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This was made by our one and only Belinda. Isn't it wonderful. :D

Title: Illusions of the Heart
Author: Polarist aka Nikki
Disclaimer: I don’t own anyone or anything from Roswell.
Rating: R (for mild violence)
Summary: This is after Max to the Max in season 1. When Nasedo kidnaps Liz, but from there everything will change.
Coupling: Do you even have to ask?
Author notes: In the beginning, I will be quoting from the show. So, bear with me and leave fb.


Someone entered the Crashdown. He looked around for the reason he was here. He smiled when he found what he was looking for.

Liz sensed a presence behind her. She turned around. When she saw who it was, she smiled.

“Liz, let’s go.”

Liz beamed. She couldn’t believe how fast she had fallen for him. Until several months ago, she hadn’t even known he’d existed. But the more she got to know him, the more special he made her feel. Liz looked into his eyes, but something was missing. “Max, what’s going on?” she asked concerned.

Max glanced over his shoulder, making sure no one was watching. “I’ll tell you later. I’ll tell you everything. But we’ve got to go, now.”

Liz furrowed her eyebrows. Something about the way Max was acting troubled her. He seemed nervous, maybe even anxious. Maybe he had found more clues about his heritage or something had happened. “Max, I’m just about to start my shift.” She slightly shook head, meeting his eyes, hoping he’d understand.

Max couldn’t believe how hard it was to convince her to leave. He thought she would come with no questions asked. “This is important.”

She looked at him with misgivings. She thought about the others, maybe something had happened to one of them. “Okay. Well, I guess… I guess I could leave for just a little while. Let me just go tell Maria.”

Max stared at her. He reached out, grabbing her hand. “No. Don’t. I’m tired of reporting to everybody. It’s always been the six of us no matter what we do. This time I want it to be just me and you. We need this, Liz.”

Liz smiled as she slowly nodded. He was so sweet. He just wanted to be with her. They hadn’t spent much time together since Tess had come into town. “Okay,” Liz agreed.

Sighing, Maria shook her head. Ever since Max and his friends had been a part of their lives, Liz, the normally responsible one, had changed. Now, here she was, leaving with Max and skipping out on her shift. Maria shook her head again as she went back to work.


Max escorted Liz to a grey sedan. She smiled, looking up at him. “What’s up with the jeep?”

“Transmission needs some work so they gave me this rental,” he explained, shrugging.

Liz nodded. “Where are we going?”

Max smiled. “It’s a surprise.”

Liz shrugged her shoulders. They climbed into the car.

They had been driving for a while. Max still hadn’t said a word. Liz was beginning to get curious. She turned towards him. “So, tell me.”

Max glanced at her. His brows creased. “Tell you what?”

She smiled. “Tell me everything. Isn’t that what you said? That you were going to tell me everything?”

He softly chuckled. His eyes trailed down her body. She wasn’t bad-looking, kind of plain, but cute. “I just wanted you to know, Liz, that nobody will ever come between us. Nobody.” He watched her, hoping he had said the right words.

Liz smiled, her eyes twinkling. “Tell me something I don’t know.” She leaned over to kiss him. She loved the feel of his lips. They were so soft and smooth.

“Well, if you keep that up, I’m going to have to pull over,” he teased, winking at her.

“Is that a threat, or is that a promise?” She raised an eyebrow, challenging him.

They pulled off the road. They both leaned in to each other, brushing their lips together. When Liz deepened the kiss, she was hit with flashes in black and white of the desert, lightning, and a dead woman. She broke the kiss, breathing heavy. She blinked several times. She was confused. These flashes were different from the ones she usually got from him. She swallowed, pushing herself against the door.

“What?” Max watched her. She looked scared. His lips curled into a sinister smile.

“Nothing,” she said, a little shaken, and then quickly turned away. She watched the scenery, committing it to memory. She was scared. She didn’t know why she was scared of Max all of a sudden.


Max walked into the Crashdown. Once he spotted his friends, he went to join them at their booth. Everyone was there except for Liz. “Where’s Liz?”

Maria looked over at Max. She frowned. “Why are you asking us that?” She shook her head. “You picked her up an hour ago.” Maria leaned on the table. “I saw you guys leave.” Max shook his head. “I haven’t seen her since this morning.” Max glanced at the entrance door. “I didn’t pick her up. I just got here,” he explained.

“Max, I saw you,” Maria shrieked, banging her hand on the table.


