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Title: Family Values - the Final chapter of the Two Down, Two to Go Trilogy

Author: Watcher Tara

Before the humans can be with their alien loves, they must first be initiated into the family. Kyle was first, Alex in Initiation, Maria in Two down, Two to Go and finally Liz in Saving the Best for Last.

Family Values is about them learning about what it really means to be in this crazy upside down family in a world where 'different' is bad.

Rating: NC-17

Pairings: CC/UC (Um, everyone?)

Disclaimer: The characters etc belong to Jason Katims and UPN. The premise belongs to Shadowgrl without whom this story would not exist.

Spoilers: None. Takes place in some alternative universe where TEOTW never happened, yet MITC has. Go figure.

Author's Note: This is a continuation of the saga that began with shadowgrl's Initiation, then continued in my stories Two Down, Two to Go and Saving the Best for Last.

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Ok, all usual disclaimers apply.

Broken into two parts due to legnth restrictions

Chapter 1

“I should go,” the man’s voice was full of obvious reluctance besides being husky from sleep. He pulled away from his lover and sat up in the bed as he spoke.

“Aww,” the woman beside him protested. “It’s not even dawn yet. You don’t have to go right now, do you?”

“I should. You know, be back in my own bed before I’m missed.” The man leaned over and kissed his lover. “Fewer questions to answer that way.”

Her arms came up to encircle his neck, pulling him down to her. “It’s too early for them to be up. Stay. Just a little longer…” Her soft, smooth legs shifted, encircling his hips, squeezing his awakening flesh against her own welcoming entrance. “I’m not ready to give you back yet.”

“Amy,” he protested even as he eagerly moved closer, covering her warm body with his own. He had more reason to stay than will to go. Still he tried one more time, now needing to convince himself as much as her, “Kyle’s a pretty early riser.”

In the darkness he caught a flash of white teeth before she teased, “Just like his dad.”

“Amy!” Offended, Jim Valenti sat up and stared at her.

A light giggling met his outraged exclamation. “What?” she asked innocently. Seeing that he wasn’t amused, she apologized, “I’m sorry.” Her light giggles belied her supposed remorse, and struggling for a straight face, she repeated, “Really, I’m sorry. I don’t know what got into me. It’s just I haven’t felt this good in a long time.”

Forgiving her, Jim said, “Yeah, I know what you mean.” Kissing her softly, he said, “I had a really great time last night.”

“Yeah, me too.”

“So, maybe, we should do it again, sometime.”

Smiling, unable to resist his almost shy overtures after all they had shared the night before, Amy agreed, “Yeah, I guess we should. You want to get together today for lunch?”

With obvious regret, Jim shook his head. “I can’t. Kyle’s got a game and I promised I would be there. Unless…”


“Unless you’d like to come along?”

Go to a high school football game and sit in the stands with the rest of the parents and a legion of screaming kids? Amy hesitated then looked at the man before her. Kyle was a big part of Jim’s life, just like Maria was a big part of hers. If they were going to take this relationship anywhere, it would mean sharing more than just their bodies and beds. It would mean sharing their lives and their children, the good and the bad.

She thought it might be too soon to go making plans of this sort. Then, she looked at his muscular body in the dim lighting, and smiled in remembered passion. If nothing else, Amy knew she wanted to experience more of the joy she’d found in Jim Valenti’s strong arms last night.

Suddenly, sharing family time with him and his son sounded like the most wonderful thing in the world.

“Yeah,” she answered, nodding for emphasis. “Yeah, I think I’d like that.”

“Maybe you can get Maria to join us,” Jim stated as if reading her mind and Amy thought her cup of joy would overflow.

“Ok. I’ll do that.”

“Great,” Jim smiled, climbing from the bed, grabbing his briefs from the floor. He felt her warm eyes on him drinking him in as he hurriedly dressed, never straying until he was ready to go. Leaning back in for a long, lingering kiss, he whispered, “I’ll call ya,” before leaving her room and letting himself out of the DeLuca’s cozy home.

All the way to his house on the other side of town, Jim’s mind went back to the previous night. Their date had far exceeded his expectations. First dinner, then the romantic drive, finally ending up at Amy’s, where they drank a little and danced a lot. He’d been unable to hide his attraction to her, his body had made it abundantly clear as they’d slowly swayed in one another’s arms long after the music had stopped playing, but rather than being coy or shy and turning him away for the night, she’d taken him by the hand and led him down the hall to the bedroom.

He’d always known she was a passionate woman, he’d observed on several occasions her hair trigger temper, but the depth of her desire for him far surpassed even his wildest imaginings. In retrospect, he should have known. Amy DeLuca wasn’t a woman to do things in half measures.

He knew she wouldn’t have entered into an affair with him unless she’d hoped it would have a future for them, and God help him, so did he. For the first time since Michelle, Jim found himself considering the possibility of having something more than just a short-term love affair with a woman. Was it even possible, he wondered, after all, he was a grown man with a seventeen-year-old son. He was pretty set in his ways. So was she, for that matter.

Was it too late for them? he wondered, then shook his head at his negative thoughts. Considering the night he’d just had, he’d be an idiot not to give it a try. Sheriff Valenti was not an idiot.

Whistling along with the song on the radio, he made his plans as he drove home, unaware that there were other forces at work in Roswell, dark forces, which would threaten everything and everyone he loved.


Max came awake instantly at the sound of someone pounding on the front door.

“Wha-?” Kyle sleepily asked from beside him.

“Shhh, I think your dad’s home. He’s still locked out. Go back to sleep,” Max whispered, stroking the other boy’s hair away from his face. “I’ll go let him in.”

