Title: Moving On
Author: Polarist aka Nikki
E-mail: nikki0675⊕hotmail.com
Disclaimer: I don’t own any of it. If I did, Michael and Liz would be together not only in my world but on T.V. as well.
Summary: Group outing to the mountains. (That’s all you’re getting)
Coupling: Do you even have to ask?
Dedication: To Love Roswell for helping me with this and also for giving me the challenge.

1.) Group trip to the Rocky Mountains.
2.) Michael and Liz end up getting trapped in a cabin during a snowstorm.
3.) He is fed up with the way she let's Max treat her.
4.) He has to tell her.
5.) She will be upset, cry, you decide.
6.) He kisses her & she realizes how she's been suppressing feelings for Michael.
7.) They should end up together, if not please explain why.
8.) I would like to see the group’s reactions.

Part 1

Liz sat in the back of the Crashdown reminiscing through the pages of her yearbook. She was oblivious to the graduation party around her. Somebody slid silently into the booth across from her as Liz wiped a tear before it slipped down her cheek. She gasped when she heard someone clear their throat.

“God, Michael you scared me.”

“If you weren’t so involved with that, you would have heard me coming,” he said as he pointed to the book.

“What do you want, Michael?”

He scratched his eyebrow and sighed. “Thank you.”

Liz looked up shocked; she was surprised that Michael would thank her when he had done just as much for her as she had done for him. Michael slowly met her gaze seeing the pain and loss in her eyes and it hurt him. He broke away first and watched Max, Maria, and Kyle interact. Isabel came up behind Kyle and wrapped her arms around his waist.

“Why aren’t you over there?” he asked keeping his eyes trained on the group. He shook his head angrily and turned toward Liz. She was so much more than what she presented to everyone else and he was somewhat honored that she allowed him to have glimpse of her true self. He leaned forward to see what was capturing her attention; he sighed as he flopped back and waited for her to answer. His heart went out to her because she had endured so much pain and not once did she break down. He glanced back at the rest of his friends wondering how the group could take no notice of her feelings.

Liz closed her eyes and took a deep breath. She glanced up and followed Michael’s line of sight. She smiled at her group of friends because they seemed happy and knew they all deserved it especially after the last four years. They started to make their way towards her.

“It’s about a group outing,” he warned as he slid out of the booth just as Max sat next to her and draped his arm around her pulling her closer to him. Kyle and Isabel slipped in the booth across from them as Maria sat next to Max. After everyone was seated Michael dragged a chair up to the table and straddled it.

“Listen Liz we all decided to have one last trip since we are all going our separate ways,” Maria stated to Liz.

Liz looked at each face sitting around the table and wondered why this was the first she heard of this. Kyle and Isabel were to busy with themselves to even notice her bewilderment. Maria was staring at Liz hoping she would agree because she felt like Liz needed a break and that involved somewhere that didn’t involve Roswell.

“Where?” Liz asked hesitantly.

“Well a friend of my dad’s has a cabin up in the mountains. They say the slopes are magnificent at this time of year for skiing. We’re welcomed to spend a weekend or more. We all thought this would be the perfect time to go,” Kyle added

It sounded like a good idea to Liz. This was a chance to get away from Roswell and all the bad memories. She looked over at Max who was in deep conversation with Maria. Maybe this time away will help her and Max become closer again.

“When do we leave?” she asked.

Everyone looked around and Maria said, “In two days.”

Liz shook her head feeling left out once again. She glanced at Michael and gave him a disgusted look; she thought at least he would have giving her more notice. “And you’re just now telling me this? Forget it I can’t go.”

Kyle reached his hand out and placed it on top of hers. “We knew if we told you in advance you’d end up backing out. We all need this Liz, so you have to go.”

“How are we getting there?” Liz asked.

“We’re flying of course,” Isabel said nonchalantly.

“And how am I suppose to afford a plane ticket and what about clothing?” Liz shook her head; she wasn’t about to ask her parents to dish out that kind of money in such short notice. Everyone except Michael looked at Maria. Maria was the designated one to discuss this with Parkers’ so they are the ones to convince Liz to go along on this much needed vacation, but once they found out Max was going they quickly forbade it. Michael turned away from the group and noticed Liz’s parents searching the crowd. When their eyes met he nodded slightly and turned back to the group. He knew Liz also needed this and that’s why he went to talk to Mr. Parker himself.

Liz looked over at Michael and asked, “How did you raise the money?”

Michael shrugged and replied, “I didn’t. I’m not going.”

Liz looked at her friends and said, “That settles it if Michael’s not going I know I’m not. He belongs there just as much as I do if not more.”

Max was about to protest when Jeff came up to the table. He narrowed his eyes at Max before facing his daughter and softly said, “Liz, honey your mom and I want to speak with you in private.”

Liz noticed the glare he gave Max and sighed. “If this is about Max, I don’t ….”

“No, it’s not about him, we just want to speak with you.”

Liz nodded as Max and Maria moved to let her out. She followed her dad to his office where her mom was waiting. He moved aside to let his daughter enter and closed the door behind him. Liz looked expectantly at her parents.


“What do you mean your not going?” Isabel asked Michael.

“I can’t afford a trip like that. I can barely afford the apartment I’m staying at,” Michael replied.

“Yeah, but daddy offered you a ticket, but you were to proud to take it,” Isabel muttered.

“Because I don’t want any hand outs,” Michael mumbled and left the table.


“Sit,” Jeff said as he pulled a chair out for his daughter. Him and his wife sat across from her. “We just wanted to give you this.” He handed her a small box and continued to say, “I know we were hard on you the last two years, but you changed right in front of our eyes. That time you were arrested we were disappointed in you because we had so many dreams for you, but you helped us realized that you had your own. That’s why we moved aside and allowed you to grow into the beautiful women that you are right now. We are so proud of you Lizzie and that’s why we thought you deserved this.” He pointed to the small box Liz held in her hand.

Liz slowly opened it and smiled. “Oh daddy, you knew about this?”

He nodded and said, “I know Alex’s death was the hardest on you and you didn’t allow anyone to comfort you. I thought this would be a good time for you to have fun. You deserve it, sweetie.”

Liz stood up and hugged her father. “Thank you, daddy… mom.”

“Liz, honey we’re not happy that Max is still in your life, but we trust your judgment.” Nancy hugged her daughter and whispered, “Just remember to have fun. I want to see that beautiful smile on your face when you come back. Your father and I miss it.”

Liz nodded and smiled. She turned to leave but before she exited the room. She said, “I love you.” She closed the door and headed back to her friends.

Michael walked through the kitchen door and went to his locker. He saw Liz leave Jeff’s office and she was smiling. Moments later, Jeff came out and saw Michael by his locker.
“Michael,” he called out.


When Liz returned to the table everyone was present except for Michael. Liz waved her ticket in the air and said, “I’m going.” Max stood up and engulfed her. Before she could lean into his chest, his arms were gone.


Michael looked up and said, “Yeah.”

“Can I speak to you for a moment?”

Michael shrugged his shoulders and followed Jeff into his office. He closed the door behind him and saw Nancy sitting on the couch.

“What can I do for you, sir?”

Jeff smiled and told him to sit down. He went behind his desk and said, “I wanted to congratulate you for graduating.” He took a small box out of his desk drawer and pushed it across the desk. Michael narrowed his eyes at the box and asked, “What’s that?”

Jeff chuckled and said, “A graduation present and a thank you gift.”

“But you didn’t ……”

“Yes, we did,” Nancy interrupted. “As hard as you’ve worked here and on passing this year to graduate with your class. You deserve a lot more, so I hope you won’t hurt our feelings by not accepting this,” she stated with a smile.

Michael didn’t know what to say he just stared at the small box. Nancy smiled, “Usually people open gifts when they receive them.” Michael nodded and slowly opened the box. His eyes widened. He held up plane tickets to Colorado. “I can’t accept these,” he whispered.

Jeff walked around the table and said, “Yes you can and will. You deserve to go and have fun with your friend.” He watched as Michael shook his head. “How about this? I’m giving you a vacation away from the Crashdown so when you come back you’ll be calmer and more relaxed then I can start training you as our new manager.” Michael looked at him shocked. Nobody has ever done anything like this for him. He nodded and extended his hand to Mr. Parker. He did the same to Mrs. Parker, but she pulled him into her arms for a hug. “Thank you for all the help you’ve done around here. You’ve definitely earned everything you’ve accomplished for yourself,” she whispered in his ear. She let go of him and shooed him out and told him to have fun in the mountains.


