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Title: Anything but Ordinary
Author: Gretchen
Rating: NC-17... eventually.
Couples: Mi/L with hints of M/A and a few references to I/K
Disclaimer: Not Mine. This is kinda sorta inspired by a movie... I'll tell eventually, but if I spill now, it's all over, uh, they're totally different though... title comes from Avril Lavigne's "Anything but Ordinary" (honestly, I had no idea what to call it, and I like the song sooo voila ... I'll post the lyrics if anyone wants to read 'em.)
Summary: I suck at these, but Liz has a horrible track record with the opposite sex, then a visitor comes and changes that :D I apologize if this sucks, I wrote it at 4 am while cat, who is on cat-prozac, was keeping me awake.
Maria just gave me this journal for my eighteenth birthday and I would just like to state, for the record, that I, Elizabeth Parker, have the worst luck in the world with men. Let’s look at my track record, shall we?

Sean Deluca : Maria’s cousin and a juvenile delinquent. He wanted me to be his F.O.W. (fuck of the week – his acronym not mine.) Unfortunately, I’m a virgin, pathetic, I know, and I have standards, boys who are currently on trial for using prostitutes are below them.

Alex Whitman : DO NOT, I repeat, do NOT, date your best friend, it’s like incest. I swear, kissing Alex was like kissing the older brother that I never had. He’s currently dating Maria.

Kyle Valenti : Decent guy, we’re still friends but we were just WRONG as a couple. He is currently dating some cheerleader type – I think her name is Isabel… all I hear when he talks about her is how huge her tits are.

Ugh, I know my life is terribly uninteresting, I have no idea why Maria decided to get me a journal, something about inner turmoil, I’m too wasted to remember, but it’s my life, here in good ol’ Roswell New Mexico, but the only aliens here are from south of the border. Well, Maria and Alex are my best friends, we all just graduated from West Roswell High and I’m going to Harvard next year, Alex is headed to MIT and Maria’s going to Berklee College of Music, so the three idiots musketeers will be living it up in Boston together. I know I should be more excited, I mean my two best buds are leaving Roswell with me, just like we’d always planned, but it just seems so pointless sometimes. God, I get so depressed when I’m drunk, I think Maria cursed this journal with her ramble capacity, then again I’m usually SOBER! Ha! I wonder if this will make sense tomorrow. Maria and Alex are fucking at the moment, yeah, Maria’s screaming her lungs out “Fuck me Alex, yes, yes, I wanna ride you all night long” ha it’s kinda funny and it’s not the first time that they’ve done it in my house… I think she gets a thrill out of it, yeah, they’re definitely hitting their peaks right about now, EW, I’m going for a walk.
- The now legal Lizzie

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behrstars - Glad that you like it, I hope this was soon enough for ya.

Gaby - Well, um, Max won't exactly be a main character in this story... his status will be clarified in this part, but he's happy. I'm so honoured that you want to use one of my fics, I think the only one where Max isn't on the receiving end of some bodily harm, to introduce yourself into the wonderful world of polarism.

Ria - Eh, Maria and Alex are one of my other fav UC ships, I don't know why, the idea of Alex and Liz disgusts me to no end, but M/A really work for whatever reason. Oh and I KNOW I'm evil for updating this before Spark, but I don't have Spark written, and I had most of this written :DD

Part 1
Rath rolled his eyes as his father droned on about the importance of taking a wife before Zan publicly declared him the second in command of Antar. He had no desire to settle down with some random, inbred rich girl, he wanted someone who kept him on his toes, could think for herself, scoffed at societal conventions, and possessed a beauty that satisfied his raging hormones. He had heard about a planet called Earth where they women were spitfires, not submissive and boring like all the women who threw themselves at his feet, plus they had a certain exotic beauty that made even Antar’s most beautiful woman, Ava, Zan’s bride, pale in comparison. “Rath are you even listening to me?” His father asked, aggravated that Rath, who was rapidly approaching his eighteenth birthday, still failed to accept that he would have to marry before ascending in rank.

Rath let out an exasperated sigh, “for the last time Father, I do not want some weakling, third cousin to be my wife, no matter how rich her family is, so please don’t force the issue – I won’t do it.”

The older man nodded in agreement, somewhat proud of his son’s intransigence, for once, long ago, he had said the same words to his own father, but had eventually given in to his father’s wishes. “Fine, then go to Earth, since you talk about it so much, and see if your dream girl exists – even if she is merely a figment of your imagination, your obsession with that planet will be gone, so you can focus fully on your duties here.”

Rath’s mouth hung open in shock, had his father, the same man who thought so highly of tradition, just suggested that he fulfill one of his lifelong dreams? “Are you serious?” He asked, desperately trying to conceal his growing excitement.

“Yes, Rath, your mother and I have been planning this trip for years, because we know that when you experience their backwards culture, you will come to your senses and realize that what you have wanted all along is a nice Antarian woman to share your bed with. The ship has been prepared for at least a month now, Antarian and English are similar languages and we share the same genetic make-up as the Earthlings. However, the Earthlings have not developed the part of their brains that houses their abilities, so do not use your abilities in public. Also, you must adopt a human name, for Rathard of Antar will hardly be appropriate, so from now on you shall be known as Michael Guerin of Earth.”