Max and Liz drove in silence. She continued to stare out the window. They had just gone past the 'You are leaving Roswell' road sign. She wished she hadn’t agreed to come along. She glanced at Max. Sometimes, she wondered if he had done something to her to make her always agree with him despite her better judgment. She wanted to go home. “So, uhh, how… how long are we going to be gone, anyway?”

Max smiled. He glanced suggestively at her. “How long do you want to be gone?”

“I really shouldn’t miss too much more of my shift.” She had always felt comfortable, even safe, around him, but now she was scared.

Max gave her a half-smile. “That’s the least of our worries.”

Her eyes widened. “Did Tess do something to you?” She was starting to panic. She didn’t like the tone he was using. Max pulled over. He climbed out of the car and walked around it to open the trunk. Her cell phone rang. She quickly rummaged through her bag to answer it. “Hello?” she whispered.

“Liz? It’s me.”

She glanced at the side-view mirror. She was more confused. She looked the side-view mirror again where she caught a glimpse of movement from Max by the trunk. “Who is this?” she whispered, harshly.

“It’s me Max.” Liz shook her head. “I don’t know who you’re with, but we’re at the Crashdown. Tell us where you are.”

The phone was snatched from her grasp. She swallowed. She watched the man she had thought was Max press the phone against his ear. After a few moments, he hung up the phone. He glared at Liz, pocketing the phone. He went back to the trunk that was now open and dumped a body on the side of the road. He climbed back into the car. “Now you know,” he sneered.

Liz pressed her body against the door. He wasn’t Max. The man sitting in the car with her had to be that shapeshifter the others had talked about. She swallowed, keeping her eyes glued to the Max lookalike. She was terrified. From the look he was giving her, she knew that whatever was going to happen wasn’t going to be good.


“I can’t believe this. I can’t believe Nasedo has her,” Maria said, sniffing on some cedar oil. She should have stopped Liz, but since Liz had been upset about the whole Tess situation, she had thought Liz needed time alone with Max.

“We’ve got to find out where they are,” Max said as he paced. Liz was out there with a murderer. He ran his hand through his hair. He didn’t know what that madman was going to do to her.

“How are we going to do that?” Alex asked. He didn’t want to leave Liz out there with that maniac. He didn’t understand why Liz let these aliens control her life.

“We’ve got to go to Valenti,” Max said.

Michael rolled his eyes. He was worried about Liz, too, but going to Valenti wasn’t a good idea. “And tell him what?” He looked pointedly at Max. “There are two Maxes,” he mocked, rolling his eyes again. “The good one’s right here, but please help us catch his evil twin,” he added. He wasn’t happy with Max. He wasn’t happy with Max, since he considered this whole thing to be Max’s fault. If Max had left Liz alone, none of this would have happened.

“That’s not what he means,” Alex said, hoping that wasn’t what Max meant. Liz had explained the consequences if Valenti ever found out about the aliens. Even though he didn’t agree with not going to Valenti, he still felt obligated to protect them.

“Then what are we going to say?” Michael looked around at everyone, waiting for an answer. He didn’t hate Liz, no matter what people thought. He had all the respect in the world for her. She had been their rock. No matter how he treated her, she always helped him out. He was going to do everything in his power to get her back.

“I don’t care what we say. Liz’s life is at stake.” Max stopped pacing. “Valenti is the only one with the resources. He could put out an APB and can contact other towns,” he pointed out as he started pacing again. He was scared for Liz. He didn’t trust Nasedo. He hoped nothing would happen to Liz. He had loved her all his life. It would be his fault if she got hurt. He couldn’t just sit on his hands and do nothing.

“If we tell him, he’ll know everything,” Isabel said, looking worried. She didn’t understand why her brother was willing to risk everything for Liz. If he had left her alone, none of this would have happened. In her eyes, Liz was trouble.

“I don’t care anymore,” Max retorted.

Isabel glared at him. Max’s world revolved around Liz. When it came to Liz, all his caution flew out the window. She just wanted to go back to the way things were before Liz was brought into the picture.

“You can’t make this decision by yourself, Max.” Michael glared at him. “Not this time.”

“We all have to agree,” Isabel said, trying to keep the peace between Max and Michael.

“Since when?” Max stopped pacing and stood in front of Michael. “Weren’t you the one who went off with Topolsky by yourself? Liz’s life is in danger, and suddenly we’ve got rules,” he argued.

“No, there’s always been rules: Tell no one.” Michael stood up, glaring at Max. “You’re the one who broke that. You’re not going to do that again,” he yelled, pointing at Max.

