It's been a while, but here's the next part. My friend J. Collins gave me a little help with this. Hope you all enjoy, let me know what you think. Kim *happy*

Part 42

Ever notice how time manages to creep by when you really need it to fly by? I look at my kitchen clock again for what seems like the millionth time in the past three minutes and sigh. It’s only 1:36 and Zan’s flight doesn’t get in for another 8 ½ hours. Maria and Lisa just left a half-hour ago so I can’t call them to take my mind off things and make me laugh. I glance at the clock again. 1:37. Okay, I’ve got to stop this. I’ve got to do something, anything to keep my mind off Zan and his beautiful eyes. His Adonis like body. His wonderful hands and sensual lips. His…

I shake my head, and stand from my chair in the kitchen. After surveying the area, I realize that it is still a mess from Girls Night. Come to think of it, the whole dorm is a mess. Bowls of ice cream soup litter the counters, and the feathers from last night’s pillow fights can be found virtually everywhere the eye can see. The sheets we slept on are lying in various abandoned heaps in random corners of the room, as well as about six or seven pillows that weren’t destroyed in last night’s flurry of activity. I sigh as I move into the kitchen and begin the arduous task of cleaning up…

It is now 4:45 and my dorm is spotless. In my cleaning haze, I even dusted the top of the refrigerator. Okay, another five hours and 15 minutes and I’m free. Suddenly my stomach rumbles. Damn, I haven’t eaten all day. There’s no need to even look in the fridge, because the only thing that’s in there is whipped cream, mustard, and a box of baking soda. Grabbing Zan’s car keys off the counter, I sprint out the door and make my way towards my next destination, the grocery store.

“Liz!” I’m pushing my cart down the pasta aisle when I hear my name being called. After scanning the aisle and not seeing anyone vaguely familiar, I turn back to my cart and begin my journey once more.

“Liz!” This time when I turn around, U see a chocolate mop of hair and a pair of chubby little legs flying towards me at full speed. A smile touches my lips as I recognize who it is running and yelling my name.

“Hi, Jonah,” I smile and ruffle his hair. He’s currently hugging my knees. “How are you doing? Where’s your mother at?”
“I’m good. Mommy is over there,” he giggles while pointing. “She let me come over and say hi.” He pauses and then looks around my body as if he’s looking for someone.
“What’s wrong, Jonah? Are you looking for someone?” I turn my head from side to side to see what he’s looking for.
“Where’s Zan? I wanted to tell him about Blue,” he says. I smile sadly at him.
“Zan isn’t here with me, he’s in California. He won’t be back until later on tonight.”
“You miss him, huh?” he asks me thoughtfully.
“Very much so,” I nod. “How could you tell?”
“You have the same look on your face as my mommy when my daddy went away,” he explains in the logic that only a five year old could understand.
“Well, when is your father coming back?”
“He’s in heaven.” Jonah lowers his head and his bottom lip begins to tremble.
“I’m sorry, Jonah, I didn’t know. Come here.” I pull him into a hug and rub his little back. “I tell you what, how about I give you me and Zan’s number and you give me yours, and that way you and Zan can talk about Blue? Would you like that?” Jonah nods his head against my legs. “Come on, let’s go find your mom.”

I place Jonah’s hand in mine and we walk towards his mother. She’s still sort of frazzled looking, but to a lesser degree this time. When we arrive at her basket, she looks up and warmly smiles at us.

“I see you found a friend,” she says and continues to smile.
“Yes, mama, this is Liz,” he introduces.
“Hi, I met you at the airport on New Year’s Eve,” I explain while extending my hand to her.
“Oh yes! I thought you looked familiar. My name is Melanie Day,” she replies as we shake hands. “You’re Zan’s wife, right?”

Zan’s wife. Words cannot express the emotions that have been generated behind the mention of these two words. To be Zan’s wife would be…

“Actually, I’m his girlfriend, we’re not to that stage just yet,” I reply with a small smile on my lips.
“Don’t worry about it. If you can dream it, then you can achieve it is what I say,” she winks.
“Mama, can we give Liz our number so Zan can call me when he gets back from California? I want to tell him about Blue,” Jonah says. Melanie glances at me and I nod back at her.
“Well if Liz doesn’t mind then it’s alright with me.”
“It’s no problem. I’m sure Zan would love to hear from Jonah.”