“’K.” Kyle fluffed his pillow and rolled onto his back seeking a more comfortable position now that he wasn’t sharing the bed with his lover.

Giving him a quick kiss, Max pulled on the first shirt and pair of boxers that came to hand, and made his way down the hall, rubbing sleep from his eyes as he did so. In no time, Max arrived at the front door and used his powers to unseal it. “Hey, sheriff,” he greeted the older man.

“Hey, Max. What are you doing here,” Jim asked, looking around. “Trouble?” it was the only reason he could come up with for the door to be barred against him.

“Yeah, a bit,” Max confessed, sitting on the sofa and pulling the pillow Kyle had gotten out for him to use last night – the one he hadn’t touched until now since he’d unexpectedly spent the night with Kyle in his bed instead – across his lap.

“You want to tell me about it?” Jim invited. Ordinarily, Jim was happy to be kept out of the loop of the alien goings on in the town, but if whatever it was involved Kyle, then he felt he had a right to know.

“Don’t worry, it’s nothing big,” Max hastened to assure him. “You know that guy, Tucker Walton? The guy you arrested for fighting in the CrashDown?” At Jim’s nod, Max said, “After he was released from jail last night he came around looking for a fight. He hurt Alex before any of us knew what was happening. He and I got into it, but before we could settle things, he took off and disappeared.”

“Wait,” the sheriff cut in, “Tucker’s out of jail? How could that be? I’m the only one with the authority to let him go.”

“I don’t know, but I’m guessing he went over your head,” Max stated. “You know who he told us his dad is? The head of the FBI.”

“What?” Jim stared at the teen in disbelief, yet even he had to admit it made a certain amount of sense. Tucker’s police file was full of mysterious incidents where’d he’d been arrested then released within a few hours. No matter the crime, no officer had been able to make any charges against the Texas native stick. A father that high in the government with the ability to pull an unlimited number of strings would certainly explain Tucker’s odd records.

“Anyway, he was set on hurting Kyle and Alex because he sees them as being responsible for his incarceration, so I stayed here last night. Alex is at Michael’s with him and Maria, and Tess and Isabel stayed with Liz. We figured we’d be safer in groups.”

“You really think he’d come around here?”

Max shrugged, “I’m not sure, but we didn’t want to take any chances. Tucker was pretty pissed last night, and he’s not exactly the play fair type. We didn’t want to take any chances.”

Looking the boy over in relief for going to such lengths to ensure everyone’s safety, Jim stated, “Thanks, Max,” before heading down the hallway.

Out of habit, he stuck his head in Kyle’s door to make sure his son was indeed safe. Moonlight spilled through the window and across the figure reposed on the bed. Kyle was on his back with an arm thrown over his head and the sheet tangled around his legs so that it barely covered his abdomen. One hip was bare, *completely* bare telling him that the boy was nude beneath the meager covering. It wasn’t his usual manner to sleep thus, and Jim wondered briefly at the reason.

Maybe it was because his own evening went so well, but Jim found himself suddenly curious about his son’s love life. He hadn’t seen Kyle go out on a date in several months. Not since he’d been shot, last year, he suddenly realized. Instead, his son had taken to reading and quoting Buddha day and night. Not to mention burning those smelly stick things, stinking up the house. He might have worried that Kyle was planning to become a monk, except he remembered seeing the occasional hickey on his son’s neck in the past few weeks.

Kyle hadn’t given up on the opposite sex then, just dating.

Tiptoeing a little closer to the bed, Jim stared down at his offspring noting the darkening of his morning beard on his tanned cheeks. Kyle would need to shave when he got up. Just like a full grown man. When had that happened? he wondered. His boy was growing up, that’s a fact, and he resolved to spend more time with him in the little time they had left before Kyle left the house for good.

Just as quietly as he’d entered, he turned and left the room again, this time continuing down the hall, to his own bedroom where he undressed quickly and dropped into his bed. Unknowingly, his mind lingered on the picture his son made in the moonlight, and he suddenly realized that when he was outside banging on the door, Max hadn’t been sleeping on the couch. Jim had looked through the window while he’d waited for someone to open the door. No, Max had entered the room from the direction of the bedrooms.

Until he’d climbed into it, Jim’s bed had been as neatly made as when he’d tidied up yesterday, so he knew Max hadn’t slept here in his absence. There were no guest rooms in the house. The only other room that left was Kyle’s room, where Kyle lay sleeping undressed beneath a thin sheet…

What was he thinking? Jim grinned at the sudden absurdity of his thoughts. That Max and Kyle -? Right. Like that would ever happen. Rolling over, he assured himself that there were several plausible explanations for what he’d witnessed. Dismissing his crazy suspicions, Jim instead focused on more pleasant matters, like imagining Amy DeLuca sleeping beside him in his bed, and soon, he drifted off once again.


“Kyle,” Max whispered softly a few minutes later. “It’s time to get up.”

Moaning tiredly, rubbing his eyes at the same time, Kyle complained, “It’s too early.”

“Yeah, well you know what they say, ‘The early bird…’”

“…Catches the bad guy,” Kyle finished. “Ok, I’m up,” he said flinging off the sheet and swinging his feet over the side of the bed.

“That would be a matter of opinion,” Max disagreed, staring at Kyle’s lap pointedly.

“Can it, Evans, unless you want to keep Liz waiting…?” he was teasing and they both knew it. The closer the dawn came, the stronger the pull was calling Max to his mate above the CrashDown. Liz’s initiation was completed, but still, she wouldn’t be totally his until Max finished the ritual, claiming her heart, body and soul.

