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Title: What if No One's Watching?
Author: Gretchen
E-Mail: haunted_dildo⊕
Couples: Mi/L
Disclaimer: Roswell is not mine, and this TOTALLY came to me after listening to Ani's "What if No One's Watching" and some of the stuff that Mi/L say is from the song.
A/N: I've wanted to write this baby for a while, but never actually decided what to say... then it came to me late last night and I started writing. Yeah, not my best smut piece, but it needed to be said. Oh and I'm dedicating this to Gwen, who thinks that my Smut kicks ass, and I'm HOPING that even though this is totally polar smut, it holds her over for a while... lmao.
Liz walked up the stairs of the café into her tiny apartment where Michael laid on her bed in his drunken stupor on her bed. She was alone with a drunken alien while her parents hit the New Years Eve parties and Max and Maria were out looking for the enigma-or fucking each other’s brains out, did it really matter anymore? Liz sighed and remarked, “if my life were a movie, there would be a sunset and the camera would pan away before all of this bullshit.”

Michael, who had overheard Liz’s bitter comment sighed and shouted “damn straight!”

Liz blushed despite herself and walked toward her bedroom. She entered it to see Michael sprawled out on her bed, his eyes glazed over like he wanted her- all of her. She felt an unfamiliar rush of heat flow through her veins as she gazed at his luscious dry lips, which just ached for her caress. However, she attempted to ignore the yearning she felt for Michael out of loyalty to Max and began to speak. “Yeah, if my life were a movie, I’d play the good guy in every scene. But the thing is, I feel like I always have to take a stand, and there is always someone on hand to hate me for standing there.”

Michael groaned as he felt Liz’s warm breath dance across his face. He wanted to take her in his arms and make her his again and again. He would cherish her in ways that Max hadn’t- in ways that he couldn’t, because Liz was dying with Max- she always had been. Michael had wanted her since day one, back in third grade, but had never acted on his feelings out of loyalty to Max. He was sick of sloppy seconds- sick of Maria, who would throw him to the curb every time she was sick of him. And he knew that Liz was sick of Max treating her like a pet that he could use and abuse anytime he chose. Maybe now it was time for something better, for both of them. Michael sat up and faced Liz, his dark eyes boring into hers. “Yeah and I always feel I have to open my mouth and every time I do, I offend someone somewhere.”

Liz met Michael’s brown eyes and felt another rush of heat. She wanted- no needed him to touch her in ways that Max hadn’t, she was awakening in Michael’s presence. It was then that she noticed his erection, enormous and pulsating beneath the confining cell of his jeans. “Oh god Michael, I want you in ways that words can’t begin to describe, but we can’t. I mean Max and Maria…”

“…are probably fucking the shit out of one another. Liz do you understand how much I’ve wanted you? Since the third grade I’ve known that you were it for me Liz.”

“Michael, I have too… oh god I have.” She paused and inched away from him, futilely attempting to deny the desire that was mounting within her. “But we can’t we can’t.”

“Why not? What if no one’s watching, what if there’s no time to lose?” Michael shouted.

Liz couldn’t deny her feelings any longer and her lips descended upon his. Their tongues dueled with each other, undulating in a shared passion that neither could control. Clothing cascaded to the floor and Michael paused before he entered, his eyes meeting hers, begging for admittance. Liz smiled and brushed a stray piece of his hair off his forehead. “Michael, I need you… I want you. Make me yours.”

That was all the encouragement that he needed. Michael carefully entered her, pausing after he passed her barrier, waiting for the pain to subside. Soon they began to move together with slow, drawn out thrusts at first, Michael taking care not to hurt her. This was his dream girl, the girl he had pined after for years, the girl who had wanted him for just being him.

“Faster.” Liz breathed, her body craving more of Michael’s member, begging for release. The thrusts increased in intensity, each one driving her closer to the edge. Liz felt her walls begin to clamp down on Michael and knew that she was almost there.

Michael knew that he was about to spill into Liz, but he couldn’t let go just yet. She felt too good around him- perfect. They were made for each other. Michael thrust into her one last time; flowing into her while she came over him. It was perfect, surreal and everything that being with Maria was not. He was using her because she was close to Liz, the girl he loved, and he suspected that on some level, she knew that. “I love you Liz” Michael breathed as he rolled off of her, fearing that his weight might crush her petite form.

“I love you too Michael.” Liz whispered as she fell asleep in his arms.

Today is January 1st, 2002 and I’m Liz Parker. It’s a new year and a new me. Well, maybe just the old me concealing a new me. I haven’t decided yet. Last night, Michael Guerin took my virginity- not Max Evans. I think that I love Michael in ways that I never loved Max and it kills me. Because now I have to pretend to love Max while Michael pretends to love Maria, but when no one’s watching, well, that’s when we can be honest and love each other. And we will, I know we will.

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God, I'm an idiot... I forgot that I posted this here and then got roped into doing more of it at polar attracts then I went searching for a different fic, found this one and well... yeah... *twiddles thumbs* You'll find, if you've read another one of my fics, that I'm a wee bit scatterbrained (I blame the insane workload that I have at school) So, I'm sorry for being out of it and I'll REMEMBER to post it here too from now on.

Oh and if you read Lost (it's CC and AU and stuff) I'll have a part out tomorrow.

NOW to the feedback:
LittleBit - Glad you like it :D Sorry that I completely forgot that I posted this here... I don't tend to post my one parters here for whatever reason(err... well it was a one parter at the time)

AudioPoet - Glad you liked it. I've wanted to write this for a while and never got around to it.

DreamingOfMax84 - Because I'm really out of it? HaHa. Yeah, I'm going to post 2 and 3 tonight... call it avoiding homework at 2 am.

Rapunzel - Glad that you liked it. Yep, it ended up being another full length fic that I got roped into doing. I doubt that it will be long, but hey, it's longer... right?

Part 2

Liz sighed as she laid flat on the unfamiliar bed in Vermont. It was cold and hateful, unlike her bed in Roswell, which was warm and filled with loving memories of her midnight rendezvous with Michael. He had known why Liz came here, while Max did not. Max was suffocating her and she just wanted Michael, but she owed her life to Max. She hated this mess that she was in and wanted to escape for a while, but even still she wanted Michael to be with her. A soft green spark danced across her hand before dissolving- another reminder of what they shared. She’d told Max that these powers were a result of the healing, which was partially true; however it was New Years with Michael that evoked them. He awakened something within her every time they were together- something electric. Her body craved his touch, even across this great expanse of land.

Michael hated this distance. He hated listening to Maria whine about the lack of attention she received, hated Isabel complaining about Jesse, hated Kyle and his sick obsession with Isabel, but most of all he hated Max’s laments about how Liz had hurt him. He had no idea who Liz was, what it was like to love the real Liz Parker, how every word she uttered hung sweetly in the air, how perfectly she fit around him, how she tasted when she came, the soft cry she had emitted when she first embraced womanhood- no, Max Evans knew nothing of Liz Parker. Michael felt himself come to life within his jeans at the mere thought of her. Moments later, he groaned when Max yet again shouted “we were soul mates.” They were anything but soul mates. Max had screwed the one girl Liz hated, got her pregnant and now Liz wasn’t even with him… not really. Michael shot a hateful look at Max before silently exiting his apartment.

There was a knock at the door, which woke Liz from her slumber. Silently hoping that her roommate would get it, she buried her head beneath the sheets. It was another day in Vermont, another day without Michael. Liz heard another knock and got up, her long t-shirt concealing her otherwise naked body. She opened the door slowly to see Michael on one knee, a diamond ring staring at her. “Michael, what are you doing?”

“Marry me.” Michael declared, hoping that he was not acting too rash for her.

“Michael, I…” Liz stammered, wanting so much to say yes, but her logical mind would not allow her that privilege.

“Liz, please. I just took a midnight flight from Roswell. I’ve had to listen to Max bitch and moan about how you are insane and hateful. I’m not asking that it happen today or the next day, but that one day we will be together- legally and that we won’t have to hide under some veil of loyalty to Max. He’s a selfish prick and neither of us needs to ruin our lives because of him.” Michael stated his eyes boring into hers. He began to shake when Liz just looked at him. “Please Liz, will you marry me?”

Liz smiled and nodded her head. “Yes, yes.”

Michael’s eyes lit up and he quickly rose to take her in his arms. “I love you Liz.”

“I love you Michael.” Liz pressed her lips against his. Their tongues rose and fell and clashed together while she feverishly unzipped his pants and pulled them to the floor in one fluid motion.

Michael hungrily moved inside of her, his pace attempting to quickly satisfy their shared need, because he knew that they both could be interrupted at any time.

