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Title: Spark
Author: Gretchen
E-Mail: haunted_dildo⊕
Couple: hmm... let's THINK Mi/L
Rating: well, there will be smut... eventually but for now R
Description: Ok, I had no idea what to title this, and sooooooooo that's why it's now spark. It was almost Shine and Getting Scared. Anyway, it's MY version of Who Died and Made You King, which is much much better than that cliffie crap that we got. Trust me. Oh and I graduate today, soooo yay me. I prooomise that Gwen will update Hell and Bliss, I keep nagging her, I do, so I hope this holds you over.
Michael was buried beneath the shadows, the soft glow of the moon illuminated his profile, while he waited, his senses heightened as Max grew closer. Michael steeled himself in silence as he heard the sound of footsteps increase in intensity, he was getting closer, and he knew that if he was to strike, he had to do it now. This was his one chance to prove to the former king that he had been removed, that Michael now bore the seal and it was time that Max learned his place in this new arrangement, which was indubitably beneath him. A boy with his shady character had no right to treat those closest to him like dirt, despite his position, especially not someone like Liz, who was never Max’s to begin with, another fact that Michael had discovered and would enjoy telling his former friend. The doorknob turned, diverting Michael from his thoughts and he tensed, awaiting Max’s first move.

Max’s eyes darted around in the darkness, something was different, unsettling, and he wondered if there had been an attack earlier in the evening. “Michael” he cried into the shadows, somewhat aware of another presence in the apartment. Before he could utter another word, Max felt a current of air brush by him while strong thick hands lunged at him, clamping down on his neck and slamming his limp frame against a wall.

Michael grinned maliciously as he lifted Max’s body upwards, until his feet dangled helplessly in the air, energy flowing through his body, his fingertips itching to let some of this power loose, but there would be other times for such amusements, right now he had a task to complete, and he would finish it, Max Evans be damned. He felt a small bit of wetness hit his face, clearly Max’s saliva, and rage yet again permeated his being. “Now Max, you need to play nice” he remarked sarcastically as he let a bit of his power seep through his control, shocking Max into submission. Michael slowed his breathing, knowing full well that this was hardly the way to get his revenge on Max for the way that he’d treated Liz all of these years, and his focus yet again was on the topic at hand. “She never was yours.” He began, his voice dripping with venom, the result of years of emotional pain caused by Max always making sure that Michael looked like the boy that Hank fashioned him to be, not the brilliant, impulsive young man that he truly was. He smirked, amused by Max’s confusion and continued, “She was mine before, she is mine now… she just doesn’t know it yet.” Michael’s mind again wandered to the beautiful soul that was Elizabeth Parker and all that Max had done to break her, take away her spirit, and he unceremoniously punched him square in the gut without another word. “All of this time you have been hurting her, disrespecting her and still she comes back, because you’ve broken her, trained her like some dog, made her loyal to your sorry ass. But guess what Maxwell, it ends, now. You see, the thing is, you died, I’m king now, and she’s always wanted me.”

Max looked at Michael with both fear and confusion reflected in his amber eyes, he was well aware of Michael’s ability to kill him at any moment, but he wanted, no needed to know who he was talking about, since it had to be either Tess or Isabel. He was pretty sure that Tess was not the girl that he was talking about, since she had proven herself to be anything but loyal, but what would possess Michael to attack him over his own sister? But given Michael’s current emotional state, Max reasoned that this was a plausible explanation and he decided that it would be a good idea to send Michael on off after Jesse, he’d never liked his brother in law anyway, and this was a perfect opportunity. He took in a deep breath and met Michael’s cold gaze, he had to choose his words carefully if he didn’t want to end up dead himself. “Michael, I know you’re talking about Isabel, and whatever you think I did, I’m sorry, but I think that you should take it up with Jesse, not me, he is the one fucking her.”

Michael laughed in spite of himself, how could Max be so blind as to think that he was talking about Isabel? “You never were that smart Maxwell now were you? I’m not talking about your sister, oh lord of the idiots, I’m talking about Liz.” He smirked and pulled his hands away from Max, who fell lamely to the floor while he rushed out of his apartment, leaving a confused Max Evans in his wake.

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Thanks for all the FB guys! I'm glad that everyone liked it. PS. Sorry for the cliffie at the end, but I'm about to go and watch a movie, so I had to cut it there.
Liz sighed as she aimlessly swept the floor of the Crashdown. It had been a relatively slow night, but the last couple had taken forever to leave and had given her a small tip, despite her kindness. “Screw them” she muttered, while she continued with her task, secretly hoping that her father would go upstairs quickly so that she could test out her powers. In spite of the lack of outbreaks lately, she still felt the energy coursing through her and she needed to see if she’d developed a better handle on her abilities. She smiled slightly as she heard her father’s footsteps moving upwards away from the café. Immediately banking on the opportunity, Liz shut her eyes and focused her energies on cleaning the restaurant, leaving her unaware of two dark eyes watching her every move.

Moments later she opened her doe eyes to see a clean Crashdown and Michael Guerin a few inches from her face, his intense gaze meeting hers, his heavy breathing not lost on her. She wondered if she was dreaming, since that was the only plausible explanation for why he was inches from her face, his eyes filled with desire for her. Liz wanted nothing more than his supple lips on hers at that moment, well at any moment really, which was hardly a foreign thought in her mind, but excited her just the same. Finally finding her voice when he did not close the gap between them, she breathed out his name in a voice barely above a whisper and bit her lip slightly to conceal her nervousness.

Michael watched her for another moment in silence, basking in her beauty and his need to revel in the tension that existed between them. Finally realizing that he had to speak, he scratched his eyebrow before he stated “Liz, I need you to come with me” in a voice devoid of his normally gruff manner. He watched her nod, her long locks fluttering ever so slightly in the process. Michael’s hand subconsciously brushed a stray strand out of her face before gently, but possessively placing his arm around her and leading her out of the Crashdown and into the car that he’d stolen from Max.

