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As Heaven Is Wide
Author: Kaia Mariacle
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Rating: R -violence, strong language. (Will become NC-17)
Category: Max/Liz/Michael, Liz/Tess
Warning: Angsty fluff......if that’s possible. Various scenes filled with slash -m/m/f, f/f,
Summary: Sent to a distant planet to find a king, the assassin Elisef begins a journey of self-discovery and love.
Author’s Notes: This actually came to me while I was listening to a song -see title. Anyway, I always loved the idea of a somewhat ruthless and dark Liz who infiltrates the Czech gang, finds out their deepest and darkest secrets.....and falls in love. I also want to warn you, before the delicious threesome-ing, there will be Catfighter scenes, since I’m completely obsessed with the couple. Other than that, enjoy!

~*~Nothing that you say will release you
Nothing that you pray would forgive you
Nothing's what your words mean to me
Something that you did will destroy me
Something that you said will stay with me
Long after you're dead and gone...~*~
-Garbage, As Heaven Is Wide


She’d never asked for this job. Didn’t want it.

When they’d sent the assignment, she’d glanced at it, and threw it in the trash.

Why world she want to journey to Earth? An uncivilized land filled with weak-minded beings. Corrupt and greedy, and forever at war.

Why would she, when she could stay on Antar, and experience all those fun things without moving a muscle?

Yeah, her world was at war. And yeah, they didn’t have a king per say, but they had the wonderful tyrant Kivar. The lovely man who raped and pillaged without a single though for ‘his’ people.

Maybe that’s why she’d finally agreed after the dowager Queen Esmaza asked her to travel to Earth, and find the true king.

And all of the royal family that had been sent down eons ago, before the lifetime she lived in now. Bak, when the war had only begun, and when she’d lived a happy life.

Before her nature became mercenary. Cold and unfeeling.

Some called her evil, some said she deserved the price Kivar had placed on her head. Others, who’d known her before, pitied her. Cried for her.

That was why she was on landing on this God-forsaken planet at this very moment.

Because as hard as she tried, she couldn’t seem to lose that last shred of sympathy for Esmaza, a woman who hadn’t deserved the pain and suffering in her life. A woman who deserved to see her children one last time before she died.

So as she stepped out of the silver monster, boots thumping against the dry, desert land, she sighed. Staring at the barren surroundings.

She’d taken this assignment because her planet was in need of help.

It had nothing to do with finding her lover.


“...If flesh could crawl
My skin would fall
From off my bones
And run away from here...”
-Garbage, As Heaven Is Wide

~Part One~

It really wasn’t all that different from Antar, Elisef thought as she looked around.

Crowded, desolate, in desperate need of cleaning.

People were rampant on the bursting streets of Roswell. Colors flew around her as she walked down the sidewalk, a duffel bag thrown carelessly over her shoulder. Jumbled masses of unintelligent sheep pressed against her from all angles.

She hated it already.

“Fuck....” She glared at a woman who’d unwittingly jostled her bag, creating a mess of objects to rain forth onto the street. She didn’t think that these humans needed to see alien objects in their midst.

She’d already been briefed on them -extremely prejudice, bloodthirsty and cold. If they found out what she was, she’d be locked up and tortured extensively.

Which brought her to the conclusion that Kivar had picked the wrong planet to take-over. This ever-so-friendly place seemed to be right up his alley.

They’d also briefed her on the native culture. She had to attend ‘school’, which sounded ever so fun -blending in with beings almost half her age. But staring at what appeared to be teenagers across the street, she figured that the plan was rational. After all, Antarians aged differently than humans, and it didn’t hurt that they had extremely similar features.

They’d also warned her that her money would run out shortly, very shortly.

Which brought her to another wonderfully fun issue -how was she going to get money?

She had no idea how to go about finding a job other than the.......dispatching of unwanted persons. Killing was her only resource, and Taoa had told her that it was frowned upon on Earth.

So.....what could she do?


The sound of her grumbling stomach distracted her, and she groaned. “Where am I supposed to find decent food around here?” They didn’t even have Butana -her favorite dish.

This really sucked.

“You might wanna try walking two block and turning left.”

She turned, startled. A young boy stood before her, grinning widely as her stared.

Her eyebrow flew up, “Cam I help you with something?”

Dancing brown eyes, and a cheeky smile, “Nope pretty lady, just trying to offer an obvious tourist some help.” His smile grew when she frowned, and he pointed behind her. “That’s the Crashdown -a restaurant- can’t say the food is decent, but it’ll fill your stomach.”

