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Title: The Seduction
Author: Nikki
E-mail: nikki_m⊕
Distribution: Just ask *happy*
Pairings: M/L M/M A/I K/T
Slash Pairings: Liz/Maria Liz/Tess Liz/Isabel Maria/Tess, Maria/Isabel Isabel/Tess
Summary: AU. No Aliens. Liz, Isabel, Tess and Maria are the most popular girls in school. It’s their senior year and they want to go out with a bang. The new and unsuspecting student teachers, Max, Michael, Kyle and Alex become the girls’ next conquest.
Author’s Note: I don’t know how old student teachers are, but this is MY world and I will do whatever damn thing I like. Remember I am Australian and so I will spell things the Aussie way. Also, I will be finishing ‘Bonding Eight’ and I have re-started part fourteen, I stopped because I got writer’s block and I am having yearly exams. :(
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Dear Journal,

It still seems weird that after all these years, I still write in you. I’m embarking on my final year at West Roswell High and I think, it’s about bloody well time! I thought we’d never get out. The girls and I were discussing our next plan. We’ve decided that we are going to go out with a bang. And I think we came up with the best plan of all time.

Remember when we drove out Mr Williams, the hot 27-year-old teacher? Well this time, we’re aiming for more. Yes you read right, more. More guys, more risks, more sex, more everything. And we are going to love it.

This year will be harder but we will leave school legends. You see, there are these four new student teachers. Apparently two of them are brothers and the four of them all finished together at our very own West Roswell High. Wanna know how I found that out? Iz hacked into the school system. They’re all pretty cute too.

Maxwell Evans, 21, single, Biology and Chemistry Teacher. Twin.
Alexander Evans, 21, single, Computing and Music Teacher. Twin.
Michael Geurin, 21, single, Visual Arts and Photography Teacher.
Kyle Valenti, 21, single, P.E. Teacher, Basketball and Football Coach.

Well that’s them. What do you think? I’m going for Maxwell Evans, Isabel is going for Alexander Evans, Maria is going for Michael Geurin and Tess, she gets Kyle Valenti.

We start school on Monday and it being Thursday, we don’t have long to prepare. Our new projects arrive on Saturday and guess which Senior students volunteered to show them around? Yep, that’s right.

I better go, it’s nearing 9:00pm and I still have some things to organise before our visitors arrive.

Nighty night.


Well I have part one written but I was wandering what you guys think so far? Should I continue or is it a flop. I know there really isn't much there but so far what do you think?

BTW I am still having writer's block for those of you who read Bonding Eight. *happy*

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onetruelove: Are you sure you want to read more? You did read that there is slash right? And the next chapter has some definite fem slash and I just want to make sure you know that becuase not a lot of people like slash...

but if you're sure...I'll post it anyway.

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Sh*t...I didn't post this on the old board. I only started it last night when I suddenly came up with the idea. I so hope that someone else hasn't started one like this. If they have...I'm really sorry to that author and I hope that this story isn't too much like theirs...crap.

Well, I'll post the first part anyway...WARNING: THERE IS DEFINITE MAARIA/ISABEL AND LIZ/TESS.

You have just been warned ok?

Part One:

“Hey Max. Did you get the names?” Alex asked as he walked into the kitchen of the two-bedroom apartment they lived in. He and Max had been inseparable since birth. They looked nothing like eachother but they just thought the bond between them was a twin thing.

“Oh yeah I did. They’re over there on the benchtop.” Max said wrapping some kitchenware in newspaper.

Alex walked over to the bench and picked up the piece of card that Max had written the names on. He read them over and nodded his head. They sounded a little bit familiar.

“So all girls huh? Great.” Alex said with a smile.

“They’re seniors.” Max replied placing the neatly wrapped item in the box.

“Seniors? Man, we won’t find anyone in that shoddy little town. Max, remind me why we’re going back?” Alex asked covering his face with his hands.

“Mum and Dad are still there and it’ll be good. We haven’t seen them in ages and it’ll be great. Plus, the town does have single women Alex. It isn’t deserted.” Max replied with a smile.

“I know. I just… I don’t know… you think it’s right. I mean, us… going back?” Alex asked jumping up and sitting on the bench next to Max.

“Yeah. I guess. It’ll be good to see the old place again. You’ll love it. You’ll see.” Max said being the optimistic one again.

“Whatever. When are Kyle and Michael coming over?” Alex finished asking just before there was a knock on the door.

“About two seconds ago.” Max replied putting another item in the box and closing it.