Rath looked at him with wide eyes, how had his father been able to plan all of this behind his back. “You have everything planned out, don’t you father?”

The older man’s eyes sparkled as he looked at his son’s shocked expression and chuckled to himself, it was freeing to show Rath that he was indeed more than the strict disciplinarian that was in charge of the Antarian Royal Army. “Yes, my son, I understand that this may come as a bit of a shock to you, but indeed I do hope that you find what you dream of on that planet.” He took his son in his arms as his tears began to moisten his cheeks, “you are expected back here in three months time for Zan’s coronation, I pray that there is enough time for you to win this mythical woman’s heart.” He released his grasp and watched Rath nod, then turn away and head towards the loading docks where the ship was stored.


Liz walked down the desert, the cool night air whipping against her face, she shivered involuntarily, but she didn’t mind the chill. It was a nice summer night, the sky was clear, the stars were bright, the only problem was that she had no one to share it with. “Fuck” she shouted as another bout of drunken depression hit her, she didn’t know why she had decided to drink tonight, but Maria had brought all of Liz’s best party friends – Jose, Mike, Bud, and the Capitan, so how could she deny herself a night of drunken bliss? Except, she would always forget the simple fact that after a few drinks, Maria and Alex would act on their passions, go at each other on her table, on her couch – at least they hadn’t touched her bed yet, and she would feel completely helpless because she had no one. “But they do sound funny when they scream” she giggled, remembering the random things that Maria would yell out in the throws of passion, people thought she was weird when she was sober, but when Maria was drunk, she was raving mad. She stumbled a bit as she continued to laugh and ended up falling flat on her back, much to her amusement. “I’M SUPERWOMAN” she yelled, before bursting out in another fit of giggles, she didn’t need anyone, she was a one woman comedy act. Her eyes directed upwards, towards the stars, Liz saw a flashing light coming straight at her, and she screamed before slamming her eyes shut, then throwing her hands over her eyes for added protection.

After minutes in darkened silence, Liz let out a relived sigh, reasoning that whatever the light was hadn’t caused her demise, and opened the space between her fingers so that she could peer out of the crevices. Her brown eyes wide with curiosity, she searched the area to see if there was any physical evidence of her vision, but to no avail. However, the scientist within her wouldn’t be so easily satisfied, so she stood up and dusted herself up and walked around the area. “Holy SHIT!” she shouted, before her foot caught on a rock, causing her to tumble forward, rendering her unconscious.

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Ok, first of all, this part is dedicated to Gwen, who helped me with this and helped me make sure that Liz was Liz (and not Maria) and Michael was Michael (and not a better looking version of Max)

But thanks for all the FB guys I'm glad that you all enjoy this, since it's fun to write.
Rath sat perched on a nearby rock while the summer sun on his back, watching the raven haired girl with interest – he had found her about an hour ago lying in a hole, dirt and blood on her skin and felt an inherent need to care for her. So he had gently picked her up and moved her to a more level piece of earth, then, without a second thought, he healed all of the larger cuts and bruises. As he watched the gentle rise and fall of her chest and basked in her beauty, Rath conjured up a million different ways to say “hello, my name is Michael Guerin.”

Liz groaned as she felt the sun beating down on her face, knowing full well that her skin would be burnt to a crisp and the dull throbbing in her head really wasn’t helping to ease the pain. “What the hell” she moaned as she opened her eyes, revealing that she was lying on a mound of dirt in what had to be the desert. She turned and saw a rather handsome guy watching her with interest, “I'm sorry, but um, I'm kinda confused – what happened last night, Mr.…?”

“Ra… Michael, Michael Guerin, but um I have no idea, I found you this morning and I’ve been sitting here, waiting for you to get up, not that I minded or anything” Rath scratched his eyebrow, blown away at the girl’s voice – it sounded like music to his ears, and knew that she was the one, that she would be his. “Uh, so do you have a name, or can I just call you my girlfriend?” Rath teased, suddenly feeling more confident as the girl’s eyes continued to travel across his body – although he could not stand any of the Antarian women, he knew that they found him irresistible and hoped that this girl would feel the same.

Liz groaned in frustration, he was gorgeous and an asshole, something that she found oddly attractive, but she wanted to smack him for outright assuming that she was into him. “No, it’s Liz, Liz Parker and you’re going to have to try harder than that if you want to be my boyfriend.”

“Well, if you have someone else on the side, Parker, I think I can convince you to drop him for me.” Rath remarked flippantly, but knew that he would fight tooth and nail to win this girl’s affections; there was something about her that he craved.

“Oh really, Guerin, what makes you think that I would let you convince me?” Liz knew that she was playing with fire, but for some reason it excited her and she hoped that Michael would step up and take her challenge.

Rath stepped forward, closer to her and lowered his voice, “because your eyes have been on me the entire time, face it Liz, you want me, don’t even try to deny it.”

