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Title- The Untouchables

Author- Katalina / ll Katalina ll

E-mail- katalina_9⊕

Category- AU, UC, Mi/L with most of the rest of everyone

Rating- R for language right now.

Disclaimer- None of it is mine

Summery- Liz, Isabel and Maria are all sisters that move to Roswell. Liz has a past or more of a present from NYC that overlaps to Roswell. Liz and Michael meet and interest is shown.

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Monday morning Liz walks into her new school West Roswell High like she owns it. Her sisters Isabel and Maria walked on either side of her and the three of them together were definitely intimidating. Liz was beautiful with dark brown hair that went down to her mid-back, with deep chocolate eyes was petite but exuding an air of confidence and leader ship that was matched by no one. She wore low-rise black bootcut pants, a black sleeveless turtleneck and black ankle length 4-inch heel square toed boots. Isabel was tall, light blonde, gorgeous, cool, calm, and collected, wearing black slightly flared pants with a white button up ¾ sleeve shirt with shoes that exactly like Liz’s but with only a 1 inch heel. Maria has short golden blonde hair, sparkling green eyes, of average height, and looking cheerful yet aloof. She wore a white dress that clung to her body like a second skin while still looking amazing non-hoochie paired with white platform heels. With one look at these girls you would think them over dressed for just another day at the local high school, but with a second you couldn’t picture them in jeans and a tee shirt.

As they made they’re way to the school office their fellow students stopped to watch them. These must be the three Parker sisters that just moved into the newly built mansion over on Galaxy Ave. It was in the posh part of town where all the houses were huge, and protected by security and fences and drives ways had gates. In a small town such as Roswell news travels fast. The local branch of a big Software Company had just hired a new president and his family had just arrived that previous Saturday. It was said that they were formally from New York and had not wanted to leave until the last possible day. When they entered the office they were given their class’ schedules. Liz and Isabel had 4 out of they’re 6 classes together and then Maria had 2 out of those 4 with them also. The principle had also assigned the three girls a student to give them a tour around the school. When she arrived they leave the office and start to walk around the school.

"Hello, I’m Ashleigh. I’m a junior."

Maria cheerfully, "Ooh me too! I’m Maria"

Isabel gives her a small smile, "Isabel, Liz and I are seniors."

Liz just nods her head at Ashleigh.

Ashleigh signals for them to follow her. "So how are you too both seniors?"

Liz talks as she looks around studying the school grounds. "Isabel and I have the same father. When him and my mother were married my father had an affair with Isabel’s mother and Isabel and I were born in the same month. My mother kicked my father out, he went to live with Isabel’s mom and then my mom remarried and had Maria. Maria and my mom is now somewhere in Eastern Europe with Maria’s father and we have been living with my dad and Bella’s mom since we were three and five."

Ashleigh a little taken aback by all this info just nods her head and says, "Oh."

As they are walking around and Ashleigh is pointing out where everything is.

They make they’re way out to the football field. There is a group of people lounging on the bleachers and the three other girls see Liz staring intently at them.

Isabel sees Liz staring at them. "Looking to make new friends, Iz?"

Liz states, "I think that might be them."

Ashleigh also sees were they are staring at and quickly warns them. "Them? Sorry girls but that group is harder to get into then the FBI."

Liz is now in what seems like a staring contest with a boy over in the group.

Maria notices, "That guy in the center with the spiky hair is damn fine."

Liz retorts, "Back off Ria, I think I want him."

Maria teases more, "Who says he wants to be yours?"

Ashleigh shakes her head at their display. "Well if you guys are talking about Michael Guerin over there, yes I know he’s got the rebel, bad ass thing going on plus he’s incredibly hot, but oh so untouchable."

Liz says softly, "If you only knew."

Across the field on the bleachers there is a group of nine teens. They had all taken notice of the three girls walking with Ashleigh.

Evan asked, "Who’s that?"

Savannah answered, "That must be them."

"That must be who?" Madison asks, not taking her eyes of the group of girls.

Tess "Remember Cam’ron called Michael last weekend saying that the Parker sisters would be moving to Roswell."

Madison replied, "Okay, got it."

Tess then asks, "So who’s who?

Just then Michael’s cell rings, he answers it.

"Yeah? Actually I can see them right now. Ok, let me review, Liz 18, senior, leader of the pack, Isabel also 18 and a senior, but where Liz is all ruler Isabel is the follower, acts as a mediator between Liz and Maria. Maria, 16, junior, always challenging Liz between themselves but when up against anyone not of they’re ‘family’ as they call it she’s got her back. Yeah, Liz is just walking over, later Cam’ron."

Michael jumps down the bleachers to meet Liz.

Kyle speaks for the first time "Then the young one is obviously Maria. Which one do you think is which with the other two?"

Tess thinks about it for a little while, then answers, "Liz is Cam’ron’s long time girl, I think I remember seeing a picture of them together. She was a brunette so then that leaves the tall blonde to be Isabel"


Isabel gives Ashleigh an inquisitive look. "‘Untouchable’ huh?"

Ashleigh elaborates, "I just mean that crowd over there, they’re very exclusive. It’s nothing apparent what you have to be to hang with them, they have to select you. They’re all rich, but not all the rich kids can hang with them. They all come from families of status here in Roswell but again, just because you come from an affluent family doesn’t grant you entrance. The one thing they all have in common is the rebel bad ass thing going on."

"Yeah, I get it. Well, I mean I don’t get it, because nobody really gets it, but I think I know that you are talking about,” Maria babbles

As Liz sweeps her hair out of her face Ashleigh notices her tattoo. It was on her left arm right at her wrist where the little bone sticks out. It was a U


with a crown hanging off the tail of the ‘y’ and then she had 4 more crowns in a vertical line right below that. Ashleigh had noticed Isabel and Maria also had the same tattoo in the same spot, but with only one crown other then the one hanging of the end of the nyc and points it out.

"So what’s with the tattoo symbol? You three have it in the same spot then I’ve seen in on some other people where it was exactly the same, but instead of the nyc it had a R and it was on the under side of their arm on the opposite side of the elbow on their right arm. Is it some new trend?"

Maria smiles at her, "Yeah, new trend."

Liz cuts in "I’m going over there."

Ashleigh looks at Liz like she’s crazy "Ok, but do so at your own risk. They are brutally cold to everyone. And the way they do it, it doesn’t come off as being stuck up, it’s like that’s the only way they know how to act."

Ashleigh backs away to go sit on the grass and watch.

