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Saving the Best for Last

Sequel to Two Down, Two to Go.

Author: Watcher Tara

Category: Slash/het

Pairings: Umm, everybody?

Disclaimer: The characters etc belong to Jason Katims and UPN. The premise belongs to Shadowgrl without whom this story would not exist.

Author's Note #1: This is a continuation of the saga that began with shadowgrl's Initiation, then continued in my story Two Down, Two to Go. If you haven't read them, check out :
There is a quick little intro down below, though, in case your memory's a little fuzzy.

Author's Note #2: I'd like to thank the Proofreading Committee for their diligence and quick response to my pleas for someone to check this over. Charlotte, Jen and Lynda, thanks so very much!

Author's Note #3: I'm going a bit out on a limb here. I sent STBFL over to Shadowgrl about the first week of Sept. I was ready to start posting as soon as I heard back from her. Here it is te end of Oct, and I still haven't heard back from her yet. I'm hoping she won't be too angry with me for going ahead and posting this... I'm just so excited to share this with you guys that I just can't wait any longer. (Yes, I did hear from her after 9-11, so if it's RL that's keeping her from us, it's not that particular reason, thank goodness.) She did mention that's she's been having trouble with her E-mail.

Author's Note #4: I'm starting you off with the first two chapters tonight, then I'm going on vacation for a week, so look for the next update in 10 days or so! My hubby is taking me to Florida for a second honeymoon/birthday gift. Isn't he sweet? I love him!

Author's Note #5: This is getting ridiculous!

Author's Note #6: Yes, there is a story coming.

Author's Note#8: Just seeing if you were checking! LOL

Ok, guys, here it is, the sequal to Two Down, Two to Go

Previously on Roswell

Maria is standing in front of a large chalk board with a text book on human anatomy open in front of her. She is flipping through the pages interestedly until she spots us watching her.

"Oh good, you're here," she immediately exclaims. Clearing her throat, she gazes compassionately at us and says, "For those of you just joining us, things are a little confusing around here, so I'm here to try to straighten this out, you know help you along a little. Ready?"

Turning to the chalkboard she quickly draws a four square diagram. "As you know, Max, Michael, Isabel and Tess are aliens. Now once upon a time they got some REALLY bad advice that said they were supposed to be together. You know, like Together."

She makes a face at us and we nod to say we understand and sympathize with their plight. After all, we've all gotten some bad advice at one time or another.

Satisfied, she returns to the board and immediately erases the lines connecting the four squares together.

We knew all of this all ready, so, bored, we look down at her book and we suddenly realize is actually The Joy of Sex. Maria is still talking as we half tune her out. The book is much more interesting.

"That's what they get for listening to an evil shape shifting alien," she drones. "Now, last year, they started having these dreams, which they realized were trying to tell them something. Which was that they were meant to be with humans after all. Only there's a catch..."

Turning, she catches us looking at her book and glares at us.

Snatching it up, she flips to a rather graphic drawing of three guys doing... we're not sure what, but it sure looked... um, interesting - making sure we saw enough to get the gist of it before she snaps the book closed. We start to protest, but she impatiently holds up her hand, saying, "Did you come here to read, or do you want to hear a story?" We can't do both? She ignores us.

Turning back to the chalkboard she draws three circles, each one connected to a square. Pointing, she explains, "Tess chose Kyle for her mate a few weeks ago, and Max and Michael initiated him in the family. Alex had his turn a week ago, and Me? I was last night."

She gives us a very naughty grin. "Isabel and Tess were VERY nice company, if you know what I mean, but enough about that."

"Now, all that leaves is Max and Liz, and wouldn't you know it, they'd have to make something as simple as a little initiation into a big production. Can't anything between them ever be simple?!?"

Chapter one

Isabel lifted her head at the sound of a motorcycle engine outside. The new day was just beginning to dawn and she was awake; had been all night as she’d snuggled with her friend and lover. She was bone tired, but she knew sleep would elude her until she was back in her own bed, alone. That was just the way she was.

The noise from the motorcycle grew louder as its rider pulled into the apartment complex and rode to a spot nearby. Then it shut off. Silence again permeated the small room. To her fanciful imagination, the hushed stillness that remained was filled with an air of expectancy. If her lover had been awake, it would have been because they all knew what the sound meant.

Michael was home from whatever bed he’d slept in. Things were just about to change.

Part of her was saddened by the realization that the night had finally ended. It was time to get dressed and go home. Michael would be wanting to come in.

She leaned up on one elbow and looked down at the beauty sleeping so trustingly beside her and her breath caught.

Maria was flushed with sleep, her entire body was radiating heat as she cuddled up next to her, and the pink on her cheeks gave her an angelic appearance. Isabel’s heart twisted with love and she felt profoundly relieved that Maria’s pain over the confusing situation with Michael had also come to an end.

This time, the initiation had apparently worked.

Isabel could feel that Maria had become a part of herself at some point during the night. Brushing the hair away from Maria’s reposed face, Isabel bent over and pressed a gentle kiss against her forehead. In her sleep, Maria smiled peacefully. Isabel couldn’t help but smile in return, sharing her friend’s contentment.

Regretfully, Isabel disentangled herself from the bedclothes and stood. The dawn streaming through the window painted her nude form in beautiful shades of pinks and oranges as she stretched languidly. She rounded the bed and shook the shoulder of the girl sleeping on Maria’s other side.

Mumbling a little about the hour, Tess rolled over and sat up. Unmindful that the sheet was pooling around her waist, leaving her torso bare, she stretched her arms above her head and yawned deeply. “Isabel, what is it?” she asked, wondering at the enigmatic expression on her friend’s face.

“Michael’s here.”

Those two words said it all. Tess’s eyes flew from Isabel to Maria. Michael was home, they had to leave and give Maria, beautiful, passionate, loving Maria, over to him. Tess frowned. Troubled, she said the first thing that came into her head. “He doesn’t deserve her.”

“I know. I was just thinking the same thing, but she wants him. And he wants her.” Isabel’s voice held just a touch of sadness. “Come on. Let’s get dressed. We’ll let him wake her up.”

Tess nodded thoughtfully, “Yeah, she’ll like that.”

The second alien climbed out of bed, careful not to disturb the human they’d exhausted during the long night. She and Isabel quietly pulled on their clothes. Soon they were ready, and Tess leaned over to kiss Maria goodbye. “Thank you,” she whispered so quietly that neither of them could hear her. ‘I love you,’ she added in her head, gazing at her one last time in worshipful silence.

She was straightening as Isabel returned carrying a red silk scarf, which she loosely knotted around Maria’s wrist as a reminder of what the three of them had shared the night before. The trust and bond the three of them had formed were symbolized in the small strip of fabric.

“Come on. Let’s go,” Isabel said as she finished, despite how much they both would rather stay.

The night had ended, but the day had dawned bright and full of promise. Maria was finally a part of the family. It was cause to celebrate.

Outside the apartment, they found Michael leaning against his bike, his arms folded across his chest, his legs crossed at the ankles. He looked dangerous, sexy. He’d obviously been watching old James Dean movies.

Straightening at the girls’ approach, he looked at them in silence; the question he most wanted to ask was stuck in his throat. ‘Had it worked? Could he go inside and BE with Maria?’

Some part of him already knew the answer. He could feel it. Had felt it; the change in their circle, all the way across town, at the Valenti’s, where he’d spent the night.

Desire had poured through him as the first blush of dawn had streaked the horizon. It was strong enough to wake him up out of a sound sleep. He’d lain there on Jim’s comfortable sofa, fighting it for a few minutes, telling himself there was no reason to hurry. He had plenty of time to claim Maria as his own. He figured they’d spend the day together doing whatever she wanted, then they’d spend the night doing whatever he wanted. It sounded like a fair trade, he’d thought as heat latently moved through him, pooling and eddying around inside of his body until he was edgy with a sexual hunger he couldn’t ignore.

A VERY cranky Kyle Valenti, standing in the entryway, after having gotten little to no sleep during the night, had shot that plan to hell. “Dammit, Michael. What are you doing over there?”

“Kyle?” Michael looked up, confused at his sudden appearance in the living room. “It’s dawn, man. Why are you up?”

“Funny,” Kyle said derisively. “I was just asking myself the same thing.” He gestured with one hand at his crotch, where Michael could plainly see he was definitely ‘up’ in more ways than one. Kyle suggested, “Why don’t you get your ass up and go make love to your woman before I go do it for you.”

Michael’s eyes widened in realization, “You felt that? I mean, I woke you up?”

“Damn straight. Not that I’ve gotten any sleep to speak of. What with you laying out here the whole time. I feel like I've been awake all damn night.”

“Sorry, man.”

Kyle managed a good-natured grin. “Don’t worry about it. It was a special circumstance and besides, there’s plenty of time for sleep when we’re dead, right?”

Michael nodded humorously, “Can’t argue with that.”

“Good, now I’m giving you a choice: go home and kiss Maria good morning, or come over here and kiss me good morning. Either way you’re off the sofa, got it?”

The alien quirked an eyebrow at him. Deciding to tease him a little, Michael stood and sauntered over to him. “Good morning,” he said leaning in for a chaste kiss. He crowded Kyle against the wall and nipped playfully at the other boy’s lips.

Chuckling, Kyle pushed him away, saying, “Get going, Guerin. We both know you’d rather be climbing into your bed, not mine. If you could just send my girlfriend this way when you see her, that’d be great.”

“Deal,” Michael agreed.

Turning back toward his bedroom, Kyle waved toward the bathroom saying, “I’d recommend a shower before you go.”

Less than ten minutes later, Michael had been on his bike, heading toward his apartment with nervous butterflies twisting in his stomach.

Now, he stood in front of Isabel and Tess waiting for confirmation that everything had worked as it should. Was Maria to be his?

Tess took pity on him and said solemnly, “Yeah, she’s one of us now.”

“How is she?”

Isabel shrugged and answered, “Still sleeping. We haven’t had a chance to talk this morning.”

Michael couldn’t help but ask, “How did everything go? I mean, was she ok with it?”

“Why don’t you go in and ask her?” Isabel suggested wryly.

“Yeah. Ok. We’ll see you guys later,” he said as he eagerly started to walk away. They heard him mumble, “Much later.”

“Michael,” Tess stopped him. “Tell Maria we'll see her for dinner.”

Nodding, Isabel added, “Both of you. My house. 6 o’clock. Don’t be late.

“Got it.”

“And Michael,” Isabel warned, “Be good to her.”

“Or you'll be answering to us,” Tess added.

He stopped and looked at the two girls. They were both completely serious. Michael didn’t take offense, though normally he would. It was like Kyle said: ‘special circumstances.’ Their attitude was understandable because he and Max had felt possessive and protective of Kyle and Alex after their initiations, too. They didn’t have to worry, though. Michael had every intention of treating Maria like the goddess she was.

Nodding briefly in acknowledgement of the warning, he turned and continued on into the apartment.

Tess and Isabel watched him until he disappeared inside, then with a yawn, Tess asked, “So, do you wanna get some breakfast or something?”

“Nah, I think I just want to go home and get some sleep.”

“Were you awake all night?” she asked. At Isabel's nod, she said, “Well, no wonder you're tired. Come on, let's get you home.”

As they walked to Tess's small silver car, Isabel said, “I wonder how things went with Max and Liz last night.”

“Oh, that's right. They were going to go have a talk.”

“If I know my brother, he probably had more than talking on his mind.”

Looking at her nervously, Tess asked, “Do you think he told her, you know, about us?”

Isabel shook her head, “I doubt it.” They climbed into the car and fastened their seatbelts. “Well, I guess we'll find out soon enough.”

Then they drove away; each wondering how much longer it would be until they could bring Liz into the family, too.

Chapter 2 immediately following.

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Chapter two

Michael entered his apartment quietly, closing and locking the door before turning toward his bed and the figure that reposed there. Maria looked so serene laying against his pillows that he was loathe to disturb her. Isabel had warned him the events of the previous evening had worn her out and he wanted to let her sleep as long as she needed to.

His body was tight with anticipation, but his heart held him back as it had outside of Max’s window last night. Today was special for Maria, and he wanted to make sure there would be nothing to tarnish or diminish her memory of the first awakening after her initiation. So, he buried the predatory instincts that were driving him to join her in the bed, his bed, and instead, he sat down on one of his kitchen barstools and watched her.

He noted each breath she took. He envied the air around her, wishing he could be that close to her skin. He noticed how the sheet moved as her ribs expanded to accommodate the air she inhaled. The way it fell around her was intoxicating. She was laying on her side facing him, the sheet firmly tucked beneath her armpit. He could make out the shadow of her cleavage, enhanced as it was by her position in the bed. He could seethe curve of her hip, outlined by the thin material covering it. One small foot, with brightly painted toenails, peeked at him from the bottom of the sheet. As he watched it, she flexed her muscles, pointing the toes, before relaxing again into slumber.

The one hand he could see was laying quiescent against his pillow. There was something about it that struck him with her vulnerability. He wondered if Tess and Isabel had noticed it, too. If her defenselessness had caught their attention before they’d left her there for him to find. Considering the warning they’d delivered to him before taking off, he figured it had.

Then he remembered what happened previously with the guys and realized whether they had seen it or not was a moot point. The warning would probably have come regardless.

He and Max had gone into super-protective overdrive of the guys until the female hybrid had been present to claim her chosen one. As near as he could figure, it had something to do with finishing the ritual: the aliens had both been reluctant to leave Kyle and Alex in the early morning hours after their initiations.

Michael shuddered in remembrance.

The savage instinct to guard the newly claimed humans had almost cost Sheriff Valenti his life…

Jim had arrived home at around four in the morning after pulling the graveyard shift the night before. He’d instantly become alarmed when he noticed the sofa in the living room, where Kyle’d been sleeping since Tess had come to live with them was empty. Fortunately, he’d found the note that Tess had left for him, stating that she’d been invited to a sleepover at Isabel’s in the kitchen and was immediately relieved. He figured Kyle’d taken the opportunity to sleep in a bed, so he went to Kyle’s old room in search of his missing son.

Max had awoken at the sound of the car in the driveway as Kyle’s window faced that direction. Uncaring of his complete state of undress, he was on his feet instantly, peering outside. Seeing that it was only the good Sheriff arriving home from work had done nothing to relieve the burning tension he was feeling. His feelings communicated themselves to Michael who’d sat up, alert and ready for action.

“What is it?” he’d whispered.

“Someone’s here,” Max replied softly, adding after a beat, “It’s the Sheriff.”

Michael could still feel the rush of emotions that had engulfed him until he couldn’t think, couldn’t see, could only react to any incoming stimuli. He’d gotten to his feet and positioned himself so that he stood between their human who continued to sleep, unaware of what was happening around him, and the bedroom door. His powers, juicing up inside him, were stronger, more volatile than he’d ever felt them. He was prepared to kill to protect Kyle from anything and anyone.

Max, only slightly less explosive, realized that the danger the sheriff presented could be more lasting and less immediate if he and Michael were discovered naked in his son’s bed. Jim had been very understanding about the four aliens in his midst, even allowing one to live under his roof, but Max had known he would never understand the necessity of what had happened there that night. They had to hide.

He kicked their clothes under the bed and shoved Michael toward the sliding closet doors just as they heard Jim’s boot heels clearly approaching in the stillness of the otherwise quiet house. It was obvious he was attempting to move stealthily down the hallway, probably in an effort not to disturb Kyle’s sleep.

Max and Michael had both stiffened as Jim quietly entered the room. Their powers were churning uncontrollably inside their bodies, gaining strength and momentum, like a hurricane building force above a rioting ocean as the older man had approached the bed. Their eyes seemed to glow brightly in the moonlight that penetrated the slats of the door as they waited.

Jim was relieved to find Kyle asleep in his bed exactly as he’d hoped he would. Being a police officer, he appreciated the peace that came with knowing your family was safe and sound in their bed. He reached down to brush a stray hair away from Kyle’s forehead.

Less than three feet away, both Max and Michael, acting on an instinct so powerful they had no will to combat it, raised their hands, preparing to blast the intruder into oblivion. No one was permitted to touch their human until his mate had come to him and finished the initiation. No one.

Jim’s fingertips were reaching.

Michael and Max’s palms were tingling as the rush of energy continued to fill them until a muted glow emanated from them. Their skin was sizzling in reaction.

Closer, he’d reached.

Brighter, they’d glowed.

…Until the high-pitched beeping of the sheriff’s pager sliced through the stillness of the night. Swearing softly, Jim silenced it and read the display. Muttering something about Hanson and cleaning coffeepots, the sheriff turned around and left the room, closing the door behind him.

Max and Michael remained unmoving until after the sound of his cruiser had faded away. Their powers were slowly reabsorbed into their bodies.

Coming out of their stupors simultaneously, Max opened the closet door and looked around as Michael said, “Holy shit, Max. Did you feel that?”

Max didn’t bother to answer, saying instead, “Maybe we’d better call Tess.”

“Ya think?” Michael asked sarcastically, his hands planted on his bare hips.

Sitting in his apartment now, Michael still had trouble recalling that morning without shaking. He would have killed Valenti without blinking; the instinct to protect Kyle had been that strong.

Wiser, they’d taken no chances with Alex. As soon as the first rays of dawn pierced the morning sky, they’d woken their exhausted charge and delivered him directly to Isabel’s bed. He and Max had chuckled for hours over his comical amazement to the sudden change in scenery.

Michael wondered briefly how long it had taken Isabel to convince her chosen one that he wasn’t dreaming. And how much fun she’d had doing it.

His attention was drawn back to the bed as Maria’s fingers twitched slightly. The girls must have heard him coming and had decided to leave Maria to him, he thought. Still, he marveled they’d been able to go at all. He would never have left her.

She made a small sound and nuzzled deeper into his pillow. He hoped she would wake up soon. The wanting that had awoken him hadn’t diminished one bit, and he was growing impatient to hold her in his arms. The only thing holding him back was his concern for her. Isabel had said she was tired, so he didn’t want to disturb her much needed slumber.

* * * * * * *

With a sigh, Maria rolled over onto her back and stretched her arms languidly over her head. Her brain was heavy with sleep as she struggled to wake up, and sensations were only making vague impressions on her consciousness.

She had a crick in her neck, and her limbs felt unusually heavy this morning. Rolling again, she leaned up slightly so she could punch her pillow into a less flattened condition. Satisfied, she flopped back down with a groan and pulled the sheet up to her neck. Through it all, her eyes had remained shut against the bright sunlight that beckoned her to awaken fully.

Her state of undress was the first thing to really register. Since when did she sleep completely naked, she wondered idly? Her skin felt ultra-sensitive where the rough sheet touched her. Her thoughts drifted in a haze as she considered the benefits of fabric softeners.

An itch on her nose was the next thing to penetrate. She reached up to rub it and as she did so, she fuzzily became aware of something tied around her wrist. Moving slowly, she reached over with her free hand to investigate. It seemed to be a band of some silky fabric. Its presence there was so strange that it prompted her to open her eyes.

All she could make out was red as her eyes tried to focus on her wrist. She frowned slightly as she pulled her arm further away from her face to aide in allowing her eyes to adjust. Why was there a red thing tied around her wrist? It looked familiar, she thought. The last time she’d seen anything like it was…

“Oh my god.”

She surged upward, suddenly wide-awake, staring at the scarlet scarf like it was another life form. The night suddenly came rushing back to her. Isabel had…

And Tess had…

And then she had…

“Oh, my god!”

Maria buried her face in her hands. She was completely at a loss to pinpoint what she was thinking or what she was feeling at that moment. A thousand emotions and sensations were all clamoring for precedence in her brain. As she struggled with it for several seconds, she realized that over everything else, she felt a deep sense of euphoria and well being.

Michael hurried over from the fridge where he’d been getting a cup of water for her, thinking she’d probably be thirsty when she finally awakened. He set it carefully on the table before sitting down to face her on the bed. He tentatively reached out a hand to touch her shoulder. “Hey Maria,” he said softly, “Are you ok?”

“Michael!” she exclaimed, remembering suddenly where she was. Looking around wildly, she could see no sign of Tess or Isabel. Her eyes flew back to Michael’s concerned gaze. ‘Did he know?’ she asked herself before remembering. ‘Well, duh. Of course he knows, I’m the one who called him and told him to find some other place to sleep.’ He knew everything that had happened last night. She blushed.

Well, he didn’t know EVERYTHING, but he knew enough.

“Oh my God,” she moaned again, blushing even more. The redness was now covering her from her hairline to her pert breasts… which, she suddenly noticed, were just hanging out there in the cool morning air.

With a gasp, she jerked the sheet back up to her chin.

“Maria. Talk to me babe,” Michael implored, worried by her upset reaction to seeing him. Torn between wanting to comfort her and being afraid to touch her, he dared to stroke her soft hair. She didn’t outwardly flinch away from him, which he decided to take as a good sign. Damn Isabel. ‘Why don’t you go ask her,’ he silently mimicked. He was still in the dark over whether Maria had fully accepted the situation, or if she was about to go into full freak-out mode. Her next question didn’t help any.

“Where are they?” she asked, looking around this time more in an avoidance maneuver than because she thought Isabel and Tess were hiding in the apartment.

“They went home a couple of hours ago,” he told her honestly, aware that she had probably wanted to talk with them.

It would have been impossible to miss the look of saddened disappointment that crossed her face in light of her apparent abandonment. He raised her face to his with a finger under her chin. “Hey, they gave me strict instructions to bring you to Isabel’s for dinner tonight, so you’ll be able to see them in a few hours.”

That one sentence made Maria feel a thousand times better. Before she could fully puzzle out the implications of that, her mind seemed to focus suddenly, and she became dizzily aware of the touch of Michael’s skin against her own. She looked into his warm brown eyes, noticing how the morning sun brought out the rust colored flecks until they seemed to glow with a reddish hue. They looked like liquid amber and she was willingly drowning in them. He had a look of adoration on his face that she’d long ago given up the hope of ever seeing there. It was just as beautiful as she’d imagined it. He was just as beautiful. She was so lost in him that she nearly forgot to breathe. Her first breath was full of his unique scent mixed with an unfamiliar soap odor. She frowned, put off by the smell of Zest masking Michael’s natural scent. Swaying toward him, she put her nose against his neck and inhaled again, looking for and finding the tangy aroma that was uniquely her alien.

That smell was all it took.

A yearning so deep, so profound that it brought tears to her eyes flooded her senses, erasing everything but the thought of him, the need of him. There was a fire suddenly burning in her belly, and she knew instinctively that only Michael could put it out. She needed to feel all of him all over. She needed to be encased by him, surrounded by him and his heat and his scent. Maria reached for him and pulled him down onto the bed beside her.

Michael, sensing the change in her, moved willingly but cautiously toward her until he was lying stretched out fully on the bed. His arms went around her as she crowded closer until they were touching everywhere.

Linking her fingers behind his neck, Maria pulled his head towards hers for an urgent kiss. As soon as their lips touched, fireworks exploded in her brain. A hungry need was claiming her. She had to have him right now. The urge to become one with him was primal; instinctive and she had no will to stop it. She moaned hungrily and pressed closer to his body.

As stimulatingas the contact was, it just wasn't enough. She needed to feel him against her skin but was thwarted by the fabric that was twisted around her. She grabbed at the sheet that was covering her, clawing at it violently and frantically twisting her body to get it out of her way, unmindful of the way her own fingernails were digging into her soft skin in the process. She didn’t care about any of that; the only thing that was registering in her brain was that she had to get it off NOW.

“Woah, Maria,” Michael said, reaching a hand out to steady her. “Maria, stop.” He was shocked at the wildness he could see in her eyes. He forced her hands away from her body, holding them above her head with one large hand. The other hand he used to pull the offending sheet away from her. It was summarily flung to the floor at the foot of the bed.

As soon as it was gone, she relaxed against him again and he cupped her face between his two large hands staring down at her, searching for a reason behind her actions. He saw nothing there except an untamed desire and need for him. Hoping to calm her down, he leaned in, seeking out her lips once more. Their rose petal softness parted for him and he sent his tongue tentatively into her mouth. He lightly stroked the flesh she’d unwittingly scratched trying to soothe the reddened skin.

Having forgotten the entire incident, Maria was once again questing for a closer contact with him. His clothes were chafing her overheated skin. She pulled her lips away from his, and he immediately sent them to her neck. “Michael,” she implored. “I need….” She ran her hand up his shirt looking for and finding the bare skin of his neck at his collar and touched it lovingly with her fingertips.

He groaned, and tilted his head forward to give for better access. “I know baby, I know. I'm right here.”

She slipped her fingers into the collar of his shirt continuing to seek out more of his hot skin. She was starting to get frustrated. Why was he teasing her like this? Didn’t he know what she wanted?

With a sound that was suspiciously like a growl, Maria began pulling on his shirt, trying to force it off his body. Michael wasn’t laying in much of a position to help her other than rolling this way or that, so it took a moment, but eventually the shirt was gone and she had all of the skin on his chest to bask in.

“Mmm, Michael,” it was a sigh as she cuddled against him.

He stroked her hair enjoying the feel of her warm body touching his. He ran his hand down her bare back, marveling at how silky her skin felt to him. He wondered inanely if she had a bottle of that skin-softening bubble bath that girls used. Maybe he would buy her another one, just in case. He wouldn’t want her to run out if this was the result.

Maria’s contentment didn’t last long. The fire burning deep in her belly wasn’t relenting and she needed to be closer to him, as close as she could possibly be. So close that she became him.

She reached a hand between them and fumbled with his buckle.

Michael, who had been moving in a cautious ‘let’s-wait-and-see’ mode, sprung fully erect behind his fly from her innocent motions against his crotch.

Feeling him harden against her hands, she abandoned the useless buckle to stroke him instead. Michael groaned softly and rocked his hips forward in an effort to increase the contact. She cupped him through the soft fabric of his slacks, stroking him from base to tip as best as she could.

Michael rolled onto his back, and eagerly opened his belt and fly. Lifting his hips, he pushed the rest of his clothes past his hips and off his legs. No sooner had he lain back than Maria was climbing on top of him. Straddling his hips, she rubbed against him provocatively. His hands reached up to cup her breasts. He loved the way she moaned and arched into him, deepening the contact.

Her hands had gone between her legs to stroke his burning length. She rubbed her thumb over the drop of wetness that appeared at the tip, smoothing it over the entire head of his cock. Her own wetness had gotten on the shaft, too and she spread it around, too, driving him insane in the process, but she wasn’t done yet. There wasn’t quite enough moisture already on him to coat his length entirely, so holding him steady with one hand, she brought her fingers to her soaked passage with the other. Gathering up more of her own feminine liquid, she soon had plenty to completely cover him. Which she did. Thoroughly, until he was moaning and shifting beneath her.

Michael watched all of her actions with astonished delight. Though he and Maria had never had sex before, they’d done some fooling around with each other in the past, but she’d never been this open about herself and her needs before. Watching her touch herself like that made him hungry for more. He suddenly remembered the flash he’d gotten from Liz last Friday night, and realized that she’d been touching herself quite a bit lately, and he thought it was sexy as hell. He decided then and there that one day soon he would have to watch her take herself all the way.

Speaking of ‘all the way’, Maria was beyond ready to get there. She leaned into him and kissed him hungrily, once again squirming impatiently over his erection, teasing him with her slick folds. Moving her hips, she rubbed and teased his sensitive cock where it throbbed against her.

Her urgency was starting to stoke his own lust until he could think of nothing except being buried inside her. He had to know what it would feel like to have her slick skin holding him tightly. But, first, he needed to make sure she was safe. Fortunately, he’d thought to remove his wallet from his pants earlier while she was still sleeping. It was on the table, easily within reach.

While he was retrieving a condom, Maria was making soft little needy noises in his ear. She nipped at his skin, and tongued the lobe into her mouth. She bit down lightly before moving on to his mouth. She kissed him voraciously, darting her tongue in and out in a suggestive motion that mimicked the rhythm of her hips against him.

Michael dropped the condom on the bed and reached for her head to hold her there. Her kisses were making him crazy and he didn’t want it to end any time soon. His own tongue joined in the dance and he was so caught up in it that he didn’t immediately notice that her hands had once again wandered south.

Her first touch brought him back from the brink and sent him right back over again, higher this time than before. Suddenly, he realized that she was holding him tightly in place so that she could guide him into her softness. Gasping in pleasure and anguished frustration, he grabbed her hips and pulled her forward, again away from his straining flesh. “Wait, Maria,” he said, his voice low and gravelly from desire. The sound of it shot shivers up her spine. “Not yet.”

“Michael, I need you,” she said, trying to look at him through the desire that was clouding her vision. All she could see was his burning cock, its red tip glistening with wetness and teasing her with its size. She had to have it inside of her. She knew that it was the key to the fire threatening to burn her from the inside out.

“I know, baby,” he said as he reached with a shaking hand for the previously abandoned protection. As quick as he could, he opened the package and rolled it onto his hard length. “Come here,” he said softly. She was helpless to resist, and she leaned into him one last time. Michael rolled them over; glad to know there was nothing keeping him from completing the connection with his beautiful little pixie this time. She was finally going to be his. Resting his weight on his elbows, he placed a gentle kiss on her lips before seeking out her waiting entrance down below.

At his first touch, Maria widened her knees. This was what she’d been wanting. With her feet planted on the bed, she raised her hips to help, meeting him half way. She gasped at the incredible sensations she felt as he slowly entered her. Millimeter by millimeter Michael pushed himself into her. Occasionally, he backed up and started over. Finally he was in as far as he could get without breaching her maidenhead. There was a frown between her eyes as she fought the uncomfortable sensation.

“Are you ok?” he asked worriedly. He didn’t ask if she wanted him to stop. It was way too late for that for either of them, had been before he’d entered his apartment this morning.

“I think so,” she said even as she tried to press her hips closer. The discomfort she was feeling increased and she whimpered but didn’t relent. She needed to end this. Their coupling was destined be more than a coming together; it was a completion of the ritual Isabel and Tess had started last night. She was powerless against the instincts that were driving her. If they told her to get up and run around the streets of Roswell naked, she’d be heading for the door right now. Fortunately, all they wanted was for her to complete this union with her amazing alien. “Michael,” she whispered, clutching at him in desperation.

Michael was starting to feel the same things she was as a connection slowly formed between them. Her need was quietly echoing in him along with the anxiety she was experiencing. “It’s ok, babe,” he reassured her. “Just hang on. I got you, I promise. Look at me,” he commanded softly.

Raising her lashes, she looked into his eyes. She lost her sense of self as she floated in their gentle depths. The fear in her was supplanted with a calmness that she somehow knew came from him.

Locked in each other’s gazes he pulled back nearly to her entrance and plunged forward swiftly, tearing through her thin membrane, irrevocably finalizing her passage into the family.

Maria cried out at the sharp pain, and he held himself still until he knew it was ok to continue through their connection. She smiled up at him, moving her hips experimentally. The pain was soon gone, leaving only a delicious fullness.

That smile told him all he needed to know, slowly, cautiously, he began to move inside her. In no time, she was moving in counterpoint to him, and they were soon flying toward that elusive pinnacle they were both seeking. Sweat broke out on their bodies as they picked up speed. Their breaths were gasping in and out, their hearts pounding in tandem in their chests while they strained against one another.

Maria felt it coming first. Her climax was getting closer with every motion. Her muscles were tightening around him, pulling him tighter into her body.

“Shit,” he softly swore, amazed that the incredible sensations actually got better. His own climax was just a few strokes away, and his thrusts became shallower, and more forceful as he rocked against her, fully intending to send her over the edge with him.

“Oh my god,” she panted, “Michael!” She was ready to explode. Just another couple of seconds… Then it happened.

They came simultaneously; their frantic motions against one another driving them both to completion.

“Michael!” Maria gasped as the world fell out from underneath her. Her passion and his passion both broke over her consciousness. She was flooded with so many sensations that she went into sensory overload and her brain actually had to shut down in order to process it all. Then it began to realign itself to the new world that awaited her.

Coming down from his cloud of sexual bliss, Michael opened his eyes. Maria was laying lax and unmoving beneath him, her eyes slightly open and unfocussed. He called her name softly, nuzzling her neck, but she didn’t respond to either his voice or his touch. Looking at her again, his heart stopped and he panicked when he finally realized that Maria was out cold. Shit! “Maria!” He pulled away from her and sat up.

Lightly tapping her cheeks, Michael called her name loudly several times. He was seconds away from leaping to the phone and calling Max when she finally began to come to. Her eyes closed tightly, then fluttered open, eventually coming back into focus on him.

Maria had never known it was possible to feel the way she was feeling at that moment. She felt complete, finished. Like she’d been taken apart and put back together in a way that made all her parts fit together where there used to be gaping holes before. As she looked silently at him, there were tears sparkling on her lashes caused partly from ecstasy, partly from the beauty of finally being with Michael as she’d always wanted. The smile teasing about her lips was radiant. Michael couldn’t resist kissing her tears away, whispering, “I love you, I love you,” over and over until her heavy arms came up to embrace him.

“I love you, too,” Maria said against his neck.

Time stood still as they grinned at each other wordlessly communicating what they didn’t have the energy to say out loud.

Finally, he said, “I’ll be right back.” Pulling away from her, he stepped into the bathroom to toss out the condom and wet down a washrag. He cleaned himself, rinsed it out and returned to the side of the bed. Maria had already fallen back to sleep, laying exactly as he’d left her. He smiled tenderly as he used the towel to gently wipe away any evidence of her lost virginity.

He marveled at the connection they’d shared briefly while they were making love. It had been incredible. Too bad it was a one-time deal; he could have grown addicted to it. Both Isabel and Tess said something similar had happened with their chosen ones the first time, but it went away and never returned.

Returning from the bathroom a second time, he pulled Maria into his arms, and covered both of them with the discarded sheet. He had a need to take care of her, to guard her from everything, even the early afternoon breeze coming in from the window.

She was his now… No, he amended, she was theirs; their responsibility to please and protect from now on. There would be no undoing what they’d done here today, and he knew it, even if she did not.

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Thanks to everyone who left their well wishes. I had an excellent time on vacation. I took my laptop, foolishly thinking that I might have some time to work on this while I was gone - What was I thinking?!? You know what they say, "The best laid plans of mice and men..."

Anyway, I'm back, alive and well in Michigan, having avoided hurricane Michelle, and am ready to start posting regular updates. YEAY!! Now, I know we're all anxious to see what Liz has been up to while Maria has been having all that fun over at Michael's, so let's take a peek, shall we?

Saving the Best for Last

For disclaimers etc., see beginning of thread.

Chapter three

Liz ran her tongue from the base of Max's spine up to the nape of his neck. She moved her mouth across each shoulder, alternately nipping or kissing his hot skin. Her hands kneaded the sexy muscles of his back as she worked. Her eyes were closed in concentration as she labored to please him, not that it mattered; the room was nearly pitch black. The pale light coming through Max's open window barely illuminated Max's powerful back. The rest of the room was cloaked in hushed darkness.

Liz loved the feel of his bare skin against hers, and took ample opportunity to rub against him with her sensitive breasts. Moving up his body, her lips unerringly found the soft skin just beneath his exposed ear and she delicately tongued the whole area, stopping once to draw his cute little earlobe into her mouth.

While giving her attentions there, she moved again so that she was now straddling his body. Her womanhood brushed against the top of his pelvis, sending a cacophony of sensations through her nerve endings straight into her brain. Widening her legs, she settled her wet heat upon him more fully, and experimentally rocked forward and back once, dragging her breasts and clit against him in a full body caress. He felt incredible against her, but she reluctantly stopped the torment, turning her attentions to pleasing him.

Getting up, she settled on his left side, and began a sensual massage on his left leg using a bottle of scented body oil that was conveniently at hand. She must have used it on his back already. Slowly, firmly, she rubbed and massaged the thin liquid up the leg closest to her, kneading, rubbing, stimulating as best she could. She started on his foot, meticulously getting between each toe, working the tired muscles she found there, then on up his calves. She enjoyed the abrasive feeling of his coarse hair beneath her soft fingers as she smoothed more oil on him.

Soon, she was working the firm muscles of his thigh. His legs were so powerful that Liz had a fleeting thought about him joining in some of the athletic events at school. She was certain he was more fit than any of the other boys on the Varsity teams, even Kyle. He was always so afraid to get close to the humans he lived with day in and day out that he'd practically wasted his whole life. Liz realized how fortunate she was that she'd been let into the exclusive 'I-know-an-alien' club. If it hadn't been for getting shot, Max would never have come out of his shell enough to approach her and she would never have gotten to know him for the caring, loving, sexy, passionate man that he was.

Who would have thought a person would be glad that they’d nearly died?

Having finished with that leg, she climbed over him to the other where she started all over again. Toes, calves and thighs all got her loving attentions. The oil she'd applied caused his skin to glisten faintly in the muted moonlight. It was somehow natural that though the light illuminated his shining back and the bottom part of his legs, it left the tops of his thighs and buttocks in shadows where she couldn't see them at all.

She poured more of the sexy oil into her already slick palms and began applying it to Max's warm ass. Up the slopes and back down again, over the sides of his hips to the cool sheet and back. Feeling daring, she teased the dark cleft between the tight mounds of muscle with her fingertips, running their lubricated tips further and further downward, amazing herself with her boldness.

She smiled sexily in the darkness, feeling all kinds of turned on.

“Max,” she said softly. “Turn over and I'll do your front.” He didn't immediately move, so she leaned up to whisper in his ear, “If you roll over, I'll do all of your front.” Sitting back with a grin, she waited. And waited. “Max?”

A soft snore reached her disbelieving ears.

* * * * * *

“You’re still sleeping? Liz, honey, don’t you think you should be getting up?” Mrs. Parker stood in her daughter’s doorway frowning at her only child.

“Mom?” Liz asked sleepily as she rolled over. What a dream she'd been having…

“It’s after noon, honey. How late were you out last night?”

“Late.” Liz confirmed as she stretched her arms above her head. She’d stayed with Max until after one in the morning, before reluctantly dressing and driving herself home.

“Hmm.” Was the non-commental reply. Nancy knew better than to ask questions to which she might not like the answer. She was just happy to know her daughter did have enough sense to come home at all. Speaking of which, “Amy called earlier. She was looking for Maria. I told her you’d call her back when you woke up.”

Liz sat up, immediately concerned for her friend. “Maria?” Last time she’d seen the blond girl, Tess had promised to see that she got home ok. If anything had happened to her…

Liz was instantly on her feet and pulling a robe over her pj’s before heading to the phone. Her mom said that they'd see her downstairs later before closing the door, allowing Liz some privacy. She tried Maria’s cell first and was surprised it was turned off. Breaking the connection, she tried Michael’s apartment next. Granted he was the last person she wished to talk to while her body was still all tingly from Max’s caresses the night before, she thought maybe he might have some idea where her erstwhile friend had disappeared to.

“Yeah?” was the short answer after one ring. His voice was low and huskier than usual. It made her think of things better left unsaid.

Despite the fact that he was on the other side of town, Liz flushed at the intimate images the sexy timbre of his voice created in her mind. ‘Get it together Liz. You love Max. Not Michael. He does not sound like he’s still in bed, so just forget it.

“Hello?” Now he sounded irritated, Liz noticed with relief. An irritated Michael was a Michael she could deal with.

“Um, yeah, um, Michael, it’s Liz. I’m sorry to be calling you.”

“Don’t worry about it. What’s up?”

“Nothing. I mean I’m sure it’s nothing, it’s just… Have you seen Maria today?”

“Yeah,” Michael admitted. “She’s here. She, and Isabel and Tess had a sleepover thing here last night. I just got in a little while ago myself.”

Liz was surprised. No one had said anything about a sleepover before she’d left the club with Max. It took a second to think up a response to that piece of information. After a short silence, she said, “Well, her mom’s looking for her. Could you…”

“Yeah, I’ll tell her to call.”

“Thanks,” Liz stated and hung up. Stretching her arms again, she headed for a shower. Best to let Maria call her mom first, she decided. She’ll call Amy as soon as the cobwebs cleared. She still needed to shake off that odd dream. A cold shower was definitely in order.

* * * * * * *

“Hi, Ms Deluca. It’s Liz.”

“Oh, hi, Liz. How was the sleepover last night?”

Years of covering for Maria had her answering seamlessly, “Oh it was great. Lots of fun.” Fortunately, Liz was a much better liar over the phone than in person. There was no way Amy could see the red creeping up her cheeks. Wanting to change the subject, Liz said, “So, Dad wants me to ask you if you have any more of those glow-in-the-dark coffee stirrers. We’re down to our last box.”

“Yeah, of course I’ll bring some over later this week.”

“That’ll be great.”

“Ok, so I’ll see ya later, then.”

“Bye, Ms Deluca,” Liz said before hanging up the phone. After going downstairs and eating some lunch, Liz returned to her room and grabbed her journal. So much craziness had happened recently that she hadn’t really had a chance to put her thoughts into words yet.

First and foremost, she and Max were back together. They’d kept each other awake most of the night kissing and cuddling on his bed after he’d found her at Hanger 54 where she and Maria were having a girl’s night out.

Her brow furrowed as she wondered how her and Maria's night had turned into a sleepover that had excluded her. Of course she'd been otherwise occupied, but still… it was just strange. At least that's what she told herself. She wasn't jealous or envious or anything… just because she and Isabel and Tess had started getting closer lately, didn't mean they wouldn't want to hang out with Maria sometimes, too.

What was wrong with her, she wondered. First she'd had that sexy/disturbing dream about Max, and now these ambiguous feelings about her female friends. And don't get her started on the Michael situation… Lately, it seemed the whole world had gone crazy, no not the whole world, only her. She was officially losing it.

Opening her journal, she began to write and the hours passed swiftly as she tried to put on paper what had been happening with her in the past week.

Finally, she just gave up the struggle, and putting her pen down, she sat on her sunlit balcony and dreamily remembered the previous evening.

Max had been such a gentleman, as usual. He'd told her that they were just starting over and it was too soon to rush into anything. He wanted to take it slow. He was so romantic. Liz sighed in a mix of happiness and frustration. She'd been ready to take the next step, and when she said 'ready', she meant 'READY', as in all set for some 'mattress dancing' all the way down to her sexy black lingerie, painted nails and shaved legs.

But she’d been no match for Max's legendary control. He'd said they'd wait, so they’d waited, despite her best efforts to convince/seduce him otherwise. The only thing that had happened last night was some incredible foreplay. Max had even kept his jeans on the whole time, and she'd stayed in her underwear, to her regret. The only thing that had come off aside from her outer clothes was her garter belt.

Speaking of which, she suddenly remembered, it was still in her purse – which was out in the living room where anyone could see it.

Liz hastily climbed back through her window, dropping her journal on the floor and kicking it under her bed for temporary safekeeping. She tiptoed to the hall table where she'd dropped her dad's keys this morning. She was relieved to see her purse was laying there right where she’d left it. Snatching it up, she scurried quickly back to her room. Once there, she searched through the small bag, but didn't see the tiny scrap of lace that had held up her silky stockings last night. Fighting back a panic, she dumped the entire contents of the small bag on her bed and searched through it again, but alas, her garter belt was not there.

Which could mean only one thing: she must have left it at Max's. An embarrassed flush swept up her cheeks at the thought of someone finding it. A glance at the clock told her it was almost four o'clock in the afternoon. If someone was going to find it, they would have it by now, she knew. She just prayed Max had seen it first and had hidden it away in his room.

Unfortunately, the truth of where it was and who found it was much more embarrassing than anything she could have imagined. And it was an unfortunate portent of the trouble to come.

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Thank you guys so much for your feedback. I'm glad you're enjoying this so far. Now, since the last part was kinda a jip since most of ya'll had read it in the teaser I posted months ago, I thought I would make it up to you by posting the next two chapters together.

Now I'm feeling the love, I really am, but... there's always a but isn't there? But I fear I need to remind you, this isn't just Liz's story, it's Maria's too. She's gets to have some time to deal with the newness of it all. Liz is coming, I swear, but Sunday just doesn't want to end. So just sit back, keep your hand and arms inside the car at all times and enjoy the ride. (Things are about to get a little bumpy - in a good way, sort of.)

With that said... NC-17 WARNING
The following chapters may contain highly charged situations of a f/f nature. Ok, to be perfectly honest they absolutely positively have some f/f/f situations as described above. If you're underaged or find that kind of thing offensive, you'd best just skip this part... or maybe the whole rest of the story for that matter. :-)

Saving the Best for Last
Chapter four

“So, how’d it go last night with Liz?” Isabel asked Max over a glass of lemonade.

He grinned and replied, “Great. I guess we’re officially back together now.”

“Well, that’s a relief.”


She smiled at him, sharing his happiness for a moment before asking the question that had prompted her to start this conversation in the first place. “So, did you tell her about the initiation?”

Max looked away and said, “No. I… I just couldn’t. I mean, we’re just now starting over, you know. I didn’t want to rush things.” He sounded so convincing, he almost believed himself.

Isabel wasn’t fooled, however, “You mean you didn’t want her to run screaming from the room.”


Max blushed and said, “Something like that.”

“Max…” she warned, “Liz is not stupid. She’s going to figure out there’s something going on, and think of how hurt she’s gonna feel about being left out. Remember how upset Alex was when he was kept in the dark about us? Liz is going to be more than upset if you don’t tell her, and I mean soon.”

“I know,” Max agreed. “It’s just…”

“You’re afraid. I know, Max. We all were, too, but we did it, and we’re all a lot happier now because of it. It’s only been a week, but I feel closer to Alex than I ever have, I can’t imagine ever being without him again. I know Tess feels the same way. And now with Maria…”

Max’s head snapped up. “What about Maria?”

Isabel smiled softly and admitted, “She’s one of us now, too.”

“Since when?” Max asked in disbelief.

“Since last night. After you took Liz from the club, Tess and I initiated her at Michael’s.”

Max had thought something had felt a little different this morning, but, lost in his general euphoria over how well things had gone with Liz the night before, he hadn’t really paid that much attention. “How… I mean, is she ok?” he asked anxiously.

“We haven’t talked to her today, but she was completely fine with it last night. Remember, this was her second time so it’s not like it was a big surprise or anything. Everyone’s coming over for dinner tonight, so I guess we’ll find out soon enough how she’s dealing. Since mom and dad won’t be home until late tonight, I figured it would be ok.”

Typically cautious, Max was silent as he turned the situation over in his head, weighing how Maria’s change in status would affect the whole group. It was a good thing, he decided, in more ways than one. Hopefully, having Maria to concentrate on would take Michael’s mind off of his ‘Liz obsession’.

Max was still in jealous/possessive mode over Michael having kissed Liz last Friday night at Kyle’s. He was profoundly grateful that Kyle and Tess had come to him right away and told him about Michael’s dare followed by his actions. Last night as they’d kissed, Max had gotten a couple of flashes from Liz that told him she had gotten just as caught up in the moment as everyone else, apparently. Rather than saying anything to her about what he’d seen, he’d placed the blame exactly where he figured it belonged: on Michael, who had instigated the whole thing. They were going to have to talk - soon, he decided.

Which reminded him…

“If you guys were at Michael’s apartment, then where did he sleep?” Max asked his sister.

“He didn’t stay here?”

Max just looked at her.

“Oh, right. Liz. Well, I have no idea. Maria called him from the club last night to tell him we were using his apartment, since you brought Liz here, thank you very much,” her tone expressed her irritation over her brother’s timing.

Max smiled, unrepentant. His night with Liz had been well spent and he didn’t regret it, even if he’d upset Isabel’s plans in the process.

Isabel continued, “Michael showed up first thing in the morning. I don’t know where he’d been. Why?”

“I thought I felt something last night, you know like he was nearby, but by the time I even noticed it, it was gone. It could have just been my imagination, I guess.” He could swear that he’d heard something, too, but then the sprinklers had kicked on right about then, so he chalked it up to an overactive imagination.

“Hmmm. Well, you can ask him. Everyone’s coming for dinner tonight at six, so…”

“Everyone?” Max frowned. He thought Liz had to work.

“Well, everyone except Liz,” she clarified. “Which brings me right back to what I was saying in the first place. We need to tell her, Max.”

“Why are you so worried about this? I would think you’d want it to be a secret for as long as possible. Look at how you decided to break it to Alex.”

“With Liz it’s different…”

“Yeah. It’s not you she’s gonna dump when she finds out,” Max stated harshly. Last night, when he’d been with Liz, he’d thought he was ready to tell her about the initiation, but now, all of his old fears were coming back. He didn’t want to risk losing her again; he’d just gotten her back.

She tried to reason with him, “Max, she’s going to understand. She always has about everything else. You’ve got to give her a chance here. What is it she always says to you? ‘Have a little faith’ in her.”

“Just stop it, Isabel. Why are you pushing this?”

“Because we need her!” Isabel declared heatedly, then caught herself, amending it to, “You need her, and she’s only going to be hurt if you continue to deceive her.”

Max stood and stared at her in sudden comprehension. Her insistence wasn’t about him at all. “You want her,” he stated. Just like Michael, Isabel wanted Liz for her own, not just for the initiation.

Isabel glared at him. Of all the stupid… “Of course I want her. I’ve wanted her as long as you have. Just like you want Alex and Kyle.”

“No, this is different.”

“What are you saying Max?” Isabel asked hotly, only to be cut off by the ringing of the doorbell.

After giving her a look that clearly said this discussion was far from over, Max hurried to answer it and found Alex standing on the doorstep.

“Hey, Max. Looks like I’m the first one here.”

“Come on in,” Max invited, holding the door open. “Isabel’s in the kitchen.

Alex hurried into the kitchen and swept his girlfriend up in his arms.

“Hey, Alex,” Isabel said grinning from ear to ear in his embrace.

“Hey. You look like you’re in a good mood.”

“I’m in a great mood,” she answered. “How was ‘family fun night’ last night? I heard there were slides.”

“Yeah, about a million of them. Who knew there were so many ways to photograph the exact same stretch of beach?” Alex rolled his eyes.

“Gee, I’m sorry I missed that,” she said, batting her eyelashes at him.

“Uh huh,” Alex wasn’t fooled. Looking around the spotless kitchen, Alex said, “Uh, I thought we were having dinner here.”

“We are. I ordered Chinese takeout.”

“Thank god,” he said, only half kidding.

Offended, she swatted him on the arm, “Hey!”

“No offense, honey, but you must have learned how to cook from your mom.”

Huffing now, she pushed herself out of his arms. “Just for that, see if I ever cook for you again.”

“Promises, promises.”

“Hey guys,” Max said from the doorway. “Isabel, did you want me to go pick up dinner?”

“That’d be great.” Isabel looked at her watch. “It should actually be ready any time.”

“On my way. Alex, you wanna come? You can help me carry. If Isabel shops for food like she shops for clothes, I’ll need the extra hands.”

“Uh, yeah,” Alex said at the same time Isabel snarked, “Ha ha. Very funny Max.”

Just as they headed for the door, the doorbell rang again. This time it was Kyle and Tess who waited there. “Hey guys,” Tess said.

“Hey. Come on in.” Max invited, telling them where they could find Isabel.

Seeing Max standing there holding his keys, obviously on his way out, Kyle asked, “Going somewhere?”

“Yeah. Dinner,” Alex informed him. “Isabel ordered take out.”

“Oh, praise Buddha,” Kyle exclaimed. “I was worried.”

“Hey!” Alex objected. “That’s my girlfriend you’re insulting, and what would you know about her cooking?”

“More than I want to, believe me. I had to go with my dad to some community retirement Christmas thing two years ago, and Isabel was there, passing out cookies she’d baked herself.” Kyle shuddered in remembrance. “I think they’re still using them as doorstops and coasters.” Throwing an arm around Alex’s shoulders, Kyle teased, “I pity you, man. Now Tess, on the other hand, Tess can cook.” He dreamily closed his eyes in anticipation of the next sumptuous meal his girlfriend was planning to cook for him, making appreciative noises in his throat as he did so.

“Well, we’re off the hook for tonight,” Max said, “Come on, Alex. We should be going.”

Alarmed at the prospect of being stuck in the house with the two girls for company, Kyle, immediately offered to go along and shortly afterward, the three of them took off.

* * * * * * *

“Hey, Tucker, over here,” Jeff Parker called out across the busy bus station to the handsome young man who had just climbed off the Greyhound that had brought him to Roswell from Dallas.

“Uncle Jeff!” the younger man hurried over to shake Jeff’s had, his light blue eyes lighting up in his face. “It’s great to see you.”

“You, too. I haven’t seen you in years. How’s your mom?” Sally Walton was actually a distant relative of Jeff’s, but they’d grown up together like siblings and kept in touch over the years.

“Busy as always,” Tucker answered as they picked up his luggage. Soon they were on their way to the parking lot to where the Parker’s sedan was waiting. “Thanks for helping me out and everything. I appreciate you letting me stay with you. Mom was really insistent that a change of scenery over the break would do me some good.”

“Don’t mention it. My sofa isn’t the most comfortable thing in the world, but you’re welcome to it.”

The two men tossed Tucker’s bags in the back seat. Tucker opened his door as Jeff was getting into his seat. There was a sweater on the passenger’s seat, which Jeff grabbed up. Turning around, he tossed it back with the luggage, saying as he did so, “Sorry about that. My daughter, Liz, borrowed the car last night, and she must have left this in here. I forgot that it was sitting there.”

There was a small scrap of lace still on the seat, which had been hidden by the sweater. Tucker picked it up as he sat down.

Holding it up, he wondered out loud, “Hmm, what’s this?”

He figured it out at the same time Jeff turned back around, saying, “There now, that’s better. Sorry.”

Without thinking, Tucker jammed the lacy little garter belt into his pocket.

“No problem,” Tucker assured him, feeling his fingertips tingle where they’d touched the lacy little nothing. He was instantly deeply intrigued by the prospect of a woman who not only wore sexy clothes around town, but apparently wasn’t afraid to take them off when the time was right. Maybe this short sojourn to the sticks wasn’t going to be so bad after all, he thought optimistically. He wondered if Jeff’s daughter lived with them, or if she had her own place. He was undecided which would be better for getting to know such a woman as the interesting Liz Parker.

To say that Tucker Walton had a bit of a love ‘em and leave ‘em reputation back home would have been the epitome of understatement. His mother, lord love her, knew nothing about his peccadilloes, and he preferred to keep it that way, but if he could pass some time making time with the ladies of Roswell, then that was more than fine with him. He would just need to tread lightly around his host. It wouldn’t do for Uncle Jeff to catch wind of his escapades and report them back to her.

This situation would require a little more finesse than usual, but Tucker didn’t mind; it was all about the chase anyway. He was already a master of seduction, knew when to tell a woman that he likes her mind or that he’s interested in her opinion or any of that other feminist bullshit that would help him get a woman where he wanted her. It was all too easy. Frankly, he’d recently come to the realization that the whole game was starting to bore him. And a guy could only screw so many women before it became redundant and routine.

Yeah, he’d been shocked, too.

So, he’d come to Roswell - at his mother’s insistence, hoping for a change of pace, and fingering the garter belt in his pocket, he was hoping he’d found it.

“So, Uncle Jeff, Mom told me you ran a restaurant. Does your whole family work there?” Tucker asked to fill space as the car headed back to town as well as to get information about his soon-to-be latest conquest.

* * * * * * *

Maria timidly reached out and rang the doorbell by the Evan’s front door. Beside her, Michael shuffled his feet and shoved his hands in his pockets.

“I don’t see why we have to stand here at the front door. We could just go in the usual way.”

“Michael, I am not climbing in Max’s window.”

“I meant through the garage,” he said, pointing to the garage door which was hanging open, empty of vehicles. The Jeep and Alex’s silver hatchback were both parked in the driveway.

“Oh,” Maria said, then added at the sound of approaching footsteps from inside, “Too late now.”

She quickly smoothed the wrinkles out of her clothes and patted her hair nervously.

The door finally swung open, and Isabel stood there, drinking in the sight of Maria. “Hey.”

“Hey,” Maria responded awkwardly, dimly noting her friend was wearing her trademark leather pants and white sweater.

“Hey,” Michael said, pushing his way into the house, pulling Maria with him. “Where’s Max?”

“Um,” Isabel finally dragged her eyes away long enough to answer. “He went with the guys to get dinner.”

Michael nodded, but didn’t answer. He wanted to talk to Max about what happened to Maria this morning, but it looked like he would have to wait a while longer. So, giving Maria’s hand a squeeze, he went onto the living room and turned on the TV, looking for the sports channel, leaving her with the girls.

“Why don’t you come and join us in the kitchen,” Isabel invited to fill the awkward moment.

“Sure,” Maria agreed, following the taller girl to the back of the house. “What are we doing?” she asked as Tess came into view, standing by the fridge. There didn’t appear to be anything in progress as far as she could tell.

“Waiting for you, actually,” Tess said, coming over. She stood awkwardly in front of Maria, trying to read her thoughts by watching the emotions flitting across the human’s face. Finally, she quietly asked, “How are you? I mean, is everything ok, you know, between Michael and you?”

Maria blushed profusely and nodded. Isabel stepped closer behind her and lovingly touched her hair. “Good. That’s good. We just want you to be happy.”

Maria looked from one beautiful face to the other, remembering the uncharted heights of pleasure she’d explored at their hands just hours ago and said softly, “I am…”

Her voice clearly held a ‘but’, causing Isabel to prompt, “What is it?”

“I wish…” Maria started, then stopped again. She wasn’t even sure what she wanted, her emotions were suddenly all a jumble inside of her, but she hoped they would understand what she was having trouble putting into words, so she tried again, “Last night, when we…” Again, she faltered, her head filled with visions of heated skin and the scent of feminine arousal on the air. She shuddered in response. Suddenly, she knew what she needed to ask them.

Tess and Isabel exchanged worried looks. Now that she had Michael, was Maria hoping to forget the whole initiation? To start over as friends and nothing more? That possibility had never occurred to them before. They still wanted Maria, maybe now more than ever. What were they going to do if she demanded a strictly platonic relationship from them from now on?

Looking directly at Tess, Maria put their fears to rest by asking softly, “Can I… kiss… you?”

Relief flooded the aliens as they realized what Maria was saying. She still wanted them.

Smiling warmly, Tess took the step necessary to bring her within touching range of Maria’s warm skin. Sliding her hands up the other girl’s arms, she slowly brought her into an embrace until they were bosom to bosom, hip to hip. Blue eyes searched green, looking for any hesitation and found none, only desire. Caressing the back of Maria’s neck, with one hand, she gently placed her lips on hers.

Maria’s arms came up to encircle her body as she responded eagerly to Tess’s mouth, opening hers and allowing Tess’s tongue inside, twining it with her own.

Isabel crowded close behind Maria, and lifting her lover’s hair out of the way, sprinkled kisses up her neck, to her ears where she breathed, “It was so hard to leave you this morning and we’ve been thinking about this all day, seeing you again, holding you, loving you… Maria. Our Maria.”

Isabel’s hands were on Maria’s hips and she pressed into her, effectively trapping the other girl between herself and Tess. Sliding her hands up, she cupped Maria’s breasts, lightly pinching the soft pink nipples as she did so.

Tess’s own nipples tightened in reaction as the backs of Isabel’s hands unwittingly caressed her. She rubbed her breasts against the two other girls, heightening the sensations. When Maria slid one hand down Tess's front to touch her aching core through the thin skirt she was wearing, Tess thought her knees might give out, and she moaned loudly in response.

Maria smiled.

* * * * * * *

Michael, sitting on the sofa, was scratching a random itch in his shorts when he decided he was thirsty. He wondered if there was any orange juice in the Evans’ fridge. At the next commercial break, he thought, he’d go see what there was to drink. Besides, Maria had been so nervous earlier, he wanted to see how she was holding up with Isabel and Tess.

* * * * * * *

“Isabel,” Maria gasped out, “My legs… I can’t stand anymore.”

“Lean back on me,” Isabel said. “I’ve got you. Always.”

Maria was lost to sensation as she struggled to remain upright. Tess and Isabel were once again working their magic on her with their soft hands and lips and she gave no thought to their somewhat public location.

Her blouse was on the countertop next to them since Isabel decided it was in her way. The taller blonde had braced herself against the fridge in an effort to support herself and Maria. Her hands continued to ply the other girl’s peaked nipples as she pressed loving kisses on her exposed shoulders.

Tess’s panties were on the floor at their feet, and she was undoing the button at the top of Maria’s shorts with shaking fingers. It was hard to concentrate on the task with Maria’s fingers slowly gliding in and out of her core. Every time Maria’s thumb hit her clit, she stopped and shivered violently. Eventually, she worked the plastic button through the hole and slid the zipper down.

Before she could reach inside the gaping fabric, Isabel’s hand was already there, claiming Maria’s softness. Maria jumped against her and moaned, her eyes closing in ecstasy.

“Hey,” Tess pouted at her friend. “That was mine.”

“It was?” Isabel teased. “Well, finder’s keepers, losers weepers.”

Maria smiled at the sound of the two gorgeous, generous aliens fighting over her. She’d heard this same argument a few times last night and it amazed and humored her at the same time. Widening her legs to give Isabel better access, she said, “Now, there’s only one of me so you two are going to have to learn to share.”

“Share?” Tess asked huskily. “Like I get to make you cum now and Isabel can make you cum later?”

Isabel tightened her fingers on Maria’s soft flesh in silent protest. She wasn't about to give up her prize.

Maria flushed and shook her head. She knew Tess could come up with a better solution, though that last one had merit. Hoping to inspire her smaller friend, she pulled her hand back, almost removing her fingers completely from Tess’s beautiful body before plunging them back inside.

“Ohhh,” Tess said, needing to catch her breath. Her heart was pounding in her chest and the world was starting to lose its focus.

Isabel offered to Tess as a compromise, “How about if I take the outside and you take the inside?”

Tess smiled. “Sounds fair to me. What do you think, Maria?” she asked while sliding her hand to join Isabel’s inside Maria’s clothes.

“Sounds incredible.”

* * * * * * *

Kyle turned on his blinker and easily turned into the Evans’ subdivision, his Mustang purring with the acceleration. The back seat was practically filled with food, and it was Alex’s job to make sure none of it fell over. Beside him, Kyle noticed Max suddenly stiffen and sit up.

“What’s wrong?”

“I don’t know, I think that I feel something…” he frowned, trying to analyze what he was sensing. “Can you go a little faster?”

“Sure,” Kyle agreed. “Hold on back there, Alex,” he warned before hitting the gas pedal.

* * * * * * *

The TV was in its third spot of the commercial break before Michael woke up out of his sports induced trance. Climbing to his feet he stretched his arms above his head, trying to work out the kinks he’d gotten while sitting there waiting for Max. How long did it take to go pick up some food, anyway? What, was the restaurant in China?

Turning from the screen, Michael became aware for the first time of the slight heat prickling against his skin. He turned his head, suddenly narrowing his eyes down the hallway. Goosebumps chased themselves over his arms as he pointed the remote at the TV, and hit the mute button.

A soft feminine cry reached his ears from the direction of the kitchen.

“What the hell???” Soundlessly, he made his way down the hall and rounding the corner, he froze in shock at the sight that met his eyes.

Chapter five is immediately following...
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Chapter five
Previous warning still applies

In the Mustang, Kyle’s body jerked like he’d been struck by a live wire. His breath sucked in and his eyes rolled back in his head. In a reflexive motion, he stomped on the brakes, sending the expensive car into a skid. The wheel was slick beneath his suddenly sweaty hands, and he realized he had no control over it just before he was incapacitated with a wave of lust that nearly made him cum right there in his shorts.

In the passenger seat, Max was holding on for dear life, trying semi-successfully to maintain control of his own body while his mind was flooded with visions of pert breasts, and small hands stroking against soft flesh.

The car was as out of control as the driver, heading for a mailbox two doors down from Max’s driveway. They were in big trouble.

“Kyle, look out,” Max shouted futilely. He grabbed the wheel in an effort to turn it, but knew they’d never make it. Reaching his other hand out his window, Max erected his powerful shield just in time to protect the front bumper of the car and its passengers. The mailbox bounced off it and landed in the next yard over.

When the car finally came to a stop, the three of them sat there in shock. “You guys ok?” Max asked.

Kyle was the first one to react. “What the hell was that?” he demanded. Before he could answer, another wave of lust crashed over the group.

“Jesus,” Alex swore from the back seat. “Max, tell me that wasn’t you.”

“That was NOT me.”

“Then what…?”

Seeing Michael’s motorcycle parked by the jeep, Max guessed, “Michael.”

“Michael?” Alex asked in disbelief.

“But we don’t get this way from Michael, only you,” Kyle argued.

“Well, since Maria was initiated last night, maybe…”

“Wait, Maria was initiated?!” Alex asked, sitting forward so his face appeared between the two seats.

“You didn’t know?” Kyle turned around to ask.

Alex shook his head and Max informed him, “It happened last night. That’s why we’re all having dinner. I guess it’s kind of a ‘welcome to the family’ thing for her. Isabel set it up.”

The dark haired human was just about to complain about always being the last to know these things, when the breath was knocked out of him again and for a second, he lost his train of thought along with his mind. His hands were clenched tightly and his cock was throbbing painfully in his jeans

Max jumped out of the car when he was able to move. “I better go see what’s happening. …Put a stop to it.”

Kyle and Alex exchanged glances in the rear view mirror. Ten to one they could guess what was happening.

Of course, they’d be wrong…

As Max jogged over to his driveway, disappearing inside the garage, Kyle carefully put the car in reverse and backed out of the neighbor’s lawn. He slowly pulled into the Evans’ driveway next to the Jeep and killed the engine. Hands shaking he turned around to look at Alex.

“They said it would get better after the initiation. Did you ever feel like this over Maria before?” Kyle asked.

“No,” the dark haired human answered. “With Maria it was more of a warm fuzzy feeling and a sense that she was, well, attractive. Nothing like this.”

Kyle was nodding. “Yeah, me too. If this is their idea of ‘better’ I think we’d better reconsider allowing Liz to be initiated.”

Alex would have agreed, but he didn’t get the chance to because right then the bottom fell out of his world. Max had reached the kitchen.

* * * * * * *

The door in the garage that led to the house opened into the laundry area that was attached to the kitchen, so Max hadn’t gotten the door shut behind him before he was brought up short by the sight of the three girls in the kitchen. Tess and his sister were all over Maria, who was standing in front of the fridge almost completely nude.

The only thing she was wearing was her bra, which was opened at the front and hanging uselessly from her shoulders. And her shoes. It was one of the sexiest things he’d ever seen, and he stood rooted to the spot, unable to tear his eyes away.

Isabel had one arm around her ribcage, apparently supporting the dazed human, and she was using her free hand to rapidly stimulate the small bundle of nerves peeking out of Maria’s darkly golden curls. Tess was standing directly in front of her, tonguing one of the other girl’s tight nipples. The other nipple, he could see, was glistening faintly, so he knew it had received a similar treatment. One of Tess's hands was cupping the underside of Maria’s ass, the other was in the same spot as Isabel’s, only lower. From where he was standing, it looked like Tess was working two fingers in and out of the beautiful human’s hot center. It could have been three.

Maria was squirming between the two aliens, crying softly, “Isabel, Tess… don’t stop… don’t stop.”

Max’s erection sprang to life as he envisioned pushing the two others away, and burying his cock in Maria’s tight passage. There would be no need for foreplay; Maria was ready. No need to be gentle or slow; she was no tender virgin. She could take him hard and deep, he was certain of it.

When the thought occurred to him that he actually could act out his fantasies, instead of waiting here in an unresolved tangle of desire, he unconsciously took a step forward. Since Maria had been initiated, she was officially a part of them now. That meant the sexual restrictions which held him back from Liz didn’t apply. If he wanted to, he could have sex with Maria right now on the floor of the kitchen, or on the counter, or the table, or in his bed… for hours and hours. He had to fight hard to keep his feet from moving closer.

Maria was nearing her peak. She had no idea what she was doing, but she’d needed this, and her body had taken over. Isabel and Tess were moving in perfect sync with each other as they played her, her body had become a delicate instrument on which they conducted their sensual symphony and her brain was processing nothing except incoming sensations. Her head lolled bonelessly against Isabel’s shoulder as her breath sobbed in and out of her lungs.

Never having seen Maria as anything other than a friend before, despite Michael's desire for her, Max stood entranced. The lust he’d gotten from Michael before he'd entered the kitchen had been completely drowned out by his own desire for the blond girl. His hands clenched into fists while his senses were inundated with the sight, sounds and smells permeating the small room.

Sensing the end was near, Isabel whispered to her lover, “I’ve got you, Maria. Let it go. I’ve got you.”

Those words, reminiscent of her and Michael’s first union this morning were all it took to send Maria over the edge. Her whole body stiffened, and with a glad cry, Maria came apart against Isabel and Tess’s hands as they worked to bring her to completion.

Watching, Max’s entire body began to tremble.

* * * * * * *

Outside, Alex and Kyle had made no effort to get out of the car. The lust they’d gotten from Michael, though alarmingly strong, was nothing compared to what Max had sent them as soon as he’d gotten inside. They were just sitting there gasping for every breath while rocked by wave after wave of desire so strong it was a wonder they didn't spontaneously combust.

Kyle thought briefly about driving away, knowing the aliens’ proximity was making it worse. If he could get some distance between them and the Evans’ house, they’d be fine. The only problem was, that would involve driving, which he was incapable to doing right now.

So, instead the two of them were just sitting in the car, looking like lord-knows-what to the neighbors peeking out of the windows, having been alerted that there was something amiss by the earlier squealing of tires. Which is why they were still there, like sitting ducks when the furious owner of the newly demolished mailbox came storming over.

“Goddammit! I hope you’re planning to pay for that! I just had that one put in last year, and now look at it!” The man gestured toward his mailbox remains.

In a daze of sexual desire, Kyle looked at the man. “I’m sorry sir, we were just…” Suddenly the guy’s irate face came into focus. “Judge Walden! That was your mailbox?!” Kyle knew this guy. The good judge had long time been a pain in Sheriff Valenti’s ass. Every time Kyle’s dad had to face him in a court of law, the judge usually ruled in favor of the defense just to piss Jim off, or so, that’s what his dad told him. Of all the mailboxes on this street he could have taken out, it had to be Judge Walden’s. Naturally. His dad was gonna be pissed.

“Well, well, if it isn’t Sheriff Jimmy’s son. Why am I not surprised?” He looked at the two boys sitting in the expensive car with several bags of Chinese take out in the back seat. “What are you two doing sitting out here?” he asked suspiciously noticing their flushed faces, the sweat on their brows and glassy eyed looks. “What’s going on here?”

“Nothing, sir. We’re just waiting for our friends.” Kyle said as respectfully as he could considering his teeth were clenched against the crashing desire inside of him.

“You look like you’re sick or something,” Walden stated just as the two boys simultaneously bent over, inhaling sharply for no outwardly apparent reason.

“Cramps,” Kyle managed to grit out, using the same excuse he’d come up with in gym class last week.

From the back seat, wanting to help, Alex agreed, “Yeah, must have been something we ate. Maybe it’s food poisoning. Might have been the fish, right Kyle?”

Wrong kind of cramps, but under the circumstances, stomach cramps made more sense than a muscle cramp, so Kyle went with it. “Yeah fish, right.”

Judge Walden was not a stupid man. He didn’t believe a word these two were saying. Watching their hands shake, and their eyes roll around in their heads, he came to a revelation. “Kyle Valenti, you’re on drugs, aren’t you, son?”

If Kyle could focus, he’d be laughing hysterically. A guy with his kind of future would have to be several kinds of stupid to get mixed up in drugs. Instead of laughing, the best he could do was stammer out, “N-no-no, sir.”

The violent tsunamis of lust were getting worse, not better. Kyle doubled over as Alex reached his breaking point. The lanky teen flung himself out of the car, falling on his hands and knees on the hard pavement announcing, “I’m gonna be sick,” as he did so. Fortunately he had the wits to jump to the side opposite of the middle aged gentleman who seemed to have nothing better to do than stare at two guys apparently so completely destroyed by ‘food poisoning’ that they could barely move.

It was probably the first time anyone had ever used the word ‘sick’ interchangeably with the word ‘orgasmic,’ Kyle thought erratically as he fought for breath. One more surge like that, and it would be all over, he knew.

Taking Alex at his word, and not wanting to be in anyway involved with vomiting whether from drugs or otherwise, the judge edged away from the car. “You two should get yourselves to a doctor,” he recommended.

“We’ll be fine sir,” Kyle disagreed his voice hardly more than a ragged hiss. “Just as soon as our friend comes out…” and we kill him, he added to himself.

“Alright then. You tell your dad I’ll be sending him the bill for my mailbox.”

Unable to respond vocally since the only sounds he was capable of making at this time were guttural moans, Kyle only nodded and waved him off.

Muttering about illness in general, sick kids in particular and the price of mailboxes, the older man hurried away.

Finally! Kyle gripped the steering wheel with both hands and rode out the final wave of lust as it claimed him, sending him over passion’s edge and he came… in his car… without ever having unzipped his fly. He wouldn’t have thought it was possible.

From the side of the car, he dimly heard Alex gasping and wondered if that was orgasm number two for Mr. Whitman.

Alex was soaked inside his shorts. He’d heard of some men having multiple orgasms, but he’d never been one of them. Alex couldn’t believe what had just happened. This would be the last time they'd ever do that, he vowed to himself, realizing belatedly the stupidity of sending Max in to see what Michael was up to. That had to be the all-time worst decision ever made.

With one last shuddering breath, feeling the warm semen soaking into his shorts, Kyle exhaustedly exclaimed, “Dammit!” and laid his forehead on the steering wheel, causing the horn to sound.

* * * * * * *

Inside the house, Max had been slowly backing away from the kitchen. The clean-up committee was in the process of putting a very relaxed Maria Deluca back together. The three of them were giggling and whispering softly to each other as they redressed the sated human in her underwear, shorts and blouse. Max spotted another pair of underwear on the floor and his eyes flew to Tess and her skirt in comprehension.

He watched in amusement as Maria grabbed them away after Tess scooped them up. She whispered something in the shorter girl’s ear; the only word Max caught was ‘later’. Then she stuffed Tess’s panties in her own pocket.

Tess put her arms around Maria and they kissed passionately until Isabel said, “Alright, break it up,” smacking Maria’s ass lightly.

The two girls broke apart, grinning at one another before Maria turned to Isabel to tease, “You just want one, too.”

Isabel agreed, “That’s right,” pulling Maria into her arms for a long languid kiss. It looked like it could have gone on for a while, except for the sudden noise of a loud horn blaring outside in the driveway caused them to spring apart.

“The guys must be back,” Isabel said, stating the obvious.

Max backed up one more step and reached behind him to pull open the door and close it again, noisily. Then he walked forward, looking for all the world like he’d just gotten there. “Hey guys, we’re back. I hope you’re hungry ‘cause it looks like Isabel ordered one of everything.”

“Famished,” Tess agreed, straightening her hair.

“You didn’t help carry any of it in?” Isabel asked.

“Uh, no. I, um,” he went and pulled the fridge open looking for an excuse to be empty handed. “I wanted to see if we had any of that Chinese Mustard dad likes. Otherwise, I'm going to have to run out and get some.” Spotting the little jars on the door, Max pulled them out. Here they are.” Setting them down on the counter, he said, “Well, I guess I’ll go outside and see if Kyle and Alex need a hand.”


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That would be a resounding NO!! Neither Liz nor I would stand for it, so just put that thought out of your head.

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Hello everyone! I'm sorry if I freaked a few of you out over the Max/Maria thing. Should I have put a special Dreamer's warning in front of it to go along with the NC-17 warning and the two Spoiler warnings? We'll keep that in mind for next time.

Thanks so much, as always, for your comments. The gratitious feedback is why I love posting here. 'Nuf said, now on with the story.

Chapter six

Tucker looked around in interest as Jeff navigated through the streets of the small tourist town. Everything was ‘aliens’ and he rolled his eyes at the ridiculous signs and slogans posted on the quaint buildings. The CrashDown was no exception, he saw, as they pulled up in the alleyway next to Jeff's restaurant.

Jeff had been talking non-stop about the café and living in Roswell which had made the trip from the bus station go a little faster. He was still going even as they gathered up Tucker's few bags. “Nope, we're a quiet little town. Probably the most exciting thing that's happened around here in the last five years was a couple of yahoos shooting off a gun in my restaurant.”

Suitcase in on hand, Tucker was just about to close the car door when he remembered the tiny scrap of lace he’d shoved into his pocket earlier. Shooting a quick glance at Jeff to see if he was looking, he checked to make sure it was still there. It was. He hoped the owner was somewhere inside. He was looking forward to meeting her.

Meanwhile, Tucker said conversationally to Jeff, “Really?”

Jeff nodded and continued the story.

Smiling devilishly from behind Jeff, Tucker climbed the steps that led to the Parker’s living quarters above the restaurant.

* * * * * *

“Maxwell, we need to talk,” Michael said, pulling Max aside.

Everyone was just getting ready to sit down to dinner, but Michael had already waited long enough. He unceremoniously pulled Max into the living room. “What’s going on, Michael?”

“Well, last night, Maria was initiated.”

“Yeah, Isabel told me. She said it worked this time.” It was more of a question than a statement.

“You bet it worked,” Michael nodded emphatically.

Max smiled. “Well, that’s great Michael. She seems to be ok with it,” Max added ironically, thinking back to the kitchen scene he’d accidentally walked into.

Remembering the same thing, Michael grinned. “Yeah. She’s not freaking or anything like that.”

Max knew Michael must have been watching too, because of the amount of desire his friend had projected prior to him entering the house, but they couldn’t see one another because of the way the kitchen was laid out. Max was feeling kind of embarrassed because he’d been spying in a completely inappropriate way, but he didn’t regret it. And not just because it had been beautiful, but because it made him feel better about telling Liz the truth. Since Maria was taking it so well, then perhaps he was wrong to worry about Liz’s reaction.

Grinning, Max asked, “So, uh, what’s the problem?”

Blushing Michael said, “Well, I was kinda hoping you could check Maria out.”

‘Been there, done that,’ Max thought with a secret grin. He’d checked her out pretty thoroughly in the kitchen less than ten minutes ago.

Unaware of Max’s wandering attention, Michael continued, “You know, to make sure everything is fine… that she wasn’t hurt in any way.”

That simple statement put a stop to Max’s internal banter. “Why would she be hurt? Did something happen?”

“No,” Michael stated, moving his hand to punctuate the statement.

Max wasn’t fooled. Michael wouldn’t be worried if nothing had happened. “Michael…” he said warningly.

“Well, there was this one thing,” he hedged, scratching his eyebrow nervously. “At the end, there, Maria… well, she sort of fainted.”

All traces of humor fled his body as Max asked, “What do you mean she fainted? You mean, fainted as in…?”

“As in lost consciousness,” Michael clarified. “What do you think I mean?”

“Jesus, Michael!”

He hurried on to say, “Look, it didn’t last very long, only a couple of seconds. That’s why I just want you to check her out. You know, to make sure she’s all right.”

Isabel entered the room right then to call them into dinner. The words died on her lips as she saw the confrontational way they were faced off. Max looked shaken and pissed. Michael just looked guilty. Concerned, she asked, “What’s going on here, guys?”

“Nothing,” Michael said defensively.

“Nothing?” Max echoed incredulously. “He just told me that he fucked Maria until she passed out, and he says it’s nothing.”

“What?!” Isabel asked, shocked. “Michael! What does he mean by that?” she demanded.

Michael was already trying to explain, “It wasn’t like that. It just happened. I swear, I wasn’t doing anything to hurt her.”

Their loud voices had alerted the others and Tess came to stand in the doorway with everyone right behind her. “Uh, guys,” Tess interrupted in an attempt to break them up, “Food’s getting cold.”

Maria pushed her way through the crowd so she could see. Taking in everyone’s body language, it was immediately apparent that Michael had done something to piss off Max and Isabel. It looked like the ‘Alien Smackdown’ was about to take place right there in the Evans’ living room.

The trio turned and saw her standing there. “Maria, could you come here for a second?” Isabel asked.

“Sure,” she replied, moving forward. “What’s going on in here?”

Max reached out and took her small hand in his. “Nothing,” he lied. “Are you ok? I mean, how are you feeling?”

Maria couldn’t resist sending one hot look at Michael and another at Tess and Isabel before replying, “I’m terrific. Never felt better.”

“Are you sure, because Michael told us about what happened this morning, and we’re worried about you.”

“This morning?” she questioned with a frown. What could they be worried about from this morning? Her first time with Michael had been beautiful, passionate, urgent… Urgent? she thought, remembering. “Oh, you mean about the scratches.” She waved her hand, unaware of causing the dark looks Max and Isabel were shooting at Michael. “They were nothing, and faded away in no time. Really. I’m fine,” she said.

“May I, you know…?” Max asked, lightly trailing a finger down her temple, pleading silently for her cooperation with his golden eyes. “You’re a part of us now,” he explained. “And I just need to know that you’re ok. You know, inside.”

Maria misunderstood, thinking Max meant inside her body where Michael had torn through the thin membrane of her maidenhead. He was so overprotective, she chuckled to herself. Rolling her eyes, she said, “I guess, if it will make you feel better, but I can tell you that I’m fine.”

Max silently stood in front of her. Without further delay, he pushed his fingers through the hair at her temples, one on either side of her face, whispering soft instructions about relaxing and breathing as he did so. Focusing his energy, he was in.

*He saw her confusion and rioting emotions as she awoke to a whole new world. He felt her need and the mindless, animalistic lust that had poured through her with Michael’s touch, controlling her actions. How the need to mate with Michael had caused her to hurt herself needlessly as first she’d clawed away the sheet then as she’d painfully tried to push him through the membrane of her innocence. And lastly, he saw how she went violently into sensory overload, and how her brain had reactively shut down, causing her to lose consciousness.*

Blinking, Max pulled back and ended the connection, his face devoid of color. He was shaking in reaction to the harsh images he’d seen as he gathered Maria’s delicate body against his own. He filled with guilt, thinking of what she’d had to go through to become a part of them. Max hadn’t realized how intense things could get; even to the point that Maria had lost her free will and the instinct to mate had taken over. On some level, he realized he must have known it would be that way, considering the deep changes that had to happen for her to be accepted, but the brutal savagery he’d seen when he connected with her was much worse than he’d let himself believe. It was too horrible to contemplate.

Maria, standing stiffly in his arms, was at a loss. Max’s reaction to something as simple as a torn membrane she’d neither needed nor wanted seemed a bit extreme. “Uh, Max?”

Her voice brought him back from his remorseful thoughts. He hugged her tighter, saying, “I am so sorry you had to go through that. I swear that if I could undo it, I would.”

“Max what are you talking about? Undo what?” Maria asked pushing away from him in confusion. Her eyes darted from one alien in the room to another, trying to figure out what was going on here. Everyone seemed as confused as she was.

Isabel interrupted to ask anxiously, “What did you see, Max?”

“It was…” Max started before he realized he didn’t know how to describe what he’d seen without embarrassing Maria who’d already been through enough for one day. Giving it up, he finally said instead, “It should never have happened. We never should have initiated her.”

“What are you talking about?” Tess asked, stepping forward. As far as she could see, Max was talking crazy. Unless something really awful had happened with Michael this morning.

“Michael?” Maria asked, going to grab her boyfriend, fisting his shirt like she was afraid he would be ripped away from her at any second. Suddenly she was terrified that with a word, Max could take back what she’d finally gotten after waiting for so long: her acceptance by Michael. “What is he saying?” she asked her alien, trying to see in his eyes.

Michael had no idea what was going on. All he’d wanted was to make sure Maria was all right after fainting this morning. Now, Max was losing it on him. “Maxwell?” Michael asked. Maria was beginning to tremble against him and he held her tighter.

Tess and Isabel were glaring at Michael over Maria’s head, certain that he’d been the cause of all of this. They’d warned him that if he’d hurt Maria in any way they’d… Well, they didn’t know what they would do, but it would be something he wouldn’t like.

Knowing he was being hyper-reactive, Max couldn’t seem to stop. He felt terrible for Maria, but that wasn’t all. There was something else prompting him to continue. “We shouldn’t have done this to her,” Max said again. “It’s wrong. It has to stop.”

“Well it’s a little late for that, Max. It’s done. She’s belongs with us now, and we can’t just put her back. And even if we could,” Michael continued, holding Maria tightly against him, “I wouldn’t.”

Max nodded stiffly, agreeing. “We can’t take back what’s happened to her, but that’s it. There will be no others. I will not subject any other innocent humans to this situation. There will be no more initiations.” Shoving his hands in his pockets, he turned to stare at a painting on the wall.

A silence followed Max’s declaration, where the only sound was everyone’s soft breathing. Humans and aliens alike were all stunned at Max’s passionate declaration. Tess and Isabel looked wildly from each other to their boyfriends to see if they were all thinking the same thing. The smallest alien was the first to say it out loud.

“But what about Liz?”

“No.” His voice was reflecting his determination.

Isabel put her hand on Max’s shoulder arguing softly, “What do you mean, ‘no’? Max, you can’t just…”

“Yes, I can,” he cut her off.

“Come on, Max. You can’t be serious,” Tess argued.

“Try me,” he dared them.

Kyle tried to help by pointing out, “What happens when she finds out about it? What if she *wants* to be initiated?”

“She won’t find out,” Max finally turned around to say. “None of you are to say anything to Liz about any of this. Got that?” He glared at everyone in general, the intensity of his golden gaze feral and domineering, lingering on the three humans in particular forcing them to nod in agreement. “Not a word from any of you,” he commanded. “Liz and I will find another way, but there will be no initiation.”

With that ominous statement he grabbed his keys and left the house.


Author's note Cain't say I didn't warn you. Max's reaction is a bit extreme, I'll admit, put it in perspective that Liz will one day face everying he saw in the flash he got from Maria - because he commanded it, mind you - and perhaps it isn't as off base after all.

Mama Dee How do you feel about the number 14? I haven't forgotten. 14 is your number and it's coming up. *angel*
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BelevnDreamsToo, I got such a chuckle from your post that I had to share it with you. It was like, oh, wait, someone wants a plot? Who said there was gonna be a plot? I thought this was a smutapoluzza!

Geez, aren't you people ever satisified?
You know I'm just kidding with ya, right? Actually, though it's been a bit of a love fest, I've been laying down several points that will come back up later on, so while it all seems plotless for now, there actually is a purpose here.

I love how everyone's already figured out Tucker's purpose in town. Maybe I should just change his name to Obvious Plot Device. We'll call him OPee for short, just like Ron Howard on the Andy Griffith show. (Misspelled, I know, but not everyone knows who Opie is, so work with me here. Am I showing my age? Does anyone out there remember Opie?) g

Acidwit, as I am also a self proclaimed lurker, I appreciate you delurking for a while. About your question, the best advice I can give you is to look to Alex and Kyle for the answer. Maria won't be under any more compulsion to mate than they are.

There is a reason why everyone in the group seems to be drawn to Liz. The question is - what is it? LOL To everyone who's trusting me to get us through this in one piece, thanks for the vote of confidence.

Tas - You know, I love how we're on the same wave legnth.

Which brings me to the purpose of this post: Attention, attention, calling:
Tasyfa. Please shoot me a bmail when you see this, 'cause we have to talk before much longer. (I didn't know if anyone actually checked their bmail account here, so I thought this was the best way to get your attention.)

And thanks to everyone who's been enjoying this. Look for Chapter 7 sometime on Tuesday.
(Do you know that I STILL have Buffy songs stuck in my head from last week?)

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Hey guys, here am I with the next part, as promised. Thanks again to everyone for your fb. I'm so glad that everyone's on board with me here.

I was telling someone earlier, but I have to say it again that I love how everyone's already figured out Tucker's purpose in Roswell. Maybe I should just change his name to Obvious Plot Device. We'll call him OPee for short, just like Ron Howard on the Andy Griffith show. (Misspelled, I know, but not everyone knows who Opie is, so work with me here.) Yeah, I needed something to stir up the hornet's nest, and he volunteered, lucky guy. *happy*

MamaDee and Rosdeidra thanks for your quick and whole hearted responses to my earlier request. You guys are the best!

Ok, on with the show.

Chapter seven

A dark pall hung over the group as the sound of the front door closing echoed from the empty hall. Isabel opened her mouth to rip Michael’s head off when she noticed the frightened way Maria clung to him, her face buried against his chest. She realized then that despite what Max had seen, Maria’s actions since entering the house had not been those of someone how’d been subjected to some kind of ordeal, which confused her even more.

Tess, arriving at the same conclusion, stepped over to her friend and put a hand against her shoulder. “Maria,” she asked softly. “What was Max talking about?”

“I don’t know,” came the muffled reply.

Frowning, Tess persisted, “Did something happen this morning?”

“No,” Maria stated, pulling only slightly away from Michael. “I mean, we, you know, but nothing else really happened.”

Isabel joined them, tenderly tucking Maria’s hair behind her ear. “Michael said that you fainted. What happened?”

Maria’s brow creased. “I fainted?” she asked Michael who nodded.

“You don’t remember?” Tess queried.

Maria shook her head. “No. Not really. Most of this morning is blurry. I remember waking up. You two were gone. Then we were talking and…” Maria frowned some more. “…That’s all I really remember. I mean I remember being with Michael, just not with too much detail. The first real memory of the morning I have is Michael waking me up to call my mom.”

Alex entered the conversation saying, “You mentioned some scratches before.”

“Oh, those. I accidentally scratched myself trying to untangle the sheets.”

The two female aliens flushed guiltily at having blamed Michael for the small injury before.

“What about the two of you?” Michael asked Kyle and Alex trying to decide if her reaction was his fault or if it was common to all inductees. “Did anything weird happen to you guys after your initiations?”

Kyle said, “I couldn’t tell you. The morning is just gone. I mean I can remember every second of the night from the time you two climbed in the window until you left, but I only remember bits and pieces of Tess coming in. Her scent. The feel of her hair. Her lips - everywhere. That’s all I can remember.”

Alex was nodding. “Me, too. I don’t even remember how I got to be in Izzy’s bedroom. Last thing I really remember is noticing how the sky was growing lighter outside my bedroom window.” He flushed slightly, recalling with perfect clarity how the coming dawn, signifying the end of the most incredible night he’d ever spent, had upset him. It had taken Max’s gentle kisses to calm him back down.

“Michael, Max can’t uninitiate me, can he?” Maria had to ask. They’d already said as much, but she needed to have it reaffirmed.

“No, baby,” Michael told her, stroking a finger down her cheek. “You belong with us now. No one can change that, not even Max.” He leaned down a pressed a soft, chaste kiss to her pouty lips.

With the immediate crisis of Maria’s health over, Kyle reached out and grabbed Tess’s hand. “Come on guys, let’s go eat and we’ll figure out what to do with Max and Liz later.”

* * * * * * * *

Max drove unhesitatingly to the place he always ran when he needed solace, understanding, wisdom; he went to the CrashDown, he went to Liz.

The restaurant was nearly empty when he entered, so he made a beeline for her and catching her by surprise, he spun her around to bury his lips in hers. He needed to feel her against him, to know that she was ok despite their evening of shared passion.

Max knew he’d gone off the deep end with his reaction to Maria’s initiation. She was obviously unharmed and happier than he’d ever seen her, but still the shocking images and feelings he’d gotten from her refused to leave his mind. The thought that Liz would have to experience the same thing turned his blood into ice water in his veins. She was everything good and pure and should never have to be put through anything like that, regardless of what the end result may be. It was wrong, cruel and he would never do that to her.

Despite her surprise at his unexpected appearance, Liz reacted instantly, throwing her arms around his sturdy shoulders. Pulling him against her, she returned the kiss, matching his passion. Was it only eighteen hours ago that she’d been in his arms? she thought wildly. It seemed like an eternity. Liz had been dreaming about this all day and now that he was here, she wanted to bask in the warmth of his loving embrace.

From the back of the restaurant, Jeff was coming through the swinging doors with Tucker right behind him. He was saying, “…introduce you to my daughter. She’s a terrific… Liz!” he exclaimed, shocked at catching her in a make out session in the middle of the restaurant.

Liz pulled away like she’d been shot. Blushing deep red, she tried to be blasé, like it was no big deal when actually she was mortified to her toes.

“Um hi, Dad. Um, you remember Max?”

Max was equally red. “Hi, Mr. Parker.”

“Max,” Jeff said it was both a greeting and a reprimand. Turning to his daughter, he said, “Lizzy, there’s someone I’d like you to meet.” He pulled his young houseguest forward saying, “Tucker this is my daughter, Lizzy.”

For a moment, Tucker, who was jaded beyond his years, was left speechless. Liz Parker, in all of her lovely innocence, was a sight to behold and he was instantly enamored. Oh yeah, there was not a doubt in his head, Tucker had to possess this beautiful creature. She looked so entrancing despite the obvious embarrassment she was feeling at having been caught kissing her boyfriend by her dad. Somehow, her distress endeared her to him even more.

Putting on a sympathetic grin, he stretched out his hand. “Hi. I’m Tucker.” Inwardly, he was thinking, ‘Man, she’s just a hot little firecracker,’ after taking in her flushed cheeks and glistening lips. She sparkled with arousal, and he instantly responded in kind.

“Liz,” she said in response as her eyes automatically took in his handsome face, blue eyes and trim figure. She figured him to be no older than twenty-five and already he had a certain air about him. Something about him put her senses on full alert. Not in an evil-alien-whose-come-to-end-the-world kind of way, but in a good way.

Max could barely keep from growling as he watched Liz put her soft little hand into Tucker’s. Under his censorious eye, it seemed to him that the other guy touched her longer than was necessary and he didn’t miss how the jerk caressed her sensitive skin as he pulled away. He stepped closer, and looked menacing. He would have shoved the other guy away from her if her dad hadn’t been standing there watching the entire exchange.

A slight smile touched Tucker’s lips at the obvious show of jealousy on Max’s part. Man, he was putting out all kinds of warning signs that, from one predator to another, were easy to read. It just gets better and better, he thought to himself. By herself, Liz would have been an easy conquest if the interest glimmering in her eyes was any indication, but add in the jealous boyfriend, and things could really get interesting. It was a challenge to look forward to, and Tucker just loved a good challenge. Besides, it would be fun to take Mr. High School here down a notch or two. Show him what a real man could do.

He stared down into her eyes, careful to keep only friendly politeness showing. “It’s nice to meet you,” he said sweetly.

“Lizzy, Tucker’s going to be staying with us for a couple of days, so can I count on you to show him around?”

“Uh, sure, Dad,” Liz agreed, before she processed what he’d said. “Wait, you’re staying with us?”

As Jeff explained that Tucker was practically family, Max came closer and put a possessive arm around her shoulders, dad or no dad. He didn’t like this guy, and wanted to be sure he knew that Liz was with him.

* * * * * * *

“What other way?” Alex asked Isabel over the other conversations that were taking place at the Evans’ kitchen table. Everyone had regained a bit of the festive air that was intended to mark the celebration of Maria’s initiation as they hungrily attacked the awesome Chinese food spread that Isabel had ordered for them.

Alex was the first person to mention what Max had said just before he’d left and the others cut their conversations short in order to jump in the topic that was really on all of their minds.

Isabel shrugged. “There isn’t one. They can’t be together if she isn’t initiated. There’s no other way. Except abstinence, I guess.”

“So, we’re talking sex here,” Kyle wanted to clarify. “I mean, they can hang out and kiss or whatever, but no sex.”

“As far as we know,” Isabel told him.

Tess added, “I don’t think he can do it, though. I mean, come on, we’re talking about *Max and Liz* here. They’ve been ready to do it as long as I’ve been in Roswell.”

“Longer,” Maria stated stabbing at a breaded piece of pork with her fork, dipping it into the sweet and sour dish.

“Much longer,” Isabel agreed. “He’ll never last. With Alex and me, we got out of control just one night, and the look on his face when I had to push him away… He said some things about teasing him and leading him on… and he was right, but I couldn’t tell him the truth. Alex said to stay away from him until I could decide what I wanted.”

Alex reached over and took her hand in his, placing soft kisses against her palm and wrist murmuring an apology. Isabel looked at him and the love she felt for him welled up inside her. She’d never blamed him for his harsh words seeing them for what they really were: frustrated desire turning into anger. He’d been right; she had needed to make a decision about him, it just wasn’t exactly the one he’d thought it was. Once made, though, she hadn’t regretted it. “I couldn’t stand the thought that I was hurting him, but I knew I couldn’t stop seeing him either. I sent Max and Michael to him less than two hours later.”

“And the rest, as they say, is history,” Alex grinned and kissed her lightly.

Maria sat looking at him, her fork arrested halfway to her mouth. A glob of sweet and sour sauce dripped from the fried pork she’d been about to eat and plopped back down onto her plate. Her mouth was half hanging open as it had been before she’d looked up across the table and caught sight of her friend… her suddenly extremely good-looking friend. The warmth in his eyes, though it was directed at Isabel, caused a shiver to travel down Maria’s spine.

Suddenly, she was fourteen again and with him for their kissing practices.

*”Now just hold still,” Alex admonished. He leaned in to press his lips to hers. Giggles erupted from her throat and he backed up, scowling. “I can’t do this if you’re gonna laugh. Now do you wanna to do this or not?”

Maria sobered and nodded, her short blonde curls bouncing excitedly. “Then be serious,” he lectured. As he brought his face closer, another voice interrupted, “Hurry, hurry. I want my turn.”

Alex and Maria turned to Liz who was waiting impatiently nearby. “Hold your horses. I can only kiss one of you at a time, you know.”

Focusing on his other best friend, he pulled her skinny body into his awkward embrace. She hadn’t realized before how cute he was when his eyes took on a certain look. Actually, he was cute all over. Alex was still growing into his fourteen-year-old body, but Maria found that she enjoyed the feel of his lanky frame against her. He was going to be so attractive when he grew up, she knew. Her budding breasts tightened and swelled against his chest as he brought his lips to hers again. This time they were all serious as his tongue swept into her mouth to find and rub against hers.

As she clung to him, an adolescent passion growing inside her, she felt her breasts, in fact her whole body swelling, growing, maturing. Her hips rounded out as her hair grew several inches at once. Under her fingers, she felt Alex's body also changing; becoming taller, broader, more muscular. Their feelings evolved, too, into a full-blown, all-consuming desire. The groan that escaped his throat was deeper than anything he could have come up with when they were younger. Alex was a man now. All man, and he was all hers.

