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Title: See No Evil

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Rating: R (language)... up to NC-17 later

Disclaimer: I don't own Roswell, UPN does.

Summary: Paris (Dupe Liz) has been blind since birth. She lives in NYC... I better stop before I give everything away. Pre-Meet the Dupes... a few days after Summer of '47 I guess.

Category: Zan/Paris

Author's Note: This is my first Dupe fic.... fb would be appreciated!! Also, for future reference: Amity (Dupe Maria), Tomo (Dupe Alex), and Sloane (Dupe Kyle).

Part One

"Watch it, crip!"

Well, good morning to you, too.

"Aw, look! Blindy has a dog!"

And he could bite off your leg on command.

"Ruff ruff! A dog leading a dog!"

Screw you.

"Go back home where you belong!"

Paris stopped her seeing-eye dog, Bubba, and turned towards the person who flung the last negative comment at her. "F*ck you, a*shole!"

As she continued on her way, she heard the NYU preppies yell something childish back at her, along the lines of 'Ohhh... she's a live one' or 'Meow! Hiss Hiss!'.

Being blind sucked.

It was a medical mystery. Blindness was not in her family medical history. Although it would be hard to really find out, considering her parents had abandoned her at a shopping center when she was five years old.

She was picked up and found by a young 19 year old woman named Lila Wilson. She barely remembered her birth parents, her childhood memories now were mostly filled with the woman she called "mom" and her best friends.

As Paris neared her destination, she picked up on Amity.

You know how some people say that when you lose once sense, all of your other senses are heighten? Well, it's true. Paris can feel people. She really doesn't need a dog to lead her, but Lila insists on her having one. Something about added security or whatever.

Paris could practically see Amity with her hands on her hips, apparently having heard the comments the prep boys had said down the block.

She smiled at this and slowly walked up the stony steps to the library. "Hey, girl."

Amity sighed heavily, hands on her hips. "I'm gonna f*ckin kill them someday, Paris."

Paris laughed at this and Amity opened the door for both of them.

"I ain't jokin'!" Amity insisted, following her best friend into the building. "I ain't lettin' you take their sh*t no more."

"It's not a big deal."

This was the daily routine. Paris would get 'put down' by the NYU losers, Amity would get p*ssed, and then they'd get to work and forget everything.

Working in the library wasn't bad at all, but telling people you are blind and work in a library... let's just say you're bound to get a few laughs. And Paris is ok with that.

She immediately puts Bubba in the break room, fixes his water and food for the day, and feels her way to the front desk. Her job is to check out books for people. It's so repetitious that she's practically a machine.

"Can I see your library card?"

Scan the card.

Scan the books.

"These are due back in one month. Thank you."


There is another woman, Tammy, who works at the front desk. She's a total b*tch, and there is no escaping her. Amity's goal in life is to make Tammy look like the dumbest blonde in the entire world. And she succeeds... every day.

Today is a normal day, just like any other day. People give Paris books, she scans them, gives them back, she goes home, and that's that.

It was a Monday. A simple, boring Monday.

It was also the day her life changed forever... by a man she didn't even know.


Zan stalked out of the sewers in disgust.

No. F*cking. Way.

Ava had thrown herself at him again. She had laid on his bed, completely naked, smiling that devious cat-like smile. Everytime she did that he felt dirty, even more dirty than he already was.

Make no mistake, Zan was the man. He could get any godd*mn woman he wanted. Any woman. And sometimes, he did.

But not with Ava. Not ever with Ava. She couldn't be trusted.

He had seen the so-called 'vision' from the orbs. He had heard what Nacedo had told them. But destiny don't mean sh*t when you're stuck on Earth.

F*ck destiny.

He was the man. The King. He could do any d*mn thing he wanted. And he did.

He sauntered down the street, head up and shoulders back. The man with a plan.

He wasn't going back to the sewers. Not ever again. They were mad about the summit. He didn't want to go, they did. After their big fight, Zan could practically read Rath and Lonnie's minds.

They were gonna kill him.

Zan rolled his eyes. Dumb f*cks..

He passed by a group of jocks, who all raised their curious eyebrows at him. He gave them all a hard, menacing glare as he walked by and they all looked away.

Zan smirked, then someone bumped him into the wall. Before he could yell a profanity, his shoulder hit the hard brick wall and he instantly got a flash.

"Go back where you belong!" A blonde jock yelled, laughing and pointing.

"F*ck you, a*shole!"

His mind jerked back into the present as he realized he was standing in the middle of the moving crowd of people. Slowly he began to walk again, the rage building inside him with every step.

They had been messing with her again.

It has been 4 months since he had first seen her. It was on Halloween and he had volunteered to steal some food for Rath, Lonnie, and Ava. On his way back he had looked across the street... and there she was, wearing a blue gown and a little tiara on top of her head. She was passing out candy to a bunch of little kids, laughing, smiling... looking impossibly perfect.