"We’ll wait here for you to pave the way." Isabel says, not wanting to be in the line of fire.

Liz gives Isabel a look. "Sure, just let me do all the work."

Maria pushes Liz towards the bleachers. "You know you love it, Iz. This is what you do best. Now go over there and whip them into shape, show them who you are. I’m sure you ‘out rank’ all of them any ways."

Liz laughs, "Out rank, huh? So we’re like the military with ranks and stuff now?"

Maria says as she goes to sit. "You know what I mean. You have 5 crowns total, 5 years Liz. That’s like forever!"

Isabel just smiles and goes to join Maria and Ashleigh.

Liz walks away from them and over to the bleachers. When she gets there the spiky haired boy was waiting at the bottom. He speaks first.



They shake hands.

“It’s been a long time.”

“Yeah it has. When did you get back home?”

“Back home…like this was ever my home. We got in Saturday night”

“Waited ‘til the last minute huh.”

“You know me. I didn’t want to leave New York ‘til the last possible minute.”

“Yeah I do know you. What happened with Cam’ron?”

“None of your damn business Mikey.”

“Don’t call me Mikey.”

“I’ve always called you Mikey.”

“That was when we were still in diapers.”

“We moved away when I was 5 and by then I know I was potty trained. You on the other hand, I could definitely see you still being in diapers. Any ways why did you ask about Cam’ron?”

“He just called me to tell you guys were here. I pretty sure he was giving me a heads up.”

“Yeah, he’s too nice like that. It would been nice to surprise you.”

When Isabel and Maria see Liz and Michael shake hands they stand up and start to walk over.

Maria turns too Ashleigh. " See you later, Ashleigh."

Isabel calls out "Thank you for all the help."

They leave a speechless Ashleigh in their wake. Who were these girls?

When Isabel and Maria arrive at the bleachers Liz had her two way pager out and was reading it.

Liz turns to talk to her sisters. "It’s Cam’ron."

Liz holds the pager out for Isabel and Maria to read.

Play nice Iz

Isabel smirks, and Maria starts to laugh.

Liz looks a little angry. "I think I should take offense to this. Who does he think he is? He thinks he knows me so well…"

Maria retorts, "He does."

Liz slightly outraged, "Hey!"

Isabel puts in her two cents. "Ria’s right ,Iz, the boys know you for like forever. He was the one that got you into all this. And you dated him for five years."

Liz starts out calmly, but by the last statement if screaming, "It wasn’t a straight five years. It was on and off for five years. The stupid boy couldn’t keep his damn dick in his pants."

Maria yells, "Don’t go blaming it all on him. You couldn’t keep your fucking legs crossed."

Liz shrieks, "But he was always the one that did it first. I would just retaliate."

Isabel trying to bring the conversation down noticing Michael was listening intently, and the rest of the group up on the bleachers had they’re full attention on the girls.

"Iz, we know that. And we have always had your back. Maria here is just trying to get you riled so you can’t listen to Cam’ron and she can get back at him for the our going away celebration."

Maria says, "I am so glad we moved now. After seeing Liz and Cam’ron getting it on, on my bed I would have never been able to sleep in it again."

Liz not caring that people were listing to her conversations continues, "Well, who didn’t knock before entering!"

Maria needing to have a come back says, "Like I should have to know coming into my own room!"

Liz knew it wasn't enough reason, but not wanting to give in says "It wasn’t my fault that my room was currently occupied by other people."

Isabel again intervening, "What the hell guys, shut up! We’ve been over this a thousand times, nothing ever changes. Everyone’s listening and if you want them to know all our secrets then send out a fucking memo."

Maria not wanting to hear Isabel yell anymore calls truce. "Right, ok, shutting up now."

Liz didn't want to let the subject go. "Like that will ever happen"

Isabel exasperated, yells, "Liz!"

Liz ‘Yeah yeah. How did I ever let you get into the habit of bossing me around."

Maria "You didn’t stand a chance. It’s how Isabel is and gawd help you if you try and stop her."

Isabel just glares at Maria.

Michael silently watches the interplay between the three girls.

Liz finally under control starts introductions.

"Michael, these are my sisters Isabel and Maria. I’m sure you remember Maria from before we moved away and then Isabel is my dads daughter.”

"Nice to meet you Isabel, good too see you again Maria.”

Maria and Isabel both just smile, and nod they’re heads.

"So you girls all arrived Saturday, right." Michael states more then questions.

Maria answers, "Yeah, we weren’t in a big hurry to get here."

"So what do you think of Roswell so far?"

Isabel "It’s tiny."

"Yeah, I guess it is compared to New York."

"But for being a small town it’s not that bad."

"Want to head up and meet everyone else?"


When they reach the top they make introductions.

Michael speaks first. "Everyone this is Liz, Isabel and Maria Parker. I’ll let them introduce themselves."

"Max Evans"

"Alex Whitman and this is my younger brother Evan Whitman"

"Kyle Valenti"

"Savannah Straton"

Michael introduces his sisters, "And then this here is my twin sister Madison and our little sister Tess. I’m sure you remember them Liz but Maria might have been to young to remember."

Madison nods her head at the Parker sisters, and Tess smiles openly at them. Madison starts right out trying to rile Liz.

"So you’re ‘one’ of Cam’rons girls now huh?"

Michael knows what is about to happen, but does nothing to stop it. He knew that Madison was feeling threatened. She was the unofficial leader of the girls and knew that her spot would be given up to Liz.

Maria glowers at her, "She IS Cam’rons girl. The one and only."

Madison retorts, "Really now? I thought Cam’ron was this big player up in NYC?"

Maria defends Liz, "He had girls, but he only ever came home to Liz."

Madison still wouldn't give in. " So you just let him play you like that Liz."

Liz finally steps in. "Who was playing who…?"

Madison slightly startled says, "What the hell?"

Liz is a little annoyed. "I don’t see why it’s any of your business."

Madison replies. "Let’s just say inquiring minds want to know."

Liz couldn’t believe how nosey Madison was."Well in that case. I don’t answer questions that are just for curiosities sake."

Madison was starting to get more angry, no matter what she just couldn’t get Liz to cave and say that Cam’ron cheated on her all the time.

"Come on Liz, admit it, he played you."

Liz curious asks, "Why you so curious, Madison?"

"I’m not, I just thought you might like to share."

