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Fic one in the series: Things Not Said

This wasn't the way it was supposed to be. He was supposed to be with
Maria, her best friend. Of course, it didn't help when she was
supposed to be with Max, who was his best friend. All thought was
pushed from Liz's mind as Michael pushed her roughly against a wall in
the boiler room, where they had decided they would go. It gave them
more privacy since they didn't want to be caught by either of their
respective others.

Michael's tongue slid expertly into her mouth and she responded just
as eagerly. This wasn't about love. It was about need and hunger, pure
and simply. They couldn't do without it. It wasn't like it was with
Max. With Max it was all about being gentle, taking things slowly.
With Michael it was urgency, necessity. Nothing more nothing less.

Liz's back arched against Michael as he pulled her closer, needing
more. He'd thought he'd had all he needed with Maria. The thought that
she loved him meant more to him than anything. That was, until he
found out that Liz needed him. That alone changed him. Being loved was
one thing, being needed was something else entirely, and he wanted

He pressed Liz harder against the wall as her hands grabbed his spiked
hair and pushed his mouth farther into hers. Never once had he
imagined that he'd be kissing the perfect Elizabeth Parker in his
lifetime. But now it was obvious to him that she was far from perfect,
and she was his. His hands roamed and slowly slid under her shirt,
reaching for her breasts.

Liz moaned into his mouth at the contact. Michael the rebel, outcast,
social reject, if you will, was here, with her. Not even in her
nightmares had this ever been possible before two weeks ago. She'd
hated him and it was evident that the hate had been returned. If they
couldn't stand each other, then how was this possible? It was like
lightening ripping a tree in half, it happened unexpectedly. One
minute they were at each other's throats insulting each other, then
the next moment they were all over each other. Neither getting enough.

They'd never gone past this part. There was the kissing, which seemed
like too soft of a word for what they were doing), and then there was
groping. They both needed and wanted this, though for their own sakes
they went no farther. This alone was betraying the ones they loved,
but going farther would be worse, much worse.

And then the bell rang, but neither moved. Liz slowly disentangled
herself from Michael. "Class." She said, looking to see how bad she
looked, which wasn't as bad as she had imagined. Michael nodded and
then they both left. It was an unspoken agreement that while they were
in the boiler room they would never speak of Max and Maria, and out of
it, they wouldn't speak of what they did in the boiler room. It caused
for blurred edges which would be more trouble than it was worth. Max
and Maria needn't know about this.

Out of the shadows a figure stepped out, his mouth hanging open. He
didn't see what he thought he saw, did he? Alex waited until he was
sure they were far away from the boiler room before rushing out

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2nd fic in series: Things Now Said.

Alex didn't know exactly why he got where he was. He remembered school
ending then him walking to the Crashdown. He had run into Isabel on
the way in and she'd asked him what was wrong. To her he'd apparently
looked like someone hit him with a truck. Somehow they'd ended up at
the Evans' house. "I don't even know how it happened. I was in the
boiler room eating my lunch, like I do almost every day except for the
last week or so and someone else came into the larger room. I was in a
little off room of the boiler room so I was out of sight. I looked out
and I saw Liz standing there. That alone was curious, so I watched."
Then Alex paused, trying to figure out how to phrase the next part.

Isabel nodded encouragement. This was seriously hard for him to say,
she could tell.

"And then Michael walked in the room. They sort of stood there for a
second then they started making out like crazy. It freaked me out. I
mean they're supposed to be so in love with Max and Maria then this?
It's just weird. And don't they hate each other?" Alex asked, suddenly
more confused than he wanted Isabel to think he was.

"Wait. You said they were making out? That isn't possible. They
wouldn't, would they?" Isabel asked, feeling almost as uncertain as
Alex. "Why would either of them do that?"

"How would I know? But who do we talk to: Liz and Michael or Max and
Maria?" He asked.

"Liz and Michael. Figure out things so we go to the other two ready."
Isabel confirmed what Alex had been thinking. "So the question is

"Now is as good of a time as any." He answered, standing up, suddenly
glad that he'd gone to Isabel before anyone else.

Of course finding them would be the hard part. Apparently Maria was
the only one at the Crashdown when Isabel went looking for Liz and
Michael wasn't at his apartment when Alex checked. They met back at
the entrance to the Crashdown. "You either?" Alex asked.

