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Title: No man’s land.
Author: Leah (I know! Thought for once I would use my proper name!!)
Category: AU Oh god!! This was so hard for me…It’s gonna be Mi/L!!
Rating: R…or, NC-17 (I know this rating!!)
Disclaimer: Not mine…nuff said.
Summary: What would happen if it was Liz that was the fourth alien and Zan and Max switched places…oh wait…so did Michael and Rath! Look, I really liked this idea, and so what it doesn’t fit…I don’t care!! Hopefully It will all come out in the story…but ask me questions by all means if it is too confusing! The aliens are: Max, Isabel, Liz and Rath…and Michael, Zan, Tess and Lonnie.

AUTHORS NOTES: Ahhh…my dedication! To Spink…cause you CRACK ME UP!!! You are one hilarious girl! I found another fanart page, so next time we are on… AND to my little snugglepot…you just leave me speechless…you really are the coolest of the cool!! Love, your cuddlepie!! LOL!! Everyone else…I hope you enjoy!! Lee xx


“Rath!” Max hollered, and Isabel and I winced at the anger in the tone.

Rath rolled his eyes at me behind Max’s back and then turned to him, smiling innocently. “Yeah?” He asked, his smile slowly turning into a grin of amusement at Max’s face. I saw the smile and covered my mouth to stop the giggling and walked over to Isabel who was admiring the view to avoid being dragged into the argument.

“How the hell did you pay for this apartment? There was no way you had the money needed to pay for this!” Max yelled. I inwardly rolled my eyes…Max could be so dull at times, he was my brother and I loved him but still!

I turned to watch Rath’s actions as did Isabel. Rath shrugged, “Well who knew the Crashdown paid so much??” He said, voice rising at the end cause he knew Max wouldn’t buy it…which he didn’t. “I have told you repeatedly not to use your powers for selfish reasons…haven’t I you two?” He asked turning to us. We looked at each other, “Yes Max,” We chorused, before giggling slightly and going to sit down on our new sofa. Max gave as a hard glare before turning his attention towards Rath.

“Look…I just, you can’t keep using you pow…” Isabel rolled her eyes and stood, promptly cutting off Max’s sentence. “Look Max, we got a good deal, and Rath and Liz here have had a pretty shitty deal. Can’t we just let them be…don’t you want Liz to be happy??” Rath and I smirked at each other, knowing that this would weaken him. Immediately his eyes turned to me. “Of course I do.” He exclaimed walking over to me and kneeling in front of where I am sitting. “Okay Liz,” He said taking my hands in his. “But promise me that you two are going to cut out using your powers so much now we are in New York…” I took his hand in mine and smiled at him. "Of course Max…I promise not to use our powers so much unless we really need to.” Rath smirked behind me knowing exactly what I was saying. So what if I really needed a new top or some food. The problem with Max was that he didn’t realise that we could use our powers and get away with it…he always thought that someone was after us, but no one was!! He just needed to chill out a bit!

Max nodded smiling, thinking that I was actually going to obey him for once, and stood up. “Okay…Iz, I think we should go unpack…we’ll see you later you two…try not to get into any trouble.” I stood up with him and gave him a hug. “I promise you that we won’t get into any trouble cause I don’t want to upset my big bro. when he will already be stressed enough about starting NYCU.” I said, kissing him on the cheek. Max looked down at me not knowing whether I was teasing or not and I just shrugged innocently. Max smiled and kissed the top of my head before he turned to Rath. I turned to Isabel with a genuine smile…she wasn’t just my sister, she was my best friend.

“Have fun Isabel, and make them bow down to you!” Isabel smiled and gave me a hug. “Okay…once I am settled in are you going to come see me?” I smiled and nodded “Of course…I want to see what I could never have!” All three of my siblings noted the hint of bitterness in my voice and Rath cleared his throat, signalling that they should leave. Max and Isabel gave us a final wave before heading out of the door.

Sighing, I flopped down on the sofa, moving over so that Rath could sit next to me. “Come on babe,” He said softly, pulling me into his embrace. “How come they got the better deal and we didn’t? What’s so special about them?” I asked, tears pooling in my eyes. I still didn’t get why we had been split up at the adoption agency, and why we had gone to two so different families. Max and Isabel had got Diane and Phillip, two well known, rich, loving parents, and Rath and I had got Hank, a drunk that had regularly taken out his anger on Rath and even myself. I had wanted to go to College with Isabel and Max, Rath hadn’t wanted it but I had. I was smart and I wanted that education…but even with my powers I couldn’t afford it. Rath shook his head and stood up abruptly, pulling me up after him and promptly cleared my head of self-pitying thoughts.

