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Title: Elf Summer
Author: Brittany
Disclaimer: Of course I don't own Roswell!!! If I did, do you think that all the stuff in S2 would've happened?! I think not.
Rating: ?? I don't have any clue what this will end up being....
Summary: Nope, not gonna to find out for yourself.
Author's Note: Ok, I wanna explain some things before I start. This is the first UC fic I've ever done in my life, so give me some slack okay? I wanna tell you stuff about my story so that you won't be confused or something. And no, it's not the plot*wink*...Ok, there are 2 realms in my story: Human and Faerie. There are elves in this story and of course they live in the Faerie Realm. They live in a forest that also exists in the Human Realm, but they can only get to the Human Realm through a sort of invisible barrier in the forest. Ok, that's all I needed to say, so enjoy my story!
Feedback:Yes, please! I won't be able to continue if don't get any fb...what can I say?....It motivates me*big*.

Part 1

King Jeffreid sat in his chair, quietly listening to the goings on around him. The High Elf Council was seated to the left and right of him, and a woman stood on a small platform in the middle of the Council Room. The elf woman wore a green velvet dress that fit tightly on the bodice and sleeves, and flowed out into the skirt. Her auburn hair hung loose down her down her back and she wore a gold circlet around her head. King Jeffreid looked at his wife, but he felt no pity for her. He raised his hand for silence in the room and stood up.

"Queen Nancina of the Moonriver elves," the king said,
"you have been tried for adultury against your king and for treason against your people. You knew the law against elves interacting with humans and you disobeyed it. Therefore, by order of the High Elf Council, you will be sentenced to banishment from the Faerie Realm and your immortality will be stripped from you. You and your human lover are never to return to this forest or this Realm ever again. "

With that, King Jeffreid and the High Council left the room, leaving a sobbing Nancina behind.


"Mommee!!! Don't go! Don't leave me Mommee!!!! " A seven year old Princess Lizelleia screamed as her mother walked into the forest. She tried to run to her mother, but hands were keeping her back. " Let me go! " Lizelleia yelled. " Mommee!!! Take me with you!! "

The queen could hear her daughter's cries, but not once did she turn around. She knew she couldn't bear the look on her daughter's face if she did. So without a look back, Queen Nancina walked through the doorway between the Realms and never returned.

*** An hour later...

Princess Lizelleia was running through the forest with tears streaming down her face. She had just escaped the confinement of her room and the watchful eye of her nanno. Lizelleia ran into the forest trying to find her mother. But no matter where she turned she couldn't find her. So, the little princess decided to run, hoping that maybe her mother would come to her.

Little did Lizelleia know that she had passed through the doorway between the Realms, until she stopped and looked at her surroundings. This was not the forest she was familiar with. Sure it had the same trees, but there was something about this place that was different. She started to cry again and sat down against a tree trunk with her arms around her knees, waiting for someone to find her. She fell asleep no too long after.


Michael was walking in the woods when he heard someone crying. So, he followed the sound. When he came to his destination he saw a girl asleep on the ground. Her long, wavy, dark brown hair fell over her violet dress like a blanket. Michael walked up to the sleeping girl and knelt down beside her. " Hey, " he said as he gently shook her awake and sat back while she got up.

Lizelleia stared at him questioningly. " Who are you? Where am I? " She asked as she glanced around at her surroundings.

This girl is strange. How could she not know where she is? " You're in Talmor Forest. I'm Michael. " Michael held out his hand, but Lizelleia just looked at it warily with her violet eyes.

"I'm not gonna hurt you. What's your name? " He said.

"Uhm, Liz...Lizelleia...." She said queitly.

"Well, Lizelleia, how old are you? "

"I'm seven. "

"I'm ten. How did you get here? Are you lost? "

Evidently that was the wrong thing to say because tears started to form in her eyes. " Oh no, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to make you cry. " Then Michael raised her chin up and tucked a strand of her hair behind her pointed ear. " Oh wow, you're an elf?! I never thought they existed! I thought they were just stories my mother told me to keep me in line. "

"Of course we're real! Why else do you think the forest stays so green all the time?! " Lizelleia said clearly offended.