Liz contorted her body in such a way that she was farther up on his manhood. She wanted all of him inside of her at this moment – at any moment really. “Oh god Michael, faster, I’m almost, oh god.”

Michael thrust one last time into her and felt her come over him while he flowed into her. It was always like this when they reached orgasm – always together, always perfect.

After the two of them had cooled down, Liz kissed Michael’s forehead and got up, leaving Michael wondering what she was doing. “Michael, I think you need to go back to Roswell… I can just feel it.” Liz stated as her hands began to glow. “Shit. Shit. Shit. I thought I had this under control.”

“Liz, when did this start – really?” Michael asked concerned. “It was New Years, wasn’t it?”

Liz nodded her head and sighed. “It doesn’t hurt, well, unless you count that one time where Max tried to heal me with those stones, but then I kind of blew them up.”

Michael nodded his head and stared at her naked form - her erect nipples – her doe eyes - her soft brown hair – her flat stomach. He felt drawn to it for some reason and caught sight of a soft flicker of silver racing across before it disappeared. “Liz, have you had your period lately?”

Liz looked at him confused. “No, but I’ve never had a regular period… why? Are you planning on your next visit here?”

Michael sighed and tried to hide the smile that appeared on his face as the silver streak dance across her abdomen again. “Liz, I think we’re pregnant.”

“What?” Liz shouted and looked down at the small silver streak on her belly. “Oh my god! How are we going to hide this from Max and Maria and my parents and oh god…” Liz stated as she paced.

“Maybe it’s time that we stop hiding.” Michael slid on his pants as he watched her intently. Silently he moved behind her and pulled her into an embrace, kissing her forehead in the process. “Liz, it’s going to be ok. I’ll start another job if I have to… we’ll be fine. Max will be pissed, yeah, but who the fuck cares? He screwed up and you moved on. It happens.”

Liz nodded her head and softly caressed her flat stomach. “Yeah, maybe… I think you’re right.”

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Part 3

"Max is dead. Max is dead. Max is dead." Liz muttered as Maria comforted her. She hated that he had died, but Maria didn't get it - she still thought that Liz was in love with Max.

"Liz, it's ok. You're strong... god, I know I'm not. If it was Billy, then I don't know what I would do." Maria whispered and stroked Liz's hair. "But you know, when you're ready, maybe you should get to know Michael better. He's perfect for you and I swear that he'll make you happy and I mean Michael and I we... we weren't right for each other."

Liz tried hard not to laugh at the irony of it all. Maria was trying to fix her up with her fiancee and father of her baby. "Wait, you and Billy?"

"Yeah, why? I'm serious about the Michael thing." Maria paused and saw the diamond on Liz's finger. "Liz, what is that?"

"Uh..." Liz began, afraid that Maria was not being serious about her intentions of getting over Michael.

"Max proposed? Honey, I'm so sorry."

Liz sighed and looked at Maria. "No, Max didn't, but I kind of wanted to go to sleep."

"Sure babe." Maria replied and followed Liz back to her room.

Liz quickly rushed beneath the covers and rubbed her hand on her belly. "Hey baby, I love you." She whispered and smiled when her flat stomach glowed silver. "Yeah, I see you... don't forget that daddy loves you too."

Maria gasped as she heard Liz's soft mutterings and blurted out "Max got you pregnant? I thought you two didn't... oh my god you DID! What does he have super sperm or something?"

Liz untangled herself from the blankets and sighed. She really didn't want to get into this discussion right now. "Maria, No Max and I have never had sex, Yes I'm pregnant, but by a much better alien."

"Wait. So you and Michael are together? Since when?" Maria asked, a part of her happy that they found happiness and another violently angry at her best friend's betrayal.

"Uh... New Years was when it started and when we... I got pregnant. Michael likes to say that we got pregnant, because he's absolutely happy that we have this baby... oh Maria, I'm so sorry."

Maria's face softened as she looked at her best friend's glowing face. She couldn't remember the last time that Liz was blissfully happy, and she was glad that Michael was with someone who could love him the way that he needed to be loved. Plus, now she was off the hook for that New Years fling with Max. "Honey, that's wonderful. You look so happy and I'm happy for you. Plus, I have Billy now and I think that he was who I always wanted. So, I take it that rock is something that Michael did? Tell me all about it."

Liz smiled, glad that Maria was so accepting of their relationship. "Well, you know how Michael took off one night last week? He flew here, knocked on my door, I opened it and there he was on one knee, begging me to marry him. I ended up accepting and then we started talking and Michael saw this silver streak on my belly and said 'we're pregnant' and well, we are."

"That's so Michael, sweet, yet demanding and compulsive. Honey, he's all yours. But I'm still the maid of honor - right?"

"Of course!" Liz giggled and felt so free at that moment. Everything was right in the world and she had no worries eating at the back of her mind. "I wonder how long it's going to take before the baby is born. My parents are going to kill me."

"They like Michael, don't they?"

"More than Max."

"Then, don't expect a slaughter."

"Ha, Deluca, you are the perpetual optimist."

"Someone has to be."

"Night Ria."

"Night Mommy Michael."

Sometimes the strangest things turn out all right in the end, like Maria's reaction to Michael's and my relationship. She was elated with the prospect of our union, suggesting that we spent this week picking out dresses. I'm so happy that she didn't act all Hurricane Deluca at me. I wish Michael was here... I wonder how he's coping. Maria said that he can't talk because he's strapped up to Isabel trying to help her get this fever down. I hope she's ok and that she understands how Michael and I are together. Well, who knows, I really don't like her sometimes. Tess was better than her, well... up until she killed Alex... fucking bitch, I mean but without destiny, I'd still be with Max and I wouldn't be with Michael or have our beautiful child inside my womb. I think it's a girl... I'm thinking Mikayla Marie Guerin. I love this child, I love Michael and I love what my life has become. For the first time I can honestly say that I'm glad that I changed the future. I'm really really glad.
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Katalina - Glad you like it :D

Rapunzel - Yeah, I kind of like Maria so she couldn't be bitchy about it. (I know... isn't that weird for a mostly polarist to like Maria? Eh well...)

care bears - Thanks ;D Glad that you like it :D

Part 4

Liz sighed and rubbed her stomach while she thought of Michael and how he was coping with the news. She’d called him a few times, but Jesse always answered and told her that he was busy. She quickly hit redial and waited for someone at Isabel’s place to answer, the only indication that she had received of his whereabouts was a hurried message on his machine and a vague message to her, implying that he wanted to speak to her. “Damnit, Michael, pick up.”

“Hello?” Kyle asked groggily, the lack of sleep he had received evident by his tone.

“Kyle?” Liz asked, hoping that he would be more helpful in allowing her to talk to Michael.

“Look Liz, Michael’s really kind of busy right now.”

Her voice wavered for a moment, fearing that he was avoiding her in this time of need. “He’s not avoiding me, is he?”

“Liz, what are you talking about? No. Michael thinks that you’re a great friend and…”

“Damnit Kyle, let me talk to him.” Liz snapped, unable to control her sudden bout of rage.

“Liz, I can’t. Jesse said…”

“Kyle, I’m not asking, I’m telling you to give the phone to Michael so that I can talk to him. Since when do you listen to Jesse anyway? I thought you hated him for marrying Isabel.”

“Liz! He’s giving blood to Isabel, she’s dying. I know that you’re trying to be a good friend, but don’t you have your own grief to deal with?”

“A GOOD FRIEND?” Liz shouted, her voice reflecting the feelings of indignation that ran through her at the mere utterance of the watered down version of the relationship she had with Michael. “Kyle, look, Michael and I are more than friends - much more than friends.”

“Liz, uh, you’re being delusional… it’s ok, I know Max’s death is bothering you.”

“Kyle, it’s going to hurt you a lot more if you don’t put Michael on the fucking telephone.”

“FINE, god Liz, you’re acting so out of character. It’s like you’re pregnant or something. You aren’t pregnant, right?” Kyle heard a long pause on the other end of the line. “Liz, tell me you’re not pregnant…”

Liz softened her tone and sighed. “Kyle, I’m pregnant. Michael is the father. We’ve been together since New Years. Let me talk to him. Please. I’m begging you Kyle, please let me talk to him and make sure he’s ok.”

Kyle dropped the phone and grew pale. He had no idea how to deal with Liz’s pregnancy - what was he going to tell Isabel… or Maria. He knew that Michael was aware of this, and probably brought him more happiness than he had felt in a long time, but how was this fair to anyone else? Then he remembered how Max had hurt Liz, how Max had had intercourse with both Tess and Maria and that Liz probably knew about it. She’d found her own means of escape and he couldn’t be angry with her for it.