He had felt a pull towards her, instant attraction. His mind started getting fuzzy, his vision was cloudy... but she always remained clear. After that day, he always observed her from afar, not wanting to get too close. Not wanting to disturb the innocence of her, because that's all he did. His life took away innocence.

She didn't need that. She didn't need him.

So everyday he would watch her leave work. He nicknamed her Princess, because of the way she was dressed that first day he saw her. There was just one thing he didn't quite get at first.

She always wore sunglasses. Stylish, no frame, black sunglasses.

The awful truth hit him the second day he watched her, as he saw a dog leading her down the stairs of the library and onto the street.

She was blind. Princess was blind.

And she lived through hell for it. He knew, he had seen the NYU peeps doing their daily routine everyday for the past four months.

Zan felt the familiar burn in his chest. He could kill those b*stards. He would watch as Princess would ignore them, and finally give up by yelling at them. His Princess didn't take no sh*t from nobody. And he liked that. A lot. More than he should.

He honestly shouldn't give a d*mn either way. He shouldn't care about the brown haired, kinda plain, blind girl that worked at the library. He shouldn't care about the way her hair looked all tousled and sexy on a windy day. He shouldn't care about the sound of her laugh that carried across the distance between them. He shouldn't care about the intense attraction that he felt towards her that went beyond the skin.

But he does.

That is why he is ending it. Today, it all stops. The teasing, the ignoring... the blindness.

He walked over to the building that was connected to the library and leaned against the decaying brick wall.

She would go home from work in 2 hours. He would do it then.

Zan knew what a risk he was taking, but he honestly didn't give a f*ck. He couldn't stand Princess taking their sh*t anymore, because if he saw those jocks do their 'daily' again... he'd kill 'em.

So he waited.


"Hey babe, I'm outtie."

Paris sighed and stood up to stretch her legs. "I guess that means I'm out, too."

"Yep." Amity paused. "Want me to walk you home?"

"No, thanks." Paris smiled, this was their after-work routine. Amity was always worried something would happen to her. "I'll be fine."

She heard Amity sigh. "I know you'll be fine... I just mean--"

"Look, Am." Paris sighed, feeling her way to the break room and opening the door. "I really don't need you and Lila on my case 24/7 about how dangerous it is for me to be out in public by myself! I'm 19 years old, I'm not a child."

Amity went quiet as Paris put Bubba's leash on him. She felt her friend help her with her coat and she smiled.

"I'll see ya tonight then?"

Paris smiled. "Yeah, you'll see me tonight."

Paris walked past her, the dog leading her.

"Kelso's, 9 o'clock! Don't forget!" Amity yelled after her as the front door swung shut.

Paris put a hand in her pocket and shivered. It was a little windy today. She was about half-way down the steps when she felt it. That familiar tingly pull feeling she felt every day around this time. But somehow it felt closer than usual.

It had to be coming from a person... she just didn't know who. Whoever this person was never got very close to her.

As she got onto the sidewalk and started towards her apartment, the feeling got stronger and stronger. With each step, she felt her heart beat faster and faster.

She slowed down and put a hand to her forehead. She was starting to sweat. The attractor was so close now it felt like her blood was boiling with... need.

It all happened in slow motion. She took another slow step forward and suddenly felt a hand bump against her.

A handprint.


The hand was probably only over her heart for less than one second, but to her it felt like a lifetime. She changed... the person was changing her. On the inside.

As quickly as it began, it was all over and she was standing still amongst the pushing crowd of people. But in the midst of all the chaos, she couldn't bring herself to get out of the way. She couldn't bring herself to move, or else it might go away.

Paris felt the familiar tug of the leash. Bubba was signaling her it was ok to walk. But she couldn't.

Moving her head downward slowly he came into view.

Dog. Brown. Light. Dark.

She could see.


I already have the second part written. let me know what you think! *happy*

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Part Two

"You did not."

"Yes I did."

"You did not!"

"Yes I did!"

"Don't f*ck with me! You did not!" Amity argued, taking another sip of her margarita.

Sloane leaned back in his chair and put his feet up on the table. "No lie, Am. I don't tell none."

"There ain't no way, no f*ckin way you nailed Tammy last night." Amity stated firmly and shoved his feet off the table. "Don't do that, I don't wanna have ta start payin' for my drinks..."

"Kelso would neva make you pay." Tomo smirked, setting his beer on the table. "But he might make us pay unless you do him." This caused Sloane to laugh, almost dropping his beer.

With that, Amity hit Tomo's shoulder with a loud 'Smack!'. She chuckled when he frowned and rubbed his now-sore arm. Turning her attention back to Sloane, she pointed at him with her black nail polished finger. "You betta shut the f*ck up about Tammy. I don't care if you do her, just don't make this nothin' personal, a'ight? You know how she treats Paris."

"It was smash and grab, baby." Sloane assured her with his sly smirk. "I figured she could use a little drop and roll."

"Just make sure she don't roll around my way," Amity said, taking another sip of her drink, "Or I'll bust her a** and then bust yours." Tomo started laughing and she popped him on the shoulder again. "You too, chuckles."