It was late and Liz still stood in front of her closet trying to find clothes that would keep her warm during her trip to the Rockies. She picked out a thick wool sweater her grandmother gave her one year for Christmas and hugged it to her then gently tossed it on her bed with the rest of the clothes she was bringing along with her.

Michael climbed up Liz’s ladder on to her balcony. He watched her as she rummaged through her closet he had expecting Liz to be a sleep or at least ready to go to sleep, but he was glad she was still up. When she threw a sweater on her bed he caught a quick glance of her profile. He couldn’t get over how beautiful she was each time he saw her. He remembered the day he started developing feelings for her, but he never acted on them because of two reason: one being he was afraid of rejection and the second being her infatuation with Max. Michael wished she would just open her eyes because there is so much she was missing out on.

He dropped his duffel bag in the corner hidden from unknowing eyes. He tapped on the window before climbing through it. Liz didn’t turn around, she already knew who it was. She was still a little upset with him because he was always the one to tell her what she missed when she wasn’t around their group of friends.

“Packing?” he asked. Liz didn’t respond she just rolled her eyes.

“Still not talking to me, huh Parker?”

Liz turned to face him not able to hold in her anger she said, “Why didn’t you tell me? Why am I always the last to know? What happened to our promise?” She took a deep breath when her emotion was starting to take control of her. She turned around and straightened her shoulders. Michael was about to say something when there was a knock at the door.

Liz’s mom poked her head in and asked, “Are you still packing honey?” Nancy noticed Michael in the room and asked, “Michael, I guess you got Jeff’s message.” He smiled and nodded.

“What message,” Liz asked.

“Well your father and I thought it would be easier if both of you were here when we took you to the airport tomorrow morning, since your flight is early,” Nancy replied.

Liz shook her head in confusion and asked, “What are you talking about?”

Nancy looked over at Michael and asked, “You didn’t tell her.”

Michael shook his head and said, “She didn’t give me a chance to. She’s a little peeved at me.” Liz rolled her eyes.

“Why are you mad at him, honey?”

“Shouldn’t you be on my side, I mean I’m your daughter,” Liz said rubbing her eyes. Michael noticed for the first time the dark circles under her eyes.

“I broke a promise,” Michael replied soberly.

Nancy looked between Michael and Liz waiting for someone to answer. When she knew she wasn’t going to get one she asked, “Where are your bags, Michael?” Michael went out to Liz’s balcony and grabbed his bag.

While Michael was gone, Nancy asked, “Liz, what’s going on between you two?” Liz looked away and didn’t answer her. Nancy shook her head and said, “I thought you and him were becoming closer. If it wasn’t for him, you wouldn’t be going on this trip.” Liz snapped her head around.

“What do you mean?” Liz asked.

“Well, Maria was the first one to mention this trip, but once Max’s name came up, me and your father told her it wouldn’t be a good idea.” Liz shook her head and watched Michael enter back into the room. “I guess it was Kyle turn next, but we didn’t give him a chance to convince us, because I’m sorry to say I don’t think Max is a good influence on you. Michael was the last one to persuade us to change our minds, but he used a different approach and what he said made sense. We told him to keep this from you until after graduation. We wanted this to be a surprise. I didn’t think he'd be able to because of all the time you guys seem to be spending together lately, but I’m glad he did. The look on your face when we gave you the ticket was priceless.” Saying the last statement Nancy looked at Michael and added, “On both of your faces.”

Liz saw an uncomfortable Michael shifting from one foot to the other and smiled. “I’m sorry, Michael. I didn’t know.” Michael shrugged it off.

Nancy stood up and said, “Well, it's late and I’ll let you finish packing. Don't forget to get some rest. It’s going to be a long flight.” Liz and Michael nodded and said their goodnights.

Liz jumped up to reach her bag on the top shelf of her closet. Michael stood up and seized it for her. Her last hop she fell backwards into Michael’s chest and Michael gasped at the contact. Liz turned around thinking she hurt him asked, “I’m sorry, I didn’t know you were behind me. Did I hurt you?”

Michael backed away trying to get his senses under control. “I’m fine, you just caught me off guard.” He tossed the bag to her and she started stuffing clothes in it. Michael sat on the bed and watched Liz packed. “Have you been sleeping?”

Liz stopped what she was doing and asked, “Why?”

“You look exhausted.”

Liz shrugged and said, “I guess, I’ve been obsessing about this trip since I only had a day and half to prepare for it.” She gestured over to Michael’s bag and asked, “What did you pack? I didn’t think you had winter clothes.”

Michael smirked and replied, “I don’t I kinda made them.”

Liz rolled her eyes and said, “Convenient.”

Michael lied down on Liz’s bed. He wanted to keep her company while she finished packing, but he was getting tired. He ended up falling asleep. Liz pulled the comforter up over him and went back to collecting every thing she’ll need for her trip.

When Liz finally finished, Jeff knocked on the door and found his daughter zipping up her bag. He saw Michael sleeping peacefully on her bed. “You should wake him up, soon.”

“Could you do that, daddy? I want to take a quick shower, then we can go.” Her dad nodded as she grabbed some clothes and headed for the bathroom. When she came out the bathroom, Michael was gone. She could smell breakfast being made and her stomach started to growl.

She entered the kitchen and Michael was helping her mom cook. Liz never realized how much he’s changed. She knew how much her parents respected him, which surprised her because they hated each other in the beginning, so she thought.

“What smells so good?” Liz asked.

Michael looked up and said, “French toast. I was trying to convince your mom to make crepes, but she wouldn’t have it.”

“Because French toast is easier and faster to cook. Remember you have a plane to catch in two hours,” Nancy replied smiling.

Liz had to laugh she never saw her mom looked so carefree. Jeff joined her at the table, both waiting to be served. Michael and Nancy both had two plates in their hands and brought them to the table. Michael handed one to Liz, while Nancy handed one to Jeff. When they were finished, everyone got ready to leave to the airport.

They must have arrived before everyone else because they couldn’t find the others. They said their goodbyes and made promises to have fun. The Parker’s left the two by their gates.

“You didn’t sleep again last night, did you Parker?”

“I wonder where everyone else is?” Liz said avoiding his question. She spotted Isabel and Kyle coming towards them with Maria and Max close behind. Isabel squealed when she saw Liz and Maria joined in the girl's hug.

“We so need this,” stated Maria.

“Hey man, thought your weren’t coming,” Kyle said to Michael.

Michael shrugged and said, “Change of plans.”

Max approached the other guys and said, “I’m glad you could make.”

Michael smirked and muttered, “Yeah, me too.”

The group of friends walked on to the plane. The seating arrangement ended up being. Michael by the window, Liz in the middle and Max on the aisle. Two rows behind them was Isabel by the window, Kyle in the middle and Maria on the aisle. Liz was holding onto Max’s arm as they talked quietly amongst themselves.

Michael tried his best to ignore them, so he turned his attention out the window. He never flown before, and it was so beautiful looking at the world from this height. The clouds looked like big cotton balls. He wondered if this is what it looked like from their spaceship.

Liz laughed and he turned towards her. She had such an amazing laugh; it would always warm his heart. Max excused himself and left. Liz looked over at Michael as he stared out the window.

“This is your first time flying, isn’t it?”

“Yeah, it is.”

Liz leans over him to gaze out the window. “It’s gorgeous isn’t it?”

Michael turned his eyes to her and replied, “Yeah, it definitely is.”

Max came back and Liz gave him all her attention again. An hour later Liz’s head was bobbing around until it toppled on to Michael’s shoulder.

“You guys seem awfully chumming these days,” Max stated.

“I didn’t think you noticed, since she seems to be your last priority these days,” Michael shot back.

“Whatever goes on between me and my girlfriend stays between us.”

“It’s funny how you’ll call her your girlfriend when no one is around,” Michael shot back.

“What is your problem?” Max asked annoyed.

“Problem? I’m the one with the problem? Get over it Maxwell,” Michael spat out.

Max shook his head and replied, “How are you even on this trip? I thought you didn’t have the money for it.”

Michael chuckled and responded, “What the matter Max? Do feel like you might actually have some competition?”

Max snorted, “From you? I don’t think so.”

Michael clenched his jaw and turned back to the window. The rest of the flight was silent. They landed smoothly and exited the plane with the other passengers. They were excited when they left the airport looking for a cab to take them to the cabin.


