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TITLE: The Princess Warrior
SUMMARY: You'll see....
AUTHORS NOTE: I'm finally posting a story that I've been thinking about for like a year now... so be gentle!

~EARTH 2003~

The shuffling of feet could be heart throughout the Harding Manor. All scurrying to reach the owner that stood outside their front door, pounding on the deep mahogony wood, begging to ve answered. The large, heavy door swung open and two petite young women rushed in, followed by a tall, built man.

Eight teens stared at the new visitors that both their protectors had let in. The two men stood shocked. Their mouths gapping open at the three who were now the center of attention. The young supple, raven hairs girl stepped forward and broke the thick silence.

"Well, don't just stand there with your mouths all a-gap, close the door already."

Her clothing was different from the others. More revealing. She wore pure white baggy pants, and a low cut, high hemmed tight white shirt with baggy long sleeves. Her hair was in a high pony-tail with curls accenting her long hair. Decorating her olive complection were numerous piercings, along her navel, eyebrow, tongue, nose, and up the ears. And a tattoed symbol on each wrist.

Her compainions were covered head to toe. The only skin showing were their hands and faces.

Nasedo snapped back to reality and closed the door quickly, before walking up to the inquisitive, head-strong girl he once knew.

"Serina?" he asked afraid she'd disappear. "Is it realy you?" his voice barely audible as he inced closer to the beauty's petite frame.

"Yes, uncle. It is me, but I go by Elyzabeth now. Or as Maria and Kyle call me, Liz or Lizzy." She explained with nobility in her soft voice.

"Maria? Kyle?" Nasedo questioned confused.

She laughed at his puzzled expression. Stopping abruptly, she answered his question. "You'll remember them as Kindara and Teflaw."

"Yes, I remember now. So, now onto introductions. This is Ava, Tess, Michael, Rath, Vilondra, Isabel, Max, Zan and their other protector, Malif. Everyone this is my neice Liz, Her friend Maria, and Maria's brother Kyle." Nasedo introduced everyone, getting grunts, hellos, and nods in return.

"Now uncle, if I remeber correctly, I already know them. Just in my last lifetime." Liz chastised with a smile.

"I know. But they don't" he replied. A grin forming on his lips.

Liz turned to Malif with open arms. Instead of walking into them he quickly knelt, his head lowered. Her arms dropped and her smile disappeared, only to be replaced by a stotic expression.

"You do not bow to me Malif. I don't deserve it. Only when I am proclaimed Queen of Antar will you bow, do you hear me?" she spoke with determination in her voice.

When he didin't budge, her voice rose with anger. "Did I not tell you to stand?! T'lk mish na fry pemny sik!!
//You'll get up off the floor!!// He rose, and she turned. Her eyes blazing as she clenched her fists, glass shattering as she walked away.

-End Prologue-
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-Part 1-
EARTH 2003

"Well, damn! She's not one to be praised is she?" Zan smirked as the teen cleaned up the broken glass. "Hot though!"

"Yeah! Now that's one skirt I'd like to get into!" Rath commented.

"You only think with your dick, don't you?" Isabel replied, while she restored a vase to it's origional state.

"You know you like it!" Rath said as he flicked his tongue.

Everyone rolled their eyes.


"He still sees you as the Queen. Take it as a compliment." Maria soothed Liz, from the anger that had just recently taken hold of her emotions.

"I don't want to be Queen. I just want to fight. That's all I was born to be!" Liz countered.

"No, you were born to be Queen! You were chosen to be a warrior, not the other way around! Now, get off your lazy ass, and let's go explain as to why we're here all of a sudden!" Maria seethed, pulling Liz off the bed, and out into the living room.

9 teens and 2 adults, turned their heads to see Liz and Maria enter the room.

"Well, well, well, look who decided to grace us with her presence!" Tess sneered.

"Watch yourself Tess!" Nasedo growled and she quickly backed down. "You've come to answer our questions Liz, good! We'll start with Tess, then move down the couch from there." He ordered.

"You said you were to be proclaimed Queen of Antar! That's MY THROWN NOT YOURS!" Tess screamed.

"Well, that wasn't really a question, but I know what you're talking about. And yes, it was your thrown... key word being WAS. In our last life, I was killed the night before I was to be crowned. That night was also my wedding night. Zan and I were to be married in less then an hour, I had my dress on and everything. When I walked into the room, I was only a few feet away from him, and Kivar shot me. Straight through my heart. Even now I can still feel the bullet penetrating my skin. I can still hear my love cry out. I can still smell the scent of blood. I can still see my dress turn from white, to red. I can still taste Zan tears as they dropped onto my lips. But, as for you being Queen. Your father made King Tilk, Zan's father, have you two wed, or else he would declare war on Antar. King Tilk hated the idea of having his grief stricken son marry you, but Antar needed a Queen, and he could not afford to have a war on his hands. So, you two were married." Liz explained as tears grazed her cheeks, and her voice broke with emotion. She quickly wiped her eyes and composed herself as Michael asked his question.

"If you died how are you alive now?"

"You died too, how are you alive? Geez, come up with a better question Michael. But then again, you were never one to have brains." she laughed as she answered his question.

"Did Zan and I have children?" Ava's quiet voice filtered through the air.

"No, you did not. You and Kivar were lovers, and Zan couldn't bare to even think of you in that way. He always thought he was betraying me." Liz replied with a small smile on her lips.

"If you died, then how do you know so much about what happened afterwards?" Isabel questioned.