"I ain't neva gonna shack up with Tammy." Tomo declared, trying to spin his shot glass on the table. "That girl's been around the block one too many times."

"She wadn't even that good."

"No sh*t." Amity said sarcastically. "What made you think that ho was gonna be good in the first place?"

"Benton said she was good."

This caused Amity to burst into laughter. Her fit continued on and on and finally she waved a hand over her face trying to dry her tears. "Benton?!?! Carson Benton? That idiot's stupider than you."

"Didn't you used ta date him?" Sloane asked her, then his gaze shifted to a waitress across the room.

"Yeah, biggest mistake of my life." Amity sighed, leaning back in her chair. "He tried ta date Paris, but I chased that motha all the way to Queens before he could touch her. What are you doin with him anyways?"

"Nothin'.." Sloane mumbled, getting up from his seat. "See you guys lata."

Amity turned to see him walking over to the blonde waitress named Daisy, or as her and Paris liked to call her: Ditzy. She never got any of their orders right.

"Good luck!" She yelled back at him, but Sloane was now oblivious to any and every thing on the planet. He was already nibbling on Ditzy's ear.

"So where's Paris tonight?" Tomo asked slowly. He was already drunk.

"J*s*s, Tomo. Easy on the shots, man. It's only 10 o'clock" Amity said, sliding his glass to the other side of the table. She looked at her watch for the millionth time. "I dunno, she was supposed to be here hours ago."

When he didn't reply, Amity gulped down the rest of the margarita and slammed the glass on the table. "Let's go, you're done for t'night." He slowly got up and with her help they started to walk out.

She quickly went up to the bar and got Kelso's attention.

"Need anything tonight, baby?" The older man asked her and Amity inwardly cringed. He wasn't talkin' drinks.

"If you see Paris, tell her to call me."


The lights in the doctor's office were bright. Too bright. They made everything look darker. She never pictured a doctors office like this in her mind. She always thought they were bigger. But now, actually seeing what it looked like, it was different. Weird, and different.

Paris brought her hands up to rub her eyes for the hundredth time since the strange person 'healed' her. She had stood on that sidewalk for what seemed like eternity, until she had allowed Bubba to walk her home.

She could see. She could actually see. And it didn't feel like she was seeing for the first time. It felt like she had always been able to see. She automatically knew what things were, without touching them.

It was as if someone had opened a once sealed shut door in her mind, and filled it with information. Images of places, objects, and people. If she thought hard enough, a mental picture of Amity would show up. But that was impossible... she'd never actually seen her before.

After she had gotten home, she had walked into the bathroom with a rush. There was something she always wanted to see.


And she had. Her hands had swept across her hair. Hair that she'd felt a million times before but had never actually seen it. She looked into her own eyes and traced them lightly with her fingers. She had been... blind?

The thought of the rude guys from this morning had interrupted her self exploration. They thought she was a... dog? Was she considered ugly? Who was considered not ugly, then?

The turn of a door knob snapped her out of her thoughts and she was confronted with a weary optometrist.

Dr. Levy. She had been seeing him since Lila had found her that day in a shopping mall. He had been particularly disturbed about how she had been found. Who left a five-year-old blind girl all by herself?

"Miss Wilson?" Dr. Levy asked hesitantly, and Paris looked directly at him.

"What do you make of this, doc?" Paris smiled at him, and she could see he was about to faint. She felt the same way.

"My G*d..." He whispered, grabbing some eye gadget out of his pocket. He walked up to her and observed both eyes closely. "This is amazing."

"What?" She asked, fear seeping into her voice. Fate wouldn't be so cruel to give her sight and then take it back.... would it?

"Your eyes," He whispered, pulling back to look at them at the same time. "They're perfectly normal."

Paris blinked, the reality of the situation weighing on her shoulders.

"What happened?" He asked, and she visibly tensed.

Should she tell him? What if he thought she was insane? The whole thing: the mysterious person, the hand on her chest, the warmth she felt. It was all so personal. Like a secret. Like it should remain a secret.

So she decided not to tell him the whole truth. But a version of it. "Well, I was going home from work at the library and suddenly... I don't know it just... happened."

"What happened exactly?" He pressed, moving her towards him as he set her chin against a rest on a machine.

Paris shrugged her shoulders. "One minute, I can't see anything. The next minute... I see everything."

"Did it hurt?" He flickered an intense light in front of her eye to watch the pupil dilate. When Paris shook her head he moved the machine away and looked at her, utterly amazed. "And you have no problem identifying objects? Matching sounds with people... images?"

Paris shook her head and watched as the doctor put a hand across his smiling mouth. "What? What is it?"

"A miracle." He stated simply.

Paris started to smile. That was certainly true. Who would have thought? Paris Wilson had had a bonafide miracle happen to her.

Dr. Levy stood up and leafed through her files. "I'd like to see you every day this week, just to make sure you do fine."

He continued on and on about how she needed to be careful, etc. His lecture was interrupted by a woman bursting into the room.

"Mom!" Paris exclaimed as Lila threw her arms around her.

