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Title: Bullet Proof Life
Author: WhosYrDaddy
Category: Zan/Liz (it’s all I know how to write)
Disclaimer: Definitely not mine, or Zan wouldn’t of went down like that. It’s UPN’S and Melinda Metz, Jason Katims.
Feedback: Of course! Thats like asking if I think Zan‘s Da Man.......
Distribution: Please ask first.
Summary: AU, No Aliens. Zan’s got Gansta Style. And a woman who don’t take sh*t from anyone.

*This is a Challenge from ZansBitch, and so this is dedicated to her!*


The New York air was brisk against her face on this cold October evening. She walked at a hurried pace, pulling her leather jacket tighter and shoving her hands into her pockets. Scolding herself for not remembering to grab her gloves off the dresser. But, she had been angry, and stormed out of the house before she could think rationally. Now wondering around New York, slowly making her way back home.

She had read yet another headline in the paper about Zan and one of his many Flava’s he liked to toy around the city with. Not that she didn’t make headlines. She was the most recognizable of any of the women. Cause she was Da Woman. And she was gonna make sure Zan had that straight. No more being pushed into the back-plot of their story. Out of all of the ladies, she is the only one that endured. And would ever be able to stand above any other in his eyes. If, only he would make that clear to her. She didn’t need any public declaration of his love. Just to know that there wasn’t any other.

She quickened her pace again. Noticing nightfall was approaching at a rapid rate. While she knew she shouldn’t be too worried; she had people who watched over her. H*ll, she was probably being followed right now. Nevertheless, there were people who would see her as a perfect way to get to Zan. And she wasn’t about to let that happen.

But then she wasn’t expecting the arms that reached out of that dark alley.

Putting a hand over her mouth and pulling her tight against his body, her back to him. She struggled against him, strangled muffles coming from her mouth. He was dragging her further into the alley. Behind a dumpster. She started to worry that maybe she had overestimated just how well protected she was. Fear overtook her body. This was it. He was going to rape her and kill her. Why didn’t she listen to the crew when they told her not to go anywhere without one of them, or at least notifying someone.

A gruff, menacing voice sounded in her ear “Just what do you think your doing? Out here all alone, anyone could easily grab you.” His scent filled her senses.

And in that instant, she stopped struggling and her body grew rigid. For Liz knew instantly, recognizing that voice. She’d know it anywhere. Knowing in that moment, she hadn’t overestimated herself. But that she was gonna have an encounter filled of massive intense emotions waiting once she turned around.
Authors Note: OK, so I know this is short. But I kinda wanted to get an idea of how all you other peoples are feelin let me know...good or bad!!!!!!!!!!!*shrugs* I'm gonna write it anyway

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OK, so I thought I had posted Part 1 before the board went crazy..but I hadn't..guess its a good thing I here it is for all of you who aren't at Zanatiks!

And I want to thank EVERYONE who left FB!!! You don't know how much it means to me!!!!!

Part One

Her captor twirled her around quickly and pressed her against the wall. Letting one of his hands fall down and pinning her waist, the other hand intertwining with hers. She met with amber eyes pooling with hunger and anger at the same instant. Liz let her free hand snake up his solid, unyielding chest. Her breaths becoming shallow, for being in such close proximity with him made her powerless and handi-capped under his intense persona. Willing herself to search within herself to remember the reason why she was so angry with him, she found strength to push him back a little, startling both of them. Him, for her sudden abruptness, and her for finding a way to put a stop to the fix he was about to place on her.

Somewhere in it all she found her voice again “Sh*t Zan! Your scared the h*ll outa me!”

“I scared the h*ll outa ya? How you think I feel when Lonnie dials me up with urgency saying you slipped out? Without protection! You got ta stop doin’ this Liz. I got my men out searchin’ this city fo’ ya.”

Throwing her hands up in mock frenzy “Well here I am. You found me. You can call the dogs off now.” Liz finishes with pursed lips and a trademark of her head tilted to the right.

He could feel the rage building at her defiance to the control he exuded. A control every one obeyed except for her. “This ain’t nuthin to be crackin ‘bout Liz. You know how dangerous it can be fo’ you. I want ya to stop all this sneakin b*llsh*t. I always gotta have my men runnin around after ya.”