Everyone piled out of the cab and were awe struck at how beautiful the mountains were. They were a far distance from the slopes but from here, they could see the peaks covered in white.

“Wow, it’s beautiful up here,” Liz uttered.

Max came up behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist. “It is. When I finally get my son, I’m going to bring him up here. I use to love going skiing with my dad, when I was growing up.” Liz leaned on his chest and quietly sighed. Max turned Liz around and said, “My son contacted me again last night and told me I had to help him. He showed me a picture of this cave that can help me get to him. When we get back, can you help me locate it?”

Liz slowly blinked trying to hide her disappointment. “Of Course Max, you know I’ll do anything for you.” Max smiled and kissed her on the crown of her head. Michael was standing near by and narrowed his eyes at Max. He shook his head and asked the group, “Which one is our cabin?”

Kyle led them to the cabin opened the door and said, “Welcome to your humble abode. This is where we will be staying.” After everyone was inside, Kyle closed the door behind him and said, “There are three rooms. I already know who I will be bunking with.” He winked at Isabel and she smiled. “You four will have to decide amongst yourselves,” he said while pointing to Michael, Maria, Liz, and Max.

“Liz you and me just have to be roomies because I refuse to share a room with spaceboy,” Maria ranted.

“The feelings mutual,” Michael mumbled.

Maria huffed and was about to say something, but Liz grabbed her by the arm and dragged her up the stairs. “Chill out, Maria.” Maria shook off Liz arm. “Chill out.. Chill out. Why should I be the one to chill out? Did you hear what he said? Did you?” Maria fumed.

Liz took a deep breath she didn’t know exactly what happened between Maria and Michael, but Maria was constantly at Michael’s throat. “I heard what he said, but you started it.”

Maria chuckled and threw her hands up in the air. “What was I thinking? Why would I think you would take my side over Michael’s? I thought we were friends and him being my ex you should hate him as much as me.” Maria spun on her heels and opened the first door she came to.

Liz followed her and said, “I’m not taking sides and I can’t hate Michael. After all he was the only one who kept me company for the past two years.”

Maria shook her head and replied, “If you weren’t tutoring him then we still would be as close as we were, but you chose him over me.”

“I didn’t chose anyone Michael needed help and I wasn’t about to turn my back on him, especially when he never asks for it,” Liz replied exasperated.

“You know what? Maybe you and him should share a room together because he’s obviously your new best friend.” Maria stormed out of the room.

Liz sat down on the bed and put her head in her hands. She was trying to fight the tears from falling. She wasn’t about to show any weakness to anyone. She slid off the bed, God she missed Alex. She suddenly felt tired, so she crawled back onto the bed. She curled herself into a tight ball over the covers, immediately falling asleep.


Isabel and Kyle heard Maria’s shouting, they approached her and Kyle asked, “What’s going on between you too?” Maria rolled her eyes and replied, “It’s really none of your business.” Kyle shook his head and stepped closer to Maria and said, “We agreed to bring Liz here to cheer her up. I don’t know if you noticed but I haven’t exactly seen a genuine smile on her face. What do you do? You upset her. I don’t know what happened between you and Michael, but don’t take it out on Liz. I think she has lot more she has to deal with.”

Isabel came up besides Kyle and asked, “What did happen between you and Michael?” Maria turned her back to them.

“Yes, Maria why don’t you tell them what happened between us?” Kyle and Isabel turned toward the voice. Maria slumped her shoulders and whispered, “Shut up, Michael.”

“If you don’t tell them, maybe I will,” Michael calmly said. Maria turned around and shouted, “Shut up.” Michael shook his head and walked out the room.

“What the hell is going on?” Kyle yelled.

“Nothing,” Maria said as she walked out the room.

Kyle turned to Isabel and she shrugged her shoulders. Isabel left the room in search of Michael.


Michael stopped in front of the room Liz was sleeping in. He walked in, unfolded a blanket from the foot of the bed, and covered Liz. He backed out of the room, bumping into someone.

“You care about her don’t you?” Isabel whispered. Michael sighed and closed the door.

“What do you want Isabel?”

“I just want to know what’s going on. First, you and Max are at each other’s throats. And now Maria is at Liz’s. I don’t get it.”

“There’s nothing to get. If you really want to know what’s going on between Max and me you’d ask Max. But you’ve been preoccupied to notice anything.”

“You’re right, but now I’m noticing and I realize how much I’m out of the loop. What’s going on Michael?”

Michael shook his head and said, “I’m tired. I’m going to take a nap then we can hit the slopes. Isn’t that what we came here for?”

Isabel sighed and nodded. She watched as Michael entered the room next to Liz’s. ‘This is going to be a long weekend,’ she thought to herself. She went to find Kyle and decided a nap was a good idea, they did after all wake up before the sun rose.


Liz woke up when her stomach grumbled to remind her she hasn’t eaten since breakfast. She wandered around the upper level wondering where everybody was. As she walked down the stairs, she saw a sleeping form on the couch and as she neared it, she noticed it was Maria. She quietly sighed and headed for the kitchen. Liz witness Kyle looking through each and every cabinet.

Kyle was starving he was franticly looking around for something anything to put in his mouth. Why wasn’t there anything here? He jumped when he heard someone clear their throat and snapped his head around to see who it was. He smiled when he saw Liz.

“Hey,” Liz said softly.

“Hey yourself,” Kyle replied as he opened the refrigerator. He was becoming frustrated, how could someone invite them to their home and have nothing stocked in the kitchen.

“Not finding what you’re looking for,” Liz stated as she sat at the kitchen table.

Kyle shook his head and turned to Liz. “I think we might have to go grocery shopping. There’s nothing here. Do you want to come along for the ride?”

“Shouldn’t we wait for the others? I mean, how do we know what they want,” Liz questioned.

“Believe me if they’re hungry they will eat whatever is in front of them,” Kyle teased.

Liz looked down and her lips curled in to a small smile. Kyle smiled; thinking this little vacation might have been a good idea after seeing the small smile upon Liz’s pretty face. Kyle jotted a quick note and placed it under one of the magnetic that decorated the fridge then grabbed a set of keys and motioned Liz to follow him. Liz gave him a confused look as she proceeded to follow him outside.

Kyle led Liz to a shed where he opened the door revealing three snowmobiles. Kyle climbed on one and held out his hand for Liz to do the same. He turned the ignition then twisted the handles to rev up the engine. Liz tightened her grip around Kyle as he sped off to the store.


Maria sat up and rubbed her eyes. She woke up when she heard a loud noise from outside. She looked up as she heard footsteps on the stairs. When Michael came into view, she rolled her eyes. Michael strode pass her into the kitchen. He sat down and placed his head in his hands. He heard someone leave and when he went to check on Liz she wasn’t there, not only that but Max was nowhere to be found. Just the thought of them somewhere off together was tearing him apart. Michael was to involve in his thought that he didn’t notice someone sit across from him. He felt a hand gently touch his arm causing him to flinch. He ran his hand through his hair before glancing at the person across from him.

“What are you thinking, Michael?” Isabel gently asked.

“Nothing.” He stood up and advanced to the fridge. He was starving upon opening it he saw that it was empty. The only thing that it occupied was a box of baking soda. He slammed the door shut making Isabel jump.

“I thought taking a nap was suppose to make you less irritable,” Isabel huffed.

Michael saw a piece of paper flap after he shut the door. He read the note ignoring what Isabel just said. He sighed in relief after reading the note.

“Did you hear me?” Isabel asked.

Michael slowly turned towards her and asked, “Huh?”

Isabel shook her head. “There’s no use in talking to you, especially when you’re not even paying attention. I’m going to look for Kyle.”

Michael handed her the piece of paper he came across and joined her at the table. Isabel smiled and said, “Well, I’m glad someone thought of purchasing food.”

Michael smirked. “Yeah, I guess.”

Isabel watched Michael squirm in his seat then looks at his watch.

“Are you that hungry?” Isabel said, amused by his obvious impatience.

“Huh? No.. Yeah. I’m starving. I wish I knew they were going, because I would have tagged along.”

Isabel chuckled and said, “One thing I can tell you about Kyle is that he loves food. So don’t worry about him not getting enough.”

“Ok, whatever,” Michael said distractedly.


Liz and Kyle entered the nearest grocer. Kyle grabbed a cart and they head for the front of the store. Slowly picking out items and throwing them in the cart.

“How’ve you been, Liz?” Kyle asked.

