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Title: Stuck
Genre: Definite K/L, with some M/L
Summary: Post Dep. Kyle and Liz are at eachother's throats, and Valenti comes up with the solution.

“Fuck you Kyle!” Liz glared at her friend as if he was the cause of all her problems. “You have no idea what’s going on alright?”

Kyle pretended to gasp, “Did little Lizzie just swear? Dear me! The world must be coming to an end!”

“Shut UP, Kyle!”

“All I want is for you to tell me what’s going on! Is that so bad Liz? Huh?”

By this time a rather large crowd had formed in the school hallway, watching Liz Parker and Kyle Valenti shout at each other.

“Yes. It. Is. Now leave me alone!”



“Alright, that's it! I’m sick of you-”

“Stop it. Stop it right NOW.” Maria DeLuca stood in the middle of her two friends, glaring at each one of them. “Didn’t you get enough of screaming at each other this morning? And last night? And at-”

“Maria!” They both shouted at the same time.

“Don’t you even think about “Maria”ing me. Go to class.” She held up a hand to stop their words, “Go to class.”

The crowd looked on with excitement, eager to hear more. But they didn’t hear Liz when she looked at Kyle and whispered, “But we have lunch.”


“I don’t know what’s wrong with them! Everyday, they fight. About everything too. Small things, big things. It’s impossible to hang around with them both!” Maria complained as she picked up on of Michael’s fires.

Isabel and Max looked over at Maria, seemingly confused. Isabel spoke up, “How did this all start?”

Maria rolled her eyes and waved her hands, “I don’t know!” She groaned and flopped back into her seat, smiling slightly as Michael put his arm around her waist.

Max, who had looked a little annoyed as soon as they mentioned “Liz” and “Kyle” in the same sentence, glared at his cheeseburger. “Why do you think they’re so angry at each other?”

Maria rolled her eyes again, “I told you, I don’t know.”

Max looked up from his cheeseburger, “I know, but do you have any ideas why they might be fighting.”

Maria sighed, “Yeah, one.”

Isabel leaned forward, “What is it?”

Maria hesitated, “I really don’t want to say...”

Max snapped to attention, “Does it have to do with Liz? Is she ok?”

Maria waved her hand in his direction, “She’s fin-well, she's gotten used to it, how’s that? No, really, she’s ok.”

Max was looking more than a little worried, “Maria-”

“Max! I told you she’s fine.”

Max looked at his sister, “Maybe I should just stay home while you all go on vacation, say I got sick or something.”

Isabel groaned, “No way Max, I’m not going to let that happen. Our parents have been dying to spend sometime with us, and where we’re going is really expensive. You are coming.”

“But Iz, if there’s something wrong with Liz...”

It was Isabel’s turn to roll her eyes. “She’ll call. Besides, we owe it to our parents to go on this vacation after we almost left them forever.”

Isabel knew exactly how to play her brother. He sighed, “Yeah, ok.” He took out a piece of paper and wrote about 10 numbers on it. “Tell Liz she can reach me here, alright?”

Isabel pulled her brother’s arm, trying to get him to stop explaining where he could be reached and when, “C’mon. We’re going to be late.”

“Tell Liz that I-”

“Bye Max, have a nice trip!” Maria yelled, cutting off his next words.

Michael took some more fires, “You know, he spent all morning saying goodbye to the girl, you think he would have given her all this information.”

“I really don’t think they were talking.”

Michael looked at her, “Please don’t give me those images. Where is Liz anyway? Shouldn’t she be waving goodbye with a scarf or something?”

Maria chuckled, “She had to go run errands for her Dad, so they had to say goodbye earlier.”

Suddenly the door opened, and Liz charged in, dragging a very pissed off looking Kyle behind her. “Where’s Max?”

“Wow Liz! Your back early!”

“Where’s Max?”

“He just left, sorry.” Liz groaned and shook her arms in anger. Kyle’s left arm moved with her.

Maria stared, “Uh, Liz?”

Liz looked up at the sky, “I never GOT to the place where my dad wanted me to go, my car broke down. Kyle and Jim where driving past me, so they gave me a lift. Suddenly, Jim’s screaming about how much the both of us were fighting and that he couldn’t stand it anymore.” She took a deep breath, leaving Kyle time to talk.

“And he handcuffed us together.” Liz raised her right hand at the same time Kyle raised his left.

Michael burst into laughter, while Maria looked at the two of them, and then back to the handcuffs. “Oh...God.”


I'm as happy as a cooked clam

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Part 2

“I have to go to the bathroom.”

Liz looked over at Kyle, “No you do not.”

Maria and Michael looked over at the two, laughing as Kyle and Liz tried to get used to being attracted to each other. It wasn’t working out well. Kyle would go one way, and Liz would go another, and they would end up slamming into each other. You’d think they would learn after doing this, oh, 5 times.

“Ow! Dammit!”

6 times. Michael leaned in and whispered in his girlfriend’s ear, not taking his eyes off Kyle and Liz. “I wonder if we should call up Max, once he and Isabel get to their lake house.”

Maria looked over at Michael in surprise, “But he can’t get away, and come back to help-” She paused and smirked, a habit she had picked up from Michael. “You know, that might be a good idea.”

“Just to let him know.”

“Right. Dwell on it a little.”

“Uh huh.” Michael and Maria looked at each other grinning, before they heard Kyle and Liz yell.

“Michael! Help us RIGHT NOW!” They said in perfect unison.

Michael sipped his coke, trying, and failing, to look innocent. “I’m sorry, that's against my morals.”

“What morals.” Kyle said, clenching his jaw.

“I wouldn’t ever want to disobey the wishes of the old Sheriff now would I?”

Liz looked over at Michael, “I swear to GOD, I’m going to kill you.”

“Save it for Tess.”

Kyle and Liz both looked over at Michael, rage apparent in both of their faces. Maria on the other hand, noticed how Kyle moved into a protective position next to Liz.

Michael looked at the two of them, “Well, that was a mistake.”

Maria looked at her boyfriend and two friends, worried that something was about to explode. She looked at Michael and narrowed her eyes. Literally explode.

Michael had a grace to look sorry for his comment, but being Michael, didn’t say anything untill after Liz had stared him down. “Sorry.”

Liz rolled her eyes and pulled Kyle with her. “C’mon, I got to get ready for work.”

Kyle’s eyes lit up, “Like as in change, change for work? Down to your-”


Michael watched on, thinking of Max. Well, its about time he had a little tormenting after the whole thing with Tess. Maybe he’d make a phone call tonight.






“Liz, get a new curse word.”

“Oh, hey...Kyle?”


“Shut up.”

Jim had uncuffed them long enough to change and wash up, and had promptly cuffed them back together, causing some argument. They had made it through the day, barely. But now they had to get ready for bed. Jim was actually going to make them sleep handcuffed. It had already been decided that Kyle would sleep on the floor next to the couch, and Liz on the couch. Liz had refused to sleep anywhere Tess had slept. Which had caused Kyle to say something that ended up getting him hit in the stomach.

Jim was honestly, not sure about this arrangement. He still remembered walking in on the two of them making out the summer after Freshman year.

“Shut UP Kyle!”

Jim walked away, feeling much better about his decision.

He shouldn’t have.

Author's Note: Hey guys! Thanks for reminding me of this fic! I had lost the disk, but when I saw it, I went hunting and found it. Please, be as nice as you all were before and give me some feedback.