Liz gives them a full report of her life."Ok, I’ll share. I started going out with Cam’ron when I was 12. He was 16 and to me he was everything, I couldn’t get enough of him. It may seem like a big difference 12-years-old and 16-years-old, but it wasn’t really. By the time I was 12 I looked and acted 16 if you told anyone I was 12-years-old they wouldn’t believe you. I grew up fast and that same year he introduced me to the Untouchables. He explained them as a web of connections that I would have for the rest of my life. Kind of like a sorority or fraternity, or those secretive clubs that are in the Ivy League universities now. People like me that I could call on if I ever needed anything. The little things like tickets to a concert or reservations for a restaurant, but when I got older it would progress to more. I don’t have a record, but it’s not to say I’ve never been arrested. So any ways back to what the inquiring minds want to know, Cam’ron. On my 13 birthday he took me to get my tattoo. NYC puts it here."

Liz shows them her wrist.

"I was his from then on. It was always Cam and Iz. Usually we were exclusive, from time to time we were openly dating other people, and occasionally we cheated on each other. It was a five year relationship see, me being 12-18 and him being 16-22 through it so I don’t see how it could have been anything else then what it was. I loved him, I still love him and I will probably always love him but things get rough, things will always change, and even now I had to move here so currently we are officially still together, but we both agreed to date other people. I tried to end it for good and let him move on but he wouldn’t let me go. I don’t expect him to wait for me and he doesn’t expect me to wait for him. I graduate this year and we’ll see where things go from there."

Isabel couldn’t believe Liz just gave told them about her entire life. "Damn it Liz! How come you didn’t tell me you tried to break-up with Cam’ron!?"

Maria is just as shock as Isabel. "Iz! You are so fucking stupid sometimes. I could have saved you all the trouble and told you he wouldn’t have let you dump him."

Liz is still angry and wants to blow off some steam. "Fuck off both of you. This is my life and I don’t tell you everything that happens in it!"

Isabel remembers the event that took place at their good bye party. "So what was with Maria’s bed then?"

Liz just smirks,"Let’s just say we parted on good terms."

Michael, Liz, Isabel, and Maria were the only ones that weren’t confused by that statement.

Tess asks what everyone else was wondering. "Maria’s bed?"

Maria "This is so my story to tell. You see-"

Liz "Maria! Why are you telling them this?"

Maria "It’s my Oh Poor Little Maria story. I don’t have very many of these and I’m gonna juice them for all it’s worth."

Isabel interrupts Maria, "Mar-"

Liz cuts Isabel off, "Oh just let her, Bella, it’s not like I care."

She walks away to go sit down just outside of the group. Michael follows and sits next to her, but still is listening to Maria. He already knows what happened from listening to the girls earlier but he was hoping to pick up some more.

Maria begins her tale. "So the NYC crew threw us a going away party Friday night at our house right. Our parents were already here in Roswell, it wouldn’t have mattered any way but it was better that they weren’t there. Well there are at least 100 people there of course and there wasn’t a lot of room to have any alone time so I guess Liz and Cam’ron get the idea to head to Liz’s room. Only it was already taken Jeremy and Alana, no wait you, you don’t know them, ok I’ll just keep going. So they somehow decide to go to my room. Now this would of course have been fine with me if they were just gonna talk or even like make-out but no. I’m sure Liz got Cam all hot and then couldn’t just leave him ‘unsatisfied’ so guess what? Yes. They decide to do it right on MY bed. And I’m not talking about a quicky it was full on fuck your brains out sex. I thought I heard some yelling in my room, which I did! So I went in to check and I walk in on Cam’rom slamming into Liz like there was no tomorrow. Well I guess for them there wasn’t. So that’s it. I am now scarred for life seeing my sister having sex in my bed. I got a new bed when we moved here by the way. Which I am so glad of because I would have never been able to sleep in mine again without getting unwanted mental images.

By the end of the story everyone was laughing. Maria was happy that she lightened the mood. Liz was amused at Maria’s version of the story.

Liz approaches the group."Ok, well I think we have learned enough about me for today. Now you all know like my whole history with Cam’ron."

Liz’s cell phone rings.


Liz laughs and scoots away from everyone.

"Maria was just talking about you. Yeah, the last night in NYC direct quote here - and I’m not talking about a quicky it was full on fuck your brains out sex."

They can hear Liz giggle then keep talking.

"Yes, she also said - So I went in to check and I walk in on Cam’ron slamming into Liz like there was no tomorrow. Yup direct quotes there, baby. That’s my little sister for you, sharing our sex stories with the world. It’s not like she has any of her own!"

Maria hearing this says, "Fuck you, Liz."

Liz answers with a comeback of her own. "I would rather fuck Michael." And turns her attention back to her phone conversation.

Everyone just stares at her, because of her boldness.

A couple minutes later Liz hangs up with Cam’ron and goes back over to the group. Everyone is in they’re own little conversations and she notices that Michael is not talking to anyone.

"So Michael. How’d you like my little story?"

"You and Cam’ron are free to date other people?"


"Want to do something with me this weekend?"

"You sure don’t waste time do you?"

"I don’t see any reason to. Plus I’ve already waited since that summer you came back to live with your mom when we were 16. I wanted you then and I still want you now. By the way does your mom still own that house here?"

"Sure, what the hell. I’ll go on a date with you. And yes my mom still has the house. It’s not what we’re living in now of course and my dad doesn’t know anything about it. It’s my back up plan for now. Things are really rough between me and my dad and Bella’s mom."

"So there’s this party Friday night. I’ll pick you up at 9."

"Yeah, sure."

The bell rings and everyone climbs down the bleachers and heads off to they’re next class.


-Friday Night-

It’s 6 o’clock and Liz is in her bedroom trying to figure out what to wear. She room is a mess of clothes, shoes and make-up. Finally she gives up and hollerd to the other girls. Madison, Tess, and Savannah had all come over to Liz, Isabel and Maria’s house to get ready.

“Isabel, Maria, Madison, Tess, Savannah! I need help!”

As all the girls walk in they are all in various states of undress from getting ready themselves.

Maria “Yes, we are all well aware that you need help. I’ve told you again and again to seek professional assistance. I’m sure we can find you a good psychiatrist right here in Roswell.”

Liz just laughs “Fuck you Maria.”

Tess just smiles she was getting used to the sisters banter “So what do you need help with Liz?”

“I don’t know what to wear!” Liz exclaims desperately

Madison “Well do you want to be your usual slutty self or do you want some class for once?”