Liz shrugged her shoulders and replied, “Fine.”

Kyle stopped and faced Liz. “Thank you. I know I’ve neglected telling you that, but you helped me out after Tess left. I was in a bad place and you always was there for me.” Liz waved her hand to dismiss it. Kyle continued, “I’m also sorry for turning my back on you when me and Isabel started dating. I should have been there for you.”

Liz shook her head and responded, “It’s ok Kyle. You and Isabel needed each other more than I needed you.” She looked down at her hands and whispered, “I had Max and Michael.”

Kyle snorted. Liz gave him a questioningly look. “Don’t get me wrong Liz, but how was Max there for you? It was more like you were there for him.”

“You’re wrong Kyle and how would you know?” She snapped. “Let’s just finish shopping and get the hell out of here. Agreed?” Kyle reluctantly nodded and Liz stomped off. They ended up at the checkout counter, after paying for their items Kyle pushed the cart to the vehicle and loaded the bags on it, slowly driving back to the cabin.


Max was out strolling around while everyone else slept. He came upon the shed and noticed that it was unlocked. He slid open the door and smiled when he saw the two remaining snowmobiles. He walked around one, itching to take it for a spin when he heard a sound of a motor approaching him. He moved out the way when he caught sight of Kyle about to enter the shed.

“Hey man. What’s up?” Kyle greeted him as he turned the engine off and hopped off the mobile. He helped Liz off and said to Max, “I’m glad you’re here. You can help me with these bags.” Max nodded and helped carry the bags, leaving a few left behind.

When the door opened, Michael and Isabel went into the living area to see who had just walked in. He saw Kyle enter first carrying a load of bags. Max and Liz followed behind whispering amongst themselves. Isabel noticed Michael looking as if his heart had been ripped from his chest as he watched the two of them. Isabel and Kyle’s eyes met confirming what they just witnessed.

“Can you get the rest of the bags outside? I’m sure Liz will show you where they are.”

Michael shrugged and headed outside; he didn’t wait to see if Liz was going to follow him. He had to come to grips with reality. Liz would never want him. Why would she? He was nothing but a screw up. Someone taking his hand brought him out of his thoughts.

“What were you thinking about? I’ve been trying to get your attention for about thirty seconds now. The rest of the groceries are back here.” She led him to the shed waiting for him to answer her question.

Michael knew she expected him to answer, but he couldn’t. What was he suppose to say? ‘I was thinking about you Liz and how I’m falling for you more each time I see you.’

“Michael talk to me,” Liz implored.

Michael sighed, opened the door of the shed and looked at her. “Nothing.”

He attempted to grab the remaining bags, but Liz forced him to look at her. “I know you’re hiding something from me. I’m not going to push it right now, because the others are waiting but believe me you will tell me.” She poked him in the chest as she said each word.

Michael chuckled and replied, “Yeah, yeah. We’ll see about that.”

“No, Guerin you will tell me what’s bothering you. Remember no secrets,” Liz stated as she grabbed the one of the three remaining bags. “I know something is bothering you and I wish you’d trust me,” Liz said sounding hurt. She turned around heading in the direction of the cabin.

“Liz, wait.” Liz slowly faced Michael and waited for him to continue. “It’s not that I don’t trust you, it’s just that..” Michael paused trying to find the right words. “It’s just that… I have a lot on my mind and once I have everything organized then you’ll be the first one I’ll come to.”

Liz walked up to him and with her finger beckoned him to lean forward. She reached up and lightly touched his lips with hers.

“I’m glad you do, because I trust you the most out of everyone else.” She strode back to the cabin.

Michael stood there, that was the only thing he could do. He couldn’t remember how to move his feet. Liz kissed him. That’s all that was floating in his head. Come on Guerin get a hold of yourself. Michael took a deep breath and followed Liz back inside.

“What took you so long, Guerin?” Kyle asked, amused.

Michael just grunted and dropped the bags in the kitchen. When everyone was in the same area, Isabel took charge. “Ok everyone this is the plan for today. We will put the groceries away, then two people will volunteer to cook. After we eat we’ll join together in a friendly game of whatever we decide. Tonight will be in-house fun. Tomorrow early in the morning we’ll hit the slopes. Is that clear?” Isabel looked at every face, daring someone to object.

Liz raised her hand and said, “Umm.. I don’t want to sound like a kill-joy, but I’ll just go up to my room after we eat.”

Kyle took a deep breath ready for Isabel to explode. Isabel stared at Liz for a moment before saying, “Everyone in the kitchen and unload each and every bag.” When nobody moved she yelled, “Move it!”

Liz stood up about to follow everyone into the kitchen, but Isabel stopped her. “You and me have to talk.”

Liz glanced down at her arm to where Isabel’s hand was. She slowly lifted her eyes to glare at Isabel and in a menacing voice said, “What do we have to talk about?” Liz snatched her arm out of Isabel’s grip.

Isabel eyes widened and hesitated for a moment. She couldn’t believe the tone Liz used, Isabel never heard Liz’s voice sound so cold. Isabel backed up a little before continuing, “I just wanted to say sorry and thank you.”

Liz took a deep breath and said, “There’s nothing to apologize and thank me for.”

“Yes, there is. First, I want to thank you for all your help. You didn’t have to and I want to apologize for all of us for not showing you the gratitude you deserved,” Isabel stated sincerely.

Liz shook her head. “Forget about it.”

Liz was about to turn away from her, but Isabel not wanting to touch her again quickly prevented her from walking away from her. “No wait, I’m not done yet. I also wanted to tell you I wish our group was back together like we were before.. before..” Isabel furrowed her eyebrows. It was still hard to talk about Alex.

“Before Alex died?” Liz finished.

Isabel nodded solemnly. “I just want our friendship back.”

Liz laughed bitterly. “I hate to burst your bubble, but we were never friends. We were only tied together by a secret. That’s the only reason why this group still exists.”

“Liz, I’ve always admired you to the point that I was jealous.”

“Jealous? Jealous of what?” Liz was genuinely curious. What could Isabel Evans possibly envy about plain boring Liz Parker?

“You always possessed this courage. You never allowed anything to stand in the way of your mission. I didn’t have that. All I ever wanted was a normal life. You had that and you were willing to risk yours time and again for people who didn’t even appreciate it,” Isabel confessed.

“Just forget about it, Isabel,” Liz whispered.

“I can’t. I want you to know how much me, Michael and Max appreciate you. You deserve…”

Liz interrupted Isabel by saying, “Appreciated me? Yeah, right. You appreciated me so much that you all were quick to dismiss my ideas and suggestions. You never thought I belonged. You never wanted my help. The only reason why you and Michael even tolerated us humans was because of Max. I don’t need this.”

“Wait!” Isabel pleaded. She sat down on the couch and motioned for Liz to join her. “I know and I’m sorry, but I know we could get pass this. I mean you and Michael act like best friends.”

Liz shook her head and said, “That’s because Michael didn’t turn his back on me. He was there for me, when everyone else was indulged in their own personal lives.”

Isabel sighed and said, “Liz, I just want to pretend that I’m normal. I want to reestablish our group’s connection. That’s why I want tonight to be about us, all of us. So can’t you please just join in on the festivities? This weekend is more for you then any of us.”

Maria and Kyle were laughing as they exited the kitchen followed by Max with Michael a couple steps behind. Michael could feel the tension in the room. He looked over at Liz and if someone who didn’t know Liz would have missed the anger well hidden in her eyes. He glanced at Isabel and wondered what happened in here.

Isabel stood up and said, “Now that the food is away. Who’s going to volunteer to cook? I need two people.” She looked among the faces and no one responded.

After a few minutes Liz said, “I’ll do it.” She stood up and entered the kitchen. Michael watched her as she walked past him with no expression. He turned back to Isabel realizing he missed half of what she said.

“Fine, I guess I’ll have to chose,” Isabel muttered and looked around deciding on Michael. “You’re the lucky one, since it doesn’t seem like you’re paying attention to me anyway.”

Michael rolled his eyes and slowly walked into the kitchen. He watched Liz slam cabinet doors and drawers close as she searched for something. She must have found what she was looking for and then the next then he heard from her was a loud banging. Michael neared her and saw her furiously pounding on a chicken breast with one of those tenderizing mallet things. When her arm rose to hit it again, Michael stopped it.

“What’s going on?” he whispered.

Liz unconsciously leaned into him and inhaled deeply. “Isabel and I had a talk,” she said bitterly. “Let’s just cook. I really don’t want to talk about it.”