“I’ll get it.” Alex said getting down and walking away from the kitchen to answer the door.


“So they’re coming tomorrow right?” Tess asked taking a sip of her lemonade while lying down on her back closing her eyes. The four girls were above the Crashdown CafĂ©. Liz’s parents owned it and the apartment upstairs. Liz and her family lived across town in a three-story house. Liz was allowed to use the balcony upstairs with Isabel, Maria and Tess sometimes when they had nothing better to do but work on their tans. They came up with many of their plans up here. They had even discovered their pleasures up here with eachother and not all those times were they drunk.

“Yeah. We’ll meet at my house at 8:00am and then we can take two cars to the airport to pick them up. You guys remember what you’re wearing right?” Liz asked.

“Yep.” Came a unison reply.

“Good.” Liz stated.

“Isabel. Have you found out extra-curricular activities yet?” Maria asked turning to look at the voluptuous blonde lying topless next to her.

“Yep. In my bag. Please don’t make me get up.” Isabel stated with her eyes closed. She was happy with her body and everyone knew about it. She had developed well over the years and she had nothing to complain about. She was tall, a d-cup, blonde hair and surprisingly she had brown eyes.

“I’ll get it.” Maria said sitting up and reaching over to get Isabel’s bag. She opened it up and searched for the piece of paper. When she found it she zipped up Isabel’s bag and put it back against the wall. She layed down and unfolded the paper.

“Let’s have a look at Mr Valenti. Helps teach Little League on weekends. Likes to keep in shape by going to the gym. Movies, um… swimming. Tess, I think we’ll have fun with yours. Well, Mr Valenti will be easy. With us being cheerleaders and we absolutely love swimming and we can’t wait to have kids of our own.” Maria joked. Liz giggled and Isabel smirked.

Tess turned her head towards Maria. Her mouth widened in a huge smile. “He will be easy won’t he?” She giggled.

“No doubt about it. Ok, Mr Maxwell Evans, what do we have here?” Maria asked rhetorically.

“What?” Liz asked without moving.

“Looks like we have a virgin on our hands.” Maria started to say.

“What?!” Liz almost screamed. She quickly sat up and grabbed the paper out of Maria’s hand and read over it again and again. She had not expected this. “Great. Now I have to change my plan of action.” Liz said annoyed. She handed back the paper to Maria and closed her eyes as she layed down.

“What was your original plan of action?” Tess asked opening her left eye to look at Liz.

“Daddy’s little rich bitch. Gets everything she wants. She wants him and will go to any length to get him.” Liz said.

“Why do you have to change?” Maria asked.

“Cause if he’s kept it for this long, he’s either gay or one of those, fall in love before sex guys. I’ll have to be the shy goody-two-shoes who everybody loves, and every guy wants a piece of her. Even the male teachers. God I hope I don’t have to suck off Mr Seligmen like Cassie did two years ago. That would have been gross.” Liz said as she physically shuddered at the thought.

“Eww… God I hope not. I wouldn’t want your mouth on me for weeks. Maybe months.” Isabel said opening her eyes to look up at Liz and giving her a disgusted look.

“Getting back to Mr Evans. I think it’ll be fine. Ok. Moving on we next have Mr Evans’ twin bro. Ok, let’s have a look. Used to be in a band. Goes to jazz clubs. Teaches a computing class on the weekends to kids that are learning to type. Izzy, you’ll fit right in.” Maria joked.

“Hey.” Isabel snapped. “Watch it or else I’m not coming over tonight.” Isabel said leaving no room for argument.

“Sorry.” Maria mumbled.

“What about Mr Geurin?” Tess asked trying to get back on the topic.

“Um… He’s going to be attending an art class on the weekends. A nude sketching studio, I might add. That’s it. He doesn’t do much now does he?” Maria said disappointed.

“The art studio would be a great place though. Maybe they need a model, or models?” Liz asked conjuring up a plan in her head.

“What do you mean Liz?” Maria asked looking over at Liz.

“Well we could put on a little show for their sketching class. It could be fun, and I could definitely use the money. The parentals have been checking my bank account.” Liz said flatly.

“Ahhh.” The three other girls said in unison. Liz’s parents checking her bank account was a regular thing. Everytime they thought that they weren’t involved in her life any more, they would check her bank account to find out what she was doing and where their money was going.

“Shut up.” Liz said shyly.