Liz finally having enough “What the hell Madison! You’ve been on my ass all week! What the fuck is your problem? I never did anything to you. Look I’m sorry if my being in this since I was 13 and you only since last year makes you mad, there is nothing I can do about it! I know you think you’re all that and deserve to be the leader of the girls or whatever but it's not gonna happen. I also know that Cam’ron talked to Michael who talked to you trying to straighten things out before I got here so I wouldn’t have to deal with this shit but you refused to help in any way. Why is that Madison? Worried that someone will take your place in Michael’s heart? That will never happen. Michael will do anything for you. If you asked him never to go on a date with me again he would do it for you. Now I know you love your brother so just leave me alone. I’m not going to take him away from you and if for some reason you think I am just tell me, and I’ll back off. I know I hated it when anyone dated Jeremy. He’s my half brother on my mom’s side but I got over after a while. I am a really possessive person and I think you are too so we are just naturally going to clash. I’m not saying we have to be best friends or anything Madison, just give me chance and we’ll see how it goes.”

Madison sheepishly replies “Ok ok. Fine, everything you said was true. I’ll leave you alone. I’m just not used to having to share the spotlight or Michael with any other girl except Tess. He’s had girlfriends and all but none of them lasted very long.”

Liz “How do you know how long I’ll last?”

Madison “Oh I don’t know for sure. I just have this feeling you are gonna be around a lot longer then the others.”

Liz “Ok then. Well back to my immediate crisis. What to wear?”

Madison “Why don’t you guys all go finished getting ready. I’ll help Liz.”

Maria “Fine, but we better not come back here and find Liz looking all funky.”

Madison “Please Maria, I would never stoop that low.”

As Tess bounces out of the room she adds.

“Just keep your eyes open Liz, I let her fix me up this one time and I ended up looking like a hooker.”

Liz doesn’t seem concerned though.

Madison “So what do you feel like wearing tonight any way?”

Liz replies “Ok, I’m thinking sexy and sweet. I’ve got it down to either my black dress with my black heels or my pale pink dress with my matching pale pink platforms.”

Madison “Ok, well I think you should go with the pink dress. It’s sexy because it’s pretty short but it’s sweet because of the color.”

Liz “Pink dress it is then. My hair up or down?”

Madison “Definitely down and curled.”

Liz “Ok, go get ready yourself, I’m gonna finish it up.”

Madison “Ok, see you in an hour.”

Liz “An hour! I have to hurry!”

As the crew was gathering downstairs the only people that were missing were Liz and Madison.

Michael “Where are they.”

Tess “Madison was with Liz the last time I saw either of them.”

Michael “Oh god…They’ve killed each other haven’t they…”

Maria “Of course not, they’re getting along ok since the fight.”

Michael “The fight?!?”

Isabel gives Maria a look “What she means Michael is that after they talked it out they’re okay now.”

Tess “Talked it out…More like had a shouting match.”

Maria “Well truthfully it was only Liz who was shouting.”

And with that they heard the girls coming down the stairs. When they appeared at the entrance of the living room everyone went silent. Michael couldn’t take his eyes off Liz. She was definitely the most beautiful girl he had ever seen.

Madison “Hey everyone, we all ready to go?”

Liz “Yeah, we have 12 people and 7 cars here. Isabel, Maria and I all came in my car tonight. So do we want to take all the cars or ride together?”

Alex puzzled askes “You all came in your car? Do you each have your own?”

Liz “Of course. Our brother Jeremy had this brilliant idea to get revenge on us three by convincing our parents to get us all ‘matching’ cars.”

Alex “Matching? Do I even want to know?”

Madison “Well I do so tell us.”

Liz “ We all drive the same car but in different colors. Mine is black, Isabel’s is silver, and Maria’s is red.”

Max “What car is it?

Liz “It’s the Mercedes SUV.”

Tess “Isn’t that like a family car?”

Liz shrugged “My parents heard that it was the safest car out there so we all have it.”

Michael “Ok, here’s how we’re gonna do it. Me and Liz will go in my car, Madison and Max will go in Max’s, Isabel and Tess will ride with Evan and Alex, and then Maria and Savannah can go with Kyle.”

Liz “Excuse me Michael, here’s how it’s gonna be? Nope. Try again. This is how it’s gonna be Michael and I will ride in MY, Madison and Max can ride together but I don’t car who’s car they go in, Isabel and Tess are riding with Alex and Evan, and the Maria, Savannah and Kyle are riding together and again they can take whoever’s car they want.”

Michael “Ok fine, that’s ok with me.”

Liz “Again Michael, I know this is gonna be hard for you, but I don’t have to get anything approved by you.”

Michael “Sorry! I didn’t mean it that way, well yes I did but I also meant it as that works too kinda meaning.”

And they all piled in the cars.

As they arrived at the party it had started and was already in full swing.

Liz “Ok, I want everyone back at they’re cars at midnight.”

Savannah angrily asks “Are you giving us a curfew?”

Maria confused “You think it’s a curfew?”

Liz “You don’t do that here?”

Max “Do what?”

Liz “Because this is a party given by someone other then ‘us’ we always arrive at the same time and leave at the same time as a complete unit. We are the life of all parties. We ‘do’ and everyone else ‘follows’ no matter what. We are ‘gracing’ I guess you could say this party with our presence. We leave by midnight because we have 3 other parties to go to tonight and I’m guessing that Roswell parties end by 4am or 5 am and we have to be out by the time the parties even start they’re downward decline.”

Savannah “You’re making this sound like a job, we just come to party girl.”

Liz “No, the popular kids just come to party, we are in a class by ourselves above them. We party but we don’t get wasted. No one ever sees us wasted at least. We are Untouchable, we have an image to keep. If you saw the most popular people you could think of, the icons of the school, you role models the people you look up to wasted, what would you think.”

Max “So you’re saying that we never get wasted.”

Liz “No, I am saying that we don’t get wasted at someone else’s party. We party hop and everyone loves us. We throw our own parties and everyone comes and loves it and goes home happy but even then they don’t see us ralphing up everything and so strung out we can’t think. We do that at our private parties. Is this all new to you guys?”

Tess “Wow that all makes sense.”

Madison looks at Michael “Actually it is new, we’ve never done this like that before Liz.”

Isabel “Oh my god, you guys get wasted and shit if front of everyone?”

Savannah “Of course. Only the real junkies do it in private.”

Maria “So not true Savannah. All Untouchables never do anything in public. I mean anything more then normal party activities. You only do what you know you can handle in front of everyone else, anything else is done at our own parties. Private parties.”

Evan “But private parties would suck, there’s only 8 of us and now only 11, how can you party with only 11 people?”