“Well I’m sorry to be such an inconvenience Zan. Excuse me for wanting to do something normal, like take a walk without having to deal with one of your knock-arounds.”

“I’m an inconvenience fo’ ya? My life is an inconvenience Liz? The life we share?” She had stepped into a dangerous topic.

“I feel like I’m a caged animal. The only time I can enjoy myself is when I got Lonnie or Ava with me. And you barely let them come as my guards anymore.” Truth is, she felt like she was 16 again. Under Daddy’s control. It was hard enough to escape the first time.

“You remember what happened last year Liz.” He says solemnly. “I can’t let that happen again.”

In a whisper of a reply “Yea, I remember.”

“So then you understand my need for ya to stay safe. Have Rath or Valenti around.”

Her backbone to the resentment and anger was returning.... “What I need to understand is why I mean so much to you, when all I see is the headlines about you and all those women. When you got me livin in your home.”

“Liz, I do that because it throws them off of you. You know how I feel about you.” And there was a time when it was clear. But their emotions had been muddled as Zan had taken over his father’s lifestyle.

“No, I don’t. You are never one to outright admit your feelings unless it’s telling me what I should be doing. Or who I should be doing it with, and why and where and when...” Trying her best to keep everything under wraps. She didn’t let herself get like this. What purpose would it serve? To get emotional with him? No. She would keep a strong wall up on this. Not let him back her down.

“Is that what this is about? The women?”

“Don’t act so surprised Zan, we’ve been doin’ this thing together for awhile. But in the last year, because of the trouble . . . you’ve been doin’ it even more. It’s real hard on me.” It was also hard on her to see the constrictive nature that had taken hold of their once blazing love for each other. And to overcome the anguish that would topple her if it grew anymore.

Zan spoke feverishly, suddenly bringing her back to the surface. “And you think I like the changes we’ve had to make? It’s all apart of the plan Liz.”

“Your plan. It was your plan. I don’t remember being givin’ a choice.”

“Well you have a choice of leaving, or staying and doing things my way.” He pauses, rethinking what he has just said. Knowing she wouldn’t tolerate that kind of authority put over her head. “I just mean, this is the life I lead. And I can’t change it, so this is apart of being with me, and accepting the threats that my lifestyle comes with.”

“Nice save. I thought you might actually try to pull that overbearing gorilla style on me. But don’t try to coddle me either. I’m no innocent here. And you still treat me like the girl you met so long ago. We ain’t 17 anymore. I know the life, and how it plays. But we got to play this relationship together. Not one person is callin the shots here Zan.”

“Don’t go into this metaphor sh*t again Liz.”

“All I’m sayin is that you’re lettin the other players screw our game.”

Zan grew uneasy as to where this was going. Was she trying to say she wanted out? That she didn’t want to make her life with him? He did have to admit, the last year couldn’t have been that much of a life for her. He was pushing the playboy image more than he ever had, not considering the toll it would really take on their relationship. And as much as he tried to convince himself, he knew he had to start giving Liz some of the things she desired. And that meant a more diligent approach at maintaining what had originally made them so captivated by each other. They hadn’t lost it; it had just been . . . repressed.

Laughter filled the air as the small group of teenage girls crossed the park. It was ritual for them to get there every Tuesday and Thursday after getting out of class. But for Liz it was more the just a ritual, it was heaven. It meant that she would get to see Zan play basketball. She’d never even spoken to him. Not that she was allowed to anyway. Her father kept strict rules on whom she could associate with. Saying they’re we’re too many boys out their with bad blood in them. Whatever that meant. So she just stuck to her 2 hours, two days a week of her not so subtle admiration for a boy she had never uttered a word to. Her friends gave her endless amounts of sh*t for it, but even they couldn’t deny his rugged nature.

And all was not lost on Zan. He noticed Elizebeth Parker. Who wouldn’t? She had that long dark silky hair, rich chocolate doe eyes, and a smile that would make any man’s heart stop. He never let on to the crew what he thought of her though. But today, she had been lookin at him even more. He kept tryin to catch her eye, and finally as they was gettin ready to leave he looked and caught her, and as their gaze held, he approached her.

“Sup? Liz right?”

She was a little unsettled by his sudden interest. “Uh, yeah Liz. That’s me. Zan right?”

“Yep, ya got that right. I’m Da Man.”

“That’s bold. You always make those assumptions?”