“Kyle… Kyle… Kyle…” Liz shouted, wondering how he was coping with the news.

Kyle picked up the phone and put it against his ear. “Yeah, uh, congratulations… I guess.”

“Thanks.” Liz stated and heard a noise outside of her dorm room. It slammed open with a loud boom and Max appeared in the doorway, his eyes, filled with fire, were staring right at her. “OH SHIT.”

“Liz, what… what…” Kyle asked and paled as he heard the phone click. He heard Isabel moan from her position on the Ramirez couch and groaned, just what he needed, more conflict. “SHIT!”

Max gazed at her emotionlessly for a moment longer and lunged towards her. “Max? What the hell are you doing?”

“I can’t… I can’t…” Max mumbled and then lunged for her again.

Liz moved her hands in front of her womb emitting a green shield, which forced him backwards. She screamed as his body hit the cold ground with a loud thud and ran out of the room.

Moments later, Max raced out of the room intent on killing her. He didn’t understand this desire to have his hands caked in her blood, but knew that it would grant him freedom, or that was what Merris said.

Liz looked over her shoulder and saw Max quickly approaching her. She raced up the stairs and into the attic, where the Rat, a makeshift bar, was located. She slammed the door shut and sighed. She knew that Max would find her eventually and spent these last few moments of solitude catching her breath and praying for the safety of her young child. “Please oh please let him leave me alone.”

The door flung open and Max rushed in, his arms reaching for the exposed flesh of Liz’s hands. He received flashes of their time together and recoiled in confusion. “Liz, I’m…” Max began before his features hardened again. He quickly lurched forward, catching her off guard and forced her through the fifth story window.

“Max! Oh my god!” Liz screamed as she fell out the window. Images began to flash through her mind from her childhood to this very moment. All the while she had one single thought – which was that she did not want to die and loose her perfect life with Michael and their child. She screamed then, her voice reflecting the loss that she felt for every second of life that she would lose out on, for the child that would die with her, for Michael, who she would not age and evolve with – all things that Max had robbed her of in his last act of selfishness.

Max heard Liz’s screams and quickly thrust his hand out; emanating a bright green light that halted Liz’s fall.

Liz felt her body hit a soft surface, stopping her downward motion. “Am I dead?” She whispered as she watched Max’s body hit the pavement with a gut wrenching thud. Liz began to fall again, landing on the snow covered grass beside his limp form. She ran her hand over her stomach gently, hoping against hope that her child had not been harmed. Silently breathing a sigh of relief, she felt the warmth of their connection flare to life. She learned that indeed, their child was a girl, their daughter was unharmed, and missed her daddy’s visits as much as Liz did. Liz then spotted Max’s body lying motionless on the wet pavement. Thinking that he had died, she inched over to him, gently planting her lips on his in thanks for saving her and her daughter.

Max stirred once he tasted Liz’s lips on his and met her frightened gaze. “You… you saved me Liz.”

Liz sighed and thought over a response for that statement. In her quick pause, it occurred to her that she was free of any debt that she had as a result of him saving her life. “I guess that makes us even.” She breathed and smiled at the thought of finally exposing her life with Michael to the world.

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Rapunzel - Yep, trust me... Max will be delt with shortly... lmao.

care bears - Glad you liked it :D

This part is totally smut because this is NC-17 and well it doesn't have a lot of the good stuff. HA HA. Oh and if this isn't what you wanted, BLAME GWEN. (LOL J/K) I totally was listening to "Hey Pretty 2001 Drive By Remix" by Poe and well... it inspired me.
Part 5

Liz heard her phone ring while she sat in the airport cafeteria waiting for someone to pick her up. “Hello?” She asked hopefully, silently praying that Michael had been the one chosen to pick her up from the airport.

“God it’s good to hear your voice.” Michael breathed, glad that he had just ended the weeklong game of phone tag. “Liz, are you home yet?”

Liz’s face flushed as she heard his soft baritone resonate in her ear. Her desire mounted as his every breath danced and pulsated against her eardrum. “I’m at the airport. Do you mind picking me up?”

“I don’t mind at all.” Michael said, yearning to see her angelic face, to taste her lips against his own, to wrap his arms around her and never let her go. Unable to process what he was saying, he muttered “things are picking up for me too.”

Liz smiled as she heard Michael’s confession; at least he was as impatient as she was. “That’s good. I want something to look forward to…” Liz paused while her mind was imbued with many indecent thoughts. “When you come to pick me up, don’t bring anyone.”

“But what about Maxwell… you know that he’ll want to tag along.” Michael asked with an annoyed tone. He had come home on an earlier flight out of New York with Maria and Billy and was constantly annoying Michael with his constant ramblings of how he could finally have Liz, his soul mate.

“Michael, just lie to him – you’ll be sorry if you don’t.” Liz breathed, hoping that he would understand what she was implying. “Oh and bring the cheville, I have a lot of things that need to be taken care of.”

“Ok.” Michael replied, uncertain as to what she was planning, but knew that whatever it was, it would not leave him wanting.

After convincing Max to relinquish the keys to the car, he sped down the highway as the sun began to set behind him. Within minutes, he arrived at the airport, his body heated and craving her touch. Liz stood watching him in a seductive sundress, which clung tightly to her small frame. He did not notice the bags at her feet or the many ways her eyes lit up as she continued to stare at his face – all he saw was her slightly puckered lips sucking ever so gently on the plastic straw of her drink. He needed to feel her around him, to be inside of her right then. “Liz” he groaned as the straw jerked a little upward further into her passionate mouth – what he would give to be that straw right now.

“Michael” she breathed seductively, yearning to be one with him, but first she had to get rid of her suitcases. She smiled sweetly as she passed him and softly whispered “I’m not wearing any underwear” before hurrying ahead and placing her bags in the trunk.

Michael stared at her dumbfounded. Did she have the slightest inclination as to what she did to him? Another lust filled growl escaped his mouth as he placed his hands over his throbbing member in an attempt to conceal the overt aspects of his desire from prying eyes as he made the journey to the car.

Liz looked at him innocently with her doe eyes as if she was as pure as rain. “What took you so long?”

“Liz, I think you know exactly what took me so long.” Michael replied and removed his hands, revealing his pulsating member.

Liz smiled sweetly in the twilight and blinked her innocent brown eyes as he pulled out onto the highway. “You know, I could take care of that big problem for you… now… if you want.”

“Liz, I hardly think that it’s appropriate… what about the baby? I don’t want anything to happen.” Michael stated, amazed at her sudden lack of inhibitions and secretly hoped that she would not listen to his rational thought process.

“Just drive Michael, nothing will happen.” Liz whispered hotly and quickly unzipped his jeans, revealing his ridged manhood. “It looks like someone else isn’t wearing any underwear either.” She remarked and ran her hand gently down the length of him – teasing him as she went, wanting to savor every moment that they had together.

“Liz.” Michael groaned as he felt her soft caresses. She was slowly driving him insane with her feather light movements.

“Don’t worry baby, just enjoy the ride.” Liz taunted as she unbuckled her seatbelt, inching closer to his warm body. She needed him inside of her at that moment. The slow pace was becoming torture for her and she couldn’t handle anymore of it. Swiftly moving across the divider, she straddled his lap and led him to her opening.

Michael entered her warm walls and was immediately hit with feelings of contentment and bliss. He was home in her arms and no matter what sort of problems he was facing, Liz had the ability to make every one of them disappear, if only for a little while. He loved this raw desire that flowed through their lovemaking, the freedom that Liz reflected as her hair billowed up into the night sky while she moved against him quickly, needing to be filled with him.

Liz slowed the pace of her body a little, planting loving kisses on his neck while they continued down the empty highway. Her need was mounting again so she thrust her body against his in erratic spurts to arrive at the much anticipated release, all the while muttering inaudible proclamations of her love for Michael.

Michael groaned in pleasure as their movements reached a fever pitch. Liz drove her body against his one last time to bring them to their climaxes. Michael smiled as they both came together under the veil of night, watched by the innumerable amount of stars in the sky. However, the most beautiful sight of all was his Liz, her face carrying the subtle pigment of lovemaking and her eyes reflecting the purest love imaginable – the love that they shared for eachother.