Maria sniffed some more cedar oil. “Wait, wait, maybe we don’t have to tell Valenti everything.” Everyone turned to her. “Ok, look. As far as Valenti knows, there’s only one Max. That’s you.” She pointed to Max. “So as far as he knows, you’ve taken Liz.”

Maria came up with a plan. The group slowly agreed to it. The aliens waited at the Crashdown while she and Alex left for Valenti’s office. They were all hoping Liz was still all right.


“What do you mean he’s taken Liz?” the sheriff asked. He didn’t trust Max. There was something off about him, but he couldn't explain it.

“Well, at first she wanted to go with him, thinking it was like a romantic getaway,” Maria explained.

“Yeah, but then he started getting strange. You know, at least that’s what she said when she called us,” Alex continued.

“Yeah. She said that… that he was scaring her and that she wanted to go home, but he wouldn’t let her,” Maria said.

“It’s like he’s kidnapped her or something,” Alex added.

“Sheriff, I’m really scared. I mean, you know I wouldn’t be here if I wasn’t,” Maria said.


Nasedo was talking on Liz’s phone while he drove. Liz wasn't listening to what he was saying. She just wanted to go home to be around the people she felt safe with. Maria and Alex were probably worrying themselves sick. She should have told Maria that she was leaving. Her eyes suddenly widened. “Are you going to kill me, too?”

He put the phone away. He glanced at her with cold eyes and gave her a sinister smile. “You’re safe for now. I wouldn’t worry about it yet.”

“Do you have to be Max?” Liz whispered.

“Why?” He looked at her, smirking. “I thought you’d trust me more with this face,” he taunted.

“What do you want with me?”

Nasedo looked at her again. “I need to prove to him that you humans are a nuisance, that he doesn’t need you.” He turned his eyes back to the road. “You’re his weakness and you have to die. Then he’ll be able to follow his destiny like he’s supposed to.”

“What makes you think he’ll follow his destiny if you kill me?” Liz looked out the window, her eyes burning with tears.

Nasedo laughed. “He will. I’m not worried about that.”


The sheriff’s phone rang. He picked it up. “Hello.” Maria and Alex looked at him expectantly. “Where?” The two teens glanced at each other worriedly, before looking back at the sheriff. “I’m on my way.” As soon as he hung up the phone, they bombarded him with questions.

“What is it?” Maria asked.

“Was it about Liz?” Alex asked.

“Did they find her?”

“Is she alright?”

The sheriff held up his hands. “Whoa. One at a time. It’s not Liz, but they did find something they want me to look at. Go home and I’ll call you when I find anything out about Liz.”

“I can’t. I’m too worried. I want to know where she is and how she's doing,” Maria said.

“I know, Maria, but there's nothing you can do here. Just go home.”

Maria reluctantly nodded, then Alex escorted her out of the sheriff’s office.


Nasedo made another phone call. After he hung up, he looked at Liz. “It’s time.”

She looked quickly at him. “Time? Time for what?” she asked worriedly. When he turned towards her, she saw a glint of evil in his eyes. Before she could say anything, her world went black.

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Nasedo watched Liz stirring for a while, then smirked. “Wakey, wakey, little one.”

Liz’s eyes popped open upon hearing his voice. She had hoped this was just a bad dream, that she was just home in her bed. But it wasn’t. Sneering, Nasedo came toward her. She opened her mouth to scream, but no sound came out. She looked at him with wide eyes as she touched her throat.

“What’s the matter? Cat got your tongue?” He laughed. “Don’t worry. You’ll have your voice back soon, though you may not need it after I’m done with you.” He clicked his tongue. “Now-now-now, there’s nothing for you to worry about. I’ll take really good care of you,” he whispered with a cold smile.

“Why didn’t you just kill me?” she mouthed.

“Kill you? I’m going to do that, but first I want to... play with you. Make you regret ever being in Max’s life. I want to experience your fear with all my senses. By the time I’m through with you, you’ll wish you were never born. That’s when I’ll kill you.”

“What do you want from me? Please, don’t hurt me,” she mouthed, tears running down her face.

“You’re going to be the lesson, sweetie. I don’t care about the others, but Max needs to know how important his destiny is and you’re in the way. I want him to know what happens when he gets involved with a worthless human.

He knelt beside her and lifted his hand, placing it over her chest. As his hand glowed with a silver light, she opened her mouth again to scream - silently. She still hadn't recovered her voice. The pain was unbearable. Just when she thought she was about to die, he removed his hand.