"Ok, sorry. I didn't mean anything by it. So, where do you live? " he asked.

"In the Faerie Realm. Maybe I could show it to you some time. We could.....Oh no! My nanno is calling. I guess they found out I was gone. I better go now before I get into even more trouble. " The Princess Lizelleia stood up and and took a step in the direction her nanno was calling from, but she looked back at Michael and said, " Goodbye Michael. It was nice meeting you. Maybe someday I can come back and we can play together...."

"Lizzy!!! " Her nanno cried in the distance.

"Goodbye, " she said again and waved as she ran to her nanno and back to her home.

"Goodbye Lizelleia, " Michael said as he watched her go.


Will Michael and Lizelleia ever meet again??? To find out give me some feedback and I'll tell you. I hope you liked this first part. I hope to get a lot of FB so that I can write more.........Brit *bounce*

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I'm glad you like my fic even though you're not really into faeries and elves and stuff. It makes me feel better*big*

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Yay! I'm so glad everyone likes my story so far. Ok, so here is the next part. I hope you
like it.

Part 2

** Eleven years later.....

Princess Lizelleia sat on her grandmother's bed watching her spin thread on the spinning
wheel in the corner of the room.
"Grandmother Claudia? " Liz said, " Tell me again why my mother left. "

Claudia stopped her spinning and looked at her granddaughter, who was sitting with her
arms around her knees on the bed. " My dear girl, " she said as she sighed, " your mother
did not leave of her own will, she left because she had broken the law. She met a farmer
while she was wandering around in the human village and fell in love with him. She knew
it was wrong but she still went to see him as often as she could. What woman can do
anything else when they're in love. One day, they were walking in the forest and they were
caught by your father. He brought them to this realm and put your mother on trial and her
lover in the dungeons. She was found guilty and she was stripped of her immortality and
the two lovers were banished. "

"That's so sad, " Lizelleia said quietly. " Why is it forbidden to interact with humans? I
mean, are they that terrible that we just aren't allowed to be around them? "

"No child, humans are not all bad. A long time ago, one of your ancestors made that law
because his sister was killed by a human. Her name was Lady Elaine and she was
married to Sir Lancelot. He broke her heart when he ran away with the human queen
Guinevere. Your ancestor decided that from that day forward, no elves would come into
contact with humans ever again. "

Lizelleia just sat there staring at the rug and letting the little history about her family sink
in. Then she was startled out her thoughts when her grandmother said, " Oh now Lizzy,
don't fret about past woes. Be of with you now. Your fiancé arrives today, so you should
be getting ready for the ball tonight. Now go, " and Claudia waved her hand to shoo
Lizelleia away, " I have chores to finish and I'm sure you would rather be with your friends
than listen to your old granny. "

Liz got off the bed, walked over to her grandmother and said, " You're not old
Grandmother Claudia, " she gave her a kiss on the cheek, " and I love hearing your stories.
Will you come to the ball tonight Grandmother? "

"Oh, I might make an appearance later this evening. Now go on girl. I need to finish my
spinning. "

With that, Princess Lizelleia walked out of the room, her light green dress swaying behind


Lizelleia didn't want to go to her rooms just yet. Even though the ball was only three
hours away, she felt the need to get out of the palace. So, as she left the vicinity of the
village, she wandered off into the forest. She saw a nice little pond not too far from where
she was and she was about to go to it when she realized it was beyond the doorway
between the realms.

Lizelleia was about to turn back when the mischievous little voice inside her head said,
Now wait a minute. That pond may be in the Human Realm and it may be forbidden to
ever go there, but who's gonna know? And besides, there's no one around and the
doorway is only ten feet away. What can happen?
As always, that little voice got the
best of her, and she passed between the realms, and strolled over to the pond. Lizelleia
then took off her dress and began swimming, unaware that there was a human close by.


Michael wandered around the woods as he had done ever since he met the little elf girl. He
didn't know why he came back every year except he thought that maybe she would be
there. But she never was.