Maria tightened her arms around him, and ground her pelvis against him. His erection was pressing against her belly and she was reveling in the fact that she had that kind of power over him. Closing her eyes, she allowed her senses to drift until she was reminded of another presence nearby. Liz. She was now as grown up as they were, but her voice when she spoke retained its childlike quality.

“Come on you two. When will it be my turn?”

Without breaking their kiss, Maria and Alex pulled their friend closer until she was standing within the circle of their embrace…*

Feeling Maria’s eyes on him, Alex pulled his gaze back from where he’d been locked with Isabel’s expressive brown eyes which were promising all kinds hours spent in lascivious activities in her bed, and caught sight of the expression of stunned incredulity and want that crossed Maria’s face.

She’d never looked at him like that before and it made him vaguely uncomfortable. “What?” he asked defensively. She didn’t answer, just appeared to eat him with her eyes. Slowly he waved a hand back and forth in front of her face. “Earth to Maria.”

That caught her attention. “Huh?” she asked as she suddenly came back to reality. Blushing, she dropped her eyes to her plate. “Sorry,” she mumbled. “I was just thinking about…” ‘About what?’ she asked herself. About how long it had been since the last time she’d kissed Alex? About whether or not he’d improved on his techniques any? ‘Stop it, girl. Get a grip,’ she admonished herself. ‘You’ve got Michael now. There’s no need to roam in that direction. Alex is your *friend.* And besides, he’s with Isabel. He did the initiation thing and everything,’ she reminded herself.

Suddenly, her thoughts screeched to a halt.

And backed up.

Did Isabel just say…? She couldn’t have meant… Maria asked herself even though she already knew the answer.

The full dynamics of the initiation finally hit her. There’d been so much other stuff going on each time it was mentioned that she hadn’t really paid attention to what everyone was saying. Either that, or she’d only considered it from her point of view, not from Alex’s standpoint. Alex had been initiated…. But not by Isabel as she’d first assumed a week ago. If Maria had to be initiated by the other females of the group, then that meant, Alex had been initiated by…




‘Surely that’s not right,’ she told herself. ‘It couldn’t be. I mean, Michael and *Alex*?’ she thought wildly, her imagination way too easily conjuring up an image of her boyfriend and best boy-friend locked in a passionate embrace.

Maria’s eyes darted from Michael to Alex and back again. Then over to where Kyle sat, feeding Tess a bite of his spicy noodle dish. She watched as the alien giggled and leaned over to press a quick kiss to Kyle’s lips, licking up a small drop of sauce from his full lower lip as she did so.

Instantly forgetting all about Michael and Alex, Maria licked her own lips, noticing for the first time how blue his eyes were, reflecting the blue of the shirt that he was… filling out very nicely, indeed. Kyle must have some workout routine, she thought absentmindedly as she continued to stare at him. She wondered how many sit-ups he could do. She imagined how the muscles in his back and arms must look when he’s doing his push ups. How many of those could he do, she wondered. Did he ever do them ‘girl style’ with his knees down? And if he did, what would it be like to be underneath him, legs spread wide, with his rock hard cock sliding in and out of her moist body as he did so. How many push-ups would it take to send her to orgasm, she wondered?

“Maria, are you ok?” Tess asked. She was trying rather unsuccessfully to ignore Kyle’s hand creeping up her skirt toward the apex of her thighs, where she was still throbbing from the girls’ earlier playing. Maria’s promise to finish what she’d started was keeping Tess on edge, and now, Kyle wanted to get playful, which was fine with her. If his hand roamed any farther, he was going to be in for a big surprise, she knew, because her underwear was still in Maria’s pocket.

It was that reminder that had caused her to look up and see Maria gazing at them with glittering eyes and a thoughtful expression on her face. It was the same look she got in Geometry, the one class the two girls shared together. Tess liked to call it her ‘counting’ face.

Unable to resist teasing her, Tess asked as she sometimes did in school, “So, what’s the answer?”

“Sixty-five, tops.”

Everyone turned to look at her then.

“Sixty-five what,” Isabel asked.

Maria’s head snapped around, realizing that she’d done it again. Taken a mental trip to ‘Fantasies ‘R’ Us’ and bought out the whole freakin’ store. What was happening to her today? “Uh, sixty-five, um, I uh, made sixty-five buttons for my mom earlier.” Aware that her explanation had nothing to do with anything they were talking about, she quickly covered, “I was just thinking about this afternoon, and suddenly, I was trying to remember how many I did.” She shrugged sheepishly. “I don’t know what made me think of it.”

When did she get to be such a good liar?

Smiling, Isabel said, “You know, I was in your mom’s shop yesterday, and I saw the cutest…”

Maria tuned her friend out so her mind could go back to what she’d been thinking earlier…

No, not that; about the initiations.

Alex and Kyle had obviously been initiated into the family, and she finally realized that it wasn’t Tess or Isabel who did it, it couldn’t have been. Isabel had told her last night that she’d needed to be accepted by the “female members of the pack” which meant that the guys would have been initiated by the male members. That means the guys had each been with Michael and Max. As in *with* Michael and Max.

It took the blood pooling in her insides to realize that she didn’t find the idea completely abhorrent. In fact, the thought of them together was making her hot all over again; a feat she wouldn’t have thought was possible.

She scooted her chair a little closer to Michael’s and needing to touch him, put her hand on his strong knee.

Meanwhile, the conversation, having turned back to the topic of Liz and Max, continued around her.

“Yeah,” Kyle was saying. “Max won’t be able to resist her forever, especially if she keeps pushing at him.”

“But how can she push him to initiate her if she doesn’t know about it and we can’t tell her?” Alex asked, both of them forgetting momentarily that they weren’t entirely sure that initiating her was such a good idea any longer.

Going against Max’s wishes to keep it a secret never even occurred to them. As the ‘alpha male’ of the pack, so to speak, his word was law, and going against it was unthinkable so they focused their energies on coming up with a plan to get him to change his mind.

“I wish we could just initiate her without his consent. Once it’s a done deal, then he’d have to just go with it,” Isabel lamented.

“How come we can’t?” Alex asked her.

“Because,” Michael answered, “we have to actually declare our intentions for our chosen ones or it won’t count.”

“Last night you didn’t even know that Isabel and Tess were with Maria,” Kyle pointed out. “At what point did you ‘declare’ for her unless it was later?”

“No,” Michael answered with a frown. “I guess it still stood from the first time we tried to initiate her.”

“But how can you be sure,” Kyle argued, unwilling to just give up without at least trying to do something. “Maybe it’s worth a try.”

“Kyle! We can’t just go around attempting to initiate Liz. It’s not fair to any of us. Besides, we already know it wouldn’t work.” Tess shook her head sadly. Taking his hand, she asked softly, “Maybe we should give up. It obviously isn’t going to happen.”

Isabel was shaking her head in disagreement. “I’m telling you, there’s no way he’ll hold out for long. I say we continue with Alex and Kyle’s plan. That way, if, when Max changes his mind, she’ll be ready. Maybe it’ll even help things along.”

Maria sat up straight. “What plan?”

They quickly filled her in on the plan to get Tess and Isabel a little closer to Liz. Thinking it over, she saw how it was probably necessary. She knew from hours spent over quarts of ice cream exactly how much Liz absolutely hated Tess. As things currently stood, Liz would never be initiated, and like most women in the first blush of new love, Maria couldn’t bear to see anyone not as happy as she was. With a grin, she asked, “How can I help?”


Tas, check your bmail when you get a chance. I have a favor to ask!

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Hey guys, sorry for making you wait so long for an update. I was kinda hoping the kinks in the new board would be ironed out in a day or two, but apparently they’re bigger than I realized. So, we’ll be patient and wait for those wonderful ladies to work their magic so we can all come back. In the meantime, I’m anxious to start posting regularly again.

Ya’ll have been asking some really good questions, and I haven’t meant to be rude in not answering, but I didn’t want to give anything away – too many of you are thinking along the same lines as I am. Let’s see what I can answer:

Dingoes 8 their baby: You asked whether Michael is gonna cool it since he’s got Maria now. Nope. Having Maria won’t change the fact that he feels Max’s desire for her or that it has grown into something more for him. Keep in mind though that Michael LOVES Maria. He chose her of his own free will. That means something. Also, you wondered if his hunger for Liz will diminish a bit. What Tess and Isabel had said was that, using Kyle as an example, before Kyle’s initiation, Isabel could feel Tess’s desire for him more strongly than after. Their supposition is that once Liz gets initiated, Max will stop knocking them over with the force of his desire for her. As we saw, it was apparently the opposite for Michael. He projects his desire for Maria more strongly now that she’s his. Neither Liz nor Maria’s initiation will have any affect on Michael’s feelings for Liz.

BelieveInTrueLove: About Liz looking Tucker over when Jeff introduces them, Liz loves Max, but she’s not oblivious. Did you see Viva Las Vegas last year? At the very end of the episode just before the credits run, Max and Michael are walking along the strip, drinking their coffee and talking. Two hotties pass them, and both of the guys turn around and check the girls’ asses. Typical guys. Liz has eyes, and window shopping is not a crime, after all.

Teresa: I’ve made Liz pretty darn innocent in this story to act as a contrast to Maria and what she’s going through. She wants Max, she wants to do more with Max, but she’s not the kind of girl to take the initiative. When she does though, it drives Max crazy. LOL Also, about Tucker being Liz’s cousin, his mom is a distant relative of Jeff’s. There’s not a drop of shared blood between them so it’s not as icky as I sounds if they were to do anything together. Oh, and I never said he wanted a ‘relationship’ with her… (grin)

Maxzhot: The whole Liz/Michael attraction started for her when they kissed at Kyle’s house that night they played Truth or Dare. She just can’t seem to get it out of her head, thought she likes to tell herself it’s guilt, not attraction keeping him on her mind. I think seeing how her felt about her during the flash was a wake up call.

BelevnDreamsToo: About the Alex and Kyle having “O”s outside at the same time as everyone in the kitchen. Yes. It was hard to write the timing without switching points of view back and forth and losing the momentum. Max hit his peak watching Maria cum, and the force of his desire sent Kyle and Alex over the edge, too.

Omby: You asked about the girls knowing they were being watched when they were in the kitchen with Maria. No. They were too focused on what they were doing. It gets mentioned in a few chapters, but let me tell you this: As a hybrid, when you’re just hanging out, minding your own business, you feel the desire very clearly. If you are getting turned on, yourself, your own feelings will become stronger than the ones you’re receiving, so Isabel and Tess wouldn’t have felt Max and Michael’s lust for Maria even though it was so strong. For the same reason, Michael didn’t feel Max either.. And none of the humans feel the desire for themselves being projected by the hybrids. For example, all four aliens were focused on and lusting after Maria in that one scene, but she didn’t feel any of it. Kyle and Alex did, but since she was the object of the desire, she was immune.

Omby and Tasyfa: you both wondered why Michael or Max for that matter didn’t join the girls in the kitchen, it kinda goes along with why the aliens never seem to do anything with one another. Tess and Isabel had already staked their claim, Michael would have to wait until it was his turn. Three’s comfortable but four’s a crowd after all. I’m kinda seeing it as a territorial thing, which will come into play a little later.

Acidwit: You wondered if the overwhelming need to mate was permanent. If you mean what Maria experienced with Michael when she woke up Sunday morning, the answer’s no. It’s a one time deal. But there’s more to it than the mating. The change is permanent, and there are repercussions. That’s what Max s protecting her from. I keep thinking of the whole thing as rather Vampiric, which kinda appeared in chapter 2. (Maybe I should try writing a Buffy fic for a change.) Yeah, you come back better than ever, tied to those who changed you, but you’re no longer the person you were. About Max’s status affecting how everyone feels for Liz, if you mean after her initiation – I’d say no more than how his status affects how everyone feels for him.

Nikki: You ask very good questions. Can the initiated humans be with other humans now, or are they like the podsters? I’ve dropped several hints to the truth, and the best answer I can give you is wait and see. Yes, if Tucker did manage to seduce or Liz it would be statutory rape, a fact that doesn’t seem to concern him overly much, but someone else will be noticing and pointing out.

Nikki and Believndreamstoo: It’s that hide in plain sight thing our friends are so good at. Presenting a front of normalcy has always been their number one priority, so, Maria had no idea anything strange was going on between Max, Michael and Kyle and Alex. She’s still missing a fairly important fact, too, and of course Liz has no idea about anything going on.

Mama Dee: The Grand Opening has been pushed back one chapter. Sorry, Kyle needed to take a shower before the big day. (Ok, that has nothing to do with anything.) LOL Although your huge orgy idea has merit ;-) there’s no undoing the effects of the initiation. They will eventually need to learn to manage their lusts, like Tess and Isabel said at the beginning of TD,TTG: “You kinda have to get used to that.”

And lastly, one general comment: Maria’s awareness of Alex and Kyle at dinner. I’m glad everyone enjoyed the kissing memory, and Kyle’s pushups… ya’ll won’t believe how long I deliberated over what number to have her blurt out. J What I want to make sure everyone got was her two fantasies were brought about when Isabel and Tess started flirting with their men. Maria was feeling Isabel’s desire for Alex and Tess’s desire for Kyle. The ladies are a lot more subtle than the guys – as all women are, and Maria was picking up on it, just like the first scene in TD,TTG where Alex and Kyle start fantasizing over Maria and Liz when they entered the Crashdown. Same song second verse. The difference being, it was so softly done that she didn’t realize anything was amiss. But, she will…

Wow, that was a lot of catching up to do. Let's get on with the show

Chapter eight

“Hey, chica.” It was Monday morning and the gang was back in school.

Liz turned around from her locker to say, “Oh, hey, Maria. Where were you yesterday?”

Maria waved her hand airily. “I was at Isabel’s. Kind of a group dinner thing. Too bad you had to work. We missed you.”

“Yeah,” Liz said. Why were her friends suddenly having group gatherings and excluding her, she wondered. She frowned slightly as she asked, “So what was with the slumber party the other night?”

“I don’t know. It just kinda came up after you left the club with Max. Speaking of which, how’d it go?” she asked smiling. “Come on, you can tell me,” she cajoled when Liz seemed reluctant to answer.

“Nothing happened,” Liz denied with a secretive smile. “We talked is all.”


“And Max and I are back together now,” Liz announced.

Maria squealed and hugged her friend tightly.

“So, we should celebrate,” Maria declared. “After school, you and me, babe, we’ll find the largest banana split this town has to offer and eat until we’re sick.”

Liz grinned, but said, “We can’t. English mid-term remember? You and me are studying tonight.”

“That’s right,” Maria deflated slightly. “Oh, no. I have to help my mom tonight!” she exclaimed, suddenly remembering her punishment for disappearing Saturday night. So much for getting together with Liz. They’d have to get together tomorrow night instead. Unless… “Wait, I know. How about we go to my house. That way we can study, celebrate and everything all at once.”

“You’re on.” Just then, Liz spotted Max walking down the hall over Maria’s shoulder and a huge smile split her face.

Maria followed her gaze and grinned, still coming to terms with the fact that Michael and Max had… you know… with Alex and Kyle. She’d talked about it a little with Michael last night when he took her home, but he’d been his usual noncommittal self. She was looking forward to catching Alex at lunch and getting all the juicy, gory details out of him.

When Max reached them, he drew Liz in for a long, thorough kiss, during which, Maria sighed in boredom and shifted her weight. Her eyes drifted away.

She straightened however, as she noticed the bizarre sight of Kyle - at the other end of the hall - turning on his heel and running in great haste the other direction, literally shoving people out of his way as if a pack of hell-hounds was after him. ‘Ok, that was different,’ she thought.

* * * * * *

Alex, who was in the eraser room with Isabel for the ‘good morning’ kiss he demanded every day, just let the surge of heightened desire pour through him. Rather than fighting it, he pulled Isabel closer, crushing her in his arms, but she didn’t seem to mind as her own desire took flight. With a small sound of need, she responded by rubbing herself against him like a cat and lightly digging her nails into his arms.

* * * * * *

Back at the lockers…

As Max and Liz continued to kiss, Maria caught herself beginning to stare at them, suddenly wondering why the sight of the two of them together was so erotic. Lord knows, she’d seen them sucking face hundreds of times in the past, but this time as the passion between them escalated, Maria was beginning to get a vague sense of being turned on, herself. She turned away again, only this time to give them some privacy, not that they appeared to need it and realized that the passion building inside of her wasn’t relenting but growing steadily. She began to fan herself and leaned against the cool metal lockers for support.

Closing her eyes, an image of a much younger Liz popped into her mind, but it wasn’t Max she was kissing…

Holding Liz steady, young Alex was plundering her lips, stroking her back softly. The kiss was hotter than anything Maria remembered from their old-time practice sessions, and she enviously watched them for an endless time. Just when Maria was about to break them up - it was her turn, dammit - she realized that someone was gripping her hand tightly.

Turning, she saw that it was Isabel. Normal Isabel, not a younger version. The tall alien was watching Alex and Liz with a sexy smile on her face, approval and anticipation in every line of her flushed body. Maria realized that passion was emoting from her in waves; Maria was picking up on it, and it was feeding her own.

“Isabel,” she whispered. “Do you want me to stop them?”

“No,” Isabel answered huskily. “It’s not Liz he’s kissing. Look.”

Confused, Maria looked back. Suddenly, Alex was all grown up again, and his arms were around an incandescent Isabel. As she watched, the girl in his arms shimmered and turned into Liz, then shimmered back into Isabel. As she continued to look, his form began to fade, and it was replaced with Max who was kissing Liz as if to stop would be the harbinger of his death. Both of them transformed again back into Alex and Isabel. Desire pooled hotly between Maria’s legs as she felt Isabel’s response to her boyfriend’s ardor. An ardor which was fueled by Max’s passion for Liz, though Maria didn’t know it.

“See?” dream Isabel next to her asked.

* * * * * *

Oblivious to Maria, in fact, the whole school, Max reveled in the freedom to take Liz in his arms and kiss her senseless whenever he wanted. He loved how right she felt to him, how the points of her aroused breasts stabbed into his chest, how the tiny sounds she made always stroked his excitement higher. With one arm around her shoulders, and one hand buried in her scented hair, he was content to stand there with her until the next ice age. And beyond.

That is, until a rubber band, shot from the far end of the hall, aided by a little alien magic, snapped him harshly in the back of his neck.

“Ow!” he jerked back, suddenly back on earth rather than Planet Liz. Turning around, he glowered ominously at Michael who was sauntering casually down the hall, with Kyle peeking nervously over his shoulder. “Michael!”

Liz, feeling embarrassed at being caught making out with Max in the halls, hid her flaming face in Max’s shirt as Michael drew closer.

“What?” his friend asked innocently. “Kyle has class here, and you two were blocking the way.” They weren’t *physically* blocking the doorway, but Max knew what he meant.

“Sorry,” Max mumbled in Kyle’s direction, not really meaning it. He was still rubbing his injury, glaring balefully at Michael as he did so. He was going to have a welt now, thank you very much.

“No problem,” Kyle said, not looking at anyone in particular. Liz turned at the husky tone in his voice. It was something she hadn’t heard in a few months, and it intrigued her, wondering at what might have set him off.

It was difficult to miss the way Kyle was holding his books in front of his pants as he ducked into the open doorway nearest to Liz’s locker without looking at any of them.

Liz and Maria were both frowning in concern.

Happy to see Maria for the first time all day, Michael drank in the sight of her in the blue tank top and little cut offs she was wearing. Her tanned legs were gorgeous, though he wasn’t crazy about the clunky shoes she was wearing. Now, if she were barefoot… he thought, which of course led him to thoughts of other parts of her that would look better if they were bare.

“Guerin!” came the pitiful half whine/ half growl from the open classroom.

With a lopsided grin, Michael kissed Maria a brief, good morning, and continued on his way down the hall, having done his good deed for the day. A second later, the bell was ringing, and Max and Liz joined the rush of students trying to make it to their classes on time.

* * * * * *

“Lunch could not come soon enough for me today,” Maria complained as she noisily tossed her books on the lunch table and climbed in next to Tess.

“Tough day?”

Maria groaned and dropped her head onto her arms. “I hate school. Is it necessary for every teacher to schedule tests on the same days?” she asked rhetorically. “Couldn’t we like spread them out? You know, to keep the students from going postal or something?”

Tess rubbed her back consolingly. “Poor baby,” she crooned, teasingly. Seriously, she asked, “Would you like me to help you study? I’m kinda good at the stuff we’re covering in Geometry.”

Alex and Kyle came over and sat down right then. “Geometry sucks,” Kyle announced to no one in particular, joining in the conversation as he opened his tiny milk carton and contemplated the food on his tray. Today’s lunch appeared to be lasagna surprise. Of course, it could also be tacos. Sometimes, it was hard to tell.

“Aw, it’s not so bad,” Alex argued, getting out his sack lunch - no hot food for him. “Just a lot of formulas and stuff.”

“Thanks, Mr. I’m-so-smart-I-skipped-right-over-tenth-grade-math-and-am-now-taking-AP-Trigonometry-even-though-I’m-only-a-Junior,” Maria glared at him. “Your opinion is not welcome here.”

Not taking offense, Alex just grinned at her. It always ticked her off that he was the math wiz in the bunch. Couple that with Liz’s scientific genius, and Maria often felt left out. This conversation was nothing new for them. “Aw, lighten up, Deluca. You’ll do great as always.”

“Besides, maybe math isn’t you’re forte. Buddha says…”

There was a chorus of groans as Tess said warningly, “Kyle…”

“Well, since I suck at Math and Science,” Maria complained disheartedly, “I should probably resign myself to having a stellar career at the cheese factory.”

“I wouldn’t say that,” Tess said consolingly. She leaned in to whisper huskily. “I can think of any number of things you excel at.”

Blushing, Maria ducked her head, but it was obvious that she was pleased, not embarrassed by the praise.

Alex grinned at seeing her so happy to be accepted by her friends.

Michael arrived at the table right then and sandwiched himself between Maria and Alex. “Hey. What’s up?”

“Nothing,” Kyle answered with a mischievous smile. “We were just discussing the possibilities of ‘Miss No-talent’ here joining the illustrious group of underpaid, over worked, not to mention extremely smelly employees at the cheese factory.”

“Hey!” Michael said, “Maria has lots of talent!”

“That’s what I was saying,” Tess agreed.

Michael glared at her, too. “I meant her singing.”

That brought Maria’s head up. Her shining eyes focused on him. “Do you mean that? You think I have talent?” she asked.

“Do I ever say stuff I don’t mean?” he responded.

Rolling her eyes, she answered, “All the time, Michael.”

“Well, I mean it this time.” He pulled her into his lap and whispered, “I like to listen to your singing.”

Wrapping her arms around his neck, she kissed him soundly.

“Uh, Michael?” Alex tried to interrupt, but it was too late.

Michael’s arms closed around her hungrily, and he attacked her mouth ferociously. It had been hours, more like an eternity, since she’d been this close to him. His passion for her welled up inside, feeding the fires that burned at the surface, driving him to be closer to her. He gripped her tightly as he angled her mouth for a deeper penetration. His tongue dueled with hers aggressively. His erection pressed against his pants and he wanted nothing more than to go some place private where he could give all of his desires free reign.

Sitting next to him, so close that their thighs were touching, Alex was all but reading Michael’s mind. He felt every impulse, every desire. All of Michael’s passion swept straight into him, causing his cock to swell and harden painfully. He had a fleeting thought to set down the apple he’d been about to take a bite out of, but Maria wiggled enticingly against Michael’s straining arousal and it was too late. Alex’s body spasmed, and his arm jerked outward just as his hand went lax. The result of which had the sweet fruit arcing across the quad where it hit some unsuspecting student square in the back.

Rudy Valentine, Roswell’s leading Karate champion, spun around. He spotted the apple laying at his feet immediately, and searched out the smart ass who apparently wanted to pick a fight with him. Not seeing anyone, he muttered ‘Coward.’ Picking up the apple, he flung it into the trash and stalked off.

Back at the table, right about the same time Alex lost control of his lunch, Kyle had just taken a mouthful of milk. It went spewing back out almost immediately as he nearly choked on it. Milk was sprayed everywhere, including on a few innocent bystanders.

“Hey!” and “Watch it, Valenti!” were among the outraged shouts sent in his direction, but Kyle was too caught up in remembering to breathe to worry too much about anything else.

Tess’s eyes widened in amazement as she stared at Michael. What was going on here? Michael had never projected his feelings like this before. At most, all he’d ever sent out was a vague warmness and wanting. This rush of heat and fire was new. Watching the possessive way he clung to Maria, she began to understand. Being with Maria had forced him to face his feelings for her. He was no longer burying his emotions, afraid of the human ties associated with them. Finally, he had opened his heart and let Maria come inside.

Tess actually felt proud of him… for about the length of a nanosecond. Then she was kicking him fiercely under the table. “Michael!!! Stop it, Michael!”

“Hey guys, what’s up?” Liz asked suddenly from behind Alex. Her inquisitive gaze took in the spilled milk dripping off the edge of the table, Kyle and Tess’s flushed faces as well as the steamy embrace between Maria and Michael. Woah. When had this happened? she wondered. Last she’d heard, Maria was upset with Michael over some non-disclosed sex thing. Had they resolved their issues? Averting her eyes, she decided she and Maria apparently needed to talk.

Michael pulled his mouth away from Maria’s and dropped his head onto her shoulder as he tried to regain his equilibrium. Right now, the only thing he could think of was getting Maria off somewhere alone. His breath rasped harshly in his throat as he struggled to pull himself back together. After a few moments, he decided it wasn’t going to happen. He needed her too badly.

He whispered hurriedly in her ear. Giggling she got up and grabbed her books. With a hand on her back, Michael ushered her back into the school building without a word to any of them.

“What’s going on?” Liz asked quizzically. The body language and ‘vibes’ of everyone still sitting at the table warned her that something was not quite right. And what was with the milk? Why wasn’t anyone cleaning it up?

Tess, recovering first, since she’d been the least affected, stood with a smile. “Hey, Liz. Come on and sit down.” They needed to put up a front of normalcy for Liz’s benefit, she knew.

Alex realized the same thing. After clearing his throat, he shakily said, “Yeah. What took you so long?”

With a wave of Tess’s hand, the spilled beverage disappeared as if it never was, and Liz sat on the sun-warmed bench.

“Ms Hardy wanted to talk about our midterm projects.”

“Liz, I wanted to ask you…,” Tess began, but was interrupted as Kyle stood suddenly. With Michael gone, he’d finally recovered use of his legs as well as the rest of his body. He had one thing on his mind and, well, this was not the place for it. Grabbing Tess’s hand, he rasped out, “Excuse us.”

Without another word to anyone he began to pull Tess across the quad, his intentions to find someplace private to ‘discuss’ the burning ache in his groin.

Tess was forced to shout over her shoulder, “So, I guess I’ll see you guys later.”

Liz frowned after them. “Was it something I said?” She was only half joking.

“No,” Alex assured her somewhat shortly. His eyes were rapidly scanning the entrances to the quad.

“But they just up and left their lunches…” Liz began.

Suddenly standing, Alex said hurriedly, “That’s great. Gotta go. Bye, Liz.”

Without another word, he crossed the quad, his long legs eating up the distance to where he’d spotted Isabel standing with Max. Liz watched him grab his girlfriend and drag her off in the opposite direction of Kyle and Tess.

Max looked across the quad to her and their eyes locked. He raised his eyebrows in question of Alex’s hasty departure and Liz just shrugged her shoulders. Opening her own sack, she looked around the table at the bags and plates of uneaten food. There was something strange happening here, but she was at a loss to figure out what it was.


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It's technically Wednesday here on the East coast, so here is the next chapter as promised but first I have to thank you for your wonderful comments on the last part.

There were just a few questions still that need addressing, but I think we got most everyone caught up after that last round. (Thank goodness for that! I was thinking I'm probably that only smut author around who's story is so convoluted that the readers require cliff notes to go with each section. Only I could make something as simple as sex this complicated. LOL)

BelevnDreamsToo You've got the flow chart about right on that one, and yes, proximity does make a difference.

Tas Thanks for your agreement. You're gonna get a kick out of it, I promise. D told me she was in hysterics over the idea, and you know, it warmed my heart to know that I could make her smile during this saddened time. Also, I did get a chance to check in and see your comment on FC8. I almost left a post for you there, but to leave fb on your fb to my fb to your story seemed a bit much. :-) If I had posted, however, what I would have said was, 'See? I do read your story for more than just the s*x. I like a story with depth, and yours has so many layers it's practically an onion.' Ok, bad metaphore, which is possibly why I voted against posting it, but you know what I meant.

CandyGal Hey, welcome to the party. I'm glad there's SOMEONE on my team here. Sometimes as I post a new chapter, I too get this urge to duck and cover from the dreamers and Liz fans, not to mention the Max fans and Maria fans and Candy shippers. Knowing what's ahead, I'm just really glad no one here can actually hit me with the stuff they're throwing at their monitors. LOL In answer to your question, yes, Michael is attracted to Liz, but he can't help it. Your Candy 'shipper heart is safe with me (sort of). We've seen how devoted Michael is to Maria since her initiation, and before. He isn't going to be dumping her for Liz any time soon, I promise. Yes, his response to her was supposed to not be as strong after the iniiation, but what happened was that he'd been supressing all of his feeling prior to the initiation. After being with Maria, he's finally giving his emotions full reign, so they are stronger than before, not vice versa.

Ok, that was it for the Q&A. See? Much shorter than last time. Now let's get on with the show.

A little warning, My muse makes an appearance in this chapter, as do I. (He's the one in red. I'm in white. LOL)

Chapter nine

“So, what’s going on with you and Michael?” Liz asked over a slice of Amy Deluca’s heavenly coconut crème pie. The girls were sitting at the counter of the CrashDown Café, waiting for Mr. Parker to finish making the list of items he wanted to purchase from Amy before going to Maria’s to study.

“Uh, I think we’re ‘on again’.” Maria was stalling. She hated keeping something so important (like her entire life since Saturday night) from her best friend, but it was for her own good. Since they couldn’t tell her the truth about the initiation, Maria thought that it would be best if Liz still thought that she needed help with the ‘Michael situation’ as they’d been calling it. She’d seen how helping her had loosened her friend up, and to continue could only help.

Besides, her mission was to get Liz to cross that one line they’d never come to with each other. They’d gotten close a time or two, Maria thought, remembering the look on Liz’s face as the two of them relaxed on Alex’s bed last week during their lunch adventures. Liz had wanted - something, and Maria thought now that if she’d pushed it, Liz might have caved in to her feelings. At least, that’s what she was hoping.

She’d assured Isabel and Tess that if anyone could break down Liz’s walls, it was probably her.

“You ‘think’?” Liz questioned her. It looked like they were pretty sure to her this afternoon at lunchtime.

Before Maria could answer, the swinging door at the back of the restaurant opened and someone who was a complete stranger to her strolled into the diner. He was tall, loose limbed, wearing faded denim jeans, a black t-shirt, black cowboy boots with a matching Stetson. He was like the Marlborough man and the Lone Ranger rolled into one tightly coiled package. Liz and Maria both had to remind themselves to close their mouths.

He came abreast of the two girls and stopped. “Hey gorgeous,” he said to Liz, his rich voice practically a caress in and of itself. “I was hoping I’d see you today.” His warm smile was slightly wolfish as he glanced over her slender form appreciatively. “Remember, you promised your dad you’d show me the sights. I sure am looking forward to it, and to getting to know you better. We’re practically kissin’ cousins, you know, and I want to know everything about you.” Liz was staring at him, entranced by the sexy timbre of his voice and how it resonated into her ears before dispersing into other parts of her body.

“How about we get together later tonight?”

Maria sat up and narrowed her eyes at the guy. If he thought he was going anywhere with Liz, well, he had another think coming. And she was gonna tell him so, except, before she could open her mouth, Liz was already answering.

“Oh, I’m sorry, but I can’t,” Liz said, sounding truly regretful. “We have to study.”

It was no more than he’d expected and he barely suppressed a chuckle. It was so easy, like taking candy from a baby. Still ‘subtle’ was the name of the game and it wouldn’t do to come on too strong despite the fact that Liz was primed and ready for the picking. He figured he’d give her one last push, then step back a bit. Looking at her plate, he saw the treat she’d been nibbling on and innocently asked, “Oh, is that one of the Delectable DeLuca Pies I’ve heard so much about? May I?”

Without waiting for permission, he took Liz’s fork from her lax hand and scooped up the last of the pie. He put it in his mouth, making appreciative noises as he pulled the utensil back out again – slowly, with a slight suction ensuring that it was completely clean before returning it. After giving Maria a once over that left her bristling, he sent Liz a sexy grin with a wink. “Later.”

Liz smiled shyly. “Bye, Tucker.”

Tipping his hat, he sauntered on outside.

Maria grabbed her friend’s arm. “Ok, who the hell was that?”

“Hmm?” Liz asked absentmindedly as she watched how his ass filled out his jeans while he was walking away. “What? Oh, him. Tucker’s a family friend of sorts. He’s staying here for a little while.”

“What? Here? He’s staying here? Where, ‘here,’ exactly,” Maria asked suspiciously.

“Well, here, you know, like on the sofa in the living room.”

Maria gasped in outrage. That sofa was like three feet from Liz’s bedroom door. To think that the jerk was practically within touching distance… ‘Kissin’ cousins, my ass,’ she thought heatedly. He wanted Liz, that much was obvious, and with her sleeping so close and available… Maria had only one thought to that: “Max isn’t going to like this.”

Liz frowned at her friend’s odd reaction. “He already knows. What’s wrong with you? It’s not like we’ve never had company before.”

“Liz! This guy’s not exactly Grandma Claudia, you know!”

“Who’s not Grandma Claudia,” Jeff Parker asked finally arriving with the long awaited list.

“Tucker,” Liz answered.

Jeff chuckled. “You got that right. He snores loud enough to wake the dead.” Handing his list to Maria, he said, “Tell your mom to drop this stuff by anytime. The only thing we’re really low on are the glow-in-the-dark coffee stirrers, which she already knows.”

“Sure thing, Mr. Parker,” she answered as the two girls gathered up their books and notes for the night’s studying.

“Bye, Dad,” Liz said.

“Don’t stay up too late honey,” he admonished to their departing backs.

An hour and twenty-seven minutes later, Maria slammed her books closed. “That’s it,” she announced, flinging herself back onto the bed. “I’m done.”

Liz looked up with a scolding expression, but Maria cut her off. “Don’t even start with me. Plays aren’t meant to be picked apart like this, I don’t care who wrote it.”

With a sigh, Liz carefully marked her spot and closed her textbook, too. It was easier to cave than to argue, she knew.

Grinning at having won a respite, Maria asked what had been in the back of her mind since they’d left the restaurant, “So, what’s with that Tucker guy?”

“Nothing. He’s just staying with us for a while. He’s on break from school.”

“Why you guys? I mean, when did the CrashDown become a shelter for academic refugees?”

Laughing, Liz replied, “His mom and my dad go way back. They’re like fourth or fifth cousins, but they kind of grew up together. Dad still talks to her every couple of weeks or so. They live in Texas, so this is the first time I’ve met him.”

“I don’t like him,” she announced.

“Maria! You don’t even know him. You met him for what, like thirty seconds?”

“Trust me, it was enough. I’m telling you that this guy is bad news. He gives me the creeps.”

“You know, the last time you said that to me, you were talking about Michael, and look at you now.”

“Yeah, well, with Michael, there were extenuating circumstances.”

“Aren’t there always,” Liz teased.

Maria decided to let that pass. “Speaking of the Czechs, I talked to Tess after school. She invited us over Wednesday after school to hang out and stuff. Maybe go swimming.” Frowning, she added, “She asked me to tell you specifically that there would be no guys there. Kyle has practice or something and the others aren’t invited. What’s that about?”

Liz flushed, remembering what had happened the last time she’d gone to the Valenti’s. She’d been looking for an opportunity to tell Maria about kissing Michael, the guilt of it weighing her down the whole weekend long, and now looked like the time. “I went there, last Friday, you know, to start trying to get along with Tess and Michael showed up. After dinner the four of us, me, Kyle, Michael and Tess were playing this stupid game of Truth or Dare, and Tess asked me who was the first person I’d ever kissed. So, I told them about how we used to practice kissing on Alex. Then I made this stupid comment about how not all of us are just born knowing how to kiss.”

Liz looked at Maria to see if she was following. The two of them had talked at length about how amazing it was that Max and Michael were such great kissers last year considering they’d never had any practice – that they knew of.

Maria nodded for her to continue. “Michael asked me about it, you know, if I was talking about him, which of course I refused to answer,” Liz said, stating her loyalty towards her friend. “The next thing I knew, he was daring me to kiss someone there - other than Kyle.”

Maria’s eyes widened. “Someone other than Kyle? But that left…”

“Yeah, Tess or Michael. And the kiss had to last for thirty seconds.”

Maria’s mouth hung open. They hadn’t told her about this yesterday as they’d made their plans for Liz.

Finally, she managed to ask, “And did you?”

Huskily, Liz said, “Yeah. I did.”

“Which one?”

“I just couldn’t kiss Michael,” Liz said, looking to her friend for understanding. “So I…”

“You kissed Tess.”

“I kissed Tess,” Liz admitted. “The thing is that Tess would have let me back out. I didn’t have to, but I… I,”

“You wanted to,” Maria finished for her. Nodding, Liz was scarlet with embarrassment. She was looking at her fingers as they twisted nervously in her lap. Maria’s heart went out to her friend. That wasn’t an easy thing to confess and she was surprised at her courage. Lord knows she had never said a word to Liz about the failed initiation with Isabel, even when she came to Liz for help.

“How was it?” Maria asked softly.

Liz’s eyes flew up and searched Maria’s face, looking for and not finding any traces of the censure or condemnation she’d expected to see. Maria seemed to be taking this turn of events much better than she’d expected. Of course, Liz hadn’t told her the worst part yet. She knew she was stalling, but she couldn’t resist admitting, “It was amazing.”

Definitely a good sign, Maria thought. She couldn’t help but wonder, if Liz had enjoyed kissing Tess the other day, then why hadn’t anyone told her about it? This was good news.

She was trying to think of what to say next, when Liz softly added, “But that wasn’t the only thing that happened.”

“What do you mean, what else happened?” Maybe Isabel had shown up, she thought happily. Liz quickly disabused her of that notion.

“Well, Michael was timing the kiss, and when the thirty seconds was up, he was there and I… I’m so sorry, Maria, but I kissed him, too.”

“What do you mean you kissed him?”

“I had all of this pent up desire for Tess, but I was holding it back, you know, because it seemed so wrong, but it was *there*, and when Michael pulled me away, I practically like attacked him. I’m sorry, Maria. I didn’t mean for it to happen. It was just a kiss, I mean, nothing else happened, I swear. He loves you so much. It was a mistake and it won’t happen again.”

Maria sat there, speechless. Liz and Michael? Liz and Tess was one thing, but Michael and Liz was another. Her thoughts had scattered in a hundred directions.

Liz watched her friend’s face expectantly. She felt terrible for practically blurting it out like that, but she knew she had to get it out in the open. It was killing her to keep something so important from her. “I would have told you sooner, but I didn’t know how,” she whispered, answering one of the questions Maria had tumbling around in her head. Liz was waiting in an agony of suspense for Maria’s temper to ignite, knowing that she deserved whatever the other girl was about to do or say.

Having the background information that the whole thing had probably been instigated to make Liz sexually aware of Tess, Maria pushed back her hurt feelings. She would be sure to take them out and air them to Michael the next time she saw him, but she held Liz blameless for the kiss. It was just a kiss, like Liz said. It’s not like they saw into each other’s souls or something, right?

Liz looked so guilty over the whole thing that Maria was immediately prompted to exonerate her. But as she took a breath to speak her intentions, an evil little devil suddenly appeared on her left shoulder and began whispering into her ear, “Maria, wait! Why waste this opportunity? I mean, just look at her. Right now, she’ll do anything to get back on your good side. Think about it. She’s completely at our mercy.”

Now, wait just a minute!

Before she could set him straight, she was interrupted again, this time by an outraged gasp from a tiny angel sitting on her other shoulder. “Ahh! I can’t believe you would suggest such a thing. To take advantage of Liz like that when she’s so vulnerable. How could you? Liz is our best friend. She needs our caring and support. She needs to know that we forgive her.”

“And she will. I’m just suggesting that we have a little fun with her first.”

“A little fun with her?! Look at her!” Obediently, devil, angel and girl turned at stared at Liz who was staring dejectedly at her intertwined fingers in her lap. “Does she look like she wants to compound the issue by kissing you right now? She’s confused enough as it is! We should be comforting her, not making her feel worse!”

“What I had in mind will be very comforting, and she’ll be feeling tons better in a little while, I promise,” the devil whispered with a leer. Maria rolled her eyes in response.

The angel pounded her hand into her fist and said adamantly, “No. Absolutely not. Maria, don’t you listen to him!”

“Oh for crying out loud, do you want to kiss the girl or not? You may never get another chance like this! Now, go get her!”

Poof. Both angel and devil were gone, now leaving Maria facing a guilt ridden Liz.

The devil had a point, she acknowledged.

“You know, Liz,” Maria said slowly, “I think the only way this is going to be right between us again is…”

“What?” Liz eagerly grasped at the proffered olive branch unaware that she was just about to find herself dangling from the self same limb while Maria busily sawed away at it from the other end.

“This…” It was all the warning she got before Maria cupped her face between her palms and brought their lips together. Not giving Liz time to react, she thrust her tongue deep into the other girl’s mouth, relishing the sensations. Liz tasted exquisite, far better than she’d ever imagined and she was tempted to draw the kiss out, but Liz’s utter lack of response forestalled her. Apparently, Liz was every bit as appalled today as she’d been last week.

If only that were the case…

At the first touch of Maria’s mouth, Liz had gone rigid, but not for the reasons Maria supposed. Liz wasn’t reacting out of distaste but rather surprise. She was surprised that Maria would kiss her, but more than that, she was surprised at the reaction she was having to it. This was nothing like their brief kiss from last week. This was different.

She’d been surprised then, too, and though the taste and memory of their brief contact had lingered in her mind the rest of the week, it hadn’t affected her as much as this kiss. This time it was stronger, more compelling somehow, as if something inside her had changed during the past week. Maybe it was the lunches spent watching porn side by side in Alex’s bed, maybe it was the shocking kisses from last Friday. Maybe she was just loosening up. Or maybe it was the jealousy she’d felt at discovering that Maria, Isabel and Tess had grown close to the point that they were hanging out and having sleepovers, which excluded her. Maybe… maybe she wanted to claim some part of Maria for herself. Maria was her friend first, Liz thought irrationally as she suddenly responded heatedly, pulling Maria closer. Hers, not Isabel’s, not Tess’s. Hers. Liz’s tongue swept into Maria’s mouth for a quick foray before pulling back again. Maria, she thought. My friend, mine. Crushing their mouths together, Liz again sent her tongue past Maria’s lips, stroking deep inside. She was soon fighting the impulse to push Maria back on the bed and have her way with her. And that shocked her more than anything.

Gasping for breath, they finally broke apart and looked deeply into each other’s eyes. It was a sight so familiar, yet altogether new, each thought. Even with last week’s antics, they’d never seen one another look quite like this before, one needy, one possessive, both wanting more. Their heads inclined together again.

“Maria, Liz! Dinner!” Amy Deluca’s voice rang out, breaking the spell that had been cast over them. Their breathing was heavy in the silence.

“Be right there,” Maria called back as she watched Liz’s eyes drop and color bloom in her cheeks.

“Liz,” she said softly, hoping to recapture the moment.

Liz, however had returned to earth with a thud. What was wrong with them? she wondered. Now, she had yet another kiss she had to explain to Max, and she had the added guilt of knowing that it happened while she was going out with him. They weren’t on a ‘break’ this time. “What was that for, Maria,” she asked painfully.

Defensively and afraid of the rejection she read in every line of Liz’s body, Maria blithely explained her actions, “I was just thinking that if we kissed, then the two kisses would cancel themselves out.”

Taken aback, Liz asked, “What are you talking about?”

“Well, me and Michael have kissed, and you and he have kissed, so if we were to kiss, it would even things out, and we could pretend like it never happened.” God, how she wanted to kiss her again, Maria thought as she gave her lame explanation. “It was like a kiss for a kiss, see?” Liz’s lips were wet from their aborted kiss, and they seemed to beckon her. Down, girl, she admonished herself.

Liz nodded, accepting the story at face value.

The two girls stared at each other, unsure of what to say in the aftermath of a kiss that had in some way changed everything between them yet changed nothing.

“Girls!” Amy called again, but caught in their own world, they ignored her a bit longer

Finally, Liz cleared her throat and asked, “Friends?” A small, unacknowledged part of her hoped Maria would say ‘no’ thus requiring another kiss to be offered.

Maria was too thrilled over her unexpected good fortune of the first kiss to do anything but agree, “Friends.”

Then they sat in a stilted silence before Liz repeated quietly, “I am so sorry, Maria.” Somehow she couldn’t believe that Maria could be over her betrayal with Michael so quickly.

Maria reached over and took the hand of her best friend in the world and said, “It’s ok, Liz,” before adding, “I’m not mad at you.”

“Why not?” Liz asked curiously. If the situation had been reversed, and it had been Max and Maria doing the kissing, Liz would have been unbelievably upset. Somehow she knew the ‘kiss for a kiss’ method of dealing with it wouldn’t have worked for her.

“I don’t know. I just know that I’m not mad at you. It’s not like you set out to kiss him or something.”

“It just happened,” Liz affirmed.

“I believe you.”

Liz let out a sigh of relief. One down… Her happiness was short lived as she faced the problem that had been plaguing her since Friday. “Oh. God, Maria, what am I gonna say to Max about Michael?”

Seeing the guilt stamped once again on Liz’s face, Maria gathered her into her arms for a reassuring hug. “I don’t know babe. You’re on your own there but somehow, I don’t think Max is gonna be mad at you. My Spaceboy’s days might be numbered, but I think you’re safe from the alien king’s wrath. Either way, you know I got your back, though, right?”

Liz’s arms came gratefully around Maria, and she buried her face in her friend’s neck.

Maria closed her eyes, and fought against an urge to turn the comforting embrace into something more erotic, that one small taste having only wet her appetite. She was kinda sure that Liz would enjoy it, too, but not enough to push the issue.

Holding Liz, Maria thought about how different their situations were now. While she was free to bask in the warmth and love of her new family, seeking love and acceptance in their open arms, Liz was still shut out in the cold. Left in the dark and unaware of the alternatives that existed, Liz seemed to Maria to be trapped in a dark place. And the worst thing was that she didn’t even know it. It was so sad.

Maria was bound by her vow of silence to Max not to mention what the other girl was missing, but she could try to steer her in the direction of self-discovery. Everything would be better once the truth was revealed and she wouldn’t have to keep quiet about something so important to all of them.

She stroked her friend’s dark tresses as she thought about the best way to approach her. Considering last Friday’s kiss, she reevaluated her strategy and decided that Tess was the key. Somehow she had to get her and Liz together.


Did you spot my me and my muse? Now you see the problem I have writing this story. I want to be nice to Liz, but sometimes he was other plans, and he always wins. grin

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Hey everyone!

I loved reading everyone’s thought and comments. You guys really do know how to make a girl’s day, Now, before I can post the next part, I just have to begin by saying, I have good news, and I have bad news. Which do you want to hear first?

The good news is: the preceding chapter was my least favorite part of this entire story so far. It went through three major revisions, and while I’m happy with how it finally turned out, it still doesn’t hold up to the rest of the story.

The bad news is: after leaving Maria’s, Liz opted not to go straight home.

Oh, and Tas, I sorry for implying that I was alone on my island of fun. Your comments have shown that you’re with me here, and I really appreciate the company. And besides, I like the way you think!

Chapter ten

Liz stood anxiously outside of Max’s window, not sure if she had the courage to knock. Once she’d left Maria’s, Liz had driven around for a while until she’d found herself stopping out front of the Evans’. After having confessed everything to her friend, Liz just knew she wasn’t going to sleep tonight until she told Max, too, at least about Michael. Granted, when the kiss with Michael happened, Liz and Max were still officially broken up, but to Liz it still felt like a betrayal, and she couldn’t live with that. Somehow, now that she had a chance to calm down, the kiss she’d shared with Maria didn’t seem like a big deal. She wasn’t sure she was up to examining why that was.

But maybe – she looked at the lit display on her watch – twelve o’ five on a school night wasn’t the best time to discuss it.

She should go, she told herself. Max was probably sleeping… in his bed… possibly with very few clothes on. Her cheeks got warm at the possibility.

Well, maybe she should go take a look you know, to see if he was up or not. If he was sleeping, she’d just go, but if he was awake, then they’d talk.

Ok, she told herself, just a quick look.

Tip toeing closer she cupped her hands around her eyes and peered inside the room.

Max was laying on his stomach on the bed, his head turned away from her. The moonlight coming through the window cast his skin in a ghostly pale. As she watched, one of his fingers twitched slightly. Something about his position caused her to frown. There was something… She could swear that she’d seen him exactly like this sometime before…

The dream. Liz’s eyes widened as she remembered dreaming about giving Max a massage, and having him fall asleep on her. He’d been in this exact position, only more in shadow as the moonlight hadn’t penetrated very far into the room then.

He just looked so peaceful…


Isabel’s voice coming from the adjacent window scared the life out of her. The dark haired girl jumped back with a stifled shriek. “Oh my god, Isabel, what are you doing there?”

Isabel chuckled to see the normally unflappable Liz Parker so easily startled. “Me? I live here,” she stated humorously. “I was going to ask you the same thing, actually.”

Liz looked from Max’s window to Isabel’s and began, “I was… um, well, there was … and I… but he,” she waved at the window next to her, “so I um… Umm, what was the question again?”

Laughing outright, Isabel held out her hand. “Come on, I’ll let you in. I take it you wanted Max?”

How did she know? “No,” Liz quickly denied as she climbed inside before realizing that Isabel wasn’t speaking about sexual wanting. “I mean, yes, I mean, I do want to *see* Max, but I just wanted to talk.”

Isabel glanced at her clock. “At twelve fifteen on a Monday night? This couldn’t wait until morning?”

“Yeah, maybe I should go,” Liz said. “I don’t even know what I’m doing here.”

“No, it’s fine. Let me just go wake him up and make sure he’s decent.” Isabel quickly left the room. Liz listened in embarrassment and impatience to Max’s sleepy voice complaining of the intrusion. Isabel answered softly and suddenly there was a flurry of activity in the next room. Within seconds, a sleepy-eyed Max was standing in the doorway. “Liz,” he whispered, “Is something wrong?”

“No. Not really. I just wanted to talk to you, and… this was a big mistake.” She started edging toward the window. “I can just talk to you at school tomorrow.”

“It’s ok, Liz,” he said catching her arm. Giving Isabel a significant look, he pulled Liz out of her room and into his, closing the door softly. “What’s going on?” He sat down on the edge of his bed and waited to hear whatever it was that had brought her to his house so late at night.

Liz was pacing nervously, wishing she’d thought to prepare a speech or something. But here she was, and he was looking at her so intensely, and he was wearing a white tank that showed off the muscles in his arms… ‘Just stop right there, Parker! You’re here for a reason so quit stalling and get to it.’

There was no easy way to say it, so taking a deep breath, Liz finally blurted, “I just needed to tell you about something that happened a couple of days ago.”

Before she could continue, there was a light tapping at the door. With an apologetic look, Max stood to answer it, and Liz saw Isabel standing in the doorway completely dressed to go out despite the lateness of the hour. She and Max had a briefly whispered conversation at the end of which, Max handed over the keys to the Jeep and admonished, “Be back before Mom and Dad get up.”

“Yeah, I will.” Raising her voice slightly, she said, “See you at school tomorrow, Liz.”

“Where are you going?” Liz stepped forward to ask.

“Nowhere. Just for a drive. Maybe, I’ll just go to Alex's.” She hurried away before Liz could ask her why she felt a sudden need to escape from the house in the middle of the night.

After closing his door, he turned to find Liz standing right next to him with a slightly puzzled expression on her face. Hoping to divert her attention, he asked, “Is this about Michael?”

Shocked at his accurate guess, Liz stared at him. “Did he tell you?”

“No,” Max said, shaking his head. “You did.” He pointed at his temple, indicating he’d gotten a flash.

“Oh,” Liz said, her eyes downcast. “Look, Max,” she began but he put a finger to her soft lips, silencing her.

“Michael and I already talked about it, and we understand each other. Forget about it.” He caressed the bare skin of her arm briefly before pulling her into his embrace. “I love you, Liz. There isn’t anything you could do that I wouldn’t understand and forgive you for. As long as we can be together, that’s all that matters to me.”

Looking deeply into his golden eyes, Liz whispered, “Me, too.”

Bending slightly, Max brought his lips to hers and kissed her softly.

Surprising him, Liz threw her arms around his neck and returned his kiss passionately.

Max’s desire for Liz exploded and he caught her close against his body, amazed that she was again in his room where he could bask in the freedom to enjoy the warmth of her heart, body and soul.

Liz vaguely registered the sound of the Jeep peeling away down the street as she gave herself over to the mastery of Max’s kisses. He’d already pulled her light summer jacket down her arms and was lowering her to the bed before she knew what hit her. With the feel of the firm mattress against her back, Liz sighed softly into his mouth. She had one hand curled in the softly curling hair at his nape and the other was around his shoulders hugging him to her tightly. Max, my Max, she thought possessively. She twined one of her legs with his allowing him to slip into the cradle of her thighs. She gloried in the feel of his hard erection pressing against her aching center. God, how she wanted him! With his parents right down the hall, Liz knew that tonight wasn’t going to be the night they saw this thing between them to it’s natural conclusion, but she ached to please him, to see his face as he lost himself to ecstasy in her. So far, he’d resisted her overtures, but tonight would be different, she decided. Tonight she wasn’t going to let him stop her. Maybe it was her need to show Max how much she loved him, maybe it was a reaction to his easy acceptance of what had happened with Michael, she didn’t know. All she was aware of was a need to prove to him that he was the only one for her and she for him, and this certainly seemed like the best time and place to do it.

Pushing against him, she silently asked him to roll them over, which he did, so that she was now laying full length on top of him. He groaned appreciatively at the freedom to caress her back and sides with his large hands, while he continued to eat at her mouth with his.

Her knees naturally fell on either side of his hips, opening her womanhood for a closer contact against him. Max’s erection was throbbing strongly against her and she couldn’t resist an experimental wiggle to settle him more deeply against the aching bud that was reaching out for him. She silently damned the clothes that separated them, but not for long. She had other plans.

Pulling her mouth from his, she buried her lips in his neck, gasping in pleasure and breathing in his distinctive scent. She ran her hands down his chest seeking and finding the edge of his untucked t-shirt. Skimming her fingers underneath, she lightly caressed his warm skin, enjoying the strong, smooth ripples of muscled flesh she found there. Exploring higher, she found his tight, masculine nipples were like tiny little points against his otherwise sleek chest. He shifted slightly beneath her, telling her silently that he enjoyed her touching him there.

Shoving his shirt out of her way, she brought her mouth to those small pleasure spots, lightly tonguing his responsive flesh. Max pushed his fingers into her thick hair to hold her against him, basking in her loving touch. Liz was rarely aggressive when they made out, and each time it happened, it gave him a silent thrill.

With one elbow supporting her weight, Liz continued to lave him while her free hand stroked his skin. Sometimes she used her fingernails against him, causing a storm of goosebumps to appear, sometimes she just lovingly caressed him. Shifting around slightly, she brought her knees up by his elbows so that she was crouching over him. Sitting up, Liz began tugging at his shirt in earnest. She wanted it off him. Max sat up beneath her and helped her divest him of his garment. She tossed it across the room where it landed precariously half on, half off his small desk.

Resting his hands passively on her thighs, Max laid back and allowed her to gaze at him. He loved that look she got in her eyes sometimes. The look that said she couldn’t quite believe he was there; that he was hers. That look humbled him and made him feel more powerful than Superman all at once. It was that look that made him believe in happy endings. It made him want to do whatever it might take to bind her to him for all eternity. If he could find a way to capture that look, so he could take it out and gaze at it again when his future got dark and empty, he would.

“What?” she whispered, caught in the wistful longing she saw in his golden gaze.

“Nothing,” he denied. Cupping her cheek in one hand, he pulled her back down on to him, missing her warmth already. Her hair fell around them in a sweetly scented waterfall, cocooning them in their own private heaven. “I love you so much, Liz, that sometimes it hurts,” he whispered.

“Yeah, me too,” she agreed against his lips, unable to deny herself the pleasure of kissing him even for a moment. The tips of her breasts pressed tantalizingly against his chest and she rubbed them back and forth in an effort to appease their consuming ache. Reading her urgent body language, Max’s warm fingers came up and cupped her through the light blouse she wore, rubbing the hardened nubs in erotic circles that drove her crazy.

“Max,” she gasped out, “don’t stop.”

“Never,” he promised, as lost in the moment as she was.

As incredible as it all felt, she needed more. She could feel her body was dripping in readiness for him. She needed to feel him against her, skin to skin, even if that was as far as it went tonight. Reaching between them, she grazed her fingers lightly over his throbbing erection.

Max nearly jumped out of his skin. Her soft hand against him, even through his boxers and shorts felt amazing. He couldn’t think of anything he wanted more in that moment than to feel it again. His hips thrust upward seeking out more of her gentle touch.

Pleased by his reaction, Liz repeated the caress, enjoying Max’s near silent groan as she did so. “Like that, huh?” she asked, nipping at his ear.

For an answer, he twisted one of her nipples lovingly, causing her in inhale noisily. He smiled wickedly and said, “About that much.”

Liz was not to be distracted from her goal. Reaching for the waistline of his remaining garments, Liz asked, “Max?”

“No, Liz. We can’t.”

“I know. Not with your parents home. I just want to touch you. Please, Max?”

How could any sane man resist a request like that? He was helpless against her pleading gaze, and he knew it. Lifting his hips slightly, he helped her pull his shorts and boxers off his legs. Then he watched in loving amusement as she avoided looking at what she’d been so eager to uncover. Apparently, Miss Parker was suddenly shy, he observed with a grin. The same could not be said for him, however. He was so turned on by being naked with her for the first time that his erection was practically standing straight up from his body, needing hardly any additional support to remain upright on its own.

At her hesitation, he flipped them over and came down between her legs. He nibbled at her lips, whispering between bites: “Have I ever mentioned how unbelievably sexy you are when you’re shy?”

Slightly embarrassed, she smacked him on the shoulder. “Stop it.”

“Stop what?” he asked in mock seriousness.

She wrapped her arms around his neck and hugged him tightly to her, enjoying his weight pressing her down into the mattress. “Stop teasing me,” she whispered huskily. Twisting slightly, she caused her lower body to rub against his engorged shaft.

“Ok,” he agreed, before catching her lips fully beneath his, loving their satiny texture. He was all serious now as he brought his hands to her face thumbing the soft skin beneath her cheekbones. His fingertips met behind her head and he rubbed in tiny circles against the tendons of her neck until she groaned in delight. All the while, his lips were against hers, their tongues touching, seeking, loving one another.

Their eyes were tightly closed as they abandoned themselves to the sensations of having each other near. So lost in the kiss was she, that Liz momentarily forgot Max’s state of undress. His kisses were like that. She was reminded when she stroked her hands down his back to his waist. When she didn’t encounter any fabric to hinder her downward glide, she just kept going ‘til she hit his thighs and back up again.

Enjoying the sensation, he pressed his erection tighter against her with a soft sigh. Pulling back slightly, it was his turn to stare at her. Liz’s face was a tantalizing mix of innocence and sultry desire, her lips red and swollen from their many kisses. She had never looked more beautiful to him. His gaze shifted to include her perfectly tiny earlobes and soft underside of her neck; it was all tempting flesh that begged to be explored with his lips, teeth and tongue.

Dipping his head, he inhaled the intoxicating scent of her perfume beneath the curve of her jaw and kissed her there. Running his lips to the shell of her ear, he lightly tongued each swirl before dipping inside briefly. Liz tightened her grip around his hips with her thighs and pulled him closer to her as if she were afraid he would stop. She needn’t have bothered; he wasn’t stopping any time soon. He nibbled lightly on her earlobe, flicking it with his tongue before sucking it into his mouth.

“Max,” she sighed softly, sliding her fingers into his hair, causing shivers to erupt across his bare skin.

Max slid his hands up beneath the hem of her shirt, seeking out the soft globes that were pressing into him. Cupping their twin weights in his hands, he used his thumb and forefinger to stroke and stimulate the sensitive nipples through the fabric of her bra.

Gasping, Liz twisted against him, in an attempt to heighten the sensation. She inhaled sharply, causing her breasts to swell against him further. Enjoying her ready response, he twisted and pulled harder at her nipples until her breath was sobbing in and out of her lungs. Needing to taste her, he swooped down and took one lace-clad point in his mouth, biting down gently on the tight bud causing her to arch her back and cry out. God, how he loved her!

Reaching between their bodies, he possessively cupped her softness through her jeans. He could feel her heat and the wetness that had seeped into the cloth and all he wanted in the world was the right to touch and explore her fully, until he’d memorized each and every passionate molecule of her. With one hand and a little alien know-how, he opened the front clasp on her bra and pulled the edges back. The nipple he’d suckled was damp and darker in color than the other one. They couldn’t stay like that, so he decisively pulled the overlooked one into his mouth and rubbed the hard nubbin with the rough side of his tongue while holding her tightly between his teeth.

Liz could barely catch her breath. What he was doing to her was so incredible and felt so good. Every part of her was focused on his hands and his mouth and each move they made against her. Each nerve ending was standing at attention hoping to come into contact with his warm body somehow, and those parts that were already in contact were singing with pleasure.

Her warm hands returned to his butt, learning the curves and textures there. She experimentally flexed her fingers causing her nails to dig into his skin and was heartened by his shivering reaction. Remembering her dream from Sunday night, Liz lightly traced the dark cleft with her fingertips. She felt his erection jump against her and gloried in her ability to make him respond to her, too. Oh yeah, there was no way she was putting him to sleep this time.

Suddenly feeling assertive, she remembered her original plan to show Max she loved him by inundating him with pleasure. She pushed against his shoulder and once again, he was on his back, and she was sitting up on his thighs. Aggressively, she kissed his neck and cheek before trailing a path to his chest. She allowed her hands to wander freely over his sculpted belly to the place she was most curious about. His erection was throbbing hotly against his lower abs, nestled against a small bed of crisply curling hair. Stalling, trying to hold her virginal shyness at bay, she stroked around the area: his belly, and upper thighs, even taking the time to run her fingers through the crinkly pubic hair there. He was tense with anticipation, wondering if she would ever touch him where they both wanted her to.

Taking a deep breath for courage, she allowed her fingertips to touch him where she never had before. His skin was hot and completely devoid of hair. It was firm, but not hard, as she’d expected. Its shape was exactly as she’d imagined. (Lunch at Alex’s last week had proved to be highly informative.) Curling her soft fingers around him, she simply held him in her fist for a moment feeling him pulse beneath her sweaty palm. She was amazed at how her own body was throbbing to the same rhythm.

Growing bolder, she began to explore. Moving to the tip of his cock, she ran her thumb across its smooth surface, noticing the slight indention on the underside. Then she moved lightly down the full length to the mysterious sacs hanging between his thighs. Her free hand came down to cup and explore them. There was some sparse hair growing there, stiff and nearly straight. The sacs were loose with two semi hard tissues inside, one on each side. Liz paused in the action of licking one of his tight nipples as she realized that she was literally holding all of the possibilities of future Maxes in her hand. It was a man’s most delicate part, and she was awed that Max trusted her not to hurt him, but at the same time, it was obvious that he was holding himself in check, barely breathing as she’d explored that vulnerable place. Very gently, she released him, careful not to squeeze or bruise him in any way until his testicles once again lay dangling between his legs.

Max was a heartbeat away from attacking her. Liz’s soft hands on his body felt so good that he was memorizing each and every sensation to take out and marvel over in the future. When she released him, he nearly groaned in disappointment, but he wouldn’t push her for more than she was willing to give, and besides, her hands had returned to his throbbing cock, so it was a trade off of one kind of pleasure for another. As she continued to stroke him, learning his textures, Max lost all sense of who he was. He was floating on a cloud of Liz-induced passion that had no beginning and no end. It was a place with no place. Time didn’t exist there. There was only the pleasure cloud and Liz’s soft hands and mouth against his body. He decided it must be exactly what Heaven was like.

Satisfied that she had discovered every nuance of his hardness that there was to discover, she again encircled his cock with one hand and began to stroke him, mimicking what she’d seen on the porn channel. To her consternation, she realized that she had no idea what she was doing. Then to add injury to insult, she accidentally scratched him with one of her nails.

Pulling away, her eyes flew to his face, but besides a slight frown puckering his forehead, he appeared unharmed, so she must not have hurt him too badly. She wanted so much to please him, but she was starting to feel awkward and gauche. “Max,” she whispered.

“Yeah?” His golden eyes opened and looked at her with such a loving expression that her fears were immediately soothed. Nothing between them could be bad or wrong. She remembered that he was every bit as inexperienced as she was, and that helped give her the confidence to admit, “I don’t know how…”

“I’ll show you,” he promised with great tenderness. Taking her tiny hand in his, he led her back to his aching cock. Wrapping his hand around hers, he taught her the motions that would bring him the greatest pleasure.

Letting go, he let her try it on her own. “Like this?” she asked softly.

“Yeah,” he said hoarsely. “That’s perfect.” Oh God. *She* couldn’t be more perfect, he thought, marveling once again over how lucky he was. Somehow, with Liz the sensations were deeper, more erotic than anything he’d ever experienced before, surpassing the initiations and everything he’d done since then.

Unconsciously, his hips began minutely thrusting against her and the rhythm she was setting.

Liz stroked him for several endless minutes, in her inexperience drawing out the pleasure instead of driving him toward that final peak. She was gazing at him raptly, dividing her attention between his handsome face, flushed with desire and the amazing sight of his hardness slipping in and out of her fisted fingers. She felt heady and powerful. And turned on. But she wasn’t thinking about herself, only about pleasing Max as she pressed onward.

Watching his cockhead disappear and reappear as she loved him, she started getting an impulse to taste him. The guys in the porn movies all seemed to like it when the women did it to them (and when other guys did it, too). Would Max like it? She looked at him surreptitiously from under her lashes. She wouldn’t have thought it possible, but taking him into her mouth seemed to be a thousand times more intimate than what they were already doing. Could she do it? Did she want to?

Max made a softly sexy sound as he shifted beneath her hands, still lightly rocking his hips to her caresses. He seemed to be thoroughly aroused by what she’d done so far, and she wanted this night of firsts to be something to remember, so she decided to just go for it. …But maybe she should work up to… you know. Slowly, she kissed her way down his chest and abs, loving the way his muscles flexed beneath her lips. She stopped briefly to explore the indention of his bellybutton before continuing downward.

Max couldn’t believe that she would want to… but her sexy mouth was definitely heading for… Oh shit. He could barely think, only feel as her hand stilled in its erotic motion and he felt her hot breath feathering over his highly sensitized skin. He wanted to feel her mouth on him more than anything in the world. He tensed with bated breath despite the pounding of his heart as he waited to see what she would do.

Opening his eyes, he looked down at her. Her silky hair was thrown over her far shoulder, cascading down onto his clenched thighs. Her hand was in the middle of his shaft and her face was hovering over him. She was looking at him like he was the last ice cream cone on Earth and she wanted to savor every nuance of her first taste. He felt himself pulse in her hand in reaction to the hot look she was giving him. Slowly, her pink tongue came out to moisten her already glistening lips as more of her warm breaths feathered across his skin.

Her hand tightened slightly as she gradually bent over him. In slow motion, he watched her mouth open, and the tip of her tongue slide slightly outward. He began to tremble, the hours dragging by as he watched her descend closer and closer to his throbbing flesh. He knew this was going to be so good, so sweet and hot. And as soon as he could move, he vowed, he was going to flip her over and return the favor and they would make love all night, parents or no parents, school or no school.

And that’s when he remembered…

“Liz, don’t.” He tried to jerk upright, his reflexes uncoordinated under the passionate haze that claimed him but it was too late. Liz’s beautiful mouth lightly brushed against him, her tongue slightly abrasive against the sensitive flesh she held so lovingly.

At the touch of her mouth, his erection deflated like a punctured balloon. One moment, he was in an agony of passionate desire, the next, in another kind of pain all together. Unaware of what he was doing, he knocked her fingers away and covered himself with one of his large hands, doubling over on the rumpled bed.

Liz had stared in shocked disbelief as his erection completely disappeared in a matter of seconds. Then he’d pushed her away from him… She raised her stricken eyes to him, “Max?” unsure of what she’d done wrong.

He was too busy coping with his own upset to notice hers. With his head buried in his other hand, he ground out, “Jesus!” in frustrated desire. How could he have been so stupid as to let things go so far? Michael had warned him what would happen. “Damn it!”

Liz couldn’t think of anything except somehow or another, she’d caused this with her actions. She’d crossed the line between decency and… and *sex* and it had disgusted him. Even as part of her scoffed at the idea, the evidence before her was unmistakable. Max had been completely aroused until she’d touched him like that, and then he just… wasn’t. It must have been her. She’d done it.

Humiliated, and horrified, she scrambled from the bed.

Looking down at herself, she was further embarrassed to discover that aside from being unhooked beneath her shirt, she was completely dressed, while Max… She felt like an idiot and she had to leave, NOW.

Despite the debilitating pain he was in, Max looked up as he felt her move away. Oh god, he was going to have to tell her *something*, but what? “Liz, I…”

She cut him off. “Max, it’s late and I think I’m just going to go. I’ll see you tomorrow at school.” Grabbing her jacket off the dresser where he’d laid it earlier, she dashed through his door and down the hallway.

Cursing, Max retrieved his boxers and flung them on as quickly as his shaking body would allow. He felt like he’d been hit with a shock of electricity and nothing was working like it should. By the time he reached the front door, Liz’s taillights were already disappearing down the street. He debated going after her, but since A) he had no idea what to say to her yet and B) Isabel had taken the Jeep, he opted to wait until morning when he could talk to her at school.

Returning to his room, he resisted the impulse to break something in frustration and instead settled for pacing feverishly while trying to come up with some kind of explanation that wouldn’t have Liz running away from him like he was some kind of… alien.


As always, any FB is welcome, good or bad, I can take it.

Look for the next part late Tuesday, early Wednesday.

For anyone who is a little confused over what just happened, let me refresh your memory with a quote from chapter two of Two Down, Two to Go:

“What if you skipped the initiation for now? You could do it later after she's feeling more comfortable. Maybe that would help. You know, take the edge off," Kyle suggested.

"We can't," Max said. "We can only go so far, then everything shrivels up. My psyche won't let my body complete the act."

I want to dedicate this chapter to Breathless who was wondering the extent of Max’s ‘chastity belt.’ Debbie, if you’re lurking out there, this one’s for you.


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OMB, your responses have been amazing. 'Poor Liz' is right. I've had that one scene in my head ever since I wrote that line in TD,TTG about Max only being able to go so far... Back when I thought the whole project would only be about 30 pages long. Is everyone feeling sufficiently bad for her? I hope so, cause this could actually get worse...

Even I can hardly wait 'till Tuesday night to post the next part. I'm just having one problem... Does anyone know how to post a picture around here? Can I just copy and paste the darn thing, or does it have to be uploaded on another site and input with the < img > tag?

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Welcome back everybody. I'm very glad that ya'll enjoyed that last chapter so much! I've been dying to post it nearly since I concluded TD,TTG. *bounce*

To the "Poor Liz" committee, which includes pretty much everyone at this point: Yeah, we're pretty much ready to fry Max over here, so feel free to spew, froth and foam at will, we'll join right in! (Apparently, I have some residual S2 issues that are creeping into this story through the cracks - the closer I get to the end, the more apparent they're becoming.)

behrhugs Yeah, they can fool around, and they have been. (It seems like a lot of time has passed, but it's only Monday night their time.) Liz had been over until the wee hours Sunday morning, and then tonight and they'd been involved in heavy make-out sessions both times. That's kinda what Max had in mind when he'd said that he and Liz would find another way: excessive fooling around. :-) (The question is, how long can that last?)

sutton: You'd be right about that. There's gonna have to be some major grovelling.

maxzhot and Lelea: Tucker is looking better all the time, isn't he?

Tas: Yeah, Max pretty much brought that one on himself, and IMHO he definately deserved the extreme discomfort his 'deflation' caused. Sometimes as I was writing this whole beginning part up to where Liz finally gets let in on the secret, I kept getting this one line from Disney's Aladdin in my head where the genie is yelling at Aladdin, "TELL HER THE TRUTH!!!" I wonder if Max has seen it. grin.

You're still wincing... I laughed my fool head off for about a week once I wrote it... serves him right! Moonbeam agrees with me here. Now Liz on the other hand... I'll just have to find a way to make it up to her somehow. Hmmm.

Teresa: I'm shocked to hear the "r" word come out of your fingertips. (Though the plan has merit.) The gang already thought of the 'initiate her anyway' idea, and it was promptly shot down. (Chapter 7) The reason given was that Max hadn't 'claimed' her yet. There's a certain protocal they're following here: First the alien 'claims' his/her mate in some sort of proclaimation. (Of course, with Isabel, it was 'go get him.' grin.) Then the two alien inductors go and explain the situation to the human inductee. The human MUST then agree to the initiation unequivocally. Much sex ensues. LOL In the morning, the first alien arrives to bond with their mate, thus completing the initiation. So, their hands - and everything else - are tied until Max claims her and she accepts. This whole ritual thingy is gonna be very important by the time Wednesday rolls around.

Moonbeam: Unfortunately, not knowing that she's being lied to, Liz is not allowed to feel the anger we all know she's entitled to. But you're right, Max needs to be punished severly for hurting our girl. Please stand over here with the virulent, foaming Max-strongly-dislikers for now. They're that group who are forming the line that goes around the corner there, and out the door, around the block... You've got on your walking shoes, right? It might take a few minutes to reach the end of the line.

Shirasade: I felt the need to put in some kind of Dreamer's warning, but that would have spoiled the surprise, so I settled for the good news/bad news thing. I'm glad you liked the ride, though. As far as the effects of their loving, other than Isabel nearly being caught in the house with them, if anyone had a problem, they didn't tell me about it.

alienchica: Please join Moonbeam in the line mentioned above, I believe she's saving you a place... Yeah, Max is getting on my nerves, and I'm not the only one.

Believeintruelove: Remember that Max already knows about Tucker. He met OPee the same time Liz did.

Breathless: I'm glad you liked it! It was a hard chapter to write, knowing how it was gonna end. I felt so bad for the Liz the whole time - to the point that it took over a week just to get on paper cause I couldn't stand what I was doing to her and each sentence was practically like pulling teeth. (How sad is that? I'm way too involved with this darn fic! grin.)

I hope you guys like this chapter as we change gears for a while. It's one of my favorites.

And now, allow me to present:

Chapter eleven

“Are you ok?”

Liz started at the hand that softly touched her shoulder in conjunction with the concerned voice. Turning around, she came face to face with Isabel, who looked for all the world like a loving friend that was concerned about her. Huh.

Dissembling, Liz frowned and asked, “Of course. Why shouldn’t I be?”

It was third period and so far, she’d avoided meeting any of her friends today by the expedient method of steering clear of her locker and going to all of her classes without any of her books or notes. With mid-terms looming, it wasn’t the smartest thing to do, but she couldn’t face Max. Not yet. Her humiliation of last night was still too raw.

After arriving home at nearly two in the morning, having to deal with Tucker’s ‘That must have been one helluva study session’ comment once he’d taken in her mussed appearance, then tossing and turning all night, tormented by images of Max turning away from her in abhorrence, she hadn’t been up for socializing this morning. Avoidance seemed the best route to go until she could deal with what happened. The problem was, she didn’t know what happened. Was it an alien thing? After all, Earth guys seemed to like getting blowjobs, from what she’d seen and heard. Or was it just Max? Maybe that kind of loving was repugnant to him. She should have asked him first. She shouldn’t have assumed that a decent, clean-cut guy like him would go for that kind of thing.

Max was in her next class, and she was seriously considering skipping, upcoming midterm or not.

Isabel had tracked her down to the band room where Kyle had spotted her going a little while earlier, unaware of what had happened. The story of Max’s stupidity had spread like wildfire through their ranks this morning, Kyle, as always being the last to know. They (‘they’ being Isabel, Alex, Maria, Michael, Tess and Kyle) had agreed that of all of them, Isabel was the best person to go talk to her. Maria had strongly objected at first, citing ‘best friend’ status as her argument, but she’d been overruled. Isabel had stated forcefully that Liz wouldn’t appreciate the fact that everyone knew about what had happened, and Isabel preferred to let Liz think it’s just between she, Max and Liz for now.

Sitting down next to her friend, Isabel thought Liz looked every bit as bad as Max did this morning. She still couldn’t believe how her normally intelligent brother had let things get so completely out of control last night.

When she’d gotten home from Alex's at six this morning, she’d been surprised to see Max’s bedroom light already on. Tapping on his door, she stepped inside to ask with a grin, “So, how’d it go with Liz?”

Her smile had faded away as she took in his dejected posture where he’d sat on the foot of his bed, his hands fisted against his mouth. Immediately concerned, she shut the door and asked quietly, “What happened?”

“I completely screwed up with her, Iz. She ran out of here and was gone before I could explain.” He gave a scathing laugh full of self-loathing, “Not that I have any idea what I would have told her, even if I’d had the chance.”

Putting her hand on his arm, she implored, “Max, tell me what happened. Why did she leave?” though she had a good idea what the answer was.

Staring ahead at nothing, Max admitted, “I let things go too far.”

“Too far? You mean?”

Max nodded. “Just like what Michael said happened with Maria, you know before she’d been initiated the first time.” Clenching his fists, Max said forlornly, “You have no idea, Iz. It was like being struck by lightening. Everything just shut down. And the look on her face… I can’t begin to imagine what she must be thinking this morning.”

Isabel silently thought that she had a good idea, based on Maria’s experience with her failed initiation. Liz was surely blaming herself, unaware that it was Max’s alien physiology that was to blame… not to mention his supreme stupidity. Isabel was beginning to get angry on Liz’s behalf.

“What am I gonna tell her?” Max whispered.

“How about the truth?” she asked archly, the pity pool suddenly going dry.

Swinging his head around, he stared at her, taking in her frowning expression. Already angry with himself and the intolerable situation, his temper ignited and he jumped to his feet and said harshly, “Oh yeah, so then she can really hate me. Absolutely not, Isabel.” He pointed his finger for emphasis.

“Max, if you would just be honest with her…”

“We’ve already been through this. We are not telling her anything about any of this. Period. End of discussion.” Going to his door, he turned around to say, “I’m going to take a shower, and then we’re going to school. I’ll think of something to say to her, something that will make everything right again.”

Only Liz hadn’t gone to her locker before school like she usually did. The next thing they knew, it was three periods later and everyone in their circle knew what had happened the night before.

Gently rubbing Liz’s shoulder, Isabel admitted, “Max told me what happened.”

Liz winced, and here she’d thought she was already feeling as low as she could. “That’s just… that’s just great.”

Hastening to explain, Isabel told her, “I asked him how last night went, and it just came out.” Bending to look in her eyes, she added, “He’s pretty upset.”

A painful redness flushed her cheeks. “I’m so sorry, Isabel. I didn’t mean…”

Isabel took one of her cold hands in hers. “Liz, stop it. It wasn’t you. It wasn’t anything you did. Please don’t feel bad about last night. What happened was because…” How could she say it without clueing her into the real situation? Isabel damned Max for forbidding her to come clean about the whole thing. He was being so close-minded and adamant about it, that everyone including Isabel just wanted to bash some sense into his head. He and Liz belonged together and they couldn’t be together until she was initiated, and she couldn’t be initiated until he stopped being so bull headed about it. Geez!!

Now it fell to her to come up with some kind of explanation for his unexplainable behavior yesterday. What could she say? There had to be some story she could give that would let Liz know it wasn’t in any way her fault.

A sudden thought occurred to her, and she nearly burst out laughing. Oh, she couldn’t tell Liz THAT, could she? Max would kill her. Then she looked at Liz’s woebegone expression, and her heart hardened. Max had done this to her, made Liz feel insecure about herself to the point where she was hiding in a darkened classroom. It would serve him right… Besides, it was nothing short of the truth, she rationalized.

Putting a sympathetic hand on her friend’s shoulder and hiding a wicked grin, Isabel began, “You see, there’s this thing, and Max should have told you, but he didn’t because he’s afraid you’ll look at him differently, or maybe you’ll decide not to be with him anymore.”

Liz was shaking her head. “How could he think that? He knows I’d never turn away from him. I love him, Isabel.”

“I know,” Max’s sister replied, lightly stroking Liz’s hair, “but he’s always tried so hard to keep things normal between you two, he thinks you’ll freak if things become, you know, too intense, and all that anxiety had caused this sort of *problem* with him.

Deeply concerned now, Liz whispered, “What problem, Isabel? What’s wrong with him?”

* * * * * * *

Max shoved the last of his books into his locker and slammed the door closed, twirling the lock for good measure. It was lunch time and he was both eager and reluctant to make his way to the quad to meet up with the rest of the gang. He hadn’t seen Liz since fourth period where she’d acted completely weird to him.

Weird how?

Well, for starters, she didn’t seem to be angry with him, or upset any longer. Then there were the speculative glances she kept piercing him with. He was beginning to feel like a lab rat from the constant surveillance. When he’d mentioned it to her, she’d blushed deeply, and focused on their assignments the rest of the period, ignoring him completely. Her sudden lack of attention was so disconcerting he didn’t know which was worse. See? Weird.

He rightfully suspected her strange behavior was a direct result of what Isabel had told her this morning, but so far his devious sister had managed to avoid him, so he couldn’t ask her what she’d said to his beautiful, sensitive girlfriend to take the haunted look from her eyes.

Not that it mattered. Liz was talking to him again, so whatever it was, he appreciated it. He just wished he knew what she’d said.

Not knowing was giving him a bad feeling.

Everyone was already at their table when he got there, including Liz. She smiled sweetly at him and pulled him down into the space next to her. The warmth and love reflected in her warm eyes captured his attention, making it impossible to look away for several long moments, before he finally whispered, “Liz…”

Knowing he was going to say something about last night, Liz placed a finger to his lips. “Shhh,” she said softly. “Don’t worry about it, Max.” Her eyes lingered where her fingertips lightly stroked the smooth contours of his beautiful mouth for several seconds before she shook herself out of her reverie reminding herself that he was hurting. Leaning over, she whispered in his ear, “It doesn’t change anything. I love you. Nothing about you could change that. We just need to figure this out. Ok?” She lightly stroked his cheek.

“Ok,” he agreed, not really having any idea what she was talking about and caring less by the second. All he really cared about was her skin against his, her heat warming him up, her scent drifting into his nose, bathing his senses. He longed to pull her closer and smother her in kisses, but their public location kept him still. Instead, he let his eyes communicate how sorry he was for hurting her as well as how much he loved her.

Seeing how her expression softened as she understood his message only made him love her more. Was there anyone else in the universe who read him like Liz? No. There never would be, either. And if he had his way, no one would ever know Liz better than him, either.

Still caught in his expression, Liz thrilled to the sudden possessive gleam in his eyes as they moved over each of her features as if mentally cataloguing them. She could practically hear him saying, “mine,” as his golden gaze stroked her eyes, “mine,” at the delicate arch of her eyebrows, “Mine,” into the shining beauty of her hair, “MINE!” against the soft bow of her lips. She shivered in pleasure.

His eyes dropped to the hard nipples pressing against her soft shirt, and his hand tightened against hers reflexively. Oh yeah, those were definitely his, too.

So caught up in Max was she, that she completely missed the fact that almost everyone else at the table sat in frozen silence.

Maria was chewing thoughtfully, watching the interaction between Max and Liz. Whatever Isabel had said to her this morning must have worked, considering the heated looks the two of them were exchanging. She glanced at the blonde alien in question and frowned at the stiff way she was holding herself. Beside her, Tess was equally tense.

“Isabel?” Maria asked, just as she felt Michael’s leg jerk under the table.

Michael’s booted foot slamming into Max’s shin brought him out of the Liz induced trance he’d been in with a startled yelp. Rubbing his leg and scowling, Max growled, “Could you stop doing that, Michael? This may surprise you, but it hurts.”

“Well, some of us are trying to eat.”

“All you had to do was say something.”

“Like that ever does any good.”

Exasperated, he gritted out, “There’s got to be a better way to get my attention than kicking me or shooting rubber bands at me.”

“Yeah? Well, as soon as you figure out what that might be, I’ll be happy to try it. Until then, consider yourself forewarned.”

Their exchange broke the spell that seemingly held the others immobile since Max’s arrival at their table. The hungry teens all returned to their lunches, trying to ignore the desire that continued to ebb and flow through Max as Liz spent the next thirty minutes convincing him that she was with him no matter what with her soft touches and lingering looks.

Not to look a gift horse in the mouth and all, but Max couldn’t help but wonder what Isabel had told her. Whatever it was, just thinking about it made the hackles on the back of his neck raise. Somehow he knew he wasn’t going to like it.

Catching the eye of his sister sitting across from him, the smirk on her face confirmed it.

Still, whatever she’d said was worth it, he decided. After all, Liz was here with him, not running the other way.

Really, he told himself, how bad could it be?

* * * * * * * * *

Impotence - the inability to attain or maintain an erection of the penis adequate for the sexual satisfaction of both partners.

The sentence leapt out at her from the computer screen.

Hearing someone approach, Liz quickly minimized her browser window. She was sitting in the school library doing an Internet search to gain some more information of what exactly she and Max were up against. They’d made it through their science lab ok, and while lunch had seemed oddly strained for everyone, Liz had done everything she could to let Max know she wasn’t intending to abandon him despite his affliction. She loved him, and they were going to get through this thing.

Now, it was last period, her study hall period, so she figured it was as good a time as any to do a little research.

When the coast was clear, she popped the browser back up and continued reading. So far, she’d had to weed through several pages of Viagra hyperlinks to get to a site that might actually offer some helpful information and better yet: a possible cure. Liz eagerly continued to read, skimming over the text: …Vacuum Therapy System… treatment for Erectile Dysfunction…

‘Erectile dysfunction.’ Boy did that sound strange in conjunction with Max Evans, she thought. On the other hand, it explained so much, like why he was always the one putting the brakes on whenever they got too close. Here she’d been thinking it was his plan to drive her insane. Now, she felt bad for not realizing it was more than his inherent shyness at work.

A Treatment Recommended by Doctors… Ok, that’s good to know. The Vacuum Therapy System RESTORES SEXUAL FUNCTION IN 9 OUT OF 10 IMPOTENT MEN. But would it work on a mostly human alien hybrid? That was the big question.

The Vacuum Therapy System causes penile rigidity that can be maintained for up to thirty minutes…

‘Thirty minutes?!? Where do I sign up,’ she thought. A full half an hour of Max loving her with his body sounded like heaven to her.

All right, she was sold, whatever the cost, she was going to buy this ‘doctor approved, medical treatment’ to cure Max of his affliction so they could finish what they’d started last night and have a long life of, well, the term ‘screw like bunnies’ immediately came to mind. A naughty grin graced her lips.

She clicked on the link that would take her to the product information page and waited for the data to transfer from wherever they created such a wondrous home remedy that would solve all her problems. Inch by inch the page began to load as she drummed her fingers impatiently. There was a picture. Of course. There had to be a picture, she silently complained. Let’s just make it take even longer. And, geez, were they running off a 14.4 modem? Could this possibly take any longer? She wanted to be with Max *now*. As in right now, as in drag-him-into-the-eraser-room-and-jump-his-bones kind of now, but noooo, she had to sit here and wait for a picture to load. ‘Stupid web designers; always gotta put in a picture,’ she harangued.

Another student was approaching, so Liz hid the window again, this time popping open a different window with information on the latest images from the Hubble telescope. Pretending to be doing actual schoolwork, she began hurriedly writing down some notes. The other kid stopped about three feet behind her to talk quietly with a classmate about the report they were there to research. Liz began to fidget as they talked in sotto voices. And they talked. Then they talked some more. Soon, the discussion had moved onto their plans for Friday and Liz couldn’t take it any longer. Swinging around, she addressed them, her voice loudly sounding out across the room, “You know, some of us are trying to do some very important research here. If you two want to talk, why don’t you just go outside?”

From the other side of the library some guy loudly said, “Shut up.”

“See?” Liz said to the two who were staring openmouthed at her.

“I meant you,” the voice informed her. She swung back around and glared in the general direction the voice had come from. Behind her, the two guys moved away without further comment.

Satisfied, Liz eagerly sat back down in front of her screen, and popped open the hidden window… Startled, she shrieked in laughter before clamping a hand over her mouth, causing everyone else in the otherwise silent library to jump.

She couldn’t believe it. Rubbing her eyes, in case there was something in them distorting her vision, she looked again. Nope. It was still there. The doctor recommended Vacuum Therapy System that she had been pinning all of her hopes for fixing Max was nothing more than…


(Wait for it…)






…the Swedish made Penis Enlarger from Austin Powers.

Her shoulders shook in silent laughter as tears rolled down her cheeks. Quickly, she scanned the rest of the page. One hundred and eighty-five dollars for that? A penis enlarger? Max’s penis seemed to be big enough, thank you very much. She was already having some misgivings over how much their first time was going to hurt as it was. If he got any bigger, she’d be worried whether or not he’d *FIT*.

And besides, she thought as she quickly shut down both browsers, she just couldn’t picture him using it.

No, wait, her hand froze as she reached for her notebook, she could.

The image of Max, standing in the middle of the CrashDown, wearing nothing but the Vacuum Therapy System popped in her head. He had a puzzled look on his face as he tried to figure out how to work the sucking mechanism before handing it to her, saying, “Liz, I need your help.”

She had to get out of there!

Liz barely made it out of the building before the loud guffaws escaped her mouth. Collapsing to the pavement right outside the doors of the library, she laughed until her belly hurt. Then she pictured him squeezing the little thing that sucked all the air from the tube and she laughed some more. Of course, if they caught him with it he’d deny everything, just like Austin. “Come on, it’s not mine,” he’d say. “Really. I don’t even know what this is.”

“That’s not my bag, baby.”

Oxygen, Oxygen! Call 911! She was laughing so hard that she was going to pass out. Tears were running from her eyes as she lay rolling on the ground. ‘I wonder if it could be used as a weapon, you know, like Austin used it. Nicholas could probably benefit from some penis enlargement,’ she decided, completely undone now.

In her mind, she completely replayed the closing scenes from Austin Powers, recasting her and Max as Vanessa and Austin.
Nicholas had them completely at his mercy, but Liz knew they had a secret weapon… the Vacuum Therapy System

Grabbing it up from the sofa cushions, she called Max’s name before tossing it to him. He caught it and looked at her in disbelief before saying, “Really, baby… It’s not mine.”

“No. Use it,” she ordered, pointing to Nicholas’s tiny, adolescent member.

“Oh.” Quickly, Max plunked it against Nicholas’s cock, and rapidly worked the little suction thingy until little Nicky got his very first erection ever, causing his eyes to roll back into his head. Then, Liz gleefully bashed him over the head with an orb, thus making the world safe once again.

* * * * * * *

Liz didn’t know how long she lay there, weak as a baby, but eventually, she pulled herself together enough to climb back to her feet and head for her locker. She felt positively light headed, and the occasional giggle still escaped her.

She felt a thousand times better than she had this morning. Amazing, the recuperative powers of laughter. Now, she just needed to figure out a solution – a real solution to Max’s problem, and she’d be all set.

* * * * * * *

On the other side of the building, Max was fuming. “Impotence?” he hissed to his sister in their English class.

Shrugging negligently, Isabel replied, “Well, I had to tell her something. And you were no help.”

“Ok, I understand that, but Isabel, you don’t going around labeling someone as impotent because that’s how you *make* people impotent in the first place!”

“I don’t see what the big deal is, Max. You said you didn’t care what I told her as long as I didn’t mention the initiations, which I didn’t.”

“I didn’t know you were going to brand me as sexually inadequate!” he argued hotly.

She was getting irritated. “Oh, get over it Max. And besides, you *are* impotent.” Her voice had gotten a little too loud on that statement, causing the students around them to turn and stare at Max in amazement. A nervous giggle escaped from the girl sitting to his left and he glowered at her until she turned away.

“I am not,” he gritted out between clenched teeth.

Isabel pulled out her pocket dictionary from beneath her desk - the one her English teacher insisted everyone bring to class every day – and flipped quickly to the “I’s”. Leaning closer, she read, “Impotent, adjective, Incapable of sexual intercourse.” Snapping her book closed, she asked rhetorically, “Can you have sex with Liz?” She stared at him for a moment before saying, “Exactly my point.” With that, she turned to face forward again, secretly enjoying Max’s mounting frustration. She gleefully anticipated telling the rest of the gang about this latest development after school today.

It was a low blow, she thought, hitting him in his masculinity, but he deserved it, and besides, the best way to make a guy want something was to tell him he couldn’t have it. It was schoolyard tactics, but if it worked, they might be closer to Liz’s initiation than they thought.

* * * * * * * *

Author’s note: the website mentioned actually exists. It is: and I borrowed the text and picture from it with absolutely no permission what-so-ever. Same goes for the stolen scene from Austin Powers, International Man of Mystery which is owned by New Line Cinema and Mike Meyers. -Tara


Look for the next update sometime on Friday.


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Woo Hoo! Ya'll are terrific. I'm just more thrilled than I can say that everyone was as tickled over the last chapter as I was. Wasn't that picture to die for? I had exactly te same reaction to Liz's search as she did. I could barely write the story, I was laughting so hard.

I'm going out of town for the weekend, so I can't stay long...

Tas - I saw your question over on the other thread, and I seriously don't have 5 minutes to rub together here, so look for a reply on Monday.

Nikki - You asked about Kyle and Alex, about whether or not they're like Max and Michael now. The answer is...


Chapter twelve

‘Stupid initiation rites,’ she thought irately as she pushed open the one door forbidden to her in the whole school and entered the one room guaranteed to get her expelled. Why was she doing this again? she silently questioned as butterflies fluttered nervously in her stomach. To be accepted by a bunch of shallow useless people, was it worth all the aggravation?

It was cold in there, she realized as she rubbed her shoulders with her hands, the frigid air clinging to her skin like an eerie stare. The large, spacious room was silent as a tomb - for the moment, and she dreaded what she must do.

Her sneakered footsteps made no sound as she tiptoed further inside. She needed to find a place to hide. The others were watching for her back outside acting as witness to her success or failure, but that was all irrelevant now, in this place. What had become most important to her was the knowledge that she couldn’t get caught. Not here.

Suddenly a door at the back of the room slammed open, causing her heart to jump into her throat. This was it, she was caught for sure, unless she hid, right now! ‘Move it girl!,’ she silently commanded herself. Taking a deep breath, she dashed down row after row of sterile gray lockers and ducked into a tiled alcove without a second to spare.

Jaunty footsteps accompanied by off-tune whistling echoed around the room as someone neared, unaware of her presence. There was a cacophony of banging and clanking as the person opened their assigned locker, and began removing items.

‘Please, just change and leave. Change and leave, please oh please,’ became her mantra as she listened, barely breathing to the tell-tale rustle of clothing that followed. Suddenly recalling her purpose there, she reached stealthily into the pocket of her sweater, fingering the bulky item she’d put there. It was almost time. Was she sure she could do this? One after another, she heard heavy tennis shoes smack the floor, then the bench creaked as the person sat down on it. More rustling followed, and she guessed at each item’s removal they represented: socks, t-shirt, and gym shorts. He had to stand to remove that last item and the bench groaned accordingly.

Pulling the rectangular object from her sweater, she slowly rose, and peered over the wall of her enclosure. There he was, less than ten feet away, clad only in his navy blue briefs. His back was to her and she looked her fill at his strong shoulders, lean back, tapered hips, tight buttocks, powerful thighs and calves – and back up again.

Oh my.

Who was this guy? Was he going with someone? His dark blond hair looked familiar, and she was distracted from her purpose for a moment as she tried to figure out who this Adonis was and whether or not he was available. He stretched his arms over his head as if to work some kinks out, and she literally began to drool. Then he turned.

With a barely suppressed squeal, she ducked back down. That was a close one, she thought before realizing she’d missed her opportunity. Darn it. ‘Ok,’ she thought. ‘Doesn’t matter, just pop back up and do it right this time.’ Ok. Sure, she could do it.

Standing back up, armed with her disposable camera, she snapped two shots in rapid succession before she realized he was again facing away from her. Then he reached for the waistband on his briefs. She was so surprised that her finger jerked on the shutter button again just as the fabric pooled at his feet.

‘Oh God, oh God, oh God,’ she thought as she ducked down again. The whistling recommenced as he then began to pad closer, his bare feet making odd little smacking sounds against the cold concrete floor. He entered into the shower stall next to the one she was hiding in and turned on the water.

Ok, ok, she thought, the sound of the shower running will muffle her escape. This was perfect. Time to go. Before she could make her move, however, the rear door banged open again.

“VALENTI!?” someone called out.

“Yeah?” Kyle answered back, swiping the water from his eyes.

“Coach wants to see you in his office when you’re done.”

“’K. Thanks.”

The closing of the door was his answer. Stepping back under the spray, Kyle resumed his shower.

She was frozen in her tracks all thoughts of escape gone. Ok, Kyle Valenti, one of the hottest guys in school was naked and wet less than five feet from her. What was a girl to do? Wait till her friends heard about this! ‘Not that they’d believe me,’ she thought with a grin. No one would ever believe that she could get this lucky. After all it was Kyle Valenti, the guy every girl wanted and dreamed about catching. The only way this could get better was if Max Evans were to walk in and join him. Roswell High’s shyest, most elusive hunk and outgoing class stud in the shower at the same time, it was too much to hope for. Hey, a girl could dream, couldn’t she?

Maybe she *was* dreaming. She reached over and pinched herself on the arm. ‘Ow.’ Ok, not dreaming.

This was too amazing, she thought giddily as she listened to him hum off-key. Maybe she could steal his bar of soap as evidence, that way they’d have to believe her. ‘On second thought,’ she grinned as she remembered the camera still clutched in her hand, ‘Who needs soap?’ They say a picture’s worth a thousand words.