“It’s ok. We still love ya.” Tess said rolling on her left side and hovering over Liz’s bikini clad form. Liz sat slightly up holding herself up with her forearms. Tess leaned in close and Liz’s head leant up to meet Tess’ lips halfway. Their eyes closed as their lips touched. It had been so long since they’d kissed. Three days. Tess’ tongue snaked out and licked Liz’s lips. Liz gasped at the contact. Her tongue snaked out from between her lips and touched Tess’ tongue. It was like a tradition every time they kissed. One of them would touch the others lips with their tongue and then the other one would touch the first girls tongue before it would slip back inside her mouth. Liz’s tongue massaged Tess’ while both could still feel the cool air hitting their wet tongues. Isabel soon broke the moment.

“All right. Break it up you two. Save it for later. Anyway, we have more important things to discuss. Like what do we do with them tomorrow?” Isabel said still with her eyes closed.

“Fine. Tonight.” Liz said to Tess before lying back down and turning her head towards Isabel’s direction. “Tomorrow. We could show them around town. I mean, we have to drive two hours out there to pick them up and then two hours back. By the time we get back it’ll be about lunch. We’ll take them to the Crashdown and then we’ll take them to their news houses or apartments and then from there we can just walk around town until they get bored and then we can take them home. I think we should just leave it to a minimum tomorrow. But we’ll ask if they want to go out on Sunday and see more. They may have lived here four years ago, but things have changed a bit. Right?” Liz said sounding unsure.

“There must be something that has changed. Right? Yeah.” Maria said thinking out loud.

The girls just looked at eachother and started laughing.

Their seduction of the new student teachers was going to be one hell of a ride.


Kyle took a swig at his beer as he continued to read over the names over their welcoming committee. Tess Harding, Elizabeth Parker, Isabel Whitman, Maria DeLuca. For some reason they sounded a little bit familiar to him. Tess Harding. He had definitely heard that name before. And Elizabeth Parker. DeLuca rang a bell but he didn’t remember a Maria DeLuca. He definitely remembered an H—something DeLuca.

“Don’t these names sound familiar?” Kyle asked Michael as he walked into the lounge room and flopped down on the couch next to Kyle to watch the hockey game.

“Nope.” Michael said before tuning Kyle out and watching the game intently.

“Hmmm.” Kyle sounded. His brow furrowed as he tried to rack his brain for some clue as to why these names sounded familiar.

“Still trying to figure out why they sound so familiar?” Alex asked as he came into the lounge room holding a past West Roswell High Year Book.

“Yeah.” Kyle said looking up at Alex.

“Check this out.” Alex said sitting down on the other side of Kyle holding the book open to the right page. “Maria DeLuca.” Alex pointed to a girl with short wavy dirty blonde hair, bright green eyes and full cherry coloured lips. “Tess Harding.” Alex pointed to another girl with blonde curls and pink lips with bright blue eyes. Alex turned the page and pointed to another girl. “Elizabeth Parker.” Alex said. She had big doe brown eyes wide with wonder, long silky brown hair and a small mouth. Alex turned the page again and pointed to another girl. “Isabel Whitman. Hotter than the sun.” Alex said with a smile. Kyle looked at the girl in the photo. She had long blonde hair and brown eyes. She had full lips and looked like model material.

“Wow.” Kyle was able to get out.

“I know.” Alex replied nodding his head. “Kinda freaky huh?” Alex asked.

“YEAH!” Michael yelled as he jumped off the couch into the air. Kyle and Alex looked up at him with mirth in their eyes. Michael looked down at them and his smile disappeared as he looked down and fixed up the hem of his shirt. “What?” He muttered before sitting back down.

Kyle and Alex just shook their heads.

“Guys. I’m going to bed. Kyle and Michael can share the sofa. See ya tomorrow.” Max said as he poked his head into the living room before disappearing down the hall.

“NIGHT!” Kyle, Michael and Alex yelled in unison.


Liz and Tess walked through the front door of Liz’s house. They walked through the marble floor foyer to the end until they turned left and walked into the lounge. They turned right and walked to the back of the house to the little eating area, which was connected to the very large kitchen. Tess went and sat at on one of the stools around the island while Liz went to fridge to look for something to eat. Tess watched Liz’s every move. They hadn’t been together for way too long. The four of them had this weird kind of connection. They were attracted to eachother and to guys but not attracted to any other girl. In a way, it made them all feel special. Liz bent down from the hips to look at the bottom. Tess closed her eyes and tried to regulate her breathing before she spoke.