Right now, in the time between night and dawn, when she was suspended between worlds was when she was at her most vulnerable and he was eager to get to her, making her his in ways that defied description.

“Not on your life,” Max grinned. “Get dressed. I’m going to call Michael and get them moving.”


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Chapter 1 con't


The shrill ringing of the phone split the night, causing the three lovers on the bed to shift and sleepily protest the intrusion. On the second ring a slender arm reached for the offensive contraption, bringing it to a delicate ear before huskily answering, “Hello?”

“Hello? Who is this,” a male voice on the other end demanded.

Sitting up, and turning away from the bed’s other occupants, she answered, “This is Tess. I’m a friend of Liz’s. Is this Mr. Parker?”

“Yeah. Liz’s dad. Tess?” he asked trying to place the name. “You’re the blonde girl who hangs out with the Evans’ kids?” he asked.

“Mh hmm,” she answered stifling a yawn. “Sorry,” she apologized. “Yeah, that’s me. Liz invited a couple of us to stay with her last night so she wouldn’t be alone. I hope it was ok…?”

“Yeah,” Jeff answered, relieved that Liz had taken his advice but at the same time surprised that this girl had answered the phone. Where was Liz? “Could you put Liz on the phone? I need to talk to her.”

“Oh, sure,” Tess agreed, berating herself for not having realized Mr. Parker would have had a reason to call this early. Turning to look at her beloved in the dim light, she was suddenly reluctant to disturb her. “Uhh, Mr. Parker, Liz is still sleeping. I could take a message for her if you didn’t want to wake her.”

“No,” he answered with thinly veiled patience. “I called to talk with my daughter.”

“Right. Ok, just a minute.” Hitting the ‘mute’ button, Tess set the phone down and turned to her girlfriend.

“Liz,” she whispered, stroking her warm fingers across Liz’s smooth cheek. “Liz, wake up sweetheart.”

“Mmm?” Liz mumbled sleepily snuggling to Tess’s warmth beside her.

“Liz, love, your dad’s on the phone. Come on, wake up.”

“Kiss me first,” the sleeping woman demanded without opening her eyes.

Glad to fulfill such an easy request, Tess pulled her queen’s relaxed body flush with her own and teasingly peppered kisses across her cheeks and nose.

“Tess,” Liz complained, waking a little more.

“What, this?” the blonde girl asked before softly placing their mouths together. When Liz’s tongue slowly slipped forward, Tess parted her lips eagerly for the tender stroking it sought to give. Cognizant of the waiting phone, Tess was the first to pull away. “Better?”

In answer, Liz simply nodded, causing Tess to smile lovingly at her. “Good. Your dad’s on the phone. He wants to talk to you.”

“Dad?” Liz’s brain felt so cottony this morning. It was like nothing was getting through. For a second, she had to remember what a dad and a phone *were* let alone why they had the power to interrupt the more pleasurable activity of kissing Tess.

Reaching for the phone once more, Tess again hit the ‘mute’ button. “Here she is, Mr. Parker,”’ she said before holding the phone to Liz’s ear.

“Dad?” Liz asked.

“Liz what the HELL is going on over there?” His voice came through loud and clear and even Tess was able to hear him. Not surprisingly, Liz flinched at the sheer volume of his demand.

“What?” she asked, dazedly. “What do you mean?”

“What do I mean? Who is there with you?”

Ahh, that was easy. “Tess and Isabel,” she answered with a smile. Her “Ladies.” Her beautiful lovers.

“’Ladies’,” he scoffed. “Look Liz…” suddenly he stopped. “Never mind. Your mother and I will be home this afternoon. We’ll talk about this then. I was calling to remind you that I need you to open the restaurant this morning. Jose and the girls will be there in about an hour.”

“Restaurant?” Liz repeated, not understanding what he was asking.

“Liz, what is it,” Tess asked concerned about the frown on her love’s face.

Covering the phone, Liz answered, “Open a restaurant?” Her muddled brown eyes pleaded for assistance. She didn’t know what any of this was about. The only thing coming through loud and clear was the voice in her ear was VERY angry about something.

Immediately understanding why Jeff was calling, Tess soothed her. “It’s ok. We’ll take care of it. When? Did he say when it should open?”

Frowning, she thought back over the words the man had used. “Hour?” came her uncertain reply.

“Don’t worry. Tell him it’s ok. The restaurant will open like clockwork.”

“Dad?” Liz’s soft voice spoke back into the phone. “It’s ok. We’ll open it.”

“’We’?” he questioned angrily. “Liz…”

“I… I will do it,” she clarified, the notion that he objected to her ladies helping her breaking through the fog that surrounded her brain.

Grunting in response, Jeff stated, “We will talk when your mom and I get home this afternoon.” Not bothering to wait for a response, he hung up.

Taking the phone from Liz’s fingers, Tess replaced it on the cradle wondering what bee had gotten into his bonnet this morning. She knew the elder Parkers were out of town attending one of their sisters as she had gone into labor the night before. Tess didn’t know whose sister it was, Jeff or Nancy’s, but she hoped the woman and her babe were ok.

Silently, she stroked Liz’s hair, calming the other woman back to sleep. When she was certain Liz wouldn’t awaken, she got up and slipped into the bathroom. If she and Isabel were going to be opening the CrashDown in an hour, they would each need a shower, so Tess figured she ought to go first. Looking at her alien sister, Tess smiled. Just last week Isabel had told her she couldn’t sleep in any bed except her own or Alex’s. Apparently, they could add Liz’s bed to the list for Isabel was completely out of it. Tess wasn’t even sure if she’d heard the phone ringing before.

