Author: DMartinez
Email: shockerdm⊕
Disclaimer: Characters belong to Katims, Metz and UPN. No infringement intended.
Rating: R/NC-17 (pretty graphic I guess)
Summary: Post Grad. Michael and Liz fill the hours. Pretty much PWP.

[center]The Van[/center]

All she can do is stare at their hands, so close together, barely touching, bracing them for the violent rocking. Their hands frame the VW symbol on the hood of the old van. Always starts the same way. The others go out to get food and supplies, leaving them with the van just in case. That's when he goes sniffing around, literally. His nose in her hair, hand around her waist.

Always drags her to the front of the van that's usually against a wall or a rock. Clothes vanish fast. His hands run up her legs, between her legs, up her stomach, pinching her breasts and then down her arms. His body flush up against hers as he braces their hands against the van. Then he guides himself inside her waiting pussy. His dick is usually semi-hard when he grips it. Sometimes she can hear him pump himself to get hard enough to slide inside her better.

The harder the better when he thrusts. The violent smacking sounds always turn her on more. This time he's even more urgent and before she knows it, her elbows are on the hood of the van and his hands are gone. His weight crushes her and she knows the grill will be imprinted on her stomach. "God!" She cries out when he suddenly lifts her hips until her feet no longer touch the ground. Her chest hits the hot hood and she can't stop crying out.

His hands reach around her thighs for a better grip as he pounds away. Then one hand, two fingers slip down to brush against his own cock as it enters her body over and over. They slide up and press right against her clit and she screams.

He's still riding out his own orgasm when she comes down from hers. She can feel his stomach flexing against her back over and over, his body spasms over the next hour as he comes down.

A wave of his hand and they're both dressed and clean. Even the prints from the hood of the van are gone. She stumbles to the rear of the van to climb in and sleep until her husband returns. He climbs atop the van to keep look out like the good protector he is of his small family. They'll keep the secret the same way they keep the one about who they really are.

The End