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The Days of Our Lives
Title : The Days of Our Lives
Author : Rae
Email Address : littlemissnotsoperfect⊕
Disclaimer : Not Mine....
Rating : PG (Not sure)
Catergory : MI/L (UC)
Summary : Read on to find out....
Author's Note : This is my first fic.... So feedback needed

Part 1 => The Day of the Banter

Present Day

Have you ever had a dream that was so real, that when you woke up you couldn’t tell the difference between the dream world and the real world? No, how about have you ever…died? No, you haven’t done that either.

Boy, this is so hard. I took the quote from ‘The Matrix’ or I think I did. I had to watch that film during one of our POW-WOW sessions that with have every week. Anyway I’m jumping the gun and I haven’t even introduced myself.

The name’s Parker. Liz Parker 00REJECT. Licence to be alone for the rest of my life, or so I thought. I’m a typical High School teenager. No, I’m not a cheerleader. Oh, god the images of me as part of the pom-pom brigade. There’s nothing wrong with cheerleading it just isn’t me. I’m popular but not too popular; I’m smart but too smart for my own good sometimes. Basically, just your average small town girl. Ok, so I live in New Mexico. Where I hear you ask. Err, err Roswell, anyway yeah. So I work at the Crashdown. It’s a cheesy alien theme restaurant that my dad owns.

Right, well that’s all I think you need to know, for now. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention something…
“Parker get down these stairs and start working. I’m not salving off my ass while you do nothing all day…I’m not even meant to be working today.”

I should get down there, don’t want to be working with a grumpy Michael all day. But he’s kind of cute when he’s pissed off… “Ok, where the hell… did that come from?” Said Liz aloud. I can’t have just thought that of Michael Guerin, then again my feelings have changed towards him.

“Talking to yourself again, Parker. First sign off you losing your marbles…not that you had any to begin with.”

“Ha, Ha, Ha. I never knew you were a comedian Michael.” Liz said sarcastically. “How long did it take you to figure that one out? Was it less than a year or maybe you were really, really, really lucky it was less than a month. Nah, you’re not that lucky.”

“Oh, we are really bitchy today aren’t we Liz. We’ll have to get you a collar and a sign saying, “Beware this dog bites.”

“You’re so funny. Please stop it Michael cause my sides are splitting.”

“I’ve never know you to resort to sarcasm so quickly Parker.”

“Whatever. You know Mi…” the phone ringing interrupted Liz.


Part 2 => The Day of the Understanding


“Hey, Liz. It’s Max.”

Oh, great this is really the icing on the cake. Who, would have thought that the “I’m so high and mighty” King would grace me with a call. Let’s break out into dances of joy, like all his other little minions. Gotta love the sarcasm, it’s my only weapon against them.


“Is Michael there at the Crashdown?”

“Yeah. Why?” Liz asked suspiciously. ‘Another meeting that I’m not included in I bet. He’ll say “Tell him there’s a meeting,” and there’ll be no mention of my name.’

“Could you tell him that we are holding a meeting at my place.”

“Yeah, sure.” With that Liz slammed the phone down on the King.


“That was Max, he says there’s a meeting at his place.” Liz stated walking out of her room. Michael followed her and soon found himself back in the kitchen of the Crashdown. Michael then broke the silence that had suddenly engulfed the small kitchen.

“You aren’t invited are you?” Michael asked quietly, but yet the words spoke volumes. ‘Why do I feel like this?’ He couldn’t understand why he felt so bad and sad for Liz. Lately, she had been on his mind a lot and he couldn’t shake the familiar feeling that followed him when ever she was near or how their good-natured banter was the highlight of his day.

“No, as usual I am not included in your little pow-wow sessions. Every since him and I split up and then you found out that I shouldn’t have been sent down with you guys. I don’t care anyway, after the few meetings I’ve been to, I think I’m better off not going. Those few experiences will last a lifetime. Plus, I don’t like subjecting myself to any shape or form of torture. Gerbil’s voice just kept on screeching and screeching. It was worse than that time the teacher dragged her nails down the blackboard in Bio.”

At, this Michael laughed and Liz smiled. ‘I’m glad I have Michael to talk to. Even though we hardly talk at all. We bicker, we throw insults and yet it’s comforting. I feel like I’ve know him forever and yet I haven’t.’

“Anyway, you better go Michael. The King awaits your presence. I wish you good luck, cause you’ll need it, heavens know I needed it to get through one of his meetings.”

“You’re one of the lucky ones Liz Parker. You have escaped, I wish I could have escaped with you. So, I’ll drop by later for the end of my shift and tell you about the torture that I had to go through.”

“You do that Michael. See you later. That’s if you’re still alive.”

“Ditto, Liz.” With that Michael walked out the back door of the Crashdown. Liz entered the main dinner and started to take some orders. She walked up to the window and peered through looking for Michael, then she remembered.
“Oh, god. What am I going do now? I’ve got no bleeding cook. Oh, please somebody kill the King. I’m going to have to shut now.”

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Thank U to Corrin, Anya and Oh My Max for the feedback and here's more for you....

Part 3 => The Day of Learning the Truth

So, I bet you are wondering why I’m writing a diary. Why you are reading a normal girls life, but I’m not so normal but I’ll get to that soon. Well, as for why I am writing a diary. Life goes so fast and I want to remember every living minute of every living day. So bare with me and I’ll try to go through the past years fairly quickly and then I’ll tell you about the most important day in my life.