“Now, didn’t that feel good?” He stood up, cackling.

Tears were pouring down her face. Her chest was still on fire. It had felt like he was burning her from the inside out.

He placed one hand on her throat and the other on her head. She screamed as white-hot fire exploded through her. She could hear her own cries echoing loudly throughout the small room. As he put his other hand on her head, the energy that went through her increased. She couldn’t think. She couldn’t do anything but scream. The torture was excruciating. She wanted it to end. She wished he would just end it.

He pulled his hands away, but the pain was still there. She wanted to stop seeing Max’s face looking down at her, but couldn’t close her eyes. She couldn’t move. “It’s almost over, sweetie. Soon you won’t feel the pain anymore,” Nasedo sneered. He moved his hand over her chest. Liz screamed in agony as a more powerful bolt of pain surged through her. He continued his assault on her until her shouts stopped. Her body convulsed before it lay still.

He was about to check her pulse when there was a knock on the door. He looked out the peephole and saw a couple standing in front of it. He didn’t open the door. He waited for the couple to leave. When the coast was clear about five minutes later, he casually left the room.

About a half hour later, Liz’s phone rang. He answered it using her voice, “Hello?”

“Liz? It’s me Max. Where are you? I’ve been trying to call you for a while. Why haven’t you answered?”

“Max? Is that you? I’m so scared. I got away from him, but I don’t know if he followed me or not. You have to help me. I don’t know what to do.”

“You have to calm down and tell me where you are.”

Nasedo smiled. “I’m at the Motel 6. I think it's off Highway 380, but I'm not sure. I tried to pay attention to my surroundings, but I panicked. Please hurry, Max.” Nasedo hung up the phone, laughing.


Max hung up and rushed out of the Crashdown. Everyone followed him, yelling for him to stop. He turned around. “Did you talk to her? How is she? Was she okay?” Maria asked.

Max jumped in his jeep. “She managed to escape and she’s in a motel on Highway 380. That’s all I got from her.” Michael jumped in the front seat as Alex and Maria hopped in the back. Max pulled out of the Crashdown. Maria called the sheriff to tell him what they had found out.

Michael stared out the window, thinking back to when he had stolen Liz’s journal. That was the day he had finally admitted to himself that he had strong feelings for her. In grade school, she had been the only one who ever paid attention to him and tried to get him to talk.

“What did the sheriff say?” Alex asked Maria.

“He said he had men close to that area and that they’ll check in on her.” Everyone sighed in relief. They all hoped Liz was okay.

Maria’s phone rang, startling everyone. She fumbled with it before looking at the caller ID. She tapped Michael’s shoulder. He turned around, giving her a questioning look as she pushed the phone in his direction. “Just take it. I’m afraid of what he might say,” she said with pleading eyes.

Michael rolled his eyes as he snatched the phone from her. “What,” he answered impatiently.

“Who’s this?” Valenti asked.

Michael rolled his eyes again. “Michael. Maria's too scared to answer the phone,” he said as he turned to glare at Maria. “What’s the word on Liz?”

He heard the sheriff sighing on the other end of the line. “It’s not good news.”

“Just say it.” Michael could feel everyone watching him.

“My men found her. She’s not at the hotel anymore. I still have to contact her parents, but -” Valenti paused. Michael turned his head towards the window to avoid seeing Max glancing at him every so often. “She’s at the hospital,” Valenti added apologetically.

Michael’s face paled. She couldn’t be at the hospital. He blinked rapidly to keep his tears at bay. “Thanks. I'll tell Maria.” Michael turned the phone off and stared at it awhile. His sadness turned to anger. “Turn the jeep around,” he said in a cold voice. Max glanced over at him.

“Why? I have to get Liz.”

“I said turn around,” Michael growled. He was angry. Every minute Max wasn’t listening only made him angrier. He blamed Max for this whole mess. Max’s involvement with Liz had brought her and them nothing but trouble.

“I’m not turning around. Just because you resent the day I saved her life….”

“I said turn around,” Michael yelled. “She’s not at the hotel anymore.” He glanced at Max before turning to look out at the scenery. His voice softened as he added, “She’s at the hospital.”

“What do you mean she’s at the hospital?” Alex asked.

Michael shook his head. He turned a deaf ear to what everyone was saying. He just wanted to get to the hospital to see Liz.

Max stepped on the brakes. The tires squealed as he made a quick U-turn.

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