The day he met the elf, was the day he left to become a squire. And now, eleven years
later, he was Sir Michael. He should have been off to go to court and meet the king,
but as always around this time in the summer, he was compelled to look for the elf girl.
So, there he was walking in between two trees when he heard a splashing sound coming
from the pond not far from where he stood. As always, his curiosity got the best of him
and he headed off in that direction.

He peered through the bushes that stood as a sort of barrier between the pond and the rest
of the forest, and saw a beautiful young woman swimming there. He dark, wavy hair
trailed behind her as she swam, and he noticed she wore a silver coronet around her head.
She must be royalty, he thought. As she turned back around so that she was facing
Michael, he noticed her eyes were a violet color. There was only one person he had ever
met in his life that had violet eyes, and that was the elf girl he met all those years ago. It
can't be her. Could it?
He took a step forward, but right then a twig snapped under his
foot revealing his hiding place.


When Lizelleia heard the twig snap she looked up in front of her and saw a handsome
young man standing there. When he glanced back up at her she quickly got out of the
water and ran behind the tree where her clothes were. After she got dressed she glanced
around the tree and noticed he wasn't there anymore. When she turned to leave she gasped
and jumped because the man was coming towards her.

She began to run away, knowing that if she stayed, she would get in a deep amount of
trouble. Then she heard him cry out after her, " Wait! Don't go! I didn't mean to scare you.

Lizelleia stopped and crossed her arms over her chest as she turned and looked at him. He
was very handsome. His wavy, light brown hair, hung down to his shoulders. He was
wearing tan breeches and a white long sleeve shirt with a blue tunic over it. His sword
hung loosely on the belt at his side and she gathered that he probably stood a head taller
than her. She tucked a piece of her hair behind her ear as she looked at him questioningly.

Why does he seem so familiar to me? she asked herself.

"Lizelleia? Is that you? " the young man asked.

"That would be Princess Lizelleia to you. And how do you know my name? Who are
you? " she demanded.

All of a sudden he looked hurt by her response and said, " Don't you remember me? It's
Michael......we met a long time ago when you got lost. Do you remember? "

Then a look of recognition dawned on her face and she said, " Oh right! Yes, I remember
now. You were the one who woke me up after I fell asleep on the ground. " Then a look a
guilt flashed across Lizelleia's face and she said, " Oh, Michael, I'm sorry I didn't get to
come play with you like I promised. You see, it's kind of forbidden for Faerie folk and
Human folk to even be around each other. Otherwise I would've come back. " She then
gave him an apologetic smile.

"Don't worry about it. I was sent away anyway, to become a knight. So, you're really a
princess? Wow, Princess Lizelleia......that sounds so royal. " He said and he got a small
laugh from her in return.

"Call me Liz. All my friends do. And trust me, if I weren't a princess....." but she broke
that thought off and sighed sadly.

Michael walked up to Lizelleia, stood in front of her, and asked, " Are you okay? "

"Hmmm? Oh, I'm fine. " she replied as she looked into his brown eyes. " I......" But she
stopped because in the distance she could hear the bells welcoming the arrival of her
fiancé. She took a step back from Michael and said, " I'm sorry, I have to go. My fianc
just arrived and I have to get ready for the ball tonight. "

She began to walk away when Michael said behind her, " Your fiancé....wait, what...."

But she cut him off and said, " I'm sorry I really must be going. I shouldn't even be
here.....I could get into a lot of trouble....."

"When can I see you again? " Michael asked.

Lizelleia stopped and looked back at him. Just then she realized that she did want to
see him again, but she told herself it was curiosity only. So, to get over her 'curiosity' she
told him, " Meet me here in one week. " Then she turned around and ran through the
invisible doorway, and disappeared.

"In one week, " Michael whispered to himself and walked out of the forest and headed in
the direction of the king's castle.


Well, I hope that part didn't suck and I hope you all enjoyed it. Now give me some
feedback and tell me what you thought of it and I just might post the 3rd part. But only if I
get a lot of FB.....I'm evil aren't I?.....*evil grin spreads across face*.....

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