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Title: Unheard Cries
Author: Lilah O'Brien
Summary: There really isn't one. It's a Michael/Liz fic.
Notes: Sort of Post-Destiny fic, based so that Max and Tess were the only ones that decided to follow destiny. Michal and Isabel both decided that they couldn't date each other no matter what.


Michael’s POV:

It had become a ritual. Every night I would venture slowly up the steps to Liz’s balcony, wondering what was going on inside her head. She was closed off, even to Maria these days. She practically talked in monotone, as if afraid of betraying her own emotions, which at night were all pulled out. It was the only time I got to see her be human, to make sure she still really was.

She was crying, hard, as she had been ever night since Max and Tess pulled that destiny crap. According to both of them, they were happy, and that hurt Liz more. I swore that if I saw Max and Tess kissing in front of her again, someone would be getting hurt.

And I don’t even know why I’m acting like this. I used to hate Liz, because Max decided to date her. It was the first time anyone in our little group had ever dating a human, so I resented it. But it hurt me to see her so…I don’t know, vulnerable, maybe? She’d all but perfected Isabel’s ‘Ice Princess’ deal. Everyone pretty much left her alone, which is maybe what she wanted. Maybe not.

I watched her from the shadows as she slowly stood up, putting the journal in a safe, one that I never noticed before. She usually put her journal by her bed, so I glance over there casually. That’s when I see and identical notebook laying there. She had two notebooks. Not that that really surprised me, but it was weird.

About a half an hour later after watching her cry herself to sleep, I open the door that had previously been locked. I crept quietly over to her notebook by her bed and opened it, flipping through it. Everything was more scientific and vague, and it meant nothing to me.

She stirs and I freeze, careful not to make a move. I don’t want her to wake up, not yet at least. When it becomes apparent that she’s back asleep, I continue across the room to the safe. I glance over at her before proceeding to open the safe. It does surprise me to find that the journal is the only thing in it. I pick it up and creep out the door, closing it behind me softly.

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Patience is a virtue not many fanfic readers have. Of course I am usually one of them. I'll probably have most of the next part written by tomorrow and I promise it'll be longer. Promise!

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Chapter One; Part One:

General POV:

Liz woke up with a start, jumping out of bed. She was going to be late for work again. It only took her a few minutes to get ready, and when she got low enough on the stairs she slowed down and tried to look the same as she had been. It was getting harder and harder with each day, especially knowing that Max and Tess were both going to be there. She took a quick look over at Maria, and turned away quickly when Maria’s eyes met hers. She went about her work same as she did every day. It came as no surprise to her when Max walked in, holding Tess in his arms. It hurt, but didn’t surprise.

Michael walked in only minutes after Max did, and strangely enough, when Max asked him to sit with them, he refused and sat at the counter. Max only shrugged his shoulders.

“So, Liz. What’s up?” Michael asked casually, trying to pretend like nothing bad was going on.

Liz ignored him for as long as she could, which wasn’t long because he was only trying to be nice. ‘Yeah, but look where that got you before.’ She thought to herself. “Not much. I get off shift in about 45 minutes.” She said, glancing at the clock as if to make sure.

“Wanna go someplace and hang out?” He asked, then was taken aback by the myriad of emotions that flew in her eyes and vanished just as quickly. “You don’t have to if you don’t want. It was just a question.” Michael added.

“It depends. Where to?” Liz asked. It would be kinda nice to hang out with Michael. He was nicer than he seemed to other people, and with him and Maria on the outs again, they were both practically in the same place.

“Around. Anyplace is better than here, if you ask me.” He commented, glancing quickly over in the direction of Max and Tess, who were disgustingly enough, feeding each other. It was sickening.

Liz glanced over and turned her head quickly. “How about we go now? There’s another person on shift and I could use a break.” Liz said, taking off the stupid antenna she had to wear. “I’ll be right back, gonna change clothes.” She added, walking up the stairs.

Michael nodded before she went upstairs, then just sat there. He debated walking over to Max and punching him in the face, but decided that would be bad, but not at all near to what he deserved.

((OOC: Can't you tell I seem to have Max problems at the moment? I go through stages and right now it's anti-Max.))

A few minutes later, Liz walked back downstairs wearing a pair of black jean shorts and a red tank top. The temperatures were supposed to go up to the late-90’s today. “Let’s get out of here.” She said, walking straight for the door, successfully avoiding Max and Tess.