“Oh, maybe I just…” Liz stopped herself as she watched Michael’s face move closer to hers, closing the distance between them. His lips brushed against hers, sending her senses into a tailspin, she knew that she had lost their battle, but for the first time in her life, she didn’t mind losing.

Rath pulled away and licked his lips, committing her taste to memory, and smiled at her dazed expression. “Was that convincing enough for you, or do you need another round?”

Liz sighed in contentment, he was quite the kisser, because even though he had merely brushed his lips against hers, she was still reeling from the feel of those lips on hers; however she wasn’t going to let him win so easily. “Well, I don’t know, it was alright, if you stick around Roswell maybe I’ll let you try again.” Liz smirked as his cocky smile faltered and muttered “shot down” under her breath before skipping on ahead, all thoughts of her previous pain gone.

Rath groaned and hurried after her, he was not going to let this one slip through his fingers, even if he had nowhere to go. He grasped her arm and gently spun her towards him, lost in the moment; he placed his hands on either side of her head and pressed his lips against hers, their tongues meeting and clashing together, fueled by the tension that the two had created moments ago.

When oxygen became a necessity, Rath pulled away and met her eyes, silently praying that she felt even a little of what he felt for her. “I don’t have anywhere to go, I’m not from Roswell.” He confessed, his gaze never moving from her intoxicating brown eyes.

“My house” she breathed, still lost in the myriad of emotions that she felt coursing through her. She blushed, when she realized what she was implying, she didn’t want him to think that she was easy “you can stay at my house, until you find something else, but I’m going to make you earn your keep” Liz bit her lip, concealing the laughter that was about to burst from her at Michael’s lust filled gaze, yeah, he definitely thought that she meant sex. “Yeah, you just need to cook at my parent’s restaurant, the Crashdown.” She watched him nod dejectedly; obviously the idea of working in an actual restaurant wasn’t something that he was into. Of course, she knew that her parents were gone for the entire summer and she hoped that sex would be a part of their living arrangement, but he didn’t need to know that, not yet anyway.

Rath groaned as he watched Liz move on ahead, had she no idea what her proposition had done to him? His thoughts had wandered to the image of taking her again and again on her bed, the table, the couch, the floor; it didn’t matter, but the idea of sex with Liz was explosive, if that kiss was any indication, not like he had anything to compare it to, however. She was beautiful, graceful and had a fire to her that he had never witnessed before, which made him want her more, and he would suffer through a job as a cook in some restaurant just to prove that she was his.
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Part 3
Ok, it’s June 29th and I’m Liz Parker, it’s amazing sometimes how life works, sometimes the most unplanned, unexpected things happen and it’s wonderful. Well, um, earlier today I met this amazing guy, Michael Guerin, and he is like no one I’ve ever met before, I can’t get enough of him! I don’t know how he does it, but he manages to throw my world off of its axis time and time again… it’s like he’s from this different planet or something because I swear, no other guy could possibly have this affect on me – ok his cockiness is starting to rub off on me. He’s from “up north” as in Canada and his girlfriend just dumped him off in Roswell for me to snatch up! (Ok, Maria’s staying here this summer is going to make me one hell of a space case, but it’ll be fun.) Ok, I need to be less excited about him because we know that he is going to end up as another blotch on my track record. Ha, ok, he’s getting out of the shower, mmm… Michael in a towel, so I’ve got to run, time to show him what learning his keep entails, ha ha ha!

Liz shut her journal and shoved it under her bed just as Michael peeked into her room, a towel wrapped securely around his waste and little droplets of water trickling down his chest. She licked her lips subconsciously as she continued to look at him, appreciating the view – Michael was definitely someone she could get used to having around, however she was not going to give him what he wanted so quickly, despite a shared need. She smirked, knowing that she would give into him soon, since she already had to keep reassuring herself, but she could have a little fun first, “Michael” Liz greeted, her voice deep and airy as she inched off the bed, trying her best to arouse him.

“Liz” Rath breathed, watching her with interest as she continued her movements, the mischievous glint in her dark eyes not lost on him. Yes, Liz would be the death of him, but what a wonderful death it would be, “do you want something or are you just going to stare at me, not that I mind or anything.”

Liz got up from her bed and walked over to Michael, wrapping her arms around him, she leaned in, making sure that he could feel her breasts against his chest, and whispered “I want lots of things, and I think you want them too.” She moved her hand downward, stroking his manhood through the towel, before adding, “But not today.” Grinning, she stifled a giggle as she silently thanked Maria’s years of guidance and skipped out of the room.

Rath was stunned as he watched Liz hop out of her bedroom, his towel now much smaller thanks to this raven haired temptress’ teasing, “you aren’t going to FINISH this” he remarked, suddenly realizing that he shouldn’t have started these games with her, he was in over his head.

Liz reemerged with a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, then looked with satisfaction at his errection, thinly covered with his white towel. She tossed the clothing at him, before noticing his surprise, “ha, it’s not my problem that you’re an early riser, now take care of that and put these clothes on, you have a job to do.”