“Look at this Liz. We may have had shit growing up, but we are IN CHARGE now! We got a kick arse flat, we’re gonna have a kick arse night club! And you are going to be as smart as you can be! We are on top now! We are going to have IT ALL!” I smiled at him as he took me into a hug and twirled me around. I loved him so much. Yeah he was my brother, but we were everything to each other. Even Max and Isabel weren’t as close as we were. He was my everything.

We stood there for a few minutes before I pulled out of the embrace. “I know I shouldn’t say this, but I am glad I got stuck with you when we were younger.” I commented quietly. Rath nodded his head, and I knew it was in agreement. “Me too, little one, me too!” Nodding his head to break this emotional shit, he looked at me slyly. “So…unpack? We got loads a shit to do!” I nodded and giggled, walking over to grab a drink while Rath put some music on. A few minutes later, Metallica was blasting around the new loft apartment we had acquired with our alien magic, from the CD spinning on the sitting room table. The apartment was beautiful…it was very open and large, the only closed off spaces being our bedrooms and our bathrooms en suite. It was magnificent…twice the size of our old flat. No one knew us here and so we could be who we wanted to be, and Rath and I were going to use that to our full advantage!

We spent the morning unpacking and then Isabel called so we left for the university campus. We didn’t bother with keys, just used our powers. As we walked down the subway stairs and went straight through the barriers without the attendant noticing I again praised our powers! Rath and I could do anything we liked…and we loved it! As long as Max wasn’t around, we were good to go!! Could do anything at all!! And it was exhilarating!! I smiled at the memories of being at school with Rath. We had been known as partners in crime, yet we never managed to get into trouble?! I chuckled lightly when I thought about how many times we had used a little mind warping on the teachers! And the fun we had playing with the minds of people we didn’t like!

Rath and I sat down in the subway hand in hand. I was looking around at the people on the tube near us when I caught this blonde haired girl giving us an odd look and looked at Rath in question. I looked down at me…I was wearing a black leather skirt with a sheer white shirt and a black bra with a leather jacket covering me. I then looked at Rath. He looked normal: Mohawk, piercings, wearing his black pants and black sleeveless shirt. He had also noticed and we shrugged at each other…the only thing I could think of was that you could see Rath’s piercings…but this was New York?

I shook my head to clear my thoughts and moved my eyes across the other people. There was this teenage boy sitting a few seats across from me giving me nervous glances and I smiled at him, knowing that he thought I was cute. I glanced at where we were, before looking him up and down slowly, making sure he had seen me. I had no interest in the boy but I could give him some confidence for fun. Rath stood up to get off at the next stop and so I walked up to this boy and leaned down, giving him a view of my cleavage as I ran a finger down his cheek.

I smirked as he gasped and then leant down to kiss him long and hard. Rath yelled at me to get off the train so I smiled at the guy once more and winked before hopping off the train just as the doors were closing on me. Rath let out a laugh as I grinned at him and shook his head. “Girl, must you do that so often?” He exclaimed, again taking my hand in his and dragging me to the exit.

We went to see Max first who was luckily enough, in the building next to Isabel’s. Walking into the main hall, Rath led me by the hand. We were walking along side by side, when I noticed this guy walking towards me. He had light brown hair that was styled in messy spikes that I wanted to comb my hands through immediately. His eyes were hazel and they burned into my own. I swept my eyes down and noticed that he had a build similar to Rath’s but he looked so much better. Already I wanted him. We had made eye contact from as soon as I saw him, and as he walked past me we brushed arms. It was almost as if I had got an electric shock; there was definitely something there. As Rath continued to pull me along, I glanced back to notice that he too was looking at me in shock. Rath gave my arm a tug and I turned back, leaving the stranger behind me.

Rath had decided to stay with Max for a while whilst I went to see Isabel. Max was sharing with this guy Alex, who seemed really nice. He looked like he was scared of Rath and Rath of course did nothing to stop that, but other than that he seemed funny and sweet. I was glad for Max…I was really protective of him because he was really shy, and I was glad he had someone that he would be able to get on with. Walking down Isabel’s corridor I smiled. The group may treat me like the ‘little one’ of the group, but in some ways I was stronger than both Max and Isabel. I looked around…everything was so busy. All the doors were open, people were squealing and walking in and out of rooms, and hauling boxes. I sighed sadly…this is what I wanted. I may not be normal and that’s okay, but I wanted this life. I got to Isabel’s door, which was right at the end. It wasn’t so busy, but the door was still open.