She used her powers to carefully clean up the broken glass from the light bulb she’d accidentally exploded last night, grinning wryly. She needed to stop doing that, but it only happened when she was with Liz. Why being pleasured by her Queen would cause her powers to surge like that, she didn’t know, but it was kind of a turn on for her, knowing Liz had that kind of effect on her.

Lighting the few candles Liz had scattered in the bathroom with a snap of her fingers, Tess stepped into the shower.


Across town, Michael hung up his phone and nudged his sleeping companions awake. “Come one guys, up and at ‘em. We got to get to the CrashDown.”

“Just a few more minutes, mom,” Maria begged sleepily cuddling in closer to the warm body beside her.

“It’s still dark out,” Alex pointed out, with amazing accuracy considering he hadn’t opened his eyes yet. Instead, he pulled Maria closer, stroking his hand down her bare back to the rounded mounds of her ass, taking the sheet with him as he went exposing her softly curving flesh to the morning air.

Michael took a moment to enjoy the sight before he turned on the bedside light. “Yes, but not for much longer. Come on, we’ve got to go find Tucker. Max and Kyle are already on their way to the CrashDown.”

“All right,” Alex agreed, coming fully awake at the mention of his nemesis. “Come on, Maria.”

“Can’t I stay here?” she whined.

“No,” Michael told her, “’Cause I won’t leave you alone. You’re coming with us, now get up.”

Unable to argue with her overprotective alien so early in the morning, Maria sat up in a huff. “Fine, but I want coffee.”

“You’ll have to wait until we get to Liz’s.” Michael wasn’t stopping for anything, not when there was a menace out there stalking his family. It rankled enough as it was, having to wait until morning to begin the search for Tucker.

“Fine,” she grudgingly gave in and trudged into the bathroom, leaving the boys to dress in silence.

“You think we’ll find him?” Alex asked. “I mean, before he finds us?”

“Yeah,” Michael stated. “This town’s not very big. How many places could he be?”

“I hope you’re right,” he said, suppressing a shudder. Not that he didn’t trust Michael and Max to protect him, it was just that Tucker had proved last night he had a penchant for catching the group unawares. First with his arrival at Hanger 54, the club they’d all gone to hang out, then his equally unexpected disappearance from the dumpster where Max had tossed him after knocking him out cold. Then there was the matter of his family connections. Who knew what the guy could get away with?

Tucker was an unknown element, and that’s what scared Alex the most.


In the gray predawn light, a lone figure slowly made his way through the streets of Roswell. He’d spent a miserable night laid out on the cold metallic slide at the elementary school playground, too weak to walk further. He’d awakened when a stray dog had come snuffing around, probably drawn to him by the smell of blood.

Tucker knew he was a mess. One eye was swollen shut, both of his hands were painful and throbbing, the knuckles bruised. Blood from his split lip stained his once impeccable shirt.

He was beaten but not defeated as the heat of his vengeance drove every footstep which carried him to his destination. Plotting how to get back at Max Evans and his little band of high school punks, Tucker walked toward the CrashDown, looking forward to a change of clothes and a shower.

As soon as he felt like himself again, he vowed, Max Evans was going down.


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Warning: Ya'll already know Tucker's a bastard... Trust me.

Broken into two parts due to legnth restrictions.

Chapter 2

Arriving at the Parker’s family restaurant, Tucker wasn’t surprised to find it locked tight. It was still about forty-five minutes until the posted opening time. Fortunately, he wouldn’t have to stand around outside waiting for someone to come along and let him in with the staff. Jeff had told him where to find the key to the back door a day or two after his arrival in Roswell. In no time, he’d circled behind the café and was reaching for the key hidden in the awning hanging above the door.

Thinking of the shower he intended to take as soon as he got inside, and making plans to pack his stuff, knowing he would no longer be welcome after last night’s confrontation with Liz’s friends, he fitted the key into the lock.

It wouldn’t turn.

Pulling it out, he tried again. The key slid easily into the hole, but the tumblers inside wouldn’t budge. Rattling the door, while trying to force the lock didn’t do anything but bend the key out of shape.

Stepping back, he looked around. There wasn’t any other lock on the door but the one.

Staring at the key, he wondered if maybe it was the wrong one. Why would someone go to all the trouble to stash a key here if it didn’t fit this lock? he wondered. Maybe it went to the restaurant…

Five minutes later, Tucker was back after having tried the key in the front door of the restaurant. Nothing. In sheer frustration, he tried forcing the key again, nearly breaking it off in the lock in the process. It obviously wasn’t the right one.

“Goddamn it!” he swore, nearly kicking the door for good measure. It looked like he would have to wait after all. The Parker’s car was gone, so he knew they weren’t home – most likely at Jeff’s sister if she had her baby, he figured. He knew better than hope Liz would let him in. Not after last night. He wouldn’t even have attempted to return here, knowing Liz had doubtlessly told her parents about the fight, except all of his stuff was upstairs by the sofa. Assuming Liz hadn’t tossed it out - out of spite - when she got home from the club.

Thinking of the dark haired beauty reminded Tucker of the fire escape ladder leading to the balcony outside her window. Without thinking of the possible consequences, Tucker tossed aside the useless key and marched towards the alleyway down the side of the building.

Grasping the bottom rungs, Tucker was up and over in a few lithe motions. Peering into the darkness inside through the clear glass barrier, he discerned that Liz was asleep in her bed.

He would have to be quiet.