Rath inwardly cursed her, no one had ever done that to him before, but never one to be upstaged, he rushed towards the door, blocking her exit. His eyes filled with lust, he stared into her dark pools for a few moments before he descended on her soft supple lips, needing to taste her.

Liz moaned in ecstasy as his tongue moved within her, taunting her with its slow pace, she was lost again in the feelings of bliss that he evoked within her, but this time she swore she felt his lust and need for her – and it was beautiful. “Michael” she breathed as her small hands reached for the thin towel, all control defeated by the moment and the sensations that coursed through her.

“Liz, my Liz” Rath mumbled as his lips descended on the curve of her neck, needing to mark her as his, he was determined to break down every last wall that she put up, just for the chance to have her beside him for all time.

Liz let out a groan as she felt him mark her, his mouth warm on her skin, the heat rising as he continued to move his tongue across her neck.

The door inched open, bumping Rath slightly, forcing him to turn away from Liz. “GO AWAY!” he boomed, but the door only pushed harder against him, causing him to jump in pain. He let his arms drop from her body, suddenly feeling exposed in his towel.

Maria looked in amazement at the sight before her, Liz’s hair tousled as she hid herself in her gorgeous, shirtless companion’s chest. “Uh, I’m going to get some…”

Rath stared venomously at the blond girl who was looking at him like a piece of meat. “Are you done?” he snapped, growing more and more agitated as the other girl’s gaze headed downward.

Maria glared at him, no one talked to her like that and got away with it, “who are you anyway, I mean you waltz in here and…”

“MARIA, go open the restaurant” Liz pleaded.

“FINE!” she huffed and stormed out of the room.

Liz grinned and slid away from Michael, silently thanking Maria for interrupting them, because as much as she wanted him, he was going to have to work for it. “And you, take care of that problem and meet me downstairs, you have some food to cook.” She ordered before grabbing her uniform and hurrying downstairs, she didn’t want to risk another encounter with him.

Maria grabbed Liz as she walked down the stairs, her eyes filled with rage, this boy had riled her and no one fucked with Maria Deluca, “Explain. Now.”

Liz rolled her eyes and wrenched her arm out of Maria’s grasp, “what’s to explain” she smirked and walked past the other girl towards the door.

“What’s to explain?!?!?! What’s to EXPLAIN?!?! I see you and this gorgeous, this gorgeous, well, Asshole about to get it on in your bedroom and you say what’s to explain. Need I remind you that I am your best friend and I deserve more of an explanation than that, I mean I know you’re not Ms. Perfect Parker like everyone thinks, but GOD Liz, this is so unlike you!”

“I know Maria, but I mean he makes me feel like no other guy has ever made me feel, it’s like he has single handedly restored my faith in the male species and what’s strange is I know next to nothing about him!”

Maria sighed and walked closer to Liz, meeting her doe eyes, unaware of Michael’s presence in the stairwell, “honey, you and I both know his kind, this boy”

“Michael” Liz supplied, equally oblivious to his presence.

“Ok, this Michael, is no different from Sean and Liz I can’t see you go through that again, remember how broken up you were when you found out that he just wanted in your pants, I mean I told you from the start that my idiot cousin was no good but you had to see for yourself and where is he now – JAIL on prostitution charges!” Maria huffed and watched as Liz began to protest, “And don’t you think I know what you’re going to say, he’s different, but he’s not, if anything he’s worse! He makes it perfectly clear that you and your pants are his only interest and YOU Elizabeth Anne Parker, are playing right along with those stupid games! I see that glint in your eye and it may be fun right now, but you’re going to get in over your head!”

“I know” Liz sighed and flopped into a booth, “I know I’m playing all these games, but ugh, it’s fun and I don’t know, it’s so unlike the high school me, but I mean it’s all good because in a few months I’ll be across the country with a bunch of Boston hunks to entertain me, but”

Maria sighed and softened her tone; a part of Liz was falling hard for Michael, much like how she’d fallen for Alex two summers ago – summer fun evolving into more. “But what if it becomes more” she paused as Liz nodded, “well, then mystery man better step up because he has less than two months to go where no man has gone before – into your heart. But enough hallmark moments, you have a painfully aroused Michael to train and I have to open and serve the masses.”

Liz smiled, glad to have Maria – she was the best friend a girl could ask for, and got up from her seat, “Maria, thanks for that oh and uh can you make sure it doesn’t get too hot in that kitchen for me.”

Maria rolled her eyes before waving her off, “yeah, yeah the things I do for you.”

“Oh please, like I wasn’t the one who saved you and Alex from full exposure on graduation day – I believe that my two best friends were about to get freaky in the GLASS HALLWAY!”

“Yeah, well we wanted to go out with a bang.”

“Or SEVERAL!” Liz smirked and headed for the stairs.

Maria paused in an attempt to find a good comeback, “oh yeah, well, keep talking Ms. Virgin, don’t knock it till you try it.”

“I’m not!” Liz shouted and turned towards the stairs just as Michael headed down them she met his dark eyes and blushed feverishly, “hi.”

“Hey beautiful” Rath remarked casually, hoping to make Liz feel like she was more to him than what her friend, Maria, described as a ‘fling’.