Michael reluctantly let go of her wrist and they silently prepared dinner. When the meal was done, they served the group at the table. They ate in silence enjoying the dinner in front of them. When they were finished eating Isabel picked out a bunch of games she found in the hall closet. Everyone groaned at first, but when the games progressed they all had fun. They kept playing until early in the morning, until Isabel ordered everyone to bed. She didn’t want anyone tired for their first day at the slopes.


Liz woke up to an empty bed. She thought it would be a good idea to share her room with Max, because she knew this would be the perfect way to have Max all to herself. She had even attempted to seduce him, but all he had done was rolled over and fall asleep. She didn’t understand why Max had become so distant. She crawled out the bed after glancing at the clock and wondered where the hell Max was. She couldn’t believe Max could be up this early. She looked out the window on her way to the bathroom and that’s when she saw him; he was outside meditating. Liz rolled her eyes and continued to her destination for a much needed shower.


Michael was in the kitchen debating if he should cook breakfast for everyone, or just for himself. He wasn’t hungry because his stomach was in knots, and to top it off he was exhausted since he couldn’t sleep last night. Every time he tried to close his eyes he saw images of Liz and Max in a heated make out session. He closed the cabinet door with a bang. He wasn’t in the mood to cook; instead he went to the refrigerator and poured himself a glass of milk.


As Liz walked into the kitchen, she jumped upon hearing the fridge door slamming. She thought she was the only one up. “I didn’t know you were an early riser?” she asked while opening the door to pour herself a glass of orange juice. Michael turned his back to her, and didn’t respond. Liz furrowed her brows as she watched him sprinkle some tabasco sauce in his cup and asked, “Are you okay? Did something happen last night between you and Maria?”

Michael slammed his glass down and turned towards her. “I’m fine.” He walked away from her, flinching when he heard the harshness of is own voice. He didn’t want to treat her like this, but he couldn’t bear seeing her with Max anymore.

“Michael, are you mad a me?” Liz was by his side in an instant. She couldn’t think of a reason why he would be, but he hadn’t treated her in this way in a long time and it hurt knowing that there’s a chance that he was angry with her.

Michael stopped and faced her. “Nothing, just leave it alone,” he snapped. Liz stumbled back feeling like he punched her in the stomach as Michael leaned against the counter with his head hanging. He didn’t want to lose her, but seeing her with Max was ripping his heart out. ‘It’s best just to push her away,’ he thought.

Liz recovered from her shock and shouted, “I don’t know what’s going on with you, but I don’t like it. I can’t deal with you or your attitude right now.” Liz stormed out of the kitchen. Michael took his glass of milk and took a swig trying to erase what just happened, but as he heard the door to the cabin slam shut and he squeezed the empty glass in his hand, breaking it.

Isabel walked in the kitchen looking towards the front door asking, “What was that about?” As she neared Michael she noticed his hand was covered in blood. “Michael what happened to your hand?” She tried to grab his hand, but he pulled it away.

“Leave me alone,” he growled.

“What’s your problem?” She asked, keeping her eyes trained on him. “Does this have something to do with Liz storming out like that?” She grabbed his arm and turned him around so he was facing her. “Talk to me.”

Michael looked toward the kitchen’s doorway and noticed Kyle standing there. He fiercely whispered to Isabel, “It doesn’t concern you.” He walked out and stomped up the stairs.

“What was that about?” Kyle asked. Isabel shook her head and responded, “I wish I knew.”


Isabel stood outside tapping her foot impatiently. She was waiting for everyone to meet her outside as planned. She watched Michael flexing his hand; she was relieved that she finally convinced him to let her heal him. She glanced at her watch, and looked around to see who was missing. Everyone was there except Liz, and she was starting to worry about her. Isabel looked at her watch again, and from the distance she saw Liz walking slowly towards the group. “Ok everyone couple up. We are on our way to the slopes.” Maria rolled her eyes; she knew that meant being matched up with Michael.

“Maria you’ll be riding with Kyle; I’ll be riding with Michael and Max you’ll be driving Liz. Everyone got it?” Isabel shouted. Michael, Max and Kyle all hoped on their vehicles waiting for their passengers. Liz jogged up and sat behind Max; Isabel straddled the mobile behind Michael and Maria was relieved to ride with Kyle.

Kyle took the lead since he knew the way. Isabel knew this would be the perfect time to get information from Michael. “Michael, what’s going on between you and Liz?” she asked directly into his ear.

Michael shrugged and replied over his shoulder, “Why do you care?”

Isabel sighed, this was going to be harder then she had originally thought. “Why are you so moody?”

“Again, why do you care?” he snapped.

“What is your problem? Something is going on between you and Liz. Something happened between you and Maria. I just want to help you, Michael.” Isabel sighed.


Isabel let out a deep breath and asked, “What are you more upset about, sharing a room with Maria, or Liz sharing a room with Max?”

Michael stopped the snow mobile and said, “We’re here.” He climbed off the bike and walked away from Isabel and her questions. Kyle approached her and asked, “How’d it go?” Isabel watched Michael and said, “I think I know why he’s been on Max’s case lately.”

Kyle glanced over in Michael’s direction and asked, “Why?”

Isabel held on to Kyle’s shoulder as she got off the vehicle and said, “I think he’s in love with Liz.” She watched how Michael looked at Liz while she was giggling with Max and said, “Correction, I know he’s in love with Liz.”

Kyle and Isabel walked up to the group and Isabel said, “You guys are here to ski, so go have fun. Kyle and I are heading over to that slope over there.” She pointed to the right of her.

Everyone looked up when it started to snow. Liz smiled and twirled around holding her hands out to try to catch the snow. Michael smiled at how happy she looked but he quickly turned away before anyone noticed him staring. Max took Liz’s hand and said, “Come on lets go ski.” He was about to lead her and Maria to the expert slope, but Liz stopped him.

“Max, I don’t know how to ski, isn’t it dangerous to start on the advanced one?” Liz said worriedly.

Maria came up behind her and said, “Chica don’t worry about it. Skiing is easy. All you have to do is keep your knees bent and stay flexible.”

Michael was a couple of steps behind them. “Oh, is that all there is to it? I never realized how simple skiing is, and to think people spend so much money for lessons,” he commented while rolling his eyes.

“I wouldn’t let any thing happen to her,” Max snapped.

Michael opened his mouth to say something, but Liz interrupted by saying, “I’ll give it a try.”

Michael was about to protest, but Liz turned to face him and said, “Max, Maria I’ll meet you guys there. Michael you and me need to talk.” Michael swallowed; he knew by the tone of her voice that this wasn’t going to be good.

Liz looked over her shoulder and waited for Max and Maria to be out of earshot. When she was satisfied, she glared at Michael and said, “What was with your attitude earlier? I thought we were friends? You really hurt my feelings.”

Michael turned his eyes away from Liz; he didn’t have an answer for her, or rather he couldn’t answer her. Liz shook her head. “I don’t know what’s with you these last few days, but I don’t like it. I thought I at least had you, but after that scene this morning I realize I don’t have anyone,” She turned her back towards him and sighed. “This just makes my decision easier.” Michael tilted his head to the side and asked, “What do you mean, easier?”

Liz slowly turned around, took a deep breath and said, “Nothing.” Liz walked away heading in the direction Max and Maria went. Michael stared after her. ‘What decision was she talking about?’ he wondered.

Michael approached them just as Max, Maria, and Liz pushed off. Liz was the last one to leave. He watched the three forms glide down the mountain. It was starting to get colder and he could barely see in front of him. The snow was getting thicker by the minute. He glanced back at the slope where and didn’t see anyone, so he cautiously advanced to the edge and saw a glimpse of bright orange and a little further up he saw a little black spot which he knew was Max and Maria because Maria was wearing a bright orange snowsuit while Max had on black.

Michael franticly ran his eyes across the side of the mountain in search of Liz’s form but he couldn’t see it. He slowly walked down the slope hoping to find her. Michael was concentrating on locating her when he fell over something. He looked behind him to find out what it was that had tripped him and his heart stopped as he saw what it was. Liz was lying in the snow, not moving. He quickly crawled next to her trying desperately to wake her. He looked around hysterically, but couldn’t see anything or anyone. He gently picked her up so not to cause too much movement to her head, and tried to remember where he’d parked the snowmobile he drove here.