The sound of Liz’s first scream rent the air, scaring Tess half to death. She was still in the bathroom, having finished her shower. Using Liz’s comb, she’d spent several minutes getting the tangles out of her hair, playing with the curls that just corkscrewed this way and that one their own. Mostly though, she just stared dreamily at her own reflection, so pretty in the golden, flickering candlelight as her mind wandered over her perfect life.

She’d come to Roswell full of hopes and expectations of claiming her destiny only to have fate step in and deal her an even better hand. Rather than having just Max, she instead got Liz, Kyle and Maria. A more than fair trade, all things considered. They filled her, completed her in ways she’d never dreamed, and she wondered if it was the same for them. If they felt like their lives were better because she was in it.

She would do anything, sacrifice anything if it meant her loves were safe and happy. She’d never felt anything like this level of devotion for anyone, not Nasedo, not Max. The only thing that loomed like a black spot on the horizon was Maria and Alex’s disturbing relationship.

Michael and Isabel’s acceptance of it made it even worse.

In all honesty, what Maria and Alex did wasn’t any of her business, only in a way it was. She was Maria’s lover, too. What Maria did affected Tess, too because they were bound together with silken ties of affection and familial duty.

Tess didn’t like the fact Maria felt she had to go outside the accepted relationships to find even more fulfillment. After all, the girl already had Tess, Isabel and Michael as her devoted lovers, willing to do anything to see to her sexual needs. Why was that not enough for her? Why did she feel it necessary to be with Alex, too. After all, they’d been friends for years, never seeking to make it anything more, yet almost immediately following her sexual awakening, they’d sought each other out.

It was so unexpected, so far beyond the realm of anything Tess had been told about these unusual relationships. Granted, much of this was being made up as they went along, still, there should be limits, she felt.

Michael and Isabel’s glowing approval of Alex and Maria’s coupling simply added fuel to the fire for it made Tess all alone in her disapproval, effectively putting her on the outside like she’d been when she’d first arrived in town. The unpopular one, barely tolerated. Just the thought alone caused tears to tremble on her lashes. She never wanted to feel as isolated as she had back then.

What if this thing came between herself and Maria? She couldn’t bear it. On the other hand, she couldn’t condone a relationship between the two humans, either. The reason why flashed before her eyes with sparkling blue eyes and engaging smile. Kyle. Her love, her mate. Her everything.

What if the day came when Maria decided she wanted to be with Kyle, too? For all his caring gestures, he was in all respects a guy, like Alex was a guy. Last night through their intense connection, Tess had felt both Maria’s startling love for their devoted friend and Alex’s general feelings of male lust. To put it bluntly, he’d screwed Maria simply because the opportunity had presented itself, not because he’d felt any higher emotions for the beauty in his arms. At the time, he hadn’t even known if Isabel would approve or disapprove, yet he’d gone ahead and done it anyway.

Fortunately for them, Isabel’s only upset had come from the fact they hadn’t waited for her to join them.

Tess knew could never feel that way about sharing Kyle with Maria, yet how much control did she really have over the situation? If Maria wanted him, would he oblige her? What could she do when the day came that they ask her to create the connection between them to allow their coupling? She’d just vowed that no sacrifice was too great if it meant their happiness, yet, she knew she wouldn’t be able to bear it.

If she denied them their right to be together if they wanted, what would happen then? Would they turn away from her? Cut her from their lives?

It was thoughts like these which had tormented her endlessly all through the long night as she lay beside Liz. Despite all those hours of worrying and stressing, she was no closer to a resolution other than praying it would never come to that.

Unfortunately, Tess didn’t know these worries were small potatoes compared to the storm brewing outside, and her small family was just about to be torn asunder by forces beyond her control.

She would learn soon enough.


Sliding the window upwards, Tucker was relieved to find it unlocked. Silently, he bent and ducked inside, leaving the window open in his wake. Tiptoeing to the door, a soft sigh, and a gentle rustling from the direction of the bed caused him to pause.

One hand on the door, Tucker turned to make sure she wasn’t waking up and froze at the sight before him.

Liz was still sleeping, alright, only she wasn’t alone. That blonde babe from the park was with her. The tall one with the large tits. He remembered watching her join in the action with the two other girls and wishing she’d strip down so he could see her jugs. He just knew they’d bounce and quiver with her every movement. He loved big breasted women, the bigger, the better.

They were cuddled together side by side, Liz on her back, with what’s-her-name facing her, the fading moonlight accentuating their curvy forms beneath the draped fabric.

Liz’s limbs were relaxed in an abandonment most people only achieved in a deep sleep. The arm closest to Tucker was thrown over her head, curled around the pillow. Her legs were parted slightly, one knee bent toward him and peeking out from the sheet.

In the seductive silver light creeping in from the window they looked innocent as babes, yet he knew they were more sinful than Eve and Jezebel combined. They looked like a wet dream come true.

His wet dream.

A cool wind stirred from the open window and thin covering of the sheet did nothing to hide the puckering crests of the petite girl’s nipples causing her to sigh and shift languidly once again. The blonde girl rolled onto her stomach giving his a tantalizing view of her backside.

Those rosy peaks weren’t the only things getting hard in the silent room.

All thoughts of packing and showering quickly disappearing, Tucker openly assessed the opportunity before him. Two hot and horney lesbian babes laying naked in a bed just waiting for him to come along and teach them the joys of dick. He’d be a fool to just let this living fantasy pass him by.