Holding the camera tightly, she slid back up the tiled surface of the shower stall, but before she could peek over, the water turned off, sending the room back into silence excepting the residual dripping sound from his showerhead.

She listened in suspended agony as he worked the towel over his muscular body, removing all traces of moisture there before padding back to his locker.

Peeking over the wall, she saw he’d wrapped the towel securely around his waist. Darn it. Well, it had to come off sometime…

She watched avidly as he turned to his locker to remove the clothes he’d worn to school earlier. Again she gazed raptly at his profile, casting her eyes lustily over his beautiful body, this time, however she couldn’t contain the gasp that hit her lips. He was aroused, and not just a little aroused, no. Kyle was hugely aroused, vastly aroused, barely contained within his towel aroused, and she drank in every inch of him.

Her gasp didn’t go unnoticed.

Kyle spun at the sound, looking ready for battle. “Who’s there?” his voice rang out authoritively. He wasn’t the sheriff’s son for nothing. Without a thought to his state of undress, he began walking right toward her.

She was caught! Oh no, what could she do? She looked at the camera in horror as the word ‘Expelled,’ rang clearly through her mind.

“You better come out of there,” Kyle demanded as he neared.

There was only one thing to do. She quickly pulled off her sweater, revealing the tiny, thin t-shirt she wore beneath it and rolled the camera up inside its folds. Fluffing her hair, she stood and faced him.

“Hi, Kyle.”

Kyle stopped short at the sight of the curvy brunette facing him. He’d been expecting evil aliens, or maybe one of the guys from the Hondo Bulldogs, the rival team they were playing this weekend. Not Donna Thompson, the girl who sat next to him in geography.

“Donna, what are you doing in here?”

“I’m so sorry Kyle,” she said, looking at him beseechingly. “I got a note from Derek to meet him in here,” she lied. She blushed prettily as she shyly admitted, “It seemed kinda sexy at the time, you know, sneak into the boy’s locker room for a little harmless fun, but I guess he was just playing with me.”

“Derek’s going out with Susan Paterson.” Kyle informed her, still looking at her suspiciously. He wasn’t buying her story. Derek wasn’t the kind of guy to mess around behind Susan’s back.

Donna nodded. “I know, but when I got his note… well, a girl can hope, can’t she? Someone must have given it to me as a prank.” Taking a step closer, she whispered, “I’m sorry, I should have said something as soon as you came in, but I was afraid of being caught. You aren’t mad or anything, are you?” She was trying very hard to keep her eyes on his baby blue ones rather than letting them drop to his crotch to see if he was still turned on.

“No, I’m not mad, but maybe you ought to get on out of here before someone else comes in.” He looked around the still empty room as he spoke, and she chanced a peek. Yep. Still there. Her heart was pounding as desire began heating her own blood. Maybe there was an opportunity to be had here.

Another cautious step brought them toe to toe, and she looked longingly into his face. “You won’t tell on me will you?”

Kyle knew that look. She was getting aroused. He wouldn’t be a guy if he didn’t notice but that didn’t mean he had to respond in kind. “No, but you need to go and I need to dress. The rest of the guys will be coming in soon.”

It was now or never. Donna startled them both by sliding her hands up his arms, asking, “Are you sure I can’t interest you in a little fooling around? After all, I am here, and you’re here…”

She pressed her lips to his at the same time she pressed her body fully against his, rubbing her pelvis against his straining erection appreciatively.

It was hard to say who was more surprised when his arousal completely disappeared in the two seconds it took him to disentangle himself from her clutches.

Kyle’s head was spinning, not in a good way, as he struggled for breath, keeping a tight grip on her arm as a means of holding her away from him. “Donna!” His tone was accusatory as he glared at her, anger quickly replacing the passion that had been humming through his veins for the last half hour.

Donna, equally surprised, gasped out, “Geez, Kyle. What happened to you?” She stared at the towel swathing his hips in incomprehension.

Still seeing red, Kyle shook her and growled, “I belong to Tess! She’s the one I want, not you. Not any other girl in this school. Only Tess.” Without another word, he yanked her along with him as he strode to the locker room doors. Flinging it open, he dragged her into the hall, and unceremoniously pushed her into the lockers opposite of where he stood.

Giving her body, still in the practically see-through nothing of a t-shirt, a contemptuous once over, he turned and left her there, shaking and gasping for breath, and more turned on than she’d never been in her short life.

She was suddenly surrounded by her group of friends who were exclaiming excitedly about the scene they’d just been treated to. Still, slightly dazed, her fingers touching her still tingling lips, she whispered in answer to Kyle’s last remark, “Well, a girl can hope, can’t she?”

* * * * * *

Kyle strode angrily back to his locker and began getting dressed. By the time he was full clothed, his erection was back again in full force, and he asked himself again for the hundredth time what Michael and Maria were doing. It had to be them, he’d deduced, because he could still walk. If it had been Max, well, walking anywhere wouldn’t be an option.

The eraser room wasn’t far from here, and Kyle was planning to go give them hell as soon as he finished his talk with the coach. The incident with Donna Thompson was already forgotten as he planned the angry tirade he was gonna let loose on Michael’s head for getting them all worked up at school – again.

* * * * * * *

Back in the hallway…

“You are so in, girl. Congratulations!” Iris, the ringleader of their exclusive club hugged her. It was she who’d come up with their initiation rite of sneaking into the boy’s locker room with a camera. Each inductee had to get a picture of some guy in some state of undress. Of the eight girls to have done it, no one had ever been escorted out by a naked guy in a towel before. And the fact that it had been the scrumptious Kyle Valenti, well, that ruled.

Someone else asked, “Donna, where’s your camera? Did you get anything good? Like how Kyle got to be dripping wet and wearing a towel?”

The camera! She’d almost forgotten. Unwrapping it from the sweater, she looked for Chrissy, who was in the school’s photography club. “Can you develop these here?” she asked the short redhead.

“Yeah, sure.”

The group of them giggled their way down the hall as Donna finished off the roll. They disappeared into the photography club’s dark room where they stayed for hours as Donna related exactly what had happened to her in the boy’s locker room. Well, maybe there was a little embellishing here and there.

As far as initiations go, it was sexy, exciting, illicit, and something she’d tell her grandkids about someday. Aren’t they all supposed to be that way?


THIS CONCLUDES OUR NEWS BULLITEN. WE WILL NOW RETUN YOU TO YOUR REGULARLY SCHEDULED PROGRAM IN PROGRESS.'re right, though they're not aware of it yet. I think they're getting the idea, though. It won't be long before they realize that they're as stuck as the aliens. *tongue*

I can't stick around to answer everyone personally tonight, so I'll catch you on the next round. Look for the next update early next week chock full of comments and answers to your questions.

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Hey, all. Welcome back to the next installment of my personal memoirs. Just kidding! Don’t go telling anyone I said that.

(Isn't this star thing by my name cute? I have no idea where it came from, but it's cool, so I hope it hangs around awhile even if it's throwing off my margins.)

Now a little Q & A before we head into the next section.

Alienchica: The others CAN’T tell Liz. Whether they want to or not, it’s a non-issue. Max is the ruler of the pack, and what he says goes. That’s why he made it such a point to get their agreement on Sunday. He knew they wouldn’t go against a direct order. The initiation is about more than sex and the changes involved go much deeper than who can sleep with whom. Maria, Alex and Kyle’s first loyalty must be to the family, or else they risk exile. That’s why they keep talking about getting Max to change his mind, or getting Liz to stumble on the truth herself. If they could tell her, they would, believe me.

MamaDee: Self-destructing Mama or blubbering Mama? Neither sounds very pleasant to be around. *happy* I got such a chuckle from “Right now, it's little comfort knowing that the last will be saved and that it will be the best......I want it NOW, damn it!” Yeah, you and me both, lady! Did you like the last part? I TOLD you Kyle needed to take a shower before the big day. grin

Tas: When you asked, “Wonder what Viagra would do to a hybrid?” it made me think of “Same time, next month.” Did you ever read that one? I miss it. I miss it and really, really, really wish the author would finish it. *Sigh* Anyhow, it came to mind with your question. If you weren’t reading it, think: The Energizer bunny meets Max the sexy love god plus booze. *happy* And you were exactly right about Kyle’s deflation reaction being like Max’s just less extreme. I’m wondering who else you were thinking had set Kyle off, though. As far as I know, it was Michael and Maria, just as he’d guessed. *happy* Oooo, since you brought it up, I’ll tell you that Liz is gonna invent the word: ‘heteromonogamy’ later in the story. Isn’t that a great word. Say it out loud: heteromonogamy. It just kinda rolls off the tongue, don’t it. LOL

Snowdove30: I’m glad you pick up on the fact that Max is stuck with the impotency label for now. I think the others are gonna have a hard time (pun intended) resisting the urge to rub his face in it, and it serves him right.

Breathless, I know what you mean about wishing he had this problem in the observatory. I’m still holding out hope that we’ll discover it was all a mindwarp at some point. It’s self-delusional, I admit, but it’s the only thing that keeps me going.

Behrhugs: Now, that must have been an interesting job. I bet you’ve seen your share of losers and weirdos in that store. You’ll have to share a couple of your best stories with me sometime. *happy* Now, about Donna and Kyle. I didn’t do much in the way of describing her, did I? He’s gonna talk to Max about what happened tomorrow (their time) and both guys will agree that she’d cute, so it wasn’t for lack of attraction…

Mpls muse, Shirasade and Breathless: Isabel is never one of my favorite characters to write, mostly because she was so darn inconsistent on the show in the first season, then squashed into this two dimensional person in the second season. Granted, Inconsistency is a certain Executive Producer’s motto, creed and rule of thumb, it still makes her hard to pin down. Despite that, I have to admit I’ve been enjoying her in this story because she’s really been a pleasant surprise to work with for a change.

AvengingAngelIQ: Now why would I want to push you out when you just got here? You must stay. Would you like some popcorn? Maybe a softer cushion? You might as well get comfortable, ‘cause you’re not going anywhere if I have anything to say about it. LOL

Lelea: Have you noticed how they’re keeping the rumor mill churning? For a group who wants to live out of the public’s eye, they sure are feeding the gossip monster. LOL

Nikki: You know what they say about glass houses? Where’s the next part to Bonding of 8, lady?? It’s been like forever so it’s definitely your turn to post an update; we’ve been waiting so patiently.

Cookie6297: Yeah, I agree about Kyle’s ego. Throughout the posting of TD,TTG and this, some posters have implied that they think or worry about Alex's reactions to the same things that upset Kyle, but I just do agree. Kyle does have this ‘super cool, class jock’ reputation that he does try to live up to, more than anyone else in their group and certain thing affect him differently than the others.

Angela 35: Welcome to my little Ros Fantasy. *happy* Glad you could make it. Get comfy, we have popcorn and soda in abundance – if we can convince AvengingAngelIQ to share – she’s already dipping in, I see. If there’s anything else you need, just let me know, and I’ll be happy to get it for you, as Breathless and Nikki can tell you. J Oh, you might not want to sit so close, *whispers* you’re in the splash zone. LOL

Believeintruelove: Kyle can only feel the desire of those aliens he’s directly bonded to, namely: Max, Michael, and Tess. He’ll never feel Isabel’s desire for Alex, and the humans don’t project on their own, so he’ll never feel Alex's desire for Isabel. I seriously had to make a chart to keep the whole thing straight. It was too strong to be Tess, but not strong enough to be Max, so that left Michael.

Ok, that about does it for the Q & A session. Sorry to those of you that had to wait from last week’s post. My weekend was very enjoyable. My husband’s family does Christmas early ‘cause then we have a better chance of actually getting everyone together. Lots of food, lots of presents, and good company, what more could a girl ask for? How about two crock pots, cause that’s what I got. LOL Anybody want a slow cooker? Jk

Now, here’s my current problem: I’ve been dealing with a certain chapter that refuses to cooperate with me for over two weeks now. It’s hindering my efforts to finish this story, so I’ve come up with a compromise, I’m gonna make myself finish it before posting again, or else! So, because I already feel bad ‘cause ya’ll have to wait while I’m banging my head on the keyboard in frustration, I’m gonna give you nice, kind people two chapters tonight. (You’ll see why when you hit the end of the first chapter. LOL I’m actually heading off a lynching.) I’m hoping this will be incentive enough to plow over the hump. I’ll let you know how it’s going in a couple of days. Is that fair?

Are we ready for lucky number 13? It’s time to switch gears again. And just for a little refresher: it’s still the same day Isabel explained to Liz about Max’s ‘impotency’ problem.

And it’s time for yet another…


The following chapter will contain adult situations of a f/f nature. If you are underage, or find that kind of stuff offensive, then why the heck are you reading this story??!? Out, out with you. For the rest of you, please have you ID’s ready and step right in.

(This will be broken into two post due to size constraints. Then chapter 14 will follow in a third post.)

Chapter thirteen

It was Tuesday night, and Maria was walking home from work. Her mom had needed the Jetta for deliveries and despite the lateness of the hour, Maria never minded the four block walk. It helped to clear her head and gave her a chance to think about life’s inanities. Like the fact that Liz had seemed preoccupied tonight at work.

Her friend wasn’t upset any longer, so what Isabel had told her earlier must have worked. In fact, Maria was certain she’d heard a chuckle or two escape her from time to time, so it was safe to say Liz wasn’t mad, just pensive. That being the case, she gave herself the green light to go ahead with the plan.

Maria was looking forward to tomorrow, when all four of the girls would get together at the Valenti’s. It was Maria’s self imposed mission to force Liz to step up to the line of actual intimacy. Whether or not she was ready to cross it, well, that would be up to Liz. They’d been close last night when they'd been embracing, but it hadn’t felt right to try anything more than that one kiss then. Tomorrow would be a different story, she hoped.

Walking along, she imagined all sorts of scenarios that all ended up with she and Liz in a heated embrace. Maria had long since admitted to herself that she was curious about Liz. Sexually curious. Last week having Liz help her with the ‘Michael situation’ had only made her curiosity grow stronger. Liz had looked so pretty when she was lost to passion and Maria promised herself that one way or another, she would get to see that look tomorrow.

As she continued to walk, her thoughts pleasantly occupied with lusty Liz thoughts, Maria barely took notice of a car slowing behind her, until it came to a stop right next to her. The passenger window rolled down and a sweet voice from inside invited, “Hey, want a ride?”

Maria peered in the window and replied, “I’m not supposed to accept rides from strange people.”

Tess leaned over and teased, “Well, I’m not really ‘people’.”

Laughing, Maria agreed, “That’s true enough. Actually, I was kinda enjoying the night air and my house is just another block away.”

“Oh. Well, would you mind if I walk with you? I just really wanted to talk to you.” Not wanting to sound pushy, she quickly added, “If you’d rather not, I’ll understand. It’s nothing that can’t wait until tomorrow.”

“No, Tess, it’s fine. It’s your feet.”

Tess pulled the car forward into a parallel parking spot and cut the engine. Locking her purse inside, she was soon joining Maria on the sidewalk and the two girls walked in silence for a couple of minutes.

“So,” Tess began at the same time Maria said, “What did you…”

Embarrassed, they stopped and looked at each other. Maria asked, “What did you want to talk to me about?”

“Uh, Liz, actually. You know, with the two of you coming over tomorrow, I was kinda wondering… you know, hoping…”

“Yeah, I was just thinking the same thing.”

“You were?”

“Yeah. I don’t know if she’s ready, yet, though.”

“Oh,” Tess couldn’t hide the disappointment in her voice. “I guess it’s still too soon. After all it’s only been a few days since the last time she was over, and Lord knows that was a fiasco. I’m lucky she’s actually talking to me, I guess.”

“She told me about what happened. You know, the kiss,” Maria clarified

“She did?” Tess was afraid to hope.

“Yeah. She liked it. She’s all confused right now, and Max isn’t helping things any, but she did say that she liked kissing you.”

Tess visibly relaxed and a small smile touched her lips.

“That means a lot to you, doesn’t it?” Maria asked.

Nodding Tess said, “I was so afraid she was freaking. That we had completely blown it with her. Especially after Michael…” Tess threw a guilty look at Maria.

“She told me about that too. I haven’t had a chance to run Mikey G up the flag pole yet, but I will, believe me. I wish you guys had told me on Sunday when we were talking about Liz and making our plans.”

“We didn’t want anything to ruin your first day with us. I’m sorry. We should have said something to you but you were so happy… still it was wrong to keep it from you. I’m sorry,” she repeated sincerely.

Tess looked so genuinely unhappy about it that Maria found herself throwing an arm around her shoulders in comfort. “Don’t worry about it. You didn’t make Michael do what he did.”

“Well, actually, in a way, I did. You see, I wanted Liz so much that I know he felt it. Kyle told me later that he could barely keep his hands to himself, too.”

“What do you mean ‘he felt it’?”

Startled, Tess asked, “You mean, you haven’t noticed it?”

“Noticed what?”

Looking around, Tess saw that they were near the park. She quickly pulled Maria over to a bench that was situated well away from the street, nearly completely concealed by several thick shrubs. In no time, she’d explained the lust connection between the four hybrids and their human counterparts. Concluding with, “So, when I was kissing Liz, both Michael and Kyle could feel my desire for her. I can’t believe you didn’t notice it at lunch today. Didn’t you feel it every time Liz touched Max? He was about ready to explode and take the rest of us with him.”

“No, I didn’t feel anything today, but there was this thing yesterday before school. Max and Liz were kissing. At first, I didn’t feel anything, but I do remember seeing Kyle running off like he was fleeing for his life.” Maria grinned as things were starting to make sense to her now. “Then this weird thing happened where I suddenly pictured Alex kissing Liz instead of Max. And I was getting all hot and weak from thinking about Alex and Liz.”

Tess nodded knowingly. “Ten to one, you were feeling Isabel’s desire. She and Alex have this standing date for a good morning kiss in the eraser room. Alex and Isabel probably felt Max’s desire while they were kissing, and she was probably sending out a passion for Liz on top of her passion for Alex.”

“So let me get this straight, when one of you are feeling, um, turned on, you basically broadcast your emotions out to everyone else,” Maria clarified.

“That’s right.” Tess frowned and stated, “It’s strange that you said you’re not getting anything from Max since his desires are the strongest of anyone’s. Maybe it’s because you haven’t actually connected with him. I mean, you’ve been with me and Isabel and of course Michael, but not Max. So, you might have felt Isabel’s desire for Liz and Alex. Have you felt anything for Kyle?”

Nodding, Maria admitted, “At dinner, on Sunday. The two of you were flirting, and suddenly I was having this totally bizarre fantasy about him. So I guess that was you I was feeling?”

Tess grinned in response, nodding.

“And Michael wants to be with Alex and Kyle because of you and Isabel wanting them.”

“That’s how it started. Desire eventually grows on it’s own, so that after a while, Max and Michael wanted Kyle whether I chose him or not. During the initiations, the three of them bonded, and now the wanting goes both ways.”

Maria was wide-eyed with wonder. In some way, on some deep level, realizing this intangible connection with her new family just further increased her union to them. She was a part of them now, these wondrous being who were slowing filling her life and she loved the feelings of rightness and completion that gave her.

“What about me?” Maria whispered.

Tess slid closer and slowly raised her hand, waiting for any sign of rejection. When none came, she lightly stroked the side of Maria’s face. Then cupping her cheek, she leaned in to whisper, “When I first got to Roswell, I could feel Michael’s need for you, but that was then. Now I need you.”

Maria pressed a soft kiss to Tess’s temple before commanding, “Then have me.”

Seeing nothing but sincerity and a building desire in her eyes, Tess pulled her closer and kissed her deeply, allowing her desire free reign to take her wherever it wanted. She ran the tip of her tongue along Maria’s full lips and was gratified when they parted for her. Pulling the other girl closer, Tess explored all of the secret places in Maria’s beautiful mouth before twining their tongues together in a sexy love dance.

Maria was soon in heaven. She felt like she could never get enough of Tess’s kisses. Her blood, already starting to simmer in her veins grew to a roiling boil when she remembered her promise to finish what they’d started last Sunday in the Evans’ kitchen. She still had Tess’s underwear stashed inside her pillowcase at home.

Turning, Maria brought one knee onto the lumpy seat of the bench and helped Tess to turn slightly and lay back. After a bit of maneuvering Maria settled down between the other girl’s legs.

Tess was moaning softly against Maria’s mouth, and her hips rocked slightly, rubbing her already erect clit into Maria’s pelvis. Taking it as an invitation, Maria sent one hand exploring the soft delta between her friend’s thighs causing Tess to cry out softly. Her other hand was busily pulling up the yielding fabric of Tess’s t-shirt, seeking out the soft curves underneath. Maria throbbed in pleasure when she located a small, distended nipple perched on the end of the ripe breast she’d claimed. Smiling against Tess’s mouth, Maria tugged gently on the nipple spiking Tess’s pleasure higher.

The dual assault was rapidly turning her into mush and once again, time and place became irrelevant. The only thing that mattered in the universe was this human and what she was doing with her hands and mouth. She moaned again, loudly when Maria pinched and twisted the tender nipple she was loving. She arched her hips upward in reaction, begging silently for closer contact.

Maria was just thinking that she wished Tess was bare beneath her fingers when she felt the other girl’s hand brush against her own. Suddenly, the silky panties that were all that stood between Maria’s fingers and Tess’s wet heat were gone.

Startled, Maria broke the endless kiss they’d been sharing and stared at the blond alien in surprise. Tess just shrugged and smiled before pulling Maria back down to her.

* * * * * *
The rest of Ch 13 to follow.

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* * * * * *

On the other side of town, Isabel and Alex were just finishing their study session. “Can I drive you home,” he asked.

“Sure, that’d be great.”

Soon, they were pulling out of the driveway and heading towards the Evans’. They barely got halfway there before Isabel began noticeably to fidget.

Alex reached out to caress her thigh. “Hey, are you ok?”

“What? Yeah,” she said, her eyes staring out the window like she was looking for something. The desire in her was building, bringing with it images of soft skin, scented hair, the faint smell of grilled onions. It could only mean one thing. Tess was with one of the CrashDown girls, but which one? Where were they?

“Are you sure, ‘cause you look a little…”

“Alex, stop the car,” Isabel demanded, suddenly sitting up. Tess’s car was parked across the street and she was definitely close. The only thing nearby was the park. That had to be where they were.

“Isabel, what’s going on?” Alex was getting concerned.

“Alex, please, just stop the car,” Isabel pleaded.

“Not until you tell me why.”

“Tess is out here.” Liz or Maria? she silently questioned. Liz or Maria?

Alex began slowing immediately. “Out where?” He joined her in looking around, scanning the area.

“I think she’s in the park. Her car’s parked right back there,” Isabel explained as she unbuckled her seatbelt. She was out the door before the car had come to a complete standstill.

“Isabel, wait. I’m coming with you.”

But Isabel was so focused on the lust pouring through her that she didn’t even hear him. In a rational state of mind, she would have known that he would follow, but on the other hand, in a rational state of mind, she wouldn’t be dashing into what was undoubtedly going to be a very heated and personal moment between Tess and someone. The hunger had taken over, overriding her normal thought processes.

Alex barely took the time to slam his car door shut. He was illegally parked, but this was an emergency. The night had quickly swallowed up Isabel’s dark form.

After a moment of following his girlfriend into the woodsy section of the park, he heard the soft moans coming from ahead to his right. Tess was obviously in some kind of distress and Isabel was heading right for her. Opting for caution, since he wouldn’t be able to catch up with her before she got to them, he silently circled the area, hoping to take whoever it was who had Tess in their clutches by surprise.

* * * * * *

The first thing Isabel saw was Tess’s leg thrown over the back of a park bench and someone in a CrashDown uniform was kneeling over her. Isabel’s heart was pounding in anticipation as she neared. Which one was it??

Maria had no idea any one was approaching as tuned in to Tess as she was. She had a firm grip on the squirming girl’s hips as she plied her delicate flesh with teeth and tongue. Tess had her fingers buried in Maria’s hair, pulling the girl closer with every thrust, enjoying everything the human was doing to her.

Panting, Tess whispered, “More, please. I need…”

Understanding the incoherent request, Maria gently slid a slender finger into Tess’s waiting entrance while sucking lightly on her clit.

Tess’s hips jerked spastically and she cried out, “Maria! Yes. Don’t stop.”

“I won’t,” Maria promised, amazed as Tess’s wet heat swallowed another finger. ‘God, Tess is so beautiful, so beautiful.’ She’d never really taken the time to discover all the nuances of a woman’s soft passage before, not even her own. The times she’d masturbated, she’d been too focused on the sensations her fingers created to notice the sensations they received in turn. The difference was amazing. ‘Is this what she felt like?’ Maria wondered briefly. ‘Is this what Michael feels as he pushes and pulls against my body? This amazing suction and slick pressure.’ Curious to find out, Maria released Tess’s rocking hips to free her other hand and slid her fingers beneath the elastic of her own panties, past the sensitive nub that was crying out for attention, too, down to her own canal. Before she could push her way inside, another hand was grasping her wrist firmly and Isabel’s husky voice whispered in her ear, “Let me do that.”

Maria sat up so fast she nearly fell off the bench. “Isabel!”

Tess’s eyes slid open, but she seemed unsurprised to see her friend there. “Hey,” she whispered throatily.

Isabel smiled down at her, noting the swollen lips, bunched shirt and glistening skin exposed between her thighs. Jealously and desire warred inside her for a moment. Desire won out. Tess might have a head start on her, but the night was young yet. Bending down, she kissed Maria’s mouth, tasting Tess’s essence there. “You’re not gonna just leave her like that, are you?”

Maria shook her head.

Another kiss. “Do you mind if I stay?”

Again a head shake was the answer.

“Would you mind if I played?”

This time, over her shock at seeing her there, Maria kissed Isabel deeply and answered, “Of course not, but how’d you know we were here?”

“I felt her.”

Maria looked from Tess to Isabel and back again. “ ‘You felt her’, like you felt Tess’s desire for me?” Maria was getting the hang of this connection thingy.

“Yeah, from like a half a mile away,” Isabel answered with a teasing smile.

“Wow.” Maria looked at the quiescent alien sprawled out on the bench before her with amazement and something more. “That’s a lot of desire.”

“Yeah,” Isabel agreed solemnly.

Tess just smiled, unconcerned that they were talking about her like she wasn’t there. Maria bent back over Tess’s prone body and began spreading butterfly kisses across her forehead, cheeks, eyebrows, lashes, lips. She was deeply touched by the knowledge that Tess wanted her that much. And there was no doubt that she did, the evidence was unmistakable.

Maria again snaked her hand between Tess’s spread legs to lightly stroke her most delicate areas as her lips traveled downward with the same destination in mind.

Tess’s voice again called out moments later when Maria resumed loving her clit with her tongue, and Maria shivered in shared pleasure. Using the rough side of her tongue to stimulate the pink petals, Maria was laving her from opening to tip, over and around. Sucking one of her netherlips into her mouth, Maria rubbed it gently with her tongue, adding to the slight pressure she was giving it before repeating the process with the other one. All the while, her fingers tickled against the taut bundle of nerve endings that rose from the pale blond curls.

Isabel was enjoying the sight of her two lovers so intimately entwined, but seeing Maria also shiver in pleasure reminded her that there was more to do than just watch. If they’d been at someone’s house, Isabel would have suggested that they roll onto their sides so she could get at Maria’s front more easily, but since that was out, she had to content herself for now on reaching what she could from behind Maria. Stepping closer, she nudged Maria’s feet apart causing her to put one on the ground for balance. She ran her hands down Maria’s back from her shoulder blades past her hips to caress her bare thighs revealed beneath the short hem of her waitress costume.

“Did you know that you and Liz drive us all crazy when we see you in these silly outfits?” Isabel asked conversationally. Not expecting an answer, she continued, “I used to practice fine tuning my powers by unbuttoning the top button on Liz’s uniform. On yours it was always the bottom button. I bet you always wondered why it would never stay closed. After you started safety pinning it together, I stopped. Liz still hasn’t caught on, either that or she doesn’t care if her top is hanging open.”

Maria looked over her shoulder smiling softly at Isabel’s confession. “She probably thinks Max is doing it.”

“And back when you wore the ones with the snaps…,” Isabel whispered seductively as she continued torturing Maria with her hands. “Those were my favorites.”

The astute waitress suddenly sat up. “Isabel Evans, tell me you didn’t undo every singe one of my snaps one night last fall!”

Isabel kissed the adorable frown on her forehead. “I left you one.”

On that particular night, Maria discovered upon taking off her apron that all of her snaps had come undone except for the one between her breasts. If it hadn’t been for the apron tied around her waist, her dress would have been flapping open like a bathrobe as she waited on her customers. Unfortunately, Michael had walked in the backroom while she was still staring at herself in shock and had gotten an eyeful, thus further embarrassing her. That was when she started adding the safety pins to the garment.

Maria’s eyes narrowed. “I am so gonna get you back for that. Just you wait and see.”

“I can’t help it if they all came undone. I just couldn’t stop myself once I’d started. I was dreaming about sticking around after close to see if you needed help with… anything,” Isabel admitted, delicately licking Maria’s ear, “but I lost my nerve.”

That admission, especially coming from someone who came across as self-assured as Isabel, melted Maria’s heart. “Come here,” she demanded and crushed Isabel into a tight, albeit one-handed, embrace, their lips tightly molding to one another, tongue seeking tongue.

* * * * * *

A lone figure stood poised behind a nearby tree watching them avidly, lust starting to pound through his veins. He was indecisive over just going over and joining them, or watching his fill – then joining them. It wasn’t everyday a man was treated to the sight of three women fucking in the middle of a public park. It was heady, erotic and such a waste. He’d be happy to go to stud for any or all of them. Instead of wasting all that passion on each other, they could be all over him.

Keeping his silence, he continued to watch, waiting to see what they’d do next.

* * * * * *

Tess, starting to feel neglected, hooked her leg around Maria’s middle to get her attention. Maria whispered, “Hold that thought,” to Isabel before again returning to Tess. The whole time she’d been focused on the newcomer, her one hand had continued its busy assault between Tess’s legs so that when she brought her mouth to her waiting softness, Tess was already close to the peak.

Tangling her fingers once again in Maria’s hair, she pulled her closer, wanting more of her, needing it with every pounding beat of her heart. Her skin was flushed against the cool night air as passion pulled her tighter and tighter into its coils strangling her for want of a release. Panting Maria’s name, she brought her knees up, widening them as far as she could against the confines of the park bench trying to make herself as open as possible for Maria’s attentions. She was rewarded when a third finger joined its fellows deep inside her body.

Isabel had pushed Maria’s skirt up around her waist and was half standing half kneeling behind her, mimicking the other girl’s stance. Reaching into the dress, she played with Maria’s nipples, freeing her breasts from the confines of her bra as she did so. She used her own hips to bump and stoke against her exposed, satin-clad derriere knowing how just her proximity could be a turn on.

“Maria, Maria,” Tess was tossing her head, lost to sensation. “I’m so close.”

“Yeah, but what if I’m not ready to let you come yet?” Maria pulled back to ask, only half teasing.

“Please. Oh, please, baby.” Tess started to plead her hips rocking against Maria’s fingers and lips. “I need you. Please? I have to, I’m so close.”

“I can feel it,” Maria said huskily, feeling how Tess’s inner muscles clenched at her fingers. The smell of her arousal seemed to have gotten stronger in the last few minutes.

“So can I,” whispered Isabel. Tess’s desire was filling her head, nearly overpowering her own passion for Maria. Nearly, but not quite. She was turned on quite enough on her own, thank you. Bringing her hands up to Maria’s hips, she neatly transformed Maria’s panties into the crotchless variety and wasted no time in finding her wet passage. God, Maria was literally dripping with desire and Isabel’s mouth began to water in anticipation. Soon, it would be Maria who was on her back on the bench, she promised herself.

Maria shuddered violently when Isabel slid her fingers inside her and it became difficult to concentrate on Tess’s needs with her own screaming so loudly. The smaller alien’s entire body had begun to quiver and all of her muscles were straining. There was no one anywhere who was closer to the brink of an orgasm than Tess Harding, she decided, and no one looked half as beautiful perched on the edge of bliss like she was.

Suddenly, she needed to share the experience with her rather than just granting the other girl the release she needed so badly. Crawling up her body, away from Isabel, Maria’s fingers continued to slide in and out of Tess’s opening, her thumb searching for and finding the hard nubbin of her clit as she pressed hot, open mouthed kisses to Tess’s belly and breasts. Reaching her lips, Maria kissed her deeply, sliding her tongue over the other girl’s, sharing with her the flavor of her own essence.

The tender assault was enough to finally push Tess over the edge. Calling out Maria’s name in her mind, her hips pumping rapidly, Tess came and came until she was nothing but a limp pile of skin and bones draped across the lumpy wooden park bench.

Holding Maria to her, she spread a hundred grateful, loving kisses over every piece of skin she could reach until finally their lips met and stayed in a tender exchange.

“Wow,” Tess finally said after a few minutes.

“You are amazing,” Maria whispered, still caught up in the beauty of feeling Tess find completion all around her.

“So are you,” Isabel asserted softly, reminding the two girls of her presence – not that Maria had completely forgotten. Putting her hand on Maria’s hip, she said, “Now it’s your turn.”

“Actually,” a voice from the shadows broke in, “I was hoping it could be my turn.”

Chapter 14 to follow in the next post...

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Chapter fourteen

The three girls separated and jumped up, Maria protecting Tess who was still recovering, Isabel protecting Maria. The shadows parted and a slender figure sauntered into the clearing. “Don’t worry, ladies, I’m not here to hurt you. I was just passing by, and couldn’t help but notice you. It was the sexiest damn thing I’ve ever seen. I never even imagined how beautiful making love could be until I saw the three of you together, sharing this moment with one another.”

He made it out of the shadows and Isabel stared hard at the stranger noting his obvious erection and her agitation increased. He saw where she was looking and cocked an eyebrow, pleased at having gained her attention.

“I can’t help but want to be a part of so much beauty,” he continued, aware that a woman could be seduced by words alone. “And I promise I have everything we’d need to please all three of you. I got a willing mouth, and long, thick fingers and that’s not all that’s long and thick, believe me,” he bragged, casually cupping himself through his jeans. He took another step closer despite the girls’ obvious agitation.

“Get out of here,” Isabel said, trying to not show how scared she was. Unless she wanted to risk exposure, her powers were useless, same with Tess. Then a terrifying thought struck her: without their powers to protect her, Maria would be easy prey. In that instant, Isabel made her decision. To hell with the consequences, no one touched Maria.

Seeing her defensive posture increase, Tucker cajoled, “Aw, come on, honey, don’t be like that. I just wanna play, just like you.”

He stepped closer, and Isabel stiffened her spine and raised her chin, preparing to do what ever it took to safeguard Maria. She pulled her human even closer to her body using her own as a living shield.

“You heard the lady,” a new voice, hard and intimidating rang out. “Back off.”

“Alex?” Maria called. To her eternal relief, her lifelong friend appeared from the shadows to their left. ‘Wait a minute, how long had he been there?’ She threw a glance at Isabel who seemed unsurprised at his arrival. ‘Ok, scratch that last question.’

“Who are you?” the stranger asked.

“Me?” Alex walked over with an uncharacteristic swagger. “I’m the king of the castle, lord of the land, owner of all I survey, and that includes these ladies. They belong to me.” Alex’s voice was deadly as he added, “And I said ‘back off.’”

“They belong to you? Is that right? Now I don’t know about these two beauties, but I would have thought that Maria here was the property of that scruffy-looking cook, from the CrashDown.”

Maria gasped at the reference, finally realizing where she knew him from. “You’re that guy who’s staying with Liz. Ducker or something.”

“Tucker,” he corrected with out looking away from Alex. “And yes, I am.”

“What?” the three uninformed people asked.

“Yeah, he’s sort of a family friend of her dad’s. He showed up Sunday afternoon.”

“Look, man,” Tucker said to Alex, stepping closer to him. “There’s three of them and two of us. There’s no reason we can’t share now, is there, especially if you’ve got a place we could go…”

He never saw the punch coming. Alex laid him out with one blow, causing the tense girls to cry out in fright. Standing over him with his fists clenched, he threatened the older guy, “If I see you near my women again, I’ll put you in the hospital. That includes Liz Parker, so you might want to consider finding a different residence.”

“Like hell I will,” Tucker said, leaping to his feet and charging Alex, pissed that he’d been sucker punched by such a puny looking guy.

He drove his shoulder into Alex's abs in an attempt to tackle him, but Alex was ready for him. With a strength and violence he didn’t know he possessed, he held steady and slammed his double fisted hands into the other guy’s spine. If Tucker had been a ‘Skin,’ he would have been dusted. As it was, he instantly released Alex, again dropping painfully to the ground.

“I’m gonna kill you for that,” he snarled.

“Stop right there.” A new voice of unmistakable authority rang out in the clearing. “This is the police and I’ll arrest anyone who moves.”

“Sheriff,” Maria called out in relief. “It’s us.”

“Maria?” The alarm in Amy Deluca’s voice was unmistakable.


Still holding hands, Maria and Tess did a quick inventory of each other’s appearance. Beneath their clothes they were in complete disarray, but outwardly, they showed no signs of what they’d been doing which was all that mattered. Tess pointed discretely toward the top button on Maria’s CrashDown uniform, which Maria hurriedly refastened just as Amy and Jim appeared through the foliage.

“Mom, what are you doing here?”

“I was going to ask you the same thing.”

“Alright, anyone want to tell me what’s going on here?” Jim asked, frowning from one teen to another.

Tucker was the first to answer. Getting to his feet and brushing himself off, he said, “Nothing, Officer. It was just a friendly misunderstanding, that’s all.”

“That right, Alex?” Jim was watching him for any sign that the stranger might be more than he seemed. The past few months of knowing Max’s secrets had forced him to reevaluate his small town code of ethics. Now every newcomer was a potential enemy, a killer with a hidden agenda. By reading Alex's body language, he decided that the jury was still out on this guy, whoever he was.

“Yes, sir. Nothing going on here. Just a friendly conversation.”

Pretending it was routine, Jim pulled Tucker off to the side and after looking at his ID, he asked him a few questions about why he was in town, where he was staying and stuff. He was surprised to hear he was staying at the CrashDown, and finally let the guy off with a warning about fighting in his town.

After Tucker painfully walked away, Jim pulled Alex and the aliens aside, Maria being occupied with Amy (and vice versa), and asked them seriously what had happened. They stuck as close to the truth as possible, leaving out the whole group/lesbian sex part, telling him that Tess had spotted Maria walking home and had wanted to speak with her, so they had come to the park, Isabel had spotted her car while catching a ride home with Alex then the next thing they knew that Tucker guy had started butting in where he wasn’t wanted.

“And he threw the first punch?” Jim asked.

“No. I did,” Alex admitted.

The sheriff was surprised, knowing Alex to be quiet and the very antithesis of ‘aggressive’. “You want to tell me why?” he asked.

Alex looked to Isabel for help, not sure how much of the situation he should reveal. Isabel went ahead and told the sheriff, “He had made a lewd suggestion about the three of us girls going somewhere with him. When Alex told him to stuff it, he said that between the two of them and the three of us, there was plenty to share.”

“I couldn’t listen to him talk like that about them, so I hit him. He came after me and that’s when you showed up.”

Jim was shocked. “Are you sure that how it was,” he asked. “This is very serious, Isabel. You’re eighteen, but Maria and Tess are still under aged and we’re talking about attempted statutory rape and the corruption of a minor here.”

Tess spoke up, “Sheriff, we don’t want to make any trouble or draw attention to ourselves. There was no harm done and he’s gone so can we just forget about it? He probably didn’t even mean it. You know how guys like to talk.”

Jim looked at her, consideringly before finally nodding. “Ok, but I’m gonna do a little checking into his background and I want you guys to steer clear of him.”

“Yes, sir,” they chorused.

“Good. Now get on home. It’s after curfew, you know.”

They rejoined Maria in time to hear Amy explaining defensively, “He offered to take me for a ride in his car. I got to go on patrol with him... What? It was fun.”

“Everything ok, ladies?” Jim asked, noticing the closed off look Maria sent him. Amy’s answering smile was heartwarming, though. He had plans for her later on, and he was worried that this incident might have broken their mood.

“Everything’s fine, Jim. Would you mind if I cut our evening short? I’m sorry, I just want to get Maria safely home.”

Damn. “Uh, sure Amy. I understand.” So much for the making out session he’d planned. Double damn. “Well, are we ready?”

“Yes. Come on, Maria, we’re leaving.” The two of them departed as quickly as they’d arrived.

Maria reached over and squeezed Tess and Isabel’s hands in lieu of the goodbye kiss she really wanted to give them, “Goodnight, guys.”

“Goodnight” and “See you tomorrow,” were the whispered responses. It was amazing how many different things could be read into those short sentences. The three of them shared a look of intense emotion before Maria had to turn away.

Going over to Alex, she gave him a hug. “Thank you.” Again, there were several meanings there from ‘thanks for saving us’ to ‘thanks for understanding how much I need Isabel and sharing her with me’.

Alex knew what she was saying and responded, “You’re welcome and thank *you*.”

Figuring he was talking about sharing Michael and Isabel with him, Maria tightened her arms around him. She felt so close to him at that moment, like they were part of a loving circle, her and Michael, he and Isabel. The two of them had always been like family, only now it was a hundred times deeper, more meaningful. Unbreakable.

All at once, she realized that she could feel his erection pressing against her, and the reason why it caught her attention so suddenly was that it was growing.

“Uh, Alex?”

Stroking her hair back from her face with one hand while the other swept down her back to press her closer against him, Alex told her, “You know, you’ve come a long way from the eighth grade.”

Somehow this wasn’t a moment for humor and Maria nodded solemnly.

“You’re beautiful on the outside as well as the inside, generous, loving and amazingly sexy,” he said with a smile. “Do you ever remember how it was? You know, with us?” he asked meaning when it was just the three of them, Alex, Maria and Liz, the three amigos.

“Yeah, especially lately.”

He nodded, realizing that her memories were probably surfacing because of the initiation: that’s how it was with him, too. “If I could go back, knowing how you were going to turn out, to find a way to keep you all to myself, still I wouldn’t change a thing because that would mean I wouldn’t never have gotten to see tonight, and I wouldn’t have missed that for the world. Tucker was right about one thing; I never knew lovemaking could be so beautiful until I saw you with Tess and Isabel. You were incredible,” he whispered into her hair.

He looked into her face and saw the tears glistening on her lashes causing them to reflect the overhead stars like a thousand diamonds. Then his eyes focused on her lips, still swollen from her and Tess’s hungry kisses and slightly parted as if in invitation.

Maria inhaled as desire spiked inside her from the intensity of that look. His cock throbbed against her and she pressed closer to it as her teary gaze fell to his mouth. She watched in breathless anticipation as he got closer, until she could feel his breath trembling against her skin. “Alex,” she whispered in longing.

“MARIA!!” Amy’s irate voice, echoing loudly across the park from the direction of the street, caused them to jump apart.

Without another word, Maria took off at a run toward the cars. Her body was lightly trembling in a wake of unfulfilled desire, and she was sure to get a lecture when she got home, but she was happier than she’d ever been. She just thanked her lucky stars that her mom and the sheriff hadn’t arrived five minutes earlier, or later for that matter, because there was no way she could have explained *that*. So far, Amy and Jim had remained blissfully ignorant of the changes their children had been going through and she figured it would be best if it stayed that way.

TBC soon. As always, your responses give me a happy, warm glow... Good, bad, feel free to tell me what you think.

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Hey all,

Well, rather than giving you a sob story about how Michael Guerin is ruining my life, I am VERY Pleased to tell you that he actually cooperated with me for a change. My self-imposed exile from the board was extremely successful, and the chapter that was giving me fits is done! Yeay.

Which means, I can post chapter 15 tonight. I hope everyone likes this one as I get a chance to show my appretiation for everyone here who's been encouraging me in this fic. Yes, it's time for the Grand Opening some of you might have heard me mention, but first, my everlasting love to all of you who are hanging out with us here. I sincerely appreciate how ya'll can forward to encourage me this week, it's was truly inspiring.

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I think there's only a few Q & A's this time around, so here goes:

StarPrincess: You're probably right about Liz being a ticking time bomb, and all of these things going on around her are just winding her tighter, so that when she goes, look out! *big* I did want to correct you on one small point, I said that Liz would be a more central character after chapter 8, and so she has. Even I thought it was fairly ridiculous that she only makes two short appearances in all of 7 chapters, but there didn't seem to be much I could do about it. There was a lot going on on Sunday - not just sex - and I had to take the time to get it all out of the way. Now, look, we've made it to Wednesday, and I've promised that Liz will be told the truth by the end of the week, so patience, patience. It's coming, I wouldn't tease ya about something like this.

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maxzhot: Remember there's that proxmity thing. As long as the guys stay at least a mile away from the Valenti residence, then they're probably safe. Don't worry, after what happened last time, Tess has threatened to castrate any guy who dares to show his face around there. *bounce**bounce*

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Ok, enough about me, let's talk about you as we head into...

Chapter fifteen

Author’s Note: This chapter is dedicated to Mama Dee for loaning me her *******, which I’m planning on putting to good use. (LOL) And for pointing out that I, along with two other authors make an interesting ‘threesome’ of our own. This one’s for you, and my friends at!

* * * * * * *

“What are the morals of this country coming to? I’m telling you, Jeff, we’re talking about the complete breakdown of societies rules where our children will be sexually out of control and having orgies in the streets!”

Liz and Maria walked into the front door of the CrashDown just in time to catch the tail end of Amy Deluca’s rant. Going pale, Maria stopped dead in her tracks. She knew! Somehow, her mom knew about last night!

Turning around and seeing them, Amy said, “Go home right now and pack your bags, Maria. We’re moving before you’re completely corrupted.”

Concerned, Liz asked, “Ms Deluca, what’s wrong?”

“What’s wrong? The very fabric of our society is unraveling, that’s what’s wrong. You know that shop next to mine that’s been empty since Joe Kellerman retired?” Liz nodded. “Well, they’ve been moving boxes in there for a week now. Here I was, all excited about getting a new neighbor. I should have known.” To Jeff, she said, “I knew I should have been more suspicious when I saw how quickly they carried the boxes inside. No delivery guys I’ve ever seen work that efficiently. I never caught any of them just loitering - not one! It’s like they didn’t want us to see what was printed on the side of the boxes. They unveiled the sign this morning about an hour before she opened her doors and I was outraged, simply outraged that such trash would dare to take up business in our town.” Turning back to the girls without hardly taking a breath, Amy admonished, “Now girls from now on, when you come to my shop, I want you to promise me you won’t dawdle along the sidewalk. Come right inside and avoid looking in the windows next door.”

Maria and Liz exchanged glances. What on earth could it be that got Amy so riled up?

* * * * * * *

Mama Dee’s House of Erotica,” Maria read the sign perched boldly above the door out loud.

As they had an hour ago, the two girls exchanged curious glances. Taking Liz’s hand, Maria said, “Come on, let’s go in.”

Holding back, Liz said, “I don’t know, Maria. Your mom doesn’t want us to go in there.”

“My mom also said that the lady who ran this place was a smarmy old broad. Does this look like a place run by a ‘smarmy’ person to you?”

“Maybe. I mean, I’m not sure. What’s smarmy mean again?” Liz was stalling. For some reason, she felt very uncomfortable just standing outside the small shop. It seemed wrong somehow. Her mother would flip out if she knew Liz was even thinking about going inside.

“Geez, Liz, live a little,” Maria said in exasperation. Grabbing her hand, she pulled the timid girl into the shop.

Liz cringed at the noisy jangling of the bell attached to the door, then, before she was ready, they were inside.

Wide eyed, they looked around the tastefully decorated shop. On the left, there were several racks of clothing, in the middle sat the cash register surrounded by a square section of glass display cases with various objects showcased in their brightly lit interiors. The back wall of the store seemed to have rack after rack of what appeared to be books, videos and greeting cards. The right side had several rows of shelves holding a plethora of items of differing sizes and shapes including some tiny bottles. Finally, the wall adjacent to the door had a long magazine stand filled with close to a hundred different publications. Liz’s gaze fell over Busty Biker Babes before she hastily adverted her eyes.

“Oh my God, Liz, do you see this place?” Maria pulled her unresisting friend further into the building.

“Good afternoon, ladies. Welcome to ‘Dee’s’. Are you looking for any thing in particular today?” a pleasant faced woman asked as she approached them.

“No,” Maria squeaked. Then after clearing her throat, repeated, “I mean, no, thank you. We’re just looking. Are you Dee?” she asked, noticing her name badge.

“Yes I am,” she admitted proudly. “This is my shop.”

“It’s amazing,” Liz complemented.

Dee chuckled and said, “Well, thanks honey, but all you’ve seen so far is the front door. How about you two look around a bit, then tell Mama what you really think.”

Nodding, they both turned left and headed for the clothes, whispering and giggling over some of the more ludicrous outfits they found there. After a few minutes, they separated.

Maria wandered the shop and everything she saw reminded her in some way of her lovers. She found a dress that would look gorgeous on Isabel, scented oils made her think of Tess and the glow-in-the-dark condoms of course brought Michael to mind. She smiled happily and wondered again how she’d gotten to be so lucky to have so much love in her life. When they were done here, she and Liz were going over to Tess’s to ‘sunbathe’ and already, Maria was making plans to get Isabel off alone – which would give Tess some time to get closer to Liz. She sighed in contentment. It was gonna be quite an afternoon.

Liz wandered toward the collection of bottles she’d seen earlier. She found edible massage oil, body lotion and lubricant in every flavor imaginable. Remembering her dream from a few nights ago, she blushed lightly as she fingered the coconut flavored massage oil wondering if she had the nerve to actually purchase something here. As she deliberated, she remembered that Max’s affliction would undoubtedly cause her the same disappointment she’d had in the dream. While he might not actually fall asleep on her, he might as well if she was going to get all worked up only to have him leave her hanging because of his impotency.

Decisively, she returned the bottle to the shelf.

As she continued up and down the aisles, she began searching for something that might help Max with his with insecurity issues. From what she’d read before fleeing the library yesterday, she’d decided that since his problem was psychological rather than physical, it was something she could combat. She was certain that if she could just get him to overcome his fears and find sexual release, just one time, then that would probably be the end of his problem. The trick would be getting him to open up to her. To trust her and believe that no matter what she could and would accept him.

Considering the extreme reaction he had the other night when she’d, you know… Blushing, she couldn’t even bring herself to think about what she’d been trying to do; she knew that getting him to let her see him that vulnerable again was going to be the problem. She would need to find a way to get the upper hand…

* * * * * * *

In the back of the room, Maria was reading through the naughty greeting cards when she looked up after hearing two ladies talking nearby. One appeared to be turning something over in her head as well as her hands. “I don’t know,” she said. “It’s just, they’re in a delicate place right now, all three of them. I don’t know if they’re ready for one of these yet.”

“I know what you mean,” the other lady replied. “After all, any *normal* relationship opens up whole worlds of vulnerability,” she seemed to grin as if at a private joke, “and theirs is anything but normal. But I’m telling you, this is their time of ‘Firsts’ when experimenting and love go hand in hand and this little item will be perfect for them.” In a cajoling tone, she added, “Just look at craftsmanship here. This is no mass-produced market commodity. And the dark raven feathers here and along the top are just perfect: soft and sensual. Can’t you picture this against her delicate skin? Just think how amazing she’ll look in it, and the guys, well, you can guess what their reaction will be.” After a moment of contemplative silence during which Maria heard a light metallic tinkling sound coming from whatever they were holding, the second lady spoke again. “Maybe they’re not ready, like you said. Something like this requires a great deal of trust – from all sides.”

Curious, Maria looked over to see what they were talking about. The way they were standing made it impossible to see what they had in their hands, but they were in the middle of the ‘toy aisle’ where there were an assortment of dildos, vibrators and other items she couldn’t name. Intrigued by their description and unable to stop herself, she inched closer.

“You know, trust isn’t the issue,” the first lady said.

“Is it the sex?” the second lady asked. She was one of Dee’s assistants by the looks of her smock. That explained her persistence, Maria smirked. The lady was working hard at making a sale.

The customer let out a startled laugh. “Oh, no. It’s not the sex. In fact,” she leaned closer, “just last Monday…” Her voice dropped to a whisper and Maria couldn’t make out what she was saying. Pretending to still be looking at her x-rated card, she tip-toed a little nearer.

“You’re kidding!” the shop assistant exclaimed. “On his bike?”

“Yeah, it was great till he wrecked them by nearly driving into a tree.” At the other woman’s laughter she added, “Oh yeah, you laugh now, but it wasn’t so funny at the time. You-know-who was pissed when he heard. You know how he is about her. He was livid when he saw the bruises. And then she sided with Captain America, which of course only added more fuel to the fire. It was their first fight,” she said sadly. “It’s been two days and the three of them are still mad at each other, so I thought a little surprise might be just what they need to, you know, clear the air.”

“A relationship like that is enough to make a person crazy,” the clerk sympathized.

“Yeah, Crazy, Times Two.” the lady agreed with a tinkling laugh. Her attention returned to the demure package she was holding. “I just don’t know if they’ll like this.”

Dee’s assistant put her hand on her friend’s shoulder. “Trust me. That’s the cure for what ails them, I promise.” Seeing the other woman still wasn’t sold, she said, “How about this, you take this one, try it out for yourself, and if you like it, come back for the other one - for them.”

Maria had to grin at that obvious tactic as the shopper burst out laughing. “What am I going to do with a set of these?”

Patting her arm affectionately, she teased, “I’m sure you’ll think of something, and whatever it is, I don’t want to know about it.”

“You are so bad, Tas.”

“I’ll just hold this one for you at the counter,” she said reaching for another package identical to the one they were holding, then ushered the overwhelmed shopper into the rear of the store.

As they passed, Maria finally got close enough to see what they were talking about, and her mouth fell open. Was that a…? No way! She couldn’t believe something like that was for sale right here in Roswell. Were those even legal?

Dropping the card she’d been holding, Maria made a beeline for Liz who was standing at the register with Dee.

Maria seemed oblivious to the shopkeeper as she blurted, “Oh my god Liz, you won’t believe what I just saw. Those two women were talking, and first of all, unless I’m mistaken, someone in town’s having a three-way, if you know what I mean. Then, secondly, I just saw…”

Dee interrupted to hand a small brown bag across the counter to Liz along with her bankcard, “Here you go, Liz, now remember, tell your friend not to lose the key or else she’ll be in big trouble. There’s not a locksmith in town who’ll be able to help her if she does.”

“I will,” Liz said.

Maria grabbed her arm. “Wait, you bought something? Liz, what did you get?”

“That is none of your business,” Liz said as she pushed open the door and they exited to the street.

“Come again,” Dee called out to their departing backs.

Just then, her assistant came over with a medium sized package in her hand and asked with a grin, “Another ‘bachelorette shower gift’?”

Dee nodded. “You know, I don’t care what they say as long as they keep coming in.” Looking around for the lady who’d been shopping before the two schoolgirls had come in, Dee asked, “Where’s Deidre?”

“In the dressing room,” was the casual answer as she finished writing ‘RosDeidre’ on the box and stashed it under the counter.

Satisfied, the erotica shop’s owner nodded. She took a deep, contented breath and sighed, “I’m glad we came to Roswell.”

“Yeah, me too. This town gives off some weird vibes, but there’s definitely love in the air. It’s a good town. Now, we just need to decide what to do with your annoying neighbor. I’ve heard she’s running all over town rallying her friends against you.” She frowned, disliking the thought that someone might have something against a hardworking business woman setting up shop in the area. “She’s like some ex-hippie or something.”

Mama Dee smiled. “Amy’ll come around. Just give her time.”

“You want to send her a gift basket?” the astute assistant asked, knowing that particular ploy had worked in the past.

“Now you’re talking.” She quickly retrieved a small wicker basket from behind the register and handed it over. After watching her friend efficiently work for about it for a moment, Dee resolved, “If this works, you’ve got yourself a promotion. How does Store Manager sound?”

Tasyfa looked up with a startled smile and unhesitatingly declared, “You’re on.”

The two ladies promptly put their heads together to come up with the perfect collection of sensual items to send to their new neighbor, Amy Deluca, in an attempt to break the ice. In the end, it was decided they would need a bigger basket.

* * * * * * * *

“I can’t believe you bought a pair of handcuffs,” Maria exclaimed as they were walking up to the Valenti’s front door. “That’s so kinky. Wait,” a thought suddenly occurring to her, “this isn’t like some throw back from your days with Kyle is it, because if you’ve been holding out on me all this time, I swear to god, Liz…”

“MARIA!!” Liz finally shouted in order to get her friend’s attention for about the hundredth time. “It’s nothing like that, ok. It’s something else, and it’s personal, so could you just forget you ever saw them?”

Maria chuckled, “Not likely to happen Liz. Besides, I’m planning to borrow them.”

Frustrated, Liz threw a glare at her. “I’m serious, Maria.”

“So am I.” Finally catching on that Liz really wasn’t joking, the handcuffs were in fact extremely important to her friend, Maria sobered instantly. “What? Are they for protection? In case someone comes after you, you want to – what? Handcuff them to your balcony?”

“No, it’s not that.” Seeing she wasn’t going to get out of this without some kind of explanation, Liz said, “They’re for Max, ok? We’re having some issues and… and… I just wanted to help him work some stuff out.” Shrugging, trying to pretend as if her entire sexual future didn’t hang on her desperate gamble working, she added, “I just figured if I could keep him from running off, we’d have a chance.”

Seeing right through her, Maria said, “Woah, Liz, girlfriend, you… this isn’t about his ‘performance issues’ is it?”

Liz swung her head around and stared at her friend in shock. “His WHAT? How did you know…?

“Michael told me. Look babe,” Maria hurried on, “These aren’t gonna help. In fact, these are going to make it worse, ok? Remember the White Room? Max is gonna go ballistic if you come anywhere near him with these, you know.”

Blanching, Liz whispered, “I didn’t think about that.” All she’d been thinking of was forcing Max to give her full access to his body so she could seduce him past his imagined fears. She’d forgotten all about his very real fears from his nightmarish hours of being tortured in the White Room. Oh, God! What kind of person was she?

Maria reached over and plucked the bag from Liz’s lax hand. “It’s ok, babe. And since you won’t be using them after all, I’ll just hold on to them for you.”

“Wait a minute, Maria.” Liz said, reaching for the bag just as the door in front of them opened. Tess stood there with a welcoming smile on her face wearing a sexy blue bikini that brought out the color in her eyes and a cover-up that made no effort to actually cover anything.

Maria quickly stashed the confiscated bag behind her back, shooting a look at Liz who glared at her in return.

“Hey guys, I was beginning to wonder what happened to you.”

Entering the house, Maria said, “We had an errand to run.” Looking around, she asked, “Where’s Isabel?”

“In here,” Isabel’s disembodied voice floated from the kitchen to inform them. A moment later, she appeared in the doorway, wiping her hands on a dishrag. She was also wearing a wispy cover-up over her black one-piece swimsuit and her hair was pulled back in its customary braid. “Hi.”

She stopped short at the look Maria sent her. It was hot, sultry and full of promise.

Tightening her grip on Liz’s bag, Maria grinned naughtily, “Hey, Isabel.”

* * * * * *


bearhugs: Let's put your knowledge to use. Any idea what Maria saw at Mama Dee's?

Disclaimer: I completely made up the conversation between the shopper and the assistant. I am in no way implying that their conversation has any bearings on what is actually happening in Crazy, Times Two, and/or Firsts or Full Circle. I just thought it would be kinda fun if they were talking about their stories, with Maria listenging in, so blame it on me! And a special thanks to Mama Dee, who suggested the sex shop in the first place, and RosDeidre and Tasyfa who agreed to play along. Hope you enjoyed your cameos, ladies and thanks for making it happen as well as sharing your wonderful stories with us.

Look for the next update on Tuesday.


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I've never even seen said clamps in real life, but I've heard and read that they are pretty interesting. Do you think I'm close? Feathers, metallic and in the toy aisle. Hmmm...

I'm open to other suggestions, like I said, I pretty much just made it up as I wrote. If anyone can come up with something good, I'll have Maria buy it for Liz who will put it to use later on. Is it a deal? (We'll do this diplomatically, I'll draw suggestions out of a hat.)

Tas - I guess I really do want you to go there. I had to sit around and think about it, why should I be the only one? LOL Ooo, I saw your note about working on Forging. I hope it's going as well for you as this last week went for me. I've really mised that fic.

Bearhugs - sounds like ladylou has some nice dirt on you! I don't think you're telling me the whole story. "fess up now, how much time did you spend in the warehouse? Any did you buy anything there? Come on, inquiring minds want to know.

As for seeing the mysterious item in Tasyfa and Rosdeidre's fics, well you're asking the wrong lady.


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For those of you not aware, we are having a contest to see who can identify the mystery item Maria spotted at Mama's. The requirements are: wearable, raven feathers, likely to be found in the 'toy aisle' - though that's not really a necessity, and capable of making a metallic tinkling sound. Whoever wins, I'll have Maria buy it for Liz who will put it to good use. We've already got several suggestions, so ante up, ladies.

Come on, it'll be fun.

Ok, where were we? Oh yeah, pool party.

Due to legnth constraints, we're again breaking it into two posts and, you guessed it, we need another:

The following contains... do I really have to say it? Let's see, four women, bikinis and a pair of handcuffs. You figure it out. LOL

Chapter sixteen

“It sure is a nice day,” Tess said conversationally.

“Yeah,” Liz agreed as she settled onto a lounge chair located on the Valenti’s patio.

As a conversation starter it lacked substance, Tess berated herself. Another uncomfortable silence fell between the two girls. The short camaraderie they’d developed last Friday had been replaced by an jarring chasm ten times larger that what had existed before it. She knew she had no one to blame for that debacle but herself and her stupid possessive behavior upon arriving in Roswell, but knowing that didn’t make it any easier to get past it. What could she talk to Liz about? Max and Kyle were off limits, as was school and work since they were trying to relax and not think about the stresses of the day. What did that leave? Alien stuff? No thank you.

Where were Maria and Isabel, Tess wondered, shooting a glance toward the sliding glass door. They were supposed to act as a buffer today so she and Liz didn’t have to suffer through this… this horrible awkwardness.

Next to her, Liz was thinking similar thoughts only her mind kept replaying their one incredible kiss over and over in her head. Did Tess ever think about it? Did she hunger for another taste as Liz did, without Michael or Kyle to interrupt them? Or did she find the whole thing repugnant? Is that why she was sitting there looking so uncomfortable?

Liz suddenly sat up, “Tess, I was wondering…” She seemed to falter as Tess gazed at her, her expression unreadable. “I was…”

“Yes?” she encouraged, eager to discuss anything that might be on Liz’s mind. Anything to break the oppressive silence.

“I… Do you have any suntan oil? I forgot to bring mine.” She couldn’t do it. She couldn’t make herself mention the kiss that was coming to mean so much to her. If Tess regretted it, or if she’d wrote it off as inconsequential (*it’s just a kiss*) Liz would be devastated. She turned away.

And missed the look of disappointment that crossed the blonde girl’s face before she resolutely stood. “Yeah, just a sec.” Tess hurried into the house. This wasn’t working. And where the hell were her friends? They were supposed to be helping here.

Wait a minute.

Away from Liz’s presence, Tess just now began registering the warmth that had been slowly creeping across her skin. Looking around, she saw that her previously open bedroom door was closed.

Walking over to it decisively, she put her hand on the handle. It wouldn’t budge, despite the fact that there was no lock in the knob. No surprise there. Using her powers, she opened the door, preparing to chide her friends for bailing on her.

The lecture she’d been about to deliver died in her throat when she saw the tenderness with which Isabel and Maria clung to each other, their bodies entwined as they lay on their sides facing one another on her bed lost in a heated embrace. Isabel was already nude, her cover up and swimsuit lay abandoned on the floor. Maria, bare breasted, was still wearing her cut off denim shorts. There was a mysterious brown paper sack sitting on her dresser.

Unwilling to interrupt, and unable to join them, Tess backed back out as silently as she’d entered, again ‘locking’ the door to ensure their privacy. Looks like she’s on her own, she thought as she hurried into the bathroom for the brown bottle of suntan oil she kept under the sink. Somehow it was up to her to find a way to gain Liz’s trust and get her to open up to her.

Looking at the slippery bottle in her hands, she was struck with a sudden inspiration.

* * * * * * * *

“Here it is,” she said with forced cheer as she returned to the patio holding up the oil triumphantly.

“Thanks,” Liz said, holding out her hand expectantly. She was surprised when Tess handed her a towel instead of the oil.

“Why don’t you go ahead and lay down and I’ll do your back for you.”

“Uh,” Liz couldn’t come up with a reason to object the friendly overture. “Sure.” The back of the lounge chair clanked noisily as Liz pulled it forward, then, pushed it all the way back so that she could lay flat on it. Spreading the towel out, Liz quickly shucked her shorts and t-shirt and lay down.

Sucking in a breath, Tess was frozen in place. Always modest, she’d never seen Liz in so little before. Her little red and black bikini merely emphasized the perfection that was Liz Parker. The stark tan lines across Liz’s skin suggested that today was the outfit’s maiden voyage.

“Tess?” Liz asked hesitatingly, unsure why Tess seemed to be just staring down at her. Had she misunderstood her offer?

“Oh, sorry. The lid was, uh, stuck or something.” Dropping a thick towel to the ground to protect her knees from the rough pavement, Tess knelt next to Liz’s prone form. Liz had her head turned away, which was fine with Tess. She wasn’t sure she could go through with this if Liz was watching her. Setting the bottle down for a moment, she gathered up the stray ends of Liz’s luxurious hair and moved it out of the way so it wouldn’t get oil on it. With an effort, she resisted the desire to spend a few minutes simply playing with it. A memory of how Max always seemed to find excuses to run his fingers through her hair struck her and Tess had to squash her rising envy.

Instead, she picked up the bottle. “I like your suit,” she said as she poured a small amount of oil into her waiting palm. It was chilly from the air conditioning inside, but her powers quickly warmed it. “Is it new?”

She rubbed her hands together, coating them with the oily liquid and allowing the surplus to drip onto Liz’s waiting skin. Then there was nothing left to do but touch the golden skin beside her and discover if it really was as silky and soft as it seemed. Tess brought her hands to Liz’s shoulders and slowly began to work the suntan oil into her fragrant skin.

Nodding, Liz said, “Yeah. I got it last Saturday morning.”

“I like it. It looks great on you.” Actually, it looked incredible, sexy as hell, but Tess figured Liz wasn’t ready to hear that yet.

“Thank you,” Liz demurred, taken aback by the husky note in her own voice. It was then that she acknowledged for the first time that she’d bought the bikini, something she’d never considered owning before, in the hopes of catching Tess’s approval and interest. Despite her shock over their kiss the previous evening, Liz had gotten up well before her shift at the CrashDown to go shopping with Tess on her mind, and this was the result of the expedition. What was going on with her? she wondered. What was behind this sudden attraction to Tess?

Plus there was Michael too, but no, I’m not going there, she lectured herself. And don’t forget Maria, a small voice reminded her. Was she was going through sexual withdrawl? Was that even possible for a virgin? Can you be addicted to something you’d never even tried?

Unaware of Liz’s wandering thoughts, Tess smoothed the oil across Liz’s shoulders and down the arm nearest to her, and tried to come up with something else to say. “Oh, I met that guy, Tucker last night. Maria said he’s staying at the CrashDown?”

“Yeah. His mom and my dad go way back. He goes to school in Texas, and is only here for a few weeks on vacation. You met him?”

“Yeah, we were hanging out in the park, me and Maria, Isabel and Alex when he came over and introduced himself.” Tess decided to downplay the encounter since she couldn’t very well explain why they’d all taken a dislike to him. “He’s kinda cute in a swaggering, bragging kind of way,” she offered.

Losing herself to the sensations of the sun soaking into her skin as well as Tess’s hands sliding over her, Liz nodded languidly. “I think so too. About the cute part. He was swaggering?”

“Yeah. He kinda hit on Isabel right in front of Alex, like he thinks being Joe College guy makes him big stuff.” Tess laughed softly. “You should have seen Alex jump to her defense. He was gonna clobber him. It was amazing. I think Tucker was actually scared.”

“Really?” Liz asked. Alex loved Isabel, and his bravery when confronted with evil aliens was inspiring, but picturing him going toe to toe with Tucker, well, that she would have to see to believe. Later, the fact that, once again her friends were having get togethers without her would strike her, but for now, she was too distracted by Tess’s warm hands to notice that small detail.

Tess had been steadily working her way down the side of Liz’s back and one leg as they talked. Done now, she picked up her towel and moved to Liz’s other side.

Warming more oil in her palms, she continued, “Yeah. Well, right about then the sheriff arrived *with* Ms Deluca – Maria wasn’t too happy about that – and sent Tucker on his way.” Wanting to warn Liz about the wolf in sheep’s clothing she and her family were harboring, Tess told her, “To tell you the truth, there’s something not right about him. Knowing that he’s staying with you, well it worries me a little.”

“What do you mean, not right about him?”

“I don’t know. Call it woman’s intuition, or alien intuition, but the guy struck me as being a creep. I hope you’ll be careful around him.”

“Come on, what could happen? My parents are nearly always around, you know. I’m sure there’s nothing to worry about.”

“I guess,” she grudgingly agreed somewhat relieved at the reminder that her parents practically never left the building. Changing the subject, Tess asked softly, “Can I ask you a personal question?”

“Do I have to answer it?” was the teasing response.

Surprised a little at Liz’s lightening mood, Tess grinned and said, “Of course you do, otherwise what’s the point?”

“Sounds kinda risky, Tess. What’s in it for me?”

“You can ask me anything you want in return.”

“Hmm. Are you proposing another round of Truth or Dare?” Liz asked, popping one eye open to look at the smaller girl.

“I’m game if you are. Same rules as before?” inquired Tess, wanting to make sure they were on the same page, the rules being that any possibly hurtful topics were to be carefully avoided by excluding most of the last year and a half. Seeing Liz’s agreement to her challenge, Tess said, “Good, then can I go first?”

At Liz’s nod, she dove right in with, “Have you ever sunbathed topless?” She was spreading the oil around Liz’s bikini top as she spoke.

“Um, yeah, a couple of times. I only ever did it the summer after freshman year, when…” Liz broke off, not wanting to hurt Tess’s feelings.

“When you dated Kyle,” Tess finished for her. “It’s ok, Liz. It doesn’t make me uncomfortable knowing you two were together for a while.”

Liz hastened to assure her, “Well, it was just this casual thing and…”

Tess brought her face even with Liz’s causing languoring girl to open her eyes. Blue and brown caught and held, whispering secrets, sharing feelings and emotions they were too shy to communicate in words. It was over as fast as it had begun, before Liz could really understand what was happening and with a soft smile, Tess said again, “It’s ok, Liz.”

“Ok,” Liz whispered obediently.

Nodding, Tess said, “Now about that topless sunbathing?”

“Oh, well. You know, that was before my balcony turned into ‘alien central’. I never know who is going to just pop their head over the wall these days, so I kinda gave that up.”

Despite Liz’s teasing tone, Tess was saddened by the admission. “Liz I’m so sorry that we’ve just taken over your whole life.”

“Don’t be. I’m not. If it weren’t for Max Evans, I wouldn’t even have a life for you to take over. Everyday that I get to spend breathing and living and sharing with all of you is a gift that’ll I’ll never regret getting.”

“Carpe Diem?”

“Carpe Diem,” Liz affirmed.

“Well, in that case, would you consider…?” she fingered the strap stretched across Liz’s back suggestively. “After all, the aliens have already landed,” she teased. “It’s just you and me and the guys aren’t coming. If they do show up, I’ll slag them with my death ray eyes. Please?” she implored, watching Liz’s face for some sign that she hadn’t shocked her into a retreat.

Liz squeezed her eyes tightly shut. What had she gotten herself into?

“I’ll dare you.” Tess whispered in mock threat, sending a parade of goose bumps to pebble Liz’s skin.

Liz was shaking inwardly as she fought herself and her conflicting emotions. The problem was she wanted to say yes, and that scared her more than the question itself. Because if she said yes, it would take both of them to a place she wasn’t sure she wanted to go. She was afraid, plain and simple. Afraid to be that vulnerable. Afraid that if she said yes, Tess would be put off by her much smaller attributes. Tess’s bosom was beautiful, curved and bounteous whereas Liz’s… wasn’t.

She couldn’t do it. She couldn’t expose herself to Tess like that. “Tess,” she whispered regretfully.

“It’s ok, you don’t have to,” Tess said into the deepening silence. “It was a stupid idea. I’m sorry I asked.” Swallowing, she added, “I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable. Just forget I brought it up.”

Now Tess sounded like her feelings were hurt, causing Liz to ache now in a different way. She’d was so caught up in her own insecurities that it hadn’t occurred to her how gutsy it was for Tess to even ask. Then to turn down such a simple request flat… She didn’t mean to be so cruel. Liz quickly reversed her decision. There was no reason not to do it. After all it was just the two of them. Two girls. It’s not like they haven’t seen naked breasts before. And besides, why would Tess possibly be comparing their bodies? she asked herself. AND, she continued her mental dialogue, why would she worry about Tess being put off. Tess was with Kyle, Liz was with Max. There was absolutely no reason to worry over some imagined reaction that wasn’t going to happen.

Geez. Get a grip, Liz.

Wordlessly, she reached around and unhooked the back of her top then pulled her arms out of the straps one after another.

Tess murmured a soft “Thank you,” at Liz’s actions as happiness welled up inside her. A part of her could barely believe that the timid girl had done it, but the proof lay before her in mesmerizing inches of sexy, bare flesh. She had to resist the urge to press a thousand soft kisses into the exposed skin. Instead, she began to hum softly as she continued stroking Liz’s back with her lubricated hands.

“What are you humming?” Liz asked after a breathless minute, not recognizing the tune and looking for a distraction against the desire beginning to swirl inside her.

“Let Me Love You by Tim McGraw. It’s something that Kyle got me hooked on,” she admitted with a shake of her head as she moved to Liz’s other leg, the last part on the back of the other girl’s body that hadn’t been oiled yet. So far, she’d managed to drag out the pleasurable chore as long as she possibly could without tipping Liz off. “It reminds me of us, you know, me and Kyle. Oh, you’d probably like it, too. There’s this one lyric about you seeing yourself through his eyes and knowing how he feels about you. That just sounds like you and Max.”

“Yeah,” Liz whispered, reminded of those life-altering moments in the CrashDown when Max Evans had let her see him all the way to his soul.

“You wanna hear it, if I promise not to sing?”

“Sure,” Liz agreed with a grin.

Tess looked to the CD player that was sitting in the shade by the door. Suddenly it kicked on and skipped forward to the right song. Soon, the sexy sounds of Tim McGraw crooning about how much he wanted to make love to them was filling the air. Both girls sighed in appreciation after several heart-stopping minutes.

“Wow,” Liz said after the song was over.

“Yeah. The whole album is good, but that is my favorite song.” Sitting back, Tess realized that she was done; had been for a while now. All of the skin that she could see on Liz Parker’s body was glistening with an oily shine in the late afternoon sun. She had no further excuses to continue touching her.

Capping the bottle, she picked up her towel and laid it out on the adjacent chair. Reclining next to Liz, Tess closed her eyes and soaked up the healing rays of the sun.

The two of them relaxed for a while and just let their thoughts drift. Tess was doing her best to block out Isabel’s desire that was reaching out to her from just inside the house. She couldn’t let herself dwell on what Isabel and Maria might be doing in her bed because then she’d have to get up and go to them. Instead, she focused her thoughts on the dark haired girl resting next to her, planning on how she’d convince Liz to allow her to cover her front with suntan oil as thoroughly as she had her back.

All too soon, it was time to roll over. That meant it was now or never, prompting Tess to say, “Since it’s my turn again, I guess I have to come up with another question.”

“Your turn,” Liz argued. “I don’t think so. You asked the last question.”

“Nah uh. You asked me what song I was humming and I told you. That was your turn. Now it’s mine.”

Behind her eyelids, Liz rolled her eyes. Something about this game wasn’t particularly fair, she decided. Why did it always seem like she got the short end of the stick? Still, it was a nice excuse to lay here and get to know Tess a little better. “Fine,” she said. “What’s your question?”

Sitting up, Tess asked, “What’s the most daring thing you’ve ever done? …that didn’t involve evading the authorities,” she added as an afterthought.

“Most daring?” Liz questioned, peeking her eye open again.

“Umhmmm…” Tess nodded

“Kissing you.” It was out of her mouth before she could think better of it.

It had been nearly a week since Friday, but this was the first time either one of them had verbally acknowledged the event. Now that it was out there, each discovered that they wanted, no needed to talk about it. Tess asked quietly, “Are you mad?”

“No,” Liz’s voice was equally soft. “Not mad. Confused, upset with myself, but not mad. I don’t even know why I feel that way. It’s not like it matters or anything. It was just a game, right?” Why had she said that? Because you want to reject Tess before Tess can reject you, a small voice whispered in the back of her head. She immediately regretted it.

“Is that how you feel?” Tess asked in a choked way, as her stomach gave her a sinking sensation. She was confused. Maria had said…

Liz was shaking her head. “No. No, I don’t feel that way at all. I’m sorry I said it. Tess, I can’t even explain to you how I feel about that kiss because I can’t explain it to myself.”

“Did you like it?” Tess needed to know.

Wordlessly, Liz nodded, then asked, “Did you?”

“Yes,” Tess admitted without reservation or hesitation.

Taking a breath for courage, Liz whispered, “Can I… can I kiss you again?” Tess seemed to think it over, prompting Liz to say shyly, “Dare ya.”

Despite the seriousness of the topic, Tess grinned. “Dare me, huh? Well, in that case I guess I have no choice.” She scooted to the edge of her chair and asked one last question all teasing aside. “Are you sure?”

She held her breath until Liz nodded again.

Shifting slowly to give the other girl time to change her mind if this really wasn’t what she wanted, Tess moved to sit on the edge of Liz’s chair.

Liz, in turn, rolled over and sat up, covering her breasts with one arm as she found herself getting drawn into the sparkling clear blue of Tess’s eyes. Her heart was pounding in her chest as she licked her suddenly dry lips.

Tess’s hands closed warmly around her shoulders, steadying her as she leaned in closer until they were within a millimeter of touching. “Liz,” she whispered giving voice to the longing that was filling her before finally touching her lips to those soft, pink ones that had haunted her dreams since last Friday.

Liz thought she was ready for the sensations caused by Tess’s kiss. She was wrong. Somehow, her memory had failed to capture exactly how her mouth had felt pressed against her own. She hadn’t remembered Tess’s exact scent, either, nor the silky fineness of her hair. All week long, her memories had lied to her about Tess’s kisses and Liz regretted her newfound knowledge because if she had remembered, she would have been driven to do *this* sooner. Tess’s kisses were every bit as addicting as Max’s.

When Liz made a low sound of need, Tess pressed closer, wrapping her arms securely around the other girl, embracing her as she hadn’t dared to the other night. Sliding her fingers into Liz’s sweet tresses, she gave way to the impulse she’d suppressed since Liz had come outside. Her hair was as sensuous as she’d thought it would be and Tess joyfully ran her fingers through it, over and over, combing through the dark strands.

A thousand butterflies took flight in Liz’s stomach. What Tess was doing to her was so sexy. Desire for this beautiful being began to form inside her, growing by leaps and bounds until it filled every crevice of her soul, expanding and enlarging until she began to shake with it. “Tess,” she cried, finally breaking the earth shaking kiss, confused over how she could come to want someone so much, so quick. What was happening to her? The want was nearly exploding from inside her. The need to give in to it, release it was overpowering. And frightening.

“It’s ok, Liz,” Tess assured the trembling human. Don’t worry, love, she added in her head. I won’t let anything happen to you. “Lay back,” she implored after simply holding her close for a moment waiting for the tremors to subside. She wanted to ease Liz’s fears, but had no idea what to say or do to make it better.

Shaken by these new, confusing emotions, Liz complied without question. They sat like that for several long minutes with Tess stroking Liz’s hair and arms in a comforting way until the human’s tremors ceased.

Tess kissed Liz’s mouth lightly one more time. “You ok?” she asked, concerned over the dazed look on Liz’s flushed face. The other girl nodded slowly. “Good. Now, close your eyes. Do you trust me?”

A world of insecurities lay in that one loaded question, but Liz didn’t even have to think before answering after what they’d just shared and the care Tess had taken with her in her distress. “I trust you.”

A weight that Tess hadn’t even realized she’d been carrying around suddenly lifted. Liz trusted her. How amazing that was! How freeing. Liz Parker trusted her. With her trust came the possibility of forgiveness for all Tess’s hurtful actions from the time she’d arrived in Roswell. With that realization a hope began to bloom inside her for the first time that maybe one day, Liz might actually grow to care for her.

Overcome with emotion, Tess pressed another kiss to her lips before whispering in her ear for the second time that day, “Thank you,” fighting back tears all the while. Then leaning over, she clumsily picked up the bottle of suntan oil and poured some into her lightly shaking hands.

* * * * * * *

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Chapter 16 con't

* * * * * * *

In the bedroom, a few minutes prior, Maria was cuddled against Isabel’s side, lightly playing with the small silver key she’d used to unlock the handcuffs a moment ago, releasing Isabel from her bonds. Both girls were enjoying the shared languor they were feeling.

Isabel was playing with the cuffs themselves. They were impossibly heavy and resistant to her powers she’d discovered. “Ok, now that I’m capable of speech again, you gonna tell me where you got a pair of handcuffs?”

Maria chuckled. “Would you believe they’re Liz’s? I had to take them from her ‘cause she was gonna use them on Max so she could have her wicked way with him.”

“No way!” Isabel laughed.


“Hmmm. Well, that being the case, she won’t mind if I borrow them for a while.”

“Nah uh, get in line, sister,” Maria chided. “I’m planning on using them for a little payback with Michael. Besides, something as good as these would be wasted on a guy like Alex. He’s as straight as they come.”

Now Isabel was really amused. “Really? Maybe that was before he’d been initiated, but now, he can play sexual games with the best of them. He’s even managed to shock me a few times.”

“Alex?” Maria asked with a laugh. “Wait, you’re telling me that Alex gets a little kinky? This *is* Alex Whitman we’re talking about, right?”

“You’d be surprised.” Isabel smiled. “Take last night for example. You know he arrived in the park the same time I did. What? Did you think he’d been sitting in his car reading some computer nerd magazine while I was running through the woods to find you and Tess? Oh no, he was there watching the whole thing. After you and Tess left, we were so worked up, he made love to me right there on that bench.

“It was amazing, looking up at the stars and seeing his face there looking right back at me. I realized I was home. That whatever life the stars held for me, it was nothing compared to what I’ve found here on earth with him. I told him so and you know what,” Isabel asked looking earnestly in her lover’s eyes. “We both agreed that only one thing could have made that moment any more perfect: if you had been there to share it with us.”

Sitting up, Maria was shocked. “What?”

“Does that surprise you?” Isabel questioned. Taking Maria’s hand, she tried to explain. “Do you have any idea how much I love Alex? He’s my whole world. He’s the reason I get up everyday: to spend it with him. But Maria, I love you, too.” Isabel looked sincerely into the green eyes that were staring at her in surprise. “More everyday. Is it so wrong that I want to share my intimate embraces with the two people I love at the same time? Why must it always be separate? Making love to you and Alex is an incredible dream that I have and one day, when you’re ready, I want to share that dream with you, too.”

“But what about Alex? How does he feel about this? And… and Michael?” Maria was trying to take it all in. She and Alex? But they’d never seen each other as anything but a-sexual friends. In fact, he’d always been ‘one of the girls’. Well, until very recently. Abruptly all the fantasies she’d been having of Alex since Sunday began to play themselves in her brain and all of a sudden, being with Alex didn’t sound like such a far-fetched idea at all.

Meanwhile, Isabel was explaining, “Right now, Alex feels my desire for you. One day soon, he’ll realize that the desire he feels isn’t all mine, but coming from inside him, too. Once that happens, it won’t be long before he loves you, really loves you, just as much as I do.” Squeezing Maria’s hand, she said, “It’ll be the same for you. It’s the natural progression of stuff we all had to go through.”

Maria looked a little shell shocked, so Isabel tried to divert her attention by asking, “You want to know when I first realized that it wasn’t Michael’s desire for you I was feeling but my own?” At Maria’s nod, she began, “That horrible day in the CrashDown last year when we thought I was pregnant from those stupid dreams Michael and I were having. Not only did you not come after me with a shotgun, but I heard what you said when Michael told you there wasn’t a baby. Do you remember what the first thing you said was?”

Mute, Maria shook her head. “You asked if I was ok,” Isabel whispered. “Despite the fact that you had every reason to hate me, you were concerned for me. You cared about me. Of you, Max and Michael, your arms were the ones I wanted to feel around me the most that day, comforting me. Somehow, I just knew that if you could tell me it was gonna be ok, I could believe it.” Unbidden, a few stray tears slipped down her cheeks. That day and night had been the worst of her life, of course, ending with losing Max to the hideous clutches of the FBI, but through it all, she still remembered the longing to lose herself in Maria’s comforting embrace those few moments before they’d discovered Liz had gone missing.

“Oh my god, Isabel,” Maria crushed her hurting lover to her, cradling her head against her breasts. “Oh my god, I had no idea.”

“Of course. How could you?” Isabel sniffled delicately before bringing up a hand to gently squeeze Maria’s tender nipple. The gesture wasn’t erotic, but Isabel’s way of adoring her. “You probably can’t guess which day it was that I realized that I love you.”

“Tell me,” Maria implored.

“Courtney.” Isabel said with a frown. “The day everyone disappeared and she collapsed in the CrashDown. Remember?”

How could she forget? That scheming Michael worshipper had driven a hefty wedge between her and Michael.

“Despite the fact you’d thought Michael had betrayed you with her, and everything she’d done to separate you and him, you were still willing to help us save her life. You are as big hearted and selfless as they come Maria Deluca, and that’s why I love you.” Rolling to her side, she pulled Maria back down with her. “And that’s why I know you’re gonna let me borrow Liz’s handcuffs.”

Rolling her eyes at Isabel’s sudden playfulness, Maria grudgingly gave in. “Oh, all right. You win. As long as I get them right back.”

Isabel laughed gleefully; already making plans to surprise her unsuspecting boyfriend with them later this evening if possible.

“So,” Maria said after a moment. “I hope you’ve learned your lesson.” The smile the alien couldn’t see was evident in her voice.

“What lesson was that?”

“The lesson about leaving my snaps and buttons alone in the future.”

Laughing softly, Isabel asked, “Is that what this was? My punishment?” At Maria’s nod, she admitted with false regret, “You know, I can’t promise anything. I’ll be honest with you, I’ve been undoing your uniform for an awfully long time, and old habits are hard to break.”

“So, you might need further discipline in the future,” Maria guessed with a broad smile.

“Maybe,” agreed the blonde alien, hugging her lover closely to her. She marveled over how the two of them grew more attached everyday.

It seemed like every time they were together, she discovered some new facet to Maria’s personality that sparkled like a shiny fourteen-carat diamond. Everyday, she fell just a little more in love with her and she knew it was the same with Maria.

Maria’s mind was traveling pretty much down the same road, and the two of them lay there another minute, lost in their thoughts. The beautiful moment was broken, however when Mara sat up with a startled gasp and said, “Uh, Isabel? What’s that?”

“What?” Isabel asked, before she felt it, too. A wave of heat rolled over her skin just before a low throbbing began between her legs. “That’s Tess.” Isabel stated, getting to her feet.

The throbbing intensified. “Tess?” Maria asked. “But she’s out back with Liz.” They shared a brief look, before Maria said, “Come on, let’s go check it out.”

They dressed hurriedly in their swimwear, and headed to the back of the house, stopping at the sliding glass door. Tess appeared to be spreading suntan oil on Liz’s abdomen. The two of them were talking seriously about something but neither Maria not Isabel could make out their words with the music playing so loudly right on the other side of the door. The passionate feeling they’d gotten from Tess had already simmered down to a low humming in their bellies in just the few minutes it had taken them to dress.

“Hey,” Maria observed, looking at Liz. “Where’s her top?”

“Hmm, don’t know and don’t care,” came the absentminded response. Isabel was busily drinking it all in.

Outside, Tess was having difficulties concentrating on the task at hand with Liz’s beautiful breasts staring up at her like that. Liz watched her with a curious heat as Tess’s hands moved closer and closer to her breasts with their tightening nipples. She’d already run the fragrant oil all over the rest of her torso and down her arms. All that remained were her legs… and this.

Tess lovingly rubbed her slick palms along either side of Liz’s chest cupping and holding her soft mounds in place. Looking into Liz’s eyes for permission and finding it in their satiny depths, she leaned over and kissed each puckered nipple in turn, not daring to linger there. Soon, she was finished there and she turned her attention to Liz’s legs. Quickly, not allowing herself to dwell upon the possibilities of getting Liz to remove her bikini bottoms, Tess completed the chore and returned to her own lounge chair.

“Thank you,” she whispered.

“For what?”

“For trusting me. Lord knows I’ve given you plenty of reasons in the past why you shouldn’t.”

Liz thought of all the things she could have said to that, but finally decided to share the very personal reason why she was compelled to trust Tess. “You never met my grandma Claudia. She passed away a couple of months before you came here, and the one thing she made me promise before she died was that I would always follow my heart, no matter what.”

Turning her head, she looked at Liz. Was she saying that she’d come to trust her in her heart, not just her mind? That would mean Liz was seeing past the hurt and pain she’d caused with her stupid, misguided obsession with Max to the very real amends she’d been trying to make? Was it possible that they could start over again, creating a new relationship built on this trust? “She sounds like an amazing woman,” Tess said through the lump growing in her throat.

“She was.”

Just then, they were both startled by the sound of the sliding glass door opening. “Hey guys, betcha you were wondering what happened to us,” Maria called out as she and Isabel strolled onto the patio. “Ooo, hey, Liz. That’s a great idea. It’s not like we haven’t all had gym class at one time or another, right? What’s a few boobs between friends?” Grabbing the chair on Liz’s other side, she sat down and immediately removed her top, too. “Tess, can you toss me the suntan oil? Thanks. So,” she continued without hardly taking a breath, “What are you two talking about?”

“Grandma Claudia,” Liz answered.

That caught Maria’s attention enough to make her stop rambling. Liz never spoke of her grandma, the pain of missing her was still too great even after all the time that had passed. “You were?”

“Yeah.” Liz smiled. “Did I ever tell you about the time grandma single handedly arrested a couple of poachers?”

“No,” Maria answered with aching tenderness. “You never did.”


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Happy holidays to everyone!

Almost everyone asked the same question, so let me just give one big group answer, then we're getting on with the story. About the 'love connections' everyone's thinking about, you'll have to wait and see how it all plays out. Yes, it does seem as though the attractions are slightly stronger between certain couples/pairings. There's a reason for it, but you'll have to be patient to see what it is. And yes, Isabel's declaration does go against what Kyle and Tess were talking about in TD,TTG before the first pool party. (Need a reminder? )

Now as to what Max has been up to, let's go check in on the boy, shall we?

Again, broken up into two posts due to length restrictions.

Chapter seventeen

Max walked into the CrashDown and took a seat in his usual booth. He automatically reached for a menu, more from habit than because he needed to read it. Tapping his toe impatiently, he waited for his favorite waitress to rush over and take his order. And he waited. In the interim, two customers got up and left without ordering and that Tucker guy came in and took a seat at the counter. Max glared him out of principle. He couldn’t stand the fact that the guy got to stay so close to Liz. If the Parkers were looking for a freeloader to take up residence on their sofa, well, Max was the man for the job. Of course, sleeping that close to Liz would be the sweetest kind of torture and he wasn’t sure how long he could hold out against the temptation of Liz, which was all the more reason to dislike Tucker.

Speaking of which, where was she, he wondered.

Just when he’d decided to go to the back and make sure everything was ok, the swinging door to the kitchen pushed open and Jeff Parker hurried into the restaurant, saying something over his shoulder to Michael.

Order book in hand, he headed to the nearest table and began taking orders. Eventually, he was joined by Agnes who slowly worked her way towards Max. “Welcome to the CrashDown,” she said in a bored voice when she finally reached his table about an ice age later. “What can I get you?”

“Where’s Liz?”

“Not here. Will that be all for you?”

“Do you know where she is?” Max asked politely.

“Do I look like her social secretary? She’s not here. That’s all I know. Now, do you want to order something or not?”

Deciding it was easier to give in than to argue, Max gave her his order, and gratefully watched her move on to another table. Just then, he managed to catch Michael’s eye through the pick up window and waved him over. Michael gestured that it would be a minute and Max nodded in acknowledgement.

A short while later, Jeff came over and set down a glass of water. “Hey, Max.”

“Hey, Mr. Parker. Where’s Liz?”

“Shopping or something with Maria. I’m not sure when she’ll be back. Did Agnes take your order?”


“Great. Well, holler if you need anything.” Then he was off attending to his other customers.

Max was about halfway through his Saturn Rings when Michael finally slid into the booth across from him.

“Hey, Maxwell what brings you here? You know Liz ain’t here, right?”

“Yeah, now. Where is she?”

“Tess is having a ‘girl’s only’ get together at the Valenti’s. And before you think about crashing, we’ve been warned that anyone who shows up who isn’t a girl will face dire consequences.”

“Why? What’s going on?”

Shrugging, Michael said, “Who knows? Swimming, most likely. Stuff involving mud and cut vegetables, probably. I didn’t ask. Look, I’m glad you’re here. I wanted to talk to you, but I gotta get back to work. Can you hang out for a while?”

“I guess. I didn’t have any other plans except studying for a while with Liz.”

“Great. I’ll just be about an hour.”

“No problem,” Max said, thinking it would give him plenty of time to brood over what was happening with Liz. Today at school had been nearly perfect. Everyone in the group had behaved themselves and other than the girls all looking kinda tired, nothing out of the ordinary had happened. Liz had been the perfect girlfriend, attentive and smiling all day, which should have put him in a great mood – and it did, but somehow, despite that, he’d felt restless. It was hard to describe the edgy feeling that had plagued him most of the day. It was like a heightening of his senses, and it seemed to be centered around Liz.

He hadn’t been able to figure out what it was all day, but now he got it. The girls had invited Liz to go swimming. They were probably buzzing with expectation of getting to see her in her swimsuit. Of seeing her relaxed and playful, something he didn’t get to see enough of. Jealousy burned angrily inside him. He had half a mind to go get her; she should be with him, dammit. The one thing that stopped him was the fact he knew she’d been feeling a little left out lately, and was probably enjoying herself with her friends. It was a good thing, he decided. She deserved to have some fun. That didn’t mean he had to like it, though, he thought, shifting on the hard bench.

As he stewed, the door to the café opened, and Kyle came into the diner. Catching the other boy’s eye, he waved him over, figuring his friend would be a welcome relief from his disgruntled thoughts.

Spotting Max, he came right over. “Hey, I didn’t expect to see you here, what with Liz doing the female bonding thing at my house.”

“Am I the only one who didn’t know about that?” Max asked sourly.

“Yeah…,” he nodded with a grin, noting the attitude. Apparently the alien king objected to being kept out of the loop. “Yeah, probably.” Welcome to the club buddy, he thought with some sarcasm. He wasn’t surprised that the girls had apparently opted to keep their plans on the QT. Tension had been building steadily in the ranks since Sunday afternoon. This Max/Liz thing was coming to a head, and Kyle just hoped he was out of town when the whole thing erupted, because it wasn’t going to be pretty.

In the meantime, however, he had his own problems.

Actually, he was glad to see that Max was there. He’d come to the CrashDown, looking for Michael, but maybe Max could help him out instead. On the other hand, Max looked pretty preoccupied, Kyle noticed. Maybe now wasn’t such a good time.

As Kyle continued to stand there, Max politely asked, “Did you want something?”

He shifted around nervously for a second before sliding into the booth across from Max. “Look, Max, I have this problem, and I need your help.”

That caught all of his attention, and he put his Liz-brooding on hold for a while. “Well, that’s a switch,” Max teased lightly, trying to put Kyle at ease. The other boy obviously had something on his mind. Happy to be there for Kyle for a change, Max asked, “What’s going on?”

“Well, it’s more of a question than a problem.”


“Yesterday, Donna Thompson snuck into the boy’s locker room and caught me in the shower after basketball practice.”

“That was true?” Max sat up. He like everyone else had heard the rumors, but he’d discounted them as lies. The stories had ranged from they’d both been found naked in the shower to she’d popped out of a locker and jumped his bones. One story even went on to say that the sex had been so amazing that Donna had conceived instantly and was already planning their wedding. Oddly enough, all of the rumors agreed on one point: apparently Donna had taken some pictures, but whether from the dim lightening in the locker room, Donna’s poor picture taking ability or the ineptness of the photography club with whom she’d trusted the film developing, none of them had turned out.

Kyle had also heard a few of the stories, mostly from his buddies. They’d been envious because they’d been trying to figure out how to get into Donna’s pants for months. It had taken two near-fights to get them to shut up about it.

Eager to clarify, in case Max had heard some of the stories he’d heard and was currently planning to zap him with an alien death ray at his earliest convenience, Kyle explained, “I had no idea she was even there. I was showering and she must have snuck in.”

“Did she see you?”

Nodding, Kyle said, “Probably. I mean, she was hiding in the next stall over. I’m sure she would have taken a look.”

“I would have,” Max admitted with a small smile. “Can’t fault the girl for that.”

Kyle blinked at the praise, before a blush climbed his cheeks. Despite their repeated loving, he was still surprised to hear such bold talk coming out of Max’s mouth. Especially in a public restaurant. They all tried to keep the less P.C. portion of their relationships completely under wraps unless they had absolute privacy, so Max’s confession, whispered in the bustling restaurant, caught him slightly off guard.

Still, surprised or not, Max’s words had an effect on him, and made him think of how much he’d appreciate catching Max in the shower, too. Suddenly, he was VERY happy they didn’t have gym class together, or their secret would be out in a matter of days; there was no way he could casually shower next to Max and not give in to the temptation to touch him… everywhere. “Yeah,” he agreed, his voice rasping softly. “Me, too.”

The two of them exchanged looks steamy enough to melt the Formica until Agnes shuffled over, interrupting them.

