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Author: Kaia Mariacle
Disclaimer: Roswell and all it’s characters, and the movie Splendor, are not mine. At all.
Spoilers: The movie, Splendor.
Rating: R; will become NC-17
Category: Max/Liz/Michael; Fluff, with a bit of angst thrown in for good measure.
Warnings: If the idea of any kind of m/m, slight f/f interaction bothers you, I suggest you desist your reading of this tale.
Summary: Liz Parker, on a quest for stardom, partakes in a journey of self-discovery, heartache and love. She’d thought her life was difficult before.....then she met them.
Author’s Notes: Have you ever seen Splendor? Let’s say I found this movie gem when they had the 7 movies for $7.77 special at the local video store. Expecting a cheesy, comedic flop (well.....okay it =was=, but I love cheesy comedies), I was pleasantly surprised to encounter what is now one of my favorite movie’s. This story was originally going to be housed in the Buffyverse, but I decided I needed to engage in some Roswellian loving, since the show has taken such a massive downward spiral in the past few months. Watch out Passions, here comes......Roswell!


I can just see the headlines.

‘Small town girl moves to big city in search of stardom, and seriously fucks up her life.’

And on that note.....Hi, I’m Liz Parker.

I was raised in a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it town by the name of Ralston, if you’ve ever been there, you’ll know what I’m talking bout. Anyway, growing up with my drunken daddy, and bottled blonde, bitchy stepmother was somewhat of an adventure.

//”Hey, little bitch, you in there?”

“What?” A beautiful brunette came tripping through the bathroom doors, staring at her father in question.

(That’s me)

“Where’s my beer, little bitch?”

“ your hand?”

“Don’t get smart with me, bitch!”


(And that’s me again, on the floor, holding my cheek)

“Sorry.....sorry.......I’m going to.....go now.”

“Pick up some fuckin’ beer, bitch!”


“Yeah, you better be afraid, bitch.”//

My father wasn’t very creative with his endearing nicknames.

So later on I decided that the adventure was a little too......much fun. Although, I would really miss being called ‘little bitch’ every ten seconds.

Insert sarcasm here.

So I moved to the ever so wonderful town of Roswell, New Mexico.

In search of above mentioned stardom.

I guess working as a waitress at a local tourist trap really can’t be construed as stardom, but it was a job.

//”Got any apple pie?”

“No, sir.”

(Me, in a tacky, uniform, and yeah, those are definitely major grease stains.)


“No, sir.”


Sigh. “No, sir.”

(You can tell I really loved that job, huh?)

“You got any pie left?”

“No, sorry sir.”//

Maybe not the one I was looking for exactly, paid the bills.

Anyway, that was before I fell in love.

Seriously in love.

Flat on my ass, insecure and rambling incoherently love.

I guess that’s where my story actually begins.

And now I’m here, sharing my tale with you all.

You could call this a love story.

I myself have often referred to it as chaos.

I moved to this town, to make my dreams come true.

To find myself.

I didn’t expect to fall in love.

But maybe that’s where I should start.

When I met them.

Yeah, seems like a pretty good place.

It all began one Halloween night, when my best friend Maria dragged me to this party.........


Tell me whatchya think!

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I'd forgotten that there was already a fic on thsi board named 'Splendor', so I switched the title to Resplendence so you guys don't get confused.

Hope that's not too, well......confusing.

I also hope you enjoy this next part, which actually has action in it.

And makes the fingers type faster.


~Part One~

“I can’t believe I let you drag me here!” I glared at my best friend, Maria Deluca, trying not to let laughter overtake me at the sight of her tampon costume.

“Lizzie, babe, I couldn’t come alone!” Maria shouts in my ear, “SHE’S going to be here, and you might actually meet someone to get help dispel that sexual dry spell you’ve been going through!”

SHE is this blonde ‘goddess’ that Maria’s been raving about for weeks now, Isabel something or other.....I guess she’s this gorgeous lead singer, and Maria is extremely infatuated with her. And about my...dry spell, yeah, so I haven’t had sex in a while, but it’s not like it’s the most important thing in a woman’s life.

And anyway, I’m not really in the mood for this kind of ‘fun.’

“Mari-A!” I shriek on the last bit, as someone knocks me harshly from behind, thankfully, strong arms grasp mine, and keep me from meeting the disgustingly dirty floor.

I look up, and for a moment, I’m struck with this......feeling.

My savior is an incredibly gorgeous knight, dressed in silver armor and a sword. And he’s blushing deeply.

“Hi.” I can’t hear him, but I can make out his mouth.

And what a mouth it is, luscious and full. His thick, dark hair falls over dark pools of chocolate-y goodness, I guess you’d call them eyes, but I seem to falling into them, so I’m not completely sure you can. He can’t just be a normal human with eyes like that.

He’s saying something, but I can’t hear it, and it’s too dark now to make it out. I feel a tug on my arm, as Maria tries to pull me through the crowd.