"What happened?!" Lila asked, running her hands over Paris's face. "Are you alright?"

"She can see, Mrs. Wilson!" Dr. Levy shouted in joy, before Paris had a chance. "Her eyes are completely normal! It's as though she never had an eye disorder in her entire life! Isn't this marvelous?"

Lila sucked in a breath and tilted her daughters head from side to side. "You can see?"

Paris nodded her head, tears coming to her eyes.

"Yeah, momma. I can see."


Paris walked through Central Park slowly, trying to soak in the beauty of it. This was her first walk alone. No dog, no friend, no mom. Just her and the great outdoors. And man... it felt amazing.

It was 6 o'clock in the morning. She knew she should call Amity and tell her the news. But something was bothering her.

Him. That mysterious person who had healed her.

Last night she had went to bed, and in the middle of the night she awoke with a picture in her mind. It had been a man. The same strange, goose-bump on the arm, tingly pull person she had felt for a few months now.

She couldn't help but think back to the way she felt when they were touching. It was as if their souls had touched. She felt his lonliness, his hopelessness, and his desperation. They were hidden deep, extremely deep, so that no one would be able to see them.

But she had. And she was determined to find him again. At the very least, she would thank him. At the very most, she wouldn't let him out of her sight for the rest of her life.

She shoved her hands in her pockets. He had to show up again. She had to see him.

As soon as she thought those words, she felt it. The pull. It was calling her, telling her to go left.

But to the left were trees. Taking a deep breath, she made sure no one saw her and walked off the sidewalk.

The force in her heart grew stronger and stronger. Her pulse quickened and she suddenly realized that this pull thing wasn't making her sick. It wasn't even frightening in the least. It wasn't filling her with horrible feelings.

It was filling her with desire.

She looked straight ahead and saw a figure on the ground with his back against the tree trunk. Slowly, so slowly, she walked up to him. Without her knowing it, her hips started swaying seductively and she could see her prey starting to wake from his slumber.

He opened his eyes and looked up at her.

His rough, pierced appearance only fueled her burning fire within. He was too sexy.

Zan slowly got up on his feet. He noticed he was a head taller than her as he stepped closer. His blood was near the boiling point. Her nearness had awakened him, emotionally and physically.

"Princess." He whispered roughly, bending his head down towards her soft, pink lips. Lips that were dying to be devoured.

She didn't know what he meant, but at the same time she knew exactly what he meant. Hearing his voice sent a tremble through her body. So rough, yet smooth as silk.

"Yes." Paris muttered, arching herself against him when she felt his hands encircle her waist.

"Baby..." Zan groaned into her hair. Strawberries. She smelled like strawberries. He ran his hands inside of her jacket and up her sweater to feel the soft, supple skin of her stomach.

Inwardly, Zan knew this was wrong. He promised himself that touching her that one time was it. He had left her. It was over. But now, with her hands toying with the hair on the back of his neck... all reason flew out the window. All he could think about right now is how fast he could get both of their clothes off. So he could be inside her... so he could be home. Somehow he knew joining with her would be perfection.

He couldn't help but lower his head and kiss her roughly on the lips. When she moaned, he couldn't help but do it again. And again. And again.

They were slow, electrifying kisses, but they soon weren't enough. He ran his pierced tongue over her bottom lip, begging her for entrance to her sultry mouth. She didn't hesitate and he invaded her. Their tongues sliding across each other sent a burst of energy to their cores.

"Oh G*d..." Paris moaned, forcing her brown eyes to look into his amber ones. His gaze pierced her soul and instinctively she brought a leg to hook around the back of his, rubbing their lower bodies together. The friction caused her to bite her lip to keep from screaming in pleasure.

Zan pushed her back against the same tree he was sleeping against a few minutes earlier. He was always in control.... but for some reason with this woman... control left his vocabulary. He wanted her, and obviously she wanted him.

The only thing that kept him from making their clothes disintegrate was her innocence. He could feel through their intense connection that she was a virgin, and he wouldn't be able to leave the next morning after doing her like he did the rest of the woman he screwed. Princess was different. She was special. She deserved better.

Her next words, however, broke all the resolve he had managed to muster within the last few seconds.

"Take me."


I'll post part 3 on Feb. 22! *happy*
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Part Three


Lonnie's loud scream echoed throughout the sewers. She rummaged through the old dresser once more and slammed the drawers shut in disgust.

"Nuthin'?" Rath asked, his hands balled into fists.

"Not a single, f*cking thing."

Ava put her hands on her hips. "What are you talkin 'bout, yo?"

Lonnie walked up into her face. Her voice was cold and deadly. "I'm sayin' Duke split. He took the alien sh*t. He's gone. Got it, retard?"

"F*ck you, t*tbags."

"Lay off, da both of you's." Rath stood in between the two women. It was hard to concentrate when these two were goin' at it 24/7. He needed to think. "Where you think he went?"

Lonnie shrugged her shoulders. "I dunno, but if I see that mutha f*cka again I'm bustin his a**. I'm tired of his sh*t."