Where were we? Right, I left you with my revelation. Sorry, I didn’t tell you… Well ok, so I’m an Alien. I can see the billboard lights and newspaper headlines flashing already.

“Alien in Roswell, New Mexico. The alien theme capital of the world.”

Ok, so I’m from the planet Antar, the leading planet in this ‘V’ constellation thing. I don’t really know all the facts. As I said before “ I’m 00REJECT, licence to be alone.”
Yep, according to the other four aliens…Yeah, there’s more of us … I’m a reject. Sent down to earth by mistake. I wasn’t important on Antar and they don’t know why I was sent down with them. So, basically I’m kept out of the loop, I hardly ever get to know what’s going on. Only one of them ever tells me what’s going on and I think they only do that because they feel sorry for me. That person is Michael.

The other four are…. Maxwell ‘I’m the King and a prick of a King at that plus I got us all killed in our past lives’ Evans. I dated him for like over a year, then a lot of other shit came up and we spilt up and I did something that but the finally nail in the coffin of ‘Max and Liz = Soulmates.’ I hate him now and I used to think I loved him.
Isabel ‘I’m an ice princess, so don’t mess with me otherwise I’ll turn you to ice with just one look, who also broke my brothers heart’ Evans.
Michael ‘Mr. Stonewall, second in command, I can blow up rocks and I have just gained control of my powers’ Guerin.
Oh, you’ll like the fourth. Tess ‘I’m a mind-warping psychopath and I look like a gerbil, who can only say ‘Destiny’, ‘Destiny’ and oh, I can’t forget, err what was that word… That’s it ‘Destiny’ Harding.

At least, my friends – who are human – accept me for who I am. First off, there’s Maria DeLuca, (who if there was such a competition) could babble for the title of “Babbler of the Year.” Of course, the judges would have to change it to “Babbler of the Millennium and the next twenty after that” because nobody would be able to come close to her. She has a very bad case of verbal diarrhoea.
Kyle Valenti, Sheriffs son, ex-boyfriend and a jock, enough said about him I think. Lastly, there’s my best friend and my brother – maybe not in blood but in spirit – Alex Whitman. They are too many words to describe him. But there is only sentence that comes to mind when I think of Alex. “He’s my life.” Without him I would have died, literally.

Now that you know everyone let the real story begin. See that’s all you need to know there’s four verses four. Two separate groups brought together by the secret of Alien Royalty. If only, they all knew the truth and knew what I know. They wouldn’t call me a reject anymore.


Part 4 => The Day of the Beginning


As the stars shined brightly in the Roswell skyline and as the last residents of Roswell closed shop for the night. A bright light could be seen. The light glowed and shimmed a different array of colours, bright pinks to purple to blues and then finally setting on a lighter shade of gold. It stayed that way for what seemed like hours, to the woman who had witnessed the whole scene, but it was only a few minutes. The passers by were oblivious to the whole scenario, they continued they daily routines. But there was a feeling the woman couldn’t shake off; there was an air of mystery surrounding her. “What really was it?” she asked out load but mainly to herself. “It’s time for a little investigation.”

Upon arriving at the desert it seemed normal, but that feeling returned that shook at her bones and burned her to the core. She had only just got rid of the feeling, the mystery. She quickly scanned the planes and saw nothing. She looked over the edge of the quarry and saw nothing, she glanced over the rock formations and she found what she was looking for. She didn’t know that, that was what she was looking for but inside something told it was. She looked closely at the object. It was a dome shaped craft and as in a blink of an eye, it disappeared and in it’s place stood rocks. There was a small light emitting from one side of the formation, on closer inspection by the woman, it appeared to be an opening.

Once, inside she took in her surroundings, and in front of her she could see twelve egg shaped pods. All except for four emitting a dim whitish glow. One of the four had no glow at all and seemed almost dead like. The other three were emitting sharp and yet subtle golden glows. These four were the central pods and the others were branched off in twos, which also had one pod that looked dead. On closer inspection the woman could tell that inside the pods were housing young children. Their shape was instantly recognisable and could never be mistaken. Six were boys and six were girls.

There was a sense of eeriness surrounding – what seemed to be a fitting name for the room – “The Pod Chamber.” Like something was wrong, yet couldn’t be at the same time. The emotions of coldness, sadness, bitterness and anguish were deafening. Yet, there was under laying emotions of peacefulness, hope and most recognisable love.

Love could be felt from the two central pods, which had now started emitting a mixture of the colours gold and purple. These two pods and only these pods could love be felt. It was stronger than any imaginable to man and woman. It was one that you could never tire or get bored off. It was a love that lasted eternity and would carry on surviving as long as they believed.

One of the two pods housed a girl with dark hair, she had her eyes closed, like she was bracing herself for what would happen next but she was strong. The one next to her housed a boy, who too had dark hair but not as dark as the girl. He too looked like he was bracing himself for something, but he had his eyes open and was ready for action. Again, she turned to look at the other pods and saw that the features of the others were not as sharp or as developed as the girl and the boy.

“They must be important,” thought the woman. “The boy and the girl have seemed to have bought a sense of hope and survival with them. I will have watch over them, all of them. I will return.” With that thought the woman left.
The woman returned the next day and found that six of the twelve pods had gone. They had been taken. “But by who?” the woman thought.

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