It felt like he had walked miles; he knew he was heading in the wrong direction but all he can think about was Liz. He couldn’t lose her, not like this. He’d rather see her with Max, than like this. He didn’t know where he was, all he knew was he had to get Liz out of this weather. He came across some cabins and looked up at their chimneys, trying to find one that didn’t have smoke coming out of it. He continued to walk, he was about to turn around and attempt to convince someone to take them in when he found a cabin that looked like it was abandoned.

Michael went up to the door and repositioned Liz so he could unlock it using his powers. He poked his head in and was relieved when he didn’t see any signs of occupancy. He warily entered the cabin, locking the door behind him. He was about to place Liz on the couch until he saw how dirty it was and so he waved his hand over it cleaning it before slowly resting her on it. He went to the fireplace and looked around for some wood hoping to get the chill out the room. He didn’t find any logs near by so he used his powers to start a fire. He knelt beside Liz willing her to wake up. Michael was exhausted, so he decided they both needed to rest so he laid down next to her on the floor and fell asleep.


Isabel was pacing impatiently, looking off into the distance every so often, wondering where the others were. The snow was becoming fierce, to the point that it was difficult to ski, much less see in front of you. Kyle watched her worriedly; she had told him that she had a bad feeling, like something had happened. Kyle noticed movement and squinted his eyes to see the two figures walking towards them. He tapped Isabel on the shoulder and pointed in their direction. Isabel sighed in relief, but her smile quickly faded when she became aware of the fact that two people were still missing.

“Where’s Michael and Liz?” she bombarded them with as soon as they were close.

Max looked behind him and said, “She was right behind us.”

Isabel glared at him then at Maria. “I can’t believe you guys. Are you stupid? You just up and left them in this weather?”

Maria stepped closer to her and responded, “Who the hell are you? You don’t even give a damn about Liz.”

Kyle stepped in between them and said, “Both of you calm down. Listen Maria, Isabel had a bad feeling, like maybe someone is hurt or something. It also doesn’t help that you guys dragged her to the advanced slopes when she never skied in her life.”

“Maybe they left already,” Maria mumbled.

Isabel got into Maria’s face and pointed to the three snowmobiles behind her. “Does it look like they left already? Aren’t you at least a little concerned about your best friend?” Then she turned to her brother and said, “And you! She’s supposed to be the love of your life and you’re not out there looking for her. I don’t get the either of you.”

“Have you noticed the weather? I wouldn’t be able to find her in this. Why don’t we just go home, and maybe they’ll follow later,” Max exclaimed. Isabel was about to step to her brother when Kyle stopped her. “Actually, I think that’s a good idea Isabel.”

“What? How can you agree with him? They could be out there unconscious and freezing to death, and you want to leave them?” Isabel screeched.

Kyle placed an arm around her shoulders and whispered, “You can try and dreamwalk them to find out where they are and if they’re okay.”

Isabel laid her head on his shoulder and replied, “I’d just hate to think that they’re out there somewhere unconscious.”

“Hey, Michael’s not going to let anything happened to Liz,” Kyle murmured.

Isabel reluctantly nodded and followed him to their vehicle. She placed her head on his back as he drove her back to their cabin. When they arrived, Kyle led Isabel up to their room where he laid beside her, comforting her as she touched a picture of Michael and quickly falling asleep. She woke up, and shook her head. “Nothing. I didn’t get anything from him,” she said softly.

“What does that mean?” Kyle asked.

“One of two things. Either he’s awake, or he’s… or he’s…” she strangled out.

“So, he’s probably up. Maybe they’re on their way back here. Try Liz,” he said sounding more confident than he felt.

Isabel took out a picture of Liz and in a low voice said, “She has to be ok, she just has to be.” She touched the picture, leaned back and fell asleep. Moments later she woke up with a smile. “She’s sleeping,” she said excitedly. “They must have found a cabin or something because they aren’t outside.”

“Then let’s go get them,” Kyle said just as relieved. Isabel stopped him and responded, “No, they’re fine. I experienced some conflicting emotions from Liz and I think she and Michael need some time together. You know, some alone time.”

Kyle nodded. “Whatever you think is best.”


Liz opened her eyes, trying to focus on where she was. She tried to sit up, but held her head when she experienced a dull throbbing. She slowly raised it off of the couch trying to turn her body around in a sitting position and gasped when she felt pain explode through her when she moved her leg.

Michael quickly sat up when he heard her cry out and reached out to her to check and see what was hurting her.

“Don’t touch me,” Liz said through clenched teeth making Michael pull his hand away as if something had burnt him. “Liz,” he strangled out.

“I’m fine,” she said trying her best to regain her composure. Michael stood up and went in front of the fireplace, to make sure the fire wasn’t dwindling and rubbed his hands together nervously. After several moments of uncomfortable silence, Liz asked “Why are you treating me like this?”

Michael turned to face her; her voice was just above a whisper so he barely heard her. He ventured closer to her and tried to swallow past the lump in his throat. “What are you talking about?” he asked coolly. He knew what she had meant, but he didn’t want to explain it to her. He wanted to open his heart up to her, but he was afraid of her rejection; he wanted her with all his soul, he just wished she could see that.

Liz sighed and winced when she moved her head. “That’s what I’m talking about. You don’t talk to me and you don’t even look at me. You’ve been avoiding me ever since we stepped off the plane. Why? Talk to me, Michael.”

“There’s nothing to talk about,” he barked.

“Fine! Just leave then,” she shouted.

“What?! I’m not going to leave you here by yourself,” he stated.

“Why not? I don’t need your pity,” she retorted.

“Fine, if that’s what you want,” he shouted. He forcefully opened the door and was face to face with a solid wall of snow. He held his hand out, and was about to use his powers to get rid of it but he slowly let his hand fall. He wasn’t sure if he’d make matters better or worst so he slammed the door shut.

“It doesn’t look like either one of us is going to be leaving anytime soon.” He turned his head towards her and only saw the back of her head. He noticed she was shaking so he checked on the fire, when he saw that it was still burning he went in search for some blankets. He found some so he headed back to Liz and wrapped one around her, and that’s when he noticed that she was crying. He knelt down beside her and asked, “Are you okay?”

“What do you care?” she sobbed.


“No! Don’t! I don’t need you. I don’t need any of you,” she yelled. She covered her face with her hands and whispered, “Just leave me alone.”

Michael sat back on his heels and watched her. “Liz, talk to me. I don’t like seeing you like this.”

“Talk to you! You want me to talk to you? Why!? You don’t feel the need to talk to me, but you want me to talk to you. Why is that, Michael?” she growled.

Michael stood up and snapped, “You want me to talk. Fine, I’ll talk.” He turned his back to her and then started to pace. “I can’t watch you and Max together. I don’t get you. You tell me that you’re this new person and that you’re not going to let anyone walk all over you, but when it comes to Max you allow him to use you. Why? He doesn’t give a fuck about you.”

Liz’s eyes widened as she followed him walking back and forth with his arms moving wildly. “That’s not true, he cares about. He loves me, Michael.”

Michael snorted. “Yeah, he loves you so much that he hardly spends time with you. When was the last time you guys went out, not counting when he’s looking for ways to get his son back? When was the last time he did anything for you? When was the last time he told you that he loved you?”

“He shows me, but I understand that he’s concerned about his son. I …”

“Stop it. Who are you trying to convince, me or yourself?” He turned and met her eyes. “For Godsakes, he went to California for several days and he didn’t think of you once, unless he needed something.”

“That’s because he was busy convincing your protector to help him.”

“Open your eyes, woman,” he yelled. He ran his hands through his hair trying to calm down and said, “But he had the time to call Isabel to tell her how disappointed he was in her?”

“He, he…”

“He wasn’t thinking about you. When he came back, what did he tell you?” He sat in front of her.

“He said, that Langley didn’t want to help him. So he felt like he failed. He was hurting Michael. He’s concerned for his son,” she defended.

“Liz, there’s concern and then there’s obsession. Max is beyond obsessed. Anyway he lied to you. Do you know he would have left you, without a phone call, without saying goodbye!?”

“He wouldn’t do that.”

“Well then you don’t know him as well as you thought, because what really happened was he almost left. If it weren’t for all the damage the ship had from our crash, Max would have been gone for who knows how long. He told Isabel and me this that night he came back. Why are you with a guy who’s only using you?” he asked calmly.

Liz bowed her head and softly said, “He’s the only one I have. I’ll never find anyone who’d be willing to love me. I’m nothing, a nobody Michael. Max loved me from the beginning.”