"You ain't touchin' him!" Ava burst, her pink hair flying. "He's my d*mn husband!"

"Lay the f*ck off!" Rath yelled in her face. With a frown, Ava walked over to the couch and sat down.

"If he's yo husband why hasn't he done you yet?" Lonnie smirked, exchanging a knowing glance with Rath.

"F*ck you."

Lonnie snickered at Ava's incompetance. But they did have a problem. Zan had taken the orbs. The orbs that were all they had that connected them to Antar. He had taken all of his stuff, and left. Without saying anything to anybody.

He knew their plan.

The tension in the sewer had mounted during the past few weeks. They'd been contacted again to attend the summit. Zan had said no... again. But this was it. This was the last straw. They had put up with his sh*t for too long.

"What you's thinkin'?" Rath drawled, his arms encircling her from behind, hands slowly rubbing her stomach.

Lonnie looked at her reflection in the broken mirror hanging on the side of the wall. "We contact Nacedo."

Rath stopped his exploration. "We ain't heard from him in months. What the h*ll can he do?"

Lonnie pushed his hands away from her and turned around. He had a point. They had tried to contact Nacedo almost every day for the past 4 months. Not once had they heard something back. Not once. Suddenly, she got an idea and started to walk out of the tunnel. "Neva mind. I'll take care of dis myself."


Oh sh*t.

Did Princess just give him full access to her body? No, no, no. He must have misunderstood. Princess was this sweet, innocent girl that loved playing with puppy dogs and taking walks in the park. Any girl Zan had approached like that had ran away screaming. Except for Princess, who right now was making it impossible for him to think.

It was as if his mind was jumbled into broken thoughts. All he could think about was how good she felt as he pushed her jacket off of her, letting it fall to the ground. She felt right. She felt so right.

Paris's head was spinning with lust. She didn't even know this man and here she was, in an intense make-out session with him. And by the movements of his hands, they were progressing into something much more than making out.

The funny thing was, she could care less about the facts. The truth of it all was unclear to her. All she could concentrate on was how the metal of his tounge ring tasted inside her mouth. It was electrifying. Every cell of her body came to life at his touch, every cell begging to be joined with him.

Her mind was in a haze as he moved his lips from her mouth to her neck. As he gave her open mouthed kisses her nails dug into his arms. Every movement he made was sweet torture.

Which is why when he pulled away quickly, she felt the absence immediately. No longer touching, she realized her vision was clearing. The intense hunger to have him was still there, but not as clear as it had been earlier. His head was to the side, as if listening to something.

She watched as he now turned all the way around, his back facing her. He was trying very hard not to touch her. Paris could sense the tension in him.

"Zan, what--" She stopped herself mid-sentence. Her voice was husky and low. How did she know his name? He'd never told her. She hadn't even told him hers.

He swung back around at the sound of his name. He shifted his legs, back and forth, as if trying to decide whether he should stay or make a run for it. He kept looking over his shoulder, towards the sidewalk.

Paris brought her hand up to her forehead. She was starting to sweat. The need was swelling, and it was like a tidal wave this time. She looked to Zan, so many questions in her wide brown eyes.

He continued to stare at her until finally giving in, almost, to the feelings of his body. He pulled her against him roughly, his mouth covering hers in an urgent way. His kisses were like fire running through her veins. So intense. So real. His arms were holding her tight against him, she could hardly breathe. But she didn't care. His crushing embrace was absolute bliss.

She felt things, saw things. Things about him. An image of her from last Halloween appeared in her mind. Princess. She felt his feelings towards her. His rage at the boys who teased her. His guilt for letting it go on so long when he knew he could help her. His shame for being who --- and what --- he is.

As the final vision hit her, Zan abruptly pulled away. His eyes looked urgently into hers, begging her to understand he wasn't leaving because of her. She slowly nodded her head and his hands slid down to his sides.

They weren't touching anymore. The desire was still humming in her body, but it wasn't nearly as uncontrollable as before. Zan's amber eyes looked in to hers for a few seconds, before he quickly lowered his mouth to hers in one last kiss. His mouth kissed her intimately, promising more sweet pleasures. With a gentle tug at her bottom lip, he lifted his head away to look into her eyes.

His lips rubbed against hers as he whispered, "I's gonna come for you... Paris."

And with that, he ran out of the grove and back into the park.

Paris stood there in utter shock as the humming in her body subsided into almost nothing. She couldn't believe what she had just done. A blush crept onto her cheeks and she covered her smiling mouth in amazement.

She had just made-out with a total stranger in Central Park. A total hott stranger, at that.

It was so much more than that, though. Her rescuer meant something to her. She didn't know what yet, but Paris was determined to find out.

After standing a few more minutes she decided to head back to her apartment and think about this encounter some more. Slowly reaching down to retrieve her jacket, she saw a back-pack lying on the ground. Curiously, she picked it up and brought it up to her nose.

Him. It had the same musky, manly smell as her mysterious Zan had had.

Zan. Zan, Zan, Zan, Zan, Zan.... Paris sighed dreamily at the thought of him. Sweet, caring, tough, rugged, Zan.