“Liz. You’re killing me here.” Tess breathed out as she watched Liz’s hips move as she stood back up.

Liz smiled wide with a mischievous glint in her eyes. “Well Tess. What are you going to do about it?” Liz teased as she turned around to face Tess.

“Liz…” Tess warned.

“Tess…” Liz mocked.

“Race you to your room?” Tess asked with a smile. Liz just smiled back. They looked at eachother for a few seconds then bolted for the doorway. They ran through the little eating area, through the lounge room into the foyer and up the stairs giggling all the way. They reached her room and stumbled in. Liz closed the door and as she locked it Tess pushed her back against the door and started attacking Liz’s lips.

Lips returned the kiss with the same manner. Too long. Too long since they’d done this. Tess’ hands braced on Liz’s hips moved up and grabbed the hem of Liz’s t-shirt and pulled it off her. Liz matched her move for move. Tess’ hands unbuttoned the silver button on Liz’s jean shorts. She undid the zipper and slid the offending item over Liz’s hips. Tess broke the kiss so she could pull down the shorts. As soon as they were at Liz’s ankles, she stepped out of them. Tess stood back up and Liz reached out for the white skirt that Tess was wearing. Liz unzipped it and then pushed it down Tess’ hips until it slid down her legs of its own accord and pooled around her ankles. Tess stepped out of it and kept walking backwards until she felt the softness of the bed covers on the back of her knees. Liz watched mesmerised.

Tess hooked her thumbs into the sides of her bikini bottoms and slowly slid them down her slime legs. She stepped out of them and flung them across the room. Liz hadn’t moved yet. Tess reached behind her back and untied her bikini top. She pulled from the front and flung it across the room to land on Liz’s computer. She sat down on the bed and shuffled back so she could put her legs up as well. Tess lay on her back with her upper body being held up by her forearms and her feet were planted on the bed her knees up and spread apart for Liz to see how wet she was.

Liz looked at the site in front of her and without coherent thought stripped off her own bikini and ran over to the bed. She kneeled down on the ground facing Tess’ heat. She unconsciously licked her lips and Tess sucked in her breath. Liz looked up and met Tess’ eyes. They just stared at eachother before Liz moved her head in between Tess’s thighs. Liz pushed Tess’ thighs apart more and then leaned forward. Her tongue snaked out and with the tip of it she touched the very tip of Tess’ clit. Tess moaned and shuddered. Liz smiled. Her tongue poked out again but this time it tasted Tess’ labia. The wet lips that surrounded Tess’s vagina.

Tess was in hell, or heaven. Whichever way you looked at it. She was going to lose it soon and she knew it, but she didn’t want to let go until Liz worked on her a little more and then Tess would have her go re-familiarising herself with Liz’s body. She felt Liz’s tongue trace her labia and Tess moaned while her fists gripped the bed covers.

Liz was surrounded by Tess’ musky scent and she couldn’t get enough of it. She herself was already turned on and they hadn’t even gotten to the good stuff yet. Liz’s hands came up and her two index fingers gently opened Tess’ wet lips to reveal her equally wet opening. Liz leaned forward and with her tongue she traced the circular shape. Tess’ back arched off the bed and Liz smiled again. Tess was losing control and when Tess lost control, she lost control. Liz’s tongue then slowly slid into Tess with great ease.

“Oh…Godddd…” Tess moaned as her back arched again.

Liz’s lips were now around Tess’ moist opening while Liz’s tongue remained unmoving inside of Tess. Liz moved her top lip so that it was touching Tess’ clit and Tess was writhing underneath her. Liz moved her tongue experimentally out and then back in again. Tess moaned and clenched the covers as her back arched off the bed. Liz started remove her tongue completely and she moved her mouth up to Tess’ clit. Liz’s index fingers still held Tess’ lips apart. Liz’s own lips captured Tess’s clit and Liz’s sucked with a small amount of pressure.

“OH GODDDDDD!” Tess yelled. Liz chuckled against Tess clit, which emitted a strangled moan from Tess.

Liz’s tongue then flicked her clit and Tess thought she would fly apart at the sensations. Liz then moved down and penetrated Tess with her tongue again. Liz was addicted to the taste of Liz and knew that she couldn’t get enough of her. Come to think of it, she couldn’t get enough of it from Maria or Isabel either. Liz went back to concentrating on Tess. Her lips travelled back up to Tess’ clit and started working that while she slipped a finger inside Tess.

“Oh Jesus Christ!” Tess yelled.