"Not a sign. Wherever they went, they sure know how to hide. So wonder
no one suspected anything." Isabel answered, keeping her voice down.

"I can't think of anyplace they'd be." Alex replied, his voice clearly
showing disappointment. He'd wanted so badly to confront them and ask
them what the hell they thought they were doing.

"Me either."

"Now it's gonna bug me for the rest of the day and I won't get any
sleep until I can figure it out. It's driving me crazy having to have
thought about it since lunch." Alex asked.

"Thought about what?" Liz asked, walking up behind Alex and Isabel.

Alex and Isabel both visibly jumped. "God Liz, sneak up much?" Isabel
asked irritably.

"Not really. You both just didn't hear me." Liz replied, in an
obviously happy mood. "Gonna answer me?"

"Thought about how I could have possibly gotten that C- on my Chem
exam." Alex explained.

"Oh, right. Hey, it isn't my fault. I offered to help you out, but you
were with Isabel both times and missed the days entirely." Liz pointed

Alex nodded his head. "I know, but it still bugs me. I usually do good
in Chem." Alex said, knowing that he was supposed to be talking to her
about something specifically. He motioned for Isabel to talk with
Liz. "I gotta go, so I'll talk to you later?" He asked Liz, wanting to
be far, far away when Isabel started talking to her.

"Yeah. Later." Liz watched as Alex all but ran off. "Weird." She said
more to herself than Isabel.

Isabel frowned. So he left her to talk with Liz. He knew he better,
and anyway she could have gotten to Michael better than he could. "So,
I think we have to talk Liz." Isabel said, suddenly dreading this
conversation. What would prompt Liz and Michael to do this was beyond

"Talk? About what?" Liz questioned. This day was getting seriously
weird, well, weirder than it already was. Isabel staying silent,
adding to Liz's frustration. "What is going on here? First Alex now

"Let's talk not here, ok?" Isabel asked, walking in the general
direction away from the Crashdown.

Liz caught up with Isabel and grabbed her arm, stopping her from
walking any farther. "Not until you tell me what the hell is going
on." Liz insisted.

"If you really think about it, I think you'll understand." Isabel
said, pulling her arm back and started walking again.

Liz stood there dumbly. They knew. How could they know? They had been
so careful not to get caught. Snapping out of her thoughts, she ran to
catch up with Isabel. "How?" She asked simply.

"Alex eats lunch in the boiler room." Was her answer, not slowing down
her pace. After a few minutes they were far away from anyone and only
then did Isabel stop. "Why would you do this to Max and Maria?" She

"I don't know. It just kinda happened." Liz answered, her voice
rising. They weren't supposed to find out, they shouldn't have. "It
isn't like my life is any of your business."

"Max is my brother, so it makes it my business. Don't you care about
either of them? I mean, Maria is you best friend. She might as well be
your sister and this is what you do?" Isabel ranted.

"I didn't mean for this to happen." Liz snapped at Isabel, causing
Isabel to stare at her in shock. "My life isn't perfect and I'm sick
of pretending it is. I'm sick and tired of Max treating me like I'm
all fragile and gentle, like I'll break if he kisses me too hard or
touches me too much. Maria annoys me by talking about how much Michael
doesn't respect her, how he's insensitive, how he's too rough, and yet
she still loves him because of all of that because he does do all of
the things she claims he doesn't. It pisses me off. If you don't like
it, its your problem." Liz finished, finally lowering her voice on the
last sentence.

Isabel could only state at her. And she had thought that Liz was weak.
A person who never spoke what she thought and let people walk all over
her. "Ummm, when the hell did you develop a spine?" Isabel asked, not
being able to think of anything else.

"Side-effect of hanging out too much with you, Maria, and Michael.
You'd be surprised what I could say." She answered. Wait, Isabel not
having something to say? That must be a record of some kind.

"Oh trust me, I wouldn't be all that surprised after that outburst."

Alex walked up to Michael's apartment door and knocked, Michael
opening the door a few seconds later. "What do you want?" Michael
asked gruffly. Last thing he wanted was anyone besides Liz at his
apartment, and she had just left.

"We have to talk." Alex said, walking in past Michael. "About Liz."