He had obviously left in a hurry, apparently forgetting his bag. She decided to take it with her, figuring whatever in there was safer with her than being left alone. As she began the brisk walk back to her apartment, she couldn't help but wonder about the things she saw and felt while kissing him.

He had been watching her. Every day, after work. That was always when she felt him. Distant, but always there. Maybe this is why he had stayed away. Maybe it was a cosmic thing. Like whenever they'd get near each other it would be undeniable and passionate. After all, he had healed her with a touch of his hand. He felt he was different... alien. But no matter how much Paris tried to piece it together, she couldn't figure out why he felt that way. She was determined to change his mind, though. Which she figured may be a very enjoyable task...

That was the first time she had actually kissed a guy. And she wanted to do much more than kissing with Zan. She wanted to go all the way. The whole, entire, no-coming-back, this-is-it, falling-in-love, all the way.

Paris walked into the old elevator and jumped to grab the door and bring it down. Not many people enjoyed the hassle of living in old apartment buildings, but she loved it. Mainly because the rent was cheap, and she had enough space to store all of her books. Braille books.

With a sigh, Paris realized this new 'seeing' miracle was going to be expensive. She would have to replace almost every book in her home library.

The elevator jerked to a stop and she heaved the door up and walked into her apartment.

A very annoyed Amity was sitting at her kitchen table.

"Where the f*ck have you been?!" Amity shrieked, walking up to Paris with her hands on her hips. "You neva showed up at Kelso's, you neva called to tell me where you were..." When Paris remained silent Amity threw her hands up in the air. "I don't know what I'm gonna do with you! Lila called last night at friggin' 2 in the mornin' sayin' you got great news. So what'd I do? I drug my a** over here at 5 o'clock this mornin' to find that you're not even here!"

Paris smiled as she watched Amity continue to yell at her. So this is what her best friend looked like in one of her little tangents.

It was funny.

Amity rolled her eyes. "Oh, this is great. I'm up all hours worryin' and you're laughing. What the h*ll is so funny?"


Amity sighed, closing her eyes. "This isn't funny, Paris. This is serious. No one knew where you were. You didn't take Bubba or your stick! How the h*ll did you leave here?"

"I used the elevator."

"No freakin duh." Amity shook her head disapprovingly at her. "Why do you do this to me?? I can only take so much!"

Paris really couldn't blame her. If it had been the other way around she would have reacted exactly the same. But the most amusing thing about this was that Paris was looking at her, and Amity had yet to notice.


"Yeah?" Her best friend sighed, staring back at her.

"Do you notice anything... different about me?"

Amity looked her over, head to toe, and then her gaze fell on her face. "Is that a new bag?" She asked, motioning her hands towards Zan's bag in Paris' hand.

Paris shrugged, setting the bag and her jacket on the table. "It's a friends. J*s*s Amity! How can you not notice!" Paris shook her head, and walked over to the fridge fixing a glass of ice water.

Paris turned on the water and set her glass under the running water. Amity had fell silent a few moments ago. "Am?" No answer. Turning around, she saw Amity staring at her. Her face had gone pale, in total shock.

"You just-- But you can't--- But you just --- Can you...?"

Paris nodded her head excitedly. "I can see!"

And with a thud, Amity fainted and landed on the floor.


Lonnie walked down the dark alley, a hint of annoyance in her step. She'd been walking around the city all day, looking for her brother. She had always been able to find him. They had a connection, she could feel him. She could always feel him.

He was near.

Finally, after a full day of searching the city, she found she was back at Central Park again. This is where she had felt him this morning, only the feeling disappeared as soon as she got here.

It was pitch black, and a little chilly, but Lonnie didn't notice. She was too p*ssed to notice. Putting on this good sister act was about to make her puke. If only she could tell him how she really felt.

The trees cast dark shadows along the sidewalks, and the moon reflected just enough light for her to see a lone figure leaning against a tree.

He was waiting for her.

"Why hello, brotha." She smirked, walking up to him.

"You been lookin' for me."

It wasn't a question. It was a statement. Lonnie shifted her weight, annoyed. "And you've been avoidin me. Sup wit dat?"

Zan finally lifted his gaze from the ground to her. "Ain't none of yo'r f*ckin business."

Lonnie lifted her eyebrow. He definitely knew of their plan to kill him. No sense in hiding her true feelings now. "What's a matta, Duke? Can't trust ya own sista?"

Zan snorted sarcastically. " 'Parently not. What you think I was gonna do, Lon? Stick around... let you and Second give me da shaft?"

"What da f*ck did you expect us to do, Zan? I mean -- sh*t!"

"It ain't yo way home, Lon."

Lonnie ran an agrivated hand through her hair. "This was our last godd*mn chance, Zan. And you had to go and f*ck it up!"

Zan shook his head, tired of talking to her already. He pushed himself off the tree he had been leaning against and started to saunter away. "C'ya, sis."