“Welcome to the CrashDown.” As always she managed to sound put out even as she greeted them. “What did you want?” she asked Kyle, looking like she was likely to poison anything he ordered.

Seriously red, from embarrassment now, as well as passion, Kyle mumbled, “Uh, nothing, thanks.”

Max took the opportunity to request his bill, which she slapped on the table along with another beleaguered look at him for breaking up her routine of uselessness.

“So, we’ve established you’re probably a hot number in the shower. What was your problem?” Max asked after Agnes moved on to ruin someone else’s day.

Determinedly, Kyle put all thoughts of Max’s body, glistening and nude, from his mind and got back to the problem at hand.

“My problem is Michael and Maria. They were the reason I was in the locker room by myself in the first place.”

“What do you mean?”

“I was in gym class, and they started makin’ out in the eraser room, which, you know is right down the hall and the next thing I knew, Kyle Jr was saluting the rest of the guys on the team. I had to tell Coach that I got another cramp so I could leave. Now he’s got me on a special diet. Said all these cramps mean I’m missing vitamins or something. He almost benched me for Saturday’s game.” Kyle ran a hand agitatedly through his hair. “You guys gotta stop doing this to me at school. I can’t spend the rest of the year getting hard every time you and Michael are anywhere near your girlfriends.”

Max nodded. “I’ll talk to Michael, but Kyle, we’re not doing it on purpose, you know. Sometimes we can’t help it.”

“I know, it’s just… frustrating, you know?”

“In more ways than one, I bet.”

“Yeah,” Kyle grinned, appreciating the pun.

Just then, they were interrupted again, this time by Tucker who was passing by on his way upstairs. Nodding his head, he said, “Max.”

“Tucker,” Max replied, his eyes shooting daggers at the other guy’s back before it disappeared into the Parker’s inner sanctum.

“That was ‘Tucker’? The guy Tess said was staying here with Liz?” At Max’s sullen nod, Kyle let out a low whistle. “You go, Alex. Wow, I’m impressed.”

“What are you talking about?”

“What? You didn’t hear? Of course you didn’t ‘cause Liz doesn’t know. Alex picked a fight with that guy last night and won. Of course, my dad’s impeccable timing might have had something to do with that outcome.”

Max frowned in concern. “Alex was in a fight? What happened?”

Kyle sat forward and whispering, he quickly sketched out the events of the previous evening as Tess had related it to him. Max felt a growing anger begin to bubble inside of him and it was all directed at the man who’d dared to harass one of their group. This only confirmed what his instincts had told him all along: that guy was trouble. He was gonna have to keep a closer eye on him, he decided.

Chapter continued very next post.

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Chapter seventeen con't

* * * * * * *

Since there wasn’t anything he could do about him at that moment, he decided to let it go for now. Coming back to the topic at hand, Max asked, curious, “So, what did Donna say when you caught her? I mean, how’d you even know she was there?”

Kyle told him about hearing a noise and confronting her. “At first, I thought it might have been someone from the Bulldogs, or someone, you know, not from around here.” His tone told Max by that he meant another alien. “Then this weird thing happened,” Kyle frowned. “She made a pass at me.”

Max sat forward and leaned his elbows on the table. “She made a pass at you?” He didn’t like the sound of that. People couldn’t just go around making random passes at him. Kyle was theirs. “What did you say?”

“I told her I was with Tess, of course. But that’s not the weird part. I was standing there in this towel, and she like plastered herself all over me. I mean from shoulder to thigh, she was like a burr, clinging to me and the only thing I could think of was how to get her off of me. But the weird thing is: I was…” Wait, he couldn’t just announce it like that. Looking around to ensure their privacy in the busy diner, he leaned forward and whispered, “I was hard when she grabbed me, but then once I’d gotten her to back off, I wasn’t any more. I mean, just like that,” Kyle snapped his fingers for emphasis. “Now, she’s pretty. You know her.”

Max nodded. Donna had been in one of his classes last year, and every guy in school agreed that she was a hottie.

Kyle continued, “There I was, all but naked, and she was in this skimpy little thing of a t-shirt. Now I’m not saying that I wanted her or anything, but to lose an erection at a time like that, well, it’s not normal.”

“Kyle, nothing about us has ever been normal.”

“I guess, but in case you’ve forgotten, I’m human. Things like that don’t happen to guys like me.”

“Well, I don’t know what to tell you,” Max stated softly, but a frown puckered his forehead as a niggling doubt clouded his mind. There had once been a discussion about this very thing. Something from one of their dreams… Of course it wasn’t true, he assured himself. The dreams couldn’t have been right about this one point, could they?

“What’s going on, guys?” Michael asked, coming up to the table. He was finally allowed to take his fifteen-minute break and had eagerly escaped the hot kitchen. Max and Kyle looked to be having a pretty serious discussion, and he wondered what it was about as he sat down.

Kyle quickly, and not without some embarrassment, related the short version of the tale to Michael. When he finished, the larger alien looked over at Max and stated baldly, “I told you so.”

“What?” Kyle asked, confused.

Max knew exactly what he was inferring and said, “Michael, we don’t know that’s what really happened. It could have just been a fluke.” But he knew even as he said it, he was lying. He’d been hoping they were wrong, that the dreams were false, but this seemed to clinch it.

“Yes we do, but you just don’t want to see it,” Michael argued.

“What the hell are you guys talking about?” Kyle growled softly.

Michael looked at Kyle and bluntly explained, “When you went through the initiation, it changed you. It made you like us. It had to, for you to be with Tess.”

“It made me like you?” Kyle repeated slowly. “Like you how?”

“The only women you can be with are the ones in our group. Your body won’t let you be with anyone else, just like ours won’t.”

Kyle laughed in disbelief. “You’re kidding me, right?” Seeing how serious Michael looked, he stopped laughing. Max wouldn’t even meet his eyes. “You’re not kidding.”

“I’m sorry Kyle.”

“I don’t believe it,” Kyle said stiffly. “Max?”

“No. I never thought it was true. Not entirely,” Max said. “I just don’t see how it could be possible.”

Grasping at his words like a drowning man, Kyle said, “Maybe Max is right. Maybe what happened with Donna was a fluke.”

“Maybe,” Michael agreed, but even his tone said he was simply humoring the both of them.

There had to be a way to test it, Kyle thought, before it hit him. Of course, it was so easy. He just needed a hard on, then he needed to grab some woman to prove Michael wrong. How hard, uh, difficult could that be? Then they’d all see that they were getting upset over nothing.

Of course, for the first time in a week, he was sitting with Max and Michael both, and he didn’t have an erection. There’s Murphy’s law for you. Well, getting one should be fairly easy, he thought optimistically. “So,” Kyle said looking for a topic to set Max off. “With what happened with Donna, we were talking about getting caught in the showers after gym. I’m thinking of changing my schedule so Max and I can have P.E. together.”

Confused in the change in topic, Michael asked, “You were?”

“Yeah, Max has already offered to wash my back for me, right Max?”

Kyle looked at Max expectantly. Nothing. Uh, ok. Goodbye ego.

He tried again, “Of course it’s too bad you guys can’t shapeshift or anything, ‘cause then, you could take P.E. with the girls. Just think of how much fun showers after class would be then.” Still nothing. Max was looking at him like he was mentally imbalanced or something, which was kind of how Kyle felt. He had to settle this NOW. His very manhood was at stake. He had to know that there was no way he was sexually limited like they were. He was human, dammit. His equipment didn’t come with a leash and a user’s manual. He knew they were wrong about this thing.

Max was not cooperating here, so Kyle decided to bring out the big guns. “Can you imagine what Liz would look like in the shower? Of course you wouldn’t want to be another girl for this. You’d definitely want her to know it’s you. Can’t you just picture the look on her face when she turned around and caught you there, watching her?”

‘Bingo,’ Kyle triumphantly thought as a wave of lust rolled across the table right at him as he unknowingly tapped into one of Max’s most cherished memories. His cock started to swell in reaction to Max’s stirring feelings. It wasn’t enough, so Kyle continued along the same vein, “I wonder if she uses hot water or cold. Is it all steamy, or is her skin pebbled with goosebumps. Do you suppose she pins her hair up to keep it dry?”

Eyes unfocused, lost in memory, Max absently answered, “No, it’s down. A few strands fall over her shoulder almost to… but it’s longer now, so it would definitely cover her now. And I lose myself in her eyes unable to look away even to see the rest of her. And her feelings… oh god, what she’s feeling at that moment, when she sees me standing there…”

“Maxwell, what the HELL are you talking about?” Michael asked through clinched teeth, trying to control the desire surging inside him. There was no way Max had gone peeping tomming on him without telling him. Friends didn’t keep things like that from one another.

Kyle was gripping the edge of the table, concentrating on breathing. Ok, that had worked a little too well, he thought in chagrin. He was now fully erect, but unable to walk. Geez, Max had one hell of a vivid imagination to be able to conjure up all those details and the emotions to go with them. Kyle was vaguely impressed. It was always the quiet ones that surprised you.

Looking around the restaurant Kyle spotted the closest available female and zeroed in on her. ‘Ok, Valenti, it’s now or never. Go get her.’ Praying his legs would hold him, he shakily stood.

Michael looked at him from the determination of his face to the erection he was making no effort to hide and realized what Kyle was about to do. Before he could say anything, the other teen had moved toward the counter. He was almost afraid to look, but at the same time, Michael was unable to tear his eyes away from the impending disaster about to befall his friend.

Standing back by the pick up window and grumbling about irritating people who insisted on using full condiment bottles, Agnes reached above her head to retrieve another ketchup bottle. Suddenly a strong body was pressing into her from behind as a set of warm arms encased her, trapping her between the heat of his body and the cold steel of the counter. A soft voice whispered in her ear, “Let me get that for you,” before a large hand took down the exact bottle she was trying to reach.

With a gasp, she jumped away and turned to face who ever dared to touch her. Kyle Valenti stood before her, an unreadable expression on his face, looking a little sick. Shoving the bottle at her, he said “Here,” before stalking away – back to his table. The odd thing was that when he’d been behind her, she’d thought she’d felt a suspicious hardness against her backside, but a pointed look once she’d turned around told her that she must have been mistaken.

Back at the table, Max and Michael sat in silence, watching Kyle return. Obviously the experiment had been a success – or failure depending on which perspective you’d based your hypothesis. Of course, Michael privately thought, Agnes would probably have that same effect on any guy.

“I’m sorry, Kyle,” Max whispered as soon as the teen drew near.

“Sorry? You’re sorry?” he repeated, dropping onto the bench. Cutting through the crap, he tersely asked, “How long is it supposed to last? A week? A month?”

Max shook his head. “It’s permanent.”

“Permanent.” Kyle echoed. His next words bounced off the walls of the Café. “ARE YOU FUCKIN’ SERIOUS?”

“Kyle,” Max started to explain.

“No. No fucking way, Evans. It’s not possible.”

“I don’t see what’s the problem here,” Michael told him, somewhat callously. “So you can’t sleep with Agnes. So what? You don’t even want Agnes.”

“That’s not the point, here, Michael and you know it.”

“What is the point? We made it so that you can be with Tess. You don’t even want to be with anyone else. Isn’t that what you told Donna What’s-her-name? That you wanted Tess and only Tess?” Michael had heard the rumors, too, apparently to know that telling detail.

“Yes,” Kyle started only to be interrupted.

“Then what’s the big deal?”

“I didn’t ask for this, Michael.”

“Yes, you did,” Max quietly objected. “You asked us to initiate you, Kyle, or have you forgotten? We couldn’t have done it otherwise. You knew it would change you. I’m sorry that we couldn’t tell you how or in what way, but we didn’t know ourselves.”

“Michael apparently did,” Kyle butted in.

“Michael’s dreams weren’t exactly chocked full of factual information, Kyle. None of them were really. The ones that we could remember that is. I didn’t believe it could be true that the initiation would change you that much.” Max looked down as he admitted, “Maybe I didn’t want to believe it.”

Michael snorted at Max’s admission. Max hadn’t wanted to believe most of what Michael had related about his dreams.

“We didn’t know what was true or not, so we told you what we did know.”

“And you chose us,” Michael stated flatly. “And you know you’d do it again if given the chance.”

“You don’t know that, Michael,” Kyle said. “I mean you’re telling me that I’m tied to you guys forever. That Tess is the only woman I’ll ever be with in my whole life. I’m all but married to her without even the possibility of divorce or affairs if we ever do break up. I didn’t choose that. I’m too young for that kind of commitment.”

“You’re old enough to be sleeping with her,” Max pointed out.

“I’m a guy,” Kyle stated as if that explained everything.

“There is that.”

“What if I told you we could let you out?” Michael asked rhetorically.

“Let me out?” Kyle asked suspiciously. “What do you mean?”

Michael reached over and grabbed two fries off Max’s plate and set them on the table. Passing his hand over them, they transformed instantly into one red pill and one blue pill. “It’s your choice Kyle.”

“It’s not possible,” Kyle protested, staring at Michael. “You said it was permanent.”

“Maybe it will fade with time. Maybe being away from us everyday will cause the effects to lessen,” Max hypothesized more for Kyle’s benefit than from any conviction on his part.

“What do I do?” Kyle asked, his voice barely above a whisper.

“You choose,” Max answered, having caught on to Michael’s game. “Blue: you’ll forget any of this ever happened. Tess will move out. None of us will ever bother you again. If you’d like, we’ll even make you forget that aliens exist at all. You’ll have to deal with the fact that you’re apparently gay, but all of the weirdness in your life will disappear. Red: you’re with us, a part of us forever. Married, to use your word, bound to us by unbreakable bonds of family. We’ll love and protect you until the day we die. The only thing we’ll ever ask in return is that you do the same. It’s up to you.”

“You’re serious,” Kyle asked in disbelief. Then shaking his head, he said, “No, no, you told Maria that she couldn’t be uninitiated on Sunday,” he reminded Michael.

“You can’t be uninitiated,” Max clarified. “There is no going back from here. What we’re offering is an alternative. It would be one hell of a mindwarp, but we can do it and we will, if that’s what you want, Kyle,” Max said earnestly. “We promise to respect your decision, whatever it is.”

Kyle looked first at Michael then at Max. Neither were joking. They were waiting for him to decide. He looked back to the table. One red pill promising a lifetime of pleasures untold tempered along with the ugly reality he’d been living with since the day he’d been shot, and one blue pill signifying a return to normal. No fear, no secrets, just him and his dad. Which would it be?

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Hey guys,

I'm supposed to be working, but inasmuch as it's Christmas eve and I'm here against my will, I figured I deserved a little fool around time. So, here I am.

Let me answer your questions, then it's back to work for me.

rowellluver - The Matrix is one of my hubby's favorite movies. I got to thinking this it does kinda have a paraelle to what I'm writing, and Michael likes it too, so I figured I'd slip it in. There'll be a few more references later on.

maxzhot - more than anyone in the group, Kyle had always been the least accepting, most put out by the aliens among us - on the show. I really see him as being the most resistent one when it comes to giving up his old human preceptions.

Breathless - you're right. I know everyone is hoping that Liz will be initiated this afternoon, but sorry to say - ain't gonna happen. Max has to claim her first, then the situation has to be explained to her, and she must choose to be initiated before any of it can happen. Like what happened with Kyle when he said he didn't ask for this, well, yeah, he did. There's a certain order here so that no one can be changed without knowing what's going on first, since it's so life altering.

Belevndreamstoo - Remember, proximity makes a difference. The Valenti residence is far enough away from the Crashdown that the guys will remain unaffected. Now, when Kyle goes home, he'll have to be careful the closer her gets - a lesson he learned the hard way last Sunday. LOL

OK, back to work for me,

Ugh, I hate retail.
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Hey all - just a quick update to let ya'll know I haven't keeled over from too much holiday cheer.

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Happy New Year's everyone.

I'm short on time tonight as I'm getting everything ready for the party my hubby has decided we're throwing tomorrow, so no dilly dallying time. Let's jump right to it, and if I have time tomorrow, I'll get back with comments on your FB.

Chapter eighteen

“What’s it going to be, Valenti? Red or Blue?” Michael asked, already knowing the answer.

Suddenly presented with an out to this bizarre and frustrating life he’d been living since his initiation, Kyle’s impotent anger evaporated, leaving him feeling very small and insecure. He looked at the two men sitting with him, remembering every moment of his initiation, and every minute since. He remembered the feel of Tess in his arms. He thought about a life without her in it. A long, lonely life. Yes, he’d given up a lot to be with her, but she’d paid him back tenfold by making him a part of her family, by being a part of his. And Max and Michael. His lovers. As much as he wanted to deny it, he wanted them. Needed them to be with him. It went beyond the mind-blowing alien sex. He needed them on some unknown emotional level that had nothing to do with crazed hormones.

He stared at the two pills sitting on the table, the overhead light seemingly spotlighting them, illuminating them just for him. Red or blue? How he longed for a return to normalcy. Oh, how he longed. Everyday seemed to be one long, macabre joke on him, between the evil aliens, psycho government agents, getting shot. Some peace would be nice. A little quiet was all he asked for. Maybe he could go fishing with his dad again.

He continued to think, the minutes dragging by, weighing his two choices before finally reaching his decision. Without looking at Max or Michael he reached an unsteady hand across the table and slowly picked up one of the two pills. He’d made his choice, this time with his eyes wide open and his pants zipped tight. Popping it into his mouth, he discovered Michael’s ‘pill’ was actually a cherry-flavored jellybean.

“Welcome to the family,” Max stated softly, his eyes glowing with warmth from Kyle’s decision.

“I gotta go,” Kyle said, suddenly filled with a need to see Tess. To be surrounded by her love, her warmth, her scent. “I’ll see you guys tomorrow.” He’s chosen to remain a member of the I-Know-An-Alien club and he knew the only kind of forgetting he wanted was the kind that could be found in her arms. Standing, he quickly made his way from the restaurant.

Watching him go, Max complimented Michael, “Nice metaphor.” He’d recognized the red pill/blue pill dilemma from one of Michael’s favorite movies, The Matrix.

With a grin, Michael picked up the blue ‘pill’, and tossed it into his mouth. He was not surprised that Kyle had taken the red one. Truly there was no choice to be made, it had already been made weeks ago with those fateful words, “Initiate me,” but it was important that Kyle realize that he wasn’t stuck. Yes, he would never be able to sleep with any woman outside their group, but then, he’d never want to. It was part of him now to only look at Tess, Isabel and Maria for love. That was the way it should be.

“Nice bluff,” Michael complimented him in return.

“I wasn’t bluffing.”

“Of course you were. What would you have done if he’d gone the other way?”

“Exactly what I said. I would have had Tess mindwarp him into forgetting all about us.”

“Tess would never have gone for it.”

“She wouldn’t have had a choice,” Max corrected. “It was Kyle’s decision to make and I would have stuck to it no matter what.”

Max knew that Kyle’s upset came from the realization he’d lost the ability to choose his own path. By allowing him to choose all over again, they’d settled his mind of any fears or doubts of his destiny. He was theirs now, but they were also his; to throw away or to keep. They’d empowered him by making him understand that he needed them as much as they needed him now. Their bond was unbreakable, but not imprisoning. As the old adage said, *“If you love something, set it free…”* By claiming him, they’d set him free. They’d known it all along, and now, Kyle knew it, too.

But, still, if he’d chosen to forget, if he’d opted out of the circus they lived day in and day out, Max would have seen to it. He loved him that much.

Max started to gather his schoolbooks together. What was the point staying around? He’d been sitting here for over an hour and not getting any studying done. After what just happened with Kyle, he knew he wouldn’t be able to concentrate. Now, all he wanted to do was go home and sit in the quiet of his room listening to music.

Michael’s break was nearly over, but before he returned to work, he still wanted to talk to Max. Seeing his friend was about to leave, Michael said, “Look, Max as long as you’re here, I wanted to talk to you about what happened on Sunday with Maria.” Noting that he had Max’s attention, he asked, “What did you see when you connected with her?”

Max looked carefully around, and deciding that no one was interested in their conversation, he leaned forward. In a few short words, he described the horrifying images and feelings he’d gotten from Maria when he’d connected to her.

Michael felt himself growing pale, then remembered that he’d been right there with her and the whole thing had passed. In retrospect, it didn’t seem so bad to him. He said as much to Max. “She doesn’t even remember any of it, not really.”

“Be thankful for that, Michael.”

“In fact,” he pushed on, “she’s as happy as I’ve ever seen her. There’s only one thing that’s getting her upset now, and that’s the fact that she can’t talk to Liz about any of this.” Seeing the clenching of his leader’s jaw, Michael hurried on, “Come on, Maxwell, you know how those two are. Liz knew about you for, what, one day before she went blabbing to Maria? And you’re the one who told me how much it hurt Liz to keep from telling Alex about us in the beginning. Now Maria feels the same way.”

Max was already shaking his head. “My decision stands, Michael. No one is to talk to Liz about the initiations. I swore to her that I would never knowingly hurt her, and I meant it. I will not subject her to an alien ritual, which would take away her free will and turn her into something other than what she is right now. Something that, in her right mind, she would find sick and abhorrent.” Playing his trump, Max said, “Look at what just happened with Kyle.”

“Yeah, and he chose us. Again.”

“Kyle didn’t really have a choice, and you know that as well as I do. And you also know that prior to the initiation, he’d have chosen the blue pill in a heartbeat.”

“So why didn’t you offer it?” Michael asked, knowing full well the answer. Max had wanted him too badly to give him the choice then. It was the same with Alex. They’d seduced their unsuspecting humans, then popped the question on them. The way he saw it, Alex and Kyle really had had no choice but to agree to the initiations by the time they’d gotten around to explaining it to them. Which had been the point.

Moving past that, Michael continued, “Max, I’m telling you that the good here far outweighs the bad. So what if she’s a little disoriented and confused for a few hours. Then it’ll be over, and she’ll be one of us. Only good can come from it.” Going for devil’s advocate, Michael continued, “Besides, how long can the two of you go on like you are now?”

“We’re fine, Michael.”

“Yeah, you just keep telling yourself that, Mr. Impotence.” Ignoring Max’s glare for that low blow, he continued, “Liz might love you now, hell, she’ll love you to the day she dies, but she *is* a woman with sexual needs, and if you can’t satisfy her, then how long will it be before she goes to someone who can? Maybe she’ll try Alex or Kyle first, because she knows them, but of course they can’t touch her and she’ll wind up feeling even more hurt and rejected. Or maybe she’ll go to a jerk like that guy, Tucker, someone with whom it’ll just be sex. Straightforward, animalistic sex, exactly like the kind you’re trying to spare her from. Think she’ll recognize herself then? How long before she can’t even look at herself in the mirror? Then what will you have gained?”

“Shut up, just shut up. You are way off base here. Liz would never cheat on me!”

“Think again, Maxwell. She already has or did you think that kiss the other night was all fun and games? She wanted me and she wanted Tess. If she were getting what she needed from you, then neither kiss would ever have happened. But she’s not, and she can’t. Because we’re different. You’re letting those differences get between you and her because you’re afraid of being alien. Well, news flash, Maxwell, you *are* alien and if you’d just accept that and move on instead of pretending that you’re normal all the time then maybe you’d have a chance. Alex and Kyle don’t seem to mind our nature. Maria has completely embraced us. And I know Liz would too if you’d give her a chance. You’re not afraid for Liz, you’re afraid for yourself and if you could be honest with yourself for thirty seconds you’d see it.”

“You’re full of shit, Michael.”

The other alien just smirked. “Whatever. You just keep doing what you’re doing, but I won’t lie to you Max, the day that Liz comes to my door, I’ll let her in.”

“In case you’ve forgotten, Michael,” he scoffed, “you can’t do anything more with her than I can.”

“That’s where you’re wrong, ‘cause I’ve got Maria, and what I can’t do, she can. Together, she and I can love Liz from the top of her head to the soles of her feet. You remember that.”

Ending the discussion, Michael returned to work. Max paid his bill and stormed out of the restaurant. On the ride home, he was forced to stew, going over everything he and Michael had said. Of course Michael was wrong, dead wrong, Max told himself. He wasn’t afraid of his alien side. How could you be afraid of something that lives in your consciousness 24/7? Ridiculous. And the thought of Liz seeking out other men was laughable. Liz would never do anything like that. Not to be clichéish, but she just wasn’t that kind of girl.

* * * * * * * *

It was early in the evening, the girls were cleaning up their dinner dishes when the doorbell rang. Maria never did get a chance to kiss Liz, but since Tess had, she still liked to think that her mission for the day had been accomplished. She and Liz would have their moment; it just wasn’t going to be today.

“That’ll be Alex,” Isabel said jumping to her feet and dashing for the door.

“Where’s his car?” Tess asked, looking through the front window.

“And how are all my favorite ladies this fine evening?” he asked, stepping into the house. It sure did something to a guy’s ego knowing he was the only man in a roomful of gorgeous women, the most beautiful of which looked like she couldn’t wait to drag him off somewhere, which was just fine with him.

“Well, great lord and master, we’re just fine,” Maria teased.

“And we managed to go a whole four hours without needing any rescuing of any kind,” Tess added, causing him to blush profusely. He was still amazed at how ferociously he’d come to their defense last night.

They chatted awhile, then Alex regretfully extricated himself and Isabel from the group. Walking down the front walk with her purse hanging heavily off her shoulder, Isabel asked, “Where’s your car, Alex?”

“Uh, it’s parked down there.”

Squinting in the direction he was pointing, she thought she could make it out about halfway down the block. “Ok,” she asked gamely. “What’s it doing down there? Did you run out of gas or something?”

“Uh, well, I didn’t know if Michael or Max had crashed the party, and I thought that parking a little ways away from the house might be safer.”

“Safer?” Isabel started to question until she spotted Kyle coming up the road. Slowly. Very slowly. In fact, she was certain that she and Alex were walking faster than he was driving.

Catching sight of them, Kyle found the gas pedal and sped up along side of them. “Hey guys.” To Alex he said, “I thought I saw your car back there.”

“Kyle, what’s going on?” Isabel asked, concerned.

“Nothing. Just driving home.” Upon leaving the CrashDown, Kyle had stopped by his dad’s office. After catching hell over the bill for Judge Walden’s mailbox, which had arrived earlier that day, they’d made plans to spend some ‘guy’ time together on Sunday. Kyle still felt a little shell-shocked over what he’d learned, but he didn’t regret his decision, and the reason why was waiting for him four houses down.

“You normally go that slow? It’s amazing you get anywhere,” Isabel remarked.

“No, but with Liz and Maria at the house, I thought I’d better take it easy, you know, just in case.”

Knocking on the hood, Alex told him, “Coast is clear man. Unless they came in from the other direction since we left.” Alex was of course speaking of Max and Michael.

“Thanks, man. See ya at school tomorrow.” Kyle quickly sped the last 100 yards to his driveway and pulled in.

“Alex, what’s going on with you two?” Isabel asked.

“Long story,” Alex said as he threw his arm around her shoulder.

“Well, since it’s still a ten minute walk to your car, I guess you’ve got time to share it with me then, haven’t you?” she asked archly.


If all goes well, look for the next update Wed or Thurs.


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Nikki, Believeintruelove and K, I'm glad someone out there is worried about Tess and how Max's question could have taken Kyle from her forever. Even though Kyle made the right choice, it would have had major consequences for her if he hadn't, thanks to Max.

I got almost no writing done over the holiday, so I'm a little bummed, but there'll be a new part out tomorrow, regardless. (I'm running out of parts, and if I don't get my butt in gear and finish this, ya'll are gonna me hunting me down, I just know it.)

Welcome to 2002. (Anyone make any resolutions? Break 'em yet?)
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Oh my gosh, guys I'm so sorry I didn't get this out last night. I won't even bother going into details - suffice it to say, it was the night that never ended. So I brought the file to work, and here I am, finally putting up the next part.

It's a little too long, so once again, we're breaking it into two posts. (I don't know what's up with me lately, typically my chapters are 5-6 pages.)

Also there's multiple warnings:

First: Serious revulsion alert. If you're feeling the need to vomit, STOP reading and skip down to the second half of the chapter where things are better.

Second: NC-17 WARNING There's sex ahead, the good kind, CC all the way. (I didn't want to worry anyone considering the previous warning.)

Ok, I'm ready if you are...

Chapter nineteen

Tucker was laying on his back on the Parker’s sofa thinking about Liz and all of her beautiful, sensuous and obviously bisexual friends wondering how he could convince them to let him join in their next ‘love party’ when the main object of his musings entered the apartment. Not that Liz by herself wouldn’t be great, but what guy could resist being invited to an all-girl orgy?

As she passed by, Liz was so preoccupied with her thoughts that she didn’t even notice him until he said, “So, Liz. Out with your friends?” She also didn’t notice that he seemed to put a special emphasis on the word ‘friends’.

“What? Oh, yeah. One of my friends has a pool, and we were just relaxing, you know, to take a break from mid-terms.”

He nodded wisely, while allowing his mind to fill with images of the four nymphs frolicking nude in the clear water of a pool. Play it cool, man, he admonished himself as his body temperature climbed a notch or two higher. Clearing his throat, he said conversationally, “Yeah, school is important and all, but so is just kicking around. Take it from me,” he said importantly, “I know a lot of the guys at school who are getting burned out because all they do is study.” Her proud father had told him yesterday about Liz’s excellent grades and interest in school, so he figured this would be a safe topic to begin a conversation with. It was innocuous enough to get her comfortable enough to open up to him. Then after a few minutes of small talk, he’d move on to the next stage in his carefully orchestrated seduction.

Liz had been about to enter her room, but at his comment, she retraced her steps and sat in the chair across from where he was laying instead. “Is college really that hard?”

“Well, yes and no. It all depends on how you schedule your classes.”

He then spent the next forty minutes instructing her on the “Tucker method” of getting the most from your college experience which involved more partying and getting drunk than studying. He failed to mention that it was this philosophy that had put him on academic probation which was directly responsible for his being there. His mom thought he needed some time away from his friends to reevaluate his priorities and put his head on straight. Little did she know, Tucker was interested in straightening only one part of his anatomy, and it wasn’t the same ‘head’ she was thinking of.

Enough about him, Tucker was ready let Liz know he was interested in her. Subtle. That was how he would have to approach her. Nothing too overt would work on the luscious Miss Parker, he was certain.

They were still talking about college, so he told Liz, “You won’t have any trouble making friends,” while casting his eye over her form appreciatively and letting her see it. “The guys are gonna be falling over themselves to get to know a girl as smart and pretty as you.” Nice, he complemented himself. Keep it smooth.

Embarrassed at the heat in his gaze, Liz looked away. “Thank you.”

“You know, if it wasn’t a breach of etiquette or something, I’d probably try to ask you out while I’m here.”

Standing, Liz reminded him, “I have a boyfriend, Tucker.”

“Yeah, but I don’t see that getting in the way of you going out with your girlfriends.” Again, there was a hidden meaning there she didn’t get.

“That’s different,” she smiled, thinking he was joking.

“Really? Then can I be like one of your girlfriends, only as a guy?”

Shaking her head, and grinning, she said, “I’ve already got one of those, too, and he gets a little jealous if anyone tries to take his place.”

Really?, Tucker sat up interested. ‘And the boyfriend was ‘ok’ with this,’ he wondered. “Would that be Michael or Alex?” he asked, listing the only other guys in her group that he knew of aside from Max.

“When did you meet Alex?” Liz asked, startled to hear her friend’s name coming from him.

“Last night.”

“Oh, that’s right. Tess mentioned they’d met you in the park.” Liz remembered now. Tess had said that Tucker had hit on Isabel. She unconsciously frowned at him. The thought of him flirting with Isabel was suddenly as distasteful to her as she imagined it had been to Alex.

“Tess? Is she the short blonde one?” At Liz’s nod, he said, “She’s gorgeous, but then they all are. Alex is one helluva lucky guy.” Lucky enough to have gotten the better of him last night, but that kind of luck was easily changeable. He saw he was losing her interest suddenly and decided to push the issue, before she closed up on him entirely. Sitting up he reached out and grasped Liz’s hand, stroking her fingers slightly. “Look, I know we just met and all, but I have to tell you that I feel like I can really talk to you, about anything. Please don’t take this the wrong way, but I want to be your friend and since I don’t know hardly anyone else in town, maybe we could hang out for a while with your friends. Just make me an honorary girlfriend or something. Please, Liz, I’d really appreciate it if I could have someone to spend some time with other than your dad. I mean he’s a great guy and all,” Tucker teased with a wink, “but we’re not exactly into the same things. There’s only so many John Wayne flicks a guy my age can stand. Please say we can go out with your friends and do something sometime that doesn’t involve watching old movies.”

Laughing, Liz said, “Sure, maybe later this week. Right now I have to shower and then I have a big test to study for.”

Releasing her, he said, “Later, then.” Score! He laid back with a satisfied smirk as he watched her disappear into her room. He was already making plans for what he was gonna do during his ‘girlfriend’ time. Hmmm, let’s see… Four hot and horny women and one of him: the possibilities were endless, and he felt his cock stir as he let his imagination run rampant.

He heard the water kick on in the other room and became aware of the fact that Liz was naked and wet just a few feet from him. Oh, yeah, she would be first, he thought as he imagined the steamy water traveling over her body. Helplessly, he ran his hand over his belly to cup his full hard-on through his jeans. Despite whatever she had going on with Mr. High School, she still exuded an aura of innocence and he’d bet his last paycheck that she was a virgin or close to it. Her canal would grip him nice and tight as he plowed her.

Then there was her gorgeous friend, Maria. With a mouth like hers, he definitely knew what he wanted from her. He’d seen her in action as she went down on that blonde chick, and she’d gotten him so hot. He couldn’t wait to see what she’d do to get some dick. Oh yeah, he was gonna make her beg for it before he showed her what her mouth was really for.

He moaned at his imaginings, as he continued to stroke himself through his jeans. Soon it wasn’t enough, and he undid the waistband and slipped his hand inside. Yeah, Maria was hot. Fuckworthy, but he wouldn’t cum in her mouth. Not yet. Not with four available pussies to blow his wad inside. He would need her to keep the little solider performing if he was going to make it through all of them.

Who would he do next? That blond chick, Tess looked like she’s been around the block a few times. Her pussy wouldn’t be as tight as Liz’s. That’s no good. He’d have to take her from the rear, then. That way would be nice and tight, and if it wasn’t, he’d found a few hard slaps usually took care of that problem; nothing like a little pain to get a woman’s juices flowing. Then, of course, just before he came, he’d switch passages and soak her cunt with his seed. Not point in letting his best stuff go to waste – and besides, the chicks liked it that way.

Then, while Maria was putting that mouth of hers to use by helping his rod recover, he’d return the favor to Liz before doing her again and all the while he could watch the fourth one sucking all his stuff out of Tess’s passage, and if she did a good job, he’d reward her, but if not…

Fuck, yeah. His hand was moving vigorously against his straining cock now as he neared his release. His imagination stepped up and all the while, the shower ran on and on.

If the fourth babe was sloppy and wasted any of his cum, he’d have to teach her a lesson. And he had just the tool to do it, too packed away in his suitcase. He liked to call it The Doctor, because it fixed all kinds of disciplinary problems in a most clinical way. It was the kind of sex toy that purported to bring a woman to orgasm with tears of joy and pain streaking her cheeks. He hadn’t ever gotten the hang of using it that way though, and mostly it just hurt, but it worked, and that was all he cared about. The few women he’d used it on had learned quick what pleased him and what pissed him off.

His thoughts got steadily more degrading as he stroked himself harder, imagining himself with the four girls, using them in every way possible, until his hips were jerking and he was grunting trough clenched teeth. He barely had the presence of mind to cup his hand over his cockhead as he came to contain the mess to just his abdomen.

‘Damn, that was hot!’

Pulling his shirt off, he cleaned himself up, and smiled at the thought that the reality would surely outdo his fantasies. If he lived through it.

As he lay there in the aftermath, waiting for his pulse to slow and his breathing to return to normal, the sounds coming from Liz’s shower seemed to grow louder, beckoning him closer, daring him to take a chance that she might welcome him. It tormented him until he couldn’t take it any longer. Reaching beneath his pillow, he pulled out the tiny garter belt he’d found in the Parker’s car the day Jeff had picked him up at the bus station. Holding it against his nose, he inhaled the scent still clinging to it. The scent he now recognized as belonging to one Liz Parker.

With a grin of anticipation, not bothering to replace his t-shirt, Tucker stood and strode to the closed bedroom door holding tightly to the small scrap of lace. With a steady hand, he reached for the doorknob.

* * * * * * *

Continued next post

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Chapter 19 continued
(Yes, it's safe to continue reading...)

* * * * * * *

Sighing happily, and thinking about her day, she squeezed the suds in the pink loofah, before scrubbing against the delicate skin on her arms. First, there was ‘Mama Dee’s’. That place had been a surprise and she already had a few purchases in mind as soon as she got her next paycheck. Then, the afternoon spent at the Valenti’s had been perfect. Another happy sigh as she continued to rub the abrasive material of the scrubby across her collarbone down the valley of her breasts, then slowly around her sun-warmed bosoms. Remembering the beautiful caresses she’d received earlier caused her nipples to tighten and darken. There was only one thing in the world that could make this day get any better…

“Need any help with that?” Michael’s voice was dark, husky from the other side of the shower curtain.

Pulling the curtain aside, Maria whispered, “I was just thinking of you.”


“Yeah.” Casting him a sultry smile, she asked, “You coming in or what?”

In answer, he began kicking off his shoes and pulling his shirt over his head. Soon, he was completely nude and stepping in behind her. “Shit! That’s hot!”

“Sorry,” Maria said as she adjusted the knobs. “I like hot showers.”

“No wonder your skin is always so pink and soft; you boil away the top layer every night.” He was running his cool hand down the side of her arm as he spoke.

“Ha ha, very funny. Here,” she said handing him the loofah and liquid soap.

“What’s this?”

“Did you or did you not offer to help?” she asked, while pulling her long hair out of the way. She had to give him a few pointers but was soon rewarded with the feel of the scrubby scratching along her spine. He had one hand spread wide across her belly to hold her steady for him ministrations and she placed one of her small hands across his lightly fingering the deep creases in his knuckles. After a minute, she asked softly, “What are you doing here?”

“I missed you. It’s no fun working when you and Liz aren’t there. I swear one of these days I’m gonna blast Agnes to kingdom come, and Mr. Parker is way too picky. He actually had me put garnish on the specials like people are gonna like their burgers more if there’s a piece of lettuce just sitting there next to it on the plate. Then he tells me he wants to add Jalapeno poppers to the menu, which is fine with me, but he wants me to come up with the Alien-themed name.”

She turned around so she could see his face. The warm water coming from the showerhead was now rinsing the suds from her back. “You know,” he continued, “I thought Max was crazy for working at the UFO Center. I mean I agree with Isabel that that place is psychologically damaging for someone like us, but I have to work in a place whose most popular item is the ‘blood of an alien smoothie’. It’s like my life is like a joke to them and I hate it. I almost told Jeff to shove his menu up his ass.”

Suppressing the urge to laugh, Maria ran her hands up his strong shoulders where she began a gentle massage. “They’re not making fun of you, Michael. They don’t know any better. Mr. Parker doesn’t even believe in aliens. It’s all harmless fun to them.”

“I know that, but it doesn’t make it any less real to me.”

“I know. Come here,” she clasped him tightly in her warm embrace.

Michael buried his face in her wet hair, and felt the peace that she always brought with her settle deeply around him. Finally, he took a cleansing breath, allowing the stress of the evening; the stress of his *life*, to flow out of him and down the drain with the tepid water and soap. This was what he’d needed, he realized. This is why he came here instead of going back to his empty apartment. There was no ‘home’ there. This was his home; being in Maria’s arms.

“I missed you today,” he admitted.

“Really? You know you saw me like ten times today at school.”

“Yeah, but not like this.” He trailed his fingertips down the side of her torso, lightly grazing her breast, eliciting a storm of goose bumps to pepper her skin and causing her nipple to tighten in reaction.

Whatever she’d been about to reply was forgotten when he dipped his head and captured her lips with his. The passion that was always simmering between them exploded and her response was immediate. She threw her arms over his shoulders and pulled him closer, needing to feel all of him at once. Michael was ready for her, and reaching down, he grabbed the backs of her thighs, lifting her to him, and stepping between them. He braced her back against the side of the shower and pressed into her fully.

Crossing her legs across his back for extra security, Maria dragged one hand through his hair while sending the other one down his chest. She squeezed her legs tighter and he obliged her by grinding his pelvis against her curls.

Supporting her with one arm beneath her bottom, his other hand was free to roam and explore all of her most secret places. Still their kiss went on and on with their tongues dueling and caressing one another’s until they were in a frenzy of lust.

Finally, when she couldn’t take any more, Maria tore her mouth from his to beg him to take her when there came a sudden knocking on the door.

“Maria, honey I’m going out with the sheriff for dinner, then we might go for another drive afterward, so I might be back late.”

“MOM!” Oh my god, when had she gotten home?

“You ok, honey,” Amy asked, alarmed at the tone in Maria’s voice.

“Yeah,” Maria tried to regain control of her panicked self. “Yeah, I’m fine. You just surprised me. I didn’t know you were home,” Maria answered breathlessly holding onto Michael for dear life. If her mother decided to walk in…

“I locked the door,” he whispered into her ear and was rewarded when she immediately relaxed against him.

“Well, I hate to just run right out again, but…”

“It’s ok, mom. Have fun. Tell the sheriff I said, ‘hello’.”

Outside, Amy was staring at the door in perplexity. Just last night her daughter had given her a lecture about getting too close to Jim, now she wants her to go out and ‘have fun’ with the guy? “Are you sure this is ok, ‘cause I could cancel and stay home. I know we haven’t been spending very much time together.”

“NO! Uh, I mean, it’s ok, Mom. I mean, I have to study tonight anyway, so you go on ahead and we’ll talk this weekend.” It was hard to concentrate with Michael nibbling on her neck like that, not to mention what his fingers were doing below her waistline…

“Ok, if you’re sure…” Amy said, elated at her daughter’s apparent capitulation. She couldn’t wait to tell Jim that Maria was suddenly willing to give him a chance.

Feeling giddy and eager to see her would-be boyfriend, Amy decided then and there to stop by her room on her way out and remove one or two items that had arrived in the gift basket Dee had sent over. Amy had stashed the thing in her closet immediately upon its arrival, determined to ignore its existence on principle, knowing it for the bribe it was, but now she realized that she was being silly. She was a simple shopkeeper making a living here, so who was she to discourage other shop owners from trying to make a go of it in Roswell as well. Maybe she could even get Dee to carry some of her products, too. It would be small-minded of her to ignore Dee’s thoughtful gift, Amy told herself, as she suddenly remembered seeing two items that would appeal to the police officer in him. Hurrying away to get them, she called out, “Goodnight, honey.”

“’Night, Mom.” As soon as they heard Amy’s footsteps fade away from the door, Maria, demanded, “Michael, now.”

Needing no other prompting, Michael pulled away slightly only to return immediately, pushing his heavy erection seamlessly into her waiting wetness.

Shuddering heavily, he closed his eyes. He would never get enough of her softness, he vowed. Here it was Wednesday, and she’d only been initiated since last Sunday and already he was an addicted man. She filled and completed him in a way he never suspected was possible.

“I love you,” he whispered. “I love you so much, Maria, my Maria.”

He damned the fact he didn’t have any protection on him; who knew he’d go from offering to wash her back to *this*. Still, he couldn’t deny her what she’d needed, so he fought against his own screaming passions and concentrated on hers instead, using every part of his body to bring her pleasure. Within minutes, Maria was calling out his name as tremors racked her body. Watching her come undone in his arms did unthinkable things to his ego, and he was smiling broadly as he pulled out of her and set her gently on her feet.

Shutting off the water, he grabbed a large towel off the counter and wrapped her small body in it. Then picking her up, he carried her into her bedroom unconcerned with the water dripping from his own body, making small puddles on the floor.

He dried her body slowly, taking the time to sponge up every drop of moisture from her glowing skin. When he was done, he carefully laid her back against her pillows. Then in great haste, he rubbed the towel over his own body, uncaring if he missed a spot here or there, eager to be done and on the bed with his lover.

Tossing the towel over the back of a chair, he lay down beside her in the bed. Seeing the pensive look that had come over her face, Michael twined his fingers with hers and asked, “What is it?”

“Can we talk?”

* * * * * * *

Tucker sat next to Jeff Parker on the sofa, mentally cursing his streak of bad luck. He’d barely gotten one foot in the door of Liz’s room when Jeff had called him from the top of the stairs. Startled, he’d tossed the garter on the bed and snapped the door shut.

“What are you doing?” Jeff had demanded, noticing right away in front of whose room the handsome young guy was standing as he walked upstairs.

Covering quickly, Tucker said, “I found something of Liz’s in the sofa cushions and I was returning it to her. It was kind of embarrassing, so I just tossed it in her room rather than giving it to her later in person.”

Not completely believing that rather ambiguous explanation, Jeff moved to Liz’s door, forcing Tucker to back up several paces. Cracking it open, he caught sight of a tiny piece of black lace on her bed just as the water in her bathroom shut off. “Oh,” Jeff said, closing the door hastily, blushing red from the evidence that his baby girl was growing up.

“Did you want something, Uncle Jeff,” Tucker asked as he casually made his way back to the sofa.

“Yeah,” Jeff said after a moment. Holding up a videotape, he said, “I found a copy of ‘Guns of Navvarrone’ at the video store.”

Rubbing his hands together in false excitement, Tucker had said “Alright!” which was how he’d gotten to be sitting out here on the sofa with the old man instead of in Liz’s room, making her squeal. Damn it.

* * * * * * *

Wrapped in each other’s arms, basking in the afterglow of their lovemaking, Tess reached out and pushed Kyle’s hair away from his sweaty face. “”You wanna tell me what that was about?” she asked gently. The sex between them had always been good, but tonight it had been tinged with a desperation that she didn’t understand.

Tightening his arms around her, he said, “No.”

“Is everything ok?”

“It is now,” Kyle replied, looking into her eyes. It was nothing less than the truth. Upon arriving home and kicking Maria and Liz out, he’d proceeded to spend the next two hours making love to his girl, reaffirming in his mind that he’d done the right thing; made the right decision. Despite all the craziness that continually surrounded them, not to mention the danger, he willing accepted all of it as the price he had to pay in order to call this beautiful creature his own. Just remembering Max’s promise of making Tess move out, out of his home, out of his life, out of his heart caused him to begin shaking uncontrollably. He had found everything he’d ever wanted in her arms, and he knew he’d never again be stupid enough to question it.

Having figured that out, everything was right once again in Kyle Valenti’s world.

Seeing the truth in his eyes to her question, she kissed him reverently on the lips. “I love you. Always.”

“I know. And I love you, too. I want you to know, that I know.” Feeling like that came out a little ambiguous, he explained, “I know that you’re it for me, you know, forever, and that I’m ok with that.”

“Kyle, what are you talking about?” Tess asked, pulling away slightly so she could looking into his face. The early evening shadows were painting his/her bedroom in shades of gold, reflecting in their eyes, making them appear to glow. It made him look exotic, and her breath caught in appreciation and renewed desire.

Holding her tightly, Kyle told her what had just happened to him in the CrashDown. About how Max had offered to let him go if he wanted out. About how he’d chosen to stay with her, with them, for always.

Outwardly, Tess was calm through the story, making sympathetic noises and stroking his brow, but inwardly, she was fuming more with each word.

So, Max had taken it upon himself to cut Kyle loose, knowing it would tear her apart to lose him, she summarized furiously. Kyle was her chosen one, her only one. She needed him every day to touch and see and love. But apparently that didn’t matter to Max. He had nearly severed her ties to her beloved. She knew he would have forced her to move out of the only home she’d ever known, ever, kicking and screaming if necessary. All to fulfill his sense of duty and righteousness.

There was nothing right about that.

The more she thought about it, the more pissed off she became.

Granted, she would never want to keep Kyle against his will, but to issue an ultimatum to *her* chosen one when he was upset without waiting until she’d had a chance to talk to him, to calm him after his distressing experience, well, in her book, that was just wrong.

He might be king on some distant planet, but here he was simply Max Evans, and she’d be dammed if she’d let him continue to run their lives like this. The next time she saw him, she was going to give him a piece of her mind, she vowed as she cuddled closer to Kyle.

She’d almost lost him today.

The thought crashed over her in startling clarity. It was immediately followed by a declaration sounding like a battle cry in her brain, “Like hell she had!”

Crushing her lips to his, she rolled them over, needing once again to claim him in the most primitive way possible so that there was no doubt exactly who he belonged to. He was hers, she was his, that fact as unchangeable as the stars. Their bond, already strong and unbreakable, grew as they joined their bodies the way their hearts and souls were already entwined.

Breaths rushing, limbs trembling as they heaved against one another, they shared the same thought: that nothing in their lives had ever felt as right as this. Never again would one of them doubt the truth that they were meant to be. Regardless of what had come before and what trials lay ahead, they were each unshakable in their conviction that this was the truth, this was reality: the two of them locked together, unending, unyielding as they climbed the heights of ecstasy together.

Their only sorrow came from the fact that they could not stay in that state of bliss forever, though it wasn’t for the lack of trying.


Sorry about OPee. I started off wanting to make a point of "he deserves whatever he gets" and he got out of control. It was actually much worse when I first wrote it. Much. I felt incredibly icky after my little trip into his demented mind. This was the very watered down version, believe me. Tucker is one sick bastard. I hope a little M/M and K/T lovin' has erased the bad taste in your mouth after that nasty experience. I promise we won't be getting into his head again after that last trip.

Ok, flame away. *sad* I deserve it. *sad*


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Hey all,

Look, I'm still here. *angel* I must have been a really good girl or something considering the board went from 50+ pages to 12, I was worried my thread was gone.

Look for the next update Tuesday, this time no shirking on my part.

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Ladies, than you for getting us back up. I don't even care that some data was lost, I'm just happy we're back. I wanted to let you know that we all appretiate everything you're doing for all of us.

Without further ado, let's get things caught up.

Chpater twenty's in two posts, and there's some NC-17 stuff coming up...

Chapter twenty

“Can we talk?” It was late Wednesday night, and Liz had walked over to Max’s house, the events of the afternoon weighing heavily on her mind.

Max’s welcoming smile left his face when he saw how serious Liz looked. Holding his bedroom curtain aside, he said, “Sure. Come in.”

Standing in the bushes outside his window, Liz looked uncomfortably at his bed before stating, “Uh, not here.”

“Ok,” he agreed. “Let me just…” Going to his closet, he grabbed one of his pullovers and put it on.

In minutes, they were sitting in the parked jeep, he facing her, she looking uncomfortably out the front window. Now that she was here, Liz wasn’t sure where to start. “Max, you know how the other day at Kyle’s we were playing that game and I… kissed… Michael? Well, did you know that I kissed Tess, too?”

Out of the corner of her eye, she saw him nod. “I thought you did,” she said. There was a small silence as she struggled to explain why she was here talking about something that happened a week ago.

In an effort to help her, Max said quietly, “Liz, I know it was just a game. I won’t say that the kiss didn’t mean anything, because I felt how important it was to you, and I understand that. I don’t think anything less of you because you kissed Tess.” In an attempt at humor, he added, “Hey, I’ve kissed Tess, too.”

Looking down at her hands she whispered, “Right.” Taking the plunge, she said, “but that’s not exactly why I’m here. Something happened today, Max, and I feel like something is happening to me and I don’t know what it is. I’m so confused.”

In concern, he put his hand on her shoulder. “What do you mean?”

“I kissed Tess,” she said so quietly he barely heard her.

“I know, Liz,” he began, but she interrupted him.

“Today, Max. I kissed her today… and I liked it… and I don’t know what that means.” She couldn’t look at him.

“And…” How to say this, she thought without it sounding like she was paranoid? Was there an easy way to say, ‘Hey, I was kissing your former wife today, and while she’s an incredible kisser, almost as amazing as you, by the way, I think she was doing some alien thing to me.’ If there was, she was drawing a blank.

The intensity of what she felt with Tess reminded her of how heated things could get with Max, like when they found the orb. Only, with Max, she didn’t feel threatened. Kissing Tess had felt dangerous in a way she couldn’t describe. She hadn’t gotten any flashes from Tess, but it had felt like it was all building to something. As much as she tried to tell herself it was all just passion run amuck, her scientific mind just wouldn’t let it go.

All the way over here, she thought of different ways to broach the subject ranging from, ‘You know how you said kissing her brought out this whole side of you you never knew about? Well, I don’t think it was your alien side after all, because I’m not an alien and she bringing out all kinds of things in me,’ to the short and concise, ‘I think I’m kinda gay.’ Still, nothing sounded right, and now, here she was with Max looking at her expectantly and no clear plan as to how to proceed.

“Liz, just say it. Whatever it is, I can help you,” Max offered.

She almost laughed in his face. Whatever was happening to her, she was sure it was beyond even his abilities to wave away with alien powers. Before she could answer,however, a pair of headlights cut across the driveway, illuminating the two still figures in the Jeep.

“Hey, what’s Liz doing here?” Alex asked as he cut off the engine to his car.

“I don’t know,” Isabel answered, “But she doesn’t look happy. God, I’m getting so tired of this,” she said as she pushed open the door. “Hey, Liz, I didn’t expect to see you so soon.” There was an underlying note of concern in her welcoming voice.

“Hey, guys.”

Seeing how unhappy and uncomfortable Liz looked, Isabel’s heart just went out to her. Then she realized that something was wrong. Liz looked, well… uncomfortable. The stiff way she was sitting told Isabel that there was another problem here other than emotional distress and it didn’t take a genius to figure out what it was. “Are you sunburned from earlier?” Isabel asked in concern.

Liz’s eyes widened at Isabel’s accurate guess. Was it that obvious? Blushing, Liz nodded. “A little bit.”

“I was afraid of that. Suntan oil isn’t known for its high level of SPF,” she said ironically. Touching Liz’s arm gently, she said, “Come on in the house. I have just the thing to take the sting away.” Not wanting to give Liz time to object, she took the other girl’s hand in hers. Giving her a light squeeze, she said, “Come on. We’ll only be gone a few minutes and Alex can keep Max company while we’re inside. Right, Alex?” Looking to her boyfriend for understanding, she found it in the warmth of his eyes as he smiled at her openly.


“See?” In a cajoling tone, she added, “You don’t want to be miserable the rest of the week do you?”

Liz shook her head, then biting her lip, she threw a glance at Max who was staring at his sister in anger, a muscle clenching in his jaw. Was something wrong? she wondered. “Max?”

He was still angry over the impotency thing Isabel had started yesterday, and now he didn’t appreciate either her timing, or her butting in. If Liz was in pain then, damn it, *he* could heal her. Max saw her overtures as a ploy to get Liz away from him, but he couldn’t say anything in front of Liz about it, so he was reduced to glaring at his loving sister. Forcing a light tone for Liz’s benefit, he said, “Go ahead. We’ll wait right here for you.” As soon as her back was turned, he shot more dark looks at Isabel.

Once they were gone, Alex was the first to break the silence. “She’s gonna get hurt Max, if you don’t at least tell her what’s going on.”

“Alex…” his tone a warning. Two lectures in one day was more than he was willing to put up with.

“No, man. I have to tell you that none of us want to keep seeing Liz upset like this.”

“And you think I do?” he gritted out.

“No, I’m just saying that the longer you try to protect her, the more it’s gonna come back to haunt you later. Liz is my oldest friend and I know her better than anyone. Last year, when she was lying to me about you guys, I can’t tell you how much that hurt all of us, not the lies themselves, but seeing how much each lie was costing her was torture. I think that was the main reason I let it go on as long as I did: I was getting perversesatisfaction just from knowing that it was killing her each time she had to face me. Now me and Maria are in the same position and it sucks.

“Maybe it’s not the same for you, lord knows you’re so used to lying to those whom you love and should respect the most that maybe you don’t feel it like we do, but this secret can’t last, and you know what, I don’t want it to.”

Startled at hearing similar echo to his own words spoken in earnest so long ago coming back to him, Max looked at Alex’s honest face. Maybe Alex and everyone else were right. Maybe Liz did deserve to know what was going on around her. Telling her didn’t mean she would have to be initiated, after all. He could still protect her from that.

* * * * *

In the house, Isabel pulled Liz into her room and shut the door.

“Have a seat,” she indicated her bed as she went to her dresser and retrieved a small bottle. Turning around, she was surprised that other than sitting, Liz hadn’t moved. “Well, take your shirt off, silly.” Seeing Liz’s cheeks redden, Isabel chided herself for pushing her too fast.

“I can do it,” Liz said, holding her hand out for the bottle, thinking Isabel meant to put the lotion on her as Tess had the oil earlier.

Isabel handed it over, but knelt in front of the dark haired girl to explain, “The lotion will hopefully keep you from peeling, but to take the pain away, that’s all me.” She looked honestly into her face. “I just want to help you, Liz. Nothing more. Will you let me? I don’t like to think of you suffering when there’s no reason for it.”

“Besides,” she said, trying to lighten the moment, “It’s not like I haven’t already seen your chest today, right?”

“That’s how I got myself into this mess to begin with,” Liz reminded her, ruefully.

“Well, there you go, then. Let me fix it and we can all forget it happened.”

Shyly, Liz’s fingers went to the buttons on her blouse. Isabel had to work to keep her eyes focused on Liz’s averted face when she wanted so much to watch the tantalizing progress of her fingers as they released one button after another. There was nothing she could do about the heat igniting in her belly, despite the fact that there wasn’t suppose to be anything sexy about Liz taking her blouse off because she was in pain and was relying on her to heal her. Focus, Isabel, she told herself.

Finally, the material parted as Liz pulled her shirt off her arms.

“Oh my god, Liz,” Isabel whispered. “Why didn’t you say it was this bad?”

Liz’s arms and shoulders were golden, but the skin normally covered by the full one-piece bathing suit she usually wore was bright red, and looked painful as hell.

“It’s just a burn, Isabel,” Liz down played it. “It’s not like I’ve never been burned before.”

“Yeah, well, now you have us, and there’s no reason to have to live with this. It must hurt a lot.” Putting one knee on her bed and sitting sideways to Liz, she commanded, “Lie down. Let me see what I can do about this.”

Putting herself in Isabel’s hands, Liz lay back on the bed and tried to relax. Taking deep breaths, she tried not to think about anything, especially how good Isabel’s cool fingers felt on her wounded skin.

Running one hand slowly along, Liz’s collarbone, Isabel concentrated on drawing the heat out of her pores and healing the sun damaged cells. It wasn’t difficult, just time consuming as Isabel became a perfectionist, insisting on fully removing all traces of Liz’s afternoon spent in the sun from her delicate skin. She didn’t allow herself to think about how pretty Liz’s breasts were as she covered them one at a time, she refused to dwell on how much she wanted to caress and kiss them just one time before moving on.

Down Liz’s torso to her belly, Isabel continued to ease her pain, taking it away and bringing her a welcome relief. Her concentration was unbroken until she came to the exact spot on Liz’s stomach where Max’s hand had gone to heal her all those months ago. Suddenly, she was sucked into a flash as a shot was ringing out in her ears, and she heard Maria’s terrified cry, “Liz!” Isabel processed everything Liz was feeling in that instant as the bullet punctured her skin, and her body slammed into the unforgiving tiles of the CrashDown floor. She felt how Liz had dimly processed the fact that she’d been shot, only to block it out as she’d thought inanely about how much crap had found it’s way under the cart beside her.

She vaguely registered shouts and screams, it was all so distant from her; she didn’t pay it any attention. Instead, she concentrated on cataloging everything under the cart. A few packets of sugar, a piece of broccoli, a name tag – oh, that’s where it went – a spoon, some change and a whole lot of lint.

Then Isabel saw her brother’s face hovering over her anxiously. In the distance, she thought she heard Michael, but Liz wasn’t paying any attention. Where’s the broom? she wondered. She needed to get someone to clean up that mess.

“Look at me,” Max commanded. “You have to look at me.” Suddenly, she couldn’t do anything else. She found herself sucked in to the swirling vortex that was Max Evans’ glowing golden eyes. He was changing her, fixing her, restoring her, and dominating her, forcing her damaged body to accede to his relentless healing demands.

As abruptly as it had begun, it was over. Isabel’s vision faded as he began saying something about spilling ketchup, then he was up and gone, leaving her there on the cold tiles with her dress gaping open.

Where was he going? Why didn’t he take her with him? She was his now. Didn’t he know it? He owned her completely, so why was he leaving her behind? She began to follow after him, but then he was out the door and driving away. Wait, she silently begged. Wait, I need to go with you. I need to be with you. Why don’t you want me? I’m yours. Her confusion continued to grow until Maria yanked on her arm calling her name.

“Isabel, are you ok?” Liz asked tremulously. Max’s sister had been steadily moving across her skin, bringing a blessed coolness with her touch, until she’d just stopped. Liz thought she could feel the energy Isabel was using change into something stronger and the rigid way she was holding herself was beginning to alarm her. Lightly shaking her friend’s shoulder, Liz called, “Isabel.”

Coming out of her trance, Isabel acted on instinct: pulling Liz closer, she buried her head in Liz’s shoulder. “Liz, oh my god, Liz,” was all she could say.

Liz’s arms awkwardly came around her. She was shocked to feel the other girl was trembling violently. “Isabel, what is it? What’s wrong?”

“You were shot,” came the muffled reply.

“What? Isabel, what do you mean?”

“We almost lost you. We didn’t even know you, and we would have lost you forever.”

“What are you talking about?” Liz’s body was as tense as Isabel’s. “Isabel! What’s wrong with you?”

The panicked note in her voice got through to her. “I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I was just… I got a flash… of that day…”

“You mean the day I was shot in the CrashDown?”


Was that all? Liz’s arms tightened as relief soared through her. “Oh, Isabel, that was like a lifetime ago. I’m fine. Max was there to save me, remember?” She stroked the alien’s soft hair, trying to calm her down.

“I know. I mean, I know that you’re fine, but I never realized what it must have been like for you. So much other stuff was happening that I don’t think any of us really ever wondered what you must have gone through while you were laying there… *dying*.” Her arms held the smaller girl securely against her, exalting in the warmth of her skin the sound of her heart pounding beneath her ear. She reveled in the viable proof that Liz was alive and there with her. “I’m so sorry, Liz.”

“What for?” Liz questioned, relaxing slightly after her initial panic. For a second there, she’d thought Isabel had gotten some kind of premonition that she was going to be shot again, and she was beginning to get upset. Rehashing the original shooting, unpleasant as it was; was vastly preferable to learning that the past was destined to repeat itself.

“For being such a jerk to you, back then. For not trying to understand you sooner.”

Fighting back a chuckle, Liz said, “It’s ok, Isabel. I never blamed you for anything. You were just scared, I understood that.”

Leaning up on her elbows, Isabel looked sternly down into Liz’s beautiful face and admonished, “Liz, I was a bitch, and you know it. Remember that night you, me and Max followed Michael into Texas and we stopped at that gas station? I was putting the top on the Jeep and you were getting those drinks for both of us. When I turned around and bumped into you, we both wound up drenched. I cleaned myself up and left you dripping, then started spouting off about how you must envy me because I was obviously this perfect person.” Shaking her head, Isabel said, “I don’t know why you didn’t throw the rest of the drinks on me rather than tossing them out. I certainly deserved it for the way I was treating you.”

Liz tentatively reached up and touched the other girl’s temple before sliding her fingers through her hair slowly. “First of all, I could never do something like that to you, and you know it. Secondly, you had a right to be mad at me after the ‘at least my mom knows what species I am’ crack I got in earlier, and you did fix me, too, remember? You didn’t have to, but you did.”

“Yeah, well that was because I didn’t want Max to see you like that. I’d never hear the end of it.”

“And, finally,” Liz went on as if Isabel hadn’t interrupted, “You were right. I did envy you back then. You seemed so perfect. You always looked so in control, hung out with the right crowd, wore the right clothes, got good grades. Every year, you got involved with every charity in Roswell, baking, organizing, planning. I don’t know how you did it all and stayed sane. And that was what I saw on the outside, before I got to know the real you.”

“And now?” Isabel whispered, her heart starting to pound at the adoring look on Liz’s face. Her brown eyes had turned into liquid pools that fascinated Isabel to no end.

“Now,” Liz said softly, as she continued to absentmindedly run her fingers through the alien’s silky long hair. “Now that I realize how much other stuff you must have been going through at the time, hiding your true self from everyone but Max and Michael; wanting to be a part of everyone around you, but afraid to let any of them get close to you… Plus looking out for your brothers, especially Michael. I don’t envy you, Isabel, I admire you. So much.”

Swallowing hard against the lump in her throat, she asked, “You do?”

“Yeah,” Liz nodded, looking up at her friend, willing her to see just how much she meant it.

Suddenly, both of them became aware of just how intimately they were laying, with Isabel covering Liz’s torso with her own, their faces just inches apart. Of their own violation, each pair of eyes dropped to the other’s mouth and all of the air seemed to be sucked out of the room. They forgot about everyone and everything outside the room, and became lost in each other instead.

She wanted to kiss Isabel, Liz realized. It felt so right, the other girl pressing her down into the mattress. Liz couldn’t understand where it was coming from, but for the moment, she wasn’t questioning it. “Isabel, I…”

Reading the desire of her friend’s face, Isabel gave into her feelings of want and need. Holding Liz’s face lightly between her palms, she brought their lips together for a light exploration.

After experiencing Tess’s kisses earlier, Liz was ready for the explosion of sensations to rock her and wasn’t disappointed. Fire exploded through her veins and spread through her body like quicksilver. Within seconds, their light contact wasn’t enough, and Liz was pulling her closer, and opening her mouth slightly, she allowed her tongue to tease the seam of her friend’s beautiful mouth.

Shaking with desire, Isabel eagerly complied, opening her lips for Liz’s tender assault. At the first touch of the human’s tongue against her own, Isabel cried out softly, thankful to finally be allowed to hold Liz close like this but at the same time, wanting so much more. Slowly, she moved her fingers to lightly graze Liz’s bare bosoms and was thrilled when her tender flesh swelled against her. Emboldened, she cupped a firm breast and gently tweaked the nipple into a hardened peak.

Liz pulled her lips away from Isabel’s drugging kisses to gasp harshly at the sensations crashing through her body. Helpless against the desire inside her, she twisted in Isabel’s arms, wordlessly asking for more. Isabel was more than happy to give in to her silent demands.

They kissed and stroked one another for several minutes, but neither tried to take it any further than that.It was too new, too fragile for that kind of pressure. Neither wanted to take the chance of damaging whatever it was they’d just shared.

When they finally separated, Isabel silently finished healing the painful burn the sun had left on Liz’s torso before allowing her to dress. Then, aware that things between them had changed dramatically, they made their way down the hall, side by side, not touching anywhere but their hearts.

Upon reaching the living room, Liz didn’t have time to wonder about the look of surprise that crossed the other girl’s face before it was replaced with impish satisfaction, because her already twisted world was about to take a new turn.

When they got to the door, Isabel hesitated briefly before stepping back and allowing Liz to precede her.

Be right back with te rest of twenty...

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Twenty con't

* * * * * *

Outside, several minutes earlier, Max and Alex’s conversation was cut short as Isabel’s desire flared inside them.

Swearing, Max leapt from the Jeep and ran up the walk intending to storm into the house and break them up, only to find his path blocked on the porch by Alex. “Where’re you going?”

“Where do you think? To put a stop to whatever is happening in there.”

“I don’t think so, Max.” Alex’s voice held a hint of warning.

Startled, Max looked at him for a moment, judging the very real threat the determined human was exuding, then had to fight back his humor. “You don’t think you can stop me?” he asked ironically. “Don’t you know what’s happening in there? I know you can feel it.”

“Yeah I can feel it. And what I feel is that Isabel is finally getting a chance to share a stolen moment of intimacy with Liz, and I won’t allow anything to interfere with that. Do you have any idea how much she’s longed for this to happen?”

With jealousy eating at him, Max asserted, “Alex, what’s happening in there has nothing to do with initiations or bringing Liz into the family. This has to do with her own selfish desires. Isabel wants Liz, like I want Liz, and I…”

“Oh, you mean like this?” Without giving Max a chance to react, Alex caught him in an unexpected embrace, spearing his tongue into Max’s mouth and plundering the warm recesses he found inside. Taking advantage of Max’s surprise, Alex crowded him against the side of the house rubbing their cocks together and stimulating them both into sudden erections.

Forgetting the argument instantly, Max’s arms automatically came around the other boy’s body, pulling him in closer, running one hand down Alex’s spine until it was resting on the curve of his ass. Alex’s own hands weren’t idle either as he ran them over Max’s sculpted chest through the fabric of his shirt.

Within seconds his blood was pounding heavily through his veins and all he could think about was getting closer to Alex. He waved his hand down the human’s front, causing all the buttons there to leave their holes granting him access to Alex’s warm skin. His fingertips unerringly found a tight male nipple, which he flicked against lightly with his fingernail. It had been nearly a week since he’d gotten to be this close to Alex and now he realized that was way too long to go without this human’s kisses. He’d forgotten how much he enjoyed being with him like this.

Rubbing his hand over Alex’s chest, he heard Alex gasp, and somehow, he knew it wasn’t in pleasure. Pulling back, he looked down at his pecs, only to notice a few red spots scattered across Alex’s skin. They looked to be a combination of hickeys and scratches.

Touching one lightly, he asked, “Alex, what happened?”

“Isabel.” Feeling Max’s hand take on an unearthly heat, he commanded, “No, leave them. I like knowing that she’s marked me as hers, and she likes to see them, too. She’ll take care of them tomorrow morning.”

“Are you sure?” Max asked, not liking to think of Alex being in any pain, even if it was voluntary.

“Yeah. She makes up for them so sweetly that it makes me love her even more each time.”

Hoping to distract him from his concern as well as bring his focus back on what they’d been doing just moments before, Alex reached down and cupped Max’s hardness through the soft denim of his jeans. “Do you want me, Max?” he asked, squeezing the treasure he’d found gently.

“Yes. It’s not like I can hide it,” Max added ruefully.

“Yeah, I love that, the fact that you can’t hide it or deny it. The evidence here makes a strong argument, but still I’m confused,” he whispered, leaning in to nibble on the underside of Max’s chin before making his way down the side of the alien’s neck.

“Yeah? About what?” Max was quickly losing interest in talking. What he wanted to do was pull Alex into the house and onto the first flat surface they came to.

“You said it was wrong for Isabel to spend time with Liz because it wasn’t about initiations or bringing her into the family, but I’ve already been initiated. I’m already in the family, so isn’t this wrong, too? How can you want me like this?”

“Alex, this is different,” Max denied weakly.

“No, it’s not. The only thing that makes this different is you don’t like the idea of sharing Liz with anyone. No wonder you won’t let her be initiated. Max, Liz isn’t your private property. She’s her own person, capable of making her own decisions based on the information she’s been given, and right now, she is choosing to be with Isabel. You can’t control that. Liz is already a part of this family, initiation or not. Once you accept that and let Isabel and Tess make it official, the better it’ll be for everyone.”

Kissing Max softly, Alex admonished, “At least just think about it, ok?”

Cupping Alex’s chin, Max said, “I’ll think about it, but that’s all I’m promising for now.” Pulling him back into his arms, Max kissed him hungrily, communicating his need to be with him again. It wasn’t long before they were again swept into passion’s tide. Max was caressing Alex’s trim ass, while Alex had retained his grip on Max’s cock and continued to stroke him through his jeans.

“I want you. So much,” Max whispered against Alex’s lips.

“I’m yours,” Alex agreed. More kissing, then, “It’s been so long.”

Max opened his glowing amber eyes and agreed, “Too long.”

“Since that day at Michael’s,” Alex said, getting lost in his lover’s gaze.


A car suddenly passed by, reminding them of their somewhat public location. “We should,” Alex began.

“Yeah,” Max couldn’t take his eyes from Alex’s lips as he spoke. To hell with the neighbors! Pulling him closer once again, Max kissed him hungrily, thoroughly, sighing in appreciation when Alex kissed him back.

They were beginning to wonder if it were possible to take this to its inevitable conclusion tonight, or if it would have to be continued at a later time when, without warning, the door next to them opened and Liz stood silhouetted in the light coming from the living room lamp.


The two boys jumped away from each other and tried to pretend that they hadn’t just been caught in a comprising position.

Liz stepped forward slightly. “Max?”

Staring aghast at her, Max opened his mouth to give her some kind of explanation, but no sound would come out. It didn’t help that he was still throbbing with desire for her best friend. Or that her eyes were beginning to fill with confused hurt.

Taking pity on him, Alex jumped in to run interference. “Well, Liz, if you’re ready, I’ll drop you off at home since it’s practically on the way.” He was casually buttoning his shirt, faking a chagrinned expression. Stepping around the frozen Max statue, he leaned in and kissed Isabel’s cheek. “I tried to get Max to heal my chest from your abuse, but he refused and said that I undoubtedly deserved every mark you put there.”

Taking the hint, Isabel played along. “He’s right. You did, but since I feel bad for you, I guess I could…” She reached out her fingers, but he caught them in his hand and kissed them lingeringly.

“No, it can wait until tomorrow morning. Maybe I’ll meet you at school a little earlier than usual.”

“Maybe,” she teased, knowing full well that she’d be pacing outside the eraser room a good half hour earlier tomorrow morning waiting impatiently for him to join her.

Reading her intent in her burning glance, he nodded, “It’s a date, then.” Slapping Max on the back in what he perceived as a manly gesture, he said a little louder than was necessary, “Well, thanks anyway, Max. And I’ll, uh, see you tomorrow.

“Ready to go, Liz?” he asked the dark-haired girl who hadn’t taken her eyes off Max’s adverted face since she’d stepped outside.

“Yeah, I guess so. ‘Night Isabel. Thanks again for…”

“Sure, Liz. See you at lunch tomorrow.”

“’Night, Max.”

“See ya later, Liz.” He finally made himself meet her eyes and wasn’t surprised to see the puzzled hurt she was trying to hide there. ‘Take a good look, Maxwell. You put that look there with your secrets and lies.’

Why did his internal voice suddenly sound like Michael, he wondered distractedly as he watched them climb into Alex’s car and back down the drive way. It didn’t help that he knew everyone was right. He should have told her before something like this happened. The only one he could blame for this fiasco was himself, he admitted.

Tomorrow, he thought, tomorrow he’d tell her everything, and throw himself at her feet, begging her forgiveness and understanding.

* * * * * *

The ride to the CrashDown was silent except for Alex’s running dialog that covered everything from the next performance of the Whit’s to tomorrow’s tests. Liz tuned most of it out, her mind replaying what she’d seen as she’d pulled open the Evans’ front door. The porch had been in shadows, but the light spilling from behind her had illuminated the area well enough and she knew what she saw. Max and Alex had been embracing. There was no other way to describe it. Max had one hand on Alex’s butt, and Alex was definitely touching Max… there. Their lips were unaccountably red like they’d been kissing passionately. What did it mean? Alex and Max? Was she supposed to be jealous of her friend now? Just a few days ago, she’d thought that she would have been upset if she’d discovered that Maria and Max had kissed, but here she had to confront the fact that Max and Alex had something going on. How was she supposed to deal with *that*?

It wasn’t until they were pulling into the alleyway behind the CrashDown that Liz interrupted Alex’s continuing monologue to ask, “Alex is there something going on between you and… between you… and… Max?” She almost couldn’t get it out. Just saying it made it all that more real to her.

Alex had known it was coming, though he was a little surprised by the directness of the question before realizing he shouldn’t have been. Liz wasn’t the ‘beat around the bush’ type. Taking a deep breath he said, “It’s not what you think.” It was as close to an admission as he could get.

“Really, cause I think I saw you touching his… his… his fly, Alex, what was that? Huh? What’s going on here?”

“I’m sorry, Liz, but I can’t talk about it. Please, you have to trust me here. I know it seems bad, but it’s not what you think.”

She couldn’t believe he was keeping something from her, something that implied an intimacy between him and Max. Putting her hand on his arm, willing to believe that there was some explanation that would make it all make sense, she implored, “Alex, whatever it is, you can tell me.”

Shaking his head, afraid to look at her, not wanting her to see how much it was tearing him up inside to keep the truth from her, he whispered, “I’m sorry, Liz.” Pulling back from her soft touch, he said, “I want to tell you, I do, but,” forcing himself to meet her eyes for just a moment he whispered, “it’s not my secret to tell.”

The look of hurt disbelief on her face simply broke his heart. Then there was only the sound of the door slamming. He sat there until she climbed the outer stairs that led directly to the Parker’s apartment above the restaurant. Once she disappeared inside, he put the car in reverse and drove away from his dearest friend whom he’d just hurt unbearably, irrevocably.


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Chapter twenty-one

In Isabel’s bedroom, Max and Isabel were having a heated discussion over what she’d said to Maria earlier in the day about spending time with her and Alex. They’d already covered her rotten sense of timing as well as the healing of Liz’s burn.

How Maria’s name had come up, neither could remember, but needless to say, Max wasn’t taking this new revelation at all well.

“I can’t believe it. What, you just told Maria that you want her and Alex to have sex? While you do what? Watch? That’s sick, Isabel.”

“That’s not what I meant and you know it. I just want to be with the two of them - together.”

“How is that different?” Max asked, throwing his hands up. “It’s still Alex and Maria being intimate with you there to spectate or direct the action or something.”

“No, no, Max. Stop twisting my words…”

“They’re already plenty twisted all on their own…”

“…around. That’s not what I meant. They wouldn’t be together together, they’d both just be with me… at the same time.”

“Right. So what you’re saying is that they wouldn’t look at or touch one another at any point the whole time. Wake up, Isabel. It’s not going to happen. Michael is going to agree with me on this one. There’s no way he’d let Maria do it, so you’d better just forget about it.”

* * * * * *

Across town, Michael and Maria were having the same discussion only theirs was going much better.

“So it would be ok with you if I were to spend time with Isabel and Alex at the same time,” Maria asked, wanting to make sure that she was clear on the whole thing. She and Michael were still on her bed after having shared that shower earlier.

“If it’s what you want, and Alex wants it too, then I don’t see a problem with it,” Michael said. “The way Isabel explained it to you is how I’ve seen it all along. I love you, Maria, but you have to know that I want to be with Alex and Kyle, too. I need to be. When Max and I went through with the initiations, it’s like we had to accept them on some primitive level. We claimed them somehow and they became, I don’t know, like a part of us. Isabel probably feels the same way about you.” Shaking his head, he said, “I know I’m not explaining it real well.”

“No, no, I get what you’re saying. I kinda felt the same thing with Isabel and Tess, only it’s probably a little different from my perspective,” she grinned.

“Yeah, I guess it probably is. But what I was saying was that the normal rules don’t apply here. We’re already outside all the usual boundaries, this is just one more thing that makes us different. The desires that drive us are different from anything anyone outside our group can experience or understand, but the need to share them with each other is undeniable. It binds us and completes us and anyone who tells you different is lying.”

Accepting what Michael said as truth, Maria mused, “Once Liz is initiated, I wonder if Isabel will want all three of us girls to get together with Alex.”

“Now there’s a thought,” Michael chuckled. “He’ll think he died and went to heaven.”

“What about you?” Maria asked suddenly.

“What, the five of us?”

* * * * * *

“What’s really eating you, Max? The fact that we all have someone except you, or the fact that if she were initiated you’d have to share Liz with us.” She smirked at him, knowing that she hit the bull’s eye. “It just kills you, doesn’t it, knowing that before you can touch her, me and Tess get to have her all to ourselves for a night doing anything we want to her, and Max,” Isabel was just mad enough to needle, “we’ll do things to her you’ve never dreamed of. Then, of course, we all know how Michael feels about her.”

“You know what, you’re right. I hate the thought of Liz being with anyone but me. There. I admit it. Happy now? What’s your point anyway? I thought we were talking about Maria.”

Turning to his sister, he gestured emphatically, “Liz is off limits, Isabel. Remember that before you go pulling another stunt like you did tonight.”

“What? She had a sunburn. I healed it.” She tried her best to look innocent.

“That’s not all that happened in here and we both know it, so don’t bother to lie to me. Both Alex and I felt it.”

* * * * * *

Pacing on her balcony, Liz was trying to put together an explanation for why all this weirdness had invaded her life. She was apparently gay. Or bi, whatever. She was running all over town kissing women left and right, first Tess, then Maria, then Tess again, and now Isabel. And as long as she was being brutally honest, she had to admit that each new kiss was better than the last. Unfortunately, with each kiss, she felt like she was losing more and more of herself to the passion that sprang up so easily to the surface when she was around her girlfriends.

‘And isn’t it also strange that none of said girlfriends are freaking out about it, too?’ she thought to herself. Was that because they were alien? …well, excepting Maria. And why were they all so chummy chummy lately, she wondered as an unnamed emotion burned in her gut at the three of them getting together without her. Had they all admitted they were gay, living the life of riley under everyone’s noses? But no, that couldn’t be right. They were all closer to their boyfriends than ever.

Like she and Max. The two of them were back on track, and headed into a real relationship again. Or maybe not, because it wasn’t her imagination that she’d caught Max kissing Alex, something she discovered that she was hypocritical enough to get upset over despite the fact at the very same time, she been kissing and being touched intimately by Isabel.

“Arugh!” she clamored through her window and flung herself onto the bed in frustration, pounding the bedspread futilely.

God, how she wanted Max, longed to be with him with every fiber of her being. From the moment she came back to herself on the hard floor of the CrashDown to see Max’s beautiful eyes looking at her, no, *into* her, she’d been his. She dreamed about the day they could finally be together, which apparently was at some unknown, extremely distant point in the future.

Until then, however, she had several issues to work out, like the fact she wanted Max’s sister. And his former wife. Not to mention her own best friend.

And don’t get her started on the Michael situation.

* * * * * *

Maria slapped him playfully on his arm, “No, I meant, will you want to be with Liz after she’s initiated?”

“Yes,” he answered honestly. There was no point in dissembling now.

“Do you love her?” Maria swore to herself that she was going to be ok with whatever answer he gave her.

Regretting that what he was going to say was probably going to hurt her, Michael tightened his arms around her small shoulders, willing her to listen to him until he got it all out. “Yeah I do, but Maria, here’s the thing: I started wanting Liz because Max wanted her. I wanted her because I couldn’t run away from the desire for her that Max created inside me. Months and months went by before his desire had turned into my own, and even longer, years later actually, before I realized that my feelings for her had grown into something more. With you, it was different. *I* chose *you*. I wanted *you*, and before I knew it, I loved you, because you were this incredible person who called to my heart and soul. No one made me want you but you.”

* * * * * * *

Frustrated, Max stormed out of Isabel’s room, and headed for the Jeep. He had to talk to Michael about this situation before it got out of control. Isabel was way off base and he was sure Michael would agree with him, after all it was his girlfriend that Isabel was planning on turning into the town slut. Just the thought of Maria and Alex together was enough to make his stomach burn.

* * * * * * *

“That’s not to mean that I didn’t fight like hell to keep you at a distance,” Michael teased gently.

“Yeah, and it was a great job you did, Mr. Stone Wall.”

“Hey, I caved eventually. But do you see what I mean about Liz?”

Leaning up so she could look in his face Maria said, “Yeah, and you know what? Once she’s initiated, we’ll have a little ‘welcome to the family’ party, just the three of us.”

It was then, after that suggestion that Michael felt a huge release of the daily tension he carried around with himself. She had accepted him, them, just as he’d known she would. Ok, well ‘hoped’ would be a better word, but that’s beside the point. She had accepted the whole thing. Michael felt a profound sense of relief that everything was going to work out. Relief and something else as her words sunk in.

She was giving him permission to be with Liz, and she was planning to join them if/when the opportunity ever presented itself. Michael’s eyes gleamed with suppressed desire. “Yeah?”


Feeling as though his life couldn’t possibly get any better, he hugged Maria to him warmly. Her acceptance breathed new life into him, made him dare to believe that one day he’d be able to fight off the demons that constantly plagued him, taunting him with his inadequacies. Her love strengthened him on so many different levels, he couldn’t even begin to understand it. “Thank you,” he whispered in her hair.

“For what?”

“For being ok with this whole twisted situation. I know it’s screwed up, but…”

“I love you, Michael. I guess that if an earth girl is gonna fall in love with an alien, she can’t expect things to be too normal, right? Just warn me if the Mothership is gonna beam me up and start performing strange sexual experiments on me, ‘k?”


They grinned at each other for a moment before Michael remembered something. “Oh, and about what we were saying about me, you and Liz, I was talking to Max earlier at the CrashDown…”

Michael was cut off by the sudden sound of tapping coming from Maria’s window. “What the hell?” Michael questioned as he climbed out of her bed. Unconcerned with his nudity, he strode over to the window and flung back the curtain, ready to do away with anyone who thought it was ok to be bugging Maria at eleven o’clock on a school night.

Alex’s distressed face stared right back at him.

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Hello and welcome back everybody.

It's been so long, I thought I shoud re-introduce myself in case you've forgotten...

You are reading: Saving the Best for Last

A Sequel to Two Down, Two to Go.

Author: Watcher Tara

Category: Slash/het

Pairings: Umm, everybody?

* * * * *

Ok, now that we're all clear on the who's who and what's what, let's talk about this coming chapter... It actually used to be part of Ch. 21. (Thus the rather abrupt ending to that last one. It was getting way too long, so I said, "Hey, let's cut it right *here*." LOL)

This will be two posts due to size restrictions, and I don't mean size as in Max and Michael's... *tongue**tongue* I mean it's pretty long, so you might wanna take a quick break now, stretch your legs, get a drink, so that when you come back I can have your full attention. grin.

And guess what, there's a... you guessed it, NC-17 Warning on this one.
If you ain't old enough, I don't wanna hear about it.

That said, where were we? Oh yeah, everyone's upset, and we're in Maria's room...

Previously on Roswell

They grinned at each other for a moment before Michael remembered something. “Oh, and about what we were saying about me, you and Liz, I was talking to Max earlier at the CrashDown…”

Michael was cut off by the sudden sound of tapping coming from Maria’s window. “What the hell?” Michael questioned as he climbed out of her bed. Unconcerned with his nudity, he strode over to the window and flung back the curtain, ready to do away with anyone who thought it was ok to be bugging Maria at eleven o’clock on a school night.

Alex’s distressed face stared right back at him.

* * * * * *

Chapter twenty-two

“Alex,” Maria exclaimed from where she continued to sit on the bed with the sheet pulled up protectively over her bare breasts. Even from this side of the room, she could see that he was upset. “Oh my god.”

Michael wasted no time in pulling up the window and screen. “What’s going on, man?”

“Can I come in? Just for a minute? I just really needed to talk to Maria, but I can come back later if this is a bad time.”

Michael didn’t even think twice. Stepping back to give him room, he invited, “Come on in.”

As soon as Alex climbed inside, Michael refastened the window and drew the curtains closed.

Holding the sheet around her, Maria asked, concerned, “Alex, what’s wrong? Is it Isabel?”

The dark haired boy dejectedly sat down next to her shaking his head. “No, it’s not Isabel. She’s fine. It’s Liz. Maria, there aren’t words enough to describe how terrible I feel right now.”

Sitting next to him, Michael rubbed Alex’s shoulder comfortingly. “What happened?”

In a few short words, he spelled out the whole fiasco.

“Alex, it’s not your fault.” Maria was quick to try and console her friend once he’d finished.

“Oh yeah, well you didn’t see the look on her face. She’ll never speak to me again after this.”

“Damn Max!” Michael got up and paced angrily. “I told him this would happen, but did he listen to me? Shit.” Facing Maria, he said, “We’re gonna have to think up something to tell her.”

Shaking her head, Maria said, “No we won’t. After catching the two of you red handed, Liz is about one step away from figuring the whole thing out. Knowing her, she’ll confront Max tomorrow and force him to admit everything about us.”

“And if he won’t.”

“That’ll be the end of it. She’ll break up with him – again. Then it’ll all be over, except…” her voice trailed off as she locked eyes with Alex. He nodded in agreement of her assessment. All hell was about to break loose.

“Except what?” Michael asked, not liking the ominous sound of that. He sat on the corner of the bed, watching them expectantly.

“Except for the choosing sides part,” Alex answered for her. Maria reached for his hand and clung to it like a lifeline. “We’ll wind up tearing the family apart.” He looked up at Michael’s stricken face. “As much as I love Isabel and being part of your family, Liz is my friend, has been since the fourth grade. Provided she wants to have anything to do with me after this, I’ll choose her.”

“Yeah, me, too.” Maria’s eyes, suddenly brimming with tears, begged Michael to understand. “She’ll need me, Michael. I can’t just…”

Reaching across Alex to place a finger over her mouth to stop the flow of words, Michael said, “I know… Don’t worry. I’m coming with you.”

“You are?”

“Yeah. Max can shove it. I need you. I’ll go wherever you go, plus don’t forget, I love Liz, too. I don’t want to see her hurt any more than you do.”

“You’d do that?” Maria asked in a choked voice. “You’d give up your family for me?”

“Don’t you get it yet? You Are my family.”

With tears spilling over her cheeks, she leaned across Alex to hug Michael to her gratefully. Somehow, she managed to lose her grip on the sheet in the process but that wasn’t as important as feeling Michael’s strong arms around her, embracing her, cherishing her.

“Uh, guys…?” Alex quickly averted his eyes. He hadn’t minded seeing Michael walking around nude; actually the alien had looked magnificent, primal as he’d stalked back and forth earlier, but Maria in the buff was another matter all together. Next thing he knew, he was encased in a group hug, and he was acutely conscious that he was the only one wearing any clothes at the moment.

Michael kissed him on the temple, saying, “Let’s not worry about it. We’ll work it out before it comes to that. Somehow. If not, I’ve got a good idea that Isabel will side with us. She usually sticks with Max, but she’s as angry with him about this as the rest of us.”

“You think so?” Alex hadn’t dared to hope.

Going for realism, Michael shrugged and said, “It’s a possibility. And I’m betting Tess will be with us, too after she talks to Kyle tonight. If that happens, Max’ll be all alone, but we’ll all have each other.” Kissing Alex briefly on the lips, he said, “This stand-off won’t last for long. Max knows he’s wrong about this. It’s just getting him to admit it that’s the problem.”

“I hope you’re right,” Alex said, his eyes on Michael’s mouth as he spoke. It was hard to keep his train of thought suddenly with Michael so near - and completely undressed. Was it getting warmer in here? “I don’t want to lose… her…”

“You won’t,” Michael said. He could see the direction Alex’s mind was heading, and felt an answering stirring in his loins. “Come here,” he commanded as he pulled on Alex’s shirt. Then he was kissing him, really kissing him, sending his tongue deep into the other boy’s mouth, exploring avidly. It was meant to be a soothing, comforting, ‘buck-up, Alex, it’ll-all-work-out-in-the-end’ kind of kiss, at least, that’s what Michael told himself as his passion flared anew.

Clutching Michael’s shoulders, Alex fell back onto the bed, taking the warm alien with him. His hands immediately began rubbing over Michael’s nude body, starting with his chest, continuing down his back to his hips and below before reversing direction and starting all over again.

To hell with comfort, Michael decided. What Alex needed was some sex to take his mind off the impending disaster that faced them. Come to think of it, so did he.

No sooner had he thought it, then he was busily opening the other boy’s shirt, impatient to feel his skin against his own. Lifting up, he helped Alex remove the garment before starting to nibble on the human’s soft earlobe and caressing the warm skin that was suddenly available to him.

The two of them had momentarily forgotten about Maria, but that was fine with her. She was busy trying to remember to breathe. At their first kiss, a feeling of desire so intense it would have brought her to her knees, had she been standing, swept through her like wildfire decimating her preconceptions and obliterating everything she thought she knew about passion. Unbelievably, it continued to grow and expand until she *became* the desire in a way that would have scared the be-jesus out of her if it hadn’t felt so right.

Finally, she understood what the hybrids had been talking about when they spoke of how much they wanted the humans in the group. Finally, she understood a desire Isabel said she could feel from a half a mile away. Finally, she understood how such a simple human emotion as lust had forced someone as strong and independent as Michael to admit that he needed her. When the aliens had spoke of feeling each other’s desires, she’d thought she’d known what they were saying. She’d been wrong.

Michael wanted Alex every bit as much as he wanted her. As much as Isabel wanted them. As much as Max wanted Liz. And she could feel it invading her heart, taking over her mind, sizzling across her nerve endings until they were screaming at her for some kind of relief. It was amazing, intoxicating, mind altering. She couldn’t for a moment believe that she was a part of something so incredible as this family whose common bond was this basic need of one another. But she was. She was a part of them all now, and they were a part of her, too. She reveled briefly in the knowledge, hugging it to her breast like a secret kiss.

Alex moaned softly, causing the hunger pouring through her to spike higher than before and Maria realized that she couldn’t sit still. She needed… she… well, she didn’t know what she needed, but just sitting here wasn’t going to get it for her, whatever it was.

Looking at Alex and Michael, she saw that her boyfriend had been slowly kissing his way down her friend’s body. Alex had his fingers clenched in the alien’s unruly hair, and he was tossing his head against her cool sheets. Her eyes followed the line of their bodies to where they were hanging off the side of the bed and she noticed that Alex was still fully dressed from the waist down. That wasn’t good.

The next thing she knew, she was kneeling at their feet, untying Alex’s laces, and pulling the shoes from his feet, following them with his socks. Her shaking hands made the chore difficult, but somehow she managed it, then crawled back onto the bed to lay next to them. Reaching out, she brushed back a stray hair from his forehead.

Feeling her cool fingers against his skin, Alex opened his beautiful blue eyes and stared at her for just a moment before releasing Michael in order to pull her closer. When their lips met, there was no shyness, no tentativeness, only a mutual need, created by the loving being who was now working the buckle of Alex’s jeans loose. Maria cupped Alex’s face lovingly, breathing in the scent she hadn’t smelled in years: Alex with passion on his mind. It was amazing how a human’s pheromones altered his normal everyday scent into this amazing, erotic aphrodisiac. It made her want him all the more. Maria scooted a little closer.

Completely aware of them, Michael pulled away from Alex slightly to take in the vision before him. Maria was flushed with passion and embracing Alex like she didn’t intend to ever let him go. She was half laying, half leaning over him as they kissed voraciously. She was so beautiful to him, with her jutting nipples and the intoxicating scent of her weeping desire that he had to touch her. Reaching up, his warm fingers slid across her thigh to her hip then around to cup the smooth round globes of her ass. His unassuaged need for her resurfaced and he again cursed his short sightedness of coming over unprepared.

Beneath them both, Alex stiffened involuntarily as he was hit with a surge of the now familiar ‘Maria-lust’ from Michael. His hips jumped reflexively as his cock throbbed painfully inside the restricting confines of his jeans. The ghostly desire *from* Michael, mixed with the very real passion Alex was feeling *for* Michael was making this odd combination of need that escalated rapidly inside him.

Holding Maria tighter, he slipped a hand down her shoulder to the glowing curves of her breasts, teasing them both by lightly stroking along the outside of her soft, womanly parts.

“Alex, touch me,” she implored softly and he was helpless to resist. Cupping her fully, he gently stroked the hardened peaks he found there as she moaned into his mouth, thrusting against him, trying to ease the ache that continued to grow inside her.

Alex couldn’t ever remember kissing her like this: when she’d been so hot, so obviously ready for more… so naked. “Maria,” he whispered in a voice she’d never heard from him in real life, only in her recent fantasies. It sent shivers down her spine, making her want him more.

Michael, meanwhile, had finally finished undoing Alex’s pants and was in the middle of sliding them off the uncooperative guy’s legs. “Alex, lift your hips, man.”

Not having any leverage to speak of in his current half on/half off position, Alex simply lifted his legs up, curling his knees toward his chest. As he brought them back down again, Michael was sliding the unwanted garments down and off.

Coming to lay on Alex’s other side, he claimed his lover’s burgeoning erection in one strong hand, delicately stroking up and down it’s length while he teased Alex’s bellybutton with small flicks of his tongue before probing the indention fully. He was rewarded for his efforts when Alex’s cock jumped in his hand. Chuckling softly, he drew small circles around the hole in the center of his belly with just the tip of his tongue, prolonging the torment before returning to tease the small recess. All the while, he continued to fondle his friend’s staff, relearning its textures and dimensions. Soon, it wasn’t enough. He had to taste Alex again.

His mouth recommenced its trek down the dark haired human’s abs into his pelvic area. After taking a moment to enjoy the sight of Alex laying himself so trustingly in his hands, Michael brought his mouth to where they both wanted it most.

Alex sent his free hand down to guide and caress Michael’s head as it lowered over him. He loved being in his alien’s mouth so much that he swelled even more inside the hot cavern that surrounded him. He could have cum within seconds if Michael had been of a mind to rush things; he was already that close, but Michael had other plans that could best be described with the words slow, thorough, and intense. In short, the opposite of rushed; which was more than fine with him. Alex may not remember much about the morning following his initiation, but the memory of Michael’s loving mouth all over him the night before remained clear.

Wanting to share some of what he was feeling with Maria, Alex pulled her higher on the bed so that he could seek out her tight nipples with his tongue. Hearing her calling out his name softly, he bit down lightly before drawing her into his mouth fully. He skimmed his other hand down her spine to the small of her back where he lightly scratched his short nails against her. After several long moments, he began to explore a little lower.

Right about then, Michael, wanting to make sure Maria was feeling included, needing her to know that he was as aware of her as he was Alex, shifted position so that he was laying between Alex’s legs, freeing his hands. One he used to hold Alex steady, the other went directly to the pink flesh he could see peeking out from between her legs. Unerringly, he found the well of her desire and sent two fingers into her body while finding the tiny nub of passion buried in her curls with his thumb.

With a small cry, she spread her legs wider by throwing one across Alex’s stomach to give Michael better access to her body.

Maria was so turned on, she was shaking. She wouldn’t have thought it was possible to feel like this. Between Michael and Alex touching her, loving her, she was going slowly crazy. She hoped they never stopped.