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DreamingOfMax84 - Glad you liked it :D I ended up being convinced into typing this instead of my spanish paper.

cglenn - I'm glad that you like it

Love Roswell - LOL I have no idea... but hey it was a lot to catch up on right? I'm glad that you love it.
Part 6

Max waited patiently in Maria’s house for Michael and Liz to arrive. He needed to show her that he had changed and that he loved her. He had proof too, in that he had not slept with Merris Wheeler when he had the chance. Of course she was twice his age and her face was a Botex factory, but still he had not had sex with her. The car pulled up and he stared out the window watching as Liz playfully kissed Michael’s cheek before running up in front of him. “What the hell?” Max asked as Michael tugged on the zipper of his pants, trying to pull them over his hard manhood. “Did they… IN MY CAR?” Max shouted as the doorbell rang.

Liz smiled at Billy as he opened the door. She used to always think that Maria would end up with either Alex or Billy and she was glad that her theories had been correct all along. “Hey Billy” Liz greeted as she felt Max’s venomous gaze on her back.

“Hi Liz” Billy responded with his southern drawl before running off to find Maria.

“Liz.” Max spat as Michael entered the house. He knew that Michael and Liz were more than friends from the display he had just witness and he was upset, angry, fuming, irate. Liz was supposed to be there for him – waiting for him to come for her.

“Max.” Liz responded coolly as Michael stepped behind her challenging Max to say something insulting to his Liz.

“Michael.” Max greeted hatefully as he watched him wrap his arm protectively around Liz’s small frame. Michael was his second – he had no right to be with Liz, well until Max was done with her of course.

“Max.” Michael stated, his mouth curling upward in a small smile. Max had finally seen what was really happening behind closed doors and now he was realizing that he had nothing, that Liz loved Michael, not Max.

Max’s blood began to boil as Liz leaned into Michael’s chest. Liz was his, not Michael’s. “So what, are you and Michael fucking now? I saved your life, I loved you, we were SOUL MATES.”

Michael wanted nothing more than to punch Max in the face for saying such a vulgar thing about their relationship, but Liz stopped him. How could he resist her – her soulful doe eyes? “No Max, we are not fucking.” Michael paused and looked at Liz tenderly before continuing, “We are making love.”

Liz flashed Michael the biggest smile that she could muster and kissed his cheek. For a moment she had thought that he would lie to Max, in an attempt to appease him. But then a moment later, she realized that this was Michael not Max, Michael was not ashamed, Michael did not sugar coat anything, Michael made her feel special, Michael made her feel loved. “Max, if I recall, I saved your life too and that, that makes us even. I owe you nothing. And what sort of soul mate are you if you slept with another while you held my heart, the one who committed Alex’s murder. Then you rubbed it in every time that you brought up your son. But I helped you because I OWED it to you, not because I wanted to. I hated you. I hated that you never appreciated how I risked my life for you, I lied for you, I pretended to sleep with KYLE for you. I hated that I tried to TEACH myself to love you, because I owed it to you to try. Did you ever once give me any inclination that you cared about all that I gave up? No. Of course not.”

“YOU UNGRATEFUL SLUT! I pined after you for years, I…” Max was interrupted by Michael’s fist connecting with Max’s jaw.

Michael could not believe that Max dared to call his fiancée a slut. Liz was wonderful and selfless and kind and daring and strong – she was perfect. Michael watched Max’s limp body hit the ground and then kicked and hit him for a while, needing to hurt him for all the times that he had hurt Liz. “You bastard! Don’t you EVER talk about my fiancée like that. Ever. You understand THAT you prick?” Michael boomed as he punched Max one last time – drawing blood.

“You… your WHAT?” Max shouted as he wiped away the blood that was trickling down his face.

Liz stared at Max, lying lamely on the tile floor while trying to hold back his tears. Liz wrapped her arms around Michael and kissed him. He was so wonderful, so sweet for standing up to Max and punching him when he called her a slut. She was lucky to have someone who would actually stand by her when things went badly, she was lucky to have someone who loved her, she was lucky to have someone that was not Max. “Michael and I are going to get married Max. We’ve been together since new years, we love each other and we are having a beautiful baby girl.”

Tears fell from Max’s eyes as he looked at Liz’s and Michael’s happy expressions. It should have been him and Liz, not Liz and Michael. “But we were meant for each other Liz. I was coming for you.”

Liz shot Max a look and sighed. “When exactly were you coming for me? Did you expect me to wait forever? I’m not your slave Max, I never was. And no Max, you were meant for Tess. Which reminds me, don’t you have a son to save?”

Max got up off the floor and glared at the two young lovers before rushing out the door and into the great unknown. No one heard from him again after that, but he was out there somewhere searching for his son, having sex with any girl that would give him the time of day and contracting a plethora of sexually transmitted diseases.

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obsessionbyroswell - Yeah, well Max deserves it. I abhor him.

Rapunzel - :D Thanks Yeah, Max did deserve it. I can't STAND Max on so many levels.

Oh and I hope that no one is TOO mad at me for what Jeff does in this part. This is just my impression of what Jeff would DO if Liz did end up pregnant. This season Jeff has just weirded me out and well S3 Jeff just works to provoke certain things to happen. (But hey, if you're upset, just balance that out with the fact that this part was 6 pages long in word)

Oh and I think this short smut part kinda sucks. Eh well.

LMAO and I'm such a loser, I used the University of Pittsburgh b/c that's where I'm going next year. Oh well... Gwen yelled at me when I said that they were just going to end up in Roshell for the rest of their lives, so I changed it.

Part 7

It had been a month since Max left and Liz was beginning to show. Michael and Liz reasoned that her early development was due to Michael’s alien genetics. Isabel had ended up leaving Jesse for Kyle and had been great to both Michael and Liz. She did not like Max and was just glad that Michael, who she considered her other brother, had found someone who made him genuinely happy. Maria and Billy were still together and were always doing whatever they could to help Liz out while Michael was working graveyard security at a new company in order to prepare for their daughter’s arrival. Liz hated the work schedule that he had adopted, but loved him for being so concerned about providing for their daughter’s future. However, Michael had managed to get tonight off to let Liz’s parents know about their child and their engagement.

Liz stared nervously at the door to her parents’ apartment. She had no idea what to expect from them, but was just grateful that her father did not own a shot gun. “Michael, are you ready for this?”

Michael sighed and wrapped his arms around Liz’s waist. He had feared this day for over two months and he didn’t want the Parkers to do anything to hurt Liz, but knowing Jeff Parker, Liz would at least be hurt mentally. “Honestly, no, but Liz, we have to do this.”

“I know.” Liz breathed and opened the door, startling Jeff and Nancy, who were in the middle of dinner. “Mom, Dad, can we talk to you for a second?”

“Lizzie, I thought you were going out tonight.” Nancy replied as she set down a bowl of mashed potatoes and looked from Michael to Liz confused. The two of them had gotten closer over the years, but she had no idea why his hand was wrapped around her daughter’s waist. But Michael was loyal and caring, so she felt a little better about the prospect of Liz and Michael than she had with Max. “Sure honey.”

Jeff glared at the two of them. He just knew that Liz was pregnant, his baby girl was pregnant. She was supposed to be responsible, go to Harvard and make millions of dollars so that he could live off of her for the rest of his life and this asshole had ruined it. “You’re pregnant.” He spat angrily while glaring at his daughter’s petite frame. “You dirty slut! Get out of my house. You were supposed to go off to Harvard and make me lots of money.” Jeff turned to Michael and continued his tirade. “You are a good for nothing piece of trailer trash. I took a chance on you, gave you a job and THIS is how you repay me - by fucking my daughter and getting her pregnant.”

Liz was fuming. She could not fathom that her father had just said such things to her… that all these years he had been grooming her into becoming his money making Ivy League daughter. He didn’t deserve to be called her father - a father would love their daughter and not just use her as a source of income. “DAMNIT JEFF! I am not a slut, I can still go to Harvard if I want to, but I’m sure as hell not giving you a dime. I love Michael, I love my daughter, I love that we’re engaged. So FUCK you.” Liz said as she headed for the door, only to be grabbed by an irate Jeff Parker.

“You are getting an abortion, going to Harvard and never seeing this piece of shit again.” Jeff demanded as his grip tightened on her wrist.

“I am not doing anything of the sort.” Liz spat as she tried to shake her arm free, but Jeff only held on tighter. “It’s MY life, MY body, MY choice. Not yours.”

“Jeff honey…” Nancy began hoping that he would calm down. He had been molding Liz in his image for years and she had gone along with him because she did love him. However, she loved her daughter as well and she wanted to be a part of her life.

“Nancy, as long as she is under my roof she will follow my rules. Now Liz this is for your own god. We are calling the doctor and taking care of this little problem.”