Maria “Obviously you’ve never partied with Liz then. Liz makes everything better. I mean I know 11 people is gonna be a big change for us. Our private NYC parties average 100 people and then we can get down to 50 with invitation only but damn, I can’t believe you guys do stuff in front of everyone.”

Liz is upset at what she just learned turns to Michael “Michael! What have you been doing here!?”

Michael “Well Roswell is so small I didn’t see any reason to party by ourselves either.”

Liz “Damn it Mikey! How could you! You know how it’s supposed to be! There are reasons for everything.”

Michael “Ok fine! I know I shouldn’t have be letting them do it but I thought what the hell, who can it hurt.”

Liz “Ok fine, we won’t go into why, we’re don’t have the time for this tonight. We. Me and You Michael. Will talk about this tomorrow. Then if anything else you’ve been doing is wrong were gonna go over everything with everybody. Everyone out here by midnight! You don’t want to know what I’ll do to you if you’re not here.”

Maria whispers to everyone “You don’t!”

And everyone enters the party.


The Next Day

Liz and Michael planned to meet at The Crashdown, a local hang out for the high school students in Roswell, the day after the party. Liz was already there waiting for Michael when he arrived, they ordered then got down to business.

"Ok Michael, it’s time to bare all. Tell me everything."

"What do you mean everything?"

"I want to know EVERYTHING. How long you’ve been together as a group, who was the first founding members or whatever you want to call it? Who came in when, who brought whom in? What you guys do? And how in the hell you guys got so messed up?"

"Chill ok, just relax ok. Calm down. It isn’t like this is life or death."

"No you’re perfectly correct Michael, this isn’t life or death. But it is serious non-the less. This is the rest of our lives here."

Fine okay. So the first of us were Max, Alex and myself. Then 2 months later came Kyle, Evan and Savannah. Then Madison a month after that and then we just couldn’t keep Tess away. She was always around and it was terrible trying to keep it from her. So Tess was 2 weeks after Madison.

"And why don’t you follow the basic rules?"

"Well Roswell is just so little and laid back I thought that it wouldn’t really matter what we did."

"Michael you know that was way off right? You could get everything taken away if someone bigger then you found out about this."

"Well now you’ve found out about it Liz, and you are bigger then me so what’s it gonna be? You gonna cancel us?"

"I don’t know. No. I won’t. If you listen to me then I can fix this before anyone that would be able to cancel us can."

"Who would be here that cared?"

"Well Cam’ron for one."

"He’s coming here? To see you? Wait, he would cancel us. Cancel you?"

"Well I don’t see how he’s not gonna end up visiting sometime in the future. We were in love you know. I mean are in love and yes, I think he would. He demands that everything goes correctly. I think that he would take me out of here and cover up that I was ever involved with something that wasn’t run right, but I don’t even know if I could save my sisters let alone the rest of the Roswell crew. He doesn’t have time to do everything himself and he wouldn’t clean up your mess."

All Michael could concentrate on was the part that Liz talking about loving him. "Do you still love him Liz? I thought that maybe last night I felt some interest from you."

"Well let’s say you and I do start a thing. Cam’ron is always going to be special to me. He’s gonna come visit even as friends."

"Are we starting a thing Liz?"

"I don’t know yet Michael. Let’s just see how things go. I like you a lot, but I don’t know what I want yet. I don’t know what I can give you. I mean I’m used to something totally different then what normal relationships consist of. You know Cam’ron and I had a totally abnormal life together. Well, not really that weird but it definitely wasn’t all that stable. We were with other people constantly and I know you’re a one girl guy and I think I’ve always secretly wanted that. I have always said I was satisfied with Cam but it was hard. There’s always other girls and competition. Who likes to fight for they’re own boyfriend constantly, but I don’t even know if I’m ready to commit to one guy. I say I have other guys on the side because Cam has other girls but maybe I just can’t commit to one guy."

"But I’m willing to try with you Liz. I think we can do this. I want to do this. I’ll help you Liz. We’ll be in this together, you know. I know what I’m getting into and I’m willing to try anything for you Liz. Just as long as you try not to break my heart"

He then gave me his heart-stopping grin and how could I refuse. I am now officially the new girlfriend of Michael Guerin. The boy I have secretly always wanted. I know I love Cam’ron, but I’ve known Michael forever and I have always wanted him to be mine but I moved and what could I do but fall madly in love with Cam’ron. This is gonna be hard but I intend to enjoy Michael for as long as possible.

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One Month Later

7pm- Roswell Police Station

Liz is sitting in a jail cell mumbling. "Shit, shit, shit."

Madison in the next cell over looks over at her. "Just chill Liz. It’s no big thing."

"No big thing? Mad, girl, look at where we are. What that fuck was I thinking?"

"I’m telling you exactly what you were thinking. Some messed up done at home bleach blond bitch keyed your car cause Michael wouldn’t do her and then challenged you to a race. Obviously, you being the woman you are took her on. At least we won."

"Yeah, ok we’ll make sure to explain to Michael that "at least we won."

"Explain to Michael? Since when do you explain to Michael?

"Umm, I guess that would be since I totaled his car and what the hell was I thinking taking you in the car with me?"

"I chose to be there Liz, you’re my girl and I’m gonna back you. Always."

Liz turns to look at her friend who was possibly her best friend, right up there with Bella and Ria "Thanks Mad."

"At least we’re not hurt! Well not seriously at least."

"Yeah, ok you know what, how about you tell Michael that "Lola" is dead, too far gone to ever be repaired. That I got a black eye and sprained my wrist and that you got a minor concussion and your legs are black and blue. Damn it, he loved that car."

"He loves you more Liz."

"Yeah, well I guess we’ll find out."

Michael comes rushing into the jail cells where the girls are.

When he sees them, he starts yelling, "What the hell were you doing?!?"

Madison "Michael! Big bro! Best beloved of any and all of my relatives!"

Michael "Can it Madison Anne Guerin! This is not the time for sucking up!"

Madison "Wow, you must be pissed to use my whole name. But I must disagree there Mike, this has to be the best time."

Michael "MADISON!"

Madison "MICHAEL!"

Liz "Mad just stop ok. It’s no use I’m gonna have to talk to him sometime."

Michael "What’re talking about Liz?"

Liz "Madison, I love you okay but trying to take all of his anger isn’t gonna happen here."

Madison "Well you can’t blame a girl for trying."

Michael opens Madison’s cell "Go outside. Everyone’s waiting to see how you are."

Madison asks suspiciously, "They’re just waiting to see how "I" am?"

