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Title: Angels Would Fall (Don't know how I got this title either, so don't ask.)
Summary: Liz isn't as innocent as she appears. Neither are a few other people as well.
Rating: R, not for sex or anything though. Not good at writing sex scenes.
Pairs: Starts off as Max/Liz, but ends up Michael/Liz. Max/Maria. Undecided on the others. It's either gonna be Isabel/Kyle and Alex/Tess, or Isabel/Alex and Kyle/Tess.
Other: Liz's POV all the way.


Journal of Liz Parker. Saturday.

Life sucks. I know this isn't exactly my usual type entry but I'm not in my usual type mood. You wanna know what happened? Listen carefully.

End Journal Entry

Life was as normal as it could be in Roswell. Today started the same as it did every other day since I found out about Max, Isabel, Michael and now Tess.

I wake up. Nothing new there. I wake up every morning. Same goes for me getting out of bed and getting a shower and getting dressed. Nothing new, right? Right.

I walk downstairs and find Maria sitting there in her uniform. Same as every Saturday morning. I change into my uniform and we wait on customers. As always, nothing new.

Then the proverbial shit hits the fan. Max, Michael, Isabel, and Tess walk into the Crashdown. Now that's really nothing new, but it feels different. Ok, don't start on me about that crap. Just listen.

Maria almost knocks me over in her haste to go serve them, not even caring that they are in my section.

Now Maria's paying all this attention to Max, completely ignoring Michael. I should have been suspicious but this is Maria we're talking about. My best friend. The person who wouldn't do anything in the world to hurt me. Hmmm, gotta re-think that concept. Friends are apparently human as well.

At the time I didn't think anything about it, remember? Best friend concept? Yeah. Anyway, she's paying zero attention to Michael so when she hands the order to the other part-time cook, I talk to her.

"So, you and Michael on the outs again?"

She looks at me like she doesn't know what I talk about and then she...blushes? What the...? She gets this odd look on her face Recognition hits. "Oh, ummm yeah. Sort of." She answers.

Brilliant recovery! This is interesting. A little disturbing maybe but interesting nonetheless. "What happened?" I ask, my curiousity more than a little piqued.

She looks stumped for a bit. "Oh, just stuff. Same as always." She answers, vaguely but atleast it didn't take her more than a minute this time to answer me.

"Ok." I almost have to smile at the relief that floods her face. That girl needs to learn to be less obvious. Of course, not that I had any clue at the moment what she was being so obvious about.

The rest of the day was less weird, thankfully. I was walking over to see Max. It wasn't like we were going on a date or anything, I was just going over there. Of course in retrospect, maybe I should have called first.


Hmmm, wanna know what happened? Feedback is the only way to guarantee another post.

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Thanks for the feedback. Since I'm very very bored, I'm gonna post more.

Chapter One (Chapters are going to be whatever length I can write at the moment. Some are, obviously, going to be longer than others, some shorter.):

In retrospect, maybe I should have called first. Yeah. Well I didn't. Now I'm gonna have to live with this fact. And I probably won't change it. It's a good way to find out who your real friends are. Right. Back to the story.
Well, I went to knock on Max's door and it slowly creaks open. You know, like in a weird horror movie, except this isn't. I walk in. What? You thought I was just going to stand there?

Anyway, I walk in, closing the door softly behind me. What better way to surprise Max by him not even knowing I'm here? Right. Remind me never to do that again. Apparently Isabel and Max's parents aren't home and neither is Isabel herself. Perfect.

Looking around I find that the Evans family keep a very neat house. Almost nothing out of place. Almost. Actually, everything of theirs is in place. The one thing in the main room that is out of place. A jacket. A jacket that's Maria's.

As a matter of fact, a jacket that I gave her. Anyway, back to the story. By now I'm pretty much confused. I was definitely wondering what Maria was doing here.

I walk up the stairs quietly, not wanted anyone to know I'm here until I get up there. Simple plan, I think. I get up to the hallway and see Max's door open. Kind of weird, actually since he hardly ever has it open. Maybe it's something to do with Isabel and their parents.

I slowly creep up to the door and peek in then quickly pull back. Please God tell me I didn't see what I think I just saw. I couldn't have. It isn't humanly possible. Out of the question. Crazy even.

I look again, just to make sure I wasn't seeing things. Nope. Not seeing things. Ok, I try not to scream and them and force myself to walk slowly and steadily down the stairs, very unable to get that picture out of my head.

