost the war. It would destroy what was left of the Earth.

No matter what, they could not let the Skins gain control of the Granolith's powers.

She placed the device against the Granolith and attached it to where Max placed the crystal. Once that was done she powered up the device and held on to the detonator.

The pod chamber entrance slid open with a wrenching groan. She could hear the ominous footsteps approaching. It wouldn't be long now.

It was so strange to her to not sense Max or Michael in her head. She'd hadn't been alone in there for over 14 years. She'd forgotten what it felt like. She'd never felt alone with their presence with her. Now she felt like the last person alive on the planet.

She could feel the terror and panic rise in her. Violent tremors wracked her body. She wouldn't be able to carry this out if she couldn't even hold the detonator steady. She needed to calm down.

Then she felt it. She was overcome with a feeling she'd long since forgot. Not since when she was desperately pulling Max to safety and trying to evade their persuers after Max's escape from the FBI's White Room. It was the strength of Michael's love. She didn't understand it, but somehow she was able to draw from him the courage she needed to do this. She took all the strength she needed for the task. And then the connection faded.

She could do this. She was no longer afraid. Michael was watching over her.

She heard the many footsteps draw closer to the chamber. She braced herself for what was about to come.

She saw Nicholas's arrogant stride as he entered the chamber. He smiled evilly at her while his men entered the room. The monster with a childish skin may have vanquished them, but she'd never let him win.

She smiled serenely.

As her thumb pressed the button on the detonator, her thoughts were with Michael.

"I love you, too." she whispered.

The world ended not with a whimper, but with a bang.