She didn’t turn, she instead stood staring at him. His brown eyes were sincere, and his demeanor jovial, but she couldn’t help being suspicious. Why was he helping her?

But she shook off the feelings for a moment, and smirked at him.

“Thanks for the tip, kid.” She turned and started walking.

“Hey, wait up!” She stopped walking momentarily, and stood until the young man caught up with her. He grinned at her, “Hi, I’m Alex Whitman.”

She countered with a half-smile, and looked up at him, and opened her mouth. “I’m E-“ Closing it abruptly when she realized she couldn’t give him her real name.

He chuckled, “Well, Eh, is that your full name? Or do you speak grunt?”

“Liz Marie, get your butt back here, girl!” Elisef’s eyes closed on a nearby mother and her dancing child, a mother who’d just called her child ‘Liz.’

“I’m Liz.” She said quickly, looking up at the tall boy. Her eyes once again flashed on a passerby, the nametag on his jacket flashed by, and she smiled up at Alex. “Liz Parker.”

His eyes danced slightly, “Any relation the Crashdown Parkers?”

She shook her head, “Nope.”

He grabbed her arm, stopping, and gestured to the left. She looked up at what resembled a spacecraft, and smirked. How tacky. The craft was clearly an early model, they’d far surpassed that kind of shoddy technology on Antar.

“Here we are,” He said.

She nodded, and entered the small building.

And cringed.

The wave of smells flooded over her, and she wondered how the Royal four managed to stand this every day. Greasy fried foods filled her nose, and her eyes bulged slightly at the reflections flying through the air.

Mmmmm. Yummy.

Earth was =really= starting to suck.

“What?” Alex stared down at her in confusion. “What’s wrong?”

She shook her head, “It’s nothing, just.......the smell is very strong.” She smiled. “ I have a sensory disorder.”

He nodded, but she could tell he had no idea what the crazy girl was talking about. It was an evasion technique used everywhere apparently.

“Here.” He grabbed a menu from beside them, and placed it in her hands. “Let’s grab a booth.”

They started walking, but she stopped for a moment, and grabbed his arm. Halting him. She looked up at him, and for the first time in a long time her eyes conveyed turmoil. “Why are you helping me?” she asked. “You don’t even know me.”

Alex went thoughtful, “When I saw you.......I felt,” He blushed. “ Safe.”

Her eyes grew doubtful, “Safe?”

“I felt like I knew you. Like...we’d met somewhere before.” He laughed, his flush growing. “It’s stupid, I know.”

She shook her head, suddenly serious. “It’s not stupid.’

“Yeah, it is-“

“Alex,” She grabbed his arm. “It’s not stupid.” She grimaced inwardly for a moment, never had she been so.....caring. But Alex was right, he did feel familiar. Maybe he’d been a brother in a past life. A very past life, because she usually remembered almost everything.

“So...can we eat now?” He smiled, “Or are you trying to starve me to de-” he broke off, and waved to someone behind her, mouthing something, and holding up his index finger. Then he looked back at her. “Hey, my friends are over there, you wanna eat with them?”


He grasped her shoulder, and tugged her sideways. “Come on, it’ll be fun.” He pulled her behind him, and she was blinded by a bright orange t-shirt for a moment before she slammed into his back when he stopped short.

She was dazed for a moment before she stepped from behind him.

And in a moment her world changed drastically, because there sat her lover.

Wrapped in another’s arms.

And it was all she could do to stand there as everyone turned to look at her.

It was all she could do when she wanted to do nothing but run away.


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“....As far from God
As heaven is wide.....”
-Garbage, As Heaven Is Wide

~Part Two~

“Liz....” Alex was waving at Elisef. “Liz...are you okay?”

She shook herself, and stared down into the booth. Hiding her heartache with a mask of friendly greeting. She turned to the teenagers sitting in the booth, and smiled. “Hey, I’m Liz.”

They smiled but she could see suspicion hiding beneath veneers of friendliness. That’s good, she thought. They’re being smart about it. Although with all the prejudicial humans on this planet, I’d hide it too.

Alex smiled down at her, and started to introduce his group of friends. “This is Max, Isabel, Maria, Kyle, Tess, and that’s Michael.” They continued smiling, but added a few nods and “hello’s” to the mix. Elisef could practically see the steam rising from Vilandra’s eyes as she noticed Alex’s arm had found it’s way around her shoulder.

