Title: High School Lover
Author: Gretchen
E-mail: haunted_dildo⊕yahoo.com
Rating: R/NC-17
Couples: Mi/L
Disclaimer: Not mine. Title is from a song by Air.
Description: Sequel to Playground Love, but can be stand alone-ish. Uhm, not my best, not my worst. It's fluffy smut

Liz sighed as she watched Michael from across the courtyard. He was at it again with Max, probably because Max had made yet another pass at her this week. She watched Michael push Max slightly – for aliens they didn’t exactly act like a more advanced species. Not like it mattered to her, Michael’s inner caveman made her love him even more. Today was her eighteenth birthday and the seventh anniversary of her coupling and she would like it if just once Max would leave them alone. She had known about his crush on her for years, too bad he failed to realize that Tess Harding was perfect for him – and had the benefit of being his wife in another lifetime. She smiled softly as she thought about the time when Michael had let her in on his secret. She’d fallen from a tree and broken her arm, but instead of going to the doctor, Michael had jumped down from his perch on a branch of the same tree and healed her broken bone without a second thought – they were fourteen at the time and ever since that moment all hesitation had disappeared and they had grown inseparable. She watched as Max advanced on Michael and decided that it was time to separate the two warring boys.

Michael rolled his eyes as he heard Max call him nothing yet again. Normally, he would beat the life out of Max, but he felt Liz’s disapproving gaze on his back. It was her birthday, their anniversary; he didn’t need a suspension to taint this day. Not after what he’d planned. Shooting Max a death glare and the promise for retribution for that last remark, he spat “I may be nothing to you, oh fearful leader” he chuckled softly as he watched Max’s face contort into an angry expression and he swore that he saw steam coming out of those oversized ears. “However, I’m everything to Liz and that’s all that matters to me.” He turned and walked away, leaving a dumbfounded and fuming Max Evans in his wake. He gripped his pockets, more determined than ever to do what he had planned on doing for years. It was no secret that Liz and Michael were a couple, in fact they were the bastion of a healthy relationship for the student at West Roswell, but Maria Deluca and Alex Whitman, their best friends and the most public couple at school, chided the two reclusive lovers about their lack of public displays of affection. Something that Michael thought was a big crock of shit, sure he didn’t make out with Liz in the hallways, but they used the eraser room quite frequently. Alien powers had that advantage. However, he was about to do the most public thing ever, forever shattering the veil of secrecy that surrounded their relationship. He’d been saving for two years now, waiting for this moment. Earlier in the week he’d purchased the two thousand dollar engagement ring he’d been eying for years, simple yet beautiful – something that fit Liz perfectly. Sure he could have constructed his own ring with his own bare hands, but spending his hard earned money just made it more special to him. He breathed deeply as he watched Liz walk towards him, meeting him halfway. “Liz.” He whispered, her name unconsciously rolled off of his lips like it had many times before, always sounding somewhat different but equally beautiful.

“Michael.” Liz replied as her cheeks reddened a little as he threaded his fingers through her dark brown locks. She looked up into his golden brown eyes and the rest of the world faded away into nothingness.

Michael’s breath caught in his throat as he looked into Liz’s chocolate pools that she passed off as eyes. She was so amazingly beautiful and she loved him – how had he managed to become so lucky? He let out a small sigh of contentment and gripped her hand slightly while bending down on one knee, never breaking eye contact. He reached into his pocket with his free hand and retrieved the ring. “Liz… Liz… will you marry me?” He cringed as those words came out of his mouth, what had happened to the speech he’d prepared? What about all the words of love and devotion that he’d composed over and over again in his head? What about two years of planning for the perfect moment? Seven years together and all he’d managed to do was say “will you marry me?” She’d say no, not only had he said something so stupid, but he’d embarrassed her in front of every one of his classmates.

Liz couldn’t believe what Michael was asking. Of COURSE she’d marry him, he’d owned her heart for years and there would be no one, Michael Guerin was it for Liz. Tears fell from her eyes as she mutely nodded, unable to form the words that she so desperately needed to say. She smiled through her joyful tears as Michael slipped the ring on her finger and rose, enveloping her in his strong arms. She hungrily pressed her lips against his, needing to taste him. Oblivious to the ambient sound of applause she slid her tongue inside of his mouth, while Michael threaded his fingers through her luxurious locks, needing to touch and taste her at the same time.

