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Title: Young Adult
Author: Diamond LOVE
Couple: Liz/Zan/Max/Tess Maria/Rath Isabel/Alex Kyle/?
Summary: Liz moves to N.Y. She see’s Max, the sweet innocent face, then she see’s Zan, the player of them all. Follow her life and her friends to discover, heartbreak, love, fights, danger, but most of all adult hood.
Disclaimer: I don’t own anything at all. Omly my lifePleez don’t sue. I’m just doing my job to pleez all the readers.

Smell the fresh air, or polluted air. Even though the air wasn’t all that good New York was the best. The way the people buzzed up and down. The way the sunsets were, all in different colors in the morning. The way New York had an edge to it, but still was innocent, in some edgy way. The way it dragged you to it, with the sounds of cabs, people yelling and really cute guys. Too cute.

Liz came to New York 4 hours ago with a mission. A mission to have a new attitude towards life. Back in Utah, she always had priorities. There was school, and then there was her family, then her now ex-boyfriend, then school again. But lately she’s been thinking about that list, and she realized that somebody wasn’t on it.
It’s now time to step outside and do something for herself for a change, and then she’ll see the big picture at last.
New York was that change, she always wanted to see new things and explore her life.

1st- I need an apartment
2nd- I need a new attitude
3rd- I need jobs not just one but many
4th- I need a change physically and mentally
5th- I need a map because I’m completely lost.

Liz stood in the middle of the sidewalk, the sign said 5th Avenue.
She ignored the pushing and bumping of people passing by.
She looked around, looking for help; she had 3 suitcases by her side.
She had $100.00 in her pocket with about $.02.
Just as she was about to turn around to start walking, she got hit by an arm in her chest. Her handbag fell out of her hand causing her $100.00 dollar bill to drop out of her opened handbag. She tried to catch, but knew she shouldn’t because there was cars passing by fast. She watched as the bill flew under a car and onto the sidewalk across the street. A little girl had picked it up and ran away with a grin on her face.
“Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry” said the voice of a girl.
“It’s okay” Lied Liz even though her chest hurt like crazy.
“Are you sure, I’m so sorry,” said the girl.
When she turned around to look at the girl, she saw a blonde haired girl, with blue eyes, and a really messy hairstyle.
“My $100.00’s is gone,” stuttered Liz.
“I’ll make it up to you I promise, I am so sorry” said the girl.
“How about coffee, or a,” stuttered the blond haired girl.
“Forget about, it’s just how life goes” said Liz biting her lip in frustration.
“No, you have to forgive me, I’ll make it up to you, my name is Maria” said Maria stretching out her hand.
“Umm, Liz” Stretching out her hand as well.

Maria had convinced me to follow her to the place she worked; it was called ‘Taste of Flavor’. They served coffee, cappuccino, croissants, lattes, doughnuts, and all the tasty things you could think off.
I told Maria that she could make it up to me by offering me a job at this place, it was off the hook. We talked for a while about our past relations, future, and hair-dos because she really needed a do over. I had my hair braided that day in cornrows, she had noticed it and asked me if I could do her hair. I told her yes but only if she helped me get an apartment.

I found an apartment; actually we found an apartment. She was looking for an apartment too, so we both moved into one. The outside was just as good as the inside. The outside was gold with tons of glass, it was classy and expensive. Maria said her father was a pushover and would help her pay the rent, like about 80% of it. Wow I wish I had a father like that. In the inside you first come across 4 security guard. Two in the main part and the other two on each side of the building. The room was even more beautiful, perfect n everyway. When you open the door you see the big, spacious living room, it had 2 rooms, on each side of the living room. The kitchen was also big. Also it had two bathrooms for each of us. At the back of the living room was a big screen slide window door. You can slide it open and it had a beautiful view of the pool at the bottom, the tennis court at one side, and a basketball court on the other. It was a dream house. It also had another spacious room, for a guest, or for reading area.

You remember my list from the beginning

1st- I need an apartment (I got one with my new roommate, Maria.)
2nd- I need a new attitude
3rd- I need jobs not just one but many (I only got one but still looking.)
4th- I need a change physically and mentally
5th- I need a map because I’m completely lost. (Maria was my help guide but I really have to buy one for myself.)