After fishing out a pen and some paper from my junky purse, Melanie and I exchange numbers and say our good byes. I grab the last items on my shopping list, and walk to the checkout line, where I pay for my items and then head home.


The phone is ringing and I am vainly trying to balance five bags if groceries, the mail, and my purse while tying to open the front door. Usually, I would just let the machine get it, but that could be Zan on the line, and I really want, no need to hear his voice. I know I can utilize our connection but it’s not the same as hearing his sexy, orgasm inducing voice in my ear. Something is beginning to slide down my body, and I’m not sure if it’s my purse or one of my shopping bags. Without warning the object falls to the floor, and when I look down I see a puddle of something beginning to form.

“Shit!” I cry again and finally I just drop all my bags and kick the door open. I tear through the house and as soon as I get to the phone, it stops ringing. Life is a bitch sometimes, I swear.

Grabbing my head in both my hands, I walk back to the hallway where I dropped my groceries and stand in contemplation of where to begin. The puddle on the floor is beginning to spread so I guess I’ll start there. I pick up the shopping bag and run to the kitchen as quickly as possible to minimize the dripping that is currently taking place. After opening the bag and assessing the damage, I see that I have managed to break an entire dozen of eggs, two out of three bottles of Tabasco sauce, and a bottle of Teriyaki marinade.

“Oh, fuck me,” I groan in frustration.
“I have every intention of doing that and more.”

I whip around and I see him standing in the entranceway of the kitchen wearing that patented smirk with his arms folded across his chest. He’s wearing a black Hugo Boss suit with a cornflower blue shirt peeking out from underneath. The first three buttons of his shirt are open and immediately I notice how good the California sun has been to him. I’m not even sure if this is possible, but he is more magnificent now than before he left. The electricity humming between us is at an all time high, and I can’t help but to lick my lips as I openly appraise the god standing before me. Before I can fully comprehend what’s going on, he has crossed the space between us and pinned me to the counter.

“Zan?” I whisper as his arms snake around my waist and pull me closer to him. Maybe I’m imagining this. Maybe this is some sort of mirage or dream or…

Zan’s lips descend upon mine and instantly I know that I’m in the here and now. With Zan, nonetheless.

“Oh, Zan,” I moan into his mouth and allow him to pull me closer still.
“I missed…” Kiss. “You so…” Kiss. “Much, sweets.” Kiss, nip, moan. His hands have threaded themselves in my hair, and with every kiss, lick, or touch the heat continues to grow between us.
“I missed you, too. I just…oooh, shit…I just…Oh God,” I pant.

Zan’s ministrations have moved from my lips to the side of my face, down my neck to my collarbone. He unthreads his hands from my hair and gently grasps my waist, hoisting me up onto the counter so he can have better access to my body. I wrap my legs around his waist and drag him as close as the sink will allow.

“I was so miserable without you,” Zan murmurs as he caresses my breasts through my tank top with his warm mouth. His hands have moved to my shoulders and his fingertips are slowly raking their way down my back. I can’t even respond to his touch in an audible way, I can only lean my head against the cabinet and try to remember to breathe.

“I’ve been so lonely with you gone,” I sigh. “Promise me you won’t leave again.”

His hands have shifted once again and he is stroking the insides of my thighs. My face falls forward into the top of his head as I wrap my arms around his neck. I’m so drunk off desire for Zan that I can’t even control my body’s movements anymore.

“I need you, babe. Now.” He’s about to lay me across the counter when both our hands come into contact with the mess I made. Damn it.
“Zan, wait a minute. Let me just—“
“No, later.”
“But—“ Zan shushes me with his lips.
“Mess, later. You, now.”
“But there are still bags in the—“
“Leave ‘em.” He’s removed me from the counter and now I’m standing. Barely.
“Okay, but let’s close the—“ He extends his hand and the door slams shut.
“Done.” His lips have fused themselves to my neck once again, all the while his hands are busy sliding down my panties and nylon sweat pants.
“But Zan, we’re in the—“
“You love me, Liz?” he suddenly asks. His hands never cease their exploration of my body.
“With all my heart,” I breathe.
“If I asked…” Kiss. “You to…” Lick and nip. “Do something for…” Suckle. “Me would…” Lick, blow, kiss. “You?” Bite.
“Any, oh my gooooddddd, thing.”
“Then shut up.” He looks down at me with a smile lighting his eyes and lips. I’m about to protest when Zan’s lips swoop down on my own and the spark of passion that has lingered between us fully ignites and combusts into an all-consuming fire.