For the first time, she was caressing Alex’s sleek chest, learning his textures, memorizing his responses for later. She’d known him forever, seen him in his swimsuit dozens of times, she’d even caught him in his underwear once or twice but she’d never seen him like this: the passion in his eyes, the kiss-swollen lips, the caressing fingers, the care he took as he devoured her flesh. It was all a new and wondrous experience. It was like meeting a whole new guy. Funny how you think you know a person…

Alex’s fingers continued to travel downward. It was becoming increasingly difficult to concentrate on anything with the pleasure of what Michael was doing to him with his hand and mouth spinning his senses out of control, but Alex also had a need to learn all about Maria’s body that couldn’t be denied. He’d already discovered her pert breasts. They were firm, with light colored nipples which even now were wet and begging for more of his attentions. Then he’d found out just how soft her hair was. He’d thought he’d known about her hair, but somehow, he’d been wrong. Now he was relearning the rest of her body. So far, he’d experienced the silkiness of the skin along her spine and the firm curves of her ass.

His fingertips explored the crevasse between the twin mounds, teasing her there before sliding lower. He slowly passed by the puckered entrance that lay between him and his destination. Upon reaching the other passage he was seeking, he was slightly startled to find Michael already there. He belatedly became aware of the way her hips were moving and realized that she was dancing in time to the tune their ardent lover was playing with his warm hand and large fingers inside her.

Touching the other boy’s hand, Alex whispered, “Michael?” It was a plea and a request. He wanted to join the band.

Stopping all other actions, Michael raised his head and looked Alex in the face. Part of him wanted to refuse. The possessive caveman side of his brain was screaming that Maria was his, all his and there was no way on earth he was sharing her with anyone - ever. Then he realized that was a stupid attitude for him to take. Maria was sharing him with Alex, Alex was sharing him with her. Why should he be the selfish one? He needed to learn how to yield to them if this situation, this family, was really going to work.

“Be careful with her,” was all he said as he slowly removed his fingers from her silken recess.

His eyes spoke volumes, telling Alex how much it cost him to relinquish Maria to him but yet, his willingness to concede to his request. At this moment, Michael was unable to deny him anything. Nodding solemnly, promising to treat Maria as if she were made of the most delicate material on the planet, Alex slowly moved one finger forward to continue his explorations. She was wet, very wet, and her heat was alluring. It was like she was calling him home with her body. No wonder Michael looked so possessive. Unable to resist the temptation, he carefully dipped his finger inside of her.

From where he was laying between Alex’s legs, Michael could see everything, and he watched in immense satisfaction as Maria’s body swallowed the digit it was offered. Something about seeing them entwined like that stirred something deep inside him. He couldn’t name the emotion he was feeling, but whatever it was, it felt right, so right to him.

Alex pulled out a short way only to return again and again to Maria’s squirming delight until he felt Michael’s hand coming back again. Thinking his turn was over, Alex regretfully pulled all the way out, only, Michael caught his wrist and wouldn’t let him retreat.

“Together,” was all he said, but Alex understood what he meant.

Holding their hands close together, Alex and Michael both pushed one finger each into her waiting entrance. Maria’s hips arched against Alex’s waist and Michael asked, “Are you ok, babe?”

“Yeah. I’m better than ok,” she said breathlessly. When they’d started this, she hadn’t known it would turn out like this, but she was far from upset with this surprising change. The only thing that could upset her now would be if they stopped.

In concert, they both began a slow, gliding rhythm that was designed to drive her crazy. Michael deliberately ignored her flushed clit now, not wanting to send her over the edge too quickly. Instead, it was just their large fingers stretching her, filling her as they pushed and pulled within her body.

On the other hand, he was ready to see Alex cum. Certain that Maria was alright, Michael returned his attention back to the throbbing cock he still held. Without warning, he sucked just the bulbous tip into his mouth to suck on and stroke with his tongue. His fisted hand began vigorously pump the shaft, causing Alex to gasp loudly as he reactively thrust his hips forward.

After a couple of minutes of just teasing his friend’s cockhead with his mouth, Michael then slowly began inching down Alex’s full length. He tasted the precum that escaped Alex’s control and knew to wouldn’t be long now. He tightened his lips on the descent, increasing the pressure, then sucked hard on the ascent, causing Alex’s toes to curl.

Alex couldn’t hold out for long under that assault. With a loud cry that was Michael’s name, his climax tore through him and he spilled his seed deep within his lover’s mouth until he was weak and trembling. His mind was in a blissful daze, the only thought registering was that no matter how many times they did that, he couldn’t get enough of it.

* * * * * *

Be right back...

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Chapter twenty-two cont'd

* * * * * *

Knowing that his lover liked to be cuddled in the aftermath, Michael climbed up to lay next to Alex where they shared a long, languorous kiss. Neither was surprised when a soft, warm body stirred on Alex’s other side.

Maria pressed a series of light kisses across her friend’s collarbone. “You’re beautiful when you do that,” she whispered to him.



“What about you?” Alex asked, rubbing his hand against her thigh. He’d pulled out of her in the final throws of his climax, but was more than ready to return now. “Are you beautiful when you cum?”

“She’s always beautiful,” Michael complimented, smiling at her lazily. He was still incredibly turned on, not having found release yet, but Alex’s peacefulness was contagious. Besides, he knew that his lovers would take care of him one way or another before the night was over.

What he really wanted was to bury himself in Maria’s tender body and stay that way until dawn, but that wasn’t going to happen because he was a short sighted idiot who hadn’t thought to bring any birth control with him. Unless…

“Alex, do you have any protection in your wallet?”

“Uh ha,” Alex said with a nod.

In an instant, peacefulness was gone as the larger guy was off the bed, tearing through Alex’s discarded jeans. As soon as he’d found it, he dropped the pants and was climbing back up on the bed, condom in hand. He felt like howling in triumph.

Maria froze at the look on his face. He looked predatory, intense. She had to squelch an urge to flee even as her body began to throb. She hadn’t seen that particular look from him before but instinctively she knew what it meant. Playtime was over. Michael wanted her and he wanted her now.

Without a word, the three lovers rearranged themselves on the bed so that Maria was laying back against her pillows and Alex was beside her. He had a hand on her stomach and was nibbling on her ear. Michael’s lust for Maria had sprung forth once again, causing Alex’s body to respond instantly.

Both humans watched breathlessly as their alien sheathed himself in the condom.

Then he moved between her legs, spreading them so wide that her knees nearly hit the bedspread. She was completely open to him now, unprotected and vulnerable. He knew he’d never get tired of seeing her like this. The inherent trust in her position made his heart pound.

Gesturing Alex to come next to him, he said, “Isn’t she beautiful?”

Moving to sit beside Michael, Alex stared down at his golden haired friend. He took in the shining green eyes, her flushed cheeks, her peaked nipples, the trimness of her waist and the love-swollen petals of her womanhood that were glistening with moisture and nodded. She looked part angel, part love goddess. He had to touch her leg just to assure himself that she was real. Of its own volition, his hand slid from her knee to the dripping delta that the tops of her thighs. Amazingly, she was every bit as wet as she looked, wetter than he remembered from just a few minutes ago. Alex wouldn’t have thought it was possible. His fingers painted small circles around her sleek folds while her boyfriend watched possessively.

Licking his lips, he turned to Michael to ask, “Can I?”

Michael didn’t have to ask what he wanted. No one could look at Maria like this and not want to taste her. He looked at her to make sure she was ok, and she nodded faintly, agreeing to anything the two of them wanted to do to her. She had long since dismissed the old boundaries that dictated Alex was a friend and therefore shouldn’t be allowed to see her, touch her, kiss her, make love to her. She’d become a willing vessel of passion and welcomed whatever would come next.

Seeing her acceptance, Michael nodded, granting his permission for Alex to continue. Need was still coiling fiercely inside him, but he pushed it back, wanting to please his lovers first. Their desires came before his tonight.

Bending over to kiss her knee, Alex slid two fingers into her body without preamble, entranced all over again at how hot and wet she was. Maria gasped in pleasure and shifted beneath him. Sliding his mouth further up her leg, licking and kissing as he went, his thumb began stroking her clit causing her hips to jerk beneath him. Soon his mouth was hovering over her, his warm breath stimulating her as his fingers left her body. They were replaced with his lips and tongue as he tasted her for the first time.

Michael watched them from his protective perch beside Alex until he was certain that she was ok with everything that was happening. Then, he lay next to her, kissing her soft mouth while reaching out to love her breasts. He adored the small sounds she made as her hips undulated against Alex’s mouth.

“Michael,” she whispered several long minutes later even as she buried her fingers in Alex’s hair. “I need you.” Alex started to pull away, after hearing her husky voice whispering her desire to her boyfriend. She wouldn’t let him, tightening her hold and thrusting her hips against him. “I need you, but I want Alex, too. But I’m not sure, I mean, I don’t know…”

“Shh, I got it. It’s ok,” Michael whispered soothingly, pulling her closer. “Alex, look out, man, we’re rolling over.” Michael easily rolled her to her side and spooned in behind her. A moment later, he was sliding his erection into her warm haven from behind, listening for that small cry she gave each time he joined with her. He could swear that he actually swelled further, filling her clinging recesses. She was so tight around him that he had to wait a moment to give her time to adjust.

Alex had to do a little maneuvering, but soon, he was on his side between both their legs where he could reach her trembling body. Holding her top leg up, Alex dragged his tongue against her clit even as he felt Michael begin to thrust into her.

Michael’s free hand came around her to cup one soft breast, which he massaged as his hips worked against her in a steady rhythm. Unable to resist, he began scattering kisses and love bites across the back of her shoulder and neck.

Maria was certain that she’d died and gone to heaven. Between Michael’s thick erection rocking inside her, his fingers stimulating her nipple, and Alex sucking on her clit, she was definitely on the brink of something. The sensations she was feeling right now were more intense than anything she’d ever thought possible. She wished it could go on forever, but she knew by the tightening of her body that the end was coming.

“Michael,” she moaned. “Please…”

Alex bit down gently on the highly sensitive flesh he held in his mouth as he flicked his tongue rapidly across the tip. A keening sound met his ears as she buried her fingers in his hair, again holding him against her as if she was afraid he’d stop. He kept it up as she cried out, calling his name. Way too soon his position was just too uncomfortable to maintain, and he shifted upwards, replacing his mouth with his fingers and kissing her everywhere he could reach; soft kisses interspersed with small nips and bites that were driving her crazy.

Feeling her muscles clenching around him, Michael knew she was close, so he increased his thrusting, going as fast and hard as he could. He unconsciously tightened his grip on her breast, but she didn’t mind.

When Maria opened her eyes, all she could see were spots dancing before her, so she closed them again, tightly. Her breath was sawing in and out of her lungs as she strained toward the climax that was rushing up to meet her. One last thrust from Michael was all it took to send her flying, spiraling out of control and into the heavens.

Her orgasm was all he’d needed to be sent over the edge, too and his hips lost all poetry in their motions as he jerked spastically into her, pushing her higher still until the last wave had crested, leaving a sated bliss in its wake.

Alex lightly tongued all around the area he’d been loving near her breasts, enjoying the slow way she moved in response as the last of the shimmering pleasure trembled through her body.

When he could move again, Michael pulled out of her and slowly stepped out of the room to dispose of the used condom and wrapper. When he returned, Maria was once again on her back with Alex’s head moving between her legs. He was still hard at work, licking over her softness as fine tremors continued to rack her euphoric body. He’d learned the power of a lingering orgasm from Isabel and was happy to share it with Maria, too. The watching alien quickly squashed down the jealous feeling that came over him at seeing them enjoying one another without him, and was rewarded by the way Maria’s eyes lit up when she saw him standing there.

“Hey,” she said softly. Her voice was still husky with passion.

Climbing back onto the bed, he answered, “Hey.” Kissing her temple, he asked, “How do you feel? Are you sure you’re ok with…?”

Kissing him lightly, she asked, “Do I look ok with it?” waving her hand to include her current state of satiated bliss and Alex’s continued loving.

Feeling left out of the conversation, Alex finally released her, though he didn’t go far. After collapsing onto the pillow beside her, his hand slid back to her front and he cupped one delicate breast.

Maria moaned, both at the loss in one place and the gain in the other. Smiling at the sound, having heard it himself on occasion, Michael claimed her mound for himself, resting his middle finger in the channel that started at her clit and ended at her opening, pushing his finger a little way inside.

With a happy sigh, Maria pulled her legs closed, trapping him there. For a few minutes, the three of them were content to just lay there together, letting their thoughts drift aimlessly. Maria was pondering the circumstances that had led her to where she was: a small town girl with four lovers, only one of which was human. And there was the future possibility of adding three more people to that list; Kyle, Max and Liz. Outsiders would never understand. They would probably be seen as some weird sex cult or something worse, but she didn’t care. Outsiders didn’t know what it was like to be so thoroughly loved and accepted by so many people. Plus outsiders didn’t know the constant stress the eight of them were under, what with the government hunting them, and evil aliens attacking them and high school mid-terms to get through. None of them ever knew what tomorrow might bring, and she was all for enjoying every second of everyday until their final tomorrow came.

That was assuming they didn’t tear each other apart over the current Liz situation. Which reminded her about Alex’s reason for showing up here: his fight with Liz. Looking over at him, she’d been about to ask him if he was feeling better, but instead, she blurted out, “Alex, what happened to your chest?” as she noticed for the first time the love marks that marred his flesh.

“What?” he asked, momentarily confused.

Reaching out to touch a red mark, she said, “Your chest, Alex. What happened to it?”

“Uh, Isabel got a hold of a pair of…” his eyes suddenly narrowed as he leaned up on one elbow to face her. “A pair of handcuffs that belong to YOU from what I hear, and had her way with me while I was helpless to defend myself.”

Michael’s eyes flew to Maria even as she was shaking her head a wide grin stretching her lips. “Actually they’re Liz’s. Wow, Alex, you look positively ravished,” she beamed at her friend. She was kinda sorry she’d missed that particular party.

“Well, I felt ravished at the time, so I guess that’s fair. There was this moment right after she snapped on the cuffs when she… wait, you don’t want to hear this.”

“You’re right,” Michael deadpanned while Maria pouted. “Some of us do.”

Ignoring her, Michael asked, “Ok, anyone wanna tell me why Liz has a pair of handcuffs?”

Laughing, Maria told them, “There’s this sex shop that opened next to my mom’s store, and we went there today before going to Tess’s. Next thing I know Liz is buying a pair of handcuffs to help Max get over his ‘impotency’ problem. Needless to say, I had to confiscate them from her. Isabel stole them from me.”

“Can’t say I’m sorry about that,” Alex said with a happy grin.

“Sex shop, huh?” Michael asked thoughtfully, absentmindedly beginning to stroke her clit as he began to turn over the possibilities this presented.

Maria relaxed her legs slightly, giving him freedom to move but not much as she answered, “Yep. It has everything from costumes to perfumes. Magazines, toys, glow-in-the-dark condoms… you name it, they seem to have it.”

“Really?” Alex asked with an interested gleam in his eye. Tightening his hold on Maria’s soft flesh, he looked over at Michael in silent communication. Michael grinned wolfishly in tacit agreement.

“Uh, guys?” catching their look, Maria was starting to get a little worried, not to mention aroused all over again. “Guys?”

* * * * * *

Max disheartenedly climbed up the ladder affixed to the side of the CrashDown. He felt incredibly old, his spirit crushed beyond repair. How could this have happened?

Climbing over the wall, he jumped down onto Liz’s balcony and tiptoed over to her window. There she was, sound asleep in her bed exactly as she should be. She looked like an angel with the moonlight spilling through the glass, caressing her skin.

She was so beautiful, perfect, unsullied by the sickness he lived with, unaware that on the other side of town, her two best friends were in bed with their lover.

After driving by Michael’s apartment and not finding him, Max just drove around a while, and wasn’t surprised to realize that he could feel him in the vicinity of Maria’s house. He automatically turned down her street, but the closer he got to her house, the greater the lump of dread he hadn’t known he’d been carrying around in the pit of his stomach grew. He was feeling Michael’s desire all right, only it was directed at Alex, and it was coming from Maria’s. Upon reaching her house, he immediately spotted Alex’s little hatchback in the drive. The desire was stronger now and included ‘Maria feelings’ to go with the ‘Alex feelings’.

Michael was with both of them. That wasn’t how it was supposed to be. The humans were never to be with anyone but their three aliens, but right now, at this very moment, Maria and Alex were in bed together. How could things have progressed to the point that he’d lost complete control of the situation?

His dreams last summer had been very clear: triangles and pairs making the new foursquares. Two aliens needed for the initiation, one alien to mate for each human: four people in all to get the initiation done. That was it. His dreams told him nothing about mixing up the triangles and sets. Sure, he and Michael had taken both Alex and Kyle to Michael’s apartment last week, but they weren’t together like that. He’d been with Alex, Michael with Kyle. The four of them just happened to be sharing the same *space*, he told himself. That was not what was happening over at Maria’s house right now.

If Alex and Maria could be together, what was to keep Kyle from getting together with Liz? Or Alex with Liz?

Or on the alien side, Michael with Tess or Isabel; or him with Tess or… No, no, NO. They were his sisters. Both of them. He felt no more desire for Tess than he did for Isabel and he knew Michael felt the same way. If the humans could be affected like this, would it turn on the aliens too, causing them to want those whom they shouldn’t?

Didn’t Alex and Maria always see themselves as kind of siblings? He knew that’s how Liz thought of their gangly friend. Had Maria always harbored a secret passion for Alex, or was this a new thing brought on by the initiation?

Never in a million years would he ever have guessed he’d have to face what he did tonight. Not even after Isabel had stated her intention to mix up the triangles herself.

He hadn’t bothered to go look in the window. Instead, he put the Jeep in gear and drove straight here, needing to see Liz, to know that she was ok. He’d been resolved to tell her everything that was going on, but now he wasn’t so sure.

He didn’t know if he could tell her this.

* * * * * *

Laying in her bed, Liz rolled over at the sound of Max’s footsteps fading away. She’d been afraid that he’d knock on her window, forcing the inevitable confrontation she knew was coming.

Liz was so confused; she still wasn’t ready to talk. Not to him. Not yet.

After she’d climbed into bed and punched her pillow several times, the same thoughts kept going round and round in her head.

She couldn’t condemn Max for kissing Alex, but she was still hurt by it. On the other hand, she’d kissed both Isabel and Tess today, and enjoyed it, maybe too much. And more, she wouldn’t mind doing it again in the future.

What did that mean? What kind of person did that make her? Isn’t what she and Max had something special? Of course it was, anyone could see it. But if that was true, then how could she be attracted to someone else -– and not just any someone, we’re talking about Max’s sister and former wife here. Could this get any more disturbing? she wondered.

Liz rolled over on her side, pulling her blanket up to her chin. As she did so, her eyes fell on the garter belt laying on her dresser. It had appeared on her bed earlier this evening, when she’d been in the shower. She could only surmise that either Max or Isabel had returned it to her. In all the trauma of earlier, she’d forgotten to mention it. With everything else going on, the anonymous return of her undergarment was at the bottom of her list of things to worry about.

First thing tomorrow, she decided as she drifted off, she and Max were going to have a talk and she wasn’t going to take ‘no’ for an answer.

* * * *


So? What'd ya think? Go ahead, lemme have it, just warn me if it's sharp and pointy before throwing it, 'k?

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I was kinda chuckling to myself because I had ya'll going on Ma/A being with Isabel, first with the near-kiss at the park, then Isabel talking to Maria then Max about her and Alex, but no one seemed to suspect that I'd actually turn it around on you. (And here ya'll thought the nookie scene in the park was plotless. We were actually preparing you for this chapter.) I was explaining it my hubby why my being sneaky like that was so funny, but he didn't get it. Maybe it's just me. *tongue*

I was worried that some of the Candy 'shippers would be a little upset, but so far I haven't been struck with anything heavy, so I guess ya'll are taking it ok, and it's safe for me to come out of hiding...

LindaCrazy4Jason This is what I meant when I said that your Candy heart was 'sorta' ok in my hands. I'm glad you liked it. As far as our (yes, mine, too) current obsession with M/L/Mi, as Max was just thinking, he and Michael don't really go for each other, so that particular pairing is a little difficult to work in. But we just got our full circle and crazy times Two fix, so hopefully, we'll be good to go for a while before the withdrawl sets in again. LOL.

Klaatu42 Opee hasn't gone anywhere. He's still taking up space on the Parker's sofa, but his time is coming.

maxzhot Liz WILL find out, but remember, knowledge doesn't equal initiation. Be careful what you wish for...

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Lelea Tucker wasn't even in this chapter! LOL What he'd do to get you so riled up? You and Klaatu42. Is it just bugging you that he's breathing the same air as Liz, or what? *big* I completely agree with the rest of what you said. Max is heading for a rude awakening if he doesn't open his eyes to what's really going on and soon.

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jendanseur You're right, we're getting to the point of no return, then it'll become a question of what's Liz gonna do.

behrhugs and Nikki It's not Friday yet. this last chapter signified the end of a very busy Wednesday: A trip to Mama Dee's, the swimming party at the Valenti's, Max and Kyle with Michael in the Crashdown (2 chapters), Liz with Tucker, then Maria and Michael in the shower. Liz/Isabel and Max/Alex kissing, Maria and Michael talking about Alex and Liz, then finally, Alex going to Maria's house. All of that was one REALLY long day. The next chapter takes us to Thursday. Can you stand the suspense? Will the weekend never come? LOL

And Nikki I almost mentioned you when I wrote that it was a long chapter. Your last few posts of Bonding... were easily twice as long as this! I did get a chance to read your 100th post, but I would be honored if you'd like to do that again. There hasn't been time to work in an actual I/L/Ma outing into the story yet. With things building towards Liz's initiation, the ladies have been otherwise occupied, but afterwards... I'll see what I can do. I'm glad you liked the Mi/A/Ma, as I mentioned earlier. Everyone seemed pretty receptive of the possibility, and I just fell in love with the whole idea from the get go. Oh, and I have a question for you... you put the word slept in quotes when you said: now that Michael, Maria and Alex have, 'slept' together...
Do you not consider what they shared the same thing as as sleeping, I.e. having sex, with one another? I'm not picking on you, I'm just curious. Your Maria and Liz just shared a wonderful expreience - two actually - and are now considered 'bonded'. I would call them lovers. Do you see my Mi/A/Ma differently? Is it 'cause there were guys in the mix, yet it didn't progress past oral sex (that we know of)? The reason why I'm asking is that it'll come up tomorrow. One of the others is gonna ask Alex if he slept with Maria, and he'll have to think about what to say. Was it technically sex for a guy if there's no penile penetration? I know what he answers, but I'm curious to know your take on it, since you brought it up. LOL

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You guys are nearly caught up with me. I'm struggling to stay a couple of chapters ahead of you, which is why I slowed the posting down a little bit. It's driving me nuts, but the closer I get to the end, the harder each chapter is to write and I'm running out of back ups. While I can, I promise one chapter a week, and I intend to continue to post on Tuesdays, though don't hold me to it.

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Thanks so much for your wonderful comments on the last part. That's why I love you guys: you don't mind telling me what's really on your minds. Ya'll really keep my muse happy.

This chapter and the next have undergone major revisions in the last week, but I'm happy with the way it turned out. I hope you are, too.

Ya'll have been waiting for this so long, I vote for just getting right to it. It will be in two parts due to size constraints.

Chapter twenty-three

(Michael’s apartment, approx. 2:30 a.m. Thursday morning.)

“Give me your Queens.”

The voice booming across the dark expanse of his slumbering mind irritated him, though Michael couldn’t tell you why. He was expecting it. The demand. They’d been at it for a while now, tonight.

This stupid scenario had been going on for days. Weeks. Months. Sometimes, it seemed like years. An eternity of nights, stuck here, enduring this endless torture.

It was never the same, yet always exactly the same. The same dark room, dark table with one or more mysterious figures taunting him. Always playing these stupid games with him, forcing him to lose control night after night. Fate, chance, luck, whatever you believed in, it was always against him. He knew they must be powerful, these unknown beings, to always get their way in the time he was forced to spend with them ‘cause there was no way someone could be this lucky.

It had started out innocently enough. Last summer, the same time during which they’d been having the dreams that led them to realizing the necessity of the initiations, was when it had begun. Coincidence? You be the judge. It was May 30th and Michael had been having a very pleasant dream, ok an extremely erotic dream, about Liz Parker who had, of course, just left for Florida a few days before when that dream had been interrupted by these bozos. It had been all about the Queens then, too.

The main guy, shrouded in shadows, had taunted him over a game of Memory, daring him to match up the queens in a deck of cards laying face down on a sooty card table. After an hour of playing their stupid game and not finding a single queen in any of the cads, it finally occurred to Michael to count the deck. Sure enough, there were only forty-eight cards: four were missing. When Michael lunged at the guy in fury, he’d disappeared, leaving the removed cards to flutter to the ground in his wake. The queen of hearts had landed face down, something which had struck him as significant at the time.

He’d woken up pissed, but after a few minutes was chuckling at the absurdity of it all, promising himself to skip the pineapple and tamale omelets next time as a late night snack. They were obviously not good sleeping food.

A week later, Michael had blasted the table as soon as he’d seen it, but in a blink of the eye, it repaired itself and the game commenced. It wasn’t always Memory. Sometimes the game was Chess, sometimes Checkers, or Connect Four, or Tic Tac Toe. The list went on and on. The only things which had remained the same were: the room, the players and his assured failure. He’d talked to Max about it right after the dreams had started, and Max had laughed himself silly.

“Ok, so someone is forcing you to play games in your sleep?”

Michael could see the suppressed humor twinkling in Max’s eyes and it annoyed him even more than he already was. “Yes.”

It might not have been so bad, except everyone knew his aversion to board games. For some reason that tidbit made it even funnier. “Do you ever win?”


“Not even Tic Tac Toe?”

“No.” Michael crossed his arms against his chest and glared at him.

“I see,” the hilarity on his supposed leader’s face was enough to make him drop the subject. And so he had, choosing to make everyone think the dreams had gone away.

Tess’s suggestion had been it might have been his way of dealing with his suppressed feelings from Pierce’s death.

She suggested he was punishing himself which Isabel had found highly amusing. “Leave it to Michael’s warped mind to use Monopoly as a tool for self flagellation,” she’d teased.

Before too long, the four of them were too involved in the initiation dreams to worry about his stupid dreams which probably didn’t mean anything anyway. They were easily dismissed as echoes of Michael’s twisted mind. Michael disagreed. He was certain that they meant something. They were always dark and menacing, the cloaked figures were always there, taunting him, especially the leader.

The dreams had been fairly sporadic over the summer, but the last few weeks, it seemed like they came more frequently. He’d had them every night this week.

And the worst part was he never, ever won.

He’d been hoping the feeling of strength and acceptance he’d gotten from Maria earlier in the evening at her house (or was it last night) had been an omen that the dreams would stop and the faceless beings would go away. Apparently not because here he was again, sucking as bad as he usually did, surrounded by their moldering asses.

“Do you have any Queens?” the voice asked again. “Give them to me.”

Tonight, he had a fistful of cards clutched to his chest, seven in all: three pairs, one single. Not a queen in the bunch.

“Go Fish,” Michael said with a heartfelt sigh. It was going to be a long, long night.

* * * * *

“Max, hey.” Liz called across the parking lot to where the Evans siblings were parking the Jeep. It was Thursday morning and she’d been waiting outside the school for the last twenty minutes, in hopes of catching Max before first period.

Maria had been right in her supposition: Liz had pretty much figured out what was going on, but she was missing a few large pieces of the puzzle – like ‘why’ and ‘how’. Between Tess and Isabel hitting on her, Maria’s lengthy disappearance yesterday with Isabel and catching Max and Alex embracing last night; on top of the sudden closeness everyone except for her seemed to be sharing with the sleepovers, dinners and so on, it was becoming painfully obvious that something was going on and she was the only one out of the loop. Alex had pretty much admitted it.

Well, no more. Today, she was getting some answers.

Max couldn’t make believe that he didn’t know why she was waiting for him. The day of reckoning had come and if he wasn’t honest with her, he stood a very good chance of losing Liz forever. There was no point in pretending it was otherwise. Reaching her side, he took her hand in his, but wasn’t at all surprised when she pulled it away again, shoving it deep into her pocket as if to stave off temptation. “Hey, Liz. Look, I know we’ve been needing to talk. Especially after last night. Can you get out of going to first period, and we’ll go somewhere?”

“Yeah. We had our test yesterday because Ms. Hardy is going to be gone the rest of the week.”

“Good. Then let’s go.” Max adjusted his heavy book bag on his shoulder and led her back to the Jeep.

Standing on the sidewalk, Isabel watched them go with a combination of dread and elation. On one hand, she was excited: He was going to tell her everything. On the other, she was terrified: Liz was going to find out about them. Two sides of the same coin blurring together as it arced through the air, spinning, spinning. Heads or tails? Heads meant everything was ok and was going to work out. Tails heralded the end of their family as they knew it.

Heads or tails and it was up to Liz to call it.

Turning, she rushed into the building. ‘Please let Alex, be there,’ she prayed as she threaded her way through a virtual wall of students milling around the hallways. She really just needed to feel his arms around her. She knew if he could only hold her tight enough and long enough, he could make her feel like somehow it was going to be all right.

Finally arriving at the eraser room, she opened the door and rushed inside. Alex was sitting cross-legged on the table, looking over his notes for his calculus test today, but he jumped down immediately at her entrance. Pulling her close, he stroked her hair, “Honey, what is it? What’s happened?”

* * * * * *

Only having an hour or so to talk, Max didn’t waste time driving them far. Within minutes, he pulled into the playground where they went that day last year to talk about the possibility of Tess being Nasedo and the two of them automatically walked over to the merry-go-round.

Max was dreading the coming confrontation, but knowing it was inevitable, he decided to just jump right in. “Liz, god, this is hard to say. I know you’ve guessed that I’ve been keeping something from you, but it’s not what you think. Not exactly. It’s something I’ve hesitated to admit to you because it’s something alien. I told myself that by not saying anything I was protecting you, but I realize now that who I really was protecting was myself. I’m afraid that if you knew the truth about me, about what I am then you wouldn’t want to have anything to do with me.”

Even with her resolve to stay rational and unemotional until she got the answers she sought, Liz felt her throat close with tears in reaction to the stoic way he was standing. It was as if he were preparing for a physical blow from her hand. How could he think that anything about him could drive her away? Where had she heard that phrase lately? Wait, she suddenly remembered… Putting her hand on his arm, trying to ignore the way his muscles clenched at her light touch, she asked, “Max does this have anything to do with your… impotency?” Misinterpreting his defeated look, she quickly explained, “Isabel told me. You know, after…”

“Yeah, I know.” Mentally cursing his scheming sister, Max shook his head and tried to explain the truth, “Remember the night of the Crash Festival right after you found out about me and everything and I told you we could never be together, that we were too different?”

“Yeah, but Max, we know now that it’s not true.”

“No, Liz. That’s where you’re wrong. You see, it is true. You and I can never be together like that. Ever.”

“I don’t understand. Your body is human,” she said, dropping her eyes involuntarily to his crotch as she did so. “That’s what the orbs said, right?”

“Not completely, Liz. On the outside, yes, I was created to look normal, but on the inside things are not so human. No matter how much I wish things could be different, they aren’t.” Reaching out, he touched her soft cheek. “I’m sorry for keeping this from you. The four of us didn’t know how things worked until last summer when we all started having these dreams. The dreams said that you and I couldn’t be together like that. I couldn’t bear the thought of losing you forever, so I didn’t say anything once you’d gotten back from Florida. At least this way I could still hold you, kiss you, touch your skin…” He put his words to action for what could possibly be the last time. Skimming her cheek with his gentle fingertips, and pressing his lips to her forehead.

At the mention of not being together anymore, tears welled up in her eyes. She flung her arms around his waist and held on tightly. “I don’t want to lose you either, Max. I love you, and I want to be with you any way I can. I don’t care about any of the rest of it.”

Max’s heart swelled in his chest at her words. He selfishly wanted to let it go at that. He wished he could declare his everlasting devotion to her and go on from there, but he knew it wouldn’t be fair to her. Holding her close, he whispered, “Liz, we can’t make love. Not ever. You saw what happened when we tried. It’s not something that I have any control over.”

“I don’t care,” she repeated recklessly, tightening her arms around his waist.

* * * * * *

“Max is telling Liz.” It was repeated again and again as word spread quickly through their small group. Isabel and Alex had left the eraser room to search out Tess who needed to tell Kyle. Soon Michael and Maria joined them. Then the six of them stood around, not saying much, but holding each other close.

It was Tess who finally said, “I wish I knew what he was telling her. I mean, is he going to bring up the initiations, or what? I wish I could be there in case she has questions he can’t answer.”

“He’s gone through two initiations already,” Kyle pointed out, reassuringly. “I’m sure he can explain it to her.”

“No, Tess is right,” Isabel said. “I’m sure it’s different for a girl.” She looked over at Maria with a warm smile that faded immediately. “What if she needs us? What if he says it in the worst possible way and scares her off.”

Alex rubbed her shoulders comfortingly while trying to pacify her a little, “Now why would he do that?”

“I don’t know, Alex, but you didn’t see him this morning. He was in a strange mood ever since he got up. All I know for sure was that he went to Michael’s late last night, and hasn’t said a word to me since.”

Kyle and Tess looked at Michael. “What did you say to him?”

“Me, I wasn’t even home most of the night. I never saw him.”

No one bothered to ask him where he was, the protective way he was holding Maria, telling it’s own story.

“Look,” Maria said, looking at her watch. “We’ve got another ten minutes before school starts. All we’re doing in my first period is studying for tomorrow’s exam, like I’m suddenly going to get stuff in one day I haven’t gotten in the past two months. I’ll go see if I can find them and, you know, smooth things over.”

“I’m coming with you,” Isabel immediately declared.

“Me, too,” said Tess.

“Count me in,” Alex added.

Kyle merely pulled his keys out of his pockets and announced he was driving.

“Aren’t you coming, Michael,” Isabel asked. He was the only one who hadn’t spoken.

Hugging Maria tightly to his side, he told her blandly, “Of course. I go where she goes.”

* * * * * *

“Max, I need to know something. If I wasn’t… I mean, if we…” Was she sure she even wanted to know? God this was going to hurt, she just knew it. Still, she had to find out, and knowing now, before she got any more involved with him would be better than later, she tried to console herself. It would be less painful this way. Marshalling her reserves, she blurted, “Strictly physically speaking, could you sleep with Tess?”

Max was afraid this question was coming. He knew that every time his connection to Tess came up, it inevitably drove a wedge between him and Liz. “Yeah,” he said quietly. “Yes, I could and before you even think it, I am not going to sleep with her. Not now, not ever. I don’t want her, and she doesn’t want me. Not like that. In case you haven’t noticed, she’s with Kyle now, so you can just stop any ‘stay-away-from-me-for-my-own-good’ thoughts you might be having. We’ve already been there and I’m not doing that again.” His resolved expression flickered to vulnerability as he admitted, “I can’t.”

“But Max, if she’s your destiny…” the word practically gagged her, though she couldn’t stop herself from uttering it.

“She’s not. Ok? She and Kyle have found each other, in every sense of the word and I won’t be coming between them.”

Liz felt immense relief. Of course, if Tess and Kyle were together then… Wait a minute! “How come Tess and Kyle can be together and we can’t? And,” another thought hit her, “Alex and Isabel are together too, aren’t they?” She remembered Alex’s chest from the previous evening. Whatever else he’d been doing with Max’s sister, it hadn’t all involved studying.

“Yeah,” he admitted reluctantly, then held up a hand to stall her off. “And before you ask, so are Michael and Maria.”

“But that doesn’t make any sense, Max. How come it’s ok for them and it’s not ok for us?”

Max stared at her mutely, trying to control his light trembling. Here it was, the perfect opportunity to tell her about the initiations. Could he do it? Could he take the risk? What if he lost her forever over this?

* * * * * *

The rest of the gang was driving around searching for the missing duo. “Where could they be?” Tess asked worriedly.

“I’m telling you they couldn’t have gone far. Liz and I have a test second period. She won’t want to miss it.” Maria tried to sound more confident that she felt.

Alex sat forward and stated, “Just keep driving. Is anyone getting anything from Max?”

“No, but it’s not likely he’s all Mr. Horny with her this morning,” Isabel refuted.

“Are you kidding?” Kyle objected. “He’s always horny when she’s around.”

* * * * * *

“You see, there’s this thing a human has to go through before he or she can be with one of us; a ritual initiation if you will. Alex, Kyle and Maria have all gone through it.” There. He’d said it. It was too late now to call the words back.

Her hurt was so obvious on her expressive face that he cursed himself for not telling her sooner, at the same time cursing for having to tell her about it now. This had been a no win situation and he’d known it. The pain he felt compounded when she turned away from him, but it was her words that sliced him deep. “Everyone but me.”

Liz hugged her arms to her body as if in that way she could keep herself from flying apart. She felt so confused and hurt. She didn’t completely understand what Max was saying except for, once again, he was needlessly protecting her from the things she wanted most in this world: him, the right to love him with all her heart.

Holding out a hand in supplication, though she couldn’t see it, Max pleaded, “Liz, you have to understand. The initiation will change you, corrupt you, take away a special part of yourself that you can never get back again. Ever.” His voice was rasping with the pain he was feeling at having to explain this to her. Having to tell her that she’d trusted them with her closest friends and this is what they’d done to them. He couldn’t imagine how she must be hating him right then.

“We didn’t realize how much it would affect you guys until after Maria had done it. The whole thing is so traumatic to the human system that everyone seems to have blocked part of it from their memories. Maria actually passed out afterward.”

Immediately concerned, Liz turned and exclaimed, “Oh my god! Is she ok? When was this?”

“Last Saturday night after I took you to my house.”

“But Maria said she was having a sleepover at Michael’s with Isabel and Tess that night,” she stated, her mind filling with inconsequential details in order to avoid dealing with the big picture. All of her friends had been allowed into Max’s most secret inner circle, except for her. Maria, Alex, even Kyle. But not her. Liz wasn’t stupid. She knew the only reason she was finding out about it now was because of last night. If she hadn’t seen what she’d see on Max’s porch, she still wouldn’t know about it. That hurt most of all: that her closest friends could keep something like this from her, when if it hadn’t been for her, none of them would have gotten into the group in the first place.

Knowing that Liz preferred to micromanage her problems, Max answered her seemingly inconsequential question straightforwardly. “She was. They initiated her.” He knew she didn’t get it yet, but she would. There was no stopping her now.

Liz’s brow furrowed. That didn’t make any sense. By the way he’d been talking, she’d thought the initiation was some kind of alien sexual ritual. Had she been wrong? “But what about Michael? He wasn’t there. He told me that he’d just gotten there when I called in the morning looking for her.”

“That’s right. Michael wasn’t part of her initiation, only the girls.” This was it, the beginning of the end. Dejectedly, he entreated, “You’d better sit down and I’ll explain it to you.”

It took a few minutes, but soon Max had told her the whole thing ending with, “I’m so sorry for keeping it from you. The others all wanted to tell you, they said so every single day, but I made them promise not to, so be mad at me if you want, but please don’t take it out on them.”

Liz was feeling a little dazed. She had difficulty looking into his face yet at the same time had to prevent herself from staring at him like he was a newly discovered life form. Twining her fingers together, she clarified, “So you initiated Alex and Kyle.”

“Me and Michael did. Kyle was a little while ago. With Alex it’s just been two weeks.”

“And, Maria…”

Max nodded, “Isabel and Tess. Last Saturday night.”

She dared to look at him as she asked, “And by initiation, you mean…” His eyes downcast, he nodded.

Liz got up and walked a short distance away. So many things were starting to make sense. The new closeness between Maria and everyone. The embrace she caught Max and Alex in last night. Isabel and Tess being so friendly lately.

Things were becoming clearer and clearer to Liz as her brain assimilated this new information feverishly. Isabel and Tess. They weren’t trying to be her friends, they were just getting her ready to be initiated, getting the ‘lay of the land’ as it were. For some reason that hurt her more than anything else she’d heard this morning. More than her embarrassment over Max. More than the knowledge that everyone she knew, everyone she’d trusted, had lied to her. She'd thought Tess and Isabel had wanted to be her friend after all this time. That they liked her as a person and were finally ready to let her in to their special circle. Lies all lies. How stupid could she be? As if there was anything about her that they would find remotely interesting. How gullible she’d been, how naive.

And Max… She couldn’t be with Max. Ever. The pain of that fact ripped its way through her chest. Impotent, *right.* No wonder Maria had taken away those stupid handcuffs. She would have known that Liz was trying to fight an impossible battle. There was nothing on earth that would have allowed her and Max to be together - well, except for an initiation she’d known nothing about.

And to think of how he must have laughed at her efforts to seduce him the other night. He was no innocent boy. He’d probably given and received so many blow jobs that her lame, untutored attempts must have put him off. Her cheeks stained a dull red as humiliation crawled up her spine. Her breathing became harsher as tears threatened to overcome her. She fought the emotion down, needing to be clear-headed to think this thing through, but God, she just wanted to crawl into a hole and die.

Now, there’s a laugh. She’d obviously not been thinking clearly for some time now if all of this was going on in front of her yet she’d never suspected, never had a clue. For someone who was supposed to be so smart, she suddenly felt incredibly stupid. How on earth could she not have figured out something this important? It’s not like there weren’t enough clues laying around. How they must have laughed at her, she thought.

And Maria… Maria, her best friend, had known about all of this and hadn’t told her. Their antics of last week, prior to Saturday night were suddenly explained. Maria had been preparing for her own initiation, yet hadn’t said a thing about it to her. They used to share everything, now look at them. Liz felt as if she didn’t know her at all anymore as she wondered what else Maria was keeping from her.

Her chest was starting to hurt as her eyes welled with tears. All of her closest friends suddenly seemed to be complete strangers to her. People who were lying to her face and sneaking into each other’s beds behind her back. Monogamy and morals were apparently a thing of the past around here.

Most of all, she realized, she felt lost and used, abandoned and excluded

Taking a few more steps away, she sat forlornly on a swing. Forcing herself to look at the situation rationally, unemotionally, as she dug circles into the dirt with her toe, she tried to think through her options.

Max sadly watched her go, knowing that she needed some space right now. He tried not to notice how vulnerable she looked; how pretty in her jeans and red sweater, one of his favorites. He felt a very inappropriate swelling of emotion for this beautiful girl he’d hurt so badly, and was angry with himself all over again. Even now, when she was in pain, he couldn’t stop the wanting. What kind of being was he? God he’d never hated himself and what he was more than he did at that moment. He’d wanted never to hurt her, but that’s what always seemed to happen, despite his good intentions. Always.

Maybe if she decided that she hated him after this, it would be for the best. He’d be able to distance himself from her. She would be safe and he could go back to watching her from afar, protecting and loving her silently without interfering in her life. It would be the most reasonable solution, he thought as he consoled his breaking heart.

It would be the right thing to do. It would be hell.

* * * * * *

Be right back with the rest...

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chapter twenty-three con't

“There! Did you feel that?” Kyle asked excitedly.

“No. What? Was it Max?”

“Yeah, yeah,” Alex said. “I felt it too. Keep going this way, Kyle, but be careful.”

Kyle briefly met Alex’s blue eyes in the mirror. They didn’t want a repeat of what happened last Sunday when Michael’s lust had unexpectedly sent them into a mailbox, especially since Max’s emotions were a lot stronger than Michael’s to them and they didn’t have Max’s shield to protect them this time. “Right. Got it.”

* * * * * *

It was an easy decision to make. No matter what, she loved Max. If she had to go through some scary alien sex ritual in order to be with him, then so be it. Maria had done it. She could too. She would put aside her hurt at her faithless friends' actions for the time being, just until this hurdle could be gotten over. Afterward, once Max was hers, she would tell Isabel and Tess exactly what she thought of them and their scheming ways. Let them see what if felt like to be manipulated and used by someone they believed was trustworthy.

Cloaking herself in determination to hide her nervousness, she slowly walked back over to Max. Taking a deep breath for courage, she squared her shoulders. “Ok, Max. I thought it over and I’m ready. When do we do this?”

Startled, he stood. “Excuse me?”

“My initiation. When’s it going to happen?”

He was genuinely shocked. Nothing had prepared him for this. Never in his wildest dreams had he realistically thought that Liz would want to be initiated. Still, it changed nothing. Taking her hand, he said, “I’m sorry, Liz but you can’t be initiated.”

Jerking away from him, she demanded angrily, “What? Why not?” She couldn’t believe what she was hearing. It was like a slap in the face. After coming to terms with the whole thing, he was suddenly denying her the opportunity? If that was the case, then why bother telling her in the first place? she wondered, forgetting momentarily that she herself had demanded to know what was going on. Was he doing this to be deliberately cruel? How could he stand there and tell her that all of their friends were together, but they could never be?

“Weren’t you listening to me, Liz, it’s dangerous. I already told you: I could never do anything that would hurt you in any way. I can’t let you do this. It’ll change you; you’ll never be the same again and there’s no going back. I’m sorry, but I can’t let that happen.”

“But Max,” she pleaded, trying to persuade him to change his mind. “It’s not really your decision to make, is it? I want to be with you. I love you, and nothing I have to go through matters as long as we can be together. Isn’t that what you told me once? I want this. I don’t care about the consequences. I’ll do whatever I have to to be with you.”

It was so hard to deny her. As always, her simple logic overrode his more convoluted thinking. She had this way of making things seem so clear, but he wasn’t giving in this time. It was for her own good, he told himself as he said, “I’m sorry, but my decision stands.”

Heart breaking, she asked, her intense vulnerability clearly portrayed on her face. “Max, don’t you want to be with me?”

“Of course I do. You know how much I want you.”

“Do I? All I know is that you’re pushing me away again.”

“I’m not, Liz. I love you. I want to be with you anyway I can.”

“Then why? You’re not forcing me into anything I’m not asking for. I want you to initiate me.”

He was prohibited from answering by the arrival of Kyle’s red Mustang in the parking lot as it pulled in next to the Jeep.

They turned and watched as the doors opened and an impossible number of people climbed out of the small sports car. Kyle and Tess had been sitting in the front, and the other four members of their group had crowded into the back with Maria sitting on Michael’s lap.

Fanning out, they walked forward, the order in which they lined up was no coincidence. Michael was on the outside with Maria next to him. Then Alex and Isabel were next with Tess and Kyle beside them. Each couple was holding hands and they took comfort in the nearness of the person on their other side.

Liz stepped away from Max to confront them, only she couldn’t make herself move more than a few feet. Her emotions were all tangled up and she wasn’t sure which one to react to first, so she stood and stared at them, looking into their faces, judging by their guilty expressions that they were all aware the cat was out of the bag. Her own face hardened as she tried to control herself as they got steadily closer.

About ten feet away, the three guys stopped, knowing that the girls needed to talk to her first. Maria, Isabel and Tess continued forward another couple of feet before the hybrids lost their nerve and stopped, too.

Then it was just Maria, a lone emissary sent to make the peace between them and their friend whom they’d wronged so much with their lies and deceits during the past week.

Maria halted within touching distance, and took in Liz’s dewy eyes and saddened expression. “You ok, babe?” she asked, tentatively laying a hand on her arm, half expecting to be shunned.

That one touch was all it took and Liz threw herself in her friend’s arms as tears raced down her cheeks despite her efforts to contain them. “Oh, Maria. Why didn’t you tell me?”

“I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I wanted to, but ‘mien furor’ over there wouldn't let me. Did he tell you everything? Are you ok with it?”

“He told me about the ritual and how you guys all did it. He said it changed you,” Liz said, looking into her friend’s eyes for any sign that she needed to be concerned for her health.

Maria gave her a reassuring if wobbly smile and said, “It did, but in a good way, I promise. You have nothing to worry about. And you know me, if I say it, you know you can believe it. Forgive me?”

Liz hugged her tighter. “Of course I do.”

Hearing that, Alex and Kyle broke rank and went to join them. Soon the aliens were all witness to a big, group hug. No one pretended it was over. They knew Liz wouldn’t just forgive and forget as easily as all that, but it was such a relief to know that she’d finally be let in on the secret, they didn’t care if the fireworks were due to arrive later.

Michael slowly skirted the others to join Max by the merry-go-round. “So you told her, huh?”

Max glared at him, before answering coldly, “Yeah, well, it’s not like I had a choice. She was gonna find out sooner or later.”

Surprised at his attitude, Max’s animosity glaringly evident, Michael asked, “What’s your problem? I figured you’d be happy. At least you can stop lying to her now.”

“Is that what you figured?” Max asked angrily. “You think I’m happy she knows that everyone but us is together now?”

“Just say the word, Maxwell,” Michael said. It came out a little more flippantly than had been intended, but it was too late to take it back. Blame it on lack of sleep.

Fisting his hands in his second’s shirt, Max swung him around and slammed his back against a metal pole on the side of the merry-go-round. In a voice that carried no further than the two of them, Max growled, “Just say the word then what? Give Liz to Isabel and Tess? After all, once she’s initiated, she’ll be fair game for your kind of games. Do you actually think I want her to become community property? To be passed around from me to you then Tess and Kyle then Isabel and Alex? I love her and I refuse to let her be treated like a thing to be used. I may have no control over what you do with Maria, but I damn sure can protect Liz from you.”

“Is everything ok here?” Alex tentatively asked. Kyle was standing right beside him and they both looked concerned at the confrontation. They’d never seen Max like this before. He was frankly frightening with wrath drawing his expression tight. They both secretly wondered if Michael could handle it if Max were to unleash the power they sensed roiling inside him on to the hapless alien.

“No, everything’s not ok,” Max answered, not taking his eyes from Michael.

Behind them, Liz was standing with the girls, talking quietly with Maria. Isabel and Tess she continued to ignore. She was completely at a loss as to what to say to the two people she’d previously counted as her friends but who, apparently, weren’t above manipulating her feelings for their own ends, so she settled for small talk all the while privately wishing she could just go back to school. If she had driven herself here, she’d already be gone, but as it was, she had to wait for Max. Who was talking with his… boyfriends? Lovers? God, what planet did she wake up on this morning? She felt inadequate to deal with this right now.

The female aliens had each tried to draw her into a conversation, acting as if they cared about her or something, but she’d pointedly shunned their overtures and ignored the flash of hurt they showed her on their faces. She didn’t believe their performance for a second. If they had *cared* about her, they’d wouldn’t have used her like this in the first place. She wondered if she should tell them they were wasting their time, Max had said ‘no’ to her initiation, so this whole ‘being nice to Liz’ routine was for nothing.

She wished she were anywhere else but here.

Just then, like an answer to a prayer, Max appeared beside them. He shot Maria a look she couldn’t decipher before taking Liz’s elbow. “We should get back. We don’t want to be late to second period.”

Before Liz could argue, he was pulling her to the Jeep.

She could walk on her own, thank you very much. Without so much as a word to him, she pulled her elbow from his grasp and marched ahead of him. She seated herself in the vehicle before he could offer to assist her then waited with thinly veiled impatience for him to join her and get the thing moving.

Staring stoically at the others through the dirty windshield, her unsettled mind was whirling with a hundred conflicting emotions, settling only on one thought before Max drove them away in the direction of the school: she wasn’t sure she really knew any of them any more. Most of all, the one sitting beside her.

Had she ever?

* * * * * *

With nothing else to do, the others headed back to the Mustang.

“What was that about?” Maria asked when Michael joined her. She meant Max’s attitude and abrupt leaving.

“Got me. He’s pissed at me for something.”

“What?” Maria asked.

“I have no idea,” he said, pulling her close, laying his cheek against the top of her head.

“Well, whatever it is, he’ll get over it,” she said optimistically. “He can’t stay mad at you for long. And, look on the bright side, Liz knows and she isn’t freaking, so I’d say everything’s fine there. I think this calls for a celebration after school.”

“We can’t tonight. We have to work, or did you forget?” he reminded her. Bending, he inhaled the scent of her hair, trying to shake off the residual feelings of Max’s anger.

“Well, there’s always after work,” she said suggestively.

“You’re on, Deluca.”


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Is it Tuesday already?? Geez pete.

I'm so happy that everybody's enjoying this. Thanks you so much for the wonderful notes and comments on the last part. A few of you have raised some very good questions, some of which I can't answer 'cause that'll completely give the whole thing away, but what it's worth, here are the few I can answer in no particular order:

Yes, Tess is still angry at Max - as you'll see in this chapter. She won't really get an opportunity to let him have it until tomorrow. (Which is the scene I'm currently working on. LOL)

Max: he's been the one constant in this whole thing. That may, in fact, be why ya'll are having so many mixed reactions to his stubborness. Everyone around him is growing, evolving, but he's been this consistant entity. (The control subject, if you will.) He feared telling Liz about the initiation because of her possible rejection, and since Sunday when he got the flash from Maria about her initiation, he's flatly refused to consider claiming Liz as his chosen one, thus paving the way for her initiation. He's protecting her from the the overwhelming changes brought on by the ritual. Keep in mind we're mot just talking about beeing more openminded when it comes to sex, we're talking about loss of free will. It's been mentioned a few times how the gang is acting contrary to their own desires. Like how no one could talk to Liz about the initiation after Max forbade it and how easily Alex and Maria succumbed to the new attraction springing up between them. Also how Michael had to put his own desires aside to please Alex and Maria the other night. Then remember how when Max offered to cut Kyle loose with a mindwarp, afterward, Michael and Max talked about how he'd never really had a choice to make. Once you're in the family, there's no way out.

In any given situation, someone is in control and the others are just following along. As to who that person is, it depends on whose will is greater. That is what Max means when he tells her it'll change her. She'll never fully be the master of her own destiny again. (She won't care, but to him, that's not the point.)

He is due for a growth spurt. Max needs to realize that by preventing her initiation he is still subverting her free will because above all she would choose to be with him and he isn't letting her. It's a catch-22 and as soon as he figures that out, we'll all be a lot happier. (I hope I didn't give anything away there - ya'll know I DO want M/L to be together in the end, right? Right??)

About Liz not blowing up at everyone in the park. Remember this is set in some strange AU where EOTW never took place. We've met the Dupes, Courtney and Nicholas, but other than that not much of S2 actually happened. Look at what it took to push Liz to the breaking point on the show. She's hurt, yeah but it's part of her personality to internalize her anger until she's had all she can take. Once she's told the whole truth, how long do you think she'll stay mad?

It's kinda like Maria, who threatend to run Michael up a flag pole for kissing Liz and not telling her about it, but after Tess explained everyone's bizarre connection that night in the park, she became a little more understanding. And less prone to random acts of violence.

As far as the pairings getting all switched around, frankly, I'm as astonished as you and Max. When I originally wrote Two Down, Two to Go, I figured it would be exactly as Max has described it: One human, two initiators and one mate. That's it. Then I realized that everyone wanted Liz because of the force of Max's feelings for her. Michael then insisted that it wasn't fair that he had all these feelings for her but wouldn't be allowed to act on them. (I was reading 'Firsts' at the time and said, 'yeah, how fair is that?') Then once Maria was initiated, she and Alex kept getting paired up in my mind. Kyle and Tess, however are still with Max on the non-sharing issue. (As you'll see in a few chapters.) So, where this is all going as far as the long term, and children etc., I'm not sure. I have to believe that no one wants to have kids with anyone but their chosen one because remember, that person comes first in each person's heart. As to my plan for the rest, let's just say I'm working on it, though Michael keeps on insisting on being the exception to every rule I lay down. (He's so annoying that way. I've told him if he doesn't shape up, I'm selling his contract. Anyone want a slightly used, ornery alien?)

Hopefully some of that makes sense. Let's head on to the next chapter. As I mentioned in the previous post, it underwent some major changes, but I'm happy with how it turned out. It's kinda transitory, but things will pick up again soon.

It's in two posts again for length restrictions.

Chapter twenty-four

Liz opted to eat lunch by herself that afternoon. She couldn’t stomach the thought of spending any more time than necessary with her so-called friends. She’d probably just wind up with indigestion, she thought morosely.

Fourth period had been a test of her strength as both Max and Tess shared that class with her. Being mad at Max, difficult in most any other circumstances, was nearly impossible to maintain under the weight of his apologetic demeanor. He acted as if her anger was no less than what he’d expected, and was therefore resigned to it, which had the contrary effect of making her feel guilty about her feelings. Guilty, as if she’d done something wrong. She had a right to be mad, she told herself, her best friends and boyfriend had lied to her for months about something that so obviously involved her. There was no way she was going to let them guilt trip her into forgiving and forgetting so easily.

No. She was angry, hurt, resentful and she was going to stay that way, Max’s beautiful, golden puppy dog eyes be damned!

And Tess… All during the lab, Liz had felt the weight of her stare boring holes into the back of her head. Only once had Liz dared to look at her, and caught herself noticing the sadness on the alien’s face. Compassion raised its unwelcome head but only until she’d adamantly shoved it back down.

Oh this would not do, Liz thought as she turned her back. If Tess felt bad, then good. She deserves it, Liz thought angrily. It was like last spring all over again, only now, it was herself the alien was manipulating instead of Max. Well, Liz was having none of it.

After fourth, avoiding Tess in fifth - their gym period - was easy and now it was lunchtime. She was sitting alone of the far side of the quad, choosing to ignore the table where the others sat, making little to no effort to hide the fact that they were watching her.

Hearing someone approach, Liz looked up to see Maria striding purposefully closer. Heaving a mental sigh, Liz gave into the inevitable, and remained silent until the other girl had seated herself.

It never occurred to Maria that Liz might not want to sit with her when she’d spotted her friend eating by herself. Nor had the fact that Liz might not want to talk about the revelations of the morning. She was practically giddy with relief that she didn’t have to hide anything from Liz any longer. Unaccustomed with keeping secrets from each other, this week had put a terrible strain on her and she was more than ready to put it behind them, whether Liz was or not.

“So, how’re you doing?” Maria asked. The fact that Liz was sitting over here told the blonde girl that everything wasn’t all roses and candlelight in Ms Parker’s world. Not that she expected it would be, though she’d hoped Max had talked to her a bit in biology. Apparently not.

“Fine, I guess,” she answered sullenly. Part of her was glad Maria was here, another part wished she’d go away. Couldn’t she see that she wanted to be alone – to sulk? To wallow in the knowledge that everyone she’d trusted had used her. Including Maria, herself.

Completely oblivious to Liz’s growing resentment, Maria said, “So, Max explained everything to you, huh? Did you have any questions or anything? I could totally explain stuff to you.” Opening her lunch sack, she continued blithely, “That’s actually why we went looking for you this morning. We kinda had the idea that Max would explain it all wrong or something, so we thought we should be there, too. But then he took you away again before we could talk.” She huffed out a breath before muttering, “Typical.”

Did Liz have any questions? she thought in irony. Yeah, she had about a million, and she knew that if she could put her feelings aside for a few minutes, she just might get some answers. The problem was where to start? Not ready to hit the heavy stuff yet, Liz settled on something small, knowing that once Maria got wound up, the rest would just come tumbling out without further prompting. “Um, yeah. For starters, how did you know where to find us this morning?” She’d wondered if the group meeting at the park had been staged, along with everything else she’d been treated to this past week. She knew Max hadn’t called anyone after she’d met up with him in the parking lot so their timely arrival at the out-of-the-way location seemed a little too coincidental in her opinion.

Waving her sandwich airily, the other girl answered, “Oh, Alex and Kyle are totally tuned into the Max channel now.” At Liz’s puzzled expression, Maria added, “No, it’s cool. I’ll explain the whole thing.”

* * * * * *

No one at the table had eaten a bite, though their food was all sitting in front of them and in Kyle’s case, getting cold. Instead, they watched Maria join Liz somewhat enviously.

“Should we go over there?” Tess asked anxiously. She so badly wanted to make things right with Liz, but had no idea how to begin. Somehow, she knew a declaration of love wasn’t going to win her any brownie points at this time. Liz wasn’t even speaking to her right now. Her heart still ached from the frozen glare Liz had thrown her way in fourth period. She knew Max hadn’t fared much better. For the first time this semester she was actually grateful she *wasn’t* Liz’s lab partner.

Would trying to join the two girls for lunch help her to see how remorseful Tess was that she was hurting, or just cause Liz to resent her more for not giving her the solitude she’s obviously seeking? She wished she knew what to do, how it make it right again.

“I’m not into rejection,” Alex answered her inquiry. While it was obvious that Liz’s ire was mostly restricted to the aliens, he still felt as though he was on shaky ground with her himself, after having hurt her so badly last night when he’d driven her home from Max’s.

“Could have fooled me,” Michael teased in an effort to lighten everyone’s mood. “I thought that was why you were so into Isabel.”

The lady in question stated, “Shut up, Michael,” without turning her head to look at him. She, too was watching Liz and Maria as they talked. Considering Liz’s reaction hadn’t involved shouting or throwing things, she preferred to take this as a good sign. She hoped that Maria would help smooth things over, though she wasn’t holding her breath. She was just more than thankful that Liz wasn’t shunning her lifelong friend along with the rest of them. She didn’t know what she would have done if their actions had driven a wedge between the two of them. It didn’t bear thinking about.

“She’ll come around,” she said aloud, more as a hopeful wish than an actual belief in the possibility. Liz had such a soft heart, but even this might be beyond her capabilities to forgive.

Alex jumped on board with, “Yeah. She’s never held a grudge in her life. She’ll have to forgive us. That’s one of the things I like best about her.”

“What, a short memory span?” Kyle asked in jest. He too, was trying to make the girls feel better, if possible.

“No, her compassion. It’s the best thing about her. She has an amazing capacity to overlook just about anything. And there’s nothing wrong with her memory either, as I’m sure you know, except she forgot about *you* pretty quick when Max came along,” Alex grinned.

Frowning, Kyle excused, “Hey, there were extenuating circumstances, near death experience and all. Besides, you’ve got it all wrong, Liz’s best feature isn’t her compassion, though I can see why *you’d* think so. It’s the only reason she’d hang out with a total loser like you year after year.”

Alex grinned at the insult, taking no offense. He and Liz had a long, storied history, which began way before their alienesses showed up, long before Kyle’s brief stint as her boyfriend.

The shorter human continued, “You know what the first thing about Liz that really caught my attention was…”

“Her smile,” Isabel sighed.

“Her eyes,” Tess added dreamily.

The other girl agreed, “Yeah.” Small rivulets of warmth permeated those sitting at the table.

“It sure it wasn’t her chest.”

“Michael!!” Tess and Isabel accused together. Everyone threw some part of their lunch at him as he ducked and put his hands up in defense.

“What?! I’m just saying… Kyle is a known ‘bust’ guy and Liz just doesn’t cut it.”

Tess stared at him in outrage before turning to the love of her life, “Kyle, is this true?”

Which part? That he was known for picking his girlfriends by their cup size or that he’d made an exception for Liz? “Uh,” he stalled with a deer in the headlights look. Oh Geez, damned if you do, damned if you don’t. ‘Thanks a lot Guerin,’ he thought, shooting a glare at the grinning alien.

“Two words for you,” Michael added as Kyle obviously backpedaled. When everyone was looking at him he stated, “Vicki DeLaney,” before crossing his arms over his chest importantly, an outright smirk covering his face.

Tess gasped and said, “Kyle! You didn’t!”

“No!” he averred. At Michael’s raised eyebrow, he retracted, “One date, it was one date - which was cut short due to a *FIRE*, and that’s all that happened.”

“That’s not what I heard,” Alex put in blandly.

“Kyle!” Tess was fuming. How on earth could he have even spent time with that giant, blonde bimbo?

“Alex!” Kyle glared at the traitor in their midst. “Aren’t you suppose to be on my side here? You know, a humans-sticking-together kind of thing?”

Shaking his head, he announced, “I’m here to fight for truth, justice and the American way, and the truth here is: you are a bust man.” Liz had told him once in confidence that she had no idea why the popular jock had even bothered with her in the first place since that did seem to be his one and only criteria in whom he dated.

Isabel ended the ludicrous discourse when she said to Tess, “I don’t know why you’re upset anyway. It’s not like you don’t fit the bill.” Tess could certainly not claim to be the exception that proved the rule in the breast size department.

Raising his hands, Kyle stated, “Enough. Thank you Michael,” he added with heavy sarcasm. “If I wasn’t already sleeping on the couch, I would be after this enlightening discussion. What I was going to say was that it was her sense of humor that made me like spending time with her. Once you get her to shut up about science and all, she really is a lot of fun to hang out with.”

Isabel nodded, “We don’t see enough of it, but you’re right. I’ve seen Liz cut loose at a few parties before, you know, before she found out about us. It’s this whole other side of her you don’t see right away, ‘cause she comes off as so serious. That’s not what I like about her the most. What gets me every time is her protectiveness, not just of us, but everyone. She can’t stand to see anyone hurting.” Again, it was this exact quality she was banking on to bring forth Liz’s eventual capitulation.

“Courage,” Michael blurted out like he couldn’t contain it any longer, causing everyone to stare at him. His cheeks reddened as he explained, “She is the most courageous human I’ve ever met.”

“We’ve all had to be,” Alex admitted, “with what we’ve been through.”

“Yeah, but even you and Maria freaked when you first found out about us. Not Liz. Never her. She stood right up to me one night right after finding out about us, and refused to back down from me, even though she had no way of knowing I’d never hurt her. I could tell she was scared, hell, I was *trying* to scare her, but she stood her ground. That was the day I finally figured out how much I admired her.”

He shrugged his shoulders as if it were nothing, though he knew in his heart that that one, short conversation he’d had with Liz late one night in the empty stillness of the CrashDown after hours, actually meant everything. “I knew I liked her and all, but I think that was when I stopped resenting it so damn much.”

“Michael, what the hell are you talking about?” Isabel asked, finally bringing her full attention to their table.

Looking over Isabel’s shoulder toward where Liz and Maria were sitting, he confessed, “Remember how her journal was lost for a few days last year?”

* * * * * *

“…So it’s totally like something they can’t control.” Maria ended her explanation by taking a bite out of her sandwich.

“And by association, everyone wants everyone else?”

“Pretty much. I mean, like with Isabel, for example, she loves Alex, which makes Max and Michael want to be with him, too. And she wants me because of Michael wanting me. So, anyhow, Alex and Kyle can feel stuff from Max and Michael because of the initiation and this morning when Max started getting that ‘lovin’ feeling’ for you, they picked up on it. In fact, they can feel him stronger than the others can which to me is just a sign to how powerful this initiation thing is.”

Taking that in, Liz remembered what Max had told her this morning and asked, “Is that why you fainted?”

Shrugging her shoulders, Maria admitted, “I guess. I don’t really remember.” Suddenly chuckling, Maria added, “It must have scared poor Michael out of his mind. He probably thought for a second that I was dead or something. Can you imagine him having to explain that to my mother? That I died while having sex with my alien boyfriend. She’d totally flip out.”

Liz smiled at the thought before she noticed a discrepancy in the tale. “But I thought Michael wasn’t there. Max told me it was only Isabel and Tess.”

“Oh yeah, that was later. The whole night it was the three of us girls. Somewhere around four, I think, I fell asleep. When I woke up, it was morning and Michael was there and we made love for the first time at the end of which was the passing out part.” She grimaced slightly in embarrassment.

“What was it like? You know, the first time,” Liz asked curiously. “With Michael, I mean.” She knew she wasn’t ready to talk about the other part.

“I don’t really remember,” Maria admitted. “It was incredible and loving, but other than that, most of it’s a complete blank. It’s the same for the guys, too. We all remember the initiations, but the part that comes next is mostly gone.”

“That’s strange,” Liz mused, against her will, her scientific mind trying to puzzle it out.

“Yeah. If there was something I wanted to remember, losing my virginity would be it.”

* * * * * *

be right back with the next part....

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Chapter 24 con't

* * * * * *

Max was in hell. Today was turning out to be every bit as bad as he knew it would be. His lab with Liz had been a disaster, and he found himself thankful that school was almost out for a long break, which was startling in and of itself. He’d always looked forward to school, if for no other reason than it allowed him to see Liz on a regular basis.

After today, he knew she wouldn’t want to see him. At least the coming break would give her time to come to terms with what she’d learned this morning. That’s not to imply that she’d get over her anger and forgive him, no, Max wasn’t that stupid. She wouldn’t be getting over the knowledge that everyone had kept something this big from her for so long any time soon. He knew he’d be lucky if she were speaking to him before graduation next year.

Max didn’t blame her for being mad, but that didn’t make it hurt any less, though. Some hopelessly naive part of himself had secretly hoped she would accept this as easily as she’d accepted the fact there were aliens walking around on earth. Guess not.

Dreading going to lunch, but unable to stop himself, Max trudged over to their usual table and plopped his books down. It only took a second to spot Liz and Maria sitting off to the side of the quad and it made his heart beat even more painfully than before. Against his will, a warm rush of desire permeated his senses, as it always did when he saw her.

It rolled over into the others, as usual, but they were so intent on their conversation, they hardly noticed it. Besides, the other three aliens were already on edge and poor Kyle and Alex were just going with the flow.

“I can’t believe you did that Michael!” Isabel was stating in profound exasperation as Max sat down.

“Did what?” he asked, not really interested, except the strident tone in Isabel’s voice warned him he should make it his business to find out.

“Nothing,” Michael covered at the same time Kyle, looking for some paybacks after getting him in the doghouse with Tess over the breast size/Vicki DeLaney thing, gleefully informed the newcomer, “Dudley Do Right here broke into Liz’s house and stole her journal.”

“What?! When?” Oh, god. Liz was gonna have a fit when she found out! Especially after this morning. Maybe she hadn’t noticed it was gone, his mind desperately clutched. Maybe it wasn’t too late to put it back. He was gonna kill Michael for sure this time.

“Relax, it was last year,” Michael said.

“I still can’t believe you did that. Did you know, I was their number one suspect at the time,” Alex said, shaking his head. “I even talked to Topolsky about it.”

“That was you?” Max asked in growing anger and something more. Liz had told him a friend had it – a really good friend. Since when was Michael Liz’s ‘really good friend’?

“I thought it was Kyle who had it,” Isabel argued. To Max, she asked, “Didn’t you tell me you and Liz snuck over to his house to look for it one afternoon?”

Kyle’s head snapped around. “What! You broke into my home? You went through my things?”

‘Thanks a lot,’ Max shot at his sister, who had the grace to flush guiltily.


To his friend, Max said, “Sorry Kyle, but we had to know. It was the same time you said you were ‘on to me,’ that day in the CrashDown and I thought that meant you had read her journal and knew all about me.”

Kyle was about to say something scathing but Tess cut in and asked, “You didn’t have it, though, right? So there was nothing for Max to find.” Blinking her eyes innocently, she added, “Except for the copy of Busty Biker Babes you keep under your bed.”

Kyle groaned and buried his face in his hands as nearly everyone chuckled at his expense.

‘Paybacks are hell,’ she smirked at him.

Alex chuckled, “I never pegged you for such intellectual reading, man.”

Frustrated, Max said, “Can we bring this back to Liz’s journal, please?” To Michael, he demanded, “What the hell were you doing with it?”

“What do you think? I was checking her out, you know, to see if we could really trust her. I needed to know what she was writing in it.”

“I told you she was ok.” Max growled, suppressing the urge to hit the other guy. Who did Michael think he was anyway? How come he thought it was ok to just go pawing through Liz’s things like that?

From out of nowhere, an image of himself and Kyle doing that same thing popped in his head and took the wind right out of the sails of his growing anger. Until he remembered the fact that Michael had not only found, but also read Liz’s coveted journal.

Michael argued, “Yeah, but you were thinking with your…” glancing at Isabel’s raised eyebrow he amended, “…‘powersource’ as usual. I had to be sure.”

Alex and Kyle chortled. “Is that what you were calling it back then?”

“You’re just pissed that in all this time she’s never let you read it,” the trouble making alien stated with a superior air.

“Michael, that’s enough!” Max wasn’t in the mood to spar with him and to continue this conversation would be detrimental to Michael’s health, so Max opted to just drop it.

The alien leader was admittedly on edge, and rightly so considering that Liz’d hardly said two words to him in class, and could scarcely stand to look at him. Now, the others were apparently airing all their dirty laundry for the neighbors to see. Great. Could this day possibly get any worse, he wondered.

His outburst put a damper on further conversation, so they all just sat there in uncomfortable silence for several minutes watching the girls and not eating.

In an effort to change the subject to a more neutral topic, Isabel asked, “Are we all still going to get together tomorrow night?” It was something that had been mentioned yesterday afternoon when Alex had come to Tess’s to pick Isabel up after the girls’ pool party. If Liz hadn’t calmed down by then, at least they would all have a chance to get together in a non-threatening forum. Perhaps it would remind Liz that they were her friends and give her and Tess the chance to make amends.

‘Was she insane?’ Max wondered staring agog at his sister before he snapped back with “Gee, since the love of my life is currently bent on ignoring my existence, I think I’ll pass.”

“Max,” Isabel started, laying a hand on his arm.

He shook it off. “Whatever you’re planning to say, just can it, Isabel. I think I’ve heard enough out of you the last few days. You’ve been pushing me so hard to tell her the truth, and look,” he pointed at Liz, who was sitting practically as far away from him as she could, looking miserable and confused, and continued to bite into his sister with cutting sarcasm. “Behold the success that was your plan. Thanks, Iz. I’m so glad I let you talk me into telling her because this is so much better than yesterday when she was still talking to me.”

“I just,” Isabel began to plead in her defense, but Tess forestalled her.

“Come on, Isabel,” she said, standing up and gathering all their books together. “Let’s just go. Before someone says something they’ll regret later.” She glared at Max, who glared right back on principle.

In no time, the two of them were fleeing his immediate vicinity. Due to the excitement this morning, Tess hadn’t found time to discuss her issues with Max over what had happened with Kyle last night, but even after sleeping on it, she was still pissed as hell that he thought he could do something like that, and was just waiting for the opportunity to lay into him like a fishwife, damn if she wasn’t. However, the public eating area at school wasn’t the ideal setting for what she had to say, so she continued to bite her tongue – for now.

“Max,” Alex said tentatively, not wanting to get into the middle of a sibling spat, but unable to sit idly by and watch Max upset his girlfriend. “It’s not her fault, you know. We, you and I, are as much to blame as anyone. If Liz hadn’t seen us together last night, she wouldn’t have figured anything out. You can’t go blaming Isabel for that.”

“Oh I can’t?” Max asked, also standing. “Alex, didn’t it occur to you that Isabel knew exactly what she was doing when she allowed Liz to open that door, knowing that we were right on the other side? She had to know what we were doing. She set us up, and for that, Liz and I both have to pay the price.” With that announcement and one last look in Liz’s direction, Max strode into the building.

Stunned, Alex sat in silence. Max was right. Just as they had felt Isabel’s feelings for Liz, then Isabel would have felt Max’s for him. She had deliberately allowed Liz to find them like that. Swallowing, Alex said to the others, “I didn’t… I had no idea that she was planning that, if she was planning it.”

Putting a hand on his knee beneath the table, Michael told the stricken teen, “Don’t worry about it. None of us blame you. You guys didn’t even know that she would be there, so how could you have planned out something like that? Max is too mad to see it now, but he’ll come around. And so will she. It’s just a matter of time now that she knows. And, besides, I have a plan.” He grinned proudly in spite of their skeptical looks. “It’s kind of a ‘last resort’ plan, but it’ll work.” He’d come up with it upon awakening from his nightmarish dreams this morning. After kicking his butt at Go Fish, the faceless beings then challenged him to a different game. One which left him with chills running up and down his spine, and a cold sweat forming on his brow.

And the beginnings of an idea of how to get the dreams to stop permanently.

“You have a plan?” Alex asked in mock amazement.

“It’d better be better than your last one,” Kyle teased.

Michael gave him a patented glare before something occurred to him. “Shit,” Michael exclaimed, before leaning forward looking at Kyle and Alex, “I just remembered we have another problem to deal with. Remember Max didn’t just say no to Liz’s initiation, but to anyone else being initiated.”

The guys exchanged surprised glances. They too had forgotten that small detail. Michael continued, “We’ll need to have him take that back right away or we’re screwed.” He thought for a moment, then said, “Talk to Tess and Isabel, and the next time we all get together for a meeting, here’s what we’re gonna do…” In an excited tone, he outlined his newly revised plan.

Several minutes later, the boys agreed that Michael’s idea had merit.

“In the meantime,” Kyle said, “I have a suggestion. I think we should show Max how glad we all are that he finally told her. He’s upset now, but we all know it was for the best. It couldn’t have been easy for him, and I personally think he deserves a reward.”

“Yeah, and I think I know just the thing.” Alex said with a grin, warming to the idea. “Isabel mentioned that Mr. and Mrs. Evans are going out of town tonight. I say we pay Max a little visit, the three of us, and show him our appreciation.”

“What are you planning to do to him?” Michael asked, interested, his warm eyes starting to twinkle.

“Just wait and see. I’ve always kinda wanted to test the limits of Max’s control; to see what it takes to push him over the edge, and between all of us, I think we can do it.”

“Sorry, but I think I’ll pass,” Michael said. “That’s not really my scene. Me and Max,” he wrinkled his nose in distaste. “We’re not really into each other, you know.”

Kyle scooted closer and put his hand on the back of Michael’s neck. Leaning closer, he whispered, “Come anyway. I’ve been meaning to have a certain discussion with you about you getting us all worked up at school like everyday this week, and this will be as good a time as any.”

Pretending to mull it over, Michael said, “I don’t know…” Spending a couple of hours with Kyle sounded great to him. They hadn’t seen much of each other this week.

“I insist.”

“In that case, I suppose I could make it.”

“Good,” Kyle said, his eyes shimmering in sensuous mirth.

“And besides,” Alex added practically, “we need you to let us in.”

Intrigued despite himself, he still felt obligated to point out, “Just so you know, I wouldn’t hold my breath on breaking Max’s control anytime soon, I mean, do you think he’s just gonna lay there and let you have your way with him? You’ll be the ones begging before he’s done with you.”

“Maybe. Maybe not,” Alex said with a sudden grin, “But, I’ve got just the thing to keep him right where we want him for as long as we want him.”

Michael caught the wicked gleam in his friend’s eye, and understanding dawned.

Now that was something he hadn’t thought of… They’d have Max at their mercy, unable to prevent them from doing anything they wanted to him. That was just… “Perfect.”

Michael knew that his role was that of the protector of the group; it was up to him to keep them safe. The fact that they weren’t was becoming more and more clear with every dream.

This morning, it was so obvious that he felt stupid for not having figured it out earlier. Last night’s dreams had made the threat clear… Liz Parker’s life was possibly in danger. The thought sent cold chills up and down his spine to the point that his teeth started to chatter.

During Go Fish he’d held three pairs and one single. Seven cards in all, the same number of people in the ‘family’, no more no less, despite how many rounds they played. Cards came and went from his possession, but always he ended each turn with seven left over.

As soon as he’d noticed the pattern, that game had ended and the next one begun. One that removed the veil and became blatantly threatening.

Compared to his first dreams early last summer he could see how they’d developed a archetypal guide: In Tic Tac Toe, he’d only ever had four X’s or O’s, not enough to win. Since Kyle’s initiation, that game was markedly absent from his dreams. In the first game of Memory, he’d searched for four cards, which as it turned out were missing from the deck. Four - the same number of humans needed to complete the group.

He could go on and on with examples from other games, now that he knew what he was looking for, it was so obvious.

His first impulse had been to talk to Maxwell right away, but considering the guy’s prior reaction, he’d rethought his decision. If he was wrong, he couldn’t deal with the ridicule he’d have to deal with. If he was right, Max’s reaction didn’t bear contemplating. His fearless leader would go off the deep end, he just knew it.

He was forever bugging Max to take up the reigns of his command. Michael figured it was his time now to step into his role of warrior, only he was at a loss as to how to deal with empyreal, faceless specters who only came to him in his sleep. All he really knew, and it wasn’t even a certainty, was that someone somewhere was watching them, letting him know that time was running out. Liz’s time was running out.

He needed to shore up their meager defenses before it was too late and he would with or without Max’s help if it came to that. Thus he’d come up with the ‘last resort’ plan.

He looked across the quad to where Liz and Maria sat, looking so beautiful, like sister angels in the bright sunlight with a warm breeze caressing their skin and blowing through their hair and his thoughts returned to his plan. There was nothing he wouldn’t do to keep them safe, no line he wouldn’t cross, no law he wouldn’t break. Or, at least, he’d go down trying.

Kyle and Alex followed his somber gaze and their hearts began to pound in unison, seemingly drumming out the words: soon, soon, soon; the desire flowing through the three of them rising like the tide and every bit as unstoppable. Unending. It was unspoken, but understood nonetheless that Liz’s initiation would affect more than just her and Max. In someway it would change them all: their family would finally be complete.

“Perfect,” Michael repeated huskily.


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Eraser Room -

Sorry for keeping you waiting or so long for an answer... I just kinda posted and ran last week. I'm only now getting caught up on my FB.

Boy, you've really been thinking about this. That's fantastic.

To begin with, you've got the pairings exactly right. For each human, there'll be an alien at the other side of the group who is exempt from the 'forced' love whammy. Where we start hitting gray areas is that the pattern only works in respect to the uncontrollable love/lust feelings broadcast by the other aliens onto that person.

There is no one to send desire into Maria for Max, for example. Or into Alex for Tess and so on.
what you can't completely discount is the human side of the equasion. Liz has mentioned several times already that she has some kind of attraction for Michael, which apparently bloomed following their infamous kiss last week. She isn't being manipulated by alien forces (that we know of) yet the feeling is there regardless. Now whether or not the attraction will disipate upon her inition remains to be seen. Will the initiation suppress her natural human urges and kill her budding response to Michael? If it were anyone outside of the family, I'd say 'yes', but since we're dealing with her possibly wanting another member of the family, then it could go either way.

So, as it stands, we're looking at whether or not you want to want the one you want. LOL Ie, the human side of the equasion hasn't been fully factored in yet and while the alien side has definate rules, the humans and the human parts of the aliens, could go either way.

I was chuckling over the way you phrased this: QUOTE Through the initiation, Alex gained feelings for Max and Michael (how, I'm not quite sure but that is not the point of this. I'm just accepting that they were so great he couldn't stop himself from reciprocating).

It's been a while since I've gone back to re-read The Initiation by Shadowgrl, but if I remember right, Alex had a revelation prior to the initiation, something about noticing how great Max's ass looked in his jeans, (LOL) so his feelings predated the ritual. The evening with Max and Michael just cemented them.

I can't believe I just used the much touted 'cemented' label in regards to M/Mi/A. Please don't let that get back to Liz...

One last thought to leave you with, I've kinda ignored it - as has the show prior to Ch-ch-changes - but Liz has been changed. She's not completely human anymore, so who knows what could actually happen with her... what if she were to initiate a 'bond' with Maria, thus gaining access to Maria's desire for Michael? We've already mentioned how it was odd that L/Ma were attracted to one another, but K/A weren't. (Hi, Tas.) Well, except for that one thing...

During Punishing King Max, one of the Plotless Nookie series inspired by TD,TTG, Kyle, Alex and Max were all loving one another, and Kyle had an impluse to take Alex's erection into his mouth - which he did. It was that which led to Give it to Me Straight, PN#3 in which Kyle deals with his apparent gayness, since he had been attracted to Alex, albeit fleetingly. He was probably reacting to Max's desire for Alex at the time, though he wasn't aware of it.

If that was the case, however, it still doesn't explain L/Ma. Liz shouldn't be attracted to anyone but Max at this point, but that just isn't the case, so we're left wondering WHY. Liz has kinda been the anomaly all along. Is is because of her change? Is she just really fickle? Am I just trying to lead up to some huge orgy? (That would be a 'no', in case any of you were wondering. LOL)

You'll have to wait and see. Same Bat time, same Bat channel...

Alright, I'm off to bed now. I'll put up the next part tomorrow after I get a chance to re-check it for errors one last time.

So what is the answer? Yes and No.
posted on 12-Feb-2002 1:29:52 PM

Yes, Eraser Room and I were just ironing out one small and rather confusing point. All the aliens want all the humans, but the humans only want three of the aliens.

To answer your question: the humans want the three aliens they're bonded to through the initiation all the time. It's a part of them, now. the desires they feel for the other humans, ie: the fantasies and day-dreams, Maria's attraction to Alex, everyone's attraction for Liz is only prompted by an alien nearby experiencing those emotions. So, to use Kyle as an example, he always wants Tess, (And to a slightly lesser degree) Max and Michael. Always.

He only starts wanting Maria if Tess or Michael are nearby (here is where that proximity thing comes into play) wanting Maria.

In theory, there is never any time when he would be forced to want Isabel. That's not to say Isabel doesn't want him. She does. Remember back to the very first conversation in TD,TTG where Isabel said she wasn't having any urges to ask Kyle to 'do her' that morning. She doesn't want to want him, it just happenes because of Tess wanting him. So, it's incredibly unlikely that Kyle and Isabel will ever get together that way.

As to the rest, wait and see, wait and see. Liz as the Queen Bee... You crack me up. What an image that gave me! LOL


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Happy Tuesday everybody!!

I'm sorry for up and disapperaing on ya'll last week. I spent most of last night getting caught up on all the stories I'm reading and leaving some much deserved feedback. ERASER ROOM and Belevndreamstoo see above for answers to your questions in case you haven't already read them. I hope I was able to respond without making things even more confused...

I'm still stuck on the same one scene I was working on last week, sad to say. It's starting to straighten up for me, and I had kind of a Eureka moment which involved moving some stuff around, but all in all, not much work got done around here. On a personal note, I got a promotion at my full time job, and I put in my two week's notice at my part time job, so I'm a much happier gal these days. Soon I'll have more time to write and maybe, just maybe we'll get to the end of this odessy.

As I was answering Eraser Room's question, it occurred to me that anyone who read TD,TTG at Guilty Pleasures or RSA missed part of the story and don't know it. Ya'll there are four mini-fics which came out of the original story which was only ever posted here and at my site. For those of you who haven't read: Plotless Nookie #3: Give it to Me Stright, you might want to because in it Kyle and Tess discuss the sharing issue. Here's the addy in case you need it:

Ok, I think we're ready to keep going... Are you ready for this?

We're switching gears again, and we need an NC-17 WARNING. (Haven't had one of those in a while. Almost forgot what we were reading, huh?)

Broken into two parts to to length restrictions...

Chapter twenty-five

Liz was already hard at work when Michael finally showed up for his shift. He looked flustered, but at the same time, there was a sexy twinkle in his eyes she fought hard to ignore.

For the past week, she’d had little to no contact with Michael, which suited her just fine since his presence had become a little unnerving to her. They’d never discussed their kiss from last Friday night, and she wasn’t sure she even wanted to. She’d been having a hard enough time figuring out her own motives to worry about what his might have been. She had just been happy that Max and Maria weren’t angry with her for her loss of control.

But now, with what she learned today, she discovered a whole new take on their kiss. Her eyes were opened to the truth she’d seen in the flash she’d gotten from him. Somehow in all the self-flagellation, she’d managed to block out the knowledge that Michael wanted her, had wanted her for years. How on earth she’d managed that feat escaped her, especially as she faced him now in the semi private area of the backroom, his warm eyes seductively travelling lazily over her body. Unfortunately, acknowledging it now didn’t give her any great insights as to how to deal with it.

Were his eyes always that reddish-gold color?

It was like waking up to find a brand new Michael. One who was beautiful and passionate but it wasn’t him that had changed, she knew, it was her. She was aware of him in a way she had never been before, and it was unnerving her to say the least.

Another thing she realized as they continued to silently gaze at one another in the dimly lit break room was that while she was angry at Max, Isabel and Tess for their deceptions all this time, Michael was apparently exempt. Throughout the day she’d maintained a seething anger toward the trio who’d abused her trust and friendship, cutting them at every encounter, yet here she was now accepting Michael’s presence, soaking it in like a balm for her injured soul rather than rejecting him.


Maybe because last Friday’s kiss was the most honest thing she’d experienced from anybody this whole week. He’d held nothing back, allowing her to see him; his feelings for her as well as for Maria. It was beautiful – *he* was beautiful and she’d been so caught up in Max all this time that somehow she’d never noticed. Maybe she’d never wanted to notice, after all, Max was everything a girl could want in a man, once you got past his secrets and over-protectiveness. Who could see Michael when Max was near?

Maria had. As a result, Maria had been initiated. She could be with her man, while Liz could only stand back and watch.

The problem with perfection was that it’s very allure was that it was unattainable, she realized. Max might be the perfect boyfriend, but he would never be hers.

“You gonna stand there staring at me all night?” Michael finally asked, raising an eyebrow at her continued perusal causing Liz to blush and look away.

Torn between wanting to ignore him and return to work, and wanting to stay and find out why he looked like he had a delicious secret, she finally compromised: for the first time in six days, she struck up a conversation with him. She was like a moth to a flame, though she wouldn’t admit it. Holding the broom she’d been retrieving from the supply closet when he’d entered, she casually stated, “Hey, Michael, it’s about time you showed up. Jose’s been ready to go for twenty minutes.” Her light tone belied the tension in her body.

“Don’t start on me, Parker. I had some stuff to do after school, and for your information, I would have been on time, only I made the mistake of stopping to say ‘hi’ to Ms Deluca. Remind me never to start a conversation with that woman again.” He shook his head wearily, “First it was school, next it was keeping Maria out late the last time we went to the movies, then it was my hair and my clothes. Doesn’t she know when to quit?”

Picturing Amy going off on Michael, Liz relaxed and grinned. “Just be glad she hasn’t seen your apartment. You’d never hear the end of it.”

“Hey, what’s wrong with my apartment?”

“Where’d you run into her at anyway?”

“There’s nothing wrong with where I live.”

“Wasn’t she working?”

Giving up the defense of his domicile but not without a glare, Michael answered, “Yeah. I happened to be in the area, picking up a surprise for Maria, so I figured I’d drop by.”

“In the area?” Liz questioned. The only thing around Amy’s shop was more shops with similar alien-themed merchandise, and Liz just couldn’t see him buying his girlfriend an alien keychain, unless… “Michael, you didn’t?”

The self-satisfied expression on his face told its own story. “You…,” she breathed, feeling her insides begin to flutter. “You went to Mama Dee’s didn’t you?” She grabbed his sleeve, reading the answer on his face. “You did.” The thought of Michael wandering around the erotica store was impossibly exciting to her. As odd as it sounded, just knowing that he was thinking about having sex, even though it wasn’t with her, was turning her on. Was this what they meant by the expression: living vicariously through other people’s experiences?

Suddenly she found herself asking, “What’d you get her?”

Pretending to scowl, he said, “I’m not telling you.”

“Come on, Michael. I’ll find out sooner or later, you know, and I can tell you if she’s gonna like it, or if it’s her size or whatever.”

Once again the ‘best friend’ card was shot down. “No. Absolutely not. Besides, I know she’ll love it, and it’s definitely her size.” He grinned at Liz, picturing in his mind how well he knew the dimensions of that particular part of his girlfriend’s anatomy.

“Fine,” Liz pouted, turning to go. He was impossible. She didn’t know why she’d even asked.

Michael let her reach the door before he called out, “Uh, Liz?”


“I’ll save half of it for you if you want it.” As he suspected, that got her to turn back around.

“How do I know if I’ll want it if I don’t know what it is, Michael?”

Holding her eyes with his, he lazily walked over to her. Not blinking, hardly daring to breathe, he reached out and trailed a finger down Liz’s smooth cheek. Fire leapt in his veins as her eyes widened and he huskily said, “Oh, you’ll know. Just watch Maria after she gets here. When her eyes are smoky and her hands are shaking, remember my offer. I’ll be back here waiting for you.”

Blood rushing in her ears, Liz swallowed. “What… what about Maria?”

“Oh, I’ll be waiting for her, too.”

Coming to her senses, Liz glared at him and stepped away. “That’s not funny, Michael.” Then she was through the door, leaving him alone in the back.

Watching her flounce away, Michael smirked humorously. He loved it when she got prissy.

Unlike the others, he was unreservedly thrilled that she knew about them. He no longer had to hide his attraction from her, and judging from her response, she wasn’t immune to him either. Her capitulation was just a matter of time.

Watching her through the cut out in the door, Michael nodded decisively. He couldn’t get last night’s dream out of his head, and knew if he didn’t take some kind of action soon, it would be too late for all of them.

Watching Liz move around the diner, he allowed himself to replay the final nightmarish game in his head.

* * * * * *

It was Checkers. The game had barely begun when next thing he knew, seven of his pieces had been kinged. One would think that was a good thing, but Michael knew better. They were sitting in a useless group at one end of the board surrounded by enemy pieces. He had one more regular checker piece sitting all by itself at the far end of the board, too far away to protect. Nothing was standing between it and getting kinged too, except every turn Michael had to use defending the other, more important pieces. It had become a no win situation. He knew if he could get that one piece kinged, it would sway the tide in his favor and he just might win one for a change, but alas, while he was occupied with his defense, one of the black pieces broke away from the group threatening his entire army to chase the other. Turn after turn, it closed in on the one defenseless checker, until it finally took it over, jumping it, claiming it effortlessly while Michael had been unable to do anything but watch.

His opponent hadn’t laughed maniacally as he’d picked up the defeated token, but he might as well have. When he set it down, the red checker suddenly transformed into a very tiny replica of Liz Parker wearing a sexy red dress. She was either unconscious or dead judging from the bruises and lacerations he could see marring her skin, not that it really mattered, because with a small motion, the dark figure across from him blasted her limp body into smithereens. All it had taken was a flick of his bony finger. In a mocking tone he stated, “Looks like I win again.”

* * * * * *

Michael’s screams and curses were still ringing in his ears when he woke himself up with the yelling.

The message was crystal clear. In order to protect her, they needed to initiate Liz. She was the key to turning the tide in their favor. But before they could proceed, they needed to find a way around Max’s refusal. Time was running out, but tonight he had plans to take things into his own hands. Tonight, when he faced them again, he would be going to the table with an ace up his sleeve.

In the meantime, however, he had other things to do to keep himself occupied. Putting on his apron, he got to work.

* * * * * * *

“I’m here! I’m here!” Maria exclaimed ten minutes later as she came bursting through the back door of the CrashDown. She still had five minutes to spare, but she’d wanted to arrive much earlier so she and Liz could talk. Unfortunately, the alternator on the Jetta had other ideas. And to add insult to injury, Amy had made her catch a ride with “Jim.” Maria would have preferred to walk (over a bed of hot coals if that’s what it took to prove her point) than accept a ride from him, but that hadn’t been an option as Amy had been adamant.

Maria liked the sheriff, honestly, she did. She just didn’t want to see her mom get hurt, and the two of them had gotten awfully chummy lately.

As a result, she was feeling flustered and snippy when she showed up for work. That was about to change though.

As soon as he saw her, Michael dropped the dishrag he was using to wash the dirty dishes left over from the lunch rush and caught her in a warm embrace. One of the other cooks was working the grill, so it didn’t matter if he left the kitchen of a few minutes.

“Hey,” he said, picking up on her mood. He rubbed her back soothingly. “Anything I can do?”

Maria held him tightly, inhaling his warm scent. “Nope. This was all I needed. I’m feeling better already.”

“Really? Cause I know a way to make you feel even better.”

“Yeah, I bet you do,” she answered huskily.

Chuckling warmly, he said, “Aside from that.”

“Really? And what would that be?” She looked at him, her face reflecting the desire he always stirred in her.

“Com’ere.” Taking her hand, he pulled her into the bathroom and locked the door, alien style.

Seeing the knob glow briefly, Maria said, “Ooh, I like it already.”

“You know how we said we would celebrate Liz’s knowing tonight after work?” At her nod, he continued huskily, “I just thought it might be fun to get a little head start on the partying.”

Sliding her hands up his shoulders, Maria teased, “Oh you did, huh?”

“Yeah, I did.” Holding her close, both of his hands were cupping the firm roundness of her butt. He made sure she could feel his erection pressing into her.

Eyes going wide, she whispered, “What here? Now?” He was on the clock and she was supposed to start in another three minutes.

“Definitely here, but not now. Later. For now, I got you a present.”

“A present? For me?” Wow. He never bought her anything. Not even dinner when they went out. Not that she could blame him. Michael had to count every penny to make his paychecks cover his apartment, food, gas and insurance for his bike. Frivolous things like gifts were not in his budget.

“Yeah.” Michael was reaching under her short dress and hooking his thumbs in the waistband of her underwear drawing them down her bare legs. “After school, Alex and I stopped at that shop you told us about last night.”

Suddenly, it was difficult to breathe. “Really?” She delicately stepped out of the unwanted cloth.

Picking her up, he set her down on the edge of the sink and stepped between her knees.

“Um hum.” In a second he’d pulled a small black satin bag out of his pocket and dangled it in front of her eyes. “These are for you.”

He watched expectantly as she opened it.

“Michael, what are they?” she asked with a puzzled frown. Inside the bag, she’d found a piece of red velvet wrapped around two small golden balls. They were somewhere between the size of a regular marble and a ‘boulder’, and they were surprisingly heavy, like they were made out of brass or some similar material. She didn’t even remember seeing anything like it in Dee’s shop. Of course, she’d been busy eavesdropping on those two ladies and hadn’t finished looking around.

Grinning impishly, Michael whispered, “Think of them as exercise equipment,” before taking her lips in a passionate kiss that momentarily distracted her.

Running his left hand all the way up the inside of her leg, he touched her soft flesh, which was completely exposed to him. She wasn’t overly wet, but he could remedy that. He gently pushed a finger inside her while his thumb began tracing tiny circles around her clit.

Throwing her head back, Maria gasped out, “Michael!” Her fingers were clenched around the small gift, crushing the soft velvet.

* * * * * *

“Hey, Jose, where’s Michael?” Liz asked, looking for their other cook who was supposed to be in the kitchen.

“Dunno. I looked up and he was gone.”

Looking around, Liz spotted Maria’s coat tossed over the arm of the sofa that sat in the rear of the break room. Maria was apparently here and Michael was missing. He was probably giving her the present, whatever it was, Liz thought and felt a sinking in her stomach as something that felt like tears burned at the backs of her eyelids. You are not jealous, she told herself. You’re not. You love Max and whatever Michael and Maria do is none of your business.

Turning to go back into the restaurant, Liz was stopped by a cry coming from the bathroom.

That was definitely Maria. Liz tiptoed closer and heard Michael’s voice answer huskily. She couldn’t make out his words, but just the tone he’d said them in sent shivers up her spine. See, she wasn’t jealous, she was … envious. Envious that Maria could be close like that with Michael, but it was forbidden to Liz. Because Max wouldn’t allow it. ‘Don’t go there, Parker!’ she admonished herself as she had all day. This was not a road she wanted to go down right now. First she had to get through work, then, when she was alone, she could deal with the very real possibility that if she were to stay with Max, she would die a virgin.