Michael, who had been angrily clenching and unclenching his fists in silence, knowing full well that anything he had to say would just be used against him glared hatefully at Jeff Parker. How dare he talk to Liz like that, even if he was her father? He had no right to hold her against her will, to order her to abort their child. Michael had had enough. “Don’t talk to my fiancée like that.” Michael growled. “If you loved Liz at all you wouldn’t order her to do things that she obviously does not want to do. You wouldn’t expect to live off of her earnings for the rest of your life, and you wouldn’t be holding her against her will when she just wants to get the hell out of your sight. So BACK OFF Jeff.”

Jeff pulled Liz closer to him and turned towards Michael. “I have every right to order her around. She is my child and as such she has to abide by my rules.”

“Let her go. I’m warning you.” Michael stated coolly as he felt an enormous amount of energy course through his veins. He looked at Liz, who was struggling in vain to free herself from her father’s grasp, her eyes wide with fear, and Michael knew that he would do whatever he had to do in order to protect his family.

“I don’t have to do anything you say.” Liz shouted defiantly as she writhed underneath her father’s iron grip. “Michael has an apartment; I’m going to live with HIM under HIS roof. I don’t need your money; I have a full scholarship to the University of Pittsburgh. Michael and I have been saving… he works two jobs to provide for us… so LET ME GO.”

“NO!” Jeff barked. He was not going to condone such behavior from his only child. If he had to lock her up in a room and not let her see the light of day again he would do it. Just to prove that he was the one with the power. He did not tolerate insubordination and Liz was going to learn that one way or another. “Michael, I suggest that you leave now. This is not your concern anymore.”

“I’m not going anywhere - not without the love of my life, not with out my fiancée.” Michael was not going to back down on this, he couldn’t. His daughter’s life was at stake as was Liz’s. Who knew what they would do to her if the wrong people found out about the otherworldly nature of their child. Michael could not, would not take that risk. “I suggest that YOU let MY fiancée go now.”

“Jeff, let them go. You are being irrational.” Nancy sighed. She knew that Jeff was wrong and she was not going to agree with him this time. “Liz is eighteen. She can make her own decisions and legally you can’t do anything about it.”

“This is for her own good.” Jeff barked and held Liz tighter while she kicked and struggled against him.

Her legs flailed helplessly in the air while she shot Michael a fearful look. Her hands had been getting warmer for a while now and she was gradually losing the control that she had over her powers. Michael had to do something – now or Liz’s control would disappear and she would probably end up killing her father. “Let me go Damnit! You’ve lost, now let me go.”

“Never. You are going to learn from this whether you want to or not.”

Michael’s eyes widened in horror as he caught sight of the green sparks dancing across Liz’s hands. He had to do something or she would kill Jeff. Michael knew what it was like to kill a man and he didn’t want Liz to be haunted by that for the rest of her life. Her spirit was too beautiful to be tainted by such a horrific experience. He lunged towards Jeff and thrust his fist forward, causing it to make contact with Jeff’s jaw, the force allowed for Liz to free herself and rendered her captor unconscious. Liz rushed into Michael’s embrace and he wrapped his arms around her, staring lovingly into her dark eyes. “You ok?”

Liz felt the energy in her hands dissipate as she continued to gaze into his concerned eyes. She felt at home in his embrace and she never wanted to let go. “Now I am. Let’s go.”

Nancy timidly approached her daughter and the young man that she was enamored with. Michael had proven himself in Nancy’s eyes, he hadn’t strayed when Jeff was on him, and he had stood his ground, always protective of Liz. “Liz, Michael… if it means anything I’m happy for the both of you. When the baby comes you’ll send me pictures – right? And maybe I can come and visit you without Jeff. Liz, I want you to go and take your things before you leave because they’re yours… and here.” Nancy reached into her pocket and pulled out three one hundred dollar bills. “I know it’s not much, but I want to give you something.”

“Mom, thank you… but we can’t accept this.” Liz whispered as tears welled up in her eyes.

“Honey, take it. Please.” Nancy said and placed the money in Liz’s hands. “Now you go and pack.”

“Th… thank you Mrs. Parker.” Michael said with a solemn face and then began to follow Liz. He hated how he had come in and ruined everything for Liz, maybe he just was trash. Then he remembered how Liz had affirmed her love for him time and time again. She loved him. He loved her. That was enough.

“Michael, just promise me that you will love and protect her.” Nancy whispered, her pale blue eyes looking into his golden ones, searching desperately for the answer that she was seeking.

“I love her so much.” Michael breathed and continued. “She holds my heart. I know that we’re forever… I will always treat her like she deserves to be treated, not like Max, because I love her. Not in the teenage lust way, but a true, pure love that you find once in a lifetime, if you’re lucky.” Michael finished confidently as his mind wandered to Liz and how she must be feeling beneath her veil of indifference.

“Thank you for loving my daughter.” Nancy breathed as Liz came down the hall with two suitcases. “Liz, that’s all you have?”

Liz’s cheeks reddened as she looked coquettishly at Michael. “A lot of my stuff is already at Michael’s. I want to thank you Mom, for everything. I love you so much.” She whispered as her eyes began to mist over again.

“I love you too honey.” Nancy stated as Michael and Liz headed for the door. She couldn’t bring herself to embrace her daughter, because she knew that if she did, then she would breakdown and she had to be strong to endure the tirade that Jeff would make when he woke up.

The ride back to the apartment was silent. Liz had no desire to talk about what happened at her parent’s apartment and Michael respected Liz’s need for silence. He knew better than to agitate her any further.

They entered the apartment without a word and Michael set down the suitcases while Liz stared at him hungrily. She needed him, needed to forget everything but him. Planting her lips on his she reached for his shirt, tearing it from his body. Her hands then reached for the zipper of his khakis only to be halted by Michael. “Liz, are you sure this is what you want to do right now? I just don’t want to hurt you.”

“Michael please make love to me. Everything is so messed up, everything but us. I need this… tonight. I need to forget everything but your embrace. Please Michael.” Liz whispered and kissed him passionately, her tongue rapidly moving in and out of his mouth, her hands again reaching for his zipper.

Michael began tearing the sundress off of her body. He would do anything for her to take away some of the pain that was reflected in her eyes. He couldn’t bear to see her hurt like this. The dress cascaded to the floor at the same time as his pants. He then quickly laid her down on their bed before entering her.

Liz felt him move in and out of her slowly, careful not to hurt her in this state. She needed him all of him. “Faster” Liz breathed while she inched up on his manhood, her hips bucking against him violently to show him the speed that her body craved.

Michael moved feverishly within her in an attempt to satisfy her need. He did not like the way that this was progressing because he felt like all he was doing was hurting her, but then upon seeing the smile on her face, he forgot his trepidation. They came quickly and then he felt all of Liz’s emotions wash over him. It was beautiful and perfect – Michael had never felt anything like it before, but knew that they had connected in a way that they never had before and as a result they would be linked together forever. Not that he minded, of course.

Tears fell from Liz’s eyes as she felt the amount of love that Michael harbored for her. It was then that she knew that she could not just be his fiancée anymore; she had to be his wife. “Michael, let’s get married.”

“Now?” Michael asked startled. He was elated at the suggestion, but had never expected anything this impulsive from her.

“Yes now. I can’t just be your fiancée anymore. I want to be Mrs. Michael Guerin, I want the whole world to know that we are married, that we are legally husband and wife, that we truly love each other… I want you.” Liz breathed and kissed him gently while he tucked a stray piece of hair behind her ear. “We can call Maria, Billy, Isabel and Kyle now and we’ll be married in Vegas later tonight.”

“Liz, it’s already eight.” Michael stated. “But I don’t mind. If you want we can go to Vegas.”

“Michael, if you don’t want to get married in Vegas then…” Liz bit her lip nervously and hoped that he would not reject her. She did not want to have to deal with that tonight.

“God no Liz, it’s not that. I would marry you in a port-a-potty just so I could be your husband. I don’t care where it happens, it’s just that Vegas doesn’t strike me as a Liz Parker place to get married.”

Liz stifled a giggle and looked into his soft brown eyes. “Michael, getting married in a port-a-potty is not a Liz Parker thing – getting married in Vegas tonight with our friends watching IS. Ok?”

Michael grinned and kissed Liz’s forehead. He loved the way that Liz laughed, he loved that she seemed so carefree… even if it was just for a night. “Ok, let’s do it. I’ll go make the phone calls while you get dressed.”

“Ok.” Liz’s eyes sparkled as a wide smile crossed her face. They would get married… tonight, in Vegas. “I love you Michael.”

“I love you Liz.”

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Rapunzel - LOL it would, but I don't think they could fit a justice of the peace in there. hahaha. Um, yes, Jeff was an asshole, but that was how I expected him to act b/c of Season 3

DreamingOfMax84 - I kind of skipped over the wedding b/c it wasn't writing well... hence all the time away from this. And no, Max is gone forever b/c I hate him and I don't want to have to deal with him. Thanks for all the bumps btw.