The kissing had gone on for a long time, until Zan found himself so aroused he couldn’t stop. And neither could Liz. They’d laid on the cool kitchen tile without so much as a word being uttered, divesting themselves of their clothes on the way. Something came over both of them, and there was no stopping the inevitable. Liz found herself hungry for Zan’s touch, yearning for him to be inside her. And he didn’t hold back, because this woman was his destiny and he knew it. When they made love it was so intense that it startled both of them. But as they got into it, Zan realized it was more than just great sex, it was something so special he never wanted it to end. And he knew that this was how it should be. As they reached a long drawn-out climax, Liz moaned her excitement aloud, luxuriating in every inch that was uniquely Zan.

“I’ll never look at this kitchen in quite the same way,” I grin up at Zan. My body is halfway draped over his, and my right hand is gently stroking his chest. “How am I ever going to cook in here again?”
“You never cooked anyway, sweets,” he chuckles and for that comment he receives a well-deserved smack to the stomach. “Not that I’m saying there’s anything wrong with that. Besides, I didn’t hook up with you for your cooking.”
“Is that right, Mr. Evans? Exactly what did you hook up with me for, huh?”

A sly grin creeps across his mouth and he kisses my forehead before laying his head back in the kitchen floor.

“Let’s just say I have my reasons,” he says with that grin still attached to his lips as he closes his eyes. We lie in the quiet afterglow of our lovemaking for several minutes, and suddenly a thought occurs to me.

“How did you get here so fast? Your flight isn’t due for another…” I crane my neck around and look at the clock on the wall. “Two and a half hours.”
“I chartered a helicopter.” Say what? I sit up and look at him.
“And just how did you do that?”
“I told one of the guys in charge that had a family emergency and needed to get home as soon as possible. We found a company that rented out helicopters and here I am,” he finishes. With the way he just explained things, you would think he was talking about something as simple as ordering a pizza.

“I couldn’t wait until my flight, Liz. These past two weeks have been torture. You have no idea about the hell I’ve been going through.”
“Yeah, I do,” I say but he just shakes his head at me and pulls me into his lap.
“NO sweets, you don’t. There were some days I honestly thought I was going to die because I could see you, or be with you, or even fucking talk to you. I just couldn’t do it anymore, I had to be with you, babe. I’ve known this all along and maybe it just took this trip to make me really see it, but I need you, sweets, more than the air I breathe at times. Without you, there is no me.”

Silent tears of happiness glide down my face as I lean over and press my lips to Zan’s. For the first time in a while, I feel like everything is going to be okay, more than okay even. I pull away from him and let my forehead rest against his.

“Do you have any idea how much I love you sweets?”
“I think I may have an idea,” I giggle as I glance down at the hardening member that’s touching the inside of my thighs.
“Is that right? How about I show you then so you can know the whole story?” he whispers and then begins to nuzzle his face into the crook of my neck, kissing and suckling all the way to the front of my throat. Unable to contain the ecstasy that Zan’s ministrations are causing my body, I moan and let my head fall backwards, giving Zan access to my neck and entire body if he wants it. My eyes fall closed, and just as I’m beginning to see the stars, it happens. The telephone rings.

“Let the machine get it,” I moan and Zan never ceases in his actions.
“You ain’t said nothing but a word.”

The machine clicks and suddenly the sound of my best friend’s voice floats through the air.

“Liz, I know you’re there, pining away over Zan, but you need to pick up the phone. I’m no hanging up until you come to the phone. If I have to talk and talk and talk until you pick up the phone then I will. I mean, you know I can talk and…”

Realizing that Maria really wasn’t going to shut up until someone talked to her, Zan snatches the phone of the counter and proceeds to talk.

“Maria, Liz can’t come to the phone right now,” Zan states. “In fact, she won’t be able to talk for the next three to four days, she’s gonna be quite occupied. See you next week, bye Maria.” He hangs up the phone and winks at me.

“Now where were we?” he asks with pure unadulterated lust in his eyes. He’s going to be the death of me, but damn, what a way to go.