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Title: Falling for the Bad Boy
Author: Me!
Rating: pg13 for now
Category: Z/L and gang Au no aliens
Disclaimer: I hate this part. Blah blah blah I don't own anything blah blah.
Author's Note: Feedback would kick ass
Summary: Liz is a popular rich daddy's girl living in a place much like Beverly Hills. Zan is the new boy in town. He's not exactly your regular jock/prep that you would see at that school.

Elizabeth Parker stopped in front of Kensington high with a cheery smile on her face. She flipped her long dark hair that was slightly curled at the end behind her shoulder. She sighed.

Senior Year. She thought to herself. She made a slight squeal and continued her way into the school. She walked through the corridors of the school. Immediately heads turned to see the stunning brunette make her appearance.

"Look who it is." Liz turned to see Maria DeLuca and Isabel Evans.

"And look who it is. The my favorite girls at Kensington." Liz replied. Liz hugged them both. They continued to walk down the hall together.

"Well, babes this is it…senior year." Isabel sighed.

"Doesn't feel any different to me." Maria said.

"Well, it is to me. I think I'm in love with Kyle." Isabel and Maria stopped abruptly. They looked at liz wide eyed.

"What?" Maria said.

"I think it's cute. Kinda." Isabel said.

"Wait a minute. Hold up. How are you sure?" Maria said. Liz shrugged.

"Well. Kyle and I have been together for like a year. We're perfect together. We have so much in common. I mean our parent's get along. His dad is best friends with my daddy-"

"What does that have to do with it?" Maria interrupted.

"Yeah what does that have to do with it?" Isabel repeated.

"Well, that's just what makes thing even more perfect. Kyle and I get along so well. We never fight. We have a blast when we are together."

"Well, you and I get along, we usually never fight, and we have a blast together Are you in love with me?" Maria said. Liz let out a breath.

"No but you don't understand it's different. He means everything to me." Liz paused. "I know you guys don't really like him I can tell. But he means a lot to me so please give him a chance."

Maria and Isabel exchanged looks. They linked arms with her and started to walk again.

"Only because we love you." Maria said hesistantly. Liz smiled in appreciation.

"Oh look there's Kyle right now. See you ladies later." She hurried to catch up to Kyle. Maria and Isabel watched as she ran off. They hated Kyle. They hated seeing like devoted her life to that jerk the would never even if his life depended do the same for her.

Alex Parker came up from behind and wrapped his arms around his girlfriend. Giving her a kiss on the cheek.

Isabel giggled.

"How's my favorite girl doing?"

"How is she doing Alex?" Isabel asked. Alex turned her to face him.

"Well, she's looking pretty good." He gave her a kiss.

"You guys make me sick." Maria said.

"How's lover boy doing these days?" Alex asked Maria referring to Michael.

"He's not here obviously. And we broke up last night." Maria said casually.

"Again." Alex replied

"Shut up." Maria said not before walking away from the couple.

"I give them till the end of the day." Isabel said.

"Till lunch."

"Your on." She replied.

"So anywayz where is my sis today."

"Probably with Kyle. She claims she's in love with him."

"Man I hate that guy. He's like the definition of dumb jock." Isabel gave a short laugh.


Zan looked at the school. Shit. He couldn't believe he was here. It was like something out of a dumb teen movie. I walked into the school getting odd glances here and there. He shrugged it off. Here he was Zan a thug from New York with in a pool with a bunch of preppy rich bitches. He went to the office as his counselor instructed him. He went to the counter.

"I'm new."

"Oh Name?"

"Zan Anderson."

"Oh well Mr. Anderson have a seat someone will be with you in a minute." Zan took a seat. A minute turned into twenty. His counselor finally brought him into the office. They went over the basics.

"I sent for a student to show you around. She a very sweet girl. Class president very popular. I'm sure you like her." A brunette walked through the door clad in heels and a small curve clinging sundress. She looked to Zan and flashed him a smile.

"Hi you must be Zan. I'm Elizabeth Parker. You can call me Liz."

TBc Maybe cuz this story is just like an idea so feedback would be great


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WOW. I'm glad you guys actually liked it. Thanks for the great feedback. I'll probably post some more later.

b4echstarrynite- The whole airhead thing is Liz's character in the story she's daddy rich little girl but don't worry things will change after she interacts more with Zan.