"What about Liz?" Michael asked. He couldn't know, could he? Michael
closed the door and sat in a chair.

"I think you know. You, Liz, boiler room. Make sense?" Alex answered,
standing against the wall.

"How the hell did you find out about that?" Michael asked, figuring it
bad form to lie about something that he already knew about.

"I was minding my own business, eating my lunch when you two came
waltzing in. I think it's only fair to want an explanation." Alex
answered more calmly than he felt.

"Who else knows?"

"Isabel, who is talking to Liz now, if you wanted to know that." He
answered, waiting for Michael to began speaking.

"It isn't really any of your business." Michael said, trying to gather
thoughts. He was probably as clueless as Liz was on this matter. They
each knew the reasons why they did what they did.

"Yes it is and I think you know that." Alex answered patiently. He
could definitely wait for a while.

"Fine. One day about two weeks ago, we were both at the Crashdown..."

Two weeks ago...

Michael finished cleaning up the kitchen from his latest mess. It was
an accident that he'd blown up a whole pile of hamburgers, and him
being the only cook on hand, he'd been stuck with the clean up alone.
Maria had gone really far in annoying him and he needed to do
something, so he had. He'd felt someone watching him so he looked up,
expecting to see Maria. "What do you want?"

Liz smiled. "Dad wanted me to check to see how the cleaning was
coming. What happened that you blew something up anyway?" Liz asked,
picking up a cloth and helping him clean up. She might as well make
herself helpful, and being around Michael never failed to be
interesting. "Let me guess: Maria?"

Michael frowned. "However did you guess?" He asked sarcastically. "Of
course Maria. Who else? It's always Maria. As much as I love her she
never fails to piss me off." He answered, scrubbing furiously at the
wall closest to the stove.

"What did she do this time?" Liz asked. Maria had been doing a lot
this week to annoy Michael and this was his third outburst this week
and it was making Max, Isabel, and Tess very nervous, therefore it was
making herself and Alex nervous as well.

"She had the nerve to tell me I was uncaring and cold-hearted." Michael
answered angrily.

"Ouch. She actually said that? That isn't like her to say things about
you like that and I've heard my fair share of insults directed towards
you so I should know." Liz answered, wondering what had gotten into
Maria. Michael was one of the greatest people she had ever met. Sure
he was a little distant at times, but then again wasn't everyone? And
there was the fact of him being cute, in a rough sort of way. Hold it.
Why was she thinking about how cute Michael was. She was supposed to
be liking Max, supposed to love Max. She did love him, didn't she?

"Yes she actually said that." Michael said, looking over at Liz. Did
Liz just check him out? Nah, she wouldn't would she? Of course, he'd
checked her out, many times. Many, many times. She was cuter than he'd
first thought and he'd thought about it a lot. He needed to say
something before he did something he'd totally regret. "How are things
going with you and Max?" He asked, then realized he absolutely did not
want to hear about her and Max.

"Same as always." Liz answered absently, still unable to stop staring
at Michael no matter how inappropriate it was. She bit her bottom lip
trying to stop herself from doing what she knew she was going to do
anyway. She needed something besides Max. She was tired of Max
treating her like a child. Sure they kissed occasionally but it didn't
have any emotion, no passion or anything in it. It didn't make her
feel anything and that annoyed her to no end.

Michael's eyes met hers and they both froze in their spots, neither
wanting to make a first move. Liz frowned inwardly, wondering if she
was about to do the wrong thing. What if he treated her like Max did?
The part of her thinking 'But what if he doesn't' made the next move
and she leaned in and kissed him.

Michael didn't react for a second, but when Liz started pulling away
he grabbed her by the shoulders keeping her there. The kiss wasn't
anything like him and Maria shared or anything like Liz and Max's
kisses. It was as if they were the only two people in the world, no
destiny, no nothing except for that kiss. They both pulled away at the
same time, needing air.

Michael looked Liz straight in the eyes as if daring her to turn away
and he was happy when she didn't. He slowly stood up and helped her
off the floor. "So this leaves us where?"

Present day...

"And that's basically what happened." Michael finished up the story.

"So you were saying that it was supposed to be a one time thing? Then
what happened?" Alex insisted.

"Don't know, don't care. It kept happening that's all I know."

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