Turning, she again fled to the safety of the restaurant.

* * * * * *

Be back with the rest in a moment...

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Chapter 25 continued...

* * * * * *

“Shhh,” Michael said into Maria’s hair after her cry, not ceasing his tortuous movements. “You wanna know why I got those for you?” He didn’t bother to wait for an answer before continuing, “I was looking at the perfumes and the bath soaps, thinking about you, thinking how what I love the most about you is making love to you, being inside your body as you come apart. It’s not your scent, or your soft skin against mine and its not that look you get right after we’re done and you open your eyes and see me still holding you, though that was a close second. What I love most is how tight you hold me – inside. You have tiny little muscles here,” he moved the finger inside her to let her know where he was speaking of, “that clench tighter and tighter around me the closer you get to coming. God, that drives me wild.”

His speech was having a profound effect on her, and she felt those same muscles close around him, causing him to chuckle softly. “Yep, those are the ones.” Her body was now flooded with moisture and his fingers slid easily between her slick folds.

Taking her hand with his free one, he uncurled her fingers, saying, “Now what these little balls are for is to build up those muscles. See how heavy they are? You put them in here and try to hold on to them by tightening your muscles around them. Just like with any other muscles, these can be strengthened, too.” Taking one of the small balls from her he asked, “You ready to try one?”

It sounded a little strange to her, but if it would make Michael happy… “Yeah.”

Deftly, he removed his finger from her body and pushed the heavy orb into his spot. She felt it slipping right back out and had to tighten her muscles around it to keep it from falling into the sink. “Got it?” he asked, and she nodded. “Ok, here goes,” he said as her returned her to her feet.

Experimentally, she held it tighter and discovered that she could actually push it higher into her body by clenching tightly around it, but as soon as she relaxed, it dropped right back down. Ooh, she hadn’t known she could do that!

Meanwhile, Michael took her into his arms and kissed her deeply. Throwing her arms around his neck, she returned the kiss, thanking him for the gift and losing her concentration in the process. The tiny weight slid from her channel and nearly dropped onto the floor, rescued only by her thighs catching it. “Michael, I don’t know if I can do this,” she said shakily as she pushed it back in once again.

“Sure you can,” he encouraged. “That’s only one. When you get really good, you’ll be able to do both for hours on end.” Turning, he washed his hands thoroughly, then returned the extra ball to its sack and put it in his pocket. Just in case.

“Something about this doesn’t seem very fair,” she accused. “Why am I doing all the work, while you get the rewards?”

“That’s where the lack of underwear comes in.” Taking her hand again, he placed her palm against his straining erection, which was barely hidden beneath his apron. “Just knowing that you’re naked under there, plus thinking about having incredible, mind blowing sex with you later is going to keep me like this pretty much the whole night. And,” he growled into her ear, “you can come check anytime to make sure I’m not slacking off. In fact, we’ll make it a contest to see who caves first.”

“Mind blowing, huh? You’re on, Spaceboy,” she agreed. “But what do I get if I win?”


With that, he ‘unlocked’ the door and left her. Shaking, she turned on the water to wash her hands, unaware of anything but the desire burning in his smoldering eyes. It was gonna be a long night.

* * * * * *

Liz watched Maria’s flushed face as she took orders and delivered food to their customers with something akin to resentment. It wasn’t fair, but there it was. The hot looks exchanged through the pick up window between her friend and Michael, just compounded the feeling. They were going to jump each other’s bones, and it was becoming increasingly clear that Liz would be lucky if they waited to the end of their shifts to do it.

More than likely, they were going to go on break and have a quickie somewhere in the building which would hopefully provide a break in the sexual tension. For them, anyway.

As much as she tried to ignore it, Michael’s offer echoed again and again in her head. Maria was beautiful, with passion staining her cheeks, her movements relaxed and jumpy at the same time. It was like she couldn’t stand still, on the other hand, her periods of stillness reminded Liz of a doe, tense and ready to spring. Desire was like that sometimes.

What really made it hard to watch was the knowledge that she could be like that, too. She just needed to say the word. Next to Maria’s healthy sparkle, Liz felt so bland, dried up. She didn’t like the feeling and knowing that an alternative stood just a swinging door away, flipping burgers was eating at her.

‘You love Max,’ she reminded herself. ‘You don’t need Michael or his sex toys.’

Of course, she realized that if she had to remind herself of something so basic, then she was in big trouble.

She needed a distraction. Something to take her mind off Maria’s increasingly sexy boyfriend and his indecent proposition. As if in answer to her prayers, Tucker chose that moment to enter the diner. Eschewing the booths, he sat instead at one of the tables in Maria’s area.

Since Maria was disappearing into the kitchen with a tray of dirty dishes, Liz stepped over to him with a welcoming smile. “Hey, Tucker. Where’ve you been today?”

* * * * * *

Dropping the tray of dishes unceremoniously into the sink, Maria pressed herself against Michael’s back. Bringing her other hand to his front she found his erection beneath the apron he was wearing. It was still full and throbbing for her and she stroked it as well as she could through his jeans. “Michael,” she whispered.

She’d discovered an interesting side effect to having the weight inside her: it pressed against a super sensitive spot on her inner walls and it was driving her crazy. She’d read in a magazine once about how some women have more than one G spot inside their vagina and apparently she was one of them. At first it was cool, arousing, but now, two hours later, she was dying for a release. She needed Michael; she couldn’t wait much longer.

“I know, babe. But I’m the only one here. I can’t leave the grill.” He couldn’t even bring himself to look at her. He wanted her so much that if he looked into her eyes, the passion he knew he’d see there would be his undoing. “You gonna make it?”

“No!” she wailed.

“Don’t worry, I’ll think of something.”

Giving him one last squeeze she returned to the dining room. She knew that she could just go in the bathroom and take out the stupid orb, but in the end, it wouldn’t solve anything. She’d still burn for Michael. So, she was resolved to stick it out. Or ‘in’ as the case may be.

She looked up as the bell above the door jingled and Alex entered the diner, accompanied by Isabel.

“…I hope you’re right about this,” she was saying nervously as she cast her eyes around the room, spotting Liz immediately.

Whispering, Alex assured her, “Trust me. Liz just needs some time to get used to the idea that you want her.” They immediately slid into a booth. “Besides, I wanted to see Maria for a minute,” he said, smiling at the waitress in question who hurried over.

“Hey guys.”

“Hey,” they answered. “What’s with him?” Isabel asked, indicating Michael whom they could see through the window.

“Nothing. Why?”

“Nothing? We had to park four stores away.”

Maria grinned understanding immediately that Michael’s desire must be pouring out of him in waves, though she couldn’t feel it. “Oh that.” Bending over slightly, she whispered, “He gave me a present.”

Somehow she wasn’t surprised when Alex’s eyes flew from her face to the center of her apron and back up again. “Are you…” he swallowed. “Are you wearing them?”

“One of them,” she confirmed.

“What is it?” Isabel asked, curious.

Alex put his hand on Maria’s waist and drew her closer. Before she knew it, she was sitting sideways in his lap with her back to the rest of the room. Even as she leaned forward to describe the balls Michael had given her to Isabel, Alex was discretely exploring beneath her dress. “Maria,” he gasped when he encountered silky hair rather than panties as he’d expected.

Maria whispered in his ear, her lips just brushing the outer surface, “That’s what’s got Michael so hot.”

“You knew about this, didn’t you? That’s why you insisted on coming here for dinner,” Isabel half teased/half accused Alex who nodded. Maria looked delicious all flushed and turned on, and she forgot the reason for her earlier nervousness.

“Guilty as charged. I wanted to see if Michael had given them to her yet and if she liked them. I have a present for you, too, but it’s in my room,” he confessed with a loving glance. He continued to move his fingers lightly beneath Maria’s skirt, not traveling any further than her belly and glossy curls. He was waiting for permission. From whom, he wasn’t entirely sure, but it just didn’t feel right to claim Maria’s sweet secret flesh on his own.

Isabel, meanwhile, leaned forward - causing her summery blouse to unexpectedly gape open and the top edge of her bra to tease the opening - to ask, “Can you feel it inside you?”

Maria had to tear her eyes away from the tantalizing display of cleavage suddenly afforded her by her lover in order to answer, “Oh, yeah, I can feel it, in fact, it’s making me crazy.”

“How crazy?”

Maria cast a furtive glance around the diner. It was nearly empty. The only person who could possibly see anything was Tucker, but he was still talking to Liz and not looking this way. Hardly believing her own daring, she whispered, “Why don’t you find out?” spreading her legs a little further apart.

Isabel looked at her face, to see if she was serious. Did Maria really want her to touch her so intimately right here in the diner? Reading nothing but burgeoning desire in her green eyes, Isabel took that as a yes, and reached out one hand.

Not wanting to miss any of this, Alex moved the front of Maria’s skirt and apron out of the way so that he’d - they’d - have an unobstructed view. He also looked around. The way that she was sitting nearly completely blocked her from the entire room, and even if that were not the case, no one nearby could see anything.

Isabel slowly slid her hand up Maria’s thigh. She didn’t want to rush this. How many times had she dreamed of taking liberties with Maria and Liz right here in the CrashDown with the exciting possibility of getting caught heightening the experience? The fact that she was sharing it with Alex, with his complete acceptance of her desires just made it better, more erotic, if that was possible.

Her fingers inched higher. The tops of Maria’s thighs were coated in a fine layer of sweat mixed with some of the moisture from above. The dark curls were drenched in her body’s dew and all three of them could see the dark pink skin of her clit peeking out.

One beautifully manicured fingertip barely grazed the tense knot, but it was enough to make Maria gasp and arch her back, softly calling out Isabel’s name.

“Maria,” Alex said soothingly, tightening his hand on her abdomen. “Shh, now.”

She leaned her temple against his forehead and waited.

Isabel ran her finger down the slick skin, amazed at the amount of pearly liquid that had collected there. “Shit, Maria,” she breathed. She moved her hand lower.

“ISABEL!!” Michael’s angry voice rang out loudly across the near silent dining room.

As if rehearsed, Maria snapped her legs together, while Alex pushed her skirt back into place and Isabel sat back. They were quick, but not quick enough.

At Michael’s shout, Liz turned, not in his direction, as everyone else in the diner had; she was too conditioned to the constant danger around them, but towards the booth where her friends were sitting. Rather than some unholy terror threatening her friend’s life as she’d expected after that yell, Liz saw that Maria was sitting on Alex’s lap, her skirt pulled up indecently, and the three of them were doing… something. She was floored. There was something sexual going on right there in her diner, involving Maria, Isabel… and Alex? What on earth?

Before she could say anything, Michael burst out of the kitchen and strode over to their table. Maria had climbed uneasily to her feet and waited. Michael looked pissed, and she had no idea what to say to him.

Grabbing her by her upper arm, he growled, “Alex, come here.”

Looking uneasily at Isabel who nodded, Alex climbed to his feet. She got up right after him.

Michael ignored her and pulled Maria through the restaurant and past the swinging doors. Pointing to the kitchen, he ordered Alex to cover for him. Without a word, Alex nodded and reached for an apron, which was hanging next to the doorway. Picking up Maria, Michael headed towards the back stairs.

Bursting through the doors less than a second behind Isabel, Liz said quickly, “Michael! Maria, what do you two think you’re doing?”

“We’re on break. Alex and Isabel can cover for us,” Michael said without breaking his stride.

“Alex and Isabel don’t work here, Michael!” Liz pointed out the obvious, but Michael ignored her and continued up the stairs.

From this angle, Liz and Isabel had an unobstructed view of Maria’s unclothed ass as the short length of her skirt had ridden up even further in Michael’s heated grip. She was shocked all over again to discover that Maria had been flitting around the café without any underwear beneath her dress. Michael’s hard-on was also visible with every other step he took. Their intent was obvious.

“Where are you going?” Liz cried out.

“Where do you think?” came Michael’s answer before the upstairs door slammed shut.

From inside the apartment, another door slamming was heard, then a muffled thump as Maria was flung down on a bed. Liz’s mouth worked in disbelief for several seconds before she got control of herself enough to shut it. Still as a statue, she stood staring up the stairs, wondering if perhaps she imagined the whole thing.

An excited cry from upstairs shattered that fantasy. “They’re doing it.” She stated the obvious to no one but herself.

Isabel touched her arm softly. “Do you want me to stop them?”

Ignoring her, except to move away from her gesture, Liz turned to Alex who was watching her worriedly. “Did you see that? They’re upstairs right now, on my bed, and they’re doing it.”


“I mean, why not, it’s not like my bed will ever get another opportunity like this. God knows I’ll never be up there making love on it! Why shouldn’t they be allowed to use it? In fact, when they’re done, why don’t you two go have a turn? Maybe I’ll send Tess and Kyle up later. Might as well christen it all the way around.”

“Liz,” Isabel tried to interrupt, only to have Liz’s anger turn on her.

“And you! What were you doing, playing your sex games in my family’s restaurant? This is a place where clean, decent folks like to come and eat with their families and children. A place where goodness and decency has reigned for four generations. What gives you the right to turn it into your sex parlor?”

“I’m so sorry. I don’t know what I was thinking.”

“What if someone other than Michael had seen you? You know what this small town is like, Isabel! You know how narrow-minded and self-righteous these people are. A scandal like this could ruin my father’s business, not to mention all of the attention you’d be bringing to yourself and Maria. Or what if Sheriff Valenti or Maria’s mom had walked in? What a way for her to find out about aliens: to see her beloved daughter performing lesbian acts right here in the dining room of the CrashDown while her life-long friends looked on.”

Isabel was mortified. Everything Liz was saying was true. She’d put them in danger as well as compromised Liz’s friendship, something which was already on shaky ground, with her stupid, callous behavior. “Liz, you’re right. I’m…”

The dark haired girl shook off her hand with a glare and took a step back. “I think you should just go.”

The overhead sound of Liz’s headboard rhythmically hitting the wall seemed ironically loud in the deathlike stillness following her proclamation.

“Liz,” Alex tried to interject on his girlfriend’s behalf, but Isabel stopped him before he tempted Liz to say something to him she was sure to regret.

“No. She’s right Alex. I never should have… I’ll just go.” She gave him a look that plainly told him to stay and help Liz by filling in for Michael.

Alex nodded. He was every bit in the wrong over this as Isabel was. Hell, he’d started it, but Liz needed him to stay, so he would. Once she calmed down, he’d have a talk with his best friend to see if he could smooth things over.

He ached for Isabel as he watched her leave the restaurant but not as much as he ached for Liz. Her one statement about how she’d never get a chance to make love in her own bed was pretty telling of the non-state of affairs between her and Max.

She was the only one in their group to know about the initiation before it actually happened and he was finally understanding why Max had insisted to keeping it from her. People say that knowledge is power, but in this case, it was simply painful and isolating. What must it be like for her to know that all of her friends are sharing their lives and loves with one another and yet, she was incapable of joining in? It was like dangling a carrot in front of a starving beggar, keeping it just out of her reach, only allowing her to gaze at it in want and longing while everyone around her feasted and feasted.

He was beginning to wish he’d backed up Max’s decision to keep her in the dark. But it was too late now, he thought as he watched her tidy up the soda fountain, aware of how tightly she was holding onto her emotions.

The only thing to do now was to support her and hope that Max gave in and agreed to the initiation soon.

* * * *


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Hey just taking a moment to say hi.

I love that ya'll are so tied up in this chapter. That was exactly the reaction I was hoping for. All along I've been comparing Maria's happiness to Liz's lack there of and this was the pinnacle of all these chapters of work. And you guys were so perfect.

The one thing that is cracking me up, though, is how everyone is going after Max. Lelea is taking up a collection to put a hit out on him. (Bad timing, hun?) He wasn't even in this chapter, and ya'll are going nutso on him. It reminds me of a few chapters back when eveyone had bad things to say about Tucker and he hadn't even done anything yet. Now Tucker was in the chapter and hardly anyone mentioned him. Ya'll are a fickle lot. LOL (I'm KIDDING you know. I just love you guys so much, I can't help but live for any little ole note you drop, so rant on about anything and anyone you want.)

I had another revellation today after talking to some of my friends: Max will definately be wearing that black turtleneck the night before Liz's initiation - assuming we have one. What do you think? Good plan?

mpls muse, Lindacrazy4jason and Moonbeam, feel free to rant all you want. that's what I'm here for.

Lorrilei1960 I thought that might be a little confusing, and he never gets to explain what happened, so here's the deal: He was flirting with Maria, getting her all turned on and such. Then along comes Isabel. It's like not wanting to share a toy. He was already playing with Maria, Isabel would have to wait until he was done. They don't mind sharing their chosen ones as long as they aren't in the middle of something at the time. Think of it this way, if Isabel (and Alex?) had taken it upon them selves to finish what Michael had started, he would still have been all turned on and frustrated. What good would that be?

Tas, You know how people talk about old TV shows or song we say they're showing their age? When you ask me things like, were the ben-wa balls regular or vibrating, you're showing me your *something*, and it's not age. LOL JK! Since there was no mention of batteries, we'll just say they were regular. (I hadn't thought of the other. Don't they make a buzzing sound? Can't you just imagine it, Maria coming up to your table, order book in hand, "Hi, I'm Maria and I'll be (gasp) your waitress this, (sigh) evening" all the while there's a strange buzzing noise you think are the overhead lights until you realize you only hear it when she comes over to your table.)

Belevndreamstoo, Yeah, it wasn't too hard to come up with Tucker's name. I couldn't think of anything to rhyme with *sshole, so I settled. LOL

Lot of specualtion on Michael's plan, but I'm sworn to secrecy. Since no one took me up on the offer to by the scoundrel, I guess ya'll will just have to be patient along with everyone else. As far as why he hasn't spoke to Max about the dreams, remember he did, once, and Max and the others too, for that matter, teased him about it. He doesn't have any proof that they mean anything other than HE wants to get Liz initiated. Out of all the times he's had the same dream, this last one was the only one that even hinted at 'a clear and present danger'. (snicker) He has nothing to go on other than his own intuitiation that there's something wrong and he's not about to let everyone ridicule him again. On the other hand, if Max believes him, their fearless leader would more than likely go off the deep end of over-protectiveness. Anyway that's Michael's reasoning. His current plan is to keep his eyes peeled and get Max to change his mind as soon as possible.

Oh, and Wish, you're right, Liz isn't done yet...

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An update is coming for anyone who's worried...

I didn't bring my file to work today, so I will have to wait until tonight ot get it posted. See ya'll then.


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Happy Tuesday everyone!

I finally wrestled my way though that troublesome chapter, and the the one after just wrote itself. I love it when that happens. Things are back on track, at least for now. Yeay, me!

And so, on with the show...

Chapter twenty-six

Fifteen minutes later, to the second, an equally flushed and considerably more relaxed Michael and Maria came down the stairs. She went straight to the dining room while Michael went into the kitchen.

“Thanks, man,” he said, taking over the grill from Alex.

“For what? Taking over for you so you could go have sex with Maria in Liz’s room? No problem, man.” Alex’s tone left no room for doubt that there’d been some kind of confrontation down here while he and Maria had been busy.

“Damn.” Michael hadn’t considered Liz’s feelings when he’d pulled his caveman routine, he’d just needed to take Maria somewhere and claim her in the most primitive manner possible after he’d caught Isabel trying to horn in on his territory - she was lucky he hadn’t literally tossed her over his shoulder. But now that he thought about it, most people didn’t like to loan out their beds to their friends to have hot, sweaty sex on and he was certain Liz was no exception. “Was she pissed?”

“Yeah,” again his voice fairly screamed understatement. “You could say that. She threw Isabel out.”

“You’re kidding me?” Michael was shocked. Alex quickly outlined everything that had happened while he was upstairs, ending with, “And now Tess and Kyle are here and she pretty much asked them point blank if they were here to have sex with each other or anyone else in the building, or did they just want to order from the menu.”

“No shit?”

Nodding, Alex told him, “She’s hurting, Michael. Please, if she goes off on you, and she probably will, please, just let it go.”

“Yeah. Sure. No problem, man.”

“Great. Now that my stint in the kitchen is done, I’m gonna see if I can talk to her, maybe calm her down a little.” With that Alex cautiously returned to the dining room. Now that his usefulness was over, he half expected her to toss him out on his ear, not that he didn’t deserve it. She’d been completely right in everything she’d said to Isabel. They’d risked more than themselves with their game.

The CrashDown was her family’s sole livelihood, and a scandal like the one they’d nearly caused could actually damage their business. Liz’s grandparents were probably rolling over in their graves right about now, he thought as he approached her. He was just glad that her parents had gone to the price club in Hondo for supplies. The possibility of their having seen anything would have sent Liz over the edge for sure.

Liz had her back to him and was vigorously cleaning the milkshake machine, her ponytail and antennas swaying in time to her agitated motions.

“Liz,” he said softly, not wanting to startle her in case she didn’t hear him approaching. “Can I talk to you for a minute?”

“Sure. Go ahead,” she said, keeping her back to him.

“No, come and sit down with me,” he entreated. “It’s been so long since we’ve had a real conversation, just the two of us…” he trailed off.

“Yeah, well, you’ve been a little busy, you know sleeping with your girlfriend. Sleeping with my boyfriend… I can see why you haven’t had a lot of time lately for me. It’s not like you can sleep with me, right? That does seem to be one of the prerequisites of getting to spend time with you these days, or am I wrong?”

He flinched at the attack, even though he’d been expecting it. And as much as he’d like to think this was worse than he’d anticipated, he’d knew he’d be lying to say it. It could, in fact, actually get even more painful, and wouldn’t you know it? It did.


She finally turned around and he could see how close to tears she was, but so far, she was holding them in. Her anger was helping her out a lot in that department. “Have you slept with Maria?”

Hardly daring to look at her, he swallowed nervously. His mind was whirling with possible answers to what was a very simple question.

“I saw you over there, Alex. It was your lap she was sitting on. You were the one holding her dress out of Isabel’s way, and you were watching everything that was going on. And considering the erection you were carrying when you followed Maria to the kitchen, I’d say you were enjoying it a little too much for someone who is just a friend. So, just tell me: have you and Maria slept together?”

He could tell her that it wasn’t any of her business, and strictly speaking he’d be right, but after all the lies and deceits, he just wanted to be honest with her. He figured it would be better to lay it out there now, than have her be even more pissed later. With a small nod, he said, “Yes.”

And the truth shall… make you feel even worse than before.


“Last night.”

“Last night?! Last night, you were making out with Max, and if I’m not mistaken, that was shortly after being with Isabel, or were all those scratches on your chest from Max after all?”

“No, no, they were from Isabel…”

“Boy, do you get around.” Her voice stung him with its contempt. “You know, I think I get what Max was saying about the initiation changing you. I don’t even feel like I know you anymore. The Alex Whitman I knew was steady and loyal and… and, Faithful. So, where was Michael while you were screwing his girlfriend?”

“He was right there with us,” Maria suddenly appeared next to Alex. She’d seen Liz confronting Alex, and had hurried over to see what they were arguing about. Much to her surprise, their discussion was about her.

“Really?” Liz’s mouth dropped open. How on earth she could still be shocked at this point in the day, she wasn’t sure, but still, that answer had thrown her. She looked toward the pick up window to find the object of their discussion watching all of them with worry and concern in his expressive brown eyes.

Pulling herself together, she attacked bitterly, “A threesome? How debauched. There’s probably nothing you haven’t tried yet,” she said to Maria. “Let’s see, you’ve done it with Isabel, you’ve done it with Tess, you’ve done it with Isabel-and-Tess. Then there’s Michael and Michael-and-Alex. Have I left anyone out? Kyle? …Max? Have you… have you slept with Max?” she asked, finally breaking her control. Tears welled in her eyes and overflowed onto her cheeks.

Maria shook her head. “No. No, never with Max.

“Since you’re… you’ve been… you know, could you… sleep with Max?”

Maria nodded slowly, hating to admit something she knew would hurt Liz so much to hear.

“Would you?”

The question hung in the air between them. Maria wanted to say no, absolutely not, but she would have said the same thing about Alex two days ago. She never thought she would have wanted Alex like she had last night, but she had. Who’s to say that she wouldn’t want Max like that tomorrow? The silence stretched endlessly between the two friends.

“I see.” Liz turned her back to them as she wiped away her tears.

“Miss, can I get some service here?!” an irate voice called out. In the kitchen, a small fire broke out on the grill, which prompted a sudden cacophony of banging and swearing to come through the small pick up window along with an alarming amount of smoke. In a word, the tableau was broken and the three of them became aware of their surroundings once again.

Maria was forced to go back to helping customers, leaving Alex to deal with Liz.

“Come on, Liz, come sit down with me.”

“Why should I?”

“Because we’re friends. Please. I just want to talk to you about this.”

Liz wanted to tell him to shove it, but the look on his face stopped her. She knew that look. It was the one that said he was her friend and he was concerned for her. She had no defenses against that look. Nodding, she came out from behind the counter and followed him to one of the booths at the front of the store.

Once they were seated, Alex fiddled with a menu not sure what he could say to put things in the proper perspective. He figured he should start with their most recent debacle and take it from there. “Liz, I am so sorry about what happened here. You had every right to be mad at us. It was stupid, not to mention completely indecent to go that far with one another here in the restaurant. I’m as much to blame as Isabel. I started it by teasing Maria and it just got out of control.”

“Why would you do something like that, Alex? I mean, I would never have even thought you could do something so public, and to do it here…”

“Maria told you about how we can feel their feelings, right? I mean, Isabel, Michael, Max and Tess’s desires.”

“Right, you’re connected to the two who initiated you plus the one who claimed you.” Maria had filled her in on that much at lunch.

He shifted on the hard bench slightly as he said, “This is kinda personal, but I’m going to be completely honest about this so you can understand what’s going on with us.” At Liz’s encouraging nod, he began, “Isabel and I could feel Michael’s desire from a block away. It was so strong, I had to park in front of the shoe store, cause I could barely see straight to drive any further. By the time I sat down, I could only see, think, and smell Maria. I had to touch her, I had to be as close to her as possible, and Isabel felt the same thing. The desire is very consuming, and if you give into it, it’s easy to lose yourself, your perspective. And I know it’s no excuse, lord knows, Max’s desire for you is stronger to us than Michael’s for Maria, and so far I’ve managed to keep my hands to myself, but today, I – we - got sucked into it.”

“What are you talking about, Alex? What about Max’s desire?”

Across the room, they heard Tess’s cell phone rang out. As he responded, Alex watched her answer it and talk worriedly to whomever was on the other end.

“Liz, all he has to do is see you across the room and he wants you. Today you were wearing his favorite red sweater and I was going crazy to keep from ripping it off you. At lunch, you and Maria were sitting under that tree and the breeze was lightly blowing and your hair was fluttering just so.” His blue eyes traced over her dark tresses lovingly, clearly remembering how it had looked earlier before she pulled it back. Liz grew warm under his gaze. “You looked so beautiful that the six of us spent lunch sitting at our table, pulsing with desire for you and listing our favorite things about you.”

“Really?” The look in Alex’s eyes had positively hypnotized her.

“Yeah. It was quite a list. You have a lot of likable qualities, Liz Parker.”

“What were yours?” she asked before she could help herself.

“After your gorgeous eyes and lips, which by the way, were on everybody’s list, I said that I loved your compassionate nature. Kyle, your playful side. We’ve seen so little of it in the past two years.” Seeing how her eyes lit up at the complement, he eagerly continued, “Michael said that he loved how brave you are. Was he really the one who stole your journal last year?” he asked in tangent.

Startled, Liz asked, “He told you that?”

“Yeah. He confessed to the ‘crime’ and explained why he did it. Max was pissed and frankly jealous. He said it was because Michael had invaded your privacy, but I’m guessing it was more because it meant Michael had been in your room before him. Did he really come here and try to intimidate you when he returned it?”

“Try?” she laughed, “I was terrified. He’d picked up this plastic alien doll and acted like he was going to pull its head off and I thought I was probably next. Then he picked up a steak knife and waved it around saying things like ‘It wasn’t smart to write all that stuff down, Liz,’” she laughed in remembrance. “I thought I was a goner. We still didn’t know what all powers they had then, and I certainly didn’t know his were the weakest of the group. I was petrified.”

“But you stood your ground,” Alex said and it wasn’t a question. There was pride in his voice.

“Yeah,” she said with a grin.

“Yeah, you go, Parker,” he smiled at her.

On the other side of the room, Tess had hung up her phone. She whispered something to Kyle then got up and headed in the direction of the bathrooms. Alex watched all of it without a break in his conversation with Liz.

“Back to the wonderfulness of you, Isabel has told me repeatedly that your amazing mind runs a close second to your trim body, and Tess…”

“Tess, what,” Liz asked, all humor flown. “No, let me guess, she likes my breasts because they are so much nicer than hers.” He had her going there for a minute, and she cursed herself for her gullibility.

“Liz?” he asked puzzled at her sudden change in mood.

“Oh, give it up, Alex. I’d no more believe that Isabel, the supermodel, the ‘Elle McPherson’ of W. Roswell High is attracted in any way to my body than I’d believe in Santa Claus. Give me a break! What are you trying to do here? What happened to being honest with me?”

“Liz, it’s the truth, I swear. Isabel adores everything about you from the top of your head to the soles of your feet and everything in between. How could she not?”

“How could she not? Very easily, I assure you.”

Liz made a move to get up, but Alex stopped her, grabbing her arm. Determined to prove to Liz that he wasn’t lying, he demanded, “Liz, how long has Max been in love with you?”

“I… I don’t know.”

“Don’t give me that. How many times have you told me that you saw into his soul and all? Now, truthfully, how long has Max wanted you?”

“Since we were kids, but I don’t see what that has to do with…”

“Isabel feels Max’s desire for you, and has since she was a kid. That’s how this desire thing works. Almost every day for eight years, Max has seen you and wanted you, and the wanting has transferred right on into Isabel and Michael and Tess, too when she got here. In fact, she told me that’s why she went after Max so hard when she first moved to Roswell: she’d felt Max’s desire for you, and had assumed it was for her. After all, why would she feel Max’s desire for some human? Nasedo hadn’t told her anything about any of this probably because he himself didn’t know.

“Now, it’s really not my place to tell you about Isabel’s feelings, but if it will help you to understand and believe what I’m telling you, then she won’t mind. After years of feeling Max’s desire for you, a desire of her own began to grow, and after a while, it turned into love.”

Liz stared at him in disbelief. “Love,” she repeated. Seeing that she wasn’t going anywhere, Alex released her.

“Love,” he affirmed. “Isabel loves you as much as Max loves you. Passionately, emotionally, with all of her heart. Isabel is in love with you. What? Did you think the last two weeks were all about getting you ready for an initiation?” Wordlessly, she nodded. “Liz, Max has said repeatedly that he doesn’t want you initiated. Isabel and Tess have spent the last two weeks getting closer to you because they want to be closer to you. It’s the rest of us that have been hoping that an initiation might come from all of this.

“This morning when you left the school with Max, Isabel was so excited that she was shaking. She was elated that the secrets would finally be over, and she could tell you how she really felt, but at the same time she was scared to death that you would reject her, all of us, I guess, because of how strange things have gotten.

“Is this true?” she asked him somehow wanting to believe what he was saying.

“Absolutely, Liz. I would never lie to you about anything involving my Isabel.” He reached for her hands across that table and was grateful that something he’d said must have gotten through to her when she slipped her small, delicate hands into his waiting palms. Looking deep into her eyes, he gave her the following pledge: “Now that this is over, I’ll return the same vow that you once gave to me: I swear I’ll never lie to you again.”


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Eraser Room and Maxzhot, not much gets past you two, does it. LOL Ya'll will have to wait a little longer to see who Tess was talking to as the next chapter takes place concurrently to this one.

And ER, Max is on hiatus for just a little while longer, but once he returns, we'll be seeing lots of him. Acres of him, in fact! LOL Patience, friend.

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Not at all. I invited you to rant, and I meant it. I'm actually composing an email to you right now in regards to your question. You have great insights, and I don't mind at all your sharing them, trust me.

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Boy, was that a quick week! It's T- minus 100 minutes to Chant Down Babylon, and I can't wait!! I hope you guys like this one. The roller coaster is just about to to take a new turn! LOL

Broken into two parts due to length restrictions.


Liz and Alex were talking following the incident involving him, Maria, Michael and Isabel. Tucker is in the dining room along with Tess and Kyle...

Chapter twenty-seven

A few minutes earlier, Maria had stepped over to Tucker’s table. “You ready to order yet?” So far, he’d asked for any number of things, none of which were on the menu. Maria was nearly at the end of her patience. If the jerk didn’t learn some manners soon, she was gonna have to deck him, or better yet, have Michael deck him.

Smiling lazily at her, exuding sexual awareness, Tucker asked, “What were the specials again?”

In exasperation, Maria listed them for what had to be the twentieth time. Actually, it was only the second, but this guy was getting on her nerves and she just wished he’d leave. Surely there was a slime pit somewhere in Roswell he could make himself at home in. “We have the Will Smith platter, the Sigourney Weaver, and the Enterprise B. All of them come with Space fries…”

“Your voice is so sexy,” he interrupted.

“Really,” she deadpanned. Could this guy get any more obvious?

“Yeah. Especially when you’re whispering to your girlfriends. I see the little blonde one is here,” he said gesturing to where Tess and Kyle were sitting. “Who’s the jock with her? You want me to say something to him? Get him to leave?”

“For your information, he’s her boyfriend, and no I’d rather if you didn’t say anything to him.”

Tucker took that to mean that the obviously smitten bastard had no idea about his girlfriend’s girlfriends. He smiled wolfishly, thinking about what a surprise he was in for one day.

“Hmmm, lucky him,” he answered Maria.

Just then, Tess’s cell phone rang, but neither he nor Maria gave it any notice.

“Look, you ready to order or what?” Maria was quickly losing her patience.

“How about you give me one more minute?”

“Fine.” She’d willingly give him like twenty, except that meant he’d just stay in that damn chair even longer. She just wished he’d eat and leave.

Glad to have a small respite, she gratefully hurried over to the rest of her customers, carefully avoiding the area where Liz and Alex were sitting at the front of the store. She’d had no idea what she’d interrupted earlier, when Liz was asking about her and Alex until afterward when Michael’d called her back into the kitchen and filled her in. She felt absolutely terrible for being so callous. If it weren’t for Michael teasing her to the point of idiocy, she would never have lost it like that. God, she’d practically rubbed Liz’s face in the fact that she was alone. She could do nothing, say nothing in her own defense, and instead was silently cheering Alex on, hoping he could make their friend understand.

She couldn’t believe that Liz, normally the most caring person in Roswell, had actually thrown Isabel out of here. As much as she ached for Liz’s pain, her heart also hurt for what her lover must be going through right now. None of this had been Isabel’s fault, really. Maria had practically dared her to do it. She resolved to call her later to see if Isabel wanted to talk about it. If anyone deserved the wrath of Liz, it was she, Maria. For now, she was the only waitress working, and there were a few more customers here than earlier which was keeping her hopping. Including one extremely good looking and annoyingly sexist Texan.

After several lengthy minutes, during which Tess had gone to the back of the diner and hadn’t yet returned, Maria reluctantly returned to Tucker’s table. “Make up your mind yet?”

Hoping to make some points with the cute blonde chick, Tucker turned up the wattage in his smile. “You know, I was talking to Liz yesterday, and she invited me to come and spend time with you girls a little while I’m here. In fact, that’s probably what she’s over there talking to your boy, Alex, about. What do you think about that? Getting to spend some time with a real man who’s been around? More than these high school boys, I know what to do with a real woman like you and I can promise you that you’ll be screaming in pleasure when I’m through with you.”

Ok, that’s it. Maria had had enough of his strutting. “Look here, Mr. Peacock, despite what Liz may have told you, you will not be spending any time with any of us, and if you try anything I promise you: you’ll regret it.”

“Aw, come on babycakes, don’t be like that. You’re so completely hot, and sexy and caring how could I not be drawn to you. Especially after what I saw the other night?” Leaning towards her, he whispered confidentially, “I had a dream about you last night. You and Liz, god you two turn me on so much.” He reached out to trail a finger up her arm, but she jerked it back with a glare before he made contact. “Now, I know, we kinda got off on the wrong foot, and I’ll admit it was completely my fault. I should never have interrupted such a private moment, I just couldn’t help myself. It was like a waking dream, to find you and your friends in the park. Forgive me for being such a jerk?” he cajoled in a tone that had won him access to many other women’s beds.

Maria remained unmoved. “Let’s just forget it ever happened, shall we?”

“I don’t know if I can forget it…” he whispered, his smoky eyes trailing down her cute little waitress outfit, lingering here and there. “Or what was going on over there tonight either.” He pointed to the booth Isabel and Alex had been sitting in earlier, causing her to frown worriedly. Apparently, he’d seen something, at least enough to know something had been happening between her, Alex and Isabel.

Thinking he was making headway, he pushed on lustily, “I want you so bad.” Before she could react, he’d placed a warm hand on the back of her knee and was sliding it quickly up the back of her leg to the bottom of her skirt.

Sharp, jabbing pain screamed through her nerve endings at his unwanted touch.

Feeling like she’d been stung by a jellyfish, Maria cried out painfully and jumped back just as all hell broke loose in the diner.

Michael had looked up from the grill just moments before and had seen Tucker reach for her arm. His body had instantly filled with a sudden passionate, possessive rage that someone would dare to lay a hand on his Maria. Unthinking, he raised his hand and juiced up his powers, preparing to turn Tucker into a pile of ash just as she screamed.

At the same time, across the room, Alex and Kyle both turned toward Maria and Tucker with hate and rage filling their bodies until they knew nothing else. They were in motion instants before Maria reacted to Tucker’s vile touch.

Kyle tackled Tucker right out of his chair and the two boys rolled a short distance before Kyle had him pinned with his favorite wrestling move. Alex grabbed the serving tray from Maria’s hands, flinging the few dishes that were on it aside, uncaring where they landed or how the glasses shattered across the hard tiles of the CrashDown floor.

Tucker had been surprised by the unexpected attack, but he wasn’t helpless. Wrenching one arm free, he violently punched Kyle in the gut. Then he flipped them over, unaware of Alex moving in behind him.

Alex brutally brought the tray down with as much power as he could muster. Tucker took most of it in the shoulder, but Alex did get a good crack in the side of the other guy’s head, dazing him.

Roswell High’s premier Varsity Wrestling champion flipped them right back over and maneuvered him so that Tucker was laying face down with his arms twisted painfully behind his back. Alex, standing with the tray ready for another go, panted, “I told you not to touch her.”

His quiet voice rang out clearly in the desperately silent diner, as did the reply.

“Fuck you,” Tucker hissed.

Liz, standing to the side, was in shock. She wasn’t entirely sure what had happened, one second she’d been talking to Alex, making up after their fight. The next, he and Kyle were attacking Tucker for no reason that she could see.

Michael stalked out of the kitchen, going right for them. The anger he was feeling was evident in every line of his body. It transmitted itself to he boys causing one to twist Tucker’s arms even harder until they reached the point of breaking, nearly popping the shoulder joint out of its socket and the other to raise the tray he was still holding higher in preparation of another blow. It was certain that given the opportunity he wouldn’t miss, and this time his aim was likely to be deadly.

“Michael,” Maria said tremulously. For the first time, Liz noticed the tears running down her friend’s cheeks. Michael caught her in his warm embrace, her violent shivers becoming apparent.

“Get him outta here,” Michael said to Kyle. It wasn’t what he wanted to say. He wanted to kill Tucker for what he’d dared to do, and he knew that Kyle and Alex would happily carry out any order he chose to give at that moment, but the stares of the other patrons held him in check. He’d deal with Tucker at some other time, when there was no one around to witness the deed.

Kyle asked, “You want me to call my dad?”

“Yeah,” the alien agreed. Some jail time would give Michael a chance to figure out what to do with him.

“What about if he starts talking about the other night,” Tess’s lover couldn’t help asking. She and Maria had been the main participants in the park that night, and as much as he would love to see this guy put away, his first priority was to protect her.

“He won’t,” Alex said confidentially before squatting down in front of Tucker. “Isn’t that right. Because if you go mouthing off about Maria or what you saw in the park the other night, not only will the sheriff not believe you, but you’ll find yourself drawn up on charges of contributing to the delinquency of a minor as well as attempted statutory rape. His words, not mine.”

Getting the idea, Kyle jumped in with, “That’s got to be worth at least a few months in jail, where, it’ll be fuck *you*, day and night. I’m pretty certain an ass as tender as yours will be a hot commodity for a couple of weeks, maybe more.”

“You’re crazy, man,” Tucker said, jerking against Kyle’s hold, but unable to break it.

“What’s it going to be, huh? One night, maybe two in the county jail for disturbing the peace, or a considerably longer stint in a less hospitable environment?”

“Go to hell.”

Kyle twisted the other boy’s arms painfully. “What was that?”

“Ok, fine. You win, but I swear, I’m going to fuckin’ make you pay for this.”

“Yeah, ok,” Alex said standing. “I’m really scared.”

“You have no idea who you’re fucking with, asswipe.”

Letting go of Maria, Michael knelt so that he could see into Tucker’s pissed off face. Grabbing his hair so the other guy couldn’t look away, he snarled, “You have no idea what you’re fucking with.” He continued dangerously, “My advice to you is to give it up and leave Roswell before you find out.”

* * * * * *

Be right back...

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Chapter 27 con't

* * * * * *

Kyle held Tucker pinned to the floor, while Alex called the sheriff and Liz reassured the remaining customers that everything was fine, normal… all the while picking up the broken glass scattered in front of the entrance to the restaurant. Michael tenderly helped Maria walk into the back. “It hurts, Michael,” she sobbed quietly.

“I know, baby. Let me see it. If I can’t fix it, we’ll get Max here and he’ll take care of you. You’ll be good as new, I swear.”

Michael sat on the sofa in the backroom of the CrashDown and positioned Maria between his legs, facing out, before gently lifting her skirt.

“Jesus. Baby, I’m sorry. You must be in so much pain.” Michael bit his tongue to keep from saying anything more. He was going to kill Tucker for this.

Just then, Liz returned from the front with a bus tray full of broken glass. Noticing the tears running unchecked down Maria’s face for the first time, she immediately ran over. “Maria, what is it? What’s wrong?”

“That bastard touched her,” Michael’s angry voice answered.

Not seeing why Tucker’s actions would have brought this much pain to her friend’s face, Liz circled behind her and gasped.

There, on the back of Maria’s thigh, starting just above her knee were four painful, swollen welts that had blistered sickeningly. They were exactly the path Tucker’s fingers had taken up her skin and they got progressively worse the higher up her leg they went. One had broken open and a clear liquid oozed from it tinged with the pink of Maria’s blood.

“Oh my god, Maria. What happened?” she demanded of Michael.

“I told you, he touched her.”

“With what, Michael? Just his fingers couldn’t make marks like that.”

“They did. That’s all part of being initiated into the family. It’s like being married with the ‘forsaking all others’ part. If any man outside the family touches her in lust, this happens to her. Shit!” He’d been trying to heal her as he’d talked but another welt had broken open and was oozing now, too. “We were warned in those dreams we had that it could be restrictive for an initiated girl, but they never told us it could be anything like this. I mean, he barely touched her.”

Shaking in reaction, trying to fight the pain, Maria nonetheless whimpered as it continued to hurt and throb angrily, bringing Liz’s worried gaze back to her best friend’s face. Feeling completely helpless, yet needing to do something, Liz offered, “Do you… do you want me to call Max?”

“No, what I’d like is for you to shut up so I can concentrate.”

Michael’s worried tone told Liz not to take the remark personally. Nodding, she backed away to give them privacy. Grabbing the broom and dustpan, she returned to the dining room.

A deputy was already there, taking Tucker from the building while the sheriff questioned Alex and Kyle as well as a few of the customers that remained. Liz decided to close the diner early, and began gracefully kicking people out. After nearly ten minutes, Michael and Maria returned to the dining room. Liz went right to them.

“Look, I know we owe you an apology for what had happened earlier,” Michael stated bluntly. After what had happened, their antics of less than an hour ago seemed so removed. Not to dismiss the incident, he knew they needed to deal with it, but they couldn’t do it now and he didn’t want to wait around so Liz could get it off her chest.

For now, he promised, “From now on, we’ll keep things professional here.”

Liz nodded her agreement. “Fine.”

“If it’s ok, I’d like to take Maria home. She’s still pretty shaken up. Alex can cover for me again, that is if you don’t mind.”

“Yeah, go ahead. I’m closing early anyway, so it won’t matter.” To Maria, she asked in concern, “Are you ok?”

“Yeah,” she smiled, squeezing Michael’s hand. “He fixed me up good as new. Look, I’m fine, really. We can stay if you want.”

“Maria…” Michael wouldn’t hear of it.

“No, get on out of here. I’ll see you tomorrow, ‘k?” Liz said, hugging her friend, glad that once again an alien disaster had been adverted. Her earlier anger forgotten, she was just happy that Maria was ok.

“Sure thing.”

“Thanks Liz,” Michael said gratefully. Considering how pissed at them she’d been less than an hour ago, he truthfully wasn’t sure she’d agree to let them go. She could have been a bitch about it. Her generosity warmed his heart a little.

She was such a wonderful person, little surprise why everyone was in love with her.

“Take care of her,” she admonished, suddenly shy at the look in his warm eyes.

“With my life,” he vowed, holding Maria closer to his side.

Then they were gone and Liz was left alone with Alex and Kyle to clean up the diner.

“You guys sure you don’t mind helping out?”

Alex just gave her a look that clearly said they were staying and that was it. “What do we do first?” was all Kyle said.

“Why don’t you guys clean out here and I’ll take the kitchen.” She quickly explained what she needed them to do and left them to it while she tackled the grill.

“Did you feel that?” Kyle whispered after a few minutes of contemplative silence. “I mean earlier.”

Alex nodded. “Michael’s… anger.” Anger was too mild a word for what they’d experienced, but downplaying it made it easier to deal with. “Yeah. I don’t even know what happened. I was talking to Liz, then the next thing I knew I was bashing that guy with the first handy thing I could grab. I’m just thankful it was the drink tray instead of something sharper.”

“Yeah. I HAD to get him away from Maria, any way I could. It was like I was going on instinct and reflexes. I’ve never been anywhere like that, you know, mentally, not even during a game. It was like I had all of this possessive anger inside me that I had to act on. I never even saw a reason why I had to go after Tucker, I just went.”

“I thought this was all about desire and passion,” Alex said, shaking his head.”

“Anger can be another kind of passion,” Kyle pointed out. “Passion is just another word for strong emotions. Desire is the only thing that’s come through the link so far, but I guess it makes sense that other feelings could make it through if they were strong enough.”

“I guess,” Alex agreed.

“Speaking of desire,” Kyle said, “I’ve been wanting to talk to you today. Something came up last night, and I thought you should hear about it from me.”

“What is it?” Alex asked, concerned at the ‘prepare yourself’ tone in Kyle’s voice.

“It’s just…” Kyle stopped working and came to stand next to his friend. Putting a hand on the other boy’s arm, he softly said, “Because of what happened, of what we did with Max and Michael, you won’t ever be able to be with any woman except Isabel.” His face and voice clearly showed his regret for having to break the astonishing news to him so bluntly, but he felt Alex had the right to know. Alex didn’t look very upset, so Kyle added, “Ever,” just so there was no mistake.

Remembering last night and spending time in Maria’s bed, Alex grinned, “What are you talking about, Kyle? Of course I can.”

“No,” Kyle argued. “We’re like them now. Because of the initiation, every freaking woman in the entire population is off limits. We can only have someone who’s in the family.”

Now, Alex was frowning, only not for the same reasons Kyle supposed. “And this is a bad thing? Kyle, Isabel’s more woman that I ever figured I’d wind up with. What? Were you worried that I’d be upset?”

“Well, yeah,” Kyle’s tone indicated just how upset he’d been at the discovery. “I mean, they lied to us. They tricked us. If they had told us the truth, can you honestly tell me that you would have gone through with it? Let’s see, Alex,” he mimicked Max, “In return for allowing you to sleep with Isabel, and only Isabel for the rest of your life, you get to become gay and be at the mercy of every hard-on we get until the day you die.” Back in his normal voice, he cajoled, “Come on. You mean to tell me that if you’d known in advance the amount of crap we’d be put through you’d honestly go through with it? You wouldn’t have told Max to shove his initiation right up his ass?”

Alex’s eyes danced with humor. He wasn’t the least bit put out by Kyle’s sarcasm. “Yeah, I would have,” he answered honestly. “My decision was made pretty much after he told me that Isabel wanted me. She’s all I ever wanted, all I ever dreamed about. And now she’s mine – forever. You make it sound like a jail sentence, but if you were honest, you’d see that Max and Michael set us free.”

“Free?” Kyle repeated in disbelief. “You call this free?”

“Hey, maybe it’s different for you,” Alex admitted. “I was never the captain of the football team, I was never elected class president. People at school don’t really notice me, let alone follow me around like they do you. Being with Isabel is like winning the lotto: I had everything to gain and nothing to lose.” With a smile, he resumed wiping down the tables and chairs in the dining room and Kyle followed suit. “I can see why it would upset you, though. What with your All-American image to protect. Isn’t Tess worth it, though? What you’ve had to give up for her?” Alex asked curiously. There was no hint of cruelty in his soft voice. He wasn’t judging Kyle because he did truly understand that the other boy had come from a whole different perspective. He was just wondering if the guy had any regrets.

Kyle nodded. “Yeah, she’s worth it.” His smile became luminous, remembering the previous evening when they’d loved each other for hours, lost to everything except each other.

Alex caught the smiled and grinned in return. Soon, they were chuckling: they were so whipped. Thinking of his own evening spent at the Deluca’s in Maria’s soft bed, he pondered asking Kyle the question that had been plaguing him since early this morning.

“Do you…” he started, then stopped. He didn’t want to sound paranoid in front of Kyle, but still it was starting to bug him, and he just wanted to get it out in the open.

“Spit it out, Whitman,” Kyle admonished not without affection. Alex could be so shy about sharing his thoughts sometimes. Rather than being annoyed at his reticence, Kyle found it kind of endearing, especially since he knew how courageous the other boy could be when it meant the safety of anyone in their group. Whatever he was thinking about now, Kyle knew, it was probably something kinda personal.

“Do you think it’s gotten stronger?” Alex tentatively asked. “The bond or connection or whatever you want to call it? Does it feel stronger to you?”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, like ever since Maria was initiated, it just seems like it’s more compelling, less easy to control. Take today at lunch, for example. I was all but sitting on my hands to keep from going after Liz, especially after that one breeze came, and her sweater, you know showed how tight her nipples were. It was driving me crazy not to take her somewhere and ravish her.”

“Yeah, but think about it. We were sandwiched with Michael and Max, Tess and Isabel, and they were all sitting there wanting her. We’ve never been that close with all of them focused on the same person before. I’m sure that’s why it seemed so strong.”

“Maybe,” Alex allowed, then continued, “But there’s the thing with Michael. Why are we getting his emotions so much stronger lately, and when I’m with Isabel… it’s just more intense or something. Is there anything different with you and Tess since the weekend?”

Kyle frowned. “No. I mean, last night, things got pretty intense, but no more than before. Things are as incredible as they were last week and the week before that and the week…”

“Got it,” Alex grinned. “You were first. Rub it in.”

They worked in silence for a minute before Kyle said, “So things are different with you?”

“Yeah, I mean, I think so. It’s probably just in my head. After all, how could anyone top the most amazing experience you’ve ever had every time you have it,” he asked rhetorically.

“Take last night for example: Izzy nearly made my head explode when we were together after I picked her up from your place. Then when I dropped her off at home, I thought Max and I were going to just do it on his front porch, it was that explosive, then after I took Liz home, and I went to talk to Maria… I can’t even tell you what that was like.”

Confused Kyle asked, “What what was like?”

“Me, Michael and Maria.”

Frowning, a dark suspicion coming over him, Kyle faced Alex and asked, “What about Michael and Maria?”

“Well, I had a fight with Liz, as you know, and went to Maria’s to talk to her about it. I was just so upset for hurting Liz like that, you know? When I got there, I obviously interrupted something between them, but they let me in, and somehow, while making me feel better, things got crazy and we… Well, it was amazing.”

“You’re telling me that you and Maria…?”

“And Michael. That’s kinda what lead to what happened here earlier.”

Before Kyle could respond to this upsetting piece of news, Liz stuck her head out of the kitchen and asked, “Can I get one of you to help me in here?”

With a dark look directed at Alex, Kyle growled, “I’ll do it.” To Alex, he said, “We’re gonna have to talk about this. I think it’s time to have another meeting.”

That was the last opportunity they had to talk with one another. Within a half an hour, the restaurant was spotless and Liz was kicking them out. Alex remained unaware of how alarmed Kyle was over last night’s unexpected threesome. He would find out soon enough when they had their next meeting tomorrow afternoon.

* * * * * * * *

Sighing deeply, Liz removed her apron and headband, tossing them into her locker before heading up the stairs to her apartment. ‘What a day it had been,’ she thought as she shut off the last of the downstairs lights from the top of the stairs. First learning about the initiations then dealing with school and mid-terms - thank god tomorrow was Friday. Then the whole sex thing with Michael and Maria, then Isabel and Alex. Lastly there’d been the fight with Tucker and dealing with Sheriff Valenti. It had been a full day.

To heck with studying, all Liz wanted to do at this point was take a long, long bath and try to forget this day ever happened.

Alas, it wasn’t to be. Upon entering her bedroom, she found Tess and Isabel were already there, in the middle of making her bed after apparently changing the sheets and looking guilty as hell about getting caught at it. Crossing her arms in front of her chest, she asked, “What are you two doing here?”


Author's Note* Yes, once again, Matrix references abound. I own nothing.

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Once again, you guys have been generous in the extreme in your feedback. Thanks
so much.
In case I haven't mentioned it previously, I do go into future
chapters that are either written or outlined, and make changes based on your
questions and comments, in some cases, whole chapters have been added (thanks
), so keep asking and suggesting. I'm here for you as long as you want

In the past couple of weeks, several questions have come up that I think need
extra explanations, so bear with me as we get everyone on the same page as much
as I can without giving anything away.

First of all, some GENERAL COMMENTS: We've seen a definite disparity
in the group, drawn down specific lines. Some of you have picked up on it, but
if you're figured out why the line is where it is, you're keeping it to
yourself. (Shame, shame.) Michael was the first to mention wanting someone that
normal people would consider forbidden: Liz. Ok, she's Liz. EVERYONE wants Liz.
That's a given. But Isabel is the next one to mention mixing up the groups. She
wanted to share time with Alex and Maria together, and she mentioned her desire
to Alex and Maria each separately, allowing them to come to their own decisions
there. Remember, Isabel told Maria that while taking advantage of the park bench
after everyone else had left, Alex and she had wished Maria could have stayed
with them. Next time Alex and Maria were together was with Michael, where he had
also advocated the unusual grouping and had immediate opportunity to take
advantage of it. Which he did. Isabel will not be upset to discover this fact.
(She isn't the hypocrite in this story, we'll leave that for a certain tall,
dark and handsome…) We never see the conversation, but I'm certain Alex had
told her about it the very next morning as soon as he could find the time. That
was why the CrashDown incident between A/I/Ma went down so easily. Isabel was
comfortable with her lovers, knew they were comfortable with each other. Alex
had instigated it after all.

On the other hand, there's Kyle, Tess and Max. After discovering Mi/Ma/A at
Maria's, remember what he'd said about his dreams and the pairings. 2+3=4 Must
be alien math LOL. The initiation required one human and two aliens, and
afterward, the same human could be with his/her alien mate. Each human is in a
foursquare of love and desire with three of the aliens. (I.e. Maria: Isabel,
Tess and Michael) Each alien is bonded to three of the humans. (I.e. Michael:
Alex, Kyle and Maria) The whole family can be defined in terms of the Foursquare
from the Destiny book. Max doesn't feel that Alex and Kyle should be with Maria,
it goes against the foursquare patterns. Now, in Give It To Me Straight, part
three of the Plotless Nookie series, Kyle and Tess had a discussion about how
he'd been drawn to Alex while at Michael's apartment last week. He dismissed his
desire for Max and Michael as some continuing thing from the initiations, which
it was. But when he voluntarily became intimate with Alex, because he was there,
and sexy, well that upset him. Tess reassured him that it must have had
something to do with the two of them being in the family. She assured him that
he wasn't gay, per say. (Though by the rules of the initiations, any of the guys
could be with any other guy they want, in the family or out) He only wanted Alex
because of Max and Michael wanting Alex at the time. He was feeling their
desires, and never knew it. (I didn't know it when I wrote the piece, LOL) In
their conversation, Kyle and Tess addressed the issue of 'what if' one of the
other girls had been there, and they both agreed the Tess could be with any
girl, and Kyle could be with any guy, and they could be with each other -
obviously - but that was it. No more cross relationship pairings. That's why
Kyle was so upset over discovering Ma/MI/A. It goes against what he and Tess had
decided for themselves.

The humans seem to be just going along with what their alien counter parts
are telling them. They don't know any better. Isabel and Michael are open to
other pairings, but Tess and Max aren't. (Noticing the line now? Put that in
terms of Nasedo's foursquare and the podsters former relationships and it
suddenly becomes clear, doesn't it?) A/Ma/K are just going along with what
they've been told. The problem is what it's always been for these guys… lack
of communication. If they would just talk to each other, most of this could have
been avoided, or at least, it's a nice thought. LOL

And continuing along the same lines: Alex thinks the passion has grown
stronger since Maria's initiation, while Kyle hasn't noticed much of a
difference - that he'll admit to anyway. If you look at it in terms of a
foursquare, Michael, Isabel, Maria and Alex make a complete unit, while Tess,
Max and Kyle are still waiting for Liz to complete them. Think about it. How do
you think Liz's initiation will affect the group now?

Oh, and the big question of the week: WHO CALLED Tess? You'll find out

Ok, that's it for the general comments. Now on to the specific questions
which weren't already hit above:

Eraser Room and Lelea - Lots of good questions, both of you… Now you
know I can't answer most of them. See above for a few of them. As far as Max
returning anytime soon… be careful what you wish for. LOL Sexy eyes (and
everything else for that matter) or not, I'll bet money you're going to with
he'd stayed away…

Jull_ana and mpls muse - Tess and Isabel CANNOT initiate Liz without
Max's permission which has been the problem from day one. So, unless he's come
to his senses while doing whatever he's been off doing today, it's probably not
going to happen just yet…

MaxyG, Eraser Room, and LindaCrazyforJason - Max will still be getting
his treat… Be patient, it's coming (or he's coming, something like that. LOL)

Angelalien and zannyB - see above regarding Kyle

Lelea - you're right, we've needed one of these for a few chapters.
Thanks for kicking me in the pants for getting together a little Q&A.
Regarding Maria: they're going to address it. (Not right away, 'cause there's
other things going on but we will talk about Maria and Tucker.)

Lelea and BelievnTrueLove - Oh, yeah, we'll be there for tomorrow's
meeting this time. All the little upsets this week are gonna come to light in a
way no one's ready for! LOL

Maxzhot - unfortunately, no one had any further info on Michael's
dreams. They might be meaningless, or they might not. You'll have to wait to see
how it all unfolds.

Tabasco Liz and BelievnTrueLove - now, look at it from Tucker's point
of view. He's minding his own business, ordering his lunch when he gets attacked
for no reason and subsequently thrown in jail. Were you him, would you 'take a
hint' or would you just get pissed? I think we're gonna have trouble on our
hands when he gets free.

BelevnDreamsToo - You're right. You might have noticed, I have this
thing about gross sex germs. The gang is always washing their hands and stuff.
The thought of poor Liz having to sleep in her bed after her friends having, how
did Michael put it, 'hot alien sex' there was pretty unpleasant to contemplate.
(grin) Yes, Max HAS to claim her first, and as far as we know, that hasn't

Nikki - Welcome back. I've missed you. I've missed Bonding of 8. 'How
could (I) do that'?
Don't you know me by now? I always do that. (laughing
merrily) I think you'll REALLY like this coming chapter if you've been
waiting for L/I/T to get a chance to talk. I think it turned out really well. As
to why the girls were feeling guilty, remember Liz had been mean to them all day
and she'd just kicked Isabel out of the building. Now both of them were breaking
and entering, going through her personal property, etc. Granted, it was a
geasture of friendship, an olive branch, but possibly a very bad idea. For all
they know Liz is still pissed at the two of them. Oh, and no worries, mate. If
my polarist side sneaks out again, there'll be LOTS of warnings!!

BelievnTrueLove - Max and Liz's connection isn't any more than is on
the show. They can sense each other but that's it until they're bonded through
the initiation. So, sadly, Max remains ignorant of everything that's been
happening at the CrashDown. If he were nearby, he might have felt all the desire
from Isabel and Michael… When will they talk again? Soon, but be patient. All
is not as it seems. See general comments above for Isabel's reactions to the
Mi/Ma/A get together.

Hipntrendy - good to see you again. Actually, the timing is funny: I
was cleaning out my inbox last week and I found the invitation to post this over
at the Bordello that you sent me a while ago. Is there a lot of people who go
there that don't come here? If not, I'm happy posting here and on the old board.
Three boards seems like a lot to keep track of. L You hit exactly on the
springboard I was using to launch this story - to make her the outsider for a
change, the one who doesn't know all the secrets. (Let's see how she likes it -
my petty revenge for the FMax fiasco on the show though that particular eppy had
no bearings here. If she had just TOLD someone… you know what, let's not go
there.) now that the secrets are revealed, it's getting a little more gray area

Mpls muse and alienchica- hang in there. It may not seem like it, but
I am a dyed in the wool dreamer too. (What does that mean exactly?) Your
feedback tells me that you're both exactly where I was hoping you'd be by now.
It's a matter of be careful what you wish for. Everything has a price in this
story. There are some decisions which need to be made, but Liz will have her day
- soon. Now that she knows the score, we'll see more of her taking control of
the situation. The aliens and others will start dancing to her tune as they
should be. (Ok, slight exaggeration, but you get the idea.)

DreamingofMax - unless you want a 'time out' you'd better stop that
pouting. LOL

Tasyfa - way to be optimistic! Your comments are so right on, I'm
tempted to chuck the next chapter, instead post "Everyone go read what Tas
wrote, The End" and call it a day. I don't think that will go over real
well, however. Yeah, they've mentioned a couple of times that Liz's initiation
will change more than just the principle players, but everyone. How exactly, I'm
not sure - I have written that far ahead yet - LOL, but I've got a feeling
you're right. Eww about the bed thing. It sounded pretty gross when I wrote it,
and now I feel bad for you. It's funny that almost everyone's commented on it,
yet, it was a small detail to me. (Aside from the sweetness factor, it gave Tess
and Isabel a reason to be in her room when she got there.) Important note:
Michael was able to heal Maria good as new, so Max won't get to see it, thank
goodness. Let's just hope whoever tells him doesn't go into nasty, gory details,
and who do you think will be stupid enough to do that? Oh, and you mentioned two
or three weeks ago that you thought A/K weren't interested in each other… did
you see the really long general comment about them? Just making sure, 'cause
it's coming up, soon.

Behrhugs - we are still on schedule for an end of the week initiation.
Thursday is still a long way from over, but Liz's time is fast approaching. (And
hey, it's only taken us 27 chapters to get here! The weekend could be another
thirty or forty away at the rate I'm going. LOL) Oh, that was mean.

Eraser Room - Yuck boy? LOL I'm gonna have to go back and compile a
list of names we've called poor Tucker. You know, he can't help it if he's a
convenient target. He didn't get the nickname Opee for his freckles after all.

Ok, that's it, except for one last note: right from the beginning,
I've asked for your patience and understanding as I slowly nudged
us down paths which have been uncomfortable for most of us, myself
included, exploring what this unusual family's potential can be. We're slowly
learning their limitations and strengths and you've all stuck with me in good
faith all the while drawing towards it's inevitable outcome. Now that Liz has
been let in on the secrets and knows the score, she is almost completely taking
over the story, (excepting Max's promised reward) but that's not to say it's all
roses and rainbows in Roswell now. It can't be. If Max continues to deny
Liz, well, let's just say, desperate times call for desperate measures. Best you
begin to prepare now.

See you guys tomorrow afternoon…


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Hey all. I think I said all I had to say yesterday. PLEASE make sure to check out the comments a few posts up, to make sure everyone's on the same page. So let's just jump to it.

As you might have guessed, we'll need a Warning for Slashiness: If you find that kind of thing offensive... Do I need to keep putting these things? LOL

Previously on Roswell:

To heck with studying, all Liz wanted to do at this point was take a long, long bath and try to forget this day ever happened.

Alas, it wasn’t to be. Upon entering her bedroom, she found Tess and Isabel were already there, in the middle of making her bed after apparently changing the sheets and looking guilty as hell about getting caught at it. Crossing her arms in front of her chest, she asked, “What are you two doing here?”

Chapter twenty-eight

Tess stepped closer to Isabel. Whether the move was a gesture of support offered or support needed was unclear even to her. “Uh, we were waiting for you. We wanted to talk to you.”

Actually, the truth was that shortly after being kicked out of the diner earlier, Isabel had called Tess in near hysterics, certain that she’d ruined everything. Liz hated her now. It had taken Tess several minutes to get the other girl calm enough to even tell her what had happened. While she’d been appalled at Isabel’s behavior, she couldn’t stand to see her so upset and put a lecture on hold in favor of comforting her instead.

Eventually, the two girls had decided to wait for Liz on her balcony so they could talk about what had happened when their friend came upstairs. The disarray of Liz’s normally neat-as-a pin bed following Michael and Maria’s visit had prompted them to venture inside to remove the painful reminder of Michael and Maria’s callousness before Liz could see it. They figured it was the least they could do.

Unaware of the run in with Tucker and subsequent closing of the diner, they weren’t expecting her quite so early. Trespassing and invading Liz’s privacy after having been kicked out of the building wasn’t the way Isabel had wanted to start this conversation. She watched Liz warily while trying to remember everything she’d wanted to say to her: the apologies, the explanations. It had all flown out of her head at Liz’s arrival, leaving her self-conscious and tongue-tied. She was extremely thankful for Tess’s support.

“About what,” Liz asked as she walked further into the room. Removing her watch, she set it down on the dresser. She wasn’t being coy, it was just disconcerting to find the two of them lying in wait for her. She was off balance and stalling for time as she tried to regain her footing.

“About what Max said to you this morning,” Tess clarified. “About the initiations. We just wanted you to know that we never meant to hurt you or lie to you about things. It’s just, before last weekend, there was never a good time to talk about it.” She gave a self depreciating laugh, adding cynically, “I mean, what could I say, ‘Liz, I know you can’t stand to look at me, but could I kiss you, anyway?’”

Isabel, feeling slightly more comfortable since Liz seemed willing to listen for now, continued, “We, all of us, were afraid you’d freak, after all accepting aliens was one thing, but accepting gay aliens who wanted to jump your bones was something else all together.” Her attempt at humor fell flat, and so she added sincerely, “We didn’t want to lose your friendship.”

“Or your respect,” Tess whispered.

The conversation Liz had been having with Alex returned to her mind: “Isabel loves you as much as Max loves you. Passionately, emotionally, with all of her heart. Isabel is in love with you. What? Did you think the last two weeks were all about getting you ready for an initiation?”

She had been so sure that was exactly what it was. Had there really been some other reason for the two of them to act as if they wanted her? Some ulterior motive behind the caresses and kisses, the caring and support she’d been receiving lately other than the alien ritual which, according to Alex, they’d known all along Max was going to prevent. She wanted to believe it. In fact, it almost scared her: the degree to which she wanted it to be true.

Finally, she faced them, “Can I ask you guys something?”

“Anything,” they chorused.

“Were you like this around Maria before she was… before Saturday?” Somehow it was important to know if their staged seductions had included Maria, too.

There was no need to ask her what she meant by ‘this’. “No,” Tess answered first. “The first time I ever kissed her, or touched her that way was Saturday night after she got to Michael’s apartment. I wanted to, but I knew she didn’t want me like that. Not yet, anyway.”

Isabel answered next. “I tried to initiate her once before, months ago.”

Maria had told Liz as much today at lunch, but she remained silent, wanting to hear about it from Isabel’s perspective.

“Michael dragged me to his apartment and announced that before they could be together, we had to do it. I’d wanted her, but it was still so new and confusing. We were just starting to understand what the initiations were all about and here he was throwing us together. That night started off so awkward, but soon, we realized that it could be incredible, and it was. We forgot about everything except each other and gave ourselves to the pleasure.” Isabel’s face glowed with love as she remembered that first night spent with Maria. It was soon replaced with regret as she continued, “The next day, when we found out it hadn’t worked, I felt so terrible, and when she made it clear she didn’t want to talk about it, I thought that she blamed me, so we never spoke about it again. Until Saturday night. From that night to last week, I never tried to get close to her again. I thought that she knew how I felt about her and that if she wanted me in return she would know that all she had to do was ask.” Shaking her head with a sadness the other two girls could feel, Isabel said, “I was wrong. She said she thought everything that night was an act or something to make her go along with the initiation and that I didn’t want her. All these months…”

Tess laid a gentle hand on Isabel’s arm offering her support and love, but remained silent.

Giving her a grateful smile, Isabel pulled her emotions together and said, “So in answer to your question, not counting that one night, no, I’ve kept my distance from her.”

“But not me,” Liz asked trying to understand why she’d been the exception.

“After Alex was initiated, Kyle and he started talking about having the two of you initiated and I don’t know about Isabel, but it got me thinking, made me realize how much I wanted you,” Tess said, taking the initiative. “The more they talked and planned, the more real it seemed to me. The possibility of being close to you like that, it’s alluring. I began to dream that it might actually happen.”

“We knew Max was dead set against the idea,” Isabel added, “but still we couldn’t help but to go along with their scheming. And I’m not sorry we did.” Looking her straight in the eye, Isabel confessed, “I don’t regret what happened last night, Liz. Even though it wasn’t about us, and you ended up being hurt by what you saw between Max and Alex, I don’t regret any of it, because I got to finally find out if your lips are as soft as they look. I got to feel your body pressed close to mine and to see your eyes soften in passion. And, all that led to you knowing the truth. I don’t have to hide it anymore, which is good because it was becoming more and more difficult for me. I want you, Liz. I want to be with you and not just for one night. For as many nights as you want to allow me to share with you. To love you so completely that you forget everything: who I am, who you are, until there is nothing but the pleasure of us, together, filling you, surrounding you.”

Liz and Tess both stared at her in amazement.

Tess wondered where the other alien had gotten her courage from. Everything Isabel had said was pretty much how she felt, too, but she would never have had the nerve to put it so bluntly. She looked at Liz, trying to read her expression, but was unable to. The human was just looking at Isabel as if searching for the truth of her words. Tess realized that there was nothing to lose in telling Liz how she felt, that her emotions were just as strong as Isabel’s, but after that eloquent and heartfelt speech, she felt inarticulate and clumsy. Staring somewhere in the vicinity of Liz’s knees and toeing the carpet, she barely managed to mumble, “Uh, me, too.”

Liz’s mind was swimming. She’d been so wrong about them since this morning. When Max had told her about the ritual, she’d assumed that the reason they’d seemed to want to let her into their circle for the first time since she’d met them was because they had to, or felt compelled to or something. She acted resentfully towards them all day, certain that they’d played her; played with her emotions for their own motives. Now that she was faced with the fact that her fears had been unfounded, that they really did care for her, it was hard to express what that meant to her.

Suddenly, she realized that the anxiety and animosity she’d been treating them with today had been a reaction to the fear that they didn’t want her as much as she wanted them. But they did want her, and there was no denying any longer that she wanted them. She was impelled to be with them, to find out where all of this would lead. She loved Max, but there was no denying that she felt something for Tess and Isabel, too. What that something was wasn’t easily definable, but it was there, waiting to be experienced and explored if she had the courage to reach out and grab it.

Could she? Just reach out and accept the gift they were offering to her?

Isabel gasped at the first touch of Liz’s fingers caressing her cheek. She watched warily, not daring to hope, barely breathing as the small brunette stepped closer. She lost herself for several long moments in the velvety warmness of Liz’s eyes, before they turned toward Tess.

Tess’s heart had plummeted to her stomach as Liz had moved toward the statuesque blonde. ‘Of course she would choose Isabel over you,’ she berated herself. ‘She didn’t have the painful memories associated to her as you do.’ Liz knew she could place herself, her body and heart into Isabel’s safekeeping. She trusted Isabel to keep her safe. Unlike Tess.

‘But she said she trusted you, too,’ a small voice whispered insistently in the back of her mind.

‘Not enough, apparently,’ she argued back, just before Liz turned the full power of her regard onto her. Freezing, tumbling into the uncharted depths of Liz’s soul, Tess swallowed convulsively.

Still cupping Isabel’s cheek, whose hand had come up to cup her own, Liz reached for Tess with the other. She gently touched the other girl’s shoulder, then ran down her arm in a loving caress to Tess’s fingers where she entwined their digits.

“Liz,” Tess whispered. That was it. Just her name, but it was a clear reflection of her teeming emotions.

Liz’s body was trembling with the force of what she was feeling, and the uncertainty of what she was about to do, but she didn’t question it. The rightness of her decision echoed hollowly inside her, like the ringing of a clock tower at midnight. Their coming together was undeniable, inevitable, and perhaps that’s what scared her the most. She felt that even if she wanted to, she could no more deny what was happening, than she could prevent the changing of the seasons. She was just coming to understand that she and Isabel and Tess had been moving toward this moment for a long time. How long? It seemed to her to be a lot longer than two weeks. What that meant, she didn’t know, but she trusted the instincts that were guiding her now, forcing her to pull them closer.

Isabel had been watching with bated breath the expressions flickering rapidly across Liz’s face like a kaleidoscope. She couldn’t interpret most of them, but the one that finally settled there was easy. Desire. Liz had accepted them and more, she wanted them. Despite all she had learned, despite that craziness that surrounded them, Liz was willing to let them into her heart, and that was the most amazing thing she’d ever seen. Tears pooled in her eyes as emotion clogged her throat.

It was her turn to whisper, “Liz?”

Decision made, Liz was starting to feel a little awkward. She rarely took the initiative with Max, and now, well, she was at a loss as to how to proceed, with not one but two girls. “I don’t…” she started, but was unable to finish.

“What do you want?” Isabel asked.

“I’m not sure,” Liz confessed softly.

“Can I… kiss you?” Tess ventured.

Looking at her, Liz nodded despite the blush that was climbing her cheeks. “Please.”

That one little word was all it took.

Tess stepped forward and pressed her lips firmly to Liz’s. There was no hesitation this time as she allowed herself to do the things she’d been dreaming about for months. Bringing her hands up, she cupped Liz’s soft cheeks before sliding her fingers into the other girl’s silky hair and nearly cried out when she felt Liz respond in kind.

Isabel, who still had a hold of one of Liz’s hands, began to press butterfly kisses into its palm. She repeatedly stroked her sensitive skin from wrist to shoulder and back down again. Part of her wanted to push Liz back onto her bed and ravish her, while another part wanted to drag this out as long as possible, savoring every nuance of each moment. Each impulse was strong, but she fought her desires and let Liz set the pace, not wanting to scare her away with either the force of her desire, or the intensity.

For herself, Liz lost touch with reality as she continued to embrace Tess in a timeless kiss while Isabel pressed closer on her other side.

“Liz,” Isabel whispered, while daringly placing a hand against Liz’s stomach. “Do you believe us? Can you feel how much we want you? How much we love you?” She began to play with the buttons that held the waitress uniform closed. She was asking one thing, but what she really wanted to know was another: Could Liz want them with the same fervor?

Pulling her lips from Tess’s, Liz fought for her breath, eyes closed, unable to look at them as they awaited her answer.

As much as she wanted to, despite what they’d said, what Alex had said, Liz was having trouble believing that these two women truly did want her. After all, it was Isabel Evans, the single girl who could have any guy in school, if she wanted, professing that she loved her – little mousy, bookish Liz Parker, the epitome of small town girls. It would be easier to believe in the tooth fairy. At least the childhood sprite left tangible proof under your pillow. And Tess Harding… the last two weeks not withstanding, it was understood that Tess wanted Max, and would settle for nothing less. She said that she trusted Tess, but old demons were hard to fight. Even if she could believe that Tess had given up on Max – obviously she and Kyle were together now, but to then be told that she, Liz, had become the object of the other girl’s obsession… It was hard to swallow.

From day one, Liz had found herself competing with both of them for Max’s affections and in comparing herself to them several times, found herself coming up short time and again. It was hard to overcome these painfully learned insecurities to believe what she knew in some part of her soul to be true: That they loved her, they wanted nothing more than to be with her in a way that she never thought she’d be with anyone but Max.

Her heart had obviously made the decision for her, but to admit it… Her busy mind hadn’t had time to fully process what it was telling her.

So deep was her conflict between heart and mind, that she clutched at the both of them even as she drew her body back from direct contact with them.

“I just… I don’t know what I believe,” she told them honestly.

Tess pulled away, and turned to face the bed. She didn’t want Liz to see the tears welling in her eyes, after all, it wasn’t Liz’s fault she didn’t feel the same way about them as they did for her, but, oh it hurt.

“It’s ok, Liz,” Isabel said. “You don’t have to say anything more. I know we just kinda dumped this on you. It isn’t fair that we suddenly expect you to reciprocate our feelings. I just wanted you to know how much you mean to me, to us. I didn’t mean to push you into something you’re not ready for. You don’t have to pretend that you, you know, want to be with us or anything.”

Liz was shaking her head. Isabel had completely misunderstood. “No, Isabel, it’s not that I don’t want you, it’s just that I’m having trouble believing that *you* would want to be with *me*. I mean, who am I? Why would you want to be with me? Either of you?”

“How could we not?” Tess asked incredulously, turning back around.

Her words were an echo of Alex’s earlier, and Liz’s heart softened even more as she said, “I just need some time, ok? I do want you: I’m only just now realizing how much. It seems like it’s been building inside of me for a while, but I just ignored it. I don’t know. Maybe because I never entertained the idea of being with you like that, it was easy to pretend that the desire wasn’t there. Even this morning when I told Max I was ready to be initiated, I told myself it would be a sacrifice I would willing make to be with him, but I see now that I was just looking for an excuse to give into these feelings I’ve been having – for you.”

“You asked Max to let us initiate you?” Tess asked breathlessly.

Liz nodded, her mouth turning down. “He told me no. He said he wouldn’t allow it. Even if it means we can be together afterward.”

“He’ll come around, Liz,” Isabel swore. Caressing Liz’s soft cheek, she whispered, “Even if he doesn’t, that doesn’t mean we can’t be together sometime. If you want to, that is.”

“Really?” Liz asked, worried about the consequences of such an action.

Understanding what Liz was getting at, Isabel answered, “He won’t hold it against you, Liz. How could he? He will be with Alex and Kyle sometimes, so it’s not like he can demand monogamy from you. Really, all he’s doing is cutting off his nose to spite his face, if he could only see it and allow us to initiate you, we’d all be a lot happier.”

“Until then,” Tess added, “You can come to us any time you want. We’ll never push you for more than you’re ready to give.”

“Thank you.”

Isabel pulled Liz close in a loving hug, rubbing her hands over the other girl’s trim back. When Liz pulled back slightly, their lips sought out one another’s as if it were the most natural thing in the world, not like it was their second kiss ever. Within moments, it heated up as passion flared brightly between them. Unlike last night, there were no secrets or insecurities between them. Isabel felt the difference immediately and reveled in it. She felt like last night there had been a curtain between she and Liz, tempering her reactions, but in the here and now, there was nothing separating their emotions from one another. The difference was like night and day. Isabel’s desire spiked higher and she pulled the slender girl closer, so that her smaller frame was pressed tightly to her own.

Tess watched as the kiss went on and grew in intensity. Part of her was awed as she saw the mutual craving to become a part of one another grow between her two friends, but at the same time, part of her felt left out. She moved behind Liz and rested her hands on the other girl’s shoulders. Hesitantly, she caressed her shoulders and back. The temptation of the beautiful brown tresses so close proved to be too much for her to resist and soon, Tess was combing her fingers lightly through them, loving their silky texture.

Isabel was flying on sensation. She could feel Liz’s responses to their touches echoing around inside her crazily, but she couldn’t make any sense of it. This was different, hotter than last night. Releasing Liz’s lips, she attacked the soft skin of Liz’s neck, savoring the soft cries ringing in her ears.

“Liz,” Tess asked huskily, “may I touch your breasts?” As promised, she didn’t want to take Liz anywhere she wasn’t ready for yet, but she just had to caress her more intimately.

Eyes closed, completely floundering in a sea of unfamiliar sensations and emotions, Liz didn’t stop to think. Throwing back her head to give Isabel better access to her neck, Liz simply panted, “Yes,” and arched her back in response to Tess sliding her hands around her torso.

At her touch, Liz’s desires took on a new dimension to encompass the spiraling passion that Tess was invoking in her. It was becoming difficult to concentrate on who was doing what to her. Her brain had stopped processing anything but sensory input; the cognitive parts were no longer functioning.

Isabel pulled back with a gasp as Liz’s emotions stopped bouncing around in her and instead formed a rushing torrent, like a waterfall with no ending and no beginning until it filled her and pushed her to take it higher. She was driven by a need to know what it would feel like as it culminated in a peak of ecstasy. It was like nothing she’d ever felt before, yet at the same time impossibly familiar.

Staring at her friend in shocked surprise, she gasped, “Liz!”

“Isabel, what is it?” Tess managed to ask, catching the tone of Isabel’s voice before Liz did.

Before the taller girl could answer, there was a sound of feet hitting the surface of Liz’s balcony as someone leapt over the wall from the fire escape ladder. The two aliens protectively pushed Liz behind them as they faced the bedroom window when a familiar pair of black boots came into view and approached them.

No one was surprised when Max knelt down and in a tightly controlled voice said, “Liz, can I talk to you?”



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Well here we are.

Ya'll remember where we left off, right? Good. It's now several hours later...

NC-17 WARNING This part contains material of a highly disturbing nature. As with the yucky Tucker chapter I'm offering you an out... if things start getting too upsetting, skip down two more posts where I'll give you a spoiler and you can decide if you wish to continue reading or not. You can't miss it, It'll be the one with

Large Red Letters.

That said, here is the next part. The worst is nearly over. Girl Scout’s honor.

Chapter twenty-nine

That night, Max was laying restlessly in his bed, the talk with Liz echoing in his head. “But Max, I want to be with you,” she’d pleaded. How hard it was to deny her, to deny them both what they really longed for!

Tears had welled in his eyes as he’d assured her, “That’s what I want, too, Liz. Believe me. You’re all I ever dreamed of my whole life, but I couldn’t live with myself if you got hurt because of what I am. Liz, this isn’t some game. The change is irreversible. There’s no going back from this. You’ll become one of us for life…”

“That’s what I want. More than anything.”

“You’ll be in danger, just like us. Just like Maria now. There’ll be no getting away from it.”

Michael had stopped by the UFO center where Max had worked in the afternoon to tell him about Tucker and Maria. Max had been by turns furious and terrified. That it had happened to Maria made him want to go to the jail and pound the guy, but then the thought that it could have easily been Liz crying out in pain, and he hadn’t been there to protect her had hit him. He’d turned white as a sheet and had had to sit down. It was this which had him racing across the street as soon as his shift was over. He’d willingly die before he’d ever let something like that happened to Liz and so set about protecting her the only way he knew how: by denying her the initiation she wanted. It was what he had to do to keep her safe, even if she hated him for it.

Arriving at the diner, he’d felt both Isabel and Tess’s desires and knew something was going on between them and Liz, but he didn’t let that deter him. He felt no remorse for breaking up their heated embrace and chasing the other girls away. He told himself that it wasn’t jealously that was eating at him, driving his actions. Part of him almost believed it, too.

He’d stared at Liz intently after his proclamation, watching the play of emotions on her face, noticing the just-kissed fullness of her lips. ‘Stay strong, Max,’ he’d abraded himself. ‘You’re doing what’s right. It’s what you have to do to keep Liz safe.’

“Max, I’m already in danger just by being with you. Keeping us apart isn’t going to stop that. I want to share my life with you, and to be a part of yours. Don’t you want that, too?”

“Yes.” He couldn’t deny her the truth of that. He’d dreamed for years of making a life with her, somehow. Long before he’d told her about himself, back when it was outside the bounds of credibility, he’d dreamed of her, of sharing everything he had with her, of making a life with her. He’d never dared to hope it might someday happen and now that the opportunity was here, and she was willing to commit herself into his safekeeping, he was compelled to hold her at arm’s length, unable live out his dreams for fear of her safety. It was so unfair!

Before he’d left her, her tear streaked face forever imprinted on his brain, he’d vowed to her they’d work things out, that somehow they’d find a way to be together without the initiation. She’d looked so lost, so completely alone as she’d asked him, “How, Max?”

He wished he knew.

It was thoughts like these that kept him restless, in a light sleep, unaware that there were people approaching the sanctuary of his room, people who had pleasure on their mind. They were coming to him out of love, unaware that they were just about to send Max’s carefully ordered world into a tizzy.

* * * * * *

Liz was silent as she pushed open Max’s bedroom door and crept inside, allowing her trusted accomplice to follow her in before closing the door firmly. Holding a finger to her lips in a gesture for silence, the two of them remained frozen for several seconds. There was no sound except for their quiet breathing and Max’s soft snores until she shifted and a crispy crinkling split the night. Eyes wide, she looked at the offending sack in her hand, belatedly realizing she should have removed its contents and discarded it before sneaking in. With a grimace at her shortsightedness, she carefully placed it on Max’s nightstand where it would be in reach from the bed. Of course, it made more noise as it was set down, this time disturbing him slightly, causing him to shift around a bit before becoming still once again. After an eternity, Liz figured it was safe to move. It was close to pitch black in the room, which was a little too dark for her purposes. She tiptoed to the window to pull the curtains slightly apart to allow a sliver of moonlight to infiltrate the gloom.

She stepped back across the room and took the hand of the person with her; the one person she could allow this to happen with. Nervously, she squeezed their fingers, causing them to pull her closer for a reassuring hug. That squeeze clearly said, ‘We don’t have to do this. Are you sure? It’s not too late to turn back.’

Determinedly, Liz returned the embrace. She needed to do this. It was for her as well as for Max. She placed a kiss on her co-conspirator’s lips before turning back towards the bed that held Max’s sleeping form.

‘Liz, can I talk to you?’ She remembered their brief conversation from earlier. Maybe ‘conversation’ was too polite a word. Argument was a better description for what they’d shared once Isabel and Tess had left them alone in her room.

A lot had changed for Liz since he’d told her about the initiation this morning. She was no longer furious over the way everyone had lied to her: she understood that her friends had kept quiet out of respect for Max. She could understand that. Lord knows she’s done her share of lying for him. And Max… His protectiveness was no more than she’d come to expect from him, considering their history. He was always putting the brakes on, shutting her out when things got too alien for him to deal with, which was funny, considering HE was the alien. But enough was enough. It wasn’t fair that she be the only one left standing outside, and so she’d argued bitterly against his decision. Still, he’d remained firm in his stand to disallow her initiation. She’d said everything she could think of to get him to change his mind to make him relent. Nothing she’d said moved him.

He’d finally ended the discussion by assuring her that they would find some way to work it out. ‘We’ll be ok,’ he’d said, hugging her stiff body before departing. ‘We’ll find our own way.’

Well, that was why she was here. To find her own way. She wanted him any way she could get him, and if this was the way it had to be, then so be it. She could accept that, at least that’s what she swore to herself as she’d finalized the plan on the phone.

After he’d left, she’d telephoned the one person in the world she could trust to tell her the truth about their limitations, the one who had the answers that could help her. Together they’d come up with this desperate, insane plan as an eventuality. Admittedly it was short-sighted and selfish, but all Liz wanted was to see Max lost to ecstasy, knowing it was her hands, her mouth driving him crazy. She wanted to hear her name shouted from his trembling lips in sexual release at least once in this life time. Surely that wasn’t too much to ask… Surely it was no more selfish than Max’s determination to keep her shut out.

That was all the rationale her upset mind could offer.

Once she’d gone to bed, she couldn’t get the plan out of her head, and so, here she was, emotionally unprepared, scared to death, but determined to see it through, no matter what.

Besides, the way she saw it, she had nothing to lose here and everything to gain. And if it blew up in her face, well she would have no one to blame but herself.

Now, if she could just get on with it before she changed her mind.

Liz had to take a deep breath to calm her raging nerves.

She was ready. It was time to wake Max.

Before she’d taken a step toward the bed, she was stopped by a faint whisper. Oh yeah, she’d almost forgotten the key element of the plan. Turning back, she accepted the gift her friend was holding out to her. As the helper stepped back into the shadows to avoid detection, Liz moved to the side of the bed. After kicking off her shoes and taking off her jacket, Liz reached out a slightly trembling hand to stroke his shoulder. “Max,” she whispered, not wanting to startle him.

Her heart was pounding as Max sleepily rolled over and blinked his eyes open. His senses had already registered who it was before his eyes had a chance to fully accept what they were telling him: Liz was here. He’d just been dreaming about her – maybe he still was. “Liz?”

“Shhh,” she admonished him, lightly petting his face.

“What are you…?”

“Do you love me?” she cut him off to ask.

“More than anything,” he told her.

“Do you trust me?” Her seriousness told him that this was no game and he’d better consider his answer carefully.

“Yes,” he answered without hesitation.

“Close your eyes and keep them closed. Can you do that for me, Max?”

“Yeah,” he agreed, his voice catching. He had a hundred questions in his brain, but he held off asking any of them yet. Without another word, he closed his eyes and waited to see what else Liz wanted from him. He didn’t have long to wait.

The feel of cool silk touched his cheeks and nose as Liz tied a blindfold over his closed eyes to make sure he kept them that way.


Liz cut off whatever he was about to say by pressing her lips to his.

After a long, long minute, she released him. “I love you Max, and I want to be with you. You said we’d find our own way. I’m willing to try if you are. Are you?” she asked while trailing kisses across his jaw to his ear. “Please Max? Let me love you.”

Closing his arms around her he asked, “What exactly did you have in mind, Liz?”

“You’ll see,” she whispered into his ear before nipping the lobe. Goosebumps appeared on his skin and she felt a thrill run through her at her ability to make him respond to her like that.

“Will I?” he asked, indicating his inability to see anything right now.

“Yeah,” she assured him before sealing her mouth over his, thus ending the discussion. He’d had his say earlier in her room, now it was her turn and what she had to say involved less talk and more action. She was every bit as determined to be with him as he was to hold her away and it was gonna be up to her to sway him. She kissed him ferociously, tangling her tongue with his and thrusting it deep into his mouth.

Placing her hands on his shoulders, she held him pinned down while she crawled on top of him, straddling his hips. One hand was stroking every bit of flesh she could reach, the other reached into the front pocket of her jeans for the hellishly sharp pocket knife she’d put there. In moments she’d cut away his t-shirt and was reveling in his beautifully sculpted chest. Tearing her lips from his, she bent to nip at the distended tips of his nipples, one after the other, enjoying his gasping breaths as she did so.

Yanking her shirt off and tossing it aside, she bent back over him, pressing their upper bodies together.

Max’s hands swept along her spine, loving her soft, naked warmth from her shoulders to her waist. The incredible feel of her breasts pressing into his chest was turning him on unbearably, and he shifted his hips in response, trying to get even closer. Without his vision, his other senses took over, and he could swear that he’d never felt anything that compared to this.

Bringing one hand to the back of her neck, he held her still for another kiss, only this time, he was in charge. His tongue swept across her lips seeking entrance, which was immediately granted. He explored her mouth, enjoying the changing textures from her teeth to lips and tongue, each invoking a different response in him. Her lips were warm and soft. If he could see them, he’d find that they were already swollen from their heated kisses, plus maybe a few that hadn’t come from him.

Her hair was tickling his shoulder, and he dragged his fingers through it briefly, before answering the siren call of her skin to his. Her breasts were rubbing against his chest, and he ran his fingers over the rounded curves of their sides, causing Liz to sit up slightly, granting him better access.

While Max’s warm hands were caressing her body, Liz found herself being pulled deeper and deeper into her own seduction. She was rapidly losing control of the situation, but for the moment was content to let it ride. Opening her eyes, she gazed lovingly down into his face. His lips were slightly parted with the force of his breaths. A slight shadow of whiskers darkened his jaw. She regretted the fact that the fabric of the blindfold concealed his incredible eyes from her, but at the same time, the swath of red silk, a symbol of his submission, was terribly arousing.

She watched in fascination as she stroked one finger delicately over his eyebrow and gently across the fabric covering his eyes. The blooming color of the scarf was in stark contrast to the moon-washed pallor of his skin. He looked like he’d been cast in marble - a living, breathing statue. That illusion was broken by the heat radiating off his body beneath her, and her legs tightened around his hips, pressing her own heat more fully against him.

Minutes flew by like seconds as they kissed and stroked each other into a frenzied desire that surpassed anything they’d ever felt.

Finally deciding it was time for the second stage of the plan before she lost what little control she had left, Liz lifted her head and looked to the shadows where her friend waited, watching them. She was pleased to see that the girl was already undressed, and petting herself, completely turned on by the erotic vision of Liz’s tender loving of Max’s body. The two of them exchanged glances: Liz’s questioning, the other’s affirmative in answer. She was ready, they all were. It was time.

Reaching out her hand, Liz beckoned Maria closer.

* * * * * *

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Chapter 29 continued...

* * * * * *

Outside the Evans’ residence, Michael, Kyle and Alex were all assembled. Despite this afternoon’s debacle, they’d decided to continue with their plans for the evening. Max still deserved his reward for finally telling Liz the truth about everything that had been happening lately and they were there to deliver it in person.

“Did you bring them?” Michael asked Alex.

“Yep,” Alex answered holding up a fairly crinkled and worn brown paper sack. “One submissive alien king coming right up.”

In a determined voice the alien protector said, “Let’s go.” As one, they headed for the back of the house and Max’s window.

The other boys didn’t know it yet, but Michael had changed the plan yet again. As long as they were gonna have the upper hand tonight, might as well take advantage of it, he thought. Handcuffed and at their mercy, Max was gonna be in for a big surprise.

* * * * * * *

Liz’s head was thrown back in exquisite pleasure. She knew that if Max could have seen it, he would have known he was dreaming, for she suspected that never in his waking moments did he ever think she could want him this much. He had so much to learn about her, about what he could do to her with just a simple touch.

For her part, Liz was beyond thinking. The things they were doing to her electrified her body. She no longer understood herself, she only knew that she was allowing, no craving, each forbidden, decadent touch. Max’s hands were fondling her breasts, rubbing her nipples firmly, causing streaks of pleasure/pain to echo through her body. She could feel the love pouring through him at each touch. He wasn’t deliberately trying to cause her pain, but he was close to the edge of passion and lust and was slowly losing control of himself and his responses to her, which thrilled her to no end.

The desire stamped on his damp face was everything she’d ever dreamed it could be. Sweat was standing on his forehead, and trickled into his hair, dampening it so that his bangs clung wetly to his slick skin. He looked so incredible to her in that moment that she knew she would do anything for him, pay any price to have him. Even this.

She was kneeling over his powerful thighs again, gently stroking his thick length they way he’d showed her the last time she’d entered his room. He was getting close, and so was she. It was almost time for the next stage. Liz knew she was stalling, having second thoughts, yet the pleasure thrumming between them quieted them. There was no way something that felt this good could be wrong.

Behind her, a soft, warm body was pressed closely to her backside while another pair of hands lovingly roamed her nude body, careful to avoid the areas Max had claimed. He was still unaware of the third person’s presence, despite the fact that she too was kneeling over him, simply because Liz had willed it so.

Her friend was pressing little nibbling kisses to the back of one shoulder while waiting for Liz to decide when it was time to move on the next stage of the plan. Moving on meant releasing Max and Liz wasn’t sure she would ever be ready for that.

Soft music began to mysteriously play in the otherwise quiet room, but somehow, Liz wasn’t surprised. It was the same song she’d had stuck in her head all last night and most of today. She didn’t know where it was coming from, but it was just right: the lyrics and the melody perfectly reflecting her mood and intentions.

Catching Max’s hands in hers, she lifted them above his head and held them in place against his slatted headboard while she kissed him with all the love in her trembling heart, willing him to feel what he meant to her. Kissing her way to his ear, she softly whispered in aching confession in time to the music, “ ‘Sometimes I close my eyes and imagine you’re with me… chasing passion into the night, all tangled in a dream.’ ”

Then stretching slightly, she reached into the sack she’d placed on the nightstand earlier. Taking her time, she provocatively rubbed her breasts against his chest until they were both moaning from the teasing contact. Finally, she snapped first one silver cuff then the other around his wrists, looping it to the headboard in the process.

She stroked down his arms, pleased when he submissively left them above his head, not fighting the new restraints, she continued her confession, “ ‘If you could see my heart - the way I feel inside - you would know just how far I’m willing to go to get to you. There is nothing I won’t do.’ ”

After one more endless, soul searing kiss, she scooted forward high onto his belly. Turning around slightly, she reached for his erection. Holding and caressing his warm length, she leaned in to her lifelong, devoted friend for a long kiss, one full of promises and passion, gratitude and desire. Her free hand cupped the back of Maria’s head before travelling downward to learn the feel of a soft feminine breast not her own, then continuing down the center of Maria’s body. Liz touched the flaxen curls there before slipping even lower and exploring the flushed, saturated folds. Maria was ready; they both were. Liz wasn’t so certain that she was though, now that the time was here, but it was too late to turn back now.

With one last lingering kiss, Liz pulled away and positioned Max’s cock at the other girl’s opening…

* * * * * * *

Max lay on his back, his body an agony of desire as he waited to discover what Liz would do next. The utter silence of the night closed in around him as his world narrowed to the burning between his thighs. He thought he could feel a wet heat poised over him, but that couldn’t be right. Liz knew he couldn’t take her that way. But she’d said she had a plan…

So he waited, blindfolded and handcuffed, trusting Liz and willing to do whatever she asked of him.

