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Title: Friends In Need
Disclaimer: I own absolutely nothing! Like it’s a big surprise… L
Category: UC Maria/Michael, Maria/Kyle
Summary: Set soon after the episode Cry Your Name, so yes there are SPOILERS FOR THAT EPISODE. Michael, as thoughtful as he is, doesn’t show the sympathy for Maria that she wants in this time of need of hers. Kyle, also, having no real companion, needs someone to lean on…
SPOILERS: This story will include spoilers from Cry Your Name and possibly other episodes before, but no episodes after. You have been warned.
Author’s Note: I know, I’m taking a major flaming risk by pairing Maria and Kyle, but its an idea I had, and personally, though a die-hard fan of M/M, I think Kyle and Maria would work out as a couple as well, so I’m giving it a shot. Please tell me what you think of the story after you read it, regardless of good or bad reviews. Thanks! Also, this is dedicated to all my buds, I love you all!


Part 1

Maria sat by her window, watching the droplets of rain cascade down the glass and thought how they resembled the tears she hadn’t seemed to have shed enough of in the past week.
My God, its only been a week, she thought, remembering the terrible event that had occurred just a very few days before. Alex, her best friend, was dead. And he was so young and ambitious, he had his whole life ahead of him, whether it be in music or in some other field, and he was dead, at age seventeen. She was seventeen. It could just have easily been her in that car, driving off the road and being killed. These thoughts scared her, and hadn’t seemed to have dissipated with time, they were still as vivid in her mind as they had been the day Alex had died. Died. That word was still foreign to Maria, she couldn’t seem to grasp the reality of it. She expected the phone to ring and it to be Alex or the door to open and it to be Alex. But nothing like that ever happened. All that happened was Maria got weaker and weaker with the effort to control herself and remain calm, especially at school. School was what brought most of the emotion from her. Alex’s locker, now covered in tons of pictures and sayings and other trinkets that meant nothing to her. The lunch table that she and Alex and Liz would sit at, until they showed up and changed the world around, literally, and they had to switch lunch tables. And worst, the empty desk that sat around for a few days, only to be filled with some exchange student. Like Alex had never been there in the first place. It disgusted her, it made her nauseous to even look at the things that reminded her of the best friend she once had who had vanished, without saying goodbye.
There came a light knocking of her door and Maria looked up to see Michael walk in. She quickly wiped the tears from her cheeks as he sat down beside and kissed her forehead.
“What’s up?” he asked casually.
“Thinking,” she whispered, sniffling.
“You wanna go to a movie with me?”
Maria looked at Michael like he was crazy, glaring at him, but then realized that he wasn’t feeling what she was, it would make sense for him to ask something like that, “No thanks,” she replied, “I’m not really in the mood.”
“Well get in the mood,” he smiled, “C’mon you gotta get out of this house!”
“I said I don’t feel like it!”
“Why not?”
“Because I’m not ready.”
“Not ready to do what?” Michael persisted.
“Not ready to have fun without him!” Maria cried breaking down in tears.
“Maria-“ Michael tried to put his arm around her, but she jumped up.
“I’m going for a walk.”
“Well,” Michael stood up, “I’m going with you.”
“No you’re not! I’m taking a walk alone!”
“That’s not good for you!”
“I don’t care!” She sobbed and bolted out the door, leaving Michael standing in her doorway, perplexed and saddened that he couldn’t help the one person he loved.

Maria ran from her house out onto the street unsure of where to go. So she started walking, feeling the rain mixing with her tears, but it was ok, because that way it wasn’t visible that she was crying. She walked until she couldn’t walk anymore, possibly in circles, she didn’t care, but after one too many steps her ankle gave out and she tripped onto the pavement, scraping her hand. She sighed and got up wiping her hand on her soaked shirt. Looking up she saw a familiar house, that of course would have band-aids.
She ran up the walkway to the door and ran the doorbell. And when the door opened, she came face to face with Kyle.


Well… Do I continue it? If the answer is yes, keep in mind that school has me insanely busy and mid-terms are coming up, so updates might not be every couple days, but before I think about that, please tell me what you think… Thanks so much!
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