Michael knelt beside her and tucked some of her hair behind her ear. “You’re a wonderful person. Any guy would be lucky to have you.”

“No, you’re wrong,” she cried. “I fell in love with a guy and did everything to get him to notice, but since I’m this plain boring person. He never did,” she said disgusted.

“Well he was the stupid one.”

“God, Michael. Max slept with Tess but when I throw myself at him he turns me down every time. What’s wrong with me? Why can’t I find someone who’s going to love me? I know I don’t have all the aspects that Tess or Isabel has. I'll never be as desirable as they are in anyone's eyes.” Liz wiped her eyes and carefully shook her head. “I’m leaving.”

Michael’s head snapped up and said, “You can’t leave, neither one of us can. We’re trapped here.”

“No, I mean Roswell. Remember that decision I was talking about?” She saw him nod his head and continued, “Well I received a full scholarship from Harvard, and I’m going to accept it. I can’t stay here; I’ve never felt like I belong. I realize now that it was Alex who kept Maria and me together but without him, we aren’t close. Without him or you I don’t have anyone here, I have to go and find out who I am.”

“Liz you’ll always have me.” Michael could feel his heart breaking. He couldn’t lose her; he never needed anyone as much as he needed Liz.

Liz rubbed her face wiping away any traces of tears, and attempted a smile for Michael. “So what happened between you and Maria?” she asked trying to sound cheerful.

Michael stood up and scratched his eyebrow. “I really don’t want to talk about it.”

Liz rolled her eyes and said, “I literally told you all my insecurities and you still can’t talk to me.”

“It’s not that. It’s just that..” he sighed. “It’s just that every time I think about it my male ego gets hurt.”

Liz furrowed her brows and tilted her head to the side. “What did she do to you Michael? Did she cheat on you?”

Michael looked down and said, “Yeah, you could say that.”

“Either she did or she didn’t.”

“I caught her with someone else kissing. If I didn’t walk in when I did, I think it would have gone further,” he muttered.

“Michael, I’m sorry. Why didn’t you tell me?”

“Because I thought she would tell you. I couldn’t talk to anyone about it.” He massaged his head and continued, “I was never what she wanted.”

“Who did you catch her with?”

Michael shook his head. “Come on Michael, you can tell me.”

“Debbie, I caught her with Debbie.”

“Oh my God,” was muffled behind Liz’s hand. She took her hand away and said, “I didn’t know. I’m so sorry.”

“Yeah, well I’m getting over it,” he mumbled.

He carefully sat next to her on the couch, and gently touched her leg. Liz cried out as a tear rolled down her cheek.

“I think it might be broken. I have to get you out of here.”

“I’m fine.” She saw the doubt in his eyes, and said, “Really, I’ll be okay.”

“Michael?” He faced her and she turned her eyes downward and asked, “Can you hold me?”

Michael’s lips curled up as he stood up to position Liz so her leg was stretched out on the sofa and sat behind her. As she leaned her head on his chest he held her closer to him and breathed in her scent. “So, tell me. Who’s this guy you fell for?” he asked trying to keep his emotions out of his voice. It was harder now that he was holding his object of desire in his arms.

Liz closed her eyes as she snuggled closer to him. She inhaled his scent and smiled. “It doesn’t matter. He doesn’t want me, not like I want him.”

Michael felt her nuzzle closer and shut his eyes as he tried to keep his body in check. Her being this close was causing an overload to his senses, but he liked it. He wished he could hold her like this forever. “I just wanted to know who is stupid enough to not want you. Believe me Liz there are plenty of guys out there who would love to spend the rest of their lives with you. You just have to open your eyes to find them.”

“I wish it were that easy,” she murmured. She felt so safe in Michael’s arms, she wanted to stay this way forever. She just wished he felt the same way. She was tired of giving her heart to someone and have it broken, so for now she’ll pretend that he loved her as much as she loved him. She nestled into the crook of his neck and closed her eyes. His arms tightened around her making her body relax. She slowly drifted off into a soundless, sleep filled with dreams of her and Michael.


Michael caressed her hair while she slept and glanced at her leg wishing that he could heal it. He knew she was hurting more than she was letting on, but he also knew that she could be stubborn at times. He felt her shivering in his arms and so he wrapped the blanket tighter around the both of them, rubbing her arms gently so as to not wake her. He couldn’t remember a time he was this happy; it was hard to believe that he was holding his heart in his arms, and he felt like his soul was soaring. He had never felt this way, and it thrilled and scared him all at once. Some of her hair fell over her eye so he tucked it behind her ear gently, but when his hand made contact with her skin, he wasn’t in the cabin anymore.

He looked around while walking in small circles, mesmerized by his surroundings. He appeared to be in a ballroom with exquisite crystal chandeliers hanging above him, radiating a dim light making the ambiance of the room both elegant and romantic. He searched the room for any other people, jumping when someone tapped him on his shoulder. He slowly turned around and saw Liz standing before him; however, all he could do was stare because she looked breathtaking, wearing a royal blue strapless dress. She took his hand in hers and he followed behind her, completely enchanted by the way her dress met the floor, flowing around her, giving the impression that she was floating. He also noticed the way her hair was up in a twist with several curls trickling down in the back making him think of a waterfall.

Time slowed down as Liz halted; turning around to face him making him suddenly feel underdressed. He looked down at his own attire and was surprised when he found himself wearing a tuxedo. Liz smiled at him shyly feeling nervous for the first time when she met his gaze. He was so handsome in her eyes now that she couldn’t understand how she had missed that all those years they’ve know each other. His beauty was not only clear from the outside, but it can also be seen from within. She knew it was her own fault for missing it because she never really saw him until that day he stuck into her window asking for help when everyone else had abandoned her. “Dance with me,” she whispered in his ear, wanting more than anything for him to hold her in his arms. Michael felt a chill go up his spine as he held out his hand to her, and smirked when Liz snapped her fingers flooding the room with soft music before taking his hand.

Liz smiled at his expression, remembering the time when she was intimidated by his smirks, but now she knows that when he does that, he’s merely masking his insecurities. ‘Who would have thought Michael Guerin is self conscious?’ Liz thought as she wrapped her arms around Michael’s neck waiting to feel his arms around her. When he didn’t she pulled away only enough to have a full view of his face. “What’s wrong?”

Michael averted his eyes, feeling embarrassed. “I don’t know how to dance.” Liz giggled and seductively whispered, “Just try. Here you can do anything and everything you want.” Michael swallowed and bit his lip trying to keep his body in check. Those words and her breath in his ear was making it difficult for him to stay calm. Slowly he encircled his arms around her waist and reveled in the feel of her body flush against his. The music was slow and enchanting even though he couldn’t place who sang it or even what it was about. All he could think about was Liz, how sexy she looked, and how she felt in his arms.

Liz rested her head on his shoulder and basked in Michael’s scent, his feel, and her love for him. This was the only place that she didn’t have to hide her true feelings for him and she only wished she had the courage to tell him in real life, but she was afraid of losing him. He was the only thing keeping her from giving up all together.

She felt Michael’s hand caressing her bare back, making her body heat up. It felt like little jolts of electricity wherever he touched. She didn’t understand how she could feel like this with him; nobody had ever made her feel this way.

Liz nuzzled her lips on Michael’s neck, making his eyes shut of their own accord and her shallow breathing was causing him to shiver as her hand reached up gently caressing his hair at the nape of his neck. It felt so good, like his nerves were standing on end with every touch of her soft hands. Just as the song ended Liz stood on her tiptoes and softly whispered, “I love you, Michael Guerin.”

Michael pulled away, stunned, and gazed deeply into her eyes, making Liz look at him concerned. Normally in her fantasies, she would always tell him how she felt about him, and he would hold her tighter, making her wish it was reality and not a figment of her imagination. He would never return the words, he’d just engulf her in his arms making her feel safe and loved. Even with her overactive imagination, she couldn’t picture Michael returning her love.

Michael thought he hadn’t heard her right, or maybe that it was his dream, because that was the only explanation he could come up with, as he knew Liz didn’t love him. He wished she did, but he had nothing to offer her: he was nothing. Michael saw the distress in Liz’s eyes and he held her closer. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to upset you. I… I... just couldn’t believe that you could love me.” He squeezed her, shutting his eyes to summon up the courage to say what was in his heart. He took her by her hand and pivoted her off the dance floor; spotting a table for two across the room and leading her over to it. He pulled the chair out for Liz to sit down on and dragged another chair closer to her.