She groaned and rolled her eyes, she knew, deep down, that she should take it as a compliment but her insecurities got the best of her and she took it as a sign that Maria was right. “Eh, you clean up nicely yourself, I hope those pants aren’t too tight or anything” she spat before storming off into the kitchen, leaving a confused Rath and applauding Maria in her wake.

Rath turned towards Maria and shot her a hateful look, “you” he hissed.

Maria put her hands on her hips and stared him down, “ME? What the fuck did I do, YOU are the one who said ‘hey beautiful’ um… hello? That is like the dumbest come on EVER, it’s like ‘nice shoes, wanna fuck’ GOD! Hey, wait, isn’t that what you want from her anyway?”

“NO! God, what are you, blind, she’s gorgeous, amazing, charming, witty, eloquent, sweet, fiery, spontaneous and I don’t know, she’s like no one I’ve ever met, so I would appreciate it if you would stop feeding those thoughts of hers!”

“Elo-what? Look, buddy, she likes you for whatever reason, but you gotta chill on the whole asshole quotient. Now I don’t exactly like you, but I like my best friend happy, especially since she’s also my boss for the summer, so even though you’re a jackass, I’m going to help your sorry ass out!”

“Um, ok, that works” Rath replied, somewhat confused as to what she was saying, but he was desperate, so he would try anything, even advice from one Maria Deluca.
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Ria - Spark is my biggest pain in the ass to write, it's not coming at ALL. And I have writers block as it is, but Spark is def. the worst. But I'm glad that you like this

Lyrics are from Goo Goo Doll's "Iris"
Part 4

Rath cursed as he burnt another burger, his seventh on the day, this cooking thing was a pain anyway, but it didn’t help that Liz was on his ass all day due to the earlier miscommunication. Maria was right, a happy Liz was a good Liz, not only because she was nicer, but because he was sick of seeing that resentment in her eyes whenever she looked at him.

“Michael, I need that Will Smith burger NOW” Liz barked, afraid to look him in the eye for fear of what she might see, it was much easier to stay mad at him. “And where is Maria, it’s almost time for the dinner rush and I would like to get something to eat sometime this YEAR!”

“Here” Rath grunted as he slid the plate through the opening just before Maria and a very agitated looking older Mexican walked back into the kitchen.

Maria smiled sweetly at Liz, trying to calm the darker haired girl before turning back to a very confused Michael, “Michael, this is Jose, he is one of the other cooks, you’re done for the day, let me show you where you go to punch out.”

“MARIA I am starving and would REALLY like it if I got my dinner sometime this year.” Liz huffed before spinning back to the growing crowd of people in the restaurant, she did not need Maria to act like this to her, especially after having to avoid Michael all day long, his intense staring when her back was turned drove her insane.

Maria rolled her green eyes and grabbed Michael’s arm, pulling him into the employee lounge before whispering, “see, pissed Liz is bad, happy Liz is good, but anyway, there is hot water boiling upstairs, put the pasta in for ten minutes or so, the pasta sauce is heated in the microwave, oh and make garlic bread, you know, just put butter on the bread, add garlic, basil, oregano, and all that other good Italian shit. This was a really good idea that you had, but you CAN’T screw this up by being a big asshole, you’re already in the dog house with her and if you mess this one up, well, you don’t exactly want to be on my bad side. I’m going back to stall her, go throw something romantic in the CD player, like John Mayer or hmm, I don’t know, I’m not into that type of music.”

“Ok, I’ll find something” Rath replied before hurrying up the stairs, hoping that Earth’s appliances were easy to figure out and that Liz would appreciate his gesture.

“Oh Liiiz” Maria called out as she walked back into the kitchen, fully intending to stall the other girl as long as possible, just so that Michael could pull this dinner off without a hitch. Secretly she was impressed with him, more than she’d ever thought she would be, it seemed as though this burly young man had fallen hard for her best friend, and it was about time that someone out there noticed all of Liz’s good qualities – Maria just hoped that Liz was able to see through all of Michael’s faults and realize that he did care for her.

Liz let out a relieved sigh as she watched the blond bounce back towards her, her green eyes revealing a mischievous glint that put a damper on Liz’s sudden change in mood, Maria’s ebullience was too much – she hated her job, so she had to be up to something and whatever it was, it wasn’t good. She smirked as Maria came closer, she would beat her best friend at this game, for once. Liz quickly handed off her plates of food to the other girl and rushed out, “Maria, table five, I’m going on dinner break now” before removing her antennae and heading for the back.

Maria stood there with her mouth wide in shock, when exactly had these plates of food appeared in her arms – damn Liz was good, why hadn’t she noticed it before? Quickly rebounding from the shock of loosing her own game, she cried “wait Liz, you can’t go on break yet, Shelly doesn’t come in for another five minutes and we know that Agnes does no work! PLEASE do this for me.”

Liz groaned and turned back to face the other girl, she was not in the mood, “Maria, I’m in a really shitty mood, I’m hungry and I’m drenched in soda. I really need to get out, now, and it’s not like the restaurant is that packed at the moment, you can deal for five little minutes.” Rapidly she brushed past Maria, focused solely on the quietude of her apartment – she needed relaxation, an escape from the madness that had affected her, and her balcony always managed to do that for her.