* * * * * *

Alex tiptoed to the head of Max’s bed after having silently climbed in the window. Max was sound asleep in his bed as they’d expected, and from the look on his face, they deduced that he must be having a pleasant dream. A very pleasant dream.

Nodding to where Max’s arms were resting over his head and against the headboard, Alex whispered, “Well, that’s convenient.” As quietly as possible, he pulled the heavy handcuffs he’d gotten from Isabel out of the paper bag and tossed it aside.

As Alex gently clasped the shackles to Max’s wrists, thus securing his arms to the headboard, Kyle pulled back the sheet to expose the alien’s raging hard-on under his boxers. He whispered to Michael, “No, now, that’s convenient.”

Michael nodded soundlessly. Reaching down, he used his powers to dissolve Max’s shorts, and Kyle wrapped his hand around Max’s heavy erection. Bending over, he slowly took the full length of it into his mouth.

* * * * * *

Liz watched as Max disappeared inside Maria’s body, her friend’s hot, moist walls encasing and holding him snugly.

* * * * * *

Max arched upward in disbelief at the feel of the hot flesh surrounding him. It was so amazing, incredible. How had Liz done it? he wondered. He moved to wrap his arms around her and hold her body close, if only for a moment, but of course, he couldn’t. Instead, he clenched his hands into fists and concentrated on the breath-stealing sensations coming from his groin. He waited in a moment of endless agony until she began to rock against him. Then his world became sensory.

* * * * * *

Liz allowed Maria to turn her back around so that she was again facing Max. The ecstasy and joy on his face more than made up for the pain sinking in her stomach at seeing him intimately joined with someone else. She caressed his cheeks and lips, longing to memorize his expression to remember on the cold, lonely nights ahead.

Behind her, Maria was holding her waist, and as Liz moved, she moved with her, their bodies in complete synch. Slipping her arm over Liz’s hips, she sent her fingers unerringly through the dark curls there to seek out passion’s bud, stroking it lovingly causing Liz to gasp and buck her hips forward a bit. She mimicked the motion with her body, which in turn caused Max to groan and thrust his hips upward.

In her mind’s eye, Liz pictured what they must look like, two girls straddling a guy, making love to him and each other. She forgot her reservations and inhibitions as she lost herself to the feelings clamoring inside her from Maria’s fingers and the desire on Max’s face.

* * * * * *

Across town, the Tim McGraw CD she’d borrowed from Tess playing endlessly on her stereo, Liz was safe and sound in her bed. She moaned at the force of her dreams while in her sleep, one of her hands slipped under the waistband of her panties. As the dream continued, her fingers stroked against her clit with increasing force until her hips were rocking in direct counterpoint, stimulating her even further. The pleasure built around her and aloud, she was whispering Max’s name, while in the secrets of her mind, she chanted Maria’s.

* * * * * *

Liz was getting close, she could feel it. “Max,” she called out in a gasping cry as she leaned back into Maria’s warm body. What her friend was doing to her was amazing, as good as she’d ever dreamed it could be. Beneath them, she could feel that Max was getting close, too. He was aggressively thrusting his hips upwards, whispering her name with every stroke in a litany of desire.

* * * * * *

“Liz, Liz, Liz,” Max panted in time to his thrusts.

“Jesus, that must be a helluva dream,” Michael commented to Alex as they watched Kyle try to keep Max under control. They’d discussed briefly waking Max now, or allowing him to finish, and they’d decided that they didn’t have the heart to wake him just yet, this was way too entertaining. Actually, they were all slightly amazed that he hadn’t woken himself yet.

The dark haired alien was pushing deep and hard into Kyle’s mouth and it was all the jock could do to keep up with him. Not that he was complaining. The feel of Max’s cock in his mouth was as erotic as ever, and he was enjoying the aggressive loving as much as the slumbering alien.

The three voyeurs were all wishing they could dreamwalk Max to find out what was making him so hot.

* * * * * *

Max was in agony. Liz felt so incredible around him that he prayed this would never end because he somehow knew that if it did, she would leave and he’d be alone again.

He damned the blindfold that prohibited him looking at his angel and watching her as she came apart from his loving. He had to settle for picturing her in his mind: her flushed cheeks, her hair clinging to her damp face, her breasts bobbing sexily as she rode him. He damned the handcuffs that kept his arms over his head as he tried to recall exactly the silky feel of her skin. It was an impossible task, and he vowed that as soon as his hands were free, he’d do a better job of memorizing every inch of her body for the next time this happened.

The sound of her hoarse voice and the touch of her frantically caressing fingertips were urging him on, daring him to let go and give her everything she was demanding from him.

Suddenly, he had no will to deny her.

* * * * * *

Behind her, Maria nearly shrieked as the force of Max’s thrusts increased. Liz’s empty channel clenched in response of the imagined pleasure, and she whimpered in loss. The moment was fleeting however as Maria’s slick fingers increased their assault on her body, keeping the three of them in time with each other.

The pleasure was building to an intolerable level. Liz was certain that she was going to explode if she didn’t find release soon. Max was groaning, tossing his head helplessly on his pillow telling her that he was a wild as she. The knowledge that she had brought him to this point, that she had put that look on his face, filled her with joy and that was all it took to send her to the brink.

With a cry, Liz stiffened as everything inside her collapsed onto itself like a red giant burning itself out and being sucked into a black hole of its own making, before suddenly exploding outward, drenching her nerve endings with a pleasure so intense it was all she could do to stay erect.

Beneath her, Max stiffened also, shouting her name out in the stillness of his room as he too found release. She cherished the sound even as she knew she didn’t deserve it. Her conscious was kicking in and before the storm was fully past, she knew the moment of reckoning had arrived. It was time to show Max the truth of what had happened here. Feeling somewhat outside herself, she watched in detached interest as her trembling hand reached for the red silk scarf she had tied across his eyes…

* * * * * *

As Max came in Kyle’s mouth, crying out Liz’s name all the while, Alex and Michael exchanged bemused glances. No one ever had wet dreams this hot. What the hell was going on in that brain of his, they wondered.

Kyle eagerly swallowed down the remnants of Max’s orgasm and continued to suck him, gently now as the last of the pleasure shivered through his body. He released him as a smile of anticipation graced the alien’s face briefly.

* * * * * * *

“Liz!” Max cried out as he found release in her welcoming body. He was trembling all over with the force of his emotions as his body continued to thrust with the aftermath. She’d done it, somehow she’d managed to figure out a loophole in the initiation rite. The how and why didn’t matter to him. As long as it meant they could be together like this, he didn’t care; even if it meant she’d had to sacrifice chickens on some alter somewhere. Eagerly, he waited as she reached for the blindfold so he could look into the face of his beloved.

Soon, he felt the knot come undone…

As he opened his eyes, his body froze, rejecting what he was seeing.

Maria DeLuca was sitting in his lap, his softening erection still buried in her warm cleft and he could feel his semen spilling from her depths onto his groin. But that wasn’t the worst of it. No, what made this hellish dream a true nightmare was the fact that Liz was standing over by the window watching him intently, something like a smirk twisting her beautiful lips.

He sat up in a rush. “NO!”

* * * * * * *

A heavy silence claimed Max’s bedroom, broken only by the sound of Max’s hurried breathing. Releasing Max’s pliant flesh, Kyle looked to Michael to see if they we going to wake Max up now. It was long past time the other alien joined the party, he thought, when suddenly and without warning, Max’s whole body stiffened. He would have lurched upright if not for the handcuffs restraining his arms. Instead, he was painfully flung back against the bed. However nothing prevented the shocked yell of “NO!” from escaping his lips as his eyes opened for real and he left the dream behind.

* * * * * *

Liz awoke with the tingles of sexual release still stirring through her body and wet tears drenching her cheeks. She was all at once satisfied and more unfulfilled than she’d ever been before. Her heart ached as Max’s final look of shock and revulsion cemented itself on her brain indelibly. His shout of denial was still ringing in her ears.

Her stomach churned uncomfortably forcing her to swallow several times before she was sure she wasn’t about to lose her dinner.

She felt dirty. So dirty. And though she tried to tell herself it had only been a dream, the pain/pleasure she’d experienced while caught in its disturbing bonds refused to leave her. She felt as though she’d cheapened what she and Max shared. She’d cheapened THEM. Her and Max’s relationship, always this shiny beacon of goodness and love had been in some way tarnished by her carnal dream tonight and she knew then that she’d been stupid to even have considered the idea of sharing Max with anyone, even Maria.

Never again, she vowed. Never again would she contemplate doing anything so horrible, so loathsome.

Dragging herself from the bed, she went into the bathroom and started the shower, desperate to wash the scent of her arousal away. Too bad the hot water and soap weren't enough to wash away the black mark she felt on her soul.


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Spoiler for Dreamers

It's a DREAM.
Liz is dreaming.
Max is dreaming.
This is not happening. (Ready to go back yet?)

More detailed spoiler for those not planning to continue this chapter. Not that I'd blame you...

Liz is dreaming about how she and Max might possibably be together without the initiation. After Max left her this afternoon, she called Maria and the two of them came up with this VERY BAD idea of sharing him. By the time the dream is over Liz has decided that plan is completely out of the question.

Interestingly, Max seems to be sharing the same dream, only, he has no idea of Maria's involvement until after Liz removes the blindfold. He's as upset as Liz over that unpleasant surprise.

While all this has been going on, Michael, Alex and Kyle have arrived at Max's for real to give him his 'reward' for telling Liz the truth about the initiations finally. Michael let's us know that he has something up his sleeve. That's the chapter in a nutshell.

At no time in 'reality' do I plan on sharing Max with any girl other than Liz. I wouldn't want to write it any more than you'd want to read it. BELIEVE me, this dream sequence was hard enough.

I totally won't be offended if you don't feel up for finishing this part, but come back for next week for Max's reward! --He's certainly earned it after this debacle! LOL


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LOL Frankly I'm surprised you made it through it. I had you specifically in mind when I was posting spoilers every which way like road hazard signs!

When you've had a chance to think, if you're still speaking with me, come back for a short visit. (grin)

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Before I go any further, I just have to tell you guys that you are completely awesome! I honestly expected seriously negative fb after that last part, and you know what, while the story upset many of you, all of you made it clear that it wasn't ME you were mad at, and for that I thank you. And I have a reward for YOU.

I've never been completely happy with chapter 30, and this week I finally figured out why. It under went MAJOR revisions and I think you're gonna like it. The only problem is that I promised you guys Max's reward, which some of you don't think he deserves, granted, but it got pushed into the next chapter.

Still, a promise is a promise, so your reward for being so amazing to me this week is TWO chapters for you today.

Yeay for you! *happy*

Considering where we left off, Alex, Kyle and Michael are at Max's who is handcuffed and naked on his bed, usual warnings and disclaimers apply. Chapter 30 is in two parts due to length, Chapter 31 will follow. Enjoy.

Chapter thirty

It was a tossup as to who was more stunned: Max or the three other guys in his room. His horrified cry seemed to echo round the room over and over again. The final seconds of the dream replayed itself in his head again and again, first discovering Maria, then seeing Liz. He couldn’t escape it. Maria seemed to be jeering him, but Liz… With each repetition of the nightmare her smirk changed, becoming more virulent and angry until he could feel her bitterness reaching out like agonized hands to choke him.

Dazed, unaware of the guys in the room, Max struggled futilely against his bonds even as his mind fought to convince himself that it had all been a dream; that Liz had not conned him into having sex with her best friend. She had not stood back and watched, hating him all the while. No, no, no, it could never have happened. There was no way.

But it had been so real… Her presence, the welcoming warmth of her slick channel, the cold steel embracing his wrists imprisoning him to his bed. All of it was too close to reality for him to easily shake it off.

And there was no dismissing the most damaging evidence of all: his penis was still hot, and aching slightly in the aftermath of orgasm. He’d obviously just fucked someone… It couldn’t have been Liz. So, then who had it been?

‘Not Maria, please not Maria,’ he silently begged. He was so disoriented… and more afraid than he’d ever been in his life. Liz standing by the window… ‘Dear God. The look on her face…’ What had he done? ‘Please say it wasn’t real! Liz!’

* * * * * *

Alex and Kyle were stunned speechless as they watched Max pull against his bonds, his eyes trained sightlessly at a point across the room, as if a ghost were standing there. ‘What on earth just happened?’ they asked each other as they exchanged glances over Max’s prone body. What the hell had he been dreaming about? And what was he whispering now? Was that Maria’s name tumbling from his lips in shocked surprise? He looked terrified, his face leeched of color. How had he gone from the most erotic dream ever to this, they couldn’t begin to imagine.

Michael’s reaction was more definitive. In a few short steps, he reached the bed and grabbed Max’s shoulders giving him a hard shake. “Maxwell, Maxwell, wake up, man. Hey. It was just a dream. Wake up.”

At the unexpected shaking, Max finally came fully awake. “Michael? What are you doing here?” In a glance he took in Alex and Kyle’s presence, too. “What’s going on here, guys?” Again he tried to sit up and found himself unable to do so. What the hell…? Tilting his head up, he saw the handcuffs gleaming at his wrists and his lingering fear turned to rage. He yanked against them, testing their strength. “Get these off me - NOW!” he demanded.

“Now, Max,” Alex tried to placate him.

“NOW, or I swear to god I won’t be responsible…”

Michael cut him off with a smirk. “No.”

Glaring at him, his eyes alight with a dark fury, Max turned his powers towards weakening the metal. After a moment, he yanked again, certain they would come apart like play-doh, but instead they held. Undaunted, he continued to push energy into the restraints, while pulling with a maniacal desperation. Nothing. Mama Dee’s handcuffs were apparently impervious to his powers. (If they had known she’d bought them at an Army surplus auction a few short months after the Special Unit had disbanded - thanks to Nasedo’s machinations before he’d died - they might have been less surprised. But as it was…)

“What the hell are those things made of?” Kyle asked in a soft breath.

“Kryptonite?” was Alex’s suggestion, which wasn’t too far off the mark.

Giving it up, Max resorted to glaring ferally at each of them. “I’m giving you ten seconds to get these things off me and explain yourselves.”

“Or you’ll what?” Michael taunted, knowing Max wouldn’t do anything to them.

“Take them off,” he growled furiously not rising to the bait.

“Maybe we don’t want to. Maybe we like seeing you naked and helpless. You didn’t seem to mind them a minute ago when Kyle was sucking you off, so what’s the problem, Maxwell?”

Max froze as Michael’s words hit him. Kyle had been responsible for that mind-bending orgasm which was still tingling through his body despite his current anger? Not Maria? Oh, thank God. It *had* been just a dream. But that meant Liz hadn’t been here after all. She hadn’t made love to him. It saddened him to realize he wished that part of the dream was true, though where it had come from was a mystery. He’d never imagined Liz could be so passionate, so needy of him, yet that was exactly what she’d been like in the dream. What it had meant, he didn’t know, but he knew he would think long and hard until he figured it out. Something inside himself told him everything depended on it.

Puzzling it out would have to wait, however, thanks to his current situation: he was still handcuffed to his bed.

“I’m telling you for the last time…” Max stated, but everyone saw that most of the heat was gone from his demand. Just knowing that the dream had been completely imagined, and Maria hadn’t been anywhere near him tonight calmed him considerably, a reaction that had not gone unnoticed, if not completely understood by everyone else.

“Get over it!” Michael snorted with more confidence now that Max was back in control of himself. It was time to get this party started. Now that Max was fully awake, Michael was becoming impatient to implement his plan. The only question was who…

“Guys,” Alex said, trying to mediate. “That’s enough,” he told Michael with a reproachful look. “Max, we’re not here to hurt you, in fact we came here to show our appreciation for telling Liz about us, the initiation and everything. We know it was hard, but honestly, it was the right thing to do.” Smiling with a twinkle in his eyes, he continued, “Kyle and I just wanted to say ‘thank you’ by making you feel good. Great even.” Reaching out, he intended to lay one warm hand on Max’s chest, but never made it. Michael grabbed him by the wrist before he could make contact, and pulled the surprised human to his feet. “Wha-” was all he got out before Michael crushed their lips together in a brain-numbing kiss. Forcing his tongue into the other boy’s mouth, he ravished the depths inside, stroking Alex’s tongue, demanding that he respond in kind.

Other than a surprised squeak, Alex went unprotesting into the embrace, kissing him back, mating their tongues together. It was futile to object, he knew. He’d just end up eating his words – Michael’s kisses were like that: overpowering, promising pleasure unimagined. There was no escaping how they made him feel. How they made him want… and one thing he’d proven, Michael *always* kept his promises. His arms pulled the alien closer, forcing their bodies into full contact, feeling like Michael was the only solid thing in his crazily tilting world. The heat of the alien’s body drew him in, tantalizing his with the surety of unrestricted gratification, and Alex had no will to resist it. Max and Kyle were temporarily forgotten as he gave himself to the sensations stoked by Michael’s crushing embrace.

Soon it wasn’t enough. Alex had to get closer. He began pulling at Michael’s shirt trying to get beneath it to the hot skin, pulsing with life, which beckoned him. The alien wasn’t helping, he finally noticed after several futile moments. “Michael,” he whispered the plea against his lover’s lips.

Michael had no intention of backing away now; the shirt would have to wait. Holding Alex steady with one hand at the back of his neck, Michael increased the intensity of their kiss. Desire ignited inside of him, racing through his body, exciting his nerve endings. He felt a swelling in his loins, and welcomed the rush of pleasure that accompanied it.

On the bed, Kyle and Max stared in surprise at this unexpected display. This wasn’t in the plan, Kyle pointed out to himself. They were supposed to be loving Max, not Michael. What had happened to the plan? he wondered. He started to turn to get Max’s reaction to this turn of events, when things got a little weird. Pressure was suddenly building in his chest, as if a weight was constraining him, though there was obviously nothing there. The pressure was having an odd effect on the rest of him as he rubbed his chest in an effort to alleviate the strange sensation that wasn’t quite pain, but not really pleasure. Not yet.

Michael groaned heatedly, his plan in full motion now. The unprecedented amount pleasure he was feeling in Alex’s arms dashed around inside of him, and he embraced it, reveled in it, stroked it higher and higher until it was pure, undiluted need screaming for more. Opening himself up to it, he soon lost touch of everything outside his immediate sphere. Alex was the only thing keeping him planted on his feet, as the feelings he was experiencing threatened to overtake him. Like a hurricane, he instinctively knew not to try to contain the hunger, but to let it flow where it willed.

It was exactly what he’d hoped would happen, what he’d planned. Like Alex, he’d noticed his emotions, and the effect they had on the humans in the group, had gotten stronger this past week. Point in case, Kyle and Alex’s defense of Maria that afternoon. He’d given no direct order, but his fear for her safety, his hatred of her assailant had sent both Alex and Kyle to rescue her. Once he’d dropped Maria off at her house and had gone back to his apartment alone, he’d gotten to think about what had happened. What he’d figured out was: when Tucker had threatened Maria, his emotions had gone ballistic. Fear, fury, protectiveness had exploded through him, creating a direct connection with the two humans he was bonded to pushing them into action when he couldn’t blast the guy like he’d wanted to. The connection wasn’t quite communicative as much as action orientated, meaning he hadn’t told them to go after Tucker, he’d wanted the guy neutralized and they’d acted.

Once he’d understood what had happened, he’d immediately wondered if it were possible to use the connection to his advantage tonight. Was there anything in it that he could use as leverage to force Max to buckle beneath his demands? He thought there was because Max was connected to him, too.

Always in the past, he’d controlled his emotions. He knew better than to ever allow himself one tiny slip up, lessons learned from the rough hands of Hank Guerin. He’d always thought his human side made him weak, but in this past week, he’d finally discovered that the opposite was true. His emotions made him stronger than ever.

And right then when Alex moaned plaintively in to his mouth, he felt fuckin’ invincible.

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Chapter 30 con't

What he was feeling at that moment had nothing to do with love or desire. There was no softness, no vulnerability in him as held kissed and held Alex tightly. All he had, all he was was lust, evidenced in his harsh breaths, straining muscles and his solid, throbbing erection. The sensation was pure, simple, unblemished. And it cascaded right through him, scorching him to the marrow of his bones before radiating outward.

The pressure Kyle had been experiencing suddenly exploded into white-hot desire as the first wave hit him like the fiery eruption of a volcano. He gasped in shock as his vision dimmed and a ringing clanged noisily in his ears. Helpless to fight it, he had no choice but to let it take him over. And it did. It buzzed around his head; it pounded through his heart, spreading into every artery, touching his skin, his organs then taking the back trip through every vein, only to start all over again. It was echoing one word over and over again, pounding in time to his racing bloodstream until Kyle finally understood what it was telling him: he wanted Alex.

Like a beckoning whisper it called him: Alex.

It was demanding, relentless, commanding that he heed it. He had to… Alex. There was no question or denial… Alex.

Like an automaton, he rose to his feet, from no direction he’d consciously given. On shaky legs, he took the three steps that would bring him to what he needed, what he wanted: Alex.

Still holding the dark haired boy tightly in his embrace, partially supporting him, as Alex’s limbs were fast becoming weak from desire, Michael cut short the kiss to watch in satisfaction as Kyle approached. He resisted glancing at Max to see his reaction. There would be time enough for him in another minute or two.

Alex was more turned on than he could remember ever being, he realized as he tightly gripped Michael’s ass in both hands, pressing their hard cocks together, and rested his head against his alien’s collarbone. He was taking in great gusts of air between kisses as his body tingled and throbbed. Michael had never been this aggressive with him before, and the hint of violence in his embrace was exciting him beyond words. Not even being handcuffed yesterday at Isabel’s tender mercy had felt this dangerous, and his erection throbbed painfully in silent testimony of just how hot he was. And that was before Kyle joined in.

Upon reaching them, the shorter human was wholly focused on Alex. He slid his hands up Alex’s back, then back down again, feeling the soft skin over hard, lean muscle even through his shirt. His hands continued on their path past his waist to the other boy’s hard thighs only to return to his hips once again.

Surprised at the unexpected caresses, Alex turned his head, and that was all the invitation Kyle needed. Cupping the taller guy’s cheek, Kyle guided his head lower so that their lips could meet. It was no sweet exploration, but an instant tangling of tongues as their mouths met in a passion equaling the throbbing of their bodies. Insinuating himself between Alex and Michael, Kyle began to take possession of the other human. His hands heatedly rushed over the clothed expanse of Alex’s body, pausing to explore the more interesting areas: Pecs, abs, hips, buttocks, until there was only one place left untouched.

Kyle’s frenzied actions spurred Alex into reciprocating and inch by slow inch, Alex released Michael so that he could turn more fully into Kyle’s arms during their long kiss, until, at long last, Michael was completely released from the very clinch he’d started. The two humans, completely wrapped up in each other never even noticed his departure as he went to sit beside Max on the bed.

“Michael, what the hell was THAT?” Max asked, still trying to get his breath back from the surge of lust Michael had expelled. It had hit him harder than Kyle and though several minutes had flown by since the initial explosion, the force of it remained strong even still, and Max had yet to recover. The fact that the flowing need continued unabated was not helping.

Not having an answer that Max would like or believe, Michael simply shrugged his shoulders and feasted his eyes on the gorgeous sight of Alex and Kyle kissing like they never meant to part. As he watched, his lust grew once again until it was resonating through him, and right into Max who was laying only inches away, and unable to escape it.

“Michael!” Max gasped.

“Enjoying the show, Maxwell?” His tone left no doubt that his actions and reactions had been deliberate and for Max’s benefit. For the first time upon waking, the bound alien began to get a true sense of imminent danger.

“Why are you doing this?”

Without answering, the protector just smirked. Everything was going exactly to plan, and he was pleased with the stunned look on Max’s flushed face. Despite his recent orgasm, Michael saw his fearless leader’s cock begin to swell in reaction to the lust Michael was feeding him.

Phase one was in full swing, and so far, it was going right to plan. Max might not know it yet, but this was a war, one Michael was determined to win. And the first rule of war was: Know thy enemy. Michael knew Max very well. He knew his strengths as well as his weaknesses, and he was just undisciplined enough to use both against him. Which was why he was here, killing Max with pleasure.

“Look at them. Aren’t they sexy? Isn’t that the hottest damn thing you’ve ever seen?” Michael asked.

Obediently, Max looked. The humans’ kiss remained unbroken. Alex was stroking his fingers through Kyle’s hair. Kyle was making small sounds as he sucked on Alex’s tongue, his hands roaming all over the lanky human’s lithe body. They were completely immersed in one another, oblivious to him and their surroundings. They were exactly as Michael had described them: sexy, hot. Wordlessly, he nodded in answer.

Not even needing the confirmation, Michael reveled in the fact Max wanted Alex and Kyle, but he couldn’t have them now. Not yet. Not until Michael allowed it, and he wasn’t planning on relenting anytime soon.

“Don’t wish you could go over there?”


“Why don’t you?”

Max shot him a look that clearly stated he didn’t like being toyed with. Michael countered, “No, really, Max. Why don’t you get up and go to them? Can’t you feel how incomplete they are? They need you… or me. The two of them together, as amazing as it is to watch, it just isn’t enough. It would be a thousand times better if one of us were there with them. Why don’t you go?”

Max opened his mouth to say something scathing, but Michael cut him off by pointing out, “I guess you don’t really have that choice, do you? Hmm, that’s too bad.”

Anger beginning to ride hand in hand with the passion scorching him, Max demanded, “Dammit, Michael, undo these.”


Max might be the king, but Michael was the guardian; the warlord, the one who could be counted on to use brute strength when the talking and politicking failed. Michael was going to use Max’s own desires against him until he cracked and gave him what he wanted.

Michael again feasted his eyes on Alex and Kyle, letting himself fully feel every emotion they called from him. It was so easy to just fall into the love/lust he felt for his two lovers. The things they were doing to each other set him on fire. In any other circumstances, he would be back over there joining in in a heart beat.

Max twisted helplessly as hunger and lust continued to burn through him as he watched their humans get even closer to one another. Could a person die from this much passion, he wondered powerlessly as he gasped for breath, his heart thundering in his chest, as if it were his chest they were caressing, his lips they were kissing. Oh, how he needed them!

From where he was standing, Alex finally reached a point where he couldn’t take the teasing any longer. Kyle had been stroking every part of his body for several eternities, yet he hadn’t touched him in the one place that was demanding the most attention. Taking one of Kyle’s hands in his, he placed it firmly against his straining fly, holding it there as he rubbed against him.

Both guys sighed at the new contact. Kyle was thrilled that Alex wanted to take this to a higher level. He’d been afraid to push the other human, unsure what the rules between them were. With this action, Kyle realized that his friend wanted him in that way, too.

Encouraged, Kyle decided to do what he’d been secretly wanting to do since last Thursday when the guys had adjourned to Michael’s apartment for lunch. Wordlessly, he guided Alex into the chair at Max’s desk. Then dropping to his knees in front of him, he slowly undid the buckle and fastening on Alex’s pants, watching his flushed face all the while. Other than a momentary surprise, Alex gazed at him in passion and acceptance of what was happening between them. He wanted Kyle, too.

Reaching into Alex’s boxers, he released his throbbing cock to the night air, then without preamble, Kyle leaned forward and took him into his mouth, exactly as he had seven days ago, only this time, Max wasn’t distracting him and he could do as he wished with Alex’s hardness. Oh, heaven.

With an audible groan, Alex spread his knees farther apart, sliding further down in he chair as he did so, all in an effort to get closer to that hot mouth that was taking him into the abyss of pleasure. Pushing his fingers into Kyle’s silky hair, he guided the other boy’s motions until they found the rhythm that would bring him the most pleasure.

Back on the bed, both of the aliens stared, transfixed. The boys had managed to position themselves exactly sideways to them, so that Max and Michael had a perfect profile view of their erotic actions. They could see the glistening length of Alex’s cock as it slowly slid in and out of Kyle’s sexy mouth and each one fantasized that they were alternately the givers or receivers of that blow job. For Max, it was a toss up as to which he would prefer. To be in Alex’s place, or Kyle’s right then both sounded like paradise to him – now more than ever. He needed an outlet for the passion clamoring inside him.

For Michael, he was craving Alex’s hardness with an undying thirst. Although he desired both boys equally, he easily acknowledged that he was more naturally drawn to Alex. Why he wasn’t sure, but his predilection had made itself clear time and again.

Max wasn’t stupid. The tiny part of his brain that was still functioning told him that Michael was up to something, but he had no idea what it was. Finally thinking to close his eyes in an effort to block out the sight of Alex and Kyle, Max focused on trying to regain his precious control. Of course, losing the visuals only made him aware of Michael’s desires all the more. Using all the resources he could muster, he tried to block his friend out. It didn’t really work, but it was worth a try.

Focusing back on the matter at hand, Michael asked, “How do you feel right now, Maxwell? Frustrated, left out? I wonder if this is how Liz feels all the time now. How does it feel to have someone controlling you?”

Max knew then what was driving Michael. The initiations. What he hoped to accomplish with this bizarre seduction he’d didn’t know, and so he asked, “What’s this about, Michael?”

When Michael didn’t answer right away, Max opened his eyes and looked into Michael’s face, studying the emotions he saw there. allowing the silence to stretch, he was determined to wait him out.

Finally, Michael said, “This is about you and the restrictions you’ve put on yourself. You’re all tied up…”

Max interrupted to say, “That would be your doing, not mine.”

Ignoring him, Michael continued, “You’re all tied up, and you’re got no one to blame but yourself. You’re the one who has tied your hands here, Maxwell, by denying Liz her place in the family. And in doing so, you’ve tied ours, too, and we want out.”

Stubbornly, unwilling to be manipulated Max informed him, “I’m not changing my mind about Liz, so if that’s what this is all about, you can just undo these and get out.”

“Ok, if that’s what you want.” Michael easily stood. “If you want to stay tied up the rest of your life that’s your own deal. This is not about Liz, well, not directly. This is also about us. It’s about our future. We all have our chosen ones with us for now, well, everyone but you, but what happens if we lose someone? You’ve decreed that there would be no more initiations - ever, but what if something happens to Alex, Kyle or Maria? Then we have to be alone for the rest of our lives, tied to only our memories? That may be ok for you, Maxwell, but the rest of us don’t like it.”

Confused now, he demanded, “What are you talking about?”

“The initiations. Disallowing Isabel and Tess their chance to initiate Liz, is one thing, and for that, you’re only hurting yourself, but by forbidding any future initiations, you’re not only denying yourself, but us, too. We don’t want to be restricted like you.”

He continued in a cajoling tone, “Think about it. You can only go so far with Liz, and you’ve convinced yourself that it will be enough. That might work for you, but it’s just not the same for us. And you can kid yourself all you want, but being with us is not the same as being with your chosen one. What you’re feeling from me right now, is a grain of sand compared to what you would be feeling if Maria were here. Don’t you wish you knew what it’s like to make love with a woman? Haven’t you wondered about everything you’re missing out on?”

Max’s mind immediately conjured up his recent dream. Did he wonder about making love to Liz? Hell yes, he did. He couldn’t help it, and his thoughts were becoming more carnal as the time went by, tonight being the perfect example. He’d never thought of Liz as sexually demanding before tonight and it just made him wish all the more that he could be with her like that.

Michael’s eyes remained on Kyle and Alex, though he wasn’t really paying attention to them as he huskily continued, “It’s like what happening here, tonight. You can only lay here and imagine the pleasure you’d get if you were to join them.” He indicated the two humans who were still enjoying each other on the other side of the room unaware of the dialogue taking place around them. He glanced at his trussed up friend as he made his point, “Imagining isn’t the same as experiencing it first hand. All you’re left with is second-hand desires, like this:” Michael shifted his full attention back to his lovers. Alex’s face was a study in passion, as Kyle continued his erotic ministrations. He was moaning lightly as his hips rocked slightly to Kyle’s loving rhythm.

The ardent alien couldn’t help but respond to the picture they made, causing the three other men in the room to respond, too as his feelings continued to flow forth. Alex arched upwards into Kyle’s mouth when a wave of renewed desire crashed into him. Kyle just moaned deeply as his tempo stuttered briefly. Max clenched his fists as his body stiffened against his damp sheets.

After watching Max’s reactions, Michael decided, it was time to up the stakes. Trailing one hand negligently down Max’s torso in a semi-caress that only heightened his friend’s already rampaging desire, Michael watched Max’s face closely, gauging his reaction. Max almost didn’t pay it any attention until it reached his hip, and ventured inward.

Shocked, his eyes flew to Michael’s face, but Michael was now focused on the way Max’s erection throbbed and pulsed heavily with every beat of his heart. Tickling one finger down the full length of the feverish cock laying against Max’s stomach, Michael mused, “It’s a shame, too. You just don’t know what you’re missing. All of the experiences… all of the emotions… all the love.”

That was it. Michael’s light touch pushed Max’s control to the breaking point. “Kyle,” he called feverishly. “Alex, come here. Please,” he pleaded.

“In a minute,” Alex panted. He wasn’t about to move for anything. Tightening his hands on Kyle’s shoulders, he made sure the other boy didn’t get any ideas about stopping before they saw this thing to its conclusion. It wasn’t necessary, Kyle was enjoying this as much as he was.

Grasping Max’s cock firmly, but not painfully, Michael said, “Max, how selfish can you be? This isn’t about you, you know. They aren’t your servants, none of us are. I think its time that you realized that. They can do as they please, and they can please whom they choose. Just because you can’t please anyone right now is no reason to stand in their way.”

“What are you saying?” Again, he had to concentrate on ignoring the fact that Michael’s hand was simply holding his throbbing cock, a feat easier said than done. He fought to keep from thrusting his hips upwards, forcing Michael to stroke its length, rather than simply retaining it.

“We’re saying we want you to remove the ban against future initiations. It was stupid and shortsighted and we want it gone.”

Michael added, “Like I said yesterday, Alex and Kyle both went through it and obviously they’re fine. It’s been nearly a week, and Maria is more than fine with it. Whatever your reasons for it, we want you to take it back.”

Max eyed Michael suspiciously. “That’s it? All you want is for me to agree to allow future initiations in case something happens to one of us? This has nothing to do with Liz?”

“Whadda say, Maxwell? Is it a deal?” He sweetened the deal by firmly rubbing the highly sensitized skin he was holding.

Max gave it a thought, but couldn’t come up with a good reason not to. Granted his thinking was slightly muddled from Michael’s stroking, but it seemed a reasonable request. Nodding, he agreed, “Yes.”

“Say it,” Michael commanded, not wanting Max to be able to weasel out of it later.

“If the time comes that one of us wants or needs to initiate someone new, it will be allowed,” Max said, then amended hastily, “Provided the majority of the group votes for it.” So let it be written, so let it be done.

Michael nodded, accepting the terms, with a wide grin.

As if orchestrated, Alex’s climax hit right then, and his excited cry of completion filling the room exactly mirrored the silent howl that triumphantly echoed through Michael. The aliens’ attention swung back to Max’s desk and they watched as Kyle slowly released Alex’s softening member and rearranged his shorts as the sated human lolled back in a euphoric state of bliss. Michael’s heart swelled at the joy on both of their faces. It was a good night all around, apparently.

And it wasn’t over yet.

Michael’s mission had been accomplished: Max had agreed to allow future initiations, but Kyle and Alex had also had a reason for being there. Max’s reward was still to come. He couldn’t wait to see how this played out.

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Chapter thirty-one

Satisfied that Michael had done all he could in furthering Liz’s initiation tonight, he was feeling pretty pleased with himself. His earlier passion had turned into a sense of euphoria and he felt like celebrating. In all seriousness, he turned back to the alien who was still bound to the bed in a state of extreme arousal and said, “Thank you, Max. You have no idea how much this means to me - to us.” Relishing his victory, Michael bent over a licked a nearby nipple, scraping it lightly with his teeth. Another hiss was his reward.

Pulling back, he looked at his fallen king, noting the red marks around his wrists from where he’d struggled with the handcuffs, and the flush on his cheeks as he pulsed with desire, a desire he, himself had put there. Michael could honestly say he’d never found Max Evans attractive until that moment.

Fastening his gaze on Max’s parched lips, he had an overwhelming urge to kiss his lifelong friend, and well, Michael had never been one to stand in the way of his urges.

Sitting on the edge of the bed, he leaned down and kissed Max voraciously, sexily, and hungrily. He used his lips, tongue and hands to lay siege to Max’s meager defenses, crumbling them one by one.

Max was already so strung out after being assaulted with Michael’s emotions, not to mention watching Kyle and Alex’s love play it didn’t matter that he didn’t particularly desire Michael. His senses were past making those kinds of judgements.

When Max gave in and opened his mouth slightly, Michael growled in conquest before swooping in to claim the exposed territory.

It was the growl that caught Kyle and Alex’s attention from where they were still immersed in each other at Max’s desk. In unison, they looked over to the bed, and were immediately struck by the vision presented to them.

It had never occurred to Alex that this might happen tonight. First him and Kyle, now Max and Michael. Everything was going crazy. In all the times he’d been together with Michael and Max, the two of them were always so intent on him that they never showed the slightest bit of interest in each other. He didn’t know if this was a new development or something they’d been keeping under wraps, but it was…

‘Hot’, Kyle thought to himself watching the two aliens go at it. It was the only word he could think of to describe what he was seeing. Watching Max and Michael kissing was turning him on unbearably. He’d seen Michael kiss Alex, and Max kiss Alex, and he himself had been kissed by both of them, but somehow, this was… more… something.

What that something was, well, he sure didn’t know and it was becoming less important by the second.

Michael groaned and settled his upper body more firmly against Max’s lean frame, and Alex could swear he could actually see the energy coming off of them, like heat waves in the desert. It was amazing to see, but more, it was calling to him, beckoning him to join them and he had no will to resist. Oddly enough, the trademark surge of desire that usually besieged them when either of the two aliens were aroused was markedly absent, which Alex took as a good thing. The possibility of being tagged teamed by lust from both of them as they made out with each other was enough to make his head spin.

Not the kind of guys to look a gift horse in the mouth, the humans moved to join in on the fun at the same time. Alex, picking up where he’d left off earlier, began pulling Michael’s shirt up once again, this time actually succeeding in getting it off the alien, all the while kissing a path along the newly exposed skin. At the same time he threaded his fingers into Max’s silky hair, wanting to show his affection for them both. Kyle moved to the foot of the bed and began stroking Max’s leg from ankle to knee and back again before moving higher into more interesting territory. Their sudden participation sent a visible shudder through Max, empowering them to do more for him and to him. And so they did.

Though they were unaware of it, the energy flowing around and through the foursome doubled and quadrupled when all four participants were fully focused on one another: Michael, Alex and Kyle on Max and Max on them. It wasn’t just the aliens, either. As a part of this unique foursquare even the humans were contributing to the flow, which manifested itself in the form of pleasure received and pleasure given to their lovers.

Max’s entire body was alive with overwhelming joy. There were hands and mouths everywhere each one stimulating him, pushing him higher and higher to some unknown peak that he was craving like he needed air. Michael’s erection pressing into him was adding a level of eroticism to their embrace that he’d never experienced before. If his hands were free, he knew nothing would have stopped him from reaching down between their hard bodies and teasing his lifelong friend in kind, drawing the pleasure out until it became unbearable and Michael came apart in his arms. But, of course, he didn’t have that kind of freedom, so all Max could do was lie there and feel everything they were doing to him.

Somehow, being in the unaccustomed role of passivity made each touch that much more intense. And it seemed to go on forever.

Michael’s mouth finally abandoned his own - right when Kyle’s tongue began teasing circles around his ear. The other human and Alex had switched places, Alex kissing what he could reach of Max abdomen, and Kyle was now up by his head.

“Please, Kyle,” Max called softly. There was no need to explain what he wanted.

“Shh, Max. Just let us do this,” he admonished. After a rocky start, the original plan was now apparently back in action and now all he wanted to do was pleasure Max until they were both wrung out and exhausted.

“But, I need to touch you. Don’t you want me to? Touch you?”

Kyle shuddered. Was Max crazy? Of course he did. Kyle was well aware of what Max’s touches could do to him, but he held back. “This isn’t about me, Max. It’s about you. Relax. Go with it.”

“I can’t. Please, Kyle.”

Alex looked up at the head of the bed with Max’s pleading. Kyle had silenced Max’s lips with his own. Max’s arms were corded with strain, and his hands were tightly fisted around the headboard causing the cuffs to dig painfully into his wrists. Apparently this was affecting him more than they thought it would, but then Alex remembered something, and the genius of this plan set in: More than any of them, Max was a tactile lover. He used his hands as well as his whole body to give and receive pleasure. Taking away his hands was like trimming a bird’s feathers: he could fly, just not as far or as fast as he was used to. For some birds, the flight alone was enough, but for someone like Max, someone who knew the heights he was capable of, the restraints would be torture; glimpses into a heaven denied him, and that was exactly what Michael had in mind when he’d devised his original plan, though Alex didn’t know it until just now.

Michael moved so that he was sitting on the side of the bed opposite of Alex, facing Max. He reached down and grasped the other alien’s throbbing manhood once again, stroking slowly as he spoke. “Are you sure you want us to free your hands, Max? Aren’t you enjoying this? Don’t you like what we’re doing to you?”

“You know I do, it’s just that…” Max’s hips thrust upward in pleasure, seeking a deeper contact.


The three of them were stroking different part of his body, making it difficult to think, causing their energy to flow around them, and Max growled, “It’s not enough. I need… God, this feels so good, but I need more.”

“How much more, Maxwell? Like this much?” He leaned over and kissed his chest, biting and licking at one of Max’s tight nipples. Alex taking his cue from Michael sucked the tip of Max’s cock into his mouth, going down until his lips touched Michael’s fingers, which were still wrapped around it while Kyle kissed him passionately, stroking their tongues together.

Their coordinated assault had Max groaning and writhing beneath them. It lasted approximately forever before the trio pulled back. Taking a silent breath to steady himself, Michael asked, “Was that more to your liking?”

“Michael, I’m gonna kill you.”

The larger alien chuckled, “Yeah, I’m really scared.” Running his hand up Kyle’s back, he murmured the suggestion, “Maybe if you kissed him more, he wouldn’t talk so much.”

“You might be right,” Kyle said, before devouring Max’s mouth with his own.

Alex, seeing the glowing light in Michael’s eye, knowing it was more than desire, acutely asked, “What were you two talking about earlier?”

“Remember how we were talking about the initiations? Well, Maxwell here has said that there could be more in the future, if necessary.”

Pleased at this happy news, Alex softly breathed a sigh of relief. “Good,” he said. “That’s very good.”

Michael’s eyes gleamed in anticipation and he hid them before the others could see. They didn’t know it but Liz was as good as initiated now. Getting Max to agree to their demands had been the hard part, the rest would be easy. - Well, kind of. Max would be pissed at first, but Michael was certain that as soon as he could be with Liz, it would all be water under the bridge.

Having heard them, Kyle pulled back slowly, then paused, waiting for Max’s eyelids to flutter open. “Thank you,” Kyle said, kissing Max softly. “It means a lot.” Another kiss. “To all of us.” Followed by a longer kiss.

Curious, Max asked, “Why?”

Kyle explained, “We’re not all walking around with rose colored glasses on, you know. Your lives are dangerous, and by being with you, we’re putting ourselves in danger, too. We’ve accepted that. Tess and I have talked about the possibility of something happening to one of us. I’ve already told Tess that if anything ever did happen to me that I’d want her to move on, find someone new, live her life. But the thing is that she wouldn’t have been able to do it if you hadn’t let her.”

Hoarsely, Max swore, “Nothing is going to happen to you, either of you if I can help it.”

“I know,” Kyle said, “but we don’t know what’s going to happen.” He stroked Max’s face gently as he looked earnestly into his eyes. “Hey,” he added with a grin, “I’ve already been shot once. The next time I might not get so lucky.”

“Kyle,” Max began, but was cut off.

“Shhhh, enough about that. Tonight is about you, and how grateful we are that you finally told Liz the truth about us. We know it couldn’t have been easy for you, and that just…” Kyle paused then continued emotionally, “It just makes us love you more, knowing that you’d risked losing her for us.”

His lips cut off any reply Max might have made to that. It was the first time the word ‘love’ had been spoke between them so blatantly and they each recognized the significance of the moment. Coming together, they kissed like new lovers, gently, exploring each other’s mouth and lips fully, but always craving more.

Alex got caught up in the moment, too and after getting Michael to move his hand, he took Max’s cock, which had begun to soften during their talk, into his tender care. Fingering the sacs below, all it took was one trip down and up to return him to full hardness. Lovingly, he then took full advantage of Max’s helplessness, stroking and kissing him delicately.

With the others occupying Max, Michael stopped trying to hide his joy at Max’s capitulation. Grinning like an idiot at his success, he barely restrained himself from dancing around the room. Instead, he sat back and watched his two friends and lovers administer to Max his reward, returning to his more comfortable role of non-participation where Max was concerned. As he’d told Kyle this afternoon at school, he and Max didn’t want each other like they wanted Kyle and Alex, or the girls, their kiss being the exception that proved the rule.

Neither Kyle nor Alex was capable of pushing Max the way he did and he’d been prepared to do whatever it took to get Max to lift the ban. Granted the original plan hadn’t figured on Max giving in so easily, and he’d planned on torturing his friend for hours, if need be, to get him to cave, but he wasn’t going to complain at his early victory. It just meant that the celebration could start sooner and last longer.

Besides, he smirked, there was no rule that said you had to release your hostage once he’d given into your demands. And if there was one, when had Michael ever played by the rules?

Gleefully, Michael watched Kyle and Alex pleasure Max, thinking all the while of other pleasures to come. Kyle had said something earlier about some kind of retribution was in store for him after letting his passions go crazy at school this week and he could hardly wait.

Tearing his lips from Kyle’s after several endless minutes, Max said, “Uh, guys? My arms?” He jangled the handcuffs. “Can you take these off now?” Undaunted, Kyle just moved on to sweeter territory.

Alex sucked a little harder, and was rewarded when Max thrust his hips upward in response.


Kyle stopped nibbling on his neck long enough to answer, “Don’t look at me. I don’t have the keys.”

“Please, guys, please take these off. I need,” he arched upward with a gasp, “I need to touch you, to feel you.” Nothing. “Michael?”

“They weren’t mine.”


In response, Alex took Max as deep as possible into his mouth before beginning a slow sucking glide upward. Max’s breath hitched in and he froze, not entirely certain he’d survive Alex’s answer. Once Alex got to the top, he held Max’s staff steady with one hand while he ran his tongue along the top and down each side, stroking him lightly before taking him inside again.

Longing to bury his fingers in Alex’s crisp, dark hair, already feeling the silky texture beneath his fingers, Max clenched his fists and tugged against his restraints. He needed to hold Alex’s head steady so that he could thrust into his willing mouth with a driving rhythm of his own making. As it was, he was powerless, at Alex’s mercy.

Then there was Kyle. Kyle who was kissing and nibbling his way slowly from one side of his neck to the other. Max wanted to run his hands over the other boy’s back and shoulders, before going to his neck and fusing their mouths together. Then he would unbutton Kyle’s shirt and allow his palms to relearn the sensations of smooth heat he knew he would find there.

If only his hands were free.

Breathing heavily, he tried again, “Please, take them off. Take them off, please.” It became a litany, his voice getting hoarser, louder with each repetition.

Finally relenting, unable to stand his pleading any longer, Alex pulled back, releasing Max’s throbbing hardness. He was reaching into his pocket, just as there was a sound at the window.

Everyone in the room froze as the small figure of Liz Parker hurled herself at them in a wild fury. “What are you doing to him? Let go of him!” Reaching the bed in an instant, Liz shoved Michael hard and he tumbled to the floor on the far side of the bed.


Kyle, not moving fast enough for her, was yanked away, and he fell back on his ass with a yelp. Alex, on the other side of the bed was immediately standing with his hands in the air, giving her the universal gesture of surrender before she’d even taken a step in his direction.

Her eyes darted to his waist, widening at what she found there and he was reminded that his fly was still undone from earlier. Fortunately, Kyle had readjusted his underwear, or this could actually have been even more embarrassing than it was, he admitted. Flushing, he dropped his hands and turned around. There was a quick zipping sound and when he turned back again, he was decently dressed, if not considerably redder than before.

Grabbing the sheet from the floor, Liz tossed it over Max’s lap before staring heatedly at the three interlopers with her hands on her hips waiting for one of them to make a move.

* * * * * *

Liz hadn’t been able to go back to sleep. After having awakened from her dream right after dream Max had removed the blindfold and discovered her treachery she couldn’t forget the look on his face. He’d pinned her with such a look of hurt and betrayal that she thought her heart would break. Even the shower hadn’t helped. Finally giving up, still shuddering from the effects of the dream as well as that last look from Max, it took Liz several minutes to pull herself together. Once she did, she felt an urge to see Max immediately as if to cleanse the dream from her memory. She needed to see his warm gaze on her with love and acceptance to erase the hurt and disgust she’d seen in her dream.

Arriving at Chez Evans, she’d been a little surprised to see Alex and Kyle’s cars along with Michael’s motorcycle in the driveway, and had immediately wondered what was going on. This wasn’t what she’d expected, though. How could they stand to listen to his pleas? How could they take advantage of him when he was helpless like that? How could they not realize how Max was still traumatized by his experiences in the White Room?

She was so angry as she came through the window, focused on kicking their collective asses that she hadn’t spared a thought on shock or amazement of what she was interrupting. She’d have to deal with that later, but for now, she had heads to roll.

Not looking at him since she was still busy glaring daggers at the others who were staring at her in openmouthed shock, she asked, “Max, are you ok?”

In a strangled voice, Max answered, “I am now.”

Turning to face him, her eyes widened at the mirth dancing on his face. “Now that you’re here to rescue me, that is,” he added, his golden eyes twinkling. He’d been mortified at her appearance in his bedroom when he’d been engaged with the guys in sexual activities, instantly shamed for his alien needs, but that was replaced pretty quickly with surprised humor as he watched his tiny girlfriend take on the three much bigger guys and win. All because she was defending him. If he’d ever doubted that Liz Parker was amazing, this would have clinched it.

The humor on his face threw her for a minute. What could be funny about their friends abusing him like this? Then, realizing that she must have misinterpreted the situation somehow, she suddenly felt foolish and turned twenty shades of red. “Uh, what’s going on here, Max?”

“It’s not what you think,” he hastened to assure her. Momentarily forgetting about his bonds, Max tried to sit up again, and for the third time, he was brought up short by the handcuffs. Enough was enough. “Alex, could you?”

“What?” he asked, before realizing what he wanted. “Oh, sure.” Reaching into his front pocket, he came up with… a big pile of lint, but no key. “Uh oh.”

Kyle and Michael started snickering.

“Alex,” Max said, his tone considerably less amused.

“I know it’s here somewhere,” Alex said, hastily, while checking the rest of his pockets, coming up empty every time. “Maybe I left it in the car.”

The other two boy’s chuckling had turned into outright guffaws at Max’s thunderous expression. Still feeling protective of Max, and not finding any of this funny, Liz grabbed Kyle by the collar and dragged him bodily over to the window with every intention of tossing him through it headfirst. “Out!” she commanded, pointing.

“Alright, I’m going, I’m going,” he said. “Alex, you want me to check your car?”

“Uh, yeah, but I’m sure I brought it in.” He was looking around Max’s dresser and desk as he spoke.

Michael was still laughing as he pulled on his shirt. Liz moved toward him dangerously and he raised his hands, saying, “Hey, I wasn’t even touching him when you came in and the handcuffs were your buddy Alex’s idea. I had nothing to do with it.”

“Out,” was all she said, pointing to the unconventional, yet well used, exit.

He had to climb over Max to get to the window but soon he was through it. Way too amused to leave yet, he stayed and watched Alex crawling around on the floor, still searching for the missing key.

After a few tense moments, Alex exclaimed, “Ah ha!” accompanied by the rustling of paper from under the bed. “Found it.” He sat up, displaying the key.

Kyle had returned to say that the key wasn’t in the car just in time to hear it was found and stood outside the window next to Michael as Alex unlocked Max’s wrists.

“Sorry about that,” Alex apologized.

“Don’t worry about it,” Max said easily, sitting up. He rubbed his wrists and flexed his arms as soon as he was free. “I’m sorry about going overboard about that other thing,” he said, inferring their discussion prior to Liz’s appearance in his room. “I guess I wasn’t thinking too clearly when it happened.”

“Don’t worry about it, Max. We’re just glad you came to see things our way. It means a lot.”

Max grinned at him in response and said, “Now, get out of here and leave me to my overprotective girlfriend.” He looked at her and took in the blush that had completely covered her face as well as her disheveled appearance. She wasn’t her usual impeccable self having rushed right over after her shower, but somehow, that made her just that much more attractive to him.

Alex chuckled, playing with the handcuffs absently before saying, “She was pretty impressive, wasn’t she?”

“Yeah, she was,” Max said warmly, reaching for one of her arms and pulling her into his lap. For her part, the shock of what she’d interrupted was starting to set in, and Liz went unresisting into his arms so she could hide her face against his chest. “Oh, and you better make sure you get those back to their rightful owner before they’re missed.” Max didn’t relish having to come up with excuses to Sheriff Valenti for why they’d borrowed his handcuffs.

Alex had already turned back toward the window as Max spoke, and he locked eyes with Michael. Lips turning up, he quirked an eyebrow in question. With a wide grin, the alien nodded, meaning, he couldn’t wait to see this. Putting the handcuffs and keys back into the brown paper sack they came out of, Alex turned back around. “Sure thing, Max.” Dropping them in Liz’s lap, he said, “Thanks, Liz.”

Then he bolted for the window.

Racing for their cars, lest she come after them, the last thing they heard over their laughter was Max’s confused voice asking, “Uh, Liz?”


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Hey all,I 've been doing som e fooling around in Photoshop (not writing, mind you) 'cause I was thinking I wanted to have a cool banner for my story, too. Everyone's got one but me.

I know, I am such a sheep. If my friends were all jumping off cliffs, I would probably want to jump too.

So, anyway, what do you think? I had people, but they looked really lame, so instead, I got foursquare symbols. It's kinda appropriate, don'tcha think? So, tell me honestly... Is is really cool, or just mostly lame? (My friends have already let me know I should stick to writing and leave the fanart to the pros, but since I'm a glutton for punishment, I thought I'd see what you guys think before I completely gave up.)

Don't worry, the next part isn't dependant on any accolades... well, not entirely.

See ya on Tuesday,

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Thanks for the thoughts ZannyB. LOL As far as the PN series, there's only been a few wasted opportunities in this one. Most of the Nookie is taking place right in the story. I think the only ones we're missing are: Isabel handcuffing Alex, and Michael and Maria doing it on Liz's bed. Once the main part of the story is done, I could go back and get them done, but for now, I need to keep working on STBFL. You guys are catching up with me so fast it's scary!

I'm getting really excited for Tuesday! I think you guys are gonna like the next couple of chapters.


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Hey guys, I'm back. I know, I never bug ya'll this much during the week, but you're kinda being my test subjects for pics. This is the last one, I hope.

Moonbeam, thank you for your kind words for the last one. Also, thanks for your message. I'm planning to send over a proper 'thank you' tomorrow, if I don't get to it tonight.

Lelea, you, too. I really appreciate the help you and Moonbeam have given me.

Ok and because this is so not the point, here's another banner. LOL


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For anyone who might have missed it, here's my all new banner for TD,TTG. (I made it myself.) :-)

Thanks to everyone for their continued support. Especially Lelea and Moonbeam. Ladies, you've helped me through a seriously stressful week, now to see if I can put your thoughts to good use. Keep in mind now, this is just the beginning...

Previously on Roswell...

Liz had awakened from the dream where she and Maria had pretty much raped Max feeling sick at heart. After a recouperative shower, she rushed over to Max's, looking for support and comfort and found all the guys mid-orgy instead. She promptly kicked them out.

Max had awakened from the same dream, confused, but with the guys there, he'd had his hands full and hadn't had a chance to think about things. At this point, they are unaware that they've shared the same dream...

Chapter thirty-two

When the sound of everyone’s engines faded away into the night, Liz pushed herself out of Max’s arms. Her emotions were in such a tangle she was having trouble sorting them all out. Anger, hurt, confusion, embarrassment spun crazily inside her like clothes in a dryer window, none of them settling for long before another was taking its place on top of the pile. Agitatedly, she thought the one thing she knew for certain was that coming over had obviously been a big mistake. She couldn’t even wrap her brain around the reality of what she’d interrupted here.

“I should go,” she tightly said, hugging her arms across her middle.

“Don’t. Please. At least not until I explain.”

“Explain what, Max? That you obviously would rather be with Alex and… and Kyle than be with me? I’m sorry I interrupted the fun. I guess I should have known it was a ‘members only’ party. And me without my club pass.”

The bitterness in her tone caught Max’s attention as much as her words did. “It wasn’t like that,” he softly denied. “I didn’t invite them over; they just came in while I was sleeping.”

“I didn’t see you kicking them out.”

“I was a little handcuffed, Liz,” he returned, stung that she was attacking him. Softening his voice, he entreated, “I didn’t ask for that to happen. In fact, I was dreaming about YOU when they came in.”

Feeling sick again, she abruptly turned away.

Hearing his mention of a dream returned her to what brought her to Max’s house in the first place. Despite all logic, somehow discovering him with all the guys didn’t upset her as much as is should; it was no where near as upsetting as what she’d been dreaming about earlier. Maybe it was because she knew he was connected to Kyle and Alex through their initiations. Heck, they had more of a right to show up in his room in the middle of the night than she did, when you get right down to it. And to top it off, she knew they were there because they cared for and respected Max. When they kissed and held him, it was for Max as much as for them.

Unlike her.

Comparing their loving actions to her plan to take advantage of him and to use his to satisfy her own selfish cravings, she definitely came out in the wrong. That Max had been dreaming of her all the while she’d been degrading their relationship, pained her deeply. Knowing Max, his dreams of her had probably been romantic with flowers and candlelight, soft kisses and gentle seduction. Hers had been about betrayal and deception.

How was she going to tell him, she wondered as her stomach flip-flopped.

Max had no idea the direction her thoughts had gone. Seeing her again reminded him of their earlier argument and after a short silence, he reached for her hand saying, “I’m sorry about what I said this afternoon. I was just so worried about Maria being hurt right there in the CrashDown, even with Michael and the others nearby. It scared me that something like that could have happened to you when I wasn’t around to protect you, I let my mouth overrun my brain.”

His words provided a welcome distraction from her private turmoil, and she allowed herself to be diverted. Accepting his apology with a curt nod, she defended, “Max, I’m a big girl. I can take care of myself.”

“Yeah, but when have you ever had to worry about getting hurt simply because some guy grabbed you? I couldn’t stand for anything to happen to you, if you got hurt because of me. That’s what I’ve been saying all along. If I let the others initiate you, that’s exactly what would happen. Some day, when I’m not around, some guy’s going to think it’s ok to touch you… Hell even the cashier at the video store could touch you just in the process of giving back your change. Any little thing could…” He rubbed his free hand across his eyes in remorse. “Jesus, Liz when I think of what we’ve done to Maria…”

“You don’t know that casual touches will hurt her, Max,” she pointed out, pulling her hand away. She and Maria had discussed it in length when they’d talked on the phone earlier. She thought her friend had been remarkably calm, considering the situation. Michael had done a good job of reassuring her, apparently.

“We don’t know they won’t,” he countered stubbornly. “I can’t let anything happen to you, Liz. I love you too much to take the chance.” He looked at her expectantly, and when she stared back, her eyes flat, he felt a trickle of warning against the back of his neck. He was coming to realize that something wasn’t right.

Liz stood looking at him in silence. His words were just that to her. Words. Empty syllables of empty promises. Her mood shifted again as she contemplated how his ‘love’ was going to keep her alone the rest of her life and anger stirred inside her. It wasn’t fair that she was left on the outside of this situation. Up until now, she thought she’d been a pretty good sport about things. The lying, the manipulations, she wrote those off as she had time and again in the past. She understood that the aliens were scared and protective of their inner-selves. They always have been. She, herself, had lied and used her own friends at first in the name of protecting them, despite her protestations that it would be ok if they knew the truth. She’d seen how strong and deep Max’s protective instincts ran, and something as bizarre as their love lives was definitely something he would want to hide. The outside world would never understand. As Isabel had pointed out, accepting aliens was one thing, gay aliens was something else all together. She got that. What she didn’t get was how come it was ok to tell everyone else except her. Why was it only when it was her turn to be initiated that it was suddenly too dangerous? Was it her? Had she ever proved unworthy of their trust? Of Max’s trust?

She was beginning to think Max’s hesitation came more from his own inhibitions and hang ups than any worry for her. She needed to be loved; he thought she needed to be kept on a shelf, under glass, protected yet untouched. His reality was so completely different than hers; it was mind boggling.

Well, she’d had enough. She was real, not a dream, not an angel, not perfect. Far from it, in fact. The stupid, hurtful plan she’d made up with Maria was out, but that didn’t mean Liz was going to give in. She deserved more than just words from him, and she was going to make Max see it too, before she left tonight.

On the heels of that thought, she began to shake anew as her mood pendulumed away from anger towards self-disgust again. Why couldn’t she just let it go? Accept things as they were? She knew Max was trying to keep her safe yet at the same time protect his family but still, there she was, unable to just let things be.

It was like the dream all over again, she thought angrily. What lengths was she willing to go to get him? she wondered with a light shudder. How could she even have contemplated something so atrocious? Just because Maria was willing to share herself with someone other than Michael, point in case being the menage trois between them and Alex just last night, didn’t mean it was ok for her and Max. Especially without his consent. Granted, she and Maria weren’t planning to implement it for a good long while, it no longer made a difference to her, Liz was no longer prepared to instigate something so vile. If nothing else, the dream had served to open her eyes. She’d changed. She wasn’t the same innocent girl Max had saved two years ago. That girl had believe in true love, monogamy, and happily-ever-after. That girl was gone, and if Max didn’t know it yet, she feared he was going to find out soon enough. When that happened…, she shuddered. The disbelief and revulsion on Dream Max’s face as he’d looked at her just before she’d woken up was going to haunt her for a good long time.

In fact, every time she looked in Max’s direction tonight, at his honest face, the vulnerability he was feeling fully on display for a change, she instead saw that final look from Dream Max stabbing her with silent accusations and her stomach twisted horribly. What would he say when he found out what she’d been planning to do to him?

Resentment, fear, distress, pain… over and over again. It was a sign of the stressful week she’d been having that she couldn’t even hold on to one emotion long enough to discuss it with him. Every thirty seconds a new one was pushing to the front, taking her thoughts in another direction before they’d settled the last one. It made it especially difficult for Max who was trying to follow her moods. He had watched her expressive face go from frustration to anger and back again several times already. Through it all, he kept quiet, waiting for her to speak. That was until she stopped and looked at him with a new expression. Hurt was plainly written on her face, along with guilt. Her bottom lip began to tremble.

“Liz?” he asked softly. “What is it? Tell me.” He held out his hand again, unsure if she would take it even now. To his surprise, not only did she accept his gesture, she flung herself into his arms, burying her face against his bare chest, inhaling his scent deeply.

“I had a horrible dream,” she whispered. “That’s why I had to come over tonight. I dreamt I did something terrible and when you found out, you… you hated me.”

If he wasn’t certain she was sincere, he might have teased her. The mere possibility that he could ever feel anything for her except intense pride and a deep love was completely ludicrous to him. Her voice and her body’s light trembling convinced him she was completely serious, however, and he pulled her as close as he dared. “I could never hate you,” he promised, stroking her hair even as he remembered his own dream.

He’d been shocked during his dream, yes, but he hadn’t hated Liz, he’d hated himself, feeling in some way he’d let her down. As much as he tried to tell himself it was only a dream, part of him refused to let it go. What had it meant? Dream Liz had been so determined to claim him, and he’d just gone along with her seduction. Maybe his subconscious was trying to point out that his being with the others was hurting Liz. Despite the fact he’d wanted her, had thought it was her he was loving, it hadn’t been her. Part of him was sure he should have known the difference. He’d been with Maria, and all the while Liz was forced to watch from the sidelines. Maybe that’s what that last look she’d given him was about, he thought. In pushing her away rather than holding her close, cherishing her, letting her know how he loved her, he was forcing her love for him to erode, until all that remained was bitterness and anger.

Hugging her tightly, he vowed he’d never let that happen. Things were still new for them; Liz had only been told the truth that very morning. They would find a way to work things out so she was protected and included. There just hadn’t been time yet to figure everything out.

In case she was already regretting her decision to stay with him, he told her reverently, “I love you. I could never, ever do anything but love you, Liz. No matter what.”

Eager to purge the horrible memory of her earlier dream, Liz willingly clung tighter to Max’s embrace. Her anger subsided for the moment, she just wanted to stay in his arms until she could look at him without guilt tearing into her with vicious talons. Maybe, if she stayed long enough, she could forget that the rest of it had ever happened.

Sensing her need, sharing it in fact, Max drew her closer and caught her lips tenderly beneath his own. Afraid of scaring her, he kept the caress light at first.

All too soon, it was apparent the soft touch wasn’t enough for either of them. Max knew Liz felt the same when her tongue came out to lick softly as his lips, asking to come inside. Opening his mouth above hers he let her tongue enter, rubbing it enticingly with his. Feeling her small hands grasp his arms to pull him closer, he deepened the kiss hungrily.

As passion flared between them, Max wasn’t surprised when the flashes started. The content however shocked the hell out of him. He saw Liz sobbing in the shower just before she’d arrived tonight, then he saw her earlier watching Maria flirting with Michael feeling envious and so unlovable, then it was the two girls talking together at lunch and her continuing anger. Next came her surprise at catching him and Alex kissing on his porch and her long time friend telling her, ‘It’s not my secret to tell’. More flashes followed, each one showing Max how wrong he’d been to keep holding Liz at arm’s length. He could see how their friends had done their best to keep the secret as he’d asked them to, and with every encounter, she’d felt less needed to the point she’d begun to question her own worth and desirability. How could it have been this bad, yet he never knew. He’d never noticed. Always the face she’d showed him had been of love and acceptance, keeping her true self hidden from him. He should have seen it, he thought angrily. He should have known. Liz is so smart, how could he have thought deceiving her was the right answer. Lying to Liz was never the right thing to do. Their friends had tried to tell him…

The flashes continued, eating at his heart and soul. This week had almost broken her. Liz who was the strongest of all of them had nearly faltered from the apparent abandonment by her friends and today’s revelations. Not to mention his seeming indifference. He’d made her feel ugly, unlovable with his continued stubbornness. Oh god, what had he done to her?

It was as if blinders had suddenly been removed from his eyes. It was as if his recent nightmare was coming true with every image. How could he not have seen what he was doing to her this week with his determination to keep her in the dark? He’d been so busy protecting her, that he’d actually hurt her in a totally unintentional way.

He’d seen enough, too much. Just as he was going to end the kiss to apologize, the tenor of the flashes changed, and he found himself unwilling to break the connection just yet. He saw Alex talking to Liz in the CrashDown this afternoon, felt her tentative hope that he was telling her the truth about something. He didn’t know what it was, but he could feel how terribly important it was to her. Then he saw Isabel and Tess talking to her in her room. Scene after scene from their brief time together flew into his mind, each one filled with the longing and desire she’d felt for his alien sisters. That stopped him cold more than anything else could have. Liz wanted Isabel? And even more unbelievably, she wanted, Tess, too? When had this happened?

That the aliens wanted her was a given, they were bound to him and through him to her. They had no choice. Liz wasn’t connected to the family in that way. If she was having feelings for Isabel and Tess, that meant… ‘What did that mean?’ he wondered. ‘She wasn’t connected,’ he repeated to himself, ‘so that meant that she must really want them.’ He could feel her confusion and yet, at the same time a certainty that there was something there she needed.

The knowledge of her attraction didn’t make him jealous as much as surprised, it was so unexpected. Before he could say anything about it, though, the next few flashes hit him and every other impression flew right out of his head.

He saw a glimpse of Liz’s dream from earlier.

Tearing his mouth from hers, and breaking the connection, he stared down at her flushed face, trying to think.

What had he just seen? Liz and Maria here, in his room, the handcuffs, the blindfold, it was all eerily like the dream he himself had been having when the guys had arrived. He’d heard again the words which she’d whispered in his ear, “If you could see my heart - the way I feel inside…,” and was stunned. That’s exactly what he remembered her saying to him in his dream, only he knew what he was seeing now wasn’t his dream, because he could feel what Liz was feeling as she’d said those words to him, the determination and regret warring inside her until her strength had won out, regret banished. It had been something he’d dreamed up, yet at the same time, Liz had been thinking the same thing. How? Was it possible…?

There was only one explanation he could come up with. As far fetched as it seemed, he had to know. “Uh, Liz,” he asked tentatively, stroking her hair. “You said you had a bad dream earlier? Was it just before you come over?”

The heat flooding into her face was answer enough.

‘Oh my god,’ she thought in mortification as she saw the way his eyes wouldn’t meet hers, ‘He saw my dream!’ Hiding her face in his shoulder, she clutched at his bare biceps, hurriedly explaining, “Max, it was awful…”

Shushing her distressed embarrassment away, he stroked her back comfortingly, “Do you think you can tell me about it?”

* * * * * *

Twenty minutes later…

“Do you understand any of this?” Liz asked in amazement. Her earlier embarrassment had flown in the face of the newest alien phenomena to hit her life. Sharing dreams with this level of detail was unheard of, the fact that she’d apparently instigated it shocked her. If they were going to share a dream, she would think Max would be the author of it. He was the alien after all. The scientist in her was already collecting data and compiling theories.

“No,” Max confessed, training his fingers through her dark hair, smoothing it out, absently drying it since she hadn’t taken the time to do it properly after her shower in her haste to see him.

“Has anything like this ever happened before?” Liz wanted to know. Confessing the details of ‘Operation: Getcha some’ to him had been humiliating in the extreme but she was allowing herself to be distracted by the discovery that they’d apparently shared the same dream.

“We,” Max said, meaning the four aliens, “have shared dreams before, you know that, from Isabel’s pregnancy scare last year and then the dreams we were all having over the summer, but as far as I know, it’s never happened with a human before. If the others are doing it, either they don’t know, or they haven’t said anything.”

“I wonder if something we did caused it.”

“I don’t know. I went to bed thinking about you tonight, maybe that had something to do with it.” He pulled her closer to him and added, “I am so sorry about being so harsh with you earlier, but Liz, you’re the only woman I want in my bed. Ever. Please don’t ever think that I want or need to be with any woman but you. Not Maria and not Tess, ‘k?”

“Don’t you want Maria?” Liz asked in a soft voice. “I thought everyone wanted everyone, I mean, don’t you get desire for her from Michael?”

“Yeah, but it’s different. I feel the desire, yeah, but it’s not coming from inside me. It’s not me who wants her, it’s Michael. The only woman I want is you.” He, of course, was completely ignoring the fact that he’d wanted Maria in his kitchen last Sunday afternoon. As far as he was concerned, Michael had made him feel that way. Besides, he hadn’t wanted Maria since then, so it obviously didn’t mean anything and wasn’t worth upsetting Liz over.

“Why don’t the others feel like that? Alex and Maria told me it’s like the desire becomes a part of them, too. That’s kinda why Maria agreed to help me. We figured she would want you, too, one day and you would want to be with her…”

“Maybe it’s different for a human,” he suggested, remembering his tortured thoughts the night before last when he’d discovered Maria and Michael together with Alex at her house. After watching the incredible amount of enjoyment Kyle had shown in pleasuring Alex just a few feet away from where he currently sat with Liz, he could no longer deny that there had been something left out of his dreams last summer. He was coming to accept the fact that there were other possible foursquares he hadn’t considered before tonight: the four guys together had been amazing. The amount of energy they generated while loving one another was shocking in retrospect, though he’d hardly noticed at the time. There must be something going on there they didn’t know about yet. And if the guys could be together, that naturally meant that the girls might one day want to be together. But, he swore, that was all. He still hadn’t changed his mind on the mixing up of the three girl/one guy or three guy/one girl combinations they had set before.

Unaware of his mental detour, Liz conceded, “Maybe… I don’t know… but Isabel loves me,” she blurted out.

Max pulled back so he could see her face. “What?”

“Isabel. She said she loves me. They said that she felt your desire for so long that it finally just grew on its own, and now she loves me, with or without your desire making it happen. So, maybe, you haven’t felt Michael’s desire long enough yet. Maybe, one day you’ll wake up and realize you do want Maria. Maybe one day, you’ll love her, too. You just don’t know it yet.”

“No, Liz,” Max answered with a certainty, “I could never love anyone like I love you.”

Taking a calming breath, she told him, “I love you, too, but Max, I want more than this.” Her voice remained soft despite the harsh bluntness of her statement. Her hand lightly stroked his bare shoulder as she spoke. “I need more. I’m already wound up so tight I’m about ready to explode. I’ll never be able to take even one year of this, let alone fifty.” Her soft eyes were serious as they locked on his. “If you won’t let them initiate me, we have to come to some sort of compromise.”

“What did you have in mind?” he asked, not without some trepidation.

Diving in headfirst, Liz asked, “What I interrupted here tonight, with you and the guys. Is that what you wanted? I mean, handcuffs aside, you wanted to be with them right then?”

Looking her in the eye, he gave her his total honesty. “Yes.”

“And you can… you know… climax with them?” Lord, this was getting personal, she thought, her cheeks flaming.

“Yes,” Max said, also blushing.

“So what about me? If you can be with the guys whenever you want, and get sexual release from them, what about me?”

Max swallowed. “What are you suggesting?” he asked, not wanting to jump to any conclusions of what she wanted, instead, willing to hear her out. After everything he’d learned tonight about how she’d been feeling this week, he was ready and willing to agree to anything – within reason.


See ya guys next week, same Bat time, same Bat channel.

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Wow, you guys! Everyone, it seems has a slightly different take on this part. I just wanted to hop in and tell all of you that Lelea is exactly right! As I've said before, feel free to froth, spew and foam away. We started the line of 'Max haters' a long time ago in this story and my take on it hasn't changed.

Breathless, please don't leave! You are not alone in your opinion, and far from being a black cloud, your comments are like a beam of sunshine to brighten my day. Of course I'm scared spitless that I won't be able to ever redeem Max enough to get him into your - and everyone elses - good graces again, but if you go away, how will I ever know? *happy*

I want to extend the same invitation to everyone. As Mpls Muse said last week, ya'll are a wonderfully opinionated group. Despite the fact most of you are mad at either Max or Liz or both at this point, you're being careful of mine and each other's feelings, which is what's important. (Especially mine! LOL) Post whatever you want. Feel free to disagree or agree with everyone else. I don't want anyone to feel as if their thoughts or opinions are too controversial to share, or are simply unwelcome here. That is not the case.

As all members of the "Max is a dick" club will tell you. *bounce*

Debbi, as their founder, I sincerely hope you'll continue to head up their meetings until such time as the club disbands and it's members en masse join the "Maybe Max isn't such a bad guy after all" club which is still working the kinks out of its charter and Mission Statement. LOL

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On second thought... I'm bouncing to the next page.
meet me on 32 everyone!


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See ya on 32.


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I hope ya’ll didn’t think I forgot about you tonight? Of course I didn’t. I had to put some final touches on this part and it took a little longer than I anticipated. So much so that I think I made a new personal record… I need to break it into Three parts due to length restrictions. (This is how much I love you guys!)

Now if everyone could be seated… You… in the hat… (What IS that on your head?!?) No, not you, the other one… No NOT you either, the other one. Yeah you, could you either slouch down or take the hat off for the next half hour or so? I think you’re blocking the view of the ladies behind you. Thanks.

Are you ready? After this chapter, we’re changing gears again. Starting next week, it’s Friday! YEAY!

NC-17 Warning – This chapter is not intended for our younger audiences…. Or our REALLY older audiences, either.

Previously on Roswell

(Liz had gone to Max's to talk about their dream before getting sidetracked when she caught all the guys with him in Max's bed. As we left her and Max, she was asking: )

“So what about me? If you can be with the guys whenever you want, and get sexual release from them, what about me?”

Max swallowed. “What are you suggesting?” he asked, not wanting to jump to any conclusions of what she wanted, instead, willing to hear her out. After everything he’d learned tonight about how she’d been feeling this week, he was ready and willing to agree to anything – within reason.

Chapter thirty-three

“I want to be able to spend time with Isabel, Tess and Maria.” There. She’d said it, and it wasn’t as hard as she’d thought it would be. “I *want* to be with them, Max. All this week, I’ve been having these feelings for them, and I don’t understand most of it, but I know that something inside me wants to get closer to them. This afternoon, right before you came over, Isabel and Tess said they wanted me too. They said it would be ok with you if we… became… *closer*,” she whispered, resisting the urge to hide her face at the obvious euphemism, “but I just want to make sure.” If Max hadn’t interrupted when he had, they might have already… Liz knew she hadn’t been in any hurry to call a halt to their lovemaking. Who knew how far it would have gone, had there been no interruptions?

“If I say ‘no’,” Max ventured to ask, his stomach clenching at the thought of sharing Liz with the girls, but he was aware there was more at stake than his insecurities. He knew what he’d seen in her flashes. It was unfair to keep going on as they had been, with her completely on the outside, but bringing her in with an initiation put her in an unacceptable amount of danger which was something he refused to do. Was this the answer then? Could he get past his instinctive possessiveness when it came to her and truly accept her openly being with his sisters and Maria? How long could it last? Was it possible that she was asking for even more heartbreak in the long run?

He needed time to think. He had to do what was right for her… for both of them.

“Then we’re done,” she whispered, not looking away from him, but instead, allowing him to see that she meant it, her words shooting straight as an arrow into his heart. “I love you but I just can’t do this any more, especially now that I know I’m the only one who’s being left out. If you won’t let them initiate me, then at least give me this. Or else let me go so I can find someone who can do more than kiss me, someone who can love me, too, all of me, not just some perfect dream version of me.”

So, there it was. Liz’s honesty had set down the terms of his surrender. He could either accept her compromise or he could let her go. In the end, there really wasn’t a choice to make. There was no way he was voluntarily letting her go. Ever. He too selfish for that, he silently acknowledged. He had to have her in his life at least in some small way or what was the point? She was the most important thing in his life. He hadn’t spent too much time with her lately, mostly because it was too hard to see her and know he could never be what she truly wanted him to be, the memory of his pain and embarrassment last Tuesday night had remained fresh. In the process protecting himself, he’d hurt her.

Never again would he put her into a position where she felt abandoned by everyone who was important to her.

“You’re right,” he agreed. “I’m sorry I can’t be normal for you Liz. It’s not fair to you to even have to ask this. Of course you would need to have more than I can give you. And if Isabel and Tess are what you need, then I won’t stand in your way. I never thought… I’m sorry for not realizing what you needed sooner. If you want to be with them, I think you should.” The words might have sounded pompous or condescending if taken out of context, yet the honesty in his eyes, the look of utter love and devotion on his face told her he meant them sincerely. He wasn’t giving his royal permission for something which should be her right to decide, rather, he was showing her he was just as scared as she was, afraid of losing her, willing to do what he needed to secure her happiness.

Still, he couldn’t stop himself from adding, “But Liz, please promise me that it’ll be only them. I mean, just the girls. I just don’t think I could take it if I heard one of the guys had been present or joined in.” He knew it would kill him to see her with Michael. Or Alex and Kyle for that matter.

“But I thought they couldn’t,” she said, not that she wanted to be with them, but because she was curious that Max would even ask.

“Michael can go as far with you as I can, which as I remember is a lot. The others…, I’m not sure how far they can go, but even if it’s only kissing you, or hell, even just touching your hair, that’s too far for me.” He stroked her hair as he spoke, giving action to his words.

“Oh, well, that’s something you won’t have to worry about. I’m definitely a one-man woman.” Despite her unexplained attraction to Michael, Liz believed what she was saying. She didn’t *want* to want Michael and saw no reason why he should factor into this. Attraction didn’t equal action in Liz’s book. If she had her way, she and Max would move to a deserted island and wrap themselves up in one another until the end of days.

As they both agreed to the other’s request, the dark cloud of tension, which had hung in the air since the boys’ departure, dissipated. In its place a brighter energy sparkled. For Liz, it was a sense of adventure blossoming, sprinkled with anticipation for the morrow. For Max, it was a tentative renewal of feelings that they could work things out to BOTH their satisfactions. She wanted to be loved, he needed her to be safe. For the first time since Sunday afternoon when he’d gotten that disturbing flash from Maria, he felt like things might be ok.

Max’s eyes glowed luminously as he pulled her close to him. “That’s good,” he told her in response to her proclamation, “because I’m a one-woman man. Keep that in mind next time you go hatching plots with Maria.”

Liz giggled, faintly amazed that she could find any humor in the situation at all. She truly felt a hundred times lighter with his agreement, like the weight of the world had been lifted from her chest. “You know where I got the idea for that horrible disaster?” Liz asked, her eyebrow raised. Grinning wickedly, she confessed, “The porn channel.”

“Oh really,” he responded, matching her lightening mood.

Seeing Max was interested, Liz nodded. “Last week, Maria asked me for some sexual advice, so to make a long story short, we went to Alex’s house a couple of days last week at lunch and watched the porn channel, you know, to get advice from the ‘pros’. There was this one with this lady executive who was seduced in a boardroom by this really cute guy. He blindfolded her, and had his way with her, or so she thought. When it was over, and she took off the blindfold, she realized it was some ugly guy she’d just been with, the handsome one had sat in his chair and watched the whole thing.”

Liz snuggled into Max’s chest. “As disgusting as it was, it kinda stayed with me all this week. When Maria and I were trying to come up with an idea of how I could make love with you without actually making love to you, well, that’s where I got it from.”

“And the handcuffs?” he asked with a small, teasing smile. The silver bracelets were laying on his nightstand, unassuming in their brown paper sack.

“That was all me,” she chuckled ruefully. “An erotica shop opened next to Amy’s shop in town. We went over there Wednesday after school, and I was trying to think of ways to help you over your ‘impotency’ problem.” Raising her head from his shoulder, she grinned, “Remind me to thank Isabel for that, by the way, not only did she make me feel better about Monday night, but I’ve never laughed so hard in my life.”

Only half pretending to be stung, Max asked with a pout, “You were laughing at me?” There was nothing funny about what had happened to him the last time he’d had Liz in his bed. Getting violently, and without warning, tossed from the heights of pleasure into that kind of pain wasn’t something a person got over easily.

“No, not at all. Have you ever seen the movie ‘Austin Powers’?”

Max shook his head.

Liz grinned and said, “We’ll rent it this weekend, and I’ll tell you why I was laughing.”

“Ok,” Max agreed hesitantly. He wasn’t sure he wanted to watch something that had Liz laughing at his expense, but he knew she wasn’t mean spirited, so whatever it was she’d found so humorous, he’d go along with it. Hell, after what she’d been feeling this week, he’d walk barefoot over glass if she asked him to.

Max was about to say something more, when Liz suddenly yawned, causing him to look at the clock. It was after one in the morning. Concerned, he admonished her, “Liz, you should get home. We have to get up for school in just a few hours. Do you have any tests today?”

“Just two, and they’re both after lunch.”

“My Social Studies test is first period, so…”

Liz immediately stood up, “Oh no, why didn’t you say something earlier?”

“I didn’t think of it, besides, I think we really needed to have this conversation. Liz? I’m glad I told you, you know, about me and the others. I hated lying to you, but I hated the thought that you wouldn’t want to be with me once you knew the truth more.”

Stroking his cheek, Liz assured him, “Max, I will always want you. And I’m glad I got the chance to tell you about how I’ve been feeling, too. I’ve felt so lost this whole week.”

Wrapping the sheet securely around his waist, Max stood and hugged her to him. “I love you, Liz. You can always come to me, no matter what. There is nothing you could ever say to me that would change that or make me think less of you. I’m just sorry I made such a mess of things. I swear I will try to think first before I go shoving my foot in my mouth again.”

Looking up, she gazed at him raptly, so lost in his sincere eyes that she nearly missed the beautiful expanse of his chest. Nearly. Lord he was handsome, she thought. Despite the craziness that came with dating an alien, she couldn’t help but feel lucky to have him in her life. It still amazed her that he said she meant so much to him, as much as he did to her. He and his ‘family’ were becoming everything that was important to her.

She was so glad he’d agreed to her compromise. Now she could be with him in their limited way, and she could also be with Isabel and Tess completely; she hadn’t lied when she’d told him she was feeling drawn to them. Finding out what this new attraction meant was definitely high on her list of priorities.

While this new arrangement made her sort of an ‘honorary’ member to the group, it was still better than being completely shut out. The thought of giving him up had been terrifying, but she would have done it for her own piece of mind if he’d pushed her to it. She knew she still could if the compromise didn’t work out for them… even if it meant giving up her best friends in the process.

She knew there was no way that she could stay close to them yet remain excluded from the largest part of their lives if she and Max ever called it quits. As hard as it would be, she would have to just cut all ties and walk away from everyone in the world who mattered to her if that’s what it came down to.

Thank God Max had understood her feelings and had given in; it hadn’t come to that yet.

She knew that this compromise was merely a temporary fix to a much larger problem, like sticking your finger in a leaky dam, but for now, hey! the town was safe. One day down the road, next week, next year, it didn’t matter how far out, it would no longer be enough, and they’ll have to face the reality of what to do then. She knew what she wanted: to be initiated. Unless he gave in, it would eventually come down to an ultimatum with her walking away as she had once before following the message from his mother they’d heard that hot summer day in the pod chamber. She’d been strong enough to do it once, she could do it again. The fact that she was risking an even larger heartache by allowing herself to get involved even further until that day came did not go unnoted, but frankly, she would rather see this thing through now and risk the pain later if it came to that.

Besides, sticking it out for now, meant she could at least have some small part of Max, and that was enough for her for the time being.

Reading the devotion shining in her eyes, Max began to feel unworthy. What had he ever done to inspire so much faith and love from this beautiful woman, he wondered not for the first time? He knew he didn’t deserve her, knew he was damn lucky she was willing to accept him and his alien restrictions. It was a fact that any other woman would have been long gone by now. He just hoped he could make it up to her everyday, so she never had any reason to regret tonight’s decision. He felt as though he’d been given a second chance with her after what he’d seen in the flashes a short while ago. While Liz herself had never accused him of hurting her, he still shouldered the blame for her hurt feelings. If this was his second chance, he swore he wasn’t going to screw it up.

Capturing her mouth beneath his, he pulled her closer until her soft body was flush against his.

Liz’s arms automatically rose to twine around his neck as she returned his kiss with equal ardor until they were both breathing heavily against one another. It was always like this, she thought dazedly. Always, it was as if something in him called to something in her and she was unable to resist him, even if she’d wanted to – which she didn’t. Despite her brave talk about being strong and leaving him, she knew there wasn’t much she wouldn’t forgive him for when he was holding her close like this.

When his wandering hands tentatively caressed the outside curves of her breasts, Liz protested weakly, “But Max, school. You have a test.” What she really wanted to say was, “Don’t stop, don’t ever stop touching me.” She needed him so much, but her responsible side refused to completely subside. Tomorrow was the last day of school before the break; there would be plenty of time for this in the next couple of weeks.

Max barely lifted his lips away from hers long enough to answer. “I don’t need much sleep, besides maybe I won’t have to fake as many wrong answers if I’m too tired to think clearly,” he answered absently between kisses.

“Won’t have to fake…” Liz repeated faintly, trying to grasp the meaning of his words through the passion beginning to cloud her brain. When she did, she shoved against his shoulders. “Max Evans, are you saying that you’ve been deliberately getting stuff wrong on tests all these years?”

Max grinned. “Well, I couldn’t go around getting hundred percents all the time, now could I? How normal is that?”

“Oooh,” she growled before punching him lightly in the stomach. She had to work hard to keep her grades up, and to hear that he had to work to keep his *down* just pushed her buttons. Reaching her arm back, she was ready to really let him have it.

He caught her fist in his hand before she could make contact with his shoulder. “Now Liz,” he said placatingly. That was as far as he got before the loose knot he’d put in the sheet came undone, causing it to fall to the ground.

* * * * * *

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Chapter 33B

Staring down at his newly exposed body, all Liz could say was, “Oh.” After all this time spent talking, she’d forgotten he was nude under there. How on earth had that happened? All thoughts of sleep and academics gone, she reached out and touched his manhood, which had grown erect during their steamy kisses. She wondered if it had been like that the whole time she’d been there. Had he gotten any gratification earlier? He’d climaxed in the dream as had she, but suddenly she wondered if it had happened in reality, too. “Max?” Even as she spoke her small hands fondled him lovingly.

“Yes,” he said to whatever she was asking.

“Did you… you know… earlier, did you? I mean, in the dream you did, but did you… here, too?”

The pink climbing her cheeks told him what she was trying to ask. “Yeah,” he told her, nodding. “I didn’t realize it, but the guys were already here, and Kyle kinda helped me out while I was still asleep.”


“I was really scared there for a second once I woke up, because I could feel I had come with someone, and I knew it wasn’t you. I was really afraid that it *had* been Maria until they told me what happened. It was very disturbing.” His tone and soft caresses told her he didn’t in any way hold her responsible for his reaction. It might have been her dream, but he’d been a willing, if unknowing participant.

“Yeah, I’ll bet.” She stroked him softly in unspoken apology. “But what about after that? Before I came in?” What she meant was when the rest of the guys had visited Max.

“You know, I might have, but before it got that far, some fiercesome creature swooped in the open window and showed everyone what a pack of cowards they are.”

Smiling lightly at his teasing, she asked, “Fiercesome, huh?”

“Yeah,” he cradled her tiny body against his. “She was easily ten feet tall, with vicious claws and fangs, and the sharpest tongue I ever heard. They barely escaped with their lives.”

“And they just left you with her? Some friends.”

“Yeah, but you know what? She wasn’t so scary after all. She was just hurting.” Tilting Liz’s chin up so he could look at her, he asked, “But I think she’s ok now?”

“Yeah,” she smiled tenderly at him. “A few kisses and she was all better. Hey,” she widened her eyes in surprised innocence, “it was like magic kisses. You must be an alien or a fairy or something.”

Laughing, he said, “Well, I’m definitely NOT a fairy.”

“You’re not?” she teased back.

He pinned her with a look that knocked the breath right out of her before stating, “You’re holding the evidence in your hand, beautiful.”

“So I am.” Continuing to stroke his hard length slowly, she leaned up on tiptoes for another one of Max’s magical, healing kisses.

“Did you?” he asked gently when their lips parted a few minutes later.

“Hmmm?” It took her a second to remember what they’d been talking about. When she did, she couldn’t prevent the blush that suffused her cheeks. “Yeah. While I was still dreaming, before I woke up.”

“Good,” he said just before he kissed her again. It was folly to get them all worked up all over again, but he couldn’t let her go, not yet, and he communicated that to her in the way he held her. His tongue lazily stroked in and out of her mouth, in the same slow rhythm she was using to caress him. Finally, he couldn’t take any more, not without taking the risk of hurting them both, and pulled back. “Liz, we have to stop. Please.”

Feeling empowered at his obvious reaction to her, Liz shook her head. “Maybe I don’t want to stop, Max,” she informed him. “Maybe I want to see how far this thing can go.” Between, Max standing naked in front of her, his agreement to compromise with her over the initiation, and… Well, she was in a room with a naked Max, what other reason could she need? …she was feeling excited, giddy with the potential of her future. Their future.

“What do you mean?” he asked, not a little confused, but intrigued, none-the-less.

“I think we found out how far we could go with you could go the other day, definitely found the line not to cross, but what about me? I mean, in the dream, it was Maria touching me. I want you to touch me like that.” She looked at him, trying to gauge his reaction to her suggestion.

“I don’t know if I can,” he told her honestly.

“Well, you’ll never know unless you try it, right?” her dark eyes were silently pleading with him to give in. To give himself over to the temptation she offered.

How could he resist?

His surrender wasn’t in words, but spoken loud and clear in the way he crushed her small body to his, brushing her lips with his. Silently, he vowed to find a way to make things happen for her tonight. He wanted to give her pleasure to erase the pain he’d given her this week. It may not be much, but to him, it would be a start in making amends.

Elation sprung through her, as she went up on tiptoe to match his ardor with her own. Liz wanted him so much in that moment, and half a dozen scenarios flickered through her brain of how they could proceed. One thing was clear, she was overdressed for the occasion. Breaking the kiss, she yanked her shirt off before entreating, “Touch me.”

Somehow, between her plea and her brazenness, everything became surreal to him in that moment. This wasn’t Liz, he panicked. But it was; the flashes he’d had earlier wouldn’t lie. Still, if it weren’t for the sweat trickling from his hairline, Max would have wondered if maybe he was dreaming this, too. Finally, he decided, everything was too real, too detailed to be a dream, and his mind cleared.

Liz’s breasts were beautiful, fuller than he’d felt earlier in their shared dream and he briefly wondered if the discrepancy was how she saw herself. She was in actuality perfectly shaped for her size, her nipples a perfect rose against her creamy skin. There was a tiny freckle just above the left areola.

“Max?” Liz’s voice had become uncertain after his inaction. Was she being too forward? Was he upset that she was taking charge? Offended?

“Sorry,” he apologized with a lopsided grin. “I was worried that this was another dream,” he admitted sheepishly.

“It’s no dream, Max,” she promised softly, her fears soothed by the desire on his face. He wanted her; that was all she needed to know. Pulling his head down, she kissed his mouth sweetly, gently invading it with her tongue, inviting him to return her affections. He needed no persuasion before he reciprocated, returning her loving caress.

Kissing her hungrily, he hesitated to do more, almost afraid to touch her, knowing to would take them across some unnamed boundary, not certain it was what she wanted, too. It was incredibly hard for him to let her lead him in what she wanted from him when he wanted her so much. The waiting was testing his limited control.

Of course that was before she placed his palm against her delicate skin, shuddering helplessly at even that light contact.

It was as if her action broke the hold on him. Max suddenly claimed her flesh, cupping her bare breast possessively before hungrily opening her mouth beneath his. Shifting a bit, he bent to pick up her slight form and placed her reverently in the middle of his bed. Unhesitatingly, he lay down beside her, more caught up in her partial nudity than his complete state of undress. Her breasts and belly entranced him, and as their kiss resumed, his hands searched over her exposed curves, learning about her textures and the sounds she made if he touched her just so. Pleasuring Liz was like a symphony of sensations, something he knew then he would never tire of.

It was the first time he’d allowed himself this much freedom with her body. Even last Saturday night, when they’d come here after leaving the dance club, he’d asked her to leave her bra and panties on. He’d never before touched her nipples without some kind of barrier between them, and it was intoxicating. Hell, she was intoxicating.

Beside him, Liz was not idle, either. Her hands were roaming over his back and shoulders, down his chest to his hard erection, which stood out proudly against its bed of crisp curls. Once she again had him in her grasp, where she touched, fondled and stroked him to her heart’s content, enjoying Max’s sighs and groans, telling her he was enjoying it, too.

For long moments they petted one another, letting their passions run loose. Mouths and hands were roaming freely, Max keeping his to the skin above her waist, for now. There was so much there to kiss and caress, it could have kept him busy for a year, or more. He immensely enjoyed Liz’s hands and lips on him, but more, he loved caressing her in return.

She decided she adored touching him everywhere, but more so on the part that made him a man, loved even more the darkening flush of his cheeks as his desire climber higher and higher, in tandem to hers. If it were possible to orgasm simply from the joy of watching your lover, Liz would have been there already. The pleasure and passion on his face was all she’d ever wanted and she daringly stepped up her caresses, watching him all the while.

Everything about that moment was beautiful, until it became too much.

Max, beginning to shake, finally had to pull her hands away from him. “Just give me a minute,” he begged, panting, while he unsuccessfully fought the debilitating ‘shut down’ command his brain was trying to give his body. He’d gotten too close and his body let him know it in no uncertain terms. Erection diminishing, pain scurried rapidly through his whole body, punishing him roundly for his recklessness.

Gritting his teeth and forcing even breaths, he tried to conceal its severity from Liz, not wanting to upset her. He’d wanted this night to be perfect for her. How sexy was it to have a boyfriend who could barely kiss her without something going wrong to spoil the moment?

After several seconds of tightly controlled breathing, while his hard body trembled and shuddered, the backlash began to relax its hold on him, and he turned back to Liz.

“Are you ok?” she asked, deeply concerned. She knew she’d caused him that discomfort, though thankfully it didn’t appear as severe as before. She’d never forget how Max had cried out in pain the last time they’d been fooling around in his room. Still, it looked very uncomfortable and she felt terrible for instigating this.

How was this ever going to work, she wondered, if she couldn’t even give him the most innocent of touches without causing him pain? Their situation was completely hopeless. “I’m so sorry, Max,” she whispered with tears in her eyes.

Cupping her cheek in his warm palm, he said, “Don’t. Don’t apologize. I knew I was getting too close, but your hands felt so incredible on me that I couldn’t bring myself to stop sooner. It was my fault, not yours. Understand?” He waited until she nodded before continuing. “Now,” he stated, rolling so that he lay partially above her, “come here and kiss me.” The fleeting pain, no matter how intense, hadn’t shaken his resolve – tonight was for Liz. If it was in his power to bring her pleasure, then he was going to do it. He owed it to her.

She looked at him hesitantly, so he supplied, “Unless you’ve changed your mind…?” He hoped she said ‘no’, wanting more than anything to keep going, but if his meltdown had broken her mood, he would respect that.

“You’re sure you want to keep going?” she asked, skeptically. She didn’t inadvertently want to cause *that* to happen again.

Bestowing upon her a tentative smile, he nodded. It was all about Liz now, and mending the breaches he’d put in her self-confidence, the cracks in her self-esteem. She deserved this and he was going to give it to her if it killed him. He knew she would never accept it if she knew his thoughts, so he didn’t feel remorseful, as he stroked her soft cheek uttering the half-truth, “Oh yeah. You see because of the blindfold I didn’t get to see you when you came in our dream. Even if it wasn’t real, I still feel cheated. I want to watch you come apart in my arms, Liz, and you’re not leaving this bed until it happens.”

Arching an eyebrow, she asked, “Is that a threat or a promise?” Immediately wishing she could call back the words, she mentally kicked herself. Last thing she wanted to think about now was alien badness.

Missing the shadow that crossed her face because he was back to nibbling on her neck, Max growled, “Definitely a promise.”