Lonnie bunched her fists angrily. The rage coiling inside her like an infection. It seeped into her body, into her mind. All she could see was red. And it was because of Zan.

His figure was disappearing into the mist of the night. She stuck a hand out towards the tree he'd been leaning on and let out her pent up frustration, causing the tree to snap in two.

"You'll regret this, brotha! I swear ta G*d!"

All the way back to the sewers, all Lonnie could think about was how she had felt someone else when she was near Zan.

Someone... new.

Their meeting might not have been a total waste after all.


next part will be posted on March 1st..... probably. *happy*
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AN: I know I know! LOL You probably thought I had completely forgotten about this story and I was never going to update again, right? *big* Sorry it's been.... 8 months since I last updated! I promise I'll try and write more soon! college life can be extremely hectic! *happy* I hope it was worth the wait!

Part Four

Zan walked down the dark streets, his mind racing. He'd never been this off balance before. He was always in control. Always knew what to do. Except when it came to her.

"Paris..." The name rolled off his tongue in such a natural way it almost scared him. He was the man, he shouldn't be thinking about a girl this way. But somehow, this girl had gotten under his skin.

He was constantly aware of her. They had a connection that vaguely reminded Zan of how he felt when his sister was near. However, this was much stronger. And that made him edgy.

She could be working for Nicholas. Or Kivar. H*ll, she could be a f*cking shapeshifter for all he knew. Was it just a coincidence that he'd first seen (and felt) her on the day they were invited to the summit? Were his uncontrollable feelings for Paris some sort of twisted mind-warp like Ava could do? Was this all just a ploy in order to capture Zan and send him back to a planet that was worse than hell itself?

A million things were wrong with this situation. But none of them added up. He'd felt Princess in his mind. He'd seen into her, feeling all the loneliness she'd held in all these years.

He felt her as a child, when her parents had left her in a shopping mall. They had left her on a bench, promising her they would be back in a few minutes with an ice cream cone... just for her. She had waited eagerly, sitting on the bench. Waiting. Waiting for her perfect parents to come back to her. Waiting for her ice cream cone that never came.

Waiting for someone to take her away from the overwhelming emptiness that comsumed her.

Zan's cold eyes winced. What kind of f*cked up people ditched a child in a mall?

Probably the same kind that cloned people and sent them to live on anotha' f*cking planet.

On the surface... the two of them really weren't all that different. Paris definitely went for the more conservative look, but she still had the eyebrow and nose piercing that showed everyone she had edge. The tips of her hair were died blue, letting everyone know she had a wild side. And her mouth told everyone she was sensitive... but tough. D*mn tough.

He, on the other hand, didn't have a conservative side. There wasn't a nurturing bone in his body, and he prided himself in thinking that way. He was alone. Closed off from any and every emotion there was. There was no love in his life. There was no pain. No guilt, no regret. No trust. Sex was casual, nothing heartfelt and personal. Intimacy wasn't in his vocabulary. Zan was void. Emotionless.

The scariest part about Princess was that she made him reconsider everything about himself. Was he really so cold? Did he really not give a d*mn whether a person lives or dies? Did he really honestly feel that way about this world and life in general?

Zan rolled his eyes. Honesty. Another emotion that was foreign to him. Well, at least he was aware of the concept of honesty. Lonnie, Rath, and Ava probably hadn't even heard of it.

His footsteps dragged to a stop. He was here. Again. This was the fifth time he had circled the block of her apartment building and now he was standing at the precepice, debating on whether or not to go inside.

He knew what would happen once he got inside. He'd go crazy again. His mind would go blank and all he would think about was her. Could he really risk it this time? After all, he'd be alone with her. In private. With a bed nearby.

The odds were not in his favor.

But in the end he had no choice. He needed his pack, and he knew she had it.

This was it. This was the last time he would be close to her. He had to leave New York before the others killed him. Sucking in a deep breath Zan opened the door and walked over to the elevator, hoping he had the strength to survive what was surely his greatest weakness.



"No lie." Amity said, taking a puff of her cigarette and letting the smoke flow out of her mouth.

"You gotta be f*ckin' with me."

Amity swallowed and looked at Sloane, her expression dead serious. "That's what she said. Seriously. Word for f*cking word."


"Do you know what this means?" Tomo ran a shaky hand through his spiked hair.

"Yea I know what it means." Sloane drawled. "It means we ain't f*ckin' alone on dis planet."

"A handprint?" Tomo asked Amity, his face full of shock. "She has a silver handprint?"

Amity nodded her head and putt her cigarette out. "Right over her heart. You shoulda seen her... all shocked and sh*t."

Tomo's head show up. "She doesn't know that--"

"It was an alien who healed her?" Amity finished and shook her head. "Nah, she just said someone healed her. She don't know nothin' more. Or, atleast, she ain't tellin' me any more."

The room fell silent as the three of them sat at a booth in the far corner of Kelso's. It was 3 o'clock in the morning, but none of them cared. This was big. Real big.

"I feel bad."

Amity's confession made the two guys look at her curiously.