There you go for that. See, I actually posted today. Planning towrite more and maybe have Part Two up in a day or two.
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I have no clue why Jessica's sig is on my post. I was kinda wondering the same thing. Oh well. And I'm working on part 2 of chapter oe right now, so you might even have that part tomorrow, but I'm NOT promising anything. Thank you all so much for reviewing it. You are all so cool!
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Guess what people? I finished part two!!!!!!!! So see, you didn't have long to wait. Now everything I said in my last post applies now to part 3, then it shoud be chapter 2. Should be, are the key words. I can't be sure. Well, here's Part 2:

Part Two:

“Anyplace you want to go?” Michael asked, trying to keep up with her. She was walking as if wolves were chasing her. “Liz, slow down. I think we’re far enough away.” He commented.

Liz smiled briefly before promptly hiding it, and slowed down her pace. “Sorry. It’s just…I don’t know, weird.” She shrugged.

“You wanna talk about it?” Michael asked, trying to be helpful.

“No, well, maybe later. Just not now. Where are we going anyway?” Liz asked, looking around.

“Just around, I guess. How are you doing?” Michael asked, trying to sound casual. You know, as if he hadn’t stolen her journal. As if when he gets home he’s not actually going to read it. As if everything were normal and perfect, or as perfect as it could be under the situations.

“Same as I was earlier.” Liz answered shortly. During the somewhat comfortable silence that followed, she studied Michael as carefully as she could without him noticing. He seemed preoccupied with something. From his odd expression it had something to do with her…or Max and Tess. She immediately pushed the second thought out of her head. She was not going to think about them now.

Michael smiled slightly when he saw that she was watching him…again. “What’s happening with you and Maria? Not that I’ve talked to her recently, but you two don’t seem to be getting along that well.” He asked, then saw her expression darken. “Ok, maybe that wasn’t the best question to ask.” He said, turning his head back forward, mentally kicking himself. Here he was trying to make her feel better and he was ruining everything.

Liz shook her head gently. “Nah, it’s ok. Really. It’s only natural of you to ask.” She said, slowing down. They were nearing some kind of state park, so she headed in that direction. When they reached it. They both sat down on a bench. “You really want to know?”

Michael hesitated only a second before nodding his head. “Yeah, I do.”

“Ok then. Before this whole destiny crap happened, Maria and I got in a particular fight. It was really weird actually. She had this bizarre idea that I…well, that I like you, like she, ummm, loved you.” Liz said, lowering her head so that their eyes couldn’t meet.

Michael suddenly felt awkward. That was what Maria thought? “That’s weird, cause you don’t.” He said, waiting for her to agree. When she didn’t, he turned his head sharply in her direction and lifted her head with his hand. “Do you?” He asked, softly.

Liz cleared her throat before answering. “That’s the problem, see, I’m not really sure.”

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OMG!! I love you guys. You are all so great. About your fic, if I can find it I'll read it. And I'm working on part three as I'm writing this. Writing is what I do while I'm online and don't want to go offline, but am completely bored and in between emails. :-D

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Part Three:

“Not really sure?” Michael asked slowly, making sure he had heard her right. She might like him? She couldn’t love him because she didn’t really know him.

Liz frowned at herself. She hadn’t meant to actually say all of that. “What I mean is that I don’t really know what is going on anymore. Everything is so confusing and I don’t have a clue what is going on. You know what I mean?” Liz asked, hoping that she hadn’t completely blown her slight friendship with Michael. He was generally all she had left, except for Alex, who they hardly ever saw anymore. He always found excuses not to hang out with them. It was really weird.

“Oh.” Michael said, slightly disappointed, though he couldn’t figure out why. He shouldn’t want her to like him that way. He had always assumed he’d be with Maria, yet if there had ever been any chance of them staying together, it was long gone now. And Max and Liz? That was obviously over. That thought made his mind go back to beating up his used to be best friend. It was seeming a better and better option each time he thought it.

‘Well, I certainly screwed that up.’ Liz thought to herself as Michael just sat there. “So, we should probably go back, right?” She asked, standing up. Michael slowly followed suit.

“Yeah.” He answered, hoping that this whole awkward deal wouldn’t last all that long. It kinda felt nice having someone who knew almost exactly what you felt, because they were going through it too.

The walk back to the Crashdown was quick and quiet, neither of them really knowing what to say, and both of them hoping that it wouldn’t be this awkward by the time they got there.

Thankfully Max and Tess were both gone, that helped ease her worries, but not by much. More like it lessened the annoyance, hurt and anger that she felt toward Max and Tess, then traded it for the something she felt for Michael, which was what was weird. He was a friend, her only one at the moment and she didn’t want to lose that. She silently shook her head as she walked upstairs. She had some major thinking to do.

This is the end of chapter one, that's why it's so short. If I keep at it enough, I might have the first part of chapter 2 sometime today.
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Chapter Two; Part One:

Michael waited until Liz had gone upstairs before he left. He all but ran home, wanting to read the journal and return it before she noticed it went missing. He was seriously surprised that she hadn’t missed it so far. He opened the journal to the first page, and laid back for his day of reading.