Michael groaned as Liz pulled away from him, oxygen had won out again. Sheepishly he looked away from Liz and to the crowd that had been growing ever since his proposal only moments earlier. All of his courage gone, he felt extremely vulnerable and uncomfortable as the center of attention and he knew that she felt the same way. He turned back to Liz, meeting her desire ridden gaze. He couldn’t take the prying eyes any longer, he wanted Liz, all of Liz, and he couldn’t do that here, he wouldn’t do that here. “Want to go someplace private?”

Liz nodded and buried her head in the curve of Michael’s neck, a perfect fit. “My place, my parents are at a convention in Albuquerque.” She grinned as Michael lifted her up into his arms and practically raced off to her car, a birthday gift from her parents. He placed her in the passenger seat and hopped into the driver’s side, speeding away from prying eyes and towards her bedroom.

Liz giggled and squirmed as Michael carried her up the stairs over his shoulder, something that had taken her by surprise and had completely turned her on. This was the Michael Guerin she knew, the caveman in him was at full force, and she was his, just like he was hers. From her vantage point she saw only Michael’s gorgeous ass, hidden beneath the loose khaki’s he’d chosen to wear today. She grinned mischievously and spanked him, eliciting a yelp from Michael. He let her down on her bed and ran his hands down the length of her body, dissolving the clothes into nothingness. Liz pouted and pretended to be annoyed. “That’s no fair Mr.! You know I don’t have special powers.”

He grinned as he looked at Liz with her arms crossed across her naked body while she pretended to be annoyed. How could he deny her anything? He loved her feisty streak and the way that she acted just made him smile even more. “Fine, but this is just because it’s your birthday, ok?” He kissed her forehead as she stuck her tongue out at him in defiance. He watched, desire flooding his senses, as his eyes trained on her soft supple lips and her tongue, which was now circling around the crevices, making him forget his earlier games. He raced his hands over the length of his own body, something that Liz enjoyed watching, dissolving the cloth under his palms.

“I love you Michael.” Liz breathed as Michael loomed over her, his arousal only inches from her opening. This distance was driving her insane; did he not know how much she needed him right then? She lifted her arms up around his neck pulling his face closer to hers, crushing her lips against his.

Michael entered her then, his body instinctively moving to the pace that they had established three and a half years ago – they had given themselves to each other for the first time on Michael’s fifteenth birthday, which was still one of his favorite memories. Her hair had grown longer since then, as had his, which pleased both of them; it seemed that the two even shared the same obsession for the other’s hair. He smiled down at her as he brushed a stray strand of dark hair off her flushed face and planted urgent kisses on her lips as he continued to move in and out of her, craving release.

Liz ran her fingers through Michael’s shoulder-length hair and stared into his eyes while he continued to thrust in and out of her. She always felt so loved in his arms, he had that way of surprising her every day, which made their lives interesting and allowed for their love to grow deeper and stronger through time. Her body constricted around Michael and she felt her body tense up, release was eminent. “Michael oh god oh god” she breathed while inching her small arms downward, towards his butt. She grinned slightly as she pressed into his flesh, thrusting him further inside of her, the final motion brining them to climax. Each screamed incoherent declarations of love for each other as they road out their orgasms, somehow each time that they made love it was different yet equally beautiful.

Michael smiled in contentment as Liz spooned herself next to him and fell asleep. She’d been up late the night before studying for some test and he knew that she’d be exhausted. However, she looked even more beautiful lying there next to him in the afterglow of their lovemaking while the sun danced across her face. Subconsciously he gently ran his left hand through her long locks as he watched her sleep and fantasized about their wedding day, about their children, about simply spending every night of his life sleeping and waking next to this raven-hared beauty. He planted feather light kisses on her shoulder while he wrapped his arms around her, pulling her close to him as sleep claimed him as well. Pleasant dreams of a life with Liz consumed him and he knew that all would be well for them in the future, that they belonged together and that nothing and no one, not even Max Evans, would come between them.

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