Liz slowly pumped that one finger in and out, in and out and as she went in the next time, she slipped another finger in. Tess moaned as she felt the difference. She was so close to the edge and she knew it would be just a matter of seconds until she would reach the edge and plunge down back to earth.

Liz sucked harder on Tess’ clit and worked her fingers faster. She could hear Tess’s panting and knew that Tess was almost there. She applied just a little more pressure to her clit and rammed three fingers inside her. These two actions at the same time did it for Tess and she tumbling over the edge to ecstasy. A strangled cry from Tess’ lips and the clenching over her vaginal muscles told Liz that Tess had fallen over the edge. She slowly released the pressure on her clit and slowed down the fingering to a stop. She pulled her fingers out and started to lick them savouring the taste of Tess on her hand.

Tess watched through hooded eyes as Liz seductively licked and sucked each finger into her mouth. The mouth that had just taken her to unimaginable heights of indulgence. She was going to have to definitely try to top that.

Liz looked up at Tess after she thoroughly cleaned her fingers. Tess was staring at her. “Your turn.” Tess simply stated before sitting up and pulling Liz down on the bed underneath her.


“Oh God. Don’t stop.” Maria moaned as Isabel’s lips attached themselves to the side of her neck.

“I” Isabel started to say something in between sucking Maria’s neck “brought” Isabel sucked a little more, “you” she got out between sucking and licking, “a present.” Isabel finally finished. She detached her lips from Maria’s neck and leapt off the bed to grab her backpack. Maria groaned in annoyance. “Izzy…” Maria moaned.

“Hold on. Close your eyes ok?” Isabel instructed. She pulled out the present from her backpack and some silk scarves. She walked over to Maria’s naked body. “Keep them closed. I’m going to give you your present but you can’t peak.” Isabel said as she grabbed one of Maria’s wrists and held it up to one of the bars on the bed head. She grabbed a scarf and tied Maria’s wrist to it. She didn’t do it tight but it would keep Maria’s wandering hands in place. “Hurry.” Maria said. She wasn’t a very patient girl and that’s what Isabel loved about her. She had so much fun tying Maria down because Maria had no patience and it made for a much more erotic sex life too. Soon both Maria’s wrists were tied and she had a silk blindfold on.

“Isabel.” Maria whined.

“Shh. Patience is a virtue.” Isabel said.

“A virtue I don’t obviously possess.” Maria answered in annoyance. Isabel smiled. She was so adorable.

“Ok, you ready for my present then?” Isabel asked knowing the obvious answer.

“Bring it on.” Maria said with a grin.

“Ok…” Isabel said as she gently spread Maria’s legs apart and knelt in between them. Maria’s breathing had started to sound laboured and Isabel knew she was getting the desired effect. Isabel placed a hard item at Maria’s opening. Maria gasped. It was colder in temperature but that was probably because it was sitting in Isabel’s bag the whole time.

“Can you guess what it is yet?” Isabel whispered.

Maria shook her head.

“Here’s a clue.” Isabel said before picking the item up and rubbing the top of it around Maria’s wet opening. Isabel moved the object up to Maria’s clit and ran the object lightly over it. She moved the object back down to Maria’s opening and then started to slide it slowly inside. She got about a quarter of the object inside before she stopped.

“Can you guess what it is yet?” Isabel asked as she smiled.

“I know –uh- what I –uh- think it is –uh-, can you –uh– give me another clue?” Maria tried to get out between ragged breaths.

“Last clue.” Isabel said before she quickly slid the object deep inside of Maria and turned on the little switch at the bottom.

“OH GODDDD! I think I’m dying!” Maria yelled. Her hips started moving to the vibrations. Isabel chuckled as she watched her lover enjoy the new toy she got her. Isabel decided to tease Maria a little more.

She turned it off and then pulled it all the way out. “Know what it is?” Isabel asked.

“Hell yes and it better be inside me soon or you’re seriously going to pay!” Maria threatened.

“I dunno. I think maybe you’d forget about me if you kept the present.” Isabel said putting on a shy voice.

“I could NEVER forget you. Believe me! Now please, either you stick it back in or you use your hand. Either way, FINISH THE JOB. Please?” Maria said trying to persuade Isabel into finishing the job. She wanted it. She craved it. She needed it.

“Fine. But I expect a great reward.” Isabel teased as she pushed the vibrator up inside Maria again and turned it on high. Isabel started to play with Maria’s clit with one hand as the other pushed the vibrator in and out to match with each thrust of Maria’s hips.


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