Title: Fingertips
Author: Gretchen
E-mail: haunted_dildo⊕yahoo.com
Couples: Mi/L
Disclaimer: Roswell is not mine. Lyrics are from Poe's song "Fingertips" off of Hello.
Note: Post BIY smut fun. Somewhat angsty. I KNOW I have that other polar fic, but I had this craving and well... you know what happens with those *cough* smutyoneparters *cough* :D. Tell me what you think.

Liz sat down in her lawn chair under the veil of night with her journal in her lap. It had been two days since she had come back from Las Cruces and she had yet to shake the events from the forefront of her mind. It had been a split second, but it was burned into her mind. Michael’s strong grasp on her arm, the way that she drowned in his intense gaze, the way that he made her feel loved. All in that one moment she just knew that her years of lusting after Michael had not been in vain, that he wanted her too. But he had no idea how much that gaze had evoked in her, what she wanted to do to him, what she wanted him to do to her, the many ways that she needed him to love her. She yearned for his touch.

(Sometimes I feel it burning that deep and primal yearning)

She knew it was impossible, unfathomable that anything could come from this desire that she harbored towards him. However, she could not deny the her heart, which had been rapidly beating whenever she watched him pass, craving whatever sarcastic quip he gave her, just wanting him to notice her. He did, he did. She knew it, in the subtle way that his eyes grew soft in her presence, but now was not the time for him to acknowledge such a need. He had Maria to worry about, Liz knew it, she would always know it. Maria had him first, Michael was obligated to her and Maria was her best friend, what business did she have lusting after him? However, that grasp, so strong and so soft was still burned into her arm, it always would be, and she knew that there was no way that she could stop. She needed him too much.

(I try live without it but then I think about those fingertips, those fingertips, those fingertips)

The wind picked up a little and her dark hair began to billow around her in circles. She decided to turn around and go inside to the comforts of her room, where she could dream of being with him in ways that reality would simply not allow. But then she heard the metal clang of footsteps ascending her balcony and she sat back in her lawn chair holding her breath. She hoped it was him, but doubted it. However, she needed someone to talk to, so she was glad for the company no matter who it was. She just wished that it was Michael.

(Anyone will do, anyone will do… could be you)

Liz sighed as Michael climbed over the metal rail and onto her balcony. He gave no explanation, just placed his arms around her and led her up onto her feet, his gaze penetrating hers. He needed her and he knew that once he began to speak he would not have the gall to do what he had been wanting to do for years – take her in his arms and kiss her, make her feel save, loved. Max had ruined it, he had learned so earlier today. Tess was pregnant; the baby could not survive on earth. The four of them had been ordered to go home by Max. Michael hated Max, he had always hated Max, first for laying claim to Liz, the one girl Michael loved, then breaking her heart and committing the ultimate betrayal – sleeping with Tess. However, Michael was not going to leave without professing his love to this raven haired goddess, he could not leave without tasting her lips against his. He smiled down at her and brushed his fingers through her soft strands, his fingertips dancing lightly against her soft skin while gazing into her doe eyes which were filled with the same amount of love that he had for her. Michael Guerin loved Liz Parker, and he was certain in that moment that she loved him too.

(It's in the way they move and they catch that simple groove)

Liz sighed as his lips grazed hers. The soft caress sent her emotions into a tailspin and yet she knew that this was real. She closed her eyes, surrendering herself to these emotions and inched her tongue inside his mouth, craving more of his taste. Michael obliged and their tongues began to undulate, clashing together, then breaking apart before meeting again. From there, their guards dissolved into nothingness and images of their lives permeated through a newfound connection, which imbued their minds with a deepening desire, and feelings of love and need melded together to form one single thought. Their souls needed to be joined together, regardless of the consequences that might be rendered as a result of such an action. They needed tonight.