Liz could not help but think that in trying to clean the Crashdown, she’d woken up in another universe where there was no Max Evans, just a whole lot of Michael Guerin, and she never wanted to go back, his touch was electric and it made her feel alive, when she had been dead for months. She paused as they reached the car door, turning slightly to meet Michael’s eyes once more, and in that moment she was stuck there staring, despite feeling a growing need to question him, to ask him something that had been lost in his touch. “I… uh… Michael, what… where…” she stammered as his face inched forward, closer and closer, until his lips brushed against hers in the most gentle of gestures.

Michael pulled away from her immediately afterward to see her dark eyes wide in surprise and muttered an apology before heading to the other side of the car. It was too early to scare her like that and she would probably hate him once she realized what he was going to do, but still he couldn’t have stopped it, he needed to feel what it was like, just once and now he wanted more.

Liz let out a sigh and blinked in an attempt to wake up from this dream while she savored the taste of him on her lips. She now reasoned that this was, indubitably, a dream, for there was no possible explanation for Michael Guerin kissing her, especially not in the waking world. However, if this was, in truth, merely her dreams, then why would Michael, the object of all of her dreams, have hauled his movements, why would he be sorry for doing everything that she’d wished he would do? Could he have realized what she knew all along, that by kissing her Michael was now privy to the fact that she, Liz Parker, would never surmount to Maria Deluca? And what exactly could Michael, the man who consumed her every last sexual though, want with her, she was nothing but the maltreated sometimes girlfriend of one Maxwell Evans? “Michael, what are we doing?”

Michael peered over the top of the car and looked at Liz, who was toying with a stray piece of her dark hair, the same strand that had been in his hands moments before, trying desperately to control the growing need and desperation in his voice. “Liz, please, I’ll explain everything in the car”, he replied and breathed a sigh of relief when she nodded and opened the door, entering the car.

She watched him from her seat in the car as he turned the key, his face focused solely on what was in front of him, and it took every last bit of self control in her not to ask him where they were going or what he wanted with her. She turned away from him and looked out of the window as rain began to trickle down the glass and she began to trace the path that the little droplets took with her finger in an attempt to ignore him. Desperately needing to hear his voice, she decided to resort to small talk, “it’s uh… it’s a good thing that you decided to put the top up.”

“Yeah, I thought so” Michael replied before allowing the silence to once again fall over the two occupants. He scratched his eyebrow and glared at the car in front of him, which was going, at the most, ten miles an hour. Did this slow driver have no respect for those behind them, who happened to have places to go and enjoyed driving at speeds much faster than the posted speed limit? Forgetting his companion for a moment he began to slam his fist down on the horn and shouted a bunch of obscenities, scaring the slow, elderly driver and Liz in the process. Michael then remembered his passenger, his beautiful Liz, when he heard the sound of muffled sobs coming from the passenger side and silently cursed himself for his error. “Liz, I uh, I’m sorry, I didn’t realize that this would scare you, I didn’t know what I was doing” he whispered and gently wiped a tear off of her cheek.

Liz bit her lip and looked up at him, her wide brown eyes filled with unshed tears and felt a bit of relief wash over her when she saw that he was genuinely sorry for his actions, unlike Max. “It’s ok, Michael, you just… you just reminded me of Max for a second and it scared me because I’ve always thought that you were so much better than him.”

Michael sat in silence for a moment, pondering the message behind her words and the actions that had caused her reaction. In the silence, realization washed over him and he yet again looked at her tear streaked face and subconsciously, he released a possessive growl. “The bastard hit you didn’t he?” he asked, tempering the anger that he felt coursing through him and in the silence he knew that his assessment had been correct, that indeed Max Evans had hit his Liz, something that did not sit well with him. “I’m so sorry Liz – no one deserves that, least of all you. God I wish he’d just stayed dead; it would have made the world one hell of a better place. I swear the next time that I see him, I am going to kill him for ever daring to touch my Liz like that, you are the most kind, gentle, person that I’ve ever met, and he never deserved you. He has always treated you like some possession, some thing that he can play with, never truly caring what you think, or what you have to say, you deserve better than him. There are lots of guys who would appreciate every last aspect of your personality and would treat you correctly, not hit you whenever you don’t conform to their image of perfection.” He scratched his eyebrow and focused his eyes on the road, away from her, hoping that she hadn’t heard his little slip up in his speech, when he had let his possessive nature take hold, she did not need to know that, not now.

Liz watched him turn away from her, leaving her to contemplate the meaning behind his words, Michael was never one to openly say what he was truly feeling, but in his speeches there was usually an insight into his mind, a mind that she found fascinating. She bit her lip and dried her eyes, suddenly feeling better about herself and suddenly summoning a bit of courage within her, she asked the one question that had been plaguing her ever since it had slipped from his mouth, “Michael, do you, did you mean it when you said ‘my Liz’?”
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Ria - No, I just can't ever find another good spot to end it and I'm evil :D

Pandas - My mom had me watch Kate and Leopold and Riding in Cars with Boys K&L was good, RiCwB was not. LOL I would answer all of your questions, but see, then I'd have to kill you j/ping LMFAO Gwen, who I bounce ideas off of, has no clue what some of those answers are =D I hope that this was quick enough, ha I ended up writing when RICWB sucked.

And now I'm off to watch Sex and the City on DVD, since my addiction is hardly healthy.
Part 2
Michael looked at Liz, amazed at her ability to conceal her emotions, she was as much of a stonewall as he was and it made him uncertain of the way that he was supposed to respond to her question. He turned away, afraid to meet her gaze, because of the spite that he was certain was in them, despite hearing what he thought was in her voice moments before. “It must have slipped” he replied coolly, and clenched his jaw in an attempt to conceal the pain that accompanied those words.