Her feet clashed loudly against the stairs as she ran upwards, away from the bustling restaurant, towards the door of the small apartment. She turned the knob without thinking twice about it and headed straight for the kitchen, hunger pains had been eating at her for hours, only to see a solitary candle illuminating the room with its soft glow and two plates of pasta on opposing ends of the table. “Um, hello, is anyone here, Michael?” she asked, subconsciously holding her breath, hoping against hope that this had been all Michael’s doing.

Rath turned away from the garlic bread that was slowly baking in the oven and towards the source of that voice – she was beautiful, even when her hair was a mess, sweat glistened across her forehead and her uniform was covered in food. She still had that glow within her that drew him further and further in every time he looked at her, he knew next to nothing about her, but felt as if he’d lived his entire life waiting for her. “Hey, uh, I’m not done yet but hi.”

Liz watched him try to conceal his embarrassment over getting caught and felt her earlier anger dissipate as she continued to stare at him. He was adorable and looked like a kid caught with his hand in the cookie jar, but he was much more handsome than any child, and because of this her mind turned the scene into something less innocent and for the first time, she allowed herself to enjoy it. Whatever might happen might happen, she couldn’t control such eventualities and it was time to just enjoy the ride. “Michael, you made this all by yourself?”

“Actually Maria set it all up on her break and I just finished it, she’s a good friend for you Liz, seriously.” He scratched his eyebrow nervously as she continued to stare at him wordlessly, her silence was deafening. “Well, it was my idea to make you dinner and she just took over from there – the bread’s done, so let’s eat.”

Liz nodded and followed him to the table, still unable to find the words to describe her amazement at this turn of events, hours ago she would have sworn that Michael was just in it for the sex, but now he seemed to want something more, but she was grateful for these complexities, he fascinated her. She flashed him an appreciative smile as he pulled her chair out for her, never expecting to see this aspect of his personality, well at least not so soon, she just hoped that he wouldn’t stop with their repartee; it was one of the things that she had enjoyed the most in the time that they had known each other.

Rath sat down in the chair across from her after hitting play, he’d thrown in the City of Angels Soundtrack on a whim – the title looked a little more romantic than Maria’s suggestion, John Mayer’s “Room for Squares.” He felt her eyes on him and he looked up, meeting her intense gaze, he loved the way that she managed to look at him with so much love in her eyes, even after screwing up earlier in the day. “I’m sorry about earlier, I didn’t mean to give you the wrong idea, but you’re beautiful.”

Liz blushed and lowered her gaze, focusing on the food in front of her, “thanks” she replied, feeling awkward about his compliment and decided to change the subject, “is this edible or is it another Deluca induced catastrophe?”

Rath noticed her discomfort over his flatteries and decided to settle back into their usual banter, “do you doubt my cooking Ms. Parker; I’ll have you know that I have been picking up pointers from this guy who has this wonderful job as a chef at the five star restaurant The Crashdown, the only bad part of his job is that there is this gorgeous waitress with dark brown hair that denies me the one thing that I want the most in the world.”

Liz stifled a giggle as she listened to Michael’s little speech, his return to form was refreshing and she appreciated that he picked up on her discomfort, “oh and what is that Mr. Guerin – I hear that this gorgeous waitress is quite willing to get to know this chef better, she’s just not used to northerners and the way that they manage to make towels look so good.”

Rath groaned as he caught her brown eyes dancing, he was never going to live that one down, “well, I don’t know, since he’s not here, but I think that, well, if I were him, I would want this raven haired temptress to join him in a dance because you know, that would be nice.”

“Well, hmm, too bad the raven haired temptress is hungry, but maybe later she might oblige… she’s had this craving for the past ten minutes to try some of the famous Michael Guerin’s cooking.”

Rath nodded and added, “Not the best song for dancing with someone as special as you anyway.”

A comfortable silence settled over the couple as they ate, Michael was a good cook, Liz soon realized, and was looking forward to the next time that he would cook for her. “Michael this is so good” Liz stated suddenly, breaking the silence that had settled between them just as “Iris” began to play through the stereo. She smiled as the familiar guitar chords and decided that this would be an opportune moment to give him what he said that he wanted, “wanna dance?”

Rath was struck by her proposal, he was sure that she had not been to keen on his request to dance, but it didn’t mean that he didn’t want it any less – to be that close to her was what he had been craving all day and to have it, well it made him happier than he had ever been before. He shot up from his chair and walked over to her side, trying to hide his eagerness, despite never caring much for the dances at the palace, the idea of dancing with Liz, for whatever reason excited him.

Liz smiled as she got up from her chair and placed her small hand in his, she’d never met any guy who had ever liked to dance before, another thing that made Michael different from all of the other guys she had ever dated. She shivered slightly at the feel of his arms drape around her waist, while hers hung loose around his neck – they just stood there in the kitchen, swaying with the music, their eyes locked in an intense gaze.