(They tell a story all their own about the human heart alone)

They didn’t know exactly how their clothes fell to the floor or who had initiated such an action, they just knew that they craved this, craved each other. Liz knew that this was wrong, she couldn’t do this to Maria, she couldn’t. But the way that he tasted against her, the way his tongue still dueled with hers, she knew that she was unable to deny him. Then his fingers began to graze her flesh, leaving soft trails of silver in their wake, pausing first on the soft curves of her breast. Michael pulled his mouth from hers and gazed intently into her doe eyes, looking for a sign of consent. He saw it in her darkened eyes and he knew that he was allowed. His tongue met her ripened nipple, flicking it softly with his tongue while his fingers continued downward meeting the soft curls of her womanhood. His fingertips began to trace soft circles around her before entering and moving slowly, teasing her as he went.

(I try to get a grip but I find I always slip on fingertips those fingertips, those fingertips)

Liz moved her hands up and down his strong back while gazing into his golden eyes. How had she lived seventeen years without experiencing this touch? Tentatively she placed her hand on his chest, slowly moving her hand down his chest, pausing as she approached his pulsating member. She smiled and traced the outline of him, noting each contour of his rock hard member as she gently moved across him, taunting him. As much as she loved the feeling of his fingers inside of her, bringing her closer and closer to the inevitable, she wanted him inside of her to feel him. “Michael…” she breathed as she led him closer to her opening.

(The time it passes slowly, so so so slowly)

Michael paused and looked again into her darkened eyes. He knew that he wanted her - that he was already too far gone to stop now, but he would only break her heart in the end. Max would be the cause, of course, but he could not deny that he would hurt her. He wanted to stop, he just wanted to call the whole thing off, he felt like an asshole for doing this to her, but her face reflected the same sort of love that he had for her – it was primal. He had a choice to make, while he could not halt his movements, he could chose her, her love over a life spent fighting unknown enemies on a distant planet with his family. “I love you.” Michael declared as he kissed her, his lips once again tasting her saliva.

(I know I'm just a fool 'cause they're writing all the rules)

Liz smiled as he brushed a stray piece of her hair off her face. “I love you too Michael. I have always dreamt of this moment, you, me, here under the veil of night. I want you so much… please.” Michael could not deny her, he never could deny her, nor would he. He entered her, slowly, taking care not to hurt her. Upon reaching her barrier, he looked at her, only to receive her nod in agreement. He pressed forward, while his fingers outlined her face, trying to imprint each last imperfection of her face into his memory. He wanted to remember this forever.

(Those fingertips, those fingertips, those fingertips)

They moved slowly at first, clumsy with the uncertainty of inexperience, but before long they moved together in a shared rhythm. Liz’s hands yet again exploring the expanse of flesh that was his back, while Michael continued to trace her body. Liz could not begin to describe the myriad of emotions that ran through her, the levels of love that she felt just by being with him that night. Michael felt like he was home within her, moving together as one and he knew what he had to do.

(Whoever, whoever you are I got my light on)

Liz was almost there, she felt herself tighten around him while he continued to thrust within her, moving faster now, trying to achieve release. He knew that he could never leave her, never leave this feeling of her around him. Her lust filled eyes would always haunt him, no matter how much he did to try and deny it, Liz Parker owned his soul, and he loved it. This was home, here in her embrace, he could not, would not leave that regardless of the punishment Max threatened him with. His child was his fault and Michael was not going to atone for the sins of another. He had found paradise and he was not going to leave it. Michael kissed her forehead as she began to mutter his name over and over again. She was close as he was. He thrust into her one last time and felt her come over him as he flowed into her. This was what he had been searching for, what he had always wanted, and he had it. He would always have it, for he was going to stay by her forever.

(Whenever, whenever you can I'll be there I swear I swear...)

Liz watched him in the afterglow of their lovemaking. She could not stand for him to leave her after this, she wanted him, forever. Silently looking for something other than love within his eyes, she found nothing but unwavering adoration towards her. It was then that she knew that this was forever, that Michael would always be there for her in ways that Max had not been. However, despite her fears being put to rest through his intense gaze, she was surprised by his voice, still deep and impassioned, which stated “marry me.” It was not a question, but a demand, to which Liz simply nodded and kissed him passionately.

(Let it be me let me be your love)

They made love once more before Michael explained what Max had done and what he might force Michael to do as a result of his own immaturity. An hour later, Liz’s bags were packed and was seated behind Michael on his motorcycle while they headed out into the horizon away from Roswell and towards their new life together.