Ahh, but where to start? Unbuttoning his shirt, he stared at the two of them, planning his first move. He wasn’t the least bit concerned that they would protest his joining in and probably fight him. At least at first. Tucker had no doubts they would come around; he was hot. All the bitches back home fought over him constantly, despite the fact he just used them for sex, treating them like crap unless Bo Johnson was a’ itchin’. Taming these two would be child’s play, he would simply need to make sure he kept them subdued and in hand.

The more he thought about it, the more he wanted this to happen, not just because – hey he was a guy and they were the sexiest things this po’dunk town had to offer, but also because of the delicious irony. They were Max and that Alex guy’s girlfriends. What better vengeance would there be than to rub it in their faces that he’d spent the morning making the two of them scream his name? Too bad that other chick, Tess, wasn’t here, too, he lamented. Now, that would have been perfect. Not to mention fuckin’ unbelievable.

Removing his shirt, he unfastened his pants, grinning at his ready erection pushing forward with the new freedom. As usual, there were no underpants to impede his progress. He didn’t like anything to get between him and a ready screw.

Kicking off his shoes, he moved to the end of the bed. Reaching down, he grabbed the end of the sheet and slowly pulled it away, uncovering the two reposed beauties in the process. ‘Damn, where’s a camera when I need one?’ he thought in acute appreciation of the lush bodies before him.

With Liz’s legs apart like they were, his view from the foot of the bed was unparalleled and his ready cock throbbed an Amen. Her hand which had been hidden beneath the sheet was resting low on her hip, her fingertips just grazing the patch of darkly curling hair there, teasing him with the possibilities.

Shit, he was so hot for her his dick felt ready to explode and he hadn’t even touched her – yet.

A devilish smile touched his face when he realized what he wanted to do to her. He would wake her from the inside out. It would be fuckin’ amazing to be buried deep in her when she opened her eyes to see who it was filling her with their hot cock. She’d be putty in his hands before she even knew what was happening and he could screw her ‘till she was crying his name, clawing at his back.

The trick would be subduing the other bitch until it was her turn. The way she was laying, on her stomach with her hands resting near her head would work to his advantage, he knew.

con't next post

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chapter 2 con't

Moving carefully yet quickly in his eagerness, Tucker crawled up the bed in between Liz’s parted legs. Unable to resist, his mouth latched onto one exposed breast as soon as it was within reach, mistakenly thinking the small caress wouldn’t disturb her.

With an awful cry, Liz was catapulted into wakefulness, while agony ripped across her senses. Her hands immediately, instinctively moved to shove her tormenter away. Inside her, she felt Michael’s powers erupt to act on her defense, but after their exertions last night, completing the transformation plus initiating the connections with both Michael and Max, they were completely depleted. The air around Liz sparkled and crackled, yet the protective shield was unable to form, leaving her vulnerable to Tucker’s attack.

Surprised at how fast she’d gone from sleeping to fiercely defensive, Tucker was nonetheless determined to have her. In a way, her struggles turned him on even more. He just had to have her, and he moved reactively, shoving her legs apart roughly and positioning himself at her unguarded entrance.

Another scream pierced the air as the mere touch of his skin against hers was like being held over the fires of hell. Too late, he slapped a hand over her mouth, muffling the sound. Agony rippled out from the touch of his skin to hers and she clawed at his arm and wrist, trying to pry the hand away.

The rooms other occupants were immediately alert and moving to defend their queen. At Isabel’s first motion, Tucker pinned her to the bed by placing his elbow on her spine just below her shoulder blades, pressing her face into the pillow with his large hand. The pain of his touch affected her almost as much as Liz, nearly incapacitating her. Her hands were useless, pinned awkwardly to the bed as they were.

Grabbing his thick erection, he prepared to slam into home base when he looked down.

Instantly he paused in his attack trying to understand what his eyes were seeing. Just inside Liz’s hipbone, she had some kind of tattoo. What caught his attention was the fact it was glowing. A brilliant, vibrant blue, so bright it almost hurt to look on it, it shone from her skin.

He knew that mark.

“What the hell?”

Flinging the bathroom door open, the sound of Liz and Isabel’s continuing screams piercing her ears, Tess didn’t even take an instant to assimilate the situation. She didn’t stop to think of actions and reactions, with her Queen at risk, she simply attacked. With a shriek of her own, conveying fear and fury, her powers unleashed themselves on Tucker’s startled form.

The assailant was ripped from the bed by a blast of heat and energy so intense it shredded his flesh, peeling it away layer by layer, bubbling and rippling like molten lava. He never heard the cries, never saw Tess silhouetted in the doorway, her damp hair waving and hissing around her head like Medusa’s serpentine locks. He never saw Isabel grab Liz to her, nearly mindless with pain, their screams unending.

He never saw the bedroom door fling open admitting five shocked and furious teens. No, the only thing he saw in those instants before his eyes exploded, followed by the blessed release of death was the glowing, swirling symbol of the Royal House of Antar… a symbol his father had shown him.

A symbol that meant they’d come, aliens were on earth. It was the end of life as they knew it.

That swirling symbol, was the last thing he ever saw.


“Liz,” Max cried as soon as he entered the room, running to the bed where the two girls were still screaming hysterically, clinging to one another in terror, letting Tess and Michael deal with Tucker. His priority was his Queen’s wellbeing. With soft words and touches, he sought to calm her as well as assess the damage done to her. His efforts were in vain, however. Liz was too terror stricken to notice his calming presence and clung like a burr to his trembling sister.

As the smoke cleared from where Tucker’s body had been pinned to the wall, Michael lowered his hand. As soon as he’d entered the room, his powers had juiced up with the single-minded intent of annihilating their enemy, he’d stood frozen at the sight of tucker’s dissembling body. He’d remainded ready to defend his Queen, his family, only it hadn’t been necessary. Tess was doing just fine on her own.