Apparently she hadn’t overcome that jealousy problem yet, Elisef thought.

She snuggled closer to Alex, and chuckled, smiling up at him, and grinning at Vilan....Isabel. She looked ready to burst. It was actually pretty fun tormenting her. She was always such an easy target back on Antar.....looks like she still is.

“So..” Isabel sneered. “Where you from, =Lynn.=”

Alex glared at her, but Elisef could see the twinkling in his eyes. “It’s Liz, Iz.”

She smiled sweetly up at him, “Sorry, Alex.” Isabel’s tone may have been sarcastic, but she could see the glimmer of lust in the blonde’s eyes. She wanted the boy.

At least her standards in men had gotten higher.

She turned back to Elisef, “So...Liz, where you from?”

Elisef pulled away from Alex, and leaned down, laying her hands flat across the table. She stared at Isabel, and smirked widely. “I’m from up North.”

It took all of her control not to break out in laughter when the table fell silent, and Isabel’s eyes widened in alarm. She pulled away, and laughed. “You know......Canada?” She smiled wickedly, and raised her hand. “Go Mapleleaf’s!”

Their silent exhalations of relief were so vivid that she had to fist her hands to keep from laughing again. She could almost see the wheels turning in each head as they stared up at her. Could almost see the uncertainty. They really needed to be more conspicuous.

She shook her head, sat down, and stole a fry off one of the plates. She popped it into her mouth and grimaced. It had no taste whatsoever. Very plain and dry, the fry tasted like a piece of plastic.

She noticed a dark substance taking up half the plate, and quickly leaned over and stole another fry, this time dipping it into the red liquid.

“Mmmm.” She moaned, reaching for another. “What is this stuff? It’s really good.”

“Tabasco......Tabasco Sauce.” The girl named Maria answered. “Haven’t you ever had it?”

Elisef groaned inwardly, and chastised herself. Never show them your inadequacies, =never=. She shook her head, “No, we have another substance at home.” She smiled at the petite blonde, when really what she wanted to do was grasp her by the throat and throttle the life out of her. Her hands curved instinctively, and she had to hold herself back. “It’s called Pulka.”

Ava...Tess, blinked. She stared over at Elisef. “That sounds vaguely familiar.”

Elisef smiled. “It should.” It =was= your favorite back home. Her eyes moved to the brunet, Kyle, that had his arms wrapped around Tess. He radiated waves of kindness, and she wanted to hate him. She really did, but he reminded her too much of Taoa. “It’s a popular brand.” She lied.

“I’ve never heard of it.” Ah Max.....the ever so foolish Zan. Although, foolish or not, he was looking just as delicious here as he had on Antar. Even more so, she thought.

She eyed him, slowly moving down his body and back up. “Really?” She leaned closer to him, whispering in his ear. “It =ambrosial=.” She sighed softly, moving back, and slouching into the seat, her gaze roving across each face once more before landing on Alex’s. “Hey, I’ve gotta get going, Al.” She said, straightening slowly.

“You’re parents expecting you?” Isabel asked, eyebrows raised. “Got a curfew?”

Elisef smile grew cold and she stared at the girl smiling at her spitefully. What had happened to the kind Vilandra she’d once known. What had happened to her best friend and confidante?

Oh yeah, she’d turned traitor and gave them all up for a so-called =love=.

They stared into each other’s eyes for a long moment before Elisef slowly raised herself out of the booth. Her gaze strayed towards the window for a moment before meeting Isabel’s expectant gaze again.

“They’re dead.”

She watched as the blonde’s face fell slowly, and a tiny hint of Vilandra swept into her eyes.

Elisef held up a hand, stopping the blonde from apologizing. She moved towards Alex, and smiled. “See you tomorrow?”

He frowned for a moment, “You need a ride?”

She shook her head, “Nope, I’ve got wheels.” She wiggled her fingers at him in a wave, and looked around the table, her eyes stopping briefly on one face before finishing the circle. “It was nice to meet you guys.”

She turned, exiting the Crashdown, her stomach still rumbling. She could hear their suspect questioning of Alex as she left, but she kept the smile pasted across her face as she walked quickly towards the door.

It fell as soon as her feet hit the pavement, replaced by an incensed grin. She had finally found her lover. Finally watched those eyes gaze into hers, and that mouth curve slightly.