“It ain’t no assumption. But if you’d like proof . . . I can give it to ya.”

Trying her best to keep her demeanor under control, she took a deep breath “I ain’t got time for it. Besides, it looks like your games over.”

“Well there’s always more than one game, so I’ll be see' in ya around. Like I always do.”

And with that, he left. Leaving her heart beating a mile a minute, and her senses weak.

End Flashback

“Zan? You’ve gotten a little quiet, you better say something or I’m gonna start to worry.” She says with concern etched across her face. It was moments like this that he saw the Liz he first knew, independent, and at the same moment, timidly looking at me through those eyes. Awaiting my next move.

“We still got game shorty, let me show you.” And with a sly grin that showed all his attentions, and the moves of a wildcat, he was on her . . .
FEEEEEDDDDDBAAAAACK!!! Let me know if this sucked or not...if you have questions I 'll try to come back and answer some for you..

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Authors Note: Thanks for all the wonderful Feedback! It’s what gives fuel to the fire! Ok, now to the story.
. . Flashbacks are in italics. I hope you enjoy.

Part 2

Hot breath on her cheek.
A rough hand beneath her shirt.
Insistent lips seeking, her soft supple ones.

//It was growing dark out, Liz was coming home from a late practice at the dance studio. Her father was going to be angry. She was supposed to call for a ride if time ran over at her rehearsals. He was so protective of her. And it had become a nuisance recently. He kept saying that she was so young, and people would find her easy prey. A few nights ago she overheard the real reason he feared for her. And his sudden interest in keeping her from interaction with Zan Fazoli.//

A hard wall pressing to her back.
Smooth legs being hoisted around his waist.
Skirt hiked up.
Panties snatched away.

//She took a shortcut through the park, walking at a brisk pace, keeping a constant eye out. And then he was there.
“Hey Liz. Where are you going in such a hurry?”
“H-hey Zan. What are you doing here?”
“I need a reason to be in the park?”
“Uh, no . . . it’s just, you know. You we’re kinda keepin out of sight.”
“Well, I guess I was just waitin on you . . .”
Her throat felt dry. “Well, I really have to get home now. So -”
He stepped into her air, and whispered against her ear . . . “Is that really what ya want to do?”
She could feel her voice cracking as she replied with a breathless “No.” //

A small delicate hands reaches down.
A button released, a zipper undone.
He, without restriction.
Heated skin to skin.

// He grabbed her tiny hand, placing it in his, and started pulling her to the edge of the park. “It’s this way.”
“Huh . . . w-what is?”
“We need to be alone, I want to be alone with you.”
Swallowing hard, she kept following him. They reached a building and he went inside, leading her back to an apartment. Furnished, as if someone could live there, she wondered if this was someplace his dad kept away for business purposes.
He spoke again, “It’s this way.”
He pulled her into a bedroom. Grasping both her hands, then taking her body against his. He removed the cardigan she wore. Running his fingertips up and down her arms, sending shivers throughout her body. Then cupping her face in his hands, he laid a gentle kiss to her lips, running a tongue over her bottom lip, seeking entrance, which she willingly granted. Slowly her arms sought out the hem of his shirt, lifting it over his head. Her hands found their way back to his well defined chest, she nuzzled herself against it.
They continued to remove clothes with ease, taking in the sight of each other, before finally placing her onto the velvety duvet bed-cover.//

Arousal is evident:
His firm, rigid, and unyielding.
Hers slick, glossy, ready to be polished.
Smoothed away by ecstasy.

//The aching of her center increased, as he peppered her svelte body with kisses. His hands massaging her everywhere. His mouth seeking out her heat, she squirms with anticipation. This new feeling he was bringing to her was exquisite. He knew the satisfaction of the wonders he worked on her by the screaming release that echoed from her swollen lips.//

An entrance, rough and commanding.
Breath ragged, hooded eyes.

//She pulled his body up to hers, looks passing into each other of lust, enchantment, and a burgeoning love. He paused for a moment, looking into the nightstand, and removing that ever important wrapper that would determine their next move.
He placed it over his throbbing member, and began to position himself to enter. As he began to encase himself in her, he felt hesitation within her physical plains.
“A-are you? . . .”
She slowly opened her hooded eyes, and nodded, then wrapped her legs around him, forcing him all the way in. Biting her lip until she became comfortable with his undoubtedly sizeable manhood.//

His encased in the warmth of his home.
Her world penetrated by his thriving strokes.