Michael responds crossly "Just get the hell out Madison."

Madison yells, " I’m not about to just leave Liz here so that you can bitch at her!"

Michael "Madison, get the fuck out of here!"

Liz yells "Michael don’t you dare cuss at her!"

"She’s my damn sister I can speak to her any fucking way I want."

"She’s just trying protect me."

"Why the hell would she need to protect you from me?"

"She doesn’t, I have nothing to fear from you, you son of a bitch! Sorry Mad."

"Ain’t no thing Liz, we don’t share the same mother remember."

"What the fuck. Madison just let me talk to Liz alone ok."

"It’s fine Mad, I’m fine. Go see everyone and let them see you’re okay."

"Fine but I’ll be right back.” Madison walks out of the cell area with one last glance back.

Liz speaking calmly, "What did you want to talk to me about Michael?"

Michael yells, "What the hell were you thinking!"

Liz screams back "I don’t believe I have to answer to you."

"Maybe as the leader of our crew you don’t but you better fucking answer your boyfriend!"

"I better fucking answer my boyfriend! I don’t have to answer shit to anyone and especially not some little dick of a guy who swears at me."

"Little dick? You weren’t calling it little when you were riding the fuck out of it last night and somehow I don’t think that you and Cam’ron never cussed at each other."

"I wasn’t speaking literally you idiot! And Michael, I thought you said you’d be different then Cam?"

"Well maybe he was right in fucking cursing at you."

Madison walks in to hear his last comment. "Oh my god Michael. You did not just say that."

"Oh but he did Mad and that’s the last thing he’s ever going to say to me.” Liz turns to walk out of the room.

Michael makes a grab and catches on to her arm. "Wait Liz, where are you going?"

Liz "Get your hands off me!"

"Just wait a minute Liz we have to talk." He squeezes harder because Liz is squirming to get away from him.

Liz screams, "You’re hurting me Michael. Let go!"

Michael immediately releases her and Liz storms out.

-In the waiting area with everyone-

Maria yells seeing Liz’s injuries "Liz!"

Liz strides into the room rubbing her arms and Isabel immediately knows something is wrong. "Liz? What’s going on? Was that you and Michael yelling?"


Everyone is now gathered around her.

Isabel "So what’s happening? What happened? Why are you and Madison in jail? All the girl would talk about was how much of a jerk Michael was. Her words not mine."

"Well she was right. I’m gone. Isabel, Maria, you can come with me or stay. It’s up to you."

Isabel "What? Where are we going?"

Maria doesn’t even ask. "We’re with you of course."

The three girls walk out not looking back.

-Michael and Madison-

Madison "What the hell were you thinking Michael? I think you bruised her!"

Michael looking confused "Damn it… I don’t know. I just didn’t want her to leave before we finished talking. I didn’t want to hurt her. I just didn’t want her to leave."

"Well good luck Michael. It’ll be a miracle if she doesn’t press charges or get Cam’ron to kick your ass. Oh my god, he’s on his way. He’s gonna kill you Michael."

"She’s wouldn’t let him. I love her and she loves me."

"Well nice way of showing that love and seriously, I don’t think she could stop him."

-The Parker girls in the car-

After a few minutes of silence, Isabel finally asks the questions on her and Maria’s minds. "What’s happening Liz? Where are we going? How did you and Madison end up in jail?"

Liz pulls over at the park and get out of the car. When the two girls get out of the car and find her she’s sitting on the merry-go-round silently crying. Maria sits on one side of her, Isabel sits on the other and each girl puts an arm around Liz and just let her cry. They can’t even remember the last time Liz cried. When she’s quieted down and they’re all just sitting there they all lay back and start to spin.

Liz "I was at school with Mad when we come outside to the parking lot and Amber is keying my car. She starts screaming about Michael and how I stole him from her."

The other two girls gasp.

Liz "We fucked her up a little when the principle comes out to get in his car. Mad and I jump in my car before he sees us and speed away. Madison explains that Michael and Amber had a wild night like over a year ago and how she’s been trying to get with him ever since but he won’t have it. An hour later we dropped my car at the shop to get detailed and we’re in Michael’s car when the bitch pulls up next to us at a traffic light, you know the one that everyone uses to drag and revs her engine. I do the same and the light turns green. We pull out and she’s in the lead but we pull out in front of her right before we go over the finish line, but then something goes wrong I don’t even know what. We flip the car and then wake up in the ER. After they checked us out, I got this black eye and I sprained my wrist.” Liz shows her wrist restraint. "It turns out Madison’s got a minor concussion and some wicked bruises on her legs but other then that we’re fine. Lola’s wrecked though."

Isabel "Oh my god Liz!"

"I know, what the fuck was I thinking. Amber’s just a ho any ways."

Maria "Well at least you won!"

Liz laughs, "That’s what Mad said."

Isabel "So what happened to Amber?"

"She drove away fine. I think she did call an ambulance though. We were in jail cause there was some witnesses to the race. They couldn’t identify the other car or driver."

Maria "So what was up with Michael and your yelling?"

Liz "Stupid fuck. I hate that bastard."

Isabel "What the hell were you guys fighting about?"

"Nothing, we weren’t fighting about anything. I got all uptight and panicked cause I wrecked the car and then he came in all pissed so it turned into a shouting match and then he said some things that he shouldn’t have, so did I, but it was stupid fight about nothing. I got pissed at him for swearing for some reason. I tried to leave and he grabbed me. He hurt me but he didn’t realize how hard he was holding onto me. I told him he was hurting me and he let go really fast. He looked so lost when I left. He didn’t’ know he was hurting me."

Maria "He hurt you? I’m gonna fucking kill him!"

Liz "Ria, it’s fine, I’m okay! He didn’t even bruise me and we all know how easily I bruise. I’ve injured him worse our last fight when I slapped him."

Isabel "Damn Liz, you guys are a violent couple."

"He deserved it! He drank too much and wanted to fight with someone, so I gave him someone to fight with that he wouldn’t get killed with. He’s a damn klutz when he’s drunk."

Isabel "So what are you gonna do Liz?"

"Go home and sleep. My whole fucking body hurts."

Maria "Oh fuck! I called Cam, he’s on his way. He should be here soon actually. He said he’d call your cell Liz when he landed."

As if on cue Liz’s cell rings. "What did you call Cam for Ria?"

"Well you were in the hospital and then in jail. I thought you might need him. I didn’t know that nothing legal would be involved or that you were just had minor injuries when I called him."

"Fine fine, you did the right thing. How much did you tell him?

