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He he he he

first of all Tess never got pregnant - but she still killed Alex ( no one knows that)

Liz never found the key of the translation to the book- she left Roswell insted of going to sweden

No season three stories

La Flamingo Deluxe

Part One

This was the last place Michael would be on late Sunday evening. In La Flamingo deluxe bar- comes with half naked gal dancing around the pole.
However he was the best man at Simon's wedding- a good friend of his in the fashion industry. Michael took a swig of his beer. Another thing Michael didn't expect- he was one of the most famous designers in the US- excels in girls underwear.
Michael chuckled to himself as he raked his hands through his spiked brown hair.
Yep, Michael thought to himself. Got the locks cut off just after Maria dumped him over some guy and a music career, which of course Maria is well known around the world for her album' the sticks'.

Then a few months after graduation He was discovered at seventeen in a jazz nightclub, doodling a picture of a woman in a red dress- then straight to the company and by eighteen he owned ' G company ' clothes incorporated, which is worn by most of the female stars.

Now Twenty-one Michael seemed at peace. Maybe it was when he hitchhiked out of Roswell and found a life for himself?
That might right, Michael thought while Simon face was stuck to a topless Italian goddess named ' Star 12'.
He never made contact with his old friends back in Roswell. Maria- ex-girlfriend. Max- changed ever since he and Tess went together. Isabel- married to some guy named Jesse or so he heard. Kyle- well he became a member of the LAPD aka police department that Michael planned to stay far away from and lastly Liz because she left Roswell just after Alex died and he knew very little of her.

Alex, wish you were here. He took another swig of the bitter sweet a taste of beer in Alex's name.

Michael sat at the bar for the next moment until Matt; Simon's cousin pulled him to the catwalk area with three poles decorated with cheesy neon lights. This is where it takes place.

Matt walked onto the catwalk, Leaving Michael in the crowd grouping together, Simon was strapped to the chair and blindfolded.
Holding microphone in hand the crowd calmed down.
"Now as we know Simon Ross is going to be married to Karen two o'clock on Monday," Matt's voiced carried across the large crowd. The crowed hooted in mockery.
"Until then we have a treat for him- Miss Shirley Temple Tatiana we be showing Simon the time of his life all night," Matts cheered and the song " butterfly" by crazy town echoed around the strip nightclub.

~ Such a sexy, sexy pretty little thang. Fierce nipple pierce; you got me sprung with your tongue ring. And I ain’t going to lie cause your loving gets me high, so keep you my side; there’s nothing that I won’t try. ~

The Stripper glided onto the spotlight with her back facing the crowd. He tight leather short pants and blue bikini strappers drove everyone wild- including Michael.

~ Butterflies in her eyes and looks to kill. Time is passing and I’m asking ‘could this be real?’ cause I can’t sleep, I can’t hold still; the only thing I really know is she’s got sex appeal I can feel. ~

The stripper had a blue long wig and fake tattoos of butterflies on her back. She whirled around and straddled herself on Simon, and slid off the blindfold using her white teeth.
This gesture sent the house cooking- Simon was going bright red.
Who wouldn't, Michael thought. Her breast shaped like ripe watermelons were in Simon face every time she rotated her swell hips- griding herself into him.

~ Too much is never enough. You’re always there to lift me up when these times get rough. I was lost; now I’m found ever since you been around. You’re the woman that I want so yo, I’m putting it down.
Come my lady. Come, come my lady. You my butterfly, sugar baby.
Come my lady. Come, come my lady. I’ll make your legs shake; you make me go crazy. ~

The stripper untied the rope and pulled him to the stage, and then glided around the poles like an expert. Her long tanned legs arching gracefully to the sky.
Michael face heated up each every minute that past by but no one saw her face.

~ Hey sugar momma come and dance with me. The smartest thing you eve did was take a chance with me. Whatever tickles your fancy; girl, it’s me and you like Sid and Nancy. ~

She slid to the ground with Simon eagerly watching her firm buttocks rubbing against Simon's now bare chest. The crowed hooted and cheered at this mysterious stripper.