Entry number one, no date listed.

I don’t know how I’ve managed to stop crying long enough to write this. Today is the worst day of my life. Everything seems to have happened at once and it hurts, so badly that I just don’t know what I’m going to do. First, Max decides to go through his whole destiny thing with Tess. God, so many times I just want to punch that stupid grin off her face every time I’ve seen her today. Every time I see them kiss, it just adds to the hurt.

Secondly, Maria thinks I’m in love with her boyfriend. I know it’s probably something that she thinks because Max broke up with me, but the things she said. Well, I’m going to repeat them, not even here. Let’s just say that we are no longer friends.

Third, Alex has decidedly stopped hanging out with me. I’d say the group, but what kind of group is one person? I wouldn’t know if he was talking to Maria because I haven’t even seen her recently. She changed shifts at the Crashdown so we wouldn’t even be working together.

We’re going to skip of the Max and Tess portion of this journal entry and continue to the other aliens. Isabel, whom I now despise, figured that she’d be helping everyone out by convincing Max that he needed to follow his destiny. And not only that, she helped Tess figure out ways to get Max to do just that.

Michael, he’s not all that bad. He seemed just as angry with Max and Tess as I am, if not more. Somewhere during a very brief conversation, he told me that he had broken up with Maria. I was temped to tell him that if he even said that he was going off to date Isabel, I would have killed him. As much as Maria hates me, I would hate to see her that hurt.

But I kept my mouth shut, per usual. Poor little Liz Parker can’t seem to say anything. There are times when I just want to tell everyone to go to Hell, but I wouldn’t because I’m me. I’m not supposed to say stuff like that, so I don’t. One of these days…

Michael blinked hard. Liz angry, nah. Bordering on furious might be the vibe he was getting here. The was just something unrestrained in this entry, yet it was still far to restrained. It seemed that there was more she wanted to say, but wouldn’t. He turned the to next page.

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Have I mentioned how much I love you guys??? You are all sooooooo great!! I'm getting to actually writing part two, but it's slow work.
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Have I told you all recently that you uys are the best??? Well,you are!! I'm working on part two and it's slow work but I just had a brilliant idea, so I'm of to write.
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Part Two:

The nerve of Max. He just waltzed into the Crashdown holding Tess’ hand like it was something he did everyday. I wanted to walk up to him and beat the shit out of him, but let’s face it, I’m not strong enough. Tess makes it a point to throw into my face that Max chose her everyday. While I might not be able to take Max out, Tess is a definite possibility.

Michael’s eyes shot upward as someone knocked on the door. He looked around for someplace to put the journal, and when he had put it safely away, he walked over to the door. Of all people, it was Liz. He opened the door quickly, and she rushed in. “What’s wrong?” He asked, closing and locking the door before walking over to her.

“I just can’t take it anymore. I figured I was strong enough emotionally to be able to deal with Max and Tess, but I just can’t handle it. Just watching them is driving me crazy!” Liz exclaimed. “And I probably shouldn’t have come here since there isn’t anything that you can do about it, so I’ll just leave.” She said, standing up, only to stop when Michael gently pulled her back down.

“You aren’t going anywhere in this shape. I’ll figure something out, but you just stay here. Trust me, I’ll be back in a few minutes.” He said, his face blank, when she looked confused.

He left her sitting there as he walked out as calmly as he could. When he got outside, rage consumed him. He didn’t know why he seemed to feel this way, but Liz meant a lot to him, more than he wanted to admit here, now. As he neared the Crashdown, he walked a little bit faster with each step. Then he stopped walking. If he was going to go in there and have a decent conversation with Max, then he needed to have a clear head. He waited until his heartbeat was near to normal, he didn’t feel the need to beat something to a pulp, and he could form a complete sentence in his head before walking into the Crashdown.

He walked over to the booth that held Max, Tess, and now Isabel. He sat next to Isabel, trying to act as normal as he could, considering. “What’s up?”

“Look who decided to join us.” Max said sarcastically. “What brings you back to us?”

“Just wanted to talk.” Michael answered simply.

“Listening.” Tess added, seeing the expressions flash across Michael’s face. Something was going on and she wasn’t sure she liked it.

“Not you. I want to talk to Max. By himself.” He said, the last part directed to Max alone.

“Fine.” Max said, standing up. Looking around the Crashdown briefly, Michael led Max outside. “What do you want?” Max asked, still angry with Michael for abandoning them. He never talked to them anymore and when they needed to talk about alien stuff, he was conveniently never around.

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Sorry about any signatures that might be stolen in the course of this fic. I'm working on the next part, and it is a little bit easier, but not by much.