NOW for the explanation about why Gretchen is a lazy ass.
I spent like a week deciding how I was going to write this, because weddings and I are not friends. Then, I decided that Michael would give our lady Liz a special gift instead, but see... special gift was a pain in the ass tonight. But, I kinda gave up trying to find the perfect way to write it and forced my way through it tonight, since it'd been WAY too long since I'd updated. So, I don't particularly care for this part, but hey it's smutty, which is good, of course. ;)

Now without further rambling on my part...

The wedding had been really rushed because it was a busy night at the Elvis Chapel, being Friday and all. But it didn’t really matter to either Michael or Liz, they were just glad that they now had legal representation of their love. Following the ceremony, the two lovebirds hurried to their hotel room anxious to enjoy their first night together as Mr. and Mrs. Michael Guerin. Liz was still in her wedding dress, a simple white gown with thin straps that hugged her curves and concealed her stomach, which was now showing the first outward signs of the life within her. Michael, also was still in his wedding attire – a black suit and tie, he refused to wear a tuxedo, calling it a “penguin suit.” It had been Isabel, ever the fashion fiend, who had said that a well tailored suit was just as fashionable as the traditional tuxedo. Liz agreed with Isabel’s assessment of the situation, Michael did look handsome in his suit; of course, she loved him in nothing at all.

Michael stared at Liz intensely as she made her way over to their hotel bed and sat down on the edge of it, her doe eyes meeting his. “Liz, I…” he began, drinking in her beauty. “Liz, I want to give you something that I have been saving for our wedding night.”

Liz smiled and gently brushed a strand of Michael’s hair out of his eyes. How was it that he made her love him more and more each day? “Michael, you don’t have to give me anything, you’ve already given me more than I could ever dream of asking for.”

“No Liz, please” Michael smiled softly as she nodded and met his eyes. “When I was growing up, Hank used to get drunk and complain about this one woman he was with and how she demanded that he give her oral sex. He said that it was impossible for him to do it and that he thought that all women faked it and that anyone who said that they could make a woman orgasm was lying. Um, well and that kind of stuck with me… it uh made it more special in my mind because if Hank could have normal sex with a woman, but not be able to properly give oral sex then that meant, in some distorted way that only good, deserving people could please their lover. I know that you weren’t my first, but you should have been and I want you to be the first and only person to receive something that is more personal to me than normal sex. That is, of course, if you’ll let me.”

“Michael” Liz breathed, she could not believe how sweet and open he was. To have to go through such a horrible upbringing only to become such a loving person, Michael was truly beautiful. Her insides melted as she saw his insecurities painted on his face. She smiled earnestly while nodding her head and inched up on the bed, her fingers fumbling with the zipper of her dress.

Michael gently grasped Liz’s hands, pulling them away from her dress. His eyes bore into hers as he huskily whispered “let me.” Then he brushed his lips against hers while she surrendered to him. He then moved his hands down the length of her body, the white gown dissolving beneath his touch. “Mine” he breathed, his lips only inches from hers.

Liz looked into his darkened eyes drowning in the desire that was reflected within them. She lifted her head up and hungrily pressed her soft supple lips against his. Her tongue met his, pulling apart and meeting again, swaying together in a shared desire. Michael separated from her quickly; he did not want to be derailed from his need to please his Liz. “Michael…” Liz breathed – she needed his lips on hers again.

“Liz, please” Michael breathed, his gaze moving downward towards the roundness of her stomach, which protruded ever so slightly. He planted a gentle kiss of her navel and then looked into her chocolate pools, searching for any sign of hesitation, but found none. He gave her a small smile before moving his hand to her womanhood. He gently ran his fingers down the length of her before rubbing her clit in a circular motion. He first wanted to satisfy the urge to touch her before drinking her in.

“Michael, oh god” Liz said, her body growing warm under his touch. She loved the feel of his hands on her, the way that they made her feel so aroused.

Michael noticed a piece of Liz’s hair fall across her face and moved it out of her eyes. He loved the way that her hair felt, so soft, so smooth. He felt Liz’s desire grow beneath his touch and then inched his mouth closer to her while taking his fingers away. He again met Liz’s darkened gaze and heard her plead for him not to stop. Obeying her request he brought his tongue to her, yet again tracing the outline of her womanhood, each small crevice forever implanted in his mind. From there he found her aroused clit and moved his tongue across her, backwards then forwards then backwards again.

“Michael, Michael, Michael” Liz’s screams of pleasure intensifying as his motions grew more rapid. She could not describe the many sensations that were running through her as he brought her closer to release.

Michael craved more of Liz, the taste of her femininity inflaming his tongue with a desire for more. He then moved to her entrance, his tongue flowing in and out of her feverishly, needing to taste her orgasm. He felt her walls grow tight around him and knew that she was close. He moved his fingers to her clit again, pulling and teasing it while he continued to move in and out of her.

Liz couldn’t hold it anymore, she needed release. “Michael oh god I’m cuming!” She shouted and felt her control fall apart as her orgasm hit her. It was different than all the others that she had with him; she began to see flashes of Michael’s past. First the loneliness that he felt after being deserted the night that he left the pod chamber, the helplessness that he felt when Hank would attack him, the love that he had harbored towards Liz since the moment he first saw her in third grade, his insecurities about Liz, the shock and despair that he felt the day that Liz was shot, the hatred and jealousy that he felt towards Max since he had Liz after all, the feelings of love he had towards Liz, and the contentment that he felt because he now had Liz forever.

Michael loved watching Liz come apart in front of him. It was more beautiful than anything that he had ever seen. She looked so liberated on that bed as she came in his mouth. He tasted her orgasm in his mouth and could not get enough of her spicy taste. As more and more of her entered his mouth he was hit with a new sensation. Images of Liz’s life began to flash before him, first of her schoolgirl crush that she harbored towards him ever since she first saw Michael in third grade, the desire that she continued to have for him, but didn’t date him because he seemed aloof and distant and she also felt loyalty to Max for saving her life, the joy that she felt when she consummated her relationship with Michael, the concern she felt for their young child,, the great love and respect that she had for him which grew every day that they were together and finally the elation that she felt at finally being Mrs. Michael Guerin.

Liz met Michael’s stare and smiled. He was so handsome and no one could even begin to compare to Michael Guerin – she had the best and she knew it. “I love you.” She whispered as her eyes fell on his erection. “Michael, please, let me…”

“No, Liz… tonight is about you, only you.” Michael responded as he pressed his lips against her forehead.

“Michael, please, if you won’t let me please you then at least make love to me, I want to feel you inside.”

He felt her hands quickly unzip his pants, the cloth pooling at his ankles. Her fingers then worked at the buttons of his shirt while Michael shrugged off the jacket. Liz couldn’t stand to wait any longer and ripped the shirt from his body, the buttons falling to the floor. She led him to her opening and wrapped her arms around his back, forcing him inside of her. He had no idea where this animalistic need was coming from, but was not one to deny that it felt so exciting and new.

Liz felt Michael thrust within her rapidly as she dug her nails into his back. It was as if some outside force was urging her forward, causing the two lovers to abandon their usual pattern of lovemaking and explore their shared need for each other. “Faster Michael, please!” She shouted while her hands continued to race up and down his back.

Michael moved within her at a fever pitch, needing release right then. He didn’t understand this craving, but it felt so incredibly right. He felt her tighten around him and he knew that she was close. He thrust inside of her one last time, their orgasms hitting at the same moment. He wrapped his arms around Liz and placed another soft kiss on her forehead while they rode them out together. He felt every one of his senses awaken as he held her in his arms.

Liz sighed in contentment as Michael wrapped his arms protectively around her. She felt energy racing through her body as she stared into his eyes, which were filled with love for her – only for her. Her body began to hum as she continued to stare into his amber depths and moments later she felt a new presence itching at the back of her mind. It was both loving and protective; something that she instinctively knew was Michael. Michael? Can you hear me? Liz thought, somehow knowing that they now could communicate without words.

Liz? Yes, I can hear you. I love you Michael sent her, feeling fulfilled with the knowledge that he could now feel Liz’s presence every moment of every day.

I love you too… hold me. Liz replied, smiling peacefully as Michael wrapped his arms closer around her, one dripping protectively around her stomach. Moments later they fell asleep in each other's arms, sharing a dream of their life together.

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Crazy 4 Max - Thank you ;) I'm glad that you liked it.

Snowdove30 - Aww thank you... hopefully I'll have this done by Tuesday, that's my goal.

