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Title: Was It A Dream? Category: M/L’s children,…...Rating: G – PG-13
Author: jane E-mail: jwest⊕
Disclaimer: They’re not mine. The characters of Roswell belong to Melinda Metz, UPN, Jason Katims,
and all the wonderful people who we all love for starting this fabulous series. Nor do I have anything to do with “Stargate: SG1 or Richard Dean Anderson (unfortunately!) No infringement or disrespect is intended. I’m just borrowing them! I would like to thank Carol (spacemom) for allowing me to use her character names (Mason and Cheryl) from her story “Acting Alien" The character name, Niko Giuliani is Totally fictitious. I do not know anyone by that name and mean no disrespect to anyone who has that name. -jane
Summary: AU, future fic. This is a sequel to “I Can’t, I’m Different!”, which is available on the Repost Board (hope you like it!) I recommend that you read ICID first, or at least the Last Chapter. A few days before their wedding, Max and Liz met the two young actors “Mason Blair” and “Cheryl Appleton”, who were staring in the very popular movie and TV show ‘Among Us’. The actors look exactly like Max and Liz, so to keep the Press away from them, Mason and Cheryl stay away from M/L, until one day when they and their young children meet again. The children share a magical moment. Will they remember each other when they meet again in college? There will be a little danger and excitement, but mostly, this is a love story!

Was It A Dream? Part 21

Mason, Cheryl and Susan were having a pleasant flight from L.A. to Airatan, with fellow passengers, Alex and Isabel Whittman and their college-age kids, Charlie and Judy. They spoke casually about their careers in acting and Isabel’s career as a model. It was a short flight and soon they were circling the V-shaped valley in preparation to land.

“Oh, we’ve never seen the valley from the air; look Susan.” Cheryl pointed out.

“Oh, it’s beautiful!” Susan exclaimed and then they were coming in for a landing.

Max and another gentleman were waiting there, both driving a car.

‘Oh my goodness, that other man is handsome!’ Susan thought to herself, as she shyly glanced at him from under her long lashes. ‘Rugged, distinguished and his lean body is so…sexy! Kind of like Richard Dean Anderson, in Stargate: SG1.’

“Isabel, Alex, Charlie and Judy; great to see you again!” Max greeted his family with hugs but kept them brief so as not to make his other three friends feel left out.

“Mason, Cheryl, Susan thanks for coming. Let me introduce you to Sam Jones, here. Sam’s house is just above ours and he made the suggestion that you might like to stay with him. I can tell you that he has a great home, with lots of room. Otherwise, if you would prefer, we have an excellent little hotel at this end of the valley and you would be welcome to stay there.”

“Hello, nice to meet all three of you. You would be most welcome to stay in my home if you would like. It won’t be any trouble at all.” Sam said, looking directly at Susan.

‘What an added bonus; having this lovely lady staying in my home; as well as helping Max and Liz out.’ Sam thought to himself. ‘Whoa there, Jones, she looks like a shy little filly, who is easily spooked. Back off and take it slow.’

‘Choose to stay with Sam Jones.’ Susan was thinking over and over; sending her thoughts towards Mason and Cheryl, hoping that they would choose to stay near their friends, rather than in a hotel.

“Mr. Jones, it’s very generous of you to share your home with us. We would love to stay near our friends, if you’re sure that it would be alright.” Mason said, as Susan nodded her head and shyly whispered her agreement.

“Great, let me help you put your luggage into my vehicle and then I can take you to my home, where you can freshen up, before we walk down to Max and Liz’s house.”

Sam took Susan’s luggage and put it in the back for her, while Mason and Cheryl put their own suitcases into the car, before Sam could help them. They gave each other a significant glance and a smile and then both got into the back seat so that Susan would have to sit up front, with Sam.

Susan didn’t want to make a fuss, so she took the passenger seat. As they drove around the valley, Sam pointed out special sights to all of his passengers, but he used this as an excuse to glance over at Susan. In her turn, Susan pretended to be looking at the scenery, while sneaking glimpses at Sam.