“Oh” Liz stated dejectedly and turned away, again tracing the raindrops on the window, feeling about three feet tall and silently cursing herself for thinking that he could ever want little Lizzie Parker. She was destined for a life of picture perfect relationships with men who were hardly as good as everyone thought, men like Max Evans.

Michael heard the sadness in her voice and hated his lack of self confidence and hated himself for not being straight-forward with his affections, but it was for the best, he reasoned, since she was hardly ready to learn of his affections. But even still, the look of pain and disillusionment on her face hurt him so much, since he had been the cause of it – he had always sworn that he would never do that to her, and he had. However, despite feeling horribly, he knew that if he took back what he’d just said then she would think that he was merely placating her and did not actually feel these things. “Shit” he muttered as her cell phone rang.

Liz sighed in relief as she put the phone to her ear, thankful for this bit of time away from her thoughts. “Hello?”

“Oh my god chica, you’re alive, we were so worried about you!” Maria squealed over the phone, she always had a flair for the dramatic, that Liz loved most of the time, however right now she would give for nothing more than a more tempered Maria Deluca.

“Uh, yeah, Maria I’m alive… why wouldn’t I be?” Liz bit her lip as she felt Michael’s gaze on her again and mouthed ‘Maria’ while rolling her eyes in an attempt to pretend that she was fine, that her heart had not broken into a million pieces after he had denied her.

“Well, apparently, our little space boy, Michael Guerin, decided that he was badass and beat the shit out of Max, then he ran his mouth about how he was the new king and all this other crap. And THEN, Liz, babe, are you sitting down, because you better be sitting down, since this is totally going to rock your world, I mean I have heard some strange things in my time on this earth, but this, this takes the cake.”

Liz smirked as she thought about Max, lying in his living room battered and bruised, his face streaked in his own blood – it should not have pleased her to the degree that it had, but it did and she did not feel guilty for it. “Yeah Maria, I’m sitting down, after all I am in a car so it’s not like I can be standing or anything” she baited her, her eyes dancing as a mischievous glint appeared in her dark pools, something not lost on Michael, who laughed inwardly at the display, silently thanking Maria for providing Liz with some much needed entertainment.

“Well, Michael, after he busted a cap on Max, he like tells Max that he never deserved YOU and then he was like a total psycho and shit, saying that you were his, like you were his property or whatever. I mean, god, he’s such a bastard, what was I to him, huh, his whore, oh well, I’m so over him, this is like crossing the line and I can’t take it! Wait, babe, you’re in a car, like Max Evans’ car, with like MICHAEL, aren’t you, did he hurt you, are you ok, sweetie, tell me where you are, we’ll come and save you, god, he’s such a bastard, he like kidnapped you and I’m so sorry.”

Liz, who had turned Maria out way before she’d begun to ramble for the second, or was it third, time, smiled in spite of herself and looked up at Michael, hope yet again shining in her eyes – maybe Michael had just been denying his feelings after all. She bit her lip nervously before she continued, if Michael wasn’t going to outwardly state what he felt, she would pry it out of him through Maria. “Wait, he, Michael Guerin, said that I was his – that he cared for me? Maria, this has seriously made my night, he’s been sending me mixed signals and… oh shit!” Liz cut herself off, realizing that she had been talking to her best friend about her ex-boyfriend, something that definitely was not appropriate behavior in the best friend code of ethics.

“Oh fuck you Liz, you have like the best, most perfect boyfriend in the world, no make that the universe and you are such a prude with him, when all you want to do is fuck his BEST FRIEND and my EX-BOYFRIEND. You know what Liz, when you end up dead tomorrow, your body in some ditch out in the desert; because he’s become this crazy, insane, alien psycho killer, don’t say that I didn’t warn you.” Maria shouted into the phone and was about to hang up, when she realized that she wanted to talk to Michael, “let me talk to him.”

“Maria, I don’t really think that’s such a good idea, since you think that he is a psycho killer and all, maybe you really shouldn’t be talking to him.”

“Liz, right now, I really don’t care about what you think, give him the damn phone and shut the fuck up about it, since I really do not want to hear another word out of your damn mouth, you trifling bitch.”

Liz bit down hard on her lip and tried to halt her tears, Maria could be so angry when she wanted, and it hurt her that her best friend was unable to see past the façade of her relationship with Max. “Fine, but don’t say I didn’t warn you, plus you have no right to be angry about this, you fucked Billy when you were still with Michael, since you were confused. Maria, you can be so damn blind, Max is anything BUT perfect, he’s not even close, you were supposed to be my best friend and even you ignored the bruises on my arms, bruises that Max put there. So here’s your precious space boy, or is it alien psycho killer right now?” Liz snapped, then handed Michael the phone and put a hand over her mouth in shock, how could she have just said that, where had that come from? She felt horrible and began to shake, she’d just gone off on her best friend and sister, all over some boy, some very sexy, misunderstood boy, something that the two of them had sworn never to do, “I’m sorry” she whispered to no one in particular before sobs began to wrack her body.

Michael, who had watched the whole display, amazed at Liz’s gall and pained at her breakdown afterwards stared at the phone in disbelief before the rage yet again bubbled to the surface, how dare Maria reduce Liz to this? “WHAT?” Michael shouted into the phone, making no attempt to conceal the contempt in his voice.

Maria jumped slightly, hearing the hatred over the telephone, and fearing his reaction she merely stated, “Michael, don’t kill her, because she is like my sister, even though we hate each other at the moment and if you kill her then I will have no one and if you hurt her, you will have to answer to me, which I know you hate doing, oh and tell her that I’m sorry for not being a better friend. Please?”