~ So sexy almost evil, talking bout butterflies in my head. I used to think happy endings were only in the books I read. But you made me feel alive when I was almost dead. ~
Michael now sat on the closest chair to the catwalk. The lights reflected her angelic body at every wall.
Michael groaned. This never happens, what kind of drink am I drinking this time?

~ You filled that empty space with the love I used to chase and as far as I can see it don’t get better then this. So butterfly here is a song and it’s sealed with a kiss; and I thank you miss. ~

Miss Shirley Temple Tatiana's act was getting closer and closer to the end. Much to the disproval of the crowd and Michael nearly shouted her to continue, she who ever she is was driving Michael to frustration.
She walked seductively down the catwalk- making sure Simons sees her nice heart shaped butt swaying. From Simon's grinning and trail of drool down his chest I guess he does,
And all of the sudden Michael saw the strippers face for the first time.
He nearly chocked on his drink.
"Liz?" Michael yelled, confused. Why would Liz be in a place like this?
Liz heard Michael voice and quickly looked right into his eyes, She gasped when she finally recognized him.

Come my lady. Come, come my lady. You my butterfly, sugar baby.
Come my lady. Come, come my lady. I’ll make your legs shake; you make me go crazy. ~

Tell me what you think.

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HA ha ha

I so wasn't expecting alot of replies

I was working on my complicated fanfic Destined forever

anyway I am working on part two

as for NC-17??

you have to wait and see*bounce*
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Authors note - thanks for your support

Part 2A

It was around six in the morning when the bar had closed. Liz parker-weary from her nights work trudged upstairs to the attic, which was formally known as "satin complex". It was where most of the strippers who worked here lived.

Kathy, her best friend was playing six under ground by Sneaker Pimps on her pink stereo. Kathy was around twenty-three, blonde blue-eyed sassy bitch. She kind of reminded her of Maria. She didn't know why? Maybe she wants to become the next ' Mandy Moore'?

Liz flopped onto to her deflated beanbag with a sigh.
An image of Michael, shell shocked to see her dancing while Simon's hands burning into her thighs.

Michael What was he doing here?

Did he send him?
Did he find out where she was?
Does he want to expose her?

I can't let that happen, Liz thought with utter determination.

No one must find out about why she left Roswell.

Liz stripped off her clothes and put on her red Kimono. Katy helped put the out fit on. In half an hour Katy was just finishing attaching her flowery sash on while asking questions.
"Who was that guy," Katy said, her Canadian accent coming loud and clear.
Before Liz could answer Charlie Burton, their pimp walked into the room. Everyone stopped his or her endless chatter. Katy flicked the stereo off, her arms trembling.

Even thought Charlie was only 150cm tall he was the most powerful man in New York when it came to night pleasure entertainment.
Charlie was responsible to three of the most talented lusted after girls in this joint. This included Kathy, Emma who was downstairs and herself.
"Anna martin you have one of your customers downstairs. Be a good girl and give him what he wants." His orange permed clown hair fluttered as he wiped sweat off his round plum face, his double chin rolling around under his throat.
Liz parker took off her blue wig and brushed her shoulder length strawberry blonde hair before walking down the old brown stair to the lounge area.
Ohmigod, Liz thought. When did he get rich?

Michael stood, with his left hand in one pocket while his right hand was adjusted his light blue tie. He stood confident in his expensive suite and his hair spiked up neatly. He glanced around the Japanese's style room before his eyes froze on her.

Well its now or never
It looks like we both have questions.



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THanks for your replies it means ALOT!!!!!

I will post more soon

I was too busy writng for my other fanfic- destined forever but I might stop wrting for it since I got no replies but oh well im just stressed homework exams yadda yadda

I know it was evil to leave it there but I had to

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