Sam stooped the car when they were almost to the other end of the valley. Max pulled up beside him, with the Whittmans in his car.

“I’ll get my guests settled in a little and then we’ll come down to your place.” Sam told Max, who nodded, before driving off. Sam turned to his passengers. “I stopped here so I could point out my house; you can’t see it from the road too well. Hope you like a bird’s-eye-view.” Sam said as he pointed ahead and up…and up…to a stone, wood and glass house, barely visible among the trees.

“Oh my goodness, how beautiful!” Susan exclaimed. “I can hardly wait to see the inside.”

“In a few minutes, you’ll have your wish, Susan.” Sam told her, as he moved the car forward. A short time later, he pushed the button on a remote garage-door opener and drove into a sizable garage.

“Sorry to bring you in this way, but it is the easiest way to access my house.” Sam said, as they all got out of the car. Everyone went to take their luggage from the back, but Sam took Susan’s suitcase; allowing her to only carry her smaller case.

“The elevator is this way.” Sam took them through a door into a small but lovely entryway. “There are outdoor and indoor stairways up to my home from this level, as well.” Sam pointed out, as he opened the door to a small elevator.

They could feel that they were ascending the mountain quite a ways in the elevator, before it came to a smooth stop and the doors opened. Sam and his guests moved out directly into a greatroom, which was Sam’s main living space. It held couches and sofas in sitting groups, a dining table and chairs on one side of a high kitchen counter/eating bar, from a nice sized but efficient kitchen. The inside walls were covered with bookshelves, a few glass cases and an enormous fireplace…none of which were more than six feet tall. The upper half of the twelve-foot walls were covered in a warm cream and hung with photographs of beautiful, natural scenes. None of these pictures, however could compare to the view they could see out the curved wall of windows, on the opposite side.

“Oh, Mr. Jones, what a Fabulous view! What a lovely room, too.” Susan exclaimed.

“Thank you, I really love living here, but please call me Sam. Your guestrooms are this way. There is only one bathroom on this side of the house. If you’d like, Mason you’d be welcome to use my bath, which is on the other side; and leave the ladies to this one.” Sam suggested as he showed them the two bedrooms and the bath.

Susan, Cheryl and Mason took just a few minutes to freshen up in their spacious rooms and then presented themselves back out in the greatroom, where Sam was doing a little bird-watching, using the telephoto lens on his camera to track a bird’s flight. Occasionally he shot some pictures, but mostly he was just watching.

“Our rooms look very comfortable, Sam.” Mason said. Thanks again for inviting us to stay in your home.”

“My pleasure. Are you ready? We can just walk down to the Evans’ house.”

“Where is it, I don’t see any other houses nearby.” Cheryl asked.

“It’s almost right below us, but you can’t see it because of all the trees on both of our properties.” Sam explained.

They took the elevator down, walked outside, crossed the road, went down a flight of steps and then they could see parts of the Evans’ house, through the trees. They walked through a gap in those pines and spruce and around the house, to the back where they could here many voices laughing and talking. All four of them saw a very large group of young and old, having a great time together. The younger people were in the middle of an energetic game of Frisbee and in the middle of that group was Sue.

“There’s Sue.” Mason pointed out their daughter, to Cheryl and Susan.

“Her hair looks different.” Cheryl noted. “Oh my gosh, it’s long! Her hair has grown long again. How could that have happened in just three weeks?”

“I don’t know, but that’s not the only thing different about her. She has her old spark back, Cheryl. Our little girl is smiling and laughing again; she’s come back out of her shell!”

“Oh Mason!” Cheryl sighed, happily, just watching Sue play for a few moments.

“Do you think her young man had something to do with bringing her out of her shell?” Susan asked, smiling. “Boy, he’s cute! Let’s stop gawking and go and say hello.”

The four of them walked down the hill, to greet their daughter and meet her boyfriend.

“Mason, Cheryl, Susan and Sam; welcome.” Max called out and came forward to greet them.

“Wow, Max you have quite a party going on here.” Cheryl said.

“Yeah, let me introduce you. Sam we set up a coffee urn over there, since it’s still morning, you might want some.”