And I'd give up forever to touch you
Cause I know that you feel me somehow
You're the closest thing to heaven that I'll ever be
And I don't want to go home right now

And all I can taste is this moment
And all I can breathe is your life
Cause sooner or later it's over
I just don't want to miss you tonight

Rath wrapped his arms a little tighter around her small frame, needing to be closer to her as they continued to sway with the slow music, silently noticing that the lyrics could easily apply to what he felt for Liz, the need to be with her, the knowledge that upon finding out who he was, what he was, she would probably end this, he couldn’t ask her to come home with him, he was so naïve before the idea that any young girl would just abandon her life for him was ridiculous and he should have realized that before now. Sighing painfully, he forced down these thoughts and returned to the moment, the face of the girl that he was falling in love with and going with the music he twirled her around, reveling in the image of her hair dancing around in circles along with the rest of her body, she was so beautiful and there was nothing he wouldn’t give to make her his.

And I don't want the world to see me
Cause I don't think that they'd understand
When everything's made to be broken
I just want you to know who I am

Liz felt so free in his arms, she knew that she had only met him days before, but somehow she knew that he was it for her, that one person who she could possibly imagine spending the rest of her life with, grow old with. Of course, it seemed completely irrational to the rest of her, but for once she was able to listen to her heart instead of her head and it felt right, just like her Grandma Claudia had said before she’d died during Liz’s sophomore year. “Michael” she breathed, as they continued to sway together, their faces inches apart, she wanted to kiss him so badly, but did not want to break the magic of this moment.

And you can't fight the tears that ain't coming
Or the moment of truth in your lies
When everything seems like the movies
Yeah you bleed just to know your alive

And I don't want the world to see me
Cause I don't think that they'd understand
When everything's made to be broken
I just want you to know who I am

Rath couldn’t stand the distance between them any longer and leaned in, pressing his dry lips against her soft supple ones, then sliding his tongue in her mouth, meeting hers and moving together with the music, it was soft and tender, yet filled with all that need that the two had for one another, but would never outright admit to possessing. He groaned and ran his hand upward into her hair as they continued to kiss, needing to feel her silken strands between his fingers.

Liz felt like she was spinning as the kiss continued, it was different from all of their previous encounters, and it filled her with a need for more – more than the ones in her room this morning had. There was something intoxicating about the slow pace of their kisses, which, when coupled with their gentle movements on the dance floor and the ambiance of the candle and the music made it feel like something out of an old movie that her mother would watch now and again and get all misty-eyed. This was magical, special and somehow she knew that she would regret not embracing the moment tomorrow, so she summoned up her courage and whispered, “Bedroom”, the word dancing on her tongue, imbued with the same beauty that had managed to encompass the night. She watched him ponder her proposal for a few moments before nodding in agreement and she let out a breath that she hadn’t known she had been holding.

I don't want the world to see me
Cause I don't think that they'd understand
When everything's made to be broken
I just want you to know who I am

Rath could not believe that she had just asked for him to take this into the bedroom – that she had just granted him the permission to act upon every last desire that his mind had been filled with since seeing her for the first time, just a few days ago. Although he had never truly been with any woman before, he could not imagine anyone else to share this with, and they had been together for only a few days. He smiled down at her, the candle causing her skin to glow in the darkened room, before twirling her around one last time, he adored the image of her spinning daintily around the small kitchen in the dark, before gently picking her up, cradling her to his chest and carrying her into the bedroom, the stereo still playing softly in the background, echoing his own silent plea, that one day he would muster the courage to tell her who he really was and that she would still love him in spite of it.

I just want you to know who I am
I just want you to know who I am
I just want you to know who I am
I just want you to know who I am
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Part 5
Liz felt the sun streaming down on her face and stirred slightly, bumping further into a sleeping Michael. Confused, she opened her eyes to see his arm draped protectively around her small frame and she blushed slightly as the memories of last night resurfaced.

“Liz, I’ve never done this before” Rath whispered as she continued to run her hands over his bare chest, planting feather-light kisses on his warm skin.

“Neither have I” she breathed, shivering slightly as he regained control and began to tease her nipples, flicking one with his tongue as his fingers toyed with the other. “Oh god Michael, oh god, I need you.”

Rath nodded and entered her; slowly at first, hoping that he wouldn’t hurt her. He reached her barrier and met her eyes, darkened with desire, “Liz, I don’t want to hurt you, I couldn’t bare it.”

“Michael please, it’s ok” she replied, pressing her lips hungrily against his to urge him forward and gasped slightly as he pushed forward, the momentary pain raced through her, only to be quelled by his soft kisses.

She smiled as the memories of how loving he had been throughout the night continued to remain at the forefront of her consciousness and spooned closer to him, inhaling his scent as she whispered an almost inaudible “I love you” before drifting back to sleep.