“I’m not going to kill her, you dumb ass, but no that is not happening, you don’t deserve it, you selfish bitch.” Michael spat, his anger growing as he thought of how superficial her apology sounded and how Maria would probably use her bullshit apology as grounds to worm her way back into his life.

“You know what Michael, fuck you, all right? You are such a damn asshole, I don’t see what she sees in your scrubby ass, in fact, I don’t even see what I saw in you, you are such an asshole and you know that Liz is going to wake up one day and realize that you are shit, then she’s going to go and find a real man, not some possessive loser who…” Maria stopped rambling after she heard the dial tone in her ear. “Bastard” she muttered and threw down the phone, silently hoping that Liz would be all right.

Michael growled in contempt and threw the phone in the backseat, before pressing his foot on the accelerator, trying to forget the hateful words that Maria had shouted at him in a fit of rage. He looked over at Liz, who was still crying over her exchange with Maria, and he couldn’t take another moment of her guilt stricken expression. “GOD, sometimes I think that Necedo was right, you know, Maria just proves that humans are an inferior race. She is so damn stupid and I’m sorry that she pissed you off, Liz you don’t need her, she should rot for what she did to you.”

Liz, who had been listening intently to every word that had come out of his mouth, gasped in horror at his words. He couldn’t, he didn’t, think that Necedo, who had kidnapped her, was right. Still harboring some repressed anger; she turned to Michael and asked “so, you think that humans, that I am inferior to you, that since I know your secret I should be DEAD right now?” She bit her lip nervously, while toying with her hair and held her breath, silently praying that he responded negatively, that he managed to realize what he was implying by running his mouth like that.
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Proving that I am even more evil, this part just happened, it wasn't what I was planning on and it has nothing to do with either Michael or Liz. Eh well, now I know that I have a little rebounder in me :D

Thanks for the FB guys!

Part 3
Maria flopped down on Michael’s couch, still clutching the cordless phone tightly in shock, her face a ghastly pale as Liz’s words hit her full force, making her feel more guilty than she had ever felt in her life. “Fuck” she whispered as tears began to well up in her eyes, how could she, Maria Deluca, be so wrapped up in her own life to have missed Liz’s problems and since when was Liz such a good actor? She watched Max walk towards her and releasing a bit of her rage she hurled the phone at him, catching him off guard and she smiled in satisfaction, her green eyes sparkling in victory, when she heard a loud crack and watched as the phone bounced off of his head.

Max keeled over in pain as he grabbed his head, hoping that she hadn’t drawn blood, then looking down at his bloodstained hands he thought to himself, that Maria had good aim. “Maria, what was that for, I’m sorry that Michael kidnapped Liz and I want to tear him limb from limb too, but you shouldn’t take your anger out on me.”

Maria got up from her seat on the couch and marched straight over to Max, her vivid green eyes filled with an uncontrollable rage, her hair flying in all directions, which made her look like a powerful she-demon, no, no one messed with Maria Deluca, especially not idiots like Maxwell Evans. “You bastard” she shouted before slapping him across the face, “this has NOTHING to do with Michael, and it has EVERYTHING to do with how you have been treating my best friend. Max, I need to ask you, does it make you feel big to treat nice girls, no, nice smart young women who are too good for your nasty ass, girls like Liz, like shit? Do you feel like a better king when you go around bruising her, hitting her, knowing that one day you may just break her and she will be your submissive little whore, that she will be your next TESS? Max, I am telling you straight that you will not touch Liz or Michael, for that matter, again. You lost that right so damn long ago, you asshole, so get up bitch and GO HOME. As in, your PLANET home, and hopefully your bitch will take you back, or KILL you.”

Max stood up, his face still streaked with blood, his eyes cold and emotionless as he glared down at Maria, who had her hands on her hips and the most hateful look on her face. “I am home, bitch, I live here” he spat, unaware of the fact that now both Kyle and Isabel were watching this exchange, and he slapped her across the face, smiling as he saw a red mark in the shape of his hand darkening her pale skin.

Maria began to walk away, then turned and rushed forward, hurling her small body towards his, knocking him to the ground. She began to kick and hit him, all control lost, and then while straddling his chest, still screaming and slapping him with all the strength that she had, she felt his errection press against her thigh and from there, Hurricane Deluca hit Mach speed. She shot up from her position on his body and kicked him over and over again square in the balls while she began a diatribe that would have made the most militant of feminists tremble in her wake. “Maxwell Evans, I am going to kick your fucking small ass alien balls off and then force them down your throat while you watch Michael and Liz fuck each other senseless, since they LOVE each other, and he’ll treat her right, and then I am going to hack your dick into millions of little pieces, and serve it to you for your last meal while you bleed to death from the spot where I kicked your cock off. And then if that doesn’t kill you I’m…” Maria felt strong hands pull her away from Max and she turned, her arms still flailing, to see Kyle Valenti holding her. “VALENTI, LET ME GO YOU PIECE OF SHIT, I’m NOT finished with him yet you cunt and unless you want to join, you damn well better LET ME GO!”

Kyle winced as the weight behind Maria’s words brought, what he thought was physical pain to his loins, but Isabel had told him to hold her, and since the one married blond that he was attracted to, had ordered him to hold down the other, more feisty and single, blond that he was attracted to, his teenage mind practically jumped for joy at the chance and still held the hope that there would be a huge cat-fight, with boobs flying, between the two. Hey, he was an undersexed eighteen year old, he had needs too, however, at the moment, his balls were much more important than exposed tits. “Maria, you know that I would like nothing more than Evans’ balls served to him on a silver platter, but isn’t it more fun to make him suffer in pain for a bit first?”