"That you were in jail and that you had been in the hospital."

Liz answers her phone "Lo’? Yeah I’m fine Cam. I’m out. I’m on my way home to go lay down. I hurt everywhere. No. No, can I just explain everything to you when you get here? Okay, I’ll see you in 2 hours."

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2 hours later

-The Guerin Residence-

Michael: "She won’t answer her cell."

Tess: "Michael, she’s fine. I’m sure she’s just sleeping. That what Madison’s doing."

Michael: "But then why won’t anyone answer the house line either? They can’t all be sleeping."

Tess: "Probably because Isabel and Maria are pissed at you. More so then Liz."

Michael whipped his head around to look at her "How do you know that?"

Tess smiled innocently at him " Oh, um how do I know? Well you, see, wait, how do I know what?"

Michael smirked back "Just answer the question Tess."

Tess: "Maria called here a while ago and told me to keep you the fuck away from her sister."

Michael looked down at the ground and didn’t respond.

Tess: "I’m sure this will all blow over Michael. She can’t stay mad at you forever. And I’ll help don’t worry. I’m sure Madison will help to."

Just then Madison walked into the living room where Michael and Tess were talking.

Madison: "I’ll help what?"

Tess: " Help Michael get Liz back."

Madison: "Yeah, um actually that’s a no. I won’t be helping him get her back. If she doesn’t want him then that’s fucking fine with me. He was a total asshole to her earlier and I think that he doesn’t deserve her."

Tess: "MADISON!"

Michael: "It’s fine Tess, it’s not like I need her help any way. When have I ever needed her help?"

Madison just does the trademark Guerin smirk and replied "Yeah, well I’m off. See you guys when ever."

Michael: "Wait, where are you going? You were just in a car wreck."

Madison: "Yes, which I survived fully unscathed. So I’m going out."

Michael: "The fuck you are. You’re not going anywhere."

Madison: "I’m sorry Michael but your opinion doesn’t matter here. Liz told me to come over, she wants me to meet someone."

Michael: "Liz called here? When? I didn’t hear the phone ring."

Madison: "She called me on my cell a couple minutes ago."

Michael already knowing the answer asked "Who does she want you to meet"

Madison smirked at him and said "Cam’ron" and bounced out the door.

Same time

-The Parker House-

Isabel: "LLLIIIIZZZZ Cam’ron just pulled up."

Maria: "Oh my god! He has a new Beemer, Liz hurry your ass up and come look!"

Liz: "I’m coming. I’m coming. I can’t put any make up on except lip gloss ‘cause my eye is all fucked up. This shit is frustrating."

Liz came down the stairs and out the door to greet Cam’ron in the drive way. She ran and hugged him while wrapping her legs around his waist and whispered in his ear, "Damn, you smell good. I missed you so much Cam."

Cam’ron: "You like that huh, it’s new"

Liz extracted herself from him and slides down to the ground. He was roughly the same height as Michael but a little more muscular. He had dark brown hair and deep chocolate eyes. When they stood by each other they looked perfect.

Cam looked down at her and said, "Shit Iz, what the fuck happened. You have a god damn black eye."

Liz swung to the side and started walking him up to the house. "It’s okay Cam. I’m fine. Me and Mad got into a little car accident."

Cam’ron looked sideways at her "Yeah, Maria said something ‘bout that."

Liz explained what happened and by the time they got inside Maria and Isabel were there waiting to greet Cam’ron.

Maria: "Damn boy, I must say you get hotter every time I see you. I don’t know what you’re doing with my sister when you know it should be us." And then she giggled and went to give him a hug.

Isabel: "It seems like a lot longer then a month Cam. How’s everyone?"

Cam’ron: "Good good, everyone is good. Anisa thinks she’s in love with Tony so I’ve been doing the big brother thing keeping him straight."

Maria: "Tony! Damn she’s a lucky girl. I thoroughly envy your little sister Cam."

Cam’ron laughed "Doesn’t everyone."

Isabel and Maria went to the den to watch TV while Liz and Cam’ron went to the kitchen to get food for everyone.

Liz jumped up on the counter while Cam’ron looked through the cupboards for junk food. As Cam’ron walked by Liz grabbed him and trapped him between her legs, locking her ankles behind his back. He leaned in and they kissed for a minute before Cam’ron pulled back a little.

"Michael wouldn’t like us doing this."

Liz pouted, "Fuck Michael."

"I’m sure you do Liz."

"What’s it to you?” Then she paused, "How did you even know?"

"I know everything Liz, I know you know that. How could I not know when my girlfriend is fucking other guys."

Liz pushed him away from her "Part time ex-girlfriend and one guy. You never cared before. Why does it matter now."

"Cause Liz, we’re gonna do this right. If you want to be with me then you gotta end it with him. I’m not gonna be the other guy here."

"Ok fine, what about Tamara? You don’t think I don’t know about her do you? Your going all ‘I know what’s right and I know what’s wrong and I’m gonna do right here Liz’ when you’ve been fucking another girl and you never told me. You said you’d wait for me Cam, and you knew that I wasn’t going to be here and be alone and you still said you’d wait for me."

"Shit, who told you? And yes Liz, I told you I’d wait but I didn’t say I’d wait alone. If you decide that you want to be with me then good, we’re together."

"How long would we last Cam, how long before you see a girl that you want to try out, or I see a guy I want to be with. We’ve never been just you and me for very long. How do you even know that we could?"

"You’ve been with Michael a month now with it just being you two."

"A month until a couple minutes ago when I see you and all I can think of is how to get you up to my bed."

"Baby we can’t."

"Oh my god. I know what’s wrong. You’re fine if you’re the main person and I have flings but I always come back to you. But you won’t be a fling. Why?"

"Cause then that would mean I’m not good enough to keep you."

"Cam’ron you know that’s not true. Please Cam. I need you right now. I always need you."

"Fuck Iz, you know I can’t resist you, I’ve never been able to resist you. Lead the way Liz Parker."

Isabel and Maria saw Liz leading Cam’ron upstairs guessing that they’re going to her bedroom.

Isabel sighed, "Michael’s never going to forgive her for this."

Maria: "That’s fine. She and Cam were always meant to be, I don’t see why they pretend it otherwise."

Isabel: "Maybe because Liz can do better then that."

Maria: "Better then Cam’ron?"

Isabel: "Better then not having a stable relationship. Better then not being able to trust her boyfriend 100%."

Maria: "What are you talking about Bella? She trusts Cam with her life."