Shaking off her personal demons, Liz tightened her arms around Max’s shoulders and hugged him to her tightly. Soon everything was forgotten except the feel of Max’s warm body, mouth and hands against her skin as he wove his magical spell on her once again.

Everywhere he touched her, she felt special. Every kiss he gave her caused tingles in her fingertips and toes – and everywhere in between. All the places where his chest touched her felt like it was glowing. Her skin was tight in anticipation of each succeeding caress. And every caress both satiated her and left her crying for more.

In Max’s arms, Liz was making a study of passion and love. She was discovering no amount of kisses from Max Evans’ lips would ever be enough. She learned he should have come with half a dozen warning labels because she was quickly becoming addicted to his kind of loving, and most importantly, she found out that it was the same for him.

“I love you,” he whispered between kisses again and again. “Liz. Sweet, beautiful, Liz.”

“Oh my God, Max,” she sighed in return. “I love you so much.”

Parting her legs a little, she urged him more fully atop of her and he easily complied. Tentatively, he pressed his renewed hardness against her soft femininity, still covered by the rough cotton of her jeans. There was a break in the heated passion running through him, merely a warning at the close contact and he took it as such.

Playing with fire, Max reached between them to unfasten her low slung jeans. As soon as they were undone, he sat back on his heels and gazed down at her. Flushed with desire everywhere, Liz was beautiful… and overdressed. Cupping the back of one knee, he easily bent and lifted one leg to untie and remove her shoe, followed by the sock, before repeating the process with the other leg.

As he worked to free her feet, Liz watched passively yet avidly, enjoying the flex of muscle just beneath his skin. Every motion he made, no matter how small caused something on his torso to ripple or bulge. His whole body was a beautiful ballet of health and vitality as he twisted and turned every which way while struggling with her laces. By the time the small chore was completed, Liz was panting lightly as if she’d been doing all the work.

Holding her newly exposed foot in his hands, he pressed kisses to the top of each toe before nibbling on her instep and up her ankle.

“Max,” she protested, wanting so much more than his gentle teasing now. There would be time for that later. Now she just wanted to be as close as possible to him. As soon as he released her foot, she was ready. Lifting her hips, she pushed her jeans downward onto her thighs uncaring that her panties went with them.

“Liz,” he breathed. It wasn’t a protest, nor even a surprised utterance. It was a reverence. In her boldness, she’d laid to rest the last of his fantasies. Never again would he have to wonder about what she might look like beneath her clothes. Now he would know. He absently drew the unwanted material the rest of the way down her legs, not really even noticing his own actions, so focused was he on the dark patch of curls atop the slender columns of her thighs exposed to his loving gaze for the first time. Never again would he have to imagine how she might look in his bed with her gorgeous hair spread out on his pillow, her nipples pointing skyward, and her bare legs slightly parted in explicit invitation. Now he knew. Now the sight would be forever imprinted on his brain where one thought flashed: All of his old fantasies failed to live up to the reality of Liz Parker’s perfection. “Liz,” he whispered again because he had to. “Oh god.”

Putting his hands on the slender ankles on either side of his hips, he stroked slowly up the satiny lengths of her legs as far as he could reach before coming back down again, only to start over again, this time pacing one hand with his mouth. All the way up the inside her leg from ankle to thigh he went, slowly, cherishing her beautifully as he went. The closer he got to her hot center, the stronger the scent of her arousal hit him until it was filling his head tempting him in indescribable ways to touch and taste her there.

He knew it was impossible. He knew his alien leash would never allow him to go that far.

He knew and yet he dared to try.

* * *

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Chapter 33C

* * * * * *

Tentatively, he slid one finger onto the sparse hair covering her there. It was silky, springy… and making him incredibly uncomfortable. Still he pressed on, determined to touch her sensually, only to fail again as soon as he breached the curls to the lush skin underneath. Sharp, unforgiving pain streaked through him again, only much stronger this time, causing him to yank his hand back with a muted curse.

“Max stop,” Liz cried out too late. His large body was shuddering heavily between her legs. Enough was enough, she thought. It was stupid for them to continue. They obviously couldn’t do this, and she couldn’t stand to see him in pain like this. It hurt her beyond words to know she was the cause for it. “Please,” she begged, “No more.”

Falling forward, he buried his face in her soft belly, gasping and shaking as something like electric currents shook him, barely containing a sob stemming more from emotional upheaval than pain as tears stung his eyes. Her beloved scent mocked him. The arousal he could never touch, or taste. It teased him, just beyond his reach. God, he hated himself, what he was. Why couldn’t he be normal? Why couldn’t he be allowed to cherish the woman he loved physically as other men could? Normal men? It hurt… it hurt. The physical pain of his alien chastity belt only slightly stronger than the mental anguish it was causing. Both made worse by her pain at seeing him like this.

Despite it all, he gasped when he was able, “I’m all right, I’m all right.”

“Max, you are obviously not all right!” she denied.

Long minutes later, much longer than before, he finally recovered enough to kiss the quivering skin in front of him before weakly sliding up the bed. Resting his head on the pillow beside hers, he said, “I *am*. I’m with you, and you are so pretty… more than I ever dreamed you could be. I love you so much. I… I lost my head. I had to touch you.” Seeing her sadness and worry on his behalf twisted his already shattered heart into knots. No way was he going to let her get away with feeling guilty over this. “Stop it, Liz. It’s not your fault. None of this is your fault.”

“But I…”

“No,” he returned stubbornly. “I knew I couldn’t touch you there, but I did it anyway, and you know what, it was worth it.” He smiled benevolently at her blatant disbelief. “It *was* worth it. Now,” he continued several long moments later, feeling better as the last of the tremors slowly faded away, “may I kiss you, Liz Parker? Please?”

“Just a kiss?” she asked fearfully. She really didn’t want to see Max in pain anymore tonight.

“Yes, just a kiss,” he vowed, his unclouded eyes were beautiful as they pleaded with her to relent and she was helpless to resist. “My hands will only be in appropriate places, I promise.”

In answer, she scooted a little closer, offering her lips to him. After several eternities of his masterful kisses – not to mention what his hands were doing as they touched her with tendrils of fire, Liz’s arousal was back from having fled earlier. Moaning helplessly against his mouth, she clutched his shoulders, trying to draw him on top of her once again. She needed the heat and weight of his body pressing her into the mattress to keep her from flying apart.

Leaning on one elbow, he moved to cover part of her torso and felt so humbled as she sighed blissfully. He was the one who was blissful, that he could make her respond to such a simple thing as his body against hers still had the power to amaze him. Remembering their previous teasing, he knew that *she* was the one with the magic, the magic to forgive him, the magic to trust him over and over again. Despite the odds, she hadn’t given up on him, he wasn’t about to give up either.

Catching one of her hands in his, he tenderly kissed each finger, reverently looking into her eyes all the while. She caught the change in his mood, and a hushed stillness came over them. Singling out her first finger, he nibbled on its tip before sucking it lightly into his mouth, rubbing it with his tongue before releasing it again. Moving to her middle finger, he repeated the process. All the while, he watched her, his golden eyes at once entreating and worshipping her.

Finally when she couldn’t take it any more, she asked, “What, Max?”

Continuing to hold her hand in his, he said, “I want to see you come apart in my arms, Liz. I want to share something more meaningful than just kisses with you.”

“Me, too,” she whispered, upset that he would mention it again. They obviously couldn’t go any further. Did he want to stop? Was he saying that this wasn’t enough?

Reading her easily, Max stilled her painful thoughts with a passionate kiss, stroking deep inside her mouth aggressively with his tongue, until she was panting beneath him. All the while, he kept possession of her delicate hand. When he finally broke off the kiss, he said, “I can’t touch you the way I want. The way that will bring you the most pleasure. But,” he smothered her protest, “you can.” Seeing her freeze as comprehension dawned, he whispered, “Please Liz. I want to fill you, but more, I want to fulfill you if not physically than emotionally. I want to watch you as you find pleasure in my arms, even if it’s not me…” He slid her unresisting hand down her smooth torso to her hip. “Together, we can do this, if that’s what you want.” He left it implicitly up to her if she was willing to continue: to go along with his unusual request. It was clear he wouldn’t push her to do anything she was uncomfortable with; it was wholly her decision.

Her eyes melting into his, she gave in without protest. It was what she wanted, too: to know pleasure while in his embrace, locked against his loving body, his soul quenching the fire in hers. The situation wasn’t ideal, but it could never be normal between them. She knew that, she’d accepted it a long time ago. Her hand moved the rest of the way of its own volition until her slender fingers were resting against her own dark curls. Her cheeks heated with a combination of longing and embarrassment, though the latter was quickly gone as Max again took her lips in a breath-stealing kiss.

With his weight partially on one elbow, his other hand was free to wander and he used it to caress and stimulate her in every way he could think of, her breasts with their sensitive nipples, her belly, the soft curve of her ears, the silky strands of her hair strewn across his pillow. Liz’s pleasure was the only thing that mattered to him now, that and showing her how much he loved her, how he worshipped her.

With every kiss he apologized for the pain and feelings of separation she’d felt this week as flashes once again began to flicker through him. She’d been so strong, as day after day she’d felt more isolated from her friends, from him.

Never again would she be completely on the outside of their group. He pledged it to her with every touch, with kisses scattered everywhere he could reach, with every whisper.

Inhibited by Max’s presence, she was hesitant at first to do what he’d asked, but his caresses soon had her tentatively overcoming her fears. Parting her legs slightly, she allowed one finger to slide through her crisp pubic hair. Finding the waiting bud, she rested there unmoving until Max jarred her passions anew by closing his lips around one tight nipple, sucking lightly upon her while his warm hand teased its twin. With a gasp, she arched upward into him, an action which pressed her more firmly against him and caused her arm to shift just a bit. It wasn’t much, but it was enough for her to stimulate herself slightly, a sensation, she gladly repeated.

Emboldened, she started to caress herself in that place he couldn’t touch, at first tentatively, then with growing enthusiasm while he loved her everywhere else until her hips were moving in time to her rhythm, a tempo he’d picked up on and echoed in his kisses.

Widening her legs even further, she accidentally bumped one knee against him. Taking it as an invitation he slid one of his large, muscular thighs over her slender leg, further pinning her to the bed, intoxicating her with his weight and heat.

As she got closer to her peak, she whispered his name breathlessly.

“Mmm,” he answered, his mouth on the side of her neck.

“Kiss me,” she pleaded. Her soft voice was hoarse with unrestrained desire, every breath a labored pant. She was close, so close.

He kissed her exactly as she’d wanted, tenderly, passionately, lovingly, a thousand tastes and textures, as twice as many emotions poured from his soul into hers and back again. He kissed her everywhere on her face only to return to her lips again and again. All the while, he never let her know the closer she came to her climax the greater his discomfort grew until he was starting to tremble with it once again.

“I love you, Liz,” he told her, holding her tightly even as his body demanded that he release her and back away. No way was he stopping now. She was so close. He wasn’t going to ruin it for her. Not this time.

“Max?” she gasped, not sure why, but needing to hear a reassurance in his voice.

“I’m right here. It’s ok. I’m not going anywhere,” he promised through tightly clenched teeth. Cupping her soft breast once again, he stimulated the puckered nipple even as he claimed her mouth one last time.

Finally, after being strung out for what felt like an eternity, the combination of Max’s loving caresses and her own stroking sent her over the edge, allowing wave after wave of passion to crest and break inside her. Clutching the back of Max’s sweaty neck tightly with her free hand, she reveled in being able to share this with him as she called her pleasure softly into the still night air. Again and again she moaned and cried out, as she continued rubbing against her clit, the release looping through her seemingly without end.

Smiling joyfully, she held Mix more tightly. There was a world of difference between this orgasm and the one she’d found just a couple of hours earlier in her room. Being with Max made all the difference in the universe.

As she finally stilled, Max collapsed above her burying his face half in the crook of her neck, half in his pillow, his breath sobbing as harshly as hers, only for different reasons. The pain was excruciating, worse than anything he’d ever felt before. Worse even than when Nicolas had mindraped him, maybe because it was everywhere, not just in his head. His skin stung, his dick throbbed painfully as though he’d been kneed in the groin, and the now familiar energy currents ebbed and flowed harshly inside him. It was best described as anti-orgasmic – the pain was effecting him in the exact opposite manner that an orgasm would have.

Beside him, Liz sighed in intense pleasure. “Oh my.” Turning her head slightly, she brought her hand to the back of his head, running her fingers lightly through his damp locks. “Max? Are you ok?”

“Yeah,” he lied without giving it a second thought, determined to hide his reaction from her. They would have to deal with this sometime, but tonight wasn’t the time. She deserved to enjoy herself while she could and he wasn’t about to say or do anything that would diminish this night for her. Don’t let her hear your voice crack, he admonished as he tried to keep himself together. Cuddling her closer, he asked, “How are you feeling?” his shaking hand ran over her shoulder and down her arm.

“I’m good, I’m, wow, actually,” she answered breathlessly as he pulled her warm hand upward. “That was incredible.”

“You are incredible,” he whispered, finding the strength to raise his head. Looking at her flushed face, the stars shining brightly in her eyes, Max knew then beyond any doubt, that anything he had to go through to see her looking at him like this was worth it. “I love you,” he told her for the hundredth time that night. Lifting her hand, the same one he’d just stolen from between her legs, to his mouth he again suckled on her delicate fingers. Tasting her essence there, he smiled in unanticipated satisfaction. Suddenly, it was as if he’d won a battle against his alien side. He’d been with her as she’d found pleasure in his bed, he’d kissed her delicate body as it trembled beneath his own, and he’d tasted her most intimate flavors. It had been nearly perfect. Nearly… he decided as the pain caused by his restrictive alien psyche finally ebbed away.

She was amazing and there was nothing he loved more than her, he knew, and as she sighed and shifted beneath him, he was reminded again of how lucky he was to have her in his life.

They lay silently together for several minutes longer, enjoying their closeness before Liz sat up with a sigh. “I should go.”

Without speaking, he helped her get dressed. “Thank you,” Max whispered when she was ready to go.

“For what?”

“For loving me, for putting up with me this week. For telling me how you feel about all this. For understanding about how I need to keep you safe.”

“You don’t need to thank me for all that, Max, because I do understand. And now maybe you understand me a little better, too. I need you, but I just couldn’t take being shut out any longer.”

“I know,” he smiled apologetically. “I’m glad you came over,” he told her sincerely.

“Me, too,” she answered with a warm smile.

On that note, it was time for her to go. “Goodnight, Max,” she said giving him one last hug, then headed for the window.

“Goodnight, Liz. Sweet dreams.”

She just gave him a gentle smile before disappearing into the night. Max turned and looked at his clock, then at his bed. Wow, what a night. As he remade his bed and slipped on a clean pair of boxers, he marveled how well everything was turning out. Liz knew everything and she still loved him. How amazing was that?

He had known he and Liz would uncover a way to be together that didn’t include an initiation, and it looked like they’d found it. They obviously had a few kinks to work out, but now she could be with Isabel and Tess without fear or regret. He could have her and Alex and Kyle, too. Liz’s compromise was definitely the answer. Could things get any better?


* * * * * *

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Two weeks in a row for late postings – sorry, guys!! As I warned last week, we’re switching gears. I hope everyone enjoys it.

I’m gonna have to give credit where credit is due, though. This chapter and the next are dedicated to Tasyfa because of a comment she made way the heck back on page 6 (or 11 depending on your settings). --I went with it a slightly different way with it, Tas, but still it was YOUR idea, as I was actually just going to skip right over this part at the time. Thanks!

This thing’s long enough as it is, so let’s get to it! Broken into 2 ½ posts due to length restrictions. (You’ll see what I mean later. LOL)

NC-17 Warning: This section contains material of a F/F nature. If that kind of stuff is offensive to you, how on earth did you get to here!?

Chapter thirty-four

No one in the history of Roswell ever dressed with as much care as did Liz Parker that Friday morning. She’d gotten up well before the dawn to jump into a long, hot shower. Her enthusiasm for cleanliness was unusual, especially considering she’d just taken a shower less than six hours before, but who cares. Today was going to be special and she needed to look especially pretty. She had big things brewing in her head, and none of them centered on her last two exams. Not even biology could hold her academic interest as she prepared for the day ahead.

She took an extraordinarily long time drying then styling her hair, allowing the towel she’d had anchored beneath her armpits to simply slip to the floor when it loosened. Instead of catching it as she normally would, she wound up kicking it out of her way. It felt incredibly strange to be standing in front of her bathroom mirror completely nude, but it suited her adventurous mood, so she didn’t even bother with locating her bathrobe. Once her hair was up, in a much more elaborate style than she typically wore to school, she quickly got out the bottle of body lotion, applying it liberally everywhere until her skin shone with health.

Then, with a steady hand, she put on her make up, going for just a tiny bit more than the blush and gloss that were her mainstay. Perfect, she thought, appraising herself. Her eyes shone as if lit by a thousand suns, her creamy complexion unblemished, and her hair actually cooperative for a change.

There was a knock at her door. “Lizzie,” her dad called. “Are you up?”

“Yeah, Dad. I’ll be down in a minute.”

“That’s good. Hey, I wanted to tell you that your Aunt Tracey called, and she said the baby is due any day now.”

“That’s great, dad,” Liz answered absently after realizing upon closer inspection that her eyeliner was all crooked. Why did she always manage to get one eye just right, but the other eye completely wrong? she harangued as she reached for a tissue to even things up. It was times like this she envied Isabel and Tess their powers. She wanted to look perfect today and she wasn’t about to settle for less.

“You mom told her we’d go help her out when the time comes. We’ll probably be gone a couple of days. Will you be ok here by yourself?”

She glowered at her uncooperative reflection. “Um, yeah, dad. No problem.” She was going to look like a lopsided raccoon at this rate. The tissue was smearing rather than helping. Turning on the faucet, she slightly dampened it and tried again.

“Ok. We’ll make sure to call you before we leave if you’re not here.”

Why did she let herself run out of Q-tips, she chastised herself as the tissue quickly shredded itself into a soggy mess. Determinedly, she reached for another one. “Thanks, dad.”

The second tissue was much more effective and soon she was all cleaned up. Standing back, she reassessed herself in the mirror.

‘Now it’s perfect,’ she thought, in satisfaction.

Knocking on the door again, Jeff said, “Hurry up in there. It smells like breakfast is ready,” before heading on down the hall.

Despite the extra primping, Liz was actually ahead of schedule, having woken up early despite her late night at Max’s. Rather than laying in bed, reliving every wonderful thing he’d said and done as they’d made love (sort of) she’d hopped right up because she wanted to get to school early today of all days.

Leaving the still steamy bathroom for the coolness of her bedroom, she opened her closet door and peered at the familiar contents inside. The chilly morning air had it’s predictable effect on her delicate skin, including her nipples which felt extra sensitive after last night’s caresses, tightening them into rosy peaks, yet she was in no hurry to cover up. The exotic thrill it was giving her to parade around like that was just pouring grease on the fire that was already burning inside her.

What a change just a few days makes, she thought, as she fingered the dress she’d worn to the club last Saturday night. She’d discovered a whole new side to all of her friends, and while she’d been incredibly hurt less than twenty-four hours ago upon learning the truth about them, now she was eager to explore the new possibilities that awaited her. All she needed the perfect outfit.

She already had an idea of what she was looking for; it was a question of whether or not her wardrobe could accommodate her wishes.

Last year, one of the girls in gym class had smuggled a small book of erotica into the school. She’d seen her classmates whispering and giggling over it for days until a teacher had busted them and promptly confiscated it. Liz had never told anyone this, but she’d caught that same teacher reading it later that day in her classroom during her prep period. Liz couldn’t be sure, but it looked like Ms. Winston had a hand moving between her legs as she’d sat behind her desk, turning pages avidly one-handed.

Curiosity peaked, Liz had later gone to the bookstore and found the small novel in the erotica section. It was called “The Story of ‘O’,” and apparently documented one woman’s search for self through an odyssey of subjecting herself to other people’s sexual whims. Liz hadn’t made it much past the first two chapters before she’d seen enough. Still, like the porno that led to last night’s revelations, parts of it had haunted her.

That lady, too, had been initiated into a secret sex club and though her initiation had been a whole lot more degrading than anything Maria, Alex or Kyle had gone through, she’d reveled through every illicit, heart stopping moment of it. Once initiated, she and all the other inductees had to wear rings on their fingers, denoting themselves as members to the exclusive group. Afterward, if a male member happened upon any female member in real life, he could demand sex, right there on the spot, regardless of time or place, or even if he knew her name. The whole thing had struck Liz as kind of weird, absurd in its lack of practicality but the part that was sticking in her head today was the strict dress code the lady had to adhere to in order to be sexually available at the drop of a hat if need be.

The rules stated that the lady could only wear button-down-the-front blouses so that her breasts were easily accessible, and no pants or shorts were permitted for obvious reasons. Her skirts and dresses had to be full skirted, easily pulled up out of the way for whomever wanted to get underneath them to the lush areas of femininity concealed there. No undergarments at all were allowed, excepting slips under skirts, and they, likewise, had to be full skirted. Garter belts were permitted as long as they didn’t get in the way of anyone’s pleasure.

Like she’d told Maria last week, what you are or are not wearing can make all the difference in how you see yourself, how you present yourself to the world. Today, if only just this once, she wasn’t going to be mousy, bookish Liz Parker. No. Today she was going to be… different. Sexy. Uninhibited. Available to anyone who might want her.

If only she could find the right outfit.

* * * * * * *

Max was spending his morning standing at Liz’s locker waiting for her to make an appearance. He’d stayed awake all night after Liz had left him despite his fatigue as his mind had busily processed and reviewed the previous day’s events, trying to make sense of it all. He’d started off the day yesterday by telling Liz the last of his secrets: about the initiations and that he’d bonded himself to Kyle and Alex during them, creating a link between them. A link which he was now discovering, thanks to Michael’s ‘assault’ last night was not just one way nor was it simply an emotional conductor as they’d thought.

Later, he’d discovered about harm the Tucker had wrought on Maria’s unprotected body with a simple touch of his vile fingers. After making sure she was truly ok, he’d gone to Liz who’d actually witnessed the assault, planning to reassure her she would never have to face that kind of threat, only to receive a different kind of shock altogether when he interrupted Isabel and Tess making out with her. At the time, he’d assumed his sisters were pushing Liz sexually or at the very least seducing her, and hadn’t felt bad for routing them. It wasn’t until later that Liz had told him their attentions were welcome, and more, appreciated, even wanted. He was further surprised when Liz refuted his reassurances of her safety, pleading instead to be initiated. He couldn’t understand at the time how she could completely dismiss the risk of personal danger.

After their shared dream, he thought maybe he understood a little better. Realizing the simple truth implied in the dream, Max finally accepted what his senses had been telling him for a year now: Liz was no longer that beautiful, captivating little girl he’d become entranced with in the third grade and he had to stop thinking of her that way. Liz was becoming a woman and he had better start treating her like one if he wanted to keep her in his life. Her husky cries emitted in the throws of passion while in his bed, in his arms, further enforced the idea. Liz was technically a virgin, true, but she wasn’t virginal any longer and he had better learn how to deal with that simple fact or he risked losing her.

Since he was somewhat limited, physically speaking, when it came to satisfying Liz’s needs, he concluded that he had three choices: Initiate her, give her up, or learn to share. Since the first to were non-options and not to be contemplated, that left the third, one he had thought Liz herself would be adverse to. She’d disabused him of that notion quickly enough yesterday when she’d laid out the terms of her compromise. The more he thought about it deep in the night, the more ideal it seemed. …That is assuming he could keep his jealousy and possessive tendencies in check. If she could find sexual satisfaction with Isabel and Tess and come to him for love and nurturing comfort… Granted, it wasn’t ideal, but it would be no different than a woman in love with a man who had a handicap, a physical impairment which prohibited him from making love to her, like someone paralyzed from the waist down, he told himself during the wee hours of the morning.

There had to be hundreds of couples across the nation that were in a similar situation, he realized with a lightening heart. Their situation might be unique, but it wasn’t completely ‘out there.’ He’d spent the rest of the night coming up with several viable possibilities of how they might be able to pleasure one another. Most of them would require him to pay a visit to the sex shop Liz had told him about last night.

Thoughts such as those had buoyed him up until he’d started the jeep this morning and was greeted with the sounds of “Ruby, Don’t Take Your Love to Town” coming over the radio. Like a bad omen, it had been playing on two different stations at the same time when he’d turned the dial in an attempt to escape it. Eerily enough, it had then started on a third station within minutes of him tuning in. After that, he’d turned the radio off altogether, preferring to finish the drive to school in silence. He was glad that Isabel wasn’t with him to question his strange behavior.

Even now, he still had the lyrics of it on the brain. It was playing endlessly in his head, taunting him, making his stomach queasy. Why was he letting a simple song get to him? The answer was all too obvious. It was a song about a wounded veteran confined to a wheelchair or bed who sits in despair as his woman makes herself up for a night on the town, knowing she’s going to be looking for a man who could see to her needs since he can’t. As she leaves him alone for what had to be the hundredth time he realizes his love for her had turned into something dark and twisted. Haunted by the lyrics because of his recent rationalization, Max had quickly changed the station but not before the damage had been done. The thought had been planted.

How would it affect him to see Liz everyday knowing she was sharing a part of herself he could never have with the girls? How would it affect Liz in time knowing he was doing the same thing with the guys?

If he could be with her, too, he knew it wouldn’t be so bad. He didn’t have issues sharing Kyle with Michael and Tess, for example. Granted comparing his feelings for Kyle to Liz was like comparing apples to the entire state of Florida, that wasn’t the point. The point was knowing that he could not share that part of her life with her would slowly drive him insane, he admitted.

He needed time to think, he decided as he waited for his girlfriend to arrive at school. At lunch or after school he would talk to Liz about the compromise and find out what she was thinking in the harsh light of day. Did she still want to try it out, or had she changed her mind about getting closer to Tess and Isabel in that way. If she admitted that she’d changed her mind after all, Max knew he would feel a certain level of relief, even though it meant they were right back at square one.

Whatever happened then, would be up to her. Considering what had happened this past week, he was through making her decisions for her. Whatever was decided, they would do it together, he resolved.

In the meantime, he wanted to be with her and bask in the glow of her loving smile. While he waited for her, he entertained himself with visions of how her eyes would light up when she saw him standing in front of her locker. He imagined how she would blush at the knowing look in his eyes as they swept her beautiful body, absorbing whatever outfit she was wearing, picturing her naked instead. Her own gaze would drop shyly only to catch on some part of his body before travelling to his hips then back up his torso. The next time their eyes would meet, each would hold memories from last night, and desire would begin arousing them anew.

Max had it all mapped out in his head. He was going to be so loving and romantic to her that, for today at least, she’d forget about the compromise and just be with him. He even had a single white rose blossom he’d stolen just for her from a neighbor’s rosebush hidden carefully away in his jacket. If only she’d ever show up at her locker, so he could give it to her, he sighed.

* * * * * * *

Twenty minutes before class was scheduled to begin, Liz was striding into the school, her heels clicking against the polished tiles as she made her way past her homeroom, past the library and Maria's locker all without stopping. She had a specific destination in mind, and nothing was going to deter her.

She passed a few friends and acquaintances who were also early, but didn’t bother to stop to chat with any of them. The smile she sent them told a story of its own: Liz Parker had a secret. A sexy, carnal secret. They all looked after her, man and woman alike, breathing in the perfumed air she’d left in her wake, observing her sexy legs, drawn to her understated perfection set off by her high heels, and the way the flaring hem of her skirt danced around her knees as if to draw their attention there. The guys in particular took note of her new look, but were careful to keep their thoughts to themselves around their girlfriends. They all made a mental note to discuss it with their buddies later in the locker room during gym class, but one thought persisted: Liz Parker was HOT.

How was it possible they’d never noticed before her subtle beauty? Guys who barely knew her wondered heatedly if she were going with anyone, or if maybe they stood a chance to win her. A few of them even wondered where she was going with so much confidence coloring her sexy stride. Several smirked outright when they saw her pause outside the door of the eraser room before boldly opening the door and stepping inside.

* * * * * * *

“I thought I might find you here,” was all the warning Isabel got before Liz was standing in front of her, looking amazing even in the dim overhead lighting. The door shut behind them with a decisive click.

“Hi, Liz.” To say she was surprised would have been an understatement. Isabel had never seen Liz looking quite like this before, and she wasn’t quite sure what to make of it. She looked alluring, beautiful, but it was more than her outward appearance. Something about her demeanor claimed her attention, warning Isabel that she was headed for trouble. Blinking, she asked, “Uh, I’m sorry. Did you say you were looking for me?” …looking like that, she silently added. At Liz’s nod, she said nervously, “Ok, well, here I am.” This Liz was different, confident, and more blatantly sexy than she’d ever seen her and frankly, it was throwing her off balance: she didn’t quite know how to read this unusual version of her friend. Clearing her throat, she asked, “What did you want?”

Taking the step needed to bring them toe to toe, Liz smiled mischievously and said, “You, silly.”

Thinking it was a pun, a huge smile broke across the alien’s face. “Really?”

Her humor was stopped short as Liz inched slightly closer and whispered huskily, “Uh huh.”

“Oh, well, then. Um.” Her eyes darted nervously around. Liz was here, looking like a heart attack waiting to happen because she wanted to see her. Wow. Who would have thought that she’d ever be meeting Liz Parker in the eraser room? No one, that’s who, she chided herself. She’s obviously hallucinating, else she’d misunderstood the situation. After all, it was just yesterday that Liz had been spitting mad at her. ‘There was no way she was seeking her out this morning for… There’s just no way,’ she told herself rationally. ‘She must want to talk, maybe she had some questions now that she’d had the night to think about what she’d found out yesterday.’

On the other hand, some naïve, hopeful voice in her head spoke up, pointing out, ‘Since when does Liz come to school looking like *that*?’

Liz had been watching humorously as Isabel obviously struggled with the simple idea that she was here, waiting to put the eraser room to its intended use: making out; but enough was enough. There was barely enough time before the first bell rang to do all she wanted with the lovely alien. Literally taking matters into her own hands, she boldly cupped her hands over the other girl’s shoulders and pulled her closer, going up on tiptoe to touch their lips together in a soft kiss.

Strike up a point for naivete, Isabel’s inner voice gloated as she responded instantly, pressing closer, and holding Liz’s upper arms in a tight grip, while backing her into the wall by the door.

“Umph,” Liz protested as she hit the barrier. Twining her arms around Isabel’s neck, she deepened the kiss, seeking out the lady’s tongue with her own.

Isabel was busy locking the door with one hand and removing the dust and grime from the tabletop beside them with the other as she accepted the growing passion in their kiss. As happened yesterday, she could feel Liz’s desire begin to spiral inside of her, mixing with her own, stoking it, causing her to burn with the force of their combined feelings. It was heady, yet impossible. There’s no way she should be reacting like this, not to someone outside of the family, but that it was happening was undeniable.

The inflamed human was stretching her ridiculously short body to its limits in an effort to be taller, wanting to be closer, to feel Isabel’s sensuous body rubbing in all the right places. Her legs were beginning to tremble from the exertion, when she felt Isabel put her hands on her hips, guiding her to the steel table. Easily, she hopped up on its cold surface and allowed her friend to step between her legs, spreading her knees in order to accommodate her wider hips.

The maneuvering caused their lips to part, and Liz opened her eyes to gaze at the beautiful girl’s flushed face. Wordlessly, she touched Isabel’s cheek, then dragged a thumb across her glistening lips. The hunger in her golden brown eyes, mirrored her own, she knew. She felt so alive, vibrant in that moment, and she knew Isabel was the reason why. What a stark contrast to how she’d felt yesterday in the CrashDown, before the big incident with Maria and Michael, she thought happily. Then she’d felt dried up, unlovable, ugly. Now look at her. What a difference just a few hours can make.

Boldly crossing her legs around Isabel’s hips, she pulled her closer to her heating body, unconcerned with how the action made her skirt ride slightly up her thighs. Isabel’s arms encircled her torso as their lips once again found each other. This time, it was Isabel who was the aggressor. Her hands were sliding up and down Liz’s back, enjoying the feel of the dark silk blouse over warm human flesh while their tongues began that slow dance of rub and swirl they each craved. Each pass of her hands brought her closer to Liz’s sides until she was holding still with one on either side of the smaller girl’s impossibly small waist. She had a random thought that Max’s larger hands could probably completely encircle her tummy, finger to finger, thumb to thumb, but it didn’t stay for long. And neither did she. Liz’s breasts were beckoning her closer and the way she was arching against her clearly stated her needs were the same.

The blouse Liz had chosen to wear this morning was made of black silk, sleeveless with buttons down the front. There was no bra beneath it, only Liz, she’d already discovered. Outwardly demure, the garment was devious, Isabel decided. Her fingertips could hardly discern the difference between Liz’s supple skin and the soft fabric, making it seem to her muddled senses that Liz was already naked from the waist up as her hands moved over the other girl’s ribs towards her waiting mounds.

Liz’s head fell back with an audible moan as Isabel finally cupped and held her breasts gently within her palms. A thousand images streaked through the human’s mind in that instant, all of them of Isabel, ranging from when she was eight to the present day. In all of them, she was looking at her, Liz, sometimes scowling, sometimes frowning or just plain disdainfully. Other times it was pain or fear clouding her expression. There were fights as well as tears as Liz relived each confrontation and clash they’d had throughout the years, but through it all, Liz could feel the emotions Isabel was trying to hide, the longing and loneliness. And more recently, the love.

All of Isabel’s love was coming at her in a kaleidoscope of images that had no beginning and no end alternately humbling or empowering her as she came to realize how much the standoffish woman had secretly longed to let her in, to make friends with her, but had ultimately been too scared to do so. Liz’s soft heart just melted. With a small sound that was her name, she pulled her closer, willing her to know that she was trustworthy, had been all along; that she accepted everything there was to this complex alien she held in her arms.

Isabel slowly brushed her thumbs back and forth across the nipples that were begging for attention. Her sensitive fingertips were in tune to every nuance of Liz’s sweet flesh, and even the cloth did nothing to diminish the sensations. Stroking circles around the tips as well as caressing the whole area, Isabel returned time and again to the jutting points of flesh that were demanding her care. Dipping her head, she caught one nipple in her mouth, closing her teeth gently around it. Liz’s surprised cry echoed around the silent room startling them both.

“Liz?” Had she gone too far?

Pulling Isabel’s head back to her, she demanded, “Don’t stop.”

Not on your life, was the silent reply as Isabel reclaimed her prize. Ignoring the pliant fabric between them, she swirled her tongue across her, completely dampening the cloth before sucking the wet nipple into her mouth fully as her fingers continued the play with the other one.

Liz’s whole body was pulsating in ripples that resonated out from where Isabel’s mouth claimed her, and she tightened her legs around her, wishing she could get closer to her warm body. So focused on the desire was she that she never even noticed that the buttons of her shirt were coming undone one by one, seemingly of their own accord.

* * * * * * *

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* * * * * * *

Alex was running late this morning, thanks to his dad’s sudden interest in his college plans or lack thereof. As he had been frantically stuffing notes and books into his bag, Mr. Whitman had begun a lengthy conversation about possible school choices that ended with an admonishment for him to stop by the school guidance counselor’s office to pick up some brochures. Alex had quickly agreed - anything to get out of there - and had rushed to school.

Hurrying down the hallways, Alex had one thought on his mind: to see Isabel and kiss her senseless. To that end, he eschewed going by his locker until after first period. Even though it had only been a few short hours since he’d last seen her, he was impatient to be with her again. She was like a drug; he was helplessly addicted to her kisses, the feel of her in his arms, and he knew she’d be waiting impatiently for him in the eraser room.

He was already anticipating the scorching kiss he’d be treated to at his tardy appearance. Isabel like to make up in quality what they lack in quantity on days like this when their good morning ritual was rushed. His heart was already pounding at the knowledge that she was going to rock his world all over again.

Being so tied up in thoughts of Isabel, it was little wonder that he actually heard her before he felt her. Screeching to a halt with his hand on the door of their secret rendezvous, Alex became aware of the shivers rolling up and down his spine at the same time he heard the not-so-muffled cry coming from the other side of the door. Isabel was in there, all right, but she wasn’t alone.

In vexation, Alex raised his hand to knock - this was his scheduled time, dammit. Maria could just wait her turn, as far as he was concerned. - when a breathless cry arrested him. That wasn’t Maria. In fact, that sounded a lot like Liz. He put his ear to the door, listening intently.

“Isabel.” It was definitely Liz, but was that a plea or a protest? It was hard to tell, her voice was unrecognizably thick with desire.

“You’re so pretty,” was the whispered response he barely heard. “No, let me look at you, Liz.” Then, “You’re perfect. Perfect.”

His hand was now resting against the cool surface of the barrier reverently. The emotions he was getting from his beloved as well as the hushed desire in her voice, brought tears to his eyes. Liz may not be able to feel what it meant to Isabel to be with her like this, but he could, and he didn’t have the heart to break them up. There would be plenty of time for him and Isabel later.

Another gasp, this time louder, breached the locked portal and carried into the hall. He looked worriedly over his shoulder to see if anyone had noticed. The kids were milling at the other end of the hall. So far none of them aware of anything outside their own spheres, but how long would that last? The halls would be filling up soon, and he knew from personal experience that once they got wind of some horny couple using the small utility room they tended to congregate outside, waiting to embarrass the unsuspecting lovers as they emerged, usually to laughter, cheers and catcalls.

He and Isabel had been caught more than once in the last two weeks.

If she were to come out of there with Liz…

What to do? he wondered, his hand again poised above the door to disturb them, this time with a gentle warning. Another wave of love and desire hit him just as a group of kids passed by, several of them giving him curious looks as he stood frozen before them.

“Someone beat you to it today, Whitman?” one of his classmates teased, lightly socking him in the arm.

“Something like that,” he agreed with a casual smile that belied the panic growing in his eyes. Panic not for himself but that the lovers a few feet away might give themselves away.

“Well, there’s always the Janitor’s closet,” was the helpful response before they moved on down the hall.

“Yeah, thanks.”

What could he do? he again asked himself. He didn’t want to disturb Isabel and Liz, but he couldn’t just stand around out here, drawing more attention to them, either. And if anyone was hanging out here when the door opened and the two of them emerged, the shit was really going to hit the fan.

* * * * * *

Liz had felt so sexy this morning as she donned her ‘come love me’ outfit, thoughts of what she wanted to do with Isabel and Tess spurring her on. Right away, she knew her ensemble was exactly everything she’d wanted it to be. The black silk of her top had practically felt transparent as it had rubbed and caressed her unfettered nipples, at the same time it exposed every detail of their awakened condition. There was no hiding her desire beneath the thin material and that turned her on even more, her feelings building on each other, growing exponentially. And that was even before she’d reached the eraser room.

Now her shirt was on the table beside her, the buttons having come undone easily as she’d expected, only it wasn’t the only thing coming undone. Liz herself was unraveling as she held Isabel tighter, unable to get enough of the alien’s loving touches. Still too shy to return her lover’s scorching caresses, Liz timidly ran her fingers through Isabel’s hair and over her back, encouraging the other girl’s bolder explorations. She was completely at Isabel’s tender mercy, loving every second of it.

With one arm behind her shoulder blades supporting her, Isabel bent Liz slightly backwards, so her mouth could more easily reach her delicate flesh. She lightly tongued one nipple as her other hand plucked gently at the other.

Liz’s entire torso was flushed with heat, an unnecessary sign of her arousal: Isabel could feel it deep inside. In fact, she felt Liz’s reaction to every touch, every caress. It was prompting her to push for more, but at the same time, tempering her own reaction. Since the first initial crash of desire, Isabel’s own feelings had reach an odd plateau, keeping her in a bizarre state of being incredibly turned on but at the same time completely in control of her actions. She was being restrained instead of being allowed her to dive into a mindless frenzy of passion as was the norm. The sensation was almost as if she were… waiting. For what, she didn’t know. She felt like she was outside herself, or more specifically, *inside* Liz. To explain the unexplainable: when Isabel touched Liz’s breast, Liz responded eagerly to the direct stimulus. Her response was echoed inside Isabel’s own body so it felt to the alien almost as if she were touching herself. Isabel had never experienced anything like it in her life.

Because she was so attuned to Liz and her needs, she didn’t care about herself or what she was feeling. She only cared about her lover and what she was feeling.

…And what Liz was feeling wasn’t enough. Liz wanted more, and Isabel gladly wanted to give it to her.

Momentarily releasing her, Isabel straightened. Hooking her hands around the sensitive backs of Liz’s knees, she pulled her closer to the edge of the steel worktable, closer to her own body. Liz’s legs parted even farther to accommodate her as Isabel’s belly was now pressing against the apex of her thighs.

“Isabel,” Liz sighed as she crossed one leg behind them to bring their hips into closer contact.

Isabel kept one hand caressing the back of Liz’s knee as the other stroked slowly up Liz’s smooth thigh, enjoying the sexy feel of her silk leggings beneath her fingers till she reached the hem of Liz’s dark skirt. Releasing her leg, she instead touched the ardent human’s cheek softly before claiming her lips in a long, hungry kiss.

The fires burning in Liz jumped up a notch at the feel of Isabel pressed tightly to her throbbing wetness. She unconsciously began to undulate against her, stimulating the place between her legs that was aching for more. Answering the unspoken plea, Isabel moved the hand that was still on Liz’s leg higher. Slowly, oh so slowly, her soft hand caressed a path up the thigh it possessed.

Higher it went, then higher still. Liz pulled out of their kiss so that she could see Isabel’s face and so that her lover could see hers too, at this moment. She had to be sure that there were no doubts, or questions of whether or not they both wanted this. She felt no fear, only a deep sense of rightness as Isabel reached the hem of her skirt. There was no pause as the explorer continued her upward glide, pushing the filmy material along with her like ripples of a cresting wave.

Dark eyes locked on dark eyes, each mirroring want and need as Isabel’s fingers discovered the tops of Liz’s stockings. With a slight gasp, she looked down to confirm what her fingers were telling her. What she’d assumed were pantyhose or tights covering Liz’s warm legs were actually thigh high stockings held up by a lacy black garter belt. It was as unexpected as it was sexy. Her mind immediately jumped to the possibility of what else Liz might or might not be wearing under that skirt.

Right at that moment, the emotional bubble that had muted her own responses unexpectedly burst, and she was flooded with a tidal wave of desire that left her shaking in its wake. Her startled cry was lost in the resonating ringing of the first period bell reminding them both of where they were. How could they have forgotten? Snatching her hands back and turning away, Isabel fought for control of her body. It was a nearly impossible task with the newly unleashed desire thundering through her bloodstream. Was it this strong because it had been suppressed, or was this truly how much she longed to consummate her relationship with Liz? she wondered dizzily. Breathing in great gusts of air through her mouth in order to avoid Liz’s intoxicating scent, Isabel was leaning toward the latter. They only had five minutes to get to class and Isabel didn’t think she’d be ready if she had five years. Not after what they’d just shared.

Her hands clenched into fists as she tried to gain control of her rampaging desire. She didn’t understanding what was happening. Why her responses had been so contained earlier but were so out of control now. Plus the whole thing with feeling Liz’s emotions and responses… What she did know was that it was becoming less important with each shuddering breath that racked her body. Oblivious to the growing noise right outside the door, Isabel turned around and stared hotly at Liz before catching the unsuspecting human in a passionate kiss that left them both incoherent.

Liz, knowing that their time had come to an end, at least for now, had been in the middle of pulling her slightly damp shirt back on when Isabel suddenly pulled her into a fiery kiss that left her weak and trembling. Despite her surprise, she eagerly returned the embrace, as unhappy as the other girl that their time had come to an end.

Isabel impatiently pulled Liz’s shirt out of her hands, almost disintegrating it in her haste to remove it and all it represented, nearly forbidding her to don it again. Ever. She brazenly seized Liz’s breasts with both hands, twisting the already turgid areolas into stiffer points.

Caught off guard, Liz cried out loudly as the unexpected pleasure sent shivers like lightening into her core. She pulled Isabel closer still, until they were nearly back in the same position the ringing of the bell had interrupted.

Temporarily deprived of Liz’s soft and swollen mouth as her friend called her pleasure to the dusty room, Isabel instead feasted on her neck, nipping and sucking, uncaring if her caresses left red marks on her delicate skin. Let Liz walk around with the evidence of her possession for all to see, Isabel thought brashly, the idea secretly thrilling her.

They were broken apart once again at a sudden knocking at the door. “Hey, in there.” It was Alex, and his voice sounded extremely strained. That brought them both back to earth with a thud. Alex! How could she have forgotten Alex? Isabel berated herself, they always met up in here in the morning. Looking at Liz’s ravished appearance, she concluded it had been easy enough, indeed. There was more knocking. “The bell rang, in case you didn’t know. You’re going to be late to your classes if you don’t get a move on.”

“Uh, thanks, Alex.” Liz’s voice sounded as strained as his did. “I might have to kill him later,” she grumbled, looking around again for her shirt.

Unwilling to just call a halt to this… what ever it was, Isabel put a shaking hand out to stop her. “We don’t have to go to class…” she invited, letting her voice trail off with an unspoken suggestion.

“Don’t you have first period with Max?” Liz asked, the last word coming out as a loud squeak as Isabel tweaked her breast.

“Yeah?” it was both an affirmation and a question. Unlike Liz, she didn’t care if she missed a class with him in it.

It was becoming hard to think, Liz silently admitted as Isabel continued to tempt her into staying. Where was she going with this? she wondered hazily. Oh yeah, “Don’t you… don’t you have a test today?”

Wordlessly, Isabel nodded. And watched reluctantly as Liz removed her hands from her body, holding and kissing them each before releasing her. “Come on, there’ll be time for us later.”

In less time than she would have liked, Isabel had ‘fixed’ both of their appearances, leaving one reddened mark on Liz’s neck, unable to resist passing on some small, tangible piece of evidence of their morning tryst.

Unlocking the door, she carelessly pulled it open in her haste to get them to their classes and the two girls gasped in shock of the small crowd milling around outside. At their appearance, there was a short stunned silence before a piercing wolf whistle cut the air. It was joined by several others as well as a smattering of clapping. Isabel immediately pulled Liz behind her, in a futile attempt to block their view of her.

“Way to go, Evans,” one of the jocks from the football team called out. It was Todd Tillman. He was looking at her in admiration and something more as his eyes traveled up and down her body, pausing in appreciation at her loins. He licked his lips sensuously.

He wanted her, she realized in surprise. That was odd. To her knowledge, he’d never looked at her twice before.

“And Liz Parker, damn,” someone else said in envious tones.

“Alright, guys, break it up,” Alex said coming to their side, glaring at the group in general.

“Alex?” Isabel’s tone was questioning. This wasn’t at all the reaction she would have expected. She looked at Alex, surprised at the love and confidence she read in his eyes. He wasn’t the least bit disturbed at everyone’s calm acceptance of her and Liz’s relationship. What was going on here? This was not supposed to be happening. Was she in the Twilight Zone? There was no way the small minded, gossipy kids at West Roswell High had calmly just accepted two women making out in the eraser room. Things like that just didn’t happen in real life. Oh, god, she thought in horrified panic, was she dreaming? Had she dreamt the whole morning? No, she finally concluded. She was still dressed. In dreams where she was this exposed, embarrassed or humiliated she was usually running around naked, to boot. Not a dream then. Then what?

The clapping and whistling had subsided, but the students in the hallway had made no move to disperse yet. They were too thoroughly enjoying the spectacle taking place there. From the back of the crowd, one of the girls yelled out, “Kiss her.”

“Yeah, kiss her,” one of the guys agreed. Soon it was taken up by the others as a chant: Kiss her, kiss her, kiss her; growing in volume as everyone in the short hallway joined in.

Alex leaned in and whispered audibly, “Yeah, Evans, kiss her.”

“Are you insane,” she hissed out the corner of her mouth.

“Well, they apparently aren’t going anywhere until you do, so you might as well get it over.” His eyes were begging her to trust him. And so Isabel did the only thing she could. Pulling Liz from out behind her, she tugged her into a short but passionate embrace.

And the crowd went wild.

* * * * * *

Hearing the commotion, Max increased his pace down the hall.

When the first bell rang, he’d given up his futile vigil at Liz’s locker and headed instead to his homeroom class, which was located just a few doors down from the eraser room. He was so disappointed no to have seen her, not to mention the fact he was becoming worried. It wasn’t like Liz to cut it this close in the mornings. He hoped she wasn’t sick, or worse avoiding him. Did she regret what happened between them last night? He couldn’t believe it, not after the loving look she’d graced him with as she’d climbed out his window. Something else must have delayed her. But what? he worried.

Rounding the corner, he stopped dead in his tracks at the sight that greeted him. Liz. And Isabel. He resisted the urge to rub his eyes in disbelief.

Apparently, he needn’t have worried. Liz had made it to school, all right. He blinked, but the vision remained. There was Isabel kissing his girlfriend right in the middle of the hall in front of a cheering crowd of on-lookers.

“What the hell,” he exclaimed before moving forward.

“Max, Max!” Out of nowhere, Kyle caught his arm saying, “What are you doing? You can’t go down there.” All the while he was unceremoniously yanking him into a classroom that was quickly filling with students.

“Why not?” he asked, fury erupting inside him.

* * * * * *

Releasing Liz quickly, Isabel stepped back.

Immediately taking her arm, Alex said, “Ok Romeo, you can catch up with Juliet later. We’ve got a test to take.” As they walked away, he called casually over his shoulder to his bewildered friend, “Oh, and Liz, Tess was looking for you earlier.”

Liz was holding her fingers against her bruised lips in bewilderment. She didn’t understand any of what was happening. Had she just kissed Isabel in front of half the school? And they weren’t freaking? As if seeking confirmation, she looked over her shoulder to the closed door of the eraser room. They’d come out and… The whole scene was so unreal as she relived it in her head.

She was still standing there when Donna Thompson sidled up to her. “So, you and Max Evans, huh? He’s such a hunk.”

“Max?” Liz asked dazedly, before it hit her. Tess. Oh my god. Tess had mindwarped half the school into thinking she had been with Max this morning. Looking around, she spotted the small alien at the end of the hall. She was standing alone, her eyes closed in a look of intense concentration, apparently still maintaining the mindwarp until it was safe to drop it.

“So, tell me,” Donna gushed, “is he half as cute out of that shirt as he is in it?

Blinking at the question, at it abruptly cut off any lingering mental wanderings Liz sized up the pretty girl in front of her. She too had heard the rumors about how Donna had made a play for Kyle the other day, despite knowing that he and Tess were together. Now she was asking about Max? Arching an eyebrow, Liz asked sweetly, “Why, are you planning another trip to the boy’s locker room?”

Not waiting for an answer, she sauntered off to her first class already planning how to say ‘thank you’ to Tess for coming to their rescue this morning just as the second bell rang.


See Author's notes next post...
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Author’s Note #1: The book Liz refers is The Story of ‘O’ by Pauline Reage. I chuckled as I wrote Liz had only read a couple of chapters because the 200 page book only has 4 chapters, so, in effect our girl actually read over half of it before putting it down. LOL

Author’s Note #2: “Ruby Don’t Take Your Love to Town” is sung by Kenny Rogers. Just for the heck of it, I thought it might be fun to post the lyrics in case you need a refresher so here they are:

Ruby, Don't Take Your Love To Town

You've painted up your lips
And rolled and curled your tinted hair
Ruby are you contemplating
Going out somewhere
The shadow on the wall
Tells me the sun is going down
Oh Ruby
Don't take your love to town

It wasn't me
That started that old crazy Asian war
But I was proud to go
And do my patriotic chore
And yes, it's true that
I'm not the man I used to be
Oh, Ruby I still need some company

Its hard to love a man
Whose legs are bent and paralysed
And the wants and the needs of a woman your age
Ruby I realize,
But it won't be long I've heard them say until I not around
Oh Ruby
Don't take your love to town

She's leaving now cause
I just heard the slamming of the door
The way I know I've heard it
Some 100 times before
And if I could move I'd get my gun
And put her in the ground
Oh Ruby
Don't take your love to town

Oh Ruby for God's sake turn around

See ya’ll next week!


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Happy Tuesday everybody!!

Now, before we begin, I have good news and I have great news, and I have bad news.

Good news: Next week we get a new Eppy of Roswell. YEAY!!!
Great news: Next week I’m going on a cruise with my hubby to the Bahamas. Super YEAY!!
Bad news: I can’t very well post from the boat, so, guess what? No new chapter next week. Sorry, guys. I’m not even taking my laptop, which I’m sure is going to give me a complex before I get back. LOL

So, enjoy the new episode, think of me, and try not to let my story fall off the board. LOL (I love you guys, you know that right?)

Your reward for forgiving me for missing a week is another long, (super long) part – remember two weeks ago when I said I broke my record for all time longest posts? Well I did it again. LOL. I even deliberated chopping it into two chapters, but it really all needs to go together, plus it makes a good bribe… You know, pace yourselves – read half today, and the other half next Tuesday, so you don’t miss me as much.

Ya’ll remember where we left off. Liz is testing out her and Max’s compromise on Isabel, and Max had himself a rather unpleasant surprise…

Broken into three parts due to length restrictions.

NC-17 Warning
– This chapter contains material of a F/F nature. If you find that kind of stuff offensive… why do I keep writing these warnings? You guys know what you’re reading, for crying out loud.

Chapter thirty-five

“Max,” Isabel hissed out of the corner of her mouth. They’d both finished and turned in their tests, and now they were waiting for first period to end. The room was mostly silent with the exception of a few scratching pencils and the rustling of other anxious students. Shooting a glance at the teacher who was occupied on the other side of the room, Isabel leaned over and tried again to get her brother’s attention. There was something that had been bothering her since yesterday afternoon, and after what happened this morning, she couldn’t wait any longer to tell him about it. “Max,” she repeated slightly louder.

Max slanted her a look out of the corner of his eye. From the time Kyle had stopped him from ruining Tess’s mindwarp, and had filled him in on the situation, he hadn’t had a chance to speak with Isabel, though he was planning to do so. The image of her kissing Liz in the hallway at school refused to leave his brain, fuelling his continuing anger. Whatever game she’d been playing had been dangerous, incredibly dangerous, and could have resulted in disaster, not just for her and Liz, but for all of them.

Yes, he most definitely wanted to talk with her, but he knew this was neither the time nor the place. On the other hand, in this class, she sat beside him thanks to alphabetical seating arrangements, and he couldn’t keep on ignoring her.

Mentally steeling himself for the coming confrontation, he looked over in acknowledgement.

Leaning closer, Isabel whispered, “I need to talk to you. It’s about Liz. This morning…”

“I know all about this morning, Isabel. You just couldn’t wait to drag her off and make a public spectacle out of her, could you?” Turning the full weight of his glare on her, he growled, “Do you have any idea what would have happened if Alex hadn’t gone to get Tess? How many times do we have to agree not to draw any attention to ourselves?”

Contrite, Isabel said, “I know. I’m sorry we were almost caught. But Max, I have to tell you…”

“Look, I told Liz it was ok for her to spend time with you but I don’t want to hear about it from you.” His voice had gotten slightly louder as he finished. The others around them couldn’t make out their conversation, but it did manage to catch the teacher’s attention.

“Mr. Evans, do you have something you want to share with the class?”

Flushing partly in anger, partly in embarrassment, Max stated, “No ma’am.”

“Then perhaps you could be quiet for the remainder of the period so that your classmates may finish their tests.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

Max fumed for the next ten minutes it took for the bell to ring. He’d already spent the fifty minutes prior in a state of anger spurred by jealousy, so another few minutes hardly made a difference. He still couldn’t believe what had happened this morning. The sight of Liz in a passionate embrace with Isabel was tattooed on his brain. All he had to do was close his eyes and there it was again, made even more infuriating because now he knew all the time he’d been at her locker waiting for her, wondering what was keeping her, Isabel had pulled her into the eraser room.

His anger with his sister had grown with each ticking of the clock until he was answering questions blindly, not even making an effort to read let alone comprehend the questions on his exam. It got so he couldn’t even see the paper any longer, only Liz and Isabel making out in front of a crowd of cheering humans. Now, apparently Isabel wanted to give him a blow by blow account of the morning? No thank you!

Staring at the clock, watching each second tick by as he waited for the bell to ring, his fury grew. As soon as it did, he was on his feet, and leaning over his sister, dominating her with his body. His soft tone in no way disguised his heated state of emotions as he stated, “What you do with her is your own business. Keep it that way. I never want to talk about anything that happens between the two of you. And you’d better hope I never see it at school ever again. Is that clear?”

“But Max,” Isabel tried again. He just wasn’t hearing what she had to say, she lamented. If he would let her finish, she knew he would want to talk about this.

“Is that clear?” his eyes bore into hers, forcing her acquiescence.

Isabel’s temper sparked. How dare he again subject her to his will? She wasn’t some puppet he could order around. She was a person, capable of making her own decisions and choices. She was his sister and she deserved to be treated better than this.

In her anger, she came to a rash decision. If he didn’t want to know her suspicions about Liz, then far be it from her to pop his little authoritative bubble. Standing to meet him eye to eye, she stated, “Fine. It’s clear as glass. Anything having to do with Liz is a closed subject between us.”

Just then, Alex came over. “Everything ok here?” He lightly stroked a hand down Isabel’s back.

Breaking off the staring contest with Max, she said, “Yeah, everything’s fine.” Smiling at Alex, she asked as she did every day, “Walk me to my next class?”

“It would be my pleasure,” he agreed, holding out his elbow for her to link her arm through.

* * * * * * *

Michael strode through the halls in a state of extreme agitation. He’d missed first period, but that was nothing new. Hell, his teacher would be shocked if he’d actually made it. Today, he was on a mission, and school didn’t score very high on the ‘things to do before the world ends’ scale.

He hurried his steps as the bell rang, signaling the end of first period. He knew was he running out of time - in more ways than one - as the halls filled with laughing, talking kids. He had to find her before she went into her next class.

Turning the corner, he spotted his prey up ahead. She was talking excitedly with Kyle about something until he walked over.

“Hey, man,” the teenager greeted him.

Michael barely spared him a glance. Stating simply, “We have to talk,” he grabbed Maria by the arm and tugged her down the hall, ignoring her very vocal protestations all the while.

Kyle watched them go with a small frown puckering his brow. For a moment, he considered going after them to either find out what was wrong, or to rescue Maria from the alien’s clutches, he wasn’t sure which, but upon remembering Alex’s confession from yesterday, he decided against it. He wasn’t about to put himself into the position of being in the middle of them when/if things heated up. No, that was one place he did not want to be.

The ringing of the bell warned him he’d been standing there staring after Michael and Maria for several minutes. Shit, he was going to be late to his next class! Dismissing them, he ran off in the opposite direction.

* * * * * *

Just about the time she’d decided the Skins had returned and were halting the forward flow of time, the bell rang. Finally, it was fourth period, and Liz was giddy with excitement as she practically ran to her chemistry classroom. It wasn’t the subject matter that had her all worked up today, though it was one of her favorite classes. Nor was it the fact that Max was in this class with her. He sat next to her and the first three days this week they’d spent the hour mooning over one another, which was usually reason enough to get her heartbeat racing.

But not today. Today, it was the prospect of seeing Tess that got her juices flowing, literally. Getting to sit next to Max for an hour was an added bonus, like whipped cream and nuts on a sundae. After being with Isabel this morning, Liz was nearly shaking from the thought of spending time with Tess later. Her desire was a palatable thing.

Stepping into the room, she smiled at Max, spotting him immediately. He smiled back, an open, happy smile that told her he was looking forward to sitting with her as much as she was with him, yesterday’s troubles forgotten after last night’s revelations and pleasures. His smile dimmed briefly however when she passed by her chair to make her way over to where Tess was sitting by herself on the other side of the classroom.

“Hi,” Liz said, her eyes touching the beautiful girl’s face, and hair. It was the first time they’d spoken all day, and Liz’s eyes eagerly gobbled her up. Soon, she promised herself, soon they’d be away from prying eyes and able to act on their feelings.

Tess grew warm under Liz’s regard and had to swallow before answering. “Hi.”

As surreptitiously as possible, Liz passed her a small folded slip of paper before turning away and going back to her desk.

Sliding into her seat, Max asked, “What was that about?”

“Nothing. Just saying ‘hi’. How was your test?”

As he answered, Liz sneaked a peek over her shoulder.

Tess looked up from the note she’d been given, the note that simply read: ‘Locker room? 5th period?’ and nodded slowly, a bright smile dawning across her face.

Liz smiled back luminously before turning to Max and giving him her attention for the rest of the hour.

* * * * * *

Though they weren’t in the same class, Liz and Tess had P.E. during the same hour. Typically, Liz ignored her and went about her business of changing in and out of her clothes. It was actually pretty rare for them to see - let alone talk to - one another in the short time they were in the girls’ locker room.

Not today.

Today, Liz strode into the room just moments after the late bell rang, unconcerned with her unusual tardiness. She’d hung out with Max till the last possible minute, enjoying just being with him. They’d taken some teasing from some of their classmates over the eraser room incident this morning, which thankfully he already knew about and so she didn’t have to explain it to him. Not that that wouldn’t have been an interesting conversation, she was just glad to have avoided it.

Now, as she entered the locker room, the rest of the girls were hurriedly changing before dashing into the gym leaving her utterly alone. Going to her locker more out of habit than anything else, she stopped and sat on the bench and waited.

It didn’t take long. After a toilet flushed nearby, she heard the squeaky sound of a lone pair of tennis shoes making their way to the exit at the rear of the room. The perky noise was in direct contrast to the dark, dank atmosphere that surrounded her, calling her attention away from the study of the worn edges of the wood bench on which she sat.

Rather than going through the door as one might expect, the person with the noisy shoes only paused there briefly before turning back and heading to the main entrance; the only other way in to the room, where again they stopped. Then they changed direction again and came right at her.

Expectantly, Liz rose to her feet and looked toward the approaching sound. In a matter of seconds, Tess’s bright head rounded the corner and the two girls faced one another.

“I was beginning to think you’d changed your mind,” Tess stated honestly from where she stood. Liz’s earlier intent had been clear, she had no doubt why the beautiful Ms Parker had summoned her here and she’d simmered in anticipation the whole last hour, but after Liz left their Chemistry class - clinging to Max with one hand, and a perfect white rose blossom with the other - without so much as a backward glance, followed by her tardy appearance here, Tess worried that she’d regretted issuing the invitation. Or that her natural shyness had kept her away, or that Max had. It was too much and as she’d watched the clock, her heart had gotten heavier with each passing second.

Even Liz’s arrival couldn’t completely dispel her doubts that somehow she’d done something, said something that had put her off. Or maybe it was something she hadn’t said or done. What was it about this human that left her feeling so insecure?

Taking three small steps, Liz reached out to stroke her cheek. “No,” she said simply. “No, I didn’t change my mind. I’ve been thinking about this all morning.” Bringing one of Tess’s soft hands to her lips, she whispered, “I want you.”

“Are you sure?” Tess managed tremulously, when truthfully she wanted to jump, shout, scream in joy for the warmth those three sweet words caused inside her. She hadn’t been sure she’d ever hear them from Liz and they were beautiful. She was beautiful. Still, she had to be sure. “You mean here?” she queried.

Nodding, Liz brought both of her hands to cup Tess’s face. “Right here,” she breathed, barely audible, before touching their lips together lightly.

Wrapping her arms around her, Tess said, “Well, it’s a good thing I locked the doors then.”


It was the last thing either of them said for a good long while.

* * * * * *

“Todd!” Kyle shouted to get the other boy’s attention.

Seeing he was open, Todd Tillman easily tossed the football to Kyle who ran it down the field to score. The varsity football team had fifth period together everyday, and they spent the time running skirmishes, drills, or doing simple physical fitness training. Kyle was the team captain. He was known to be easy going, a real team player and was liked by everyone. The guys all knew they could go to him if they had a problem, or if they just wanted to blow off some steam.

Though he never had, Todd had thought of going to him for advice or help a few times himself. Especially around the time when Kyle had started dating Liz Parker last year. Their summer romance had unintentionally sparked the hottest dreams Todd had ever had. Several times during those long, steamy months he’d woken in the dead of night drenched in sweat and semen all because their being together opened the way for a possible love affair for him, too. It was heady, scary. And something he only dared to dream about alone in his room in the dead of night.

In the end, Todd had been unable to make the first step toward initiating something between himself and the person who took up his every thought. Then it was October, and the opportunity was past. Not only had Liz and Kyle broken up, but she’d begun seeing Max and Todd knew he didn’t stand a chance after that. Even despite Liz and Max’s on again / off again relationship, it was clear, he’d lost his window of opportunity, if there’d ever been one. Now he was back to pining from afar, and avoiding the very one he wanted. He knew he could get close, be a friend, but that was all. It could never be more than that.

While that kind of relationship might satisfy some guys, Todd knew better. Being close like that but not together with the person he wanted more than anything would eventually drive him mad until one day he fell apart and revealed his feelings.

The thought of that happening sent Todd into a panic. It could never happen. He knew that to be that vulnerable, that exposed and be rejected would cripple him emotionally in such a way he would never recover. That he would be rejected was never in question. So, Todd buried that side of himself from the world, acknowledging it only rarely himself. It was easier to pretend to be someone he wasn’t than to show the world who he really was – not who… what. What he really was.

Just then, Kyle returned with the football, interrupting Todd’s musings. He called another two players to run the next play; Rudy Valentine and Doug Stimmons. Standing beside the captain, Todd glanced at him once before returning his attention to the field. Taking a breath, he asked, “So, did you hear about this morning? The eraser room?”

“Yeah, I was there.”

Oh? Todd hadn’t seen him, though of course, his attention had been directed somewhere else. “So, I guess Max and Liz are back together again.”

“Yeah,” Kyle agreed. “They’re still working a few things out, but they’re together again.”

“That’s good,” Todd offered striving for a casually interested tone. “I hope things work out for them this time. They sure looked happy this morning.” And gorgeous, sexy, blatantly turned on. Damn, he envied Liz Parker! Todd had felt his own blood warm just from looking at them. No, not *them*, him. “You’re good friends with Max, now?” Todd asked, then clarified, “I mean you used to go with Liz and all. It’s not weird?”

“Nah,” Kyle said with a chuckle. “I got too much other weirdness in my life to worry about Max dating my ex-girlfriend.”

Todd shot him a questioning look, which Kyle ignored.

* * * * * *

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Chapter 35 con't...

* * * * * *

With a single minded intent, Liz went after Tess, capturing the alien’s alluring lips beneath her own, plundering the soft recesses with her tongue unapologetically demanding reciprocation.

Tess eagerly complied, dueling their tongues together erotically as her hands rubbed up and down Liz’s back sensuously, discovering as Isabel had that there was no bra beneath the black silk. She’d suspected as much in chemistry when she’d seen Liz walk over to pass her the note. Her eyes had trained immediately onto the darting points swaying lightly beneath the dark fabric which seemed to beckon her; almost like curling fingers in a come hither gesture, those nipples had called to her. When Liz had turned and walked away, taking her lovely bosoms over to Max who certainly didn’t deserve them, Tess had nearly objected then and there. The small note left in her possession, signaling her turn was coming, was the only thing that stayed her hand.

She knew she’d get her chance with Liz, so she hadn’t minded too much the heavy flirting she’d had to witness last period as she waited. And now, here it was: her time was now. She was free to bask in the beautiful presence of Liz Parker. And she was eager to take advantage of every moment they had.

Their kisses continued, becoming deeper, longer as pleasure spiraled through their bodies. Emboldened by this morning’s encounter with Isabel, Liz allowed herself to touch Tess, unafraid of possible rejection. With confidence, she brought her hand up to caress Tess’s full breasts, holding and stroking them each in turn enjoying not only the feel of them against her palms, but also Tess’s gasps and moans of pleasure. She’d wanted to do this since Wednesday, Liz realized. When they were kissing in the Valenti’s back yard under the lazy heat of the late afternoon sun, she’d gotten the impulse then to know Tess’s body, only she’d squelched it. Not today. Today, she was going to thoroughly explore this golden beauty in her arms. And she only had a little over a half an hour in which to do it.

First things first: Tess’s blouse had to go. It was in her way. Pulling away from Tess slightly, Liz locked eyes with her as she started to pull the cotton fabric of the alien’s simple shirt up her torso, her intent obvious.

Entranced by the warmth in Liz’s normally sedate brown eyes, and enthralled by her fire as it coursed through Tess’s own body, Tess eagerly complied with the unspoken demand: there was no question of it; whatever Liz wanted, Liz would get. Tess held her arms over her head and allowed the human to remove her shirt completely from her body and drop it onto the bench beside them.

Liz broke their gaze to stare unabashedly at the curves she’d exposed. Tess’s bosom, larger than her own, was beautiful; round and full, held up by the straps of her sensible white bra. Liz traced one finger from her shoulder to the top of the stretchy fabric that was all which concealed her breasts from sight.

Stepping back together, Liz enjoyed how they were nearly the same height. Bosom to bosom they hugged as their mouths sought one another out once again. Liz’s hands roamed restlessly across Tess’s back, stoking her warm, silky skin. The elastic strap bisecting her back was in Liz’s path, and she unclasped it without a second’s thought.

Now, this was what she’d wanted, she thought as her hands roamed without interruption.

Tess was nearly overwhelmed with sensation. The unexpected joy of having Liz in her arms finally, the passion coming from Liz pouring through her center, mixing with her own desire. It was almost too much, would have been too much, except something was keeping her responses on a leash. Whereas her lust would normally be cascading from her in a great tidal wave of need, today it wasn’t. It was - contained - somehow. Tess didn’t know why that was, she just accepted it. Actually she decided it was good thing because it allowed her to concentrate on Liz and what she was feeling.

Releasing Liz’s mouth, Tess set a trail of kisses to her ear where she nibbled and stroked before moving down the long column of her neck. Liz lifted her chin, tilting her head to give Tess more room. As she did so, she pulled the straps of the now useless bra down Tess’s arms, dropping it beside her shirt. Both girls sighed in pleasure when Liz’s hands returned to her breasts.

* * * * * * *

Out in the middle of the football field, Coach Hanson, the older brother to Deputy Hanson of the Roswell Sheriff’s department, received a note that stated Principal Barnes wanted to talk with him immediately. Blowing his whistle, he called the guys into a huddle. Kyle and Todd joined the other boys on the team to hear what he had to say.

“’K guys you look good out there, real good. You play tomorrow night against the Bulldogs the way you have today, and they won’t stand a chance. Remember, we’re not going to get a chance to have our usual pre-game practice tonight, so I want you to do some exercises on your own at home.” Clapping his hands, he said, “We’re done for the day. Hit the showers early. See ya tomorrow, nine o’clock sharp.”

The guys started to disperse, talking excitedly, and the coach called out, “Valenti, hold back a minute. I want to talk to you.”

* * * * * *

Things were heating up in the girls’ locker room. Somehow Tess and Liz had moved away from the locker area to the shower stalls. Their voices occasionally rang out, echoing in the stillness of the vast room. Intent on each other, they were unconcerned about the noise until they heard talking and banging coming through the walls from the boys’ locker room next door. Apparently one of the gym classes was over. Liz glanced at her watch. They still had twenty minutes by her calculations. That meant someone had let their class out early. Thank goodness it was one of the guys’ classes she thought in relief. Her joy was short lived however because she realized who’s to say one of the girl classes wouldn’t get done early, too?

They had to hurry.

Tess shared the same thoughts as she saw Liz looking at her watch. Their time was almost up.

Liz’s curious hands had stripped Tess of all her clothes by this point, and they moved restlessly over her exposed body; from her breasts to her hips and thighs and back again. She explored the curves of her rear again and again, pulling the girl closer so that Tess was straddling one of the brunette’s slender thighs and her wet heat was pressing against the sharp hip protruding against her.

Until now Liz hadn’t yet touched her *there*, but she was ready. She just had to know if Tess was as beautiful there as she was everywhere else.

Slowly, giving her time to react or object, Liz slid one hand from her behind over one hip to Tess’s slender belly before making her way down to the cluster of blonde curls that awaited her at the tops of Tess’s thighs.

Tess had gone so still that she was even holding her breath. She was past the point of being amazed at Liz’s boldness. Her desire spiked higher and higher with each thundering heartbeat as she waited for that most intimate of touches. When it came Tess could no more contain her loud cry of pleasure than she could have stopped the earth from spinning.

Her voice echoed round and round the room with nothing to block or muffle it as it came back to them time and again.

“Shh,” Liz admonished softly as her fingers slid lazily between Tess’s folds. She was surprised in a good way at the amount of moisture that had collected there. It was as if that dew was an indicator of the amount of desire Tess had for her, and if that was true, Liz thought she was off the scale.

Tess rolled them around so that Liz was the one with her back to the wall as her hands moved with purpose across Liz’s still clad body. The silk beneath her fingers in no way deterred her from exploring Liz’s soft curves and hollows. The flaring hem of her skirt allowed for easy access to the skin underneath. Tess had been extremely surprised earlier to discover that the usually modest Liz Parker was not wearing any underwear under that provocative black skirt; only silk stockings and a lacy garter belt to hold them up, but had also been quick to take advantage of the easy accessibility.

Now was no different. While Liz caressed her most intimate place, Tess couldn’t help but return the favor.

Liz’s eyes flew open with a loud gasp when she felt Tess’s slender fingers stroking against her, firmly loving the area burning between her thighs.

Their lips crashed together again briefly, before parting and Liz began pressing nibbling kisses to her exposed neck. Tess’s hips were moving against her in counterpoint to the gentle rubbing of her fingers. Their pleasure skyrocketed higher, each breath that escaped them was a cry or a moan as they stroked one another closer to that place they each wanted to go.

When Liz slid one finger into her tight sheath, Tess’s voice again reached the far corners of the room. Liz was murmuring against her neck, soft soothing sounds that did nothing to calm her blood. Her body was starting to tremble, making her aware her knees were going to collapse soon. She was going to come, was vaguely surprised she hadn’t already, and she knew it wasn’t going to be quiet. Tess had a hazy thought that she ought to do something about that.

Rolling them again, she positioned them so that they were now inside one of the pink tiled shower areas. Raising her arm, she intended to turn on just one or two shower spigots to help cover the sounds they were making, lest it carry through the wall. Concentrating more on Liz than what she was doing, Tess accidentally turned on every shower in the room with an uncontrolled burst of power, the sudden noise deafening them.

* * * * * * *

“Yeah, Coach?” Kyle asked after he’d helped his teammates gather their equipment up. Being the team captain afforded him certain responsibilities, and he took his duties seriously. It was one of the things Coach Hanson liked about the boy. Unlike other players in years past that usurped the position of team captain for the popularity it afforded them, Kyle seemed to genuinely like all the ins and outs of it. He knew that Kyle would doubtless be leaving here next year with scholarships to the college of his choice for the sport of his choice. What happened after that was in God’s hands.

Coach Hanson had also graduated from W. Roswell an eternity ago with a full ride scholarship to University of Michigan where he helped the Wolverines stomp the Michigan State Spartans three years straight before throwing out his shoulder. He’d never made it to the pros, but hadn’t regretted returning home to pick up a coaching position at his old high school.

One of these days, they would sit down and talk about Kyle’s future, and Hanson would let him know that there would always be an open position here for him if things didn’t work out the way he planned. Not today, though. Today, he had more immediate concerns.

“How are you feeling today, son? Any more cramps out there?”

“No, coach. I’m fine. The diet you suggested must be working,” Kyle resisted the urge to roll his eyes. It didn’t matter what he ate, his ‘cramps’ would only go away if Max and Michael could learn to control themselves at school. So far, today had been a good day. Not wanting Coach Hanson to think he was a pansy, or that it was some chronic illness that plagued him, Kyle added hopefully, “Or maybe it was just stress related. But I don’t think we’ll have to worry about that again.”

“Good. So you feel good about tomorrow’s game? If you’re not up for it, just say so. You’ve got too promising a career ahead of you to be wasting it on stubbornness and pride at this early stage in the game.”

“Thanks Coach, but I’m good to go.”

“Alright, then. Hit the showers.”

“Yes, sir.” Kyle loped off in the direction of the rest of the team.

* * * * * *

It was Todd who heard it first, the sharp feminine cry echoing clearly in the boys’ locker room. It sounded exactly like a girl getting it on with someone. So much so that he looked around the locker area but didn’t see anyone; he didn’t really think he would. Not that he could care less about the girl, but a girl making noises like that typically meant a guy was with her, and that’s what got him curious. He wondered who it was.

The sound came again, this time stopping him in his tracks. He thought he might recognize that voice. They’d shared several classes over the years, and she was the kind of girl to speak up on most any subject: Liz Parker. Now, granted, he could be way off base here, he’d never heard Liz’s voice sound like *that* before but something about the tone, its dark sultry resonance reminded him of her so forcefully there was no letting it go once an image of her popped in his head.

Especially since, if it was Liz, there’s only one person she’d be getting it on with: Max Evans, which was something he’d pay money to see. Todd had long ago given up denying his attraction to the shy, dark haired boy. He wanted Max, and though he may try to hide it, his body had its own way of making its desire known. This morning’s incident outside the eraser room being a perfect example. He’d looked so sexy, tousled as he was after making out with Liz, and that kiss he’d given her in the hallway was so hot, Todd’s body had responded heatedly, hardening instantly in his jeans. That guy should come with a posted hazard sign, he thought. It wasn’t the first time, either. Though even in gym class Max Evans was modest, rarely taking off his shirt despite the relentless New Mexico heat, the few times he had, Todd had nearly embarrassed himself in his reaction of extreme appreciation.

It was in the ninth grade that Todd finally admitted his crush to himself. He never told anyone about it, partially because he was shy, partially because even back then, Max was making his own preferences known. There was a brief period of time when Todd used to sit in the CrashDown watching Max watch Liz. When Kyle and Liz started going out, Todd thought he might stand a chance to gain Max’s interest. His fantasies had run the gamut from the two of them hanging out, playing basketball, to catching Max unawares as he cried over losing Liz to Kyle. However they started, the dreams all ended the same: in a tangle of sweaty limbs and sexual fulfillment, wet sheets and soaked boxers.

The sound came again, bringing him back from his mental detour, making him aware of a need to adjust his shorts. The lovers were obviously not here in the boys’ locker room, but why had they sounded so close, he wondered when he heard the water come on next door. He was standing at the wall separating the boys’ locker room from the girls’ and realized the sound was coming from over there. Looking up, he saw there were no vents or anything connecting the two rooms. The wall was an unbroken surface with posters and fliers taped to it.

“Todd man, what’s up?” Rudy Valentine came over to ask.

“Shh,” he put up one finger. “Listen.”

They were quiet for a moment. Restlessly, Rudy said, “I don’t hear…”

They both froze at the moan that reached their ears. It sounded too loud to have traveled through the wall, though it definitely came from that direction. As one, they began pulling posters off the wall. Rudy sucked in his breath when he pulled off the one that was covering the hole drilled into the wall between the two rooms. It was at bellybutton height, and one could surmise it was placed under a soap dispenser or something else sticking out of the wall in the girls’ shower in order to escape notice from the other side.

Rudy began to bend over, but Todd gave his shoulder a shove. He’d heard it first, he got first dibs. Peering through the hole, he could make out the two bodies across the way, standing in the shower, but there was a stream of water obscuring their identities from him. Some idiot had drilled the hole directly beneath a showerhead on the girls’ side, and with the shower running, there wasn’t much to see but falling water.

From what he could see, though, that was definitely *not* Max Evans or any other guy. There were two girls getting it on in there. Disappointed, he turned away.

Rudy wasted no time putting his eye to the hole.

“Oh yeah, baby!” he crowed in triumph, garnering the attention of several other boys nearby.

* * * * * *

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Chapter 35 concluded...

* * * * * *

Another turn had put both of them in the path of the closest shower stream. They were now completely drenched, but neither cared.

Liz’s silk blouse was clinging to her like a second skin, hugging her erect nipples like a lover’s tongue. Or was that Tess’s tongue running over her?

Warm water ran in rivulets over her shoulders into the valley between her breasts, the silk now a secondary skin. Liz’s hair had come down and was hanging in wet strands over her breastbone and down her back. Water droplets daringly clung to her eyelashes making them darker, fuller than usual. In a word, Liz was arousal personified. It was a sight Tess would never forget as long as she lived no matter how many other showers followed this one, regardless the other participants. This was desire; this was want. This was the sexiest thing she had ever seen, would ever see.

Liz’s hand was moving tightly inside Tess’s lovely passage, stroking her body both inside and out, hitting all the right places until Tess was ready to scream. She was teetering on the brink of orgasm, had been for whole minutes now, but nothing was pushing her over. Not the taste and feel of Liz, beloved Liz, in her arms, nor the sensation of Liz’s mouth and hands against her, though it was everything she’d dreamed it could be and more. It wasn’t enough. Her passion had hit a wall and she didn’t know what to do, had never experienced anything like it.

She ultimately realized that her body was resisting because it wanted to please Liz. Part of her wanted to see that Liz reached her pleasure first, and was limiting her reactions, which under normal circumstances was fine with her, but for some reason, Liz was having none of that and kept circumventing her efforts to satisfy her. Each time she reached beneath Liz’s skirt, the human mewled in pleasure but still forced her to retreat again. Only once had she managed to distract Liz long enough to actually push one finger into her extremely tight passage by simultaneously sucking roughly on her nipple. She bit gently but firmly, against the silk the same time she plundered the secret well she’d coveted. Liz had nearly come apart then and there before determinedly pulling Tess’s head up, fingers twined in her bright locks, forcing her acquiescence. Twisting their lips together, she pulled the victorious hand from beneath her skirt.

Tess took great pleasure in sucking that single digit clean, as Liz watched with bright eyes filled with the kind of desire she’d only fantasized about. Her reward for the daring assault was an increase in the force Liz was using to pump inside the own passage.

Liz was resolved to completely pleasure Tess first; it had been her plan from the get go this morning. She knew from what Max had said last night that Tess and Isabel could make her come, very easily indeed, but could she do the same for them? After her failures with him earlier this week and last night, she was determined to discover if this could be a two way relationship, or would she ever be walking up and down one way streets of desire. She’d been too shy with Isabel this morning to do as she’d wanted but now, after several hours of regretting her timidity, she’d gotten past that.

Tess was close, Liz could feel it, sensed it, somehow deep inside her soul, but something was keeping her back. Well, no matter, Liz was not giving up until Tess was hers.

* * * * * *

When Kyle stepped into the boys’ locker room, he stopped still in shocked pleasure, which was as powerful as it was unexpected. Tess. She was somewhere nearby and she was… Oh god! The feelings he got from her, while less intense than what typically he got from Max and now Michael, were no less searing. The passion and love crawling over his skin and into his heart weakened his knees and he had to lean back against the door, which had slammed shut behind him.

Taking deep breaths, he tried to come to terms with what his body was telling him. Tess was with someone somewhere nearby. Considering what had happened earlier, he was inclined to put his money on Liz being the recipient of her desires. He couldn’t for a moment decide how he felt about that. Was he jealous? No. No, he was glad the two of them found a moment to be alone. Like Alex, he knew how much his beloved longed to complete her relationship with his dark haired ex-girlfriend.

So what was he feeling? Protectiveness. That certainly was one of the emotions swirling inside him. He hoped she had things under better control than Isabel had this morning. But that wasn’t all… What else was tightening his chest so?

His ruminations were interrupted when he finally noticed the complete lack of sound in the typically boisterous room. Where was everyone? he wondered. The guys should be showering and getting ready for their next classes. Frowning, trying his best to ignore the passion beating against his whole body, he stepped further into the room.

Rounding a corner, he gasped in stunned surprise.

It was like a scene straight out of Porkey’s. There they were: fifteen or so high school boys gathered around a small hole drilled into the side of the wall. As he stood there in shock, a feminine cry reached his ears, one that he would surely recognize even if he were dead. The guys let out a small cheer even as one of the boys shoved another out of the way to gain access to the peep show.

As soon as he put two and two together, rage slammed through him dislodging every other thought or emotion right out of his brain. Head down, he ran at the guys like the star quarterback he was, knocking the others left and right until he reached the center of the group. Planting himself in front of the hole he stood there, arms crossed, glaring at his teammates. Two of them picked themselves up and came at him.

Kyle warned them, “Try it and you’re out of Saturday’s game.” He stood facing them, feet apart, ready to combat the entire team if necessary. No one was getting past him.

That stopped them in their tracks. “But Kyle, man, there’s two babes in there, in the shower, getting it on.”

“Another word, and you’re off my team,” he said darkly.

“You can’t do that!” one of them exclaimed. “You don’t have the authority.”

There were several agreements to that before another voice pitched in. “He may not, but I do,” Coach Hanson stepped forward to declare. “And if I don’t find out what’s going on in here in the next thirty seconds, I’ll forfeit our game with the Bulldogs right now. You know what that means? That’s an automatic loss; our first of the season.” He’d stopped by the locker room to retrieve a file from his office before seeing what the principal wanted. He was glad he did. Kyle looked ready to take on the whole team; but no matter how athletic he was, he wouldn’t have stood a chance against so many. Looking at his favorite student, he said, “You wanna tell me what’s going on here?”

In answer, Kyle moved slightly to show the coach the aperture in the wall, then moved back just as quickly.

Coach Hanson got a comical look of slack jawed amazement in his face. “Don’t tell me that goes all the way through,” he demanded in disbelief.

“Hell, yeah” one of the guys, Doug Stimmons, spoke up. When Kyle and the coach’s eyes swung to him, he quickly stammered out, “But I didn’t look, sir, that’s just what I heard the other guys saying.”

Hanson was at a loss as to how to deal with the situation. Obviously some kind of discipline was called for, but he hadn’t caught anyone in the act; the only thing he’d seen was Kyle preparing to give out the biggest ass kicking in the history of W. Roswell High. Ok, first thing’s first. “Who put that hole there?”

“We don’t know sir,” Todd answered. “It was covered by a poster. We just found it today.”

As he looked, Hanson could see there was no sign of plaster on the floor, so he could assume it wasn’t recently put there, and believed the kid’s story.

“Well then, how’d you know it was there?”

Todd volunteered, “We heard sounds - I,” he corrected, “I heard a sound like moaning, I thought someone might be in trouble, so I went looking for it.” A small fib, but the guys all knew who found the hole. It wasn’t worth getting the rest of the team in trouble over his own folly, and if he played his cards right, he might just get out of this without being expelled.

“Moaning, what kind of moaning?”

As if on cue, another round of high pitched cries of feminine delight came through the small hole concealed behind Kyle Valenti’s body.

Gritting his teeth, Kyle closed his eyes, trying to deal with the unreasonable passion flowing through his body while not letting the other guys see him doing it. This time he was making no effort to hide the raging hard on he was sporting - half the guys were in similar conditions. Another, smaller cry was cut off as if another’s mouth had smothered the sound. Suddenly, Kyle was able to put a name to what he’d been feeling earlier; was feeling right now in fact, and he wished he hadn’t. Shit, shit, shit.

Nearly everyone in the room was staring in the direction the sound had come from. Some in surprise, some in lust. Todd was staring at Kyle’s burgeoning erection, feeling a little turned on himself. Damn, who would have guessed Kyle was so hung?

Rudy Valentine took a step toward Kyle - he was outnumbered after all - and if there were girls in there making out, then, dammit, he wanted to see it. His adolescent impulses were frozen by the look fierce determination on Kyle’s face.

Seeing that tight-lipped glare, Hanson nearly smiled, ‘Lord, he looks like his dad when he does that.’

Clearing his throat, Rudy covered by saying, “We should make sure that Todd’s not right, that someone’s not in trouble in there.”

“No one’s in trouble in there,” Kyle assured him darkly. “As I’m sure you know.”

“What do you mean,” he asked in feigned innocence. “How can you be so sure? Did you look?”

“Of course not!”

“Then how do you know?”

“Bite me, Valentine.” Despite the nearly placid tone, everything about Kyle’s body language screamed that he wasn’t budging for anything short of the next apocalypse. And maybe not even then.

Needing to break this up before it got ugly, Coach turned to the rest of the kids, “Alright guys, show’s over. Get to the showers all of you. We’ll talk about how we’re going to deal with this tomorrow.” Just as soon as he got an idea of how he was expected to handle this from the principal.

None of the guys moved. The whole of their attention was focused on what was happening next door.

Suddenly, there were more sounds coming from behind Kyle, and they were getting louder until all the guys heard, “Yes! Yes,” what sounded like fireworks going off - pop, POP, pop - and then finally, “Oh my god! YES!” (Now the show was over.) As if that was what they were waiting for, they all sprang into action, scurrying for the showers except for Kyle who remained at his post feeling drained and not a little lost as the wild flames of passion slowly subsided inside him.

“See,” Kyle couldn’t help saying aloud as he leaned shakily into the wall, “No one’s in trouble.”

* * * * * *

She was in so much trouble. Tess could barely contain the feelings scourging her senses. Liz had her on a fine line that was growing thinner by the second. What would happen when it snapped was anyone’s guess. She was clutching Liz to her reflexively, her entire body flushed in passion, her hips thrusting against the other girl’s slender fingers. Her desire, Liz’s desire was corkscrewing crazily inside her, escalating her own, driving her insane.

“Tess,” Liz implored softly. The alien was so close. Liz knew she should have gone over the edge by now. Was it not possible? Like with Max, could Tess not find pleasure from her hands, only instead of wilting as Max had, she just spiraled higher and higher on an unyielding plain of desire?

Tess knew she should be pleasing Liz. It was Liz’s pleasure that mattered, not hers, but the human seemed to want this. She’d dominated this encounter from the very beginning, but Tess’s body was resistant to finding the release that was waiting for it. She understood why. She thought she finally was beginning to understand how to get around it.

Pulling Liz’s face to hers, she whispered hoarsely between crushing kisses, “What do you want, Liz?”

Boldly, long past any shyness with this beautiful being who was letting her share this moment, Liz demanded, “Come for me. Please Tess, I want you to.” The warm velvet of her eyes implored her friend to give herself over to the feelings between them.

That was what she needed, was Tess’s last thought. Permission granted. Unleashed, her lust sparked inside her and went screaming over her nerves like a wild brushfire. “Yes,” Tess panted. “Yes.”

The passion coalesced inside her before exploding as her orgasm finally peaked, sending sensation thrumming through her taut body. “Oh my god.” She had a tight grip on the short, tiled wall behind her head to keep from falling to the floor. “YES!” The magnitude of the release set her powers off, and with an electronic hiss the lights directly overhead fizzed out, short circuiting the rest of the room. They all popped loudly as they each exploded in a cascade of sparks. The glowing bits of fire drifted down like glittering confetti before sizzling out of existence in the puddles of wasted water that lay on the floors in all of the now silent shower stalls. The weight of her liberation was unlike anything she’d ever felt before. It was amazing, incredible.

Liz caught her as she collapsed. “Woah,” she softly whispered, brushing the hair off Tess’s sweat and water beaded brow. “Careful.”

“Wow,” Tess said once she could speak again. She felt incredible. She knew being with Liz would be good, but this…

“Yeah?” Liz asked, a little shy now that it was over.

“Yeah,” Tess affirmed, before pulling her into a tight embrace.

The sounds coming from next door reminded them of where they were, and they reluctantly parted to put themselves back together in the still darkness which had claimed the cavernous room. With only the sparse emergency lighting to guide them, they did their best to make sure the rest of the room looked normal. Well, as normal as they could excepting the lights and the water on the floor. There wasn’t anything they could do about them.

Unlocking the doors just in time, their idyll was broken by the arrival of the other girls who’d yelled and screamed loudly as they’d changed in the darkness, but still Tess and Liz lingered, unwilling to close the chapter on this interlude. It wasn’t until they’d exchanged whispered promises to try that again sometime in the uninterruptible solitude of one of their homes that they finally ventured forth. It was lunchtime, and suddenly they were eager to meet up with the rest of the gang.


Remember - no update next week. Look for me the week after though. Same bat time, same bat channel.

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Hey all, I made it back from the cruise in one piece - sort of. I'm fried to a crisp... did the rest of ya'll know that waterproof sunblock isn't really waterproof? Why am I always the last to know these things? LOL

I have to watch last week's eppy - I hope to god it taped. Leala had me in nightmares of non-taping all week. *happy* I can't wait for Tuesday's posting. Thank you to everyone who kept the thread going for me while I was gone. Especially Mandy - just two more days, lady...

I brought all of you back a seashell. *big*

See ya on Tuesday.


Edited to add: look below for an important note regarding fanfic auction!

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Fanfic Auction for FSMA

It looks like the word's getting around about the auction. For anyone who has been a fan of this series, you might be interested to note that I too was invited to join in the festivities! Two Down, Two to Go, the prequel to Saving the Best For Last which chronicles Maria's initiation is included in the NC-17 tote along with many other talented authors who have all volunteered their time and energy towards this extremely worthy charity. Please read the press release below and make plans to participate in any way you can! Let's have fun, raise some money for charity, and send Roswell off with
class, showing those big shot TV producers once and for all that ROSWELL fans are the best in the universe!

Date: May 7, 2002-May 17, 2002

Event: A live, online fan fiction auction on e-bay to benefit FSMA

Questions: Contact RosDeidre⊕ or link to:

“Don’t you know what you are to me? What you’re always going to be? You’re the love of my life.”

“I just wish that I could have stopped you from saving my life that day in the Crashdown.”

"It's like the porno version of Aladdin.”

"Buddha forgive me, but I am going to kick your ass!"

Ever since the pilot of Roswell, the series’ hallmark has been memorable writing. So it comes as no surprise that this beloved television show has generated one of the Internet’s most imaginative and devoted group of fan fiction authors. LivE. Breathless. Kath7. Linda. Ash. EmilyluvsRoswell. Tasyfa. Majesty. RosDeidre. Names that call to mind favorite stories that we’ve cherished; authors who spin worlds as magical as the show we’ve treasured since we first heard the strains of Dido’s Here With Me.

And although Roswell may be ending forever on May 14th, you have a rare opportunity to own some of your favorite stories permanently. You can treasure them year after year; long after Roswellian fan fiction sites vanish from the Internet. All auctioned stories will be professionally bound, with laminated covers—many beautifully designed by artists such as Schurry, Blanca, and fishish25.

Roswriters for FSMA is an informal collective of fan fiction authors and artists banding together to help find a cure for Spinal Muscular Atrophy. On May 7, 2002, we are launching an auction on e-bay, and approximately 35-40 original fan fiction stories will be gathered in eight separate tote bags being auctioned off individually. You won’t want to miss the opportunity to bid on these hand-painted totes, each with a different specialty theme, such as Dreamer Tote, UC Couple Tote, NC-17 Tote, just to name a few.

Participating authors will be LivE, Breathless, Kath7, Linda, Ash (Ash_a_Leigh), Tasyfa, RosDeidre, EmilyluvsRoswell, Majesty, BennieBA, Cookie, ShellSueD, Carol, Watcher Tara, and many others. As a special bonus, three Dreamer Totes will also contain CDs of more than 800 of bigspam’s original photos, including images from one of Roswell’s last days on location, while filming the finale. Further, each tote will contain two originally designed posters, and a CD of music.

One very unique Dreamer tote will also contain a gorgeous, hand-designed “Max Quilt.” This lovely work of art has been crafted by Cookieman789 (Stacey), and will be a great way to snuggle up with the Dream Guy himself. This original quilt will be 62”x 62.”


Further, a special tote will be auctioned at the upcoming Philly Roswellian gathering on May 10th. Tote contents for this event:






Bound Compilation of these short stories: Majesty's PULSE, EmilyluvsRoswell’s RIPPLE EFFECT, Carol’s HOLIDAY DREAMER SERIES, Tasyfa’s THE FORGING OF A LIFEBOND (short version), Ash’s FLOOD and BennieBA’s BEFORE I SLEEP

Additionally, there will be one of bigspam’s rare picture CD’s, featuring some 800 original photos from Roswell on location included in this Philly tote.

Here’s a reminder of the high quality images Big Spam has shared with fans in the past:

Please visit our message board site for updated press releases and links to the auctioned totes, or watch on Crashdown for links beginning May 7, 2002. Email Rosdeidre⊕ with questions. Visit our site at:

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Happy Tuesday everyone. Thanks again for the well wishes. Hubby and I had a fantastic vacation, as I mentioned, and my sunburn is fading, read as itchy and flaking. at least the parts that aren't blistered, that is... I feel as disgusting as Courtney in her dying husk. LOL

Another kinda long part tonight. Broken into two parts due to length restrictions.

Because A) it's been 2 weeks, and B) I'm bringing up stuff from a while ago, we have a little longer summary than usual.

Previously on Roswell: Two nights ago (their time) Amy received a gift basket from Mama Dee and Tasyfa filled with mysterious sex toys. She took two of them with her on a hot date with Jim Valenti. After unintentionally harming Maria with his sleeziness, Tucker was arrested and tossed in jail. That had been yeserday. The same day Liz had found out the truth of what had been going on and discovered about Ma/Mi/A . Later that same night Liz and Max made an agreement that since they couldn't be with eachother in a sexual way that it would be ok for them to be with same sex partners in the group. Today, Liz has been taking full advantage of their deal, much to Max's chagrin. (That's putting it mildly.)

Chapter thirty-six

In the Sheriff’s department, an irritated Jim Valenti hung up the phone and made a note at the bottom of Tucker Walton’s file. He’d just been talking to Officer Teasdale in the Dallas Police Station who’d given him more questions than answers for the last hour. According to the official records there, the youth had been arrested several times in the past, but for some reason, all charges had been dismissed by the arresting officer each time before even so much as twenty-four hours had passed, usually without any sort of a reason provided with documentation.

There was no way all those officers just ‘forgot’ to update the file, so Jim could only assume the file was left that way for a reason, but why? The glaring holes in the record made his stomach roil. Ordinarily, he loved puzzles. That was why he was such a good police officer. It was also partially why he was the only adult he knew of who had been let in on the aliens’ secrets. He could get a scent for a mystery and would follow it like a faithful bloodhound. Exactly as he’d pursued Max Evans after the shooting incident in the CrashDown, despite the fact it had appeared to be an open and shut case. Max’s secrets had intrigued him; they’d smelled of danger, fear, deception. Tucker’s just stank. He couldn’t wait until the guy moved on.

If the arresting-then-dropping-the-charges pattern were just one or two occurrences, that would be odd, but considering the number of arrests listed and dismissed, it was well beyond strange and was moving into the real