I walked in uninvited, and was suddenly pulled into a hug with this stranger. I flinched and carefully pried her off me. “Hi!” She gushed. “My name’s Maria DeLuca…which room are you in?!” I frowned at her squeaky voice and then raised my eyebrow at Isabel who had just walked into the room from another door. “Um…I don’t go to University,” I replied, giving Isabel a grin and smirking when Maria looked at me in confusion. She went to open her mouth when Isabel beat her to it. “Save it Maria…she’s a friend of mine.” Maria smiled and nodded her head as I crossed over to Isabel and gave her a hug with our handshake. I sat on the bed that I assumed was Isabel’s cause of the picture next to it of her and the other three of us and looked around the dorm-room. There was a small kitchen area, two small desks and a room on Isabel’s side leading into a small bathroom. I nodded in appraisal. “Nice place.” I commented, smiling as Isabel sat next to me on the bed.

“I know…it’s okay. Not like your place, but it will do!” Isabel replied with a smile. Maria hesitantly walked over to us and picked up the picture. “So…are you gay?” She asked us. We looked at each other and then up at her and began laughing. “We’re sisters Maria, not gay!” Isabel replied haughtily. Maria nodded and blushed in embarrassment but didn’t apologise. “So…who are the people in the picture?” She asked. I stood up and looked over her shoulder. “That’s Max,” I said, pointing to him, “And that’s Rath. They are our brothers.” Maria nodded again but looked confused. “So, why aren’t you in college then?” She asked me. I looked at Isabel who shrugged. “Um, we were put up for adoption when we were six and Rath and I got split up from Isabel and Max. I don’t have the money to come here.” Maria nodded again as I sat back down and Isabel took me in her arms. “But she is SO clever, and so I am going to give her my stuff so she can learn as well.” Maria smiled slightly and nodded again.

Just then Rath walked in the door. “Yo Liz…let’s go! If another person gives me a look I am gonna beat them until their eyes don’t close enough to give me a look.” I raised my eyebrows at him in amusement. “Yo! I am not joking! Let’s bounce!” Rath had picked up some odd words from his old friends’…odd words! He fit in New York already. I nodded and got up.

“So…we going clubbing tonight?” I asked Isabel who nodded her head vigorously. “Definitely…I need to relax…this is so stressful!” I nodded and then turned to Maria who was avoiding our eye contact. “Yo, Maria…why don’t you come with us?” I asked her kindly. Maria looked up at me and grinned, jumping up to hug me. I smiled and then promptly pushed her away from me. “That’s ok…just don’t hug me anymore.” I begged and she laughed. “Okay,” I said, turning to Isabel, “Our place at nine!” Isabel grinned. “We’ll be there!”


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I was walking along, arm looped through Rath’s, in front of the other four, walking briskly partly due to the cold night air that surrounded us, and partly due to our excitement of getting to the club. We were heading to a club called “No Man’s Land,” And it was the club that we were to buy. We had arranged it all in Roswell, and all that was left was to look around and then finalise the plans. We had decided to go to it tonight to see what sort of place it was when full, and so, after the meeting, we could relax and enjoy ourselves.

The noise drafted over to where we were walking about a block from the club, causing Rath to turn and smirk at me as I giggled in excitement. I was just so thrilled about how Rath and my life was turning out! We walked straight over to the bouncer, saying our names and waiting patiently as he looked through the guest list. Finally he looked up and nodded, looking over at our group suspiciously. After playing a little ‘alien magic’ on him, he smiled at us and waved us through.

Okay…so I am underage. Wait! We all are. But we can mind warp and we have fake I.d. so we are set. Maria began gushing at how she had got passed the doorman but I just zoned her out. Damn that bitch was ANNOYING! Isabel had taken me to one side when we got to my flat and told me how she hated this girl and Rath and I had soon realised what she meant. Only Max and Alex seemed to like her, so Rath, Iz and I had talked amongst ourselves. I feel bad for Isabel though cause she is the one who has to live with her!