“Coffee sounds great. Susan, would you like any?”

“Oh a cup of coffee would be wonderful, but I can get my own.” Susan said.

“It’s not a problem at all. Go with Max and I’ll bring you a cup. How do you take yours?”

“Just black, please.” Susan said, blushing at his attention, even if it was only over coffee.

“Oh, uh Mason or Cheryl, would you like anything?” Same made himself think of his other two guests. Mason and Cheryl glanced at each other.

“We’re fine, thanks, Sam.” Mason answered their host.

“All right, I’ll find you out in this crowd in just a minute.” He promised Susan.

“Well shall we go find Sue and Phillip?” Max asked and led the three of them over to the Frisbee game.

Meanwhile, Sam was pouring two cups of coffee, when Liz came up to him.

“Hi Sam, did you get your guests settled in?”

“Yes, Max is introducing them around, now. I’m just grabbing a cup of coffee for Susan and I.”

“Ahh, for Susan; what do you think of her?” Liz smiled knowingly at her friend.

“Man, Liz you’re not even a little Antarian, but you can still read me like a book!” Sam grinned. “I think she’s a beautiful filly, who’s easily spooked.”

“Yes, I think so too…spooked by someone she finds attractive. She was perfectly confident around Max and I, as well as Mason and Cheryl, but then we are married couples.”

“Liz, do you think Michael would do a little hocus-pocus for me and would you mind if I use one of your mugs? I’ll replace it of course.”

“Don’t worry about the mug, Sam.” Liz said and then she called Michael over, sub-vocally.

“Hey Sam, Liz said you wanted to ask me something?”

Sam was looking down at the two blue, stoneware mugs he was holding and then he nodded to Michael and told him and Liz what he wanted to do. They both grinned and Michael got to work. A few minutes later, Sam found Susan and handed a mug of coffee to her.

“Thank you, Sam, that was so nice of you; and what a lovely mug; the shape of it and the picture on the side.” Susan turned the mug to see the entire picture; a dark haired man petting a filly’s glossy neck and whispering into her ear, as the horse nuzzled her nose into the man’s shoulder.

“Yes, I understand that Michael Guerin made that mug, he did a great job didn’t he?” Sam asked.

“Oh yes, I have one of his small horse statues in my back garden; I love his work!” Susan smiled.

“Michael usually names his statues; what is yours called?” Sam asked.

“Serenity.” Susan answered and Sam smiled politely.

‘Serenity was supposed to be a art of a pair, but was sold separately, by accident. It was supposed to belong with the statue I have; Harmony.’ Sam thought to himself.

“Do you ride?” Sam asked aloud, instead.

“I used to when I was a young girl. I only get to ride once in a while now.” Susan told him.

“How about a morning ride, tomorrow? Mornings are always the best time to ride. I could show you more of the valley, as well.” Sam oh-so-casually offered.

“I’d, I’d love to, only I want to attend church services, as well.” Susan said.

“Not a problem, there are several church services, later in the morning, or early afternoon; we can make one of those easily after our morning ride.”

“O-kay, that sounds great then.” Susan said, smiling. ‘He’s just being a good host. You’ll have to leave tomorrow night. Don’t take any of this personally.’ She warned herself. The two of them were brought back to their surroundings by Suzie.

“Aunt Susan, Mom, Dad!” Sue cried out and ran over to her family and hugged each of them in turn. After they greeted each other, Sue introduced Phil.

“Mom, Dad and Aunt Susan, this is Phillip.”

“Nice to meet you Mr. and Mrs. Blair; Miss Nelson.” Phillip said, as he shook each of their hands.

“It’s good to meet you at last, Phillip.” Cheryl said, smiling.

“Please, Phillip, call me Aunt Susan, as Suzie does.”

“Thanks…Aunt Susan!” Phil smiled at the older woman. ‘Well at least one of them really likes me.’ He said silently, to Sue, through their joined hands.

‘My parents like you.’ Sue assured him, sub-vocally. She was still getting used to hearing Phil’s silent voice and being able to communicate back to him, if they were holding hands.