Maria felt Kyle’s grip loosen a bit and she turned to glare up into his wide blue eyes, which were filled with sincere concern, something that she was not expecting, but even still, her rage still consumed her. “Don’t give me this shit, I could hack off his balls, and your balls in sixty seconds flat.”

Kyle groaned when he saw that she was being serious, but wait, hadn’t he seen this in a really bad porno once, but it had that really hot chick, Janine and at that moment Maria looked so much better, with her irresistible pout and disheveled blond locks. He leaned in closer and remarked “could you now”, his breath hot on her neck. He felt like doing a happy dance when he watched her nod in resignation, he had wanted this for so long, and here it was, his chance to kiss Maria Deluca, the sultry siren of West Roswell High. His fingers laced themselves through her golden curls as his lips descended on hers and just as things were about to get a little bit more heated between the two, Isabel walked in and cleared her throat, ending their interlude. Maybe he would get his catfight after all.
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Thanks for the FB guys. I was NOT planning on what I did to Max/Zan in this part, but eh I'm not exactly sorry for it, since I hate him, and this insures more Max asskicking in the future.

Hell and Bliss... remember that? Well, it may just get updated today. :D

Part 4

Michael groaned as he thought of all the different ways that he could respond to Liz, he wanted to kick himself for this mistake, which was his second slip-up in the car. If he was to say nothing, then she would probably hate him forever and never return his affections, whereas if he said no, she would then think that he was placating her, since he was not know for outright lying to people. “Liz, honestly, I am not sure of what I think – I keep running my mouth and spewing all of this bullshit because I have this seal in me and it’s screwing with my head. One minute I’ll feel one thing and then a second later I’ll feel something totally different and it scares me.”

Liz sat in silence for a moment, pondering what he had just revealed to her, somewhat skeptical of the truth behind his words. In spite of every fiber of her being wishing to wholly believe him, her inner scientist needed answers and she was quickly giving up on blind trust. “So Michael, what you’re saying is that one part of you wants to kill me, but the other part of you thinks that I’m yours… right? Just tell me if I’m close here or anything because I am really in need of some answers, I don’t like to be confused, as you well know Michael, so any help that you can give me would be really great.”

“It’s pretty much the same side talking” Michael answered under his breath, then groaned when he’d realized what he had just said, someone should just duck-tape his mouth shut, it would be easier, he mused as he scratched his eyebrow in an attempt to throw her off. “Liz, I really do have answers, probably just not the right ones” he added, hoping that she hadn’t heard yet another one of his secrets come to the surface. He needed to figure out a way to control this impulsive side of him and fast, before he really started to scare her.

“Michael, what do you mean that these two distinctive opinions are part of the same side of yourself? How can you wanting me be the same as agreeing with Necedo, who wants all humans to DIE because they are an inferior race, according to him.” Liz questioned, trying desperately to keep herself calm, she needed to show him how illogical he sounded if she was to ever get some direct answers from him.

Michael met her questioning gaze and felt his control snap, it was worthless to reason with him, especially now, he glared at the crown of her head, in spite of himself, and slammed his foot down on the brakes, making the car lurch forward. He quickly turned towards her, causing her to jump in surprise, but her eyes were hard, revealing that he did not evoke the slightest bit of fear in her, regardless of his madness, which angered him even more. “BECAUSE YOU’RE NOT HUMAN” he barked and then turned away from her, his face growing pale upon realizing the tone that he had just used towards the sweet, kind-hearted Liz Parker. “Shit, I’m sorry Liz, I’m trying so hard to control this, but it keeps on turning out badly.”

Liz let out the breath that she had been holding and nodded in agreement, there definitely seemed to be two distinctive personalities resonating from Michael, the angrier and less attractive of the two appeared to emerge whenever he was challenged whereas the Michael that she adored was much more likely to maintain control in times of little stress. “Michael, I understand, it’s ok, but can you explain to me calmly how I am an alien if I remember my whole life here, in Roswell.” She bit her lip and as if sensing the impending wrath of the angrier Michael, she quickly added “it’s not that I don’t believe you or anything, I do, but I’m just confused and I think that you can give me the answers that I need.”

Michael clenched and unclenched his fists in an attempt to calm down, which was eased by Liz’s admission, then looked into her chocolate pools filled with genuine interest in what he had to say and something else – love? “Uh, because you weren’t sent with the four of us, you had died, earlier and they… I had you recreated right away and because of this… shit this is coming out all wrong. Liz, do you mind if I start at the beginning, it’s easier, I think, to understand that way.” Michael watched as she nodded her head, her dark hair yet again taunting him, and he had to look away, before he ended up doing something totally different. “Ok, so back home, I was the younger son of the king of Saku, one of the other planets in the whirlwind galaxy, it’s the one at the very center of the V, Antar is the one next to it on the left, since I know that is something that you’re probably wondering about, seeing as you’re the scientist and all.” He turned towards her again just in time to see her cheeks flush a subtle pink and his face broke out in a goofy grin as he thought about how she loved him and the many ways that he could ravish her right there and mark her as his. “Ok so, I had an older brother, Onax, who was supposed to be king, but he died in a war when I was like sixteen or seventeen and my father was really old, so I was going to be crowned king, since everyone needs a leader and whatever, right? But there was this problem, I had no bride and my parents were progressive so they wanted me to chose my wife, but given the time frame I had like a month to do it or I would be forced to marry Villondra – Isabel. So, there was this engagement party, since I had to choose my bride there, and I was about to give up when I saw the most beautiful girl ever…”

“Alina” Liz sighed and then blushed feverishly, hiding her face behind her dark locks, suddenly embarrassed at her outburst and in that moment, she knew that everything Michael was telling her was fact, it tugged at a part of her, hidden beneath her walls.

