Title: Not Alone
Rating: R
Summary: Read the challenge.
Disclaimer: Not mine, but is willing to bid on Michael. *wink*

Challenge: 1) Liz becomes pregnant due to rape/burglary. Please don?t be too graphic.

2) Her parents bring her to Roswell to get her away from the place/guy where it happened. Would love it if all of the parents were more involved, but that is optional.

3) She wants to keep the baby. Parents are supportive and a little over protective.

4) The aliens are still aliens.

5) Everyone eventually is there for her. I like it especially when Isabel is there for her as a friend.

6) If Tess is there, she cannot be with Max. But don?t make her evil. If you can?t stand her then please, just don?t include her.

7) Liz needs to be too young for marriage. Meaning that (whoever) can?t sweep her off her feet so easily.

8) Liz cannot be a pushover because of the rape. It has made her stronger instead of weaker. Except for the nightmares. Again, please don?t be too graphic.

9) When she comes to Roswell, it isn?t immediately apparent that she is pregnant. So everyone is surprised when they find out that she is. Don?t care how they find out.

10) If this is with Michael, LOL, I want them to be aliens and HE is the one that lets her into the group. I love it when he does a complete turn around in personality because Liz comes into his life.

This is just an idea, but I think it would be cool.
11) If it is Max/Liz: Something happens to her and he has to heal her which changes her and her baby.

12) Can be any rating, but I love NC-17

13) Would like for you to include the other couples, but don?t particularly care who is with who. Except for no Max with Tess.

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