//As he rocked in her, he took in the beauty of her face, her reactions so unfiltered, pleasure rippling through her , as her eyes closed, mouth open to a silent scream, he covered it with his own as they surrendered to their climatic lovemaking.//

A whimper, a whisper of delight.
Then a tidal wave, explosion of rapture.

//When she awoke in his arms a few hours later, she was content. Then realization hit her. She was supposed to be home hours ago. She slipped out of Zan’s arms, and into her clothes.

She raced into the her house, trying to move quietly up the stairs to her room. As she entered out of breath, and flipped on her light, she heard a voice from behind her . . . “Where in the hell have you been? You should have been here four hours ago.”

Liz couldn’t find her voice, and she was sure he knew.

“You are to have an escort wherever you go from now on.”

“But Dad, I don’t need one! I swear, it’ll never happen aga-” But she was cut off mid-protest.

“I don’t want to hear it Elizebeth. Now go take a shower, your appearance is saying a lot about your whereabouts. Angelica will be taking you to the doctor tomorrow.”

And with that, he shut the door. She collapsed onto her bed, wondering how she would find a way back to Zan.//


Her legs slid down till she got her footing on the alleyway. She adjusted her clothing, while he buttoned and re-zipped his pants. His hand reached out to wipe the sweaty hairs away from her face. Making themselves presentable as they made their way over to the car where Samson waited.

“Good evening Miss Parker, I’m glad to see you’re alright.”

“Samson, how many times do I have to tell you to call me Liz? And I was perfectly fine. No reason to worry.”

“I’m sure that’s the case Miss Par- uh, Liz. But Zan here doesn’t want to take any chances with his most valued.” Samson says with a smirk.

Zan doesn’t let the conversation go to far “Can we get home? I’ve got some things I need to take care of before the night is ova‘.”

Samson immediately loads them into the limo, and presses the button for the dividing window. For Da Man and his woman, always kept things private.
At Home:

Samson hadn’t even finished parking and turning off the car before Zan was out and pulling Liz with him into the house and on the way to his bedroom. That is until Lonnie, stepped in the way.

“I need to speak with Liz for a few.” She stated so bluntly.

Zan had a look of pure aggravation. “I’s gonna have to wait.”

“Zan, please. It’s important I speak to her now.”

As much as Liz wanted to go with Zan. Lonnie looked desperate to talk. She looked at Zan with pleading eyes, hoping he’d buy that she wanted girl time. “Zan, we’ll try to be real quick.”

“Fine, I’m going to the office.”

Now this set Liz off. “Office? Isn’t that where you’ve been all day? That means you won’t even go to bed till One O’clock in the morning.”

“Liz . . .” He starts with exasperation, then stops “I’ll be in the bedroom.” He finishes as he starts up the stairs.

Lonnie quickly grabbed Liz’s arm and pulled her off to the study.

“OK, ok what’s so important that you just possibly caused another fight between me and Zan?”

“It’s Sean, Liz. He’s out of jail. He sent this to the house today . . . while you were out.”
AUTHORS NOTE: Did this part totally suck? Cause I kept writing, and re-writing.
ZansBitch- I tried to email you but I’m guessing you didn’t get it. I don’t know what’s wrong because I double checked the email hopefully this was OK for you...let me know. Another Cliffhanger...another audience in suspense...I hope. OH YEAH!!!!! HOW DID EVERYONE LIKE THE WAY I WROTE THE PRESENT TIME NOOKIE?

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Bet you all thought this story fell off the face of the earth huh? NOPE! And you know what else? I realized I never posted part 3 which I wrote months ago! so you get two parts today cause now I have Part 4 done too! Here you go...though it's not as long or exactly what I was going for at first, I still hope you enjoy it!

Part 3

Many emotions rocked her body as she looked at the package on the table. Feeling her breath coming quicker Liz sat down in the lounge chair opposite Lonnie. The package wasn’t too large, but it was a different size than the others she had received this past year. She noted it had already been taken out of the box.

“So you’ve opened it?”

Lonnie gave a nod, and then replied “You wanna know what’s in it?”