"What da f*ck you got to feel bad about?" Sloane asked, but already knew the answer.

"You couldn't have healed her, Am." Tomo said, shaking his head. "None of us even know how."

"It was blind luck the healer even saw Paris." Sloane picked up his beer and chugged half of it down, slamming the glass on the table. "Jus' luck."

Amity shook her head, fiddling with her necklace. "I don't think so. I think this could be somethin' bigga."

Tomo raised an eyebrow. "You think...?"

Sloane's gaze shifted in between them. "What? You think this is some sorta signal or somethin? You think someone is tryin' to send us a message?"

Amity sighed and cleared her throat. None of them wanted this to happen. They wanted to stay on Earth. They had lives, families... friends. But there was no denying it now. The silver handprint was unmistakable. Their leader, the healer, was among them.

"I think it's time we contact Zan... and go home."


My mind is blind at times
I can't see anyone but you
Those other girls don't matter, no
It can't spoil my view
I must make you understand

I wanna be your man
I wanna be your man

Paris swayed to the music, her eyes closed. She had listened to this song a thousand times, but the words were never truer than they were at that moment. Zan.

He had healed her. He had kissed her. He had made her feel things she had never felt before. He had touched her with such fiery passion... like he was branding her.

Or maybe she was already branded.

Her hand slid up to rest against her heart. Had it only been 24 hours ago? It seemed like 24 seconds.

She had told Amity everything that had happened. Well, almost everything. She left out the flashes and early morning make-out session.

Curiously, she took her tank top off and walked over to her mirror. Sure enough, it was still there. The handprint was a metallic-y silver color. She had tried to wipe it off in the shower earlier, but it hadn't come off.

In a way she was glad. She had something to remember Zan by, if she never saw him again. And from what she felt from him this morning... she wasn't too sure he'd come around anymore.

Zan felt the things she felt. She felt it clearly this morning, when they were close. That is what scared him. All the emotions, the intensity, the deep bond that was shared between them on another level.

He's afraid of getting too close...


A shiver ran down her spine. She looked into the mirror and saw him, the object of her musings, standing in the dark kitchen.


Her apartment was barely lit, except for the light in her living room. She could see his outline, and his face was shadowy. The feeling in the pit of her stomach began to stir.

Suddenly she realized his pack wasn't on the table anymore. It was on his back.

He was leaving.

"Wait!" Paris exclaimed, a little too loudly. Bubba lifted up his head, then went back to sleep.

Zan hadn't moved. He just stood there... frozen. He could feel the connection opening up again, but it hadn't consumed him completely. The sight of her, in only her bra lounge pants wasn't helping at all. His eyes traveled over her slowly, stopping just above her breasts.

A handprint.

Jealousy surged throughout his entire body at the thought of someone touching her there, then suddenly it hit him. He had touched her there.

"Who are you?" His question came out demanding, and he mentally kicked his a*s for being a prick.

Paris faltered, not quite expecting that. "Y-You don't know who I am?" Don't tell me he doesn't remember...

Zan broke their intense gaze and looked away. "I mean, what are you?"

Paris stood still for a moment. What did he mean, what was she? She was.... Paris. "I don't know what you mean." She said, smiling slightly.

But Zan was not smiling. Feeling or no feeling, this was dangerous. He stalked up to her, grabbing her arm and pulling her towards him forcefully. He glared into her eyes. "What are you?!"

But before he even had a chance to get angry, the haze enveloped him and suddenly his body against her turned from agression... to passion.

His lips immediately went to hers burning at the first touch. Her sweet, wet tongue slid into his mouth and he groaned, pulling her tighter against him.

Paris reached up and slid his jacket off him, immediately his hands were back on her bare sides, sliding up and down. Paris backed up while keeping him in complete contact with her. Her calves hit her destination.

Zan broke the kiss and heatedly looked behind her. Her bedroom. Her bed. He looked down in front of him at the girl who had managed to make him go insane with need in a matter of seconds. This was the only way. It was the only way they could possibly understand what was going on between them.

Or atleast, that's what he was telling himself.


"You tryin' to tell me that Zan has gone f*cked with a human girl?"

Lonnie nodded her head. "That's exactly what I'm sayin."

Rath shook his head indignantly. "Even duke ain't that stupid."

"Well apparently he is." Lonnie bit her lip and rolled her eyes. "It was pathetic. I didn't even touch 'im an I knew what was goin on. This sh*t is deep. I felt it comin in waves."


Lonnie looked over to Ava, who was sitting quietly in the corner. Definitely not Ava-like. This made Lonnie smirk. "What'sa matter, whore? You not satisfyin' your boy toy enough so he gotta go get some offa some human chick?"

"F*ck off." Ava growled, slowly standing up. "If that a*shole wants to go with some chick on the h*ll hole so be it. He won't be with her long anyways."

"And why is dat?" Rath asked, his agitation rising.

Ava curled her mouth into a smirk. "Because we're getting off this planet... and he's gonna lead us. Even Zan will give up a*s to do his job. By tomorrah night, this b*tch won't even rememba him."