Once inside the club we split up as Rath and I went straight to the bar so we could get down to business. Rath had agreed that I would do all the talking as I had more charm than he did, and an hour later Mitch – the owner of ‘the establishment’ was handing over our keys and documents, leaving the rest of the evening to party.

I grabbed a drink and then left Rath on his own to find Isabel. She, Max, Maria and Alex were sitting down at a table when I found them and so, after downing my drink, I grabbed Isabel and took her onto the dance floor. This was Isabel and my plans…dance provocatively together to grab the guys. And it worked each time! We would grind lightly against each other, and thirty seconds in a guy would come up to each of us. Grinning slyly at each other, we split up and danced up against our newest partners.

I love to dance. When there is music on I can get lost in the feelings of my movements. So there I was, swaying in time with this guy when suddenly I felt the air…sharpen. I can’t really explain it, but suddenly I was more alert. Thinking someone had spiked my drink (it was coke…aliens can’t handle their liquor, and yeah I do drink, but not somewhere I don’t know) I stopped to clear my head. The guy I was dancing with grabbed me to him again so I pushed him away, using a little bit of my powers, giving him the hint not to test me.

Rath immediately came up to me in worry. Because of our link to each other, we can feel what each other are feeling and we can talk telepathically. However, we don’t do it because we feel awkward and cause of Max and Isabel. But he must have felt my emotions because he was suddenly by my side telling the guy I had been dancing with to “fuck off” while I gained my breath. Isabel and Max came up to us then. “What’s going on?” Max shouted over the noise as he wrapped an arm round my waist to support me. I was fine then so I shook my head and smiled. “I’m fine! Really!” I whispered to him, nodding my head in reassurance when he looked at me in concern. I allowed Max to pull me off the dance floor and we all went to sit down at a spare table nearby.

“What the hell was that?” Rath asked heatedly. I frowned at him, “I don’t know,” I said lamely. “It’s just…I don’t know. I felt something change in the club and it made me feel slightly off balance. So I stopped.” Max frowned at me in concern and I shrugged. “I thought that my drink might have been spiked or something. I don’t know…I’ve never felt like that.” I looked round the other three, all looking at me in worry and concern. “I promise you I am ok. I feel fine.” I tried to assure them. Isabel continued to look at me in worry while the other two shrugged it off. “Are you sure Liz? I mean…” I cut her off with a smile. “I’m sure Isabel. I am fine. And now I just want to dance some more…and you guys have company!” Isabel rolled her eyes while Max jumped up and went over to the table with Maria and Alex there. “Do I have to?” Isabel whined making me laugh. “Yup!” I said smirking. “But you were the one that invited her!” She exclaimed with a pout.

I was about to reply when I thought I saw someone that looked familiar. I muttered an apology to Isabel and Rath as I got up, my eyes trained on the person who was standing under the stairs looking at me. People kept walking past me and I had to fight the urge of pushing them out of the way cause they kept obstructing my view. I felt like I was drawn to this guy; I couldn’t take my eyes off him. Walking slowly over to where he was standing, I gasped when I realised that it was the guy from the campus. Something impelled me to him, and I could see from the way he was staring back at me longingly that he felt the same.

Silently I walked up to where he was standing and took his hand in mine before tugging at his hand, to lead him onto the dance floor. We never stopped the eye contact as we began moving in time with the music. I trailed my fingertips along his arms, clawing at his shoulders slightly before wrapping my arms loosely around his neck, forcing him to come slightly closer to me. In response he slipped a leg through mine so I was almost straddling his leg, and trailed a hand down my spine to rest just above my butt, just where my hipster jeans began.

We began moving in that intimate position and my eyes drifted shut as I let my body be engulfed by the feelings that our dance was evoking. We ground against each other teasingly, pulling away slightly when the other wanted more pressure. It was almost as if we were fighting for dominance, and I refused to submit just yet. Finally, he lost control, and drew me towards him roughly, taking my lips with his, and plunging his tongue into my mouth, with a harsh, brutal lust. Smirking against his lips, I let my hands trail down to his butt and pulled him closer, letting him feel our chests pressed together while we kissed roughly, and then the flashes began.

I pushed him away abruptly in fear and confusion, breathing raggedly as I fought to control my body. We stared at each other in confusion before I was suddenly being whisked away by Rath and Max. “Let’s go!” Rath yelled to Isabel who was dancing a little way off. As I was being dragged out of the club, I turned to look at this mysterious stranger once more, wondering what had just happened, and if I would see him again. We shared one more glance before Rath pulled at my arm again.