Kari - Thanks for the multiboard FB ;) But yeah I love Michael soo much and I just was thinking what could be a sweet unexpected Michael thing and that was it.

care bears - Thank you so much ;) I'm sorry to say that I think there are only 2 more parts of this not including this one. But I started another Mi/L fic with Gwen so heyy it's not all bad.

Ria - Look how much quicker I am this time around... HA HA HA, but anyway yes Polar nookie is always a nice thing to have. Yeah, well Max is probably off pimping it up or something... who knows.

Honestly, I was not expecting this part by ANY means. I was bitching in IMs about how I couldn't write what I wanted to write and then this came out. Now this is not, by any means, my best work, but I wanted this out tonight (seeing as it's now 5:15 in the morning and I haven't slept yet... however, I am DETERMINED to finish this before Tuesday) oh and if this is completely wrong just humor me... I'm not all that great at writing baby birthing parts... maybe because I've never had a kid and I don't have any friends who have had children. But seriously, when I fall asleep during the middle of a transaction tomorrow I'm going to say that the fic made me do it. Ha Ha Ha.

Part 9

Liz sat on the couch watching Politically Incorrect, eating a half pint of Ben and Jerry’s Vanilla – plus Tabasco while she waited for Michael to come home from his shift. She had an insatiable desire to make love with him right then on the kitchen table, but of course, he had to work. She guessed that it was just her hormones. Rolling her eyes at some inane comment she rubbed her belly, which had grown considerably in the two week period following their wedding… both she and Michael reasoned it was because of genetics and the bond that they now had. Liz grinned and ate a big spoonful of ice cream, while an idea formulated in her mind. She shut her eyes and began to focus on Michael, her breathing slowed while she felt him out through the connection. Michael I miss you.

Michael sighed as he heard Liz’s voice in his mind. He hated that they had to be apart, but he knew that he had to provide for his family and was glad that they now had this connection. I miss you too baby, but what are you still doing up? He asked her while he reclined in his chair, anxiously awaiting her response.

A big grin appeared on Liz’s face… he’d taken the bait! Well, I’m glad that you asked that honey. I’m sitting here in nothing at all awaiting your return. I’ve been waiting up for you to come home and throw me on that kitchen table and have your wicked way with me. Michael, I’m touching myself, you know that? I need release, and while I’d rather have you inside me, I’ll just have to make do.

Michael felt himself come to life as Liz continued to send dirty thoughts to him. He wanted nothing more than to be home making love to his beautiful raven haired wife, but he knew that they needed money. Liz, honey, please as much as I wish I was home with you, my very erect manhood buried deep inside of you, we both know that I have to work right now. So how was your day?

Liz would not lose the battle this time. As much as she loved Michael, he did not understand her need to be in bed with him every waking moment. So you’re hard honey? What I wouldn’t give to trace my Tabasco filled tongue down your member and suck you dry. Liz groaned and felt a wetness trickle down her leg… her eyes grew wide as she inspected the clear fluid. SHIT! Michael, Mikayla’s comi

Liz? Come on we both know that she’s not due… Michael began, but stopped when he felt another presence pull at his mind. It was his daughter; she was ready to enter the world. I’m going to call Maria and Isabel… don’t worry I’m coming home now!

Ok Liz gasped as she felt her stomach cramp up. Michael, HURRY.

I’m on my way, I love you. Michael sent her as he jumped on his motorcycle and sped towards their apartment.

I love you too. Liz replied and closed the connection just as Isabel and Maria busted through the doorway and another contraction ripped through her body. “Isabel, can you do anything to fix the pain?” Liz managed to get out before she was hit with another wave of pain. However, just as she asked for Isabel’s help Michael burst in the doorway, causing the pain to subside. “Mi… Michael?” Liz asked. She was confused as to why he was here so quickly.

Michael smiled down at her and tightly held her hand within his own. He then brushed the dark strands of hair out of her face and placed a gentle kiss on her forehead. “I went sixty miles over the speed limit the whole way here… I wanted to be here for the whole thing.” He confessed as he looked down at her stomach, which was beginning to give off a silver glow. “Does it hurt?”

Liz smiled softly as she looked into his brown eyes lovingly. “Not since you got here, no. I love you so much.” She whispered, never realizing that both Maria and Isabel had exited the room while the silver light grew in intensity. “Michael, what is that light?”

“I uh don’t know.” Michael replied as he watched it grow while he maintained his grasp on Liz’s hand. He was not worried by the light, as he normally would have been, but instead felt like it was a normal part of the process. “Liz, honey, look.” Michael pointed to the light, which was now fading into nothingness, as if it was never there in the first place.

Liz gasped as she was hit with the sudden need to push with all of her might. “Michael, I think she’s close, you need to go down and be ready to help her out.” Liz stated as she looked into his concerned eyes. “Please Michael.” She saw him nod his head slowly and began to push the moment that she saw that he was in position.

Twenty minutes later, Mikayla Marie Guerin was welcomed into the world by her two doting, but tired parents and two aunts who were already spoiling her and complimenting her beauty. She had her mother’s dark hair and her father’s revealing eyes. After an hour of family bonding, the three Guerins slept together in the bed that Michael and Liz shared.

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Crazy 4 Max - LOL yeah, I kinda thought that would work to jump from one thing to another... haha

Kari - LOL I was TRYING to find a way to throw a reference to the table in here, but it just didn't want to fit... but I can tell you a secret... they did fornicate on the table eventually ;) haha.

Well, this is it guys... the end, well except for an epilogue that I plan on penning tomorrow, but for all intensive purposes this is the conclusion. It's been a fun ride and I really am happy with this part.
Part 10

Liz sighed and wrapped her arms around Michael’s neck. It had been three months now since Mikayla’s birth, three weeks sine the last time that Michael and Liz had made love, they were always collapsing exhausted in bed, sleep coming the moment that their heads met the pillow. However, tonight she was determined to break the trend. Mikayla was sleeping peacefully in her crib and Michael had the night off from work. It was also their last night in their small Roswell apartment, the apartment that held so many memories and would forever be imbued with the love that the two shared for each other.

Michael had been hired to work security at an apartment complex in Oakland – the same subdivision of that was home to the University of Pittsburgh, where Liz was to attend this fall on academic scholarship. As she had bitterly told her father all those months ago, it was not Harvard, but then again she had never wanted Harvard… she wanted a place to call home and she had that with Michael. Although they were moving across the country and into a plush new apartment that Michael had been given ownership of as a hiring bonus, the locale didn’t matter, they were each others home.

He smiled as he again found himself gazing into her intoxicating dark doe eyes. Michael knew that he would never tire of her chocolate pools, eyes were windows into the soul and like everything else about Liz Parker Guerin – her soul was beautiful. He traced the outline of her face, his fingertips grazing across her silky skin while thinking of the past. A year ago he never would have dreamed that the future was so complex, but so beautiful at the same time. Nor would he have even entertained the thought that Liz would love every aspect of him, that his strengths as well as shortcomings would even hold the tiniest piece of her enormous heart. However it was now June 8th of 2002 and not only had he graduated from high school, something that he had never planned on in the more volatile days of his youth, but he now had a beautiful wife in Elizabeth Parker and a daughter who was just as beautiful as her mother. Yes, things were now perfect for Michael Guerin. He felt Liz press her lips against his, the passion only growing fiercer every time that they were together. He began to kiss back, nipping at her bottom lip while their tongues sparred, each trying to beat the other to prove their desire for one another, however it was pointless… both Michael and Liz loved each other equally, their love would always be at some infinitely high summit on the highest mountain on the most distant planet. It was this fact that allowed for the passion to grow in force each and every moment that they were together; never fading like many who like them shared an attraction based on opposites. However, unlike the rest Liz and Michael were polar opposites, eternally bound together in love by these differences.

Liz smiled mischievously as her hands reached for his pants while Michael was working on her nightgown. She knew that their movements had to be quiet but done quickly she waved her hands over his legs, dissolving the cloth. The powers that had resulted from her pregnancy had not left her after Mikayla entered the world, unbeknownst to Michael, and she had been patiently waiting for a moment where she could surprise him. She giggled as his eyes grew wide, concern and amazement danced across their connection. “Shh…” she whispered, putting a finger to her lips to illustrate. “I’ll explain later, but first I think that we are overdue for some loving.” She teased and led Michael’s member to her opening.

Michael nodded numbly and stared into her doe eyes, which had darkened in desire, just as his had. I love you he sent her and then began to move within her rapidly, sensing that they would only have a few moments together before Mikayla awoke in a fit of tears. As much as he loved his daughter, he wished she had a pause button just so that he could have a few moments of peace with his wife.