‘I’m not so sure about your father.’ Phil said, but all he heard was Sue giggling at him.

“Sue, this is our host, Sam Jones.” Mason made the introductions.

“Nice to meet you, General and thank you for allowing my family to stay in your home, so close by. Phillip pointed out your house to me this morning. If you wouldn’t mind, I’d love to see the inside. Like my aunt, I am also interested in architecture.” Sue said.

“You are a general, Sam?” Mason asked. “With which branch of the military?”

“Retired from the air-force, two hears ago, but I had bought some land here and built my house, seven years ago.” Sam explained. “And you’d be welcome to come up and see my house anytime, Sue.”

After that, max took Mason, Cheryl and Susan around to meet their other friends and family, while Phil and Sue went back to the Frisbee game and Sam kept a casual eye on his lovely guest, as she moved through the crowd. At one point, Susan went back to the coffee urn, to refill her mug and met Liz and Michael there.

“Susan Nelson, may I introduce you to Michael Guerin? Michael, Susan has one of your statues in her back garden.” Liz said, as the two shook hands.

“Yes, it’s a lovely statue of a horse. I almost feel as if it will come to life, sometimes, when I sit looking at it.” Susan laughed at her fanciful idea.

“You have ‘Serenity’, don’t you?” At Susan’s nod, Michael continued. “That was meant to go with the statue Sam has, named ‘Harmony’.” Michael said.

“Oh, I’m sorry; I didn’t know that it was part of a set. Do you want me to return it?” Susan asked, reluctantly.

“No, of course not, but maybe someday the two of you can bring the two statues together to see how well they fit.” Michael suggested. ‘How well the two of you would fit together.’ He thought.

“That’s a great idea. Maybe we could do that…someday.” Susan said. “Oh, I also wanted to tell you how lovely this mug you made is. The shape is so graceful and the picture is so sweet. I didn’t know you worked in ceramics, I thought you only created metal sculptures.” Susan said.

“Usually, I do, but every once in a while, a friend will ask me to create something special and then it is fun to try something different.” Michael said, allowing Susan to believe that Liz had asked him to make the mug. Just then, someone called to Michael and he excused himself.

“Why don’t you take it home with you, as a small thank you for all that you’ve done to help us.” Liz said.

“Oh no, I couldn’t Michael made this especially for you.” Susan said, putting the mug down.

Michael has made other things for me, as well. It would give me pleasure to see you keep something that I know you liked so much. I saw you looking at it several times, while you were drinking from it.” Liz assured Susan, who put out her hand and then drew it back.

“Are you sure? I truly didn’t mean…” Susan asked again.

‘I’m sure that you rarely ask for anything for yourself.’ Liz thought. “I’m very sure. I would really like for you to have and use the mug.” Liz said out loud. Susan picked the mug back up and turned it in her hands, admiring it again.

“Thank you, Liz. It is so lovely and I will enjoy drinking from it, often.” Susan said.

After she poured more coffee into the mug and went back into the crowd, to find Mason and Cheryl, Liz also looked around the crowd, looking for Sam. When she found him, Liz grinned and gave him a thumbs-up sign. Sam grinned back at her and mouthed ‘thank you’ to her. Liz winked at him and then went back to her other duties as hostess.

The Frisbee game turned into a game of touch-football, after lunch. Certain couples playing the game did insist on gently tackling each other, though.

“MAX!” Liz yelped, as her husband caught her from behind, but then rolled so that she ended up on top of him.

“PHILLIP, I didn’t even have the ball!” Sue yelled, as they ended up in the same position, as his parents.

“I thought my mom might be about to pass the ball to you, so I decided to move proactively!” Phil explained, grinning.

“Uh huh, yeah sure, Phil.” Sue said, but with a smile of her own, on her lips. “If you want to spend some real one-on-one time, why don’t we sneak away to somewhere private?” Sue suggested.

“You are brilliant!” Phil said, giving her a quick, smacking kiss, before he helped her up, off of the ground.