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Michael POV.

“Thanks Man…Laterz!! And tell that sister of yours to stop by and see her boyfriend!!” I laughed as I walked out of Kyle’s room and shook my head. He had been with Tess for four months, ever since we graduated, and I still couldn’t get round the fact that my best friend was dating my sister. Who would believe that Kyle Valenti…jock extroadinaire and player of Upper East Side Manhattan would fall for little Tess. I rubbed my eyebrow; I still couldn’t understand it. But Kyle thinks that he is in love with my little sister, so whatever! As long as they are both happy and shit, I am good. Plus I guess it is easier because Kyle knows our secret and everything, Ugh! I hate all these people! I am so glad that I am not staying on campus like Kyle. Yuck! I wouldn’t be able to stand it, all these people milling about the entire time…and a lobby? You call this a lobby??? My old room is bigger thaa…


Oh my god! What a creature!

Come on Michael…stay cool…keep walking…AND DO NOT DROOL!

JESUS! What a woman! I lick my lips in appreciation, she is beautiful. Long brown hair that looks so silky! I just want to run my hands through it once…that would be enough! And her eyes…they look so deep, so open to her emotions. She is perfection! From her long legs to her beautiful porcelain face... Already I want her…Get a grip Guerin!!

Ohh! She’s checking me out! I spare a glance to the guy next to her, and my heart literally falls. They are holding hands, and there’s something about them that make me know that they are close.

Whoa! What?? Who cares…this is just a girl! But god, I’ve never felt this kind of attraction to a stranger before…and they both seem kinda familiar…

Christ!! We touched arms briefly, and suddenly I want to just grab her and pin her down! Shit! This kind of lust is overwhelming. I can’t help but look back at her and smirk seeing that she is looking back at me also. God, I hope that she is coming to NYUC and that I will see her around…cause otherwise…
“Yo Tess…I’m back!” I stepped into my apartment that I shared with my baby sister and flopped down on the couch. Our parents had died the previous year and had left all their money to us, so we had decided to get an apartment together while we attended NYUC. We thought it was easier, what with our difference to most people and shit. Plus it meant that I could look out for her.

I leant my head back, thinking about that girl in the lobby. I am so glad that I decided to help Kyle out with his stuff after all. “Tess!” I yelled again. “Alright, alright! No need to bellow! I heard you the first time!” Tess’s voice came wafting out of her room, before she stepped out, pulling on a sweater. “The strangest thing happened to me today Michael,” She told me, sitting down next to me and turning so she was sitting cross legged. “Go on.” “Well I was sitting on the tube when I saw this couple. And you know it wasn’t anything huge, just a punk and this girl, but I felt something…like, something alien. Could they be the two we are looking for? Could they be the two who left the pods early? We could have found them Michael!”

Tess was getting more and more excited and so I lay a hand on her shoulder to calm her down. “You sure?” I asked her. She was always more aware of people around us than I was, so it could be true. Tess nodded her head solemnly. “I’m sure…and the girl noticed me too…although she was having more fun with this stranger. But she was beautiful Michael…long brown hair, beautiful brown eyes…” I stopped Tess from going further by squeezing her arm where my hand still lay. “Ouch!” Tess exclaimed, pulling her arm away from me with a frown. “You said she was with a punk…can you describe what she was wearing?” Could it be???

Tess looked at me in confusion, but replied regardless. “Um…she had a black skirt on with like, a sheer-ish kinda top that was white with a black leather jacket.” I jumped up in shock. It had to be the girl…no wonder I had a connection with her! “Shit Tess…I saw that girl too when I was helping Kyle out with his stuff…the guy had a Mohawk right?” Tess nodded her head slowly. “Christ! We’ve found the other two…that guy must also be one! Now we can find the other four and get together with our respective others!” Tess nodded her head with more enthusiasm and jumped up. “And we can finally be united with our family…the eight of us will be united again!” She exclaimed hugging me to her.

I was so happy that I didn’t mind this emotional act, and just hugged her to me. “How about we go out tonight to celebrate? What about No Man’s Land?” Tess nodded her head, grinning madly. “Cool…Isn’t it the last night before it is closed for renovations?” She asked me. I nodded my head. “Yeah, Kyle said that there were new owners or something…and they wanted to change the look.” It was our favourite place to hang because it was so close, so we didn’t want it to close, but it was only meant to close for two weeks…”Okay, well I am going to call Kyle.” Tess interrupted my thoughts before bouncing out of the room.