Liz looked down at her hands. Suddenly they were of great fascination, and wondered if they held the answer to all her problems. Realizing she was only delaying the impossible, she finally nodded, adding in a low tone “Will you do the honors of showing me? I don’t even want to touch it.”

Lonnie picked up the box, opening the flaps. “I’ve already checked it for bugs, cameras and anything else life damaging.” She reassured Liz.

Then Lonnie took out a small wooden jewelry box.

Liz was more than curious and disgusted at the same time. And her eyes narrowed as she saw . . . inscriptions? Lonnie noticed her quizzical look and gently put the box down on the table, and shoved it across to Liz. She looked down upon it. Clearly it had been hand crafted, she wondered by whom, and there was an inscription. But what it said sent chills down her spine.

Our love is as sharp as a dagger, if not requited, cuts yours dramatically.

She must have stayed quiet for some time because Lonnie got up and moved on front of her, finally forcing her to break her gaze from that . . . that thing.

Liz cradled her head in her hands wondering out loud to no one but herself “Why? Why does he continue this? I’d never want him. I’ll only want Zan.”

Lonnie went into tough mode. They had to figure out how to handle this latest development. “He’s mad f*cked up Liz. We gotta tell Zan ----”

“NO.” Liz bolted out of her chair. “I don’t want him knowing about this. If he finds out about all of the pictures and notes, he’ll never let me leave the house. Even with bodyguards.”

“He’d take care of it. Your worries, would be taken care of.” Lonnie offered out in a insinuating tone.

“No, they won’t. There is still my father. He’d find someone else to make me pay for choosing Zan. He’ll never let me forget.” Liz sank back down into her chair trying to recall just when her life became so chaotic.

Liz had just returned from her ‘date’ with Sean DeLuca. If you could call it that. It was more like torture: Slow, painful, migraine-inducing. She had promised her father she’d give him a chance though. He was already upset with her for her new friendship with Zan.

A couple of days ago, she had brought her friend Serena home with her after school. They had been up in her room talking about Zan. Serena started making fun of Liz singing the K-I-S-S-I-N-G song, when Angelica burst into the room with a load of laundry. She had heard what Serena was chanting and asked who the lucky boy was. Before Liz could stop her, Serena blurt out “Zan Fazoli!”

The look that crossed Angelica’s face was unreadable. She quickly laid the laundry basket down and said in her most professional manner “Dinner will be ready at 7:30 sharp.” And with that, exited the room. Serena gave me a ‘what was that all about?’ look.

“You know how protective my dad is, and I think she helps him keep an eye on me. For some reason he doesn’t like the Fazoli family.” Liz explained.

A look of understanding appeared on Serena’s face as she told Liz “Well I’ve heard my father say that they’re into some pretty serious crime. Maybe your father has heard the rumors too.”

“I guess” Liz breathed out. “I wish it didn’t have to be that way Serena. I wanna be with Zan so much. He makes me feel like I’m on fire. Those looks he gives me, and when he finds small ways to be able to touch me when we see each other at the park . . .” Liz continued on dreamily as Serena shook her head in amazement. Her friend was definitely falling hard for the boy with an edge.

At seven thirty sharp that night Liz was sitting in the dining room with her father. He had a hard look to his face as usual. Liz decided to remain silent, and not delve into the topic of how his day was. She just hoped to get through dinner without one of his interrogations into her life.

But then Angelica entered the room and a look passed between her and Liz’s father. And it began . . .

“Liz, what is this I hear about you conversing with Zan Fazoli?” His eyes never leaving the piece of steak he was cutting into.

“Nothing, I didn’t realize there was anything that important about conversing, talking. I do it all the time with people at school dad.”

“I don’t think I like the tone of voice your using Elizabeth. Why don’t you try to show a little more respect, I’m just asking about your life a little. I like to show an interest in you.” Seems that was enough to bring him out of his Angus beef reverie.

“Sorry, but it just never seems to be innocent questions. It feels like I’m being put under the lamp in an investigation.” He gave a disapproving glance before letting the room be encompassed in silence.

As one of the maids was bringing in coffee for post dinner, he finally spoke up again. “You know that nice young man Sean DeLuca Liz?”

“Uh, yes. I’ve met him at some of your social events.”

“Well, he’s shown some interest in you. Has he not?”

