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Summary: Nikolas past is reveled so is everbody else was nik a good person?

Authours Note: Feedback and Rhea is 15 and is short for her age and this is a uc and cc fic kinda

Part 1

Rhea looked at the halls of West Roswell this was her

first day as a freshman and she wore a nice little skirt

with a tight black shirt and some knee high boots she

looked femine but nice. And as she started walking she

noticed she had a coulpe of guys looking at her and

smiling seductivly at her she smiled back but they looked

liked air heads she walked in her class and listened ot the teacher

After school her mom dropped her off at a place called the Crashdown she looked at all the alien themes it looked all chessy. Sat down at the booth and noticed a brunette talking to the Royal 3 and the sleezy trash as she walked up to rhea.

Liz: Welcome to the Crashdown my names liz can I take your order

Rhea:Can I just have a coke

Liz: Coming right up ......hey do I know you from anywhere your eyes look fimlair

Rhea(thought) I know you but not this lifetime

Rhea:I'm sorry but I dont

Liz: Oooo well I 'll be back with your order

As She sat there thinking she never noticed how late it had gotten and that it was dark. She was about to walk out when she was halfway out the booth and out the Crashdown where only all the customers died down and the gang and her was there and it was obivous they were weiry of her. Nikolas and the dupes walked in and she noticed how Max's eyes turned cold.

Nikolas: Hello royals and humans how are you all

Max: What do you want nikolas

Nikolas:(bluntly) The Granolith

Max: Well your not gettin it

Nikolas raised his hands to battle when Rath looked round the Crashdown and noticed Rhea
trying to leave

Rath: Yo' Nik someone else is here

Nikolas turned around and saw her standing there. She's
still beautiful he thought he lowered his

hands and looked in her eyes.


Him and Rhea making love

Him and Rhea getting married

Him crying hiself to sleep wondering were was his lover

End of Flashes*

As they had and intense stare he knew he found his lover again


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