“Hey, wait a minute!”


I’m shoved into the stage, where Maria’s ‘goddess’ is singing monotonously onstage, accompanied by an extremely bad band.

Then I get hit with that......feeling....again, and I stare up at the stage in fascination.

Because up there, shirtless and pounding away on the skins, is one of the hottest men I’ve ever seen. His honey-colored skin glistens with sweat, his mop of spiky, golden hair is quivering with the force of his drumming, and his mouth is turned up in this...primal, baring of his perfectly curved teeth grin.

For a moment, it’s as if our eyes meet, but I’m pulled away suddenly by Maria, and I hear the dying cords of their final song.

“There she is!”

“Hey, hey wait up, please!”

Maria pulls me to a stop at the sight of her goddess, and I turn around because there’s a persistent voice following me.

I turn,

My knight’s followed me, and away from the flourescent lights of the stage he look scrumptious.

“Please,” he leans over, and catches his breath, then looks up with those deep pools. He blushes, as if he can’t believe he’s done this. “Hi.” He says softly.

“Hi.” I return.

He looks at his hands for a moment, and then back up at me.

“Look, I know this unconventional way of...meeting.”

Maria harumphs from her place next to me.

He blushes again, “But I felt something back there, and maybe you.....I felt like you did too....and....I-“

“Oh please!” Maria speaks up from behind.

I glare at her, and offer the knight a smile. “Yeah, I might have.”

His face lights up in this wonderful way, and I can’t help but think that there really is something between me and this stranger. So I reach into my purse, and pull out a pack of matches, trying in vain to find a pen.

Mr. Knight pulls one from..somewhere, and hands it to me, smiling.

“Here,” I hand over the matchbook with a grin. “Give me a call sometime.”

He nods, and our eyes lock again before Maria pulls me away with a huff, dragging me after her.


I stop, and turn around again.

The handsome knight is grinning as he yells, “I’m Max!”

Oh, wow. I was so enamored with his eyes that I didn’t even get a name.

“I’m Liz!” I yell back, before being dragged away yet again by Maria.

Her eyes have fallen on th blonde ‘goddess’, who’s standing in a circle of admirers. Apparently the goddess has forgotten her band in favor of being fawned over by groupies. Maria being one of them.

I slouch against the wall, and light up a cigarette as I watch Maria set herself up for a fall.


I’m thrown to the ground, and I groan.

In a mockingly ironic mimic of my earlier moment with Mr. Tall, Dark, and Shy, I turn and am picked up by a strong pair of hands.

When I open my eyes, I’m staring up at Mr. Primal himself.

Our eyes meet, and I say, “Do you know where the bathroom is?”

Brilliant, I know.

He nods, smirks, and points behind him.

I nod in thanks, and push open the door, trying to adjust my fairy princess crown as I enter the disgusting bathroom.

I do my business -take a piss, as if you needed to know- and walk back out into the bathroom, fixing my crown in front of the mirror.

I go to open the door, and slam into someone again.

I look down, and it’s him. Mr. Primal. Again.

We stare at each other for a moment, and *BAM*

We’re inside the bathroom, against the wall.

His hands cure around my waist, hauling me up against him as I run shaking fingers though his spiky mass of golden locks. His lips find mine, and soon our tongues are mating frantically. His broad shoulders are so warm against my thin top, and I grab at them, desperate for something to hold onto.

His hard, jean-covered flesh presses roughly against my flimsy, white skirt, and I groan as his mouth nibbles harshly on my ear.

His voice is deep and hot against my neck as he growls, “I’m Michael.”

I groan, as one of his hands creeps beneath my skirt, sliding expertly between my thighs, finding my clit in moments. I manage to pant out a hoarse, “Liz.” Before he pushes up my skirt, his free hands wildly trying to unbutton his leather pants.

He loses his balance in the process, and we fall to the floor, but I have no care to stop, instead I reach down and help him push down his pants.

We stare into each others eyes, and he smirks hotly, pulling my head down and burying his hands in my hair as our mouths mate ferociously.

My hands blaze down to his thick, dripping penis and I quickly roll a condom onto him, before plunging downward.

We both groan in ecstasy.

He thrusts up into me, reaching down to grip my hips, rolling frantically beneath me. Our bodies pop as we move quickly, panting into the fresh bathroom air. I feel his body start to tense, approaching climax, and I stop, clenching muscles tightly around him.

“FUCKKKK!!!” He growls hoarsely, and my thighs quiver as I follow him close behind with a mindbending orgasm.

“Oh...God....Oh...God....” I pant harshly, and collapse onto his chest.

He wraps delicious arms around me, and grins.

“Wanna finish this somewhere more.....private?”

I stare into his glowing eyes, and sigh contentedly, nodding.I had a feeling my dry spell had just ended.


And that was how I met Max and Michael.


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