"Well, when I died, I went to heaven... you could say. I watched over my love constantly. It broke my heart to see him unhappy. Later he died, and we were together again. It was the happiest day of my life. I went to check on how the royal family was holding up after the massacur, and I saw that they found a way to have us reborn, and send us to Earth. I knew that I when they did this, I wouldn't be able to remember what happened. So, I went to Smirlk, Antar's God, and asked her if she could bless me. To make it so that I was her chosen warrior, so that I could remember my life, and what happened. She agreed and when I was reborn I was sent to L.A. Away from you, and I trained. I stilll am." she put Isabel's questioning mind at ease.

"So, now you're a warrior... Isn't there some rule that with the good things, come the bad things... like shouldn't there be a consiquence?"Zan asked.

"Yes, there is. I was cursed. I remember my life, and everything that has happened, yet because I asked to be her chosen warrior, she kicked it up a knotch. She put these symbols on my wrists, that show I am her chosen. But they also mean I have abilities. More then I can control. And some are painful. She had underestimated me though. I can control my powers, but I cannot control the pain that comes with my mutality. You see... I am able to reconstruct my bone structure to make it into a weapon. Like wolverine, from X-men, but they're not claws. They're blades that come out of my arms. One on the bottom of each wrist, and three larger ones on top of my arm, between my elbow and wrist. It's the most powerful weapon I have, but it hurts, so bad." Liz answered, not wanting to show them.

"Show us!" Rath said, ignoring the fact that it painful for her.

"No, she will not! Did you not hear her say that it's painful?" Kyle said as she stood in Rath's face.

"Who are you?" Rath asked.

"He's my trainer, and it's okay Kyle... I have to get used to the pain anyway." And with that she screamed as she extracted the blades that cut through her skin, and blood dripped onto the off-white carpet, and her body trembled with pain. Slowly, her arms turned back to normal and she collapsed, as the blood still poured forth.

"Here, let me help you." Max said as he went to heal her, when maria got in her way.

"She can do it herself!" the young girl said, and as if on que, Liz's arms started to glow and the blood dissipated, and the color in her complextion returned.

"I hope I answered your questions. I'm going to my bed chambers. I need to rest.

-End Part 1-
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-Part 2-
EARTH 2003

Sleep didn't come easily for Liz. She tossed and turned all night as the memory of what happened played over and over again in her mind. Every night it was the same. She'd go to bed, see her wedding day, and wake up early in the morning. Everyone knew that she has nightmares, it's just nobody speaks of them. When they ask why she's up so early, she simply replies, 'I have to be prepared for anything. Besides, I need to start training soon anyway.'

As she felt her skin tear open, she screamed. But her scream wasn't of fear, it was of agony.

Liz's scream echoed through the large Manor, and once again, shuffling feet could be heard. Everyone rushed into her room to see if she was alright, only to find that she was already awake. Liz was rocking back and forth on her large bed. She had her knees pulled up to her chest, and her arms wrapped around her legs.

But, she wasn't trembling with pain, as she had blades coming out of her arms. Except now, she wasn't bleeding and she had another set. There were the usual blades on the top and bottom of her arms, but now she had one large and long blade coming from the outside of the arms, starting at the wrist and ending at the elbow.

"Oh, my gosh! Lizzy, are you alright? How come you're not bleeding? Did you have another nightmare?" Maria ranted as Liz stood up and walked towards the others. "Lizzy? Lizzy, where are you going? Liz? I asked you a question!" Maria continued.

When Liz reached the others, she picked Tess up by the throat and slammed her body against the wall. "YOU DID THIS! YOU FUCKING BITCH!!" Liz screamed and applied more pressure to Tess' airway.

"Now, you're going to answer my questions. Okay? Okay! #1, Why did you have me killed at the alter?" Liz released her pressure so Tess could speak.

"I don't know what you're talking about! Let me down! HELP!" Tess pleaded as she looked at the others, who were frantically trying to get Tess down, but with no avail.

"OH, I think you do. But, I guess I could refreash your memory." And with that Liz dropped her hold on Tess, only to throw her on the celing. "Now, watch!" Liz turned her hand to a wall, and used it as a screen, and her nightmare replayed itself, not from Liz's point of view, but from a 3 party.

~Serina walked slowly down the steps of the palace, into the outside gardens. It was night and all 4 moons were full. It was beautiful, all of Antar's people were there. Her long, flowing white dress dragged along the ground as she walked. Her arms encased in lace. She had the biggest smile on her face, and a twinkle in her eyes.

She was only a few feet away from Zan, when she doubled over in pain. Zan cried out and everyone stood up. Rushing to his loves side he frantically tried to heal her but it wasn't working. Tears flowed down his cheeks and dropped onto her pale face.

"No, no. No, Serina, don't leave me. Please don't leave me. I love you. I love you. Do you hear me? I love you. So, you see? You can't go. We're supposed to have a family. You're supposed to be my Queen. Please don't leave me."

His mumblings were cut short when Serina gazed apon him. Her colorless lips desperatley moving. "I love you too. I-I'm s-s-sorr-y. I'm so, so-o-rr-y, m-my love. Pl-Please for-or-give me. I lovve you so mu-much."

And with that she was gone. Nobody dared move, for fear of disrespecting their beloved Queen. Zan looked around and saw Nasedo and Malif Kneeling with their heads lowered. He saw Kindara and Vilondra in tears, along with his mother. He saw Rath, Teflaw, and his father trying to deal with the sudden events. And he saw Ava walking away with Kivar.~


Tess went to slap her, but she blocked it, breaking Tess' arm in the process. "If I find out that you're still working with Kivar you little whore, I can promise you that you'll be dead by the time I see you." And with that she walked out the door, leaving everyone stunned.
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