He smiled as Liz ran a hand through his shoulder length hair, a soft giggle erupting from her full mouth as she sent him Michael Guerin, I hardly think that peace is what you want in our private time and since Mikayla does not have a pause button, you, lord and master of the remote control, have a job to do... I believe pleasing your loving wife was in your vows.

Liz, honey you have been spending entirely too much time with Maria lately. He grinned as she sent him a dirty look and moved herself up further on his manhood. Taking the hint, Michael began to move faster with quick impassioned thrusts that brought their shared release far quicker than he would have liked, however just in time, since Mikayla began to cry just as the two of them had finished riding out their orgasms. He saw Liz struggling to get up and he kissed her while he pulled out, his body immediately feeling the loss of her presence. “No Liz, you need to sleep, I’ll go.”

Liz sat up and kissed Michael on the cheek. He was so kind and considerate under that stone wall of his and she was grateful that she had managed to find the one at such a young age. “Thank you” she whispered before her head hit the pillow, sleep immediately following. He watched her sleep for a moment, his eyes drinking in her beauty, which was heightened by the stream of moonlight that fell upon her body. He wanted nothing more than to sit there for hours painting her picture, but instead his reverie was broken by another fit of Mikayla’s tears and he headed over to her crib, gently picking her up, picked up a bottle of milk from the refrigerator and then he carried her over to the couch.

Michael sat down on the couch and heated the bottle of milk with his powers while contemplating turning on the TV or not. He decided against it and smiled as Mikayla began to drink earnestly from her bottle… it was the first time that he had actually been the one to take care of Mikayla in the middle of the night, he was normally at work when this happened. He couldn’t stand the silence any longer and remembered reading an article about talking to babies and how it made them learn quicker. He sighed and looked at his tiny daughter, well, he could try. “Well, we definitely know that you got your appetite from me, you are the only person I know who eats more than I do!” Michael grinned as her dark eyes looked at him amused. “Did I just see a smile? Well, now I can die a happy man because the two most beautiful girls in the world smiled at me tonight. That’s you munchkin and your mom. She is the most wonderful person in the world. I love her so much…” He watched Mikayla’s eyes begin to water – he didn’t really want another screaming fit. “No don’t get jealous, I love you just as much Miki, but in a totally different way.” Michael sighed in relief as her facial features began to relax. “Yeah, that’s a good daughter, don’t cry… mommy needs her rest and that’s what we’re going to give her ok? You were a good girl earlier too, letting mommy and daddy have some alone time, for once.” He sighed and saw a half opened bottle of Tabasco sauce on the end table – Michael had an idea. “Hey baby, want to taste the best thing in the entire world? It’s called Tabasco sauce, but when I was younger I used to call it Vitamin T.” He smiled as he saw trust in his small daughter’s eyes… maybe she did understand him after all. Michael then opened her bottle and put a small bit of Tabasco into her formula before returning it to her. Mikayla grinned a toothless grin as she began to suck the now alien enhanced milk. “Yeah, you’re definitely Daddy’s girl.”

After the bottle was finished Mikayla let out a loud burp and Michael began to laugh uncontrollably. “Oh yeah, THAT was a burp. You are definitely Daddy’s little girl.” Mikayla gurgled in approval and Michael began to tell his daughter stories of how he and Liz had met and fallen in love along with the occasionally hockey game recount before the two of them finally surrendered to sleep on the couch.

That was how Liz found them the next morning, Michael snoring loudly while his arms were protectively holding their young daughter and Mikayla subconsciously entangling one of her baby fingers in Michael’s brown hair. She took a few pictures before being forced to awaken them from their slumber. The movers would be here any moment to pack up the last of their valuables and then it was off to the airport where the three Guerins would embark on the next chapter of their life in Pittsburgh. Liz did not know what the future would bring, but she knew that no matter what obstacles life threw at her she would be ready to face them because of the love that she and Michael had for each other.

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Ria - Glad that you liked it ;) It's been nice to have your constant feedback throughout this story! Um, I am currently working on a more angsty polar piece with Gwen from RAMS called "Hell + Bliss" LOL not to shamelessly plug or anything.

But here's the epilogue
It’s been fifteen years since I’ve written anything in this journal, but Michael found this in a box in the attic yesterday and I couldn’t help but pick it up again. It’s strange to realize how much we’ve changed – something that became more apparent to me as I reread every thought that I placed in this journal. Well, I guess that the future is indeed more unpredictable than we would like, but I am blissfully happy with the results.

I suppose that I should hit on the past, considering that it has been what has framed the future. Yes, I did end up graduating from the University of Pittsburgh with honors, as did Michael, two years after I had, with a degree in Business, believe it or not. However, I did not become the molecular biologist that I dreamed of becoming in my teen years. Instead, I became a freelance journalist, which has allowed me to spend more time with my children as I prefer to write from my laptop at home. Michael, however, was able to follow his dream of becoming an artist, he has garnered a bit of fame, which he cannot stand – he says it cheapens his art. I however disagree, citing that it just proves that he is talented, and he is, oh he is. He also runs a popular art shop, which is where his business savvy came into play, specializing in rare brushes and paints.

My father and I did somewhat mend our shattered relationship eventually, after much convincing from my mother, who had come to visit Mikayla under a veil of secrecy a few times before we left, a few years back. I sincerely doubt that he is completely happy with my choice, nor will I ever forget the hateful things that he said to me back in Roswell, but I think that I’ve embarked on the very long road to forgiveness and as hard as it is for both Michael and I, since we want to stay angry, we both know that I can’t hang onto this anger any longer, I’ve grown so much and it is worth the effort to try.

But on a lighter note, Michael and I got pregnant twice more, first with Brendan, who is now six and then with Jenna, who is fast approaching her third birthday. Maria and Billy, who now front the internationally famous band Crashdown, yeah, I know, I still laugh at the name myself. They married four years ago and have their own one year-old bundle of joy, Liana. As for Isabel and Kyle, well, they continue to live in Roswell where Isabel is pregnant with twins, both boys.

Mikayla still has her father’s love of Tabasco, as well as his creative streak. She excels in her art classes, some of her pieces were featured at Michael’s last gallery show. However, she is much more outgoing than either of us, always surrounded by a large group of friends and is far more coquettish than I ever was at her age, much to Michael's dismay. Her mixed genes don’t bother her at all; she knows not to display her powers in public. You’d think that in fifteen years the government would become more accepting, but then again… aliens don’t technically exist, now do they? Mikayla, like me, enjoys learning, although it comes as easy to her as it came to Michael, and is at the top of her class. Her eyes sparkle with happiness and ambition – it is amazing to watch her live out her life. I know that Michael and I are still both very young at thirty-three, but just watching her makes me feel so old.

Brendan, however, cannot stand Tabasco, but still has alien powers that he likes to display at any opportunity, in the comforts of home, of course. He looks more like Michael, whereas Mikayla has my darker features; Brendan has Michael’s sandy brown hair and hauntingly beautiful eyes. He does not talk much, but for a six year old, he is very perceptive, always noting the subtle nuances of every situation. I think that he will become a great poet one day, Michael, however, believes that Brendan is destined for to wear the gold and black Penguins uniform in the NHL. Of course, Brendan is much too young for ice skates in my opinion, but Michael has him on rollerblades, already teaching him the differences between hat tricks and slap shots, names which to this day confuse me to no end… I think Michael has finally realized that I do not share his love of hockey. But of the three I can already tell that Brendan is the most emotionally open of the three, and I hope that his beautiful heart is never broken.

Jenna, our wonderful surprise, is indifferent to Tabasco, neither loving it nor hating it. She is the perfect mix of both Michael and I, she has my wide brown eyes and Michael’s sandy brown hair, my small nose and his full lips. Already establishing herself as the most independent of the three children, she is just as much of a perfectionist as I once was, constantly demanding more than what she has produced. Jenna is obstinate and considerate, dominating and submissive, guarded and open, explosive and tranquil all at once. She’s our little walking contradiction, and we find that adorable. Somehow, I know that out of the three children, Jenna is Michael’s best bet at having a child who is a pro hockey player… she has that fire and drive to win in her eyes.

Well, I have to run, I think that the children are finally asleep and Michael and I have some much needed private time coming. Yes, the sex has continued to get better, our orgasms still come at the same moment, we still have private conversations in our heads and we did end up devirginizing that table before we left our apartment in Roswell. However, Michael and I are still working on that pause button thing… it could have come in handy on more than one occasion.

While our lives have been anything but conventional, I would never even think of trading in a second of it for a life of normal. I love the journey, I love my family and I love my husband. I don’t need anything else.

Liz Guerin