I'm thinking you wanna know what I saw, right? Hmmm, how do I put this? Well, first off, there was Max. And then again there was Maria. So we know there was Max and Maria. Then there was the fact that Maria was sitting on Max's lap. As if that wasn't bad enough. And the icing on the cake. They were making out! On Max's bed! There was something so very wrong with this picture, don't you agree?
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I am soooo mad right now. I was just about to post another chapter when I got kicked offline and LOST it. Now I have to re-write it and It isn't going to be nearly as good.
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Chapter Two:

I resist the urge to scream as I walk as quickly as the silence of the house would allow me to without being noticed. I mean, who would have thought? Best friend. Boyfriend. Hello? Good to know I'm not the only one that sees something wrong with this picture.

As I get to the doorway I realize that I WANT them to know I was there. I grip the handle of the door firmly and slam it. Yep, that should work. I walk away slowly without turning back.

So I lied. I turned around, once. Mistake. The first thing I saw was Max's window Maria was pulling her shirt on. I so don't want to know. Max is surprisingly not in sight.

I stand there for a minute. A small gleam of satisfaction crosses my features. She had the decency to look horrified.

The next thing I see is Max standing at the open doorway to the Evans' house. Minus one shirt. Still don't wanna know.

"Liz!" Max calls out, not making any attempts to catch up to me. Big surprise.

I have the satisfaction of walking away from them both, not looking back.

A few days have passed and I've actually managed to avoid them both. I stand in the Crashdown watching Michael, Isabel, and Tess sit in their usual booth. I'm actual pretty happy that they haven't been there. But every time I think that the very weird picture of Max and Maria in his room pops into my mind. It is soooo wrong.

I suddenly think that Michael should know. Now I know what you're thinking and no, it has nothing to do with revenge. Ok, maybe it has a little to do with revenge. Ok ok, maybe a lot to do with revenge, but I do really think that he should know.

"Hey, Michael. Can I talk to you about something?" I ask, walking over to him.

Hmmm, reply more?
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Been through some stuff lately and haven't really been here much. Not nearly enough to post a new part. Thanks for the new reviews. Appreciate it.

And btw, Lilah, be patient!
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Wow, another chapter! Yay me!

Chapter Three:

Michael looked over at Isabel and Tess who were looking at me like I was crazy. But hey, if you were the one who walked in on Max and Maria you'd probably be feeling a little crazy too.

"What for?" Michael asked me suspiciously. Then again, look at who he trusted. Hmmm, see a pattern?

"Trust me on this, it's important." I sayd, and then wait for the inevitible sarcastic answer and am very surprised when he just stands up, telling the other two that he'll be right back.

I lead him outside and we walk for a little bit before he gets impatient at my not saying anything. "Well? I thought you had to tell me something?" He says, wondering what I'm putting him up to.

Truthfully I was trying to figure out how to say this, and I'd already abandoned any hope for tact. There wasn't anyway to put it that wouldn't sound harsh or fake, neither of which I wanted to be. So choosing out of the two, I chose harsh.

"Maria's cheating on you." I say simply and wait for him to react. I know, not that harsh but surely he didn't expect it, and I was right. He didn't even see it.

He stopped in his tracks and then seeing that I wasn't stopping he rushed to catch up with me, grabbing my arm to stop me. "With who?" He asked, instead of the 'How would you know?' I was expecting. Full of surprises he was today.

"Max." I answer just as bluntly.

"You're kidding right? This is all just some joke." He answered, though not looking too sure of himself.

"I wish it were. And I had the luck of walking in on them. Since then they've been avoiding me and I've been avoiding them. Works for both sides if you ask me." I answer in a sarcastic tone which looked like it surprised him. It surprised me too. I sounded downright mean, if I thought about it enough.

So, where you wanna see this fic go? What do you want to happen next? Seriously I wanna know cause I haven't got a clue.
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Fine. I'm back? Happy now people? Well, I'll have the new chapter up in a little bit. I'm writing it now.

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Well, here's your new chapter. Thanks for the ideas,
by the way.

Chapter Four:

"How could I not see it?" Michael asked, probably to himself, so I didn't answer. He didn't look mad, exactly. He looked very disappointed, but that was to be expected. Despite the amount of time him and Maria spent fighting, they were made for each other. Ok, destiny aside, they were made for each other.

Same goes for me and Max. I mean, I actually imagined us being together like forever. Like I ever imagined him and Maria together? Not likely. That would be as weird as me and Michael. Ok, now imagine a nice, little, yellow lightbulb turning on over my head. As I think it over, it's not that bad of an idea. Maybe a little whacked, but not entirely bad.

"Ok, you want Maria back?" I ask him. Maybe he didn't. How am I supposed to know? That's why I had to ask.

"Of course I do." He answers as if he's insulted that I had to ask.

"Ok, so you pretend that you're in love with me." I answered.

He looks confused. "And that will do what?" Geez, dense much?

"It means that if they want us back, they'll be jealous. If not then they'll barely notice that we're even together, pretending of course." I answer, pretty proud of myself.

Of course there's the whole problem of them avoiding us, but we'll get over that soon.

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