“Um, he might have mentioned taking me out once, but I assured him of your strict rules --”

“Actually,” he interrupted “I think it would be a fine choice for you to date him. He said he’ll be by Friday to pick you up.”

“What?!” Liz screamed. “But I don’t want to! I don’t like him like that dad. In fact I don’t like him much at all.” Liz took deep breaths, not believing her father was doing this to her. But why shouldn’t she believe it? He was always controlling her. She couldn’t wait until she was eighteen. Only another month and a half. How did he expect to keep her around then?

“That’s just about enough Liz. He’s a decent young man and I’m sure you’ll have a pleasant time. Be sure to wear something nice.” He finished. His tone indicating there would be no further discussion. And she knew it was pointless to argue.

Liz felt defeated. She wondered if turning eighteen would even release her from this life she felt trapped into. Where her father made all her choices for her. She quietly excused herself from the table and headed upstairs to sulk in her room, contemplating how she would explain to Zan her sudden new ‘boyfriend’. And how they could work around it.

*//End Flashback//*

Liz’s eyes refocused on the jewelry box as a new wave of determination swept over her.

“Don’t say anything to Zan yet. I want to straighten out some of the other issues before I get into it with him about this.”

Lonnie only nodded her head in reply, and said in a tight voice “Don’t wait too long Liz.”

Liz could only respond with a sigh. Then she left to make her way up to her lover.


Zan was on the phone in his bedroom when he received a call from one of his men informing him that, indeed, Sean DeLuca was out of jail. He gave strict orders for them to keep tabs on the man. Zan wanted to know his every move. Especially if it gravitated anywhere near Liz’s life.


At that particular moment, as Zan was hanging up the phone, Liz entered the room and crawled across the bed to him. He took her into his embrace. Wishing he could hold her there forever, safe in his arms. But deep down he knew the best way to stop DeLuca from trying to kidnap Liz again, was to simply take the bastard out with everyone knowing as little as possible. He thought they were going to put him jail for much longer. Somehow Sean’s lawyers, or rather Liz’s father, had pulled some strings and now he was out for good behavior on parole. Zan hoped that he wasn’t stupid enough to try anything again. He was determined that no one was ever going to take Liz away from him. He’d go to unknown lengths to make sure of it.

Liz snuggled into Zan. She didn’t like keeping secrets from him. It made the strain on their relationship worse. But she wouldn’t give up on the hope that one day, it wouldn’t have to be like this. She still felt all the passion and love she did in the beginning. Silently praying that nothing else would interfere. She knew they’d last. They had jumped hurdles for their relationship early on, they could do it now. She wouldn’t let it be any other way.

Part 4

After laying with Zan for awhile, Liz finally got up and started to get ready to go to bed. Zan was reluctant to let go of her, feeling that they had made some headway in their relationship with the talk they had in the alleyway. As she made her way into the bathroom, he got up to follow her. This was one of the truly peaceful moments he cherished about his life. When he could just sit back and watch her in her nightly routine. Everything was always so up in the air for them that watching her do such mundane things as brush her teeth and hair, wash her make-up off. Sometimes she opted to take a bath before going to sleep, and tonight was one of those nights, and as he watched her pull fresh towels from the cabinet, he went over to the sunken tub to start running the water. She turned around when she heard the water running, and gave him a smile, loving that he knew what she was headed for. He even knew to pour her favorite strawberry-watermelon bubble bath in as the water rised up to the top. He kneeled down next to the tub testing the temperature so that it wouldn’t scorch her delicate skin.

He felt her arms come around him from behind, “I hope you plan on joining me?” she asked.

“Then ya gonna make me smell all girly.”

“So, the sheets we sleep in smell like you.” Not that she minded.

“I s’pose that’s a fair trade.” They undressed each other slowly, and proceeded to sink down into the water.

They washed each other, placing gentle kisses all over one another, loving one another. But as the steam filled up the bathroom so did their lovemaking. Kisses grew hotter and more searching. Touches more magnified, finally resulting in his claiming her most wet and heated place of all, with his own strength. As they rocked together in a beautiful motion, they caused a bubbly cascade of waves all around them, dripping over the edge onto the floor, and he sent waves crashing through her core, inevitably sending him over the edge too.

Resting gently in each others arms for a few more moments, they finally made it out of the bathroom, drying one another off and heading back into the bedroom.

