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Author: Eden aka Melpomene
Title: Blood and Chocolate AU (M/L, some Mi/L) *Prologue*
Rating: R
Summary: After being drove out of their home and the death of her father, Liz has almost given up hope. The only time she feels alive is when she changes. She loves every minute of it. Going from girl to wolf. But then she falls in love with a human, Michael. He’s artisitic, gentle, kind and love magic. Liz longs to show him who she really is….but would he understand? She then must choose pack or no. Beast or human. Blood or chocolate.
Disclaimer: I don’t own any of the characters from Roswell. Nor do I own the book by Annette Curtis Klause. Even though I’d like to. I would have lots of fun if I did. But I will be changing some things and those changes belong to me. If you wanna post this anywhere just tell me then go ahead. Don’t steal. Okay love you all, bye. (p.s.- tell me what you think!)


Flames shot high, sparks caused by the falling wood replaced the stars. The old inn Elizabeth once knew as home was burning quickly to the ground. She knew I]they cause the fire. She watched as two more men ran out the smashed front door and ran towards where she was standing. They were still dressed in the nightwear. Covered head to toe with soot and their faces white with terror. The person who had forced them out now went back in, another window exploding caused their heads to swing back towards the inn.

Three other cottages were ablaze as was the barn. Horses were screaming in terror as a handful of teenage boys attempted to get them out. The nearest town was miles away, they knew that a fire truck wasn’t going to come.

Liz heard a woman scream from behind her, “They’ve done this on purpose. They’re burning us out. They’re trying to kill us!”

A man yelled, “Get her into one of the trucks! I’m bringing the other car around.”
A female voice replied, “Watch out for snipers! They might be trying to kill us off as we leave.”

“Head for Maryland,” she heard her mother say, “We’ll meet at Rudy’s.”

Liz felt a tug on her arm and she looked up, it was her mother, Nancy, “Where’s your father honey?”
“He went back inside with Max and Alex…” her response roughened by the smoke and tears threatening to fall.
“Jeff!” Nancy started towards the burning building, but Liz grabbed ahold of her and held tight.
“Mom! You can’t go in there! I can’t stand the thought of both of you in there!”

Nancy fought against her daughter, but at fifteen she was her match, “You can’t stop him,” Liz said, “He swore to protect the pack.”
“But I should be beside him! They’re my people too!” Nancy yelled, fighting to get free.

Liz saw to figures come around the side of the house. Alex, leading a small woman away and Max, holding a shrieking bundle in his arms.

Oh no…what have I done? I could’ve stopped them and I didn’t. If only I had told father they were out of control… Liz thought wildly.

The fire crackled louder as if announcing its victory and Liz heard the building groan, then finally crack as the central beam, the spine of this giant building, collapse and sending endless sparks into the air.

“DADDY!” Liz screamed.

But it was too late.

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OKAY! I owe you all a HUGE apology. I have been really sick lately so I've been in and out of the hospital for various reasons and ontop of that I have school, SO new parts soon for all!!!!! So so sorry.
<333 eden.
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Here's the first part. I thought I would've been able to get it out sooner, but I got sick again. Turned out to be mono*sad* Anyway, I hope you guys like this part.

Part 1

Liz slowly walked home from school, the heat of the afternoon slightly bothering her. She ran a hand through her thick, chocolate covered tresses and stepped into the house.

She saw her mother lounging in a chair, a huge gash on her cheek bleeding slightly, "Mom, you've been fighting again." It was a statement, not a question or surprised observation.

Liz glared at her mother and went to the kitchen to get a wet cloth. When she returned her mother was still grinning and Liz sighed heavily, cleaning the cut, "You look awful."

"You should see the other bitch." Nancy ran a hand through her dark blonde hair.

Liz let out a low growl, "Can't you and Diane leave each other alone?" She was going to mess up her beautiful face. People often said despite their two different hair colors, they looked like sister. Liz smiled at the memory. He hair was the one thing that reminded her of her father ironically, "Can't you?"

Nancy ignored the question and changed the subject, "Kyle called for you."

Liz rolled her eyes and stood up, tossing the cloth in a laundry basket. Can't he take a hint?

Nancy looked at her daughter, "I thought that's where you were, with Kyle and the others."

Liz shook her head, "No I wasn't." Why in the hell would I be around the Five. Pig-headed morons who are gonna get the rest of the clan killed if they aren't more careful.

"Then where were you?"

Liz grabbed her bag and looked at her mother blankly, "Down by the river, at the rocks."

"What were you doing there?"

Liz left the room and called over her shoulder, "Nothing."

Before she got the stairs she heard her mothers' frustrated growl. Liz smirked and went to her room. She closed her door and sighed, leaning her forehead against it. Why did her mother have to bring up the Five? Didn't she understand that she didn't want to be with them.

She felt the familliar knot form in her stomach and her thoughts drifted back to the fire. It had been the Five's fault....and Sean's.

Liz sat down and started to think of the events that led to Seans' death......and her fathers'.