Had finally found that silky hair, and luscious skin.

And she was going to do anything to reclaim it all.


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“.....As far from God
As angels can fly....”
-Garbage, As Heaven Is Wide

~Part Three~

“I found them.”

“=All= of them?”

Elisef nodded, her eyes shining brightly in the darkness of her hotel room. “All.”

“And the others?” The deep, disjointed voice echoed through the bare room.

Liz sighed, “Yes, they’re here too.” Her eyes continued to glow an intense white, as she spoke quietly up into the dark shadows surrounding her. “Tomorrow I begin my first day at West Roswell High.” She laughed softly, sarcastically.

“I’m sending down the papers you’ll need to carry on.” The hollow voice sighed, “Your new identity as Liz Parker will be completely legal, everything you need will be in there: unlimited money, a licence, social security card, birth certificate, former school get the drift.”

She nodded, then realized he couldn’t see her. “Alright, Taoa.” She smiled, and let it channel into her voice. “Why didn’t you come with me again?” She chuckled, “I could really use your support right about now.”

She could feel his grin, “You know I’m with you in spirit.”

She laughed again, then sighed, resigning herself to the fact that she was stuck alone on Earth for the time-being. “Why do I get the sucky missions?”

His laughter fell into her, “Because you’re the best, El.”

“I know.” She murmured, “And it’s Liz now.”

“Now you better get to bed, =Liz=,” He snickered. “You’ve gotta get up early, and you wouldn’t wanna be late for your first day as a high school student.”

“Blow me, Taoa.”

“Only in my dreams, babe, only in my dreams.” His titters filled the room, then cut off abruptly as Elisef blinked her eyes. She peered blearily into the darkness of the room, and yawned.

“Damn, I am tired.” She lay back against the bed, and closed her eyes, gathering just a tiny bit of energy to melt off her clothes.

Moments later her breath evened into a pattern of deep sleep.

*beep, beep, beep*

El groaned and thrust her head under soft cotton, pulling bed sheets up around her head. She tried to block out the annoying beeping by adding another pillow to the pile covering her head. “Taoa...” She mumbled, calling out to her best friend. “Taoa.....shut off the gizza!”

But the beeping continued, and finally, she threw the mountain of cotton off of her, and sat up, glaring at the white walls surrounding her. “Dammit, it wasn’t a dream.” She snorted derisively, and stalked out of the bed. She stopped abruptly when she noticed the pile of papers, small leather wallet, and a jumble of keys on her dresser, then glared.

Because it made this real.

“Fuck me!” She groaned, turning her back on the dresser, and strode to the bathroom. She slammed the door loudly.

This was going to be a =long= day.


El roared past a group of milling student, chuckling when their heads followed at precisely the same time. Gunning her engine, she slowed, then turned into an empty parking space. She stopped, and pulled off her helmet, shaking her dark hair free.

“Liz!” a now familiar voice called from behind her.

“Hey!” It shouted, “LIZ!!”

She swung a leather-encased leg from the bike, black leather glistening beneath a shining sun. Her chest and midriff sparkled as her torso moved, the tiny, subtly glittering halter top tightening as she took a deep breath, and waved.

“Alex, hey.” She called out, walking up to him.

A few of the others smiled, and all nodded.

“Alex, I need your help.” She stared up at him, “Desperately.”

He grinned, “What with?”

She purposely ignored the six following him, and curved her hand around his forearm. “Lots of things.” She darkened her eyes with a little alien magic, and ran her free hand over his shoulder, she leaned up to whisper in his ear. “But right now, I need help finding the Principal’s office.”

His eyes were curious as he looked down at her. “Sure, just a minute.” He turned, and smiled at his friends. “Guys, I’m gonna help Liz here find her way around, I’ll catch you later.”

As they moved to walk away, Liz turned her head, and stared back at the unmoving group. Her eyes met Isabel’s and she grinned wickedly. Then they met with everyone else’s, stilling when connecting with dark blue.

Dark blue eyes, mirroring Taoa’s.

She shook inwardly for a moment, and faced forward again. Smiling sadly up into Alex’s now-frowning face. He shook his head at her for a moment, and she felt the slightest bit of remorse.

Then her mind flashed with recognition.

She felt a deep pit grow in her stomach, and her eyes filled suddenly. She remembered Alex........remembered everything about him.

As they continued walking across the bright, green lawn, El shuddered deeply.

Alex had to be watched.



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