Michael saw her peer out from her fortress of hair and gave her a reassuring grin while he scratched his eyebrow, suddenly feeling a bit more at ease with telling her the story. “Yeah, her name was Alina, anyway long story short we fell in love and got married, becoming king and queen of Saku. Only problem was Alina was originally supposed to marry Kivar, due to their families, but neither Kivar nor Alina were really into that idea and the other problem was Zan, who had a disturbing infatuation with her. Kivar, however, became friendly with us upon hearing that now Villondra was free to court whomever she chose, so he and Villondra were wed. However, Zan was not as easily satisfied and waged a huge war against Saku, and when they won; instead of killing me he forced me to be his second in command – holding Alina’s life and the life of our child over my head, should I not comply. However, that was not the worst of it” his breath hitched as he began to think of all the atrocities that he had learned of since he had received the seal. “He, uh, he threatened you – her with my life and our son’s life too, and once a week he would force me to watch him rape her. I tried to convince her to let me kill him, but she said that my life and the life of our son was too important, that one day we would be free, god he never broke her, no matter how hard he tried, it was so painful but she was so confident that in the end, we would be together.”

Subconsciously she took a hand to his cheek and tenderly brushed his tears from his eyes as she began to shed her own. “Because she had you – err Rath, Michael even if he was half of the man that you are, it would be easy to trust in his love, you exude every emotion to the fullest and it’s beautiful to watch.”

“Thanks” Michael smiled and met her doe eyes, which he was now certain were filled with love for him and continued his tale. “But then he got her pregnant and it was too much for her to bear, she was the strongest woman that I knew, but even though she had a huge heart, she couldn’t bring a child into that sort of life. So, she killed herself, right after we’d shared our last time together, and I held her as she died. Then in response, Zan forced me to watch as he tortured our son to death, he was only six years old. I became hard after that, which was expected, and sought out Kivar, who agreed to help me extract revenge on Antar, after he heard of the heinous acts that Zan had committed to the three of us. Originally, I was supposed to rule after Zan had been removed, while he reigned over the eastern planets, but I begged for my death, having nothing to live for, and then the scientists, who had no idea of how corrupt the planet was, recreated Zan, Villondra, Ava and me and sent us down to earth.”

Liz searched Michael’s eyes, her face inches from his, needing an answer, but finding none. “So, um… I’m… I’m her – Alina right? Some of that seemed so vivid and…” she blushed slightly as she felt his fingertips tracing the outline of her face, wiping the stray tears from her eyes.

“Yeah, Liz, I’m sorry for telling you all of this, but I wasn’t going to lie and I completely understand if…”

Liz placed a finger to his lips and planted feather-light kisses all over his face, before meeting his pained eyes. “Michael, I have wanted you for years, ever since I learned that boys were not icky, but nice on the eyes – you were my first crush. I know that you probably won’t believe this, but even before I knew that you were an alien, or that I was one, for that matter, I knew that you were the one for me. I started going out with Max because I thought I was obliged to him, since he saved my life and everything and then because you hadn’t said or done anything, except give me some mixed signals, I stuck with him so that I could still be in the group, hoping that you would notice me one day. But things got bad after Tess and…” Liz’s bottom lip quivered and she glanced upwards meeting Michael’s concerned gaze with watery eyes.

Michael wrapped his arms around her, smiling to himself when she leaned her head on his shoulder – it felt right, like nothing else had ever felt in this life, it was perfect. “Don’t worry Liz; I won’t let him get near you again.” He promised and ran his hands through her silken locks, while mumbling sweet nothings in her ear.

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Part 5

Kyle stepped protectively behind Maria while Isabel continued to stare her down in silence. As much as he wanted to have the girls fight it out, something told him that Hurricane Deluca didn’t stand a chance against the Ice Princess and since Maria was the only girl who had returned his affections in the past year, he couldn’t let Isabel zap her out of existence, plus he kind of liked Maria too. He opened his mouth to speak, but felt two sets of angry eyes focus in on him and decided against it.

Isabel smirked slightly as Maria stared back at her with fiery green eyes that matched the intensity shown in her brown ones – Maria wasn’t called Hurricane Deluca for nothing. “Maria” she stated coolly, her face expressionless as she continued to stare at her rather explosive opponent.

“Isabel” Maria replied while repositioning her hands on her hips, her delivery just as icy as the taller girl’s.

“I see that Max is unconscious,” she remarked, silently cursing herself for her short brown hair, she needed something to do to up the drama, but there was nothing. “It is probably better that he is out cold rather than actually being lucid during your little tirade back there.” She wanted so much to defend her brother, and if she could get Maria to fall into a rage, she would have a little something to justify her actions.

“HOLD IT RIGHT THERE, he deserves every last bruise on his abusive body and a hell of a lot more. He hit MY BEST FRIEND, you know Liz, the girl who always looks out for YOU three, no questions asked, because he needs to feel to beat down poor girls to make him a better king.” Maria shouted – her voice laced with sarcasm, as she stepped closer to Isabel until their faces were inches apart, in an attempt to intimidate her.

Isabel stepped backwards, away from Maria and sighed in resignation, her face softening in the process. As much as she wanted to think that Liz had been lying, she knew, deep down, that it was not in her to lie about something like this, plus it would be a plausible explanation for Michael’s ire, since she still wasn’t convinced that Max’s account of their fight was valid. “I know” she whispered before dropping her gaze and turning away from Maria, all remnants of her ice princess façade gone. “It’s just that I don’t want to believe it, he is my brother and I just don’t know what to do.”