His father was doing the same for his mother. Both men glanced over and winked at the other, before both couples retired to the sidelines…and then drifted away from the crowd of players and spectators. The last Phil saw of his parents was as they walked around a curve of their house, to go inside.

‘Your birthday dinner will be served at 5:30.’ His mother called, silently to him. ‘Bring Sue back in time to let her get dressed up for it.’

‘All right, Mom.’ Phil called back, as he took Sue’s hand and drew her away from his home.

“Where are we going?” Sue asked.

“I thought you might like to see the clearing in the daylight.” Phil suggested.

“You mean the clearing where I saw you doing your magic, all those years ago?” Susan asked.


“Lead me to it.” Sue said, excitedly.

They walked a ways until they reached the woods and soon after that they reached the clearing.

“Oh, even in the daylight, I can feel the energy here, the magic!” Sue exclaimed. “Did you create this place for your exercises?”

“No, it was a natural clearing, but we have kept trees and bushes from encroaching on it, so that would remain the same size.” Phil explained, as he drew Sue over to the trunk of a large spruce, which someone had trimmed of its lower branches.

He sat down on the grown and pulled Sue down to sit with him. She sat within Phil’s lap, but sideways, with his left leg bent at the knee to support her back and Sue’s knees bent a little to make a bridge over Phil’s right thigh.

“I used to come here a lot, whenever I needed a private place to think.” Phil told Sue, as he picked up her long braid and began to undo it, until her lovely long hair was free of confinement. He continued to play with the silky strands, as he explained why he had brought her here.

“I thought I might share with you, some of my memories of coming to this place at night, but I figured we could get comfortable and create the link in as pleasant a manner as possible.”

“Oh and in what manner were you planning to create our link?” Sue asked, coyly.

“This manner.” Phil said, as he brought up his hands to both sides of her face, laced his fingers through her silky hair and brought her lips down to his.

As their lips met, Sue began to get quick flashes of memory from Phil. As their kisses became deeper and more intense and Sue’s arms wound their way around Phil’s neck, drawing herself closer to his chest, the flashes smoothed out, into one continuous stream.

Sue watched as Phil grew older and the techniques, which he and his friends tried, became more difficult. The kids always worked carefully and Phil was usually the one who perfected the technique first. One of the most interesting exercises, which Sue saw, was when Phil must have been in his teens. Each boy or girl took a dead branch from the ground, changed it into a metal and then stretched or otherwise shaped the metal into a certain shape; while each piece floated in the air and then each piece fitted itself together with the other pieces, until they all made an intricate figurine; a lacy-looking butterfly, who’s wings fluttered, or the outer shell of a race car. Sue saw many such forms created and recreated; all at the same time that she and Phil were drowning in the sensations of each other’s touch and kisses.

“Air, I need air.” Phil pleaded, in between his panting breaths. He held Sue close in is arms as they both caught their breaths.

“That was incredible to see, Phil!” Sue said, once she had recovered a little. “But I still think my favorite was when you threw rocks up into the air and they exploded, like fireworks, though.”

“Yeah, that and making the misty figure-eight, which just floated in the air, are my favorites.” Phil agreed.

They snuggled together, comfortably for a while, before Phil noticed that the shadows had shifted to late afternoon and he checked his watch for the time.

“Oh boy, it’s 4:30, we had better get home, so that we can get cleaned up and dressed for the party.” Phil said, as he got up and reached down his hand to pull Sue to her feet, as well.

“Okay. This has been a wonderful afternoon, I’ll remember it always.” Sue said.

“Me too.”

“I just realized that I will need to wash my hair, but since my hair was short, when I packed my suitcase, I didn’t bring a hair dryer. Do you think you sisters have one I could borrow?”

“Don’t worry about a hair dryer, just come to me and I’ll dry your hair for you.” Phil said. “But we had better hurry.”

“Anxious are we?” Sue teased.

“Hey, this may be my twenty-first birthday, but I still like having a birthday party, complete with presents and cake!”

“Oh well, let’s go then.” Sue said and then started to run, holding onto Phil’s hand as she went.

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