I sat back down on the sofa and thought more about this girl. I had a fair amount of girls in my time…I had lost my virginity at 15, but I had never felt this way before in my life. My father had told us about the other six aliens who had been separated from, and I couldn’t help but feel like they had made a mistake. I was supposed to have been in love with one of the other four pods that had been sent away…not one of these. But I had never felt anything like this for a girl…what if she was my sister? Could I deal with that? I shook my head out of these thoughts and stood up sighing. I decided not to think about it until I found them again…and I would enjoy tonight as much as possible
The club was jumping. As soon as we got inside, Tess and Kyle disappeared, leaving me on my own. This was normally what happened…Tess and Kyle would go dance and do the shit that they do with each other, while I found the lucky girl who was gonna get into my pants tonight. However, tonight I was not in the mood. I glanced around the dance floor and was shocked to see the girl from the lobby dancing provocatively with another guy, who was not the punk from before. Immediately I felt my body tense and my energy start to surge in anger and it took me a few minutes to control the urge to blast this guy into a million pieces.

When I had controlled myself enough, I looked up and the scene I had previously been watching had changed drastically. No longer was this beautiful stranger that I had become obsessed with in a matter of hours dancing with the guy; now she was being held up by the punk, and two other people. I looked on in worry, but knew there was nothing I could do, so I stood back under the stairs, hiding myself in the darkness that was there. I watched the three intently as they led this beautiful girl off the dance floor and sit her down by a table by the side. She had an intense conversation with punk guy, before turning to the big-busted blonde and the guy with the ears. She said something and then, okay, the dumbo look-alike has left for another table, and…wait…now she is looking in my direction. Now what?

I can’t take my eyes off her as she slowly stands up; eyes locked on mine, and begins to walk in my direction. I let my eyes roam her form…she’s wearing a brown halter neck top with strings keeping it together at the back, and low, dark blue, hipster jeans, and she looks stunning. I can feel myself becoming aroused as she takes her time making her way over to me, waiting patiently as people cross her path that leads to me. I am tempted to walk over to her, but I let her be in control. She steps up close to me, the corner of her mouth turning up slightly in a small smile, and takes my hand, leading me onto the dance floor. We automatically begin to move against each other, picking up the beat from the music, and using it to guide our movements. As soon as we began moving I felt her relax, which was ironic, because I felt more tense now that I was in this girl’s arms.

I shuddered slightly when she trailed her fingers up my arm, and could feel the Goosebumps start to form in her wake. I moved a leg in between hers, mindless except for wanting to get as close to her as possible. I wanted to claim her as mine right now…I couldn’t believe how much I was losing it! I let my hand drift down to where her hipsters began and stroked the skin there, causing a whirlwind of emotions course through my system. What was this girl doing to me? I looked down at her to find her grinding against me with her eyes shut and her mouth open in a slight smile. I had to smirk myself: she looked so wild and free and passionate. I couldn’t believe the way she moved against me. She was grinding her body against mine provocatively over and over again, driving me to the brink of sanity. It was so much more than what she had been doing with that other guy and my masculine pride bloomed at that.

I had been relatively passive until now, but I now decided that I wanted to play. I pulled her tighter to me and ground my pelvis against her stomach before pulling away slightly from her. My control was rapidly slipping, until one move from her made me lose it. With a low growl in my throat I hauled her to me and kissed her roughly. She tasted incredible: like something I had never experienced before, and I wanted to take her home and keep her forever. Then suddenly her hands found my butt and she pulled me to her. That just turned me on more…and I kissed her with more passion, trying to convey the lust and desire for her in that kiss rather than just taking her body right there.

Then suddenly I got flashes from her. I wanted to look into them in more detail but before I could she was pushing me away. I felt the loss of her body in my arms immediately and I had to check myself from pulling her back into my arms. Everything went really quickly from then on. We just stared at each other in confusion before suddenly the punk and dumbo was dragging her away from me. The punk shouted something to the big-busted blonde and then they all ran out, with the two from the other table in tow. Tess and Kyle came up to me concerned, but I brushed it off telling them I needed to leave. Leaving them to it I went home to understand the flashes better and to have a cold cold shower!