Kyle looked at Maria, who was about to say something that she would probably regret later and then at his watch, it was late and he thought that there had been enough drama for the night. “Isabel, here, I’ll help you carry Max out to your car, so that you take him to your house – Jesse’s out of town again, right?” He watched her nod her head in agreement before continuing, “good, keep him there, he’ll probably listen to you before any of us and right now you are the only one who has any sort of patience when it comes to him. Maria, you should go home too, before Amy calls my dad and orders him to call out the National Guard, and call the Parkers and tell them that Liz spent the night, since I highly doubt that those two will come home tonight. I’m going to go home and see if my dad can help find them, get some sleep and then go out and find them, because it’s pointless to just start driving now – ok?” He watched the two girls consent to his suggestions and felt a little amazed at his leadership skills, because even though he had been captain of the football team, no one seemed to respect his authority.


Michael continued to glance back at Liz, who was sleeping comfortably in the passenger seat as he drove down the desolate roads, searching for a motel to spend the night. He knew how uncomfortable sleeping in a car could be and although he had recently acquired the ability to heal, he wasn’t sure how Liz would react if he tried to alleviate the pain of a stiff neck. A stray piece of brown hair fell down her face and he smiled slightly as he reached over to brush it off, her skin was so soft and he loved the feel of it under his fingertips. Finally finding a motel he drove into the parking lot and gently shook Liz awake, who stifled a yawn and stared into Michael’s eyes. “Liz, come on, we’re going to go to bed for the night, ok?” He watched her dark hair bob up and down before raising her hands upwards, encircling them around his neck, her eyes silently pleading for him to carry her. “Ok” Michael consented and gently cradled her petite frame in his arms, silently memorizing every last bit of her face as she slept in his arms, while he continued to walk towards the motel. He loved the feel of her body pressed against his, even in the most innocent of ways and hoped that someday, this contact would not be so innocent.

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Part 6
Liz felt the sun on her face and stirred in the king sized bed, her eyes still closed in an attempt to get a few more minutes of rest. The sun now beating down on her back, she was unable to return to her dreams so she groaned and stretched, opening her doe eyes to see Michael sleeping fully clothed on top of the blankets, his arm draped protectively over her waist. She smiled and snuggled closer to him while he continued to sleep, his face filled with a peace that was never present when he was awake and she enjoyed watching the subtle movement of the rising and falling of his chest.

Michael felt someone watching him and immediately woke to see Liz’s brown eyes looking at him intently, her hair tousled from sleep and he wanted nothing more than to take her in his arms and kiss her senseless. “Hey” he grunted, concealing the excitement that he felt at waking up with Liz staring back at him, the sun shining behind her, making her even more beautiful just moments before.

Liz rolled her eyes playfully at Michael’s gruff demeanor, it wasn’t like she wanted to get up early either. “Michael, um where are we?” She asked, suddenly remembering the illogical nature of this road trip – they were in a motel, possibly in a different state, they both had school to worry about and her parents were probably worried sick.

“Texas, I think, since this is the Lone Star Motel, Liz, last night I just started driving east, the only thing I could think of was how I needed to get you away from Max.” Michael replied and then heard his stomach growl, “are you hungry, because I’m starving.”

Liz opened and shut her mouth, amazed at Michael’s ability to suspend reality to satisfy his cravings for food – men, she mused, stifling a grin. “Uh yeah, I’m just going to check my voice-mail and make sure that someone covered for us so my parents aren’t worried.” Liz reached for her cell phone, thankful that Michael had remembered to bring it inside last night, despite hurling it in the back seat. She quickly dialed and breathed a sigh of relief when Maria’s voice came over the line apologizing for her outburst the night before and informing her that both school and her parents had been taken care of, plus Max had experienced the wrath of one Hurricane Deluca. “Thank god for Maria” she remarked and turned the phone off, gently placing it back on the night stand.

Michael scratched his eyebrow and stared at Liz in confusion – did she just say ‘thank god for Maria, the same Maria who had reduced her to tears yesterday? “Women” he muttered and then, realizing that Liz was looking at him quizzically, quickly asked “so, are we good to go, no more worrying about pointless crap like school?”

Liz laughed wholeheartedly at Michael, who was completely and utterly confused, and replied “yeah, we’re good, so now we can do more important things like eat breakfast, get some nice clean clothes, since we both smell and you can tell me about the good times that we had in that other life, since I won’t let you focus in on the bad – ok?” She bit her lip nervously, hoping that she had gone about her plan to rid him of some of the pain that these memories had caused him correctly.

Michael flashed Liz a smile, relieved to see that she was taking the knowledge of her alien status fairly well, especially since he had just told her without thinking. “Parker, I do not smell and it’s not my fault if you don’t bathe regularly.” He smirked, silently hoping that she wouldn’t be offended, especially after last night, but he needed something to ease the tension that existed between them and divert her attention from their past, if he was to have her, he wanted to make sure that she wanted him, Michael Guerin, flaws and all.

Liz opened her mouth in shock and then shut it before playfully swatting him and feigning hurt. “Ok Mr. arm-pit stains, I think there is this newfangled invention called deodorant, you might want to try it some time.”

Michael groaned as he noticed the mischievous glint in her eyes, he had definitely bitten off more than he could chew when he had initiated this battle of wits. “It’s from the Crashdown and it’s not like you mind it, you know you adore my manly scent. Now come on, I think we have some breakfast to get.” Michael remarked before taking her hand in his, leading her out of the motel room and back towards the garage where the Cheville was parked.

Once inside, Michael turned towards her, his dark eyes meeting hers, and let out a sigh, he wanted so much to take her right there in the car and make her scream out his name in ecstasy, but he wouldn’t he couldn’t, so he turned the conversation back to food, “I have a confession to make; the best breakfast we’re going to have in this shit-hole is the McDonalds two streets down.”

Liz felt his eyes on her face and she blushed, how she liked it when he looked at her like that – she felt like the only person alive and it made her love him even more. “Fine, but they better have scrambled eggs and then, after we eat, we are going clothes shopping, whether you like it or not.”