Isabel: "Yes but not with her heart. I can’t even count the times he’d broken it."

The doorbell ringing interrupted them. They both go to answer it. Madison is standing there grinning.

Maria: "What are you so happy about Mad?"

Madison: "I left my brother in the dust and stole his car keys so that he can’t follow me!"

Maria: "See Isabel, Madison is right there with me. Liz shouldn’t me with Michael she should be with Cam’ron."

Madison: "Wait what? Of course I want Liz and Michael together, they’re perfect. Michael gives Liz the stability that she needs and Liz adds a little spice to his life and doesn’t take any of his shit."

Isabel: "Well why did you take his car keys then?"

Madison just smirked, "Well I want him to have to work for it of course"

Maria: "Well you both are wrong because right now Liz and Cam are in her room doing everything and anything they want to each other and you both can’t do anything about it!"

Madison: "Wait what? Isabel how could you let this happen?"

"How the hell was I supposed to stop it? I’m not about to just barge in there. They know we know what they’re doing. Liz would kill me, Cam would too I think."

Madison: "This is my brother’s happiness we’re talking about here. We can’t let this happen. Michael will never forgive Liz if she has sex with Cam’ron."

Maria: "Just get over it girls, this is for the best. Liz and Cam’ron are supposed to be together."

Isabel: "Don’t you get anything Maria. He hurts Liz, he hurts Liz so much more then Michael ever will. Michael will never hurt Liz intentionally. Even unintentionally he doesn’t hurt Liz as much as Cam’ron does unintentionally."

Maria: "Love is pain. Do you think that Liz could even come close to loving Michael as much as she loves Cam’ron."

Isabel: "I think that Cam’ron was Liz’s first love and that their love was intense. But I also think that she loves Michael just as much as Cam’ron."

Maria: "You keep saying was. Obviously their love is not past tense Isabel."

Madison: "She loves my brother, I know she loves him. I don’t understand how she can love my brother and go upstairs to fuck Cam’ron. We have to go stop them."

Maria: "Madison, I love you girl but please just leave Liz alone. She needs him right now. He loves her unconditionally. They’ve been through so much together, have survived so much together. It’s always been Cam’ron and Liz against the world. Who’s Liz if we take away Cam’ron. And vice versa. It would break her to have to let him go."

Isabel: "Your wrong Maria. That was true when Liz was 14, but she’s gown up. She doesn’t need Cam’ron to be there to fix everything for her. She can stand by herself now."

Just then Michael walked in triumphant. Smirking he turned to Madison.

"Someone must have forgotten I have friends too."

Tess, Kyle, Alex, Max, Evan, and Savannah all came trooping in behind him.

Savannah: "So we heard Cam’ron was in town and being that we’ve never met his holiness, we decided to come right over and welcome him to Roswell."

Alex: "But it seems the welcome wagon is late. I saw the Beemer outside so he’s here already. Thanks for telling us he was coming girls. Makes us look real good."

Maria: "Actually none of you need to be here, leave."

Tess: "What the hell, of course we need to be here. He came to Roswell and doesn’t expect to see the Roswellian team?"

Isabel: "Actually he’s here on personal business. I don’t know if he was even going to tell anyone he came through."

Michael: "Damn right personal, my personal business. Where the hell are they?"

Maria glared and walked over to stand in front of him "It’s a family only affair, so I think y’all need to leave."

Isabel doing the same "Get out Michael, you are not welcome here get the hell out!"

Michael yelling. "Fuck that! Tell me where they are. They better not be anywhere upstairs!" And he threw a lamp against the wall.

Isabel screamed at him, "You son of a bitch, is violence always the answer to your problems?"

Trying to calm down Michael started taking deep breaths. "Just tell me where they are." He turned to his twin pleading. "Madison please."

Madison looked at him dejectedly "She’s with Cam’ron Michael."

Michael dreading the answer "Where Mad, where are they?"

Madison: "They’re-"

Maria: "Shut the fuck up Madison, you have no right. Just leave my sister alone. Why can’t you all just leave her alone and get the hell out of my house."

Tess stepped up "Don’t you swear at my sister Maria, she didn’t do anything wrong."

Maria: "Right your sister didn’t but you brother is fucking physically abusing my sister and none of you do anything about it."

Isabel: "Stop! Maria, shit, just stop already okay. You know that was an accident, if Liz doesn’t hold it against Michael you have no right to."

-Meanwhile upstairs in Liz’s bedroom-

Liz and Cam’ron are making out on Liz’s bed. Cam’ron is about to take off Liz’s shirt when she stopped him.

"Cam, wait."

He stilled his movements. "What’s wrong?"

Liz scooted back putting a little distance between them "I can’t. Oh god I want you, I want to so much it hurts but I just can’t. I can’t screw up what I have with Michael."

"Fuck. Do you love him?"

"Yes. No. A little bit."

"Do you love me?"

"How can you even ask me that?"

"Ok, let’s try this again. Do you love him as much as you love me?"

"Cam’ron. I will never love anyone as much as I love you. You were my first love. You took care of me like no one else could. But I think that maybe our love is too intense to last forever. It’s just so all consuming Cam, do you think we could be like this forever and survive each other. Eventually, I think we’d tear each other apart. I would rather end it with you on good terms, being friends. Because I know that I can’t survive without you in my life Cam’ron.

"Damn it Liz why do you have to be so intelligent. I love you so much. I really don’t want this to be a I love you enough to let you go situation."

"But it is Cam’ron. Look how far we’ve made it. You’ve grown up into something great. I remember seeing so much potential in you. Now you’ve achieved it. I’ve been growing up right along with you but I’m not quite there yet. And Michael, he gives me something that I need right now. He’s so stable Cam, it’s almost scary. You and I are so much alike but Michael, he has specific goals in his life that he knows he’s going to achieve them, where with us we never knew what we wanted. At this time in my life I’m finding what I need in Michael. I love you so much Cam’ron, I feel like my heart is breaking."

"I know the feeling. I hate it when you’re right. What am I supposed to do without you? How do we even know that I can be me without you?"

"You can Cam, because you’re strong. Your stronger then you’ll even know. You’re stronger then us."

"Nothing will ever be stronger then us Liz. Because we will always be together, there will always be an us, through everything we go through even as our relationship changes. I will always love you Liz Parker."

Cam’ron and Liz stand up off the bed and start arranging they’re clothes to go downstairs, as they are doing that they hear something break, crashing against a wall. They look at each other and before finishing they go running downstairs to see what happened, both with they’re clothes still messed up.