The next day I woke up early, asking Maria for $50.00, I told her I’d pay her back, when I received my check for working at the restaurant (Taste of Flavor).
I went to CVS and Rite-Aid looking for hair products, make-up and some honey-roasted peanuts.

Maria was coloring my hair. I was transforming my chocolate- brunette locks into a statement. To really brighten up the front, I put an ultra-light shade of pale blonde. Can you imagine a few streaks of light blond in the front? Maria also cut my hair, longer than the shoulders, but shorter than where breast were. It really looked nice, I actually liked it.
That day we went shopping for food; Maria got her monthly $1000.00’s from her father. We bought things for the fridge, some books, and things to clean and decorate the house, but most of all make-up. Maria bought the things that she had gotten from a garage sale into the apartment, at least she had taste.
I realized that the clothes I had, were out of style, so I knew that I had to get another job so I did’nt have to ask Maria’s D A D D Y.

This was my schedule, College started less than two weeks. Maria and I were going to NYU.

So basically this is it:
Monday- (7 A.M to 4 P.M) (4:30-7:30)
School / Job at ‘Taste of Flavor’

Tuesday- (7 A.M to 4 P.M) (4:30-7:30)
School / Job at ‘Taste of Flavor’

Wednesday- (7 A.M to 4 P.M) (5:30-7:30)
School/ Secretary

Thursday- (7A.M to 3:30 P.M) (4:30-9:00)
School/ Job at ‘Taste of Flavor’

Friday- (7A.M to 4:00 P.M) (5:30-7:30)
School/ Secretary

Saturday- (12:30-4:30) (6:30-9:30)
Job at ‘Taste of Flavor’/ Clothing Store Work

Sunday- (9:00:12:00)
Clothing Store Work

Life is hard isn’t it, but if it’s paying money I’m there, nowhere else.

Maria had a boyfriend named Rath. They fought all the time.
Their recent fight was about a pants. Maria thought her pants were baggier than his.
Rath had piercing all over and tattoos too. He never really paid much attention to me, only to Maria.

Rath had this friend named Zan, who was dating a girl name Tess.
Tess was another blonde, a sqeaky one too. I had no problem with her until she thought that I was staring at Zan, which I was. She cursed me out, but of course I cursed her out too.
Zan had spiky purple hair, tons of earrings and rings. Hoops through his eye-brow and nostril, and tattoos on both arms. He was muscular, and had a bad boy flavor in him that turned me on.
He had a twin brother named Max
Max was the opposite of Zan, he was sweet, innocent, calm, and didn’t say much curses, that turned me on a bit too.
Max and Zan had a sister named Isabel
Isabel was a teen- drama queen. I usually go shopping with her most of the time, but she usually hangs out with Alex.
Alex is Isabel’s ‘friend’ not boyfriend ‘friend’. Yea right.
Alex was skinny but muscular in a way he had hazel eyes and was cute a little.
Kyle is a guy I met on the road, he’s really funny and a good person to talk too.
On the other hand I was a blonde/brunette, who was once a nerd (nothing’s wrong with being a nerd, nerd’s rule) now turned into a super star.
1st- I need an apartment (I got one with my new roommate, Maria.)
2nd- I need a new attitude (I got an attitude because of Tess)
3rd- I need jobs not just one but many (I only got one but still looking.)
4th- I need a change physically and mentally (My hair is part blonde/brunette/ My clothes are more revealing)
5th- I need a map because I’m completely lost. (Maria was my help guide but I really have to buy one for myself.)

Life changes /People Changes
I wore more revealing clothes and my attitude changed a lot. I guess I was growing into,


Summary and Spoilers

Liz likes Zan and Max
Max like Tess
Zan likes Liz
Zan is dating Tess
Tess likes Max
( 3 love birds if only they could survive the dangerous twists)

Maria likes Rath
Rath likes Maria
No problem, but Maria thinks Rath is cheating on her with Isabel.
No problem, but Rath thinks Maria is a hiding something from him.
Fighting is the main part of their relationship.
(Secrets is what is causing them to fall apart)

Isabel likes Alex but as a friend
Alex likes Isabel but more than a friend.
(Alex teaches Isabel not to be afraid of love)

Kyle wants Tess but soon finds out that he’s going to be alone
( Kyle finds out the true meaning of life)


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