Michael rolled his eyes and grumbled, not at all interested in the shopping portion of their trip, but he didn’t dare argue, Liz could be more stubborn than Isabel and Maria combined, not that he minded, of course. “Fine Liz, but I hope that you understand that if I end up in a five gallon hat, a plaid shirt, tight jeans, with a bandanna around my neck and Stetsons, payback is going to be a bitch.”

Liz’s mind wandered – the image of Michael dressed up as a cowboy, sans cowboy hat, was something that she would love to see, “I think you would look good as a cowboy, plus if you’re real good I might ride your pony.”

Michael looked over at Liz – her eyes darkened with lust, and lost control, the car swerved across the divider, almost coming into contact with a pick-up. “WHAT?!?!?!” he shouted, upon finding his voice, uncertain that Liz had actually suggested what he had thought she had proposed.

“Michael, you just missed the drive-thru entrance to McDonald’s” Liz bit her lip and entwined her fingers in her hair in an attempt to conceal the laughter that was about to bubble to the surface. She had blurted the previous statement out without thinking, but didn’t regret it – she wanted him so much and if his little lapse in control was any indication, he wanted her as well.

“Uh, right” Michael mumbled as he tried desperately to conceal the tightness in his jeans from her, to no avail, as he pulled a u-turn and headed back to the McDonald’s.

Liz caught sight of his errection, her cheeks flushed upon realizing that she was the cause of it, and then without realizing it she asked “do you want me to take care of it?”
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Part 7
Liz blushed feverishly and turned away as she felt Michael’s questioning gaze on her skin, how could she be so blind, of course he didn’t want her to take care of his problem. Michael, like everyone else, wanted perfect Liz Parker, the one who didn’t have a lust filled bone in her body – she had to think fast to cover her embarrassment. “The, the food, do you want me to take care of paying for the food?” she asked, her voice choking on the words as she tried to stomach his rejection, which hurt more than anyone would ever know.

Michael wanted to slap himself, of course Liz had paid no mind to his errection when she had asked if he wanted her help, but how he wished that she would take his manhood in her mouth and release this tension – get out of the gutter Guerin, he thought to himself. “No, I’ve got it” Michael replied and averted his gaze from her slightly opened lips in an attempt to quell the heat that was rising within him.

“Michael, are you sure, I could” Liz quieted herself as Michael’s lust-filled gaze yet again fell upon her, causing her to blush from the scrutiny, which confused her even more.

“I’ve got it” Michael said tersely, his frustration growing as his jeans tightened even more around him, Liz would be the death of him. It was then that he really looked at Liz, her eyes watery and downcast, and realized that she hadn’t been talking about food at all.


Maria screamed in frustration and stomped her foot violently against the tile as she heard Liz’s voicemail message in her ear. It was only third period and she had used the lavatory pass at least ten times, because one of her classes had a substitute teacher with Alzheimer’s disease. She was fairly certain that Michael hadn’t done anything to Liz, but she needed to be a hundred percent positive that her right-hand chica was ok.

Isabel, who had snuck into school to check and make sure Max hadn’t done anything stupid, groaned inwardly upon seeing Maria pacing around the bathroom, she really was not in the mood for one of her tirades. However, upon seeing Maria’s cell phone, she smiled, she had been about to do the same, “worried about them?” she asked in an attempt to calm the shorter girl.

Maria jumped slightly and turned to see Isabel’s brown eyes staring back at her, concern written on her face. “I’m scared shitless, I mean Alex died around this time, Kyle is out on a wild goose chase, and my other best friend is being held hostage by a very strangely acting Michael Guerin and I really can’t lose her.” Maria finished as her eyes began to water over at the thought of Liz lying dead in a ditch somewhere. “God, the worst part of this is that the last thing we did was argue about some guy, I mean he’s an alien, but he’s just a guy – I’m sorry for dumping all of this on you.”

Isabel watched in amazement as Maria came undone in front of her, of course she was well aware of Maria’s quick temper and violent mood swings, but to actually watch her like this was amazing. “It’s going to be ok Maria, I’m sure of it” she said finally, hoping that it would provide her some comfort, despite being skeptical of Michael herself. She felt an inherent need to be strong and reassure Maria, silently praying that Maria would respond well to her attempt at friendship.

Maria smiled through her tears, who knew that Isabel could be so kind under that hard exterior, she let out a small sigh and decided that maybe, just maybe, she could open up to the Ice Princess. “It’s just that I need to see her, to make sure that she’s all right and I doubt that either of them will be back – ever, because we, I was such a bitch to her and to him, sometimes I’m so spoiled and I expect her to cater to me and she shouldn’t have to do that. Ugh, I kept going on and on about how perfect Max was and she would just listen, GOD I’m so stupid, he hit her and I kept saying that he was the perfect boyfriend, Isabel, I’m such an idiot for not noticing and now there’s nothing that I can do.”

“Maria, he’s my brother and I never knew, god and I felt so loyal to him, I tried to find all of these different ways that Liz could have been lying and then I dream walked him last night and I realized all the damage that he has done to her, that’s why I’m here, to make sure he doesn’t do anything stupid.” She paused, thinking of what might cater to Maria’s need for a sense of purpose. “Hey, can you ditch school?” She watched Maria nod and smiled slightly, “Ok, I managed to get inside Michael’s head for like five minutes last night before he kicked me out… they’re in Texas somewhere, probably close to the boarder.”

“Shit, Kyle’s headed towards Arizona, I wish that he had a cell-phone, but we should go and see if we can find Michael and Liz… hmm, but next time, try Liz’s head, she’s more likely to give you some info.” Maria smiled widely at Isabel as she grabbed her hand and led her out of the school and towards her red Jetta.