Rath gently ran his fingers through Liz’s dark locks while his eyes focused on her sleeping form, the subtle rise and fall of her chest beneath the sheets was the most beautiful thing that he had ever seen. She was stunning when she slept, her face illuminated by the sunlight made her appear almost angelic and although he knew, somewhere in the dark recesses of his mind, that she had to open the restaurant, he didn’t want to wake her for fear that she regretted last night. He sighed, again lost in the wonder of the moment as she inched closer to him and tried with every fiber of his being to keep his hormones in check upon feeling her smooth skin brush up against him. “Liz” he mumbled, the words flowing effortlessly from his mouth, just seconds before the alarm clock beeped loudly, the dissonance startling him and ripping Liz prematurely from sleep. Rath felt her move in his arms and gently turned her towards him, then pressed his dry lips against hers and then greeted his raven haired beauty with a soft “good morning.”

“Morning” Liz yawned, her arms reaching up towards the ceiling in an attempt to shake herself from sleep, and then smiled coyly as she slipped out of bed and into her lavender bathrobe. “I have to shower and open the restaurant, but maybe we could do something afterwards” she stated, her brown eyes dancing mischievously at what something entails.

“Yeah, I’d like that” Rath replied, her tone not lost on him, and watched her walk out of the room before throwing on his boxers and heading into the kitchen, intent on making her breakfast. He was so intent on preparing pancakes, waffles, and other assorted breakfast food that he was oblivious to Maria’s presence in the kitchen.

Maria’s eyes grew wide upon spotting an almost naked Michael entering the kitchen, “um hello” she greeted, subconsciously licking her lips – if she didn’t have Alex, she sure would have wanted him, Liz, excluding Sean of course, had always had good taste.

“Hey, um hi” Rath replied, completely thrown by Maria’s presence in the kitchen and the way that she was looking him over like he was a piece of meat made him suddenly feel overexposed, “um, I’m going to grab a shirt, it’s cold in here.”

“Are you sure, it seems like it’s a bit hot in here to me” she blurted out, then immediately realized her mistake, here she was in the kitchen, her green eyes wide and filled with need for her best friend’s man, when she had a wonderful boyfriend of her own sleeping the morning away in the bedroom they’d usurped for the summer, “yeah, I think that would be a good idea” she rushed out, then blushed feverishly as she mouthed “wow” – he was quite attractive, but so not her type and she felt guilty for even entertaining the idea of ravaging him on the kitchen table.

Rath nodded and rushed back into Liz’s bedroom, eager to get away from Maria’s wandering eyes – unlike when Liz looked at him like that, her dark eyes wild with passion, Maria’s green eyes taking in his bare skin made him feel dirty. He threw on his white t-shirt, still lying in a pile with his jeans, just as Liz reemerged from the bathroom, “hey” he greeted, flashing a smile as he watched the droplets of water fall from her hair and trace down her skin.

“Hey, uh, what are you doing?” Liz asked as she ran a hand through her damp hair, her eyes searching his for an answer, fearful that he was going to “fuck and run” after all.

Rath noticed her concern and admitted, “I was going to make you breakfast, but Maria was in the kitchen and I felt over-exposed” before sitting down on her bed, his eyes following her as she walked around the bedroom.

“Oh, are some things for my eyes only?” she asked and loosened the tie on her robe, intent on seducing him right there.

“Yeah, I’d prefer not to get the hopes of all my adoring fans up, only to crush their dreams in the end” he replied, unaware of her seduction attempt.

“Oh please adoring fans my ass” Liz replied, suddenly forgetting her intentions and threw her wet towel at him.

“Oh really” Rath replied before shooting up from his position on the bed and effortlessly lifted her up over his shoulder, then playfully threw her down on the bed and began tickling her, his normally serious eyes light and filled with mischief, reveling in the view of her squealing and squirming underneath him.

Liz giggled and kicked around in the bed, feeling much happier than she had been in a long time, “ok, ok, I take it back; you’re smashing baby, very shagadelic.”
“What?” Rath asked as he halted his movements, wondering what ‘shagadelic’ meant.

“You’re very shagadelic” she repeated in a very bad British accent, trying her best to pull off a decent Austin Powers interpretation.

Rath laughed at Liz’s accent and asked, “What does that mean?”

“Oh my god, you’ve never seen Austin Powers?”


“What do they do up in Canada?” she teased and inched out from under Rath.

“Uh, I don’t know” Rath replied as he scratched his eyebrow, still wondering what ‘shagadelic’ meant.

“Ha, you are so deprived, anyway, shagadelic means um… handsome, and we are so watching Austin Powers with Alex and Maria tonight because Alex has been complaining about the abundance of chick-flicks lately.” She flashed him a smile and began to get dressed in a pair of jeans and a red tank-top. “Ok, since all I have to do is open the restaurant, Maria can run the Crash while we go out for lunch and visit all of the digs in Roswell, if that’s ok with you.”

Rath was so wrapped up in the movements of her bare skin that he had barely heard what she had said, but quickly replied, “yeah, sounds great” before turning his focus back to the way that she clothed her petite frame. He watched her left leg enter her jeans and caught sight of a small silver mark on the inside of her thigh. He silently cursed himself and tried to hide his surprise – he should have been more careful, because now it was only a matter of time before she noticed that there was a small glowing mark on her skin and surprise! I’m an alien wouldn’t be enough of an explanation.