By the time she was done, the only thing left of Tucker’s vile presence were the scorch marks left on the wall, a sickening silhouette of where his body had shielded the plaster and paint from the alien attack which had marred the rest of the surrounding barrier. Everything else, bones, skin, clothes even the shoes on his feet were gone. Eradicated.

As soon as Michael’s hand came down, the other boys rushed into the room.

Alex leapt onto the bed beside Isabel, horrified at the hideous burns oozing and blistering beneath her hair, the viscous fluids tinged red with her blood running down her spine to stain Liz’s sheets. Just as Tucker’s depraved touch had harmed Maria a few days ago, it was just as debilitating to Isabel. “Max,” he cried frantically. “Max, do something.” Max, of course was still trying to get through to Liz.

Isabel would have to wait, shivering in agony for Max’s attention, something Alex knew he couldn’t bear to watch. “Michael,” he entreated, “you healed Maria the other day. Can you help Izzy? Please? Oh god, how could this have happened? How could he hurt her like this?” He was nearly as upset as the girls.

Michael came to stand next to him, “Let me see it. Hold her hair up.” His command was softly spoken as he tried not to let the reality of what had happened her, to all of them to sink in. he couldn’t bear to look at Liz, to see how badly he’d failed her. Michael couldn’t imagine what Max must be thinking right now as he tried to hold her shaking form.

They’d met up downstairs, Max and Kyle in the jock’s cherry red mustang, Michael, Maria and Alex in the Jetta. Max’s eyes were unfocused, desire pulling more strongly at him with every passing moment, compelling him to get upstairs and claim his mate. Michael had teased him cruelly, telling Maria to take her time digging the keys out of her purse despite the weight of Max’s lust crushing them along with him.

The easy companionship ended abruptly when terror lanced through the group an instant before Liz’s scream was heard. Pushing Maria aside, Michael unlocked the door with his powers nearly shattering the glass in the door in the process. Max bolted past all of them heading without thought up the stairs, slamming open the door to Liz’s room. The sight that met their disbelieving eyes was forever imprinted on their brains. Tess, nude in the bathroom doorway, screaming in fury as her powers cut into Tucker who was suspended about three feet from the floor, held immobile by the sheer force of Tess’s hatred. On the bed between them lay Liz and Isabel, holding onto one another screaming like children frightened in a thunderstorm.

As soon as the threat was gone, Tess dropped her arm, and collapsed towards the floor, only Kyle’s strong arms saving her. Without a word, he carried her to the foot of the bed and lay her on it gently.

Tess’s proximity, it seemed, was what was needed to break through Liz’s hysteria. She stopped screaming immediately and reached around to touch her lover. Not knowing what she was after, Max sat between them, taking the seeking hand in his own, murmuring softly to his love endearments and assurances that it would all be ok.

Mindless, knowing only that she needed Tess, Liz pulled her hand away from Max and began pushing at him, mewling softly. Hearing Liz’s need, Tess stirred and whispered, “Liz.” She slowly slid her hand in the direction of her Queen, only to come across the same barrier: Max Evans.

Watching them, Kyle immediately realized what was happening. “Max, Max,” he said. “Come back here, man.”

“Kyle, she needs me,” Max refuted without so much as looking away. What little he could see of his beloved front, she was torn apart by Tucker’s defiling touch. Her mouth where he’d clamped his hand to stifle her screams, her breast, belly and legs. All were grotesquely disfigured by the touch of another man. Even her arms showed streaks of welts and bruises.

Resting his hand against Max’s shoulder, Kyle said, “I know. I know she needs you, but I think, right now, she needs Tess more. Come on, just for a minute.” He didn’t try to conceal the pleading in his voice. He knew Liz needed Max to heal her, but watching the two women trying to reach out to one another with increasing franticness was tearing him up inside. Let them comfort one another, he thought, then Max could work his magic.

Allowing Kyle to pull him away, Max watched as Tess scooted into the place where he’d been sitting, grabbing Liz into a close embrace. Liz’s fingers were lost at once in Tess’s softly curling hair, her tears falling against her lover’s cheeks. Tess said nothing, just held Liz closely as shudders racked the Queen’s tiny frame causing the very bed to quiver beneath them.

On their other side, Michael called softly to Max. He figured that as long as Liz didn’t need him, Isabel could use his healing powers. Michael was straining his meager abilities as it was, and he’d barely made any progress.

With a swift exclamation, realizing finally she’d been hurt, too, Max hurried to his sister, his heart pounding furiously as he healed her of her injuries.

As soon as he was done, Alex swept her up and into the bathroom, where they heard the water turn on immediately. The sound of it wasn’t enough to stifle the gasping sobs coming through the thin door as the beautiful teen suddenly came to terms of what had happened, what had nearly happened. Fortunately, Alex was there to hold and comfort her, placing her beneath the warm spray, letting the water wash away her tears, letting his love wash away the residual feelings of anger and violation left behind by that monster.

After finishing with Isabel, Max returned to the bed, laying alongside of Liz, stroking her back, her hair, trying to tell her without words how sorry he was she’d had to suffer because of his own inability to protect her first in not stopping Tucker last night, now in not getting here in time to prevent his violation of her body and mind.

Without speaking, Kyle joined the others on the bed, cuddling close into Tess’s back. Like Max, he petted her lovingly, pressing soft kisses to the back of her neck and down her arm. He stroked his hand down her side, his fingertips caressing the swelling curves of her breast before continuing downward to her hips and thighs and back up again, offering what comfort he could in his loving gestures.

