Title: Rebound Love
Category: Zan/Shannon
Rating: NC-17
Summary: No

That bitchy muse is acting up again and won’t let me post on my other fics so while I convince her other wise and keep my promise to a certain “Poopie” girl I’m going to write a Zan fic. But no, Liz only belongs and wants Max, so Zan is getting another girl. Leave me feedback and let me know if I should go on.

He walked along the dark shadows that matched his world. Her words ringing in his ears.

“I’m sorry Zan, but my heart and soul belong to Max. He’s the one, the only one, for me.”

The words echoed in his head over and over again. A lone tear streaked down his face but he wiped it away savagely. He took a quick look around at his surroundings. Every since his heart was broken in two he had left the house and started walking around aimlessly. He saw flashing lights across the street. They belong to the “Shake Your Bon-Bon” bar. This was a well known strip joint. Zan made his way across the street and walked into the smokey place. He went up to the bar and ordered a drink. Once he had the drink he made his was to a table in a dark corner. He wasn’t in the mood for idle chatter or hearing other people’s problems. He had enough of his own. He had to collect the shattered pieces of his heart and make them one again.

“Could your face be any longer?” a voice piped up next to Zan.

He turned around and noticed a woman dressed in a leather dress. It looked like she was a cheap attempt at copying Xena. She had on a pair of boots up to her knees and held a whip in her hand. But the thing that drew Zan in was her green eyes, they reminds him of the greenest emeralds.

“Excuse me, but who are you and why are you in my business.”

“The name is Shannon, and I’m going to whip you out of your funk.”

TBC???? If you like I continue if not I just ditch.