Title: One of the Guys
Author: Polarist aka Nikki
Email: [email]nikki0675⊕hotmail.com
Disclaimer: I don’t own anyone or anything dealing with Roswell.
Rating: R
Summary: hmm.. I think I’ll let you read and find out, but all I can tell you is that this is an AU and there are no alien powers.
Coupling: As if you have to ask


On the popular court in Roswell, New Mexico, there were four guys tossing a basketball around to one another, One of them continually glancing towards the parking lot.

“Where’s your cousin man?” Michael asked impatiently.

“Chill out, Guerin!” Kyle spat back at him.

Michael Guerin was known in Roswell as a troublemaker. However, compared to his brother Sean, he was a saint. Michael and Sean took care of each other because they didn’t have anyone else. Their mother abandoned them when Michael was a year old so he didn’t remember much about her. Not that he gave a shit about her in the first place: he would never forgive her for bailing out on them the way that she did.

Sean had been taking care of his younger brother by a year ever since their father was arrested for armed robbery. Unfortunately, Sean was following in his father’s footsteps, but since his baby brother was best friends with the local sheriff's son, Kyle Valenti, he had beaten the charges and was only given probation.

Kyle had known Michael ever since Michael had moved to Roswell. They hadn't liked each other at first but eventually had become close friends. Kyle felt somewhat protective of Michael, although he’d never say that out loud, especially not in front of Michael; but he respected him nonetheless.

“Yeah, where is your cousin?” Alex asked.

Alexander Whitman was somewhat of a nerd. He was tall and lanky, but he was the brains of the gang. Alex hadn’t known them that long, but they accepted him. At first he thought they were only hanging with him because of his adopted sister, Tess. However, none of them had given her a second glance.

“Lee will be here, damn it. I don’t know why you guys are so eager to get beaten,” Kyle responded.

Lee had come to Roswell to complete senior year. Kyle’s cousin’s mother thought it would be best if Lee moved to a small town and stayed under the same roof with Roswell’s respective Sheriff, Jim Valenti. Lee had been in so much trouble after Kyle’s uncle in law died so finally his father’s sister had begged Jim to take his cousin in.

Kyle liked having his cousin around because they had so much in common. To everyone Kyle was the jock; the one who played every sport, who worked out constantly and ate healthy, but he knew that once they had met his cousin, Kyle would be considered a slob in comparison. His cousin was health conscious, exercised at every free moment and sports were Lee’s life. Kyle admired Lee's dedication.

“If your cousin ever shows Valenti, how are we splitting up?” Alex inquired.

Kyle and Sean chuckled but Sean replied, “If Kyle’s cousin gets here, you’re not playing. You suck man. Just face it.”

Alex huffed and Michael smirked saying, “If it helps, I’m being substituted for his cousin.”

Alex eyes widened. Out of the five of them: Kyle, Michael, Sean, Alex and even Max Evans, Michael and Kyle were the best. Sean turned to Kyle and asked, “You’re trying to tell me that you and your cousin are going to be a match for me and my little bro?”

Kyle shrugged and only said, “You’ll see.”

“Why is your cousin playing again and not Max?” Sean asked.

“Or me?” Alex asked.

Kyle rolled his eyes and replied, “Should I write this down for you? How many times are you going to ask? Ok, I’ll speak slower this time. Max and his family went on vacation before school starts back up.”

“And when Max gets back maybe I’ll have a chance to play now that your cousin is in town,” Alex mumbled.

“How many times do I have to tell you this, Whitman? We don’t let you play because you suck!” Sean snapped.

Kyle and Michael chuckled and in between laughing Kyle said, “How about this? You three against Lee and I.”

Everyone stopped laughing and stared at him.

“You have a lot of confidence in your cousin,” Sean remarked narrowing his eyes.

Kyle sniggered and said, “Lee might be small but my cousin has a killer jump shot.”

Alex opened his mouth to say something, but was distracted by the sound of a loud engine. Michael jerked his head around and searched for the vehicle it came from. Kyle’s lips curled up and stated, “That’s Lee.”

He jogged toward the bike and started talking to his cousin. Michael slowly approached them, walking around the bike in awe. It was a Moto Guzzi V11 Le Mans [image]http://www.motoguzzi-us.com/bikes/lemans/lemans.jpg[/image], a bike he always dreamed of and wanted for as long as he could remember. He couldn’t believe how close he was standing to one. He reached his hand out to touch it, but someone shoved him away. He looked in the direction it came from and the person got of the bike in a one smooth motion. The rider kept their eyes on Michael but Michael couldn’t tell what the person’s expression was since it was hiding behind a black tinted visor of the helmet which compliment the gold almost champagne like color which matched the bike.