Seeing they were unneeded, Maria took Michael by the hand, “Come on, Spaceboy,” and pulled him from the room, shutting the door behind them. It was time for Max to claim Liz, his leashed desire a palpable thing, filling everyone connected to him with a dizzying amount of lust that would only continue to grow until they’d consummated the link, which had been growing between him and Liz for days.

The fact that Liz seemed reluctant to release Tess was notwithstanding.

Maria gave a mental shrug. They would just have to figure it out on their own, but she would be sure to get the juicy details from her best friend later.

TBC... Next week, M/L FINALLY!!

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Lelea (and anyone else who's biting their tongue),

You should know better by now. Whatever it is, just SAY IT! LOL *tongue**tongue**tongue**tongue* You know it doesn't bother me. I was going to say the same thing next time I posted on Hindsight - still will, for that matter. When I say it's not a 'Max bashing' fic, I mean I'm not bashing. You may say whatever you like. (grin)

The only reason I said anything at all is I know a few die-hard dreamers who will stop reading a story if they feel the plot centers around showing how big an idiot Max can be. While Max is a short sighted, over protective son of a gun in this one, he's starting to make up for it.

In Hindsight, Max is worse. I hated him and what he was doing to Liz during that time in the series and it comes out there. To the point, I had to stop writing that story and try something different because I couldn't stand to have him in my head when he was like that.

Point is, say what you like. I'm dying to know what you had to say about Kyle. (Max, I think I can guess. *big* )

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Hello everyone!

Once again, here I am with a good news / bad news scenario...

Good news:

I'm going to have a baby!!!

I know. Oh my god! I found out last Wednesday when I took a HPT after feeling ridiculously crappy for two days. (Then, being from Missouri, I took another on Thursday because I didn't believe the first one.) *wink*

Bad news:

Today is the first day this entire week I've been able to sit down in front of my computer without feeling queasy. No, I'm not kidding. LOL I don't know if it was the flickering of the screen or what, but I couldn't take it. It made working interesting the last few days, as I'm sure you can imagine. *happy* So, needless to say, not only do I not have a new chapter to post, I don't even have a piece of paper that says Chapter three on it yet. *tongue*

I will work on it, if that whole throwing up at any second sensation will go away for at least a few hours. If it's not ready for Friday, I'll at least post a progress report on Friday. I'm sorry ya'll have to wait again, but you can blame it on my husband - lord knows I've blamed him for everything I've had to put up with this week. *wink* (And this is only the beginning. LOL)

Love you guys,

posted on 23-Aug-2002 10:31:36 PM
Thanks you guys for your well wishes. Once again, you’ve all come through to make me feel fantastic even when I’m feeling absolutely wretched.

I’m feeling a little more ‘normal’ but boy does it come and go. I’ve never been so aware of my body in my life – all you mommies probably know what I’m talking about. It’s like half of my attention is focused on the task on hand – going to work, getting through the day – the other half is solely concentrating on how I feel, how my stomach feels, etc. Sometimes I wonder if I’m making this out to be worse than it is, you know, like a paper cut, hurts like h*ll when you’re aware of it, but mostly, you forget it’s even there. I think if I can just stop worrying about being sick, then maybe I won’t feel the ongoing, seemingly unending nausea every minute of every day.

This is my first wee one, so every day has been a new adventure of discovery. Don’t laugh, but I already made my first trip to the maternity store. *happy*

Now as to when to expect the next update... I didn't get a chance to work on this this week, but I have plans to dedicate myself to this story this weekend. Hopefully, the new chapter will be ready by Tueday, if not, Friday for sure. (Assuming, that is, the baby train doesn't derail between now and then. I hesitate to make promises, but ya'll understand if there's a delay.)

Thanks again for your kind words and thoughts, not to mention your patience,

posted on 8-Nov-2002 2:00:23 PM
You're right everyone - two whole months is a really, REALLY long time! I'm so sorry, yet you've been amazingly patient with me.

I think I finally made it over the sea of yuckiness.(crosses fingers AND toes) I'll admit it, when it comes to my health, I'm a big baby, too, and spent most of this time either in bed or wishing I were in bed.

There were a couple of nights I was absolutely certain that if I moved, I'd be sick all over the place. There were a couple of times I was... (yuck) My hubby, wonderful caretaker that he is, would stand a 'safe' distance away and call out, "honey, are you ok?" LOL Actually, he's been fantastic - I just like to give him a hard time.

Well, week 20 is looming, which means ultrasound. My husband wants to know the sex of the baby... I think I've mentioned he'd absolutely certain it's a boy. I tell people I want a girl just to spite him! LOL Honestly, I could care less which sex we wind up with.

I've been so guilty over not writing, I've been hiding from this thread and Hindsight for the last several weeks. I just now got caught up on your well-wishes, and ya'll just blew my mind. Thank you so much, each and everyone of you! Your overwhelmingly kind words were amazingly heartwarming - not to mention the fact I'm now sniffling and looking around for a tissue.

Ya'll deserve a reward, and by golly you're gonna get one. I distinctly remember starting the next chapter... I remember not being completely happy with it, but if I can just remember where I put it, I will get back to work on this story ASAP. No promises when I'll post, but I won't forget about you.

I love you guys,

P.S. Did ya'll see that *you* won the best UC story in the most recent fanfic awards for TD,TTG/STBFL? I was shocked speechless when I found out. Thank you all so much for your continuing support of this rather 'unconventional' story and for nominating and voting for it...

That makes two rewards you deserve now. LOL

I'll post the award banner with the next chapter so every one can see it.