“This is hard for me,” he said trying to keep his concentration that was close to breaking because of the way her leg was rubbing against his provocatively. He swallowed attempting to get pass the nervous lump that formed in his throat and took a deep breath. “Liz, I love you so much, that it hurts,” he said with deep emotion.

Liz’s jaw dropped; she couldn’t believe what she was hearing. It was like a dream coming true, but in her dream. She didn’t want to hear it like this; she wanted Michael to love her in the real world not in her head. She shook her head, her form slowly fading in front of him.

Liz’s eyes opened and she looked at her surroundings. Michael was staring at her so she pushed away from him only to be met with excruciating pain when her leg made contact with the floor. Michael immediately hopped off the couch and went to her aid.

“Liz, you can’t pretend there’s nothing wrong with you leg,” he commented sternly. Liz looked at him with her eyes wide, making him sigh and sit back on his heels. “Talk to me,” he commanded.

“I just had a weird dream,” she said while shaking her head.

Michael looked down and asked, “Why was it weird?”

Liz’s mouth dropped open and said, “It was you. You were in my dream.”

Michael stood up abruptly and turned his back to her. “Michael, how did you do that?” She asked.

He shrugged his shoulders. “I don’t know, one minute I was wrapping a blanket around you and the next minute I was dancing with you.”

Liz swallowed and asked, “Do you remember everything that happened?” Liz had to ask she wanted to know if what he said was true.

He walked up to her and gently lifted her off the floor placing her back on the couch. “Yeah, I remember everything and I still feel the same way.”

Liz stared at him in shock and stuttered, “You.. you love me?”

“With all my heart,” he whispered.

“Michael, I didn’t know. That’s why you’ve been acting the way you have? How can I be so stupid?” She looked up into his eyes and said, “I’m so sorry, Michael. If I wasn’t so selfish with my own problems, I’d would have seen it.”

“What about you Liz? What you said in the dream was that true?”

Liz smiled shyly and said, “With all my heart.”

“Why didn’t you say anything, sooner?”

“Why didn’t you?”

“Because of Max.”

“I was only with Max because I didn’t think I had a chance with you.”

“What do we do now?” Michael asked.

Liz smiled. “Kiss,” she said softly.

Michael chuckled gently and leaned in closer to her. “Are you sure this is what you want?”

Liz wrapped her arms around his neck. “This is all I’ve wanted for the last two years,” she replied.

The distance between them was quickly closed as their lips met in a soft kiss. As the need took over them, the kiss grew more intense. Michael’s fingers intertwined in Liz’s hair pulling her closer. This is what they’d both been dreaming about and yet it didn’t compare to the actual feeling. They were both caught up in the feeling that the other provoked within them that they didn’t hear the commotion outside.

“What the hell is going on?”

Michael and Liz broke apart at the sound of Max’s voice and Michael stood up and got in Max’s face. Isabel stepped between them to avoid any kind of problems that may occur.

“Liz, how could you be kissing him? He was my boyfriend,” Maria ranted.

Liz glared at Maria and said, “The key word here is ‘was’. What do you care anyway? I thought he wasn’t your type.”

Michael flinched at those words; he didn’t want what happened between him and Maria to get out, but he trusted Liz.

Maria’s face paled and said, “You don’t know anything about what happened between us.” Liz gave her a knowing look and said, “Your right I don’t, but all I know is you don’t deserve him.”

“Oh and you do. How is that when you’ve been hanging all over Max?” She spat.

Liz chuckled and calmly replied, “I never said I did, but at least I’m not stupid enough to hurt him.”

Max walked around Isabel and Michael and sat next to Liz. Michael followed his movements and held his breath as Max leaned in closer to Liz. “I love you, Liz. I forgive you for what happened between you and Michael,” Max whispered.

Liz pulled away and winced in the process. In a cold voice Liz said, “You don’t give a damn about me. I was stupid to think that you did. You’ve only used me and I’m tired of it.”

“What?! Are you going to choose him over me? How?! Why?!” Max yelled.

Michael walked over towards them and grabbed Max’s wrist before he could do any damage. “Don’t!” he warned.

Max shook his arm free and stood up. “You can have her. She’s nothing but a whore anyway. Right Kyle?” Max growled. Kyle shook his head and said, “How would I know that?” Max narrowed his eyes at him and yelled, “How would you know? Because you fucked her.”

Kyle gave him a quizzical look and asked, “What the hell are you talking about?” Then realization hit him and he responded, “Oh, you mean that night you caught us in bed together?” Kyle chuckled and said, “Nothing happened between us. It was just a charade for you, you’re the only whore in this room.”

“You’re a liar!! I know what I saw and you fucked her,” Max screamed.

“What did you see? You saw two people in bed with the covers over us. You saw us talking, but did you actually see us getting it on?” Kyle asked.

“Whatever, that doesn’t help the fact that she is trying to steal my boyfriend. You just broke one of the best friends code. You’re not supposed to make a move on my ex-boyfriend,” Maria stated.

“Since when have you been her best friend, Maria? None of us were there for her when she needed us, except for Michael,” Isabel informed quietly.

Maria spun around and placed her hands on her hips. “Since when do you care about her? You never once worried about her, why now?”

“Because I finally realized everything that Liz has done for me. For all of us, and we never considered doing anything for her,” Isabel said.

Michael noticed Liz shaking and walked over to her. Feeling Michael’s arms envelop her, she calmed down a little. After hearing Maria and Isabel argue she couldn’t take it, every thing that she’d been holding in was threatening to expose itself.

“Wow, aren’t we the noble one. I guess you can be since your involvement in Alex’s life killed him and then your love for Jessie killed him. I guess it makes sense to change your ways,” Maria spat.

“Shut up!! All of you just shut up!!” Liz yelled. She couldn’t take it anymore. Maria was acting cold, Isabel acted like she cared and Max had left not giving a damn if she lived or died.

Michael rubbed her back feeling all the tension in her body. Liz saw everyone staring at her; she had tears cascading down her face and for the first time, she finally was letting all her pent up emotions out.

“All of you can go to hell. You don’t care what I’ve been through or what I’m going through. Isabel all you’re feeling is guilt, but nothing else. I should know because I feel it too. More then you’ll ever know. It was my fault Alex died, if it wasn’t for me he would have never been included in all of this... this... craziness,”

Liz’s throat closed up. She couldn’t remember the last time she spoke about Alex and her guilt for his death. She turned her eyes to Maria and said, “Maria, for the first time I realized you’ve never been a friend to me. If it wasn’t for Alex, our friendship would have dissolved a long time ago. All you ever worried about was yourself,” she paused trying to keep her sobbing under control.

“You had this wonderful caring man by you when you felt lost and alone, and I didn’t have anyone. I didn’t even have you, my so-called best friend. Everyone who had ever cared for you was pushed to the side when you didn’t need them. You never once cared about what they thought or felt. It was only about you. Did it feel good when you cheated on Michael? Did you feel superior over him? I hope it was worth it because if I had someone who cared for me as much as Michael did for you, I’d worship it. But I guess that’s where we’re different.”

Isabel noticed the way she’d cringe when she talked and slowly approached her. Michael looked to Isabel for help, because he knew all the movement that Liz was doing was aggravating her leg. Isabel squatted down beside Liz and asked, “What’s wrong?”

“Her leg. Can you help her?” Michael asked with distress apparent in his voice.

“I’m fine,” Liz said stubbornly, making Michael shake his head. “No you’re not,” he said sternly.

Isabel reached out to her leg and lightly grasped her leg closing her eyes, then opening them and meeting Liz’s. Liz felt the connection made immediately and tried desperately to hold all her memories and feelings back so that Isabel couldn’t see them, but when she felt the pain subside and finally disappear, she relaxed not realizing that she was open to Isabel. Isabel broke the connection and smiled. “That should do it. How does that feel?”

Liz numbly nodded and leaned into Michael wanting to feel protected as she felt vulnerable under Isabel’s gaze. Isabel kissed Michael on his cheek and whispered, “God, what I’d do to have someone love me like that.” She stood up, linked arms with Kyle, and left, giving one last glance over her shoulder at the couple left behind.

“How do you feel?” Michael asked with a smile. “Raw,” she replied snuggling closer to him.

“I love you with everything that I am Michael,” she whispered into his chest making his heart float. He tightened his arms around her delicate form wanting to show her how much love he had for her, but he was never good with words so he revealed to her the only way he could, he connected with her.

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