“Yo Mike, Lee doesn’t like anyone touching this bike, so hands off or you’ll lose them.”

Sean chuckled and with three fluent steps was right next to Kyle’s cousin.

“So this is the famous cousin. He doesn’t look so tough.”

Sean went to grab Lee, but Sean’s hand was taken, his finger was being twisted back and the next thing Sean knew he was laying on his back. Alex laughed, and Kyle joined in, slapping hands with Lee.

“Come on. You were holding up the game,” Kyle said to his cousin as Lee unhooked the clasps from the helmet sliding it off. Just as the helmet was placed on the bike Sean stood up just in time to catch a glimpse of his assaulter. Lee sneered at Sean as Sean’s color drained from his face.


Michael was mesmerized by the appearance of Kyle’s cousin. Every thing seemed to go in slow motion for him as Lee’s helmet came off, and the wave of glistening dark silk cascaded in the wind moving as Kyle’s cousin shook out of the helmet. Michael was brought out of his daze by Sean’s bellowing, unaware of someone witnessing his trance.

“A fucking girl? You have to be joking me. I’m not playing against a girl,” Sean roared.

Lee rolled her eyes, she was used to this; most guys either didn’t give her a chance or underestimated her, and gazing at this hot head standing before her, she knew he was going to be the one that didn’t give her a chance. Smiling to herself; she knew he’d learn the hard way and that thrilled her more than anything.

“What’s the matter? You afraid of little ‘ole me?” She asked mockingly.

“I’m not afraid of you,” Sean retorted.

“Then what’s the problem?” Lee asked smirking.

“It’s against every thing I know to play against a girl in b-ball. I tend to be a little rough and I wouldn’t want to hurt you,” he said raising his eyebrow.

Alex couldn’t get over the fact that this girl who’s all of 5’2” and maybe weighing a 100 pounds if she’s lucky, standing up to Sean, a guy who’s 5’8” and muscular. If only he had that much confidence.

“Don’t worry about me, I can take care of myself but I’ll warn you, that I’m not too gentle myself,” Lee said while securing her helmet on her bike.

Sean snorted, and Lee turned to him standing on her toes and glaring into his eyes. “Do I have to prove it to you again? I will, don’t test me.”

“That was just luck. You couldn’t do that again if you tried,” Sean said glowering at her displaying his height.

Lee laughed and said, “Haven’t you ever heard of the saying: the bigger they are the harder they fall? Or maybe this one is more your style: the bigger they are the smaller the brain.”

Sean lunged for her, but Kyle held him back. Sean didn’t allow anyone to bad mouth him and he sure as hell wasn’t going to let this two-bid bitch out do him. Lee smirked and said, “Save it for the court. I’m sure as hell going to look forward to playing you.”

Sean leered at her. “It’s on. No holding back for you, princess,” he said as he strolled towards the court.

Kyle shook his head and said, “You can never be polite. Remember you’re here to stay out of trouble, not to cause it.”

Lee sighed, “I’m not in the mood for your lectures. I’ve already had one from your aunt.”

“Is that why you’re late?” Kyle asked with concern.

“Lets just play some ball,” she answers avoiding the topic of her mother.

Noticing her reluctance to the subject, Kyle changed the subject. “Let me introduce you to the gang first. This is Alex,” he said pointing to Alex. Alex came closer holding his hand out to her saying, “It’s nice to meet you. I really admire the way you stand up for yourself.”

Lee gives him a half nod and muttered, “Cornball,” under her breath making Kyle punch her.

“And this is Michael. And the one you threw to the ground was his brother Sean,” Kyle stated pointing to each person respectively. Lee gave Michael a sideways glance as she took off her denim jumper making Michael’s eyes widened. He’d never seen someone so beautiful and the thing that made her so perfect to him was her naturalness. Her face wasn’t covered in all that paint most girls called makeup. She looked sexy in a pair of cut off sweatpants that were two sizes big on her and a large tank top over a sports bra. Michael shook his head trying to concentrate on what Kyle was saying, oblivious to the person watching him drool over Lee.

Lee folded her jumper, placed it on the seat of her bike and covered it. “Don’t you think your going a little over board?” Kyle asked referring to the covered bike.

“I’m not about to let this dry heat and that beaming sun mess up my baby,” she responded as if he was stupid. “Come on let’s play some ball, I’m ready to kick some ass,” Lee stated with a gleam in her eyes. She couldn’t wait to show the moron, Sean, what she was truly made of.