The Seduction Plan Rated R Max/Michael Prologue

Title: The Seduction Plan
Couple: Slash Max and Michael
Rating: R for now
Note* This is my first story please be gentle with feedback and if you have and suggestion to were the story should go write meat Badddgurl9103⊕ and Michael doesn't hate Liz he just doesn't like her for breaking Max's heart. Liz will come in later. And sorry about spelling.And Someone please tell me what's a beta and how to use it.
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Prologue Michael POV

Sometimes I like to sit and watch max work out he so beautiful. I have been in love with max every

since I came to Roswell. Max doesn't know how incredible he is. First there are he's eyes there are so

beautiful you could drown and fall in love with them. Next is his body eveytime I see him I want to rip of

the clothes that he has on and throw him on the nearest flat surface that He could find and I would have

done it but then Liz came into the picture. Liz was Max's all and the same for Liz but I don't want them

together. In his picture of things Liz didn't deserve max. He was the type of guy all girls wanted. He was

romantic, nice,kind and put your pleasure before his but Liz kept breaking up with him and was taking

advantage of him and this was the last time this would happen becaUse max would be with him and she

would be alone. For a while I have been planning a thing called he Seduction Plan. It consIt’s of 5 steps.

Steps 1: Comfort maxis in his times of need and make him trust me even more.

Step 2: Share my feeling to him about Maria and how much she's not my life long soul mate.

Step: 3 make him admit that he is tired of being lonely and needs to stop loving Liz. I know for a know

fact that he is getting sick of being depressed.

Step 4: Kiss him and Then apologies. If I do that this will make him come to me the "talk about it" and

that's when I hall out

Step 5 the final biggest step: When he comes to my house to talk about the kiss I will seduce him and at

the end of step 5 he will be in my bed. The making love will bond us and it might be akward but I will

make sure he is pleasrued soo much that he will admit he like it. Now I know what you r thinking but it will

work and liz won't have nothing to fall back on because he will be with me making love to me.

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