He sat back and watched her as she went over to his chest of drawers and pulled out one of his wife beater tanks and laid it on the dresser. She began to slip her panties on. She looked breathtaking. Her long dark hair cascading down her back, he stood up and walked over to her and pulled her hair over the side of her shoulder, placing a kiss on it. He then helped her pull the tank over her head, loving it when she wore his clothes. He then slipped on a pair of boxers. Crawling under the sheets they nestled together and fell into a deep sleep. Waking only once more in the middle of the night to come together again. Not knowing what tomorrow would bring.

The Next Day:

Liz woke up to rays of sunlight beaming into the room, and Zan staring down upon her. When he realized he been caught he quickly placed a kiss on her forehead and then got out of the bed and headed for the door, “I have some phone calls to make, why don’t you go ahead and have some breakfast. I’ll be down later.”

Liz nodded knowing that he wouldn’t be down until at least lunchtime. And being that she wasn’t all that hungry yet, she decided to go to Ava’s room. She had a special bond with Zan’s sister, one that most didn’t understand, nor did she. But there was something special about the girl and it wasn’t just the fact that most deemed her insane. She wasn’t a psychotic or anything of that sort. She just seemed to live in a fantasy world. It wasn’t always so bad though, not until last year when Liz had taken her out that fateful day and Ava had come into the crossfire of Sean and his bullies trying to harm Liz. After that, Ava seemed to fall deeper into her spells. Always talking of dreams she had when she fell to sleep at night, and shadows that were darker for some people than others. Out of everyone in the house, Liz was the only one who could endure Ava’s sporatic murmur’s and rants about bad things to come.

Liz came upon Ava’s door and knocked lightly before peeking her head in.

“Ava?” she called out as she moved further into the room, finally seeing the small girl crouched by the large fish tank that sat in her room. One hand up against the glass tracing where the fish were swimming.

“That bad bad eel is after my angelfish again Lizzie. He’s always trying to sneak up on her.”

“Well, she must be quick then, if he hasn’t been able to catch her yet right?” Liz asked gently.

“Maybe.” Ava replied softly. Then she turned around and met Liz’s gaze. A smile crossed her face as she looked over Liz. “Has love been treating you better Lizzie? You look as if you have a rainbow growing inside yourself today, maybe by the end of tonight you’ll have a pot of gold!”

“Things are looking more colorful I guess, but we‘ll have to see. How about you Ave’s? How are you?”

“Oh . . . I’m doing ok. My new dream books came in the mail just the other day. They are such a mystery, dreams, you know. Such a key into a soul.” She says with a far away look. She then turns back to her fish tank. After a few minutes Liz knows she’s not going to speak anymore and bids her good bye and heads back downstairs, into the kitchen.

Same time: Zan’s Office

“So What is it you wanted to talk to me about Valenti?” Zan asked.

“The property in Philly. Seems with Liz’s father getting older he’s not keeping his best men on top of it. If you want it back it’s seems best to move in on it now.” Kyle informed him.

“What happened?”

“A body was found, no doubt probably trying to clean up another one of Deluca’s messes.”

Zan sat back and thought about that for a minute, then replied “It always comes back to Deluca doesn’t it? We need to take care of him. Once and for all. I don’t like the way the guy works.”

“This got a lil’ something to do with Liz too, boss?”

“It’s got a lot to do with her. But it’s also about them taking the sh*t away from my father before killin’ him. I’ve been waitin’ a long time for this day. I wanna take Deluca down hard.”

“You callin in outside help?”

“No doubt. This could get pretty dirty, but hopefully, afterward, things won’t have to be so shady. I like to run a clean business.” Zan stated as he thought about a day when he wouldn’t have to worry about his families safety so much.

“So, which broad you gonna take to the benefit? That Courtney chick? Or maybe Maria?” Kyle asked wryly.

“Neitha’. Liz is goin’ with me.”

Kyle looked at him in shock. “You haven’t taken Liz to anything in a shittin’ long time man. Why the change?”

“Cause it’s about time I take one in our relationship.” Or else he might lose her. And not by the way of a bullet.

In a Warehouse someplace in Philly:

“You think Fazoli’s gonna come out here personally?”


“So then what’s the plan?”

“Get him alone, take him out. While I make my way to New York and pay a visit to my future bride.”

TBC . . .
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